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J^lOH 8ALKTheundt-rtii(ucd
will offer their L1VKRY K
III.EM, rorurr of Main and Hxteenth 8t*., WIi
lug, Went VAr*lnl*, at |>rlrale ??|it until fur
notice. The "lot k mnpriwi the l?eat eowlp
Llwy HtntiU- lu therlly; everything IdjwM or.
If not told at private air, due aathe will be gl
of tbodayiif public itle.
We alao oiler for aile the twa-iiory Brick Ru
In* conipilvitf our Mal-Iea, the material* of wl
run t? mcd lor all bulMlug purponea.
toll cijrimman a am it i
Wagon Machiner
Having delenuined to (low up our liii?lnoia,
will oINr our block, T??ol? Mid Machinery
private tale until
MONDAY, March 5th, 1877.
If not told ly that time wo will oflVr theaarai
I'ublir Auction, nt 10 o'rlmk a. M., and coQtl
tin- aale from day to day until all b acid.
The Machinery l? audi na In found In a fli>t-c
Wagon MiUii'uilnry nn<l mn'Utaof tin* follow
Wood Wotkit>: and Holing Machinery :
Iron Lathes, Drilling Machines, Hub M
tlcing and Pinning Machines, Bmln|
Machines Tor Hand and Power,
Wheel Machinery for heavy
and light wheels,Spoke Lathe,
Saw Mandrel and Saws,
50-Horse Power Steam Engine
Al??. HuMlei nod one largo dote Carriage, t
vy Hod leu Hul?.|S|*ikw,Waj{oriundTlinlxT Wl
l-elloea, three .' bofH' waiton , Rlnckaiulth T?.
Inn and a V ' ' > <>f "tha , nick*.
'fertna. in ' k .own on ?'ay of sale.
t i*R i.n ri.K,
I'n d i Whicllitt a<on and Carriage
N. H. The la??r ?tu?y of tie Factory is
rent. fe
Valuable Real E$tat
Ch iil. s Zocckltr 1-n.iua Zoeckler, his i
dated |?r<. uikr iblnl, 1?75, and of muni in
ulUce of Clerk o! tin" County Court ol Ohio rou
lu it i.k No. in, Folk.2X1,1 will offer at public
Hon, to tin1 highest bidder, ol the front doorol
Court IIoum of Ulio county, West Virginia, oi
Hocinnlng at 10 o'clock a.m., the follow inn
mtiI*?1 prober! y, that is to lay: Tin' folluwlm
tcrilwd r?-?l cMjtfe wjth the appurtenance* and
provenietiU tlU'icuii, Ih'Iud^iuk, lyl"K and Iwir
the fixtli Ward 01 till' eity of Wheeling, I
county, that Is toaav: Ail tlint part of lot n
h -red aixty-live (05) of tin* tddiliuii to the said
ot Wheeling lali ell by John Eoll and Wll
i hapliue, bounded and described n* follows:
ginning at theiomer.of laid lot No. (3, lying
of Main atnet and loulh of Alley *'!?,*' tin
an along tbo north liucuf Mid lot loa lKiinteq
ly distant from the front line of Mid lot oil
Unci and the rear lino of the lot toiitherly
liaiallcl Willi the line of Main at net twentylift;
theme wiMtwardlv nnd parallel with the
of Alley "1?" to the line ol Main street; th<
along the line of Slain street northwardly to
place of beginning, l^lnn twenty-two feet In I
?.n Main ?trret and extending bickof utilf
wnlthof twenty-two feet one-half the whole di
of said lot.
On th?a property ol??ve diM-riiied in a brick hi
containing ti rooms, hall, kitchen, attic and ce
Tkhmm ov h*tk?Oofr-balf cash in hand, and
balance in C months, with intend from day of
on deferred | ay incut, said paynicul to lie scci
to thcantl.'fictlou ol tlie Trustee.
l'limt CBISH, Trusti
DaVKNTORtA DovkKKK, Attorneys.
fcio John W. MllcilKt.t., Auction
I offer for sole the two<ttory Brick Dwel
House, No. H4:i Cmipllne street. Contains
rooms, hot and cold water; uIm> gns through
^tabling for four horsca attached. Will l>e
low and on essy terms.
For particulars enquire of
de? A. C. KOKKTE
Eighty choice Building Lota on Wheeling Ish
I'rUv from Sv^ to StX'U uwh. Only oue-?lxtl
the purchase money required in caah. The real
may In-paid mmually tit vtYK equal Installmi
with Interest.
Apply to JOHN r. MI.CHRIST
0 At Tapjm
Or Parties of Small Means Desirous
Engaging in Grape Growing,
Coal Mining or Market
siceciint ol advanced stja 1 am dralrou:
clunking my residence, and thereloro otter for 1
my farm situated opposite the etty of Wheeling
tlie river hank, midway between Bridgeport
Martin's Ferry, and Immediately adjylningtho
lagc of iKtnaville. The protvrtj consists o:
acrus of hill nnd table land aAl 1* of rirer bott
In the hill there are two N<am? of cnal,ft% and
feet thick, three depc-slt* of limcttoiic, au 8
vein of cluso texture Kind or free atone, an Id (
Triu of marl, which altogether make n soil and
underlying (>ed of deposits of a tieh nnd vnlui
On the surface, the larger portion of which
gently sloping to the cnat, and all under direct
posure to the sun, l? a Vim-yard of .16 arres, ma
Cdtawta gr.qm>, all In Cue bearing condition, al
seven years old, * hlch lias proven itself able to
a handsome per cent to the cultivator.
The property is beina approached above and
low by an advancing tide of persona seeking at
homesteads, and Is now really the only unoccuj
territory between Bridgeport and Martin's Fe;
It is valuable as an investment for capital seek!
safe purchase, and valuable to those who want a
knt gardening ground close to tho city. It fn
beautifully u|>on (ho rirer and commands a Tie
the city, the lslaml and the whole scenery ol
The terms of sale will be one-third cash, ball
In two annual payment*, H per cent interest on
ferred payment*. F01 further particulars Inq
On tho premises, or by mall at Bridgeport, O
p3T.U!LIsnrD IN* 1SJ7.
J. MKUHIM ViNCX. | W. K. Ul (iJ!LS. | a. O. WIKCI
VANCE & ADAMS and C. D. KNOX & (
Manufacturers and Jobbers of
Boots and Shoe:
No. 1301 Main St., Wheeling, W.Va.
We will receive 1 onlay a lot of
ft will make the lightest ami nieect
You ever need eat, without Egg*, So
Salt, or Making Powder.
No. m;o Market St, cor. llth St.
merchandise broker
I.oans ntgotiitrd for Lea-lcrs m l Cormveri
) ?
The Argonaut Mill
Yarns, Jeans and Flannel
, fell wrkki.ufti, \v. \'a
qooper sitopIlavtm
InrWMBJ my ltclllll? for juaklu^
kinds ol Tijtht nnd sl.n k
Barrels, Ivegs, &c
I would respectfully Millet iih* pttronsr" of?
jnuMdofsny. Oill oooraddreM
in n?u ^ ^ UcCONNELL,
155, 15th st re*
8*1*Irinf rroaptljr atlen<lrf to.
ceneral notices.
OKALEI) Pito'l'OSAU. ~
TA- CLRRK'flOrnri Hoard or CoMMtmiONRtt
? '- WiiKBUNci, February 8, 1877
liter Healed I'ropnaala will t? received at thii olt
iiwtl until WKU> EtJDA Y, February 28th, it 12 o'ck
ler. noon, tfliuc torloac, for furnlahlng Coal (or 01
i**n County Jail and County Infirmary for the ruaul
tear. commencing ifprft lit, 1877, and ending Ap
jt lit. 1675,?Ititlil*r? toitate price of clean. mix
and nut ??l, mihc to tie pro|*rly weighed a
aevnocd. Sqmrata blda ftr rarh place mjuln
nil The Hoard reserves the right to rrirct any or
?? blda.
?, By order of the Baud.
jfU- frt? UHAKLIM II. DEITKR8. Clerk
Jlch ? - ?
ci mk'h Ornrt Hoard or Commi?siohrr!I,
. Wnbrmmi, February 8, 1877
V .-tied rropoaalu will lw received at thin oft
/ untU WEDNESDAY, February 21U. at 12 o'clo
noon, iani<< lo.close, for furnlabini Ohio county I
one T?ar,^imaaenetng April lit, 1877, and cndl
April lit. 1878, with common wood Oolllna, Main
and vnrnlihed, and common llcarw, lor piur
w? burlali, name to Iw of two aim, for adulta and ch
at dreii under 14 yeera of age. hidden will aped
In their blda?"Ftor Adulta," *For Children,' ? t
|<rU-? of each Including the Hear* The lioanl t
acrvea the right to reject any or all blda.
f * Hv order of the Hoard.
nuts lev t lUHUES H. DEITEB8, Clerk.
or- poll HUNT OB SALE.
' The Store lloom and Dwelling No. 1012 Ma
The fine Dwelling Mo. Ih Fifteenth atreet.
Two 'mall Hntnws on Hid Island, and three ter
nienta In the Filth Ward, on Main atreet.
Enquire of II. FORBES,
faI? 1142 Chapline Street.
' poll RENT?
[ug- A tvo^toff Brick dwelling, hiring term roou
i0''1 hill up Blnlra ami down, largo wash houM, go
10 *' cellar?on VlrglnU atrcet, Island.
Also, the two-story Frame Dwelling,teunroou
good lwlls ami cvllar?on South York atreet. Ik
i Co. of alovc aro modern build and hare cuplioardia
fur | In ewjr corner.
J Aluo, thv t?o i ml tentuientaln the Church Ru
on York iticct,mh four roomi, good cellar.
All the above arc newly papered and grained.
Inquire o! K J. HTONE, or
fe!2 At Bridge cr.ri i r Shir Store
b j r
*' **? A romfortnblo and convenient l'esldcnc# Ir
he gi>o?l location. Applicant cm havochoiteof lioui
nty, ?one with four, ouo with life,or one with i
Hue- room*, *11 on Mth stmt, l?elow Jac hatreet.
the Fur further iidoruullui, terms, Ac , ?<>
" MS 1*. 1- KtMREHI.Y
de- l?OR
{de- 1
im- The Store Room ou Market street now cccupl
ig In hjr Howell, Paull A fciuclair.
till.. Abo, Front Rumi on aecond floor rdjulnli.g t
iiui- law ofllco o( Daniel Lamh, l>i|.
city Alwi, Dwelling House on Chaplloe atrret now i
Ham entiled l?y Mr. liloomfleld.
ii,- roaseaslon given April lit.
oust ji24 U. CRANG1.E
ii" if\FI'ICE8 KOK ItKNT.
fain \J
ninl The Hall now mrupUd l>y the Whcdlng I.lhi
two ry Association li tu bo converted lntooflices, will
line w ill lie ready fur occupaocjr, on the lit of Api
wire Lawyers nnd others desiilng'a suitable office w
the please apply to J. M. TODD, or
runt W. P. McKELVEY,
brni jil<5 fc'j Fifteenth i
ittli * ??*?
liar. "n Seventeenth Sr, near Zano Street Chun
tli,. Seven roomy; l>ath runn, with hot and cold wnti
nla Apply to (Ja?) oitEEIt A I.A13G
Three new Dwelling Houses situated on thco
___* tide of Main street, between Twentv-third n
Twenty-fourth streets. Said houses nave all t
modern Improvements, contain cix rooms eo<
have water and gaa throughout.
Jing For tenin, Ac., apply to
ten J. R. McCORTNEY, oi
out. dr30 G. If. CARS ATI AN.
lh_ Husineis Room*, Oilier* and {sleeping Rooma
the new People's Kanlc Building. Alio u tine lai
Hall on tbinl story of Kiioe, with ntiti and eoi
tnittee rootna adjoitdrg. I will also rent the Dun
ind. ing House, No. IWJ Main street.
ti of T1IOS. O'BRIEN,
Jut' ilt 2S Agenl
'* - No. 31 South Front itreet, Inland?pleasant
situated and desirable. Alao, ono Hooin in aecoi
stol-y of No. 84 Twelfth street, hi I table for an olll
. or bleeping room. Pooetsion given Ituuiediatel
0" Enquire of " DR. E. A. HILDBETD,
_d??> No. 1207 OmpllneSt.
large three-story Warehouse K
, on 1503 Main street. Two Ironta, Main nr
South street*. Pos.se?mon April 1st.
f co Anplrto
om. ile'2 ' A. ALLEN HOWELL.
'^t FJ10R KENToot
ible ^ne those desirable 6raall Store Room
ilea *>001* Dwelling attached, on lltli E
ex. (formerly U?ion street). Possession ?
rt,J be had January 1,1S77.
_del ISAAC IRWIN, Agent
nail _|1
Containing eight moms uud Bath Rwoni, i
oga Jacob atrect, U-t*wn l">th and Hlh, west all!
iuir- Oaa and water. Will lm tented low to responail
J?!"! tenant. Enquire of
no-1 Rookwlier and Stationer, 10G6 Main (
ince ?JL? ????
sucn AS
~ Cards,
Bill Heads,
!0 Receipt!
Or, in fact, every Variety and Style of
N <*? Typo,
'S, New ProSHCf
25 and 27 Fourteenth St
No. 11 S3 MiitKn St., II the only firtt-tku R,
lauranl in thfeiiy. U lithe only KrsUunnt tb
I? hjs ?*P? to room* for bulks,or where you can Ci
lOi (but <iulct rlranlinen of a home, corabltv
wilh the best rui/inr that tan l>e found In tbedt
He keepaon haml the very best the market alTor
In vegetables. flih; inter*, game, and everythl
In iea*>n, ami aervea It up in a manner unexccll
In the country. He can t? relied upon nlwaya
* - furnUh everything flr?t-claaa. JW
hoM tAH ri?i#? Stmt, Cincinnati, Ohio.
rt. The trr* ?n which thia r*per ia printed la ftt
u -bU Fonmlrir.?Ki? i iTKiuoixrcv
tlu Before REMOVING to my
No. 1140 Miin St., Hornbrook'i Block,
On Mnrch 1 nt( i ofl'i-r tujr atorkof
i Boo) h and Sliooh
for AT COST,
H l1 O H C Jl. s H.
If you want bargain*, NOW 18 Till
'* TIME, m the -ale lasts only a few davit.
_ J". T. STONE,
Corner Tenth and Main Sts.
- fe?
>e- ODm and Red deuce, No. 1067 Matn St., oppoalu
Union, Wheeling, W. Va.
aarNll.-oua Oxtd# Ota and other Anmthetlc
- admlnlitaml. mjlS
4(5 TwiLrm tfracxT,
Buys and Mill Tlcketa to all point* bit and Weat
ml Round trip tlekrta to Baltimore and return
and ?<o and return, alio on liatnl ort
1 intend to milt IxuiuiM on the tint of April,
and now uflVr >11 gooda In mjr line at it*t (tandi
left fur djtlnjc m.d icourtng will l? told cn tlx
I kUn oil#r for hale all my dyeing machinery toil
? all aitlelea used lo the dyrioK budnefs, iteludlnn
one toller, two cylltidera, four dye luba, 4c. Mj
household good* and furniture are offered *1 i>ii
TMtr-iUv Mits. A. (JKA1IAM.
10 j ill No. 1042 Main atrect.
ira '
Will commence this day to clear out the
balance of last Summer's
rli .
'[Jj Tlio following uro intue of the Gondt
oflVrr .1:
" ; Black Iron Grenadines.
Colored Iron Grenadine*.
h. 8-4 Silk and Wool Hernams,
" 20 Pieces High Celorsd Grenadines
suitable for Bail or Parly Dresses.
New Goods! New Goods!
h. We are opening New Goods dally for
early Spring wear at our usual LOWEST
' Prices.
" I. BLUM & I3R.O.,
lo 1101 ^1 SIiII Nt red.
V M'J _ J
1 i'AI.N.
Duiing the eleven years I ham been practicing
In Wheeling 1 have admlnUtcml gas tooverwTeu
thousand person* with Purser UaFKTT, and In
almost every case with entire aatiifactloti to myst'll
, amr |?Uenta.
'* W? coustautly keep on banda pure NitrouaOxide
Gas for those that deaire to take It
co DK. 8UUG1S0N A SON,
y. w<-n No. net Market St.
1,1 TI'ESDAY, Ffrill, ^o, 1S77.
New Advertisement*.
- Murphy Temperance Meeting.
Hook Sale.
Sideboards?Friend A Son.
|S? Four Lady Clerks Wanted.
!* Two lloys Wanted.
iu Wanted?Nurse.
HAt-racks, Whatnots, &c.?G, Mendel,
Booth & Co.
- Reduction in American Watches ?
llennegen, Bates & Co.
cn For Rent?Dwelling House.
Ia- Opera House?Cal Wagner's Minstrels.
Opera*House?Prof. Harrington.
TruBt Sale.
Truster's Sale.
^ WhiteSoap?fourth page.
Moviso day comes on Easter Sunday
this year. _
' The Municipal Court has adjourned
until Tuesday at 10 o'clock A. M.
The Belmont heaters and nailers resumed
work yesterday morning.
No marriage licenses were issued by
the Clerk of the Counfy Court yesterday.
^ The Opera House will be occupied by
? ? icuijisimitc pcupic agmn (u-iiigui,
Sign ?
3 Our exchanges begin to mention the
' northward flight of the wild goone, omen
of spring*
It is expected that the two Houses ol
the Legislature will adjourn the latter
part of this week.
y ' Prop. Harrington advertises a "Carnival
of Novelties" for the Opera House
to morrow evening.
The near comet mav be here m time
for the inauguration, but it is hoped it
- may not bump against us.
- The cantata of "The May Queen" will
be produced by the Wiesel Musical Institute
at their hall to-night.
The, man whose duty it is to report
' that the prosjjective peach crop has been
ruined is getting ready for business.
We undetstand that diphtheria prevail*
in a virulent form in Bridgeport,
y Two children died there yesterday oi the
The City Council will hold a special
meeting at the City Building to-night,
-4 pursuant to adjournment of Tuesday
3 evening last.
The Institute Saloon wu closed up
yesterday by Justice Caldwell, on an ati
tachmont for debt made by Mr. J. W.
I'axton, owner of the building.
At the meeting of the Fidelio Carnival
Society on Sunday evening last, one
hundred ladies were iuitiated. The Society
meets again to-morrow evening.
The children connected with the Chapline
Street M. E. Church will give a
;at "happy family" entortainment in the auad
dience room of the church on Saturday
^ evening next.
y The employes of the lienwood Mill
t0 are jubilant over the prospect of the mill
starling up this week. It instated that
the boilers will go to work on Wednes^
day, and the nailers on Thursday.
/ A Fulton man, a few days since, on a
wager, ate twelve raw eggs (shells included)
and one loaf of bread, and drank
three glasses of whuky and two glasses of
beer. There is no discount on a stomach
* like that.
The Courts?Municipal Cour
Judyc Cranmer?Tho regular Febru
term of tbi? court commenced yeatercJ
His Honor Judge Cranmer on the ber
Court convened at 2 r. m. and during
afternoon transacted the following bi
Anton Keyuian vh. Adam Mum, in
umpsit; cose dismissed on motion
plaintiff, at coat of plaintiff,
i Wheeling Iron and Nail Company
A. G. Hatr/. in assumpsit; ca?e (lismiii
on motion of plaintiff, at rout of plaini
Meyer Simon vs. Jacob Kmihcimer,
in assumpsit; otlice judgment set at*
and non*ajwumpait plead; rule for co
Wm. Hare vs. Joseph ltohrecht, in
tutu wit; judgment in favor of plain
I for $122 10.
Anton Hermann vs. Joseph Kobrc
and John Kobrecht, in assumpsit; ju
ment for plaintiff for $.'108 AO.
George Kwn vs. F. K. Zeiglcr, in
. sumpsit; case net for Tuesday, Feb. 27,
Adjourned until Wednesday at
o'clock a. m.
f Police Court?Judge LYanmer.
The following cane* were disponed
by Hit Honor yesterday morning :
Tho*. J. Howard and Martin Fri
were tined $2 and costs each for disorde
conduct. Paid.
Alex. Balentine paid a fine of $5 ;
costs for disorderly conduct.
t James Kearns and Daniel Long w
sent up for thirty days each, tho tori
i for drunkenness and the latter for die
derly conduct. Long had thirty d
added to bin sentence lor resisting an
? ficer.
Frank Kemple was charged w
throwing ft Htone anil breaking a pit
glass window in Peterson'* block. 'J
case was dismissed upon the defend
paying the costs.
HowStkinfklh Kecovkrkd Xiis 15
-On Christmas day a vonng man
tered the clothing More of J. Steinfc
No. 12123 Main street, and purchase)
! pair of socks, which he Htated to
! clerk in attendance he desired to piit
1 a* hit* feet wero damp. For the purp
i of exchanging hia socks he retired to
hack part of the ntore. After hit*
parture a leather box containing o
$300 in money, a ring valued at $*r>0, ho
silver teaspoon* and sugar tweezers
silver watch chain, and somo hank hot
and insurance paper-, which had b<
left lying upon a shelf in the rear of
store, * ere loiind to be mining. A libe
reward waa offered for the apprehenB:
of the thief and the recovery of the \
uables, but to no purpotte.
A few days since the box was fou
: underneath a shock of corn, in a ft
about one mile went of Bridgeport."
the box were found the bank books insurance
paper.-, and several sib
watch chains, with a scrap of pajier ii|
which was written:
"Please return this box to J. Hteinf<
clothier, 2123 Main street."
The box was returned to Mr. Steinft
as directed. There is no clue to
thief, however.
( jOod for-Notixikq.?For several d;
1 past there have appeared on the atre
several remarkable individuals w
powers of speech that would do credit
a member of Congress, who have b<
selling the most remarkable cement un>
the sun, which was of such powerful
hesive quality that a crowbar glued t<
lamp-post with it would part in tw
before the glue would give w
It was claimed 'that it would rci
heat, cold, fire, water, air, acids :
spirits, and be perfectly invulnerable
all the "plomprtt*" rntuhinud Tlinwrn
has been proven a mi.,erahfc"Simile ?
wn??^.Uo. f . tr,c'1 " >
"ill no stand lire or water, and is E<
for nothing. It crumbles on noon a< \i
?' J? 'jl";'1 '!'? nuplc KIio
.M*' cvklcn.l, ^o.. :
i fi1*?!!".1'.' A IjI'Natic.?j ustice If
Marv A I ' W"rJ.Jc?l?dnv examir
Mary Ami Howard, al>p twcnt*.two
a charge of lunacy, l7r SI"'
examining physician, and gave it a*
opinion tint the girl was insane, and
Jo tice issueda warrant (?r U)C She,
to take her to Weston. Miss II??.
7?Lo, "\A?r, ^ ?"<! ?l?
two jean, ago had (lie typhoid lever,wh
tosomeextent effected her mind. 'J
rare of her Ktep-motlier, who was ?rio
, l.v ill some months ago, told .t.veri
upon the girlV mind and body, until
:3mr*-p?f-d|'" ">
Till! Latest Nouahck.?A fresh
irsm-ITi nu"4?ce .the rending-roi
tramp. H? coai ,, wor? jqltMudh
?cro?? his cheat, hut doea not conceal l
rTchtT n h" ?>?? " '
right hand he carries gentle peace, c
bodied in a chewed and unlighted cii
ntump. His hut, well saved, ca*ei
gracefully ?n one side in a rakish mi
ner,. andI his boots carcen also, but in (
pofite directions, showing the iaej
*TOr c5usei1 ll,eir "bipwre
The capacity of the reading-room trai
to i2 T*! "f rm t0 ^ e*awake is si
men?". 'um of hi? ?<*ompli
iKoRAUv!rM|l!?PlrrX.09*"" WIIEJ
PlM-l,., I J? thcfo,,ow">K '0 yesterda
Pittaburgh Oa-Mc and Commercial: "}
2hJ Hi? city this alien,o
accomBaiiieilI by lua son Edwin, Geo.
and David Ilall anil S. T. Paisley
Tain80 t0 SterUiur,HIi. (his home),'
nhia a?i Vil- ",cn 80 10 PI"1'"1
phia After filling a ten davs' enga
5'h. l " r "cr cil-T 1,0 wil> go
>? heeling for a week."
l he committee appointed at a ineeti
?i.?Vu1Cnal?n ?*lurdV evening to c:
fWuVV f?r BQb,cr'Plion? to I
Cleveland, 1 uscarawa* Valley A Whe
iffl Y Wcnl l? Work in "earnest v
terday, and met with considerable s
cess. They propose to make an act
canvass during the week, and we tn
hat our citizens will give them a friei
ly reception.
TransfehJof Real Estate.?The 1
lowing transfer of real estate was ,
i'!i , 0 rword m lho offiM of the Cli
of the Connty Court, yesterday:
Deed made Feb.-10, 1877, by Char
Lane and wife lo John B. Lukeiw, for
northern part of lob numbered MO a
Ml, in (he addition to the city of Whe
Thuftof a Snvun Watcu,?A 0
man named F Meister, who resides
Uapline Hill, about a mile from
", <*? aince lud a ail
Watch stolen from lua house. The wal
lok" ' m the wall, where it ,
hanglug, by a person who ia well kno
T"1"' "!llce Kammer has issi
,he ,,le??d tin'
will bo returned in a day or ti
' ini;ltoiI!Har^?f l"ri"g'lown 1,10 Wa
,nR?on Hall rums was re*um?l n
JWterday, for the 145th time Left
rights of ZplC ^o'he pavement !
AliltlslSTftATRIX. ? In tJJ
court yesterday Catherine Ung S,
pointed administratrix ol Hie estate
Franc Ixmg, her father, ,ho i, .,
posed to be dead, ho having disappeai
from home on tlio 2d day of "NoreS
Irnt and not been heard uf since T
oond waa in the amount of S100 ?
( eorge Ix)ng as security. '
uJr,,II?!I?aU'/*??'?ored with quit,
jtrely little snow storm yeatenlay moi
?ng. J?or a time the feathery HsLm t
thick and faat, Old WlZ Thowing
'uoh a Mason
fine weather as we have experienced la
ever C*me out "e*j.? '''only, ho
ever, and the nnow soon disappeared.
t? ^surmumce M eetikos.?Tho torn
ary ance meetings atill continue to gro'
lav, wterwt. Meeting were held last -r
ten. at the Iforth Street and Fourth Si
tho M. E. Churches, both of which <
wi- crowded to theft utmost capacity.
At the Fourth Street Church, in
as- absence of Mes?r*. Otinbar and Strii
of who conducted the North Street mee
tho meeting was opined by Ker. J. ^
vs. Keiley. After singing hymn, pr
sed was ottered by Cipt. Julm Jlaggs,
tifl*. Kev. Keiley read the 1 ftMli TYilm.
jr., choir then sang "What a Friend
ide, have in Jesus." Mr. Ifolliday then
mts. dressed lite meeting (it some length,
as- was followed by Cupt. Uaggs, Mr. \Vi
tifl' Truman, of l'ridge|>ort, and Mr. J
CIregg, of tho Seventh Ward. The
cht dresses woro all interesting, and tin
dg- Mr. Jfjumnn is spoken uf in the i
complimentary term*. His remarks 1
as- received with a hearty dapping of ht
which testified louder than words
10 etl'ect had u pon the audience by the ef
of the speaker. We understand that
Truman will ho invited to again ap,
before a Wheeling audience.
?( At tl>e Fourth Street Church last n
ninety-nine persoiii signed tho pic
crv making In all about 1,900 signature
,rjy cured within the week. We have n<
port from the North Street meeting.
in,] This evening a meeting will bo hel
the Opera House, and conducted
ere Messrs. Dunbar and Stringer. T
uer gentlemen, we understand, will retui
,or. their homes in Pittsburgh on Wednes
ays being 'lu'l? worif down with the v
0f. they have been pursuing with so u
energy during tho last eight weeks,
.jjf, has not yet been decided whether
ll0. meetings will be continued /or the j
pjlc wnt, but an effort will probably be n
a?l to secure more speakers from l'ittsbu
Mr. Murphy himself has promise)
spend a week in the city, after recrea
0X for a few days at his home in 1 Hit
en] whither he went from Pittsburgh ye
,|(j day. A dispatch was received from
j jJ yesterday stating Jliat lie would lie!
Jll(1 as soon as he found himself able to
on snme speaking and working,
ose ? ?
Prksonal Points.?Pilot Win. Abr
of the Granite State, who was on
ver sick list for a couple of trips, m a
me able to stand a watch at the Wheel.
? a Tho mother of ("apt. J. M. Kirkei
:)kH the Exchange, was lying at the poii
s?n death al her lipme in Manchester, <
last week. Cant. K. has stopped oil
ra' Imnt in i-nnwniai..-..
10.n Mr.llugk Roberts, an experienced
al* efficient drug clerk, has loft the cmj
of Mr. ('. Schnepf ami gone.into busi
in" for himself, having purchased Me.?
e'(' Williams and Far is' store in N
Wheeling. We wish him success in
lnt* now undertaking. Mr. Charles Mooi
Ti'r mocller, a graduate of the Philadelj
,on College yf Pharmacy, succeeds Mr. J
.. erts at Mr. Schnepl's drug store.
Mr. and Mrs. C.II. Watkinscelebr
their tin wedding at their home on S<
fl,'? llroadwaj, Island, last evening. AVo I
11,e no douht the occasion was greatly
joyed by the .ladies and gentlemen j
ent, a? well as by the happy couple tli
ays t-elves. We extend otir compliments
ets Judge Cranmer, of this city, wi:s
ith week re-elected President of the An tit
to National Cemetery Association, w
?en met in Washington City.
iler Judge Ferguson has returned to
ad- city, and occupied hi^seat in the Hi
> a yesterday.
sin Capt. Daniel Wilson, well lcnowi
ay. this vicinity, died in Michigan rece
ust of consumption. Capt. Wilson c
tnd manded a company in the Second W.
to infantry during the war, and was at
ent time Postmaster at Graftoh.
y a Col. Ruth Goshen, Deakin's giant,
tit left behind by the company, and did
)od get away until yesterday, lie left
et, Pittsburgh at (j a. m.
?vn Fourth Governor Pat. Daily is a
tor didate for a position as .driver on
Citizens'Street Railway. His appl
tion is on iile.
ix. Mr. A. M. Adams, of tlw* firm of Ad
ied & Luciih, music dealers, recently rece
on ii patent for an improved machine foi
the manufacture of staples,
hi* Kramer takes his band t-> Yorki
[he 'Station, on theC. A: P. rond.-to-mor
riH evening, to play for a masquerade ba
ird Gur old friend Majorat'. Brent Sw
iiit ?"gcn? (?f tlie lirm of 8 wear in
ich McC'andless, Pittsburgh, Pa., n
'he us a pleasant call yesterday,
us- Swearingen is a son of Mr. Eli P.. Sw
?ly ingen, one of the original proprie
it of the Intkli.iornckr. He is stop]
an at the McLure.
BuiiKiEt'oitT Items.?John Lewi:
ly- Bridgeport saddle-colored American
am zen of about one-half African desc
tly concluded that as the Lord had not t
lie pered the wind to a shorn sheep, he w<
liis replenish his scantv wardrobe and |
m- tect bin frail body from the fierce wii
far winds, and accordingly borrowed f
?ns Mr. North West's wardrobe, during
in- latter's absence from his room, a full
>p- ol clothes. The olothes were missed,
;ed no one was suspected until North
ck. informed by a barber that Solomon ii
up Ilia glory waa, not arrayed like one J
lid Lewis, "and North knowing that J
all- Lewis toiled not neither did he spin,
him arrested, and his father's mam
searched. Tlio search resulted in I
EL- ing the pants and vest. The coat
ys louml at a Wheeling tailors where J
Jr. had left it to be hewn down to hi-* i
on, shape. North got hi* full suit. Mr
rge McCounaughy sent .John toSt.Cl nirsi
lie jail to await ilia trial at the next ten
re- Court in default of sufficient 1
.el- It is rumored and generally belie
ge- that John Lewis stole a saddle wl
to game can be procur^l Ay the ot
appearing and proving liis prope
Marshal Jim McConaughy has one evi
ss. it awaiting further developments,
ng On last Fridiffr a Mr. Smart vie
in- Bridgeport and, imbibing a right sn
lie quantity of Bridgeport anto-Mur
el- liquid, became drunk and disordc
en- OIHcerRee#e liurdette wa.s smart eno
lie- to capture Mr. Smart and have him fi
ive $5 and cost, which was paid, and
ist Smart went home a poorer but a cma
id- man.
waaseii'd minstrels.?Cai Wagv
ol- minstrels will appear in the Opera 11c
ul- on Friday and Saturday evening
rk Saturday afternoon. The Detroit
'Press has the following to cay of the c
les pany:
the ,;Cal Wagner's minstrels were
ind corned to Detroit last evening by a li
iel- and thoroughly comfortable audie
for ^Tbis company has been reorganized s
its last preceding visit to this citv, ar
is now entitled to a place in the forer
er- ranks of minstrelsy. The quartette ?
on ingin the first part is superb, and, i
tlio Wagner and Price on the ends, ah
ver unlimited fun is the order of the h
leb The finale is original, artistic and rat
ras is in fact unique, and the second par
wn full of dash, eccentricity and spat
led Emerson and Clark do a break-neck i
ef, and dance which quite throws into
?ro. shade the best eflorts of 'artists' in
much hackneyed line of business i
h1i- whom Detroit amuscmeut seekers
lin familiar, and Field* and lloev. in t,
lie act entitled 'Music Conquered, exhil
the deftness and versatility positively an
ity ishing. A matinee will be given
llie afternoon anil the third and last er
lit- tainmont to-night, with an entire chi
to of bill. The company has been t!
? oughly reorganized, and is now clai
to be the l>est troupe extant.''
ate ? <
ip- A New Style.?The latest sty It
of traveling head-dress for a man is' u
jp- in the shape of a lil?erty cap. The
ed terial is a bright-colored striped silkier
strines forming circles around the i
he It gives the traveler the apnearanc
itli having made a mistake about his bert
the sleeping-car ami got hold of a stri
stocking when dressing.
n- The National Association of Ama!
ell ba-e ball players has given 'notice to
in- amateur clulu that the annual meetij
of the Association will be held at the Co<
te- Institute, New York, on >\redne?H
w- March 14, 1877. All legitimate cl
rea authorized to send delegate".
i|?cr- JIotkl AHRIVAW.?Thc following arc
Iir in among the arrival* at the hotel* yesteriiglit
[reel SL James Alex. Hebout, Fairnrere
monl; Win. N. Bel/out, Tayloritown, Pa.;
Chas. A. Hudson, Miudleport, O.
the Stamm House?Kdward Mack, Valley
igcr, Grove; Them.. J. Wilson, Glen Kaston;
ling, George Kdward*, Moundsville.
IcK. (irtint Houn?John J. Jacob, Clinton,;
aver W. Va ; J. I?. Wliithaui, Valley Grove; J.,
and K. Israel, Moundsville; T. 11. Camden,
The Weston; Win. M. OilBllan and daughter,
we Weft Alexander; G. F. Terrll, Point
ad- Mills; John Far is. Wwt Liberty; John
and II. Montgomery,WoitLiberty;Pillamill,
Ibur Oakland; John II. Kunst, Pruiitvtown; 1).
lort. T. Atkinson, Went Alexander; George 8.
ad- Walton, Bethany.
it of MrJ.urr Ilnutr?W. 11* Urover and
most wife, Fairmont; 11. C. Myers, Parkerssrere
burg; M.J. Koyaer, Clarksburg; Mm. J.
tnds, It; Wilson and daughter, Canton, (>.;
the John Bigley, T. llrent 8wearingen, PittaI'ort*
burgh; A. A. French, Plemington; Wm.
Mr. P. Patterson, Winchester*
NoTWiTlifrrANDlKu the sneers of the
ight Scientific American at the blue glass reuiedge,
dy, several prominent citizens of Wheels
ie- ing have introduced it into their houses,
i re- The S. A. nrobably believes in n blue
sky; which, by the way, with the white
d in light direct from the sun, probably has
by more healing power than the ordinary
hese in-door dweller imagines.
day, Tor Lucky Kmoineek.? Mr. John
fork Cummins, of this city, an engineer on the
inch fourth division of the 1). Ac (>. road, was
It the lucky competitor for a silver engine
the torch at a church festival recently held
>res- at Grafton. The torch is now at Messrs.
lade Hennegen, Hates ?S: Co.'s jewelry store,
rgh. and is to have a wreath, an engine ami
>1 to the owner's name engraved*upon it.
>ois, Uf in Titusville they want to change
'ter- moving day from the hrst ul April to the
him lirstof May. Good idea. The landlords
here nay they will bring it around by enter?
re- ing into contracts with their tenants to
ihut e fleet.
Didn't Go.?The legislators did not
an?*' K? toMt. deChantal yesterday,as invited,
'he owing tf? pressing business. There
gain jH a j*00,j Jeal of business demanding
iiii-ir aui'iiuuu mai iney wi;i nnruiy
r? rcucli without extending the session.
it of
Health Notes.?Statistics prove that
tho twenty.live per ccnt of the deaths ill our
larger cities are caused by consumption,
an,? and wlien we rellcct that this terrible
ploy dJaensc in its earlier stnge will readily
ness yield to a bottle of Dr. Hull's Cough
sr3- Syrup (costing 25 cents), shall we con"rth
demn the sufferers for their negligence,
j_us or pity them for their ignorance '
Ijbia Just received 50 new styles of Linen
wo- Collate, oply 10 cents at Speyer Bros.'
ated j, w. Ferrel is making things red
ml'1 hot iu closing out his immense stockof dry
lave goods and carpet". Call; you nm j?et
en* great bargains.
?rea- ? ?
iem* "?0 dozen new Spring Hats now in ex^
hibition at Speyer Bros.'
tarn Great bargains in second-hand Pianos
'l'ch and Organs at the Music Store of Adams
tS: Lucas, 1227 Market street.
One 7-oetave Cliickering Piano f??r $200
suae (jne jjj^.octave Khumakcr Piano - 150
One 6'4-oetave Joliu F. McNeil Piano 125
i in One G-octave Chickering Piano - 100
ntly One G-octave N. Y. M'Pg Co.'.s Piano 75
:om- One G-octave Nims & Clark Piano 50
Ya. One G-octave (iernian Piano -10
one One 5-stop Kstey Organ - - - '.'0
One 5-stop Taylor & Farley Organ - M>
One 5*stop Taylor ic Farley Organ - To
" One fi-stop Tempi Organ - .liO
. One 6-stop William II. Sliclb Organ 7">
,or One 2-stop Pelubet & IVlton Organ *10
One 6-octave Melodeon - - .'55
can- (?nc 4-oetavc Mclodeon - - 20
the Parties desiring to purchase should
,ca" call at once and examine the stock,.
.a,ni? 10*000 yards of Hamburg Kdgeings nnd
I user tings, from 1 cents a yard up, at
'1,10 Speyer l'ros/
:,llc Pianos to Hkkt.?Several excellent
?.nvr Pianos for rent, from $12 to $21 per
quarter, at Sheib's Music Store, Main St
ear- t a t
^e.n We have reduced our Two Button
'?|,e Kid (iloves to 75 cents, former price
' Si 00. Thcv nrp n rrrtmt lmmnin T'nll
fai * an;l fcc them at Soever Bros.'"
lor^ ? ? ?
l,,nS I k you want a carpet at lialf price go to
J. W. Fkrbel'H,
Cor. Main and 20th streets.
citi- Tub largest assortment of Hamburg
cnt, Edgeingrt antl Inserting* in Wheeling,
em- and at poiuilnr prices,is to be found at
>uld Spever Bros.'
|?ro- * ? ? ?
?try CIueat bargains in Ladicft' Shoe.", at
r?m L. V. Bloni>U
the ? ?1
suit Desiraijle CJoods at Halk-Price.-?
but SO Handsome Cloth Cloak*.
was 200 Wooband Paisley Shawls.
i all 20 Pieces of Plain and Fancy (Jrenaohn
ohn ' 200 Pieces Plain anil Ilrocade Dress
had Goods.
<ion Also, Carpets, Carpet Chains, Wall
ind- Papers, and all kinds of Domestic Goods,
was cheap for cash.
ohn Call soon and get bargains, at
own John Kokmer's.*
ille If you want as tine a white shirt a"
n of there is in the city for $1, go to
jail. J. "W.Ferrel'h.
ved * * *
Ladies' box-toe Button Shoes for
rnor worth $1, at" L.V. Blond's,
rtVi 1135 Main street.
' ?n If you want a pair of home made 10-1
ited wo?* blankets for $2 50, or 12-1 do for
lart ^ 'r>^? K? 10 l',e c'0B'n5 out Ha'e ?'
.,l,y J. W.Fouikl.
!rty" Foil the next thirty days 1 will oiler
"8, iny stock of Ladies', Misses and Children*'
^ Shoes at cost; L, V. Bi,oni>.
Scarcity ok Money. -There is no
doilht hut the present condition of all
ler?? kinds of business and industry is fear>use
^u".v depressed, and it behooves evu-y
amj family to look carefully to their expenses.
pfte Winter is coming on, when children are
,()tn# liable to Croup, Whooping Cough, etc,
Coughs and Colds will prevail everywpj.
where, and Consumption, with other
u_e throat and lung diseases, will carry otT
many. These diseases should not be"ueg|nce*
lectetl. Doctor's bills are expensive, and
)(j jt we would advise our people to use
nost I'OPcJir.F.'sCSERMAN Svitui'. It never has
in?. faiUj^One bottle at 75 cents will keep
villi your wnole family well during the winter,
nost ^vro doses W'N relieve any case. Sold in
our all towns in the United States, Slid hv, your
Drnggisfc Wholesale agents, 1/jgan List
j j.( it Co. and Langhlin Bros. ?fc Co.
t|ie lliver .Nous.
that The Express departed for Parkersburg
urith, yesterday morning at her usual hour,
are ' The Laura L. Davis arrived from Pitta|ieir
burgh on Sunday evening, and lay
>it a aground oij the Inland bar all night,
ton- She left for St. Louis at 2 r. m.
this The John L. B ho ads, en route from St.
iter- Ijouis to Pittsburgh, passed up yesterday,
mge The steamers Dexter and Harrison and
hor- barges passed down during the day.
med The Kagoii will leave for Parkersburg
this morning.
The Courier will leave for Cincinnati
* < f this afternoon at o'clock.
i.ide ?$Tlie Kerr left for Pittsburgh at G A. m.
ma- yesterday.
-the " The Norton made only one trip bem|?.
tween Wheeling and Pittsburgh, when
e of -he was withdrawn from the trade and
h in returned to I ronton.
iped The Salt Valley passed down last
night, en route from Pittsburgh to Ironton.
leisr The Kmrna Graham, en route from
the Cincinnati to Pittsburgh, is due to-day.
got The marks last evening indicated C
?per feet i> inches, and falling slowly.
lay, It takes $150 per week to square the
I libs pay roll of the Oallipolin Marine Dock
The broken nlmft of (he towboatJoo /\
Williams ran bo patched. The boat wm
high and dry at Island 03 a few days ago,
and jt will take a considerable rise to vet
her alloat.
The Smoky City and part of her tow tic
wan aground just below "Queensl>oro on tr;
Friday. Part of her tow was safely ?*i
landed on the Indiana nide. be
| Bjr Telegraph.) te<
PlTTSDCRdit, February 10.?Biverfour |
feet and stationary. Clear and cool. Jjj
Kvansville, February 19.?Weather iy
cloudy and colj: mercury 43 to 4(i? and c*j
falling sharn. Kiver 12 feet nnd falling. j?
Up?Idle wild, Mnggie Smith, (I rev'Eagle, eri
lied Cloud, Bowjing Or ceil. Business 1,2,
f?ir. ' ?
Loi'iaviLLE, February ID.?Weather ed
cool and partlv cloudy, Kiver ft ill fall- w|
ing; 9feel <> inches in the canal, 'and 2 un
feet lens on the fall*. Departed?Mary
Miller, Baum, and Golden Bule,for Cin- f0i
cinnati; Golden City, for New Orleans. ra
Memimih, February 19.?Biver fallen tlx
2 inches; stands Itifeetl inch. Weather lo'
clear; maximum mercury ti2J. Departed
?Baiter and Horner, for the Ohio river;
Warner, for New Orleans; Bismarck and .
St. Genevieve, for St. Louis. ^
New Orleans', February 19.?Arrived w]
??Chartes Morgan nnd A. C. Donnelly.
Departed ?Florence Meyer. Weather no
Caiiio, February 19.?Hiver 18 feet 7
inches. Arrived?Alice Brown, Commonwealth
and Capital City. Departed
?Capital City. \\ eather cloudy. ?oi
SmiEVErouT, February 19.?Arrived? \'1
Fanny Tatum,N. ().; Honmo Lee,Winden. j.
Departed?Fulton, Bonnie Lee, foa the fc
Upper Bed Hirer. Cloudy and warm. j*c
Cincinnati, February 19.?Kiver 13
feet 9 inches. Weather clear, cool and (,0|
windy. Arrived?Hudson, Wheeling; on
Baum, Memphis. 4
ViCKflDDRn, February 19.?Weather [>01
warm. Kiver "stationary. Arrived? by
Grand Tower. " J
Little Boric, February 19.?Weather tie.
clear ami cool, Jliver on a htand, with by
3 feet 2 inches on the gauge. fro
St. i/)u!8, February 19.?Arrived? l',f
City of Helena, from Vicksburg; Future
City and barges, from New Orleans; I'e- j
trei, from tho Illinois river; Whale and .
barges, from Pitlfbur^li. Departed? ,n*
City of Chester, for Memphis. Kiver
fallen 3 inches. Weather cloudy and
cool. (
11 ve*
Car roll A: Hro., c.o
Nos. c, 9 A in PirrtKKTii tr. {;0
Importers and Dealer* In tin* beat ot ^
American ami Heoteh Oranlte Monuments and
\\T \ T<> KNOW ri"
>\ iVlN 1 I J I./ that f.ir Coughs nml pni
llunrH'iu-ti tbuio la no more tifretual remedy than
Dr.Chapman'sHoreliound Balsam
W \ X'Tl^n?T?E LADIES effry. Scl
>V 2\ l\ 1 VjU where 10 know, what nr!
thouaanda'ot theiu ulready know, that to make *
sure ol liftht ami wholesome lliionlt and Uuttcr Stll
Cakes, you mu?t use 1.0HAN, LIST A CD'S
! ]
\\r A Vrptotv..members of thh .m
? ? xVl> I 1J.LJ 1-cciilat nre, Speakers,
Blngeis, and all pvreous with CuukIm, Iloaraeiiesb, uri
Sore Thruit, Sc., to try I.OUAN, IJST A CO'S
C11ES, tin" beat In the market.
7 Br
1 lAi.t WHERE to remember i:?
that the l*st way tu build up a trade is to sell the
l>r?t gondii, and that aome dealer* hate told ua that
they have lost their trade by telling inferior JfuL'
ing Poiclrr Tbey cay now they wilt *'11 onlv
lxi.jnn, i.iii ?v t o n Excelsior Baking Fo*iler. * *
J?"?- . - - W
pop. J,
v&\: iiocking's Jjr
Compound Syrup of Blaok Snakeroot.
soli) at "
Opr. Court House.
' p'
Druggists & Pharmaceutists, T
No. 659 MAIN ST.. WhMllnfl, W.Vl. ra;
We desire to return our thanks to our friendsand j?t
patrons lor the taron thuslar rccrlred, and to as- T/
sure them that wc will sraro no efforts to merit a
continuance of their ronodenre and support. "J
We bare on hand n fine assortment of Perfumery, l?r
Hair Oils, Lilly White*, and Toilet Articlea ecner- ,
ally, and aro constantly receiving new, Jruh end
pure Drugs, Me?li( lues, Ac. f
Main St,, foot ol SB?enth, North Wbetilna. ?
dei'J g
Do Not Neglect a Cold However Slight. u|*
Porfniujua rni no nr\? wril
COUOll, dr., n*e
'I here is no l*repnratioii equnl to It. Try ol ?
<i i tt)nl
it nna he convinced. l/j*
REMKMBER! Ask for "HEED'S COCOl! w,t>
.... . u,,u
(JYBnv and he sure you get it. 8l
l'P.tCB 25 ( T.NTH l'Klt BOTTLE. the
HOUSTON & REED, Proprietors, -4!
i'"'J THI
The Old Dni? House, now Twenty Years ^
eitahUibed, always lute on baud aud tu ?,!.
?*> . _ ; k
chemicals. 52
Hantoninl, Quinine, Morphia, Chloroform, uU
hiryrhnta.^orfoctly purit ami reliable. q
physicians' t
instruments, Surgical Appliances, Trusses,
Bntrrt, of approved maker*.
druccists' thi
Sundries, Hadca, Fpatulaj, ilortcra, Bottles, Jha
of all kinds and styles. boo
Drugs, inch as Crrata Tartar, H*Ja, Bonn, "
lJrorke, Ac., In eonTenlnnt ilzal box*. lon
pure spices. ''
Pepper, Allspice, Cloves. Nutmegs, Ginger, A
oltlier whole or ground In cans. Jn
choice wines.
Maderia, Hherry, Gatawl* and rort, pure Ul
for family use. Tl j
soaps, soaps. " 2s
Colgate's and Ratine's Rose, Hon*y and Msi
OiywriM, all finely perfumed.
brushes. jS
Fin Kafliih ind French llalx, Mil ?nJ *
Tuolh, well of tf.1 pillcm.
d<a Ji
lliMtillrrj i oinblnalion.
CHICAGO, February 19.?A combiai.
>n of the distillers of the entire conn*
embracing nearly ever/ important
tablishment in tho United State*, hat
en formed for the purpose of self\,ro.
:tion and |?ooling their earning*. Their
an in to deposit ten cent* for each galn
of taxable spirits that in made, and to
ride the sum t Iiua accruing semi-monthamong
all distillers in proportion to the
paclly of their several diatilleries. jt
immaterial whether any still is in 0j?atlon
or hot; tho proprietor receite*
(proportion of this deposit the name
though he waa running. It is expectthat
in this way the market price 01
lisky will be raised to a figure at which
:>noy could be mado.
Tho smaller distillers will be glad ty
rm such ?in alliance, as at tho prriieiit
te they aro actually losing money and
i' larger distillers keep prices down lewr
their lowest rates.
Tho City Savings Bank has cloned iti
ors. Its deposits were about $40,(Km.
le examiner in behall of the creditor*
to went through the papers and book,
is afternoon, says it will pay nearly ii
t quite dollar for dollar.
Little Kock, February 19.?In a per ml
altercation Saturday night Jaiuts
bson shot and killed Charlea Ernst. Ai
?same time Jell' Daws struck Charley
rry over the head with an axe handle,
im the efl'ects of which he ia expect*!
die. The row occurred fn a saloon in
art of the city largely inhabited by
lored people. All the parties were colnI.
Yesterday morning, in tho same neidirhood,
n small frame house occupied
a colored man was destroyed by tire.
Saijiivim.k, February 19.?Four pars
named Holt have been arrested here
U. S. Marshal Wheaton. Dispatches
mi Chattanooga and Atlanta charge
m with having participated in the
irdet of Lieut. Mclntyre in northern
orgia recently, while he was at the
id of a force of revenue officials break*
up wild cat distilleries.
Knllroutl Completed.
Sal^'EhTon, February 19.?The (lal ton,
ilarrisburg San Antonio rai!>
id is now completed. The tirst train
t (Jalveaton for San Antonio to-dar
11. .... ..rmiMiiMi I."
veruor and State olliciala. The com
lion of thin road oj>enn up a large porn
of the finest territory in Western
las, which heretofore has been wilht
railroad communication.
Weather Indications.
War Dkpabtmrnt, i
omcs ok tuk cuikk 8l(inal ovfici, i
Wa-iii.soiok, D. C, Keliruary 20?1 ?. 4.)
For Tennessee, the Ohio Valley and
1 Lower Lakes, north to west winds,
tag barometer, and cooler, clear or
rtly cloudy weather.
Oliio I.eRlNlHlnre.
'oi.cmbuf, February 19.?In the Ser.
bills were introduce*! prescribing fees
1m? paid County Auditors and Treasi:s;
to provide that Boards of County
100I Examiners shall consist of three
ictical teachers; to authorize Ohio inranee
compnnieH to insure distilleries.
Marine Intelligence.
S'kw York, February 10.?Arrived?
tamers Herman, Bremen; Utopia, I.on- 1
London, lcbruary 11).? Steamship
Ionian and Adriatic, from New York j
ived out.
Jincinnati, February 19.?madison |
, Jones, Aaron C. Johnson, Isaiah a
own, allot Fayette county, tiled peti- 3
us of voluntary bankrunUv in the 1. J
Court to-day. Jones' liaGilitiort are 1
>ut $?m,000; asfleta $14,000. Johiwon - Jj
bilitien $80,000; assets $S1,000.1'.renin 3
bilitiea $38,000; aweta $21,c(h?.
1KLEY. ~4)n Saturday ul?ht, February I ;ib, J,
V f1.'"o'clock, Wiuik, H..ii of Wllll.uu Klnic; I
il 4 years.
unrral notico to-morrow.
rcpaml to tnnko careful and complete an&lyvi |'j
ron Ures, Liineatonea, Miuorai Waters, etc.
Laboratory cor. 21th andChaplino atrwtr
j22 Wheellm, W. W
ap, for the Laundry or Toiht, is JlQL'.l!.
White Castile Soap, for it U inado of iT/. A
EGETA11LE OILS, and by the k.iu*
ocesa, which retains all the natural keiliiitf
alltica of tho oiia. It costs .SO Ml'CII
ESS than tho Imported article, that It
pldly coming into general bouxihoM '?
10 use of Colorki> Soaps ia condemned !>}
lyilcians a* liable to produro ?kin diieav
i" PURITY of tho White Soap render*
i use perfectly harmleu. Made only U
IOCTKR A (J.imiii.r, Cincinnati. Sold by ?!i
lolesale and retail grocer*.
Unrivalled Illustrated Magazine.
'lien Kcrim?rr 1 (wued its famous Mldiummrt
iday Number In July, a friendly critic Mid <>l n
tare hij turtbul that SCRUiskm/iOJ (ourhnlhi/r
mark. We da not ire uhat wrldt art UJl i
onaaer." But the publishers do not con?IJ??
l tlwv h?*? rP?r>i?wl V.? - --?
c? they believe "there arc other worlds townr,
aud they propose to conquer them."
l>c|iro?i>ectuii for the new volume give tlio till**
noro than lifty |?pera (mostly Illustrated), I'J
era of the highest merit. Under the head <'
rihnkr for Decemlier, now ready, an I which
aim the opening chapters of "Nicholas M.: will
he reads with eager curiosity ami ir*
st. IVrhape no mora readable nuratx-r of tbii
ail no lias ret been In tied. The three numlien
criiinkr for August, BeptemWr and Octob*/.
alninff the opening chapters of "That L?*?
Tie'a," will be given to erery new subarriUf
0 requests It), and whoso aubacriptlon
1 the present volume. i.e. with tin- No vein'-:
ibscrlptlon price, ft a year?35 cents a numN t
rial terms on bound volumes. HubMrll* *?"'
nearvat* bookseller, or tend a check or I'. " j
icy order to
27 gcUtXKS A Co, 713 Hroadwav, N V
TUthamjttcm Ih'tujUtnif) Ulnrnrr.
he third volume of this IncoinpnraMi M?P
ow completed. With ita eight hundred roj?!
ivo pogea, and Its aix hundred lllustnlkws, it?
odld icrlala, ita ahorter stories, p*".*, n*
Ichea, etc., etc., In its beautiful binding orti
gold, It is the most splendid gift b?k Mr l"J
girls ever Issued from the pre?s. Priw*. |
gill, 10.
ood News for Boys anil Girls.
0 meet the demand for a cheaper fcr. N" "ou"
l-Book. the price of vols. I and II hai l?e? 'r'
ed to |3 cach. The thrcr volume. In *n ' T
t library ease, are aold for 510 (In full ptli, '
hat all may give their children a cru?r:t,f
e volumes contain more attractUc
rrtlftydollan' wrttth of the ordinary cbiMrw
uliacrlptlon price, n year. The thu*
imeaanda subscription for this year, only l'-j
dcrlbo with the nearest newsdealer, *
ley In check, or P. C>. money order, or i?
d letter, to v
[ 27 HCRIIINKR A Co.. 7W Hr.-r l ?*r > 1
The;tireat Hale cl
it la to lake place at UUtCHINS' ART OTlh';
1 Include many fine pictures painted ^-"sforelgn
artists. Call and examine st
ketMireet Art 8 tor a.
r O. 8UGAK.
CUhds strictly prime, Just rwelfed !w
low by,
M # LWT, NWRT V rA.Bb.3

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