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Intelligencer lor lUe Nnmuier. <
Ptrioiu Uatlnj the elty may have the rnleUlgtnev ]
111U to Ihtir adilrtu ly matt, )-oilnge prepaid, Jbr j
inch line iu they may dulrt, alike rale (J fjlee* '
cftli per wttk,
?e- The money la puy jor Ihe limn ro/ulrttl must {
in all eatrt accompany Ihe order.
? l
are organizing bm a Committee of the ,
Whole on the Capital question. An act* j
ive committee of <10 to 25 persons have i
bjen appointed in each district of the
county, say 150 person* in all, am! the/
are to fee that the lame, the blind, the
halt, tho whiten, the blacks and thamixed; i
in fact, everybody and everthing, without
reaped to age, lex, or previous condition
of servitude, are brought to the polls and
voted on election day. There will not be
a vote challenged in Kanawha county,
and we doubt if thero will be one in the
whole of the Third District. Talk
about the vote on the adoption
of tho DreHCNt Constitution be in if
Ingus. It will not be a mole hill j
to a mountain in comparison with tho
coming vote on the Capital location, i
The latent census tables will bo knocked 1
into infinitesimal atoms by the enormity |
of tho increase in population. Look out
for tho biggest thing known to the annals
of history in the way of voting. Horace 1
Greeley's expo?e of ballot box stuffing in
New York will be no tame hereafter that
nobody will cure U> read it. All over
the Third District the clarion cry of the
auctioneer will be heard, "Are jou all
done gentlemen?" and u< the nun goes
down on tho Oth of A.ngU't a rushing
sound like that of a va-t array of repiaters
will be heard dying away ou the
evening breeze.
The Pope was presented with $25,000
and numerous uddrewes yesterday by the
American pilgrim* to Koine. He discoursed
on his favorite theuie of the infallibility
of tho Church and did not forget
to allude to his persecutions. There
are a great many people who would like
to be persecuted in the way that His
HoliaeM is persecuted? It seems to pay
well. Speaking of persecution, we oh arve
that'liishop Uilmour, of Cleveland,
has been stirring up the papers there by
a church delivdranco on the School question.
He expresses the opinion that
there is no fair show for Catholics in the
United stale*, and that "all the element*
of government are framed und organized
fjr keeping them in the background."
This fiardly agrees with the opinion of
tho I'ope, who think* that tho Church is
doing marvellously well in thin country,
lie alluded to its progress in America in
hi? remarks yesterduy, in reply to the
addresses of Archbishop Wood and other*,
und ?aid nothing about any persecution
in the United State*. No doubt had
ho been called on for his opinion
oi our school system he would
hive denounced it. Being infallible he
could do nothing lea4 than fall in with
the general deliverance#of the church on
thin subject. All the ecclesiastic?, from
the Popo down, feci called upon tberate
secular education. Still, we have no
idea that hi* Holiness really believes that
this irt balf as bad acouutry for Catholics
&* Spain id for Protestants. If his faithful
subordinate:! in that country will
make things just as pleasant for heretics
as heretics make it in this country for
Catholics, there will be no need for the
British (lovernmcnt to remonstrate with
m* Spain against the way in which Protestants
arc treated in that land.
BridRcpqrt and Jliirtiit'x Ferry.
ine nencenurh return* nnuw a material
falling ofl'in the value of personal propwHfc'
ertvas compared with last year.
II. W. Smith started on Monday for an
extended trip through Iowa, Kansas and
Missouri, where he has lands. His won
Eugene goes out with hiiu to make a new
home iu one of the States.
Mr. Joshua Workman, who lives about
two miles west of Bellaire, has never
been olF his farm but once, and that was
about twenty-five years ngo, when he
went to see the Central Ouio Railroad
which had just been built. Mr. Work* |
nun is over 80 years of ago.
The -Etna Mill has recently shipped
large quantities of iron to various distant
points, and to take advantage of the present
stage of water, on Sabbath last sent to
Southern cities, by steamboat, an extensive
consignment of its wares.
The miners, some eighty in number,
employed at Rainey's Co.il Works, above
Bridgeport, are out on a striko. They
demand^ that the coal l>c run over the
screen instead of being dumped against
it,# and a.i thev do not get pay for anything
but the-large luiup coal their demand
seems just.
Wm. Alexander is now confined to his
house from necessity of a severe surgical
operation for the relief of an old-time
ailment. We all rejoice in the prospect
pi ms nappy ami compieie recovery.
Tho dozens of men that launched into
the door plate business from Martini
Kerry all over the country, have returned
home discouraged. Their verdict is unanimous
that it id an old thing away from
here and it won't take.
The outlook fyrthe threshing machine
business is verv flattering. L. Spence
shipped twelvo by river, last Saturday,to
Koints in tho southwest, while Iloyle &
ro. have sent out several; both firms
are pushing their works to full capacity.
The foundries nnd glass works report n
moderately good state of trade.
The New says that it is in receipt of
'* numerous complaints against the management
of the Ohio City Nail Works.
Same correspondents assert that - parties
aro willing and anxious to rent or lease
the works and commence operations immediately,
whilo the directors assert that
their arrangements are almost completed
and that work will soon commence. We
do hope (or the suite of the 150 men
llirown out ot employment that some
arrangement may be made by which
then men be given steady. employment.
Dr. Todd, ot Bridgeport, has recently
been ou a trip, and reports u follows:
"During a recent trip, well nigh acroas
our State, we made special notice of the
grain proinecta?and, we think, never did
we ace such promise of abundant wheat
and hay prospects particularly. From
tint to last our obiervation waa that we
iltd not see an unpromising wheat field,
and everything else Indicated fullneaa
and prosperity, Atfy ordinary observer,
one* traversing our great Bute will cease
to wouder why so many of her aona are
' called to help man the National Ship of
State. Great country I?great men for
great enterprises. We can't help it."
Bkllaibi Locals.?Wednesday even
mg last an old man named Hugh Harrii
i reaident of Lloydeville, O., attemptei
to bury himielf In the Ohio river, a anor
liatance above the railroad bridge at thii
point, but wee prevented bythetimel;
interference of a man named Pat Tucker
if ho delivered the would-be aulcide int<
the handa of Officer McCormick. Tin
Did man atatea that be left hia home thro
weeka ago, to go to Bellaire and aecl
employment aa a laborer on the Bellain
& Southwestern Railroad. The old gen
tleman aeemed to have trouble upon hn
mind, and alao a conalderable quantity o
bay-rum in hia atomach, which aeemed t(
affect him the moat.
A little aon of Mr. Brown had one o
hia toea ao badly maahed by the acci
dental fall of a large aledge hammei
with which he waa playing in hia father'i
shop, aa to require amputation of th<
Wednesday evening last, a highly re
apectable lady, in paaaing a street cornel
opposite the "Hose Company'a building
was grossly insulted by a gang of deeper
ate rowdies who habitually infeat and oc
cupy atreet cornera. The lady promptly
resented the inault by hurling an iror
coupling pin, which happened to lie near
at the heada of the ruffiana. Unluckily ii
miaaed ita mark, thereby nreventiug uf
from chronicling the timely riddance ol
I.I n..l-...... ..1
HJUIM "Uicu "nmgimiu,
A colored porter of the Globe, la visit
ing a driuking saloon kept by & woman o
masculine strength, was attacked by i
gang of low rascals following the vocatior
of gambling. The establishment is in th<
very sight ot the city lockup.
A young bor named John Wallace
son of Mr. 12. Wallace, of this city, nar
rowly escaped drowning while bathing
in company with nouie other undutfTu
boys, in the river, between Gravel Ilil
and Bogga' Island, last Tuesday. Tin
police will hereafter keep a sharp look
The 15ret Harte Literary Society meet
this evening at the residence of Mia
T ...... *1 1._M fl'4 I--.: I _(1!
jjucy luitrnuau. x ue eicuuuii ui ouicer
for the society taken place after tin
usual order of business. The queatioi
for debate it*, ''Peace."
Judge A. \V. AnderBon, of this city, in
tend* to improve las beautiful propert;
by placing au iron fence around his resi
dence, and had asked tho Council t
allow him to engage an engineer to ot
tain the proper grade. J. E I).
Fill*; KLt OICD.
llARiusHUfD, Pa., May 24.?Earl
thin morning a tire at Hartzendale, Clear
tield county, Pa., destroyed the dwelling
of P. Tanney and Chaa. T. Kinney, Gib
hen Bros'. more; Mrs. Sprout's dwellini
and Btore, George Haggerty's dwellinj
and bakery, and A. B. Ashtons's baker;
LOM $25,001).
Kiadmo, May 24.?The Scott Work?
a large iron establishment in thin cit;
owned ami operated by Seyfort, McManu
& Co., was burned this evening, with thi
exception of the foundry portion. 1
large number of men are thrown out o
work. The loun is estimated at $250,00C
There is insurance in a number of com
pamea represented by a Pliiladelphii
agency. Subsequently a riot ensued a
the Scott House, opposite the works, be
tween a number of roughs and eevera
newly employed engineers on the Head
ing Railroad" boarding at the hotel. Pu
tola were fired and one man wounded.
New. York, May 24.?The glass work
of J. B. Dableman, Green Point, Brooli
lyn, burned this afternoon, causing a los
41 an (inn. ci;o nnn in.
ui ? ?uv,vW| iiinuiuiibc 9u?,wui x n
Devie oil works, adjoining, were damage
I to the extent of $5,000 Two fireine
were seriously injured.
A ItcviKdil 11} iiiu ISook.
Cleveland, May 24.?The committc
which has been in session ten days, er.
gaged in revising a hymn book for th
Methodist Episcopal Church, have core
pleted the text. The new book of manu
script wan given to the Board of Bishop
last Monday, who are also in pesaion hen
There are prospects that the Bishop
will approve the committee'* labors o
Friday night, though prevented by othe
business from beginning the examinatio
until Wednesday. All parties raakin
the utmost dispatch.
Weather ludlcalionN.
Wasiukoto*, d. C., Way 2j?1 *. ?.
For the Lower Lakes and Middl
Atlantic States, slowly rising baromete
northwest winds, clear or partly cloud
| weather, rising temperature in the foru
cr district and nearly stationary in th
I latter.
For Tcnncaeee and Ohio Valley, i?ligh
change in the presiurc or temperatun
clear or partly cloudy weather and wimi
mostly from the northeast.
Kteducliou ol NnlnrieM.
Philadelphia, May 24.?-The Boar
of Directors of the Pennsylvania Kai
road Company have decided to make
reduction of ten per cent in the salarie
of all the employes, beginning at tli
President and continuing downwar
through all grades of the various depar
ments. An exception is made in the cai
of laborers and truckmen who now ri
ceive less than one dollar per day.
Flliy-cighth Annivcrmirj.
New York, May 24.?This being tl
fifty-eighth anniversay of the birth <
Victoria, Queen of England, the Britia
shipping in the harbor was gaily deco
ntcd with tlagn, and the steamships c
the river were very gay with huntin,
The day will also be olwcrved by tl
British residents ot the city with nuitab!
rejoicing. _
Delimiting Paymaster.
San Francisco, May 24.?The cou
marshal for the trial of Lieut. N. V
Fleming, the defaulting paymaster at A
catrar, convened at that port to-day. Tfc
prisoner pleaded guilty to oil the charge
and made a full confession, attributii
his conduct to a mania for gambling, an
threw himself upon the mercy of tl
ricud Guilty.
IIartfoiid, Conn, May 24.?In tl
United States District Court yesterda
John U. Tracy, ex-President, and Jarni
L. Chapman, ex-Cashier, of '.he Farmei
and Mechanics Bank, plead guilty; tl
former for making false returns, and tl
latter for perjury in swearing to thee
The National Bank examiner stated thi
the loss to the bank won Id be $598,000.
Culled ou Uov. Nlcholl*.
St. Louis, May 24?The Republican
New Orleans ^special says the new Spai
is it V/Odsiu cauea on uov. Kicholls ye
terday, and during the conversation aai
the Spanish Government had pardon?
all the Cuban refugees in this countr;
and that a proclamation to that effect wi
soon be issued.
Shooting Blatch;
Oaf AHA, May 24.?The annual shootlr
match of the State Sportman's Auooii
tion waa held at Tlatteimouth Tueada
Lincoln Leana carried off the prise,
lilver cap.
Hang Illmscll.
Omaha, M?y 24.?Clans Brock,
farmer, 72 year? of age, residing U
miles west of bere hung himaelf in
barn yesterday.
i' , h
Governor Emory of Utah Calle-for ?i
< More Troops. li
I .1
( Strike in the Haverston Brickyards.
?1 O
Riotoui Conduot of the Strikers? ^
1 They are Squelched by f
the Military. q
- in
Shall We Be Represented at the ci
! French Exposition. 111
; r
i Senator Morton Promises a Letter <'
, on the National Situation. J
! ?
ItcMiguiitlon Tendered. q
f Wabhinoton, May 24.?U. S. Treaa- cj
i urer Wyraan has tendered bid reaignation n
i on account of ill health, and Iim iiccenleil ?i
3. the position of Assistant Treasury. U
; Gilfillin, Assistant Treasurer,'has been ai
appointed to succeed Wyman.
f T1IE YAM10. S
I Commander Wiliani Whitehead, of the
3 steamer Yantic, having decided to leave
the batterer of that vemel at Capetown, a
South Africa, because of the unseawor- b
s thiness of the Yantic, bin action is fully tl
4 approved by tho Navy Department. She lv
a is a white oak vessel, and has been in li
e constant ."ervico for the past live ytarn. a
i uu i~ resilient uppoirueu J nines v.. An* ^
* demon, of Ohio, to be the United State* B(
r Consul at Funchal, an throwing light tj
* on the question, whether the consols of R|
0 1805, a portion which loan was recently
" called in, are held to any extent in F
Euro|>e. It is stated that during Febru- w
ary, March and April, coupons duo Jan- r(
uary 1st of that loan, were received from j
foreign holders through tho London
y Syndicate, representing the interest on .
* $19,000,000 of the bonds. "
" The letter of Governor Emery, of Utah, c!
| to the Secretary of War, asking for an m
increase of troops in that territory, has at
' been referred to General Sherman to in- si
t quire into the matter and report on the p
' necessity of increasing the military force, l
' General Crook has not had an opportu- A
nity to inquire into these Mormon troub- a
^ les, but the letter will probably be refer- A
t red to him by General Sherman when he
1 returns to the city. General Crook will .
" then go to Utah for the purpose of conj
suiting with Governor Emery, and if in
. his opinion any real necessity exists for
. increasing the force, the additional troops J1
j will be ordered to that territory.
i- It is Btated at the Treasury Depart- n
ment that tho number ol' legal-tunder o
s notes, ones and twos only, now outstand* E
; ing is $o3,000,C00t equally divided be- ii
s tween the two denominations. This
e amount is one-seventh of tho entire n
d greenback circulation. There has been tl
n a very great complaint as to the scarcity o
of this class of notes, and tho theory at ]
the Department is that great numbers of d
them are being hoarded by the people, tl
Some have supposed, from the fact that F
0 the Department has suspended the issue tl
of notes of this denomination to privato ?
? individuals, that in the process of the re- ti
'* sumption of specie payment they will
l* acquire increased value over notes of p
s other denominations. This idea is alto- n
gether erroneous. The Department is \]
s still furnishing ones and twos to the
n Assistant Treasurers and the United I
r States depositories for the business of
n their offices. The total amount of silver
fc issued since April'20,1870, is $31,738,400. 0
The fractional currency outstanding, at d
this date, is $200,075,807. One million \
of fractional currency will bo retired t|
\ during the present month. I
' Custom IIounc IuveallKation. "
New York, May 21.?The Custom r>
le House Commission raet to-day in secret ti
r? session, which lasted one hour and forty g
y minutes. " c
'* The first witness at the public Kession h
e was Mr. Luckmever, inspector of silks ti
and fine goods. lie said that nearly all tl
11 silks were undervalued from thirty to p
forty per centum. There are more silks r
manuiactured than are in demand, and if n
these very silks were sold in Paris, or 1<
Lyons, or London, they would have to o
be sold at very reduced prices. He fa- b
d vored specific duties instead of ad val- p
1- orem duties. p
a Henry Himley, sugar merchant, testiis
fied that it was quite common for Cuble
torn House officers to take bribes when
d they pass baggage containing dutiablo \
t- goods without examining them and to r
io plainly ask for money on so doing. a
e- On one occasion, when witness wus H
coming from Europe, an inspector said f,
to him, "What is coming to me out of ?
this if I let it go right through without t!
ie examining it." Inspectors havo hung r
jf around his baggage and asked for money j
ih for not examining it, and if the money ']
r- was not given then they ramsacked the 0
in baggage ai\d turned everything upside
g. down.
ic The next witness was H. J. Meyers,
ie proprietor of the bonded warehouse. He ?
testified that there used to be only one ']
storekeeper at his warehouse, and he had 11
to pay him $20 a month. But three R
rt months ago they put a second storekeep- '
V. er in his store, and he had to pay him $20 c
1- also. Thin money is demanded as a fee.
ie Witness had to pay political assessment*,
s, and every year Mr. Russell, Superintendig
ent of the Warehouse Department, col- ?i
d lected the money. When he refused to tl
ie pay any more for political purposes they (i
put on the second storekeeper. Witness *
paid Russell $300 at one time to have r
ono of his storehouses bonded. The *
ie law distinctly forbids the paying of
jr, money for gettingstore* either into or out
is of bond. The political assessment paid
rs by witness amounted to $300 per year, e
ie ? r
ie Execution Deferred. s
" Dayton, 0., May 24.?Got; Young this *
morning telegraphed the Sheriff of this I
county to defer the execution of Adams c
until the 15th of June. Father Nicholas,
the priest in attendance upon Adams,has
'* petitioned for a commutation of the sen*
a- tence to imprisonment for life. A strong J
? pressure U being brought to bear to bring \
id about this effect. ?
id .
j, Novel Damage Null.
" Oil aha, May 24.?Wm. L?re lo-diy
brought auit In the U, S. Court againat .11 reapnnaible
farmers of Colfax and Platte c
counties for having driven him forcibly
ig from hla reiidence and lite State in 1674, 11
claiming that lie via to a criminal exv.
tent a participant In the murder ol one
a John Helmna. Be claima $60,000 damage?.
tteamer Hunk.
a New Orluks, May 24.?The steamer
tn Ora burned and aunk 20 miiea below Ira
onton yesterday. Tbe boat and cargo are ,
both a total low * ,
Lawn* Murder.
Niw Orleans, May 24.?The Picayune
as the following from a resident of East
elincia: Laws' mother testified before
le coroners jury that the assassin of
.aws was a negro. It is stated that suaicion
rests on a friend or paramonr of
awb' wile. A suit for divorce of Laws
nd his wife has been pending for weeks
ii the ground of adultry. and letters from
le wile acknowledging her guilt having
tllen into the hands of the husband, it is
upposed she instigated the murder.
Hon. Effingham Lawrence, ex-mcmber
f Congress, was assaulted and severely
eaten on board of one of the lower coast
ackets yesterday. The cause is said to
are been a resolution passed by the PIsuemine
Parish police jury, of which he
i President, censuring the United States
teamboat Insnectors for inefficiency in
)nnection with several recent steamboat
ccidents, bv one of which Lawrence lost
considerable amount of property. The
lauueuiine police iurv have taken Hteim
>bring the matter Before the grand jury,
hey assert that 79 lives have been lost
Ir steamboat explosions in one year with>
a distance of CO miles of New Orleans.
hall akd reception.
The reception, bnll and reunion at
ireenawall Hall to-night, given by the
itizens of New Orleans, under the mangement
of the New Orleans Club, to
le officers of the Army and Navv of the
tnited States, was the most select, elelint
and brilliant affair of the season,
nd a success in every particular.
trike Among I ho HrlcUiiiiiker*
ul lluvcrtttruw.
New York, May 21.?About 500 bricktakers
at Ilaverstraw, N. Y., struck for
igher wages Tuesday last, and yesterday
iene men went from yard to yard, comelling
those who are willing to work tor
le present rates, to join them. There
re about ono hundred yards at Haver
trnw nnd vicinity, and when the men
in together it makes a very formidble
body. The crowd became so demon*
irative yesterday that the town authories
called on the inilitia for assistance,
nd this morning one company was diaatched
to the Bcene.
The strikers continue defiant, though
e are informed that the militia were en
jute, but no disorder occurred so far toay.
Haveiistbaw, May 24.?At 10 o'clock
lis morning the strikers made their aj>*
earance and marched to Teller's yard,
le only one where work was not stopped,
losely followed by the troops. When
ear tbo yard the Sheriff ordered the
rikers to disperse, nnd upon their refuil
they were charged upon by the coinany,
which caused them to disperse. At
o'clock Co. C, of Sing Sing, arrived,
bout 70 of the strikers left this afteroon
for New York, where they belong.
.11 is quiet at present.
i Mcefliigol Merchants ami Jlnuutitctnrer*.
New Yoijic, May 24.?A largely atmded
meeting of merchants and inanutcturers,
and business men generally,
as held this afternoon in Cooper Instilie,
Jackson Schultz presiding, to take
feasures for the proper representation
f American industries at the Universal
Imposition of Paris in 1878. The followig
resolution was passed:
liesolved, That we respectfully and
lost earnestly request the President of
le United Slates, through the Secretary
f State, to accept the invitation of
'ranee, and to take such steps as he may
eem best to have a commission formed
lat will be officially recognized by the
rench government nnd will carry out
jo objects of those of our countrymen
ho deaire to participate in the Exposion.
The chairman was authorized to anoint
a committee of three to go to Washigton
and lay the matter before the
lecihlon A(lver*c to tlic A. tV I*.
Telegraph Company.
Indianapolis, May 24.?Judge Ward,
f the Superior Court of Lafayette, renered
a decision to-day in the case of the
Vestern Union Telegraph Company vs.
be A. & P. Telegraph Company and the
jouisville, New Albany & Chicago Kailray,
continuing the temparary injuncion
obtained by the former company to
revent tho A. & P. Telegraph Company
rom tho conntruction of a lino of teleraph
on the right of way ot* the railroad
ompnnr, 811 which the Western Union
ad a contract for th<^ exclusive use of
siegrapu purposes. The court hold thai
be contract made by the railroad comany
prior to its reorganization had been
atitied by the prejent company and waa
ot against public policy, iiywmuch as it
?ft to the A. iS: P. company all outside
f a named right of way on which to
uild their line, hence there could be no
retenso of a monopoly advene to the
iublic intereata.
Reduction in l'asHCUger Hates.
New Yoric, May 24.?The Times says
randerbilt having telegraphed from Euope
inatructing the New York Central
nd Lako Shore roads to reduce the pasenger
rates from Chicago to New \ ork
rora $23 to $15, the other trunk roada
rill make the aame reduction at the same
ime. Vanderbilt telegraphed to hia own
oada that he informed the officials of the
lichlgan Central road of the change,
'he latter laat night said they would at
nee reduce their price to $15.
At the passenger agents' oflice of the
few York Central Railroad to-day nothng
waa known of the truth of the report
lint the Central had reduced tho paaaencr
rates on tickets from Chicago to New
'ork, arfd tho agents aro not selling tickts
at the reduced rates.
Oiler Their.Services.
Torekto, May 24.?The Canadian miltia,
to number 10,000, sent oflers through
lio Government at Oitawa, to tho Home
Government, volunteering to serve in
ny part of tho Empire. They may bo
e<iuired in case England becomes in
olved in war.
.Salutes to the Queen.
I'atrusdgrg, Va., May 24.?Her MajBty'a
birthday was celebrated to-day by a
eception and grand parade. Military
alutes were fired in honor of Her majesty.
I message war received from President
layea expressing hope that peace would
ontinue between thecotinlriea.
Bcnpito ? routed.
Columbus, 0., May 2.'].?Governor
i*oung has granted a respite until June
5th to Harry Adams, convicted of raur!er
and sentenced to be hung to-morrow.
The Steamer llrnaftel*.
Cork, May 24.?Up to nine o'clock
esterdav evening no news had been re*
eived of the City of Brussels, or of the
ng Kingfisher. Adverse easterly winds
nve prevailed for the put two days.
Blarine Newn.
London, May 24.?Steamers Calland,
rom New York, and Iatrian, from Boson,
arrived out.
Memphis. May Si?Col. M. D. John*
on, of the firm of Clarke, Johnson & Co.,
i well known citizen, died this morning.
The Crescent Against the Cross
Dissension! Among the Ottomai
The Greeks are Ready for War
Turkish Officials Express the Be
lief that the Daysofthe Empire
are Numbered.
Heavy Massing of the Ottomai
Troops atErzeroum,
An Attack on Kars, with Result
Germany Carefully Scrutinizing
French Policy.
She Has No Faith In Orleanlim
and Ultramontanism.
NoMicra Irom tlio Don.
Vienna, May 24.?The Russians arc
mobilizing a reserve of 150,000 Cossacks
of the Don, the terrntory which ha*
already supplied forty regiments and
twenty-one batteries to the active army,
dimensions in tiie turkish camp.
KisciiENEFF.May 24.?'Turkish detert?
ern any there are dissensions between the
Turkish Generalissimo and Achmed
Eyeoub Pasha, who seemed in command,
The latter wishes to cross the Danube and
invade Koumania hot Abaul Kerim
Pasha, the Generalissimo, insists upon
purely defensive tactics.
greek tactics.
London, May 24.?An Athens special
says: Should the Russians advance rapidly
the Greeks will declare war against
Turkey in order to create a Greek question
and show practically by a rising ol
their race what is Star and what isGreek,
Should the Turkish ileet be destroyed oi
even engaged elsewhere, so that the
Greeke are relieved from the fear ol
bombardment of their seaboard, their
anti-Turkish sympathies would predominate
even to the length of rebelling il
the Government refused to declare war,
Should England bccome in any way involved
in the war the Greeka would seek
an English alliance on terms which will
not oblige them to fight with the Turks
against the Christians. As a recompense
they will ask only that no part of Iiellaf
shall be given to others than the Greeks,
despondency of the albanians.
raodsa, May 24.?The Turks about
Scutaria and Podgoritza, number 20,000
regulars, with 40 cannons and about 33,000
Albanians and Bashi Bazouks. They
received orders on Tuesday to advance
in force along the Moratcha Valley, to attempt
the capture of Danilograd*. Turkish
officials in Albania are very despondent,
and many express tho belief
that the days of the Empire are numbered,
A great Russian victory on the Danube
would probably be the signal for a general
revolt in Albania, Epirus and Thes aly.
/viu*.nn, iuujr n. iiriuaa Bquauror.
has arrived in the bay of Salami*.
military movements.
Constantinople, May 24.?Intelli
gencc from Erzeroum announces that th<
Russians are extending their left wing in
a southerly direction. Constant skir
mishes occur between the Turkish ant
Russian advance posts. A Persian camp,
composed of 10,000 infantry and 2,00(
eavalrv, is stated to have beer
formed at Selmast, near the Turco
Persian frontier with the object of de
fending Persian neutrality. A simulta
neous attack upon the Russians is expect
ed to be made to-morrow by Mukhtai
Pasha and Hassan Pasha. The Grand
Vizier and all the ministers have brough!
their private horses to the Minister o:
War in response to a requisition tor the
horses of all the civic and military func
tionaries for the array.
the soft as and the ministry.
Constantinople, May 24.?TheSoftas
proceeded to the Chamber of Deputies to
day to demand the dismissal of the minis
ters. The Chamber received a deputation
of live Sottas and discussed theii
petition. Tlio debate became so strom
that the President was obliged to suspend
the meeting. The Softas then marched
to the palacc. It is believed that som<
of the ministers will resign. *
The transmission of private telegramf
in the interior is prohibited unless th<
dispatches are written in the Turkish lan
London, May 24.?a telegram from
St. Peteraburgh Btates that the TurkB
after bombarding Fort Adler, landed i
corps of Circassians from seven tranB
ports. This part of the coast is denudec
of Russian troopH. The Russians neai
Sukuk Kalch maintain their positioni
and await reinforcements. Turkish re
I>orts pay that the rumor that the Rub
aiana had mado an unsuccessful attemp
to recapturo the fort is unfounded.
A special from Erzeroum says: Tin
Russians are again bombarding th<
forts of Fahmnz and Karmadgh. Th<
Kruppguna in the forta replied well.
A Constantinople Bpecial anys: Ac
cording to the intelligence received here
the Russians are at Otti and are advanc
ing upon Erzeroum from that and vari
ous other point*. The Russian left win]
appears to be moving in the direction o
Euphrates Valley.
A special from Erzeroum, dated Wed
neaday; says: Mukhtar Pasha is ogaii
making a Hank movement on Tzakirbab
ada. The Turks hitherto encamped ai
Kara Kalizs, have fallen back upon 1*0
prak Kaleh. The great concentration o
Turkish troops is being cflected near Er
A telegram dated Erzeroum, Thursday
evening, report* that the Russians yea
terday attacked Ivars; two assaults wen
repulsed. There was heavy firing 01
both aides, which continued yesterday
vicuiug. ills rcauu iit unknown.
I'rlure ItiNiiuirclc.
Brrun, Mar 24.?Thero was grea
activity at the Foreign office while Princi
Bismarck wan here, and an active inter
change of telegrams with Ambasssdori
abroad. The Ambassador at Home sta
ted that a latter will shortly visit Berlin
From these and other indicaUoni th<
National Zeilung concludes that Princi
Bismarck is about to assert his persona
influence upon the course of afiairs.
Prince Bismarck and. family started
for Kissingen. ,
Bntuw, May 21-The Crown Princi
and Princess will give a State dinner to
day at Pottsdam, in honor to the Queen'i
birthday. The Emperor and Imperia
family, the principal Court dignitaries
Lord Bassell, the British Ambassador
Embassy and several distinguished Generals
will be present.
france cl08ily watched.
The North Qcrman Gazette, commenting
on tbe French assurance of paciBc inten*
tions, says: "For the present only one
I thing can be regarded as beyond doubt,
namely: the German government dovotes
the the most serious attention to
further developments of matters in
France and to symptoms of any connec
tion of affairs tlioy may have with the
International Society, and especially
with the clerical policy. The eagerness
with which the French government sends
assurances of peaccfullntentiomicannot
remove the distrust attaching to the in>
lluences and circumstances under which
the change of Cabinet was brought about.
The mixture of Orleanism and UltraI
montanism in the new government is
most suspicious."
' Preparing For the Ileeeptlon ol
Wen. Vrant.
London, May 24.?It is announoed
from Liverpool that Fairchilds, the U. 8.
I Consul there, is absent on a leave, and that
Baden, Consul General at London, is going
to Liverpool to receive ex-President
Grant. The Mayor of Liverpool has
I tendered his hospitalities to Grant.
a gunpowder plot.
London, May 24.?a Rome special
,t.? u: ' nu-M -? ?
PB/n iuat oiguur xkiui, vuiei iiinjieciur 01
Police at Leclare, showed much firmness
against the brigands time of capture, an
English subject, Mr. Rose. On the night
i of the 15th oignor Itizxi'a house was deni
troyed by an explosion of gun powder:
i himself, his wife and two sons escaped
I aitve, though severely hurt. The house
had been secretly undermined.
news fbom various poi2tt8.
The Standard has the following from
i various points: The Hungarian govern1
ment lias issued a decree forbidding the
, export of arms and munitions. The
1 Danube is still rising, llahmond
i Damad Pasha hau openly been denounced
i ns a traitor during the discussion relative
to the advisability of recalling Midbat.
Midhat's recall is seriously discussed.
. The 1'llgrliiiM ami their OirerlugM.
i Home, May 24.?1The Pope received the
i American Pilgrims io-uay. mc Arcn
bishop of Philadelphia read an address
i to His Holiness, expressing the affection
' of American Koman Catholics and affirm*
' ing that the sufferings of the Pone are
theirs and that distance increased their
f devotion. Another Bishop read the ad.
dress of the Archbishop of New York,
expressing the same sentiments. Subee:
quently nine of the Bishops present pre*
i sented the Pope the oflerings of their
i dioceses amounting to $25,000. Other
offerings were presented by r'epresentai
tives of American Catholic associations.
His Hollsness, in reply, expressed his
joy at seeing himself surrounded by the
, faithful who had come from such a dis'
tant land. He spoke of the faith in the
, infallibility of the church and dwelt in
detail upon the progress of the church in
( America. Ho alluded to the persecutions
to which the church is subjected in Eu|
rope, and in conclusion thanked them
' for their offerings and gave them his
, hlooainn
Parip, May 24.?The Legitimist and
Clerical newsnapers continue to express
a desire for the modification of the Cabinet
in conformity with their viewa.
1 the french elections.
London, May 24.?A Paris.correapondent
aaya the following ia the programme
of the new Cabinet recently appointed:
i The Prefecta are instructed to support
i by every means as official candidates
- all who did not sign the man1
ifesto of the Left, and did not
, vote for the order of the day of May 17th.
> They have been informed that the defeat
i of any official candidate will lead to their
- fall in arrondiBaementa, where the Bona
partial candidates were defeated by a few
votes at the laat election. Prefects -are
instructed to support them as otllcial
r candidates.
Arrest of Conspirators.
Madrid, May 24.?Last night some
Cantonalist^ conspirators were arrested.
Documents implicating them were found
upon their persons, and they hare been
' handed over to the judicial authorities.
A miliary Miiu ol Festive Habits.
St. Lours. Mav 24.?P. R. Hinlrl* urn
' Second Lieutenant of the Eighth U.S. In>
fantry, and acting Assistant Quarter1
master at Fort Worth, came here from
J Chicago some days ago and has since
been on a nearly continuous spree, spend>
ing his time at one of the fancy brothels
J in this city. On Sunday night last he
gave one of the girla of the establishment
a draft for $520, signed C. II. Hoyt,
i Capt. Quartermaster, Ft. Worth, drawn
, on the sub-treasury to his own order,
i The draft was presented at the sub-treas
ur^ on Monday and pronounced a forgery.
I Ilinkle was arrested this morning and
r taken before U. S. Commissioner Clark,
i who held him in $2,090 bond, which the
young man says will be given to-morrow
- on the arrival of his father from Cincint
nati.who is said to bo a wealtbv resident
of that city. The hearing of the case is
' set for Monday next. Ilinkle resigned
: his commission in the army last Jan
uary. _
- The Cheyenne Object (o (he
, Nfoax.
Camp Robikbon, Neu., May 24.?The
v-ne^enne Anuiaoa 01 101s Agency are
j feeling very bitter against the Sioux In1
diaiu lor the harsh treatment received at
their hands after being defeated loot fall,
and object to living near them. They
requested some days ago to be removed
to the Indian territory. After consulting
with the Commissioner of Indian affairs,
" General Sheridan has given his authority
for the transfer. They will start about
the 28th inst., under charge of Lieuten
mil uamtuii, nit vaynirji miu will crOHB
the Union Pacific railroad at Sydney. The
band numbers about 1,150 persona all
told. The six companies of the 4th cavalry
are now stationed here, and are
under orders to march in a few days.
They will return to the department of
Missouri. ^
The Collier*1 Strike n NerlonM Affair.
Sejuino, Belgium, May 24 .-The atriktf
of the colliers here is assuming a serious
1 character. A large force of troope has
? armed. Cavalry cleared the streets to
day. Some persons were injured and sev'
oral arrests made.
j Reviewed the military.
; Savannah, May24r-Gov. Colquitt
I this afternoon reviewed the volunteer
soldiers of Savannah in the presence of an
I immense concourse of citizens. The Governor
will to-morrow review the colored
military and will attend a reception at
b one of the colored armories.
i Mr. Morton'* Views.
I Indianat0li8, May 24.?The Journal
, to-morrow will contain a;letter from
, Senator Morton, giving his views on the
i political situation of the country.
Albany, n. Y., May 21?The Leglalatare
adjoured n'ne die. and the Senate
convened in extra session for executive
Louisville IUccm. .
Louisville, May 24.?a great crowd I
attended the races to-day. A larger num- J
ber of persona never having been teen on
the courae of Louiaville.
Queen Victoria** llirthUnj.
Tohonto, May 21.?The birthday of
Queen Victoria Is being univeraally observed
throughout the Dominion.
Boston, Mam., May 24.?Four inchen F
of snow fell in Berkshire countjr, y>>
thin morning. It ia feared much damage -i
will be done to the fruit crop*. ?
?The Qrand Duke Nicholas ho* con- ij
gratulated Prince Charlea upon the inde- 7
pendence of Roumania.
?It ia officially announced from I'aris
that the aaaertiona that an idea is entertained
of postponing the Paris exhibition m
?ru uuiounueu.
! prepared to make careful and complete analraca ^
si Iron Orw, Llmettonoe, Mineral Watcri, etc. i
Laboratory cor. 24th and Chapllne itreeU
Wheeling. W. Va.
Livery & Feed Stables a
Owing to the Grant llouio lire, I have removed |j".'
to the Th
Central Hotel StabloM, ??u
OPPOSITE B. 4 0. R. R. DEPOT, ' *
Where I will bo pleased to nee all my customers ^
and the public generally. With my new stock and
11 rat-claw turnout* I aiu prepared to answer all calls
aatlafactorllj. /
TONY PHACTON.-I hue a Ilukct rbacluu, ?
aultable for ladles aud children.
fclal travelers, dc. V
LANDAUd, OUNIBU89E3, Ac.?Elegant Lan- _
dausandBar.uchea, (or weddings, shoppings, Ac. , J
Firit-claaa teams, and all the requisites oi u
FlrHt-ClasM Stabloa.
Special attention to feeding and boarding horrcs,dc. *
My friends are wj>cclally Invited to call at my . u.
new 8tablea, where, notwithstanding my losses by ,n 1
fire, I am prepared, even better thau before, to furnlalt
livery to all.
jyjILU, FREW & CO., _i
DkAwt DUUIN mnriurAUiuHtHS.
Arc prepared at all times, with the best material
to till orders for Blank Books, tuch as are used by
Bank*, Counties, Corporations, Uuilronds nml Merchants.
upon short notice, and In tho inost deairabio
and workmanlike mini nor.,
Having all tho latest and most improved machl- _
nory wo leel confldent that we will render entire S|
satisfaction to all who favor us with their orders. v
Muhic, Magazine* and Periodicals ol every description
bound la a neat and durable mnuuer. i
Nob. 25 AND 27 Fouktiucmth bT.,
dalS WHEEL1KQ. W. VA f
Or Parties of Smalt Means Desirous of j|
Engaging In Grape Growing,
Coal Mining or Market 1,1
Gardening. is
account of advanced age I am desirous oi
changing my residence, and therefore otfer for salo is;
my fann situated opposito the city of Wheeling, on *v
tho river bank, midway between Bridgeport and
Martin's Ferry, and Immediately adjoining tho vll- D,
Isge of iEtnavllle. The property consists of CO L
acres of hill and table land and 15 of river bottom, *
In the hill there are two scams of conl, 5% nud :?>?
feet thick, three deposits of limcstono, an 8 loot T2
vein of close texture sand or free stone, an 18 foot JL
vein of marl, which altogether mako a soil and an
underlying bed of deposits of a rich and valuable <
character. 8U:
On the surface, the larger portion o! which lies
gently sloping to the cast, and all under direct ex- nit
posure to the sun, is a Vineyard of 30 acres, mostly mf
Catawba grapes, all in (ino bearing condition, about
seven yeara old, which has proven Itself utile to pay ab
a handsome percent to tho cultivator. .?
The property is being apnroached above and bolow
by an advancing tlue of persons seeking small roi
homesteads, and Is now really tho only unoccupied .
territory between Bridgeport and Martin's Kerry. A
It Is valuable as an Investment for capital seeking a Sn
safe purchase, and valuablo to those who want mor- '
ket gardening ground close to the city. It fronts C(*
beautifully upon tho river and commands a view of
the city, the Island and the whole sccnc-ry of the ?
valley. T]
The terms of nle will bo one-third cash, balance |H
iu iwo (ujuiuu jmjuipnia. o per ccqi interest on ae(erml
payments. For further particular* Inquire
On the premises, or by mall at Bridgeport, Ohio, f
35 A 27 Fourteenth St.
Ju*t rectlved at
my? E. L. NICOLL.
Third slock of 8pring Paper just reoeiv* ~
oil. Ten Thousand RoIIh of choieo and ^
beautiful patterns, from 7 to 10c per roll, at I
my 11 1142 Main Btrrrt. W1
? Un
M nd tf FourtMnth Ei ^
wSSSfewsw 1
I i-'sT, |f)
Office?930 UiKKXT Street.
BenUcncc?51 Fifteenth Street.
myO _______
l()K BM.K-l>n South llrmdwjy stmt Illul,
one Biilldln? Uil,?lest [fool by 19 f?t diep.
rhcoo line llmc-kcriicra are nianuficturtd at
esden, Saxony, bv Morrlta OroasmanD, of hoitH
;ieal (nine, in ladfi*' and gent'a si sea, both kef
1 item winding. Ther aro constructed on tbo
m principln as the watches of tbo late Adolpb
nje, and are of very auperlor workmanship, and
ly guaranteed for performance and durability.
ey aro the beat, their coat being considered, that
re been produced in any country. Their ln?
ctlon la Invited.
3. P. BROWN,
Sole Agent /or Wheeling and vicinity,
I full line of all grades of American and Swiss
itrbts at tery low prices. apM
lue American and BwUa Watches, Jewelry, Dlands,
Sterling Silver and 811vcr Plated Ware,
lor, Office, Dining Boom and Kitchen Clocks
arge variety and low prices.
uyll >151 MAIN STREET.
he Argonaut Mills,
arns, Jeans and Flannels.
?r29 WiIKBLlNQ, W. Va. ^
ne Apples and Bananas,
Iswego Starch
pirlectly PURE-frcefiom acids and other lor- ,
?lqniubitancesth?t Injure Linen. .
STRONGER than anyother--r<qulring muck Itll
quantity In using.
UNIFORM-stiHensand flnlihes work alwajs the
ingsford's Oswego Corn Starch
la the raoit dclldoua of all preparations for
uyl 7
K pleasant Front Room ou second floor,
[table for a gentleman and his wife, furihcd
or unfurnished. Also, four young
in can bo accommodated with a comfort- .
le home, hoard and lodging. Bedrooms
by 10, one bed in each room. Good bath*
)m, supplied with cold and hot water.
large front sitting room down stair*,
ecially for the boarders. Table furnish*
with the best the market affords.
&pply at 128 Sixteenth St. mylO
?Is well known that Ice made from stagnant
ek? aud pond*, U not so pure as Ico made from
mlog water.
ait winter I stored up an immense luppljr of
re Ire from the Back river, and which I ?ui now
dr to deliver promptly to private families or at
olewle, at the very lowest prices.
let Puro Ice, so guaranteed. from me.
N. KUHN, Bridgeport, 0.
mi-ia acui turougn mo man, or icit at ?aci?n
A Durit'a, on Market ilrcct, will rccriv*
iropt attention. mjSl
Merclianrilao Broker
LUatii negotiated for Lend era and Borrowera.
1S20 Mais Strkrt.
ny< iji
'alia anmrcrcd at all boun from the Htorn.
rnlture and Carpet Booma, North End Centrt
yheflllnn Market. my?
bare juat received another large assortment of
llc? .7111 w,(1 *l t,l# ,ow*t Pri?o. A full
D of llouae-furnlahlng Goods always on hand.
1110 Mtlp tliwl. ,
Juil received et
n;2i WeLUBE HOUSE ??T none,
1 ' * > "> * Jt
jtiMlihcd In 1890, Far the names tad P. 0.
i^m^raSSf ?9 ill17 to J11*0*1 **2t

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