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Wheeling BH SntcHiqcncct:
i:STA'iL'iiHED = WHEELING, Wmi, TUESDAY W^J^n^==a^=^S?^:IT?
?? vuL.il Mb XXV?NUMBER 242,
@kJfoidtymm. '
IntclllKeiiccr lor Hie Nuuiiiier. ,
Ttttimi bating iht cily may ha it the InlrUigmcer
Kill h their aildrtu t>y nail, jMlagt i*tj*iU,/or (
twit time (U they may Jetirt, at iht rale cj f/leen i
ttnlt per wk, j
0?* The tnunry to pay M Iht lime rtqulrttl wiuj (
i 1 all cast* attuv>}<any the order. }
Capital Location Meetings. ;
Tfio Minvns* in Fnvorol <Iurks*
The people of West Virginia will be ad- '
dressed at the following times and places,
and l>y the following speakers, in favor of
At Weston, lewis county, June4th?By
the lion. Henry .w. Brannon and the lion,
John H. I'arlile.
Halt I.nke Bridge, Braxton county, June !
Ctli?By the same gentlemen. .
Itrax'ton C. 11., June 8th? By the sarao ,
Ken tie men. '
MoorcQeld, Hardy county, June Cth?By i
(Jen. Nathan (loll, Jr. .
Petersburg, (Srant county, June 7th?By
tho lamo speaker. ?
Buckhannon, Upshur county, June l'Jth ,
?By the name speaker.
Morjjuntown, Monongalia county, June 1
2.1th?By the same speaker. I
Harmville, Uitehie countv, June 11th? (
By lion. Ueo. Loom is and John Basse), Esq. r
New Martinsville, Wetzel county, J tine
12th?Ry Hon. Benj. Wilton ami II. B. i
Lute, Ksq.
Ht. Ueorge, Tucker county, June 18th? '
By John Basse), Ksq. J
Grantsvillc, Calhoun countv, June 25th (
?By Hon. Benj. Wilson unu Hon. F. M.
Ulenvillc, Giltner county, July 3d?By
tho same speakers.
Other announcements will he made front
time to time.
Action of tlie Uonrd of CouiiuImnIoikth
on the l\|W. A Ity. Kailrond
Question. i
At these^flion of this Ibard yesterday i
a resolution was passed snornming to :
the peoplo on the 7th of August next the
question whether Ohio county will subscribe
for $50,000 of the $200,000 of bonds
that aro to he issued by the P. W. A Ky.
Company to complete their road. Ah
will i>e seen, the L> ?ar?l agreed to transfer
all of the county's right title and interest
In the stock of said road to ouch an organization
as will complete it, which is
simply a reatlirmation of their action
last year. In case the county agrees on
the 7th of August to tako ?00,000 of the
company's bonds, hhe will come
in, like any other subscriber, for
her pro rata of the stock. We
have already explained that the bonds
arc to be,issued at 1)0 cents on the dollar,
and that every person who buys a thousand
dollar bond will pay therefor $000,
and receive $1,900 of the $380,000 of the
capital stock. This $."80,000 represents
the amount of money that lias already
been expended by the two counties in the
construction of tho road. Inasmuch as it is
valueless as etock unless the road is com
pie ted, and inasmuch a* the road can not
ba completed unless somebody advance#
more money, therefore said stock is giveu
away by the two counties as iin inducement
to insure the completion of the
road. Ohio county votes on the 7tli
of August whether she with others
will go in and finish the road
on the proposed new basis. She
votes, as if the question was an entirely
new one, to pay $45,000 in money for
$50,000 of the bonds of the Pittsburgh,
Wheeling & Kentucky Company and
$93,000 of their old stock. In other
words, nhe goes in as a partner with
Capt. McLure, Michael Jveilly, C. I).
Hubbard, Henry K. List and such other
persons as may take the other $30,000 of
bjnds,and withjthem and the Pennsylvania
Company furnishes the money to complete
the road. The Pennsylvania Cora
pany takes $100,000 of the proposed whole
amount of 5200.000 of the bondj. These
$'-00,000 of bonds will realize$180,000 in
money at ninety cents on the dollar, and
this amount, according to the engineer,
will finish the road ready for tho cars.
We have thus stated the cane plainly,
for we tind that there are persons who do
not understand the action of the Board
of Commissioners yesterday. Some people
think that the proposition nubinitted
by the Hoard is whether the county shall
subscribe for $50,000 more stock in tho
road. Nothing of the kind. It is simply
whether we have confidence enough in
the ability of the road when finished to
earn 7 per cent interest on $180,000, to
pin $1-1,000 into the pool along with the
Pennsylvania Company and the private
parties named.
A Xefit ol Ncouiulrcl.s In this Mate.
An extract is furnished from Washington
frnm llw rtninrt mn<l? l?v Clan
-I - "1
Collector of Internal Kevenue, to the
Treasury Department in regard to a gang
of scoundrels who are manufacturing
counterfeit money and crooked whisky
in the lower part of this State. We
have already published some particulars
in regard to the recent raid on the
"crooked" distiller* by deputy Atkinson I
and others, but it seems that the root of the'
matter goes deeper into tho ground than
would appear by what has been published.
Gen. Duval says in his report to the Secretary
of the Treasury that
"It is an astonishing fact that every
lawyer and olliccr of the court iu Mercer
is in the whisky ring. They are 'a hand
of brother#,' aud will, they say, go down
together. Thompson, tho editor of the
Hinton Herald, is a member of the ring,
nml hid nntmr L U
.....?-ri" ? UI^UII, jie in nieu
n member 01 a lino of counterfeiter
which 1 have traced from White Sulphur
Spring to Charleston, and, although
thin itf not part ol our business,
I am working it up, and Thompson knows
it. There is more outlawry in Raleigh
Summers and Mercer counties than you
ran imagine. I was not at Raleigh six
hours until I discovered that the United
States Commissioner, who was supposed
to represent the interests of tho government,
was in league with the distillers
and counterfeiters."
This report reveals a state of things in
the Third Distriot /ar from complimen
? ? ? iv uiu Pii[>|'ua(;u ivaucin ui nvvinj
and regulators of public opinion in that
region. It is very suggestiTo to bo tolil
that "crtry lawyer and officer of the Court
in Mercer county in in the whisky ring;"
that the editor of tho Ilinton llcrald is
not only a member of the whisky ring,
hut alao in leaguo with a gang of coun*
terfeiters who have been unearthed; also
that "the U, S, Commissioner, who is
supposed to represent the interests of tho
[overnment, is in league with tho distilera
ami counterfeiters."
Id our previous reference to the die
loverie* made by Gen. Duval'* officers
wo made mention of the fact that
"During a raid of thirty days, almost
constantly in the raddle, the partvwas
'bushwhacked" on one occaaion and fired
into from ambush by several persons wilh
iquirrel rifles. The net results of the
raid, as reported by Deputy Atkimon to
Collector Duval, were 18 distilleries, 0
sopper stills with an aggregate capacity of
about 800 gallons, and 124 mash tubs
with a capacity of nearly 15,000 gallons,
all of which were broken up and destroyed,
About 9,000 gallons of grain mash
and some 200 gallons of whisky were
[toured upon the ground or into the
man streams in ravines.''
General Duval ha* serious doubts
whether the desperadoes who are engaged
in thin fraudulent buiinem in the Third
District can Ins broken up and exterminated
without military help from tho
[ioverunient.l Asshowing their desperalion
and pertinacity he mentions the fact
:hat in Mercer county, where an illicit
listillery had been destroyed, the officers,
>n returning to the spot a few days
ifterwards, found a new distillery in full
>la*t. Probably one-hnlf, or tnore, of the |
concerns destroyed are now in o(>eration.
Phere is nothing to hinder them. There
* no public opinion around them to ope*
ate upon them as an intimidation.
Nothing but tho constant vigilance of the
Government will rid the District of such
a formidable ring.
Action <>1 tho Hoard ol Education
l.usl Sight.
Tho Board of Education hud before
ihcin last night a proposition to authorize
the School Commissioners in any of
the city districts to change the present
school hours so us to open their
ichoola in the morning at 8 and close
them at 1 in the afternoon for the day.
We are happy to see that the proposition
was defeated, und we hope that such an
innovation will not gain a foothold anywhere
in the city. The school hours are
not now any longer than they should be.
They are not oppressive to teachers or
scholars. They ln?gin at i) a. m. and end
at 1 p. m., with an hour's intermission for
dinner, which leaves only t-ix hours'actual
school time?little enough we should
There is a tendency to laxness in the
matter of school attendance. We only
hold schoul five days in the week, and
have an abundance of holidays and atop*
pages during the school year. Last fall
one or two of the schools were closed in
order that some of the scholars and
teachers might go to the Centennial,
which was all wrong There waa time
in the summer vacation to have gone to
the Centennial. We only refer to this
circumstance now because it ia pertinent
to thia proposition to shorten the present
school hours, and because it illustrates a
tendency that need* to be checked. The
public schools arc costly institutions, and
the people have a right to require all the
advantage** of which they are capable during
the school year. Every movement
that squints towards turning them into
fancy institutions loosens their hold
upon tax-payers, and saps their foundations
in the public esteem. There ia danger
of begetting a suspicion that the
modern ehool system is too much an invention
of teachers ,and principals
for their owuconvenience and advantage.
People cannot nee that six hours, after
deducting intermissions for play, are any
too much time for their children to be under
the instruction of teachers. We hold
that their view in this respect is entirely
The Reformed Episcopalians.?The
Reformed Episcopal Church in general
council has made its bishops bishops at
large, without territorial jurisdiction;
authorized the appointment of a bishop
to extend the church Into Great Britain,
and made its presiding bishop's salary
$4,000, with an additional thousand for
traveling expenses. Fifty-nine parishes
reported to this council, being 25 more
than last year'* number. The Churchman,
which never loses u chance for a gibe at
tho new church, says, rather shrewdly:
"There is in a certain clans of religionists
such as mainly composo the 'Reformed
Episcopal Church'" (much scorn in these
inverted commas) "a strong liking for
the Methodists, combined with a sort of
suppressed feeling that there is something
not perfectly genteel about Methodism."
Also in observing that thii
church does not consider bishop9 an order
distinct from presbyters, the Churchman
says: "For a body which started intc
life because of 'popish germs' in the
Prayer-book, this adoption of a distinctively
Romish tenet is very significant,
But why retain .confirmation and ordination
if the Episcopal order is to' be re
jected ?" _
T..? ?i.? ?i i I...
xiir, iiiuic~iu-*iiiv-ri.uuuis jucmiuii iiar
culled forth the decision from Judge
Pillsbury of Pontiac, III., that the directors
of a public school have a right tc
dictate what bookii shall be studied and
lined, and hence can order the Bible to Ik
read as a text-book in connection will;
other studies. The case wai that of t
Catholic boy suspended from school be
cau.?e ho refused to listen to the reading
of the obnoxious book. The judge belt
that the boy might stay away during the
religious exercises if he chose, but if he
was present he was bound to obey the
school's rule and pay attention.
Bellairr Locals.?Twenty car load*
01 nogn aiiu nncep were remapped and
sent via the II. & 0. R. R. to Baltimore
and seven car loads via the C. & P. R. K,
to Kast Liberty, Pa., last Saturday.
New sets of wheels for the cars of the
Street Railway Company will arrive in i
few days, after which a thorough over
hauling of the road will be made.
The Sunday school children on Gravel
Hill will give an ice cream and straws
berry festival at their school hall the 12tb
of this month.
Council meeting this evening.
Tiie Sunday School of the Herman Reformed
Church will give a first-clasi
picnic at Cummins' Grove some day next
The German Turner Society and the
Mechanics' llose Company will picnic
about tbe 23d of this month.
A sanctimonious looking individual
representing himself aa a special correspondent
and agent for the Bridgeporl
Item, appeared on our streets last Saturday
evening crazed with liquor, but earnestly
soliciting subscribers to bin widespread
little *heet, and, an an extra
inducement, oAcred to deliver to every
subscriber, free gratis, a beautiful chro- ?
ino and a boquet of wild flowers, with a
free delivery of his paper for one year, ~
for the sum of $1. Jle was seen late in
the evening, with drops of rolling
down his cheeks and a torn Murphy card
pinned to his coat tail, moving toward
West Wheeling. R
An old gentleman residing about a
mile west of our city, in a small shanty
awoke one morning iMt week with five
live black snakes as bis bed companions.
The old gentleman captured four alive,
the other escaping and brought them to Q
this city for exhibition last Friday evening.
A lady named Gloss, sued a saloonist,
named Graelljr,on Gravel Hill, claiming
$1,500 damages for selling her husband
linltnr after lin Itaintr nnlifiml nnl tn .!,? un C
Vj. E. D. '
TiiEladienof the M. K. Church, Bellaire,
give a festival in the City llall of
that town to-night.
The Sheriff of Kanawha county yea- ^
terday brought four convict*, three
colored and one'wliitc, to the Peniten- t
tiary. 1
The contract for building a new fence T
on the Mone wall junt completed on the T
National Koad hatt been awarded to
Lewi* Brast. ^
The United 8lates District Court adjourned
to meet in thin city to-day. The
"."(.vibiii my vuurk uuu uuvnrrivtu mm r
night, however.
The Zane Street M. E. Sabbath ichool
will excnrt to Craig's Grove, near # West
Alexander, on Thursday next, via the
raging Iletnpfield.
The manager# of the Orphan's Festi- 1'
val have made arrangements with Mr. r
Maxwell, the boat builder, to have the li
boat to be voted for by city club* com- A
pleted in time to place it on exhibition n
at the festival.
Festival To-nioht.?At Mozart If all w
to-night the ladies of the Disciples' w
Church will give a festival for the benefit c
of their church. Arrangements have ,j
been made to entertain a goodly crowd,
and all who call can spend an hour or so
quite pleasantly. Visitors will not be
annoyed by church beggars. ^
Herman Lutheran Synod.? The Jj
Eastern District of the Ohio Synod of the ^
German Lutheran Church will meet in w
this city to-morrow, and probably be in ^
sesssion five or six days. The session tl
will be held in the St. Jacobus Church, w
Rev. Werder, pastor, on Chapline street, js
below Htli. Some forty or tifty ministers,
and as many laymen, arc expected
to be in attendance.
Klvcr New*.
ine ocience leu ior l'arKersuurg yesterday
morning aa usual. The ltagon
will be the regular packet thin morning. ^
The Market Boy yesterday morning
resumed her plnoc in the Wheeling and
Matamoran trade.
The Barnard, coming up from St. 'j
Louis with a tow. has laid up at Louis- j.'
ville. h
The steamers Star of the West, Telegram
and O'Neal are running aa usual.
The Kerr left for Pittsburgh ycaterdiiy
morning. tl
The Salt Valley is due down to-day. II
The steamer Courier arrived from Cin- ci
cinnati at 4 p. sr. and stuck on the bar at li
the mouth of the creek. She was still p
sticking at dark last evening. k
The Joseph B. Williams, with her tow, N
is laid up at Parkersburg, waiting for A!
more water. M
Captain Kirker, Clerk Maddy, and the N
Exchange's crew, will command her in bi
the Pomeroy trade. d
The new Emma Graham will bo L
in nU..,) 1? -_.l I- K.
ready for business about the middle of w
July. b'
The KanawhA river in not quite low t<
enough yet to continue work on the dams
at Brownstown and Cabin Creek. 0
Com. R.C. Gray has contracted with a,
builders at Freedom, 1'a., to build two k
barges for him. They are to be 230 feet T
long, 37 feet floor, 38 feet beam, 0 feet J
hold, with full cargo box, and will carry b
1,600 tons each. c|
The dimensions of the hull of Captain
Stockdale's new boat for the Pittsburgh
and Cincinnati trade, are as follows:
length, 225 feet; beam. 35 feet; depth of
hold, 5 feet. Capt. S. has not contracted ?
for the machinery yet. ?
It was the intention of Col. Merrill, ?
some time since, to put the government i
snagboat IS. A. Woodruff at work about j:
the first of this month. The water is too ?
low at present for the Woodruff todo any e
work on this end of the river. j
The Hornbrook and bargeH will leavo e
for Cincinnati this afternoon in place of
the Courier. n
The steamer Emma Graham will leavo n
for Cincinnati to-morrow at 4 r. m. a
I By Telegraph.] (]
Cincinnati, June 4.?River 7 feet 9
inches and falling. Weather cloudy and
showery. The new Andes made her trial
trip to-day. t
Memphis', June 4.?River fallen 10 0
inches; 17 feet G inches. Arrived?12. M. J
Norton. Departed?Raven and John \
Means. Weather clear. f,
St. Louis, Juno 4.?Arrived?Coal v
Hill, Hannibal; Polar Star, Ohio river; n
Kendall; Cincinnati; Big Ilorn and Rose- c
bud, Pittsburgh. Departed?War Kagle, n
Keokuk; La Crosse, St. Paul. River c
risen 11 inchcs. Weather cloudy and .
warmer; rain this morning.
Louisville, June 4.?Rainy weather, i
Arrived?John Rhoad*, St. Lonis; Baum,
Memphis; Mattie Hayes, coast. Departed?
Rhoads and Baum. Cincinnati.
River on a etand with 5$ ^ in the 1
Nashville, June 4.?River falling, t
with 28 feet on shoals. Arrived?Ander- f
son. ?
Little Rock, June !.?Weather warm j
: and cloudy. River 14 feet 0 inches. .
[ Cairo. June 4.?Arrived?Vint Shin(
klc, Memnhis; Means, Cincinnati. De!
parted?\intShinkle, Cincinnati; Thos. <]
5 Means, St. Louis. River 22 feet and v
rising. Weather cloudy. q
New Orleans, June 4.?No arrivals $
or departures. Clear and warm,
Vick-hburo. June 5.?Warm. Indicn- i
| tion* of rain. River falling. Up?Gol1
den Rule. Arrived?Helena. .
? Evaksvillb, June 4. ? Weather ,
' cloudy, rainy and hot; mercury 07 to 80?. .
River about stationary, with 0 9-10 feet ,
on the gauge. Up?Maggie Smith, (irey t
1 Eacle, Howling Green. Down?Idlewild, ^
Dick Johnson, Selina. Business very ?
[ SHlutVETORT, Juno 4.?Arriveil? .
I<otus, New Orleans. Departed?Lotus,
1 Jeflenton. River rose ono inch in the
laat i!4 hours. Weather clear and hot:
rnin much needed.
A Hlgh;Railroad. [
Denver, Col., June 4.?The highest t
i i>oiut yet attained by any railroad has
: been retched in the Rummit of Lavila
nui, in the Sangrede Chruto mountains,
, by the Southwestern extension of the o
Denver & Rio Qrande railroad. The at-. c
t titude of the luoimit is 9,340 feet. ' n
??? ii
? Ci
leport and Recommendations of
New York Custom House
Committee- c<
instructive Tornado at Mt. Car- m
met, Illinois?Half a Million ft
of Property Destroyed. u>
ixteen Men Killed and the Town an
on Fire.
lanhattan Club Tenders a Dinner ch
to Ex-Gov. Hendricks. i
Clue to an Ocean Mystery. ib<
he Wreck of the Gso. S. Wright. ISi
ho Murdorers of the Passengers re'
nother Ring Robber on Trial, tie
eter B. Sweeney in the Courts.
; eri
Washington, June *1.?The rreaidcnt iiij
oa aigned the commiaaiona of Ww. Ware
eck, to be Aneociate Juatice of the 8u- va
rerae Court of Wyoming, andTheophi- bu
ih Gainea to be United Statca District th:
ittorney for Montana. ch
eatii of consul powell confirmed. &ai
Private information received to-day bv .
ia brother conlirniB the report which
aa recently publinhed, and noon nfterarda
contradicted, oi the death of Mnj 0
liarlea F. Powell, U. S. Consul at Iqului,
Peru, on the Gth ult. *
Hunk Itobbcry. inj
New York. June 4.?The New York
ational Exchange Hank waa robbed of a (j?
uckage containing $10,000 on Saturday
fternoon. A young boy entered the
ank and made inuuirie* of the Cashier. er
hich necessitated the Cashier to open go
le gate, and while hi* hack wa#
irned for a moment, the boy got awav re
ith the money. Tho thiet in still at
i rye. I>y
trial of reteit r. sweeney. bo
The trial of I'eter B. Sweeney, in the re,
[5,000,000 ca*e, was formally begun this ,m
lorning in the Supreme Court. :iI,
$ 3,000 damages. oil
Mr*. Josephine M.Veith. adminiatra
>r for Christian Veith, has brought nc- ^rl
on in the Brooklyn Supreme Court for (111
le recovery of $5,000 damages against an
heridan Shook and Albert Palmer,
wees of the lato Brooklyn theatre, for
le loss of Veith's life during the great ch
re. 111
Terrible Klorm.
Cincinnatt, 0., June 4.?A special to af
ic Associated Press from Mount Carmel,
Ik, savs : "A terrible storm struck this 10
ity to-(W, by which 16 men lost their .
ves, and half a million dollars worth of ,a
roperty was destroyed. Among the
illed are Alderman Watkin.*, William
ewkirk, Mr. Goodrich, Mr. Burton, m<
[asteraon Child, Freddy Yeoke, George .
loore, George Brins,J. T. lvlgar, Chas. J*11
orman and John Lewis. A large num- 110
ir are wounded, several of whom will
ie. There is at least 25 still missing. Pu
later int'ormnlinn rnivn #!??? f.?nr mnm tU
odiefl have been found, and two of the Pc
ounded have died. The ruins of the
uildings are burning, threatening the cu
?tal destruction of the town."
Cairo, June 4.?The following in a lint \
[ the killed at the Mt. Cornel disaster,
s far as nscertained: Alderman Watins,
Wm. Newkirk, Mr. Goodrich, Wm. *
'ennis, J. E. Edgar, Mrs. Burton, Geo. ^
loore, engineer, and Charles Norman,
rakeinan of the Air Line road, and a CQ
hild of Mr. Mastcrson, section foreman. nj,
International Typographical "
Louisville, June 4.?The 25th annual 8t|
invention of the International Typo- re
raphical Union began this morning, and j8(
ill continue in session till Saturday. ^
'be Convention meets at Masonic Temple p(
resident McVicker, of Detroit, is pre- 8a
iding. The welcome address was deliver- Bj,
d by J. D. Bariield, President of Union _
Jo. 10, this city. A.G. Hodges, the old- ce
st printer in the west, addressed the w|
invention on his experiences. The an- re
mal reports were heard, Btanding com- eg
littees appointed and resolutions offered q
nd debated during the day. About fifty aB
elegates were present. * Wi
Telegraph Matter*. Jj
Chicago, June 4.?W. II. Preece, elec- nj,
rician of the Government telegraph ie
flice in London, England, and II, C. n,
'iflher, controller of the postal telegraph, w,
Jngland, are in the city obtaining in- th
ormation regarding the telegraph ser- to
ice in tlie# United States. They have w
(ready visited several of the Eastern v,
ities, and after proaccuting inquiries in w
.11 the larye telegraph olBces in this j,,
ountry, will embody the result in a re- ci
tort which they intend to submit to Par- (ji
iament. _ Much valuable and practical w
nformation has already been collected. R;
nui; ItKL'UltM. fr
[josh on the Holy CroM Church. ^
Columbus, June 1.?The loss by tire in ir
ho Holy Cross Church last evening is
ully covered by insurance policies of
>750 each in the Franklin, of Columbus;
tlerchants, Newark: Girard, l'hiladelihia,
and Williamsburg, Citv of New
York. . *
cincinnati, u., June 4.?A tire at In- .
lependence, Kv? to-day, destroyed the 14
rarehouse of Ellis & Stephenson. 200,- 80
K)0 pound* of tobacco were burned. Los* P!
115,000; fully insured. ra
trrcst ol mi Auiericuu Captain.
Key West, Fla., June 4.?The Atuer- c
can whaling schooner Ellen Rizpah, of
'rovinceton, Man., has arrived here.
Vhile taking oil on at the Koys.south of
tabs, the schooner wa* boarded by a
Inanich cruiser and her papers demand- sli
a under penalty of punishment. C'apt, ai
)unham produced the papers, but they
rero considered insuflicient and he was C<
letained four days in close confinement, fr
mtil the arrival of a Spanish frigate.
London, June 5.-Sir Henry c. Pellv, SI
aeroberof Parliament for Huntingdon- br
hire, died of Hunstroko in Ilrde Park gl
oday. M
Counterfeit Moucy.
OtTDWA,O.NT., June 4.-Counterfcit bills it*:
n the Bank ol Pontine, Michigan, incir- co
ulaticm hero last ?ummer, have again in
ppearetl. I ftr
lie C'uNtoui HouNe In vcNt Igtulon
New Yobk, June !.?The Custom
oubc Commission, appointed to invest!to
the affairs of the New York Custom
ouse, met the members of the Chamber *
Commerce to-day in the room of the
larnber of Commerce. Mr. Jay read a T|
Iter received from Secretary Sherman Tl
king the Commission :to inquire
to tno salaries, not fixed by law, of the
latom House officers and to fix a plan
r their proper classification on a fair Tl
isis; ulrfo regarding the complaints
peeling customs and revenue laws,
ade witn a view to their revision. The
rnimisaion will report suggestions lookg
to this end. Mr. Katon read a long Dl
icument expressing the views of the
embers of the Chamber of Commerce
id merchants on the remedies required
the custom service. The following arc T?
e changes recommended:
1. Abolition of naval office.
li. Oaths to entries to be made before
y Notary Public or Commissioner.
3. The abolition of triplicate invoices. 1
4. The abolition of consular certifi- j
tes. _ cej
r, Pftvmpnl of 1i11<I1<<4 in rortiflo/l irnlil i i
, * t>vl" 001
[>. Entries to be passed the same day
cy are left at tlio Custom House.
7. A change from the present law au- 1
arizing the Government on detaining of
e package in every ten, or one package cw
each invoice, to allow the importers to Ku
ce the other packages on executing a can
nd, and in substitution of that law of est
trovision allowing the Government to 40(
Lain in its own discretion the whole or ble
y part of an invoice for a period which ula
ill not oxceed ten days, at the expira- *ui
m of which the entire invoice or por- *
m so retained shall be deliverable to tlu
? merchant. pr:
D. Completion of liquidation of entry ab<
thin 30 days, such liquidation to be a wh
al adjustment and end of all claims, Ru
cept for fraud, on the part of the Govnment
touching importation. fro
10. The abolition of petty fees, includ- val
? fees for permits and entries. cor
11. Duty is now assessed on the market oil
lue; if it is more than the invoice price, thi
ton invoice price if the same is more tio
au the market value, let the law be thi
I. ? iliilla :ii ..I 1?
au^cii nu umi tuu uu?/ mil luwajiB uc
jessed on the market value. of
12. The Custom House to be kept open am
>m 9 to *1 o'clock. P"
13. A reduction of charges at general *ec
tier stores, alBO for cartage. dis
14. The prompt filing by weighers and Cri
tigers of their returns. vei
15. Total abolition of all damage al- on
trances and repeal of all laws providi?
for the name. j
1G. The reduction of penal bonds from Qfl
uble the value of goods to double the tju
ties. ^ _ i>i \
17. No charge whatever to the import- gf
for the cartage or other expenses on a,
ods entered for consumption. ^
18. Simplify the law lor discharging tjl(
port bonds. wj,
ID. Greater facilities for withdrawal mc
buyers of goods purchased while in gu|
nd. 'pj,
20. Provides that when judgments are fl;c
covered against a collector for duties tjc
.itl under nrotoHt. the Government Hliall . >t
io pay interest and cost, the same as J)a
her defendant*.
21. AVhere goods are entered for inland re.
msportation, two bonds aro now re- -j-jj
tired, viz: one from the common carrier ^
id ono from the importer; let one of jjjJ
esc bonds be abolished.
22. Let the entries bo taken entire ^
arge of by the Custom House from the ?
ne of the presentetion to the payment of fl|a
ity or permit of bonding. * tlu
23. An adequate system of equalizing nQ|
ipraiaementn at the different ports, that ac(
I goods shall pay a like duty at all Cus- _
iu Houses. f
21. The abolition of the fee of ten dol- ^ '
rs on re-appraisements. fij
25. Ixst re-appraised goods bo bonded. ilQ
20. Increased dispatch in re-appraising nCf
>rchandise. wa
27. No duty should be charged on goods .j
rned or lost while in bonded ware- uses.
28. Goods procured otherwise than by ru
irchase should be invoiced at their acal
market value at the period of ex- ?
irtation. ,,
29. Greater prudence should be exer- a,
led in disturbing the rates of duty when Vt.
><n r.TO.l l.v ?ho Trna.nr,. Italuivlnmnl ^ '
?""'J J,
Clue to tlic Wreck ot the <Jco. ??
N. Wright* Jo
San Francisco, Juno 4.?A survivor an,
the wreck of tlio lost steamship Geo. fl;a
Wright has at last been discovered. g0j
b is an Indian named Coma, and was a
al heaver on board. Howasrecog'
zed on the street at Kaninaino Friday, <
rested and brought to Victoria cla
sterday. The Colonist of to-day says fro
at Coma since the disaster has con- Ka
mtly evaded the police, and until quite tio
cently it wan not known that there ex- :
led a single survivor of the wreck. ]
ima confessed to the Superintendent of ?ja
dice. After being duly cautioned, he pc
id that at night the boilers of the steam- ^
ip exploded and she began to sink at Ml
ice. Capt. Ainsley, with four U. S.ofli- {^(
rs got into a boat and told Coma,
lio was on deck, to get in too. The to
st of the people were in bed or tried to an
cape by means of another boat. The
iptain'a party, Beven in all, pulled nej
hore near Cape Caution. The party tre
us nearly killed, and Indians gave
em blankets. A day or two afterwards
reecanoe loads of IndianB came to the
lot, and Captain Ainsley offered the see
ader $500 to carry the shipwrecked of
en to Fort Iiupert. Four of the Indians coi
ere armed with muskets, with which an
ey killed all the whites and tied stones del
the bodies and sunk them in the deen ru
ater. They robbed the bodies of all rei
iluables, including the Captain's gold va
ntpli find rim in Tliov mviroil fin m ft
il told him if he ever dared narrate the
rcumstances they would kill hia father, yj
)ma thinks that all the people on board f0|
ho were in bed at the time of the explo- an
on were drowned, as the boat went down jjj
ipidly. The prisoner wan to-day con- *u
onted by four prisoners, who were jj?
oupht by Kocket and have since been
i jail here, and identified two as belong- p*
ig to the murderers.
Wcnttier Indication!!.
War Department, ) *:
Opkicr op the CniRr Signal Onmckr, J.
WAfliilNflTOX, D. C., Juno 6-1 *. u.) mi
probabilities. nil
For Tennessee and the Ohio Valley,
lling barometer, winds mostly from the At
uth, stationary or lower temperature, iiu
irtly cloudy and cloudy weather, with of
tin areas. tin
For the Lakes, falling barometer, nta- dii
onary or lower temperature, partly cl<
oudy and cloudy weather, with rain bcj
easand winds variable but mostly from
>rth to east. go
Marine Xcwm. t|?
Philadelphia, June .1.?The steam- ] ,
lip Pennsylvania, from Liverpool, has ij,(
rived. pf
queknitown, J one 3.?The Btennships
iltic, from New York, ami Batavia, ej
om Boston, have arrived. ftt
Qorenbtown, June 4. ? Arrived ? wj
eamship Ohio, Philadelphia.
San trakcifco, June 4.?Arrived? ac
lip Joy, New York; British ship Dum- ar
irton, ship Litch and British hark Inewood,
Liverpool. Cleared?Ship A.
;. Simpson, Liverpool. qU
New York, June 4.?Under warrant*
sued by Judge Hodman of the Hudson
mnty, K. J., Court, all the jkjoI fellers
Hudson county were arrested to-day '
id held to bail each in $500. pit
hat Midnight Attack on the Cir
Catalans?Military Canard.
he Harvest of Death Among th
Turkish Troops.
sease More Destructive tha
the Sword.
ilk that Squints of Dismember
ment of Turkey.
L'robable Attack on Kalal'at*
Bucharest, May 4.?Information re
ved by thin government lends to th
ief that Ojman Pasha intendn attack
; Kalafat in force.
London, June 4.?The Tcler/ra^istor
uie ucsirucuon 01 xuousa rnsna a t;?r
niana in a grow exaggeration. Th
Hiian official account Buys: The Cir
islans were dispersed, losing the mod
number of 83 killed out of a total o
) engaged, which in much more proba
i than that 4,000 irregulars wen
ughtered, aa waa stated, after a nigh
Constantinople correspondent aayi
it the fate of tlie campaign in Aaia i
ictically fettled. Mukhtar Foaha i
)ut to full back on Erxerouni, which i
oily open and cannot be helped. Tin
asiana are advancing toward Diarbeki
1 there is nothing to prevent then
m getting poaseaaion of the Euphrate
lley. Reports from Turkiah source
jcerning the Danube army are on th
icr hand very hopeful notwithatandini
a sort of pressure. British interven
ti seems at present the most unlikel;
ng in the world. The only danger
w apparent to prevent the localizatioi
the war are the participation of Servi
i Greece. The first of these migh
scipitnte Austrian intervention. Th
ond might give rise to outrages an<
turbancea in Enirus, Thessaly an<
fte, such as would render the inter
ition of the western Powers imperativ
the score of humanity,
London, June 4.?A dispatch fron
ealuk to the Times saya: The Chris
n doctor who deserted from Trcbin}
es a gloomy account of the conditioi
the aruiy. Twenty-four hundred diet
Trebinje since the campaign begar
u cuy ueing me nospitai uepoi o
' army now concentrated at Gatzschkc
ich consists of 36 battalions, 300 to 4U<
n each. Of these at least half ar
[lerin^, chiefly from army . scurvj
ero is also much dysentery. The phy
ians and surgeons are subject to fana
al outbreaks of Musaelmans, continu
y menaced and insulted, and neve
id. Three thousand men are sick a
)star, and deserters from Padgoritzi
)ort the same condition of aflairs there
e troops are underfed, having nothinj
foud the barest means of sustaininj
}. They are compelled to work con
ually at earth-works. The health o
i Montenegrin forces is excellent,
rhe Time* says the report that the Kua
n monitors had succeeded in forcing
! Sulina mouth of the Danube it
t confirmed. There may be some in
;urnuy. ii neuui* iuu muui in sup
-e that the Turks left the Sulina moutl
garded. It in ditTerent with the Kelii
inch, the sea along there being ver
illow some llat bottomed Kuusian mon
rs, which are supposed to be in readi
ib at Xicoliaefl', may have made thei
y down and succeeded in pausing ovei
> bar.
Hie ctwe of Turycross against Baroi
ant, Lisbon tramway matter, has beei
ther appealed to tho House of Lordf
Constantinople, June 4.?Intelligenc
ttived here announces that Mukhta
sha has established his headquarter
lleaprikay, about 30 miles east cj
zeroum, for the purpose of barring th
trance of the Kussian left wing Iron
prak Kaleh. Ismail Hakki, the com
nder at Erzerotim, has taken a posin
near Kizel Klissa, between Barde
1 the Kogh&nli pass, to meet the Kus
;hanli and Alti.
what the turks claim.
Constantinople, June 4.?The Turk
im that they hatre driven the Russian
m the neighborhood of Sukurn t
ilch, thirty hours inarch in tho direc
n of Mount Elbrong.
rhe basis of a dignified peace.
Brussels, June A.?Lc Nord, tho Kub
n organ, publishes a letter from 8
teraburg which nays; If after crosain
i Danube Russia is able to conclude
ace and at the same time realize lie
ogramme, and if the Powers adopt to
rd Turkey an attitude sufficiently fin
complete the lesson received from th
nsot Russia, then an equitable an
unified peace might bo arranged and th
cessity of pushing the war to the ea
>me avoided.
rumors and counter rumors.
Erzeroum, June 4?4 p. m.?Russia
>ut?? have been seen from tho Heighl
Jenikey. The retreat of an Oltoma
rps from Karakilison to Prak Kale
d Delibaba is threatened by an advanc
tachment of the Russian centre. It i
mored that the Russian right wing ha
iched Kizilkilison. It has not ad
need beyond Olti.
unimportant even if true.
London, June 4.? The JStandar
enna correspondent asserts that th
lowing is undoubtedly true, being froi:
unimpeachable source: Grand Duk
chalas recently Baid to a foreign Con
1: "Neither Prince Bismack nor Lor
:rby will prevent us from entering Cor
intinople as the Germans entere
iris, only to leave it again.
The Ssttandard understands that th
iristians of Larnicia, in the land c
press, have asked the British Ad
iral of the Medeteranian fleet to send
in-of-war to protect them should necef
ty arise.
A special from Constantinople vi
hens says: The Parliament will l
imediately dissolved. The President
the two Houses were summoned I
b palace last Thursday and the Sulta
inllaaA/t vltk tKam nt llm IiajI nikflnj a
>ning the Chamber without publi
A Vienna special says: The Sarvia
vernment has sent the Porte an one
tic note, declaring that it will recov<
o Inland of liujukalie by force, if tl
xrkn refuse to evacuate it. Copies <
q circular will be nent to the Europea
Grand Duke Nichola*ba* communica
to St. Petersburg bin tHmpponitmei
the difficulty of coming to tercr
th Koumania.
Letters from Bucharest indicate tha
live co-operation by the Koumania
my is doubtful after'tbe Kusiians croi
& Danube.
A special from Peath says: Acommun
e published in the official papers staU
at despite her objections, tne initiate
lative to )>eace muat be taken by Kuaiii
rhe European powers hare been occu
a\ some days in considering territorii
changes in Aula, in which tho result from
the war bonis of the tinal arrangement in
Europe will be the protocol. In consequence
of Austria's representations the >'
Porte has abandoned the idea of forming e
a Hungarian legion. ii
The Russian telegraphic agency says &
the furloughs of the Russian ambassadors y
to London, Berlin and Vienna are alto*
gether unconnected with politics. The
ambassadors could not have conferred
q together, as is alleged by foreign papers, C
for they went todiiTerent parts of Russia, cl
Tiie Times correspondent at Paris tel- si
graphs that he has reason to believe tho
assurances which it now seems certain pi
n Count SchouvelotT brings relative to the M
eventual temporary occupation of Con* _
stantinoplo are in answer to a question (
put by England us to Russia's intentions
>. relative to Constantinople. If Russia
believed herself obliged to reply to such la
a question she would be unable, at least
officially, to do otherwine thau as alleged.
A nation knowing its capital ran no rink of ,
occupation would be little disposed to ?
_ consent to tho conqueror's terms. At ri
Q the most Russia could give England J
. assurauces and secret guarantees in case 0
an eventual temporary occupation of
Constantinople should seem seriously
dangerous to British interests. This will
V certailllv not bn tha nnlv nnlnt In P.ia.
- nia'rt reply. She will Bay, "I shall not c\x
e touch Egypt on the Suez Canal," hut she m;
will not nay what alio will do. Though ^
I- the ltuBsian reply may lead to many din- jaj
f nutee, it in the expectation of it which mi
haa produced the present call throughout
e Europe.
t A Bucharest dispatch-says that the ve
Danube at Galat/. is fifteen feet above its u"
s ordinary level. c
s A Vienna special says,according to the ?ti
b latent intelligence, the Czar will remain F"
b at Ki?cheni>n'for the present, because the
9 blockade of bridge* is ho great an to at
r interfere with traflic on the Koumanian . J
a railway linen. f l"0
9 A special from Vienna report* that a lei
a number of bulletins from the Russian J.',
e commander in chief in Caucassus
5 seem to show that the insurrection has t>?
- spread toward the Caspian,for a successful
f expedition iB recorded against a tribe on VJ?
the eaatern slopes of Caucaaaus, which In
a form part of Dagheatan. (,lr
a The bulletins report that Gen. Krau- 0 ,
t chento had a hot engagement with 3,001) i
e of the enemv on nasaing over the bridge
J of the Boyaua. 1 rom thin it would eeem IV
i that ho has been obliged to leave his po- ^
- sition above Suknm Kalch and fall back I.
e behind the river Kodor,wherea force is
being assembled to prevent the Turks
irooi invading juingreua.
e The Editorial Arrests. j?
? Paris, Jane 4.?'There is excitement in ch:
consequence of the arrest of M. Duvoider, lll,l
J| President of the Muuicipnl Council. It nc
' is quite legal, but most unusual, to arrest ?t
people for oflensei by writing or speech. ^
Offenders in this way are generally left
f at liberty till trial, even without bail. In
this case even bail was refused. M. Da]
voider denies the charges^ against him.
The impression produced is bad, as the ,
' prisoner is popular with the lower classes. ~
* He is a man of education and independ*
ent means. He is charged with insulting
President Mac.Mahon and inciting civil
'r war and assassination.
j dismissed.
M. Habenick, Republican, who was at loi
f the head of the press service connected
with the exhibition of 1878, has been dis- ij
. missed from his office. i?i
Tlic Pope KxliuuMted.
'? New York, June 4.?A Rome disJ>atch
says: The Pope had to ho withIrawn,
yesterday, from the audience on
account of exhaustion, and returned only
after a repose. The doctors have decided
r that deputations in the future will be con- -j
r solidated, and the Pope will be carried |
through to avoid excitement and fatigue
i of receiving them in detail.
a Rome, June 4.?After the reception of r
i. the Italian pilgrims yesterday, the Pope,
p IE tin umiu nmotnl.nt i n.J I annual 1
r and would ?eo no one elae. pu
" At a ceremony at the San Pietro In- -jf
vincula thero were present 190 bishops' '
e and representatives of France, Portugal,
u Belgium, Bavaria and Brazil. ^
- (iltEKVE.
z Sc
i. Wunth^nii IndcrstuiMling. _
a Atiienb, June 4.?The Chamber (if j
Deputies adopted a resolution calling
upon the party leader* to come to an
understanding to-day about the formation
of a Coalition Ministry, in view of the Ki
extraordinary circumstance* in which
? Greece id placed. ^
A CoiwplrHoj'. J"r
t. Lisdon, June *1.?It in announced that
g the authoritiea of St. Thomas, in the ,0
a Gulf of Guinea, have discoven-d a conr
apiracy for the separation of the inland iii!
- from Portugal. Arms and document* *
n were found in the house of a Portuguese \
c merchant, who ha* committed suicide.
A Dinner to Ex*(*ov. IlvmlrickN. m
New York, June 4.?The Manhattan
Club liaa decided upon giving a dinner _
to ex-Gov. Hendriclca on the 12th inst., p,
_ prior to his departure for Europe. Those ^
I" who will bo present?Ex-Gov. Seymour,
~j Speaker Randall, Cliaa. Francis Adams,
: Senators Bayard, Thurman and Eaton, cl
and some of the most prominent members
of the House. The attendance of W
ex-Gov. Tilden, Gor. Robinson and Lt. _
Gov. Dorslieimer, as well as other prom- n
inent city Democrats and members of the J
d club, is expected. _
e . Judge Barrett to-day rendered a decis- u
a ion, in which he holds that the law of C(
e the Longshore Union Protective Associai.
tiou making it compulsory on the mem- '
d hers not to work for lees than 10 cents
i- per hour, is void, as being against public d
policy, and that the members of the As- s
sociation disraisped for its violation must V
e be reinstated. This decision affects 800
jf members of the Union expelled for dis- ..
- obedience of said law, as well as trades u
^ Unions generally. K.
tllVOK TELEGKillS. 4x
J Burlington, Juno 4.?a water ppout I
? this morning flooded^ the country two J
0 miles northwest of this city, causing the Cl
n Hawkeye Creek to overflow and do sevjf
eral thousand dollars' worth of damage
c to the foundries and agricultural works.
Memphis, June 4.?On last Saturday
n George Sanderson, residing on Big Creek,
r- somo tifteen miles south of the city, sought Sl
ir shelter from tho storm under a trie and _
le was struck by lightning and his body so
i>f badly mangled as to bo scarcely recogm
Frederick, Ma, June 4.?An invest!* I
l* gation by physicians *hows the real fact
that Rev. J. M. Friday, of Harper's C
lfl Ferry, was murdered and thrown into I
the water, it is auppoaecd, by a band of 1
roughs from Virginia, li was tirst
St. Lodib, June 4.?A young man [
named John Shelly, while attempting to 8.
" eacape arreat by running away from ?
" police officer John McCarty at an early
hour yesterday morning, wan ahot by the Z
' latter and killed. The police author!- I
ties are verj reticent regarding the mat.
ter, but it ia claimed that the ahooting
il was justifiable.
Norwich, Conk., June 4.?At the
lH!!lcf!n i lho Kepubllo?n?
lected Col. It. H. Osgood Mayor awl the
)? inir,- an average majority ot
jO. fhe Democrats carried the city lut
lCl'NIIUM-ll IIUNillCfM.
San Fbanoisco, Juno -I.?Hubbard &
o., member* of the San Francisco Kxrnnge,
who impended a month ago, relined
The Nevada Stock ICichange hat xun:nded
on account of the dull time*.
>iuas. k. Dwiuirr,
prepared to make careful and complete analyaea
J run Oret, Umuatuiu*, Ml iwnl Waters, etc.
Laboratory ror. 24th and Chaplino atrwti
?uW Willing, W. Va.
r Parties of Small Meou? Dealroua of
Engaging la Grape Brewing,
Coal Mining or Market
ntcount o( advanced age I ant dealroua o!
inking my rciddcnce, ami therefore otter fur aalo
T farm altuatod ojiiKwito tho city of Wheeling, on
9 river lwnfc, mid way between Bridgeport and
irtin's lorry, and Immediately adjoining tho vll?
; ? ot ACtnuville. Tlio property conaiata o! (Ml
rea of hill nntl tnlilo land atid IS o( river bottom,
the hill there arc two Beam* of coal, and
it thick, Hint' du|K)*lt? of limestone, an 8 foot
Inofdoiw texture aand or frco atone, an 18 foot
In of marl, which altogether make a aoll and an
deriving bed of depoilU of a rich and valuablo
)ii tho surface, the larger portion of which Ilea
ntly doping to the east, and all under direct exsure
to tho nun, Is a Vlnornnl of Ho acres, moatly
tavrtu nil in tine liming condition, about
ren veata old, which Inia proven Itself anle to pay
iaiuinjimo |>crccnt to the cultivator.
The projierty i.i being approached above and U*
v by an advancing tiuo of pcnoni aeekln? unaii
mestcadii, and in now really the only unoccupied
rltory between Bridgoiiqjt and Martln'i Ferry,
is tamable na an Investment for capital Broking a
e purchase, and valuable to those who want mart
gardening ground cloao to the city. It front!
lutlfully upon the river nnd commands u view of
t city, the Island and the whole Kcnory of the
I'he terma of iale will lie one-third rash, balance
two lumuul payments. 8 per cent Inter. ?t on deTed
payment*. For further particulars inquire
,)n the prtuiltes, or by mail at Bridgeport, Ohio.
Are prepared at nil tluiee, with the best material
till otden for lllunk Booki, such as hih uacd by
nka, Counties, Conwrntiona, lUillroads and M.rmix,
u|on ?hort notice, nu t In the most denira ami
worlcmanliko manner.
Il.iviti;: all the littest and unwl improved iiimlilrv
wo feel coutidcut tlmt we will render entire
.isfactlon to all who favor iim with their order*.
Music, Magazines nnd Periodicals of every de lpti.'n
bound in a mat and duiablemauuer.
Non. 25 and 27 FouktkkntI! Kt .
rhw<? lino llmr-kecpcni arc manufacturid nt
oedtn, baxony, hy Murrtts Urowmanu, of horo;lcal
fame. In ladim* nn-? Rent'l kI/w. both key
il Mem wii;dintf. They aiu conitrueted on the
no principle iu the watches of tlic lalo Adolpli
use, nml uru of rcry nupcrior workmanship, ami
ly tfuarantewl for pcrfummuco and durability,
oy aro the best, their coit U-ln?ron*id<Tnl. that
ve ln*n produced In unr couutry. Their lu Ctlou
ia invited.
Solo A?ront for Wheeling and titinity,
1-07 makkkt stiikkt. ^
A full lino uf all crailrs of American and Swiss
nlehoa at ?ory low pilcin. bj,3<j
fhree Mile Ire!
Hie undersigned !>ogs leave to announce to the
blic tlut liu luu
he Largest and Purest Stock of Ice
ror held In thin rrj?lon of the country, which ho
Vrs at tho lowest competition price to couhtuncra
wholesale aud retail.
Orders will lie received by ninll or at Peibert A
hairer's Meat bhon, No 1112 Market ktr<vt.
wp.i the Inwiit stock of IRON* nnd HEAVY
ilAUDWAHK 111 the litnle. His stock (if
ood Work, Springs, Axles, Varnlihes,
Paints, &o?
not cxeellrd by any cstalilishincnt within a huned
miles of Wln-cllug.
Carriage nnd Wagon Manufacturers will tlnd It
their interest ti give him a coll.
Al*oon hand, LAND FLASTEU of a superior
lalliy. in) &
Manufacturer of
ird Barrels, Half Barrels, Apple and Flour Barrel*,
Hutu Tierces, (ila?s Barrels aud
Canks, Butter Kegs, etc.
A splendid assortment just received, in*
uding thirteen different subjects, nt
\s. nuTcniNS' music & art stoke.
clivcrcd to city or mail subscribers nt 15
ints per week, by the agent for Wheeling
id vicinity.
niy21 No. 1414 Market street.
Paper Box Minufaoturer,
o*. 1211 and 1213 Main titrwt, up *Uura (old
nlon Hall). In now prepared to make *11 kinds of
nicy and "lain Ptpvr lioxca In m good it jlu and
as low price* aa any house in the country. Or ra
from the country promptly attended to.
heater Hum*,
Extra Huaar Cured Ha in a,
.S. C. ItreakfMt Ilacuu,
Clear Sides,
H. C. ShouMrri,
Plain fthnnlJrn,
Mem hirk,
. . Family Pork,
I-ard InTierew, Barrel*, Half Barrcla, Keg*. Pa 11a
id JIall I'alla. Our own curing. For aaln br
J A full ftirplr *lw*ra on hand of Lr*t Lard,
C. Harot, Hbnulilm. Cksor Bldrt, H. C. Uriikctt/,
c. OrUcxi Allml Irnb {ram imoke houw dally.
10 Rant!* Extra W.?. Lard OU.
80 Barn-la Minors' Oil.
J tut recti red l >y

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