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Whtdwfl USB 3tttctU^cm*cr.
IntelllRf liver lor 111? Nuramer.
Ptt*mt Utning Ihi city my hatt l\t InitUigtneer
tml lo thtir uddrtu by mail, fOitngi rrtjmUJbr
tueh ti*i ai thry may Jttirt, at tKt rale c/ fi/ltm
umliptr %Hik,
?r TA? nonry lo pay for the limr rtquirtJ muM
in\all *utiattemj*ny Iht vrjrr.
Capital Location Meetings.
The mam** In Favor ol Clark*
The peupb of Went Virginia will be ad(licifltd
at the following timca and places,
ami I'f the following Hpeakera, In favor of
i Clarksburg:
Buckhannon, Upshur county, June l'Jth
By lien. Nathan Coir, Jr.
Morgnntmrn, Monongalia county, Juno
25th?By the aame ipeaatr.
Harrisville, Ritchie countr, June 11th?
By Hon. Geo, hontnm and Jonn Basnel, Kan,
New Martinsville, Wetiel county, June
12th?By lion. Beuj. Wilson and II. B.
Ltttz, Kiq.
8t. George, Tucker county, June 18th?
By John Bauel, En<[,
Urantuville, CaJhoun county, June 25th
?By Hon. Benj. Wilson ana Hon. E. M.
Olenville, Gilmer county, July 3d?By
the lame *]>tfakera.
Other announcement* Will he qimlc from
time to time.
l'lie Caldwell'* Hun Imbroglio.
The report of the Committee on Street*
anil Alley* to Council Tuesday night in
regard to the payment of the bill incurred
for driving pile* m Caldwell'* Kun for
the proti'i'tiou of tlmt |?ortioii of Koff
Htreet abutting on said Kun elicited a
lengthy ami poinevrhut acrimonious din*
cusslon on a motion to reject the bill.
Much of the debate vu unuauallr ocr
aonal and indicative of bad temper. (>?
tensibly, the objection to the payment of
I the bill wait based ou the fact tbat the
work wn* done without an order of Council.
Thin objection would be well taken
hut for the fact, if wc are corrfctly in*
formed, that a large proportion of the
work done in the month of May was also
done without the order of Council, and
will, in all probability, be paid without
tferiou* objection, if any at all. from thone
who object to paying thin particular bill.
Council has not been careful to check the
growth of thia and other loose habits
connected with the doing of work for the
city, and it ia in the nature of an ex post
facto law to commence a reform ho auddenly
and inconsistently. We are glad,
however, that there ia a rising feeling in
favor of holding everybody, the Street
Commissioner included, to a stricter accountability,
and letting them understand
that a general reform is to take place in
the matter of the public ex|>euditures.
While therefore we admit the soundness
of the objection that has been raised
against the payment of this pile driving
bill, as a general principle, yet there are
several reasons why it is good for nothing
in hia particular case. First, because
will be pmi?l; second, because doinj,
work in thin manner has the *anc
tion of precedent. The work wan
done under the direction or by tin
permission of a Committee of Council
and according to the opinion of the Solic
itorany Executive officer has the right
and it w bin duty, to protect the property
interests of the city, either with or with
out an order of Council, in the judg
mentof the Committee on Streets, Alley*
Hud Grades, and also of the City Surveyor
and Street Commissioner, the work
wa< necessary to protect the Koffntreei
embankment, and tho water and gas pipe*
cpanning the run. The work also, it appears,
was well donoand at a rcasonabh
price. We do not see, therefore, how iU
payment can, in honor or law, be avoid
oil. For this reason we judge that the
objection made to tho bill is not the real
but only the ostensible objection.
It is well known that certain parties
arc moving heaven and earth in the at
tempt to commit tho present Council t<
the adoption of a scheme for Mraightenin]
Caldwell'* Run, a project that in notui
tially to coat Home fifteen or twenty thou
nand dollars, hut which in far more likely
to cost fifty or nixty thousand before thi
job in finished, and atill leave an oper
IUt of incidentals liable to cost a* rauct
more,and the end not even then be reached
The large majority of the First Branch o
of Council, with a few members of tin
Second, h wo persistently opposed tht
entertainment of this scheme, for the aim
pie reason that it is nonsense for the citj
to engage in any auch enterprise at th?
present time, and therefore thero id ni
reason in attempting to bind the nciion
of a future Council.
We may Hay here tlut so far an we ar?
informed tho present action of the oppo
sition to the scheme is entirely based up
on the ground of inexpediency, which in
expediency arises from the fact that th
[city has no means with wliich to accom
tdish the work, even admitting that i
I could bo accomplished for the compara
lively inexpensive trifle claimed as sufli
cient. Tlie city hart reached her cooati
tutional limit in tho way of iucurrinj
bonded indebtedness. The legislation c
lau winter compels her to appropriati
money for specific purposes, and forbid
her to exceed those appropriations ex
cept by the action of three-fourth* of tb
members, a vote which it will be Impot
nlble to obtnin unless uuder stress of es
Inordinary emergency. These aro fact
which are patent to every member (
Council and which should bo understooi
by the people.
To understand the animus of the o|i
position to the payment of this pile dru
ing bill, it is only necessary to detail i
few facts connected with this Caldwel
Run business. For several yearn it lis
been urged by certain parties that the it
teresl* and convenience of the people i
tho lower wards of the city have suflere
f.?r the want of nronor faeilitiiw for trai
11. It baa been claimed tlut one indi
fercnt bridge forms the connecting liul
and that over it nil foot, wagon and car
tr.wi'l ha< been compelled to pai
riiere vrm during the la*t Council a pet
fectcU:uor for the repair and enlarge
inent of the present btidge ou Chaplim
treet, and for the oonntruction of a oei
on Koff street. There were thereto
"urreys made and plans and specification
submitted by the Engineer (or bridges
over the present site of the Run, and over
the proposed site on 29th street. There
were reconnolsancea by Council commit*
tees, standing and apecial. and, if we
mistake not, by Council as a bod/, and
after thorough investigation, in
view of the growing debt of the city
and the inevitable cost of straightening
the Bun and providing against contingenciea
incident;thereto, it waa finally determined
to build two stone arch bridges
over the present location of the Kuq.
Bids were accordingly advertised for, re- ,
ceived and accepted, and a contract actu* I
ally made. The members from the lower
Wards were aatisGed, and their constitu- ;
ents were happy. Owing, however, to <
the lateness of tho season, and perhaps j
some informality in the contract, the mat- j
ter was abandoned for the time. In the ,
meantime a new Couucil came iuto being
and, presto cbango! the Btraigbtening ol
Caldwell's Ilun loomed up in proportions
larger than ever, notwithstanding the
impoverished condition of the city finance*,
and the Inw that forbids any expend- 1
iturea except by direct appropriation.
Now there in a portion of the Council determined
to carry the straightening of the
Hun at any hazard, even to the abandon*
rnent of the bridging of the Kan anywhere,
or even the repairing of the present j
bridge at Chapline street.
This movement throws Home Ijght, as i
we think, on the animus of the opposition 1
to the payment of the bill for the pile
driving in Caldwell's Hun at Kofl' street. |
Ostensibly, as we Have said, it is because
its work wan done without an order of 1
Council, but the progress of discussion
over the matter has developed that the
upporters of the straightening scheme .
have discovered something not thought
of by the Committee on Streets and Alleys,
the City Surveyor or the Street Com- I
missioner, and which they deem fatal to
their attempt to bulldoze the Council i
into an endorsement of their proposed .
1 aclicme. What id it? They have dis- i
covered that the work of piling has been i
so well done, and at a coat ho reasonable,
that for an additional hundred, or
hundred und fifty dollar* at moat,
' an excellent wooden bridge, sufficient
(with the present Chapline street bridge,
' when repaired,) to accommodate all
travel and trade between the two sections
of the city for years to come, can be built.
They have seen this, we say, and have believed
that the bottom was knocked out
of their scheme of straightening the Hun,
At leant this is the way it looks from our
standpoint. Their allegation now is that
the very possibility which they them*
selves discovered before any oue else, the
very idea which they themselves developed,?was
the foundation,?the cor:
ner stone?of the action of the committee
> in having the work done.
Now let usexamine tho opposition to
i the payment of this pile bill in a tacti,
crl point of view, and Hee how llimsy it
; is. Tho advocates of the straightening
project allege that they do not want the
i work of Heightening or bridging the
} linn undertaken this year, or next, or the
, year after for thai matter, unless the city
linn the means at hand to do it. They
, are willing to wait, perhaps like Jacob
' of old, for neven years, upon the strength"
- of a promise that at tome future day the
wurk will be put through. The propoi
ailion presume* a verdancy on the part of
the aenior members of Council that in not
complimentary to their long municipal
I experience, if it is suppoied they are to
? be caught with any auch chaff. The prop
onition does not contemplate wailing any
5 longer thin the preaent aeaaon before
i taking ateps to initiate Ihe work,
. so thai by the expiration of
1 the preacut Council it may havo prof
red Jfil an fur lliftt tlin na-r I Pniinnil *!ll
be either compelled to continue the work
i or uKuuie the onus of abandoning it at a
sacrifice to the city. Now for the proof
j that we are correct in thin assumption.
; No body knows better than those who
- advocate tho committing of the present
Council to this'schcme that another suer
ceeding Council, if it sees proper, can ro>
scind the action of this Council, and they
i well know such action has occurred bei
fore, and, further, aa a matter of law, that
. all work ordered by Council, but not
f cither contracted .for or actually begun,
s dies with the Council in which it origi
i naies.
Ono more point complete what wo
r have to say at this time. If the advo5
eaten of thin project mean that they are
) willing to wait for this improvement until
the city is in a financial condition to
undertake it, and if they have discovered
i that a good wooden bridge, ample for the
present wants of the people, can be placed
- on the piles at the Eoff street croaaing of
- tho Run, at a very small coat, why were
e they not prompt to secure the advantages
anil claim the rights of discovery and
t entrench themselves in the hearts of their
constituency by applying promptly the
remedy for all the grievances on account
of which tho previous Council was ao
S often bitterly assailed?
if Inadvertently, perhaps, the foundation
a of a good bridge has been laid, one that
8 can be built at a trifling cost, and we call
upon the City Council in the intereat, not
e of the people of any ono section of the
> city, but of all the business of the city,
: to avail themaelveaof this advantage.
,f The Mall Meeting.
1 Tho Nail meeting at Pittsburgh yesterday
resulted in a withdraws! ?arh I
i. mill of it" forfeiture money, save i neat
t. egg of $o for each machine. Aside from
a this action nothing noteworthy was done.
|| The situation remains u before In >11
w other respects. No change in price*.
'n Tin Washington, Pa, Exmintr, of
j yesterday, reports sales of several clip#
, of wool at 40 cents. "Some fancy lots
' near town have been sold u a higher
figure, but both sides appear offish aa to
' the exact price," and therefore the F.i
aminer uorn not quote it.
Till Neotrophian Hociety of Bethany
i* College give their 30th annual performs
anco on Thursday evening, June 21 nt.
v They have had printed atthi* caubliahe
invnt some beautiful programme* for the
i occasion.
The City Debt.
Inasmuch as there ban been a good d
of talk In regard to the legality of
new G per'cent loan, inaued for the p
pone of taking up the city'n overchcck
the Exchange Dank, the opinion
Dauiel Limb, Esq., was solicited by
Hank on the subject, and after an exa
nation of the'matterjhehas replied a*:
I have examined with dome care
questions submitted to me resptct
the city bonds authorised by the^oruiia
which vu passed by the Council the
of January, 1877, and approved by thi
fifths of the popular vote taken on
25th of that month.
It appearing that these bonds are to
Issued exclusively for the purpose of <!
lIlMffinit W k t III I# Iia nalfA,l I L . il I
.unigiug nuotuii; w v-aill'U lllfj IIURI
3ebt, I am of opinion that they will
legal and valid, if limited in amount
nu, 5oo.
l*hc Tilue cf the taxable propeitr in (lie
city ascertained by tho lut aasewruent
(or Mate anil county taxea, acourding to
Information furnlihed to me, which I
d?>ni reliable, apjwara to be f IS,591.880,
ami five per cent ou tbli aura, tbat I* |67'J
will then-fore be the rooatltutlonal limit
impoacd by Article 10, Hectlon ?, upon
tho Indebted d?*i of tho city.
It la itated alao to me, and I regard the Information
m reliable, tlut tha bonded
debt of the i-lty. (excluilve of the floating
debt to be lifted by th>? lmnd.1 to Im
IwuhI under the Ordinance of January 5,
1S77,) amouuta to ..|,v.7
Leaving a margin of 9111
As the ordinance provide* only for I
irtsae of $500#bonda, there may thereft
in my judgment be properly and leg*
issued tinder the Hume, bondi to I
imoiint of $ll 1,500 of the kind and
the |?iirp?)?c epecitied in Ih? ordinance.
To furnifh you with th'n note with
Hrgumeiit upon the dillerenl point* of I
tearing on the tmbject, would tnaki
long document of it, and 1 Nippon* )
Jo not deairc thin to be done.
Daukf. Lamb
Wiif.ei.ino, June 12, 1877.
jonn j.jonen, r.*n.. vumut or menu
Thoae who are familiar with \
Lamb's reputation an a lawyer ami leu
lator do not need to be informed as to I
weight which should attach to his opin
on any point affecting the debt of the ci
Already more than half the bonds tl
may be legally iaaued have been sold,
other word.4, $00,000 of thorn b:
been taken. Thin will leave $."> 1 ,
yet to be dnp.ned of to partita who 11
have had up to this time doubta in
gard to the legality of the loan. All si
persona can now come forward at 01
with their money. These are the di
Df cheap loans. The Government of
United Statea has just negotiated the a
of $25,000,000 4 per cent bonds at \
in gold. It ia calling in its G per c
bond* at a saving of 2 per cent per anni
of interest. These bonds of the city to
I! per cent interest, and, in addition,!
free from municipal tax.
Talk about Wheeling C'ouncilma
isperities and personalities. They 1
the uiu.it odorous debate in the Steub
ville Council the other night we^e'
read. The IJerald should be exciui
from the mails under the statute, i
Councilman Myers should be purged w
hyssop and fumigated with sulphur.
We are under obligations tp Gover
Mathews for copies of the Acts pawed
the last session of the Legislature, i
also for copies of the Journal of ei
House. They.are just out of the printi
The reunion Agency,
A Washington dispatch is to the I
lowing effect:
"The enntest is lively over the locat
of the Pension Agency for the consolii
ed District, which include* the St&U
Virginia, West Virginia, North Carol
and Tennessee, each State claiming ths
should be locaded within its border. T
neesee has 4,842 pensioners; West \
ginia 2,500; Virginia, 1,75:5 and No
Carolina, 772; total, uot enuiuei
inj? about 300 in the Ohio countita wh
are embraced within the limits of
District, 9,867. Secretary Schurz in try
to draw up somo rules, which shall ap
in all cases as nearly as possible, for
termining who of the olu agents shall
retained?such, for instance, as that
senior Agent in the Commission shall
reappointed; or, the Agent living in
State in which tbe new Agency shall
located. This war between these Hti
appears to be likely 4o terminate in fa
of Tennessee. Knoxville will proba
be selected as the location, and Gene
Harris, of West Virginia, an old ai
friend of Mr. Hayes as the Agent.
Farewell to llendrlclM.
New York. June 13.?Many of tli
who were at the reception of the Manl
tan Ciub last evening assembled at the
Avenue Hotel to-day, to bid farewell
Governor Jlenericks and wife prioi
their departure for Europe in the ate:
erScythia. Among them were Gover
Tilden, Lieut. Gov. Dorsheimer, Auf
tus Schell, John Kelly and wife, 8.8.<
and wife, John T. Hoffman, George Ti
ner Curtis, Abram 8. Hewitt, Joaq
Miller, Edward R. Meade, J. A. Agn
Fernando Wood, Hon. iliester Clyn
Gordon W. Burnhatn, R. L. Cult
Edward Cooper, Wo. Beach Lawre
of lthode Island," Dr. Say re, E. 8. Cli
land, of Connecticut, Surrogate Cal
ex-Mayor Wick ham, John J. Brat
and Senator Kernan. On account of
ebb tide in the afternoon the Scythia
off Bedloea Inland, where the passenf
were taken on board. There wan
demonstration on the arrival of tho
Governor and party.
When the party reached the stea:
they went first to inspect the table,
lar^o bed of roses, on which were
words "Bon Voyage," sent by Wra.1
Wick and Willis 8. Paine, was placet
their seats at the first table. At 4 o'cl
a revenue cutter came alongside
Scythia with Collector Arthur andT
Murphy on board. After the usual d
niinirauuna ui miu jjuuu-ujv ?
given, the cutter returned and theScy
f>teamed down the bay.
About ldloU.
Cui.umdus, 0., June 13.?A conven
of superintendents, officers and teac!
of American institutions for idiots
feeble minded persons assembled toat
the Ohio Institution for Imbicili
this city. Dr. Segnine, of New Yorl
President of the Convention. Reprei
tatives are present from all nart* of
United State* and Canada. Papers *
read and discussions held on various i
jects connected with the educatioi
imbeciles. The relative number of
tienta in the institutions in the St
represented are u follows: Ohio,
Pennsylvania, 240; New York, 210; M
achuaett*, 192; Iowa, 70; Connecticut
Ontario, 140. The State* having inst
tions and not represented are Kentu
00, and Illinois 100. The Conven
will remain insertion several days.
Havana, June 13.?The official
nouncement was made Unlay that the
ternalional postal treaty will go inU
feet in Cuba on the 1-Uh inst.
~ bi
!he A Thrilling Earthquake Experi- "
> >? ence on the Pacific Coast
sth ?;? "J
'? Burning Mountains, Hot Rocks
118 and Boiling Maelstroms. p;
i? __ f
I j i n
i?"g The Attorneys and Tweed's ['t'
"* aiaiemeni. lr,
10 if,
Another Ring Robber Seeks a "f,
Compromise. ?
. nn
>vji in
The Bass' Confession to be Made lh(
Public. ?
? ch
A Sensation Amonfl Kentucky F. Pi-A ^
,?u Young Lady who Speculates in To- |?,
?- baooo and Forces Note*. ru
'he ? M ^r'
irtt HE'it Viiuit
""" 01
lly ? V1(
llie About tlic Tweed Nliiteiueiit. we
f?r New York, June 13.?Attorney Gen- ly
eral Fairchild ha* turne?l over the Tweed an
ttu statement to John D. Townsend, counsel uk
ftW fur Tweed, and it now real* with that gen- w|
8 a tleuian to nay what disposition should be an
rou made of it. aa;
Notwithstanding the positive atate- ou
inentri of the morning journal* that At- tui
torney General Fairchilda had returned its
the confession of William M. Tweed and a
would have no further negotiations with lig
Ir. him to thi* end, hi* counsel state* that shi
he ha* received no document* or commu- tid
. nication of any kind from the Attorney wn
, General. Tweed had read the statement* rej
ion referred to, and supposing hi* statement
ity. had been returned to hi* counsel, watt
,at naturally not in very high spirit*,
j Wheeler II. Peckhara, of the counsel 0[
1 for the people, aaya lie gave Tweed's d0
*ve statement and a letter from the Attorney cil
SCO tieneral to Townsend into the hand* of as
,.IV one of hi* (I'eckham's) clerks about noon jn
* yesterday, with instructions to deliver (0|
r(j them to Townsend personally. The re> fQi
i?-n son why Townsend did not receive them (jr
oce yesterday waa that the clerk waa upable tic
iVrt to see him. Ml
,, The following is the Attorney-General'i Ki
, letter: ' to
ft,e New York, June 12. gii
J?r To John D, Townsend, Esq.: foi
ent Herewith I return to you the statement
im of the testimony which you assert Wm.
?ar M. Tweed could give it" he were released an
' from imprisonment. After careful con-1 tij
HiuerMion, 1 nave come 10 tne conclusion ne
that the testimony which Mid Tweed Co
could give, as shown by paid statement, Wa
"ic would justify his release* in.
en. Attorney General.
rer Mr. Townsend, with Tweed's assent,
. . will present all the facta in the case to
** the public in a few days. 1
Billy Connor?, who has been confined
in Ludlow Street Jail for several month*, |,j.
pending the result of legal proceedings
nor for his extradition to Massachusetts on a
I at charge of being one of the gang who ..
ind and bound the cashier of the Na- j11
. tional Bank of Northampton and robbed j
1 that institution, escaped this afternoon.
ir*s The Sheriff's officials express the belief
that Connors waa provided by some friend Pn
or inmate of the prison with keys to the ??.
doors leading to the street. .
ol- Tweed is very depressed in spirits and
weaker in health. He denounces what 1,11
he terms the injustice of the compromise
!on with Sweenev, unci declare* that the four
j crirtinnl indictments found against the ..
1? latter would have led to his conviction
in.* had he not fled instead of remaining as
, Tweed did to meet the inane. Tweed says f
,e.n* Connolly and Sweeney were ?w much in
ir,' the ring frauds as himself. Sweeney's ..j
rl settlement in an admission of such comr.
, plicity, and Tweed thinks he has a right
^ to be leniently treated. ^
ink wants to confess judflmknt. tn
ply Tlie following letter explains itself: en
Lodlow Street, June 13.
r? To John D. Toumund, Etq :
Deak Sir:?I wish you to take the
7" necessary steps to at once enable me to
I? confess judgment in all cases brought Qn'
,~? against me by either the city, county or mj
" " State. My defenses in all these matters
have l>ecn disclosed by me to the Attorney
' J General personally in several interviews, .
011 his personal assurance to uie that if I efll
* made such a statement I should be released
from imprisonment, and as you '
know, also to yourself, and it would be
useless now to interpose a defense even
jose had 1 a desire to do so, and thus save the
r J c,lJ unnecessary further expense.
oth Your obedient servant, [a
10 \Vm. M. Tweed.
to cr
lra> will of sfr8. 8iiiff. yj
Sinrniwl* Pjilein !? filod U!. ?
{UJ. ""staining the will of Mrs. BaislicaShifT,
Jo* 'or a long time under content by her wi
iok- grandson, Andrew Shiff. Mrs.Shifl'held in
in property in Louisiana, New York and
ew> France valued at $500,000, and by her K
tier, will Rave the estate in equal sharea to
ing, *1* children. After the will was wi
nice drawn Mr*. Shiff thought her son Edward, nn
;Ve. who was looking after her estates in Lou- an
rin, j?ianaf had mismanaged her business and
lley ?ad made loans on insufficient securities, .j,
the and caused her great loss. The mother jj,
Jay and son had a bitter litigation, and 0f
jers 1809, her son having died in the mean* ?r,
no time, she made a codicile to her will cut*
ox- t'nK ofl her grandson, Edward's son, from
any share in her propertv. Her grandtuer
son was left a fortune of $300,000 by his
A father. ?l
Unll M. 1 - . I I ii
^jn nunu nmiiciHimiin.
I by Cleveland, Juno 13.?The Yard Mm- ?,*
lock ters' Mutual Benefit Association of the ?
the United Staten and Canada are holding H'
I,oh, their third annual session in this city. [?,
em.' About fifty delegates are present. Tho X
rere next convention will be held in Chicago
thia the second Wednesday in June, 187S.
They will adjourn on Friday.
The eleventh annual convention of the
Car Builders Association of the United ,
ilnn Sl&tca are in session at the Kennard ,,
^ llouw in .hUcitr. |J
and , * c?
day Aquatic. ?
5, in Boston, June 13.?The Harvard* ac- w
c, is cept the Columbia* challenge to the w
sen- c>ght oared, four mile race, which will be
tho rowed at Springfield, June -6th.
rer0 Boston, June 13.?At the Silver Lake
tub- regatta to-day, Plawted won the single
u p[ scull race, Biglin and Maxwell tho pair '
?,R_ oared conteat, and the four-oared work- ,
ate* >nS bo*1 race wan won by the Lakeman J;
430; Ixwldob. g j,;
jJJ. llailnfM F.inbnrnuwrnpnt. "
itu- New York, June 13.?Bamburg, Hill
icky & Co., importers and jobbers in millinery
tion goods, have suspended; liabilities from
$$0,000 to $100,000. Q
an- Washington. D. C., June 13.?Secre- di
> Iu- tary Schurz to-day accompanied his fam- te
>ef- ily to SummitJ N. J., where the family ol
will remain during the summer. r<
iperleure by One Who Han
New York, June 13.?Captain CIim.
acLoon, of the ship Geneva, sunk at
uanlllos by the great earthquake on the
icific coast, on the Uth inst., naa arrived,
id tella the story of his experiences. He
ya :
"Though apparently safely anchored,
a ship became entangled with the otha
near ati they tossed wildly about,
ashing against each other and sinking
most instantly, in 15 fathoms of water,
i the first alarm he came up from beeen
decks; it was about 8J o'clock p.
There had been several shocks on the
evious twenty days, but he had com*
eted his cargo of guano and was expectg
to sail the next morning. Aside
>m the frightful rnmbling sound, his
tention was arrested by an ex- i
lordinary phenomena of the shore, '
e mountain above being so much i
itated that great rocks becamo de- (
ihed and rolled down toward the sea,
icmbling balls of lire. The water at i
chorage suddenly receded so that ships ;
eight fathoms touched bottom. At i
p same time it was observed that the |
ips were swinging round and round, |
d in opposite directions, ami their an. <
or chaSniv becoming entangled beneath <
b copper yards ami masts, iho water
mo swelling in like a maelstrom, caus- i
; the Geneva to Bwing around at the ]
te of eight or ten knots an hour, in i
cat circles, until she Htruck ]
ttinrtt a rock, which stove out a part j
the bottom. The ship wan then forced j
jlcntly in the opporiite direction and ]
nt down. Other vessels wero violent- i
driven nshore or went to tho bottom, i
in the cane of the English ship Avon>re,
Captain Cantield, which took down
th her the captain's wile, three children
d several others. Captain Macloon 1
?s it seemed to him from the sulphur- 1
or electrical appearance of the monn- 1
in that a volcano was bursting out of J
sides, rocks were tumbling about with 1
frightful noise and everything was '
hted up. He Ihioks the damage to '
ipping was caused not so much by the (
llll wave M liv Ilia aJ 1
ter and rotary currents, driving ships
peatedly against each other.
The Klfle ANHOcialiouN. 1
Sew York, June 13.?The Secretary '
the National Kille Association of Lon- .
n writes that at a meeting of the conn- 1
of the latter body.it was resolved that (
no separate teams from Scotland or 1
land had this year been able to enter 1
* the international long range match e
'the championship of the EWorld at
eedmoor, the National Rille Associan
has accepted the invitation and will
id a team representing the United
ngdom of Great Britain and Ireland ,
compete in tho match at Creedmor. .
Henry Ilalford has been appointed to
m the team.
B. 1$. Mulvihill, fashionably dressed <
d polite, and said to have been the con- 1
ential clerk of U. S. Treasurer Spinr,
was held in the Jefferson Market
uit to-day on the charge of stealing a <
itch and other articles from his board- i
; house. i
CitiniwH A NdVanialti eh. J
.Suicided. ,
Cleveland, June 13.?'Yesterday af- ,
noon Mr. E. Drew, of Euclid, Ohio,
icided by shooting himself through the (
? body with a ritle. Mr. Drew was a i
;hly respected and influential citizen, j
Oliul" UEAUi
lioNDOUT, N. Y., June 13.?Joseph <
sllert, a saloon keeper, while drunk '
it night, wan shot dead by James Mai- i
r. <
Beaver Valley, Pa., June 13.?A <
rty of masked burglars robbed the
use of Geo. Thompon last night and
lied Thomas Burns, a hired man. A (
*ilance committee has been formed by (
i farmers. ^
Indignant C reditors. '
Boston, June 13.?The Fitchburg Senel
saya considerable indignation pre- ,
ils in that city toward Mr. Blood, the
ilroad man, because of a feeling that
has not dealt fairly with his creditors
d friends. The statement of his liabil- 5
es to the principal Fitcliburg creditors |
grossly exaggerated according to other j
ures given, while persons who claim to ,
creditors to the amount of $40,000, 1
d one to the amount of $10,000, are ,
tirely ignored, an well as smaller credirs.
Failed tor $150,000.
New York, June 13.?The failure of
J. Steinberger & 8on, 509 Broadway, 11
e ui mu inrgcnii anu oiueflt nouses in me '
llinery goods trade in this city, in an- I
unced. Liabilities about $150,000
>minal assets aw large. While their
>ck of goods and outstanding claims are |
timatcd at a low figure to be worth
00,000. It is thought the creditors will
alize about 70 J>er cent.
Timely Stains.
Montgomery, Ala., June 13.?The j
ins have been very general in Alama,
and have done great good to the
ops. Oats, comparatively a failure,
heat, best crop ever made. Corn and
tton, clean and doing well.
The Governor of this State has forirdcd
money to New York to pay the
terest due July 1st on State bonds.
etiirn ol Another King ICobber.
New York, June 13.?Harry Gent,
lio was associated with the ring robbers ,
id tied from town between conviction
;d pentencc, has returned to the city and
ready to compromise. It is reported
at an application will be made to the
ritish Government for the extradition
Richard B. Connolly, the ring Compoiler,
on tho charge of forgery,
Hale ol *1.1*. A V. 1L 1C.
Cambridge, O., June 13.?Tho Mari-|
tn, Pittsburgh & Cleveland Kailroad
lock and franchise) was Bold at auc:>n,
by order of the Court, to-day, for
!00,000 cash. It was purchased by Mr.
jrruft W. Field, of New York, for the
at mortgage bondholder*, represented
London, Amsterdam, New York and
bio. Thin road in one hundred miles
ng and runs through a aection of coun*
y full ol coal, iron ore and oil wells.
A Brilliant Opening;.
Cincihiuti, Jane 13.?The Emery
rcadc, opened to-night, is a novelty on
ii> continent, resembling the structures
i Paris and Milan. It is 400 feet long,
innecting two principal streets through
le centre of the square. The arcade
as brilliantly lighted and decorated. It
as visited by 40,000 people.
Attempt at Highway Bobbery.
Scrantoh, June 13.?Yesterday aftermii,
while Paymaster Bissell and Assistit
Carding were driving to the mines on
ie outskirts of the city to pay the men,
|ev were fired upon by two masked
icnwarmfii. and I
itsel returning the fire the robbers fled."
Dobhbtadt, June 13.?Ludwig III,
rand Duke of licue, in dead.
Bojjton, June 13.?The wife of Cotumo*
ore Parker died at the Navr Yard renirday.
She wm a great grand daughter
: Timothy Pickering, Waahington'a Sec*
starjr of State.
Nothing New In the Turko-Russian
Russia Proposes a Loan of 8eventy-Five
Million Dollars.
Threatened Attack by Turks on
Russian Communications.
Londoh, June 13.?A Turkish detachment
hM entered the Russian district ol
Achalech and threatens Ruhh'ian communication
with Ardahan. Should the
Turkish commander succeed, the victualing
of the Russian armies will be very
On the approach of three tlying col- v
umns sent by Mukhtar Pasha against the o
Kussian right wing, the Russians not only !
IVUXIIOIimI A 111 !?> >? 'I? ' * -
. "V?UU? ? timtvn, nk IIIO iUVV J
)f the paw over the Kanby range leading j,
lo Ardahan. Both Alti and Penneck j,
were reoccupied by the Turks, who also
rent in pursuit of the Russians. 0
The above is not from the immediate 0
icone of operations, and previous din- a
patches stated that the Russians were ,
withdrawing from the direction of Erzeroura
in order to prosecute the siege of }
(Cars, reduce it anu keen their rear free t
[rom attack, and also that Urand Duke j
Michael, commander-in-chief of the Rus- j,
lian armies in Asia, commenced person- gl
illy to rcconnolter Kars on the 9th inst.
Sr. PJSTKB8DDRO, June 13.? An Imperial
ukase, dated I'alyoeati, June 7th, is
promulgated to-day, empowering the Finance
Minister to issue a foreign live per
lent loan of $75,000,000 in bonds of one
randred dollars each, payable to bearer
ind redeemable by annual drawings at
he rate of one per cent of the nominal
iapital for which a special fund will be
A war prizes. 0
wnnia><iinviijb| uuiio JU, n VVBHC1 B
vhich waa about to discharge a cargo of a
150 barrels of gunpowder at Crete, haa y
>een captured by the Turkish war veasela. *
Two captains of the Russian torpedo a
>oats recently sunk at Salina, the mouth e
>f the Danube, are Englishmen. They d
yerc placed on a Turkish vessel at Isnaila
and are expected to-day at Con- y
itantinople. _____ a
Uon. Grant in England. ^
London,June 13-Ex-PresidentGrant's j
lame is not in the official list of names of n
jersona who are to receive honorary de- jj
frees from the Oxford University.
Gen. Grant waa present to-day at the j
Oxford's annual commencement servioe*. j
Jn his entrance he waa received with applause.
General Grant haa written the Mnyor p
>f Southampton that previous enguge- }(
nents will prevent his accepting the inntation
to visit that city at present, but jj
lopes to visit that town later in the sum- >j
uer. f(
A special performance will be given at f,
he Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden,
fune 22, in honor of General Grant. {,
General Grant waa not present at the n
3xford commencement. The student*, n
vhile waiting the recitation of yarious c
prize poeraa and other portions of the
programme, have been in the habit of
:heering or hissing the name* of public
characters. All the papers this morning
remarked particularly of the reception *
ivoked bv (J?n. C5n?n?'? nnmo wlttnl.
>ne of ihe first proposed. ' *'
banquet to cotton men.
The American Chamber of Commerce
it Liverpool have decided to give a ban- .
juet to toe delegates of the International j,
Jotton Convention, which meets in Liv- fc
irpoolJuly 11. .
A Berlin apecial say* the ecclesiaatical {
:ourt haa aentenced the Biahop of Lim>er
to removal from office.
cabl* company's business.
An extraordinary meeting of the Di- j
rect United States Cable Company will 8
)e held on the 20th of June, when reso- <3
lutiona winding up the company, &c., t
irill be presented, and if adopted they (
kill be confirmed at the second cxtraoriinary
meeting. 1
turf. 1
At tho Ascot races, to-day, the Royal *
Hunt cup was won by Cradle, Button 2d, "
Prince George 3d. The Coronation
stakes wero won by Belphoebe, the Biennial
stakes by Rob Roy, and the Derby
itakes by Silvio, winner of the Derby. I
The amount of bullion withdrawn from f
the Bank of England on balance to day .
was ?85,000. \
The ateamshin Soain. from York
[or Lirerpool, paused Brook IUven at
5 o'clock this morning, haying.ih tow ?
the disabled steamer City of Berlin, from
New York for Liverpool. S
Forclgu Cable*.
New York, June 13.?A Russian spy
captured by the Turks will be shot.
A Turkish spy, in the guise of a jour- j
nalist, was caught in the Kuiaian camp
at Plajesti and shot. '
Several sortie* by the Turks at Kara 1
have been repulsed.
Paris, June 13.?Gambetta htn aban- g
ilonod the idea of a preliminary discus*
sion by the sections in regard to a line of (
action by the Left. . (
Malta, June 13.?The crops in Tripo- (
li and Barbary hns been devastated-by lo- j
discover a large area, and famine is ]
imminent. ,
London, June 13.?The Emperor and
Empress of Brazil arrived here by the r
steamer France.
A Sensation in the F. IV*.
Louisville, June 13.?a very startling .
sensation has been developed here. A lady
occupying a high social position, Mrs. ]
T. T. Ilawkins by name, an the story is
told, within th? liuit. few vmm? nh?nin<w1
$10,000 from her mother on the pretense
that she waa investing in tobacco specu- j
lations. She claimed that Senators Stev- i
enson, George H. Pendleton, Col. Taylor
nnd others were in partnership with her.
The mother, believing thin, advanced the
money. The gentlemen named deny any
business relations with her, and the story,
so far as thev are concerned, is utterly
devoid of truth. The lady made an at* '
tempt to securo cash on notes, hut failed. !
They were forged and signed with Tay- ;
lor's name. Her relatives have pronounced
her insane. The atl'air causes '
great excitement.
H rattier l mil call ohm.
was dkftutntkxt, )
Ornc* o? th? Chik* 8io*al omau, J.
WAauiaurON, D. C, Juue 12-1 4. ?. j
For Tennessee and the Ohio valley, stationary
presure, higher temperature, 1
south winds, clear or partly cloudy 1
weather and (tossibly rain areas. ;
For the lakes, noarly stationary barometer,
stationary or riling temperature;
partly cloudr weather, area* of light rain
and uouth winds. 1
NiwYoke,Jane 13.?CalrinB.Camp, i
the cotton broker who attempted suicide i
on 8?tnrJay lint, ia gradually recovering, i
Hcarou l*?rk ftturoN.
Boston, Juno 14,?At the Beacon Park
aces to-day the 2:29 claw was won bj
roe Riploy, Lady Foxey 2d, BatemanlW
-time. 2:20}, 2:2fl}, 2:29, 2:27}, 2:29},
..ady toxer won the 1st heat and Bateuan
the 3d.
The second race, 2:31 claas, wan won bv
Jlara J., Lotta 2d, Commodore Berry IU1
-time, 2^il,2:38,2:291,2:29}, 3:29). 2:30}.
jotta won the 1st and 2d heats ami Comnodore
Perry the 4th.
Colmbus, O., June 13.?There was an
ncreased attendance at the running
acea to-day.
The first race, mile and one-half dash,
>umo lor all agee $200, eight to mart, was
ron by Glasgow by a neck, Butler 2d.
rime, 2:30). Glasgow was the favorite
n the pools.
The second race wax mile heat*, best
wo in three, purse for all age* $250.
'here were six starters. The lirat heat
ran won by Charley Gorham, Lapland
d; time, 1:45}. The second heat was
rOn by Kilburn, Gorham 2d; time, 1:15)
upland and Hayes distanced. The third
eat and race was won by Kilburn, Goram
2d; timo, 1:51.
The third rHce, dash of three-quarters
f a mile, Ladie^ stakes, for two-year
Ids, colts and fillies. $20 entrance. S200
dded, had seven *tarler*. The race wan
ron by Stella, Ensign 2d. Time, 1:18.
In the pool* fur to-morrow'* race*
nuamla Warren is tho favorite for the
liree-quarter mile dash, Edinburg Hi I.
'or the daxhof two mile* (Hankow i* the
ivorite, selling at $50, and Longbow 2d,
piling at $28 and
Colli KAIpn.
New York, June 115.?The 1Vtinny 1ania
Coal Company aold two hundred
houaaml tons of coal to-day a* follow*:
iLearner, $2 42Ja 2 62A; lump,$2 50a2 05;
rate $2 45a2 05; chestnut. 52 42]a2 52A,
gg, $2 45t2 05; atone, $2 45a2 57J; pea;
2 05. This is a liberal reduction from
lay price*, liefore the auction Vice
'resident Hovt stated that the sale wa*
ona fide; thatjitiwas not nought to bother
r break values by so large a sale. Thin
lie was intended to cover a, long season
nd no other Bale of coal by this company
rould take place for sir weeks. The coal
aid is deliverable at the company's docks
t Newburg, but if desired will be delivred
at New York or Brooklyn at an aditional
charge of sixty cents per ton.
The first effect of the decline in prices
ras to depress the coal stocks, which
fterwards improved, because the sale of
le Lackawanna mado a better exhibit
lian that of the Delaware, Lackawanna
: Western.
J. B. Guest, a prominent retail coal
ealer, of this citpr, has failed. At a
leeting of his creditors lie stated that he
ad been falling behind for five years,
lis failure was for $G.">,000; $28,000 is
ue coal companies; $10,000 to the IJeadng
Two to Jflake u Iturguiu.
Washington, June 13?Nearly all the
apers which have heretofore advertised
sr the War Department have declined to
ublish its advertisements at the rates
xed tyr the decision of Attorney General
aft, viz, 40 cents per folio of 100 words
jrtiie first insertion and 20 cents per
)lio for each subsequent insertion. 11 is
robable that the subject will again be
rougbt to the attention of the Departlent
of Justice, together with a full statelent
of the difficulty experienced on acount
of the late decision.
Ohio State Medical Society.
Toledo, June 13.?The thirty-hcoond
ledical Society met nt l'ut-in-liay yeaerday.
One hundred delegates wgre
fatally injured.
A Bailor named Patric O'Donahue, emiloved
on the bark J. R. Benaon, while
.aaiMing in loading the veaael with timer
to day, was utruck on the head by a
lortion of the loading tackle and fatally
nj tired.
Detroit, June 13.?The Shook Mill of
Jerger & Co. and a large quantity of
hooka, heading and dreaaed atavea were
leatroyed by tire at Ovid, Mich., tins
norning. Losa between $30,000 and $i>0, 00;
insurance light.
Little Rock, June 13.?A tire occur red
ast evening at the depot of the St. Louia,
ron Mountain and Southern ltuilroad,
,nd the barroom and hotel building wa?
leatroyed. Low $10,000.
Marine Intelligence.
New York, June 13.?The agent here
ian received a dispatch announcing that
he City of Berlin reached (Jueenatuwn.
London, June 13.?The steamer Spain
ell in with the City of Berlin Sunday GOO
tiilea west of Queenatowu, with her main
haft broken. The City of Berlin Inn
eft Queenstown for Liverpool, towed by
wo tugn.
t.._? io ??: i
Iteamer Phoenician, from Glasgow.
New York, Juno 13.?Arrived?The
iteaiunhips Kumia, from Liverpool, iiml
lerder, from Hamburg.
llttMf Hull.
Elmira, N. Y., J une 13.?Indianapolis,
0; 8tar?, of Syracuse, 7.
WiLKKsnarre, Pa., June 13.?Wilkes>arres,7;
Krien, 1.
Boston, Juno 13.?Boston, 7; Alle[heney,
Evansville, June 13.?Evanavilles, 2;
Cincinnati, I). Errors?Evansville, 13;
Cincinnati, 3. Base hit*?Evansville, 0;
Cincinnati,0. Passed balls?Evansville,
t; Cincinnati, 2. The Cincinnati cluli
eft to-night for Louisville, where (hej
vill play to-morrow.
London, Ont., June 13.?Glucagon, I
Fouiul Guilty.
Dixon, III., June 13.?The jury in
he case Kev. 8. II. McCihee. who for the
last ten days has been on trial on t
:harge of poisoning his wife, brought it
i verdict of guilty this morning, but fixeti
Ka iun.ll. at tlin Iawa.I n^.irul ' * ?
iriaontnent allowed by law, 14 yearn
WcGhee wan paator in the Ciiriatiar
Jhurch at Aahton. His motive for tin
:rime wan Mipnoned to l>e a denire tc
narry a young lady pariahioner.
Louisvilxjs, June 13.?The report*
elegraphed from the South concerning
[be break in the Louisville A MemphL
Railroad are pronounced incorrect by th<
I/Juiaville management. Only one em
bankment, they Hay, wan washed awaj
ind that haa l>een repaired,ho that traim
ire now pacing over it. There has beer
iio detention to freight.
Fan! Time.
Loujhvill*, June 13.?By a recent ad
{UBtmentof thenchedule the Louinvilli
Kailroad will make the unprecedented
time of 4S liourn and 10 minutes betweer
Sew Orleann and New York, withcorre*
ponding time to other Eastern citica.
Nasuvillb, June 13.?Prof. Samuel A
Kim will make an ascension with hwbij
baloon, Buflalo, on next Monday. li<
will be accompanied.by Dr. Ford, Signa
Officer at thw place, who propoaen mak
log the completeat baloon meteoroloirical
obi?emuon? on record.
TUo .Mormon <|ne*tlou.
Skm Francisco, June 13.?Th? Virginia
City Chronicle publishes an inter;
view on the Mormon question with Wo,
' W; Bishop, who defended John D. Lee.
I lie state* (rout intimate and personal
, knowledgo of Mormon affairs, that if
' Brigham Young thinks he can stand trial
and get clear there will Iwno resistance.
If ho apprehends conviction ho will, uni
questionably tight. Higbee Haight and
Stewart can only be taken by superior
force of United States troop*. Under the
present jury system it is impossible to
convict any of the other assassins in Utah.
Ia'c was convicted only because District
Attorney Howard succeeded in
making Brigham Young believe that
bv tho conviction of Lee, Utah would bo
admitted into the Union aa a State, whereupon
Young ordered his conviction for
the cood of the church. Dintrw*; A Hnr.
ney "Howard, ho ?ays, in honest and efficient
in every respect. The stories about
his keeping back a portion of Lee's confession
are false, except some jjoints left
out to further the ends of justice by an
agreement between Bishop and Howard.
Silicon's ailidavit he brands as false in
every particular, gotten up in the interest
of the church.
The feeling unionist the Gentiles in
Utah is verv bitter. Those in Salt Lake
feel secure, hut in the small interior towns
much apprehension is felt. Should hostilities
commence most af the fighting
would be in those small towns.
About CjlriiM<iIiO|?|H?r?.
Omaha, June 1J5.?I'rof. Cyrus Thomas,
oi the United States Entomological Committee,
accompanied by I'rof. Aughey, of
this State,arrived here to day. After quite
:iu extensive examination of this Slate,
in reference to the grasshoppers, he
state* that although there are some in the
eustcrn tier of counties thev are satisfied
that the danger is over in Kebraska and
that the loss will be very small. Even
in tho few counties where they yet remain
scarcely a damaged tield can be
Augusta, Ga., June 13.?Partial returns
from 48 counties give 2,013 majority
in favor of calling a Constitutional
Convention. The indications are that
the vote will be in the atlirmative.
Sak Francisco, June 13.?The grasshoppers
arc reported in portions of San
Joaquin. They are too late to do harm
to the wheat, but are destroying every
thing green.
St. Johnkrury, Vt., June 13.?The
Rev. E. IX Hopkins ban been rearrested
on live indictments found against him by
the grand jury. Two of the indictment*
arc for forgery and three for appropriation
of moneys.
"Washington, June 13.?Robert T.
Clayton, of Georgia, haa been appointed
Consul at Callais; John F. Quarles, of
Georgia, lormerly Consul at Paris, Malion,
appointed Consul at Malaga.
Memphis, June 13.?A dispatch fru,u
Hot Springs, Ark., nays that I)r. li. P.
Talman, :i well known physician of this
city, suicided there to-day. No cause is
assigned or particulars given.
New York, Juno 13.?A. F. Linden
from DenniHon, Texas, live montha ago,
auicided to-day at his boarding house by
shooting. Ilia family are at present reaiding
in Pari*, France.
ltiver New*.
The uiarka last evening indicated 10
feetinched, and failing alowly.
The Ark parsed up at 1 r. m. light.
The Science left for Parkersburg at her
usual hour yesterday morning.
The Kerr left for Pittsburgh at 9 a. m.
The Express passed up about 8 a. m.,
and tho Granite State at '2 r. M.
The Mallie Itagon will be the regular
Parkersburg packet to-day.
The Sam. Clark, Nellio Speer and B.
D. Wood passed down with tows of coal.
Tho U. S. snagboat K. A. Woodruff
pawed up at 7? a. m.
Tho Granite State paaped up yeaterday
The Graham will be down to-day, on her
last trip. Tho Thompson will take her
place in the Pittaburgh and Cincinnati
trade until the new Graham is ready.
me uuii oi me new liimma uraimm
will be launched at Cincinnati this week.
The towboat J. Sharp McDonald will
be docked and put in complete repair.
G'apt. E. J. Carpenter, who haa charge
of the United Statea dredge boatu Oawego
and Ohio, left laat evening for Cincinnati,
where the dredge boat* are ut present.
Alter doing some needed work at McC'ollom'i
bar, they will proceed to Itaccoon
laland, and will clear the river to Cincinnati.
The following boat* put in bid? to
do the towing: Ella Layman, In. Keefer,
J. llobnon. Alex. Chamber*, Champion
No. 7 and Brilliant. The bida ranged
from $37 to $50 per day. If we were iuclined
togueas we would name the Keefer
an the pucceasful bidder.?riUiburgh
LUj Telegraph.]
I'rmnUBOH, June 11.?KiverlG feet 1
inch and falling. Weather clear and
pleasant. The steamer Expreaa, from
I'arkernburg, will arrive to*night. Departed?John.
Ij. lthoadrt, for Ht. Louin;
ilombrook, for Wheeling; Graham, for
LntHBVtl.Mt. .Tnno ia-W?rm n?.<1 ol.M.r
Departed?Donnully and Conn. Millar
for Cincinnati; J?tna, St. Louis; Mary
Miller, Cincinnati. River rising, 7 feet
in canal.
Omajia, June 13.?River 17 feet.
I There waa a ri*e of 1 inch to-day at Sioux
; City, a fall of 15 inche* at Yankton, and
, 1 foot at Fort Randall. It'.in Haid the
i high water liaa done ?erious damage on
each ?ido of tho river about Council
Evanhviixe, June 13.?Clear; mercury
' Co0 to 79?; winda nouth and ?outhwent.
River 8$ feet and falling. Down?Taraacon,
Morning Star, Celina. Un?Conn,
i Millar, Idlewild, Maggie Smith. Bummm
. dull.
[ New Orleans, June 13.?Arrived?
, Cliurch, Ohio river. No departure*.
| Weather clear and warm.
Vickjibuho, June 13.?Weather cloudy
and warm. Down?Gundy Gordon. Up
, ?Uarrett and barges.
, St. Louw, June 13.?Arrived?St.
, Genevieve and Lady I*e, Peoria. Departed?
Minneapolis, St. Paul. Kiver in
Mkmpiiis, June 13.?River rose 3 [eel.
1 Weather cloudy; mercury 8o?. Arrived
?Batim, Cincinnati; Hard Cash, While
Cairo, June 13.?Arrived?J. Means,
Ohio river. Kiver 30 feet 1 inch and
rifting. Weather clear.
Cincinnati, June 13.?River 15 feet 6
inches and rising. Arrived?Jamen W.
GofV, Memphis; Golden City, New Orleans.
Departed?Vint Sbinkle, Mewphin;
Sherlock; New Orleans. Clear and
' Litti.k Kock, June 13.?Weather clear;
River swollen very little to-day; a rise of
2 inches at Van liuren; tho cotton crop
1 along the river may be considered de'
1 Is prepared to nuke careful and complete anaiyM
. o! Iron Un, UmwtyOM, UincnJ Witcn, tic.
Ubontorj tor. Hth mil dapllM ttiMU
,ua WbttUnf, W. Vi

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