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_ Vltectfmj Si IttWE#ro?t
Inti'l|||{ciiccr lor the Nummor. bu
Prrtont having tht e\ty may Ui? tf>* JnltliiftHtrr
st'il I'' Ihtir addrru 'y wtat/, j'^0* jwr]>aid,for ??j
iilth Hmr 01 they may i'l/ff, <i< ro/< ^ /t/tfen ?u'
trail per uttk, I?'
** wtfifyfo forlhell*** '?pt(r<d mutf c*'
fa'all on?i crifcr. ^
Capital Location Meetings , ret
Tin' < until** in Favor ol ( inrhs. tlw
burg. 01
The people ?<f Went Virgiuia will be ml* l,ii
drcaicil at ihe following time* and plaew, jjjj
an<i by the following kpeaker*, in favor of tjl(
Clarksburg: |,e
lluckbannon, Up*hur county, June l.lh no
0f Oeti. Natbjut uoff, Jc, aft
tforguntown, Monongalia county, June j?
25th?By the same uptaker. ,.;a
llarrisville, lUtcbic county, June lltli?
Uy Hon. Geo. Loomu and John Baaacl, K?q. (
New Martinnvllle, Wetr.el county, Juno 1,0
I'ith?By lion, BenJ. \V ilson and H. B. rel
LnU, Kiq. Su
fit. George, Tucker county, Juno 18th? to
By John Ba**el, K?q. ha
GranUrille, Calhonn county, June 25th n*
?Hy Hon. Ben}. Wilson and Hon. K. M. am
Turner. clo
Glenville, Gilmer county, July 3d?By (,j,j
the atoe apeakers. fr(1
Other unnonneeincnu will be made from b0j
time to time. e({
The 1'iihllr Debt. tin
The United State* owe a tH>n?l**<l liolit el*
of about seventeen hundred million*, of
till* total about 800 millions bearG|>er j.jJ
cent intf 700 million* ,r' |***r cent, and im
?l?nut 200 millions 4} per cent. The sale kii
of 4 J per cent bonds has teen stopped.
The Secretary of the Treasury tind* that ,J|
owing to the plethora of i?lle money and frr
the advancing credit of the Government, a 1
he can place a 4 per cent bond on the ha
market and with the proceed* redeem the
<5 per cents. Accordingly ho ha* with*
drawn the 4 J i>er cents and haa negotiated an
for the tir.^t installment of a 4 mc
per cent loan. The pyiiiiicate ^
of banker* in the name that took cei
the 41 per ccntrt, fix: Rothschild, set
Morgan, Seliguian and Ko*o, of London, t'o
and their representatives on this side, l''r
with Morton,'Blis* & Co. and the First
National Bank of New York. Thesyri* sa
dicate take $25,000,000 at once, to I* paid tb'
for in July or August, and the contract
runs only si* month*. To secure the op* WJ
portunity for popuUr subscription in
the United States, bonds will lie Issued :,t
of $-">0 and $100 size and the nyndicateV
monopoly will not obtain till after the wa
American public has had 110 days' oppor- frc
tunity of subscription, to l>e paid up with* ?n
in 90 days. The placing of 4) per cent* ^
is suspended, except to the amount of vil
about $25,000,000, winch will brinjj up pL
the whole 1} per ocnt i?siie to 200 mil* h\r
lions; of these latest 4} J>er cent*, 510,- '|jj|
1)00,000 i<4 for resumption purposes The ??
new 4 j,er cent consols are placed ?it par caj
intfoM, pay interest quarterly, and run30 Hn
years. ' *?
Mr. Sherman has thus proven that ii 0[
ha-* k'on in the power of the treasury for th
some time to force the credit of the L'nited
States up to the point where it could ^
borrow at 4 per cent. The moment it le
came to be understood that the 4] per as
cent's would be withdrawn, they went up *1
smartlf in the market, and nre now
quoted at 2 per cent above par. The
Government has l>eeii Ix-arinx its own
credit, ever aince the 4* per cents were
first offered, last September. We are
?lad that Mr. Sherman has interposed in ''
behalf of the public credit, and ha* also .j
insisted on an equal opportunity for the ih,
j?eople at large to ftubjcribe with the in- liu
ternational bankers. At nresent the au
principle demand for these bonds will w"
Iks likely to be here at home, but they fr,
will ultimately bo & favorite trust in- an
vestment all over the world, a a noon as
the stress of war financing is over. ac
Tiik Cambridge Jrjfertonian ?ays the
Baltimore & Ohio Kailroad Company 0(
have offered to compronline with the per- m;
cons who have sued it for overcharges, by ha
paying each of the forty-nine plaiptirts "j"
lifty dollars. They have not yet signified j)r
their intention to accept, but have re- mi
tained able counsel for the prosecution of t0,
their claims.
<'uril from ili<> lloHlth Ollli'or in riU
Iti^aril to tlu? Ciiti's ol .Small- flc
l*0\ ill till' tiljr. tll
Gtilors Iiil?lil);cnccr:
The allusion in Council to my alleged wj
neglect of duty in not properly guarding 8U
.?gain?t the spread of small pox should in
have passed without public notice from ac
me had not a most erroneous and unjust fu
statement appeared in the IStanJurd of j,r
last evening. That pa|?er nays, "as no p,
precautions seem to to be taken to pre- ijj
v.iwio r,'irii.i.iig, wf imire 10 r*iaif mai aj
four or live l*d case* of Rtuall-pox have an
been reported (at the head ol 2-dstreet), pa
ant! if the present style of attending to ^
thorn is continued, we' are likely to luve
case* all over town." The impression th
made upon the public by the above ar
groundless as.-?;rUon will be that the ex- kr
isteuc* of "four or five bid emeu" of
email-pox in the Fifth Ward is due to ijt
my neglect of duty. Let us look at facta. jn
Km/?John Rohan, J r., contracted the uq
small-pox in Pittsburgh, came home to 0f
attend Patrick O'Shaughnessy's funeral,
took sick May l'-th, and the case was reported
to me May 17th, whirh wn? as Wl
early as the case could be certainly diag- ju
no?ed. I at once directed Rohan's father u,
t'? guard the house, and and he jxrformed
hi* duly to my tntim/alb/action. There ha* ^
been absolutely no communication with j,,
the patient except through the attending w
physician and myself. On Mondav last, w
the patient having recovered, the house, w
clothing, etc., ?*ere thoroughly disinfect- j0
ed. ami cleaned, under the supervision of e,|
an experienced man, sent there by my or- ^
der and I was present for a time myself to or
see that the work was properly done. rc
Stcontl-.K German girl, after landing je
at New York in an emigrant ship, wai m
sick in A hospital, and there contracted CK
small-pox, the person occupying the bod .,]
n**xt to her having been removed with {0
the diaeaic. She camo to this city, and cj
ill !? (.ill! llitva tllK nrutltioil n( fl?<? lliaatu
appeared. The came wan reported to me
on the night of May 23d. 1 vUited the
home the next morning, vaccinated about f0
everybody living near, gave the family
strict order# not to leave the premium,
and ?t 9 r. m. had the patient removed
to the hospital, aud the room nhe hail
occupied locked up. The next morning
(Sunday), the house and contents were
liiinfecied and cleaned hy the name man gi
vho always ?locs this work for me. The wi
house wan then oj^ned. No gpard wu wl
employed because none w:w necewary. ar
The patient speedily recovered without a gf
grain of medicine. ' , tb
Third.?During a precautionary visit Tl
tn?de to these premises June Gtb, I Uiscov- wi
m1 a Ikjjt living in the name yard upon1
iow had jimi appeared the eruption of
ry uiild varioloid. I had vaccinatcd
u on my fimt visit, and it had "taken,"
towing to hin previous exposure the
ccination was u little too late, nnd
nee served only lo mitigate and not to
ly protect from the disease, lie has
ten no medicine and is now convales*
e, The house is guarded.
Fourth?After O'Shaugnessy'* funer*
hla widow and children were
adly taken to Kuban's house,
naming there from May 12th
til the 14th. Kohan, jr., took sick on
s evening of the 12th. Hence Mrs.
Shapghnenay was in the houae with
m three daya after he hod the small*
x, although not when the eruption was
him. Here she doubtless contracted
b disease, an there vrns (lam told by
raelf, the Kohans and her neighbors,)
communication between the families
er her removal. Mrs. O'S., took tick
lie 5th, but did not send for n physi*
in for several days. The case was rerted
to me Sunday night. 1 was at her
use the next luorninv before her child
i were out of bed, and put a man oo
aril, and in the evening cent the woman
the hospital anil her children to KonV
and had the houxe locked up. The
it morning it wax disinfected, denned
1 locked up by my order, and nil the
thing in it burned or cleaned. The
ildrejj were acrubbed with a brush
m head to feet, ami their clothing
iled and cleaned, and Rohan instruct'
not to allow theiu off hi* premises
thout an order from me. Of course
?y were all vaccinated, and every body
e I could find in the neighborhood.
I'he fact* may l?e briefly stated, thus:
ca?e of atnalbpox wax imported from
Itxburgh, when the disease wax commicati'd
to tt woman who hu.l been
idly taken into the name fiTrti*e in time
her sore dixtrex*. Nobody 1? to blame
\ ewe of varioloid was imported
tn New York ami communicated to
toy living in the same yard, ami who
d been exposed to the "patient before
; di.?ea?e vu developed. Nobody is
blame for this.
rwo cases have entirely recovered,
other is recovering, and the last looks
ire favorable than a day or two ago.
Thus vanish the "four or live bad canes,"
I of which arose froui the Health Otlir's
neglect of duty. The simple fact
puis to be that the old women, several
ttncilmen and the reporters have "lout
eir IteailV' liecau-u a case of small-pox
is moved through the streets in day;ht.
If this be Irue, 1 have simply to
y that my order* w?re disregarded, for
er were 10 "mart after dark, following
e allevs if possible." 1 have no fears
any bad result, however, as the patient
is securely covered.
1 confesH to some sense of humiliation
being compelled to go into these details,
r I have always felt that if I deserved
fdit for anything at a Health Ulfioer, it
is for carefully protecting the city
im this dreaded dir-ea-e. The towns
d cities all around us?Pittsburgh,
nnellsville, Cumberland, Keyser,
rtsmouth, Hen wood, iiellaire, Zanesle,
Steuhenville and many other small
ices have been scourged with small-pox
tee I wan first made Health Officer,
ice February ", 1S73, wo have had
ty-one coses, but never since the first
)nth of my election, more than live
<es at any one time. I here declare,
d challenge contradiction, that in not a
igie insttnee has a case of small-pox
varioloid occurred in this city by fault
mine. In not a cingle instance, after
0case was reported to me, haa the dive
spread outside of the house It startin.
1 do not seek anv social credit
r tliis, *inco it is chielly to my own inrent
to stamp out the disease as quickly
possible. Tliivl have always done, and
tatevcr may be the feeling of councilen
or reporters, I nm entirely natistied
tli my Muccesftthu.1 far.
S. L. Jepson, M. I).,
Health Officer.
lie CttltlHcll ltuu Improvement.
llorj Intelligencer:
"lie article in your paper of to-day under
e head of "The Caldwell's Kun liubrogi,"
treats of a matter of great importce
to the present and future of the city,
me of the surmise* in the article are,
tbout doubt correct result#, deduced
>tu fair consideration of known facta,
d others are with no less of doubt the
lult ol misinformation, especially those
sed upon the animus controlling the
tion of the members of Council. I csdaily
desire to point to a few of the
rinises, illustrative of this peculiarity
the article. One declares that a large
ijority of the First Branch of Council
,ve persistently opposed the entertain nt
of this scheme i. e. straightening
e Kun. This Ls a fact for the
oof of it is that several effort*
ide by the Second Branch to
secure the appointment of a joint com*
itteeon the subject have been laid upon
e table by the First Branch. The
leged cause assigned in the article for
ch actiou is not based upon any otlicial
tion by the First Branch. Whatever
c animus may be that causes the First
anch to treat its co-ordinate Branch
th such lack of courtesy, I respectfully
Kgest that some other than that assigned
the article may be the cause of said
tion. The writer of the article truthlly
represents the advocates of the imoveruent
as perfectly willing to wait
tiently for the same until the city has
? ftinila in iiorfuoi it hilt 11 una i\{ itu
vocale*, 1 moat respectfully disclaim
y presumption of "verdancy" on the
rt of the opponents of the measure in
s First Branch.
The writer of the article say*, in effect,
lit the advocates of the improvement
e opposed to repairing the present
idgoon Chapline htreet. The allegain
u disproved by the continuous ac>n
of the friends of the improvement
the present Council. The writer ?ays:
Ostensibly, the objection to the payment
the bill* was based upon the lact that
i work was dono without an order of
>uncil." Hud the writer left out the
>rd "ostensibly" this comment would
ive remained unwritten, and as 1 had
e honor of moving that the item be
ricken out, 1 hope the writer, if lie
;aiu writes upon the subject, will
ave out the word and assume (which
ill be correct) thut tha objection
m based upon the alleged fact. If any
lium attaches to the action I shall try
live with it, comforted with the knowlIge
that the motion was only lost by a
a vote (the vote being 10 to 111), and live
i in the full hope at no distant date to
joice with my constituents on the perL'tion
of the Caldwell's Kun improveent?a
measure desirable for the prcsit
needs of the city?and, when cometed,
certain to prove a great advantage
the future of the city in securingetli
ent uramage lor a largo portion of it,
id securing a large addition to the taxae
resource* of the city.
"With malice toward none, and charity
r all," 1 am, very respectfully,
Frederick Uoodkki.u>\v,
300. MeCclloeh June 14,1877.
llljctmny Kobbcrj.
Hot Creek, W.T., June 14.?Two ciislistd
men stopped a coach from DeadDod,
about '-0 mile* north of thi* place,
Itile coming through a narrow ravine,
id covering the driver and the mewn*
r with rifle*, ordered the latter to
rpp out th? treasure box, which be did.
be coach was then suffered to pas* on
ithout farther molestation.
The Fall Trade.
JMUU.Wpbla Kcoord of Wednwdar. *
The growing cropa arc generally re*
ported it* b?ing in a splendid condition
throughout the country, and as a conae^uence
the feeling in the producing sec- 3
tioim in cheerful and hopeful. A traveling
rukiMiiAii for one of our largea*. jobbing
dry gooda house*, who ha* juat returned
froin a trip through the west, inform*
114 that in all the interior town* trade
matter* wear a more encouraging aapect y
than they exhibited for some time pant.
The farmera anticipate a large and paying
yield during the coming harvest, and
the atorekeepera in the agricultural dn?
tricu which he visited express confidence
in the prospects o! a brisk fall trade. (J
<{uirk Naloa lor Wool.
(IUroesTllle Katerprlae.) ?
Our prediction of last week that the
wool crop would be M>ld at remunerative
price*, was realized sooner than the in out
"anguine anticipated. Thursday the buy* r
v?n ncrc tx-cciveu oruerH 10 purcuiwe mm cent*
per pound, and they immediately
tarted in all directions, and by Saturday
evening almost the entire crop of the
country wan bought. It i? the quickest (3
nale on record, and as the crop of the
eountry in pretty lar^e, it will certainly
hare a marked efl'ect in the improvement
of the timet*.
Tub Extra tfesmon <>? ' conukk** ?
Contkstkd 8*vth.-?Mr. Adams, clerk of h;
the Hou.?e of Representatives, has not yet ol
fully made up the roll of member* for the
nexi CoitKreM, there beiug one caw of
election from Missouri and one from Cal- t?
ifornia in litigation, two ca?es of ilua) cer- .j
tilioate* from Louisiana, with the ccrtiti- ^
cat?.? of the two contesting member* from ^
i Colorado undecided. The clerk, having '
been nuked fur his views relative to the .
I speakership, said that for the most obvious
rea-ourt he did not (>ermit himself to
make any inquiry nor exprean any opin- R'
ion upon the subject. a|
Hbi.l.mre Locals.?An employe of 01
the Haron Manf. 'Co., named Thorns.*
Cochran, met with n nli^ht accident la*!
Wednesday evening while at work at one d
of the drop-press machines in that facto- u
ry, by which lie lost one joint of u linger v
on ins nuni tinuu. rive similar accidents v
ha pinned to the employes in that factor/ '1
within the last four week'. ai
The Odd Fellows of this* city are and li
have l*?en making ex tensive preparations tl
to hold a Krand basket picnic on liellaire si
llill the cowing -lib of July. They have Is
extended invitations to the secret socie* ai
ties of this and adjoining cities and to all ol
Sunday school children. A grand time tr
is anticipated. The expense-* are borne tl
by the Odd Fellows of this city. e:
At a special meeting of tb? Captains ic
and Fire Wardens at the Mayor's olBce m
last evening, it was decided to order a p
parade and general inspection of the Fire o!
Companies on the tfOth day of this month; rc
also to hold a picnic at Cummins' Grove
to-morrow. ti
Capt.J. ft. Wallace, of Noble county,
Ohio, formerly a resident of this city and n<
still connected with the nail factory's m
cooper shop, arrived here with his family
last Tuesday, to spend a few days among
his relatives and numerous friends. The .
healthy and robust appearance of the tj
visitors speaks well for Noble county. ?
The Captain reports a splendid crop of ^
wheat in his section, and also a general ...
reaction in trade and business, which had ,
been depressed in the early pacl^* the /
year. "
Col. David Kankins is and has been ?'
confined to his bed for over a week with *
Erysipelas. \Ve hope for a speedy recov- ery.
A little boy named G. Warner, while *(
bathing in the river yesterday near JioggV
Island, was suddenly attacked with
cramps and would have l>een drowned '
but for the timely aid of a comrade bath- .
fr- a'
A strawberry peddler from Bridgeport .j
met with an unexpected runaway and
u p#et his wagon yesterday noon, by which ,
lie treatetl our street urchins to a free
festival of the spilt, but delicious fruit. ^
E. G.Morgan, Esq, of this city, had .1
hi* residential grounds improved, by
placing a small fountain la the garden. ,
The Original Bret Harte Literary So- q
ciety meets this evening at the residence .
of Miss Lucy Marshall. A basket picnif
is spoken of by the members for to-morrow
ut Wallace's orchard.
Several farmers in this township have ,
lout cattle in the pant few week* by a '
plague, which ?eetns to be spreading ex- s,
tensively. A farmer named Kennedy, ':
residing on Brook's Kun, lout two of bin ''
best cows in one day last week.
Mr. Will. S. Far is, principal of one of
our Ward schools, concluded Thursday vevening
last to enjoy a skiff ride. _ After
drifting away from shore, and unskilled
in the art of boat rowing, mercilessly
drifted below Kate's Rock, about four i?
rnilea below our city. A tow boat which ^
happened to be coming up took the ^
pleasure-seeker* in tow and landed them ^
safely at our whari-boat,to tbe gratifica- n;
tion of their numerous relatives and HJ
friends. As principal of a school, or an ^
a writer of love poetry to his Mary Ann. w
Will ban proved himself as a master, but jj
as a rowest?a complete failure.
| ?. k. n. 0
Tilden'x Hack Tin.
new york, June 14.?In the suit of tl
the Uuited States again--t Samuel J. Til- \
den to recovcr $150,000, alleged_to l?e e.
due as unpaid income taxes from '01 to C(
'71, complaint has been filed in the Di?- ?
trict Court by District Attorney Woodford.
The answer of Gov. Tilden is \y
returnable in about a week. The allega- (j
lions in the complaint set forth the sup* t|
posed income of Clov. Tilden for each n
ear in question and the amount of tax. t|
Those ICnllronil Wreekew, [,
st. Louts, June 14.?The preliminary c
examination of the four villains who at- v
tempted to wreck a train on the St. Louis c
& San Francisco Railroad for the pur- (J
poses of plunder, near Wooden Station *
some nitrhts airo. terminated vesterdav. i
and nil of the prisoner* were committed to r
the Springfield jail to await the action of u
the grand jury. Bail wm refused. They
will no doubtoe indicted for murder in
the first degree.
Flag Centennial. J
New York, June 14.?'The Centennial n
of the adoption of the U. S. Hag wu ecle- t
brated here by the raising of a banner a
over the National and citv building?. In 1
Washington many business establish- n
merits united with the government in a
commemorating the event, while in Boa- c
ton there wan a general display of the r
Stars and Stripes and the tiring of salutes t
by cannon. b
Traveler** C're?llU. tl
New York, June 14.?The Timetnavs ji
that more credit* have been granted i?y
our leading banking houses thus far this
season to travelers than for two or three
years back, as New York alone very I!
probably imties ?45,000,000 of credit*, h
The total amount of money spent by our t
tourists in a season of four months t
abroad may be set down at something not ?
less than $100,000,000. ?
Lure Smuggler*. i
| lOKh, June iv-x wrmy tiiuu.v |
. and dollar* worth of lace were found t??;
day by Inspector Chapman with three ?<
p?!?!?enger?. Two women and a man on ?
Steamship Herder from Hamburg. r
*5 J t
j New Yofk, June 14.?Armed?,e
Steamer Holland, from London. fa
freck of a Fast Train on the P.
C. & St. L. Railroad?Several
3 8 Passengers Hurt.
ireat Storm in Massachusetts.
Iridges Blown Down and Several
Persons Inqured.
told Robbery of the Oeadwood
raanhaol loeun ond Cllunn P-t
> uunuuun igguu unu OIITUI UUIII. ^
Appointed by tin* l'r(HiiIrii(, ti
Wash inotos, June 14.?'The President
an appointed Cha*. J.Oaborne, Collector '
f Customs at Superior, Michigan. ll
wot official. \
The Secretary of the .Trejumry ntatea *
tat the letter printed upon the subject of u
le payment of the bonds in jjold and
gned II. F. French, Assistant Secretary,
not to be regarded im the ollicial action
f the Treasury Department, in it wan !'
(tended only an an expression of the in- '
ividual view* of Mr. French. The Sec* [
?tary has not taken nor will he take any [
ction in the matter, as to do so would ,
torn to preclude any action Congre? "
light determine to take on the subject. I1
The iflnueof $1 and $'2 greenback# was
iscontinued at the Treasury in this city c
tainly to induce the bank* and indi- tl
idual>4 to take and put in circulation eil- t
er coin. Silver is now going out of the t
'reastiry an fast as a million a month, a
ad the full greenback fund of ten unions
authorized by law is so well assured
lat the Treasurer will probably noon re- 0
line the shipment of one and two doU |,
ir greenbacks only in very moder- i:
te amounts. It id impossible, on account
f the nuiallness of the appropriation for
ansporting government funds, to supply
le Assistant Treasurers with notes for
ichauge, and Rome of the local inconveunces
arising from the lack of? mail note# r
iu*i i?e miu ;o me smaii amount appro- n
riate*!. A notice has been pouted utone j|
[ the window-t on the counter in the cash
>otn of the Treasury here, as follows: 0
"The issue of ones and twos is discon- /
It is very well understood here that the w
atice applied only to that window, and
at to the whole country.
The Syndicate givo notice that from v
lis date and until July lGtli, at 'A p. M.,
?ey will receive subscription* for the lr
>ur j>er cent funded loan of the United
lates at par and accrued interest in gold, j,
he bonds are redeemable after 30 yeara t
om July 1st, 1877, and carry interest
om that date, payable quarterly, and
re exempt from payment of taxes or
uties to the United States, as well as "
om taxation in any form by or under ?
tate, municipal or local authority. Snb:ription?
will be for coupon bonds of $50 e
od $100 and registered gtock in denom- 1,1
lations of $50, $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000
nd $10,000. The bonds, both eou|>on ?
ud registered, will be ready for
elivery July 2d, 1S77. Forma uf ~
pplication will be furnished by .
,? ... W'-aU.V-...- ? 1 - ?
.v ?? ..muuigwu, llic ;\h- .
slant Treasurers throughout the coun*
j ami by national bank* and bankers
inerally. Two per cent of the purchase ^
loncy muft accompany the subscription; ?
le remainder may be paid at the pleasre
of the purchaser, either at the time
f subscription or at any time prior to
ctober 16th, 1S77, with interest added at ?
per ccnt to date of payment. Payments
i?y be made in gold coin to the Treasrer
of the United States at Washington
r to Assistant Treasurers. Also to the
ssistant Treasurer at San Francisco, tl
ith exchange on New York, and to the l
indicate. To promote the convenience a
I subscribers the Syndicate will also re- tl
>ive, in lieu of coin. United States notes n
r drafts on New York at their coin value a
n the day of receipt in the city of New o
ork. _ " ei
Bridge* lllown Down. [J
Springfield, June 11?The covered n
ridge oyer the Connecticut river, be- 1
vcen Northampton and Hadley, was I
lown over by a hurricane accompanied r
jr a severe thunder storm. This after- I
oon an uncompleted bridire on thA Mm- ?i
ichusett* Central Kailroad wa? demolhed.
Six team* were on the bridge
hen it went over, and Mm. Sullivan, of
Cadley, wax instantly killed, and Beveral G
there injured. r
An eve witness describe* the scene as v
dlown: The Hampshire Superior Court p
ad just adjourned, and there were many n
?ama on the road leading to Hadley and
mhert?t. Suddenly the most violent gale g
rer known in the county sprang up, acompanied
with hail. The people drove C
pon the bridge for shelter from the
lorra until a company of 15 persons were 4
eneath the roof. Suddenly the heavy
rubor* began to crack, and in a second S
te structure was lifted bodily into the
ir and hurled with a deafening crash into C
he river l>elow. It was completely deiolished
by the fall. A gang of men I
rom this place at once went to tne rescue,
hie body removed was that of Mrs.Sulli* ^
an, of iiadley, who was bruised and
rushed beyond recognition. Sheriff I
look, of Had ley, wa? badly bruised and S
rill probablv die. George B. Smith, of t
ladlev, and \V. W. Smith, of Amherst, f>
eceived bruiser, but will recover. The 2
there were uninjured. o
I'ttNt Train W reeked. J
Inihanapolis, June 14.?1The faat train 1
n the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati &St. Louis ?
tailroad, due here at a late hour last 1
ight, was wrecked a short way east of
lie city by a switch being partly changed 1
nd a "cro?.s tie wedged between the rails. 1
'he engine, baggage car, express and I
tail care were thrown from the track 1
nd badly damaged, but the nassenger
oaches and (deepen did not leave the
ail. Kruest 1). Cole, a postal clerk, is
he only person seriously hurt. A num- i
er received slight injuries. Everyeflbrt t
rill be made to discover the perpetra- a
01 me outrage anil uring mem to *
amice. a
Approve the AUuilnUtruliou. J
washinotos, June i i.?Several ?!clc- t
itionn from different parts of the .South c
itve vinited the President within two or a
bree dav* ami have all, without excep* I
ion, awmred the Proident of the hearty
couiescence of the Tx>nnl* nf t!,a.* ?.
pective nectiona in the policy which ther
inderaUnd i? guiding the adminlmrnion ,
n ?o far aa it relatea to the control o( the ,
thee* in the Southern State*.
New York. June I I.?At a meeting >
I the L'nion league club to night a re?- v
lution ?u adopted giving heartv ?up- 1
>ort to the auuiinmration, believing s
hat ita purposoa are to give good gov- I
enment and protect American citixens at j
one anil abroad. r
New Yobk, June 14.?Ailolph Grenet,
i German, who conducted the parcel express
to Europe in connection with the
regular hanking and foreign exchange
jusineM, has absconded. Germans uf
imali means are the main losers.
F. Brossard, for sixteen yearn Treasirer
of the Society FrancaU de llienaisance
of thin city, in a defaulter to the
imount of $20,000. Twenty-four thou*
iand dollars remain in the treasury, and
he society will continue ita work.
George Kignold, an actor, and a guettt
>f a New York hotel, has been robbed by
i chambermaid of considerable money
ewelry, and mementoes of hie visit* to
rarious parts of this country and Grout
Britain. Other guests were also robbed,
itignold aaja it has been his practice
inco the failure of Duncan, Sherman &
?o. to keen his money with him until it
iggregated a Urge sum, when he would
end it to London to his banker. lie lost
, large sum when the banking firm men
luncu mum, ruu uo now reuiarxs oner
ly that if ho deposits his money here
t will probably be lost in some rauii Tenure
by his banker, nntl if he keep* it
rith him it may stolen by somo vulgar
Wm. Leitli ami Win. II. Leith, father
nil Hon, havo been convicted of forgery
0 the amount of $1*2,000.
Cincinnati, O., June 14.?J. M. Mcwenon,
a noted counterfeiter, was senenced
by Judge Swing to two years in ,
lie penitentiary and a tine ol" $5,000.
indrew Tully and Mike Dolan, of the
ame gang, waa sentenced to twelvo
iiontha in the county jail.
akm crush ei),
PiTTsDUKOir, June 14.?Mian Peters, a
eleyroph operator of this city, formerly
n the employ of the Pennsylvania Kail- 1
oad, was struck by a freight train near 1
.awrence Station, 'this morning, and
nocked down, the wheels passing over
er left arm and crushing it so that animation
was necessary.
St. Loms.June 11.?While testing a
anvasA tube fire escape about 5 o'clock
liia evening Michael Casey, a fireman, by
be splitting of the canvas*, was precipi
&ted to the pavement and almost Intantly
suicide. 1
August Hchuller, a German GO years
Id, suicided with a pistol at an early
our this morning. Cause, domestic
rouble. _
Jerome I'urlc Races.
Jerome Park, June 14.?The first ,
ace, free handicap, swee|>stakes, one
lile was won by Explosion, KhadmanIms
2d, Bertram 3d. Time, 1:45$.
Ladies' stakes for fillies three years old,
ne mile and a hall, was won by Idalia,
loozoo 2d, Oriole 3d. Time, 2:41$.
Third race, one mile and an eighth, wns
ron by Ambush, Courier 2d, Sister of ,
Iercy 3d. Time, 2:50.
Boston, June 14.?The 229 class race
ras won by Martha Washington, Ban*
uo and Lady Kilder distanced in the
tiirdheat. Time, 2:253,2:25}, 2:20J. 1
The 234 class race was won tiy High*
and, Fearnaught 2d, Qneechy Maid 3d.
*ime, 2:28.
columbus races. 1
Coi.umrus, o., June 14.?The first race !
i the Jockey Club series to-day wa3 for
II ages for $160, $50 to second; three*
3urths of a mile dash. There were
ight to go. Enlight won; Bill Sanders ,
econd. Time 1:16}.
The second race, purse $300, $100 to j
econd, mile heats, best three in five, had
tiree entries, all to start. The first heat
ran won by Bill Dillon; Keno second,
'imc 1:4SA. Dillon also took the second
eat in 1:43], and the third heat and race 1
11:49$. !
The third race, dash of two miles, for j
urse 01 jouu, sou io second, Iiad three
ntries, all to go. I.ongbow won the race. 1
'ime 3:13; Glasgow second.
Omaha, June 14.?Build Doble, with
loldnmith Maid, Bodine nnd Volney,
assed East yesterday evening. * 1
To Be A 1'opnbar Douiou.stra '
Boston, June 14.? IndicationBare that
io reception to bo accorded Presideent
[ayes upon hia visit to thin city, will be
popular demonstration fully equal to
lose which hitherto welcomed chief
lagistrates of the nation to lloston. It !
ppears probable that the entire militia .
f the state will tender their services as 1
?cort. The President will be escorted i
lirongh some of the principle Htrcots to ,
ie hotel, where he will dine with tioveror
Rice: On the day following, the
'resident will attend Commencement at
Isrvard. It is intimated that a grand
ublic reception will be tendered the
'resident at Fanenil liall on afternoon of 1
be 26th.
llnxe Hull.
Wii.kesdahre, Pa., June 14.?In the 1
rut inning the Willkesbarres made 3
uns, had a man on 2*1 base and one out,
.1 fPI ? . t? P.! . ?
ucn i uuui^riuii, uiu writ's caicner, was |
rostrated with heart disease; tho game <
ras cloned by consent.
Boston, June 14.?Boston.*, 10; Allehenies,
Lynn, June 14.?Buckeyes, C; Live
)aks, 5. 1
Philadelphia, June 11.?Atheletica, I
; Philadelphia*, 3.
Syracuse, N. Y., June 14]?Stare, 7; 1
It. Louis Browns, 4.
Louisville, June 14.?Louisville*, 10;
Rochester, June 14.?Chicago*, 15; I
tocheuters, 2. _
i'ationul Ecclcctlc Convention.
PrnsnuR?h, June 14.?In the National
eclectic Convention thi* morning, Dr.
Itoweotrercd the draft of a newconstituion,
the main features of which are as
rdlowa : Requiring every member of the
Cationnl Association to belong to his
wn local association; placing the medial
colleges under tho censorship of the ,
Lwocialion and establishing qualiticaions
necessary for graduation. After ,
liscussion the constitution was unaniuoufUy
After the induction of tho officers and
he admission oi eighteen new member*
ho Aasociation adjourned to meet on
he third Wednesday in June, ISTvS, at
Detroit, Michigan.
Went Point HtcrciscN.
West Point, June 14.?Nearly 2,000
eople witnessed the closing exercises of
he graduating class to-day. The tirat
aldrexs was delivered by Prof. Thompon,
President of the Board of Visitors,
mil will (nllnvvil liw i unopnl 11? ???1.
,fter which the members of the class were
(rejected with their diplomas by the Superintendent
of the Post. The Secretary
?f War and (ieneral Sherman al<?o briefly
.ddrcased the claw. Many graduates
eave to-day on furlough.
Annual Commencement.
Lakayctte, I.vd., June 14.?The third
innual commencement of Purdn Unirer- 1
ity at this city was held to-day. The
zeroises were unusually interesting and
rere attended by a large concourse of
risitors. The President, Hon. E. U.
IVhite, has gained great favor for the Intitution
ami it is now a practical succeed,
t certainly has a bright future in store,
udgiog from the popularity it has aleady
Turksy Regards the Suez Cant
as Her Own Property, but
Respects the Claims of
All but Russia.
English Preparations for WarImmense
Masses of Material
Ready for immediate
Three Days Fighting at KarsThs
Russians Repulsed with
Great Slaughter.
London, Juno 14.?It in scarcely prob
able the Russians will attempt to cros
the Danube before July.
The arrival of the Czar, which wan sup
pased to indicate immediate activity
will be allowed to lo*e it? awakenin)
efl'ect on the Turks, bo that ere long the;
will relapse into their usual lethargy.
the buhun loan.
The Time* says the Russian loan o
875,000,000 wan originally offered t<
houses here and refused. it is now to b
issued at Paris and Berlin. It in nai<
the issue price is 70 percent and that th>
Syndicate has taken the loan at a nc
price far below that figure, so as to leavt
ample margin. In tho face of the far
that an internal forced loan of '200,000,
000 roubles has also been decreed thi
certainly does indeed indicate a rupit
6t. Petersburg, June 14.?Tho nev
Russian loan will be issued by thelm
perial Redemption Commissioner. Th<
interest will accrue from July 1st; hal
yearly coupons will be paid at Berlin
Paris, Amsterdam and London,
j turkish view op tub bui/. canal.
Constantinople, June 14.?The Porti
is expected to reply to the English notili
canon rpgnrumg me ouez uanai, mac i
considers the canal Turkish property
and as Turkey baa a right to tight her en
einicfl on the high sea*, nhe obviously baa
the right to oppose them on her own ter
ritory. At the name time she recognize*
the great importance of the canal to the
whole world, and will try to prevent i
from becoming the scene* of hoRtilitiei
by occupying each end with troop*, st
tw to prevent the entrance of any Russiar
RtwrcnuK, June 14.?On Tuesday t
party of Russians opposite Maretin inad<
an attack upon the Turkish monitoi
there, but the latter, with the help of :
land battery, beat them off. Yesterday
another attempt was made to constructi
battery on the islands, but the Turki
compelled the enemy to retreat, Boti
affairs are considered feinta to lind ou
the position of the Turkish batteries.
The Russians have massed arount
Kant all the troops which they brough
from Ardahon, Gomery, Kogischnian ant
Bauricamiche. For several days thej
have attempted to storm Forts Tapanat
and Karadagh, but on every occaaiot
they have been repulsed. Saturday the;
made a desperate effort to take possesaioi
of some of the heights, when thegarrisoi
made a sortie in force with field artillery
?nd repulsed the Russians with greal
There are no Russian soldiers l>etween
Dlti and Krzeroum. Mohktar Pasha'*
pickets extend from their camps at Zewir
to Olti on the one side and Erzeroum or
the other.
a conflict.
Ebzeboum, June 14.?The Turks aftei
occupying Olti marched in the directioi
)f Ardahan. A Russian detachment hat
been sent from Ardahan to reinforce th<
twelve battalions of troops. A field bat
tery and four mounted guns left Delibab
to attack the column of the Russian iefi
wing before Kalach.
A Constantinople dispatch says thre<
uttacks were made Friday by the Rub
jians againBt Fort Tanic, erected t(
itrannllian tlift ilvt'onxa n( I'ai-J V'alinanli
A dispatch /row Uen. Mehad Alt an
flounces the defeat of the Montenegrin* ai
\tchina. ,
turks repulsed.
St Petersburg, June 11.?Turks an
ittempting to form counter approaches
it Kars and are constantly making sorties.
Russian batteries very successful
in frustrating all these attempt). A eor
tie was yesterday repnlsed with hcavj
loss to Turks. Seven Russians slight!)
wokt fight brethren.
Camp Zeedin, Juno 10.?Circassians it
Russian service numbering 0 Cavalry
KegiwenU having refused to operat*
igainat their mahoinmedan brethrer
irere sent from main column towards
Bayazid. Russians who retreated frou
Penr.ekolti and Saghouli, have gatherei
round Kara.
adverse to peace.
Constantinople, Juoe 14.?Turkud
newspapers are strongly adverse topeacM
and have dismissed recent rumors upor
the eubject u unworthy of discussion.
k umnf iv ovbh
I'era.June 1-1.?The Governor Genera!
af Syria, telegraphs an account of the en
i*agement in the District of llama, between
12,000 .horsemen of the Bedouin
tribes and some Ottoman troop*. Th?
rebel* were completely defeated.
Bucharest, June 14.?Important
changes are imminent in the Koumaniat
London, June 14.?Russia replies t<
England that she wall neither blockade
interrupt, nor menace the navigation o:
the Suez Canal.
wants independence.
London, June 14.?A Bucharest cor
re*pondent telegraphs the text of a circu
lar in which the Roumanian government
requests the powers above all to promisi
Roumaniashallnot be forcibly constrain
ed to renew her former relations with tlx
Porte. The circular affirms most posi
lively that the declaration of independence
was made without any exterior in
fluence. The future conduct of Rouma
nia will prove her policy to be conserva
The Russian telegraphic agency says
Prince Milan's visit toPloiesti must onl]
be regarded as a proof of the excellen
relations between Russia and Austfia
One thousand seven hundred horse
men, entrusted with ammunition an<
food, left Mostan yesterday for the Dugi
pass. A German squadron has passe<
through the Straits of Gibraltar.
stubborn fioht at kard.
Boo ha 9, Juno 14.?The Russians madi
a determined attack on Kars; the fight
ing lasted during Saturday, Sunday am
Monday. The Muscovite troops wer
Mnillml Willi ?n*t 1nnnt>U? (t.A
kum haleh rising in Caucassus, whicl
bid been languishing, ha* suddenly ant
immensely revived. The Russian* ap
pear to hive changed their plans, and ar<
now concentrating at Simnitxa. At Tur
nu and Magurelle they are withdrawing
troops and pickets.
Erzcroux, Jane 14.?Sickness, e*
pecially typhus fever, cauies greater gap
in the Turkish ranks in Ania than th<
volunteers are able to fill up. Durinj
the last six months 0,000 men died in tb<
A correipondent says: Princa Uort?
chakofTa reply in conciliatory but tiru
an to Constantinople. Nobody,"saya UorUi
t'hakotT, can predict the course or inaui
J of tlie war, but neither the question o
Constantinople nor that of Dardanellei
ctn be nettled apart from Gnrope. Em
peror does not wish to take possessioi
of Constantinople. The policy of Kussin
ban been misunderstood. 'The Turk*
forced the Eiuperor to draw the sword
lie will not replace it till all ?|iiewtioni9 ai
" issue hare been nettled and the programme
of Ruiiaia ha* received full natlsfsction.
a servian trick.
Vienna, June 14.?The Austrian gov<
eminent seems to apprehend that the
journey of Prince Milan to Plaiesta hai
- been planned with the view of provoking
a Turkish attack, and thus supply Servia
with the pretext for helping Ktis'sia without
giving Austria cause for offense.
formal inquiry.
lovimv- -iiino ik ? a v!n?n?
wpondent anaertn that Count And rum
* formally impaired of Prince GorUchakotf
8 the meaning of Prince Milan'* visit to
? The IJoyd says it has reason to believe
? that peace may be nearer than is general'
' ly supposed.
j .Uoveiupnlfi of Uou. ( mill.
' London, June 14.?(Jen. Grant ami
j family, who are visiting Mrs. Bartons, in
* Hampshire, returned to town to?day.
8 lu response to a letter of Elihu Wash*
L burne to ex-President Grant, inquiring
* whether he will vinit Pari* on leaving
n England, the latter replies that it will at
1 present Ins impossible to do so, but he
may do ho in {September. Ilis present
r intention is to make an extended Euro*
pean tour, embracing Sweden.and Nors
way, and then sailing down the Khine to
f vinit Switrerland, his programme of
i, the route possibly including the usual
Italian cities visited by the tourists.
Gen. Grant has also written to the May*
or of Southampton, in response to the
latter's invitation to vinit thatjeity, and
* says that he cannot do so now, but may
later in the season.
i The bullion in the bank of England
has increased ?536,000 in the past week,
i a proportion of the bank reserve to the
) liability of 447 1.1(5 per cent.
1 english preparations for war.
1 The Surveyor General of Ordinance
visited Woolwich on Wednesday and
spent several houra in the inspection of
t stores provided through extra exertions
j during the last few months. At the d.pot
. in the dock vard there in placed in readix
nensa for active service a complete equipr
ment of tents, wagons, ambulances, medK
ical stores, Ac., for 22 regiments, with
j immense reserve stores, only requiring
1 a short time to b? brought forward for
, use.
choose wmcn.
j London, June 15.?The Foreign Office
t haa decided that any British officer in the
I service of a power which enters into hostilities
with another power, with which
, England is at |>oace, must resign cither
J his foreign appointment or his comrnisr
sion in the British service.
Karl Derby, Sir Stafford Northcote,
! Lord Aberdare, Viscount Card well, Lord
r Tenteiden and the Right Honorable Mr.
, Forster, with their wives, have given notice
of their intention to l>e present at
( Guild's Hall to-day, when the freedom of
the city is to be presented to General
( Grant.
Decrease ol Mpccic.
Paws, June 14.?Specie in the Bank of
i France haw decreased 010,000 (he paat
i week.
! the policy of tlie left.
Paws, June 14.?The leader* of the
i Left resolved to maintain n perfect calm
I in the Chamber on Saturday when the
Ciambetta interpellation in presented, ho
s that the debate may bear all possible
fruit. They also appeal to the liepubliI
cans not to go to the railroad utation to
. witness the arrival or departure of the
. Deputies or make other demonstration-1,
t The irreconcilable Kadical leader, >L
Madier De Montjan, hits promised not to
peak on Saturday, and will leave the
I direction of proceedings to other group*
J of the Left.
It in reported that meeting of members
I of the International Society are being
, held on theFraneo>Be)ginn frontier, with
r the object of inciting workmen to strike.
St. Gotliard Tunnel.
1 Home, June 14.?The International
Conference on the question of resuming
! work on the St. Gothard tunnel an1
nounces that eight million dollars are
1 stilt reouired to complete the undertake
' ing. Of this amount they propose that
' Germany contribute $2.000,(MK?, Italy
$2,000,000, Switzerland $1,000,000, the
Company $2,400,000.
! Yacht Kuco.
i Nrvv York, June 14.?The annual
June regatta of the New York Yacht
Club wassailed to-day. The sloop Vision
I wan the first to croan* the homo line, followed
by the Comet, both of which lost
no time in shortening sail, a.* a squaII wm
! threatening. Tho Wanderer ami Knm,
bier were close by the former, and were,
perhaps 100 feet l>elow the line when a
t neavy*nquall wind came up and struck
, her, carrying away the topmast stay,
sail halliard* and letting the stay sail
( down by a ran, where it dragged in the
water. The Rambler wus also struck,
[ carrying away her flying iib boom. The
sails of both yachts were let go by a run.
The Rambler was the first to cro#s the
line, while the Wanderer was worked so
- well that she crossed the line in time to
win the race by 1 minute and 21 seconds
t in time allowance. All of the yachts
s which had not come in shortened sail
and lay to until the squall had passed
i over.
'osini t. ierK Arrwticu.
Cleveland, o., June 14.?Special
Agent Henry, of the Postoffice Department?
to-day arrested Haskell F. Proctor,
of this city, a postal clerk on the route
between here and Indiananolis, on the
r charge of opening valuable letter*. Proct
tor has been in the employ of the Depart.
ment for the past eight vears, and w:is
- Chief Clerk of hia car.
1 ?
i Fast Time.
1 Louisville. June 14.?'Tho Louisville
St Cincinnati Short Liue, in transporting
a visiting committee connected with the
9 coming Louisville mtuical festival, today,
made the distance between Louisj
ville and Cincinnati in 2 hours and oG
B minutes, the actual running time. The
distance w 110 miles.
e Nivr York, June 14.?Tho oil factory
. of the Chee*eborotigh Manufacturing
5 Company, South Brooklyn, burned la.it
night. _
Navy Yard luniiccfion.
Niw York, June 14.?Secretary
* Thorniwon made an inspection of the NaB
vv Yard to-dar.
? * .?
b N'*w York, June 14.?Arrived?The
steamer Devonia, from Glasgow.
Heather indications.
orric* o? the Cmxy Uuxal orricii, y
WaihikotoKi I), c., June 15?1 ft. tf.)
, For Tennessee and Ohio Valley, ?tationary
or lower pressure, stationary
temperature, south winds, cloudy weather
and rain areas.
For Lakes, lower pressure, stationary
or higher temperature ,winds mostly from
the south, partly cloudy weather and
ram area*. _
new York, June 14.?'The Canal
' Board {adjourned without acting on thu
toll question, which will not come up
1 again till September.
Atlanta, Ua., June 14.?The majority
(or the Convention will reach 10,000.
*iiu i uuiuu-n in i^orm weurgia are ni111
ok I unanimous fur a Convention.
Washington, June 14.?Gen. C. F.
Honningsen, well known in year* |iAAt in
connection with the Walker expedition
to Nicaraugua,died to-day. Aged 02.
Nr.w Yohk, June 14.--A prize fight in
South Brooklyn last evening wan interrupted
by the policc, who secured one of
the principal#, G. W. Buchanan, o&d two
of the second*. The crowd escaped.
"isan Francisco, June 11.?John I'oley
arrived last night and telegraphed to
Attorney General Fairchild to-day,
waruily endorsing hi* refusal to releaie
lSDiNAi'uLi*, June 11.?The Indiana
Editoral Association met in thin city today.
Various subjects of interest to the
State press were discussed. The next
meeting of the Association will be held
at Madison, Ind., in September.
nfcw Yokk, June 11.?At the tale of
Belmont's surplus Htock of yearling
thorough breeds the highest price, $950,
was paid by I). D. Withers fur fxird
Lytton, by Kentucky or King Fisher;
dam Lady Blessitigton.
llAEluanCRcJ, Pa., June M.?The Supreme
Court h:ts decided t? hear the argument,
at the 1'ittsburgh term, on a
writ of error taken out in the case of
Patrick Hester, Hugh 'fully and Patrick
McHugh, the Mollie Maguires who were
to have been hanged August 0th.
Chicago, Juno 11.?The Secretary of
War and Postmaster General have written
totfie Adjutant General of tho Mili
tary Division of the Missouri, officially
recognizing the mail route from Fort
Pierre, Dakota, across the Sioux reservation
to the Black Hills.
New York, June 14.?The child Mabe
Leonard who was taken from the custody
o( its mother a short time at;o by the officers
of the Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Children, and placed temporarily
in the care of Mr. F. C. Harriott,
husband of Clara Morris, wax yesterday
enticed or stolen from Mr. Harriott's
residence at Tarrytowu.
Philadelphia, June 11 .?Sylvester
F. Wilson, ticket scalper, had a hearing
in the Camden Court House last evening,
and was held in $60,000 bail for trial.
There are four charges against him by
the Pennsylvania Kailroad for altering
iorged passes, ami another for conspiracy.
Cleveland, June 14.?Annual parade
and drill of Cleveland tire Department
took place this moruing, entire department
out, made a splendid appearance.
While the apparatus was in motion the
command to mount was given, (leorge
Lamb a member of one hook and ladder
company in attempting to jump to his
place on truck, missed his foot hold anil
fell under the rear wheel of which truck
passed over his body inflicting injuries
which resulted in his death.
Is prepared to tnakn careful ami couipltta inaijn
jl Irou Oro?, Lltuettonea, Mineral Wat*n?,rU-.
laboratory cot. 2Uh and Cbapline atrcete
autt Whwllm, W. Va.
Thompson & Hibberd.
mi Market Street.
Gas and Steam Fitters,
Itiiowlea' Steam I'ump,
I)'aim in Iron, Ittul, Seictr nml Flu* Pipft, Gum
llott, St/am WhUtlti, RUam Oavgrt, <in<l
all kiniU tj riumbni Goodi.
IlAving just removed to their new and cotumodloil*
quarter*, 1314 Market *treet, with a large atnek
of tbo newest and iiundtoinctit deaigna of I'handellen,
Itrackfft anil I)mp UrIi!*, anil Extension
Chandeliers in ttrarlze ami (iiaa; the public a re
roepottfuiljr invited to call and examine them.
Their good* aw all new. Jell
rrmiMBLE h hornbroor,
Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters,
Dealers In Lead, Iron, (Jalranlwl, Htium, Walei
4nd Drain Pipea. Keep coiutantiy on Land a hue
se*ortuient bnn (Jowls, Hteoui aud Water Guagea,
Pump and Gaa Fixture*.
nt* Aftma FOB west TI1HIBU mi
Prompt attention given to orden from a dlrunt?
To Iron Mills and Engino Builders.
We hare added to our PLUMBING and <UH
FITTING cstabliibuient, a new and complete
and are now prepared to make all kind* of Ml
and Engine Bnuw Caatlngi at ahort nolle* and ol
the very t**t quality.
ap3 No. 1118 Market *treet.
Repairer of all klnda of Sowing Machine*, and
Anent fur tbu Lteht l'.unnlm?
Oil. Nxdlw and Attachmenta. n|i2A
No. 1731 Masxr to.
SI nri/i Whtoll.t, W. Vt.
PISH?MACKEREL, No.. I, 2 awl 3,
.1 in Barrel*, Half Bamla and K1U. Lake Km<
ilcgin Half *Lii yiurter Ikmls. bait Water Ilerricte
In Ban els and Hall Barrels. In ?tn~ ?n.i
tor ttlt bjr M. RE1LLY,
I 13W to4 1JU lUla 6 l

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