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jpOK~S/ULE- ~
The undcralgned will offer their LIVERY STA*
BLEH, corner of Main and sixteenth Hta., WheelliiK.
Weat Virginia, it prirate aale until further
notice. The atock compriiea the l*et equipped
Livery Stable in the city; everything In good order.
It not will at private aale, due notice will lie given
of the day of public aale.
We alio offer for asle the twa-atory Brick Building
comptl' r\i otir nUbles, the luaterialaof which
can be utod (^r all building purpoaaa.
Wagon Machinery
Having detenn!nr<l to cloaq up our burioeaa, we
will offer our stock, Tools uud Machinery at
privnto aale until
MONDAY, March Sttr, 1877.
If not rol<i by that tluu> we will offer the aaroe at
Public Auction, tit to o'clock 4. M? imd continue
the Mill* from day to diiy until all In aold.
The Machinery is such us la found In a tint-clan
Wagon Manu'actory and conalata of the following
Wood Wotklogaud Boring Machinery :
Iran Lathes, Drilling Machines, Hob Morticing
and Planing Machines, Boxing
Machines for Hand and Power,
Wheel Mioblntry for heavy
and light wheels,Spoke Lathe,
Saw Mandrel and Saws,
Rn U/.... Da...?. C?a.m Cmimo
uwiiui ou unci wioom ?-iiyiiiw,
Also. Buggies nud one large dote Carriage, Bug*
KT Hodies Jlul?s.|Spokei?,Wagon and Timber Wheel
helloes, three'i-horse Wagons, lllackinilth Tooli,
Iron and a variety of other articles.
Terms, made known ou day of sale.
President Wheeling Wa;jon and CarilagoCo.
N. B.?The lower story of tho Factory la for
rent. fi?H
Valuable Real Estate.
By virtue of u Lotd of Trust mado to luc by
Clmiloa Zoeekler and Kinwa Zoeekler, lib wife,
dated lUrnmiior third, 1S76, and of record in the
office of Clerk of tho County Court of Ohio county,
In li.ok No 10, Folio239.1 will otter at public auction,
to tho highest bidder, at the front door of the
Court House of Ohio county, West Virginia, on
Beginning at 10 o'clock a.m., the following doteribtd
piotvrty, that i.h to ?ay: The foilowlngdem.rltxil
rtiu catato With the appurtenances nndltnprovenionts
tberoon, 1* longing, lying and being In
the Mxth Waid ?i tho uty of Wheeling, Ohio
county, that Is to kit: All that part of lot numbered
sixty-fi ve Ifii) of the addition to the said city
of Wheeling laid off by John Eoff and William
Chapliue, buumlttd and dcscrilied as follows: Ik(.'luiilug
at tho corner of mid lot No. C.',, lying east
of M kin Bticet nrnl outh of Alley "I)," thence
e.int iilong tho north line of said lot toa point equally
dl>t?m from the front line of Raid lot on Alain
street ami the n.'rllco of the lot southerly ami
parallel with the line of Mala strrct twenty-two
lent; thence westward!* and parallel with tho line
uf ^licy "D" lo tliu line of Mala street; thence
along the line of Main street northwardly to tho
place of u?;lr.?iing, being twenty-two feet In front,
on Main alnct nud exteudliu; hick uf unlffiim
width of twentj-two fitt one-half the whole depth
of said bit.
On tin-1 n.periy above dfscribed is a brick houte
containing 0 rooms, hall, kitchen, attic and cellar.
Tkkmm ok Walk?One-half catli In Imnd, and the
balance in 0 months, with interest from day of sale
on deferred | aymcnt, said payment to l?o secured
to the mitiiflction of the Trustee.
I'K thtt CIUSH, Trustee.
IUVKMi'OKT A DOVKNKlt, Attorneys.
felO Joiim W. flliiciiKi.t, Auctioneer.
1 oiler for Nile the two-story Brick Dwelling
Ilotne, No. lot!) Chnplino street. Contains ten
room*, hot and co!U water, also gas throughout.
Stabling for. (iHir horses uttached. Will l*t sold
low nod on easy terms.
For particulars enquire of
dei* A. C. EOKRTEK.
j^OB 8ALEEighty
choice Building Lots on Wheeling Island.
Price from S100 to 8000 each. Only one-sixth ol
flu* purchase money required in cash. The residue
may lie paid annually in ?VK equal installments
with interest.
?c 0 At Top Mill.
Or Parties of Small Means Desirous of
Encaging in Grape Growing,
- Coal Mining or Market
account of advanced age I oin desirous ol
changing?uy n.-ldenuv, and thereforeotlcr for sale
my fanu sit.iattd ouiicsiu the city ol Wheeling, on
. the river batik, midway Iwtween Bridgeport and
Martin's Kerry, and > in mud lately adjoining tho vlllage
of ^titmiville. The property consists of 60
acres of hill and table land and l'> of river bottom.
In the hill tli?.reare two reams of coal,6% and 3%
feet thick, thru; deposits of limestone,an 8 foot
vein of clo.?e test uro sand or fieo stone, an 18 foot
veluoi murl, which altogether make a will and an
underlying bed o( dojKMlta of tt rich and valuable
On the surfaco, the larger portion of which lies
gently aloping to the east, and all under direct exSnure
to the sun, Is a Vineyard of 3?5 acres, mostly
tawlnigni|>?!.H, all in line bearing condition, about
seven years old, which has proven Itself able to jay
a handsome jier it at to the cultivator.
Tho property l? being approached above and bolow
by an advancing tide ol persons seeking small
homesteads, and is i."w really the only unoccupied
territory between Bridgeport and Martin's Ferry.
It is valuable as an investment for capital seeking a
Kile purchase, und valuable to those who want market
gardening ground close to tho city. It fronts
beautifully ti|tin tho river and commands a view of
the city, the Island and the whole sevnery ol the
The terms of sale will bo one-third cash, balance
In two annual payments. 8 per cent Interest on deferred
payment*. For further particulars inquire
On the premlrci, or by mall at Bridgeport, Ohio.
Union Depot Hotel,
E. J. UNGER, - - - - Proprietor.
This House oflers superior accommodations to the
Public, and to those who nrrlvo in the city by rail,
It prcsenta many advantage*. All Passenger trains
of the Allegheny Volley Itallroad, Pennsylvania
Railroad, Pan Handle, Pittsburgh, F. W.AC,, Ac.,
Ac., land their paoeugera almost under the roof of
this House, and guests of the ratno aro thereby
saved lime, Annoyance and Express charges.
Guests ol this House are, without delay, on arrival
in Pittsburgh, lu quarters, and convenient, at any
moment, to step on board o! deporting tains.
MPTho House, plctatntly located in the business
ccntrc, is furnished throughout in th? best
"Practically flre-nroof.
WTheCulslno Department ia a leading feature.
? Rate, S3 CO per day. fcl5-3
kay, Mcknight & co.,
Blake Steam Pump.
And Supplies.
ritlNlinrgli. I'n.
)?6-S '
10H Hmp Strrct, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Th* tji* on which thU rarer Is printed la ftca
'bla > oimury.?Jim. Intklliokncka. 1
Notice la hereby glftn that Bond* of Ohio County
numbered H, V, 69, 117, 1M, ICS, 1C9, and
205 have been drawn and the name will to mid it
the Bank of Wheeling on tbc llrit day of March,
1877, ud intarat on aald bonda will reaaa from
that date. JOHN BAY HA.
I'rtaldent of Board or Oommlalonan far Ohio Co.
' f
Clout's Ovfici Board or Commission kes, 1 ,
wukilinu, February 8.1877 j I
Healed Propoola will to raodred at tfala oflce
until WEDv E8DAY. February Mth, at IS o'clock
noon, name tocloae, for furnlablng Coal for Ohio
County Jail and County Infirmary for the eniulna
year, ommendng April lat, 1877, and ending April
lat, 1678.?lilddtra to state price of clean, mixed *1
and nut coal, aamc to bo pro|*rly weighed and J
acreened. Separate blda for each place required.
The Board retervea the right to reject any or all
By order of the Board. 1
fefl CHABH8 If. DEITKBB. Clerk. J
Clkrk's Office Boaid of Co?miH?oxK?a,) T
Wumuno, Februarys, 1877. 1
Healed I'ropoaali will be receded at thla offloa
until WEDBEHDAY, February flat, at 12 o'clock L
noon, same tocloae, for furnishing Ohio county tor
one year, commencing April lat, 1877, and ending
Anvil in! UN ?llh mmtaon vonil UafflnL itilnid
and varnUhwi, and common Hearae. lor pauper
burial*, name to tie of two sixes, for sdultaand clill- ?
dren undar 14 retra of age. Hidden will specify /
In thili bld??"For Adults," *'For Children,"? the I
price of each Including the Hearae. The Board reserves
the right to reject any or all blda.
?v order of the Board.
h'J CHaBLES H. DE1TEBS, Cletk. O
A very deftirablo two-Btorv frame Dwelling
limine, near corner of Virginia ami H
I'enn Btreets, Wheeling Inland, with hath
room, hot nnd cold water, Ac.
Enquire of l'RANKLIN COEN,
felti Corner Kith nnd Chapline Sin.
The room now occupied bv A. R. Cald- ^
well, 68 Twelfth Ntreet. Uootf location for ?
an oflice of :my kind, or umall Imsineia ic
room. Kent very low to a good tenant. I!
Knqnirc nt Whally's, Knot Maker, next 1
| door. fe&od JJ
I Tbo two-story Brick Uouteon ll.'itenth street,
No. 122, containing nix room*, lesldca kltrhrn,
bath room nnd wotk Vltckcn, will lie for rent from I
April 1st, IS*". Apply to
Jafi-eod Trustee.
t wo-story Brick. Dwelling, having icven rooms, I
hall up stnlra and down, large wash hois?, good |
cellar?on Virginia street, island.
. Also, the two-story Frame Dwelling,seven rooms,
good halla and cellar?on South York atrcct. Both
of nltove arc modern build and hare cupboards and
presses in every corner.
Alan, tho t wo end tenements In the Church How,
ou York atrcet,each four rooms, good cellar.
All the above arc nawljr papered and grained. ir.
Inquireot E. .T. STONE, or
frl'i At Btldge corner Shoe Store- Vl
A comfortable nnd convenient Jlealdenco In a
good location. Applicant cm have choice of house* g
?ono with four, one with Ate, or one with six |
rooms, all on 1'ith street, below Jac b street. \
For further Information, terms, Ac., ace ^
fell I\ I. KiMBERLY.
poll RENT?
The Store Room on Market street now occupied <
by Howell, Paull A blndalr. .
Also, Front Boom on second floor adjoining the
law otbcfl of Daniel Lamb, Eaq.
Also, Dwelling House on ChapMne street now o> D
cuplcd by Mr. Bloomlleld.
Possession given April 1st.
_J?? B. CRANGLE. j|
The nail now occupied by the Wheeling Libra- T\
ry Amount ion is to bo converted into offices, which I
will bo ready for occupancy on the lat of April.
Lawyers and other* desiring a aultable offlco will ,
please apply to ? M. TODD, or l"
W. P. McKELVEY, 11
J?'? 69 Hfteenth 8t '
on Seventeenth St., rear Zano Street Church.
Seven rooms; bath room, with hot nud cold wattr.
Apply to (Ja<) OBKBK A LAJNO. ?
Three new Dwelling Houses situated on Uio cast ^
side of Main street, letween Twenty-third and
Twenty-fourth streets. bald houses have all the ?
modern improvements, contain nix rooms each',
have water and gas throughout.
For terms, Ac., apply to
DuBinern Rooms, Offices and bleeping Rooms in
the new People's Rank Building. Am a fine Isrge
llnll on third ntory of same, with antl and com- tn
mittee rooms adjoluirg. I will also rent the Ranklng
House, No. !'.*09 Main street.
No. 31 South Front ntu'ct, Island?pleasantly
situated and dtnlrnblo. Also, one Boom in aecond
story of No. M Twelfth street, suitable for an office
or sleeping room. Piosetsion given immediately. H
Enquire of DR. K. A. IIILDBETII,
Nn. 1207 Chapllne St? ,j(
Tho large three *tory Warehouse No.
IRfll XIfit n .1.^1 T...?? t u.! I
uiu-ch ?nu iruuwi, iimui nuu
South streets. Possession April 1st.
Apply to >n
poll RENT- ?
One of those desirable suiull Store Rooms,
with good Dwelliug attached, ou 11th St.
(formerly Union street). Possession enn hi
be had January 1,1877
del ISAAC IIIWIN, Agent.
Containing eight rooms and Hath Boom, on H(
Jacob street, between 13th and 14th, went side.
Gas and water. Will bo rented low to responsible
tenant. Enquire of i,(
no21 Booksoller and Statluner, 10W Main 8U
We will receive to-day a lot cf
It will make the lightest and nicest
You ever need eat, without Eggs, Soda,
Salt, or Unking Powder. in
No. 1070 Market St, cor. Uth 8t.
i"37 i! E,
I.onns negotiated for Lenders and Borrowers. .
1220 MAIN ST., WIIEKUNO, W. VA. 1,1
ja2*.> ar
The Argonaut Mills, Cl
Yarns, Jeans and Flannels. "
fe2 WllKEl.tNO, W. Va. Rt
Having Increased my facilities for waking all nt
kinds of Tight and black bt
Barrels, Kegs, &c.,
1 would respectfully solid Ithe patronage of thoaa yc
In uecd of any. Call on or addre? 'f 1
183, 18th stmt. ?
Be pal ring promptly attended to. >P-d>A
A good assortment for sale cheap at the or
? P
Beloro REMOVING to ray "
Mo. 1140 Main 81., Hornbrook'i Block, 0
On March lit, 1 citlcr my fctoekof
blool H <111(1 Slioes IS
If yon want bargains, NOW IS THE !|
I ME, an the nale lasts only a few days.
J*. T. STONE, ci
Comer Tenth and Main Sts. '
irt ^ h
Dot una Reddecc*. Mo. 1037 Malu tit., oppotlte ^
Union, WlMMliug, W. Va. R
WNIt.oui Oildb ()*a and othvr Anwalhotlci 1
ImlnUtarad. mylB_ g
!l. c
46 Twiumi Stibit,
iij? and iwlU TJckfti to all j>olnU Kut and V/mt,'
?r Round trip ttckeU to Baltimore and return,
id Chicago and return, nlaoon Imnd. orfi j]
2IS<1<L<INU OUT. . u
> tl
1 Intend to quit business on thu fipt of A pill, o
lid now oflVr mI goods in mj lino at tost Ouods .
(I for dyeing aud irourlog will told on the
>(ti of March, If not redeemed bef tu that time,
abo oflir for sale all my dyeing machinery and a
I aitlcle* um.il in tho dycitg builneu, it.cludlng n
ie holler, two cylinders, four dye tuba, Ac. My
ouseholu good" uliI furniture areotl'.-red at p?;- Cl
it* isle. MM. A. OHAHAM, p
?11 l?o. t0? Main street J,
*lew & Cheap Goods
V . . : J<
50 Pieces New Foulard Suiting at lfc 'j
tr yard. tj
00 Pieces New Urey Plaid Suiting at
\}Ac per yard.
25 Pieces handsome Colored Cashmeres
try cheap. ai
23 Pieces handsome Matelewee vcty H
Spring Suits.
We have jnst opened a handsome line of
ew Spring Suits, entirely new styles,
ome and see them. |t
. BLUM & BRO. f
ftfio ei
? hi
riEETH Extracted without k,
l pain. ?
During the eleTen years I lurre been practicing H.
Wheeling I hate administered gas to oTcraerou "
ouaand persons with Pkhfkct Bafktt, and In tc
moat every case with entire satisfaction to inysolf
id patlenta.
We constantly keep on hands pure Nitrous Oxide
us for those that desire to take it. ?<
oo23 Mo. 1143 Market tit
MATI'KDAV, lU, 1H77. hi
? ... . - o!
New Advertisements. lc
Second Presbyterian Church.
Travelers' General Railroad and Steam- 0|
lip Ticket Office. c?
Silver Filligree Goods.?'Turner & Dil- n
n. ^ # ir
The Woman's Temperance Union. jr
For Kent or Sale?Dwellings. tr
Wheeling Library Association. 01
Washington's Birthday?Orange Hall. |fl
P.L.A.O.M.G. 1*
Wanted?Three or Four Girls. bi
Wanted?Room. l,i
Reduction in American Watches?
ennegen, Bates & Co.
Fancy-Picture Kails and. Cord?Men- 0|
si, Booth & Co. ti
Spectacles? Oxtoby & Dudield. ji
List of Letters. ir
Hamilton Opera House?fourth page al
Thermometer Record.?The follow- tl
g shows the range of the thermometer, T
i observed at Schnepfo drug store, ol
pera House corner, yesterday :
k. II. 12 11. 3 P. it. ?. 1*. M
10 60 42 ,u
Tiik Legislature has now been in sea- p,
on over five weeks. j0
* ?- fo
Dealers who invested heavily in val- w
itines this year got stuck.
The Belmont heaters and nailers, it is p
ated, will resume work next week. Al
?? t|,
The Council Committee on Ordinances a,
ild a meeting at the city building last at
s'"- t CJ
Spring approaches. Tho lightning rod
an came in on the Hempfield train yesrd,y'
Two deeds of trust and one deed in fee ^
ro admitted to record by the County
erk yesterday. '
The rogues who steal the Intellmen
;r from people's door-yards are operatic
on the Island.
Several blue birds were seen consult- RI
g the thermometer and inquiring for *
maacs yesterday. j}'
Thk revival in the Chapline Street M.
, Church is still in progress, with very
tisfactory results. ij1
There will be a special term of the ?!
rcuit Court for Brooke county, com*
encing Tuesday next.
The special committee appointed
e Legislature to investigate penitents
y affairs'goes to Moiindsville again to- {,
, , ?3
The Sixth Ward Hayes and Wheeler ^
ub will hold a business meeting this
ternoon at 3 o'clock in the old club .
* ? m
Charlie Seabrioht will get up the lb
liforms for the new police force, and bi
ive them ready the latter part of next
Tiif. Second Presbyterian Church aoci- ei
lie was held last evening at the resi- tl
nee of Mr. Wm. B. Simpson, on 15th T
reet. tc
"The May Queen," a pastoral cantata,
ill be given by tho Wiesel Musical In- tl
itute at their hall in Odd Fellows' a
lilding on Tuesday evening next. ia
7 * ic
Euos and butter, for this season of the
ar, may be regarded as being cheap.
le former retail at 15al7c per dozen, ol
id the latter at 20a26c per pound. a
mm* ? e)
Tnx min Bradbury, charged with rape, ai
employed at C. H. Berry's rope store,
i Mam'street, and not at J. W. Berry's,
i Water street, aa many haye roppoted. lo
PibsomAl Ponrn.?Mr. Francla Murby,
the temperance agitator, leaves A
ittuburghfor Illiaoia on Mondav.
Minn Lizzie Brosi, the Steubcnville c
intatrice, has gone to taipsio to take o
art 'in the opera. She will probably b
main abroad at least two years, e
The Michael Miller who was before
1a polioe court od Thursday morning is c
ot Michael Miller the milktnan. 6
Justice Caldwell returned to the city
wterday from the East. n
Dr. H. P. Wenzel, formerly a resident
[ the First Ward in this city, is now
>cated at Theresa, Wisconsin.
The funeral of the late John Bishop
ill take place at 2:30 o'clock to-morrow
Sunday) from the residence of Mr. C. M.
oen.on South Penn, between Virginia
ad Ohio streets.
Mr. James B. Wherry, of this city. has
eceived a patent for an improved lampolder,
consisting of an adjustable device
>r the purpose of securing n lamp in
oaltlon on tha top of a table.
Rev. W. R. Long, State Agent of the
.merican Bible Society, has been in the
ity for several days.
|li. D. Walsh, the Wheeling und Kim
Irove railway contractor, has a contract
> build five miles of the Bellaire and
outhwestern railroad, be'twCen Wcgce
nd Jacobsburg.
Rev. John H. Atighey, pastor of the
'resbytcrian congregation ot Dalla*, at
fcst Union, Marshall ooiintv,HYesl Va.,
ave ns a pleasant call last Tuesday. We
sarn from Mr. Aughey that tbiscongre- '
ation consists of about 275 members reiding
in Marshall and Ohio counties,
fest Va , and Washington and Qreen in
'ennsylvanla.?0. 11 Newi
Police Court?Mayor Svttnty.?There
as only one case before His Honor ves rday
James Finn, a vag, on Thursday visited
le Capitol building, and by some meant)
btained admittance to the House while <
iat bodv was in session. On the floor (
f the House lie circulated around (
mong the members, exhibiting a Cum- 1
ion business card, which he claimed wns ]
pawn ticket, and soliciting pecuniary }
ssistance to enable him to redeem bin ?
>at, which he had left in pawn. He was <
romptly ejected, and arrested for va- \
rancy. Ills Honor Rent him to the city
rison for thirty days, I
That Kape Cask.?Mr. E. G. Cracraft, S
>unsel for Thomas Bradbury,' who in I
iiarged with committing a rapo upon a
irl named Anna Fordyce, appeared be- i
>re Justice Caldwoll yesterday and made n
motion that an immediate trial begone n
lto. The Prosecuting Attorney ob- o
cted to this, as Bradbury had given
and for hip appearance on the 20th, and
e would uot consent to a trial before the >
;turn day of the bond. The cane will,
lereforc.'be examined on Tuesday next,
le 20th inst., at 2 p. m.
Death of Mm. Lypia Bushfield.?
frs. Lydia Bushfield, widow of Samuel
. Bushtield, died about noon yesterday, .
t the residence of her son-in-law, J.
[anson Good, Esq., on 15th street. Mrs.
ushtield was about 70 years of age, and
ad lived in this community for over 30
Burn. She was a most estimable lady,
idely known for her many virtues and
er goodness of heart, and respected by
?o entire community, who will feel her
>8s deeply.
Transfers of Real Estate.?The foliwing
transfers of real estate were adlilted
to record in the office of the Clerk "
f the County Court, yesterday:
Deed made Feb. 13,1877, by Geo. W. 1
Ickhart, jun., and wife, to Hannibal c
orbes, for lot fronting 35 feet on the c
ist side of South Broadway, with the fl
uildings and appurtenance* thereunto
'longing; also the north Gl feet of the J
?st half of lot No. 118, on South Huron 8
reet, with all the buildings and appur* 1
nances thereunto belonging; $3,000. ?
There is no accounting for tastes. Now ''
e what the.Pan-Handle News says about n
ir Mardi Gras: ,
"A large number of Wcllsburgers went }
?.Wheeling on Tuesday to see the Mardi .
ras celebration, all of whom pronounco
a perfect failure. They nay the Wheel- '
gitea perpetrated a joke upon them by v
iviting them to attend. We have not 11
;ard a single individual speak in terniH 1'
; commendation of the affair. The saloiia
reaped the usual harvest."
, , t a
The people residing on the weal side 9
[ the Inland are making impiirieH con- J
irning the whereabouts of the lamp- 1
ghter. They nay that that ubiquitous "
idividual has not put in an appearance ?
i their neighborhood since gas was in- J;
oduced on the Island. Ah they arc P
jliged to depend entirely upon oil
mpB for light, the gas has been of no
inefit to them. The individual whose 8
jsinefs it is to light the lamps should c
race up and attend to his duty. "
Ketresentati ve8 of the several lodges !
' the Knights of the Mystic Chain in J
le city met in Peterson's Hall on Thurs- f
ly evening, for the purpose of consider- ?
ig the propriety of consolidation. The
inject was generally discussed, but no c
sGnitc action taken. We understand *
lat another meeting will be held oo ''
hursilay evening next, with the Bame 1
jject in view. v
A lively doj* light of about twenty j
inutea' duration took place yesterday J:
orning near the Island end of the bus";nsion
bridge, between two large New- 11
undlands. It took the combined efrts
of several stout men, armed with
hips and clubs, to part the lighters. ^
Wheeling now has a daily packet to *
ittsburgh. The passenger steamers .1. v
I. Kerr and A. L. Norton each make "
'ree trips weekly between Pittsburgh
id Wheeling. The C. W. Ilornbrook 1"
ul barge uinko two trips each week,
irrying freight. ^
Fingers Off.?Joseph Black, a blackaith
employed at the stables of tho 1
reet Kail way Company in Centre
^heeling, yesterday morning had the 11
fit joints ot the fingers of his left hand jj,
icidentally taken oil' by the knives of a
iy-cutter which he was repairing. . ^
An Old Case.?A. man named .Tames
cDouehoo was arrested in the Sixth ,
rard yesterday by Officer Carroll, upon
i old charge of disorderly conduct. He
as locked up, and will have an exatninaan
at this morning's Ression of t"h? pott
court. . . j
A correspondent asks if blue glass is. j
tended to be takon internally. No; ?
woi\ld give you a pane in the stomach, '?
id rays tho mischief with your inards. R
i fact, it would not ait IMewanlon your 11
institution. 1
? ^ ? e
A social party wan given in Steuben- I
inch's Halt last evening by the young '
sople of South Wheeling, complimenta- J
r to Mira Applebaum, of Pittsburgh, J
ho is visiting friends in the city. Vaas' '
ind famished the music. ?
Tilfc Municipal Court will commence 1
s regular February session.on Monday ?
orning next. The lawyers hare had a ^
ng rest, and are no doubt ready for J
islnesa. i
A meeting of citizens will be held' at n
le Second Branch Council Chamber this li
rening, at 7* o'clock, in the interest of c
ic proposed extension of the Cleveland, a
uscarawas Valley A Wheeling railroad
this city.
^ a
There is aoine talk of an extension of t
ie present session of the Legislature. As e
concurrence of two-thirds of each body r
required to effect it, however, the opin- c
n generally prevails that it can't be did. H
The St. Alphonsus Benevolent Society
! this city will at its next meeting elect x
delegate to the German Catholic Ben- v
rolent Union of the United States, which I
aembles in Cleveland May 20.
There was only one prisoner in the t
ckup last night at 11 o'clock. v
Inatjourat. Bail ahd Rwdttoh.?
i number of prominent ci litem, irre- H
nectlvo of party, met in the upper Coun- Ji
il Chamber lout eveuing.for the purpoao a
f making arrangement* for an inaugural
all and reception in honor of Governorlect
Mr. L. K. llanion waa called to the
hair and Mr. Hull, t/uarrier elected
The Chairman wtated the object of the
jeeting, which wan to take the initiatory
teiM lor an inaugural ball and reception
n honor of Governor Matthew*, on the
ith of March.
A motion to the elftct that audi ball
nd reception be given on the 5th of
ilarch won carried.
Mr.W. W. Miller moved that a comnittee
of three be appointed to nelect a
lumber of gentlemen to *erve niton the <
liflercut committees.
The motion wo* carried, nnd the cfialr
ippointed Me*nr*. W, \V. Miller, Jacob
krger and John L. Iiice upon the comnittee.
The committee retired, and after a
hort absence reported the following lilt
if committee*:
Committee on Arrgngawn/f -? L. 10.
lannon. W. W. Miller, C. Y. Lucai,
Uchard Havage, W. P. Peteraon. John
)eiterling, K G.Cracraft, H.O. Ott, M.
3.C. Wright, Hon. Charles Hedrick. It.
Delaplnin, Alex. Laughlin, Jacob iier;er,
Milton Lewi*, Geo. R. Tingle, Capt.
Andrew Wilson. C. J. Rawling*, W. II.
I'ravi*, Kd. Weisgerber, Hon. It. >L
3row*e, Hon. Robert McEldowney.
OmmUtci on Invitation?John L. Rice',
k[. L. Ott, J. R. Hubbard, T. M. Darruh,
I. O.Taylor, J. R. L.llardeaty, W. II.
?i*lier, G. Kd. Mendel, AI.S. Harden. 0.
J. Long, 8. Brady, W. C. Handlan, A.
teymann, Hon. K. M. Turner, Thomaa
j. Smith, J. M.Todd,.!. X. Chancellor, L. '
I. Jordan.
Committee oil Rtception?W. L. Hearn,
Jov. J. J. Jacob, T. H. Logan, A. \V.
'.uniilx'll. II. H. Miller. Hull Alfrml
"aldwi'll, J. (J. Jloll'man, W. G. Waller, *
Randolph Stalnaker. Hullihen Quarrier, s
'rank tloge, Hon.Chan. K.Scott,Hpn.G. j
V. Jotters, C. (J. Johnson, Hon. A, J. *
Iweenoy, 1). L. Hubbard, J. W. Gentry,
"apt, Geo. H. Moffat, J. II.' Hobbs, C'apt.
Y. L. Bridges,'Maj. Alonzo Loring. '
Committee on Printing?T. M. Darrah, 8
)r. M. F. Hullihen, J. C. Alderson, B. J
iV. Peterson, Isaac F. Jones, Robert {'
limpson, 15. 15. Dovoner, George H. \
'arks. J"
The Committee of Arrangement* will ''
ueet at the office of the Secretary of State 8
,t 1h o'clock. The other committees "
rill meet at the City Building nt 7A 1
I'clock Wednesday evening. *
Art Keceition.?The studio of Miss c
i. M. Doddridge, in the Franklin Insur*
nee building, was again crowded last
veiling by th? beauty and fashion of the q
ity, who assemble:^ together by invita- b
ton of Miss Doddridge to examine the S
iroductions of her pupils. The pictures 1
vere hung on tho walls of the studio, I
round which the crowd moved, admiring c
he many beauties displayed and comnenting
thereon quite frcclv.
There were many line pictures .among v
he number, but we will not under- t!
ake to speak of them in detail. The i
avorite artistes seemed to l?e Misses ti
iue E. Crumbacker, Allio Crawford, Mat- j,
ie D. Hubbard, 12. V. Wallaoo, Laura
ioggs, Ktnrna Anderson, Klla IMIeburn,
jibbie Heed and Mena S. Woods. Miss j,
Anderson's "On the Coast of England" j,
.ttractcd considerable attention, as also ]
lid a geranium, from nature, by Mis? ,,
'rawford. The latter young lady also
xhibited a very line representation of a
ollcction of grapes. Miss Crumbaeker's 1
pecialty seems to be in vegetable pieces, t
rhicli have much artistic merit. Miss
iubbard's " Dom Pedro" was very
ood, and was universally admired, n
liss Woods'"After the Storm"is in our p
pinion her best effort, and a very com- t
uendable one. "Morning in the Alps," S
iy Miss Annie I'ranum, had many ad- c
Hirers. Miss Libbie Heed's talent aj> eared
to the best advantage in herporrait
from her easel entitled "The Tain- a
iourineGirl." Miss Laura Baggs exhib- *
ted an excellent landscape, "Lake in the (
Vilderness." Altogether the collection (
ran very line, and retlectn much credit 1
ipon Miss Doddridge and her talented \
uplift. . ?
The Pi.KiHSESroNKiw.?TUe Temper- J
nee excitement still rnns high in the (
ommunitv. as is shown bv tln? rnn???n?!v
ncreasing interest taken in the meetings (.
n progress in the city. Night after night, <
ince the opening meeting on Monday *
vening last, the lecture room ol the (fourth
Street M. K. Church has been
illed to overtlowing by our people. There
a no doubt but curiosity in a great mean- c
ire brings the larger portion of the conization
to the snored edifice, but still it
an be paid that it is in this clans that 1
nany of the converts are found. <
At the Fourth Street M. E. Church
ast evening remarks were made by John
Voods, Wm. Murphy, Benjamin Mclaughlin,
T. L. Noble, Dr. Reilev and a
Ir. Monroe. Of these Messrs. Woods,
ilurphy and McLaughlin are what is
ailed new converts, having signed the 5
iledge since Messrs. Dunbar and Stringer
ommenced their meetings here. During
he evening the usual number came for- d
yard and signed the pledge.
Another crowded meeting was held in C
he First Presbyterian Church, where a
arge number were induced to pledge I
hotnselves to abstain from alcoholic c
f tii k Children's Home.?-The Lady
lanagers of our Home met with smiling V
hcch, working hands and full hearts this r
reek to exchange mutual words of cheer,
ml resolved to go on in their work.
Inch unbounded assistance and encourgement
from the best of our citizens ran
mt meet with success. t
It is impossible to mention all who
onerously contributed until we are inependent
enough to publish a regular
lonthly circular, but the donor of the v
oom, Mr. Irwin, (Messrs. Hobbs, Brocknier
& Co; furnishing the adornments)
handsome wax cross by Mrs. Davis, of
iouth Wheeling, one hundred bushels \
f coal from Mrs. Marshall, of North ^
Vheeling, deserve more than a passing
otice; and perhapB in strawberry time
re will give another "benefit," as the
lomc will realize about $1,200 by the
no of last week.
Lady Managers. \
t- n
DeaiUn'h LirJrunANS,?Mr. Harry g
)eakin is to be congratulated upon havng,
in the organization of his Liliputian
,'oraic Opera Company, made a palpable ,,
lit, Miss Jennie Quigley is not only the <
mallest lady in the world, but one of the
nost arch, intelligent and finialftd acresses;
Miss Ella Kirtland, the young- i
st of all these performers, a Milwaukee 1
ady 22 years of age, takes the part of /
Irthur in "Jack tho C riant Killer" with /
lot less dignitv and sprightliness than ,
Irs. 8cott-Siddons, in a comedy of i
arger proportions, displays in the part ,
f Orlando; Miss Sarah Bclton, who is J
0 years old, the second smallest lady in t
ho" world, takes the subordinate part of J.
iertrude in a very winning manner; j
Jommodore Kutt, who has. gained world- :
ride celebrity as the smallest living man, {
a a comedian of the first magnitude; /
,'olonel Goshen, the giant, for a gentlenan
of 50, demonstrates extraordinary \
listronic powers. Tho company will
lose Its engagement with two perform- r
nces to-day, afternoon and evening.
This evening being the last performnco
of tho "Lilliputian Comic Opera
roupe" the management have decided to
stablish a people's night, and reduce tho
irice from 60 and 75 cents to 25 and *>0 ii
ents, and no extra charge for reserved
eats. ?
Qualified.?Mm. Catherine Kleiuut p
ras yesterday qualified as administratrix b
rith tho will annexed of the estate of f<
xmiaa IClemm, deceased. Bond ?500.
We aro informed by Cant. Steve Ripley *
hat the police force will have their new C
iniforms next Wednesday. tl
chool.?Miss Ida l?eaon, Teacher. In
lumber of scholars perfect in attendance t?
nd doportinont: lu
UnaU White, Hatlle Redman, U
wle IlaiUogi, < Jertle Swim,
lit Fox, Hophla Ellg,
nolo Duval, KaUe-Uotartf, at
lary Uluflow, AqdIo Morrison, |)f
UnnU Otto, Thomas Ball,
ennle SjWls, Eddie Ebbert, lft
lair Hart, Harry Relt*,
ueUa Deflbaugh, Willie Craft, ,1.
unnle Raymond, Albert LorenU.
Division A, (Jrade 1. MIm Agnes k.
IcLu re. Teacher. List of pupiln perfect
n attendance and deportment: y
ilia Mitgrudor, Willie Gardner,
aura Vox, Elmer Chapman, ,
brrleTernll, WW Baumbager. to
allJu Browning, I>
Division A, Grade 2, Minn Alice Ox toif,
Teacher. Lilt of pnpUi perfect in
leportment and attendance: fe
"barlio Maycri, Rldlo Rottmlro,
Immet FlttMirlrk, Hnaan Church, ?
'ornmy Jodm, Willie Bradbury, f)
larry Cmmelly, UeorgeHL lilerr, t
Eddie CottK, Lucy liobel, 10
ida TJrrt-l, Uinnle Wjnchrr,
Lnuletiheik, Maggie Ilaberfleld. fc
Hotel arrival!.?Among the arrivda
at the hotels, yesterday wore tho .?
St, Jama?.Alex. Kerr, Purkersburg; k
r. M. (lallaher, St. Mary's, W. Va.; Alex,
iebout, Fairmont, W. Va.; 8ep. Hall, jr
Yetzel county; J. N. Murray, Ports- j)
Qonth, 0. 0|
Slamm House?Charles Pontius, Cain- n
ron; Abner Howell, Cameron; Mrs. E.
,'resap, Cresap's drove. n(
Grant Jftmt?Vi. Moore, Barnesville, n
)hio; Taylor Foreman, J'riadelpl' !.a; K.
r. Sours. Findlay, Ohio; J. Ed. Penny. tp
>acker, Pendleton county, W. Va.; M. II. w
)avis, Garrettsville, Ohio; William 8. it
ifclxmn, Mansfield, Ohio; W. A. Hunt, u,
it. Clniraville; (3.1). Piorrlse, Cleveland; ^
ohn Downs.Steubenville.
McLure Houm?Wm. It Dunnington, ^
'iedmont, W* Va.; B. D. Henninghaui, j?
Vaahington, Penna.; If. A. Lewis, Graf- c,\
on, W. Va.; A. D. Ilenry, J. Q. Armtrong,
Parkersburg, W. Va.; Hon. John (;j
C. lvenna and wife, CiiarleHton; Maj. .1. Jt
l.Carr, U.S. A. J,
Fink Orainino.?Mr. Willard U. y[
Valters, Ute of Philadelphia, who makes m
raining a specialty, has permanently
orated in thiH city. Mr. Walters has ^
lad eighteen years of exuorience in tho
usiness, and is thoroughly competent to p>
lo any iob that may come in his way. lie |,'c
las had experience in all kinds of fancy
raining, and is introducing into the city
orae new and original designs which we ^
hink will be generally admired. His nr
ample room is at 111*8 Main street.
"hose living outside of the city,'however,
an communicate with him by postal
ard. r
Tiie Wheeling Library, in its new
[unrters in the basement of the Capitol
uilding, iH now ojien to the public. The
Hate ollicers and members of the Legisaturo
are especially invited to call at the ;\(
library rooms, which lire always wel- j,a
ome to them. W
1 k the churches can not hold those w ho J(.
riali to attend the temperance meeting*,
lie Opera House can. Manager Hamil- Hj|
im has tendered bis Opera llouie to e;|
smperanco people for to-morrow eventig,
free of charge. Oi
The postoHice at Shepherds town, Ohio,
as been discontinued, and an effort is t-(
eihg made to establish one at Fair N?
Vmt, on the St. Clairsville and Cadiz *!?
liKPGnnicAys ccncxallv were jubilant
aat night over the new* from the Klec* Ni
oral Commission in regard to I?ouiniana. tin
Don't ruin your health, and, besides,
nake yourself disagreeable to other pco- d*
ile, by your continued coughing. A
wenty-five cent bottle of Dr. Bull's Cough jr
lyrup will cure you. Large bottles, 50 H(J
entH* , . t nt
Great bargains in second-hand Pianos ^
nd Organs at tho Music Store of Adams L
i Lucas, 1227 Market street. w;
)no 7-octave Chickcring Piano fur $200 !l,i
)ne G?rocUve hhumaker Piano - 150 Ki
)no CK-octavo John F. McNeil Piano 125 C(
)ne (5-octave Chickcring Piano . 100 tr
)nc C-octave N. Y. M'f'g Co.'s Piano - 7? ct
)ne6-octavc Nims & Clark Piano . 50 I)
)ne O-octave tieruan Piano -10 \y
>ni* 5-stop Kstey Organ - 90 Qi
)ne 5-stop Taylor & Farley Orpin - <S"0 Ji]
)no 5-stop Taylor & Farley Organ - 70 &
>nc 6-stop Tempi Organ y
)ne G-stop William It. Sheib Orgau - 75 Ai
)ne 2-stop Peluhet & Pelton Organ 40 W
)ne 5-octavc Melodeon .'{5
)ne 4-octave Melodeon - - L'O JJJ
Parties desiring to purchase should Ei
all at once and examine the stock.
? ?, ? ? Hj
Pianos to Rent.?Several excellent M
Man oh for rent, from $12 to $21 per jjj
Hiarter, at Shcib's Music Store, Main St ij
If you want a carpet at half price go to P
J. W. Fkrrel's, ni
Cor. Main and 20th streets.
Desirable (loons at Half-Prick.?
0 Handsome Cloth Cloaks. (v
200 Wool and Paisley Shawls. in
20 Pieces of Plain and Fancy Grena- wi
lines. gp
200 Pieces Plain and Brocade Dress jj
loods. I;1
Abo, Carpets, Carpet Chains, Wall J
'apers, and all kinds of Domestic Goods.
bean for cash. JJ
Call soon and get bargains, at ail
John Boemer's. os
^ W|
Another reduction in price of all ?t<
;inds of meats. Citizens in want of good er
neat will please call and be convinced. "b
firmvwtr .fc II
J- ...... IV ?v Iiut.l IV 1,1.1.,
113 Market street. ^
If you want as fine a white shirt a*
here is in the city for $1, go to
j. w. pkrrei.'h.
Ladies' box-toe Button Sheen for $lt, u"
rorth $4, at L. V. BixiND'a, 2?
1135 Aftin Htrwt.
Ik yon want a pair of home made 10-4 jj~
rool blankets for $2 60, or 12-1 do for 15
15 50, go to the closing out Hale of at
^ ^j. W.Feurkih $1
(iijkat bargains in Ladies' .Shoes, tit 8}
L. V. Bi.onp'*.
J. W. Ferbei* js making things red al
tot in cloHing out bin immense stock of dry ('<
;oods and carpets. Call; you can got
;reat lmrgainf. JO
Foil the next thirty days I will ofl'er
uy stock of Ladies', Misses and Childrens'
Ihoes at coat. l. V. Blond. ,
__ . lei
Scarcity ok Money.?There is no ex
loubt but the present condition of all 7:
:inds of bnsiness and industry is fear- Di
ully depressed, and it behooves every ?n
amily to look carefully to their expenses. "1
Vinter in coming on, when children are al
iable to Croup, Whooping Congh, etc, J}!1
'oughs and Colds will prevail every- ?.
rliere, and Consumption, with other w.
hroat and lunjj diseases, will carry off $[
aany. These diseases should not be neg?
acted. Doctor's bills are expensive, and
re would advise our people to use
Josciiee'sGerman Syrup. Itneverha* i?
ailed. One bottle at 75 cents will keep pj
our whole family well during the winter. Di
?wo doses will relieve any case. Sold In fir
11 towns in the United States,and by,your ?
)rnggist. Wholesale agents, Ix>gan List fa
t Co. and Laughlln Bros. & Co. 51
cod&w J?
River Hewn. qJ
The markH last night indicated 7 feet 4
itches, and slowly falling. $5
The Etna passed down about 7 A. m.
rith two empty barges.
Tho steamers Panther and Hampson
assed up during the day with empty tM
arges. The larboard chimney of the L,l:
jruior wa* broken at the top. "r
The Kerr left for Pittsburgh at noon
he will hereafter make three trips per 2
reek between Wheeling and Pittsburgh.
'apt. Ed. F. Maddy, formerly clerk of fri
lie Salt Valley, commands the Kerr. m,
The A. L. Norton arrived from Pitts*
irgh lost evening. T<
[The Express left for Parkersburg at Wh?
sr usual hour yesterday morning. The $1 J
won will be to-day's packct. amy
The Hudson arrived from Cincinnati *l *
1 r. m. yesterday, with a fine trip of J, J?
itli freight and passenger*. She will * n
avo on her return trip this evening.
The Granite State will pass down to*
iv, en route for Portsmouth. _
The flornbrook arrived from Pitts* nnni
irgh last night. K?
The steamer Carrie Brooks and Salt
alley aredue up to*night. .
The Laura L. Davis was announced to "?e
ave Pittsburgh last evening for St. 8?ro
Mil*. t ?
|Bf Telegraph.] barr
I'ittsburgu, February 10.?River 4 New
ct 10 Inches, and stationary. _
New Orleans, February 10.?Arrived mere
Mary Houston and Schenck, from the for n
liio river. Do parted?Grand lvepublic, co (
r Memphis. Weatlier cloudy and cold.
Cincinnati, February 10?River 15 ? ^
et 9 inches and falling. Arrived? ?
mrna Graham, Pittsburgh; J. D. Parker,
emphls. Departed?Nashville, Tonnese
river. Weather clear and mild. _ ""
St. Louis, February 10.?River 21 feet ?rui
) inches and falling. Weather clear. J10'
Mxxrms, February 10.?River fell 2 1)6 al
iches; 18 feet 1 inch. Arrived?Hhlnkle. _
eparted?Helena, Tower, Carondalot, a $i
liarles Morgan, Cherokee and Alice part
rown. Weather cloudy. mon
CaiRo, February 10.?Arrived?War- ?eni
;r, Future City. Glencoe and Hillmnn. __
eparted?Joseph Kinney and Ironsides. .? ?
kvansvh.lb,February 10.?River 15
et and falling. Down?Ashland, Kana* /
ha No. 2, Iron Mountain and Tarascon.
p-Robert Mitchell and Idlewild. The com
noky City is aground below Owenshoro.
'eatlier clear and cool. JJ?UI
Ne\v Orleans, February 10.?The ,orl
I...:i,ii.?? u.n uani;
irned. Reported incendiary. Loss ,,e
;o,ouo. kn<"
Sr. Louts, February 1C.?Arrived? 55=5
ity of Alton and barge, New Orleans;
.'Genrvove, Memphis; Yickshurg,YickRirg;
Polar 8tar, Keokuk. Departed?
. Oeneveve, Memphis. Jliver 10 feet. JlX
'eather clear anil cold.
iVtCKBUUno. February 10.?Klver fell Jamk
inches. Weather cloudy and cool,
rrived?John K. Maude and Utah, St.
duIh. The John 1?\ Tulle arrived at -1
m. She blew out both cylinder heads __
tlow here and laid up. Down?Centen- **
al. The K. K. Lee arrived at 2 P. M. M
je blew out her cylinder head near
'arrenton at 11 o'clock thin morning
id seriously injured seven negroes, two
obably fatally.
Kcw York Nouey and Stocks.
Nrw York, February 1(1.?Mosey?
l 2Ha3 per cent. Prime mercantile tan
iper4a-t% percent. Custom reecipta$38iv
o. The Assinlunt Treasurer disbursed
27,000. Clearings $13,000,000.
Gold?Opened ut 105% and closed at ^
Carrying rates la3)a per cent.
silver?At London unchanged. Here,
verbars $1 29J4 greenbacks,$1 22}< gold;
vcr coin V* per cent discount.
tilted Slatr* fia ?.f 1881, coupon? IWJ* IT
To>l*entlcs (1866) 1U3*4
ve*Twentles (1865) new iwjZ Auie>
te-Tweoilc* llHT7> ... 1124* Table
re-TwcnUeo (18S3).? 1 i&v4 noj
!WFW? - iiufi -nr
!?r Four and a iwa
n-fortles ~.110?
n-fortln (coupons) - 1H%
irrcucy Hl*<? 128>J
If Air nnt i? llnwna_IW:.t?.1l? Is. ...a* f..
ew Jersey Central issues. North western
id St. Pauls somewhat weak; others steady J
firm. /
Stocks?Generally weak aud lower, the X /
icline rangiug from V\ lo per cent, ^
ith the greatest fall in coal stocks. Mori
& Essex led the downward move. At
e close there was a fractional recovery in neM (
me instances, hut generally prices were colt.
the lowest point of the day; Morris & Penm
isc.x was an exception, ami" advanced 1 Whe<
?r cent in tinal sales. The transactions .p.
fgreRutcd 134,000 shares, of which 5,000 >0/
ere Pacific Mail, 23,000 Western Union,
DOO St. Paul, 4,COU Rock Island, 2,500
rle, 17,000 Lake Shore, 7,000 New *ork
antral, '-',500 Ohios, 2,000 Michigan Cen- T.
nl, 32,000 Delaware; Lackawanna & West n,
15,000 New Jersey Central, and 9,500 ana
elawarc & Hudson Cunal. equip
crtora Unlnn. 71 C. C. C. 4 1 23 i0,'1"
jlcksilrer 14 New Jersey Ceu..? 10}$
iickrilferpW 2.1 ltock Iiland M'/.
elite Mall "5K Bt,Pgul 18' ! e*J5}
sripota V/i St. Paul preferred.- 47%
aripoM pn?ferrod.. G Wabash...... G'4
lama Kxpre??it 10S% Fort Wayne. ? U<"Jella,
Fargo .V Co.*. frl Chicago ?t Alton....100*^ IU*
nerican ?, 53 iChigoA Alton pfd.?110 ??
iltod Btutes ... 50%'Trrre Haute
Y. Central ys |Terre llauto pfd...? 11
le *1* Ohio & MltuitsslppL G'<?
1o preferred _ 18 Dela. A laickn
irlew 137 A. A P. Telegraph? IbU U\*
irlurn preferred...Hl!^ Missouri Pacific 102#
Icblgsn Central... 4t;u Indians Central 102)$
nama? 122 Burlington A QuinJH
lion Pacific stock-H. A St. Joe -....Ill J- **
ike Shore 51j'? Central Pac. bon?Uul(X%
inoia Central 58} ij Union Pacific b'df?lM \t m
tUburxh 8.s,'s Land Uranta..M. Wi% VA
irthweatern com- 3'2tf Slnk'g Fund
irthwestera pfd.?. 45)>
Mow York.
Nuw York, February 1G.?Cotton? VAN
iiiet at 12 ll-lGal215-lGc. Flour?Little
ore doing; mainly for local use; superfine
astern and State $5 65aG 00; common'to
iod ?5 Soafl 00; good to choice $G 05aG 10;
liito wheat extra $0 15a7 50; extra Ohio DC
1 H5n7 75; St. Louis $G 00a855. "Wheat?
till and nominally unchanged; No. i! Mil
lUKce at $l 40; 5117al -18 bid; No. 2 Chigo
spring offered at $145. Bye?Dull J*1'
id heavy; western S0aS3c. Barley?Dull
id declinluK prime ungraded Canada at t^t(
c. Malt?Dull. Corn?Quiet; ungraded
jstern mixed at 57 J4n5Sc; No. 2, 58c;
jam mixed 57Md58c. Oats?Dull; westu
mixed and Stato 41a51c. Hay?Firm;
ipping70c. Hops?Heavy;yearlings 8u Urll
r. CoflVe? Dull; Rio cargoes 17#a2le,
lil; jobbing at 17 J?n22i>ic, gold. Sugar?
nil and nominal. Hice?Quiet. Whisky
$1 07 3*a- patro
< i ? lure 1
Chicago, February 16.?Flour?Steady Hair
id firm. Wheat?Unsettled; No. 2 Chi- alljr.i
go spring $131 cash; $1 31% March; Pur*u
33y* April) $1 30 May. Corn?Steady at
c cash; 4fic May. Oats?Firm at 35c
sh. Bye?Firm at (19c. Barley?Dull at -K i
c. Pork?Unsettled; $1525 cash; $1625a
27i? March; $l5 55al5 57^ April;, sales
$15 47J4al5 57M April. Laru?Dull at
0 45 cash March; ?10 60 April. Bulk
catii?Quiet; shoulders 5^c; short rib /
<,'c; short clear 8Xc. Dressed Hogs?$6 fc
uO 55. Whisky?$1 05. 1
At the cIoko wheat wan easier at $1 31M m
31 March; $1 33^ April; $1 36 May. M
irn firm nt JW.'-Se March. Oats unclmn'g- 2m
. Fork firm at $1325at3 30 March; $13 ^
al3 62}? April. Uird firmer at $10 47^a
50 March.
I'hilmlclpliin. CA
PHItADEI.pltta; Fel>ruary 16.?Petro- . Nojm?Nominal;
crude \\%v, refined 2<l^e. 1?"
over Seed?16%nl6J4c. Flour ? Dull; tint
tra $5 75a0 00; Minnesota family $71'iJia with i
17'<J; Pennsylvania $7 00a7 25. Wheat? )*ek<
nil; white $1 55nl CO. Bye?75a80c store
d February. Corn?Steady: yellow 55^0; jn tj,,
iitc55^c: aail 54c. Oats?Firm; white 38 furnli
I c; mixed 37c. Butter?Quiet; New York
id Bradford county extra 26a27c; firsts |
u25c; western extra 25a2flc; firsts 20a24c. ^
icese?Firm at 13%al4!tfo. Eggs?Quiet; ^ ,
:st?>rn fresh IDa-'Oc. Whisky?Western j
08 _ One 1
Cincinnati. o?e n
Cincinnati, February 16. ? Cotton ? f?Se l
i fair demaud but at lower rates, 12c. Twen
our?Quiet nnd unchanged. Wheatill;
red $1 50al 55. Corn?Quiet nnd
mat41a43c. Oats?Firm at 38a42c. Rye And i
Firm at 78n80c. Barley?Quiet; prime
II 75a80e. Pork?Dull and nominal at
13 50al6 00. Lard?Dull; steam 10%o;
ttle lOall^c. Bulk Meats?Quiet at Ga
6a$Xc. Bacon-Dull nt 7Ka9J<a9^c.
itter? Packing grades 12al3c. Whisky? riAl
dot at $105. &
Hogs? Quiet; common $5 00a5 40; light Am
50a5 80; paoking grades $5 85a6 10. bCfl 11
Dry Goods. JiJ
New York, February 10.?The package %!.:
ide was not quite so active and tho jot ltieH
ng branches were quiet. Cotton goodi den
m in first hands, and tho leadiag
ikes of brown shectiugs, denims and S i
ed ducks were closely sold. Fancy and Kthli
irting prints in fair request and dress mri
nghaina active. Men's woar?Wollens in ~0I
egular demand. Foreign goods rather j
are active. ? m
redo, February 18.?Hour?St,,,1, ?
?t?Steady; No. 1 while Hlchhu
8; amber Hollar March$1 54 k- nit,
er $139 X; Ho. 3 red ?1 38H; nlVrUd
3. Corn?Finn; high mixed 45fce- kv
Xo. Oata-Dull;Vo2,MXc; ;?Su
K. B. Grafton's Hour mill at Minn*
in, burned on Friday. Low $9,000ranee
Rear Admiral Davis, in charge of
National Observatory, in lying dm.
usly ill at kin residence.
The New York Yacht Club is ao etn
assed that it ha* voted to give up it,
York and Statad Island houses.
The San Francisco Chamber ot Cob
:e hiui petitionerl Congress to nrovide
, monthly mail between Han FrsocU.
Jhlna and Japan.
The Court House of Searcy county,
insas, was destroyed by fire on Mon"
IiOss $10,000. Most of the recordi
i saved.
The Cashier of the suspended Miner*
it and Safe Deposit Hank, of ShamoPa.,
states that the institution will g
bio soon to pay dollar for dollar.
Winslow. indicted for the larceny 01 1
2,000 package from the Treasury Dement,
was yesterday sentenced to li |
ths' imprisonment in the Albany |
Thos. Drury, of Memphis, father ol
Drury, who killed Deputy Marshal
on, has been sent to tbe penitentiary
three and a half years for passing
iterfeit national currency.
A fire to-night in the commission
? of Chas; Heverett & Co., No. 214
ih Commercial street, St. liouii,
aged the building and property to
amount of $10,000; insurance unirn
i IIAMIf.TOM MttDljc
atlnee only 25c. Evening only 25 and W.\
'l'hla y*tunl*y, February 17,
ck, the Giant Killer!
mio Opera Troupe!
P. T. iJAKNUM'8 *50,WO NUTT.
monuments, &c.
ar poll &; Bpo?
Nos. C, 8 A 10 Sixteenth 8t.
Importers aud Dealers in the best ol
lean and Scotch Granite Monument* hui
abllshtd In 1860. For the names aud >'. 0. $
*s ol 15 jrounn men likely to attend a busl:oIlw,
we will rend, free, our Ili.ustratku
kok JoUKNAI.. and Specimens of Ornament*!
unship. Address J. M; FRA8HKH A Oj
fling, W- Vn. no2l*roil
6. 1877.
West Virginia University.
aiuitUATilUWH, >V. VA.
j Fall Tona 1*icIm Soptrartcr ?i. ?Uh'
of ten etllelent aud accomplished ,
Instructor#, with all the Department! lulij
iimkI, anil under the mipertntendencyol K?W.
Hcott, D.D..L.L.D., acting Prealdcui
? large experience, scholarly nttalnmenu,?M
nixed standing as an educator, justlflti tt? -I
tot Ion of continued and increasing
nter Term begins January 8. t,P,V
i March 27. For Catalogue or fuller intonui- .
addrCHS It. C. BEBKELBY, A.M.?
fi-tJAW eecrctaryof taculty
WON VASC-E. | Vf. K. UUOUlta. | i. " wim-iiw
ICE & ADAMS and C. D. KNOX & CO., (
Manufacturers and Jobbers of
)ots and Shoes,
lo. 1301 Main St., WHeelinB,W.V?.
iggists & Pharmaceutists,
No. 669 MAIN ST.. Whwllng. W.Va.
deaire to return our thanka toour frlcndssuJ
us for the farors thua far reccired, *nd to
hem that we will aparo no efforts to woHl
luance of their confidence and support.
hare on hand a lino assortment of Perfumer) .
CM la, LiUjr White*, and Toilet Articles tendind
aro constantly recelviug ntv,/rah ??'
Drugs. Medicines, Ac.
lain Sl? foot ol Smnth, North Whoellni)
i _
11M Markot Bt., <i the tmly firtt-rtin
i/ in the city. It la the only Restaurant tM
pirate rooms for ladle*, or where you ?? M<j
quiet cleanlinera a home, combinw
tho best rubfne that can 1* found In thefiir
ejM ou hand the very l*nt the market ailuN'
ptables. flih, oysters, game, and ewytnw'
son, anu serves It up in a manner unM<w,u
t country. He can t? relied upon
ill everything Ant-class.
b. Ex. Young Hyson Tea for JJ*"
li. good Ounpowuer Tea for
b. best Gunpowder Tea for.....
b. I*est Japan Tea Tjj.
I), good Jainn Tea for ?,.
b. best Oolong Tea for Ev."
b. good Oolong Tea for.......
ty 11m Bice for ~ fl
ill klodi o( Groceries at the lowwt w*W
price*, at
r. w. bakxon'Wi
ml 2253 Maiikkt ST.. CHHIM
)ther lot ol thli clebulM FimW W'lb*
Ibda nrlctlr ptliuf, 1ml
i" ^ L1HT, NTOI1T V l'*"8'1
bo (Inert ?rtlcl. ol UmUj ?onr .ttr
* PAgl
5% <o chow CoWJ, lyjjjj"1

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