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or two furnished roonia for rent;
three uiuutca' walk from the PoitofBce.
Enquire at tichncpPa Drug Ktorc, Opera
House corner. my25
The large three-atory Warehouae No.
1503 Main etreet Two fronta, Main and
South atreita. Potaeaaion April let.
Apply to
Terr iMnUe Country lUtridencr. on* mile
wrtt of Bild|e|<ort no the National Kuad, with one
acr? of ground well cultivated, and a Urit-cU*
two-itory Brick liouae, with all modern Improvement!.
Prl(v, for either talc or r?nt, to lult the
time*. For further Information rixiulrK of
a|>2l Or Flrat National Ilank, llrtJK'-lort.
No. HI h<tolli Front atrwt, Wand-iilaaaaotljr
iltuatcd and dcalrable. Alao,onoitootn In aecond
atory of No. M Twelfih atraet, nil table for an offlce
or altering ruoiu. ro?*taion glten Immediately.
Enquire of DB. ?. A. IIILDHLTH,
apll No. 1207 ChapllneBt*
'J'im fina Dwelling No. 18 fifteenth ?tre*L
Thrre tetiwnenU In the Fifth Wtrd.
LAW OFHCK, N. E. cormr 12th uml Ch*pllnc
. "S'ilrecl 11. FORBES,
?a' 1112 Ch?pllnc BU?t.
jjjlOli KENTA
Brick House, No. CO, 13th street, containing
10 rootiiH, with B|>nciou* hallaand
dry basement cellar.
By W. V. llOOK A BKO.,
rnrtO 1,'WO Market .Street.
POP. TlKNl ?TlOUttE?
I'onUUdnn rlnlit rouiiia and Hnth Kooiu, on
Jacob ?tieet, bftwet-n 131 h and 14tb, wwt tide.
Oil* nud ??trr. Will bo rented low to rwiotwlhle
icnaw. i-.nnuirc w
no'21 IlookMlJpr and stationer, 1066 Main tit.
light, oiiC'ltoiNt1, tctond-hand Spring Wagons.
One one-horae, iccond-hand Spring Wagon, with
Onoonc-borno bran uew Spring Wagon.
Will m-II oil cheap for cash.
m vS Cor. Twrnty-fotiri h ami Market Ms.
rjllll'STEE'S SALE.
liy virtue* of ft Deed of Trujt from the Citizens'
Fin*, Marino ami Life luatiraiKw Company of
Whirling, to lue, tearing dalu the 'JlUidayof
March, 1877, and on m-ord in iho Cleik's.cfllee of
th? County Court i f ?hlo, 1 will proceed to toll at
I'ubllc Auction at lOo'clock A. M., on
nt the front door of the'Court Home of Ohio
County to the highest bddtr, the following property
known as
llALUWIN'S now,
that I* to mr: The undivided ono-lialf of lot No.
17ti, kltuatiil on the corner of Eotl'and beveiittenth
atreets, In the city <jf Wheeling. W. Va., and on tb?
north aide 0! i*aid Heventeetn atreet ami east of
EuH'stcect, and also of the weal on<-half of lot No.
17'? immediately adjoining raid lot No. 176, l>oth
being altiutid in 1 nr.l?; ri of the tit vol Wheeling
counuouly railed East Wheeling. '1 here are five
ltrli'k T.-ii, infills mi ?nlJ iiioiiirtr. nil uuilpr Itnse
(or the ? 1:1'..;; v?r. mil the property will be SoM
a* a whol t 'ii |-ni* 1 .1o uit (Mitcha* .
Tkhk- .1 On?-lli!id rush and the ImUnio
yi two<<ju l Iti-UUinoMi'iitBixiind twelvemonths,
with Inert-; fr*im tii# day ulnic.nld deferred
pnyniputs to le fotuiwl 1'7 l?i?d of Trust on Mild
proper! r.
11m other one-half of mU property will be fold
nt the Mine tint*- plate mid on name terms by
the owner thereof. 11. Z. SHltlVEIt,
mrSl Trustee.
The above yaie I* postporcd until SATURDAY,
May 12, at 10 o'ekek a. u. II. Z. SI1RIVER,
in j Trustee.
The above r ?1- I* poMponid until TUESDAY,
the I'.'lh t'ny of June, :?t 10o'clock a. m
hi j 11 H.y..snaiVElt, Trustee.
poll HALF?
'.'0 Shares Stock In Feabodr Insurance Co.
1" hhares Stock In Ohio Vnller Bank.
HI fhires Mork in l.n L'ello Olasa Co.
10 Mi?r<s Stoock In .UttiaMllI.
hit tirotind, Centre Wheeling, Main street.
Vj l/u (irouud, Centra Wheeling, Market street,
t **uiitll Frame Iloute, 14th strict.
1 Twc-story Bilck ilouw, Hth street.
tnr"? I. Ill WIN. Agent.
I'lKhty cholto HulMIng Ixris on Wheeling Island.
Prlcw from 8400 to gi?0 each. Only one-sixth of
iiic I'urcniw money rciiureu iuuuiii. j uc rvnuue
lint l?- paid annually In VIVB *jual intfalltnenta
Willi Interest.
ag8 ' At Top Mill.
jraqit hale?
The Residence of N. C. Arthur, on 15th
Mreet, in the citv of Wheeling. The lot
fronts about (>.'! feet on Fifteenth street,
nml extends im?-k to the nlley. The house
is a two-htory brick, containing ten rooms
:in<l finishei) attic, hath room, with hot and
cold water, and is in pond repair. There
is also n wash house, coal house, nt>h house,
Ac.; on the property.
Persons desiring to examine the property,
or to ascertain the terms of sale, will
call on it. U. Ilnrr, attorney, 1142 Chapline
ap3 N. 0. ARTHUR.
2 10 Si
> m qq m
^ i
be <j ? a
. Q_ "=
CO =E~
TOKY.?Agents aru making from 53 to |1Q
per day. Wo want Agents In every county, town
and township In Ohio and West Virginia. ho more
pleasant business titan wiling hooka and nontmorc
nrotitable. One young lady, 17 ye*rs old, li miking
|5 00 per dsy selling the History of the Cen*
tenmal Exposition. A young nun is miklug 86 00
per day felling tho popular Life of Cuiter, and
others doing equally well on other works. Apply
nt once for outfit to CBNTItAL BOOK AGENCY,
No. 21 Fourteenth St., Wheeling, W. Va. ?ioyl'J
GUIs answered at all hour* from the Store.
Furniture and Garnet Booiut, North End Contn
Whirling MKikei. _ myl'fl
No. 110 Fn.itnucSTU Strut.
All unlrni promptly attended to. Repairing neat
y 4poo and warranted. apfl
J D. rHAGEH, "
Of Churches, Hall*, Stores nnd Dwellings
in Freico nnd Plain Paper Hanging,
x>o. *-* l-ui c?-, >1 u?.?.iuau, ?. va.
Delivered to city or mail subscribers at 15
cents per week, by the agent for Wheeling
ami vicinity.
my: I No. 1414 Market "treet^
Old Yellow IUo, CbolM Old Government
Jim, Mocha, Lucuaynu Just Kcodrfd by
Men'a 0m aewed tern Boota from S3 00 up, tl
Men'a flue kwkI Call Optra Boota from... 4 25 up. C!
Men'a fine pegged Calf Opera Buota from.. 2 70 up.
Men'a Boo uauJ-wwiil Calf Suckle Alexia
from ?... 8 00 up.
Men'a fine hand*petfsedC?l( Buikle Alexia
Iron m*.mmhhh..h.mI 75 up.
Men'a fine aewed Call Buckle (Strap tlhoes tl
from 00 up.
Men'a One at wed Bobble Buckle Strip Bhoca
from........ mm?m2 80 up. f
Men'a tine aewed 11.Cf lluckle blrap Hboea <
from CO up. J
Men'a Hue )*K(ed B.Cf Buckle Alextifroiul Wup.
Men'a pegged B. CI Oxford Ilea froin...?...l to up.
Ladlee' floe tewed Cur Kid Button from 2 '-3 up. >
LjuIIm' floe aoved " Hide Ixre from 1 75 up. h
Ladlta' fine aewrd IBtd Lasting Bala from-l M up.
Udloa' Hue aewed La* ting Bali from 1 10 up. 1
Ladlee' fine nwed Jjietitiir Cougreae from...) Wup.
ladlee' flue aewed Pehi.le IUIi from -1 20 up* 0
Mlaaea' lino aewed IVbt le Bala from 1 10 up.
Ladlee' line tewed PeW.le bllnpm from-.. 6U up.
i ..it..* (i... 1 ..lino Klfumn from... CO UD
Yoa an find all the* and |Jcnlj uiotu Bargains at 1
T. T. NTONE'S, -j
1110 Mntn Ntrcel. ?
iny.'.o Hobxbbook'h Block.
Ufflca and Bnddrtif*, No. 1067 Main Ht., oppoelte
Union, Wheeling, W. Va.
VNlCoua Oxide Oai and other AnrathPtlce
adiulnUtered. my 18
Buy a and telli Tlckrta to all point* Fail aud Woat,
**Bo md trip ticket* to Baltimore and return,
and Chtnuo and return, alao on hand. ortl
?roit? m
Hemanis and Grenadines!'
We offer this day 50 pieces Black ?
Grenadlaes and Harnanls, bought by '
oar Mr. I. Blum at a large peremptory g
aale at fifty cent! on the dollar, and we i
offer them at the aame ratea. ''
Ten pieces fine Black Htrnanls, worth r
50c, we offer at 31c. n
Ten plaota all wool Hernacla, wor.h
75c, we offer at 4Do.
Tan nlflr.AD >11 wrml H?rn?n!a utnrth r
$1, wo offer at 30 c. ?
Ten pleois Silk and Wool Hernanl!, t
worth $1.50, we offer at 62 l-l2o. '
Ten ps. two yards wldi all wool, and ;
slik nnd wool Grenadines at from $1.25 r
to S2.00 prryard. (
ZmJIm, Ihe aioee are real Han/oiii*. lr t
inrilt one ami all l<> eume ami nee them. .
AXD SU.1tmi.lt SJI.KS. ? iny30 t
Tektii extii acted wrrnoi'T !
During the eleven years I hate been practicing c
in Wheelins 1 Imto mlmiulitcrod Kia to otctbovcu C
tliotuand |?er?onB with I'kwwt fiikimf, nod In jj
almost erery case with entire aatlafoction to luyaeli *
and patlenta. '
We cxjimtnntly keep on handa puro NltroQi Oxide t
Gas for those that dwlre to take it h
1)11 aUKOISOK & SON,
noZt No. 11*3 Market fct. v
TIH'ltSDA Y, MAY ?l, 1*77.
New Advertisements.
For Cincinnati?Steamer Granite Slate. ?
Kraft'a Diarrhoea Compound. I
NeuhauecnV Summer (iarden.
Our Own Watch?Oxtoby & Dufiield.
Yale Locks. \
l'icnic and Regatta. c
Wiwted?1Three Young Men. r
Strawberry Supper. I
Exhibition, Concert and Tableaux. r
Repairing and Re-upholstering?G. i
Mendel, Booth & Co. I
Tnermometf.it Kkcord.?The follow- i
ing shows the range of the thermometer,
oh oliserved at Schnepfs drug store,
Opera House corner, yesterday :
8 a. m. 12 u. 3 p.m. 7 p. v.
Uf. m :c
Flour iii coming down. See our market
The State Medical Association met in
Clarksburg yesterday.
The price of strawberries has dropped
to twenty cents per box.
Nearly 700 persons havceigneil the
Murphy pledge at Moundsville.
Prof. Tick says we shall have fifty*
four thunder storms thiB summer.
Commencement exercises will be held
at the West Liberty Normal School June
22d. _
The city asesssors have ooncluded their
labors, but have not yet reported to the
Cleric. '
A temperance meeting was held in
Wesley Chattel, South Wheeling, last
No business of public interest was
transacted at the County Clerk's otBce
A manual of the Legislature and Executive
and Judicial departments has
just been published.
A railroad meeting is to be held at
thecitv building to-night, in the interest
of the Tuscarawas Valley Company.
1 ?t - /
itc near mu mruu'r coin- B
plain ]
'Il'i Just our bUnted hard luck?no rata !' {
Messrs. Lewis & Woodmanseecertainly
deierve credit for so promptly cleaning
tlie pavements about the Grant House i
ruins. ]
The Standard managers are making an \
effort to secure tho services of Mitchell, r
pitcher of the Champion club, of Spring. .
field, Ohio. ' 1 b 1
Tiie directors of the "Wheeling Towboat
and Barge Comnany talk of pur- ^
chasing tho large towboat "Whale, which 1
is offered for sale at Pittsburgh.
ix in reponeu mai a man ana ciuia
were killed in the country near this city
yesterday mnrning. We were unable to .
Ienrn the particulars In the caae.
Notary Public. ?Got. Mathews 1
yeaterday appointed J. W. Talbott a No- |
tary Public for Barbour county. Mr.
Talbott is caahier of a bank at Phillippi.
* (
The temperance meeting In the Par- ]
kcr building, Centre "Wheeling, laiit night, <
was well attended. Addresses were made 3
by Messrs John McNaah, Westwood and t
The funeral of Theodore Schultz, 1
which took place yesterday afternoon <
from his late residence on Market street, 1
between 14th and 10th streets, was rery 1
largely attended. i
Tin Courts.?Circuit Court?Jiafje
feJvin.?Thii court wu in aeaaion u
ual yeaterday.
The examioatiion of wtyaewea in the
iood-Bennett libel cane occupied the enre
day. The trial of the cane will ocupy
leveral day*.
MuhicipIl Court?Judge Cranmer.
Court met at 10 a, m., and dlipoied of
lie following buaineaa:
llartman Heirich.adminiatrator of (he
itate of Peter Haaaenauer, deceased, v*.
lertrude Stoehr ot al., in chancery; final
ecren entered.
Htate of Went Virginia, for the use of
I'm. C'rumbncker, vs. Charlee W. Searight,
in debt; judgment in favor of
laintlfl for $105 11.
Adjourned until Ibbi morning at 10
Police Court?Judgt Cranmer.
The following cane* were before Hi*
lonor yeMerday morning:
Michael Sweeney waa up for vagrancy,
'hirty daya.
Inane Smith wan aent up for drunken*
IIorrihlb Dkatii at Martin'* Ferry.
-George Arnold came to hia death in
lartin'a Ferry about noon yeaterday in
moat horrible manner. The detail* of
lie fatality arc Blckening in the extreme,
irnold wan driving a water cart toward
lie river, and when near the Cleveland &
'ittnburgh railroad hia home became
rightened at a locomotive and jumped
uddenly forward and started down the
treet at a rapid nace. Arnold waajoatled
rom bin neat and fell backward between
lie bar/el and one oi the wheelfl, from
ihenco he waa unable to extricate him*
elf. In the meanwhile the horac purued
bin rapid course, and the revolving
'heel literally tore the unfortunate man's
ire and shoulder into ahreds. The
ries of the doomed man were heart rendng.
It waa impoasible to atop the aniual,
although every cflort waa made to
0 ao, and the crowd of excited citft*na
'ho were in purauit were unable to rener
the poor wretch any aaaiatance, and
'ere witneaaea of hid horrible death. But
1 a moment hia akull waa cruahed in by
lie wheel, and death relieved him of hia
uflerings. The body waa horribly inutiited.
The head and shoulders wore
rushed to a shapeless masa, oue leg waa
roken, and the limba were much dia^ured.
Deceased was about aixty year a
? ?i;r, iinu iviiven a wueana iniuny.
The I nnocents.?When people first
egin to talk about a "baby show" they
reliable to nay "it will not do;" that
here isnomething radically wrong'about
making a public exhibition of human
le*h und blood as If the exhibit* were
eatable* or beasts of the tield, bred to
e used an a wan'* plavea or to become
ood for his stomach. ISut after a little
eflection |>eo|>lc begin to fancy they
night go and look at such an exhibition
rithout any great violation of sentimeut,
nd it subsequently appears that the
uothers and fathers of the childrcu displayed
havo a genuine natural love and
dmiration for their offspring and they
ancy that other people should be as faorably
impressed with the little ones as
hey themselves are. Judging from the
merest that is being taken in the forthowing
bnby show for the benefit of the
JhildrenV Home, the entertainment will
ind favor with all classes.
Tumperarce.?The temperance folks
iropose to light King Alcohol on the
tfurphy line, if it takes all Summer, and
1 ill not discontinue their meetings on
iceount of the warm weather. Arrangeuents
have bccu made for a big meetiug
o night, at the Fourth Street M. E.
'hurch. Oil's Hall was first agreed upon
8 the place of meeting, but yesterdav the
ouimittee decided to hold it in the basenent
of the Fourth Street M. E. Church.
Ve suppose that Kemple, the gatling of
he I'nnhandle, will be on hand to relate
lis adventures atl'arkeraburg and else
linety-Jijc young Indies of the Steuben ille
Seminary excurted to this city on
he steamer O'Neal yesterday. The
teamer arrived about noon, and disbarged
it? fair freight at the landing,
vhen the"gurruls" separated into groups
nd proceeded to take in all the points of
nterestin the Nail City. At 2:30p.m.
til were on board, and the boat left for
It is a delightful relief for the dusty and
*eary< citirco to go out,to eome quiet
:ountrjr residence during this hot spell
ttld *l>end half the nii'lit iichtiiif* .Itmp
>ugs nml bats out of his Bleeping apart*
nent, anil then be called up at live o'clock
n the morning to eat with the farm
iamb, so as to have breakfast over and
he buttermilk made before the heat of
he daj.
Slight Fire.?The alarm of lire yeserday
afternoon about 15 o'clock collected
t large crowd of people in the vicinity of
he Main street bridge in an incredibly
ihort ppacc of time, A defective flue in
Ienry Daub's saloon, near the bridge,
et lire to the building, and the flames
lexc promptly extinguished without any
>articular damage.
Corpus Ciiristi.?Yesterday was oberved
in the Catholic churches of this
ity as Corpus Chriati, the most splendid
eatfvalof the Roman Catholic Church,
nstftuted by Pope Urban IV in 12G1 in
lonor of the consecrated host, and with a
riew to its adoration. It is observed on
he Thursday of the week after Penticort.
n France it is called the FcleDicu,
wb Ii?iv? tliarnvarjwl il? 5 1
less of these Steubeuviile excursions.
L'he attraction is at the State House,
fhich the Steubenville girls always visit
rlien they come down here. It lies beween
lian* Stalnaker, in the Governor'*
ifiice, and Will. Hedrick, in the Secretary
if State's department, both of whom are
>retty as pictures.
Ceiitain citizens of Fulton opposed to
ncorporation are trying to'Bet aside the
lection recently held in that town, on
he ground that there was not a majority
if all the votes that could bo legally cast
n favor of incorporation. The motion
s. l>efore the Circuit Court, and will
irobably be argued this week.
I.Mrnoviiio.?John Gray, who was
itdly hurt in a row in East Wheeling
ast Saturday night, and whose recovery
ras considered doubtful, is improving
ilowly, and was much better lastevening.
lis condition is still considered serious,
>ut strong hopes are entertained of his
X. M.U. A.?The twenty-second anntiil
International Convention of the Young
tfen's Christian Associations in the Unied
States and Dominion of Canada, will
neet in Lonisville, Kr.,on Wednesday
jest. Wheeling will bo represented by
hree or fonr delegates.
The Register man is mad because he
lidn't get a blue ribbon at tho dog show
n Now York tho other day, and is indined
to sneer at the claims of Charley
Fohnson and Johnny Day to that silver
Hip at tho baby show.
The steamer Abner O'Neal veiterday
jrought down some fifty or sixty Steu>enville
boilers and their wires and
laughters and sweethearts to tho picnic
frounds at Mingo, where they spent the
sy in social enjoyments.
'tsiuiar J. F.| Mayes, of (Gretna
Ireen) West Alexander, married hi*
L178th couple onTusday last. The amount
>f blisi he has . conferred upon these
roung couples is immeasurable? Washngton(Pa.)
County Coubt.?The County Court
fill meet on Monday next, when the
locket will be called and cases set for
rial. The grand jury will not meet until
rhursdar, and the petit jury the followng
Eonurno, Viet.?A fresh, lmpressible
young man from one of the interior >?
tillagee ol the State spent last week in A
thii city seeing the sights. He stopped ke
at the Central Hotel, and proposed to W<
"take in" all that wu worth bis atten- ?f|
tion. On the rery tin I day ol his ?t?y he *
sauntered up 14th street, and started up 01
Market ^street. He bad proceeded J1
but a short distance in that direction St
when his gize, mind and Terr life were L>
completelr eclipsed by what his eyes
beheld. Had he been of poetic turn, he tei
could not hared [ailed to use the words P"
of tho poet: d?
"Do I iltep, do I drtatn,
Do I wonder and doubt? *ti
It thing* what I her area, r ,
Or la vliloni about?" .!
But he was not thus poetical, and being SJ
a practical sort of young man, allowed ?
himself to be drawn after the comet of hU
soul's "love at flrat night." She wends ,j
lier poetic way to the unpoetic Market .
House; he follows in enraptured admira- .
tion. She halts before a stall where ,fl
horse-radish in offered for sale; he beholds mj
with admiring eyes; she buys and
passes on again; he takes up the ,
train of hie admiring adoration,
and shadows her as she goes. Hhe turns
and retraces her stew; he follows; she
proceeds to Centre Wheeling, and enters at
a residence on Main street. He beholds
nil, and watching for a weary time con- 0
elude* that he has discovered the spot Bl
which in blessed with the habitation of 0
his tailored, nnd returning to his hotel
indites the following: h?
Wheeling, May 23,1877. la
Mm ?' 11
Mr Hart'* Desire?You will excuse p,
me for addressing you, a Stranger to me, p
in such endearing terms I kno when you ^
Hear how Much the one site Which i y.
have Had of you has effected me. I first
Seen you on On Market street to-day; You
can't think how your beauty struck me.
I was led to follow you to" the market ec
whare you bout n bunch of horse raddish. C\
Then 1 followed You to your Home No. 0
? Main street where I now address you. ju
| j i n/um tivk vani uiu vyu wiltiuuv U lliuu^llli "<
I you can address me If Yon will at the en
Central House where i shall stay for a hi
Few days only. " T
Yours in love at tirat fright. fti
Here followed the nanio of the writer,
which, for obvious reason*, is suppressed.
| The envelope was addre?aed upon the m
I outside as follows: si
Mus Hrai^Skin 8ack, cj
No. Mam Street,
The letter, with this curious direction'
was received by the good people who live
at tho number designated, in blank astonishment.
It bo happened that theee peo- ?
pie keep a boarding house, and the letter !
wan passed around aud commented upon ni
by all without being claimed by any. At
length the mistress of the house summoned
ui) aufticientcourage to break the seal,
and found within the contents given above. ?j
After a due amount of study, such as
women will bestow upon such a subject, P1
it was remembered that a young married ?l.
lady who lives ou Eofl street, had called ?'
that day to visit a friend who boards at
this number. The letter has been handed ?l
over to her. 8he, of course, felt flattered ,r
at the compliments bestowed, but whether
she made a real family rumpus by an
lowering u ornoiueponeni saun not. "
I'cmsunai. Points.?Mr. Craig Ritchie, a
who was a prominent glass maniiiacturer Vl
hero forty years ago, in now in Wheeling ^
on a viHtt to friends. (j
Mr.Qiibert M.McMaster and Col. Bob 0,
Love are holding Temperance meeting* in j
Cincinnati. The Times gives Hob tally e.
like thin: "The Hon. Robert Love, exMayor
of Steubenville, familiarly known c,
in" Eastern Ohio anil West Virginia as cj
'the fiege gun of Ohio.'" ir
Billy Wollenweber, the well knoirn sa- ?j
loon keeper, whose illness we noted a few fc
days ago, i* still in a very critical con- ra
dition, and his recovery is considered
J. 0. Ritchie, E?q., President of the jg
Washington and Waynesburg railroad,
was in the city yestertlay.
Hon. H. M. Long, of Pittsburgh, was
in town yesterday. 0!
Rev. 13. A. Cunningham,JD. D., of the
First Presbyterian Church, of this city,
will he accompanied to Europe by h
Messrs. Samuel Laughlin, A. W. Paull,
Geo. Woods, and master Dan List. They
leave New York, hv steamer Boliva.J line
miss uizzie it. uraKe, 01 mis city, wno "
sang ho flweetly at the Ksther entertain- [*
ments two yearn ago, has been engaged to "
sing in the First Presbyterian choir.
She will prove a valuable acquisition. c|
Kern pie has returned from hi? old
home at Pleasant Hill in Marshall coun- l'
ty, where he has been holding temper* 0
ance meetings. He reports a glorious P
success in the work among his old friends
and neighbors. About one hundred
signed the pledge. v
Smith McDonald, an old and well
known citizcn, is lying at the noint of
death at his residence in North Wheeling. ?
No Music in Mis Soul.?A few eve- a|
ninga since a certain prominent citizen 01
of considerable corporosity was out in n'
company with several friends "making a ai
night of it." Concerts were in full blast w
in all the saloons along Market street, ?
and our corpulent friend swore by all the 11
gods and goddesses that he wouldn't patronize
any saloon where there was music 11
in the air. "Come on," he said to his *
friends, "and go down to the St. James; we u
won i do uoreuuy any inusicdown mere.
There waa a hop on the Millie Kagon at
the landing that night, and as the orchea- u
tral notes tloated around the corner of
12th street and confronted the bacchanalian
party, the leader turned on his heel w
in disgust, and growled: "Well,I'll bo 1*
dashed if old Phil, hasn't got a Dutch al
band down there, too." And he went
home and went to bed.
House AVaumino at the People's t!
Wiiarfuoat.?A pleasant family party
assembled at Mr. Henry Seamon's new
wharfboat last evening, in answer to an 2i
invitation extended by that gentleman.
There were present Mr.Seamou's family
and a number of personal friends, who 9!
enjoyed the "house warming" in a quiet
way. Among those present we noticed
Uncle Joe Forsythe, the Wharfmaster, o;
Mrs. Seamon and daughter, Mrs. Hop* u.
kins, MIsh Meek, Mr. Cal Stevens and
lady and Mr. John Day. The occasion
was enlivened by music furnished by
Yahrling's string band. Refreshments
were served about 9 o'clock. _
, , | (j
Representatives of the different boat
clubs of the city, who were invited by
the managers of the festival for the benefit
of the Orpbana of St. Joseph to agree
upon the style of a boat which they propose
to purchase and present to the boat
club receiving the highest number of r
votes, met at the Union Restaurant last
night. A single scull, thirty-ono feet
long and eleven inches wide, was agreed b
upon. The boat will bo built by John 8]
Maxwell, and will cost about $12o. The
festival is to be held about the middle of
June, in the St. Alphonsus school build- fl|
ing. i
M.ksnebchor Picnic. ?The Mn-nner- p
chor Singing Society held a moonlight a
fiicnic at Neuhausen'a Summer Garden p
ast evening, which was the social event
of the Reason. The evening was pleasant, ei
the attendance unusually large, and
everything passed oft'pleasantly. Kra- g
mer furnished the music. vr
a team belonging to Arbenz'a furniture
factory ran off in Centre Wheeling p
last evening, and threw the boy who was
driving them out of the wagon. The boy
escaped uninjured, and the horses were C
stopped in a few moments, before any ai
damage was done.
A delicate complexion is best compared
to a blooming rose; but when the
countenance is disfigured with Blotches
and Pimples, like weeds in a rose-bed,
tho sufferer should promptly use Dr.
Bull's Blood Mixture, which quickly and
aflaithllllv ?t
dencts ol impure blood. d?w |ol
Auonorf'iiLi or Bfcjciu.?The firai
ictionsfle of iticfca bt Menrs. Hervei
Britt.wa* held at their rooma on Mar
t street laat evening. The attendant*
u quite fair, but the bidding Ifccked
Irit. The following stllea were effected
vo aharea of etock in the Bank of the
lio Valley, the par vllue of which ii
00 per fbare, were sold to Aim. N
anton for $110 per ahare; Mr. Q. W
.1 I J i." _t. I n... ! I
A Jolly Old Pair.?There was a joll;
tuple in the city cooler last night. Adau
rieman *m found in East wheeling bj
flicer Kobertson, saturated with cori
ice?so saturated in fact that lie wa
nablo to walk, and was run in on a ham
irt. Polly Kite was flying her kite tot
igh in South Wheeling, nnd Oflicei
liompson pulled her down. She was fear
illy and wonderfully drunk.
The Schoolmaster Abroad.?Upon i
hool house on Chaphne Hill, just oul
de the city limits, the following is pla
Noticany Per
This property
Will be prosecuted.
The entry books for the regatta oi
iturday will be open until Friday eyeing
at Helrabright's cigar store.
The "Baby's Best Friend" ib the mos
ppropriate title for Dr. Bull's Bab;
prup. It is absolutely free from Opiuni
lorphia and other powerful agents, i
irfectly safe and reliable^ under all cii
(Distances and by allaying the usua
ioinach and Bowel Disorders of Bab?
)(*d keep* the child from fretting nni
ying, bo injurious to itself and annoy
ig to all. l'rice 25 cents. <Ktw
Examine the Croquet at the Bosto;
)c Store, in boxen, for 09c.
Strawberry Suiter.?1There will b
Strawberry Sapper, accompanied witl
Deal and instrumental music, given b;
te ladie* of the Disciples' Church, fo
le benefit of the church, at Mozart Hal
i the evenings of tho 5th and 6th c
line. The entertainment will consi?
iclusively of the supper, refreshment!
msic and the sale of lancy articles, dip
irding voting, postoflice and all tlia
asa of means by which many are presse
ito unwilling contributions'to the occa
on. Value received, as far as potsibh
ir money paid, and no' compulsor
leans whatever emploved.
As this is the first favor of this kin
lat has been solicited by this church, i
hoped a liberal patronage will be ea
Croquet ! Croquet at the 99c Store fo:
)c. '
Fbesii Meat Daily.?Mr. Geo. F:tub<
as erected a slaughter house in connet
on with his large ice house on th
iland, and now possesses unusual facil
e? for furnishing the public with fres
leat. Mr. Faubel proposes to butche
aily, and furnish liis customers wit
esh meat every day the year round. U
as opened a shop on Zane street, nea
le Island drug store, and also one ontli
)rner of Market and 20th streets, tbi
de, where customers will be served wit
le choicest fresh meats and sausage
rders for ice left at either of thes
laces will be promptly attended to.
Ladies' and children's Hats in greu
uriety at the UoBton 99c Store.
plctttrep, artists* materials, fair.
J. H. Kirk, at 1005 Main street, hi
large stock of picturefl, artists' mater:
Is, etc., to which he invites theattentio
[ the public. ^ lie is prepared to fnrnia
nything in his line of buHiness, aa chea
* it can be procured elsewhere, and li
ill be found an accommodating gentle
ian. We notice in his window a beaut:
il glass fountain for which he has th
gency. Thin fountain has no water ai
ichment, yet it will throw a stream (
ater In the air trorn an hour and a ha,
i five hours at a time. Call and see i
Five hundred setts of Croquet at thi
9c Store at 99c per sett.
Carpets ! Carpets! Carpets! It is
ell settled fact that the cheapest Cai
ets and Dry Goods in the city arc foun
t J. W. Ferrel's,
Corner Main and 20th St.
The largest stock of Ladies' llatsi
le city at the Huston 90c Store.
The best 10 4 Sheeting in the city fo
5 cents per yard, at G. G. Roth's.
A full nett of Croquet, in a box, fo
3c at the 00c Store.
500 Trimmed Bowncre and Hats no'
n exhibition in our Millinery Depart
lent. Speyer Bros.
Latest styles of shoes just received ?
L. V. Blond's.
Dry Goods at a great reduction 'at C
. Koth'd.
Break down in prices of Dry Good
nd Carpets. Now is your time. Cal
nd price. Got to sell.
J. W. Fehrel.
Straw Hats, only 25, cents at Speye
Just received, another lot of those tw
niiM "L'5.1 Ml?? -? r.n 1
u?uu itiu MiUTtn at TO WHW, UIKt 10
lie at G. G. Koth's.
Latest arrival! Two hundred ne<
:yles of Embroidered Linen and Frenc
ercale Suits.
One thousand new patterna of Wal
aner; aUo Silks, Cashmeres; Grenadine
nd Fancy DresB GoodB, an low as 10 ct
er yard.
Twenty-five pieces of the beBt and cheaj
it Carpets in the city.
Two thousand pounda of Sunerio
outhern Carpet Chain; call soon if yo
iflh to save money, at
Jon* Roemer's,
Dry Goods, Carpet and Wall Paper Eu:
All the latest new shapes in Leghori
hip and Straw Hats for Ladies, Mlsie
ad Children, at Speyer Broa'.
The finest shoes kept in the citv a
L. V. Blond's.
The cheapest Coweta in the city, onl
) cents, at G. G. Roth'*,
2100 Main street.
Jubt received, a lot of Children's Shoe
t the latest styles, at L, V. Blond's.
me purciiMca icn snares 01 -r.mu uin
3ck at $50 ner share, par value $1C0
n shares of Fran kith Insurance Com
iny stock, par ralneVOO. were kno?ke<
iwn to Mr.Al(red Caldwell at $50 25pei
are. Ten shares of Peabodr Insurance
jck and twenty shares of United Statei
ind and Building Association stock wen
Pered and afterwards withdrawn. Loti
os. 2, 4,12,14, IT and 10, in square 11
sninsular addition, were offered and bit
> to $400 each, when they were with
awn. Lots 7 and 10, in square 10, am
t* J'J and 20, in square 11, were bid U]
$500each, and lot* 3 and 8, in *<juari
!, up to $525 each, and withdrawn
bene Bale* will be continued twice eacl
ontb, due notice being given in thi
lily paper*.
The Hotkul?'We note the followinj
nong the late arrival* at tho hotel*:
Si. Jama?J. W. McCoy, Fairmont; J
. Ritchie, Wayneaburg, Pa.; A. M
lack, Fort Gay, W. Va.; Mis* Nefl
loncoc, 0.
Slamm?Charle* Shrader, Ernest Ilor
ich, Archer'* Fork,0.; Wm.Morri* am
dy, Wirt, W. Va.: L.T. Gray and wife
oundaville; Geo. W. Mayer*, Fairmonl
Me Lure?Vf. A. flicker, Washington
i.; Win, B. Mifl'ord, Parkersbure; Join
, Cochran, Kavennwood: W. O.Hanali
idiz; D. E. Franci*, Fairmont; N. J
'hitehead, Grafton.
1 E XTRA 0 RDIJI ART B ABCttm DV 1*11908
r amd Orqaks.?Our readers will.hardly
' credit it when we tell them how low a
' first-class Piano or Organ can be bought
1 at Adams A Lucae?, 1227 Market street.
: For instance:
? A fine carved Knabe Piano, seven 6c'
taves, aagood m new, for $376; first cost
$750. '
An elegant rosewood Fiano, carved
1 legs, seven octaves, (can uot be told from
; a new one) for $205; first cost $600.
Other good second-hand Piano* at from
1 $40 to $160.
f Splendid new Pianos of the best wakes.
9 includingSteinway.Knabe,Haieltonand
? others, at from $400 to $1,000.
' In tue line of Organs Messrs. Adams &
? Lucas sell the Mason & Hamlin, Smith,
> American, and several other makes, at
1 the lowest possible prices?from $85 to
$1300. Some very good second-hand Or1
gans as low as $40 to $00. Altogether, a
? better variety can not be found in any
e music store.
Terms of payment will be made to suit
1 all re?nonsible parties, while for cash a
8 very lioeral discount will be made.
Bee the old and reliable Paper Hanger
5 if you want work done; 20 years' cxnerience
in the principal cities of the hast
. and West. Leave orders at 04 Eleventh
!. street or P. O. Box 25. W. Lowndes.
We shall have on our counters Tnes.
day morning 100 doten two-button Kid
i Olpves, all snades, only 50c a pair. The
i, greatest bargain o( the season,
i, * ? ^
n G<Nts' fine shoes of the latest styles
i, just received at L. V. Blond a.
Good Black Kid Gloves for 35 cts., at
J. W. Ferrel'H.
' The largest stock of Trimmed Honnets
u nn.i u.i. ...
sl'eyer flrob'.
u .
If you want to get united in a pair of
shoes go to L. V. Blond's.
Break down in Prices.?Drew OocxIa
3 cents, Black Kid Gloves 35 cents and
Carpets as cheap as 15 ccnts. They have
. to be sold to raise money now.
1 j. w. Feriwi..
Tile cheapest uhoes in tho city at
U V. Blond's.
For Sale.?One fine Buggy Horse,
Buggy and Harness. Will l*e sold at a
bargain, by Adams & Lucas,
1227 Market street.
a 0 m 0
All nervous, exhausting, and painful
diseases speedily yield to the curative
influences of Pulvermncher's Electric
1 Belts and Bands. They are safe, simple.
y and effective, and can be easily applied
'? by the patient himself. Book, with full
" particulars, mailed free. Adaress Polvermacher
Galvanic Co., Cincinnati,
[ Ohio.
UOOD Advice.? 2io\r w the time of
year for Pneumonia. Lung lever, &c.
Every family should have a bottle of
lkwcitee's German Syrup. Don't alii
low for ono moment (hut cough to take
hold of your child, your fnmily or yourself.
Consumption, Asthma.Pneumonia,
j- Croup, Hemorrhage?, and other fatal dinh
eases may set in. Although it is true
7 German Syrup in curing thousands of
T these dreaded diseases, yet it is much bet|
ter to have it at hand when three doses
will cure you. One bottle will last your
1 whole family a winter and keep you safe
'? from danger. If you are consumptive,
do not rest until you have tried this rem|
edy. Sample bottles 10 cents. Kegular
u size 75 cents. Sold by your Druggist.
l* Wholesale agents, Logan, List & Co., and
-t Laughlin Bros. & Co. eodaw
7 rr??
Hirer Mews.
, The Emma Graham left for Cincinnati
1 at 4 p. m.
The Science left for Parkersburg at her
usual hour. The Express will bo this
r morning's boat.
The Market Boy, near Cresap's Grove
yesterday, broke her wrist ami T head.
i] and lost her pitman overboard. She
came upon one engine, and is now lying at
c the wharf.
The Hornbrnok will leave for Pitt?h
bnrgh to day, with the Emma Graham's
r freight.
h The owners of the Market Boy are tryc
ing to get the Tempest to run in the
r Wheeling and Matamoraa trade while the
lC former ia undergoing repaiaa.
in The John Gilmore ia laid up at Steuh
benville, and the JJaltic has taken the
n. bank near there.
e The Granite State will leave for Cincinnati
at *1 o'clock this evening.
The Iron Mountain is laid up at Cable's
t Eddy, waiting for water; Hhe has two
barges of ore and one of old rails.
Alex. Imes, from the vicinity of Iron
ton. who shipped on the Coal Hill, on the
a 13th, at Middleport, Ohio, fell overboard
[. and was drowned on the 17th, a short dian
tance below Warsaw, Ky.
h The towboats Lake Erie No. 2 and J.
p Sharp McDonald were put up at auction
e yesterday, according to announcement;
! there was a very lair attendance, all
i- Pittsburghers. The Lake Erie was
e knocked down to Capt. Win. Neel, for
L- $1,950, She is old, and has been out of
>f lervice for some time, but her machinery
If will do for a new boat. The J. Sharp
t. McDonald waa started at $10,COO and
after being run up to $20,000 was withj
drawn, the price not being gatinfactory.
It is understood Hhe \cill h? nut fnr ><.!?
ngain in about two weeka,? Pittsburgh
a Cum. Gazelle.
IBy Telegraph.!
d Pittsburgh, May 30.?River 2 feet 3
incheH and about stationary. Weather
clear and pleasant.
Louisville, May 30.?River Jailing; C
n feet in the canal. Departed?Houston,
Rosebud, Big Horn, Schenck and Yellowstone.
Weather warm and pleasant.
r Cincinnati, May 30.?River 10 feet
and about stationary. Arrived?Millar.
Departed?Gaff. Weather clear.
St. Louis, May 30.?River fell 10 inches.
Weather clear and warm. The
steamers Clinton, War Eagle and Lady
_ Lee arrived and departed.
. Little Rock, May 80.?River 10 feet
and falling.
Memphis, May 30.?River fell 9 inches
lt and stands at 22 feet 0 inches. Weather
cloudy; mercury 85?. Departed?Bessie
Pearl, Fort Smith; CharleB Morgan, Cincinnati;
?eo and barges, New Orleans.
Cairo, May 30.?Arrived ? City of
Helena, St. Louis; Jas. Walton, St. Louis;
'* Alf. Stevens, St. Louis; Robin, Ohio
11 river. Departed?Alf. Htevena, Dyersburg.
River 21 feet 0 inches and falling.
Clear. Mercury 83.
N?ur oot.wiva ? >
r Departed?Robert Mitchell and Golden
Rule, Cincinnati.
Vicksbuho, May ."0.?Weather clear
0 and warm. River stationary. Up?Ror
ver and barges. No boats down.
Surevetort, May 20.?River fell 4
inches yesterday and 3 to-day. Arrived
* ? Durfee, New Orleans; Kountz, Jcfler11
son City. No departures. Weather hot
and clear.
11 EVAK8VILU5, M ay 30.?Weather near"?
lv clear. River falling,with 8J feet on
the guage. Down?Robinpon and tow,
^ Morning Star. Up?Thos. Sherlock.
Baltimore, May 30.
Cattle?Active and prices aro J^aKc
'* higher. Very best $6 25a6 60; first quality
$6 GOaO 25; medium or good fair quality
, $5 50; ordinary thin steers, oxen and cows
a wao w; uiosi 01 tue sales at $5 60a0 25
licceipta 1,079 head; sales 1,019 head.
Hogs?Scarce and firm and prices a
it higher. Range at $C 50a7 50. lie.
ceipts 2,003 head.
Bhekp?8carce and firm and prices uny
changed. Range $3 75a5 50. Receipts 3,840
3 00* Lamb" ftr?8carcB anJfirm Bt 1200a
_'u-u .-.- -.i. ,VT urj ^
Of Wheeling, W. Va. Aisets Over Quarter Million Dolliri,
T oaaiaa TJ A OTT-PID
Ill -fwwwlwww,^w
J. N. VANCE, President. T. P. PHILLIPS, Seoretiry,
H. REILLY, Viol President. I. H. WILLIAMS, Anlstint Sec y.
D. W. BURROWS, Genenl Agnt.
Franklin Insurance Co's Aqencv.
w # /
The largest Indepindent Insurance Office In the State, representsj aver
This Agenoy, being Independent of til Board combinations, Insures all classii of
desirable nronertv? both Fire and Marine?at reasonable rates, lis indmniin
unsurpassed, adjustments liberal, and promptness In payment of losses recom
mends it to the patronage of the poblio. The Agenoy comprises the following
North British and Mercantile Ion. Co. ol London and Edinburgh
Fire Association ol Philadelphia.
Union Insurance Company ot Philadelphia.
Western Aunranre Company ol Toronto.
Bnllalo Insurance Company, ol Bnilalo N, Y.
Mobile Underwriter!!* Association, ot Mobile, Ala.
British American Assurance Company, ot Toronto.
Royal Canadian Insurance Company, ot Montreal.
fe24 T. P. PHILLIPS, Agent.
losses PAID ; ....ZZUBB&H
SAML. C. HUEY, Prenidcnt.
BASIL. E. STOKES, Vice President. | JAS. WEIR MASON, Actuarr.
II. S. STEPHENS, 2d Vice President. | HENRY AU&TIE, Secretary.
Every Policyholder Is n member of the Company, entitled to ill Its advsntigts
and privileges.
It has declared more dividends In number, and of a larger percentage than sny
Company la the Unltid States
It Is liberal In Ite management, prompt In Ite settlements of losses.
IIOBEBT W. TUCKER, General Ajroilt.
l&TAgents wanted Id every section of the State; also City Solicitors. np'i"
Silver Lake Flour.
Jackson's Petersburg Tobacco Manufactory,
Buchannan & Lyalls' New York Tobacco Manufactory,
Three of the largest and moat celebrated manufactories in the United
States. Wo carry a large line of Tobacoos, and can give buyers advantages
not obtainable elsewhere.
And you will be convinoed (for like quality) our prices arc far below
ruling rates.
Nos. 1412 & 1414 Main Street.
ray 16
PNNTilGi mm
Having sccured the service! of '-"moii vine* | w. *. uoonxa. [ a. o. wixchm
mb. x.. LrrTBS VANCE, HUGHES & CO,
A. Foreman and Manager, wo are now pre- VANCE & ADAMS and C. 0. KNOX i CO.
pared to do all kinds ol
Manufacturer! and Jobber* of
^'"taming, Boots an(l Shoes'
Encaustic, and No.i3om?in8t,wimiinglw.v?.
Stipple Work. _ A g
We will furnish estimates and take con*
iracis lor Tainting Public and Private I ?? ??? iw wura ??.
Building., Builder. and Cot.tr.cton> are
Invited to call on ns.
We are also prepared to do vrhat this city WoodWork, Springs, Axles, YarnliheJi
haa long felt the need of, vix, Paints, &0?
11 not rxcdltd br ?ny ciUbllihuirnt wltbln a hun*
Genuine Kalsomining, SSEV:S'""""""
Alio on bind, LAND M.4WES ol ? nr?*
By mean, ol whloh all crack. In wall, anil STENCILS.
celling! are entirely obllteraled. e
A III pa in p ... 81 nrt6 Wh^llBg. U'. v?.
1M3J Mala NtreeL to round j*pm/bnnJ?omfl Ul*l,wu.
~ Blrec'? 1? "r I?1 ?IJ t/ nuur to KI"
XW3 HOBNDROOK'fl Bmrp "WIn Ukj mtrliet, ???

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