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$&kt Hit*ding 'IB Ittilligiiwf t
The IJcoiino ImbroKlio* '
The Second 13rAncl) of Council having! ^
chosen to put itiielf in the position of an |(
obstructionist to tho taking out of license ti
by the saloon keepers of the city at the
rc^iilur time, should bo prepared to as- ^
4IUH0 whatever responsibility attaches to g|
their gratuitous position. Those of die
saloon men who nro impatiently waiting J
to receive permission to go on ns hereto- ^
fore with their business should distinctly
understand that it is the Hecornl Branch K
that stands in their way. That body has
chooien to assuino an unsolicited chain- u
|MOiMni|? "i mcir iiiiBrcBw. i>o |*uuon jj
ha?l?c ii pent into Council for a reduction w
ol the licennQ p?iil for the lout thrtoy?ar?. 0
The r?rnt urancn nave ucen ready to .
v;rniit license on (lie name bania aa -u
heretofore, but the Second Branch, in ^
spite of the prctwing necessities of
the city for revenue, have chosen ^
to f step in and try to beat down n
the old price. It appars al.?o that ?oiue y
of the members are putting on en air of (j
injured innocence in the matter, on the (|
gronnd that they are being dictated to by
the First Branch. Dr. Logan placed the
hoot on the other leg l:wt night by re- |(
marking very properly that if any body n
mm attuning the role of dictator it wan c
the Second Branch, inasmuch uh nobody R|
hid inked it to do what it wa* attempt- ,
ing tii do. The Firnt Branch win nimpty
continuing on in tue line ol |*reccueiu> ?
Handing ready to rule fur liccnss 011 the R
bj?ia heretofore granted. In addition to l(
this point by Dr. J/Ognn, Mortimer Pol- s
l-ii'k made a telling point to the effect that
despite all the talk in the Second llranch >,
about the inability of the xuloon uien to ^
pay tliu licence heretofore charged, the R
number of saloons had steadily increased, ^
and was now decidedly lar^r limn when Q
the present rate wan fixed threeyearn ago j
We refer to the proceeding* hut ni^bt
in order that thu-e who ore Hiiaiou* to
reopen their place* of hirnnew way see ^
who it in that in standing in their way. H
Tliey should saddle the responsibility on c
the Second Branch where it belongs. The
First Branch have bten ready all along ^
to grant license on the' usual terms. ^
Those of the saloon men who have been ^
arrested for felling on Monday t|
without license, and who will b? f(
forced ito litigate their cases at j
considerable expense, can appreciate ^
the fact that between what they will lose j
in that way, and wh.it they will lone in j
addition by having their place* of buui- (]
ne-M closed for nobody known bow long, t
will much more than overbalance any
possible reduction in the rate of license. H
Kcery thy during which Ihey are thus
.shut up i* just ho much loss tu U* charged -j
up to the position assumed by the Sccond
I'rancli. ^
Kiitlot tlicSewing Machaui* Moilopofy.
The last essential patent by which the e
price of all Sewing Machine* ha* been c
kept at from four to five hundred |*'r h
cent above their cost, expiicd venter '
day, and inasmuch as all o Hurts to get a :l
renewal or cxieniuon 01 anv 01 mew e??ential
feature* of machine building have 1
b*en in vain, the price has suddenly colUpsed,
and machine* that a few weeks
i^o were felling at $70 and $S0 are now
ireely offered at $33 and $10. The patent
(hit expired yesterday wa< the Hatchd<ler
patent on the needle plate, which
rctjuired every Sewing Machine to pay a
royalty of* $il to the combination
unless it was intended for exportation.
It has been a marked peculiarity
of the machine business that while
they were exported to Kitropu anil sold
there at retail for $20 to $40, they were
sold here all the way from $f?"> to $Uo.
The combination has consisted of the
Singer, the Wheeler iS; Wilson, thn Howe,
and the CSrover & Baker companies. According
to a statement made on good authority,
il appears that the cost ol a $70
machine was only about $15. The other
additions of cost tirr classified as follows:
Cost ot iinuufiictiirini; a |70 uiiriilue 115 00
t'rn?ortton of cxiwiimh of distributing
olilcct on iuc!> machine .. 10 01 I
Commission tiild to ovcrtwni !<0 j>er ccat "1 00
t'?it ottMllfcitiis qturtorly payment!* 7 00
l *o te.ir's interest on same :i
.Margin uf prolt ? 13 60
Tot d 57J CO
We observe by the Pittsburgh papera of
yesterday that Sewing Machined are now
being pressed on the market, as it were,
in that city at onediulf the obi price.
We presume the price is correspondingly
reduced at the various agencies in this
fity. If not it soon will be. At all
events, no one who want* a machine
need now pay the former exhorbitant
price. In a abort time they will be as
cheap and available to every family in
the land as cooking stoves. The time
was, twenty-live years ago, when cooking
Moves were luxuries, to be indulged in
onlv bv tin* W<*11 to do. Xnvv tlioru 14 no ?
family so poor a* to do without one of ^
these necessities. So it will be with sewing
machines. TUev will noon 1)2 made
by numerous manufacturers and sold at c
?\0, $20 and $:>0 a piece, according to fin- i
ish. This will be a great boon to the ?
poor, Poor families need the*J tiuie j
saving ami labor saving articles even }
more than the rich. The common sewing \
of the poor \n a great tax upon the fe- *
males, and keeps them, when it is done 1
by hand, from earning money to procure
other necessities. ^
The ItfCl*tcr*N Position on the I
tnpitul ?lui>Niton. \
The licgisttr find* it very convenient f
i just at this time to aaddlo tb? ? '
""" ?- j
bilily for the of llie Capital bill ^
on Clarksburg, but there was a time only >
u few weeks ago when the Regiftcr did not f
ex pre itself that way. The tiles of that d
paper during the time that tin) Capital ^
bill was under discussion, and especially
after the introduction of the bill providing
for a vote between Martinsburg,
Clarksburg and Charleston, show that
the fcyialtr held Charleston, and no one ?
else, responsible for the kill. Charleston c
was tantalized with having caught a Tar- s
tar by introducing and* putting through j
such a bill, and the opinion was freeloy Q
? pressed by the llegiMer that Charleston v
I had cut off her nose to spite her face; ii
nui hiiu wuuhi una nerseu icit out in il:e
old; "that in her blind vindictivenws"
lie had gained absolutely toothing by the
assage of the bill.
Nothing, ho far an we can recall, was
aid to the disparagement of Clarksburg
or the part she took in the pasange of
lie bill. Charleston wan the exclusive
irget for the llcgutcr'i sarcastic hIioU*.
'here waa nothing aaid then about the
uperior hotel faoilities of Charleston,
resent or future, or its prospective lire
ily [newspapers, or even its future
lilroad up Elk Kiver, or its wonderful
eneral outcome. All these embryotlc
xcellencies were reserved for an editoial
to be written two months after the
djournnicntof the Legislature. Strange
udeed that they did not Huggeat themelves
sooner to the now prophetic vision)
f the Register. Stranger still that I
istead of feeing these strong points
j favor of Charleston, the Jley-\
4cr should have been engaged in 1
bowing that everything,regardless of the
Uerests of the State at large, wan being'
lade to bend to "grasping Charleston."
/e were told, lens than three months ago, |
tat Charleston was "willing to sacrifice
lie best interests of the State in gratify-'
)g her spleen." Delegates from other
arts of the State,were warned not to be I
lade tools of by Charleston, and exhorted!
ot to "neglect the interests of their own
onstitnents, or permit their interests to
ufl'er by reason ol Charleston^ vindic-]
\V?: wt|e nut told at that time that
harleston h:td u great development i
head of her. On the contrary we were
)ld that she, not l?>f>H than Clarksburg1
nd Martinsburg, was as well improved
rid developed as she could possibly be.
tow, however, presto! change! Charleson
is to be a city necond only in importnee
to Wheeling,f Aml.Wheeling is to
e her commercial beneficiary, if flic will
nly turn out and vote for her as the
uture Capital. We can secure the large
iiid valuable trade of this wonderful city
if the future liy falling in with the genral
current of progress (hut is setting in
o irresistibly in her favor. We will lielorne
to her what Cincinnati is now. .
We ?lo not think that tbo people of this
Congressional District are quite ready to
e suddenly converted to this view of the
Capital question. They want nt least as
iiueh time as the llcyintcr haa taken heare
coming to a conclunion. And the
legirter should not complain if they
nally refuge lo be couverted twice?two
ifTerent ways?by the name preacher,
laving done so much last winter to prcjdice
the public mind against Charleston,
he editor idiould not be surprised if the
icople now abaolutely refuse to take any
lock in hia new departure.
I'lic I'lmbarruNHJiieut ?1 Kuk1
a mi's roHitiou.
The Parliamentary ''whips," a.s they
,re called, which i.s only another term
or "runnera," arc reported active in their
Horta to Htfcure on the oneeide the euc>
eaa and on the other the defeat of Glatltone'rt
resolutions declaring that Turkey
ia3 forfeited all claims upon the moral
,.1 ii.ttnri?i I ?5.1 ..I Tl.a
nil of the cowing vote on these reaoluion*
h esteemed a matter of great molent
not only in England hut throughtit
Europe. Our dispatches announce
liat Turkey is built up and strengthned
by Lord Derby's reply to
Ussia, and evidently the Porte
ounts largely on good results
rout England's preparation!) for sending
roops to Egypt. It will he observed that
he Hritinb Ministry in being searchingly
interpellated1' on the subject of its inentions
by the Gladstone party, so much
o that Lord Derby was yesterday forced
o deprecate the course pursued by the
atter, as tending to force the Governuent
into very embarrassing if not dan;erous
nnd fatal expressions of opinion.
England in between two fires, and has not
icenso much embarrassed for many years
o know what to do.
New Yokk, May 8.?Ex-Presideut
irant and wife are in the city.
ijur.UEP, May 3.?Killed Oa-poundcrs
ire Huid to lie on the way from England
or the Irlada, and the 23d Fusileers are
Washington, D. C., May 8.?William
I. Johnson, for many years in theTreasiry
Department, but recently discharged,
tad committed suicide.
Troy, May U.?John MclCeever, a nonJuion
moulder, was fatally shot to-day
>?'three men, each of whom tired and
:ach shot took effect. No arrests.
Yankton, May 8.?The mail nerrice
ias been ordered direct from here to
jeadwood, via Pierre, three times a
veek, beginning to*day.
Aluany, May 0.?The Senate agreed to
he mwembly amendment* to the omnijus
bill by a vote of 20 to 11, and the
neqauren now goes to the governor.
Senator Woodinsays if the bill becomes
i law it will save to New York city $200,
H)0 annually, and Senator Morrissey as*
erts that the act is not partisan.
New Yobk, May 8.?The American
roc key Club is putting Jerome Park in
irder for the spring meeting and Pimlico
s showing signs of activity, but the presnt
concern of the turfmen hereabouts is
n what is called Derby day, May 22, at
.ouisville, may bring forth, and be the
ssue of the race arranged by the Louis*
ille Jockey Club for the meeting of the
amou* horses Ten Ilroeck and Ariatides,
day 24th.
111 T v terns' \fnw fi_At tlm unimal
nee ting of theBtockholder* o( the Texas
Vntral Railroad, at Houston, yesterday,
he following directors were" elected:
,'liarles Morgan, New York; CharleB
iVhitney, New t)rlean?; George Jordan,
ormerly Superintendent of the Memphia
c Charleston Railroad: E. W. Cave.
loUHton; A. Richardson, Houston; A.
iroesbeck, Houston; J. J. Cisco, Now
fork; Charles Fowler, Galveston. The
ollowing officers were elected: Fresilent,
C. A. Whitney;' Vice President,
ieo. Jordan; Secretary, A. Richardson;
?reaiurer, E. W. Care.
roi.iritAL \oths.
Salt Lake, Mav 8.?Another canvass
f the vote for Delegate to Congress was
uado to d.iv, the first, in December, being
onsidered informal. The result was the
atue as before?about 21,000 for Canon
Mormon) and 4,000 for IJarkin (Liberal),
ut this gives the Liberal candidate an
pportunity to contest theelection, which
rill be done, on the ground that Canon
i an alien.
assooiatedTress report.
to rut; daily ixteumenceii
mgn-nanuea uonnaence uame in
St. Louis?A Big Scheme
Nipped in 1he Bud.
New York Postoffice AccidentPresentment
by Grand Jury.
Further Account of the Explosion
on the Steamer Sidonian.
Mexican Depredations Subject of
a Cabinet Session.
A Vigorous Policy Against the
Marauders to be Inaugurated.
Great Sale of Short Horn Cattlo
-Fine Stock and Fine Prices.
Thft fifflni Finn Shnu/ in Nou/ Vnrl/
i ubiiu'l Mci'tin;;.
NVAHiiiNOTON^D.iLMny 8.?There wa*
a full Cabinet session to-day. Tho opinion
is well grounded that the appointments
of two or threo important foreign
missions aro Rubjects of attention.
Merrymon Howard, Sheriff in Mississippi,
who was obliged to leave during
the shot gun campaign, ha* been appointed
Messenger, and Joseph Turner, lortnerly
Stcretary of the Alabama Senate,
Clerk in the TrcMury Oflice. Mrs. Sarah
A. Thompson, of Tennessee, has been appointed
Clerk in the Treasury, The
appointment is based on the substantial
service by the woman and husband to the
government during the war. She wa* n
spy and a hospital nurse. Her application
is regarded at tha Department a* the
strongest Tennessee ease on the Hies.
Kx-MarHli.il Ward Lamon had an interview
with the President this afternoon.
postmasters commissioned.
The following Postmaster* were commissioned
to-day: Hector S. Humphrey,
Vaniluliu; Samuel S. Beideler, Mount
Pulaski; Daniel X. Grow, Xapierville,
Illinois, and Francis 15. Phillips,
The President to-day signed the Convention
between the Post Ollice Departinent
of the United States and that of
* circular to pension agent.*.
The Secretary of the Interior will issue
a circular letter notifying pension agents
whose agencies are to be discontinued
that their accounts must be settled by the
end of the current quarter. There is no
authority for the department to reduce
the rates of fees now allowed collected
from pensioners by pension agents, but
in view of the large emoluments which
will attach to each of the consolidated
agencies froui this source a recommendation
will be made to Congress for their
major reno's sentence.
The following is the result of the proceedings
of the court martial at l''ort
Abercrombie, which recently tried Major
Keno, charged with maki'ug. improper
overtures to the wife of Capt. Pell, and
having taken measures to cast nlurs on
her character.
"NVar Department, May 8.
Proceedings in this case having been
forwarded the lOGth article of war to the
Secretary of War, have been moBt carefully
considered and have been submitted
10 me JTcameui, wno approves the lintiing
and sentence, but is pleased to mitigate
the latter to suspension from rank
and pay for two years from the 18th of
May 1877. Maj. Keno't conduct towurd
the wife of nn absent officer, aud in using
the whole force of his power, as the commanding
officer of the post, to gratify his
resentment against her, cannot bo too
strongly condemned, but after a long
deliberation oil all the circumstances as
shown in the record of the trial, it is
thought his gravo offenses, grave as they
are, do not warrant the sentence of dismissal
and all its consequences upon one
who has lor 20 years borne the reputation
of a brave man and honorable officer, and
has maintained that reputation upon the
battle fields of the rebellion and in contests
with the Indiana. The President
has therefore modi lied the sentence, and
it is hoped that Major Keno will appreciate
the clemency thus shown liiui, an
well as the very reprehensible character
of the acts of which he was found guilty.
Geo. W. McQraky, "
Secretary of IFar.'
A dispatch received at the State Department
to-day announces that General
Kdward F. Heale, U. S. Minister to Austria,
has left Vienna on a leave of abscnoe
for Washington. lie is accompanied
by hia family.
I rni.. w.'-! i?t . i
am.- mcAicau noraer irouDies were u
subject of discussion ut the Cabinet meeting
to-day, nnd it was agreed that the organized
cattle stealing and other depredations
upon the property In Texan of
American citizen* must be effectually
Htopj>od without delay, or restitution on
the part of the Mexican authorities.
Correspondence with the Mexican Government
will be immediately reopened
by the Stato Department. Unless proper
Bteps be promptly taken by Mexico to
prevent further incursions on our territory
by "bodies of her citizen*, our
military forces under Gen.Ord will probably
be authorized to crois the Kio
Grande to pursue and ciptnre the marauder*.
Clinton! IIouno InveHtigalion.
New York, May S.?Oiborne, of the
bonded warehouse department, testified
that in his opinion Division No. 10 con Id
be merged into No. 3, thereby saving
about $12,000 to $15,001) a year and getting
the work done more etliciently. His
department, he thought, could be run with
seven clerks less than at present. The
office of Superintendent of Warehouses
is unnecessary and ought to be abaudoned.
Ho heard and believed that clerks re
ceived illegal feea for entries, particularly
clerka in the rotunda, but he hud no
proof of iu
The Indian CorumisMonere opened bid*
far Indian supplier. Over 300 were put
in for food,clothing, tool*, \c. Bid* this
year exceed tho?eof last year about one
Collision oil (tic Lake.
Kris, Majr 8.?Tho schooner Francis
Beerman, which collided with the steam
barge Rust last night at East Tarvas, and
immediately went down, drowning two
men, was owned here and valued at $30,000;
insured $20,000; including a cargo of
wheat whieh she carried the loss will be
$100,000. ^
New Orleans, May 7.?-Captain 8t.
Clair Johns, of the Republican staff, died
1 of consumption. Aged 34 years.
.tlcctlugol A'tfttloiml Tcinpvrnucc '
New Yonic, May 8.?Tho twelfth annual
meeting of the National Temper- ]
ance Society and Publication Houie was i
held this afternoon. Wm. Dodge was i
elected President for tho ensuing year ?
and a long lint of Vice President*, among t
them tho following: Maj. Gen. 0.0. How- I
ard, O.; Schuyler Colfax, Ind.; li.J. Morris,
Dr. J. J. Bradford, Bishop Kava- <
naugh, Ivy.; 1 ten. Clinton B. Finlce, Kev. 1
Htanton, Kev. J. M. Walden, D. D., O.; ]
8. D. Hnntingfl, Win.; D. D. Pratt, Ind.; t
James Monroe, o.; Prof. L. Mohh, Ills ; (
Thou, llornbrook, \V. Va.; Kev. S. K. (
I/oavitt, 0.; J. B. Mcrcvin, Mo.; Kev. K. i
Brooks. Mich.; and Col. J. 15. Dick man, i
Ky. The following resolutions were <
Wonted: > i
JRcaohfil, That we hail with especial
Mtisfaction tho lato decision of the Court u
rtf Appeals, which renders illegal the re- J
tall traffic in.intoxicating liquors in all 1
saloons and tippling shops throughout r
the Empire Stale, other than taverns and v
hotels duly provided with accommoda- s
tions for travellers and for the salo of ale 'I
anil beer, oh authorized by law, and we c
earneHtly urge the Legislature togivo no h
jyhlitionnl facilitien to" t traflic fraught 1
with so much injury to the public wel- h
fare, and which ought, therefore, to he c
wholly abolished. a
lit/ol ted, That tho National Temperance t
Society hereby calls on tho ullloialn duly u
empowered and charged with the duty of h
administering the excise law, to that v
its restrictive and prohibitory provisions v
are fully and promptly enforce*). i
That in the pertormance ol this duty n
all good citiz?u? are exhorted to extuui f
to tlicm hearty co-operatidn, and that the s
Hoard of Managers hp requested to ap- c
point a standing committe to co-operate v
tiv hucIi methods as they raiiy approve u
with the legal authorities in suppression c
of tho illegal tratlic in intoxicating bev- t
erages. o
Tho 1'OMtollice Aceiriciil ? I'rc* (:
Ncutiucut lij the 1J. S. Grand ''
Jury. ?
New Yoiik, May 9.?The grand jury v
of the United States Circrfit Court to-day .h
made a presentment, relative to the accident
at the Postollice building, May 1st, .
involving charges of negligeuce, and
want of ability and experience on the
part of the (Supervising Inspector and his ll
assistants, but holds no one, individually, !'
responsible. He states that if the Supervising
Architect was not able, pwsonally,
to superintend all work under his charge, ^
he should have assistants competent, pro- )]
foHflional architects, and recommended
through inspection of the whole building *
by a commission of experts. A couy of the ll
presentment *waa sent to the Attorney "
Ueneral at Waahington.
COROHRKrf IN<jU?3T. f(
Supervising Architect Jiill testified
that thu ciiimn n( tho tinfiilnn* w?a
faulty construction of the supporting
portion of tho trixsn. It is absolutely v
1 in possible to superintend jKsrsonally ^
every change wade in tho Government r
buildings. * j,
Francis Schuman, Civil Engineer of i
Supervising Architect's office, said that ^
on examination of the truw alter the fall (
he found that the eightfnch beam which i,
acted as a support was omitted. He also t
found a dillerence in the lateral bracing, ,|
by the roof beams being laid on top of the {
truss and not fastened thereto in any
manner. ' g
The l.lck TrOM-Nen nilllrilll) "
OvvelopqU. I,
San Fiuttcisco, May 8.?The settle- t
incntof the Lick trust has developed a li
new phase of difficulty. At a meeting of ?
the Society o? .California Pioneers last ,j
night, a rcHolution adopted by tlicdirec* r
tors was read, to thecfl'eqt thai the l!oard 'i
would consent to the payment of $385,- o
000 to John H! Lick, m'addition to the 1)
sum given to him by the late James xi
Lick, provided that all the. societies shar- 0
ing inc bounty ot^ the deceased philanthropist
ehouli} bear their proportion of
the expense. These other societies hud
been led to believe that the $385,000 won ?
to cotuc out of the residue set apart to be t
divided equally between the Academy of j-,
Sciences and Pioneers, And had filed 0
their answer consenting to the payment ^
on that hypothesis. The trustees of the y
Lick estate expected the two residuary ?
legateca to acccpt tliat idea and to come jj
to-day into court, so that the whole H
matter could be closed up. * J.oth the v
residuary legatees and societies, however, 0
now refuse to consent that all the money
required for the settlement should come v
out of their purses exclusively. Whether a
the other societies"will now consent to *r
pay the.deduction of 14 per rent, that is,
the amount needed of the specilic ln?queats
given to them, is a question to be settled
hereafter. There maybe trouble of limitation
in the estate yet. r
Arrested lor Attempting to I\vsm ''
itogus Drill tN. h<
St Louis, May 8.?A man calling him- 0
self J. II. Nielton, of Philadelphia, wan c
arrested here yesterday lor attempting to "
pass o(V a bogus draft for ?20,000 on the ^
Philadelphia Hank, in payment of the c
plaining mill which ho had bought of J. F
Mulsen, of tho firm of Mulsen & Co., 1
wholesale liquor dealers. During the c
day he opened an account with the Man* s
ufacturer's Bank by depositing two
drafts; also on the Philadelphia Hank,
one for ?11,000 and theother for $27,000.
He also attempted to effect a loan at the
Fourth National Bank but failed, ileis
now in jail.
The drafts were drawn, one tor $27,- g
000, on the Fourth National Bank of tl
Philadelphia; one for ?11,000 nnd one ?
for$10,000on the First National Bank ?
of New York. Numerous bank drafts r
and checks of tho banks of different
parts of the country, have been found on 0
Nielton'n person, and there is no doubt u
but what l:e had planned a big operation c,
here, but he was caught l>efore he re- 0
ceived a dollar. Mr. Mullen will not
prosecute him and he will be released
First Aunnul Dog .Show. ?
New York, May 8.?The Westminster 11,
ITunnoI m..i. i - "
.? ?.? vuuu uvgiwi vutlll/, 111 uumorort y
Garden, it* first annual bench show o[ ']
dogi. There arc about fifteen hundred f
eutries, including the finest specimen* ob- {j
tainnble of the Knglish setter, one of \
them, Burge'a "Kobey," being valued at j,
?o,000. There aro Irish setters, native g
setters and pointers, retrievers, water t
spaniels and Cocker spaniels.. The bull
dogs arc represented by a number of noticeable
delegates, and there aro fox
hounds, stag hounds, greyhounds{ terriers,
mastiffs and pugs, but not a spitz. The ?
Japanesc spaniel "Chang" has a family of f
live puppies, and with their father Jap in Ji
the kennel nextdoor make np a spectacle V
of highly amusing animals. There is
only one trick dog in the show, Cy rone's c
"Sprite." _ " ^
Tlio ArrcHtetl Marshals. 1
Louisville, May 8.?The Courier
Journal special says' that the affair at
Glasgow is more serious than iirst reported.
The four United States Marsh- c
als having information that Tom and ,
Ike Reynolds were distilling illicit wliis- y
ky, sought to arrest them. In resisting i
both '.lie Reynolds were shot,Tom in the
abdomen and Ike in the neck, the former
lslaMy. mcomcers brat reftiacd to be
arrealed, but subsequently nurrendered.
The action ol the Federal amboritiea li
wa? looked forward lo with interest. The c
DtputienareJ. W. Ya'.t, Edgar Yalt. W. t!
Whitalrer and M. Wheeler. $
rile IlsploNlon 6h the Ntcmiici
New York, May 8.?The steamship
lluHHin Arrived today from Liverpool
Hie reports boarding, on May 2d, the
itcauier Bidonianf making for liristol un*
ler ?ail, nnd taking from her the cook,
he only survivor of those wounded by
ho explocion.
Nothing has been heard of therteamer
3ity of Brussels, seventeen days out and
laving on hoard the hand of Canadian
lilgriuiti for Koine, with accessions from
his city and neighborhood, together with
ten. Newton, U.S.A., and ex-County
-lerk Wm. Walsh. The agents of the
esael express confidence that nothing
nore serious has happened than a break
town of the machinery, compelling the
ressel to procced under sail.
Dr. Caldwell, surgeon of (lie ship llus*
in, said to-day to tho reporter of the
timing Post, that tho wouuded cook of
he Sidonian, Jiobert Hutchinson by
lame, was sulleriDgfroma Bevere scalp
round, which would probably have reultcd
fatally without surgical treatment.
?he man had improved under proper
are and waa now abls to leave the vesel
to report at the Anchor Line OlHce.
n reply to further inquiry Dr. Caldwell
aid that Hutchinson wan in the cook'*
allery of the Sidonian at the time of the
ccident. The latter had told hiin
hat the steamer middenly Btopped, ami
iter a short panne started again. She then
topped a second time, and Captain Kdranis
went below to hcc what the matter
ran. The explosion took place almost
mmediatelv after. Hutchison was struck
in the head by the iron can of the galley
unnel, joining the main funnel, and his
calp was laid open. The fatally woundd
men were not able to apeak afterranis,
but retained their consciousness
intil their deaths. All the deaths ocurred
before the Sidonian fell in with
he China. According to the statement
if Hutchinson, which is at variance in
his nnrticular with the imnerfect nr.
ountn previously received, the lirat who
ied was JTenry Tuggell, fireman, nnd the
ccond Captain Edwards. The dead men
rere buried in three installments. A
ubscription in aid of Hutchinson has
eon taken up on the Russia.
Hutchinson was questioned on his way
rom the Cunard dock to the city, but
iirthcr information from him was sup ressed
by the arrival of the baggage
laater at the Anchor Line dock, who lion
een sent to take charge of him. The
utter cautioned Hutchinson not to make
ny statement until he had seen Mr. Henerson,
the agent of the Anchor Line,
'lie two then went to the Anchor Steamhip
office, where Hutchinson was taken
o the ollice of Henderson and McDonald
ml a private conference took place.
Ienderson and McDonald said that
lutchinson could give no additional inarmntion
about tho accident.
A $12,5<M>,000 Mortgage.
Davenport, Ia., May 8.?A mortgage
as tiled for reoord here to-day by the
Chicago, Rock Inland and Pacific Jlaiload
company for $12,500,00u. It is
'sued by the Chicago, Rock Island and
'acific Kailroad company in favor of the
I. S. Trust company of New York, in
rust for the future holders of bonds, to
eused under the conditions, and covers
lie main line and branches of the road,the
epots, machine shops and entire properv
of the corporations. It is to all
titenls a/id purposes a lirat mortage,
though subject, temporarily, to
mortgage of $9,000,000 to secure the
inking fund bonds of 1800, which are to
e redeemed with money obtained from
lie gale of the new issues, also one milion
of income bonds issued in 1875. This
overs $10,000,000. The remaining
00,000 will be used, if issued,, for the
ermanent improvement of property. I
'he new bonds will be in the sum of $10,-1
00 each, and payable.Tuly 1, 1017. They
ear (J per cent interest, payable semi-anually,
in January and July, in the city
f New York.
new lorn i.iri>]is<> i,aw.
New York, May 8.?The Excise Commissioners
have agreed upon a law for
lie regulation of li(*cn*cs. Inns of the
rst class will pay $250; inns of the seciuI
class $100; lodging houses, and in
|?in class are included saloons or corner
iquor depots which have three beds for
uests, will pay $75. Inasmuch as no
icensos can he granted to keepers oi
aloonn who dont't keep lodgers, they
rill not be permitted to continue the sale
f liquors after the term of the present
icense expires. Grocers and druggists
rill pay $o0, and rellersof ale and beer
lone ?."0. Holders of licenses pill be
eqnircd to file bonds with two sureties
n each cape.
The rijuioutli War Vessel.
Vtu- f\nr \fn? S Tl.? 1J I.I.
eturned to-night from a crtiine 30 miles
p the Mississippi river, which will ever
e memorable m the places visited. No
ea going war vessel has been tip the rivr
for 11 years. It the head officers and
rew had l?eeri conquering heroes from
inue foreign war, the people could not
iave exhibited greater welcome at Nathuz
and Vicksnurg. Business was ternorarilr
suspended to welcome the vistors.
Large enthusiastic crowds gathred
to show the National colors and fire
alutes when the vessel approached.
H eadier Indication*.
War Dki>aktmknt, )
Oryict of Tan Cuucv Siuxal Orvicxn, V
W'asuisuton.JD. C., May y?i a. m.J
For Lower Lukes and Middle Atlantic
States, northeast to 'northwest winds,
early stationary temperature, clear or
tartly jeloudy weather, preceded by rain
reas in the latter district, followed by
ising barometer.
For Tennessee and Ohio Valley, clear
r partly cloudy weather, rising temperture,
northwest winds, shifting at westrn
stations to southeast and stationary
r rising followed by falling barometer.
Sale ol Short Horn Cattle.
Ciucmio, May 8.?The BlufTdale herd
f short-horn cattle, owned by Abner
Itrown, of Ottawa, Illinois, were sold
lete to-day. All'thecattle raising States
rere represented among the purchasers.
or $2,-125, to Trimble A IJeuuhaw, Piatt**
mi-fr, Mo., and Grace Third, tor $ 1.6(H),
o W. J5. Sinims, l'aria, Ky. Forty-four
lead of cow* and lieiferi sold for $50,050.
iix bulls sold for $1,410. The sale* coninuo
to-morrow and next day.
Funeral of Joint T. Dale)'.
Nkw York, May 8.?The remains
f John T. Daley, owner of^ the Windsor
fotcl. who hnneed himself in Sevantler'g
10111*0, near Woodaal, Long Inland, on
lunday laat, were burried to-day in
IreenwooU. The funeral Bervices were
onducted at the late residence of decayed
by Ruv. Dr. Chapin. Mr. Daley
rax an 'active member of the famoua
lommitteeof Seventy.
Detroit, May S.~The Maaona of thia
ity dedicated their new hall to-day with
ppropriate and imposing ceremonies,
in address waa delivered by lion. Hugh
icCuvely, of Carunna. They claim to
lavo the tineat hall in the West.
railed to Appear.
Louisville, May S.-Cha*. T. lirent
ailed to answer in court to-<lay the
hargo of forgery, and the supposition w
hat he has lied again. His bond wan
English Review of Grain Market.
A Tumultuous Session of the i
French Chambers.
Further Discussion of Gladstone's ,
The Russian Assault on Kars i
They Invest the Place and the
Mtin Body Move On. ,
Austria Proposes (o Sit Down on Bosnia
and Servla and Watch Things.
war tax.
London, May 8.?a spccial from Alex- '
andria reports that the Assembly of
Notables have voted a war tax on land
calculated to produce two and a half
tyuadron arrived.
The English aquadron lu.s arrived at
guk-boats at work.
Shell* from the Turkish gun-boats f
were falling around the Ibrail railway :
station at the tiinc Urand J)ukc Nicholas
Jdoscow, May 8.?The Slavonian
Committee urge'its emissaries to arouse .
in the district* occupied.bjr the Russians ;
new^ natioual life, both with regard to
spiritual, especially ecclesiastic and ma- .
terial nttairs. :
Intelligence from Athens Is that the ,
Greek government has sent a noto to i
the Porte, protesting against the release ,
of certain Turkish brigands who had
been imprisoned for disturbing the Greek
frontier. *
London, May 8.?Admiral PopeafT will .
take command ot the Russian armaments
in the Blapk Sea.
Constantinople, May 8.?Hobart Pa- ;
sha will remain permanently in theOt- ?
tomnn service. J
The recent news from Kugland, especially
Lord Derby's reply to Prince Gort- ,
schakoir, has revived confidence, and it is ,
believed that Turkey may still look to Y
England ior support. ?
It is said that Austria seems determined
to oppose the entry of the Russians
into Servia. ,
Bucharest. Mav 8.?The Turks are "
bombarding Kalafat from Wedden, and ?
the Roumanian batteries are returning
the lire. u
London, May 8.?A special from Belgrade
says thattho Russian headquarters
will remain at KischeneiV till the 13th d
inst. r
The Bulgarian brigado formerly located
at Gladova is now at Ploisti, under t;
command of Russian officers. g
Prince Milan has been urged by the t
Russian party here to conclude the con- b
vention with Russia. _ The Prince, how- c
ever, is undecided?Minister Ristics pro- L
testing and threatening to resign. ii
London, May 8.?The Time*' special
from Vienna says: The news of the un?
successful attempt of the ltnsaiatiH to ?
carry Kara by a cbup de main is conti riued "
by the Russian bulletins, which HjMiak 1
even of two attempts to storm the citadel.
In consequence of this the apprehensions
entertained at Constantinople
about the fate of Kara are set at rest.
The supposition is that the Russians will
not sit down before Kara, but will invest ?
in and proceed with the bulk of their
forces towards Krzeroum, which seem*
likewise to have alreudy found ?
confirmation, for both wings of the army
appear to be moving to turn the positions
of Koghante and DaglUe, and thus ?
force Mukhtar Pasha to 'withdraw and
leave the passe3 open for the Hussian f
main forces.
A special to the Time* from Paris says :
It is alleged hero thai Kara is about to
surrender; that the Turkish army between
Kara and Erzeroum is in danger of defeat,
and, immediately on these events J
happening, Safvct Pasha will be sent to t
treat for peace. h
vessels seized. c
A Constantinople special aays notwith- 1
standing the Russian promise that the
Turkish ships should liave eight days to
leave Russian waters, ten Turkish shins f
were seized at Kertel the day after the c
declaration of^ war. The Porte has in- t
structed Muauro Paaba,the Ambassador t
at London, to request England to remon- f
atrnto at St. Petersburg against this net. 1
Bucharest, 'May 8.-rThirtv-three t
thousand Ruaian advance guards have c
already passed here for Giurgero.J \
Vienna, May 8.?The Russians yester- i
day bombarded Matchin, intho Dabruds- i
cha, for four hours from the'batteriea on c
the opposite whore. The Russians are c
preparing to close the Danube. c
austria and wrvia.
Vrenna, May 8.?A. letter froul Berlin ?
to the ministerial /-WnukTufWa, savs that j.
Count Zichy, Austrian Ambassador to c
Turkey,will on Uis return to Constanti- 8
nople acquaint the Porte of Austria's j
intention to enter Boaina and probably ^
Servia. 0
A Berlin special sayH that Rus?ia is j
seeking German machinists to make the ^
Russian navy ready for sea as soon as ^
possible. # 8
Numbers of American naval officers,
engineers and machinists have been [
arriving at Hamburg for some time, on jJ
their way to St. Petersburg.
A Bucharest special says that the j
Turks have ceased cannonading Kalafat, B
on account of the vigorous reply of the 0
Roumanians. ?
i:\GL\XU. [
I/)udo?, May 8.?Busineea on the *
Stock Exchange was utterly quiescent, j
but there is "much more confidence than #
yesterday, in consequence of the Croes ^
statement last night of the Governments .
policy. International stocka arc quoted
considerable higher. Paris Bourse are j
Drm in consequence of the English news
and the .ascertained falsity of the
2 fyoro'?|Von Moltke article. There | is
further intelligence that the Turks stafl'ered
a deleat before Kara with heavy losses,
that Ali Pasha was taken prisoner and
that there ia great uneasiness at Constantinople.
Prince Charles, of Koumania, acknowl- c
edging the address by the Senate in reply
to the speech from the Throne, recounted
the acta of hostility committed by the I
Turks against the Roumanian ports and 'j
?u?ur. ou_ luc 1/anuue aiju lllcir i
peaceable inhabitant nnil the Roumanian J
vessels, and said, in consequence of the r
aggressive attitude of Turkey, the Ron- c
tnaniun government will display not onlr c
the foresight, but also the energy which v
both Chambers of Uio Legislature have
prescribed. I forsee, however, with hor- n
ror, he concludes, that moderation will p
be of no avail, and that we murt rueet S
force by force, as it is our duty to defend
our country. r
seriously ill. i
Colonel Valentine Baker is reported
oriously ill of typhoid fever.
making heady. , y
liverpool, m?y s.?The Potl says: o
The war ship Achilles has received "in^ t!
Rtructioiw to proceed lo Plymouth on
Friday. Wo arc informed that tho Government
has already 115,001) troops and
11,000 horses ready to embark at any
JiONDON, May 8.?In the House of
Common*, 0. Jlawthorno Hnrdy, War
Secretary, in reply to an imiuiry of vch*
terday, said that no special roster had
been prepared of the troopa ready for
immediate Hervice.
Bourke, Under Foreign Secretary,
said that the Government wan not prepared
to content the right,of the Porte to
issue regulations for the blockade of the
Dlack Sea. A dispatch had been Rent bv
telegraph to Layard directing him to ask
for an extenaiou of some days for the
British shipping, and the Porto had aniwered
Mr. Sullivan gave notice that he should
isk, on Monday, for an explanation of
he intimation of Mr. Cross, Home Secretary,
that England would defend Kgvi>i
rom interference or attack. Mr. Hulliran
said Hie points he wished to have explained
were, first, whether it is ncceharilr
tho meanlnir or fntnnt ?? ?.
irnraent to cnablb Egypt to participate
is a belligerent in the war by supplying
Purkev with troops without incurring
he rink of retaliatory hostilities. Second,
rhether the House is to underHtaml from
he language used that the government
ras resolved, if Russia should retaliate
n Egypt by attacking Alexandria, upon
he employment of liritiwh arms against
Russia. Third, and last, whether the inimation
to Turkey and Egypt that their
hief ports would be moro or less proected
against hostilities, is not substan*
ially a departure from neutrality .
Parliamentary whips on both aides are
rery activo anil have sent urgent sumnouses
to members to be in their seats
o-night in readiness for a division on
ilodstone's resolutions.
Loudon, Mav 8.?Jn the House of
jOrds, the Duke of Rutland criticized
he strong language of Derby's reply to
?u*uiiai?nuM. XIM nam wic repiJ WIU! 1
isble to l>e misinterpreted as a departure 1
rom strict neutrality, and asked if ii waa
ubmitted to be approved by the other
towers before it was sent.
Lord Derby replied that the suggestion
hat the reply should have been submit- i
ed to the other powers was unprecedentd.
He didn't doubt tho sincerity of the i
'zar'ri declaration to Lord I<oftust but lie <
ould not forget that the Russian army j.
m at the Baine tsme preparing for war,
nd that adecl&xation of ndillerent kind I
iad l>ecn made at Moscow. Ho denied I
hat the reply was inconsistent with neurality.
Wo are not bound, he said, to t
bstain (rom expressing an opinion which
re were invited to give on the merits of ]
cjuarrel. He deprecated the Ministers 1
eing night It called upon to express
pinions on delicate questions of internaional
law as likely to lead to dangerous
iterance*. * t
lathe House of Commons to-night the '
ebate on Mr. Gladstone's resolutions was '
Mr. Childers (Liberal) considered that
be third and fourth resolutions contained 1
erms of a solution of the Eastern ?juesion.
He complained of the anti-Hussian J
ias displayed by tho Ministerialists, and '
ensured Earl Derby's reply to Prince (
JortschakofF as ill considered and tend- 3
ng to provoke Kuraia and revive the
lopes or Turkey. (
Viscount Samlon defended the govern- 1
lent. He believed that the approval and *
ncourngement held out to Russia was far
lore serious and more calculated to ex- ;
ind the war, because it was directly op- '
fiswil In flin inlnroat? Analrin I
y ami Italv. ,
Mr. Roebuck asserted that Englaml
light aH well declare war on account of
be treatment of the Indian* in America
s on account of that of the Christians in
Mr. Lowe denied that Gladstone's reslutions
meant war with Turkey. The
iovermnent's policy was marked by a
trange perversity." Nothing could" be 1
aore insulting to Kussia than the treat- '
lent of the protocol and of l'rince (Jortchakoll's
note to England, and Russia
iad not separated herself from European
The debate adjourned until Thursday, j
Rrm.iv MnvS Tl.n f??i t1,?i 1
lacMahon Bent Count tie GontantByron
o Metz, to welcome the Kmporor, is t
lighly appreciated as an indication of
ontinuance of good understanding l>cween
France and Germany.
Lon'IXW, May 8.?The Mark J An c Krrow,
m its weekly review of the British
orn trade, naya tho weather was colli :
hroughout most of the past week and lit- 1
le rain. Spring sowing, except in very t
ew backward districts, is now finished. ]
7he cold wind haa crusted the surface of ,
he soil. In many placed the growing |
rops ami vegetables generally have mailt* j
ery little progress. The wheat plant has ,
mproved, but unleaa Spring weather pots j
n shortly tho chances of ultimate mis- '
hief to the crops will considerably in- ,
Tease. In Scotland the hopes of farm- |
ra for an early grass crop have
teen sorely disappointed. There haa been ,
ome reaction in the prices of wheat ,
md maize both here and at Liverpool, ]
nit considering the raniditv and extent ,
if the previous advance thin* cannot be :i
urprise, and it is not small proof of ihe
nherent strength of the trude that the
lecline is only about la'Js. per quarter
n both, with an improving tendency,
mports of foreign wheat Into London
ias been moderate, while English ban
een marketed in small quantities. Fine
amples of homo grown brought high
irices, 74s. for white and 70a. for red.
Quantities of English wheat in farmers
ands as well as gran stock in principal
iorts seem small, and the position, ot
rade would indeed be critical if there
hould be a chance of any limitation of
ur supplies from Northern Russian
torts, or a risk of interference with the
ndian trade, which must for two or
hrec months J)e our main reliance. The
aaire in port has given away about 2*
ler quarter, but the amount of business
n high mixed American on passage and
ur "uijuucni noa during me ia*i lorintgui j
cen astonishing. Barley hus ruled lirm,
ho advance of 8.1 which has taken place
n feeding norlo nince this day month beng
attrihutcd to the fact that the nupplieH
re chiclly drawn Trom the teat of war.
Will Acknowledge the Kcecifil.
Paris, May 8.?The French Governaent
will merely acknowledge the re*
elpt of Princo Gortuchakofft circular.
tlili/ar.ncji CHAMliEK.
Ykrhailhh, May 8.?The Chamber of
)eputiea had a tumultous session to-day.
?he excitement began with a question
rom a Bonapartist deputy, who a.?kcd
linifiter Simon whether he intended to
evoke or not, the dismissal of the school {
uiatress who had been arrested on a ;
harge of burning one of her pupils, nud 1
rho was recently tried and acquitted.
JH. Simon replied that judgment of the
cquittal in the case was a subject of up- ]
*al to a higher court and the order of \
ismissal would not be revoked.
M. Lambert, Bonapartist, alluded to a i
eport that M. Simon had belonged to tbe j
ntcrnational Society. 1
M. Simon protested against such nr. \
bsurd imputation. ,
M. Lambert was called to order for his
iolent interruptions, and the President
f the Chamber threatened to suspend
he sitting. I
M.DeCasaagnac called attention to an
article published in tho SentintH^ of
Nance, which calls the Czar a tyrant, ami
lie took occasion to entor into a violent
diatribe against tho Republicans.
M. Simon declared the article in the
Scntinelk infamous and proceeded to repel
M. DoCassagnac's insinuation tthat
the Republicans were answerable for bucIi
utterances. The whole House protested
against such utterances.
M. Martel, Minister of Justice, regretted
the nnfortunato character of the debate.
The article was abominable. It
was written by a bad citizen who insulted
the sovereign of a great nation, with
which Franco desired cordial relations.
M. Janvier de La Motto (BonapartisO
innii*ted on being informed whether M.
Simon ever belonged to the International
M. Simon?You insult mo.
M. de La Motte explained away his remarks,
and then W. Simon accepted his
Home, May8.?The Diikeof Acuta has
sent the Pore u chalice worth $2,400, aecoin
pan icd by an autograph letter auk tag
it* acceptance from a devoted non and
cincerc Catholic and the Pope to offer
prayer for the repofte of tiie houI of
Prince Aniadea'* wife. The Pope wan
moved to tear* and exclaimed "Thin in
the greatest consolation I have received
in there momenta." The rhalico in not a
jubilee present but wan sent in coniplimice
with the requenof the lateDuchesa
[>i Aoaia.
( LKMASil. *
I* r o v ii 11 tloiiury J11> a s u r t'N.
lJ&liLlN, May 8.?The North German
Gazette says that tho Minister of War will
return on Thursday from Alaacc and
Lorraine, when measures correspondin#
to those adopted by Franco will he taken
to secure, in a military sense, the safety
of tho new Provinces.
City of Msxrco, April r,0.?Congress
acknowledges the existence of the Senate.
President Diaz desires Congress to disiolve
in September, but the majority deMare
the present House the eighth Conires*
anil its term until September, 1878.
Tho trial of Senor Mejia, ex-Treasurer,
ia* been Plopped on a habeas corpus until
lie legal character of 'Congress is defined.
Four Diar. ministers have been elected
o the Supreme Court.
Diar. proposes to reduce the army to
10,000 men, enough to keep the country
ree from bands or robbers.
Marine Mens.
San Fkahcisco. Mav 8.?App!c??i1?'Tl.?
ihip Undaunted, from New York.
New York, May 9.?Arrived?Steamers
Russia, from Liverpool, and Anchjria,
from Glasgow.
Momtrral, May S.?The steamship
Phoenician wails to-morrow with 10 car
oada of cattle for England.
London, May 9.?The steamer August
Vndrc, which left New York, April 11th,
or Antwerp, before reported and h|?oken
)f with the loss of :i rudder, passed La:ard
New Ori.eanb, May S.?Edward Price,
:olored, was drowned by the upsetting of
i yawl of thesteamer Lizzie, at Cribbat's
John Brown, a private watchman of the
Uississippi Valley line, fell through the
iatch-way of the barge Mary and broke
lis neck.
Imprisoned lor Debt.
Bohton, May 8.?The JJcraUl ?nvs one
)f the moBt honored physicians of this
:itv, once worth ^ 100,000, and who ban
levoted hi? time and money to deeds of
'hnrifv time cmiiniAo ? mll !.?# I?..1?
itreet jail having been imprisoned for
i debt of $100. and appeals to the Legislature
to abolish the imprisonment for
lebt. _
Dltkoit, May S.?A large tire here last
ivening destroyed the show case manunctory
of J. IT. Phillips & Ilro. and D.
SI. Kerry & Cos need box factory. Total
o^h $26,000; insured for $10,000.
\ Dentil Over Which Every Body
Will liejolce.
Wasuiwjtom, May 7.?The Commislioner
of Patent) to-day deculcd to decline
to further extend the patent* of the
lewing-machinc combination inonoply,
ind at twelve o'clock to-morrow the prolection
heretofore extended the combiuaion
by letters paient will expire. The
:>atenU? which expire to-morrow cover the
ribrating needle and reciprocating nhut:le,
the vibrating needle and rotation
100k, and a continuous feed in connection
frith the above, whether wheel [or what
m known as a four-motion feed.
rilia vpi 11 .Inatrnw ?1.n
nonopoiida enjoyed up to thin time by
;he Companies known as the Grover &
Baker, the Wheeler AWilion, and Howe
ind Singer. The combination have nsed
what in known a* the John 1'atchelder
intent for the continuous feed motion,
irhich was the moot valuable patent in
liepossession of A. ]{, Wilson, and of
rital value. Machines constructed with>ut
the motion have no value in the marcct.
This sewing machine combination
ileared no lefls than $0,000,000 prolit
rom this patent. The four Companies
leretofore named in 1851 entered into an
igreement of mutual protection, by
vhich all patents of any value owned by
itiier of them should become common
property to all; it was also stipulated
hat no machine should he sold hi
ens than the regulation price, which was
placed at six time* the coat of- first manufacture.
They would also license other
companies not in the combination to use
'heir patents, demanding a royalty of
rom $5) to SUOnper machine, according to
:lie number 01 machines made; but always
Btipulatiug that tho price should be
jniform. The arrangement gave the four
companies the absolute control of all sewng-mnchines
manufactured in America.
The invnluableiJatchelder patent has been
iwicc extended, and Inst winter the com|>anies
interested pooled $1,000,000 and
Jinpatched attorneys here to endeavor
to indtico Congress to further ex
lend the patent by legislation. The
novement, however, strange to way,
ifith ho much money behind it, failed.
Ever since great efforts have been made
jy the combination to secure Home molopoly
in minor details of construction
vhich could bo reunited, and thus save
lomething from the wreck. To-day's deusioa,
however, break* the backbone of
iie;Sewing Machine King. The coat of
nanufacturing any of the ordinary marines,
exclusive of ornamentation, in
ibout $8 75; and it is the testimony of remtablo
sewing machine manufacturers
hat they will soon be put on the market
it $25 each, if, indeed, not less.
Watchman Riley arrested a fellow on
Vlarket street last night about 11 o'clock,
vho seemed to be loafing around without
my particular object. lie delivered him
:o Oilicer Ilenrv who searched him and
'ound a lot of new shoemaker'* tools.
Whether he stole them or bought them
will be found out this morning.
nwvt'i fHii'u
A good amortment for aale cheap at the

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