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Skjdyflmg '
ESTABLISHED AUGUST 24, 1852. , . , . , .m, ~1^= ^
TfcrlliiK of Hie Nlnle Medical No
The Clarksburg Actr< referring to the
meeting of the West Virginia Medica
Society to be held at that place on theSOtl
of thi* month 1*070: "Let no pains lx
spared to make the physicians coinforta
ble and their stay inourinidntenjoyable.'
Tlie column* of the Telegram also con
tain favorable references to the prospec
tire annual reunion of the medical mei
of the State. At this meeting a committer
on the climatology and epidemic disease
ofthe different counties of theHtate wil
report, i neir report win inciuue not onij
the mcdical topography and epidemii
ilineueit of the countiea bat like
wise the moM successful treatment of th<
tli-tcasea that havo prominently obtained
In this report we hope to we some valuable
data submitted touching the prevalence
and malignancy of scarlet fevei
in our midst, a subject with which, as wi
have lately observed, one or two of oui
city cotemporaries have vainly attemptei
to wre?tle.
Out for (ImrlfNtou.
The licguier nnaiiy ntaue up us mini
0:1 Saturday to conic out (or Charlestoi
a* the proper location for the Capita
after it Khali leave Wheeling. Afte:
reading the article wc are only*anion
lilted that the Rtgitler ever favored th
removal of the Capital from Charleston
If we mistake not, the tenor of the articl
h flightly at variance with Home of th>
recent arguments of that paper for re
t tining the Capital at Wheeling. On
of these in that it cost* less t
hold a session here in the mid'
of the populous regions of the State, frot
which most of the members arc electee
than at Charleston. One of the stronger
arguments made use of by the friends t
removal from Charleston was that inai
much as the First and Second districl
contained by far the bulk of the populi
tion it was meet that the Capital of th
State should be accessible to them, lit
i'. not been shown in that paper that ilia;
much as so large a proportion, of tfc
taxes of the State ate paid by the Fir
and Second districts, it is proper that tli
centre of legislation should be in the r<
gion most deeply concerned, in a linaneit
point of view, in the parage of laws
We do not pretend to quote accurate!
from the various articles furnished h
that paper in the recent contest on thi
subject showing why the Capital shoul
be in this part of the State, but the put
lie will be quite likely to look upon il
present espousal of the cause of Charlei
ton as an unexpected change of positioi
The 1 ily l iimiurs-Dul) of <'0111
There are two course* open to Coucc
to pursue this year in the management <
the city finances. One id to go on in It
tsame reckless and improvident inantx
as last year, authorizing expendituri
regardless of the lack of money to pa
them: and the other is to rigid]
hold down the expenditures to the litui
of our receipts. One or the other polir
must he chosen right away. The pnr.ci
pal committees have made their repori
recommending the expenditure (in tli
aggregate) of a much larger amount i
money than the city can possibly com
inand out of her receipts after the pay
went 01 mo portion ol debt (interest an
principal) that (alia duo this year; nn
lience Mid expenditure*,if authorized, ca
only be met by - issuing city ordci
instead of paying cash, a* vre did las
year, by an over check on the banl
We may remark, incidentally, th:
there is no danger of our payir
anybody very Boon again by overchecl
on the City Depositary. Good as tl
city's check pay be at time for $100
000, there is no bahk in the city that
willing to tie up its funds in a loan oiii
definite duration like a city overchec!
and hence in order to go beyond its r
ceipU this year the city will be compel
ed to issue warrants on the treasur
a* noon as the/ are presented to the R
eeiver and accepted by him, and he tnu
either pay or accept them. It we isai
them we simply create an interest bea
in g debt that becomes at once a charge o
the public revenues, for the holder* i
theui will neil them at a discount to thos
who will pay their taxes this fall in thei
rder*,and thus we really endanger tl
whohi fabric of our credit as regan
ways and moan* for meeting debts a
ready due.
It is well that Council should look th
situation equartly in the face and prepai
itself for a year of rigid economy. Tl
Finance Committee after a ciose canvai
of the whole subject of receipts' and e:
penditure* for this year, have made up
careful estimate showing that the fornx
are not likely to exceed $101,000, an
that the absolute minimum of our nece
ary and inevitable expenditure* must e:
coed $150,000. In the rough, these nece
ary expenditures nro $70,000 for tl
I'Avmant of principal and interest of cil
debt: $29,000 for salaries; $17,500 fc
eipenaeej SH,000 U
\\ator\Vork(; $10,OUOfor light.., and $7
000 for the Kire Department. Aid l
uom ?uch other oxpen** ? U
?t,a contract fot t|MniSg th
~:reeu (?.,0SS) ??j lhs Schell j?j(
meat ami Co<ta (51.S00), and we ha,
' su,u of over $153,000. Theie ei
|?nditurw leave a nominal balance c
about SS.000 in the treasury, out ol whic
moat come certain expenditurca alread
ordered, ?uch aj thejMjwin to the 'Slot
bridge on Main atreet ($1,500); repairs I
the 17th ,treet bridge ($100); the liilit
!l ^ irginia and Huron itreeta ($1,000
I1 >?ing around tho Capitol ($2,200), ar
truing,;on .Market itreet to tl
amount of $600.
Aflcrth?.Iu,mtut 0f lhew
> ?* < Wt next to nothing for ?och in
portant expenditures as repairing
i c. So that any one can tee at
glanco that there win be no monaj ?h.
LV '?r new undertakinj
? he "J"* ?? WJg? or
".Much projects u the Caldwell's Ku
! improvement. The city *111 In really
,! pinched to get along and pay expemli'
lures of prime and vital necessity.
: In view of this situation of our affairs
' it does not become u? to talk of reducing
our revenues in any particular. All the
j sources that we can depend upon for receipts
are comprised in the following
schedule: Assessments on real and per'
sonal property, $72,600; Water Works,
, $43,000 (possibly 1m $3,000 less owing to
th?-numberof vacant houses); wharfage,
$4,000, licenses, $30,000; Second Ward
Market Home,$7,200; Coal Scales, $1,000;
' lines and fees, $2,000; Cematerv, $800.
1 Total, $161,000.
' Council meets to-morrow night, and we
Bubmit this brief glance at the situation
r for the consideration of the members.
B We urge upon them the imperious necessity
of cutting down expenses this year
5 with an unsparing hand, and of guarding
' with jealous care against the impairment
of any source of public revenue.
r Burglary ot HoiiiIn.
1 Hostos, May o.?Burglars entered^ the
residence of Harrison Preacott, at Newton
Center, last flight, and robbed the safe
of $21,000 in government bonds, and $400
in money, and mortgage?, Ac., representI
ing a large amount.
? acquitted.
I Atlanta, Mav 5.?George Clarke, a
r son of Jud(je Clarke, of the City Court, has
he?n acquitted of the murder of Thomas
Tolbert. ou the ground of insanity.
fospectet) ok murder.
The husband of Mrs. 8haw, of Milledgo*
c ville, Georgia, who wu killed about a
? week ago, has been arreted on the charge
i. of murder. Two negroes had been previously
arretted for the crime, but a little j
daughter r?aid her father killed her
0 mother.
n San Francisco, Mar 5.?There seems
I, now to be no doubt of the return of the
il defaulting Navy Pay Inspector's clerk,
j George M. Pinney." Ilin wite has just
' informed a reporter of the Oakland Tri
'* bune that he wijl be on California street
IB at 11 o'clock this morning; in fact, he has
been in the State for some two week*,
communicating with parties who are in1
terested with him in unearthing the syaw
tem of rascality th?t ha* l>een carried on
* here in business and political circle*. It
,e" i& chimed by Pinney'* friends that when
he left here it wu with an understanding
1 that certain defalcation*! and deficiencies
0 should be made good out of meaus he
i- left behind him, but those concerned, on
tl the contrary, retained the plunder themselves,
swindling both their partner in
' crime and his victims.
7 It is understood that during Pinney's
V secret sojourn- hero nrrmi'?pmi?ntii linen
;8 been consummated by which the evidence
t necessary to couvict Pinney's accomplice'will
be forthcoming. II will surrender
himself to the authorities this alii
ternoon, and announce hid readiness to
*nawer all the charges that may be
! brought against him. The revelations be
' proposes to make will not only relate to
trauds in the Navy Pay Inspector'* office,
i- but also to the great land grabbing operations,
mining speculation*, political coril
ruptness and general rascality. The
affair creates a great sensation.
,r Geo. M. Pinney surrendered hitrself to
the authorities to day, and was held in
* bail for $20,000 to answer two charges of
7 forgery of government certificates of iniy
debtedness. Pinney is very riticent,and
,H declines to l?e interviewed; but District
Attorney Murphr and Captain Lees.de *
tective, say that he arrived .in Oakland a
- :iL?n rwtprH.iv mnmiiur rnminir frnm I
- Montreal. Ad to lite object of his return,
e it u admitted that he'come# by the inter.
cession *of promiment bankers and capi>l
talists of the city, who hold certiflcate* of
- purchase bearing the alleged signature
- of Pay Inspector Spalding, and inforraaj
lion is given that contractors, political I
, associates, &c., had no connection with |
d the negotiations for his return. Pinney
n avers that he was directed to issue the
a certificates produced in evidence at the
)t trial of Spalding before the National
, Court-martial. So far as the certificates
which he (Pinney) hypothecated are conit
cerned, he says he left the money for their
ig redemption, and the trial will shovr in
:s whose hands the money to take them up
was placed. This one point he is anxious
ie to establish. lie wants the public to
knuw the fact", and wants tho bankes to
ia get their money.
Captain Lees say* that Pinney took
away with hiui but about ten thousand
e* Pinney says that the stories to the effect
l_ that he has returned with a purpose of
_ nettintf even with his enemies andatirrine
up a terrible tempest in political circles
K arc nonsense. He has a ntory to tell, but
declines to make it public until called
at upon to give his testimony in court.
|C It is also stated that he has entered into
no negotiations with the United States,
r" except so far as to obtain an assurance
that the charge of desertion should i>e
of dropped, which he claims is his only
offense against the 'government of the
United States.
* District Attorney Coghlan says he has
>e received no instructions to proceed
Is against Pinnev, and is cognizant of no nej.
gotiations between the government and
Pinney for the suppression of the suits.
Il is understood, however, that the gove
eminent has given Pinney assurances of
rc protection provided he became State's
witness in the suits for the recovery of
the amounts loaned and the certificates.
M He knows who got the money andean
jc- render valuable aid in the recovering of
a it. lie will be arraigned early next week,
;r but the trial may not commence until the
' next term ol court.
H" New Have*, May 5.?Henry P. Burr,
postmaster at West port, has been held on
J- the charge of receiving a rate of postage
;e for third-clans matter not mentioned by
T law.
,r Member InUleutlou*.
>r Wax DBAaTMa.iT, ]
urrnaur m* muroiiiflM urrivui, r
>' WaJUWOTOX, D. C., May T-l i. *.J
io nowBimn
lo For the Tennessee and Ohio Villey,
ie nearly stationary, followed by a rising
barometer, winds shifting to the northeast
'* acd northwest, partly cloudy weather,
r? and stationary or lower temperature.
: For the Lakes, stationary or falliug
t( barometer, increasing cloudiness and rain
. areas, with stationary or riaing temperature
and northeast to northwext winds.
y m
g NVoodsidk, L. I., May 6.?The body of
i); the suicide found hanging in an old house
d near here has been recognised as Jchn T.
Daly, the missing proprietor of the
10 Windsor Motel. The body was found by
a young man who wm passing the spot
th and went into the house to explore it
from curiosity. 'The police were notified
and took possession of the remains. Mr.
r* Daly's monej and jewelry were in his
a pockets undisturbed. He had fastened
t. himself by hie hankerchief. There wad
a bullet wound in hie head, and at his
' feet lay a revolver, from which it was
ir !j . .i._. i v.
CTlUCUb lUBh UVtUiC UtUJjlUg uc vricu 10
n ! commit tuicIJe bjr ihooting.
United States Not Officially In- ]
formed of the TurkoRussian
Proclamation of President Hayes '
Convening Congress in
Extra Session.
A Reform in Government Advcrvertislng?How
It is Pro- |
posed ti Do It. 1
M I <%. i . '
asc y anerman s Answer to tne '
Crooked Whisky Men.
Reunion of the Third Army Corps j
Explosion of Steimor Sidonian at Sea. i
! (
A Flt0( L.IJIAT10.\ 1
Extra SfrMMlon of t'ongre** Culled
For October 15.
WasHIXUTOS, May Objections to 5
|K)-?t|K)ntn^ the extra session ot Congres*
have all been waived, and the following j
wm iaaued this afternoon:
By the 1'iraldentof the United Stntci of Anicrica:
Wiiereas, The final adjournment of 1
the Forty-fourth Congre;w without tnak- (
ing the usual appropriation)* tor the sup- :
port of the army for the fiscal year
ending June 30, 1S7S, presents an extraordinary
occasion, requiring the Presi- .
dent to exercise the power vented in him .
by the Constitution to convene the J
houses of Congress in anticipation of the ,
day fixed by law for their next meeting.
Now, therefore, I. Rutherford B. Hayes, (
President of the United States, do, by
virtue of power to this end in me vested
by the Comtltution, convene both house*
of Congresa to assemble at their resjfcct'- 1
ive chambers at 12 o'clock, noon, on Mon- 1
day, the loth of October next, then and (
there to consider and determine suc^ i
measures an in their wisdom their duty :
and the welfare of the people may seem i
to demand. *
In witneat whereof, 1 have hereunto set i
my hand and caused the Heal of the ?
United States to be affixed. i
Done at the city of Washington, this t
5th day of May, in the year of our Lord <
1877, and of the independence of the (
United States of Arnenc* the one hun- |
dred and first. R. B. Haves.
By the President:
Wit. M. Evarts, Sec'y of State. (
Department Advertising. |
Washikotok, May 5. ? Postmaster t
General Key, Secretary Thompson, of the
Navy, and Secretary Schurz, of the Interior,
have made a commendable move
concerning the advertising in their de- j
partments. The department* will ns
usual designate the papers, but the advertisement*
will be placed by a firm of
advertising experts, who will examine
and correct all bills in the light of ex- <
perience obtained in the commercial ad- vertising
business. Under this system <
the government will pay iio more for its (
advertising than a commercial firm pays ,
for the same service, and whatever ]
abuses may have been possible in former
years will exist no longer. The leading <
papers of the country endorse this system, |
and the officers who inaugurated the j
needed reform have already received i
many letters warmly commending the
new method. I
Cold Weather?Snow and ICaiu? ]
.Mlnine Prospects. (
Omaii^, Mar S.?The Bee publishes* a i
letter to-day, dated Deadwood. April 2D, <
which says: "The past two weeks snow i
haa fallen daily, one day and night seven. 1
teen inches. The nights are cold, and j
the days very warm. Gulches arc overtlowed.
Placer mining is largely com- <
pelled to suspend. Quartz mills are run- i
ningday and night, with large returns, j
The prevalence of cold weather retarded <
prospecting. Few new discoveries are I
yet made. i
"A surveying party of a route from
Kearney, Nebraska, to Deadwood, has
just arrived at the latter place. By a
careful survey the distance is 210toiles."
Meetlug ot Ship Owners Called.
Detroit, Mich., May 5.?The Vessel
Owners' Association of this city, through I
ita Chairman, Captain. Jos. Nicholson,
and its Secretary, 11. McVittie, have I
sent invitations by circulars to vessel 1
owners at every port on the lakes, Canada
included, urcentlv reuuestint? them
to ?end one or more delegates to a convention
to lie held in Detroit on Wednesday,
May 10. at 11a. m., to consider the
feasibility of any plan of relief from the >
present ruinous competition among themselves
of carrying freights at leu than
coat, and to ask the co-operation of the
Marine Underwriters in securing a more 1
thorough and equitable classification of
their vessel*.
No Olllcial Information.
Washington, May G.?The Department
of State has not yet been officially
informed through the* proper KuMiau
source of the existence of war between
Kuwia and Turkey. The latter, it will
be recollected, made known the fact to
the Department several days ago. When
Russia shall be heard from the Department
may frame such reply to each as our
position "toward both requires. Every
proper measure will be Ukca* to strictly
observe our neutral relations, while yielding
no righto of our citizens under treaties
and international law.
There is reason to believe that the Russian
ships will soon depart from our
Fltfhing Scfcooncr Wrecked and
All on llosrd Lost lint Two
Halifax, May 5.?Luke Doncet, arrived
to-day, says he shipped at Pujmco
on the American fishing schooner Dasher,
and proceeded to the Bay of Islands,
Newfoundland, where the vessel was
wrecked in a gale ten dajs ago, and all
lost except himself and another.
Misery and Money.
Newark, N. J., May 5.?Mary Mills,
widow of (ieorge Mills, was found dead
in her room at Orange yesterday, surrounded
by dirt rum and beer. In.the
room was a satchel containing nearly
$7,000 fn Government bends, $200 in bills.
?50 in English annuities, a deed to real
estate valued at $10,000, and a marriage
I)ocre?M ot the 1'ablic Debt.
WAiHixoTox.Mar G.?An official state*
mcnt issued by the Treasure Department
hows that the decrease in the United
States debt from March 1st, 1309, to
April 30th, 1677, waa $455,104,642.
Ueneral C.rauL s
Niw York, May 5.?Seligman, the
lanker, baa issued invitations for h dinner
to ex*Preeident Grant on Tuesday next.
Want of time prevents ex-President
3rant from accepting a reception from ?
the Union League Club. T
Louis J. Jennings writes to a friend in ti
this cit j that letters forwarded to him by n
u-Mayor Hall's friends he had tendered $
to Ilall, but Hall refuted to receive them, t
>r to see any American newspapers. >>
my money or your life. ii
John W. Montgomery, of Chillicothe, *
it awaiting the Police Court decision on P
the charge of sending a letter to William g
\llen Miller,threatening him with death f
f he did not promptly par $2,500 which J(
Montgomery claims is due from the t:
state of his uncle, John W. Rea, of which a
Miller w&s executor. Montgomery claim* 1'
hat Miller defrauded him of his full "
ihare of the property. Besides this, he
claims that $15,000 were found in his un- P
:le's trunk nfier his heath, and that this P
noney wa* given by Mr. Miller to his ?
irife, without division. . <j:
The Stock Exchango has Again rained ci
brokers' commissions, and the chargc for l{
Jtiying and selling stocks for any one not fr
i member of the Stock Exchange, but t(
who is a banker, broker, or active<dealer, tl
s to 1)0 one-eighth instead of one-sixcenth
per cent. Investors aro still
:harged one-fourth per cent, and other m
:hargea, as between members of the Ex- ^
:hange, are the Bame. ^
ro-day, $1,500,000 in gold coin, and ?'
?-50,000in silver. ,r
iu.niminn oiiiakkasnjiknts. 11
ANNlumucnt. V
New York, May 5.?William poster
las made an assignment for the benefit of
creditors. Liabilities $455,000: assets n
583,000. ?
bankruptcy. Ill
Omaha, Neb., May 3.?Petition* in
jankruptcy have been filed by the crcdi- t'
ors of the Ketiraska Land and Improve- P<
net Company,To force it into bankruptcy. "
Liabilities nearly $100,000; asseta, 94,000 h
icres of land, and some town lots, mostly p
lituated in Thayer county. ' ir
union 1jaski.no company. j
Philadelphia, May 5.?In the case of *
lie Union Hanking Company, which fr
ailed several days ago, the Court of
Common Plea* has vacated the appoint- tc
nent of Musselman & lirice ns assignees, fc
ind appointed instead the Fidelity lanurmce.
Trust and Safe Deposit Company.
L]he bill of complaint alleged that the aj- aj
lignment made to Musselman (President) fll
S: Brlce was made against the votes of the C(
esident stockholders, and that they asmmed
possession of the property of the 0j
:ompany. An officer of the Fidelity Trust c,
,'ompany, however, states that tlmt coin- .j
:>any would not accept the trust. w
suspension. oi
San Francisco, May 5.?Hubbard ot ?
"o.-Htnolr hrnlfprj nf tliohic Tlnnrd m? _ I)'
>?nded to-day. Their assets are claimed &
o be in excess of their liabilities, and
her expect to resume in a week or two.
NEW rilOIILlll. c
(low (o .Hake (he Indians Soil- p
supporting ? Proposition to w
Vive C. Horse. S. IStiSI Kt Al. 1
Wasiiikoton, May 5.?Brigadier Gen- aj
?ral Crook had a long conference to-day a,
with the Secretary of the Interior and ]j
Commissioner of Indian Attain*, in re- jj
;ard to the removal of the Sioux Agen- c.
iiea to the Missouri River, and on the
Indian question generally.
Secretary Schurz anu Commissioner
Smith entirely concur with General
>ook in his view that the Indians should
ie compelled to work for their rations, y
ind the conference to-day was mainly Q
with a view to ascertaining how the la- n
bor of the Indians could he utilized in Bj
:he interests both of (he Indians
inu me uovernment. iso detinite con:lupion
has been reached aa to the precise 1
location of the new agencies, but it seems
certain that the Indiana will not be removed
until next autumn, aa during the at
prarm season the Indians will be disposed at
'.o straggle oil' on hunting expeditions, oi
but willbeeasily collected and held together
on the approach of cold weather.
Indian AgentClnm telegraphs to the 4
Commissioner of Indian Affairs* that the
military has rendered him valuable aid p
in his mission for the return ol the |))
Shericahuas t^San Carlos Agency, and
that the number he has taken back there ^
jxceedt 4,500.
_ " ^
Preparations ol Latter-Day
.Saiiits to i:esi*l Federal *1
Authority. ,r
New York, May o.?-A Salt Lake ?lis- J
patch states that the feeling aroused ?
throughout the United States by the testimony
of John I). Lee's trial relative to
the Mountain Meadows, massacre, has
led the Latter Day Sinta to apprehend
the arrest of Brigham Young and other jt
neaus ot Ute Church accused of sanction- 01
ing the commission of that horrible crime. si
Die Saints have determined to resist any ol
movement against Brigham Young by the tl
Federal authority, and to this end tliev gt
are arming and drilling. Orders have vr
been privately issued by the military e:
commissioners of the famous Nauvoo n
Legion, requiring that organization to be jr
in readiness for active service the 21st of hi
the present month. tl
Sight meetings and drills are goiogtm V
in-Salt Lake City itself, and it is. report- s:
ed that Young ha* asserted within the last h
few dava, that the Mormons, who have t<
have been driven so often and so far, will ci
be driven no longer. Four^ boxes of h
breach-loading rifles were shipped last
week, to the southern settlements, from
the co-operative store in Salt Lake City.
-? : U
Ohio LcglNlutnre. a
Columbc^ JJay In the* Senate to- g
night the House bill introduced by the tl
Committee on the Ashtabula Investiga- f<
tion, to secure greater safetr in bridges, I
was defeated. The House bill to create a n
bureau of statistic* of labor was passed, o
The liouse bill to authorize the use of p
a three hundred degree lire test on railway
cars was passed. The House bill to \
prevent trespassing on railroad trains was
Soldiers' Reunion. C
>*ew York, May 5.?The Third Army I
Corps celebrated itself to-night in a din- t:
ner at Delmonico's and listened to ad- v
dresses by Daniel E. Sickles, Alfred Plea- a
sonton and others, and the reading of a
letters of regret from President Hayes, fi
ex-President Grant, Admiral Patrick
Rowan, &c.
graphical tuiou. n
Baltimore, Mat 0.?The Typogrwph- *
ical Union elected Edward Uriffin and 1
Martin Lyons delegates to the Interna- v
tional Convention, in Louisville, Jane I
next. _ i
Uouiun Seriously BarueU.
Eaton, 0., May 5.?A woman named
Jameston, living >ix miles south west of t
this pltce, while burning brush, was seri- i!
ously but not fatally burned, bv fc?r I
clothing catching Ore. e
< ltOOK*:i> WHISKY.
porflary Mioriuun DccIIupn c
Troponed tom promise ulih ilii
l ulon Copper OImiIIIIuk Com
Wabhinotow, Ma? 5.-*-The followinj
i the decision of the Hecretary of tlx
'reasury on the proposition of Antoi
unker, Joseph ttoelle and J. P. Kissing
r, proprietors of the Union Copper Dia
illing company, First District of Illi
ojs, to compromue by the payment o
100,000 and cost*?the claims ol thi
fnited State* against them for linen
en*ltiec, forfeiture* and taxe.% amount
ig in all to $597,993 30. The Secretary
rites: I have carefully examined thii
ropoaition for compromise, and havt
ansidered the brief of Charles H. Kewl
Isq., attorney for the proponents, in ol
>ction to the opinion of Assistant ijecre
iry French, of this department, and now
pprove of liia opinion, and decline tin
roposed compromise. The verbal agree
lent referred to, so far as itjis estabhshec
jr proof, has been fully executed on tin
art of the Uovernment by release o
roponents from imprisonment for crirnei
3 omitted under the revenue laws. I
id not undertake to, and could not un
er the law extend to the releaso of pro
onents for taxes due or forfeiture!) in
urred under the Internal Revenue lawn
: doea not appear that any ouch release
om pecuniary liabilities was proposed
> any officer of the Government having
le authority to mafce compromise.
Both the Secretary and the Solicitor o
le Treasury deny that any such agree
tent ever was reported to thia depart
tent. The evidence of thjs oral arrange
>ent with tho Attorney is so vague am
nsatisfactory that tho executive officet
(the Government would not be justifiei
i acting upon it. and the court has al
:ady given it full efl'ect in diacharginf
le proponents from imprisonment. Tin
ower to compromise debts and othej
ecuniary liabilities to the United Statei
a discretionary power vested in thi
ecretary of the Treasury. He has jur
diction to compromise onlv upon th<
revious recommendation of other offi
liieor authorize it to be made.
The release of parties against whoa
lie United States has claims for tines
enalties, forfeitures and taxes amount
to $097,993 30 should not be made bj
im except upon the clearest grounds o
ublic policy. The offer of compromise
i this C3.?e is the nominal sum o
100,001), and would leave the tie
ndnnts, who have confessed themselvei
uilty of the crime, not only relieved
oiu criminal punishment, but from thi
ayment of large amounts of taxes admit
d to l>e due, and of lines, penalties ant
irteitures plainly due under the revenue
The release of these proponent!
itpr participating in a crime o
ich magnitude, merely because the]
infeiscd their guilt, would be >
ineeroua example. The paymeni
[ the taxes due and the loasea in
irred by the Government by reason o
teir offenses, with interest and coat1!
ou Id be the least that could be demaadec
I them with a juat regard to public inter
<ts. That the losses cannot be collected
jr reason of their insolvency is no juati
nation f*r their release.
John Shkbman, Secretary.
Washington, May 5.?To day in th<
riminal Court case of F. A. Sawyer
rank W. Brooks, W. T. Haines, D. P
;oddy and Wm. II. liarstow, chargec
ith conspiracy to defraud the Govern
lent by the defendants, Brooks and Hod
y presenting fraudulent "claims to th<
mount of $55,000, and the others, Sajvyei
? Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
[aines as Commissioner of Customs, ant1
aratow as Clerk, passing the same, waj
illed up and set for the 16th inst.
Fire at t'tlca.
ITwi .*1 _Tha Vrdtilrllti Pnltnr
[ill at Sanquoit, built in 1812, am:
wned bv Brownell & Co., waa burned lasi
ight. The fire was causcd by the expta
on of the watchman's lantern. Low
"7,000; insurance $10,000. One hundred
ersons are thrown out of employment.
$25,000 fire.
New York, May 0.?The furniture
ore of Horace J. Farrington, 170 Canal
reet, waa damaged by lira to thcamouni
I $25,000 early this morning.
stable burned.
Lebanon,May 5.?A fire broke out ai
o'clock this morning in the large frame
able occupied by the Miami Vallev
.ailroad Co. Several mulea were saved
Lit the balance of the content*, including
iree horses, were entirely consumed
he loss ia not yet known.
Cincinnati, May 5.?The residence ol
.Doniphan,East Walnut hills, burned
night. Loss $10,000; insurance $7,000
Cincinnati, May 0.?The Commercial\
-iecial reports the burning of McKew'i
till atKulgeville, Indiana, this evening
ith 5,000 bushels of grain and n numbei
[ agricultural implements. The loss if
itimated from $15,000 lo $20,000.
Explosion at Sea.
Boston, May G.?The steamer China
ist arrived from Liverpool, report* thai
11 April 30, in lat. 43? 21', long. 33? 20'
le saw signals on the steamer Sidoniar
[ Glasgow, from New York for Bristol
iat she was disabled and required a sur
eon. Sent the ship's surgeon on board
ho reported that on the 29th the boilen
cploded, killing the Captain, three cngi
eers, two firemen, one trimmer and in
iring tho cook. The rest of the crew ari
ife. When the surgeon went on boari
le men were all dead but one fireman
/hen asked the cause of the explosion hi
lid, "I will tell you in the morning," bui
e died soon after, and it wa-t impossibit
> learn the cause. The Sidonian pro
ecded under sail and will not arrive a
er destination under two weeks.
A Fenian .Movement.
Dayton, May 6.?A Fenian movemen
i in agitation among the Irish' citizens
l call has been issued for a meeting in re
ard to the participation of England ii
he European war, and to take measure
ir attaining a unity of action amonj
rishmen with the purpose of a genera
jovement toward recovering poasessioi
f Ireland. The call ii signed by severa
rominent Irish citizens.
ktliiutn ?v? |/v1) vliur^vi
uilli Forgery, Honorably Ac
Richmond, May 5.?In the law of C. 1
Irittendcn, Doorkeeper of the House o
telegates, charged with raising pay cer
ificatea of members, the jury returned i
crdict of not guilty. The Judge orderei
nolle prosequi in the other indictmen
gainst Crittenden and he waa discharge)
rom custody.
Celebrated Itscll.
New York, May 5.?The Third arm;
orps celebrated itself to-night in a din
eratthe Delmonicof, ami listened ti
pecchea by Daniel E. Sickles, Alfra
'leasanton and others. Letters of regre
rere read from President Hayes, Es
'resident Grant and Admiral Patriot
lowan. _
More Southern Indorsement.
Nashtxlls, May 8.?At a meeting o
bo citizen* of both political partieu to
'a7? * spirit of con??rTatism prevailed
'resident Hayea' Southern policy wa
trongly indorsed.
the detached fort* are badly placed and
> com each other insufficiently or not at
all. Nor are any oI the fortreimeii well
profiaioned, except that of Krteroum,
ia where there is a large iitoclc of rice and
Indian corn.
Loxdon, May 7.?An Alexander apeciai
nays: The Kauian Consul General
ll and the whole Staff of Consulate have
[n left for Trieste.
A telegram from St. Petersburg, dated
the Otb,>ays : Ix>rd Loftus to-day handed
the Kusaian Government Lord' Derby's
reply to GortachakofTti circular, and it is
9 *
' Austria Decidas to Occupy Bosn
, and Herzegovina.
Russia Repairing Batteries wil
Which to Guard Against
English Neutrality.
Rumors of a Russian Loan Effec
ed in Paris.
Tho Turks Acting Solely on tli
Russians Advancing In a Semlcli
cto and Closing in on the
Ottoman Triangle.
An Easy Victory for.the Russian
Predicted by the Friends
of Turkey.
Scathing Criticism of Gladstone
| Opponents by London Press.
- British Cabinet Greatly Agitate
j Over the Eastern Situation.
Sharp Letter from from Thorns
Carlyle to the London Times.
He 8aya "England Should Feel Ai
Connection with the Turks is
t Real Ignominy."
Gladstone Cornea In for a Sooldlng
the Hindi of the Thunderer.
aubthu'i! intentions.
mancjie8teh, May 5.-?The Guardu
j?ives great prominence to the foliowinj
Information reaches us irom a trua
worthy quarter that Austria haadetei
mined, oh a cautionary measure, to occi
py Bosnia and Herzegovina. Accordir
to present arrangement*, the movemei
of troops for that purpose will begin i
about a fortnight.
bull aki) bear movements
Vienna, May Official St. Peter
burgh advices state that great distrui
prevails against England. Batteries c
the Baltic are being are being repair*
and armed, and hundreds of .torpedo
arc ready for the Gulf of Finland.
| fled.
, On the bombardment by the Turkii
I monitors the inhabitants of Kent, Ibra
. and Oltenitza fled. The Turks laid to
I peaoes.
KlSCHENE KF, M.y, 5.?Duke Nichol
telegraphs the following: The paasage
the Prufli is retarded by the unusual
3 swollen condition of the river. T1
f necessary steps have, however, been tak<
, that the concentration of troops will nc
| be interfered with.
Kagcsa, May 5.?The insurrection i
; the Miridites is ended. The Sentry w;
: arrested and brought to Scutari.
i KccnABErr, May o.?The Official Jou
nal publishes a letter from the Prince 1
UIO X icniuctih >Jt IMC V/UUIIVM, UllllUUIlllI
a contribution of $20,000 from the civ
list towards campaign equipment* f<
Roumanian officers.
j The Senate has adopted a bill poatpo
I ing the payment of commercial Jaccep
. ances until the end of the war.
The Chamber of Deputies have ado|
, ted a bill for the organization of the mii
I tia and a National Guard.
The meeting of the European Dauul
Commission, appointed for the 7th insl
cannot be held. The Turkish and Kussit
delegates decline to attend, and the Br
1 tish an<l French delegates left Galatz b
1 fore the port closed and connot return.
Russia's object.
Berlin, May 5.?The Tagbiatl .-tat
t that Gortschakofl' has instructed the Ru
siaa representatives in communicating h
' tlm t\avom 7k.
? Russia's only object is to compcl Turk<
: to accept measures necessary to insure ii
ternal peace, such measures to be detei
mined at the proper moment, not by Ru
' Bia, but by conoert of the powers. In th
I matter the Czar will limit himself to i
suring the reforms agreed on by the poi
? era. Count 8chovaloff;was specially i
> ntructed to declare to Great Britian "thi
> Russia entertaine no plan not intends
' exclusively for the improvement of tl
? condition of the Eastern Christian!
kars surrounded.
Intelligence received herefrom Odcsi
states that Harp is completely anrronn
? ed. The Russians have twenty-four siej
L guns in position. The bombardment
? Kara will begin immediately.
[ london May 5.?A questionable a
thority says that Prince GortachakolT
J about "to resign. He will be replaced 1
. Count Schouvaloff. Prince Orloflj i
. present Embxssador to France will %su
5 ceed Count 8chouvalofl' at London, ?ai
j Gen. Ignatieft' replace OrlofT at Paris.
turko-ru8bian armies.
! London, May C.?The bulk of tl
1 Turkish forces appear to be maasir
5 towards Siliatria and Rutachuk. This;
the direction in which the Russians, 1
1 their movements, would appear to ind
cate a desire to pass the river, but tl
Turks still seem content to remain pa
sively on the defensive, and make no e
t dcavors at anj counter stroke or lorwai
. movement which might aid them to for
an accurate judgment a* to the point <
1 which an attack maj be made upon the
* position. The Humian forces are adva
r cing in a semi-circle towarde Erzeroui
1 whilst the Turkish forfcca are coocentr;
i ted in a triangle of the towns of Era
1 roum, Olti and Kara. According
information received here there are i
lew that 140,000 men conducting andsu;
I porting the movements, so that we mi
be prepared to hear of the first bati
having been fought south of Kars, fo
. lowed by the advance forcing passes l>
f tween Qetschevaa and Deli Musato Mi
schinger and Haaaa Kaleh, where tl
n Turks will have to take up a position fi
1 the defense of Erzeroum, for if once t
t crest of the mountains Ordering En
1 roum on the east is wou by the Kussii
troops the town is lost.
The Kussian Consuls of Batoum, Kai
Erzeroum and Trebizond accompany tl
f neauquariers ana win be entrusted wi
the civil administration of the distric
a occupied.
1 Very significant for the thoroughne
t of the Russian advance so far is that eai
> corps has kept up communication wi
< the others throughout. This has bee
accomplished by Cossacks.
The number of Turkish troo
between Erseroum, Kara and Batou
f amount to 64,000 regulars, of whom 21
- 000 are cavalry and about 4,UOO artiller
I. In additition there are some 6,000
a militia and abont 5,000 of Kurdish i
regular cavalry .Kara U well armed, b
i said on good authority that Russia docs
not intend to reply.
An Independence Heine. Pari* special asserts
that Derby's reply is very bitter.
10 A dispatch from Paris says: M. Franolay,
the Clericalist; Senator, has given
notico that he will submit an interpellation
to the government on Monday, m to
> what will be tho consequence'of the
order of the day, as voted by the deputies
relative to the clerical intrfanen. All
moderate politicians strongly disapprove
Franclay's action!
says: Moderate liberals and regular
leaders of the opposition perform a pain*
ful dnty in separating themselves from
their chief. Mr. Gladstone can for a
moment see nothing but bulgarian
o massacres and is insensible of the iminiment
risk of destroying a historical F.ngglith
,jj savs: In breaking: through the feeble
organization which his > party in the
course of three prears lias barely necuret!,
it is not at all impossible that Gladstone
has destroyed the party itself.
asserts that there is nothing at all in any
oneof Gladstone'* resolutions to embarrati
the Government unto* it is bent on
W plunging us sooner or later in war for
the protection of Turkey. Every chanse
which the spectator can note in the atti
iuuc in mo v?o yernnieni 1? a cuange in one
direction, a change hostile to Russia and
at favorable to Turkey, a change of
reproaching Ruaaia and apologizing to
Turkey. If Lord Ilardington and hia
colleagues preeiat in the intention to
supportSir John Lubbeck, we can only
aay that the beat chance for the Libera"!
party ia to rid itself of the dead weight of
the leaden, and replace Gladstone,
whether he will or no; in hia old poiition
which he ought never have deserted.
Jlr. Curlylc'* Views uti tl:c ICaMern
London, May 5.?Thomna Carl.vle,' in
. a letter to the Time*. cive* hirt view* mil
^ the Eastern question u follows:
,j To the Jidltort of the Times:
ea Sib?A rumor everywhere prevails
that our miraculous Premier, in spite ol
his Queen's proclamation of neutrality,
intepda, under cover of care for British
?j interests, to send the English licet tp the
Baltic, or do some other feat which shall
ir* compel Russia to declare war against
England. Latterly the rumor has shifted
from the Baltic and become still more
M sinister on the eastern side of the sceae,
of where a feat is contemplated that will
|? force, not Russia only, but all Europe, to
1C declare war against us. This latter 1
?n have come to Know as an indisputable
it fact in our recent affair?, and the outlook
is surely a grave one. As to British interests,
there are none visible or conceivable
to me excent taking strict charge of
our route to Inaia by Suez and Egypt.
*? aim lor me real resolutely ateering altogether
clear of any copartnery with the
Turk in regard to this or any other
r. British interest whatever. It should be
to felt by England aa a real ignominy to be
1g connected with the Turk at all. Nay, if
j] we still had, aa in fact wo all ought to
3r have, a hand to save him from perdition
and annihilation in God's name, the fun.
turefor him that ban, any hope in it,
even now id in hia being conquered by
Russians and gradually drilled into
y_ peaceable attempt at learning to be him\l.
self governed.
The newapaper outcry against Ruam is
xj no more reapectable to me than the howl^
ing ot bedlam, proceeding as it does from
the deepest ignorance, egotism and paltry
.}. National jealousy. These things I write
fe. not on hearsay, but on acurate knowledge,
and to all frienda of their country will
recommend immediate attention to theui
while there iayet time, lest in a few weeks
the maddest and moat original thing that
; a ariiwu viuvernmeni comu (10 *110111(1 DC
18 done, and all Enrope kindle into the
lt flames of war. 1 atn, ?&c.,
D* 5 Cheyne Row. Chelsea, Ma? 4
is Russia is stated to have effected a loan
n- ot one hundred million franc*, in Pari#,
w- "from French, German and Dutch banker*.
j,l The Cabinet will meet to day. One
ie story is that the Cabinet is thorohghly
united about the protection of British
interests, but divided about whjit
these interests are, and how far the
,a British communications with India will
be imperilled by the Russian advance in
S* Asia. Another is that the're is great excitement
in the Cabinet in consequence of
the anti-Turkijih views .of Lords Sallisbury
and Carnarvon, which gives ri.*e to
u. a rumor of their resignation.
Hma, in a leading article, say*:
* Gladstone's resolutions threaten to "do
.c," something worse than throw the Liberal
,u party into confusion. * In ordinary times
the breaking of partv lines might,"doubtlean,
be borne with serenity; buf these are
ie not ordinary times. The Government
ig must Boon come to decisions of incalcujain
ble importance, because intending to
)V make peace or place the country on thit
li- slippery incline of menace which too
je often ends in war. Bitter personal ani?.
moflitiea are enlisted in favor of a course
n- which would be disaster and crime. Pord
liticil rivalries are aiding reckless adm
visers, and it may'be the dissensions of
>n Parliament are not entirely absent from
ir Ministerial councils, although the good
n- sence of the public will, we believe, dcn,
feat the promptings of passion. It cpra
tainly cannot aiForu to lose parliamentary
e- influence, which has been moat powerto
fully exerted on the side of peace; yet by
10 destroying the effective force of the Libp.
cral party at thia critical moment, Gladly
atgne has put his great authority at the
le command of trader^ in the passions of
I- war. The Lihoral nnrtv I? a?l;? imn
e- faction*, eome of which will \ote for
d- Gladstone's resolutions, and <uh'?rH for
be the previous question. The rent may
or easily grow wider, one section becoming
be more and more ready to combat against
<jt- Turkish misrule,while another may drift
in toward those conservatives who are as
wax in the handa of the Government.
-b, The immediate effect of this disunion
ie may be not only to give the Ministry a
th great majoritv, which is a matter of some
:tn consequence, but we fear to strengthen
the faction which is clamoring for war.
The British iqadron at Corfu has been
l" ordered to Crete.
pe Qukexstow*, Mar 5.?The steamship
m Wisconsin arrived to-day. from New
,- York, and reports that on May 3, latitude
y. 51? north, longitude 16? west, she passed a
of three-massed steamer proceeding eutir
ward slowly. No lights were burning,
at The steamer may be the City of Brussels,
now diii due from N'ew York, and hiring
oo board the IrUh Canadian pilgrima.
l.ivBnrooL, May 5.?The Qiurier't London
corr?[.on.lrnt underntanda that
Greenwood, editor o( the AH Mall Gazelle,
ia about to taite a reiponaible po?|.
tion on tile Timet. The correspondent
quoriei whether this mijr not indicate a
change in the lima' altitude on the Eaatern
ijucjlion, tireenwood'a writingalotha
Gaulle having been atrongly anti-Kunian.
500,000 SIONATUBE8.
A delegation headed by the Duke of
Norfolk, left here yesterday for Koine, to
attend tho Papal jubilee. He bear* a
congratulatory address with 500,000 signatures.
Paris, May 5.?The Republican new?papers
express great untie faction with the
order of the day Toted by the Chamber
of Deputies yesterday, and alio with
Gambetta's speech and Siinon'a declaration.
They nay the latter makes amends
for the apparent weakness of Thursday's
Sugar Humeri.
Havana, May 5.?In a tire at Matanzas,
one thousaud hogshead* of sugar were
Knllinsiiisik* Iteceptlon of the
St. Petehsduru, May o.?The Czar, on
his return from Moscow, was received
San Fi?akcwco, May 5.?'The following
news was received ncr steamer Zealand,
via Now South Wales :
The Ministry went out on a vote of
waiit of confidence, and Mr. Parke, who
moted it, took the office of Premier, hi?
PostuiaBter General being Hon. Mr. Samuel,
who negotiated the mail contract
with the Pacific Mail Company, in conccrt
with Thomas Rnssel, of New Zealand.
A new Ministry was re-elected, and the
business of Parliament proceeded with.
The country generally has been visited
with copious rains.and the drouth every
where was considered terminated.
Victoria has the issue of free trade vs.
protection, fairly riiiscd by the Government
at the general election.
. ... n.i i j
A'l'unis in u.ii.iii.ii ii?>c wen very uu tractive
to property. No Ios? of life.
Gov. Cavins has l>een sworn in atOov*
crnor of Sooth Australia.
Gov. Kennedy ha.4 arrived and taken
the oath n.* Governor of Queensland.
New Zealand paper* renort a revival
of gold mining in the Wetland and
Auckland dintrictrt. There baa been a
bountiful harvest.
The Chinese question haa cropped uu
at Dunedin in Oatago Province, which
contain* auom a mousanu leiesuais engaged
in mining and other pursuit*.
mix A.
San FrjLncisco, May 5.?The ship
Gloucester has arrived from China with
small-pox on board. The passengers are
Several shocks of earthquake were felt
at Opitiki on March 27.
A line quality of magnetic iron ore has
been discovered at Madrogan.
Fiji Prince William Pitt Lelcfohokir,
to the King of Hawaii, aud heir apparent
to the throne, died April 10. The
princess Lydia Kamaknlha Hilinokalavi,
elder sister of the King, haa been appointed
his successor to the throne.
Sr. Louis, May 5.?Capt. Barton Able,
a prominent and one of the best known
citizen^ of this city, died to-day, of paralysis
of two years standing. Capt. Able
was extensively known as a steamboatman
before the war; was Master of Transportation
of this Department under Gob.
Frdraotft during the war, and was politically
a warm adherent and co-worker
with Frank Blair during and after the
war. He was also President of the MerchauU'
Exchange and had the conGdence
and respect of all classes of citizens.
thidorned President Haj cm.
Nashville, May 5.?At a meeting of
the citizens of both political parties today
a spirit of conservatism prevailed
and President Hayes' Southern policy
w*i strongly endorsed.
A Confidence Victim.
New York, May 6.?Nicholas McCoy,
an Oregon cattle dealer, arrived here Saturday
with live thousand dollars in gold,
intending to sail for Europe, but lost all
of his money by the usual confidence
Murine Intelligence.
SaK FbXncbco, Mny 5.?The steamer
Alasky sailed to-day for Hong Kong via
New York, May 5.?Arrived?Steamship
Britannia, from Liverpool.
London, May The steamthip Bothnia,
from New York, has arrived out.
PRARTinai nutTMier
Li nrcpaud to m.ika cartful and complete analj?*i
il Iron Orei, I-iiaeatonca, Mineral Walera,etc.
Labotatorj cor. 24th and Chapllne atrccia
wnTJ Wh?11m. W. Va.
Chester Hama,
' Extra Sugar Cured Harus,
S. C. Ftrcakla<t litcoo,
Clear hides,
S. C. Shoulders,
Plain Shoulders,
Mma Fork,
Family Pork.
Lard inTk-rcw, Barrcla, Half Barrela, Kega, Falla
and Hall Palls. Oiir own curing. For Ml? br
Wljl get ONE DOZEN nice
Card Photographs.
6pe sample* at BROWN'S GALLERY,
J 39 Liberty Strut, Pittsburgh, Pa.
^ otice^:
Tbo undented, who has been appointed by the
Probata Coart ol the county of >nrakilo, In the
state of Ohio, Ootrdian of tha pmon and ratate
of Archibald Wooda Knox, a minor whorealdea In
laid comity, will on Mondar, the twenty-flrit day
of May, a. D. 1877, or ai aoon thereafter aa tb? application
can be heard, apply to the Circuit Court
of Ohio county, In th* Mate of Weat Virginia, for
an order authoriiin* her to aue for, recover and receive
all money and i*r?on*l property in the State
of Weat Virginia befontfn* to her laid ward, and
glre proper acquittances therefor, In like manner
ai If ahe we appointed a Guardian of ber nld
ward in the State cf Weat Virginia, and further
authorizing her to remote the said money and property
to the State of Ohio.
ap'Jl-3 RUTH A. XOOKEf, Guardian.

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