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| <ZW Wittling Bnldligf Hrcr.
KSTAULISHED AUGUST 24^852. . -, _ ' '
Th(*'L!retiM? <|ur>i(lou.
l'he two branches of Council are ?iil(
v. x tiead lock on the question of licenm
j,? the coming year. Aa i.i well known
Kir*t Branch hx* set iUelf againHi
, , reiloction of the present rate, whih
L', second llram-h m Hiippo?e?l, a U
rUrLi*, to be witling to coirie down a pef
tnr0* . . .
\\\- hate already sugg^twl to thene
(M0 tranche* of the body politic lion
if.ev might compromise their ditl'ercnce
m 1 j.oMibl v put wore money in the Cilj
I .m- irr than it now receive* from tlx
' etitling rat** 'or iJWlife. Our .tug#?#
, ,ii h lo adopt ihe so-called Motlet
-t-i'ter system lately adopted in Virginia
. in act of the legislature of that State,
it b.n the merit of making a man pay (or
rwry bit of business he does, no more
and n? lea#, and it is hoped in Virginia
aat enough money can be made out ol
ii'? ii ?e to pay oil" the interest on the debt
: '.lut Slate, and perhaps a portion of
current expenses besides.
Tae act providing for the adoption nf
ii- Motl'et register is very specific, ami
j> >* into details to show how the machine
i? to !?e worked by the saloonist or barkeeper
iu the presence ol his customer
We >tuote from the 1th section :u follows:
\fter the register* provided for in the
iic preceding section mIijII U>ue been
jila. e l in the bar-room, or place of busi*
n?* ni inTnwi ueaivrfl, it unui oe m?
.iitv .?( the retail dealer, immediately
i the <ale of every half pint, fraction or
umltiple thereof, of anient ?pirit??, wine*,
wilt liquor*, or an* mixture thereof, in
I the presence of t)?e pnrrhver, or person
i t whom it in delivered, to turn th<
i.-jnk of the proper register until
"i?* bell has truck once, and tht
.1! licator on the dial hx? tuoveil un<
point or number (or each half pint ui
multiple thereof nold, up to and including
ne gallon. It shall in lik? ui .inner he
the dutv iA the bar room keeper, imme
li itely noon the <ale of each drink o
?ine, ardent jpirit-\tiialt liquor*, or an;
mixture thereof in the presence of tl?i
jj irrha*er or person to whom it h delir
mi, iw mi ii mc u .iiik ui iuc yrujwr rej{
'or until tin* bell ha* struck otiee am
the indicator on itd dial haa moved on<
l> xnt or number for each drink unld b;
In in.
The Ubleof assessment* i?a* follow*:
* |Ho. on Alro- On tni!
t-inTY 01 i.Kjrot Mra- hollr Li<|. LI<|itot<
{ tlniK. ami WT iii ,
I.?i Mm halfpiut. I l i!^ nnt* ^rni
tlAlf plot ?...i t ,."4 i*nt? writ
l >rf man naif a pint]
in<i l?a than 1 pint| ' ceot> t cut
??u?? pint i A crnbjl rent
i irf tlmn pint ami;
ie? than ti$ plnti.. : T'4 rent*
" leand a halt pint- .1 "'<] cent*
Mure than ltf pints
an I low than .'pint* 4 10 c-?nt> ....
i pint* * 110 centi
4?1( Kaliou - i j?'> cent*
"je gallon lo | I) rent*
It would be hard to tell in advanr<
?w much money audi a system of toll
w ?uld brinj? into our City Treasury. 1
hi* loo< been ?a!d that there id dnil
Irank in Wheeling f ir tuute beer tin
water. There are in the oily in th
neighborhood of one hundred cort'e
house* and ordinaries, and it is not oi;
lV.- trtv >i?rl.ni>. M .lv tl.it >U
iverage "? gallons of beer apiece. Tbi
would give us a city daily consuiuptio
.i "CO gallons uf I tger. Allowing 2
/. i<*ea of beer to the gallon and we hav
.? -ale <if 10.000 glawes each 24 hour
tltuiich whisky and wine are also sob
? V.ne no means ol knowing. Lot it i
? perhaps than 20 per cent of th
aaoutit of beer -old.
fuming these data to be approxi
a I'ely correct, any one can compute th
\*??niie derivable nuder the Motl'et ren
?-t?T .?y?tetu from the sale by the drin
-qurituou* and malt liquors in on
uiid*i. In addition to the revenue lo b
l rived in this way there would be an at
litional revenue from the?ale of it by th
battle, gallon and barrel. Coder th
Virginia system there U in addition t
;h'n per centage a specific lax leviei
oa each place where liquor is sold. VV
jiioie the provision of la* on this poin
\* follow*:
rin- specific liceu?e tax o:i a reta
li.juor dealer, or bar room liquor ilealei
nil b? paid bv hinr semiannually, i
t l/.tn.'e. one-half at the time his licam
m grantel, and the other half at the ex
^ration of sixmoriths.and *hall he asfn
In the country Or in towns of tff<
t'w.mnd inhabitants or less, the ta
shall be fifty tlollrtrt*; and in towns of ov*i
i<v? thousand inhabitants, the tar shai
b: one hundreddollars: provided that i
the country or in town? of two thousan
inhabitants or leas, whenever the ta
realized from the liquor register durin
the year amount** to twentydiv
dollars, the special license tax sha!
h; twenty-five dollan1; and in towns o
...or two t!u.u-and inhabitants, w he neve
the tax realized irorn the said liquo
t>*^tster during the year amounts to lift
dollars, the special license tax shall h
t.i:7 dollars; and If the dealer shall d?
?ire the privilege of gelling, both s* a r?
tail dealer and a bar-room dealer, he mn
do so upon the payment ot aevenly-fiv
dollars, il in the country or a town oftw
thousand inhabitants or lew;*and i
i ?ns of more than two thousand inhab
tints, upon the payment of one hundre
and fifty dollar?; provided that in th
* .uniry or town.* ol two thousand o
whenever the tax realised from th
iHu r register hereinbefore iuentione?
daring the year amount* to the sura <
thirty loven dollars and tiity cents, th
ifi '..ix shall he thirty-seven dollar
. id tiiiv ccnU; und in towns of more tha
two thousand inhabitant*, whenever thi
l ix realized from the said liquor registe
luring the year amounts to seventy-fir
dollar-?, the specific tax shall he seventy
life dollars. Each retail dealer and bat
room dealer, and ordinary keeper, aha'
the time the renter* are fixed in hi
place of buslnes8t pay to the treasurer t
ih* city or county, upon the certified
J. lhfc commissioner of the revenue, th
s.;m o? ten dollars for lie u^eof each rei
liter ao fixed in his place ol business."
The revenue derived by the city t
Wheeling from liquor licenses of a
kinds has averaged about $32,0Q0 to $3:
OiN) W?r vear. Fa? ??ia ?
. ,MV ,*sk tmcc JC&I
I A ha* been ait follow*:
is in.
VboleuWaotl retail
lulm (6.?00 00 16,903 i >r
M- \>r? ?l 60
JittSr.ii 4,714 OJ A.17S 5.01
houm 19^00 28 32,027 32,1'.
I 1 . ItSl.VTSTS $31,100 r??
I 1 the Virginia *y#tem should be adop
I *hl in place of ihe present system, and
I la*. j\ one*tialf cent levied on every glai
v>i beer and|*ale, And two and a ha
centi on every glass 0! whiaky ac
I ?ic? ?old, and alio a small speciti
! w<i should probably ace an over
(lowing city treasury by thin time
, next year. And yet every dealer would
only be taxed according to hit buiineM.
Thone who sold a great deal of liquid*
would pay a big tax, while thuae who
I Hold a lean amount would pay in propor!
tion. The city, however, would reap a
desirable harveat.
, rue l!xlrf Newea <il t^ii(re?M.
; U la %bt unlikeljj that the Mil lor an
, extraneuion of (tyigrei*, to cinvpne on
th&4Ui of h? ii*ued|ofcaj oa
to-morrow. In view of the near ap,
proach of thi* important event,
it h announced in a special dUr
patch from Waahington to the Cincinnati
, (JazeUf of yesterday, that the President
"no longer contemplateii the election of a
Republican Speaker." lie hu expreaned
him^ell to the etlect that whatever legialation
might be needed to enforce
Vw |k>11c/ would l* better received
after the Democratic organization of 'the
House than before it. But, nowithstandI
ing the probabilitiea that the Democrats
will organize the Home, the President in
daily receiving aniiurance from Democratic
HOIirr^rf of thuir lioartv inniMirl
Within a few days h? ha* received a
great utimber of lettern, and o( personal
#L?it* from {ternon* in veveral State*, who
aay that they have hitherto voted with
the I>emocretic party, but they now prefer
to act with the Republican parly, a*
the President underfUadaJfepubticauHiu.
The Preiitleit'n. lulvMei from the
Sduth ulm? are very 'positive that, al*
though there may nut l?e an immediate
break-up of party Hue* under thecontrol
of the Democratic party there, the large
number of those who formerly voted
1 with it i* Incoming weakened. If the
' result L? not <p??n )it>tnr? ili? Prpaiilont id
, confident that it will be witnessed in 18?fl
i in- the election of a President upon a
r platform which will embody the prin;
ciples of Republicanism which the present
. administration represent',
t "Meanwhile," say* tj?e dispatch, ' the
f opposition of Republican* to Have-*' pol*
. icj is much It?.** pronounced than it was.
Two or. thrye gentlemen have arrived
J witbio * Way or two, known to have per?
sonal relations with the Republicans win:
have been most pronounced in opposition
to (lit* President. These gentlemen *ai
, th-ii while they shall nut lie?itale tc
' place on record their opinion that the
- President ban made h great mtsUk?, and
liiat they can not approp* |iis course in
Louisiana ami South Carolina, vet thej
do noi intend to contribute anything tc
destroy the Republican 'party, and set
nothing to be gained by attempting to fo
.. ment dissfntion* in it, Oqeof these per
' tons i* Wuiham'E. Chandler. nho habeen
reputed to have been oneV>f th?
e mint pronounced in opposition to tb?
s President's policy, and who is supposed
t to stand verr Mar to Blaine.'"
Iteilaciug the Xamber of P?usJon
" Acenrjet.
** In addition to the dispatch printed yea
v terday in regard to the proprmnl curtail
ll mentot expenses in this department o
y the government, we notice the followin;
18 atiecial t* the Cincinnati (iavtt* "8*?r
n retary Schurz ha* under consideration *
0 phi for the entire reorganization of th?
* petition service, which would effect I
' great economy. The ^clienie contem.
plates the abolition of more than one
* half of the present pension ollie<n, the con
d Holidalion of the district*, anil a reduc
tion in the atnuani of fee#. There art
'* appropriated vuiually for pension*
w about $30,000,001), more thau the yearh
expenditure* of the whole governmen
* up to 1840, vet notwithstanding thii
r enormous increase in the pene.
sion basinets, the old syjteu wbicl
was established when the the gov
e eminent tiritt Voted (terminus for thi
e Revolutionary *>Mier? is maintained
0 Secretary Schurz, it appear-*, has tinall;
' thought that ^orne new method, mori
e economical ami efficient, could be reached
'' with legislation or probably withou
legislation! There are now some sixty
'' eight Pension Agents, drawing salarie
n of from $3,000 to $4,000 eaeh, and receiv
e ing a fee of twenty-five or thirty cent
each time a pension is paid or & vouchei
sent to the pensioner. This fee increase
x the compensation of the Tension Agent
r more than two fold, Before the law wa
II modified ?omc of the Pension Agent* re
Jj ceived as high a.' $13,000 in a year? tuor
x iiitin iwice us mum as a itimnei omcer
g This includes clerk lure.
1 A Trip to To.ta*.
if C'npt.Jwhu McLure returned from Te.x
r as on Tuesday evening whither he ha<
v Wen on i brief visit to his son-in-law
^ Mr. Cnrran Mendel, who is now a resi
' denl of Williamson county in that State
about :iU utiles from Auatiu. Mr. M.ha
'e purchased 1,300 acres of land, buill
o over tive miles of fence, stocked hi
n place with a hundred cows, and pu
up a hodje, .since his fettleraen
p a few months ago in Texas, ife U no*
r ready to become a raiser of cattle, whicl
e is a great and growing business in tha
J- State, and feels sanguine that he will liki
e the country ami the occupation. Capl
a McLure aajm that ihera h % strong ira
u migration into- Texa.i and the Jay* o
ft cheup laud are pitting away. His sol
e Harry, who went down with him, wil
remain awhile.
There are two route* from St. L.#uii t<
" Texa*, one by Sedalia and through On
,f Indian territory, and the other by tin
e Iron Mountain Railroad via Littl
e Rock, both good ronte*. The distance i
900 milea and the fare $32 from St. f.oui
to Au-itin.
is When the late Alfred Caldwell, Esq
?. o( this city, was a member of the Vii
jj ginia Seuate -ita solitary Republicai
member?he wcuroJ Imm lh? Postoffie
Department at Washington the appoint
w nient of Mr. haac Cheney ai Mail Agen
? on the Hemptield railroad, and never wa
?j a better appointment made on any roa<
]\ in the country. For 10 yean Mr. Chesle;
t. has gone orer the road between thin citj
a and Washington almost at regularly a
the cam themielve*, and in that time h
If baa traveled enough mile* to go a doxei
(j time* around the world.
c Sam Fiujccisco, May 2 ? Clared-Shi
Seminole, New Orleans,
A $60,000 Fire at Cincinnati. J;
Suicide from an-Etmted Stand- ?
point. r
... D
Crook Pow-wows with Sheridan i'
on Indian Affairs. h
' t<
New York Inaugurates a Petro- ?
leum Exchange *
Death of Newconb, the Celebrat- f
oo MHisxrei. ?
New York Custom House Invest!- ?
gatton. t,
. w
A Heavy Shipment of Gold Coin. ^
A Life Insurance Actuary Ar- r
rottd for Forssry. ?
An Appeal -la the Presfclpnt (a Betaif
of the Roumanian f\
' it
Intirtiting StalUtlce of Our foreign b
Tridt. c:
An Unruuivoo>r letter fr;m Veterio [i
Ben. Wide. c
A Me* Order Amount the Workieo
Men of the Wee*. a
? ?
S?mtcr *ooJin Teitlllta on tha Tweid
Allegation. >
?1?r. I. *
SecosJ Sag Frtnoiico Wool Sate- The
I Calirepfiia Land Swindle. t]
tu .1 ppeul Irom ihi' l*traelil<*s. I
Wasiijsoton, May 1. Simon Wolf. p
Recorder of Deeds (or Columbia, and a
other prominent Israelite* called on the a
President to-day aud anked him !o take n
an action similar to that of President J
(Srant, to protect the Israelite* in Ron- tl
mania. The President expressed his ?
sympathy with the object and said b* '
would use bis best efforts lo comply with p
their wishes.
Information w received of (he sailing
i of 500 soldiers for Cuba.
: The foreign trade for March and for n
| three-quarter* of the focal year was a*
iollowd : Merchandize?Import* for
Blarch, $47,4S8,013; exports, $45,593,810;
. for nine month* ending March, export*,
$470,085,732; import*, $314,S54,930; ? *- 7
ce?* oi exports $155,230,855; specie im
ports exceeded export* $5,331,397.
. (nrrlnxe Fur tor j ami Wart*
( ICooin* DeNtrojed.
, CruetNHATI, May 2.?Emerson & Fish- l'
fr'aMrrinoa ftntnrv an.l mnina nn *
.Findlay street, near John, was destroyed P
by lire last night. The loss on machin- l|
erv and stock will probably reach 1
000; insured for $35,000. The brick fac* ^
tor* belonged to Proctor A Gamble, soap' *
ana candle manufacturers. Their loin is *
about $10,000; fally insared. *
The insurance on Emerson' & Fisher'*
stock is $155,000. Proctor & Gamble's
insurance on building and stock is $31,- L
290. The insurance is about equally di- J
vided between Ktatern and Western com- t
panics. I
New York, May 2?A tire at Gouv- c
ernur this morning burned out a number ^
of business places. .< t
IBDHHAroJ-iMay 'J.?TL? bridge of f
the I. C. A L. Kailroad Company, at St.
Paul, burned this morning at 2 o'clock.
Trains will pass to-morrow.
Gekesee, III., May 2.?Last evening
the Genesee House, a" large three story .
hotel, burned to the ground. Loss $38, *
000: insurance $13,000. The boarders ,
lost all of their property; nothing being ?
saved. " {
Little Horn, May 2.?The grocery j
and dwelling house owned by a Mr. Stein, j
corner of 10th and Isard streets, was ^
burned this morning. Low* $3,000: part
s ly insured.
Chicago, May '2.?a Tribune Burlingt.
ton, Iowa, spccial say that Dickey's large t
naw mill ?m burned this morning, a
together with a lar^e amount of lumber. a
Loss $50,000. Insurance $9,00". Fifty (
or bixtyiuen will be thrown out of work, j
The tire was probably incendiarv. (
' Washington, May 2.?The Democratic
' Jackson Association unanimously passed t
reaolntion.i commendatory of the Presi- t
) dent's policy. One speaker said the Presi- jj
. dent did a* much to harmonize the inter- j,
est* of the countrr and to promote its r
9 prosperity as could have been expected r
t from a Democratic President. Gentle- r
t men of both parties from New Orleans i
speak in enthusiastic terms of the good
feeling and condnct of all produced by <
1 the recent pacitication. Republicans say
t the colored people are treated better
e than ever. ]
Indianapolis, May J.?The Republi- >
" can nltv tiofept vu vmiterdav hv a t
majority of 500 to 1.5(H). The Board of r
f Aldermeu and Council are both strongly t
> Repnblican. ' i
1 Tkkrr Haute, May 2.?In the Municipal
election here yesterday the Demo
crats elected the Mayor and Clerk ao.l
J the Republicans the Treasurer, Marshal ?.
e and Assctsor. Of the Councilmen elected i
d four are Democrats and two Independ- I
# euts. _ i
> FolI'lrom i? Filth Story Window. ,
? Columbus, May 2.?A middle aged
man came to the Americart Hotel last
evening and registered as (*. W. Standly,
, Campaigne ronntr. He went out and j
. waa brought back to the hotel about 'J ,
n o'clock in the morning by the police in t
an intoxicated condition, lie was put to (
0 bed and was quiet until about 0 o'clock, t
: when he was seen hanging out of his (
t window in the fifth story of the hotel, and
before he could be rescued he fell to the
basement below, breaking his leg* and
J indicting what will probably be fatal in- |
r juries. He was removed to the hospital. f
' Hlofkliolderi MeeUng ami Klec. !
e Cl*tkland,0., Mar ??At a meeting
n of the"?tockholden of the Detroit, Monroe
& Toledo Railroad, held In this citr 2
to-day, Amaii Stone was elected Presi- (
p dent, C. P. Land, Secretary and Treas- 1
urer, both of Cleveland. i
i Nplcy Letter From lien. Wadr.
Cleveland, May 2.-The Leader Aolorrow
will contain the following letter
rotn the Hon. B. F. Wade:
Jwrwaon, April yo, 1877,
u the Hdilvr of the leader.
i nonce in your paper oi to-uay, two
rticleM relating to myself, copied from
>e New York Trikme. Thi firnl purorU
tofcomo from Mr. Ward Lamon, of
rashington, formerly Marshal of the
Strict, stating in substance that someme
during Mr. Lincoln's adminhitraon
a oo nl pi racy was formed bf the Reublicans
in Congre*i, ooposeu to hix
flministration,to depose iiim from the
residency, and put either Fremont or
ivself in bis place aa Dictator; that a
lemorandnm of the compact wa? made
t the time that; a copy of it was in the
andii of Mr. Cha*e, and by him shown
> Mr^LlncoIn. Xow.I desire to brand
m above statement la all its parts as a
ilfnl and malignant falsehood, and if
[r. Ward Lamon ever made such a statelent,
as alleged, to any one, I pronounce
itu a liar. 1 saw the article in the
Wl....* n nil I...1 f? ,?!- ?.? ?>?
shpold-f ot have #onde*a?ded to notioe
) silly a lie; but when I find it copied in*
) respectable journals, and a* it implia
ten many members of that brave old
ongres* that carried the United State*
fiumphantly through the war, most of
horn are dead; I thought such a scandal
pen them should not go uncontradicted'
The second statement in relation to
lr, Painter is as follow*:
"Mr. Wade is credited with saying in
iplanation of hi* famous letter that it
-as confidential, and was made pablfcby
person depraved aud utterly destitute
f honor."
This is also untrue -utterly false.
Jthough the letter whs private,h found
s way to the public in a manner which
ntireir exculpate# Mr. 1'ainter from
lame, nor do I blame him for it* publiition.
As it contained only sentiments
hich I stand by now, I don't regret its
ublicatiori, nnd in all the criticism* iu
le papers and otherwise which it hat
ailed forth none have as yet denied that
contained the axact.trnth. *
In vindication of Mr. Painter, I will
ay that 1 have known him many year?,
nd he ia as honorable a man as i ever
'to acquainted with.
Respectfully vour?,etc.,
" B. F. Walk.
H'orkioxiacu'M iutton.
Sr. Louis, May -.?A society called
tie Workingmen'd Association was incororated
here to-dav. The association is
o be under the control of the St. Louis
pction of the WorkingmcnV party of the
nited State*, and its object* are the
romotioh of literature and science
mongthe working classes of this city
nd elsewhere, and the publication of a
ewspaper to he railed the Volkutimm*
<* WatfM (the voice of the people of
lie West), which in to preen* the tenancies
of vocial democracy and waich tfie
uterest* and Eight* of the wotkimr
<iolil Coin.
Xew Yokh* May Three hundred
liousand doliftf.'i, in gold coin, vmw
hipped for Kurope to-day, and one bunred
thousand is being packed for tolorrow'a
Juhu Y. Daley, reputed millionaire
ml proprietor of" the Windsor Hotel, is
lisflinsr. and it i-? toured l hat ht* h?a com.
aitted suicide, owing to the depreciation
n real estate nnd the determination of
lie Pork Commission to obtain from him
. large amount of money.
Arreted lor Perjiirj. Sew
York, May 2.?Thou. K. J.nmert,
President, and Alexander J. Keid,
ictuary, of the Popular Life Insurance
Jompanv, have been indicted for swearng
falsely, as alleged, to statements of
be standing of the company. Tndictlents
have also keen found against
iUther W. Frost, President, and S. P.
togern, Secretary, of the Continental
-ife Insurance Company, upon a similar
llloefcadc Rrolceu.
Indianapolis, May 2.?The railroad
lockade at Ijafayette was broken by
udge (iresbam, who directs all injunc*
ions obtained in the State Courts at
-ayfayette be dissolved; that the railroad
ompany tie restored to all iw rights as
efore the inning of paiil injunctions, and
hat the application for the appointment
if a Receiver lie net down far hearing on
he 10th of May.
omlition ot the Missouri I'Mcidr
St. Loui.V'Muv 2.?The receivers of
he Missouri Paciiic liailroad uiade their
>nal report to the United State* Circuit
2ourt yesterday, aad were discharged,
riieir report ?how< the gross earnings o(
he road from March S, ISTti, the time of
heir appointment, to April -0, 1S77, to
lave been$2,40-1,444 82, expenses $1,573,
fll 56 and net earnings $830,972 20.
Sentence Committed.
St. I .ours, May 2.?Edgar M. Moore,
h? hnff tvlm alinl 'inil L-illu.l \fnfvul Mall
Tl*W? ? ? ?.? ' " 'V null,
l colored girl, at a theatre, about a year
igo, and who wbs couvit^ed of murder
md sentenced to be hung on the 1st of
ruiie, has had hi* sentence commuted by
Jovernor Phillips to imprisonment for
rhe Custom Hoa*>|l'uvc*tint?liou,
Xf.w York, May 2.?Auditor Ogden
estified before the Custom House Invesgating
Committee to-day: There were
ii> men in the department, most of whom
:new nothine about their duties when
ippointed. If competent and well paid
en were employed, the department
oold bk? managed with '20 per n?nt lew
kuuuitl Meeting ol Kniluny Mr.
cli utiles.
St. I.nt'is \fav '> _Tlw. tniuii!i.i>
lailway Master Mechanics Association
fill hold its tenth annual convention in
hiscity Mar loth. A large number ol
lelegatesare expected to be present, and
he meeting will be of much interest and
mportnmv to those concerned.
Killed < annuu.
Washington, May 2.?'The work tl
:onverting eleven inch smooth bored
nto eight inch ririe bored ha* been ausjended
for want ol funds. If Congr*?>.?
rotes the money needed the ships ol
var titled for sea this rear will be armed
with these improved guns.
Declared Insolvent.
Newark, N. J., May 2.?Edgar Par
;cr, temporary receiver of the New J?r
ley Mutual insurance Company, to-day
iled an inventory of the aneM. The
Jhancellor decided the company ineolv
inland appointed Parker perm'anent re
Ship llalldrrw* Strike.
Glasgow, May 2.?The ship builder*
lave entered upon a lockout, owirgto t
itrike, and fourteen hundred non-strikng
shipwrights have been thrown out o!
irork. _
First ISoat ol the Kcasou.
Dctboit. May 2.?a dispatch froa
jaulte St. Marie say* that the first boa
>[ the season, the steamer John L. Hurd
rom Chicago, pawed up at 11 a.m. to
lay. White Fish Bay is clear of ico.
About (lie Land ilrnb.
Slit .FjUkcisco, Slay 2.?The Bulletin
thin evening lays editorially ol Aha recent
land graM under the desert 1'nrul law:
"The land in Kennand and Tudor counties
pre-empted under the desert land law
ia ?and witched between tracts which were
never before deemed to be anything else
but agricultural lands, and it has been
thus far treated as such. If the valley
lands on the banks of # th*? Gila river
and other streams within the ?ame
rone are under the literal construction
of desert lands, so also u
greater part of the southern counties.
Had the fertile and now highly cultivated
land* of Los An'gelos and Ban Bernardina
counties beeu unoccupied they
would be subject to pre-emption un.ler
the desert law with just as much propropriety
as the landf that are being now
taken up under it. The irrigation and
capacitv to raise agricultral crops are
about the same as the iriigable lands of
Peru and Tulare counties,and those in the
Gila Valley are desert lands in precisely
the same sen-o as arc the irrigable
lands of San Gabriel, Santa Anna and
Los Angelot Vallevs.
It is scarcely probable that it ?u contemplated
the law should be so construed
because some of the moat fertile unoccupied
lands in the territory will thus be
included in it.
Senator 11'ooUlxt** Testimony.
Albany, X. V., May, 2.?Senator
Woodin to-fla^ testified at length before
the investigating committee. His testi-j
niony in regard to the recently published
statements was as follows: "1 never received
a check or bill of exchange, draft,
note, or uny evidence of debt, from Win.
M, Tweed, or anybody for him,and there
id not now nor never has been any such
in.existence, or any check or draft made
by him or anybody else for me. In the
meantime I undertake to denv, and
want it to be so construed, that
in no possible shape has anything
of nny vnlufe ever passed
through my hands or been received by
me in consideration of any vote or act
done by me, in the Legislature or out of
it, for the benefit of William M. Tweed
or any one associated villi mm. i want
it to cover the efttire grtiund. I never
had any pecuniary transaction with Mr.
Winslow, either directly or indirectly, of
a penny's amount in value. I never received
any monev from Tweed, Winslow
oc Hastings.
(iriiHNlioppers ami l rop%.
Omaha, may li.?Th? Hrhtid publishes
this morning reports from the best counties
in Nebraska and Western Jowa of
the gra?shoppers and crops. The general
tenor of the report* are unexpectedly favorable,
but three of the places heard
from report the graj><hoppers and black*
birds very numerous. The late -now
storm undoubtedly destroyed million* of
them. The eggs are only laid in spots.
Brownsville report* that the egg* do
not hatch, the crops are unusually fine,
and a prospect of a largely increased
acreage being sown, especially corn. The
fruit prospect u only fair.
New York, May 2.?Geo. Sherman,
of the insurance firm of Dunham Sherman,
died suddenly yesterday at hia
home in this city." Mr. Sherman was
about -10 years of "age, a graduate of the
University of Michigan, and came to this
city fromSt. Louis iu 1S09.
pan r KANt'isco, aiay zr-joiin a. t-uiton
died to-day at his residence at Oakland
of paralysis.
Toronto, May 2.?\V\ H. Franklin, of
Racine, Wis., Superintendent of a Western
railroad, dropped dead in a Wagner
carat Hamilton lastnight.
Auction .Sale ot Wool.
Saji Francisco, May 2.?Faulkner,
iiell ?"fc Co.'d second auction sale of wool
to-day wan not so well attended ax the
tirst sale, and of the 1,364 bale* offered
only 012 were sold, at about the ruling
it has been ascertained that the recent
heavy seizure of opium in the Chinese
quarters by customs officials was unwarranted,
the property having pawed the
Custom House regularly.
An Elegant llnuqnet.
Columbus, 0., May 2.?Hon. George
L. Converse, representative from this
city, gave an elegant banquet to the General
Assembly, Supreme Court, State
officers and leading men to-night, at
which speeches were made by Senator
1 Thnrnt^n <lni* Yftlinn ITrtn UtanUn
Matthew*, Geo. II. Pendleton and other*.
An Oil Exchange.
nzw York, May 2.?The New York
Petroleum Exchange opened its rooms
to-day at 84 Beaver Htreet, President
Ivwaml the repreaentatives of the oil
companies of this city and Pennsylvania,
made nddresse*. Congratulations were
received from Oil City, Titusville and
other Exchange*.
Ticket .Swindlers.
Philadelphia, May 2.?J. W. Knapp,
of Jersey City, and W. C. White,of Baltimore,
have been arrested at Wilmington,
charged with dealing in railroad ticket*
iaftcn up oj conaaciora wuuoui punching.
Nine arrests at other points are reported.
Hotly Kecognlzetl.
Cleveland, May 2.?Thi3 morning the
father of the boy who wait murdered near
t Euclid, arrived in this city and went to
the cemetery vault where he at once recognized
the body as that of his son. The
I name of the murdered boy is Louis John
; Henry Schwand; his residence was at
i Buffalo.
AtJorstA, CiJL, May 2.?The CKroniclt
will publish to-morrow a letter from Seni
ator Chris tiancv, of Michigan, to Senator
i Hill, commending his recent letter, and
i saying that to secure complete rcconciliaf
tion, restoration of confidence and fraterI
nal feeling, men can a fiord to forget party
I names.
IStirglar IC<'urrr*ite?l.
i who escaped last .Sunday evening from
I the jail here, where he was confined on
. the charge of burglary, was rearrested toi
day in Louisville, together with a pal,
[ and will 1* returned to hid old quartern
I to-iuorrow.
No I nst Trniu on the < auutla
Chicago, May 2.?The Canada Southern
and J-ake Shore Railroad* have
definitely decided not to run a passenger
train to meet that which runs
over the Wifci'li road troui Si. I.ouis
and Keokuk to Toledo.
Death ot a .Negro JUnttrel.
New York, May 2.?W.W. Newcomb,
i a well known negro minstrel man, is dead.
i ?c it-uciveu injury 10 one 01 out tegs
. some time ago, and erysipilaa caused his
f death.
Heath oi an Fklltor.
Mobil*, Ala., Mar 2.?John Forsyth
i -editor of tb** Mobilo Reqi4ct% died to-day.
, Rctaru ul Minister lVa?hbni-u.
Pabis, Msy 2.?Washburn, the American
Minister, has returned to this city.
Russians Pressing Steadily Forwara.
A Slight Engagement in Which the
Turk! are Defeated.
Russians Capture the Fortreaa of
Auetria Finds a Russian Breach
of Neutrality.
Significant Omitsion in the English
declaration of Neutrality.
New Allies for the Ruesians.
Egypt Wants to Aid Turkey,
Dut Pan'*
urn wan ii
The Sultan Empower* His Commander
to Close the Danube.
Austrian Accouit of the Battle
at Kirs.
Russia's Iron-clads Command
the Dnieper.
CuitiT, May 2.?Five Irua vlads of ihe
British Mediterranean squadron have
arrived here.
Bcchabbtt, May 2.?The* Kumian advance
guard has reached Buaco, on the
railway between Bucharest and Galatz.
The Russians eoi^inue their movements
in a leisurely manner, being retarded by
tloods and insufficient transportation.
The Turks are persecuting the Christians
in the villages opposite Ibrail and Galatz
and the fugitives are arriving in the latter
place. The Russians in Roumana are
estimated at 60,000.
capture of tjaja/jds
Londov, Jfay 2.?A dispatch irom a
Russian source announces thut the Russian
troops have taken the Fortress of
Bajazid, Armenia.
TIKLC3, May 2.?An official Russian
dispatch says the Turkish garrison, numbering
1,700, abandoned Bajazid, Monday,
withdrawing to A11 ad ay Hfights,
leaving a large quantity of ammunition.
i ue itussnnsocQumetr tpe town.
a slutut ekuaofment.
2few York, May ,1'.?C*bk <U?p*tehes
ay the Russian army fcas crowed the
frontier at three point*. A. corps encountered
a body of Turkish troop* and
took possession of their strongly fortilied
camp. The Russian loss was thirty
killed and the Captain of a battery
wounded, Another cqrps attacked the
Turkish cajalrr, taking prisoners a Colonel
and six other officers. Two wjoadrons
of Karragapa's tribe laid down
their arms, offering theiriervines to the
Russian army. Fiffy me^were_rtf?iTed
and the others aiabanded. v*
as imfortaht omtfchdjt. ? '
Lohj>on, May 2.?The Teltgrapoint s
to the omission ffom the British declaration
of neutrality of (be following paragraph
in the declaration isssued at tbe
outbreak of theFranco-German war:
"We are firmly purposed ami determinoil
tn ahatnin <r/*m lalrinn ?
directly or Indirectly, in ibe.war now
unhappily existing between those Hoverei<?ns.
and to maintain peaceful and
friendly intercourse With iach of them."
The Teltgrcph sats: "This omi*uon
can hardly be accidental nor under the
exceptional circrtmstkrtcts 6fthe present
war could the Goverameat be expected
to bind the cqyntxy Jn ff unconditionally
pacific course.'' ' A
.breach OK jr^lthjllity.
London. May 2.?The Telegraph publisher
the following from Vienna: 4,The
convention between Kuaaia and Romania
for the transit of the Czar's army is
considered by Austro-Hungary as a
breach of neutrality, and the impression
li na* causeu is sncn, irom Uic aspect ol
affairs, that it seems doubtful whether
the government will be able to reiist
much longer the manifestation* of public
opinion in favor of intervention. The
rress ha* never been ho violent in its
angnage toward Russia.
seeking an alliance.
The Russians are now before Kara.
Ameers, Bokhara and Kashgar have, it is
said, declared their intention oi sending
the heirs to their respective thrones, to St.
Petersburg to form an alliance with Russia.
useless orations.
Vienna, May 2.?The Eatiern Budget
says; The Russian and Turkish circulars
will not be answered .by Austro-Hun
gary, as an opinion regarding the justice of
the cause of either belligerent would be
useless. .
hungary wants information.
Pxstji, May 2.?In the Hungarian
Diet to-day, "Deputy Salssich asked
the government whether it intended to
treat the advance of the Russian* into
Turkey with indifference; and, if ao,
whether it relied on the guarantees it
had received as sufficient protection
to Austro Hungarian interests in
any event. He . a I ho asked what
step* had been taken or were
contemplated to maintain the freedom
of commerce on the lower Danube,
and to guard the traders againtt the
lostes arising from the stoppage thereof.
Salsaich in supporting his Interpellation
pointed out that Russia had invaded the
neutral territory of Roumania, which had
been guaranteed by Europe,and practically
stoupeiTthu freedom of trade on the
Danube. The enormous army that Russia
placed in thetield, made it impossible
to foresee the limit of her aims.
A telegrajn from St. Petersburg nays
yesterday Lord Loftoa, the British Min?
tster, noticed the Russian government
that iu consequent of the Porte's intention
to exuel the. Russians t'eom Turkey
the Porte nad jfbauttoned the idea of placing
the Turkish subjects "in Ru*aia under
British protection. The Russian
government, which had already accepted
British j>roteqt\on_Tor the Turks, replied
that the Turks wouuf nevertheless continue
16' te&TVe th'e* protection of the
laws.' \ * . .
> UJ1 .-rcn-u A1TKUVKU BY PtfrMAUCK.
^ '
Berlin, May 1.?'the Provuicial Corrapmlcnu
says that GeneralYon iloltkc'a I
recent speech concerhinp the French
armaments wa* intended, cleaxlv ami resolutely,
to direct the attention CfXierinany
10, f*f" ? wh^i V>?iwwuwr Uw|
undoubtedly pacihcUndency of oar poll.-1
cv, call updn u? to cdntinualfy observe
the greatest military.vigilance.
Bismarck, on reading Von Moltke's
speech in detail, indicated his .complete
Itii enppoMd thai the EkapetorYvbit
to Alsace is connected with the definite
settlement of measures to counter-balance
the cooeentrttion of French trdOpa on the
frontier. v
The Paris J'atrie publiihet the test of
the Khedive's speech to the Egyptian notable*.
He says notwithstanding the
Porte's deaire for peace Russia breathes
war. It is important that Egypt should
send troops to Turkey. The notable*
have been canvassed 50 that the ^linister
of War may know the strength of the
contingent fie can send. The estimate*
do not admit of our furnishing the lull
number required, and jt is necessary 10
resort to exceptional resource*.
I.05D0V, May 2.?The British Foreign
Office publishes a dispatch from Layard
announcing that the Turkish commander ;
on the Danube has been empowered by 1
I the Porte to close the river to all naviga* ,
[tion, to obtain a requisition of the ncu- '
I tral ve?els subject to indemnification or
I order to repair to or leave certain ports
under penalty of conization, or adopt
any measure rendered necewary by miliI
tary exigencies.
BOTH reluctant to ceo in.
Bcctiabest, May 2.?Xo Jmporlaut
changes have occurred in tho military
aiiuauon. im ftuwiaa advance guard
and Turkish gunboats have been within
eaay range without firing. We havo the ,
lingular anomaly of two hostile force*
apparently unwilling to auume the re- j
aponsibility of beginning the fray. Koumaniana
assert that the Turkish gun- .
boat* seized in the Danube seventeen
corn-laden barges belonging to Greek j
Vienna, May 2.?A diplomatic run- j
ture between Turkey and iioumauia i*
imminent and will l>e followed bv a *
declaration of war. The Italians Have ?
stopped the manufacture of gas at all
their Black Sea ports, fearing conlhgrn- i
lions in the event of a bombardment. r
The TTicner Prate, states that Austria
will soon issue ft declaration oJ neutrali- i
ty. Xhe proposal has been started in the l;
Parliamentary Clubs ot Vienna, to a?k f
the Government whether due provision t
had been made for the military protection i
of theTransylvanian frontier, so as to
forestall any sudden Russian invasion. f
the battle at *a!t*.
London, ma^ s.?a message from
Vienna gives the following account of the
battle at Ksya: vXhe%centre of the Ru*sian
army, -10,(V>0atVong, under Melikofl', i
attacked Mukhtar five miles from Kars i
on April_29, and the Turks fought desper
ately. The Kueaians, supported by a I
powerful artillery, lucceeded in diflodg- d
tngthem. Mukhtar called out hia reserve* k
and attempted on the 20th to recover the 1
loit ground with 00,000 men, but was de- 1
feated and driven back under the gun* of Kara.
The Russian losses are consider- 1
able, and thoeeof the Turks enormous". 1
Vienna, Mar 2.?The most important
war new* to-day is that the lliiMiana
have a nntnber of iron clad batteries
drawing only a few feet of water at the
mouth of the Dnieper, near Akernan,
which they hope to safely convey to the
Kilia mouth of the Danube and over
to the town of Kilia. Kiver engagements
mar therefore be Expected.
Tiths/.vein, May 2.?Twenty-three
Kaiuian ntiicera h^ve ajrived here.
p?KA, May 2.?The Turkish navy has
been orifered to 'gtlard Sulina, at the
mouth of th? Dartnhe. atfninat th? T?n?.l
sians, who .ire within live miles oi that j
port. Another squadron is to make a ,
reconnoissance off Odessa and Sebastopol. ?
Shurp Ailvuuoc in Flour. r
London, May 1 .?The Leeds millers
yesterday advanced the price of flour 4a
per bag?an advance of 17s in one week. !
Application ha* been made for a re* .
ceiver to the estate of .lohn L. Clarke, ?
the well-known comedian.
Ohio Legislature.
Colukbus, May 2.?In the Senate a j
resolution was offered and adopted for c
the tint die adjournment of the assembly
May 7, at 3-} oclock A. sr. Thi*i?m ooni- <
promise and will settle difference.* of *
opinion between the two branches. .
House bill to extend the provisions oi '
'the lien law to. sub-contractors, material
men and laborer.-' on public and private
work was passed.
House bill to authorise an iucorpora- *
tionofFarm and Laborers Associations ?
was passed. i
House bill to provide that applications t
for life insurance policiesshall l>e written t
in English and to compel life insurance 1
companies to furnish copies of the application
on demand of the assured was t
passed. i
In the House?House bill to establish
a Chair of mines and mine engineer- j
nig ai iuc niaic ARriCDIlUr.H ntul MCCil* f
anicnl College was poised.
Weather Indications. 5
I >rrtc* or tub Coikf 8j?*al Orrtrio:, V '
Waiiiinuton, i). C, Majr J?1 *. k.)
For Tennessee and the Ohio Valley a ?
i slowly falling barpmeterj northeast' to
southeast wind9f increasing rloudinc.*.*
; and rain, with naing temperature, po.Vi|
hly followed at the western Mtationa by a
i rising barometer and colder northeast to
northwest wind*.
| For the Lake regions, nearly stationary
| followed by falling barometer, northeast !
to southeast winds, and clear weather,
followed by increasing clouding and
' rain areas, with a slight change of t?-u?
I perature or falling in the Upper Lake*. \
I Attempt to Wreck a Train.
Yobk, May 2.?Tliia afternoon ]
j two miscreants broke the connection of
! the engine with the air brakes on the
Jersey Central train as it was nearing the
depot at Communipaw| and the train
"tw xw ^ n?Lu^ccp, uareiv ucapeu
| precipiiatloA into the tiver.' "Two'incri "
I were arrested named Le^.n i'ox and <
Cha*. Williams. > 1
* V ^ a-'
I Inion Pacific Directors.
Wasuiniitok, D. C., Ma/.il.?Secrctarv
Scbtirz to-day appointed. the following
Government directoru ot the Union Pacific
Railroad: John C. 8. Harrison, oi
Indiana; Francis B. Eromcr, of Nov,York;
J. F. WiLum, of.Jowa; John II.
Millard, of Nebraska, aud Daniel Chadwick,
of Connecticut. '
Indian [Attain.
Caicaoo, III., May 2.?Gen. Crook,
arrived here la?t evening and will hold a
consultation with Cien. Sheridan on *ome
matter? relating to the Indian affair*
rtiuir Reprieved.
St. JqhxbBUEY.Vt., May 2.?Gorernpr
Fairbanks has reprieved John P. Phsir ]
uptil April, 1870.
Cieneral tirant Visits Xast.
>foRmi*rowj|, S'. J., M^y S.?Qentral
llrant^WRa h$re ,to-d\v ni the'gueat of
jno*. ^wt^
ilnrPHi^ Mir 2.?Thy Wrand Com- I
mtndcry 6t KnigtCa Tempera of the .
Slat* iueata hew to-morrow. A large .
number have arj irttf bore from the in- '
terlor town*, ?' ' '
Montreal, May 1?Another company 1
of Pilgrlma will ahortlr atari for Rome.
Indiahapolp?, May"2.?The -railroad
blockade at Lafayette continue* unchanged.
The legal content haa be*n trariiferred
to the C. S. Diltrict Coart in this "
city, where a xxtotion waa made if fa
bond bolder* at noon, for the appoint- "
ment of a temporary receiver of the L. I
M.4B. road, from Lafayette to the Mrnois
State line, which will be heard at 2
Livmrooi, M.t 2.-A fire on tkt
Stotmcr Mgiuaiia, burmd ?lew bitea oi
Liviu-ooi, Jlaj !J,?The iiuug HUmoi?
broke ? uhltl when Uir Junk
to (l?r lor Philulelnhi..
New York, May 2.?Arrived?Steam?hi|H
WiHand, from Hamburg, and Holland,
from London.
Lome*, Uat 1!.-Ste??.hi|? Miin
and Slate of ladiaoa, fro? New York,
arrived out.
Fahtiub 1'oin't, May 2,~jt?'rf?d-Stoamihiiw
Phoenician, and Qu?!)k fro?a
? 1
Klvcr Xew*.
The Carrie Brooka paaaed down at 41.
a., en ronto for Zaneaville.
Tl... ! II ir 1.1. / n>.. a
*un?. m. iverr leu ior muoiirrn at 9
i. St.
The Exchange |>a<ueti down at 10 A. u.
The Bcicnce left ior Pafker*barg at
10:30 a. u unnal. 4
The Granite State panned up at aooa,
ind tho Koitua Graham down laat uighL
Tlie Hawk paMed down with a light
The steamer* Joe, Stone and Herculei
>ajwed up with emnty tow*.
The Kagon will be thin tuornWa
?arkernburg boat.
The new Ande* will qo( !* here before
he 4th of June.
The cabin work and macliinerr of tbe
learner Blade Hill* wt?re coltyMtd in
iijthteen working days. r
Captain Kounj, a R#d river.baatmaji,
a visiting the old folks at home in tha
leighborhood of Onllipolin.
The hull of the old towboat Coal Bluff
rat cold Tuesday to II. Haaraon, of thia
ity. fhe will be dookeU and fitted Up
or a wharf boat. The Carrie Brooks
owed the hull from Freedom to Whetlng.
The hull is now on the'docln.
The steamers Fanthon lefi Yankton
or Fort Kandall on Monday night.
The steamer Mink No. 1 was sold at
'.anesvillti a few days since.
PtTTSBURnn, Mny 2.-~RiTer t> teet 3
nchea and stationary. Weather clear
ind cool.
St. Louis, May 2.?Hirer falling slowr.
weather cold and cloudy, and rainy
uriiiK nit- evening. Arriveu??tr tale,
Keokuk; Retl Wing, St. Paul; Lady
.ee, l'eoria; St. Genevieve, Yicksburg;
'ec and barge*, New Orleans. Departed
-Golddupt, Knn^as City; War Eagle,
weokuk; lied Wing, St. Paul: Lady Lee
'eoria; Khodes. Pittsburgh.
Louisville, May 2.?Weather cool
nd cloudy. Departed?Naahville, Tenn
ojee river.
CiscinhATI, May 2.?River 20feei 2
nrhw and rising.. Weather clyudy and
uol. Departed?-Ja*. D. Parker, Meiaihis;
Thompson Dean, New Orleans. The
teamer Shinkte i?due from Memphis.
Little : Rock, May 2.?River 15$ feet
md declining rapidly. Weather clear
ind pleasant.
SiiKEVErokr, May 2.?River row 2 iu:hw.
Weather clear and pleasant.
Caiivo, May 2.?Arrived?Lams I>*rii,
from Cinrinnati; City of Helena,
roiu St Louis. Imparted?Davi-* and
rou?..l. \Ctr-- c. r ' os o
" " tUI J.UUIO, |UT?[ i>|
eet y indict and falling. Weather
loud*; nlerenry 62?.
Memphis, May 2.?River fell 1 inch:
tanda i>2 fact S inches. Weather cleai;
oercury 72?. Departed?Hard Cuh
Yhite river; Goff, Cincinnati.
Evansville, May 2.?Weather cloudy
ritli .?iKn? of rain; mercury 45 to 535.
iiver 16} leot and falling. Down?J. A.
Voodj Smoky City and tow, Morning
:tar. Cp?Shinkle.Gco. Ly3le und tow,
dlewild, Maggie Smith.
New Outran?, May 2.?Arrived2arondelet,
Kvannville! Departed?Atantic
Anil barges, St. Loui*. Weather
ilearand pleasant.
\ WKsnuRa, May 2.?Down?Morgan.
S'one up.
Baltimore, May
('atti.k?Frally active and prices uuhanged.
Very beat $5 G0a025; lint qua!ty
$5 (K>o5 50; medium or good fair quality
50aa5 CO; ordinary thin steen, o.\?n ?n?t
:ow.s $3 50a4 25; most of the sales at $4 25
i5 50. Receipts 1,465 head; sal ok 1,261
Hogs?Moderate demand aud prices 25c
uglier, lliicon $7 25a7 75; butchers $7 75a
100. Receipts 5j955 head.
Sheep?More active and prices a shade
ilgher. Sheared $4 50a5 75; wool $5 50a
! 50. Receipts 2,224 head. Lambs $2 50a
011 Aa E. D WIGHT,
i predated-to miito rsraful in J complete truUto*
f Irou Oim, Lxuiestonm, Mineral Waten, etc.
llhAnlnf* OUK
?o a ffWteK, w. Tt.
JOHN c. scttitltz,
Ko. IK FlOliriEXTH SlKStr.
Ai! i+Jerf pfoftipWy Rttmilcd to. Repairing cut
y 'ioiid nd wyhmied. ap?
UtfC VtXTAl.Xi GOlUilCXS * xtssotu.
t. 6D?U>DaON A SONS,
lii I niKu-fY1 f^rr.sirr, FimiuiOH, Pa.
[jf| CENTO. ' -{^ CENTS.
Will gri 056 DOZEN Bice
Curd. 1 ,]ioto4rriii>hx.
S?* ;Hrnple?d* BROWN'S GALLERY,
3'lfl _ Bolow MeLcrt HOUMpTCUKO*
' SVnr ai<4 l?e*uiif?l dcsigRi in Etched
9U??r, ic<? cream '.uucert,
picklc etc., at
CPtfltrtfS * WOODS',
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