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Tho large three-story Wareh?u?e No.
1508 Main street. Two front*, Wain and j]
HoutU treetn. Possenion April lit, $j
At?j?ly to M
in\!*) A. Al.LEN HOWKLU m
A ffry dcilnble Country Iletldenet, one mile M
wi ?t of BilJ*r|?ort on the National Hoad, with one
aero i f nr<'?nrt *ell cultivated, nml a flrtt*c)aaa M
two-story Brick How, with all modem improve*
in. nt*. Prl?i for either bhIh or rent, to ?ul t the *'
timet. Fur further Information enquire of M
I'lr?t Natlonnl Hank. HfUKejoit. !
No. 31 South Front itreot, Iilanil?plcaaantly |i|
titiiated tud dralralilo. Alao, one Uooin in aecoml I.
torjr of No. M Twelfth itrect, lultablo for an office
or !*1(v|i1dk room. Itaaeulou Riven Immediately.
Knqulreuf DK. K. A. HILDHKTH, y
Rill I No. tail (lianllnM m.
pil HUNT Oil SALE.
Tbo flue HwcllInK No. 18 Fifteenth it reel.
Three tenement! In the Fifth Wart!. *
I.AW OFFICE, N. E. comer 12th and Clt?i>Uno treat*.
himulrc of II. FORBEti. I
ap3 1112 Chapllnc birwt.
J10B RENT- ()
A Drick House, No. 60, 13th street, containing
10 room*, with hpacious halls and (
dry btuement cellar.
By W. V. HOOK & nitO., 1
mr'J'J 1300 Market fcitreet.
Containing eight rooms nud Bath Boom, ou
Jnivb lUcct, between 13th and 14th, went ?l?tr.
Uu mid water. Will lw rented low to rttpooalhle ?
tenant. Knqulrn of
no.1 Bookseller anil Stationer, lftifi M?ln BtFOR
poi; saletwo
light, one-bonw, ?econd-band spring Wagons.
One une-horae, second-hand Spring Wagon, witu
one one-bone hran new Spring Wagon.
Will cell all cheap fur cash.
inj8 Cor. Twenty-fourth mid Market H?._
rjlRUSTEE'8 tiALK.
ISjr tlrtue of a I)?*d of Trii?t from the Cltiwos'
Fin-, Marino anil l-lf?* 1 neurit no1 CotUMDjr *>l
Wheeling, to me, tearing date the 24th day of
March, 1?77, and on record in the Clerk's office of
th" County Court < f Ohio, 1 will prucctd to tell at
Public Auction at iOo'oJock A. m., on
nt the frint door of tho Court Howe of Ohio g
Count/ to the liiglicft bddcr, the following jiroj>erty
known a.i 8
Unit IhIomt: "] he mnHvUed onc-hnlfof lot No.
17'!, situated on the corner of Koll nn'l feventrcnth
atrc*U, in tlie city ?i Win < lln-;. W. Va.,nnd on the 5
north rt?le of >..iii Svmteeili street and east of
EfilT ideeet, and alio cf I ho wiM one-half of lot No.
175 Immediately pdjulniiig mid lot No. 17(1, both j
being Mtuatul in thm j i.rt of the city of Wheeling
commonly lallrd liui Winding. '1 hero ore tive
Uriek Tenements ou tai.l t re|* riy, ail under lca*? for
the << milu jiar, ui.il tic |ro|? rty *111 bo sold 3
us a whole or n. j.?mln to nit purchasers.
Tkiivh "i" S\i.k - Out-third taili and the lalanro
In twoeqiul icsUilmeidaiit and twelvemonth*. V
with IntertM troia tho day of sale, aoM deferred
payincuti to he rccuied by l>ud of Trust ou raid
pro|<ert/; o
The other oi,?ylnli of aaiJ property will be sold
at the touie time iiiid ulacoai'd on sam? terms by t
,1... r II '/ Ull IllVk'H
mrUl Trustee.
Thflabor* ??'.? I* (mtponcd until HATURDAY, .
Mn>' I'A nt 10 o'clock a. m. Ji. z. Mini Vl.lt. <
iuy3 Trustee.
The above ?nlf? i* po?tpon<d iiDtll TUESDAY, *
tho lith day of June, at 10 o'clock a. u
_iaylj il. /. SHRtVER,Tmlee.
20 Hharca Rock in Pcabody Inaurnnce Co. ^
10 Man* btock in Ohio Valley Hank.
I<; Hurra Mock in l.? Belle <<msa Co.
10 Hiarm htoock in /Klna Will.
)(. b>t (hound, Centre Wheeling, Main street. t
Lot Uround, Ccntro Wheeling, Market street, a
1 Small 1 rnme Howe, 14th street. a
1 Two-story Urick llouw, 11th ftrect.
i.i r^Q 1. IBWIK. Agent. C
Eighty ehoire Ilaltillri'; I.ots on WheelinR Island. /
Price (mu> $4C0 to 8COO raeli. Only oiKHdxth of r
the jitirchnsn money required in cash. The residue (
iii iv lie |>aiil annually In rtVK hju.i1 iustullmouta
with Intercut.
Ari'iy ? ? Join; p. gilchribt
H'.? At Top Mill.
Th? Residence of N. C. Arthur, on loth
street, in tiiu city of Wheeliug. The lot t
fronts nhont (?3 feet on Fifteenth street,
inn! extends hnck to the alley. The house ,
i* :i two-story hriek, containing ten rooms
iiihI finished nttic, bath room, with hotaml
cold water, nnd is in good repair. There
is also n wush house, coal house, nsh house,
Ae.;?'? the property.
Persons desiring to examine the proper
ty, or to ascertain the terms of sale, will
cull on It. (.J. HAKU, Attorney JEWnp3
1142 Chnpllne St.
? m ?^S;
(0 H 081
g<l ,
.E ,, a, 1
^<5% ??m
The n?c*t Economical nn?l Convenient stove in the
It in light and portable and easily moved by one
tenon. Can bo uied iu thisSittlnie Hood, Kitchen
or out of door*. JUST THE TUIKO FOB BUMMER
USB. Will Hake better than any Coni or
Wood btove, m the heat l? uniform and easily regulat?d.
Will Itoaat all kln.l* of Meat*, Fowl*, Ac.
In short thia Sovo wiildo all klndaof work that
ran 1? done on any Cooktrg Stove or IUnge, and In
?hortcr time, aJ the Stove r.n lighted and ready
for use In two m'nutfi. The Oven can be heated
ri aily for Itaklru In Ave mluuUn Large nuinbcra
lire now In uic In different i?arta o{ the country,
giving entlru eatbfjc ion TheMuvewn tic wen at
J. O. PAYNE'.*, Agent.
myM 1114 Market St., Wheeling.
TOUV ?Agent* r.ro making from |5 to 910
iwr day. We want A^cni* In every comity, town
ami township in Ohio ami West Virginia. No more
plpiMint business than celling l*>ofcs and none more
nroDtal'le. One youi.K lady, 17 yotraold, it nuking
f5 00 per d?y ulling the HUtory of the Ccnteunial
Exposition. A young man In tuaklug SO OJ
per day aellluz the porul.r Life of Custer, and
others doing mually wwi onoUier works. Amur I
?t one? for outfit to CKNTUAL BOOK AGENCY, <
No. 21 Fourteenth bt., Wheeling, W. Vn. mylU
No. lie Liuirrxi?tii Stk**t. 1
AII orders promptly attended to. Repairing net (
y dono and warranted. ap9
1012 Market Street, r
my'JO Below Powtoflice. (
Of Churches, Halls, Stores and Dwellings 1
in Fresco nnd Piaiu Paper Hanging. j
No. 42 12th St., WHEELING, \Y. VA. c
111)--'-! 1
LOOK f j
floe kw?i| K?rc? Boot* from..... 82 00 up. 1\
eti'i Boo Kwtt! Ul( Otero Pouti Irotn... 4 25 up. V
*? ? flnc K-kuvd Calf 0|>?rn Iknta frnm.. 2 IS up.
t-li'a fin- (iaiid-M<?rt(l fmlf Hac k In Alrsia
from 0 50 up. H<
<<n'a due haud'prggedCiUI Buckle Aiexl* ] J
from ......... 8 75 up. ?p,
Mi'a tine aewcil Calf Buckle fitrap Bhoce iJ
from .?..3 00 up. H
f n'a line sewed Fcbblo Buckle HtiapBboea Cc
from .2 CO Up. mi
mi's lino scwetl B. Cf Bucklo btrsp eiiot-a ..
from .!. 1 to up. it
en'a An?prjtt?d B. Cf Buckle Alexlalroml 60 up.
on'a ikiwcJ Ij. CI Oxford Tl?* from...? > M up. i
ml lit' lino aewod Cur Kid Button from - 23 up.
ailles'tins sewed " Hide 1 jn from 1 75 up. iu
ndliV flne aewed l?tU Lasting BaU lioin-l 60 up.
adlra' fine sewed Laatln* Baft from 1 10 up. ?'
allies' Hue Mint] I anting Coiigrtaa (rom...l CO up.
dim' fine sewed IVbble Bala from ?? ! '*> update*'
tine sewed iviitlu Bala from. 1 10 up.
dim' fine wtnl Pebble bllppcra from flu up. IU
adiet' Hue towed LaattuK Bllppera from... 60 up
ou can find >11 lUcso and plenty more Bargains at n<
J . T. STONE'S, "
1110 Jluin Hired* oi
j|?j30 hoiinhrook'h hi.ock. ft|
fttcQ nnd Realduice, No. 1067 Urdu St., onposlU Ji
Union, WhMllnc, W. Va. I
OVMil.'oua Oxldfr (>m aud other Anesthetics ^
ilmlnlatcred. mylS ?
ft F R A N K, T JIE C L 0 T HIK R,
?fl Twklvto brawrt,
ii/a .H.-I K'lla Tickets to all points Knit and Weat, e
MTllouud trip tickats to Baltimore *jjJ return, .]
n<l Ch'duu ami ri-tinn, almonhaiiil. ?5
look out:
bargains J
Hernanis and Grenadines! s
We offer this day 50 pieces Black ?
irenadlaes and Hernanla, bought by
or Mr. I. Blum at a largo peremptory
ale at fifty conts on the dollar, aid we r<
ITer them at the aamo ritea.
Ton pieces fine Black Hernanle, worth ?
!0c, wo offer at 31c. ?
Ten pieces all wool Hernanla, woKh J
5c, we offer at 40c.
Ten pieces all wool Hernanls, worth j
I, we ofTer at 50o,
Ten pieces Silk and Wool Hcrnarl), ?
lortti $1.53, we olfer at 02 I-I2c. ^
Ten ps. two yards wida all wool, and a
Ilk and wool Grenadines at from 51.25 w
o 52.00 per yard. >
Ladiet, the ahorr are real JJanjains. flV v
nvile one and all to come <iu<! tee them.
C. BLUM <5c BRO. ?
During tho clfrcn yc*r? I h*TO l*en practicing
a Wbivlmi; 1 have nduiiiiUtercxl g*fl to over eevuu
houkuod pereotw wlih Pkrxkct Sakktv, tod In ,
liiuiat t'ViTv cuini villi fntln?iiaH?fiirtlnn Id tuvvlf <1
ml petlonu. tl
We constantly keep on bandi pure Nitrous Oxide ?
i?g (or tliOK* that tliviro to take It ,
m?? No. 1143 Market Kt. C
SkAtMgemjc I
IVEUMJiUiiY, JIIJfE O, 1877. "
~ if
New AdvertinemenUi. *
_ Notice?Riverside Building Asuocia- c
ion. 1
Wheeling Female College?Commencement
Inlander*, Look Out for Mud.
Wanted?To Borrow $1,500. J'
Undertaking?A. R. Morehead & Co.
French China?Cummins ?& Woodtf. "
Grand Concert at the Atlantic Garden, ti
Commiiwioner'* Sale. H
Thermometer Record.?The follow- h
ng shown the ran?c of the thermometer, c
w ohnerved at Schnepf's drug store,
}pera House corner, venierday : ^
ia.m. 12 v. s p. it. Tp. m. *
76 H; t>> so I
Chccolato Ice Cream,
Vanilla Ice Cream,
oirawucrr/ ica uream, o
Pineapple loe Craam, 0
Cranjje Sherbet, J
Pineapple Sherbet, a
For Additional l.ocal Sec First Page, n
Yesterday was very warm ami quiet, n
Boys with ragged straw hats are in full t
jloasom. c
? ?? * ii
The payment of pensions is now going c
jn at Gen. Harris' ofiice. t!
? f,
It is prognosticated by pome knowing p
jnes that the peach crop will be a failure, t;
The fine rain of Monday night has u
;iveh everything a bright and verdant ap* a
>earance. ti
The Waverly Literary Society will J
lave a banquet at Laramie'* new restau- t
rant to-night.
Justice Wheeler fined Paddy Howley
$5 and costs for kicking Mrs. Filan.
in "llowleytown."
A numuer of delegate*) to the German
Lutheran Synod which meets In the city u
to-day arrived yesterday. 8
The Island Miwion Sabbath School is
to Imvo a picnic at Anderson'* Grove, c
west ol Bridgeport, to-morrow.
We acknowledge the receipt of an in- v
?i.~ i ?ii?
>" iii? vuiuuiciitciiiriit itu|i ui
little Washington, June27th. r
Tiie Sinters of St. Joseph yesterday collected
$110 from We Belmont Mill hands, *'
for the coming Orphans' festival. t
|a, 8
The "immortal J. n." is coming down i
ihis way. J. N. go back to your den.
IVe'ro busy now anil can't be bothered.
? ? a
Justice Mix yesterday issued a war- n
rant for the arrest of Sarah Hammond, ?
>u a charge of abusing Mrs. Michael Bell. ^
A panorama ol the "Pilgrim's Progress" i
ffill shortly be exhibited for the benefit 1
)f the Kane Street M. E. Sabbath school.
Tnc playful little bus now seeks the abade, C
Ami cropplM lu deep water iwUn, j
Ami from tho umbrage of the aaratnp
1 he bull frog pipes lila evening hyuin.
The Matthews Light Guardsappointed u
l committee tho other (night to make a
arrangements for a picnic on the Fourth
>1 July. ?
Hotel Improvement.?Wo understand w
hat Mr. Henry Stamm, proprietor of the li
itamm House, will thin summer make e<
orne important improvements in his a
lotoi. An additional story will probably $
wadded to tho front, and tho rear part 9
if tho building will be torn down ana remilt
in more modern style. I
City Couhcil.?Sfcokd Bbahch.? I
ie City Council met last night in special I
nion.- Present at roll-call in Second i
ranch: Adams, Campbell, Crowther, i
iher, Qoodfellow, Ilancu, Iforlcheiiner, I
illoclc, Reeves, Simpson, Stoker, Wait,
ahn, Mr. President. ?
A petition wan received from Win I red i
reeney, Catharine Frier/, and Bridget
ugliea, for the remission of tbe fine# of
lioinas Sweeney, Owen Friery and James
ughes, minors, who were fined $10 and i
ists eacli by J udge Cranmer for gaming,
be petition not being in the initial form,
wan not considered.
Petition of J. 0. Bundy, for remission
water rent, was referred to the Comittee
on Water Works.
I)r. Beeves ollVred the following resoition:
Wiikhbab, In tho present straightened
indiliutl of th? f'inanrpii nf iIim cit v. nil
eedless expenditures of money should bo
iroided; and
\Vni?UEAH, The illuminated clock?
iiown as the "Capitol Clock"?-is more
rnamcntal than noeftil; and
\VintiiEl8, In the attempt to illuminte
its dials, covering u j>eriod from Jnn.
Oth to Ma/ Wth?or for four month*
ad twenty day*?nearly i!00,000 feet of
n* have been consumed, to-wit, i!0 day*
... 42,400 feet.
ebruary 65,000 "
[arrh CO,000 ?
l>rll 21),?W "
lay-...; .... n,7io 41
Total ?15?,?W0 feet.
-coating tho city $2G9 05, or, at name
ate, about $S00 per annum; and all this
xnenditure without any corresponding
ublic benefit; therefore"
liftohtd. That the Superintendent of
ic (la* Works Ikj and is hereby instructtl
to shut off the iras from the "Capitol
The resolution was adopted by a unannous
Tho City Sexton reported ten interlent*
in tho city cemetery during the
lonth of Way; receipts, $10. The report
as tiled.
The action of the First Branch on the
etition of the La Belle Iron Works, for
igbt to build a tram road from the works
t the head of Hl?t ntreet to the Ohio
Iver, was concurred in.
Petition of Wm.tiibson, for a reduction
i water tax, wan reierred to li?e commit;e
on Water Work?.
Petition of Mr*. 1?. K. Crouch, in relaoii
to lot No. 5G0, in the City Cemetery,
as referred to the Committee on Cernesriea.
.Mr. C4oodfellow offered the following
Notation, which was adopted:
llaolv&i,That Ilia Honor the Mayor l>e
equeatcd to inform the Second llranch
f Council, if within hin knowledge, by
'hat authority the work in now being
one on the bridge over Caldwell'* Kun,
t Eotr?trcet.
The following resolution, offered by
Ir. Adam?, wan also adopted:
limited. That the Committee on Street*
in! Alley* bo authorized to contract with
frtain parties for grading Alley 14 from
.llev ti to McColloughstreet.said parties
greeing to do the same for the clay and
ind (if in the opinion of the committee it
e proper to do bo.)
Dr. Logan offered the lollowimr. which
'M adopted:
Ilaolxtd. That the Clerk of the city be
uthorized to draw an order on the Reuiver
in favor of the Commissioners of
:ie Capitol loan for the Btira of SI 1,250,
eing the amount required by the ordiance
for liquidation of interest nnd reuction
of principal, July 1st.
Mr. IJorkheimer offered the following :
H<tolled, That the City Solicitor is
erewith instructed to proceed against
ic Street Commissioner and his bondsion
for putting the city to an expeuae in
oing work which was not ordered by
TO abovo resolution relates to the
ork of widening the Market street
avemnnts, between 10th and 12th streets,
rdered by the old Council.
The resolution was withdrawn, and
;ie following submitted:
Hooked, That the Street Commissioner
? herewith instructed to continue the
ridening of pavements and resetting the
nrb atones on Market street, between
lth and 12th streets.
This resolution was adopted.
An ordinance to amend ar.d reordain
lie -list and 44th sections of theordiancedefining
and prescribing the pun hment
of certain offenses, making it
unlawful for any person to practice uny
rick, game or' device with intent to
winille," etc., passed by the Firnt IJranch
nme time since, was taken from the tale
and the action of the First Branch
oncurrea in.
A petition froin citizens of the Eighth
Vanl, to have Cafcl well's llun straightenil,
was received and sent to the First
rnoTEsnKo members.
Thefollowingvraa read:
The undersigned members of the Secnd
Branch of Council, having voted
gainst nn amendment to an ordinance
dopted at the last meeting of Council,
ntitled "An ordinance to determine the
mount of money neccsaary to meet the
xpenses for the year commencing the
rat day of June, ?ic.," by which amendment
the appropriation forstreets and al;y?
was largely increased, and tixed at an
mount which will cause the entire appro riationa
made by such ordinance exceed
he estimated revenues of the city for the
urrent year, and may cause an indebtedess
on the part of the city, exceeding the
ontributional limit; and desiring to free
liemhelvea from every personal liability
or any damages which may accrue from
uch action on the part of the Council,
aken without their consent, hereby avail
benuelveaofthe privilege aiforded them
nder Rule 80, to protest against the
etion of Council referred to in the adopion
of the said amendment, and of the
rdinance as amended, and respectfully
sk that this their protest be entered 011
he minutes of Council.
m. 1'ollock,
w. P. Adams,
Kobert Sim won,
Simon Horkiif.imeu,
T. II. Loqan.
The protest vran ordered placed on the
ainutes, and loon afterwards Council
d jo umed.
Hiii Jlonor the Mayor presided. On
ailing the roll there were present Messrs.
Jaird, Boring, Briee, Carnahan, Egerter,
lasting*, McAdams, Reister and Woodyard.
The minutes of the last meeting were
ead, and being approved were signed by
he Cleric.
The Mayor Htated that the session had
ecu called for the purpose of completing
lie consideration of the estimates of the
landing committees for expenditures in
heir different departments and appropritions
for the name.
A message from the Second Branch
nnounced that it had potted an ordi*
ance against the obstruction of Market
treetfrom 12th street to the creek, and
Iain street between 9th and 12th streets.
A petition was read from the La Belle
ron Works, asking permission to lay a
ram road from their xuill down 31st
treet to the river.
Mr. Blair moved to refer it to the
Joinmittee on Streets and Alleys for reeport.
Mr. Reister amended by moving that
lie Committee have power to act, which,
Don a call of tho ayes and nays, was
ffi . r ?t_ n - r.. T,.
zuo ivyori 01,1110 *jommuieo on i1!*
ancea upon the revenues of the city for
S77-8wa? read, being a total of $100,050,
rith liabilities aggregating $123 878,
saving a balance of?12.172 to be dividJ
among the four principal department#
h follows: Lights, $9,000; Water Works,
14,500; Streets, Alleys ami Grades, $10,
72: Fire Department, $9,000.
The Mayor then read the act of tho
legislature providing that tho estimate*
.'or the expenses of Mid departments and
that the awounta apportioned therefor t
shall not be exceeded except by aconcur- n
rence of four-fifths of the members of the
Council. a
An ordinance complying with the terms r
df the aforesaid law and Hinting that the t>
everal amount* attached to tho depart- j
tnents of Lights, Water Works, Fire De- o
partment, and Streets, Alleys ur.d Circles c
are Beceeiary to meet the expenses of the t*
said departments for the year cominenc- a
tag on the 1st Tuesday of Mny, 1877. t
Mr. Egerter asked for the reading of
the items from the report* of the differ- I
ent committees upon which tho apitor- \
tionmenls were'.made by the Finance Com- t
mittee. ' s
Mr. Blair wanted to know why it waa i
necessary 'to make an appropriation of m
nine thousand dollars for the Committee
on uguiii, mo uaa Horns Dciougiiig iu \
the city and being felf-sustainlng and t
therefore able to do without the appropriation
of $9,000, net anide by the Fi- i
nance Committee. Mr. Hall maintained
that to take thin ?9,000 oft" the revenue*
of the Committee on Light* was an injuntice
to the 1,400 ga? conimuer* of the (|
citv, who have paid for the CJan Works so <\
far as they have been paid for. To take ,
thin revenue in to increa.se the price of (
gtu on the 1,'100 consumers and to appro- |
priate it to other purpoieajin warda which ;
make no use of the gas except for the \
lighting of the streets and do not seem t
to want it for any other purpose wan illegal
ns well as unjust.
Dr. liaird moved to amend the report
of tito Committee on Finance by rai.tJng
the appropriation for streets and alleys
to $lt>,000, which amendment wax adopted.
Mr. Blair moved to increase the appropriation
of the Finance Committee for '
the Fire Department to $13,000, and on
a call of the ayes and noes the amendment
was lost.
Mr. IJoring moved that the Hum be increased
to $11,000. Mr. Hall remarked <
that ho was opposed to thin increased ?|>- i
propriation, because he believed, and it c
was the opinion of legal gentlemen that <
the members of Council by exceeding the <
known revenues were rendered liable to I
uiake up thedetlciency. Tho amoudment J
was adopted.
On motion of I)r. Baird the appor- <
tionment of tho Finance Committeo was I
reduced to three thousand dollars for the
Committee on Lights, which was adopted. <
The ordinancu wax then read a third time I
and adopted as amended.
Mr. Woodward moved that tho ex- '
penditures of the Street Commissioner he <
limited to $000 per month. Dr. Baird
statedthat tinier Home limitation be plac- <
edon the StreetCommissioners power to i
expend money he cannot be controlled.
He further stated as Chairman of the 1
Committee on Streets and Alleys, that
the committee cannot controll James U.
Whyte, the present Street Commissioner,
he has utterly failed to obey theinstruc- lions
uf C'ouucil nnd laughs iu the face of
tho committee. i
Mr. Hoflman was in favor of tlife reso- <
lution. The Street Commissioner has in
his am ploy men who are not worth 50 <
cents per day, and his whole nianngeaient <
is such as to bankrupt the treasury of the
city. i
Mr. Kgerter was clearly of the opinion
that the present Street Commissioner <
is an inefficient officer. <
Mr. Hall would vote for the resolution.
The sooner the .Council put its '
foot down on the extravagant and useless <
waste of money the better. He would
offer an amendment reducing the sum to i
$100. 1
The amendment was accepted and the
resolution adopted.
A petition of citizens was received i
from the Second branch asking the
straightening of Caldwell's Run, and the i
action of the Second Branch beiug merely i
to refer to the First Branch, it was laid
on the table. <
A resolution from the Second Branch <
ordering the discontinuance of the illu- <
mination of the town clock was read and
referred to the Committee on Lights. ,
A resolution udoptcd iu the Second i
Branch to inquire by what authority the
work ou the bridge over Caldwell's run at 1
EofFstreet is being done, was received. i
The Mayor being unable to convey tho i
information Dr. Baird stated that the
City Solicitor informed the Street Com- <
missioner that he had the power and it I
was his duty to protoct tho city's interest
and on the strength of this statement the !
committee oonpented that the work might :
be done.
The action of the Second Branch authorizing
tho Clerk to draw an ordinance in ?
(nvr>* -r -I !...
v. w? >w uvunum.-iuuug ui mo v<a|iiiiu
loan for eleven thousand two hundred '
and fifty dollars was concurred in.
On motion the Branch adjourned.
Tub Disciples' Festival.'?The festival
given by the ladies of the Disciples'
Church, at Mozart Hall last evening, was
one of the bent conducted affairs of the '
kind it ha* been our fortune to attend.
The hall was handsomely fitted up for
the occasion, Mr. Thomas Hornhrook, j
with his accustomed liberality, aupplyiug
a goodly portion of the llowers and evergreens
fur the purpose of decoration.
The inclement weather did not seem to
aflect the attendance,as the hnll was crowded
until nearly midnight. We will not attempt
a description of the.different booths, (
which displayed much good taste on the
part of the projectors, but will givo what
may perhaps be of more interest to our
vmicm, u uovui uic uiir ucuupuuiM. incy i
were as follows:
Candy Stand?Mian Belle Fox.
Fancy Table?Mrs. Win. llolliday,
Ming Ella McCurdy. (
Lovers' Retreat?Mias Mary llolliday,
Miss Mary Higgins.
Button HoleJBoumteta?Miss Theresa
Phillips, Miss Ella Truxell.
PeanuUStand?Mr. Brook Adams.
Lemonade and Buttermilk?Mrs. C.
Hamilton, Misses Jennie Wycard, Annie
Naylor, Maggie McDonald, Kattie Gregg,
Julia Long.
Refreshment Table?Mrs. Geo. Johnson,
Mrs. O. P. Miller, Mrs. Dr. Turner,
Mrs. II. Higgins, Mrs. Kline, Mrs. Albert
Wells, Missea Sallie Connelly, Sallie
Elliott, Jennie McCurdy.
Supper Table?Mrs. Samuel Adauip,
Mrs. Blake, Mrs. John Naylor, Mrs. G.
Naylor, Mrs. Longdon, Mrs. Donel.
1 lat Stand?Mrs. John Mendel.
During the evening Misses Annie Carson
and Theresa Phillips and Mr. 0.<car
Seeley sang several line selections, Miss
McDonald presiding at the piano. Miss
Alice Roger#,the regular organist of the
church, was ill, and unable to he present.
The music was highly enjoyed by all
present, niut unanimously voted, although
we can't say that the motion wiw put, one
of the most interesting features of the
opening's entertainment. The festival
will be continued this evening,
when Mis* Rogers and others
are expected to be present, and contribute
some line vocal and instrumental
l>erformances. Wu know of no better
place to spend an hour or so pleasantly
this evening than at Mozart Hall, There
will be on hand plenty of good companv,
*< WpII no n linn I f,? I
7?? ? bmfl'v "? hiv (jwiiu
things of life.
'Luje Black's Little Game.?'Lige
Black, who makes his headquarters at
the notorious "Gray's Inn,'! on tho wharf,
got caught upon a littlo game he tried
to play on an unsophisticated countryman
at the lied Cloud Saloon yesterday
afternoon. Wo. McCammick lives somewhere
back of Bridgeport, and ought to
be ashamed of himseli for being in such
had company. 'Lige borrowed a dollar
from him, and gave his watch as security
for the payment of the loan. After several
rounds of drinking, 'Lige demanded
his watch, claiming that he nad paid tho
dollar. This McCammick'deniea and refused
to deliver the watch. 'Lige then
attempted to take the watch troin him,
when McCammick had him arrested for
assault and battery. He was locked up
for a hearing this morning.
xuEconiraci lor ouiuing aoridgeover
Glenn'a Run has been awarded to Mr.
Robert Marshall, and he hu a Urge
number of men employed to do the work.
Thk Coort.s?Uwtttd States DoElcx
CoVBX?Judgt Jackton.?lhi* court (
let yeiterday morning at 10 o'clock.
In tbe case of Applegate & Coleman, i
saigneesof Gordon <fc Wright, bank- i
upta, yb. Pittsburgh, Wheeling A Kenucky
Railroad Company, and Lewis Ap legate,
in chancery, the special answer ;
fLswis Applegate was tiled, and an ex- i
eption to the report ol the Coiumia- 1
ioners of the P. W. A Ky. Company was i
lao filed, and leave granted parties to i
alee additional testimony,
E.W. DeVasstSc Co. v*. Citlwns' Fire,
iliirinn & Life Insurance Company of
Vheeling. In assumpsit. Fred. Humorrinkef,
one of the parties dying, the
urvlvor of the partnership electa to
>ro*ecute the suit in hie own name as
uch survivor.
Same vs. Fire tfc Marino Insuranco
Company ofWheeling. Same order en*
ered an in the former ewe.
Adjourned until 10 o'clock this mornng.
CmcuiT Court?Judge Meliin.
In this court yesterday the cvilence
in the case of Mary Curren vs.
rhomaa Owens was completed, and the
trgument commenced. Mr. Dovener
pened for tho plaintifT, and was followed
>y Mr. Kussell, for the defence. To-day
Mr. Davenport will speak for the plainill'
and Mr. Good for the defenso, when
he case will be submitted to the jury.
Police Court?Judge Cranmer.
The following docket was disposed ol by
ills Ifonor yesterday morning:
For disorderly conduct George Whim
vas lined $10 and Patrick llowley and
kVm. Carney $o cach. Tho fines were
A colored girl nameu wary ureen was
ient up for thirty days for drunkenness.
SurKKME Court.?The Supreme Court
jf Appeals of Went Virginia will meet
n thin city to-morrow. The argument
locket for the First Circuit, confuting
>f the counties of Jl&ncock, Lrooke,
Jhio and Marshall, will be taken up on
:ho first day of the court. The docket
[or this circuit is as follows:
State of West Virginia, defendant in
rror, v. Ab. Charlton, plantifT in error,
from Marshall county.
State of West Virginia, defendant in
;rror, v. Win. Allum, plantifT in error,
from Marshall county.
A Thorn burg, appellant, v. D. M.
rhornburg, et ul., appellees, from Ohio
State of West Virginia, defendant in
srror, v. Taylor Strauder, plaintift in error,
from Ohio county.
W. W. Rigg?, appellee, v. J, II. Lock(rood,
appellant, from Marshall county.
John ltobrecht, appellee, v. S. W.
Wharton, appellant, from Ohio county.
Maria Ogle, appellee, v. Washington
Mams, appellant, from Marshall county.
Jos. Speidel & Co., appellee, v. Chr.
3chIosser, appellant, from Municipal
Jourt of Wheeling.
Robert Smiley, plaintiff in error, v.
Citizen's F. M. L. Insurance Company,
lut.milunt in nrrnr fmm (lliin lumniu
J. W. Zane, appellant, v. P. 11. Zane, et
il., appellees, from Ohio county.
City of Wheeling, appellant, v. W. S.
Campbell, et al., appellees, from Ohio
Mary Anderson, for use, &c., appellant,
7. (}. L.Cranmer, et al., appellee*, Irom
Jhio county.
PhelpsPound, defendant in error, v.
Smith & Co., plaintifl' in error, from
Municipal Court of Wheeling.
D. Snyder, et al., defendant in error, v.
P.O. & St. L. Railway Company, plaintifl'
;n error, from Brooke county.
Win. Manlon, appellant, v. Thos Faliy,
appellee, from Municipal Court of Wheeling.
Isaac Miller, for use, <Stc., plaintifl' in
?rror, v. Citizen's F. M. tS: L. Insurance
Jompany,defendant in error, from Ohio
J. N. Cienin, Kxecutor, appellee, v.
fosiah Ingersoll, appelJaut, from Marshall
M. Green & Co., defendant in error, v.
P. W. & K. Kail rood Company, plaintifl*
in error, from Municipal Court of Wheeling.
A. WeidebuBcb, appellant, v. IT. Harttnstinc,
ct al., appellees, from Ohio coun*
J. W. Sweeney, defendant in error, v.
Lewis Baker, et al., plaintiffs in error,
trora Ohio county.
J. W. Probaseo, et al., defendant in error,
v. Town of Moundsvillc, defendant in
error, from Marshall county.
Ohio Valley 1. W. Co., appellant, v.
Town of Moundsville, appellee, from
Marshall county.
Jos. Arnold and others, appellants, v.
II. A. Arnold and others, appellees, from
Marshall county.
M. A. Jones, appellee, v. John Reid,
Administrator, appellant, from Ohio
The docket from tbe Second Circuit,
consisting of the counties of Doddridge,
Harrison, Marion, Monongalia, Taylor
and Wetzel, will bo taken up Wednesday,
June 13; tho Fifth Circuit, consisting of
the counties of Calhoun, Pleasants,
ltitchie, Tyler, Wirt and Wood, on Monday,
Juno 18; tho Sixth Circuit, consisting
of the counties of Barbour, Gilmer,
Lewis, Preston, Randolph, Tucker, Upshur
and Webster, on Monday, June 115;
the Eighth Circuit, consisting of the
counties of Braxton, Clay, Fayette, Greenbrier,
Nicholas, Pocahontas, Monroe and
Summers, on Thursday, June 4J8; the
Ninth Circuit, consisting of tho counties
of Cabell, Wayne, Lincoln, Boone, Logan,
Wyoming, Mercer, Raleigh and McDowell,
on Saturday, June 150; tho Seventh
Circuit, consisting of tho counties of
Jackson, Kanawha, Mason, Putnam and
Roane, on Monday, July i!.
Hotel Arrivals.?Among tho late arrivals
at the hotels are the following :
St. Jmncs?C. II. Goodrich, editor Dmocrat.
WoodsQeld, O.; James A. McElroy,
Washington, Pa.; W. H. llolloway,
Barnesville, 0.; John R. Gow, editor
Ltader, Bellaire, 0.; John R.Lowe Superintendent
Belmont County JnGrmary.
oiumm?n. r. .nouenson, lieveriy, U.;
Cr. M. Gamble, Claysville, Pa.; Win.
Woodburne, Cameron, W. Va.; Win.
BriggH, Wellsburg; T. J. Carr, Barn^*
ville; W. H.Simpkin, Mnnnington; A. C.
Turner, Bethany; E. K. Jones, Grafton;
Henry Scott and wife, II. McGumphrey
and wife, Greene county, Pa.
McLure? Judge J. J. Jackson, Parkersburg;
Jasper Y. Moore, Clarksburg;
P. II. Bradley, Grafton; E. W. Kobinnon,
Fairmont; A. P. Marshall, Steubenvillc;
Charles E. Hamilton, Newburg; Geo. U.
Cunningham, Washington, Pa.
Wedmkoat St. Alphonsos.?At the
St. Alphonsus Church yesterday afternoon
at 4 o'clock Mr. Joseph Hague nnd
Miss Elizabeth Mason were married by
Father Kreusch. A large number of
friends of the contracting parties were iu
The attendants were Miss Grit. Kevscr,
Miss Maggie Keyser, Miss Lizzie Hague,
Mr. Joseph Michael, Mr. Lewis Straub,
Mr. John Mason. After the ceremony at
the church the wedding party repaired to
the residence of Mr. Hague, and Hpent a
short time, after which they started for
the residence of Mr. Joseph Demmy, at
Pleasant Valley, whore a reception was
given them lost night. Cockayne's band
turnished the music for the reception.
Mr.im Literary Society.?The II.
N. Mertz Literary Society has elected the
following dBcera to serve for the ensuing
term; PrMidftnt. Wm ?
President Joiepli Devi'ne; Secretary
Charles Otte; Treasurer, Joseph Voile I;
Critics.Ed. Wheat, James Mix.
When you stand at a gate with a
pretty girl anil the moon in shining too
brightly for lussing, iwk her to fix your
necktie, which will require you to atoop
and lier to stand on her tiptocn.
How can I have a clear and brilliant
comnlexion ? Simply by unine Dr.
a ?J??^ Mature and observing the
roles of health. d&*.
., . , , . ^
As fpiritous liquors will lojare men,
10 opium or morphia will harmfully effect
the baby. Dr. Bull's Baby 8yrup it
\he remedy for the baby. It if freo from
Dpium. Price 29 cents. , d.iw
Wildsy Lodoe No. 2. Daughter* of
Rebecca, will have a pound package part/
on tho evening of Juno 13th, in their
hall. The excerciiei will oomut of vocal
and instrumental music, tnd the disposal
of packagea which may be brought in bjr
If you want a stove that will not heat
up the whole house in warm weather, try
one of the Domestic Uaaolino Oooking
Liohtnino.?We take this onnortuni^
ty to inform tho citizcna of Wheeling
that wo are permanently looated here,
and live on the Island, Delaware street.
Wo would also state that we have had
cloven venrs'experience in the business,
and will guarantee our rods to be erected
in tho most substantial and successful
manner, with a view to ornamentation u
well as protection. Our agent, Prof.
Thomas 8. Ward, is a gentleman of long
experience in tho science of electricity.
He will introduce our New Conper Rod,
contracts for the erection ot which, taken
by him. will be fulfilled by us.
J. K. DAVID90N & Co.,
Wheeling Lightning llod Company.
Call at 1414 Market street and nee
tho Domestic Gasoline Cooking Btove,
the moat economical cooking stove in tho
Extraordinary Baboainb in Pianos
and Oroanu.?Our readers will hardly
credit it when we tell them how low a
first-class Piano or Organ can be bought
at Adams & Lucas', 1227 Market street.
For instance:
A fine carved Knabe Piano, seven oclaves,
as good as new, for $375; first cost
An elegant rosewood Piano, carved
legs, ficren octaves, (can not be told from
a new one) for $205: first cost $500.
Other good second-hand Pianos at from
$40 to $160.
Splendid new TianoB of tlie best make*,
including SteinwayJKnabe, Haxelton and
other*. at from $400 to $1,000.
In the line of Organ* Menem. Adams &
Luca* nell the Mason & Hamlin, Smith,
American, and several other makes, at
the lowest possible prices?from $85 to
$300. Some very good second-hand Organs
as low as $40 to $G0. Altogether, a
better variety can not be found in any
music store.
Terms of payment will be made to suit
all reiponsiblo parties, while for cash a
very liberal discount will be made.
New Kestaurant.?Mr. T. Laramie
has opened a restaurant at Noi 1325 Market
street, just above the Opera House,
which he proposes to keep open day anu
night the year round. The room has been
freshly papered and painted, and new
furniture provided, and will be found one
of the most pleasant establishments ol
the kind in the city. Mr. Laramie has
chosen n jjood location, and intends to
keep a first-class house. He has engaged
a cook with an established reputation, and
is prepared to cater to the beat class ol
The Domestic Gasoline Cooking Stove
makes no diiHt, no dirt and no smoke.
On cxiiibition at 1411 Market street.
Save money and get your season tickcl
for Xeuhausen's Summer Garden.
The largest stock of Trimmed Bonnets
and Mats in the city.
Spkyer Bros.'
? The Domestic Gasoline Cooking Stove
is just the thing for summer use. It can
be seen at 1414 Market street.
Give your family a rest at Nenhausen't
Summer Garden.
Tiie finest shoes kept in the city a
L. v. Blond's.
Get ready for Neuhausen's Summei
Garden Concert and Ball next Thursday
Buy your millinery goods at
Speyer Bros.'
Latest arrival! Two hundred nev
styles of Embroidered Linen and Frencl
Percale Suits.
.l.?. 1. f itri
v/iiu inuumuiu new jnuicrjin OX IT HI
Paner; also Silks, Cashmeres, Grenadines
and Fancy DresB Goods, as low as 10 eta
per yard.
Twenty-five pieces of the best and cheap
est Carpets in the city. .
Two thousand pounds of Superioi
Southern Carpet Chain; call soon if yot
wish to save money, at
John Roemer's,
Dry Goods, Carpet and Wall Paper Em
100 dozen two-button Kid Gloves, al
sizes and shades, only 50 cents a pair.
Sfeyer Bros.'
jcst received, a lot of Children's Slioei
of the latest styles, at L. V. Blond's.
Carpets ! Carpeta! Carpets! It is i
well settled fact that the cheapest Car
pets and Dry Goods in the city are fount
at J. W. Febrel's,
Corner Main and 20th St.
Latest styles of shoes just received a
L. V. Blond's.
Break down in prices of Dry Goodi
and CorpetB. Now is your time. Cal
and. price. Got to sell.
J. W. Fcrrel.
Gents' fine shoes of tho latest style;
just received at L. V. Blond's.
Good Black Kid Gloves for 35 cts., a
u< ii.ir.nnr,up,
Ik you want to get 'suited in a pair o
shoes go to ' L. V. Blond's.
1'ueak down in prices.?dfch8 qoodf
3 cents, Black Kid Gloved IJ5 cent* and
Carpets an cheap an 15 cent*. They have
to be Holtl to raise money now.
j. W. Fercel.
The cheapest shoes in the. city at
L, V. Blond's.
Help for the weak, nervous, and debilitated.
Chronic and painful diseaaei
cured without medicine. Klectric Belu
and other appliances, all about Lhetn, ami
how to distinguish the genuine from the
spurious. Book, with full particulars,
mailed free. Address I'ulvermachbf
Galvanic Co., 202 Vine Street, Cincin'
nati, 0.
Light, airy, and cheerful, ccntrallv
located, and carefully managed, the Col
onnade Hotel offers unequalled induce'
ments to Philadelphia visitors. eod
False Impression.?It w generally
supposed by a certain class of citizens
who are not practical or experienced
that Dyspepsia can not invaribly be cured
i but wo are pleased to say that Green'i
Auacsr Flower has never, to our knowl
edge, failed to cure Dyspepsia and Livei
Complaint in nil its forms, such as Souj
Stomachs, Costiveness, Sick Headache
palpitation ot the Heart, low spirits. &c.
&c. Out of 30 000 down bottles nold Ian
Tear, not a ulngle failure wan reported
but thou?andrt of complimentary letteri
received from Drugcuu of wonderfu
curei. Three dosea will relieve any cate
Try it. Sample bottle 10 centa. Kerala;
bue 75 cent*. por ,ale by t Jjat I
Co., and Laugbhn Bros, & Co.
??-? eodAW.
Paper Box Manufacturer,
?*'?!>?<> I21S Main Stroot, up .Ul? (ol.
Sot prom"rUT Lu,SS'
Of Wheeling, W. Va. Assets 0
J. N. VANCE, Prwldent.
M. REILLY, Vlot President.
M. HE 11,1 ,Y, L. C. 8TIFE
GEO, apams, j. h, iionn
Franklin Insuran
The largest Independent Insurance 0
<fe/n nnn
This Ageioy, being Independent of all G
desirable property?both Fire and Merli
unsurpassed, adjustments liberal, and pi
mends it to tbe patronage of the publi
North British and Mercantile In?
Fire Association ol Pbiladelphi
Union Insurance Company ol PI
Western Assurance Company ol
llniralo Insaranco Company* oi
Mobile 1'iidcrwriters* ANSOCiatio
British American Assurance Co
Koyal Canadian Insurance Com
(e21 T^.
SAML. K. bTOKES, Vico President |
| II; S. STEPHENS, 2d Vice President. !
Every Policyholder Is a member of tbe
and privileges.
i It has declared more dividends In numt
Company In the United States
It Is liberal In lis management, prompt
r ??~Antmt8 wanted in every section of tli
Silver La
Jackson's Petersburg
( Buchannan & Lyalls' New >
Three of the largest and most eel
States. Wo carry a large line of 1
t vantages not obtainable elsewhere.
And you will bo oonvinoed (for li
L ruling rates.
I my 10
i . .1 - "
Peabody Insurance Co.
; l:P . - - 9100,000.
i on Dwelling, ?*xm I?ro
. A. M, Adams,
H P rilMrX"' Jn?. F. Birnm,|
1 Jnlin T Ul Ale*. UuKlilin,
I ??MT' C. A. WIniwltr,
ALONZO L0R1N0, rrn'L
J. V. L, BODGEBS, Sce'j, mll3
iver Quarter Million Dollars.
nnn nn
T. P. PHILLIPS, Scoretary,
I. H. WILLIAMS, Alllstint Sec'y,
I, General Ageit.
8, J. 0. nOFFMAN.
ce Co's Aaencv.
~ 4 l
fflce in the State, repreeentleg over
oird combinations, Imures all olasiet?t
te?at reasonable rates. Iti Indenitj
omptne8s In payaient of louee recom
d. The Agonoy comprises the followlni
i. Co. ol London mid Edinburgh
I Toronto.
llnflalo N. Y.
n, ol Nobllo, Ala.
in pan j , ol Toronto.
puny, ot Montreal.
ZED 1847.
? $4,234, Oil II
- - ? 3.462.691 7J
6.876108 ?
JY, President.
J AS. "WEIR MASON, Actuary.
HENBY AU&TIE, Secretary,
Company, entitled to all its advintagii
>er, and of a larger percentage than iny
in its settlements of losses.
ICR, General Afcjeut.
e Stntc; also City Solicitors. aj>27
iY & SONS,
ke Flour.
Tobacco Manufactory.
fork Tobacco Manufactory,
ebratod manufactories in the UniW
robacoos, and can givo buyers adR
ke qualify) our prices are far below
rr &c soits,
IS. 1412 & 1414 Main Street.
r ^ \
m ' w*? .. > ,zj;
wW" ~'.\
w3fc"a s -1 ?s?
||||: 2 1t1 ?i
ffSfrei;'' ? < 3 < J;
i ? I
r* ? ? * 1
'* Jgj^
boots and shoes.
j^stablisiied is 1837.
i a wis'?"
J. nkuoh vancx. | w. *. hc8h* ! a*0
Manufacturers nml Jobber*0'
Boots and Shoes*
No. 1301 Main St., Wfieellnfl. *'Vl'

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