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Uefore REMOVING to my
No. 1140 Main St., Hornbrook'i Block,
Oh March lit, I offrr my took of
BOOIH 1111(1 SllOPH
If you want bargain*, NOW IS THE
TIMR, hh the sale InMn only a few day*.
Comer Tonth and Main Sis.
m _
UOee *d.1 lus'.iptctv No. 1M7 Main Ht., ortwwlt*
Union, Whailing, W. V*.
OTNII.-on OxUt (<ai And othax Aumtballca
aJmlnieWtxl. tnylB I
Buya *i..l mIIji Ticki-ta to nil jtolntu I jit and W?at,
UTRojiiil trip ticket! to lUlltiuoru anil i?lotu,
ami flilawo and return. idnooti hand. tvf>
I Intend tu Quit hiuiUM on thr fir?t of April,
and now off nil gooda In my iiun at tout ttooda
left lor dyeing nud tcoimi.g will I e told on tbo
15th of Mai cli, if not micuu.td In I ru tlut tlim*.
I -!?o off. r lor ?alo all my dytluK machinery nuu
all artlrlea uvd In the dyli k linlnm, Iru-hidlng
odb boiler, two cylltidera, four dyn tubs, Ac. My
houaebold gooda and fiuniture nru offered at private
a?le. ? . -Mio. A (iHA 11 AM,
J?:u No. 1012 Main atrext.
Special Drives!
We oiler ti.i4 morning iho following poptil>r (foods
21 I'lecw bat d?ome PMd Kuitlnica nt 10c.
tit Pieces Aberdeen Mixtures at lOu.
25 IVea loiiibird Suitliigi, the ncwcr.t out,
w.irth 2.1c. at liUc.
25 I'lece* H?-avr Mixed Popllna at I2?gr.
10 Plecea New Prints, the U-?t made, at 8c.
100 Pi ere? Mjfi finish Ijiiiwltdc Muslin nt 10c.
Bo I'ifccj S-a lalm d Muallo at fc.
60 1'iccui tkgint heavy UlnglMtuaal Tc.
Our entire clock of 6umBur flood* carried over
Iroin last tv?Bou on a Chtup Counter mid
Offered it Prices to Astonish All.
LADIE4, wc call your attention to the above
offering*, as we a.>surc you you will see
I. BI.UM & I3RO.
fc24 I
Teeth extracted wiiuour
During tbii eleven years T have t?en practicing
In Whcelln. 1 havn administered gas to over seven
thousand person* with Pkkfkct HaKkty, and In
almost every caw wlih entirenatlsfnctlon to inyseli
and patient*
\V? constantly keep on hands pure Nitrous Oxide
Gas for these that di-elro to take it
n-'Va No. 1H3 Market Ht.
HVTIK1>AY. NKItlll J, 1877.
Sc* Aiivvrllnouictiiii.
English Lutheran Church.
Kuilroad Meeting.
(jet Your Spring lint from Keed.
Board of ComtuiPsionerH.
For Sale at Public Auction.
Wall Paper?A. W. Paull & Bro.
Wanted?Man to Take Charge o( Vineyard.
Oil Paintings and Chromos?Hutchins'
Art Store*.
Undertaking?Wm, Zink & Son.
Wan led?Agent*.
Children'* Carriages?Twelfth Street
Variely Store
SchulzV Confectionery.
Architects' Supplies?E. L. Nicoll.
Carpets?Friend & Sou.
Matting?Mendel, Booth ?S: Co.
Books and Paper??C. H.Quimby.
Notice?Head of local.
Special Drive*?I. Blum & Bro.?head
of local.
Notice?Inaugural Keecptiou aud Ball
?fourth page.
Hamilton Opera House?fourth page.
List of Letter.".
Thermometer Kieoitli.?TIio following
shown Ihe of the thermometer,
m obwrVL'it at Sclinepf* ilrtiic store,
Opera Hon*e corner, yenterilny:
H a. m. 12v. lr.it. 7.e. h
64 .VJ .Vi H '
Our buyer Is now East, and wo have
just received a large Itne of Queen Bets
Ruchinp, Bows, Tin, Laco Collars, Lace
Bibs, Flssoes, Hair Ornaments, Veilings,
& >., &c.
To these wo Invite the special attention
of ihe ladles, with assurances or
their being the very latest in the market,
and the largest assortment, and handsomest
stales In the city.
A. L. niCE & CO.
P. S.?Dally additions will be made to
our stock during thoweek.
The Directors and Stockholders of the
LaBelle, Riverside, Belmont, Benwood,
Bellalre and Top Mill Iron Works are In-!
vitod to attend a meeting to be held at
the Second Branch Counoil Chamberon
Saturday at 3 o'clock P. M., in the inter*
est of the Cleveland, Tuscerawas Valley
& Wheeling R.R.
j. d. Dubois.
Good-bye politic* for n while?who'*
sorry ?
Silk hats for Spring have r huge roll
in ihe rim.
All the street car* now hnvo the patent
pay boxe*.
MoSRVrntuH huve fallen, but we notice
everybody in short.
The Municipal Court will uuu t this
morning at 10 o'clock.
The March term of tliti County Court
commen'oes on Monday.
A THIRD furnace will be lighted at the
South Wheeling Glass Work# next we?>k.
Yesterday was something like a
March day?a mixture of rain, sunshine
and bluiter.
New Tempsbaxoi Omahizatioh.?
A number of youug meu rnaembled In T
the hall oTof McClunkv & Laramie's rea? la
tnurant last evening, for the purpoae of P
organizing a Temperance Union. Those ci
present were principally mill men. who la
desired to associate themselves frith a B
temnerance movement of some kind, but F
disliked the publicity of the no-called }\
"Murphy movement." A temporary or- q
ganization was effected lyr the election of
0.0. Davenport, Efcq., a* President, and
Mr. John Gibson as Secretary. tl
Mr. T. Laramie submitted the follow*
ing pledge, which wan orinted on cards j
similar to the Francis Murphy pledge:
I, the undoTfiRMd, do ple?lgr my word sod hoaor
l> abstain I rum all Intoxicating Liquors a ?
brtvrate, and Invoke Almihiity Uoo to gift mo If
trennlh and wladoui to davlM waya aud meant to tl
e ronrvKoolbeia to abstain. jf
A Mtmbtr r/ Ttmptwnr* JIaU Unit*. SI
This pledge was adopted by the meet- 01
in#, and ?u signed by all present. 0
A committee consisting of Messrs. Jno. ,
McPall, Ed. I)a,v, Jului Gib.on ami c!
Black was appointed to complete the or- a
ganization, mid report upon the ezpedi- a
encyof preparing a Constitution anuty* n
Laws. The Committee will report at a. '
meeting to be held on Tuesda/ evening &
next, at thosamo place. Cl
A motion to extend an invitation to the
Ladies' Temperance Onion to hold a
prayer meeting io the hall on Sunday
afternoon was carried, after which the g<
meeting adjourned. o
The object of this organization, as our u<
reporter understood from the remarks of
the speakers last evening, is to establish a
a rending room, where tho members can a
meet during the afternoon and evening,
ntid spend their time in storing their
mind* with useful knowledge, aud in Cl
social converse. Mr. Luramie.who is him- r
| re If it member, ha* generously offered (o j,
i furnish the Union with the hall arid gus h
I freeof charm'. The members hope thai
many youiiguien wlui would .shrink from r<
the publicity of the "Murphy meetings" 8]
will be induced to sign their pledge and c|
j meet with them in the evening*. Each
; member wits furnished with a supply of o:
pledges, and instructed to use his influence t(
in persuading his friends to join the ^
Union. _ 1<
Dkatii Kei-oht.?Health Officer Jepson
furniHhes us with the following report
of deaths occurring in Wheeling J
during February: ft|
JMe* 2'-' ' jokj.
IVuinle*. ID Under 1 y??rM 12
- 1 to 2. 2 n
Tout na 2 to n o t|
DKATU9 IN SACK \\ Aim S to 10? 1 .
First 0 to to 20. 2 a
Stood :? 20 to 510 3
Third ft 30 to 40 I b
Fourth & 40 to bo ?. 2 , i
Fifth 7 60 to I fi "
ftutli J7 (JO to 70...MM..M 8 ol
Somith K 70 to 80 S
Eighth 8 SOto 90 0
90 to 100 1
rirsa *'
Accident?Burn 2 Fever, Tjrpbold - 1 "
/.! .;.lp*jr 2>lie<rt,Vailv. Dliea.te o(. 1 y
i-.owel*. Obstruction ?(1 Lungs, CoogeaUoaoL. 1 i.
limncho -I'licutiiunia.. 1 Marasmus 2
t onuiiuptiuii ft Mt'iiIuKitli), Tubvrculur 1
Convulsion* :: Old A^o 2 C
(,'ymini's I Peritonitis, fuerpuul.. 1
Dutrrlui-j, chronic 2 I'jieumonU #....... J 1
DrowuiiiK ?.... 1 Stotu?eh,8tructur*l ai
lJiptlierlu, Laryngeal.* 1 disesw.'of................ 1 tl
Enteritis. 1 Unknown 3 _
Fevtr, Catarrhal 2 Premature A itlll born 4
The first month since August, 1875, in
which no deaths occurred irotn Scarlet ?
lever. J
Bkwarkof Hukulaks.-Notwithstand- ^
ing the vigilance of the police, there has
been almost every night for some time 0
nast some unall burglary in the city. a
Nothing of any groat -value has been j
taken, but the matter haa been the Bource 11
of no little annoyance to the police. One
great dilGciiltv, and one whicn the pro- n
prietors of stores are to blame for. is that 0
no light is kept burning in them during
t]ie night, or worse yet, the curtains are
drawn down, whije the doora and windows
have Bitch poor fastenings as to almost
invite a burglar to walk in; and yet n
[ |>eoplo who are thus careless are the first 11
| to oinme anouicer n no does not possess
to a divine degree the quality of omniI
presence and omni-cience. There iaalso
hardly a night but that Borne .store is ti
found open. 01
u. 8. Maui&k Hospital.?Dr. Thomas
S. Griffiths, Surgeon in Charge of the U. h
S. Marine Hospital at the Port of Louis* w
ville, Ky., reports the following as the f
condition of the Hospital under bis c
charge during the month of February, a
11SG7: Number of patients remaining the
!a*t day af January, G3; patients admitted j,
during the month ot February, 59; pa- \
ticnts treated during the month, 12*2; pa|
tienta discharged during the month, 71; Q
l patients remaining on the last day of the Q!
month, 51; out-door marine patients treated
during the month, 21. g
We clip the following paragraph, con- ^
cerning a personnge well known in this S(
city, from this Wellhburg Herald:
' Old Inky," as the boya call him, oth- y
erwi.ie "Old Wright, the Ink Peddler," j
as he use to call himself when ho peram- y
bulated our streets, dilapidated ana dirty, ?
peddling ink, made his appearance on
fhurcday with a uiagnitlcent plug hat, t]
sod elegant apparel generally, lie has
turned temperance lecturer, and this is a
his outfit. n
Polios ,Couht? JuJyt Crunmcr.?Only ^
one cat-u was before the court yesterday ..
morning. Edward Smith was lined $2 t
and costs for disorderly conduct. The "
wife of the defendiuifappeared- in cdnrt q
and asked for his release, which was v*
granted on condition that he take the
usual walk, vi/.: >>kip the city inside of j*
twenty-tour hours. ' "
Tkanskhr of Kkai.KsTTatk.?The following
transfer of real estate was- ad- ?
nutted to record in the oflice of the Clerk
of the County Court, yesterday: ?
Deed made Feb. 27, by the Board of R
Commissioners to Harvey Winters and
.Robert Fordyce, for 509 acres of land on ,
First street near the town of Kim Grove; u
1 ?500.
A Wiiesling ra&n lately relumed v
from Chicago, thai city of manias, aaya
that in almost every fifth house blue ^
ulaxM panea may be Been in the windowa. ^
while the public placed oT resort that do ^
not have bluo glass globes un tlie chande- C
liers are very few.
< ? Vi
Local Inspectors' IUport.?During Ai
the month ot February ihe Local Iuapec- B
torn for Hie district <>f Wheeling. Messrs. bi
Hiram Young and Thomas Wilson, ins|>ected
eight steamer*, and licensed fit? V
U-eti Masters, six Mates, two first-class 81
Pilots, eleveu lirat-clasa Engineer!*, and C
eight second class Efigineers. S
Thk Eighth Ward Hayes and AVheeler b
Guards will meet at their headquarters, 11
in Assembly Hall, this afternoon at 3
o'clock, for the purposo of making arrangements
for a jollification in honor of Tl
the inauguration of President Hayes. Si
Friday has been an unlucky day for V
the Democracy. The decisions of the ai
Electoral Tribunal upon all three of the uj
disputed States, and the final declaration dt
j of that body, of the election of Hayea a^ ai
i Wheeler, were all made on Friday! P
? P
A wood many membera of the Legislature
left the city lin?t evening for their
homes, othera will go to-day, and quite u *
large number will remain over Sunday e(
and atteud the inaugural ball. a
? ? ? ul
Somk Democratic obstructionist cut
tli'.' halyard* of Cruinbacker'a Hayea qnd
Wheeler pole, in East Wheeling, Thurs- et
dav night,
Juhtick (/aldwkiiii yesterday turned Jj'
hia office over to the paper hangers and
painters, who will improve ita apj>ear- B
anco considerable. P1
Notary Public.?'The Governor yea- V1
terday appointed D. S. Rentch, of Shepherdatowu,
Jefferson county, a Notary
Public. 4. m ? ll
Hol'hk hunting is not prohibited by di
the game lawa and ia indulged in to a
considerable extent now*a-days, Every
one ia anxious to get a reduction oL rent* yi
he City Council lietd a special session
it evening. Id the 8eoond Branch, the
resident being absent, Dr. Logan was
died to the chair. At roltaallthe fol*
wing members aniwtred thefc names:
own, Camnbell, Crowiher, Fisher,
brbes,Goodfel!ow, Horkheimer, Logan,
[ylea, Riddle, Stoker, Yahn?12. No
uorum present.
The following communication from the
[ayor was read to explain the object of
le meeting:
Wheeling, March 2,1877.
'o the Council of the Oily of Whuling :
A meeting of the Council h this day
tiled that action may be taken as reuired
bv law to pass an ordinance makig
provision for an annual levy to pay
io principal and interest on the 10-30
>an previous to the issue of the bondiof
lid loan. The report of the Committee
n Ordinances will present a proper
rdinance. ?
1 alto report the act amending the
barter, House Dill No. 62, which in now
Jaw, that it may be referred to the Comlitiee
on Ordinancsato prepare an ordianco
conforming t?|^it, and that the
anding committees named in the act
proceed. *0 prepare reports in acDidance
with its provisions.
A. J. Sweknky, Mayor.
On motion of Mr. Myles, the City 8ersant
was instructed to *eud his deputies
ut sfter absent members, in order to
smplete the quorum.
Mter waiting for some time, and no
lembers appearing, the Second Branch
first likancij.
Mayor Sweeney took the Chair, and on
tiling tho roll there were present Messrs.
aird, Blair, Boring, Brice, Egerter,
lusting-, Laughlin, Mopreheaii and
The minutes of the la*i meeting were
tad and there being no objection, were
gned by the Mayor and attested by the
The Mayor then stated that (lit* object
[ the meeting was to pass an ordinance
> provide forjbe levy, of aspecilietax
>pay the interest and principal of the
>an authorized January 5,1877, for the
indingof the city debt.
Mr. .Stone inquired under whut law a
[?eciul tax can be.levied for the payment
f one net of; bonds in-preference to
Mr. Blair wanted to know if the ordnance
involved any additional tax above
ic 50 cents levv provided by the charter
n the ultimate-limit for city purposes.
Mr. Egerter wanted to know if the late
ill passed by the Legislature authorized
ie levying of any tax beyond the Hum of
D centH on the one hundred dollars.
Dr. Baird stated that the law required
a appropriation for the payment of inirest
anu a portion of the principal he*
>re the ^bonds can be inaued and may in9lve
a levy beyond the 50 cents provided
y the charter.
Mr. Stone did not believe that the
ouncil bad any power to pass a special
clot the kind indicated by the ordinance
a read. Neither did he believe that if
lere was no other objections to the ordin
nee that it originated in the proper body,
ie charter requiring all matters involvig
the expenditure of money to originte
in the Second Branch. Considerable
iscussiOns ensued without, the subject
eing specially illuminated.
Mr. Stone offered an amendment that
ut of the annual levy there shall be net
Bide a fixed amount for the .pdymant of
je interest and principal, as provided by
he terms of the law relating to the loan.
The Mayor decided that the amendlent
appropriated money, and ought to
riginate with the Second Branch.
Mr. Egerter moved that the whole mat?r
be recommitted to the Committee en
Ordinances for further report.
Mr. Blair's motion to refer to the. Com*
tiltee on Finance was lost, after'which
ie motion of Mr. Egerter was lost.
A motion to adjourn was carried..
Pkksonai< Points.?At the late elecon
in West Alexander, 'Squire Maye*,
indldate for Justice, received CO ouV<?f
?e 07 votes cast.
Rev. O. Miller, of the Disciples Church,
na inat ro(nfnAfl f./>?. Xsl??t)..
lie re he had a meeting of much interest,
here were seventeen additions to the
hurch. Rev. Miller will fill hia usual
pnointmenta to-morrow.
1Jon. Campbell Tarr. of Brooke counr,
was in town yesterday, en route" for
Vashington city.
Capt; Peter Pines, of South Wheeling,
lade the first nails in the Benwood Mill
a Thursday.
Dennis Meighan, the renowned checker
layer, was beaten lately by Mr. F. C.
iobinBon, of Bridgeport. Seven games
ere played, Robinaon winning six.'The
jventh was a "draw game."
Among the recent departures for
Washington were Meaara, Charley
'hodea, A. Tallman, P. G. Robinaon,
^m. Graham and Chars Branuin, of
Dr. T. H. Logan occupied the chair of
je Second Branch of Council last night.
Geo. E. Boyd, Esq., will take his >eat
s J udge of tljo County Court on Monday
exti .
Kev. Lewis ITay, of Allegheny City,
'a., reached the city yesterday, and
lught the Bible clasa of the English
rtilheran teachera last night. The Btudy
as quite interesting, being on "The
torv of Naboth," and the attendance
as laiga, Mr. Hay preaides at the Engah
Lutheran Church and Sunday-school
vmorror and in theeveninggive hiadisauroe
to young men.
Kev. J. Emery, of Cincinnati, will
reach in the First Baptist Church toiorrowmorningandeyening,and
hold a
bildrens'-mass meeting at 4 o'clock. All
re invited.
Aehivals at thb Hot*ls.?The fol wing
were among the arrivals at the
otels yesterday:
St. Jama Hotel?Lew F. Knight, Zanesille.
O.: T. Shinlev. Bultimnrp. M?t
Sin mm Home?John Howard. Potomac.
1. Va.; W.S.Talbert, Fendrysburg; Up.
lorsey, Dry Ridge, w. Va.; Wm. Woodurn,
Cameron; D. H. Arrick, Marshall
Orant House?G. N. Whitten, Zanesille,
O; G. G.Sawtell, Short Creek; Jas.
1. Walters, Parkersburg; D. P. Spear,
arnesville; Col. G. W.Taggart, Parkerair?.
McLure House? D. E. Emerson, Ripley,
I. Va.; P. H. Morrison, Grafton; O. G.
chofield, G. W. Tsggart, Parkersburg;
. C. Snyder, Charleston; Judge II. J.
amuel?, Cabell county; C. M. Keed, jr.,
>'a>-hington, Pa.; C. S. Madison, Clarksurp;
L. E. Jones and wifo, Steubenville;
?. 1J. Super, Kingwood.
District Sabbath School Conven[on.?Jhe
Washington P. E. Diatrict
ubbatli. School Convention convened
t St. Paul's Chapel, A. M. E. Church, in
Washington, l'a., yesterday afternoon,
ad will continue in session until tolorrow
afternoon. Addsftoen are to be
elivered by Prof. Woods, of Washington
?d Jefferson College, Rev.'Wm, Beacom,
rof. Neal and Rev. G. C. Sampson, ot
The dull, cloudy weather of yesterday
as not naturally-productive of a yery
static frame of nilnd. Sunshine is often
very perequisite of cheerfulness; while
mid* and a sombre spirit go all to^eth .
Therefore, if our Democratic friends
re pugnacious.Jthe reason may be inferrTiikrk
wan quite a general display of
inting about the city yesterday over the
sci<ion ot the Electoral Commission.
e*iHes thoso on the Postoffice and other
ublic buildings, we noticed a great many
igs Hying from business houses and priito
residences in all parts of the city.
The contents of the Institute Haloon, on
larket street, one door above the Opora
ouso.were sold at constable's sale y esterly
to satisfy a judgment for debt.
Tab Hayes pole in Bridgeport was feled
wterday, I
iu A
daawmo or City Bow*.?On Thanday'ierenteen
of the 7) per cent bonds of
the city ofj Wheeling, issued under (ho !
ordinance of 1871, were drawn by lot in
accordance with the provision! of said
ordinance, by Messrs. Henry K. Lfst
and Benj. Davenport. Commissioners.
The method of drawing was as follows:
Three hundred and fifty marbles,
all numbered, were pltced in a box, from
which Mr. Mortimer Pollock, blindfold*
ed, drew seventeen. The numbers drawn
were as follows: 2,28, 4U, 60,120,128,
149,154,102.1U8,247, 250. 202, 208, *71,
270, 331. These bonds will be paid on
presentation to the Commissioners, snd
will cease to bear interest on and alter
April 1,1877.
Boston l'n ij.ua hmonio Cldb.?This
well known musical organization will
fflve an entertainment in the Opera
House on Wednesday evening. The sale
of seats will commence on Mondav.
The New York Herald says of the Club:
"The Boston Philharmonic Club and
their assistants gave a mntinte at .Steinway
Hall Yesterday. The Club i? composed
of the best solo instruments to be
found in this country. The brothers
Listeman are excellent violinists. Mr.
Ifartdegen is a violincellist of renown,
Mr. Gramm one of the most reliable artistes
that can be secured for a quartette,
Mr. Belz, u French horn player of undoubted
ability, and Mr. Weiner, the best
Uute player that has been heard here for
many years.
Tiik Murphy movement will be inaugurated
in Bridgeport on Monday evening,
at the Colored Baptist Church in
Kirkwood. Good speakers are engaged.
All are invited.
Sink Die.?The two Houses ol the
Legislature, at 2 p. m. yesterday, adjourned
.line die. The galleries weie crowded
wkh ladies ami gentlemen at the hour of
Hkvkhai. persons living si West Alexander
have been- to Virginia, in the
neighborhood of Richmond, prospecting,
and have returned with tho intention of
taking their families there shortly.
Tiik W. iS; W. Narrow-gouge managers
are in foil earnest. They have agreed
witli the Ileiuptlelil tiiiilro.nl Company
for the delivery of the iron at Wanningon
at $7 60 per ton.
Tiik colored people have made arrangements*
for a grand Hayes and
Wheeler inauguration ball#LOtL'd Ilall
on Monday night. The muaic will be
furnished by the Andes band.
Tue City Sergeant has received notice
that ft home wan stolen from J. H.
Fitch'rf stables, in Austintown village.
Mahoning county, Ohio, on the night of
the 20th of February.
Thk friend* of the Tuscarawas Valley
Kail road will meet at the City Building
to night. Every citizen who feels an interest
in the success of the enterprise
should be present.
There was a genuine feeling of satisfaction
among the people yesterday,
over the termination of the long suspense
at Washington.
Tiik Committee on Court House and
Jail of the Board of Commissioners inapootod
die jail yesterday, as is usual
every month.
Thk social of the Second Presbyterian
Church met at the residence of the pastor,
Rev. J. D. Moffat, last evening.
Thk (.'ntamittee on Poor lloiue and
Farm of the Hoard of Commissioners held
their regular monthly meeting at the
Court House last evening.
Thk tegular monthly session of the
Board of Commissioners will be held on
Republicans were happy vesterday,
and the Democrats "correspondingly depressed.
The indifference with which so many
people rfegard a' cough' or cold is truly
unpardonable. These affections often
lead to consumption, and should be
checked in .time bv u.u? nf l)r. TtiiU'u
Cough Syrup.
The $1 50 dikf.ctory.~The canvass
lor the next city directory will begin at
an early day. The hook in to be issued
at $150, and contain a new map of the
city, but no advertisement*.
Chkap Dress Gooim.-?Messrs. I. Blum
& Hro. are now offering the cheapest
Dress Goods in the city, and those wanting
to pave money in their purchases
should make it a point of calling on
I. Blum & Bro.
More than Worth the Pay.?When
you visit Pittsburgh, and desire to get a
meal, lunch, Ac., you should try the
''Young Alen'd Home," which is located on
Duquesne Way, between Suspension and
Hand Street Bridges. At this establishment
you can get a first-class meal for
the small sum of fifteen cents; or a lunch
for five' cents only. Tlie lunch is rnnde
up of Coffee, Rolls, Meat, Eggs, Vegetables,
Cold Dishes, &a, and similar to that
used in private families. The "Young
Men's Home" is known as being a pleasantly
located and modern furnished
Hotel, with pleasant parlors and reading
rooms, ami airy, well-lighted sleeping
apartments, while all the varieties of an
excellent market are represented upon
the Hotel or lunch tables. Thin in what
has long been wanted in that city for the
accommodation of the public, both ladies
and gentlemen. d&w
We oiler a handsome hue of Pacific
Cord Alpacas at 18c, retailing everywhere
at 25c. I. Blum <& Bno.
A $500 Piano fob $250.?A lady oilers
to sell her 7 octave Piano, rosewood cane,
carved legp, for $250. Piano originally
cost $500, is good as new and been used
only a few months. Can be seen and
heard at Adams & Lucas' Music Store,
1227 Market street.
Ouk 20c Dress Goods beat anything
ever seen in this city. Come and se?v
them. ? I. Blum & Bro.
Ik you wish to save money, do not fail
to go'to John Koemer'a Wholesale and
Ketnil Dry Goods, Carpet and Wall Paper
Emporium, Nos. 2010 and 2021 Main
street, where you will lind the largest and
choicest slock of goods, at exceedingly
low prices, for cash. Members of the
Legislature wishing to lay in a general
assortment caa be best accommodated,
and Bhould not fail to call and examine
our stock and prices, at
John Koemeb's.
Ouk 10c and 12Jc Dress Goods must be
seen to be appreciated.
1. Blum- & Bso.
Wobms are insidious to childhood, but
McL&m's Worm Candy completely annihilates
Black Silks?Just come and see
them. You will certainly be surprised at
the low prices for the elegance of quality.
Call at I. Blum & Bros'. '
Corns and Bunions extracted in a scientific
manner, without pain or the use of
medicine, and immediate relief given. :
Call or send postal orders to No. 1225
Main street, which will receive prompt
attention in any part of the city. Firstclass
references. The Doctor will visit
Wheeling once every four months. Home |
office, No. 17Seventh Av., Pittsburgh, Pa. i
Da. F. Davis, j
Splendid Lot of Violins, Guitars, Ban- t
ios. Accordeons, Concertinas, Flutes,
Fifes and other small musical instru- ]
tnents for sale at importers' prices, at j
Shirt's Music Store, Main street. t
Ir you want* pair of home made 10-4
wool blanketa for 13 60, or 12-4 do foi
$5 50, go to the closing out salo of
Out domestic department is full knd
complete, and no odranoe until furtliei
notice. i. Blum &Brop\
A five stop, Smith American Organ
Rood ns new, can bo purchased at a lo*
figure, at the Music Store of
ai>amh& lcca*',
1227 Alarket'street.
Buck Camimerm.? Nem were blacl
Cashmeres offered ss cheap is you will
find them at I. Blum A Bros*.
If you want as fine a white shirt ai
there is in the city for $1, go to
j. w. ferrei/s.
Bear in mind when you go out shop
ping, Rive I. Blum A Bro. a call. You
will there find the finest and cheapen
goods in the city.
Cheai* Counter.?Having established
a cheap counter, the purchaser can ob
tain bargains at the Shoe Store of
Jerry Clemens.
If you want a carpet at half price go tc
J. w. fireel's,
Cor. Main and 20th stfwvts.
A Rare Chamok.?Wishing to redua
uiy large stock of Boots, Shoes and Gait
eri?, I will "ell at a close margin for tin
next SO days. Jerky Clemens.
J. W. Ferrrl is making things red
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goods and carpets. Call; you can gel
great bargains.
False Imi'kkssion.?It is generallj
supposed by a ccrtaln class of citizens
who are .not practical or experienced
that Dyspepsia can not invaribly be cured
liui we nre pleased to say that Green'i
Auouut Flower has never, to our knowl
edf;e, failed to cure Dyspepsia and Livei
Complaint in all ltd forme, such an Soui
Stomachs, Costivenesn, fiiclt Headache,
palpitation ot the Heart, low npirita. &c.
Ac. Out of 30,000 dozen bottles sold la*i
year, not u single failure wan reported
nut thousand* of complimentary lctteri
received from Drugging of wonderfu
cure*. Three dose* will relieve any case
Try it. Sample bottle 10 cents. Regulai
Sire 75 cents. For sale by Logan, List <S
Co., and Laughlin Bros. ?Co.
Itlver News.
The J. M. Kerr departed for Pitt*
burgh at G a. M., taking a part of the Ex
change's trip.
The steamer Exchange, from St. Louis
paused up at g a. m.'
The Heatherington arrived Thuridaj
night with two barges of iron ore in tow
The Express departed for Parkersburg
at 10:30 a. m. The Ra^on will Ik
the regular packet this morning.
The Hudson will be the regular Cincinnati
packet at 3 p. jj^oday.
The liornbrook left for Pittsburgh or
Friday night.
The steamers Salt Valley and Carrie
Brooks are due up to-night.
The local packets Telegram, O'Neal
Temjient, Phaeton, Star ot the West and
Bettie Gilbert are all running on time.
The Hudson arrived from Cincinnati al
3* o'clock last evening with a very line
Last evening tfce marks indicated G
feet 0 inches, and falling slowly.
Pilot Andy Bunton is reported as having
engaged in the coal business at Wellsville.
Pilot* will look out for a large snag
lodged in the channel opposite Equality
coal tip, at the lower end of Shawneetown.
Floating lights are placed on tbc
bar at night.
The 'loin lteea left- for Wheeling
Wednesday evening to bring up a partol
the tow of the Ironside*. The latter boat
will turn back from Wheeling to Pome
roy to bring up a part of her tow that hIk
dropped at that point.?PiUtburgh Com
mercial -Gazelle.
A new and safe channel is reported it
the Ohio below Cumberland Island. De
yaarsssafa,? ?n ?
Cancv until stern mm on ??Oth o;
bold on s ianV Po?nT^',' Mi'!:
lioune, 12 /eel ? W?? Puicc'i
iMtyw"'" ?b01"
lo^'brfg 1*1'1" ?l >fce rive,
sysyis^Sw |sss
Depirted-tBiSk'N!? nl?*"0"''
loiwS?P\V^t??!^h ,2-Biwr feu :
cnry 49?. Arrivw|0UR'V *n 0001! "?
4sas?s aSswwKfe
Nicw 0/1I.IUN8, March >_??! ,
<to3?2S?, fcS#S?2S
The Electoral Con,iuU,|on
p. ^HlN0T?N, March 2.?The Fl? ,
Comnnaaion met thin ^'?ctora!
to adjournment Cmmni " Puraiiaiii
Miller, Strong J?Sd n "'(i!,'ir"Clilr?rd
f>?lingbo,Mn Kernmn l* M???n
bo-t *Prc ^rCMnL Ah r ""d
mount of Mmnenaalinn / ?.lin?
officers and otl,c?empToy? JlfiP"1'1
'W ?nlil March 31.t the ?L J eilt,?i
'"??d for lilinK opSon h^Jr*tof,,r.
V"' 1 '>? Con, ml JiorTadjWne.l """"'
'^'r, H
Itone, U. H. Attorney for uf .^D,; Wlu,
ind Kenneth Jlaynor a comm^*rolin1
prepare and pabfi.h a new 10
,t?t?,e, under ? 'fi!'? of
^ongreM, r " recent act of
G- Ch?i"".
^07*J, of Louiaiana oJ5? ',a.nd FrJ">k
>' Merchandize, ' ?ral appraiser
"TV * *** ~ ' '
Judicial Muddlr In MouUi.l^
for two weeks the cue of Ulder Morri
brought up on a babe an corpus to ta
, the validity of a pardon from Hamptoi
r It wonld hare been decided a week n;
but for the sudden illness of Chief Justi<
M OMR. This left the decision to Justia
Willard and Wright, the letter a colore
man. Willard announced his willingnei
; to decide for Hampton, but Wriaht wi
I expected to decide against him. Tuwida
morning lout wan set by the court for tli
decision, but Justice Willard appearc
i and announced that the court was sti
conaulting on the cue. Yesterday it wi
learned that on that morning Judu
Wright was induced to sign an oidi
discharging Ulder Morris, thus recognlz
i ing the validity of Hampton'** pardoi
t He asserts that he did it while in fear fc
his life. He says Willard told him tin
the Democrats could no longer be rc
I strained, and when it should be annoum
ed to the waiting crowd in thecourt-rooi
that nothing but hia obduracv stood.!
the way of Hampton's recognition, thei
full fury would be visited upon him, E
> says also that willard brobght Generi
Connor, a leading Hampton counsel, int
the consultation room, anu Connor to!
him if they did not get a favorable d<
> cislonmany. lives would be sacrifice*
While laboring under great menti
? distress and fear Judge Wright ?Igne
the order, but refused to sign the opinio
of Willard, which sustained it, und li
( also exacted a promise that it should nj
, be filed until Friday. Yesterday ho file
I an opinion denying the validity of Ham)
ton's pardon, with the following lndorst
ment: Having attached tny name o
r the 27th qlt. to an order discharging tli
petitioner In this case without due cor
' Hultation, I do now, upon more matui
' deliberation, hereby recall, revqke an
J cancel my nignature to said order, an
substitute the foregoing opinion in il
[ place.
The Court meets to-day, and it in ex
pected that willard will announce th
1 order on the 27tb, signed by himnell an
{ Wright, aii the decision of the Court.
At 11 a.m. the Supreme Court root
J wan crowded to hear the decision in th
Ulder-Morris habeas corpus case, invoh
ing the validity of IJampton's goveri
' ment. Associate Justice Willard appeal
' cd on the bench, but the colored J uatic
Wright was absent. The Sheriff was ger
to look for Wright and returned with th
information that he had not been see
since yesterday morning. Owing to th
lack of a full bench, Justice Willard ad
journed the court till Monday. The al
sence of Wright at this juncture rreatc
much excitement.
New York, March -.?A llcrald sp?
cial from Columbia says the heavier
race pressure was brought to bear upo
the oolored Judge to get a derision i
favor of Chamberlain. Judge Willart
although aRepublipan, was known to b
inflexible in the conviction that llami
ton was Governor, but if Wright coul
be influenced it wan a tic and no deciaio
could be had. Judge Wright resiste
the pressure manfully, and it is ascei
tained from reliable authority that o
the 27th ultimo he signed the opinioi
[ concurrently with Judge Willard recoj
nizing Hampton, but the pressure wt
. too heavy. He was actually in fear c
' his life, and said that his convictions <
1 law were with Hampton, but that if li
went against his race he would be kille<
He signed an opinion recanting and n
voking hi! order of the 27th, nnd declai
ing that Chamberlain was Governor. 1
in believed ho has left town to avoid tli
humiliation of hearing his two rontn
dictory opinions read in court.
Packard Will Not (?lvn up th
Uovernorftlilp Without a t'ou
New York, March 2.?A New Orlear
special states that Packard will not giv
up the Governorship without a conies
Car loads of lumber have been taken t
the State House, and carpenter* hav
been busy strengthening the barricade:
All of the small dealers in the basemen
have been ordered to vacate. Guards i
t the entrance doubled their'forces to th
f number of 160 men well armed, and hav
one Gatling gun. An eflort woh made t
recruit a regiment from a large labor oi
gankation. A guard, consisting of on
company of militia, is constantly ondut
at the Court House, the Nicbolls hea<
called on the president".
Washington, March 2.?Represent!
tives Kills,Gibson and Colburn,of Loni<
iana, to-day called on the President, wh
showed them two telegrams prepared t
be sent to Gen. Augur and Gov. Packan
In the first one Gen. Augur is informe
that hereafter troops must n6t be use
for political purposes in Louisiana, bu
for the purposes only of preserving th
public peace and in aid of the ci*il at:
thorities when the latter are powerless t
do so. The telegram to Packard was t<
' the effect that the policy of maiatainin
a State government by Federal trooi
mast be abandoned, as such UBe of th
1 Federal forces was against public sent
' ment and unjust to a majority of the pec
. p,e' r
Weather Indications.
War Department,
Otrricx or tuk Chief Sional Okfii kh,
Washington, 1). (I, March 3-1 a. w.
[ For Tennessee and the Ohio Vallej
' Htationary or rising barometer, westerl
winds, cooler followed by warmer parti
cloudy weather.
| For the Upper Mississippi and Lowe
. Missouri Vsdfeyir. diminishing north wen
, winds, rising followed by a falling bu
rometer, partly cloudy weather and stt
tionary or higher temperature.
I For the }Upper Lake* diminishin
. northwest to south winds, rising posaibl;
followed by a falling barometer, statioi
ary temperature and partly cloud
! weather.
For the Lower Lakes, Middle undjKas
. em States, southeast to southwest windi
stationa'ry or high temperature, fallin
I followed by rising barometer, cloud
r weather, with rain or snow, partly cleai
l ing away at southern stations.
Speaker HUmon'* Valedictory At
dress, Delivered lu the llonv
at Delegates Yesterday.
The Chair hopes the House will it
1 dulge him in a few remarks personal t
himself, upon this occasion. The lion
? is approaching when my connection wit!
this body will cease, and anxious as
have been to return to my home, to in
- friends and to my labor there, yet it is
profound sorrow to me to sever ihy cor
I nections with a body that for the Oftj
two days in which we have been in set
' sion has extended to me nothing but th
; heartiest kindnem. When fifty-tw
i days ago you conferred the gres
honor, as well as the great obligatio
upon me. by placing me in thie chair,
i stated that I knew of no xentimer
that I felt greater than that of thankfu
nets to you, except the weight of the ol
ligation resting upon me. In severing m
. connection with you I can say that
l know of no feeling that can compare wit
that of the gratitude which 1 feel towar
' you for the universally kind and patien
[ manner, you; have* borne with me an
j helped me in the discharge of my duties
' Whatever success I have met with In th
; discharge of my dnties, I freel
[ say that it is due almost entire!
to your intelligence and patriotism, an
to tho patient and kind support you hav
given me. Without your hearty concur
rence, without your intelligent assistant
it wonld have been utterly impoaaibl
for me?bring, perhaps, with one or twi
exceptions, the youngest man in thi
body, and certainly in no reaped aupe
rior to any of them?to have discharee<
the duties satisfactorily. While 1 thanl
you lor your kindness and patience,
desire to ask you, if in any of my ruling
or actions I have acted otherwise than a
you approve or think right,.to attribut
tne error to the head and not to the heart
i ????
F and 'i "luT'tate to My th'alTT am *"*
' o^oflM I Jim committed iodiq error*. 1
I de not Plaim that I hire committed no Stc
P errert; but I have tried todiacharge the *b
duties of rar position without partiality. J1
I bare tried to diacharge the duties im- J?
>t posed upon me. without anyrfaroi to aay
V particular individual or to any leotion.
?t I hare tried to diaoharge the datiea in ?
a* that firm, determined and conscientious p
l? manner that I thought rou had assembled vj
e here to legialate in. 1 feel aaaured that
5 whaterer error* I ' hare made you ,g
? will overlook. and give me credit 0fl
? only for good uurpoiee, I deaire to
eay that I have neon quite a
y number of legialative bodies, in _5!
'? different Statea and assembled in difl'erent r{}
capaoitlea, but I have never teen any body Jj
" in aiiy Stato that waa marked no com- Jai
w pletely and entirely by tarneat, detertnlnI?
cd, and conclentlous purpose to legialate
ir for the - boat interest of the State. I de
aire to nay that in alt.theae heated po*
> litical timea, when paaaion ruled the
>*" country everywhere, when the polKfual **
ll partiea were almont roadv to take up 0f
arms, of the sixty.flve gentlemen of the
two political partiea aasembled hero, I
:n have not aeen ono single developeuient of p|
n paaaion between Democratic and Repub[p
lican members. Of the Republican mem
here it gives me great pleasure to be able
H toaay that they have acted aa determined
0 and concientious fortho best interest of
(I tho State, as the party I represent.
'* The labors of the past hour have been
such that I have been unable to prepare
" any remarks for this occasion, ami I must
d confer that the thought- of severing my M
n connection with you all wax ao painful to
'? mcvtliat I could not undertake to proparo 0
d f thank you most profoundly for your ?
>' kind and goneroua treatment,'and when im
'* thin body is adjourned thero is not one , ?
n member in it but will go home with my jL
e heartiest wishes for his success in every ir.
' thing he undertakes. I want you to bear A
? in mind and to remember tha't men who
lJ hare been here during this session and
|? labored so- eameatly for the good of the
9 State, should nerer allow their zeal to *
falter, but go on through life struggling
to elerato your Htate and the people tl
O .U t I 1 1 ' 11
- uicicui! | aiMM.iline. j mm
d ???????? "
r! ' liV iKLKMul'a. P
? I
Mow l'ork Jloui'j mill Slurlu. IN
e nsw York. March 2.?Moxit*?2n3 per {Jf'
it uent, dQsing (lull. Prime mercantile paper In*
e 4a5 per cent. Cuitom receipts $351,000. The 1
n Assistant Treasurer disbursed $585,0C0. _J!
e Clearing! $31,000,000. Sterling 4.83>fa4.85.
|. CqltodtJUtM 6a oflB81, coupunr .'...,.111% V
1 Fto-Twentfas (1888)... -J,
?* Flre-Tw?nllm(1M6) now ~.10S% 0|
d Fi*e-Twentlei (1867/..
Firo-TwtUiU.a (1808).. .. ....llws
NowFtToi I :..vmZ I
' Now Four and a half? .......105*2 of I
it Tcn-fortlci ? ?m10l)Vy one
n Ton-forties (coupon;) .....JjUtf Hhc
Currency 8ixea 122)$ ^ ?
j1 Oor.D-Opened ntiOlJiand closed at lQlltf f/Jj
with sales d'tiriwr the day at intermediate bu
e quotations. Carrying ratea I,-1Ki'3 and goo
?J? per cent; lotus wer# also made lint.
? SU.VRB-?50^4 pence at London. Here
n silver bars are quoted at $1.27H greenbacks,
d gold$12%. fciilver coin !?per cent discount,
p. Governments?Active and better. "
n Uailkoad Bonds?Generally firm,
i, Stocks?Were lower generally speaking a
I- at the opening, but subsequently became
ls firm and advanced. Soon after noon the -r,f
market was lower again and somewhat unsettled,
but later in the day become jfiW
rally firm and higher, the closing quota,
tionn in many cases being the best of the <>"
' day. NetrYork Central advnnced to 94K. At
; Lake Shore to 49%. Erie to 8. Northwes- '!>?
p* tern common to 34}tf, preferred taMJ^. f.,
It Kock Island to 102?*. St. Paul common KOO
ie to 16J4, preferred to 47. l:. Pacific to 70X? ??i
i- Delaware f. iftyl*on to60,Delaware, Lack- Trs
uwannn & Western to 64W, Now Jersey i"'
Central to 10r Michigan Central to 42}-$, J;.6'
Western Union to G5?{, and Morris & F.se
sex to 84. * The market closed active and
i" strong. Dnring the day Union Pacific ad- 1
vaneed from G8 to 73, but reacted to 69J*. U?'
Trnnsactions aggregated 160,000 shares, of
,e which 8,500 were New York Central, 1,400 Pol
( Via 11 ItitO I < Lrn Vlmni M OlU\ I. .< o. II..1
l* ernl' 15,000 St. Pauls/ 27,500 Delaware, Wl
0 Larkawanna A ^Vestcrn, 0,^00 Delaware & .
e Hudson Canal, S.OOO Michigan Central, ?
" 4,000 Union Pacific", ami 45,()00 AVestern *7
t I'nloa. JC
11 \Vtwler11 Unl<u?..._ G-iy, C. C. A 1....??? 25 2
e QiilckullTer 14 Now Jersey Ccnid... 1934 1
,e Qulckailf.r pW 21 KockliUnU. 1
*" >PwiUo Mall 24!,, tit. Paul..*.... lb Id
0 Mariposa Gk Bt. Paul preferred... 40^ 1
l> Mariposa preforrnd.. (f/u Wabash.;. ......... lft
AJarna Kspm?...n 101 Fort Wayne*......... 99 1
" Wvlls. Fargo A Co.- 82% Torre Haute 2)1 f
7 American M Terra Hauto pfJ...- 10 1 ~
(- United 8tatw.? 49 ChicageA Alton ... 95'4 T7
N. Y. GcntrU......... 94* ChlgoAAlton pfd-JOft H
Brie * ; H . Ohio A MlwlauppL
Erie preferred l~,xA Dcla. A Lacka.? ( ! m
Harlem...,......,....^.137 A. A P.Telegraph.-. Vi%
l" Hnrlom pr?f*m\l...l3S Mkrouri Pacific 102% If?
Michigan Cuutrul... 42} ! Imliaai Central 102% ??'
Panama. IK Burlington A Quin..l0s)? {tP
" Union Pacific?t0ek^70 H. A 8t Joe 11
P Laketihorc 49J4 CcnuilPac.bomlF.-10.sj6 01
1. Illlnola Central 62m Union Pacific b'd*..,.103j4
,1 Pittsburgh 88*$ Land Gran la 102%
. Northwestern ooul. S4H Slnk'g Fund ...
d Nprthwestern pfd... 5t;j . J(.
0 ~ *** *. i \
i- Chicago.
o CuiOAiiO, March 2.?Flour?Quiet and ?v
a unchanged. Wheat-Demand fair and -im
prices higher; No. 2 Chicago spring $1 23 * j
cash; $1 25 April; $12?>% May; No. 3 at .V
l8 $1 12-Jinl 13K; rejected 05c. Corn-?Steady
40J4c caah; 41oApril; 44340 May; rejected
38c.. Onta?Firm;t33Ko caah; 30J-4C May;
rejected 25}?c. Jtye? Steady at C3c. Barjev
?Dull at 50c. Pork?Dull and lower a't
$14 45al4 GO cull.; $HC0nl4 07K . April; Jfl,
, ?14.0r,nl4 wa May. Ijird-DuU:?t$lli?K
t cash; $975 April; I987JS May, B'nlk Meats
f ?Dull at 5J4t8V6a8Kc. Dressed Hogs? If 1
' Steady; light at (U 00. Whitley?Quiet and f"1
steady at $1 W.
fr. At the cIobo Wheat was lower ut $1 24}J Wn
7 al 24 April; $1 25'3 May. Corn Wc
y lowerat 405*o April. Oata nominal. Pork .
heavy and lower at $9 70 hid, April; $0 85 ,r?
)r- May. ^ . 1
{. tiew York.
i- Nbw York, March 2.?Cotton?Dull
and easier at V2)ia\2%c. Flour?Dull and
g lower; superfine western and State $5 40a
, u u.i; common to good $5 55n5 75; good to 5
' choice $5 80a5 90; white wheat extra $7 00;
_ extra Ohio $5 60n7 CO; St. I-ouls $5 75s
- 8 25. Wheat?Quiet and steady; ungraded J
spring $134; No. 2 Milwaukee in More
l* $1 43; winter wheat entirely nominal. Kyo i*1
S ?Scarcely ho firm; westefh 82a84c. Rarley
K ? Heavy. Malt?Steady. Corn?Firm; uriy
graded western nnd mixed 60^n57c; steam
- mixed 57K0- Out*?Dull and heavy; west- N
ern mixed and Suite 41a55c. Hoy?Quiet; r?n
shipping at 70c. Hops?Heavy. Cotl'ee? ?
Quiet; Rio cargoes 17?ii20}$c. Sugars-Dull T3
and heavy; fair to good refining 9,^aPWc;
f refined 9%c. Molasses and Rice?\'n- '
phanjji'd. Whisky?$111. JJJ
0 IMiiluUelpliitt. low
r f iulai)b'lphia, March i?Petroleum? J
li lower, refined 14%c,i>lu; no sqllera under _
1 15c. Crudo?12^o. Clover Seed?15al0c.
v Flour?Dull; extra, $5 60a5 75; Minnesota
family $7a7 50. Wheat?Small supply; red
152al 56; amber $t58a 1,00; white $2 60al 05. _
' Rye?Unchanged. Corn?Dull; yellow and 1.
white 55c; steam 55a55J?c February, A
"* OaU?Moderate supply; white 40a45c.
? Whisky?Western $110. Ruttcr?Firm;
0 e*tra scarce; New York" and. Bradford
it county extra 2Ba80<,; firsta 34a27o;-western \n
n 24a25c; firsts 20a22c. Cheese?Firm l l^a Oil
1 15c; prime ,12al3c. Kigs western fresh ?"?
.1 He. ( |S
. -Cinciuimti. jS
Y Cincinnati, March 2.?Cotton?Firmer
I nt ll^c. Flour?Quiet and unchanged.
, Wheat?Dull; red $1 40al 50. Corn?Dull fcv
'* at 40?42c. Oats?Firm at 30a40o. Ryo? -t
" Quiet at 75c. Barley?Quiet and unchang1
ed. Pork?Firm; sales at $15 20. I*rd? f
d Doll; ateam 9J$c; kettle 10}fallc. Balk ~
. Meats? Quiet.at85{;a6a8K8}4a8H<\ Bacon H
e ?Dull nt 7a9*$a?!*c. Butter-Dull and xy
unchanged. Whisky?Quiet, hut steady &A
j at $1 05.
d Hons-Steady and unchanged.
e ? ^ m 13
DryUorxlN. ?
. New Y'ouk, March 2.?Bnsiuesi mode
erate with commission houses, ana there T3
. wuh a fair Jobbing trade. Best makes of J '
potton goods steady, and prints In better . 1
demand. Dress ginghams and cotton dress
J goods fairly active. Worsted dress goods Wh,
1 in steady renuest. Fine fancy caisimeres kw?|
t are moving in moderato quantities.
n PitUbargti. _h
8 Pittsburgh, March 2.?Petroleum?Dull; />*(
0 -crude $2 40 at Parker's; refined 14X?r Aj
Philadelphia delivery.
"OUIDO, March J-Uoor-Flnn. Wh..,
adjnNo. 2 whit? Waba,h ?1M; N?'
Ite Michigan |l nit utra white Slirhijii
Mi -?aibV.p?t $t 47XC! rejected!
rn?Quiet; high mixed MJfej No. j J;;
{c; rejected 13c. Oata^Fra?N<??
i! Michigan 37.
ir?i*ivl to meke cantriand toiaitamui,.Iron
Orw, UniMtonea, MiaenU Wi[,n, ,tf
Lal?atorj a*. 34th and Chaptine itrnti
?a Wheellai. W. v.
HI Bamii.to.'i ... .....J, Stluji,.'
Engaiemeot tor One Night only;
EDNESDAY, Mireh 7th, 1877,
,hev,?- ??*>?* i*
aston Philharmonic Club!
Witb the following well known Artists:
InJ the Diitinjulibcd Youug Pilini Doaua,
i'ale or PmcM-Orcheatni & DreaaCtrck ;v
Resorted 8enti, |1 00.
Family Circle, 60c.
'lie Mle of mmU will begin Monday uhuiiW ,>
'clock nt the Box office.
lie celebrated Stclnway A Horn' Pianoart uwJ
the BoMon Philharmonic Club; Adamsk Lucas,
>nn. tar]
different Committees on the Inlugunlfe.
lion and Ball are requaaled to meotTO-MGHI
yt o'clock, at the Slate Houie, In tlio officio!
Secretary of State.
irJ Chairman Commute* on Arraottatnti.
irni.ic hale.
will wll at Public Sale, on MONDAY MURN0,March
12,1877, commencing at 10 oVIock, n
104* Main street (Mr. iiiahopa tmtldtoi),ocw
of Household and Kitchen turnlturo, roatlc.
of Bedsteads, Bureaus, Tables, Standi, A.
'prim of Uio, ash.
?r2 ^ L. C. KEEP. Ttutit*.
lio County Fariri for Sale.
nill roll at private sale, on easy terms, tbetr?:
land situate three miles from the Ohio rivet in
i and a half mllM from Clinton ? I
irt Crock, In Lllterty District, Ohio couuty, W
i, belonging to tbc estate of Andrew Mitrb? .1,
cased. Hold Farm contain* 2.1 i acre*, i< in
Hp, well timbered, well watered, Ilea wrllati
on It a good Orcluud, two Dwelling Ilou**,?
il Krai no Baru, Corn Crib and other outbuildI,
with ordinary fencing. It la also underfill
b a valuable vein of U?l, which haa bean o]*t
ind la caallr mined.
1. F. J?>NLS, Administrator,4c.,
1507 Oiapllne Ht., Wheeling, W. Vi
Of a very valuable Hetall Stock of
Brogans and Slippers,
10 o'clock, when tho underalgned will oflVr, n
Wholesale Auction Houae of J. M. HARTRD,
109 Wood Ht., Plttaburgh. adrilrnble nort
Boats and shoes of* City Betailer, which H it
11 oidvr and representa some of the Beit Muu
error* In tho market, aud will bo nob! to tt?
do without reserve. Thla stock comiitiof
te variety?f Boot* and Shoes kept In a tlnt-rU,,
ail titorc. 1 shall also oiler the Tools ami Kurt
of t ho above stock.
n connection with thla aalo I will offera Im,
j of Freih and Seasonable Goods, such nVo'i
ip Calf, Congress and Alexia; Women'*, Mi??.
1 Children's Kid and Goat Fox Polish; fan
Uh Opera Slippers, Croquet Winners, md Flue
Iton Boots. J. M. llABTKOKP,
loleaale Auctioneer, 101* Wood ht, Plttiburs, h
ash advances made ou all kinds of Merehsii.il*.
0 Shares 8lock Exchange Bank.
H 8hur?-s block Ohio Valley Bank.
0 Uharca.htock Street Railway.
Bells Ire Nail Mill?
Ortlflcate for 20 tiharea.
Ortiiicatea for 10 Hharoi each.
Certificate for 8 Shares
' I. IUWIN. Agent
lOfi SALE?
rbe under* igrcd wlU offijr their LIVERY hTiEH,
corner of Main aud blxtcentb Kts., WbeiiWest
Virginia, at private sale until further
lie*. Tho stock comprises tho heat cqalpfieJ
rery 8lable inthcclty; everything lnsoulorltr.
not sold at private hUo, due notice will 1* tlv?u
the day of public aale.
Va alao offer for aale the tws.story Brick Ballleomptlsing
onr atables, the materials of vblr!<
l*e used for all building purposes.
l/agon Machinery
laving determined to close up our boslnee?, ?'
I'olier our stock, Toola and Machinery n
rate aale until ,
MONDAY, Kirch 5th, 1877.
not told by that time wo will offer tlmsame ?i
bile Auction, at 10 o'clock a. m., and conUnw
aalo from day to day until all Is sold,
bo Machinery la tuch aa la found iu a Unt-dui
gon Manufactory, and consista of the lolloalfai
od Working end Boring Machinery:
n I atLnn n_!llf U..LI 11.. I, U..r,
ii miiico, urnung maumnes, nuu
Doing and Planing Maohlnet, Boxing
Maohlnis for Hand and Power,
Wheal Machinery for heavy
and light wheela,Spoke Lathe,
Saw Mandrel and Saws,
O-Horse Power Steam Engine,
busies and one largo cImo CrnUge. B-r
hodles. Hut*. Spokoa, Wagon and Timber Wtloos,
three 2-borso Wagon*, Blacksmith TnrJt,
11 and a variety of other articles.
Vrin", roado known on day of salt.
President Wheeling Wagon and Carrla^i-' r:
' B.?The lower story of the Factory ? &
l? It'i
otler for aale lbs two-etory Brlrk liwelim ^
use, No. 1043 Chapllne street. Umtslm ! " a
wb, hot and cold water; alv> gas through**'
t>llng for four horsra attached. Will be
and on easy tenua.
or particular! enquire of *
C28 A. C. EtiMUH
j?r? Bar Snap Is the most economic* 1 ij
.'salUK and wr ipping are of iio possible t*.
i to Soap, but are drum ??> make Ii 1 "* ,j;
ctivo and salable. PROCTKBA GAMIU.L IIU1NAL
de of Jlctl Oil, the l??-*t material kn??" "
idutlng a hard, serviceable nud
ip. It I* cut In ono-|>ouud bar*, of con?f-it
Mini economical shupe. nnd not vr*i!*J
e style in which tbla Soap i* c ut and |*cifJ
en all useless expense, enabling us t" * ''
>erlor Soap at uccii lin ikk rotmD ??>?" 5
ii aro now paying for an Inferior ?rtmr w
ery liar of tlto Konulne stamtHHl "/'/.'(>t TitOAMULli-ilOTTl.hi)
other. Sold everywhere.
u Liberty Mtkrkt, Piitsburuh, f*io7
beg to Infurw niy frlendi snd the puUlct'*!1
ti removed my stock of Boots snd flbow m
l Main street, nioe doors Mow jay M??*}
m? I hope from Increased seeoinniodstwo* ,
ping flrst-ehus goods at low prices to still?
rger share of patronage ? Bbersll*???""'J"
unpo commencing business. ^ ^ ^snx
3W4t_ 1048 Main St., WheeBnc. w- v*
)FFKEB. I a -nj
^BmrttaiiiiiKW uam,

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