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Oar Two KMllroad IVojrcu.
The fortune* of th# Tuscarawas Valle
road and of the Pittsburgh, Wheeling.
Kentucky road neern on the point of cul
urinating iiniultaneously so far an thi
city is concerned. During the last se*
ion of the Legislature a law wa? paaiie
which enabled the counties of Brook
ami Ohio to transfer their intercut* in th
latter road to any parties or any raiiroa
company that uight aee fit to go on wit
Hie work. Under thin enabling act thi
road will undoubtedly be iiniahed. Th
profl|?ectri arc that work will be resume
at an early day. We understand tha
Mr. Thaw, of the Pennsylvania company
h tinally persuaded that the proper tirn
ban now come for returning operation)
both an respects the hard pan price n
which materials can now be had and tin
near at hand revival of busine*?.
Before summer come* we shall not In
surprised to nee work going forwar<
t i^uruuBiv uii me iwo iinert reierreu tc
The Tuscarawas Valley people have al
ready voted in stockholders meeting t
complete their line to Wheeling. Wt
understand from Captain McLure tha
they will put a force on. the road a
Urichsvillc, another op thin end, and i
third force at dome intermediate poinl
When commenced the company wil
throw their whole energy into the worl
of npeedy completion. They, ton,are c,
the opinion that the present isthegolde
season for building n railroad cheaply
wlulc iron rail* ate purchasable at $>
and ateel rails at $48 per ton. Whe
work stopped three years ago on th
P. W. & Ky.road iron rail* were sellin
at $80 per ton. ba that more than on*
half of the then estimated cost of coui
pletion has been saved.
In regard to the paying prospects t
these roads it can be said that they bot
ought to pay good dividends. The 1*. V
& Ky. road will certainly be a very chea
road in the hands of those to whom tli
two counties may donate Iheir Htocl
They will receive* a property on wbic
over $400,000 has been spent, for nothinj
and that only require* $200,000 to put
in readiness ior the rolling stock. To pa
8 per cent on this suui it would only nee
to earn $10,000 net. The net earning* <
the little G'hartiers Valley road, (betwee
Washington, Pu. and its junction wit
the Panhandle road) were in 1S74 (tL
last report we have seen) $18,130. Whs
then are likely to be the net earnings of
road between Wheeling and Pitsburgh.
As respects the prospects of the Tui
carawas Valley road, the report for ele\
en months of 1S70, just published, show
on the completed line between the Lak
and Urichsville. a net earning of $321
109 GO, out of a gross busmens of $S18
079 20, which was more than sullicientt
pay the interest on the first mortgag
bonds. When we consider the fact th:
thia earning was for eleveu month* onl;
and that last year was a verv trying oi
on railroadn, especially on uncomplete
lines, we can form Borne idea of what tl
line will be likely to do when complete
through from Lake Erie to the Oh!
river. A road that is only estimated I
cost $40,000 per mile, and that can hai
35 loaded cars to one engine, ought to I
[ able to approximate the profits per mi
of a road like the prosperous C. & 1
which is stocked and bonded at $83,0(
per mile, and that only hauls an avera<
of 17 freight cars to the engine.
Inasmuch as the two railroads we hai
named are likely to be prominently b
fore this community from this time fo
ward, it is well that we should unde
stand all the points upon which the
base their claims on our people ft
capital stock. The Tuscarawas Valie
road expectu not only to pay dividem
after a few years on its stock; but claim
that it will at once pay the people i
Wheeling immediate divideuds in th
way of improved business facilitie
especially manufacturing facilities. F<
instance, it expects to reduce the freigl
on ore to our mills and furnaces from'
to 75 cents per ton, which will be an ai
vantage of a highly important characu
to start with. This action on the pa
of this road will compel the C. ?St P. t
afford the same facilities for the sau
price, and thus we may hope to see tv
<u>|>wtHUit Jiuvn u> iumi bUiuiujj i" ui
very doors, both anxious to do busine.
. for us at minimum rates of freight.
Npecialtit'Min Medicine.
We had occasion in some comments i
the volume of proceeding* recently issue
by the West Virginia Medical society 1
particularly refer to a paper written ii
Dr. Friascl, in which he spoke of tl
ijuackery in medicine that was disguise
under the term specialist, and in whic
he cited the imposition? practiced on tl:
public by that class of pretended Specia
i?ts known as cancer doctors.
We observe some remarks on the sau
subject in the Bttfliilo Medical and Surtrie.
Journal, quoted from an address deliverc
by Dr. Frank H. Hamilton, of New Yoi
City, before the alumni of the Medic;
Department of the University of Buflal
from which we make the following e:
"When 1 commenced the practice of m
profession, and within your recollectioi
we who Bimply called ourselves phys
cians and surgeons?general practiti'oi
era?occupied ihe held. Then- migl
hate been here and there a strolling S|>
cialist, but they failed generally to seem
the confidence of the people or to mali
any dangerous inroad on our practic
Our legitimate right to the entire territc
ry was practically undisturbed. Sim
then, however, following upou a few ?.
tablished successes, there has sprung w
suddenly a great excitement, such as ii
evitably follows the rumors of tlie discoery
of a new bonanza; and emigran
with no other capital than a pick and gu
have crowded into the territory and ne>
er so much as saying "by your leave
have selected their ground and drive
their stakes until little or nothing is le
to the original proprietors bnt the bai
rrn title of Doctors, which title is foun
t0bavenoweight in law againstintri
?"? l,,er? *" scarcely an orgs
of the body, or an anatomical or claiwiin
structure into which their stakes hat
not been driven, ami from which tresmei
ers are not warned."
After the above prefaoe the lecture
proceeds to give an amusing resume of tb
grand array of specialists to be found in !
, the land, in the couree of which he show* '
. up in a very ridiculous light Uie ignor* {
ance of many people concerning these ,
y specialists and of their auppoeed ability
^ to treat one part of the body or one de- '
|. rangeuient of the human ayitem, without j
IH reference to the general pathology of (
_ the patient. He mention* the 'cane of <
j a lady who at one and the name
e time van taking strychnine, iron and ,
e phosphorus from one doctor "to build
j up her nerves," and aconite, belladonna
j, and digitalia from another doctor "to
B lower the action of the heart," and who J
e applied to another specialist for Home- i
j thing for her lungs.
This in not a bad hit at a certain claim <
, of people who are continually ezperi- *
* menting with a great variety of doctor* r
| for real or imaginary ailment*, spending
t' more money in so doing than would lie *
B required to aecure the servioes of some
eminent medical man, and in the end ree
ceiving no benetit whatever but often- '
I times doing themselves much harm.
'* It was slated in yesterday'* issue that t
Mr. Arthur McKee wan to become con- (
[) nected with the future management of
f the Ohio City Nail Works. -We learn a
1 that this i* a mistake. Mr. McKee ex- i
1 pects to remain where he in, as cashier of
* the People's Bank.
| Ex-Uov. Jacob. 1
^ I'arkmliuri; Journal
j Gov. Jacob, afier having served two j
1 term*. ha* retirefPtuj-privaie life. Gov. j
n Jacob's ollieial career has been an honor- ,
r, able one, a little ungrateful, perhaps, to ^
t; Republican* who aidetl him so efticiently
in his tight with that villainous ring of y
roHcnin miinu ue encountered in UJC Ur*l
e yearn of hi* administration. With the
g co-operation of the Kepublican* of the
>. State he cruHhed the thieving ring, and
t without that assistance it would aiuuretHy
have crushed hiui. We feel sure, however,
that Gov. Jacob leave.- office with a
)f neiice of having done bin duty in a way
h that seemed to him most likely to redound
to the public good, and we are mire alno
that the people of the Stale will give
1* him the credit of having made a safe, able
ie and honest Executive.
]( Paukersiiukw i* beginning to look up;
an many a* thirty houses are to be erected
>? this summer. We hope to hear of donit
ble that number before the front* of Ocv
toiler.?I'arkerdmrg Journal.
i, The breach of promise of marriage
cane now on trial in the County Court ate
tract* numerous Hjiectators.
a When Alex. UpdegrafT, the handsome
city clerk, last night read the brief title
of the ordinance relating to awine, viz:
u "Hogs !'' a witty Councilman remarked,
r* solio rore, "There's million* in it!"'
t, Thk members of Wheeling Commanderv
No. J, Knight* Templar, meet thin
evening at 7 o'clock to make tlie neces>*
nary arrangement* for attending the fuo
neral of the late Maj. Geo. C.Trimble.
Faithful Portrait.?Mr. J. A. Faris,
the well known artist, ha* just completed
y a tine crayon picture of the late Win.
ie Ewing. It is one of the mast Htrikingly
>d natural ami lattniul portrail." we have .
ever seen. The picture wan drawn for
1 Gen. J auieri M. Ewing, from .1 photograph
" in his possession, anil will be placed on
io exhibition at Nicoll's for a few tlnv.-, ho
;o that the many friend* and acquaintances*
, of the deceased may have the pleasure of t
1 fleeing it. 1
>e ? ?
10 Personal Points.?Bishop Kain will c
, deliver a lecture at the Cathedral to*'
night on "St. Patrick, the Apostle of Ire- e
^ land." 1
re Men. I. II. Duval, who lias been quite
ill at Wellsburg, is again at his post in ?
thin city, although not fully restored to }
health. ,
e* Mr. Battle Legal, of Cincinnati, a for- t
r- mer resident of Wheeling, is stopping at
r. the St. James, accompanied by his wife, i
J. L. Ballard, well known in sew- c
* ing machine circles, anil formerly m ana- t
,r ger of the Weed Sewing Machine office t
y in this city, will in a few days leave for t
}? Boston, Mass., there to represent Hand- a
H lan, Young & Co'a glass door plates and
signs. t
31 We understand that a letter has been
e received in the city from Bishop Ames j.
9 saying that the vacancy occasioned at the
' Fourth Street M. E. Church by the expi- t
ration of Dr. Keiley's time would be fill- r
,l ed by the appointment of ltev. Dr. f
0 George, of New York State, who will
J. take charge o( the congregation about j,r
the 1st ot April. I
Dr. Keilev, who has for some days been
in attendance at the aession of the Balti- c
0 more Conference, has returned to tiie
ic city, and will preach at the Fourth Street
ro M. E. Church on Sunday morning.
,r Wheeling and Elm Gbove Railway 'j
" Extension.?An ordinance granting the 1
Wheeling and Elm Grove street railway 1
streets, from the intersection of Chapline i
m and lUth street* to Market street, wa^ t
!(] passed by the City Council last night. j
Q The object of the company in extending v
their line from the Capitol building to i
.v the lower end of the Second Ward Mar- i
it* ket, we understand, in to accommodate c
,1 the citizens of East Wheeling and Fulton, t
I and all others living: along the line of the 1
road, who desire to attend market. This t
10 extension will besides be a great conve- *
1- nienne to persons residing or having busi- c
ness in the upper portion of the city, taking
them about six squares farther than
, the present terminus of the road.
For a city of it* population, Wheeling
id is now well supplied with street railway J
k facilities. A Martin's Ferry man can 1
take a car at the ferry landing in North c
Wheeling and ride to Benson's F'errv, a <j
?? distance of more than three miles, and by d
s- crossing the ferry can continue hiB jour- d
ney to Bellaire on the line over there. '
Then the Bridgeport line connects with 8
* the rnaiu line here, and also with the 1
Wheeling and Elm Grove line, which 1
* latter will run into the country a dis- *
tance of about six miles. n
i * o
^ The Storm Kinu.?Yesterday's weath- c
; er puzzled even the o. i.?oldest inhabi?
tant. The day was sui penmi. Nothing
' like unto it "has been experienced for
" many a long month. Wednesday and r
Thursday were not particularly balmy; 1
" in fact, they were rather rough* But it i|
was reserved for yesterday to display in f:
j all its fulness the baneful influence of 1
u rushing, howling winds, of driving snow f
n and sleet; in short of a general conflict of r
the elements. Yesterday was a day i
? "hen everybody buttoned his overcoat a
* close up to his chin; when the street cars j
/. didn't much more than make half
time; when travel and traffic all over the
, city went at half pace, as if continually
forcing their way against some well-nigh n
" resistless obstruction. Down the brood c
j and unobstructed pathway made by the B
T river the storm came rushing with ter- <]
rific force. And how it dashed up the 1
'* streets that stretch beck from the river; I
how it howled alone the thoroughfare*
r which run parallel with the itmm; how c
e it roared around the earners, blinding the t
?ya? of luckle*s pedestrians with itn freey
scattered cargo of scurrying snow.
The snow rennet! falling about 10
/clock last night, leaving the ground
?vered to the depth of three or four
inches. As the weather became much
jooler during the evening,the ground wax
'rozen solid, making a good, hard Mirace,
oyer which numerous sleighs glided
imoothlyand musically during the night,
:arrying many light-hearted passengers,
rhoxe of our Iriaii citizens who so desire
nay to-day celebrate St. Patrick'* Day
villi a good, old-faihioned sleigh ride.
Klwr KewN.
The Win. Store has taken the Coal Valey
to Pittaburgb,where she will undergo
epairs. Her tow was left at Oraml
The steamers John l'enney, Ironsides,
ieo. Lisle, Lioness No. 11 and Hercules
jassed down with tow* of coal.
The Sampson No.2 passed up yenterdiiv
uorning, with an empty tow.
The steamers Emma (iraham and Carie
Brooks passed down Thursday night.
The J. M. Kerr departed for Pittsburgh
1 0 A. M.
The Hornbrook arrived from above
Thursday night.
The Express arrived from i'urkcrsbiirg
it 0 o'clock Thursday evening, and reurned
yesterdav morning at 101 o'clock.
The Ragon will leave for Parkcrshurg
his morning.
The Hudson arrived from Cincinnati
it II r. .v. yesterday, and will return ut 4
\ m. to-day.
The Salt Valley is due tip this evening.
I Hy Telegraph.)
PiTTsiiUROH, March 10. -River 10 feet
! inches and falling. Weather cloudy
mil snowing.
M km I'll !? , March 10.? Hivcr 31 feet 0
ncbes. Weather clear: mercury 35?.
Departed? Talle,l>ouually, New Orlenm;
Jherokee, Cincinnati; Olencoe, Vicksturg;
Helena, St. Louis.
Louisville. Marcli 10.?Raining.
Departed?iiold Dust, New Orleans;
toll', Cincinnati. River utationary, with
I feet!) inches in canal.
Caibo, March 10.?Arrived ? Cons.
Miller, Memphis; (iolden Rule, New Oreans.
Departed?Anderson, Nashville.
'Jiver 28 feet and rising. Wind from the
jorth. Weather cloudy.
Vickseubo, March 30.?River fell 0
nches. Weather cloudy and warui.
Down?Chat*. Morgan. Up?Illinois ami
Mice. Arrived?J. II. Maude.
Nashville, March 10.?Kivcr fulling,
vith ten feet on the shoak Arrived?
Eddyville, Cairo.
Little Kock, March 10.?a dispatch
rotu Captain Knowland, from Pine Blnf!.
ays the steamer Garland, which left
i'ine lilufl' Wednesday night for Memibis,
burned to the water's edge. No
ivea were lost. The dispatch does not
tate at what point or how it occurred.
iVeather cloudy and windy. Kiver on a
Cincinnati, March 10.?Kivcr .'ID feet
0 inches; rising li inches per hour from
ocul rains: heavy showers during the
lay; cloudy to-night. Arrived ? Kxhangc,
Pittsburgh: liobt. Mitchell, New
)rieans. Due to-night ? J. W. Oofl",
linuiphis. Departed ? Courier, Wheelnp
Kvanpville. March 1g.?Kivcr "0 feet
,nd rising. C|?? Idlewild, Coal City,
liberty, Storm No. 3. Down?J. 11.
Sigley and tow, Andy Baurn. liusine.-s
.ctive; freights plenty.
New Orleans, AlarcfrtTT.?No arrivtls.
Departed?Bismarck, St. Louis.
iVeather clear and pleasant.
St. Louis, March 10.?Arrived?SI.
Genevieve, Memphis Mollie Moore,
Pittsburgh; City of Vickaburg, Vicks?urg.
Departed?St. Genevieve, Memihis.
Kiver has fallen -1 inches. Weather
loudy and cold.
Oliio U'Rislainrc.
Uolumriw, March 1G.?In the House
o*lay, the House bill to provide for commlsory
vaccination passed.
in the Senate, M.Stevemon. of Maritta,
was continued as State Librarian.
A message was received from the Govrnor
nominating W. "W. Bond, of Coumbus
to be Public Printer.
The name of Hugh Laah, of Athens,
teretofore nominated aa trustee for the
Athens Hospital for the Insane, was
withdrawn by a special message from
he Governor.
In the Senate this afternoon, argument
n the Cox-Harrison contested election
a?e was concluded, and a resolution
ulopted postponing further consideraion
of the case until March 21, at which
ime it will be considered in secret fusion.
A bill was introduced to provide for
he election of defending attorneys, who
hall defend all penons prosecuted for
Itate offenses.
In the House this afternoon, a proracted
discussion was had on the bill to
educe the rate of interest of contracts
rom S to 7 per cent.
A motion to ameud the bill ho as to lerali/e
10 per cent, on contracts wan cheated
by a vote of 03 to 15.
The bill then, by a vote of 70 to 12, was
Peter IS. Sweeney.
New York, March 1G.?Peter li. Sweeley,
whose name was associated with Bo-s
Tweed in the great ring swindles, and who
?as been an exile for the pnst live years,
las returned. He has not-been taken in
ustodv because it was arranced with the
Utorney General that if he would return
md be present at the trial of Tweed, all
iroceedinpK, civil and criminal, so far as
irrenting him, should be puspended durng
the trial and for three days afterrard.
The trial in net down for the 8d
f April. The claim again.it Sweeney is
hat-he in liable in the same way that
Pweed wan rendered liable in the suit
hat was recently tried against hiui, in
rliich there was a verdict lor the }>eople
if six millions of dollar*,
Held lor Trlul.
Buffalo, March 10. ? Thomas w.
Thompson, of "Westlield, was held for
rial to*day beiorc the II. S. Court, on the
barge of using the mail to fraudulently
ibtain money from the relatives of the
leceased parties of the late Ashtabula
lisaster. His modus operande being to
rrite to the relatives of deceased friend*,
tating that lie had in his possession cer&in
articles of the deceased and upon
he receipt of stipulated sums he would
orward the articles named, signing his
tame Victor Bennett. The prisoner
flered no defence, pleading guilty to the
Unllroad Accident.
Tolkdo, March 1G,??A collision occured
this morning at Striker's, on the air
ine division of the Lake Shore & Michran
Southern railway, between a through
reight and n stock express train. The
atter stopped at a water tank and the
reight train coming up from the rear
an into it. Three cars of theatock train
rith a number of cattle, and the bridge
1 Striker's were burned. No person inured.
Hilled by a Knuawa) Team.
Omaha, March 1G.?Yesterday afteriood,
while jjoing toward the Union Pailic
depot in company with a friend,
Ir. Harrison K. Nichols was knocked
own and run over by a runaway team,
"he hones stepped on him and fractured
lis left arm ami skull. He lived but a
hort time after. He waa a well known
itieen ?I Denver, and was on his return
o the depot.
Louisiana and South Carolina.
President Hayes' Civil Service
Ohio has Compulsory Education
and Compulsory Vaccination.
New York Ring Robber Returned
from Exile.
The Chinese Massacre-Terrible
Excitement Among the People.
A Cut Off in the Missouri River.
WASUiNnTON, March 10.
The Vice President laid before the
Senate Mr. Mitchell'* resolution to inventilate
the charge* against Mr. Gover,
when Mr.Salisbury submitted a nubstitute
that the Committee on Privileged
and Electionp lie instructed to appoint
the Judge of the Fourth Judicial Din*
trict a commissioner to take testimony relating
to the charges against Mr. U rover,
with power to nubptcna witnesses; said
testimony to lie forwarded to the Committee
on Privileges and Elections, who
shall report the same with their conclusions
thereon at the next regular session
of the Senate.
Some discussion took place on the resolution,
]>ending which the Senate went
into Executive session.
After the doors were closed, a message
was received from the President, transmitting
various nomination^, and algo
nntjfrinff thn Knnala ?Wnt ! " U.I
further communication* to make. At
2:50 the doors were reopened anil the
Senate adjourned until 12 o'clock to-morrow,
when the nominations now pending
will be disponed of, anil the Senate will
then adjourn sine die.
Washington, March lCs?A caucus
meeting of Kepublican Senators was to
he held this morning, but no quorum
assembled, and the meeting was, therefore,
not organized. There is said to have
been some mistake in the notifications to
member*'. The President to-day adjourned
the meeting until Monday next.
The Senate, in executive session, confirmed
the nominations of Phillip 11.
Emerson as Associate Justice of the Supreme
Court of Utah; John C. Lee, U.S.
District Attorney lor the Northern District
of Ohio, and 0. Aldis, of Vermont,
James II. Howell, of Iowa, and Orange
Ferris, to be Southern Claims Commissioners:
Jessie II. Moore, Pension Agent
at Springfield, 111., and James M. Wilkinson
and John M. Farland, Receivers of
Public Moneys at Marquette and Detroit
Surveyor of Customs, Thos. Jennegan,
City District of Chicago. I . S. .Marshals?Jesse
S. Hildrup, Northern District
of Illinois, Sam. P. Evans, Eastern
District of Tennosnee: P#?tpp KWionnL
lieRiBtcr of Land Office, Norfolk, Neb.
Postmasters?Geo. F. Ward, Utica, lnd.;
MiftM Julia 1'. Wool folk, JackROii, Tenn.;
Wm.Kale, Knoxvillc, Tenn.: Sam'l Hunt,
Cleveland, Tenn.; John I). l<ewis, Pulaski,
Tenn.: John A. Post, Boise I, City of Idabo;
Silaa 11. Crounz, Helena, Montana;
Thos. K. Douglass, Mansfield, <>.; Thos.
W.Collier, jr., Coshocton, O: David
Sayre, Wabash, lnd.; Michael Piggot,
tjuincy, 111.; Jhh. II. Clark, Mattoon, 111.;
11. W .Hubbard, Centralia, 111.; Clark E.
Carr, Galesburg, 111.; Mtb. Prescilla "W.
Wilson, Ureidwood, 111.; Or'ando II.
Morwin, Evans ten, Ills.; Francis M.Taylor,
Belleville, Ilia., E. S. Koper-, Kedowa,
Iowa; George L. Tarbet, Dubuque,
Iowa; Edward Russell, Davenport, Iowa;
Wm. C.Cawlev, Manchester, Iowa; Eden
N. Heaven*, Faribault, Minnesota; Francis
M. Seelve, Lake City, Minn.; John
Kennedy, Hastings, Minn., Charles E.
Slinger, Maunatowac, Mis.; Justus T.
Moak, Waterloo, Wis.: Mrs. Ellen I?.W.
Hatch, Kolia, Mo.; Henry W. Turner,
Lexington. Mo.; Cornell Crisler, Independence,
Mo.; Arthur D. Downs, Wyandotte,
Kansas; Wm. S. lilakelv, Junction
City, Kansas; Lorenzo J. Warden,
Lawrence, Kansas; Henry King.Topeka,
Kansas; Thomas F. Hall, Omaha, Neb.
The President pent the following nominations
to the Senate to-day: Frederick
Seward, of New York, to be Assistant
Secretary of State; J. N. Tyner, of Missouri,
to be First Assistant Postmaster.
Postmasters? O. II. Merum, F^vanston,
Illinois; U.S. Hubbard,Centralia, Ills.;
Henry King, Topeka, Kas.: George T.
Ward. UttifMi. Mo V Ilifl
ington, Ills.; U. M. Mitchen, Charleston.
Ills.;Thomas F. Hall, Omaha, Neb. U.
S. Marshall!*?W. J. Waldron, Western
District of Tennessee; Samuel C. Kvann,
Eastern District of Tenneesec; Jesse S.
llildruf, Northern District of Illinois.
Thomas Jerrigan, Surveyor of Custom.*,
Michigan City, Inil. l'eter S. Charnick,
liegister of Land Office, Norfolk, Neb.
Postmaster General Key to-day reappointed
II. J. Sperrv agent in charge
of the stamped envelope works at Hartford,
Connecticut. Bperry was one of
Postmaster General Jewell's appointees,
but wa? removed soon after Jewell re*,
tired from the Cabinet.
In executive session to-day, Mr. Dorsev,
chairman of the Committee on the
District of Columbia, reported back the
nomination of Frederick Douglass to be
Marshal of the District, with the recoiumondation
that it 1k> continued. On objection
being made to its immediate continuation,
it went over under the rules
until to-morrow.
The nomination of Frederick AY. Seward
and J. N. Tyner has been continued
by the Senate.
There are very well grounded intimatiwation*
that the Cabinet will, next
week, enter upon a thorough discussion
and determination by the government, on
the matter of deciding what course is
necessary to take in its relations to the
State governments in Louisiana and South
There has been a general conversation
to-dnv regarding civil service,but no rules
have been definitely adopted. It is given
out, however, that they will embody a denunciation
of Congressional interference
in the Executive appointments and removal
of competent officials to further
the political ends of any party.
Qualifications for office are to' lie good,
moral character and ability, and the re*
quirement that officeholders ahall discharge
their functions with an eye singly
to the public welfare. The assessment
of officeholders for political purposes is
to be prohibited.
The favorable condition of American
securities abroad has mote than once
been the robject of congratulation. The
calls ior the redemption of bonds are
likely to becoatinned, judging from the}
official report* to the Treasury from the J
syndicate in Eurpe.
The following was received here thin i
Columbia, 8. C.f March 1G.
Prmdtnt llayca, ll'dnAincfwn.
In view of the telegraphic report* 11
consider it proper to Rtate that the propo* ]
sition for n new election in wholly new to
nic. So for tut 1 know no one here hm>
ever proponed or considered such a plan.,
[Signed.] 1>.H. Chamberlain.
TIic CiiiueMe MnNKurre.
San Francisco, March 10.?-A Chicago,
dispatch snys increased excitement prevail
there over the masaoere of Chinese
night before last. To-day a public meet- j
ing was held lnrgely attended by the most
influential citir.ens. Kesofutions were
passed deprecating the crime committed
and pledging the citizens to upe all mean*
to bring the perpctratorn to justice A
committe was appointed to further that
end. The excitement was intensified bv
the discovery of a placard on the office
door of what in known as the Keeper
ranchc, cautioning the proprietor against
I employing, on t>eril of the destruction of
his property, the Chinese. The gardeners
in the vicinity have had notices printed
warning all person* about approach!
ing their premises after dark, as they
will be in danger from the guards posted
for their own protection. A deputation
j of Chinamen Htarted for San Francisco
I to-day to procure from the Chinese companies
$1,000 to be offered as a reword
for the apprehension and conviction of
j the murderers.
| It has been asserted that the recent
' outrage on the Chinese had been prompted
by the action of the Sierra Flume Co. in
discharging the whites and employing
Chinese in their place; but thecompanv
state that no white men have been discharged
in the last two months and no
extra Chinese have been employed. A
strong disposition is evinced to hold the
| order of Caucasians at least morally responsible
for the outrage, though mem
bersol tho order Btrcnuouirly deny any
such responsibility, and assert their willingness
to assist in the apprehension of
| the criminals. Tin- job of clearing the
land on which these Chsnese were engaged
had been offered to the whites at
four dollars per acre more than the Chinamen
demanded, but it was declined.
Flood iu llio Missouri Itivcr.
Omaha, Neb., March 16.?The WisHouri
river is just now full of floating ice,
the result of the recent cold snap, and sn
immense ice gorge has formed in the big
bend, in a north easterly direction from
the Smelting works, causing the stream to
rise at that point, and overllow the bottom
on the iowa side for over a quarter
of a mile. The water pours down over
the Iowa banks into the main channels
forming a series of falls from four to nix
feet in height and over two hundred in
number, At one place the falls are from
forty to eighty feet wide and about six
feet high. This cut ofl' is what has been
expected for several years; its having
been an undisputed fact that it must
come sooner or later. It has long been
thought that the Missouri'would make
this cut oil and thus form a new channel
where this crcat body of water is now
rushing. It mav be that the gorge will
make :i permanent cut and thus allow
the water to resume its old course. The
hard frown ground may also, prevent a
new channel from being made.
KurniuL'oS UioNieaiiicr (>ovrruor
Mem hi*?. March 10.?A private telegram
from Pine Bluff, Ark., nays : The
Btcamer Gov. Garland, from Pine UlutV,
for Memphis, biirncd^yesterday at Ked
Fork, forty miles from the mouth of the
Arkansas river. Three deck and one
cabin passenger, and all the books and 1
cargo were lost. The Garland had C50 '
bales oi cotton on board for New Orleans
and believed to i?e insured there. The
boat was only a ye:tr old and coat
$25,000. It was owned by Capt. John N.
Harbin and others, and insured in Cincinnati
offices for $10,000.
firis Ki:roiti>.
Doston, March 1G.?A fire in E. Admoun'
building, adjoining the American '
House, caused a loss of $?'?0,000.
Lewis Kice, proprietor of the American
llouee, died of heart disease,superinduced
by excitement.
Cincinnati, March 1G.?The furniture
factory of T. M. Pitcher *S: Co., and an
adjoining saloon of Athens & Co., burned
at an early hour this morning: the loss (
has been estimated at $o0,00o uninsured.
Nashville, March 10.?-One whole Bide
of the public square of Lebanon, burned 1
last night: loss $o0,000; insurances" ,000.
PAKEitsnuiki, Iowa. March 1G.?A
lire Inst night destroyed a number of ,
Oliver Allies' Will.
Taunton, Mass., March JG.?'The will
of the late Oliver Ames was admitted to
probate to-day. Hi? public bequests
amount to $220,000.
Oliver Ames' bequest to his wife was
$500,000: to his daughter Helen. SS(>0 onn
to his son'# wife, $50,000: lo F. L. Ames '
and wife a* trustees, $50,000 for eacli 1
grand child; to Iuh sinters each, $10,000:
to hid sou Frederick, all his interest in
the steel works; ami excepting various
other small bequest, all residue to his 1
wife, son and daughter.
Murder Deliberate and Malicious
Chicago, March 10.?The coroner's I
verdict in the case of W. C. Pike, who 1
yesterday shot Dr.Stephen S. Jones, is to 1
the effect that Jones came to his death
by pistol shots aimed by said Pike, who
premeditatedly, deliberately and maliciously
tired them, and the jury find it
was murder in the tirst degree: also that
Pike's wife Genevieve should lie held as
accessory before the fact and recommend
that both be held to the grand jury without
New Hampshire Election.
Concord, March 10.?Keturns from
every town in the First District give '
Jones, Democrat, a plurality of 45.
The Secoud District, all but one ward
and one town, gives Briggs 1,132 plurality.
All but three towns in the Third District
give Blair 1,101 plurality.
Aikes, S.C., March 10.?Nelson Brown, j
Lucius Thomas, Adam Johnson and John ,
Henry Denis, all colored, were hanged ,
here to-<iay for the murder of two white
men. Stephen Anderson, also colored, (
was found guilty of the same crime, but ,
was yesterday respited for thirty days by j
Governor Hampton.
Weather Indications.
Wax ttkpatoncxt. ) '
omcK o? thb Cmcr bkinal Omntu, 1
Wauimutox, D. C, March 17?1 a. ?. J
raoBAQUTtxa. )
The Tennessee and Ohio Valley and
Lower Lakes, rising barometer, north to
west winds, colder and clearing but part- j
Iv cloudy weather. 1
Mohtmal, March 10.?Henry J. Tif- ,
fin,recently of the firm of Tiffin Bros., >
lias suspended. Liabilities $125,000. i
Tiffin has a controlling interest in the j
Lecastro Syrup Company, but it will not i
be affected by his suspension. i i
Tilt: KAKTMtV l|l tSTIVN. '
Lonikjn, March 10.?The Time*, in a c
leader, says the supposition is reasonable d
that (General Ignatieil would not have
altered hi* programme to come to Lou- c
don unless there well grounded expecltt- n
tions that u formula could be produced 11
unobjectionable to either party. The n
English Government may be right in re- 1
quiring that the protocol should record .
Russia's promise to demobilise, but England
should not insiRt upon her views in
this resj>ect with too great stringency. .
CoNSTAjmuorLE, March 10.?-Several J
Hofta* have been arrested for posting 11
placards denonncing Midhat Pasha's ban- n
ishment, the peace with Bervia, and the r
territorial cessions claimed by Monteue- J
Sro* u
Bafuse Pasha, the Turkish Minister of
Foreign Affairs, told the Montenegrin a
delegates yesterday that the Porte was t
only prepared to grant a rectification of
the frontier in the direction of Senbix,
Banjani, Piva, Drobruck and Charantze, y
and would grant h rectification of the M
frontier in favor of Turkey in the direc- jj
tion of Yassnycurt. Notwithstanding w
this decision, it is stated that no formal
rupture has yet occurred between Montenegro
and the Porte.
St. PrrzBsmJBO. March 10. ? When ?
Gen. ignatieil submitted the proposed ~
protocol lor Prince Bismarck's inspection,
the latter, said that there was noth- w,
inginitto commit anybody. It might
safely be signed by every power in
Europe from Kunia to Monocoa.
VKMATT.TiTB, March 10.?In the Cham- dj
bcr of lteputieti to-day tiiere wss a long
debate over a request "of the government
for authority to proeecutc l>eputy Paul
de Cassagnac, for a violation of the press lc
laws. Cassagnac made a speech declaring
that the Republicans proclaimed their
devotion to liberty but did not carry out
its principles, l'liey merely acted as g
the monarchists would do under the same _
circumstances. lie denied that he had
attacked the Chamber in his journal.
His attack* were directed 1
only aeainn individual" or parties,
nor had he made any attack on the established
Government which he would
continue to reflect until 1SS0. He censured
Minister Simon, who formerly de- q(
fended Kocheford. He said, that he jn
would respectfully accept the decision of
the Chamber, but would again raise his
head before the Court of Justice, if lie
should be arrainged.
Simon replying, objected to Cassagnael
invoking the Republican princi- dl
pies. He declared himself* still
an advocate of liberty, but the ih
Cassognac offence was against the C<
common law, viz: Inciting civil war. fo
He inveighed against the JionapartistH, di
who Bought to create the belief thatthev jo
could act with impunity and strove to
return to power by terrorism. The as- lit
sailants of the Kciiublic would tind men to
resolved to defend it. fo
The Chamber divided and the Govern- so
ment's request was granted?yeas HOC,
nays 147, The minority was composed m
of extreme Radicals and Monarchist*. ch
The Franca we says positively that tier- to
many has addressed 110 complaints to fo
France respecting the construction of of
fortification*. tu
? F
London, March 1G.?Amount of bullion
withdrawn from the Hank of lingland
on balance to-day, ?20,000.
London, March 10.?In the House of
Commons Sir Stafford Northccote said :
The present situation is this, that the ea
British government lias received from pa
Russia a proposal to join in n proctocol, W
which will embody the views of the I'owers
as to the situation in the East. A
draft of the protocol as projKJsed by llus- 1
?ia, and given to Lord Derby on Sunday,
has been considered by the Cabinet. Modtfications
of the language were proposed, j
which amendments were placed in the sil
hands of Count SehnvelnfF. wlm mn1<1 nntw
receive them ad referendum, and is await- i
ing instructions from Kussia. Ur
Gang ot Thieve* ltroken Dp.
St. Louis, March 1G.?The Globe. Dan
aero/ special from Leavenworth, Kansas,
jays, timt a gang of horse thieve* was t?s
broken up yesterday in that country, and Te
its leader, Joe Mailer and three others of 01
the party were arrested. ;
Advices from Indian Territory, say, lo
that the condition of anarchy still exists th
in and around Caddo, that part of the He<
country being under control of a hand of ?
desperadoes. Day before yesterday, a '
party of |half-breed Indians from" the
country, went into Caddo, and being j0
joined by half a dozen men of er
the town, attacked u freight train 51
on the track of the Missouri, Kansas and eh
Texas railroad, under the impression to
that several detectives were aboard of it, eh
who were sent there to arrest them. A vt
tight ensued between the ruffians and the be
train men, in which an ex-Marshal named . '
Bennett was shot four times and killed, jjjj
Subsequently the outlaws raided through
the town, firing their revolvers, drove all
the citizens into their houses and kept sn
the whole place in a state of terror for ten 36
or twelve hours. 8,(1
Holler ExplOMiou. Cc
Cincinnati, 0., March 16.?The Com- ^
meraal's Washington, lnd., special says
that a boiler in Hunter Bros, saw mill Qu
exploded this afternoon, instantly killing jjj"
two of the Hunter brothers, two brothers
named Bender and one man name un- Ma
known. Several others are reported
dangerously wounded. ^
made an assignment. gn
A special to the same paper savs that Eri
Beck Stonebraker, grain buyers ami
|iork packers, of Hagerstown. Jnd., made
an assignment to-day. Liabilities re- Ml
ported at $120,000; assets not stated.
James M. O'Downell, wax arrested 1>U
here to-day, by an officer from Peoria, ^
I lis., on a charge of swindling certain No
parties in Peoria, out of $15,000 by means
of false representations as to mortgages
upon some property in Covington, Ky. 1
^ un
Verdict in the Xnvier Church &hi
Calamity. eai
New York, March 1G.?The Coroner's
jury in the case of the calamity at St.
Francis Xavicr Church, returned the following
verdict: We find that Margaret ^|j
Kellev and others, came to their death pn
during the panic on the stairs of the wes- $1;
tern gallery of the St. Francis Xavier coj
Church on the night of March 8, 1877. Bu
We further recommend that the police Wi
department shall furnish an officer or of- 1
ticers, to attend at all the churches of the
city during divine service, whenever re- V5
quested to do so by tlie pastor of the
church or other authorities. We consuler
this in the construction of the church
the means of exit are entirely safe.
CntlorHrmetil of Nicholln' Kern*.
InUon. JJ
New Orleans, March 1G.?The lead- ?I
ing bank presidents, insurance compu- ex;
tiie?, cotton factors, commission and pro- By
dace merchants of New Orleans, tele- Di
graphed to President Hayes to-day, enHorsing
the resolutions adopted by the 3
Nicholls General Assembly and assuring Z?
jo-operation in restoring confidence and Slt
fraternal relations, and guaranteeing ^
protection of life, liberty and property to rel
U. Bi.
Died of Landanuui.
St. Louis, March 10.?a man givit
ii? name a# AVm. C. Van, of Clucag
topped at the Richmond llouie, in th
ity yenterdnv. To-night he wnH foun
ead in bed in his room, having die
rom the effect* of laudnauiu admin istei
d by hiuiHelf. Ho had no uioney an
othing wa* iound in hif room except
lemorandum book, containing hi* naui
nd a few memoranda of a private m
ietflng It duly lor an InveMtign
San Francisco, March 10.?In con
jrmity with orders of the Secretary o
lie Navy, the "team corvette Lackawan
a will leave a* noon an poiwiblc for Ma
Ulan to investigate the recent noizur
nd detention of the American Rchoone
fontana. She will lie delayed a few dayi
y repairH to her machinery,and shipping
'n|itiiiu Kben Mard mulcts ui:
Detroit, March 10.?Captain Eber
i'ard. a well-known ateamboat and vei?
il owner, made an assignment to-day
living endowed paper for Caleb Ives
ho fuiled last week.
Hanover, N. IL, March 10.?Professo
, C. liartlet, of Chicngo, has accepted tlx
residency of Dartmouth College, am
ill assume the duties of the positioi
jont tlie loth of May.
A Neighbor liny.
Amherst, Mass.. Narch 10.?j. 1]
ingley, of Barncsville, (>., in among th<
miors appointed to content for the llnr
r prize.
Memphis, March 16.?Dr. J. 1!. Mai
try, a prominent physician, died to-day
Murine Intelligence.
San Francisco, March 10.?Clearedhip
Three Brothers, Liverpool. Sailct
Steamer Klimo C'alimo, Panama.
London, March 1(?.?Tilt' steamship
;. Laurent, from Hew York, has arrived
Albany. N. Y.. "Mnrrl. 1<: ?ti.a <
nor ha* sent to the Senate the name ol
eneral George JJ. McClcllan for Supcrtendent
of l'nblic Work?.
Chicago, March 11?.?ltcv. Thoma>
Gara. for twenty-three years a priest
this diocese, and the oldest officiating
ergymnn in this part of the country,
edat St. Joseph's Hospital to-day.
tJTTAWA. March 1(?.?l)uring debate or
e tariff resolutions in the House oi
immous, thin morning, a motion to af
rd increased protection to goods proiced
in Canada vras defeated by a inn
rity of 31.
Nashville, March 1G.? Thomaaon,
w been sentenced hy the Supreme Court
be hanged at Columbia, April 27th,
rthe murder and robbery of Ji. F.Jackn
last year.
Philadelphia, March 1G.?A moveent
is on foot in the Commercial Exmnge
to establish a call board simihu
those in existence in other large cities,
r the purpose of facilitating the selling
grain and establishing values for fore
Kctv York Money uuil Slock.
Nrw York, March 1C.?MOKBY?Closed
sy nt 23^a t per cent. Prime mercantile
per 4a.r?per cent Custom receipts
D. .The Assistant Treasurer disbursed
1,000. Clearing* $^10,000,000. Sterling
in at -J.K-I54n4.8ti.
UOU??Opened nt 101 and closed at
l->4. Carrying rates ^al percent. Loans
re also made flat and at Ua.'l per eent lor
SiI.VKn?At Lomion fil^d per o/.. Here,
ver bare are $1 24), greenbacks; $1 IS1.:.
Id. Silver coin per cent discount.
Uovkrnmkktk?Activeauil firm.
itted bun* 6a of 1881, coupons- 112! ,'
re-Twentlea (1866) 107 id
rf-Twcntu* (1865) new ?10.s--?
n-TwonUt* (1867) ?.lll",
r?-Twcmlwi (lfl6S)._,...^. ^..lia;-;
w FWia.....~~....~~ ....... 110
w Four nud h halij .....?.lot;
a-fortiea.? ..._
ii-torui* (coupoas)... Ill
rrcncy tiixcj 12!!,
Uailuoad Boki>s?Irregular.
Static Skcuuitik?Quiet..
Stocks?Were in the main weak and
wer. In a few enses nrie?*? ...
15 opening, but the improvement was subluently
lost. Tin- decline rangeil from
to 2 per cent in the general list, but
licagn, ltarlington a Quincy dropped
arly 5 per cent, Railing down to 85M and
isiugntOG. llock Island declined from
I >4 to 99 XA and closed at pan Northwestapreferred
from oJ-tf to 51 J,, cloning at
Western Union from G4?^ to 03}*.
ssing at the lowest figure; Chicago & Alii
declined to 88 bid, closed at 1)0. Other
anges unimportant. At final close there
is a Blight recovery in some cases and a
tter feeling prevailed.
On Produce Exchange to-day the followg
notice was posted: "Jauies ivingon,
t-tl suddenly, aged 35." The flag of the
oduceKxchnntrc was at half-mast.
The transactions aggregated 138,000
ares, of which"3,000 were Pacific Mail,
,000 Western Union, 8,600 Northwestern.
100 ltock Island, 5,0C0 tit. Pauls, 3,000
ie, 20,000 Lake bhore, 5,000 New York
ntral, 24,000 Delaware, Laokawannu %
estern, and 2,500 Chicago, Burlington &
*tcrii Onion.C.'1U C.C. C4 27
ickilltci ! ", New Jerwy Leu. u
IckillTcr pfdw... ~ Uock island ion
attcMaii 1T4, hu Paul !!
npoH? r?>4 St. Paul j.r?lmevl...
xipmapre'erred.. &}{ Wibaih- ?...
aws Expreca lCrJ Fort Wayne yjft
tllL Fargo ilk. 84 Trne Haute. ?... j
icncac? :.7 Terre Haute pld WV.
ited ritatca...?.... -ts Chicago A Alton ... iiO
Y. Contra! 'j 1/4 ChlKoa Alton p,'d?.lOi)
t ...... ityA Ohio & Mlataappi. '<l\
le prelarrt?l........ 17 belli. A lacka o<>
rlcui... ~ _...i:i7 A. A P.TpIckt?|Ui.^ ifi' ?
rlotn prelerri\l...i::<- Minourl Fuk~JlC
chimin Central^!*' Indians Central lirj
iiiiiii burlingtonA Quits.. !x;
ton Pnclncnock.."o'j 11. Abt.Jut io'?
te Hliorv t*>)* Central Pit. UnidtwluV _
not* Central M), Union PaciBcb'dn.. ..10:;'
ubun;U_ 8i?Vi|L*nd Urani/i io.Vj
rthwMtcru com- aiUilitak'gFund... ?
rthwMtern pld? 61% |
uHlCAOO, March 1G,?Flour?Quiet and
changed. Wheat?Dull and prices a
ide lower; No. 2 Chicago spring $1 23
lit; SI 23;m April; $1275- May; No. 3,
15; rejected 96c. Corn?Steady at 31?>u'c
?h anil April; 43M;c .May; rejected 88c.
it*?Firm at 33^c cash; 33 :?c April;
May; rejected 24J<c. live?Dull at
i63c. liarley?Dull at 63a55c. Pork?
irly active at ?13 40 cash; $13 12la April;
1 ftftfalS 65 May. Lard?Dull at 9Vic
ih; 0%ca|915 April; $9 12Xa925 May.
ilk Meat**? Quiet and unchanged,
lusky?Quiet and unchanged.
Jn call wheat was easier at $123)-j April,
27J* May. Corn easier at 39K April,
f?a23c May. Oats firmer at 33-V
?rll. Pork'Jiighcr at $13 50 April,$13 70
ly. Lard a shade higher at U, 15 and 20c
>ril. _
Rew York.
Skw York, March 10.?Cotton?Pull
11 Wall He. Flour?Dnll and aliubtly
buyers favor; prices unchanged. Wheat
ilightJy in buyers favor, very moderate
port; milling trade prices "unchanged,
e?Quiet; western at 80aS2c. Barley?
ill Malt?Firm. Com?Opened a shade
anger, moderate trade; ungraded western
zed 64Ka56c; steam yellow 5GKc. Oats
lhade stronger: weatern mixed and State
Ltoc. Hay?Shipping 65a70c. Hoim?
tady; yearlings Gal0c. Coffee?Unchang,
bugar?Dnll and heavy; lair to good
ining 8&a9c; prime DKc, Molasses and
je-Firm. "Wttdcy-ll 08.
-- m. ? w *1* ** *!"*
lK ClKCtXHiTI, U.rcli 10 CoUoo?
? ?i ll!?c. Flour?Aclltt, tuailv iitk
6 6 i. WOeil?1)011: rtd |1 4i.l 5i. Core?
i Steady at 42a44c. Oat#? Firmer at 34aS9c.
liye?Steady ut 73a76c. Barley?Finn; /
lull 76a85o. Pork ?Fair Demand at $14 35a 2
r: 14 5?. Lard?Dull; steam taSHe; kettle
'* luiilO)tr. . Bulk Meat*? Steady ahouldera
a 5J4c; short ribs $7 20u7 25; short clear 7Ha fl
e 7' jc. llueon?Dull attiViaH^a?Hc. Batter . :.i
i- ?Quiet and unchanged. Whisky?Easier
at $1 05.
llou*?Steady; commou $4 50al 75; fair
to good light $4 9ua515; packing $5 20a
40; butcher* grades $5 60*5 75.
i flilladelphfta.
I'm la Delphi a, March 16. ? Flour ?
* In better demand: Minnesota family $7 00a
e 7 60; Pennsylvania $6 87Ka7 25. "Wheat?
r Stead v; red western $145a 152; am?
ber $1 Mai MX- Corn?steady; yellow
? MS'aSoc; white 54We; sail 54Xa55c. Oats
?Mixed 4^c. Clover Seed 13al5)fc. Butter?Fjrm;
New York and Bradford ooun*
i ty extru J7a2>Sf; western extra -7a28c; firsts
i!;ia26o. Cheese?Firm at 15,Wc. Petro*
i leum ? ijuiet and unchanged. Whiiky? j
Western $1 US.
Toledo, March K>. ? Flour?Steady. * ' '*
Wheal?Steady; No. 1 white Michigan $1 ; " ^
55; extra whito Michigan $1 57)4; amber !
npot$l 4'J; No 2 do. $1 3-1; rejected red at :i
$1 Corn?Steady, high mixed 44c; '
? No. l! spot 435iic; rejected ut 42)<c. Oata
1 ?Doll;No. 1! held at 35c; Michigan held at
1 38l4c ottered.
Dry. iiooth.
New Yoek, March 10.?lluainess cou- ;j
' tinues light with commission houses and
tlio jobbing trude only moderate. Cotton _1
goods quiet but generally unchanged in
first hands. Print* dull.' l>rewt goods in
fair request. More demand for heavy
woolens by clothers. fehawls quiet. For- h
- eign goods moved slowly. ^
IMttmjukoh, March 1U.? Petroleum?
j Active, but irregular; crude$2 80a2 82)$
1 at I'orkcrs'; refined ltialG^c Philadelphia , . !
. qiias. e. nwiQin,
In prepared to make careful and complete analyse*
. of iruii Ores, LimestoiKu, Mineral Waters,etc.
LntcTatorjr cor. 24th and Chapllno straaU
au.-.' Wtwdtoa.W.ya. ;
Bill Heads,
Dr. in tact, every Variety and Style of
TV' o *v Type,
Now Preases,
' y-i
25 and 27 Fourteenth St
To Builders & Dealers
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
IA/I Mnniii anrt
w 1uuw uL?ao,
Doors. Sash, Shutters,
Frames, Lumber, Lath & Shingles,
We ran anil will give you Bottom Price*.
Try us before buying elsewhere.
Hanes. Wilson & Co.,
122S Market Biuret.
Some very Handsome Designs In
Necklaotc, Pendiate. Sets Bracelets,
nil Snh Pint.
ltan't fail lo call anil ma theu, it will pay you*
I'rice* Ycrjr low. Mow la the Urn* to buy
Amoricau Watoliem.
They are wltliln the reach ot all. Call and ace them.
mrl V*j
On nccount of uu overstock
IK7 . :M
miti: rujuramm goods.
i.:i Mo. mo mm rt.
biljl heads
we nmn: an examination op
intelligencer office,
25 & 27 Foumomi Br*
' -ftfiSgMfeiMil .;? &

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