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j^on loanv?,"??'?
? ?"<?'
ZVZl""?** " "? ? b?d*?'k
*Ui b. to, m,, ,m
*PnJ lit, is,7. Apply lo
IUM'L R ^nz,
Tr ^,
pult SALE- ~?
ftefon L'Knli11'' * "" * ?lrout 01M)
? ! I- KiMBEm.y
jpo^ Iit_M_
?I?C Itoooji Nn I1W..J
*?? <?M.L
tin-c.o,I ??,r,
mr7? ' AhW/Iq
r,..u . -- J. w. ri*Tfw
A f*rtn oiuUttilncM trrri. anltablr for (inrdr
iDK or D-iiry pur|*>?ej with a goml Coal Ban
opuned *u<t icady lor uw, iltiutrd on the l)h
rmr, tiro mi:?* alwva city. tor t?ru? enquire
. A. M. JACOH,
Or J. F. WOOU8,
mr7 llirkabim. W. Va.
The writ known aland corner Main and 10
Stireu, with (shelving and Countera eomplei
Thlaatore baa lud an tstabllabM trade for thlri
A ran chance for a live man.
I'umkmIoii given April lit.
Apply7o OKOltOK ADAMS.
The Store Uoou and Dwtlllng No. 1012 Mi
Him An* Dwalling No. IS Fifteenth etrvet.
'three leucuitiila In tl>e FUlh Waid, and t
rooniwl bou?e on Main ktroct.
Liii|alreo( )I. FORBES,
fci-l 1142 tliapllnc Mreet
A two-ihuj Brick Dwelling, Living ieven root
hall up italra and down. lar^* wash bouae, go
cilUr?on VirgluU attixt, laluiid.
Abo, the twwitcry Fratuo I'wolllDg.aevcnroct
good balls and cellar??m South York alrttt He
<>f above arc modern t ulld and have rtipfccanJja
preasre In rnrjiSnn.
Also, thi- two cud tocemccta In the Cbuicb lie
ou York ilicit,ea:h four roou\ pood ctllar.
All thoauove sit Utwly pajernl and gralntd.
Inquired K J. UToNE, or
f?12 At Uti?V truer Shce Store
j^Ol: REST?
The Stare Ra m on Muriel atuct now rccupl
by llowrll, l*?uil ,t rlnclatr
Alu? MuM l!/wm .... umi.I f.wr ..lUlhl. f I
IW?lon frl.n *1?U '? K rtUSOlg
jr \ mcts I'OK KENT.
The Bill now occaplfd by the WhwUcs Ubi
ti AKodutoo It to l? ew.t?rt?l ! ><? ??J*5 " *
Uwjm.-dWn d<*l n ?? "? ??? *
pW?ppUto fv.rMCKKlvEV,
* i9 Hftecnth i
Buitae. Itonn OOk. ??;! f"/"'
h.. n?w i m n c'a Kank UulUllI* Aw* DM ui
I't llow* ?? '="? suln 'Tubs. imiES.
So. 31 (South Freut itrret, lilssd-l'<"?'
aituttM lixl *>? on. Boom to ??
r, ol So M1 well.h ???. ? ??
TLp.0, ~o?.
Eooulnol 1'U.?- *
J,1 s? m ?
The Urge threcrtorj Vfwrtotisc S
1503 Main itrMt. Two Ironti, Miun at
South itretU. PoMwiou April l?t.
Contamlng d^bt roocis and l'*th Eoom.
Jacob inert, between ISth and 14th, w?t *i<
qu .Dd iter. Will 1* rented low to rwjonfil
MHO. retool Joetru L. wiLCK,
nojl ywkw'. tr ?r.J ?ut!? ntr !C^M*lnJ
fOR SAi.?.
1J0B SAi-K? ?
Ujth?r choice IWldlng!* ?oq.WbccUBtl*^:
IMS t/om >Wt?S*o b.<M7 "|E?h
the pureha* m..ccj required In cash, wresro
mat I* F?id anuualij ic m* lnatalla*!
20 Shares Stock Exchanw *??*
18 sharee Suck Ohio Valley Bauk.
10 bh?m Mock Stmt Railway.
ln-Bellairv Nail MiU1
Urttftcate for 2?' Share*.
2 CtrUficato for 10 &Uics cacb.
i^i^_ i. twrajg*
1 h? nodenifned will efler their LTVERY ST
BUXcwxnerof Main and Mateenth Stfc, Wbe
inc. Weat Virginia, at juW.tc sale until lurU
notice. The atock rotnrn** tfcc betl
Uwt Stable iathecUr. fTerjthlnc tat?lc?g
11 no; told at pti*tte leie, due noiUc wul oc gti
oi the daj of public eale.
CBEL>imak A amick
W? alw offer for ?*k tL? frt-JtorrBrick M
lnc rooprt* r? oar rt-bthe matrrlab ol whl
e*n t? used for all bul!dln< nrnutw*.
fall 1-UKly TM X A AM IOC
coxxoissEurwS n medical
J > i.k.man at Ma
TO BE T1IK Bl nstohi* ImIki
"ONLY GOOD & X MV? m>ww
fcl "T?ll I.Ka
CillOP " RBIS8 tl
ICr^lthrir. *?>< iahjj
.. ...... K " -lit in I
Aod.ppUoUow K-r=gjdu, mnl t. Is ,
EVEBY VABisrr^^S^IuiS,
Soap, f.ir thf lawM-'ry or Tmilet, i? ?QUA J
to Whit? Cuttle S^?f, for {: U tuade of
rugjrr.mlr oils, ?ai by the
rrw?. which rvtaics all the natcrxl hwilir.,
qtalMe* of the oih. ti so XTCJ
ZJSitS than the Imported Ju'.lcle, that it 1
rapidly comins int.. rt rural houwhild u*>
The uw of Colosud bo*** u enodeaaed bj
rbysician* u liable tc- produce ?l;u UitAUes
Th* PURITY cf tk0 White Stttp render
U* uf ptrftcilg harwUx*. MaJe ooly Vj
PbociS& A Gaxsut, Cincinnati. N>ld by ai
wboleeale and retail froeen.
SO Hbda etrietJy pciws Jo* reed red and I
**??"* Jin ' OTORT f PASES.
t. *
More 11EMOVING to my
ii No. 1140 Miin St., Hornbrook't Block,
i 03ST MABOH 15,
I offer toy atock of
" Hoots and Shoes
, at cost,
"for cash.
If you want barg?In?, NOW IB THE
TIME, m the tale laata only a few daya.
oi Corner Tenth and Main Sti.
* _|t9 '
_ q a. winqebteb,
Offlce and RwMmk*. Ma 1067 Main St., oppodtt
Dnloo, WhuJlnc, W. V*.
arNlt.-o'ii Oxldt Mat and other Anwthetlee
admlnUtwml. ayli
?? I I.
th ? Twelfth ktmbt,
J*- Buyaai.4 ??IU Ticket* to all polnta Eutand Wirt,
*Mf*lUviu<l (rip llrktta to Baltimore and return,
Mini nit ** ami return, alio on lund. orf_
I InltCtl to ouit I unotM on llie fitttol A ! !11.
1,u an.I now oHir til In my llnaat cu?t. U?oda
Irfl fur dicing rrd iron ring will l? ??ld on Ihe
. 1Mb oI Man b, If not inU-vmed b#f n that llm*.
1,1 I aim otti r fci ealoall my dyt in* machinery and
all attlcira umJ In the dyeltg UulMaa, Including
otic Imllrr. two cylinder*. four dye tuba. Ac. My
huuarhold ccods ami furniture are otfcml at pti?
ratiNlc, Mm. A (iUAUAM.
]Oi No. 1043 Main rtrat.
" Black Cashmeres.
:?] Jus! received from the late ilk by P?mbe
avant i Co. Comi and tee fill gioda,
and jou will pronounce them IheCbeap_
eat and Handsomest ever seen. We appeId
a few of (hi prioes.
^ Elegant 40-inch Black all wool CallJ
meres, retailed firaerty at SI 00, we
Jjj offer at GOo.
Very hindsomt 46-inch Blick CasbSt
meres, retallid formerly at $1 25, wi
offer at 90c.
Ballon & Son's extra Cashmere flnlihed
Silks at $2 00. This is the CHEAP?
*- Elegant urap di Prance Silk, formerly
retailed at $2 25, we can sell at SI 50.
- A very handsome Silk at SI 25, that
cannot be had for leas thin SI 75 elsewhere.
m Beside Ihe above we hive aoaenm
other Bargalna to wblob we Invite all
those It search of such and with toaave
_ money.
" 1104 .tlniu Hlrnl.
1,1 UTS
Teeth extracted wnnour
? During the rlfTtn years I h*Tt been practicing
in Wheel In* 1 barn administered gas to oTersarra
tbousard persona witb PwmcrT turxrr, ?od In
alniwt ercry case with entire satisfaction to mjmU
cc and patient*.
1P. W> conatxntlf Veep on bands pare NitrousOxide
. lias foe tho* that dwlre to take it ,
xe DK. tfURUljJOH A SON,
no3 Ho. 11? Market 9t
- 1 will tell at Public 8?le, on MCN DAY MOBNINO.
Match 12, 1877, cnuuirnciDg at 10 o'clock, at
No. 1(49 Main tnet (Mr. Bishop's huUding), one
lot of llouieboM and Kltebrn Furniture, consisting
of Bedstead*, Hurra us, Tablts, Stands, dr.
Terms of sale, ctsh.
,j. ?ai: L. C. REFD Trustee.
MONDAY. MA It ill 12, 1S77.
New Advertisement*.
For Cincinnati?Steamer.Courier.
Cook Stores?Joseph Bell &. Co.
A. \V. Panll Bro.
Public Sale?Postponement.
Public Sale of Household and Kitchen
Furniture?head of Iccal.
For Kent?Warerooms.
t\. For Kent?Dwelling House.
For Reut?Grocery Store Room.
^ For Kent?Cottage House.
rn Bo/ Wanted iu Retail Dry Goods Store.
Wanted?Situation as Mining Engineer
or Superintendent.
VickV Illustrated Catalogue.
>? Shorthand and Verbatim Reporting.
Ne* Stock?Cummins & Woods.
!d- Autobiography of Wm. II. Seward.
Icb Hamilton Opera House.
Thomtwon & Hibberd?Plumber*.
L. Seth Thomas Clocks. ^
~ Sixty-six Dollar# a Week.
Twenty-fire Hundred Dollana Year.
A Home and Farm of Your Own.
Fifty-fire to Seventy-eeven Dollars a
Twrlve Dollars a Day at Home.
Seeds, Seeds.
?t A Lucrative Business.
Twenty-live Extra Fine Mixed Cards.
A FWe to Twenty Dollars Per Day.
_ Thermometer Record.?The follow*
jJJ ing shows the range of the thermometer,
M as observed at Scfcnepfs drug store,
n* Opera Hoo',". ornw:
a. w. 1; *. Sr.*. " r. *.
su > SI so
p 1 acsaar.
t S jl u. 12 m. a r. x 7. r. m
jl :s 42 44 42
Teachers' examination was held in
Bridgeport on Saturday.
The County Clerk issued only one
marriage license last week.
,4 The till of Earner's bar-room, near
the lower market, was robbed of $S a
few days since.
A? many men call for meat now u be?
fore Lent bepan, which proves that men
are slow to last.
Thirteen deeds in fee and twelve
deeds of trust were admitted to record by
the County Clerk last week.
Tns ccmet has switched off,and is now
? rapidly leaving the earth. It came withi
in '20,000,000 miles of us. So!
I ? ?. ?.
Thk cutters in the vicinity of Chapline
and 25th streets were cleared on Satutr
r day by the Street Commissioner. *
' Tur building of the railroad to St.'
r. Clairsrille has had the effect of reducing
the price of coal there from ten to seven
cents per bushel.
The market is flooded with pure maple
sugar, with sugar cane stalks carefully
distributed through it. Tis sweet to
reflect that the age of bonerty has come.
TxxrsEAicoi N'orra.?The temperance
meeting At the Foarth Street If. E. i
Church last evening vu the largest meet- f
log of the kind held in the citv since the 1
introduction of the ao*called "Murphy
movement." Before 7 o'clock every Beat c
In the house vu occupied, and the alalee c
and entry were crowded. In fact, at that
comparatively early hour, the crowd waa 1
ao dense that the stream of people which i
continued to move toward the church (
were unable to even get inside, and as the
large lecture room was already uncom- |
fortably crowded, the doors were closed j
and no more allowed to enter. The |
meeting wu opened by Rev. John Willets, '
who, alter reading a selection from the
Scrintures. offered a prayer, at the close 1
of which the choir sang a hymn, assisted i
by the congregation. Brief addresses were 1
then made br ?ev. Wit lets, Mr. ?.0.
Cracraft, Cant. Jack Crawford, the noted
"poet Scout of the Black Hills," Mr. U.
0. Davenport, Mr. Kobert Hamilton, Dr.
Durant and Mr. Thomas Hornbrook.
Cant. Crawford, or rather "CapL Jack,"
as be is more generally known, read the
following verse?, which he compoaid on i
Saturday night after his performance in
the Opera House waa concluded : ' j
ncmtta's ftuYias.
In tbs dreary boars of midnight,
When the nop It atleep awl sU'l;
Not Bound mti rlppltn* itrmmlcti
Or the role* of the wklppcsrwtll.
Then 1 think of titer lored facee,
Aa 1 it eel around my beat:
Think of other arenee and placee,
And a mother'* nice to tweet.
Mother, who In dayaofchUdbood,
Prayed sa mothers can but pray;
Guard hli foutaterain the wild wood,
Let him not be led aitrar.
And when danger* hovered o'er me,
When my life waa fall id earn,
Then a eweet form peaard beiere me,
And I thought of another'! praycri.
Mother's prayen? Ah, aarrtd memory,
1 can hear her aweet rote# now,
Ai upon har death bed lytnft
nun un uauu ujim iuj wuw,
Culling on a *?rloHr'? blr?ittg
'hn abe climbed the Ooldeu Stain:
Thcre'a ?it leg for til tranicri-sali.j;.
When I think of mother* prajm.
Yet, 1 nude her one Jeer prombe,
Ttunk the Lord I've kepi It, too,
Yn, 1 promloei (iod and mother
To the pledge I would be true.
Though a hundred ttiuee the tempter
Itvery dar thiova out hia anarm,
1 can bold I j anawer, no, air,
When 1 think of mother'a prayen.
An I there'a no ooe here before me,
Who mutt aay It more than I.
Ai?? I never drink. 1 ttunk you,
1 can never go your rye.
And there's not In many hundred*.
Not a man who ever darea.
Ask me drink when J have told him
How I thought of mother'a prayen.
Oh. my brother, do thou llkewlae;
Tell them what your mother aatJ
While upon her death h*' leing.
Or. perhapa. ahe U cot tad,
Doo'l you Sill he(.thu?,l K-r you,
She n?a cot enough of csrea.
Sign the pledge and Owl will help you.
If you think of mother'a pray<n.
Angel mother, now In glory,
She who wept aurb Litter tear*.
Totted for me mid pain and aorr.?w
All tboae many, many year*.
Ah. tucb lore; t can't explain it?
There U notaltw that compates,
I would give my life for you, boyi,
When I think of mother'a prayen.
And while here my tonl revealing,
la there not in thia vaat throng.
Some poor, thirsty youth of Whecllo?,
Who wllljtfn me In or aing?
Come and banlah rare and aorrow.
Caat aside the temptera anarea;
Do not waltuntiil to-morrow.
tuibk, ot> tblDK 01 motber'a prareri.
J no. Cb&wfoid, Capt. Jack.
The greatest enthusiasm prevailed during
the evening, and seventy-seven ad
ditional names were enrolled on the Mur- '
phv "roll of honor.'' ^
On Saturday evening a large meeting
rat h*lil i? tk? Ck?jaino Gum M. T..
Church. Addresses were made by Dr.
H. B. Durant and Messrs. Beddick, Cracraft,
Horn brook and Kemple. There
were eighty-six signers to the pledge.
The Young Men's Temperance Union
now has a membership of over one hundred.
At the meeting yesterday afternoon
short addresses were made by Capt.
John Baggs, Mr. E. G. Cracraft, Mr. 0.
0. Davenport, and Mr. Samuel Creighton.
Mr. J. L. S. Hall read several selection*
upon temperance.
The colored people held a large meeting
in the old Fifth Street Church last
evening. Addresses were made by Capt.
John fiaggs, Capt. Jack Crawford, the
scout, and others.
Temperanco meetings were held -yesterday
afternoon at the English Lutheran
and Wesley M. E.Churche*.
There will be a temperance meeting
this evening in the Baptist Church, when
several speakers are expected to address
the meeting.
Seventy colored people signed the
pledge at the meeting in the old Fifth
Street Church last night.
At the meeting in Wesley Chapel yesterday
afternoon ninety persons signed
the pledge.
Messrs. Reddick and Durant will remain
in the city a few days longer, and
continue the "Murphy meetings." Mr.
David E. Hall and another gentleman,
from Pittsburgh, will arrive in the city
to-day and assist Messrs. Durant and
The Courts.?Cochty Court?Judge
Boyd.?This court on Saturday disposed
of business as follows:
Shenck & Zoeckler vs. Pumphrey; dismissed
at cost of Pumphrey.
State vs. Martha Taylor; judgment of
Jnstice affirmed.
Btate vs; M. Clark; judgment of Justice
Samuel J. Kllifritz vs. Henry Gunthcr;
judgment for plaintiff for $143 07.
The appointment of R. H. Phillips as
Deputy Sheriff wrs confirmed by court.
John Reid vs. August Heimberger;
jaujHKUt lUl I'lWUUU iur ^aOU Ul .
Leander Mix was appointed a committee
for Wm. Menking, a lunatic, the
familv having resigned the right; bend
Andrew Gillespie's heirs vs. Alexander
Gillispie, Guardian: motion to dismiss
rule by defendant, at coats of plaintiff;
rnle docketed.
PoUCK Court?Judge Cranmcr.
Hit* Honor on Saturday disposed of the
following busines*:
Peter loung, drunk," paid a fine of $2.
Rebecca Criswell, also drunk, was sent
to the county jaU for thirty days.
As the season for repairing and beautifying
houses approaches, it would be
well lor those engaged in such improvements
to bear in mind that paint applied
to the exterior of buildings in autumn or
winter will endure twioa as long as when
applied in early summeror in hot weath*
er. In the former case it dries slowly
and becomes hard like a glazed surface,
not easily affected afterward by the
weather or worn off by the beating of
Gov. Maths**1 Staff.?Gov. Mathews
on Saturday appointed the following
aids, with the ranlrof colonel, for his
staff: R. G. Delaplaine, of Wheeling; \V.
N. Chancellor, of Wood coapty; C. J.
Fanlkner, jr., of Berkeley county; Thos.
B. Davis, of Mineral county; Henry Bobinson,
of Monroe county; \Vm. H. Hostman,
of Kanawha county; D. D. Johnston,
of Tyler county.
Exbcuttv* Arroummrn.?The following
appointments were made by Governor
Mathews on Saturday: F. H.
Green, Notary Public for Roane county,
posto&ce address at Leroy, Jackson
county; Charles Edgar Mills, Commissioner
of Deeds in Isew York City.
Resssvsd seats for Prof. Baldwin's en- '
tertainments this and to-morrow evenings
will be on sale at the box office this ;
morning at 10 o'clock. The general ad- ,
minion has been placed as follows: or- .
chestra and drees circle, 50 cents; familv .
circle, 56 cent*.
Prop. Tics has not yet reported to the
Knights of Kt. Patrick what will be the
depth of the mud on the 17th. Awaiting !
the information the Knights are not cer- 1
tain of parading. c
The Sheriff announces that he will
keep his office open in the evenings here- i
alter, for the benefit of those who have c
not leisure to pay their taxes in the day E
time. *
PciTO Poiwib,?Elder Ball preeided
the fourth and last quarterly meeting
or the preaent conference year for the
kl. E. Church of Moundaville, yesterday.
Bishop Kain delivered the third of a
sourse of I*nten lecture* in the CatheIrtl
yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Re*. Soodgrasa, at the Chapline Street
B.E. Church yesterday morning, delivwed
a sermon upon "Temptation of
Rev. C. E. Manchester occupied the
pulpit of the North Street M. E. Church
retterday morning. In the evening the
pastor, Jier. Wilding, preached upon
'Elijah's Mantlo and Elisha's Shoulders."
A young men's prayer meeting was
lield at the Baptist Church yesterday
norning at 9 o'clock. At l(h30 Rev.
Slancey preached upon "The Heedlesslesa
of the Church?The World's Kxsuse."
The ordinance of baptism was
idministered to several candidates immeiiately
after the sermon. In the eveniog
the pastor discoursed upon "Christ's Ob*
lience?The World's Evidence."
The choir of Wesley Chapel will give
?concert on the 20th inst.
A festival is to bo given at the .Third
Presbyterian Church on Thursday and
Friday evenings next.
Rev. 8. R. Frater, of Pittsburgh,
preached in the U. Church at Bellairc
on Saturday afternoon and yesterday
morning and evening.
Rev. 0. C. Wilding, of the North Street
M. E. Church, and Rev. C. E. Manchester,
of the Thomson Church, exchanged
pulpits yesterday morning.
Rev. i. J. Spencer, of the Disciples
Church, Bellalre, will begin at an earlj
day to hold a protracted meeting in ti?
A baptismal pool has been recently
put in the Baptist Church, and was used
yesterday for the first time.
ltavnlt* it Ihn liliia Tjitl. PI.?mI<
ye?terday morning, took (or his subject
"David and th?? Threshing Floor."
Certificate ov Incorporation.?The
Secretary of State on Saturday iMUtd a
certificate of incorporationto the Stand'
aril Base Bill Club, for the purpose ol
establishing a base ball ground for exer?
cine and promotion of health, which corporation
will keep it* principal buildings
and places of exercise in the city ol
>Vheeling, and will expire March 5,
1SD7. The sum of $110 has been sub<
scribed and ?ll paid in on said subscrip<
tion, with the privilege of increasing the
capital by Males of additional shares tn
$5,000. The capital so subscribed is di
Tided iuto shares of $10 each, and held
as follows: 1?. F. Vennum, 6 shares
Charles II. Berry, 1 share; John Morgan,
jr., 1 share; S. Woodmansce, 1 share; W.
B.. Battelle, 1 share; Ed. J. Larkin, 1
share; II. C. Smith, 1 share; all resident!
of the city of Wheeling.
Wheeling Teacuerm' Association*.?
The Wheeling Teachers' Ass?oeiation met
at 1J o'clock Saturday morning, in the
Third Ward School hou*e,Superintendent
Hervey in the chair.
The exercises were opened with prayei
by Prof.Bundy, after which the minutei
of the previous meeting were read and
Miss Sue Crumbackcr read an essay on
"Class Drill," and was followed by an es
spy by Prof. C. A, Schaffer on "Thinking
antl Living."
Mr. Stevenson then read an origina
'paper entitled, "In what order shook
the branches of study introduced inom
schools be taught?" Tho mbjeot wu
discussed at some length, and the houro
adjournment having arrived, the fnrthei
discussion of the subject was postponec
until the next meeting.
Personal Points.?Mr. Robert Crnn
gle, of the City Bank, on Saturday re
turned from a two week-*' visit to Koch
eater, Pa.
Thos. Hombrook, Esq., conducted thi
Fourth Street M. E. temperance mectinj
last night. *
Attorney General White haa rented a
house on* South Front street, Island
where he will reside in the future.
J. Napoleon Little, Esq., of "Philadel
phia cream pop" notoriety, is announce*
to shortly take to the lecture platforn
and let loose his eloquent tongue on tlx
temperance question.
G.O. Redick,one of the Murphy mis
eionaries, is a printer by traift>.
Mrs.G.C. Levy, wife of the Centennia
Commissioner from Australia, is stop
ping at the McLure.
Arrivals at rnr Hoteia?The fol
lowing -are among the late hotel ar
Qranl?Jacob Long, Norwalk, O.; Geo
Mitchell, Columbus; T. M. Kramer
St. James?Mi**es McKay, Mil lei
and O'llare, Steubenville; R. E. Water
and wife, Marrietta; W. C. Cochran, St
Clairsville: H. E. Watson, Morjjantown
H. W. Ball, Portsmouth; Wm. H. Crosa
ley find wile, Miss Minnie Crowley, Leb
anon, O.
^ il/elurf?G.B. Williamson, L. RLong
G. E. Mercer, Grafton; B. E. George an<
wife, Miss Nellie George, Martinsburg
L. B. Caswell, Piedmont; C. E. Gross
Steubenville; L. N. Kelly, Washington
Pa.; C. A. Strange, Newberg.
Jcstice Wm. Pniixirs.?Constabli
EiIptod Satllfttlav arnxlixl
man upon a warrant issued by Justlct
Phillips at the instance oi Wm, Nichol
son, who charged him with "obtaining b}
false pretences and tokens the ?um of $5
the property of said Wm. Nicholson, ami
which $5 said George Herman did u#<
forhb sole benefit and use, and hadnc
intention to send to said son at the tirn<
he received it." Herman was sent to jail
in default of $200 bail, for a future hearing.
T&istam Dunham's Will ?Mr. Tris
tam Dunham, not long since deceased
bequeathed $5,000 to the Missionary So
ciety cf the Methodist Episcopal Churcl
?on the death of his widow?and $5,0tK
each to the following societies, viz
Methodist Episcopal Church Extenuoi
Society, American Bible Society, and U
the Old People's Home of New Yorkmaking
in all $20,000. Mr. Dunham wai
the father of Dr. John Dunham, wh<
many years ago edited the Wheeling Ar
A Pleasant Party ?Major Norton
United States Army, of Wheeling, and
his accomplished wife, on their retun
from theinanguration, spent last evening
at the Queen City Hotel, where Col. Sharj
(rave an entertaioment in their honor
The evening was most delightfully spent
and the Major and party leave for hom<
this morning, we hope pleasantly im
?ressed with our citv and their host.?
'ridov's Cumberland Seta.
Tint old Ott property, near the Wash
ington Mill, was sold to Messrs. Harn
List and Joseph Seybold on Saturday fo?
$15,500. The property consists of a
iquare containing twenty-eight lots, locatAl
below 41st street, and a mansion
house which was built by Mr. Ritchie
the founder of Ritchietown, manv years
A girl named Kate Swims in August
last left her home on the corner of Allej
F and 25th street, .unknown to hei
widowed mother, and went to Philadelphia,
since whieh time she has not been
beard from.
A number of tramps, who were spenda;
the night in the vicinity of the River
e and Belmont mills,'on Thursday
v#hing engaged in a general row, in
rhich several of them were severely inured.
A fish weighing fortv pounds, and a
lumber of smaller specimens ot the tinnv
ribe, were found in the barge Top Mill,
rhen she was put on the docks a (ew
lays since.
Thkrk were several committee meetog*
in the city building on Saturday
veaing. The Council Committees on
streets and Alleys, City Prison and Scales
r?re in session.
. , "
Tutorial or Bul Emm?The following
Uuuftn ol tul MUt< wtrt idollUd
to record ia the office o! the Clerk ol
the County Court. Saturday:
Deed made January 85, 1877, by the
Greenwood Cemetery Association to
Robeit: McClelland, Jr, for lot 88 in
section P of said cemetery: $50.
Deed made January 29, 1877,by Ureen?
wood Cemetery Association to Charles
Bingell, for lot No. 87 in section F of
said cemetery; $1.
Deed made March' 2.1877. br thd City
of Wheeling to Latlnla Vfasson, for
lot No. 321 in the Peninsular Cemetery;
$12 50.
Deed made September 8, 1870, by
Kbenezer J. McColloch, executor ol
Kbenezer J. McColloch, deceased, and
others, to Kbenezer W. Magee, for about
168 acres of land on the bank of the Ohio
rieer, about six miles above the City o!
Wheeling; $8,000.
Deed made March JL1877, by Wm. T.
Burt and wife to Mrs. Mary Metcalf,
Mr*. Martha B. Woodward and Miss Sue
i G. Metcalf, for lot No. 0, on .he south side
of 15th street; $4,600,
4Deed made March 9,1877. by Thomas
Prince to Katherine Lobmiller, for the
west half of lot No. 85, on Indiana street,
, between Chestnut and Walnutstreetn; $1,
Deed made Maroh 9, 1877, by Louis
Bonenberger and wife to Frank Qruc^
for the middle part of lot No. 32, on the
west side of Market ntreet; $1,300.
1 Deed jpade March 2,1877, by the city oi
WWlinn4?.nmM T W???
1 321 in Peninsular cemetery; $12 60.
i Raid on Bawdy Houses.?On 8aturdry
night about midnight the boys in blue
made a rati upon two notorious' bagnios,
I and marched the inmates off to the lock*
up. At Mrs. John Bhipp's (rut Feeder)
place nine men and fonr women were arrested,
viz: Geore McGumphrey, Darid
Young, John Young, Wm. Lynch,Thompson
Leasurc, John McCarver, George
i Snyder, Jacob Schell, Jamee Morrow,
> May Singleton, Julia Hines, Anna Williams,
Mary Shipp. Three males and
I three females were cimtured at Jennie
Norrington's place. Their names are:
Harrey Peterson, Jennie Norrington,
i John Jackson, George Terrel, Annu
! McCoy, Kate Randolph.
, About 3 o'clock in the morping the
officers made a descent upon the noto*
. rious "lava beds," and in a house kept by
Maggie Bias (colored), arrested the foli
lowing: Maggie Bias, Rody Baker, Sue
. Savior, James Thompson.
; Paov. Baldwin.?This clever ex pose i
, of spiritualistic humbug will give an ex>
. hibition in the Opera House this eve
ning. We have had an opportunity o!
i personally witnessing Prof. Baldwin*!
performance and can assure our readers
both believers in spiritualism and others
that tEey will be well repaid by patroniz
: ing him. Prof. Baldwin simply by hi*
> consummate skill duplicates without any
aid of spiritulism all the most wonderfo
tests of all the most celebrated, including
causing letters of blood to sppear on hu
i naked arm, the great handcuff test, thi
I pillory test, the performance ot thi
Davenport Brothers, the miracle of turn*
i ing water into wine, and the celebratec
. Katie King mystery. He ii assisted by
; Madame Clara Baldwin, through whow
, marvellous power ns a clairvoyant the
I most astounding revelations are made t(
1 the audience.
The Otera House.?The Buffalo Bill
( combination closed their engagement *
r the Opera House with an afternoon ant
1 evening performance on Saturday. Botl
performances were well patronized bj
the public. The company goes iron
. here to Zanesville, thence to Columbus
ar,A fl Ml -1
. son at Omaha, Neb.^ the latter part o
! Besides the twenty-three arrests foi
J prostitution, noted in another column, ai
10 o'clock last night the following arresU
had been made: James Greeley, Hcnrj
1 Klevia and Patrick Carson, vagrancy
Henry Crojpin. drunkenness; Dan. O'C
j Quinlan, picking the pocket of Georg>
' Fraser of a handkerchief.
! We learn that the managers of th<
late inaugural ball will suffer no pecuni
ary lo?s on acconnt of the receipts no
, being sufficient to defray the expensed
The deficit will be made up from a guar
antce fund.
The wife of Cant. Steve St?rague, ol
[ the Baltimore ? Ohio railroad, met witl
an accident at Moundsville on Saturda;
by which she broke a limb.
' The SchuIUboat club have decided tc
r send a committee to Pittsburgh to buy i
9 float for a boat house superstructure, anc
two working boats.
I The members of Win. Tell Lodge Xo
* 6,1.0.0. F., yesterday afternoon mttend
ed the funeral of Mr. Louis Ebeling, whe
died in Centre Wheeling on Friday.
! The Furbish Fifth Avenue Combina
' tion has been booked for the Open
' House for Saturday evening next.
The sale of reserved seats lor th
. Richincs-Bernard Opera Company com
" m.nM. i .v
, box office.
r Twenty-eioht cases had been bookei
foe the police court this morning up t<
f 10 o'clock last night.
* Give H to the children. Physician
? prescribe it. Thousands use it. Sold b;
druggists. Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup.
White, black, opera and colored kit
icloves only 50 cent*, in all sires, at Spejei
. Bros'.
| An elegant set of parlor furniture
nearly new, for sale at auction to-day a
1 10 o'clock at 10W Main street (Bishop'i
; house).
1 School hats 25 cents, at Speyer Bros
Attend the auction sale of good furnj
? tu re at 10 o'clock this morning at (Bish
> op's house) No. 1050 Main street
SrLK handkerchiefs only 25 cent*, at
Speyer Bros'.
I An anthracite stove, as good as new, a
i auction this morning at 10 o'clock, a
j 1050 Main street (Bishop's house).
> ? ? ?
Esdlem variety of dowers at Speyei
, Bros'.
The autobiography of the late Wil
. liam H. Seward is announced in our ad
vertising colums. Every one will deairi
to read about one of the founders of thi
. great Republican party.
Liken collars only 10 cents, at Spejei
i Agents Wahtep.?Times promise bet
ter than for years past, and note is th<
, opportunity to select the quickest selling
agents' books. The best, freshest anc
most popular two and three dollar booki
I can always be had by addressing the On
tral Pub! Co^ Pittsburgh, Pa.
New Spring hats in great variety, a
Speyer Bros*.
Fine Gjunmco.?W. B. Walters,late o
Philadelphia, Pa^ has located in this city
and has taken rooms at 112S Main street
where may be seen specimens of work ir
Fine Graining. Mr. Walters has juni
completed the work oT mining the Capi
tol building, also at the new bailding
erected by Mr. Bodley on 15th street. Ai
an artist in decorative graining Mr,
Wallers took the first premium at tlu
Great Northwestern Fair of Pennsylvania,
for the finest specimens, imitating closelv
to nature the various woods used in
architecture. He invites an examination
of the work he has already done. All
persons wishing to employ him will please
call or drop him a postal card at 1129
Slain street
The Grand Central Hotel, Now York,
will perpetuate its popularitj by its judidoue
reduction of rates from $4 to its
preeent raten of $3 to $2 60 per day.
10 pair paper coffo only 15 cents, at
1'atbohi of a first-class hotel juatly
consider themeelve* entitled to comfortsble
rooma, a bountiful bill of fare, and
coarteooi treatment in the offioe. All
theae, combined with a notable degree of
elegance throughout, are to be found at
the Colonnade Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa.
._ eod,
Striped hoee and tocki only 10 cents,
at Spejer Broe'.
It you want a carpet at half price go to
, J. w. Fibhkl a,
Cor. Main and 20th street*.
iljutuaoMi mirror* only 25 centa, at
Speyer Broa'.
A $600 Piako rom $250.?A lady ofiera
to aell her 7-octate Piano, rosewood caae,
carved legs, for $250. Piano originally
coat $600, is good aa new and been used
' only a few monthe. Can be Men and
heard at Adama & Lucas' Muiic Store,
1227 Market street
' Nick rnches only 5 centa, at Speyer
[ . If tou want aa fine a white shirt ns
there Is in the city for $1, go to
Rucnis 15 centa a doren, at Speyer
Splkndid Lot of Violins, Guitars, Banios.
Accordeons, Concertinas, Flutea,
Files and other small musical instruments
lor sale at importers' prices, at
Shieb'a Music Store, Main street.
Htwtii) handkerchiefs, only 4 cents,
?i opsjvr orun .
Ir you want a pair ot borne made 10-4
wool blanket* for $2 50, or 12-4 do for
$5 50, go to the closing out sale of
Piks 3 cent* a paper, at Speyer Bros'.
Ip you wish to nave money, do not fail
to go to John Koemer'* Wholesale and
| Retail Dry Goods, Carpet and Wall Paper
Emporium, Nos. 2019 and 2021 Main
street, where you will find the largest and
, choicest stock of goods, at exceedingly
. low prices, for cash. Members of the
' Legislature wishing to lay in a general
| assortment can be best accommodated,
, and should not fail to call and examine
our stock and prices, at
' John Koemer'h.
? 0 <m m
Ksittiko A>tton only 4 cents a ball, at
Speyer Bros'.
| J. W. Ferrel is making things red
: hot in closing out his immense stockof dry
1 goods and carpets. Call; you can get
1 great bargains.
Handsome Hamburg edging* only 4
I cents a yard, at Speyer Bros'.
Good Advice.?Now is the time fo
> year for Pneumonia, Lung Fever, ?So.
> Every family should hare a* bottle of
BoecmEE's German Syrup. Don't allow
for one moment that cough to take
I hold of your child, your family or youri
self. Consumption, Asthma. Pneumonia,
I Croup, Hemorrhages, and other fatal ditu
i eases mar* set in. Although it is true
r German Syrup is curing thousands of
i these dreaded diseases, yet it is much bet,
ter to have it at hand when three doses
- will cure you. One bottle will last your
f whole family a winter and keep you safe
from danger. If you are consumptive,
do'not rest until you have tried this rem-'
r edy. Sample bottles 10 cents. Regular
' size 78 cents. Sold by your Druggist.
1 Wholesale agents, Logan, List & Co., and
r Laughlin Bros. & Co. eodiw
Hirer Mew*.
f The Ragon left for Parkersburg at her
regular hoar Saturday morning.
The Hudson left for Cincinnati nt 4 p.
! 3C Saturday with a very fair trip.
The little Tempest, which ha* been
1 lying at Sunfish for some time past, came
' up on Friday night and returned on Saturday
The Express will be the regular Par.
keraburg packet this morning.
1 The Courier is due from Cincinnati to1
P the steamers Carrie Brooks and Salt
Valley passed up on Saturday evening.
The Granite State, six hours behind
1 time, passed down at noon Saturday, en
J route for Portsmouth.
' The Kerr will go to Pittsburgh this
morning at 6 o'clock.
The O'Neal,Market Boy, Phaeton,Star
' of the West, Bettie Gilbert and Telegram
' are all running as usual.
> The Sam. Miller passed down at 2 p.m.
Saturday with a heavy tow of coal.
|Bj Tel^ph.]
Pittsburgn, March 10.?River 13 feet
8 inches and falling. Large quantities
of ice coming out of the Allegheny. Reports
from Oil City say 8 feet and falling.
? Br. Love, March 11.?Arrived?Stan"
nard and Bee and barges, New Orleans;
City of Chester, Memphis. No depar{.it:?
-i?i- ?
JIIIH IMUUj DIUBi;, 1/1 lUlllig
i rain most of the day and warmer.
Mpiphtp, March 11.?Hirer rising
low. Departed?Mitchell, Scndder, Capital
City and Colorado.
Evansyillb, March 11.?Hirer riidng
fast; 24 feet. Down?Charles Morgan,
' Grey Eagle and Eranarille. -Up?Vint.
Shinkle and Jehn L Rhoads. Weather
. cloudy.
Cairo, March 11.?Arrired?Hickbry,
Ohio rirer; Mary Houston, Louisrille;
Golden City, New Orleam; Commonwealth,
New Orleans; Headlight, Pitta(
bargh; Thoe. Mean?, Ohio rirer; Belle,
i ETansrille, Departed?Golden City,
Cincinnati; Hickory, St Louie; St. Generiere,
Vicksburg; Houston, New Or'.
lean*; Headlight, St. Loo in, Thou. Means,
St. Louis. Rirer 1G feet 7 inches.
. Weather cloudy; mercury 48?.
Cincinnati,'March 11.?Hirer 25 feet
3 inches and riaing. Weather, rain tonight.
Departed?Graham, Pittsburgh,
t ?
To Builders & Dealers
t IN *
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Doors, Saih, Shutters,
Frames, Lumber, Lath&Shingles,
We can and triU girc you Bottom Priees.
Try u* before buying ehewhere.
; Hanes, Wilson & Co.,
, mrC
w. a. cutowmx, a. a. atrrm, i. rnrmxui
Pm'i. Brwn
[ Brawen, MiHttert & Hop Dealers.
Hiring Uxwoofhly m?nli?l tb? WhedtM
. Brwwer^.tad chinjrd iu elirt BkUfcatot br
, ortftaiBBCJ Joint Sleek Claimsjr. tad pkrtag Mr
I A. H SMITH in dorp d iW WfcTlWv
. meat, v* ir* a?w prepared to fornix
"g BMltHACq
Of Wheeling, W. Va. Aneti Over Quarter Million Dolliri.
J. N. VANCE, President T. P. PHILLIPS, Seoretary,
M. REILIY, Vict President. I. H. WILLIAMS, Assistant Seo'y.
D. W. BURROWS, General Agnt.
Franklin Insurance Co's Agency,
The largest Independent hsoranoe Office la (hi State, repreeeatlig over
This Agency, Mm Independaat of ill Board oomblnatlim, Insures all elniei at
daalrable property-both Fire and Marine?at reakonable ratei, Ita Indeanltj
unsotpaued, ad|ustments liberal, and promptniss In payaeot of loaiea rtcos
mend! It to the patronage of the publio. The Agaaoy oemprlsea the Mlewlng
\ortli llrltisli and Mercantile Ian. Co. ol London end Edinburgh
Fire Association ol I'lilladelphla.
Union Insurance ( onpaay of Philadelphia.
Weatern Atinrance Company ?t Toronto.
BnfljUo Insurance Company, ot Bnflalo V Y.
Mobile I'liderwritem* Aaaoclatlon, ol Mobile, Ala.
Rriliali American Amuranee Company, ol Toronto.
Royal Canadian Insurance Company, ot Montreal.
T. P. PHILLIPS, A.Keut. ,
Silver Lake Flour House.
Louisiana Sugar, Molasses and Rice.
2,000 Packages Lake Herring
2,000 Packages Nos. I, 2 and 3 Mackerel.
Nos. 1412 & 1414 Main Street. I
ESTABLISHED IS 1837. CaiToll & B r O..
* ! Km 6, 8 4 10 SixTxnmi nr.
j. HUM VAJCC*. | vr. a. ul^ukv j a. o. m?au , importer! and Daalrn In the beat ci
VANCE, HUGHES & CO.,! kalian marble and statues. j
! American and Brotch Granite Monument* ?e'
SUCCESSORS TO T?hlrt*. at the very lowest mates
Boots and Shoes, j ?
No. 1301 Htln St., Wbe.llnj, W.Va. ! H* * "**ni "" ',rTl"'c
if j
? =i]yi::r. l. lutes
| A* Foreman snd Manager, we are usw Fr*
| pared to do all kinds of
Encaustic, and
> | Stipple Work.
No. 1155 Mamn St., u tie o%lg $m*uu $*! I We will furnish estimates and tske cvs
M. for Painting Public .ad Pri?<* f
*uh tliel?t?ii?il?t3tfin tofMoSfinU^dtr IBuildinga, Builders and Contractor**"
toau.nyta.tfteM, |nTit(d o?ll OB M.
la Tffeublo, tbh, oyitm, r*nie, tad emyihiiyt I ' . , .
inm*oa,aad rrMlt up in a manner unexwiw I W e are also prepared to do whntth."
in the country, lie can I* relied upon alwayi to I. , , , , ,
furnhhertry thing tm-chrn. u: I has long felt the need of, vu,
jr?t received?
r Genuine Kalsomining.
HmUum. Pj'-u^ Set. Bracelets, ByanB,ot ?hichlllmek,?u. ?'
aw sash Pins. ....
ceilings ?re entirelr obliterate.
Doe'i W1 to call and m tbcu, it *ul jnj jw
Prtajwylo*. Bi.bttetlnxtrMir OFR FKICK3 WILL BE AS 10,v A"
& C0" A. W. PAULL&BRO_?rl
TTIGG1XS' GALLERY, lltt Main StroH.
M* nonsnr.oot'-J'.""1 i
U Trxirni sr. FlUlXlvLi n
Elegant Cabinet Photographs. TYPK
Art ?l.pw PLOD*- ,M nm* Wt>w. CiH t?n*'
IiST, BATWrOKT ? PAMB. "irT ~,r*-Ummn"'

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