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_ Wheeling iliiit ittMKdeiuvtt
ESTABLISHED AUGUST 24. 1852.~ =======~^^^ =====
Ptrumt I fax in j l/if city may haxt the InlrUtgmt*
tenI to thtir ad-Utu ly tnall, l**'W <
inch lint (U tlmj may tlftirt, at t'u rate oj
trn/i ]*t ift'k,
ur Th'. rnonry to fiy /or th* Hmt "quired mui
in'all mkj acftrnji"!/Ifi' ''^''rr
Capital Location Meetings.
Till' ?'nn?u? ' > Favorol ( larks
1.. ? !? l.n ..I
jllf jlll'JMV < ' nvnv lllAlul?Hlllut?u
(lifMoti nt the following times ami places
ami |?y the following speakers, in favor o
5fo?refirM, Thinly county, Jane Cdi?Bj
Uen. Nathan tioll, Jr.
Petersburg, llraiit county, June7Ui?By
the inine speaker.
Ilin-khannon, Upshur county, June 1-tl
?By the same speaker.
Morgantowu, Monongalia county, Juni
25th?By the same speaker.
Iliirrisvillc, Ilitchie countv, June 11th
?y non. ueo. ix>oruiR nna .lonn inutsei, iu?q
New Martinsville, Wetzel county, Jum
12th?Hy Hon. I'enj. Wilson nn<l II. It
iiiitz, Esq.
Ht. Heorfge, Tucker county, June ISth?
Hv John Hansel, Ksq.
(irnntsville, Calhoun county, June 25tl:
?Hy Jlon. lJenj. Wilson nod Hon. E. M
Glenville, Oilmcr county, July .1 J?R)
the same speakers.
Other announcements will he made from
time to time.
\VK are indebted to O. S. L>ntf, Esq.
the accommodating Clerk of the Court oi
Appeal*, for u copy of a pamphlet just
i-timet! by him, giving the points adjudi
cated at the January term of the court
It iiia work of 00 page* and possessei
special interest and importance for law
yer<t. It is furnished at one dollar pel
TilEsmill paragraph copied into another
p.irt of this morning's paper ii:
regard to the meeting of the directors o
the Tuscarawas Valley road at Clevelant
on Tuenday, leaven the question vrhethe
the road in to he finished to Wheeling a
thin time nomewhat in doubt. It rend
ii< if the indefatigable reporter of tli
Cleveland Leader ha l but a dim idea o
what ho was writing about. We lean
Hince the adjournment of the board tha
the company will proceed fpeedily will
the work of completing the road to thi
city from it* present terminus, and tha
such was the result of their deliberation!
on Tuesday.
The C'ime ol Taylor Slrnnrter.
Among the canes to be acted upon a
the HCK.-iion of theCouitof Appeals whicl
commences here to day, is that of Tavloi
St ran tier, the negro man who ha* been ir
j til for nearly live years, anil who ha
been twice convicted and sentenced ti
death, and whose fate in still envelope!
in doubt. Strauder killed his wile ii
April, 1S72, for alleged adultery. II?!
was indicted in May of that year, but wa
not tried until May, 18711, at which tiin
n verdict of murder in the tire
degree wis rendered. The Suprem
Court granted a writ of error and aftei
hearing the caie ordered a new trial, am
accordingly Strauder w.u reindicted ii
October 1874, tried in November, agaii
found guilty of murder in the first degree
ami sentenced to bj hanged. A neeoni
time the ease was taken to ths Court of Aji
...... I - .-..I .sf nr.
t.oai. w?. ?..? ??"
to have the decision ot tlio Court upoi
llio points rai.-eil by hid counsel. Tlx
lending point is that Strauder dit
nut have such a trial as hi
was entitled to under the Civi
llights Hill, viz: a trial by a jur;
drawn promiscuously from hid fellow cit
izena, but from one cla?.s of them only
viz: white citizens, colored citizeni
not being eligible under the laws o
West Virginia to hit in his case. This i
an interesting point, and it may rticit the
opinion of the highest court in the Stati
on the question of the eligibility of col
ored citizens to act as juryiuen. It will
he remembered that the tirst section o
the Civil Kights Bill provides "that al
persons born in the United States and no
subject to any foreign power, excludinj
Indians, not taxed, are hereby declaret
to be citizens.of the United Stater; am
mifih oiti/iHi* (if pvprv rdPi? *nil rnlrti
without regard to any previous comiitiol
of slavery or involuntary servitude, ex
cept as a punishment (or crimt
v hereof the party shall have bee:
duly convicted, shall have the sam
right in every State and Territory ii
the United State* to make and enforc
contract.'} to sue, bj parties, and jjiv
evidence; to inherit, purchase, lease,Bell
hold, and convey real estate and persona
property; and to full and e?ptal benefit o
all laws and proceedings for the securit;
of person and property an is enjoyed b
white citiscus, and shall be subject to lik
punishment, pains, and penalties, and t
none other, any law, statute, ordinance
or custom, to tho contrary uotwithstand
In addition to this section of the Civi
1)111, WlllJll 1*1 Ul AniCIO AI
of the Constitot!on of the United Stau
provides a* follows:
"All persons burn or naturalize 1 in tli
United States, and subject to the jurisdii
lion thereof, nro citizens of the Unilt
States and of the Statu wherein they ri
side. No State thai I make or enforc
any law which ?hall abridge tli
? , 1 ?uuuuimitM 01 CUIZUIH I
(he b iiitea Strtw, nor Mhall Any Stale di
privo any person of life, liberty or nroi
erty without duo )iroce*a of law, nor den
to any penon within it* jurisdiction tli
equal protections! the lawn."
It h held that iu derogation of th
above extract from the Constitution am
Inf.1 of the United State.*, the State c
West Virginia has limited jury eligibilit
to the white male citizen.* of tho State
ami 1111*1 inereoy layioroirauuer ana a
|vr?on* of bifjraco can not receive the in
pirtial protection to which they are ei
titled, persons of their race being excltii!
"I from the jury box under all circtmi
stance*. As long as one class of citiaan
ure thus debarred from equal privileg
with other eiiitens it cannot be said thr
they are equal beforo the law, and an
net of a State1 that thus debars tbei
may well beconiidered at variance wit
United Jitate* law. Hut putting the ex
tracts we have quoted to oue side, there ii
in enactment of Congress, which can bo
found in section 4 of chapter 114 of tin
Acta approved March 1, 1875, whlcl
seems expressly to meet Strauder's ewe
It in no follows:
"No citizens poMelalng all other quali
r lications which are, or may be,pre*cribe<
r by law, shall be disqualified for eervic
1 as grand or petit jurors in any court o
the United States, or vfdny State, on nc
' count of race, color or previous conditio!
of servitude."
Thin law wan passed in 1875 and Strau
der was convicted in 1874. Tho questioi
U,does it reach his case ?
Centre Wheeling Temperance
;lleutllnf( Hooin.
, Editors lotclllgtnccr :
f Wo were very much pleased with tin
arrangement of this room in the oh
American llall, Market street. W(
found magazines of recent issue, and
. among these wo saw Harpers' Magazine
Scribner's, Frank < 1/eslies' Popular
i Monthly, Phrenological Journal, and also
different pa|>ers, Pittsburgh Christian
- Advocate, Harpers' Weekly and other*
whose name we cannot recall. Beside*
these wo were ueugnieu 10 nee picture* ol
different kinds, all teaching a moral leu
J Hon silently and efficiently. The whole
arrangement of the rooms is creditahlc
. to those having,this matter in charge, ami
they lmve dune a good work, for which
i they ought to receive the thank* of all
. There is not an article aboul
these rooms calculated to aln cither ir
' thought, word or deed. The purest of
the pure can visit these rooms with the
i assurance that not a thing will bo seen to
otl'end the most relined feelings. Tin
persons for whom these rooms are more
, particularly intended will find them delightful
to visit, and pleasant to spend
an evening. Here will be ftShnti pictures
li.t.iL-u 11r.1l k .kU
a very profitable hour or rnoro can hi
. spent, and from which can be carrici
, away thoughts of the pure and refined
and "if followed out will benefit much am
tend in a large degree to elevate in nocia
' life and advance in mental qii&litications.
It iit to be hoped these roomi
will bo visited freely, and that all wil
- endeavor to improve the advantages sc
, freely ollered. Comfortable chair*, Matt
. and stands all invite the way faring inai
to stop and spend an agreeable moment
i and take away with him a deteruiinatioi
r to live worthy oi hinuelt and times it
t which he lives. The times need goo*
men and true1. Thece rooms will help t<
* make Buch. Those persons wishing t<
" improve themselves, and thoso desirinj
f relined society will find a hearty welcome
u Everything pertaining to the room i
distributed cu as to be convenient us wel
1 as to add to the inviting appearance of th
? plan. J. T. Keen.
t I'uildlcrs Outlook at I'iltobnrglj
DI?|Utcli of jcito. (U.".
While it appears evident that in mos
of the iron mills in this city and vicinity
last year's schedule for boiling accordinj
to card rate.* will bo held, yet there ari
1 some firms who are not in much of t
1 hurry to agree, as they cither have n<
" pressing orders or have a largo Btock o
i muck bar on hand. .Among the milli
4 standing idle are those of Zng & Co,
Chess, Smythe iN: Co., Lindsay & Mc
' (Jutchcon and J. Painter & Son. Tin
1 trouble wan amicably arranged at tin
) Clinton Mills yesterday, and tao puddler
t went to work last night an tiHiial
Men* . Lewi*, Oliver & Phillip:
M finned the contract wanted, 01
e Monday, and all was supposed to b
it satisfactory for a time when the boiler
c demanded lump coal instead of 8lack a
fuel, after yesterday. During the eveninj
f the firm ordered the barn pulled, ant
1 when the men came on, they found th
i furnace* cold. What the result will b
, cannot at present be predicted. It is un
derstood that each will net for itself ii
'? the matter. A general meeting of tin
1 puddler* will be held on Saturday nfter
i. noon, when they will, in all probability
, settle upon a definite plan of operations
H prominent member of the Jioilera
" Union states that no advance will In
i-' asked on last year's rates and no reduc
1 tion will be accepted, lie says that in nt
} event will the puddlers sign the scale fo;
. a tux mourns luriu. inc inanuiaciurer
do not exhibit much feeling in the matter
f The Pittsburgh Commereia. Ga:cltc Bay
. in some of the mills, after "the contra'c
had been renewed, the puddlera gave nc
' tice that they must have a better qualit;
1 of fuel, coal instead of slack, or the;
f would not work. A* a consequence, wori
<4 was promptly suspended, on the part c
, the mill owners, in two instances, bo fa
^ at the puddling departments were con
? cerned. Some fonr or five mills are no
> running at present, but the impression i
that the suspension will be but temporary
j .Mcubeiivillo Wool Home.
lloraM of yeitcrdajr etenlng.
1 Mr. Joseph Love, of Slmlcr'a Mills, 0
? President of the Wool Growers Associa
1 ?ion, arrived in the city last evening. W
I learn from Mr. Whithaiu, Secretary o
, the Association, that they have alread;
it a sufficient amount of orders on hand ti
.. secure the iinancial success of the enter
priso for the present year, and it has re
'? ceived encouragement from wool grower
n beyond Uie expectation of the projector!
e The house has distributed a large nutn
_ bar of sacks to wool grower*, anil mum
11 applications are on hand and others art
8 daily received which are temporaril;
e unfilled until another supply of Rack
can be procured. New wool should sooi
j begin coming in. ^
Capture of Trni u Wrecker#.
? Sr. Louis, June C.?C. W. Rogers, Gen
* eral Superintendent of the St. Louis ?
e San Francisco railroad, ha* just receive
0 Information of the capture of four bin
glars who ran a train oft the track nea
' Woodward station on that road,Saturda
night, with the intention of robbing ii
It appears that a man named Oliver, aoou
1 *20 years old, who lives near Ilichlanc
was suspected of having something to d
t with the diabolical act and was arreste
>a ou Monday and taken to Richland. Sine
then lie has confessed and given th
i0 names of the parties engaged in the afTaii
?. Geo. Gibson, Allen Green and Jas. Lonj
d re arrested and are now under a stron
B. guard at Hichland. There aro four oth
;e ers who were connected with the gan
,e but they hate not yet Leen caughi
j( Young Oliver says that an ex-convic
?. put up the job and led the party. Tli
intention wasto run the train off am
y then under guise of helping the wountl
a ed. rob the tiasseiHmr* ??< ? ??
train. Detective Kagan, of this city, am
e *?el!u,v '^ar8hal, Long?trend, c
Springfield, Mo., are working tho case u
11 and nre on the trail of and expect t
)f catch tho other four scoundrels ver
y short! v. All parties concerned livo at o
, near Kichland, a small town near th
jj Hcenc of their fiendish work.
? Klrrlinn ot Olllcrrn mill Director
<>l (he ? It. I. .v l\ 11. it. Co.
I- , Cl,'!l'.A<10' J""c C.?The stockholders n
the Chicago, Itock Island & Pacific Rail
road to-day elected directors as follows
" U jW?,"''1' Sil,ne7 Dillot
0 It. K. Cable, H. II. Porter. Chas. H. Mai
it J'J'V-i O- ^"Ira^.F.II.Tow,, D. Dow,
II. Kiddle and It. P. fowler.
7 Besides the above, three directors wer
n elected ?s follows: R. P. Fowler, F. I)
1, Ames and Ben], Brewster.
The directors then elected the follow
ing officers: President, II. Riddle; Vic
' President, David Down; Secretary am
Treasurer, F, H. T?wi,
A Thorough Investigation of the
Bureau of Statistics Ordered.
A Gang of Train Wreckers Captured?Confession
of One
of the Demons.
Tho Ohio Greenbackers in Solonw
Conclave at Columbus.
Compromise of the Ring Suits,
[ Peter B. Sweeney Gets Off with
i a uuarter ot a Million.
i A. Oakoy Hall Coming Back and
Boss Tweed Happy.
.Srurdi lor Slilpwrecltcd lYr.soii*,
Washington, June (?.?a dinpatch to
' the Navy Department from Rear Admi
j ral Keynoldx, commanding the Asiatic
Nation, Bajrt that ho haa pent the ateamei
> Alert in aearch of the shipwrecked per\
iona supposed to be on nome inland near
j Daropier Strait*. He naya he received
hid information from the captain of the
) lhlrlr Atmfp wlmetntuii (tint n nnlit-a from
| King William's Island had told him thai
on ono of the islands to the northward
thero were sixteen white men and ont
f woman.
^german consuls.
, The President has recognized If. E
j (ierlich as Consul for the German Km
pire at St. Lou in, and Frederich Henkel
I at Chicago.
1 the bureau of statistics.
1 The following explains itself:
5 Tkeasuhv Department, June G.
? To W. 1\ Titcomb, Deputy Iittjitlcr of tin
" Treatury; Chat. Warren, Chief Clerk o,
j the liureau of Education, and Chat. J.j
j man, Assistant of the Chief Division :
e Gentlemen?I desire a thorough ex
amination into the conduct of the business
transacted by tlie Bureau of .Statistics
of this department, and therefore request
you to act as a committee for thai
This examination will embrace the fol>
lowing points:
I 1. Organization of that Bureau, the
i pumber of employed, together with their
i grade and salary, and whether the force
3 now employed is in excess of the actual
[ needs of the Hervice.
I .;;oitiu xji uuiiuuuiillg VIIC uiiHIUCtW Ol
the Bureau, its mode of collecting, pre1
paring, collating and publishing Hta'tiss
tic*, and how the cost may be reduced.
B What information may be properly
? collccted through this Bureau not now
collectcd or authorized; whether any
j labor therein ia duplicated elsewhere in
3 tho Department, and if so which place
e Huch labor can be more advantageously
B performed.
R 4. What reports are made by the liuj,
reau and what are required; whether it
j is important to print the details now aue
thomed by law, and what reports should
e be made and published.
You will please make your report ir
, writing.
B (Signed) John Sherman,
, The State Department id in receipt ol
:. information that the Spanish government
' desires the opening of free trade to all
e parts of tho Archipelago of Sooloo.
The report that the Administration liar
3 decided to make a change in our mission}'
r to Portugal and Italy is authoritatively
s denied.
the tartar shoals rock.
R The Secretary of the Navy has directed
t tho commanding otlicer of the Unitec
States steamer Lackawanna, now station
f ed at Acapulco, to search tor tho rocl
y near Tartar Shoals, upon which the l'a
^ cific Mail steamer San Francisco struck
' When the locality of this rock shall be
r ascertained it will bo properly buoyed
" and notice given of its exact position.
j contradicted.
P> Wasuikuton, June The tcleeran
from IJoBton saying that the Presldem
hnd invited Gen. Banks to vinit thi^ city
to confer about the French mi ah ion in un
founded. No such invitation has beei
sent for the pood reason that ex-Gov
'* ernor of Ohio has received his papers fo;
e that mission and sails some time in July
srANisn outrages.
' Secretary Evarts, alluding to the out9
rage on the whaler Ellen Kizpah by i
* Spanish cruiser, paid that while ho waj
sensible of the friendly relations betweei
" Spain and the United States, he did nol
' intend to allow any outrages on ourllnfl
' and while Spain would bo held responsi
7 ble for any insult to the United States hi
5 would pee that this Government filllillet
f all its obligations to Spain.
offered for sale.
tl.? t."? 1 ?. t> ?1_ ?
luv ricvuuuiun canK property wu>
offered for wile to-day. The highest bu
was $110,000. The property wait then
offered for Hale in parts, but there was no
,* bid at all for the bank property, and for
the other only $100,000 was offered. The
l* value of the entire property is aboui
r A delegation of a religious sect, known
7 as Dunkards.or aathey called themselvei
' the German Baptists from Ohio, called t(
t pay their respects to the President to day
i A rumor to the cffect that Gen. Bank*
0 has been invited to accept the Frencl
^ Mission is without foundation.
J LOl THE rooit 1X1)1 AN.
r< The delinquent contractor for th<
transportation of supplies for the Shos1
hone Indians, whose suffering condition
. was reported by Gen.Shridan to Gen
U Sherman, has been found and an ordci
has been secured by%the Indian Bureat
[ for the delivery of the goods detaiued a
0 Bryan Station, and the goods will be de
{\ livered at once to trains in waiting am
. sent immediately to the Shoshoncs, thui
_ rolinrJnrr tha nnxietv r??Ii?l!wfl In diatnrk
j ancea in that territory.
p PIKE KK( Oltl).
y Boston, J one C.?A larpe five storj
r building, corner Shawuiut avenue ami
e Pleasant atreet, owned by Jacob Bock
and occupied by about 25 people, wai
burned this evening. Lo?w$lU,000. TIk
h fire originated on the lower lloor and tm
uuwuiiiK iinvmg nu ure escape nun uu
f one exit, the occupants escaped will:
. Kreat difficulty. Mm. Eliza Carne
: jumped from the third story window ami
i, received latal injuries." Mr. Dissel
jumped from the fourth story and wa<
(( likewise fatally injured. Several wen
moro or lew burned in their effort* to es
e cape.
i. damaged dt fire.
Quebec, Juno 0.?Great damage is re
ported by firta in Sagmeenis district
i' About SO house^ barns, Ac., were de
1 ftroyed In St. Louts and St. Jerome par
Trial ot^I'cter U. Nwccnc).
Nr.w York, Juno 0.?Tho Sweeney
trial is before Judge Weatbrook. Lockey /
, and the counsel for Sweeney are in con;
sultation with tho Judge in regard to a
: settlement of the suit. The Eiprtt* says
$400,000 will probably be tho amount
agreed upon.
Shortly before 3 o'clock Judgo Went* r
brook made the following announcement:
I 1 am informed, gentlemen of tho jury,
by counsel for the respective purlieu to
this suit that an arrangement has been
made by which the estate of James M. _
Sweeney, decerned, has agreed to pay to I
the plainiilfa a considerable sum of
money on account of demands sought to
be recovered in this action, and u.ider
these circumstances it has been deemed
may be nroper for iuo to nay in pawing
I that the terms of this arrange- ai
ment, so far as they have been ai
communicated to the court, in- p
volve no concession by or retlection w
, upon the defendant. The ntnount to l>e ai
paid is $400,000. This sum is to be
handed over by Hugh Smith as executor It
I of James M.Sweeney, deceased, brother ft!
of l'eter 15. Sweeney. di
It is understood that the reasonable ir
length of time in which a restitution can
. bo (.'fleeted will elajwe, when, if the agree- tl
I ment shull have been complied with the m
causes against Peter B. Sweeney, will be T
formally stricken from the docket. m
It is also reported that A. Oakey Hall m
will In* apt to consider a return to the ol
land of his birth, it is also said that this tl
. disposal of the Sweeney suits will go far r<
, towards effecting Tweed's release. Itis p
. reported that the Bos* received the an- yr
nour.ceinent of the withdrawal of the
suits, in a very happy state of mind, at the d:
, Ludlow street jail this afternoon, and that ft]
he looks on the event as a long stride to- ci
ward ma until release. h:
1 The Commission appointed to inveati|
gate the Custom House affairs met again ?'
[ to-day. The first witness examined was "
! ii Mr. Miller, who owns bonded ware- *
houses at 72 and 7-1 South street and 88 ul
and 00 l'earl street. lie said that the J1'
visit of Supt. Russell was for thepurposo 1,1
of collecting subscriptions for political ni
I purposes; never know him to visit stores
tor the purpose of making an examina* P
tjon id warehouses; have paid subscrip- 11
lions for political purposes six times and ai
received no benelits for such subscript Cl,
tions. He also said lie was satisfied that 1,1
: millions of dollars had been abstracted ^
f from the Treasury through damage The
allowance law in that respect ought to be
amended and a more careful examina*
tion made by competent appraisers and
good salaries paid them, and they should Jj,
ue placed above temptation to accept *
# The Commission went into secret sea* 1,1
Bion for the rest of the day. "
letters from Bridgetown, Barbadoes, c
I state that Edward Trowbridge, of the
well known mercantile house of Trow- t|
bridge & Co., died at that place of hydro- ni
phobia, May 12th, having been bitten by i?
a pet dog in March lust. He was U. S. 0|
Consul^ at the Barbadoes during President
Lincoln's administration and rendered
important service by his efforts in al
nreventini? ConfpdprftlH nriiifiorx frntn nl?. ..
, taining supplies there. ;r
. tu
Kcruitil Duj'n .Session ol (IioTypogrupliiail
Lilian. hi
Locibvillb, June G.?The Internntion- K
al Typographical Union continues in Hen- e:
sion tO'day. Resolutions were adopted
I sanctioning the sending of delegates to lu
the Exposition at Paris to represent the
i compositor* of America.
The strike among the printers of New hi
York Borne time ngo wa* discussed, hut
no points as to its failure brought out. &
f Y. M. C. A, CONVENTION. ?'
: The twenty-second annual Internation- q
' al Convention of the Young Men's Chris- nl
tian Association convened here to-day at .?
1 11 A. M. Kussell Sturgess, of Boston, Jj
1 called the Convention to order. Ilesiioke j,
of the success which has attended the g,
Association's labors at all jviii.ta during
the year, and of the increx-cd responsiI
bility resting upon the further prosccul
tionof thoworlc. st
The devotional exercise* were conduct- ai
: ed by Kev. Dr. Cashing, of Cleveland, bi
arid Ilev. Dr. Hoojter, of Seltna, Ala; tl
. Mr. Dean, of Cincinnati, conducting the
i music. di
, Mr. Sturgess introduced Mr. Far well, oi
the President elect, who made a brief
speech, thauking the Convention for the
j honor conferred and congratulating them w
t upon the favorable auspices under which a
they have assembled. S;
At reunuutt session.
i The opening devotional exerciser were tj
conducted by Col. Lovelace, of Alabama, ^
r after width James Stokes, jr. of New C1
. York, presented the report of the Execu* C(
tivo Committee, giving a detailed Htate* C|
ment of the work of the committee for
t the past year and statistics, &c., of the n
j general association work. The commit1
tec thank the sccular and religions press (j
for assistance given the work during the t<
' year and recommend that $20,000 lie de'
voted to the work for the coming year. j,
J In the evening Library Hall was j,
j crowded with representative Christians n
and business people of the city to lor- ?
mallv welcome tho convention. About
oOO delegates have so far presented them'
selves. Others arc arriving by every
I train and the convention promises to be tl
i large and interesting. The hall is beau tl
i tifully decorated and the most luxurious fi
homes of the city are opened and occu- tl
i pied by delegates. h
I ^ tl
lllinui* ANMocintioii ou *
f their Travels. "
, Sr. Louis, June G.?The Illinois Press j
Association completed their business to- '
/low mn.ta ? of ; :? .1 1.
l this city and suburbs and started on an v
excursion to Colorado. They left here
by the S. & L, Kansas City & Northern r,
Uailroad in Pullman palace cars fur- g
> nished by that company and will take the ri
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe road at j,
' Kansas City for Putbla, Cal., when they
go to Denver and up into the mountains.
C. K. Lard, general passenger agent of
' the St. Louis, Kansas City & Northern, p
t and S. B. llaynes, general agent of tho o
- Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe road, will ci
I accompany the party and attend to their i'
? wants during the trip. _ fi
The Missouri Association also finished
their work to-day and left to-night on an
excursion to the Hot Springs over the
Iron Mountain road in cars furnished for t
the occasion. They also will be accom'
panied by officials of the company who
I will take charge of them. o:
< b:
A Convention.ol JIlllorN. ,,,
? Milwaukee. June 0.?The Wisconsin h
5 State Millers Association held their an- fc
t nual meeting hero to-day. Sixty-live h
' millers, representing C'JO fun of stone, o
. were present. They resolved to resist nil
I * u. I?/C-1.? -
ruii.i u.uu^iu \jj vAJt-nrane on ine jiaieni ai
I process of purifying ot middlings. Tlicy n
' (ay that transportation companies lo tho K
J seaboard discriminate against tlsur as
compared with wheal. Tliejr report that ii
wheat ii suffering all over Wisconsin ci
from severe drought. I,,
Lake nml launl.
Botpalo,June ti.?Tho propeller Sco- it
lia passed the Welland canal to day from
Montreal to Chicago. Ir
[ Suspension Bridge Falls, Precipitating
200 People Into a '
River?Many Lives Lost.
'ublic Debt ofTurkey?Wretch- i
od Management of the Resources
of the Empire. |
'hePopeConferstheGrandCross I
on McMahon. j
London, June 0.?A Vienna dinpalch
iu uiiivr mivtcen Hiaio Miai WlCLZKr will '
rrive at l'laeato to-uiorrow. A large
Dsse of police preceded the C/.ar on bin 1
ay to Bucharest. CJeneral Ignatieft' has .
rrived in Bucharest. '
The 1'imu Belgradecorrcspondentaays: (
, in reported that the English Consul at
tostena in to visit Caujaluka and Cilatch *
istricts to observe the progress of the 1
isurrection and condition of the Rajahs, j
A Vienna correspondent assert* that 1
lis year thirty thousand of .Servian ?
lilitia arc not to be called out for drill,
he semi'Oilicial Journal dc St. Petersburg, \
lverting to peace rumors, nays the Diplo- <
iacy had better not pronounce in favor i
[ any definite plan for a termination of j
!ie war until decisive events have occur;d
on the battle tield. Tho terms of
eace must depend on the course of the
A dispatch from llagusa, dated Tues- >
\yt says that the Turkish attack on J
[ontenegro from Albanian Lcdl has i
jmmenced. Alisaib with the whole of 1
is forces advanced from Spuz up the I
eta Valley, the object being to reach <
lanilagsad. The Montenegrin's met the 1
Itack on the hill of Malgat. The fight- <
ig is still raging, but up to noon the 1
urkish nssulta had been repulsed and t
JO Turks had been killed. The Monte*
pgrins fight against enoi .uous odds, there 1
iing 35,000 regulars and irregulars 1
gainst them on this side alone. s
inAKuiiE'jTER, June U.?A Vienna dia- ?
ntch says: Since the commencement of j
ie ureal heat the health of the Russian '
rtny has bccome worse. Financial difti- 1
lines arc apparent for the last fort- 1
iglit. The troops have not received t
iditional war money above their regu* 1
ir pay. Ruaaia owes, besides, 12,000,- t
)0 franca to Roumanian railwaya. Una- *
an bonds for contractu are made paya- *
le at KischencH', and Bantpie de Horn aie
paya them at 3 per cent discount,
lie Czar takes command of the army j
licfly bccause Grand Duke Nicholas and
ia Chief of Stafl', Gen. Nepokoatschitzky,
equently disagree. After the Czar's c
rnval, a state of siege will be proclaim- j
1 at Bucharest and a Kuaaian Town j
ommander appointed. ,
Constantinople, June C.?By order of ^
ie Minister of War the local journala (
re forbidden to publish any matter reiting
to the war, or to report incidents
I battles or any facta bearing on the
1 he Herald has an able article npon the J
tbject, calling upon the Minister of War t
> reverse lus deciaion, in the country's i
itereat. ]
The Jm Lurquirc, the official paper, toly
holds out hopea that the measure ?
av be recalled. ]
Vienna, June 0.?In military circles t
?re the opinion gaina ground that the
uaaiana will not cross the Danube. They ]
cpect such decisive successes in Asia
>Mk cicij vuuuiuun 01 a durable peace (
ay he secured from their efforts. <i
Paris, June 15.?The Kusaian Tele*
raphic Agency states that a telegram t
iw been received from Sernlin declaring t
lat a conspiracy has been discovered in
irvia to depose Prince Milan in favor
: the Prince of Montenegro.
London, June 0.?An ofticial report at (
onstantinople to-day from the Govern- t
tent of Ilerzegovinia confirms the rearted
defeat of the Montenegrins and |
erzegovinians on tho 4th inst. in the
jfiles of Kriestoes, with heavy loss, by |
alcman Pasha. * 1
surprised and cut to tieces. (
Paris, J une 6.?A dispatch from Con- 1
antinople to the Journal Iks Dubois c
Herts that one thousand Ahachainans 1
live l?een surprised and cut to pieces by (
10 Russian#. i
London, June 0.?Perplexing contra- 1
ictiona relative to Ali Saibs' operations (
n the southern frontier of Montenegro i
intinue to be received. >
The Vienna Political Correspondence, <
hich iR usually well informed, publishes t
special from Ualtaro stating that Ali I
atb was defeated at Malmt ?ml 1/v?t
icn. _ i
A Ragusa special supports this view, <
?at Ali Saib, on the other hand, has c
ilegraphed to Constantinople n mostcir- t
amstantial acconnt of hit) successes, ac- I
ardingto which he occupied the heights 1
jmmanding Danilgrade. J
A correspondent who draws his infor- <
lation from the reports sent to the <
'rince of Montenegro, telegraphs under (
atoofJune 5th, as follows: The Turks <
>-day attacked the position of General 1
letrovics, on the Martimtza. They fell <
ito traps and were completely repulsed,
laving over 1,000 dead. The Monte- J
egrins loBt SO killed', the number of i
ounded is not yet known. i
A Vienna correspondent thuB explains
:ie operations around Montenegro : As ,
lie success of Suleman,Pasha is reported \
rom Kagusa aa well as Constantinople j
lio news may be assumed to he true that ^
e has taken poflsession of Rustach, at
lie cntrauce of Duga pass. It seemB
tjually certain that the Turks on the '
juthern frontierjwho advanced in the d!ection
cf Spur had been drivenjback. ?
'rince of Montenegro waa aware that the I
ttack on the Albian side wm a feint and 1
jokbutfewof the forces thcnce with a i
iew of making an effort to capture '
'ionic* before Suleman could come to the 1
escue. Much will depend on whether '
uleman ia able force Duga pa*? and
elieve Nionics before^ it falls into the <
amis of the Montenegrin#. *
8tkuck a torpedo. ^
Vienna, J une G.?The Dcutiche Zeitung,
cr a opccial, reports that an Italian |
jrvette, with 200 men on board, ban j
jjne to grief jn the Dardanelles by ntrik- j
ig a torpedo. The telegram given no .
irther particulars. I
'all ol a .SuMpvuNlon ISridgc? (
Mnuy 1-ivoN LonI.
IjONDON, June G.?Tho Bath and West '?
[ England societies centenary was cele- J
rated at Bath to-day. The Widcombo ]
ispension bridge fell, and about one hun- 5
uuu.cu |tiouun were precipitated tmrty :ct
into tho river. Eight dead bodies
ave been recovered, and it is feared that f
thers have perished. Many were injured.
Another account reports tho disaster
?much more eerioua, but the details are 1
ot sufficient to say whether it is ei agger a- t
Later advices from Bath say that twenr
dead bodies of victims of the Widimbe
suspension brides disaster have
sen recovered, and *everal are still
j ^nowbt^l',erewcrener,.v
*o hundred persons on the bridge when
A di*patch from Bath give* the follow>g
additional particulars of the acci
dent there to-day: About half put 10 I
i>'clock thin morning, on the arrival of a c
train load of excursionist*, on the Wey- Con
mouth branch of the Great Western the
Kailroad, to attend the Agricultural rcli
how, between 100 and 200 persons be- aJ0
longing to the well to do farmer class, thu
rushed upon the toll bridge leading from ioci
the railroad platform; the bridgo was ma(
wooden and of light construction, nar- pay
row, about 30 feet long, betweon 30 and delj
10 foct above the river Avon, resting on App
|)0?ts morticed into stone work at cither BUp
ml and without centre support. The Haui
bridge snapped in the centre, and the a
two ends were wrenched clean from the by li
lides. The whole mass, with the people, 0f J
ivns plunged into the middle Krol
)f the stream, which was about i87j
leven feet deep. The boats from the not
thore were immediately at work rescuing eiec
the living and searching lor the dead. ]i
Hath, Juno 0, Evening.?It is now imp
jstimated that about 12 persons were for
tilled and 51 injured, some fatally, by thir
he fall of the Wincombe bridge. poll
London, June 0.?1The amount of bul- nien
ion withdrawn from the Bank of England pent
>n balance was ?30,000. otlic
A Vio.i.in ?-* 1
ipatowieh'a band in Bosnia numbers
:>arely 800 men, and holds only about n,
wo square miles of a mountain district on .
jordering on Dalmatia. It obtains its
mpplies from Dalmatian sympathizers. u.,01
vill in a few days visit his daughter, Mrs. and
jartoris, near Southampton. The cor- pass
joration of Southampton will accord bus,
lim a public reception. ager
Edinuvho, June G.?A London cor- tlio
-espondent of the Scotman telegraphs as How
ollows: In the Ministerial circlet", there trac
s a renewal of uneasiness, which pre- Bhel
railed when Russia declared war, rw to thin
he part, that this country will shortly be that
sailed upon to take. Ihis feeling has whe
teen strengthened by general connction
it the high military authorities; that
Russia will, as far as Turkey is concern- ...
id, be able to dictate her own terms. . t "
At one or two regimental dinners last ler?
?eek the officers of the highest rank ex- wr*"
jressed fears that England would soon be J^1
it war, and that so fur, little has been
lone to prepare for the evil. A belief is
lino growing mat our government will
>e leit to carry out anil defend its own , i
j>olicy; that Austria, which ifl only a J',0>
robable ally, can't be depended on, and, y11"
herefore, it would be wiser and fairer if ""C
lie Cabinet would frankly declare what '
hey will do if the Russian troops threat- not
n Constantinople, either in Europe or c,?n.
Uia. d?t?c
lie Million UcrclvcM the iiraud
Rome, June 6.?The Pope hasconferrid
the Grand Cross of the Order of Pius jj,e
Vono on President McMahon and Count jina
^arish; the latter is a social envoy, conl
whom the Euiperor of Austria sent to
Vatican to congratulate the Holy Father jja||
in his jubilee. jnf,,
FKASL'K. fj?l
Paris, Juno c.?The manager of the
MarstUlaiit has been sentenced to pay a 01 ni
ine of 6,000 frances and to three months
mprisonment for insulting President
McMahon. K
Paris, June G.?At a meeting of the t*j,
luez Canal shareholders to-day M. De
?essep announced that 10 rates'were ee- ,ie
:ured to the English government. lhe
Hi? Ohio Greenback Convention
Columbus, o., June G.?The State
Greenback Convention met here to-day. finen
I'll irty delegates were present.
Tbe piattorm adopted declares that
hroughout the country labor, that crea- A]
or of all wealth, is either unemployed or cann
lenied its reward, and all industries are and
>aralyzed, and that this ban Iwen done peril
>y gross legislation and mismanagement weel
if the national finance.*, and that aa tlie\
icither the Kepublican or Democratic
)arty propose any plan of relief, the
Convention deems it wide to reatlirm the
rinciples ot the National Independent j<(
>arty, which supported Cooper and Carey. co|jj
The resolution demands the repeal of Hlru
he specie resumption act of January 24, ?
1875, and the arrest of the present plan R. .
>f centralization, declares that it is the f*,ai
ircrogative of the Federal government
>nly to supply a currency, and that all B<
noney, whether paper or metal, should Gem
je issued by and bear the stamp of the ton I
iovernment. It declares that the paper ferir
noney issued by the Government, made N
'eceviauie iorau usuues,anu legal ten- coloi
lew, in payment of all debts and con- resit
rovertible into bonds bearing an equita- anil
)le rate of interest, will afford the be* 000.
:irculating medium ever discovered. Ii q.
leclares in favor of abolishing all banks t i
)f issue; in favor of the remonetization 1
)f the silver dollar and making it a legal- _ect
ender for the payment of all coin bonds, _jae
>ut opposes the issue of bonds for the p
lurchase of silver bullion for coinage. n,.
b'avors the taxation of U. S. bondB, a re- A1!
snactraent ef a law taxing incomcs and ? [;
leclare that it is duty of the Government k
.0 foster and encourage the development we"
)f the resources of the country, that . ^
abor may be fully and proGtably employ- , ri
:d and the general wellare secured. ,e?}
The following ticket was nominated: m,'(
For Governor, S. Johnson, of Miami; cona
Lt. Governor, J. B. Powell, of Columbi- C<
inn; Treasurer, John Jenkins, Tuscara- L. C
wuh; Supreme Judge, Samuel K. Adams, and
if Cuyahoga: Clerk Supreme Court, C. this
K. Bonsai, of Columbiana; Attorney Gen- ranc
?ral, Marshall 0. Wagner, of Lucas; Mem- Sup]
jer Board of Public Works, J. Kiblet,of
Crawford; School Commissioner, J. C. that
Logan, of Mahoning. The
? dolli
( UUUI ' ui UICIHTK. ui a
milwaukee, June 0.?The seventeenth 1,0 w
innunl convention of Brewers met at I'rol
he Opera House here to-dny, President Ci
Kuetter, of Boston, in the chair. His repc
innual address was long and argued the lliic
mperiority of beer over distilled spiritn. Coin
He claims that the brewers are the true a po
lpostlea of temperance. lij>h
As temporary officer*, Fred. Lauren, 74, i
)f Pennsylvania, and Henry Dawson, of ^
S'ew York, were elected. jn? j
The reports of the Committeea on Agi- j{jV(
at ion and Executive were read. ejcc,
.L. Scheide. attorney for the asaocia- Wft!J
ion, presented aome amendments to the tj,e ,
eviacd laws, which the Association will jnu,
ay before Congress. They wiah to do \\A]
iwoy wilh tho brewers special tax and
rattling tas. The eesaiou continue* to- .
uorrow. !Te f
The U. 8. Malstera Convention cloaed ln v
:o-day. The following officers were elect?d:
President, B. A. Lynde, IJufTalo; 1st , '(
Wee 'President. T. D. llawley, Detroit; 0 .
2d Vice President, M. White, New York: J0101
Id Vice President, 0. Ballin, Chicago; t0 ^
ttocording Secretary and Treasurer, W. "
i: a _ It,
71VH-T, iii.'auj, ivpwuuuiiii;octreiarv, *?'
1.8. Wheiler, Buffalo. " ing i
- Krai
Strike on I tic renuNjrlranin ICail- wen
roud. \V. J
New York, June 6.?TUc strike of the
aoorers on tne piers and treigut depot ol t.
he Pennsylvania It. K. Co., ended this J??1
norning, A committee of laborers call:d
on several prominent merchants in Si
he city yesterday for advice, and were naal
old to resume work as soon as possible Caoi
it the best compromise offered by the folio
ailroad company. At a meeting this Van
uorning it was decided to resume work cestc
it a compromise rate of 14 cents per hour, ger,
Uter hearing the report of the commit- Wisl
ee the men immediately resumed work. Vam
Vouf !i t'arolliiu LcgiNlatnro.
olumbia, Juno 0.?The report of the
ference committee, appointed to adjust
difference* between tbo two house*,
itive to the appropriation lull, was
pted by the House and Senate to day,
a putting an end to the financial dead
c. While no direct appropriation is
le in the appropriation bill for the
ment of the interest on the public
t, jot the lew h made and specifically
roprlateu for that purpose in the
ply bill. The result is virtually the
concurrent resolution wan passed
oth Housea to-day declaring the seat
fudge U. U. Car neuter vacant, on the
iind that the election in December,
i. was illegal, the office at tlmt time
being vacant, and ordering n new
tion to fill the vacancy to morrow.
i the House, a resolution agreeing to
each Associate Justice J. .J. Wright 1
drunkenness was passed by a twods
vote, and a committee will be apited
to prepare articles of impeach- :
t. In the meantime Wrmht is hum
led fruui exercising the duties of his
e. 1
lCullroittl Accident. :
olumdch, June 6.?The morning train
he Hocking Valley Railroad, when
reen Sugar Grove and Millvilie, run
n a piece of unsound track which gave '
throwing the engine into the river
wrecking the baggage car and one
engercar. Ja?. ltelburn, of Colum- \
had a log broken, and Winter, mail '
it, Edinger, civil engineer o? road, 1
Kobinnon, engineer, were slightly
red. The accident was caused by (
0 one who had left the flood gate of 1
canal open, which speedily overed
the bank and washed under the
k in rucU a way an to leave a more
1 of earth, yet without phowingany* !
g wrong. Thia i.i the lirnt accident
has ever occurred on thia railroad t
rcby'any passenger haa beeu hurt.
? umic i/rui hi j uri&CJ. i
Ashinoton, June 0.?Kugene Scliuy- '
Consul General at Constantinople,
en to the Htate department that the 11
lie debt of Turkey amount* to $027,- r
D00, the annual* interest of which,
000,000, is more than half the total 1
nue of the Empire. The last annual
jet published, that of March, 1870, v
veil a deficit # of $21,000,000.
isa great reform id speedily intro- J
id into Turkey and care given to *
Jevelopment of it* natural resource*,
even the present amount of taxes n
long be raised. There will be an adinaldeliciteach
year, and as Turkey 1
eforth will be precluded from boring
money outside, the financial ruin '
le country seems inevitable. ^
An Attempt to ltall-l>ozc. "
ew Orleans, June 0.?On Tuesday 1
City Administrators adopted an or- "
nee that all city work he done by 1
ract. To-day a number of city
rers assembled in front of the City 51
I using harsh language and threaten- '
riolence, but finally dispersed after j
iting a resolution requesting the
or not to sign the cantraet ordinance. s
laborers apprehend the employment 1
?groea if the system prevails. * j
liter tlie.N|>uiiiHli Cruiser.
ey West, Fla., June (J.?Colonel 1
ker, Collector of Customs, pursuant .
Ije instructions of the Secretary of
Treasury, dispatched the revenue .
ner Crawford to-night in search of \
whaling schooner Ellen ilizpah, '
h sailed Monday night, to obaiu the ,
n statement of the Master as to hid
ition by Spanish cruisers, his con- '!
nent and other atrocities committed.
Uraln Receipts.
lbany, June G.?The receipts by i
1, at tide-water, of Hour, wheat, corn ^
suiin/, ?n v-uujjmn'ii wuii wie same
ada iu 1876, aliow a lops for the fourth
: in Mar '77, of 37,?>G2 tons and for
vhole of Slav '77, of 47.-O0 tona. I
1?? !? I
jndon, June 0.?The West Lancashire r
era, numbering aeveral thoupatu!,
ck work. J
Johns, N. B., June 0.?The Ilosa- ^
sted boat race resulted in favor of
j by live length*. j
>8Ton,*, June 0.?The Jovninl pays ;
jral N. P. Banka went to Waaliingto-day
in response to a telegram of- ,
ig him the French miaaion. r
ashvii.le, June G.?T. S. Stewart,, i
red route agent, of thkeity, wan arid
thirt morning for robbing the mail
waa held to anawer in the aum of $1,- i
iicago, June C.?The Chicago, Kock J
ad & Pacific railroad stockholder
ly re-elected their old Board of Di- '
)ra, with the exception of five whose ^
ea are filed by new men.
leyeland, O., June G.?A number of 1
> Kegimenta from the northern part ,
?e State held a reunion at Chippewa '
e yesterday. About 15,000 people
s in attendance. 1
uaiia, June 0.?A larj;e water spout *
it near Bell Creek, in Klk Horn Valyeaterday,
Hooding everything for _
?s at a depth of twelve feet. Damage ]
iderable, but unknown as yet.
jlummjs, ()., June <5.?The barn of J. y
retheoa, which was stored with drug* )
store fixtureB, waa destroyed by lire j
morning. Lobs about $7,000; Insu- j
:e $4,000, in the Lycoming, of I'a. ?
posed to be the work of traiups.
ew Yobk? June G.?The Time* state? .
a report is current that the caso of '
People vs. Sweeney, for seven million
ars,is to be compromised on payment
quarter million. Sweeney's counsel,
ever, denies all knowledge of nucha >
losal. L
ikcinnati, June G. -Outof the crop
iris of 211 pointi in Ohio, Indiana, "
lois and Kentucky, published in the 1
mcrcial thin morning, 170 indicate ^
od crop of wheat, 31, a fair crop, 1, a r>
t crop, if any; -17, a good crop of l'ruit; I
l fair crop; 90, a light crop, if any.
lbany, J una 0.?At the annual meet- 1
of the New York Central &. Hudson
;r Railroad the old director* were re- *
led, except Frederick W. Vanderbilt 7
cnonen 10 un me vacancy caused by
ieath of Commodore Vanderbilt, an j
en Rulter, of New York, in place of
ter Church, of thia city, reigned. c
JNHTAHTINOPLE, June 0.?The Jvhed- 1
)f Egypt has intimated to the i'orte, J
iew of Earl Derby'* dispatch to Lord (]
as, the British Ambassador nt Paris, ?
:h ffM laid on the table of the House t
omnion?,that, if the the Porte deterD?
to refuse the Russian navy right f
un through the Sue/. Canal, it mint I
men-of-war to defend its entrance*.
dston, June 0.?At the annual meet- 1
of stockholders of the Franklin Tele* ,
ih Company the following directors *
* chosen: Sidney Dillon, Jay Gould, {
r. Svms, John H. Mortimer, Titos. T.
trt, Henry M. Tabor, Frederick Ames,
in F. Atkins and James I'. Keene. i
es O. Parris waa re-elected Clerk and o
irt B. Chandler, Treasurer.
'. Thomap, O.vt., June 0.?At the anmeeting
of the stockholder* of the "
ida Southern Railway, to-dav, the
wing directors wero elected: W. II. "
derbilt, W. K. Vanderbilt, E. D. Wor
!r, Augustas bchell, Samuel >. IlnrW.
L. Scott, Sidney Dillon, K. A.
cm and Hon. Adam Crooks. W. II.
derbilt wia elected President.
Weather Inuicntlont.
War Dkpabtmkkt, )
Or vim or tin Cniwr Biqnal Uvvickk, V
Washington, d. C, Juno 7-1 a. M.J
For Tennessee and the Ohio Valley,
nearly stationary, followed by (ailing
barometer, atationary or rising temperature,
wind shifting to tlie southeast and
clenr or partly cloudy weather, followed
at the west Htationn by increasing cloudiness
and rain areas.
For the Lakes, falling barometer, statiounry
or higher temperature, variable
winds, shifting to Boutheast, clear or
partly cloudy weather and occasional
rain areas. ^
CJcu. Manning on Ills way to Wi'Mt
New York, June 0.?Gen. II. B. Han*
ninir, of Ohio, Chairman of the House
Committee on Military affairs, arrived
ku-iugiu on inn way 10 ncii I'oiiil*
litx'iil ECcdiicfIon ot l'asscuK?'r
Cuicago, Juno 0.?The trunk linen
reduced passenger rates to local point*
?o ft* to correspond with through rates?
Mo to New York.
Muriiic \ewN.
Nkw Yomc, Juno 0.?Arrived?State
if Pennsylvania, Glasgow.
Memphis, June 0.?The bod/ of Horice
Smith, (Jeneral Freight Agent of the
\Iemphifl and Louisville Railroad, who
was drowned some days since, h?s not
>een recovered. The otlicers of the road
jfler a reward of $500 for the recovery of
he body.
iiver nctVN.
The l'haeton !uj resumed her trip.* to
The Sciencc left for Parkersburg yen*
erday morning at 10} o'clock.
The Kerr left for Pittsburgh about
ioon, Home live hours behind time, havng
been detniued by a storm while coning
The Graham arrived from Cincinnati
ibout 10 A. M., and returned in the eve*
The Kagou will leave for Parkersburg
his morning.
The Carrie Brooks lias laid up at Sericklcy.
The ileatlierington will jeave Bellaire
or Pittsburgh to-day with a tow of
Last evening the marks indicated 4 feet
ind rising slowly.
The C. SV. Hornbrook has laid up for
llie purpose of patching her boilers.
Tim Monitor is on the dockb at Pittaitirgh.
The Wm. Waggoner brought up the
icigitk ui iuu v>.irri? urooKS irom Hie
Trail" on a barge. The Urooks being
mabie to get up any further, has laid up
it Se wick ley, where she will wait for Home
aore water.?Com. Gazelle.
The Kclief in reported as having damlged
another barge, loaded with refined
ill, at Fish Creek Island, but the oil was
ill, or nearly bo, saved. She left Pittsrnrgh
with five barges, of which she Hunk
mil crippled three before reaching her
lestination, Huntington.
Pittsburgh coal is selling in New Orcans
at 40 cents per barrel.
The Bengal Tiger, with an empty tow,
h laid up at Dlenncrhassett Island.
The Coal City, with an empty tow, is
aid up at Antiquity.
I'ilot Joe Whitten stopped off thcGralaui,
Saturday, on account of (sickness.
Ambrose Denis took his place as partner
o Nick Whitten. Nick and Joe Whitten
iave made sixty-three trips to Pittsburgh
hi the Graham without wetting a spar
luriug that time.? VilUbanjh Dispatch,
Illy Tclojjrai'b.l
Mk.MI'111?, June 5.?River risen live
ncucf; now stands at 17 leet U inches.
iVeather clear; mercury Sl>?. Departed
-Hard cash, White Kiver.
Cairo, Juno G.?Arrived?E. M. Noron,
Mi'inphin; Mary Miller, Cincinnaii;
'olar Star, St. Louie; ltaven, New Oreans.
Departed?Mary Miller. St. Louir;
sorton, Ohio ltiver; Polar Star, Tennesce
Kiver. Kiver 21 feet 3 inches and
iaing. Weather clear.
Cincinnati, O., June G.?Kiver 7 feet
1 inches. Departed?J as D. Parker,
Memphis. Up?Schenck, New Orleans
iVeather cool.
Shukvei'ORT, June G.?A rriveil?I^otua
leilerson. Departed?LotUH Jefferson,
<few Orleans. Kiver fell one inch.
Evansville, June G.?Weather clear;
uercury G!l.? Kiver G feet and stationav.
Up?Kobinj Kobert Mitchell, Idle?ild,
Maggie Smith. Down?Morning
>tar, Shinkle. ttuflinesa dull.
IiOUi8viLLE, June G.?Weather warm
ind clear. Kiver 5 feet 4 inches in the
:anal ami falling. The Shinkle and
Mitchell, from Cincinnati, aro expected.
New Orleans, June G.?No arrival*,
departed?A. C. Donnallv, Cincinnati.
iVeather clear. Mercury 1)0?.
Nashville, June G.?Kiver fallen 2G
nclies on the shoals.
T.nn.* llnnir fl-TH?n
arrival* or (leparturen.
A f*|H*ciul to the Gazelle reporta heavy
aiiia above, and a ri.?e of 8] feet in the
>aH48 bourn at Van Buren.
Yickfdujio, June 6.?Kiver fell 7 iu:he*.
Weather clear and rainy. Down
-lilencoe and Warner and barges. Up?
^copard nnd barges.
St. Louip, June (J.?liiver men 1 inch.
iVeathcr clear and warm. Arrived?
Yar Kngle, Keokuk; Dubuque, St.
'aul; Davu,Cincinnati. Departed?War
Cagie, Keokuk; Ladv Lee and Dubuque,
it. Paul; Big Horn, Fort Benton.
Haltimorr, June U.
Cattle?Market in the early part of the
veek fairly nctive anil firm and y?c higher,
tut towards the close was dull and prices
leclincd a fraction. Very best $0 37Ka
0 02 H; first quality $5 02Jja0 37^; mediitn
or good fair quality $5 2>a5 02^1 orlinary
thin steers, oxen and cows $4 00a
25; moiit of the sales nt $5 50afl 37}$.
leceipta 1,071 head; Bales 1,0SS head.
llotis?Uuil and prices a shade lower,
iange at $C 7i5a7 50. Receipts 7,950 head.
StllJBP?In fair demand nnd prices a
hade easier. Range $1 00a5 37Vx. Receipts
,134 head. Lambs are modernttly active.
Allegheny Cuttle.
Kart Liukuty, June C.?CArri.K-Reeipts
to-day 170 head or 10 cars,all for
his market. Total for two duvs 40S head,
r 21 cars. Supnly fair with an active
uarket and nearly all sold out nt a slight
Iccline in prices. Kxtra $0 lU.'^prlmo
550a5 75, good $5 23a5" 0ja5 20,
uiuiiiuu *.? iW.l l i J.
Hoes?Receipt* to?day 1K)0 bead; total
or two day* 1,705. Yorkers $4 75a4 90;
'hiladelpbiu $5 C0a5 05.
aiiKKi'?Receipts to-day 4,100 head; total
or^two days 7.200 bead. Selliug at $3 00a
' prepared to makn careful and comnlrte analr**
I Itou Ore?, LimoatonM, Mineral Wntcri, etc.
laboratory cor. 24 th and Chap line itreeti
?uW Whe+llng, W. Va.
Uoon No. I Odd Fellowi' Building-up itairr.

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