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iW WhMtog IB WMmmm
established august 24. m. = ~-=== ^
wheeling, west va., gaturday m0rmro juke ,o, m
Capital Location Meetings. !
Tim tnuvas* ill I'Hviirol ( larksbur?.
The people of Went Virginia will be ail*
<li Mini at the following timet and place*,
i mid by the fellow in# speaker*, in fuvor of
Moryantown, Xfoiionjralla county, June
25 th?llyOcn. Nathan Go IF, .lr.
New 'Martinsville, Wetzel county, Juno
I2tli?Hy Hon. UenJ. Wllion and II. B.
i.lll*, Kiq.
til. Heorw, Tucker county, Juno 18th?
IIv John Maud, Kiq.
(JranUvillo, Calhoun county, June 25th
?By Hon. Hcnj, Wilaou and Hon. K. XI.
[ Turner.
Glenville, Gilmer county, July 3d?By
the iniuo *penkern.
Other nunounoeinenUi will be made from
time to tiuio.
iMMnncwTo ADDnAn
iniiuukiiig nun unu.
Wheeling's Great Baby Show
Yesterday Afternoon.
Naarly 200 of the Prattlot and Smartest
Babiei in ths World. !
Oil, Thpy Are Ju*t Too Nwecl lor I
A lull List ol tlic Voli'M 1'nlhMl- ,
"Isn't lie hand-tome?" "Perfectly
charming, ii*n't ahc?" "Oh, you weenty
teenty little raical, you?" " Blessed
little angel, nlie shall look out of the
window !" Such wcro the sound* that
fell on one's earn when he entered the
bahy flhow yesterday afternoon, and began
to take a general nurvev of the babies
that were patiently being looked at by
the crowd of people coining and going.
The talking seemed to lie done mainly
by the jieoplc. A more reticent
ami unsocial *et ?>( individuals
were never seen together than those
bahies. Now and then one of them would
give its mother a severe scolding, because
alio would not allow it to test the flavor
of the bright ribbons about its apparel.
Hut aside from these Might and rare outburst*
of indignation, the little angels
were remarkably quiet and well behaved.
On every side remarks could be heard on
tho novelty of the scene. Everybody
knows bow a baby appears in private life,
and in its own home, but nob idy, by the
simple aid of imagination, can form any
conception of the appearance presented
in a public hall (or rather in two
public balls, as one hall was not large
enough to accommodate them) all dressed
out in their "Ik-sI bib and tucker." It is
something which must be seen to he api
hi ?i.?,i?
visited the show hail a vote; and it wan
indeed Amusing to nee how the anxious
mother* would watch the ballot box and
scan the faces of the voter* as they deposited
their individual verdict*.
The most apparent thing of all; the
me thing which wtared every visitor
in the face, the moment he placi-d
foot within the hall, watt the pride
and delight which each mother
took in her own precious cherub. Nor
did the enthusiasm of the mothers exhibit
itself in any proportion to the comparative
beauty of the children. On the
contrary, each ladv (teemed to think she
had positively the handsomest baby in the
collection. And, after all, who dares
gainsay it? How wise the old Roman*
were. "Concerning tastes, tlfere can be no
dispute," ?aid they. Adopt the spirit of
thin motto, nnd you will nee at once how
perfectly honest each mother was, and
now futile any ell'ort would have been to
convince her she thought too highly ot
her child.
Yet?i\nd who would have ihougt it??
the mother* were not a whit "worse" than
the fathers. More than one anxious papa
hustled around through the densely
packed crowd and button-holed visitor*
to cast their ballots for hid own little
angel. More than one neglected work
and everything elite, and sat like a martyr,
holding flume hig baby who seeme?l
determined to do nothing but kick and
look cross.
exhibited surpassed even the wildest
dream* of the projectors. When a baby
show wan first thought of many shook
their heads and declared the thing imposrtilde,
while those of a more sanguine temperament
hoped that a collection of Home
tifty or sixty could be secured. There
were so many entries that the hook was
closed on Wednesday evening, and extra
accommodations had to be engaged. The
lurge Festival room on Main street not
being hnlf large enough, Franzheira's
Hull, immediately opposite, wan secured.
Notice wits given tiiat babies
under one year (Class A) ami twins
(Class D) would bo exhibited in Franzheiui's
Hall, ami those between one and
two yearn (Ola 11) and between two ami
three year* (Claw C) in the Festival
liurly in the afternoon the most unobserving
stranger would have guessed there
w.ts something in ibe wind. llabies of
all ages,characters and complexions were
being wheeled and carried to the central
pin of tbe city, Immediately upon nr?
riving at the rooms the youngsters
were properly classified and
numbered, and with their atItendanta
stationed along the - sides
of the halls for inspection. The numbers
thus classified were as follows: Class A, |
50; Class 11, 61; Class C, 3ti; Class D, ten
puir of twins; making the total number ol
b.ihies on exhibition one hundred and
seventy-three. It is a great satis faction to
relate that
who cheerfully contributed their presence
and exerted their powerful intluence
iu behalf of the homeless children of the
city attracted an immense crowd of jieopie.
The streets and pavements in the
vicinity were crowded, and (lie halU
themselves a dense mass of sweltering hu*
mill beings, moving m moved Ihe crowd,
and than, after being pu?hed, squeezed
and elbowed the circuit of the rooui, retiring
in acondition of crushed helplessness
Thus it was that many were un>
able to get close enough to the babiea to
nee them, and others who had seen the
b.?bien could not get close enough to the
ballot boxes to deposit their votes. All
these disagreeable sensations wero ex'
perienced with the utmost good nature,
however, and all united in declaring tlio
show a success, and expressing their surprise
that there were in Wheeling bo
many handiome infanta.
So far as our observation extended, all
api>eared satisfied with the method of
awarding the prizes,and the people voted
*"? u?o?e uauiea who in weir opinion
were really lueritoriouB. The babiea expreyed
no opinion in tho matter, and
neeincd to bo totally indifferent. A dUintf
rested condition in candidate* la always
detrimental to their *uccenn, and bo totally
careleasaa to the renult of tho content
*ere tho little innocent* that it was a
wonder that any of them received a
j'nie ?t all. Not so with their mother*,
however. Indeed, the
lo lie Hocn nt the show. One not accun* 1
tomed to baby shows would naturally 1
suppose that the mothers would not l>e
greatly concerned aato tHe result of the 1
content. But they were. There wan not,
a mother present who did not think that \
her baby ought to have the prize, and in I
one way and another nhe ex preyed her
opinion to that effect. How proudly
they held up their little onea and turned I
their faced to the view of the visitor. Not J
one of them tired of telling the ages and ;
peculiarities of their darling* over and .
oter, again.
Another lesson td bo learned was the
cotnp lete refutation of the idea that some ;
Inexperie need men entertain, viz: that all
labiea look alike. It has been one of the
disagreeable things that the babies of I
Wheeling have had to endure all their <
liven, to hove every visitor who has called I
upon them sny, "Ye-s, it is very hand
out all daiii km look a luck
to me." Willi the silence ami meekness
that they always display, they have borne
all thin without a murmur, but their
show presented them a grand opportunity
to show people their miHtake. They ,
proved by every look and gesture that
every one of theni possessed ait much c
individuality a* a grown person.
While the crowd were inspecting the .
little ones, the Intklliohnceu reporter
followed their example. Something good .
conld be said of every baby present.
There wax not one but that could bo K
called handsome, and some were truly an*
Relic. At 4 o'clock the polls were closed, t
and the children having by this time become
very tired and sleepy, many were j
taken away by their attendants. Others
liniyred a little longer, ami by 4;30 v
o'clock the rooms were clearwt-anU the
committee left alone to count tlte votes. ,
The result of the voting was not made I
known until about 8:30o'clock in the evening.
Of course there was considerable 1
intercut?not to sav excitement?in tlu>
result. There was a large crowd in at* c
tendance, but ai the mothers of the lucky
babes were not present they were notified '
by letter of their success. We give helow
the names of those winning the '
prizes, and the rewards received:
Clan *1.? I'retticst, No. II; Laura, 1
daughter of John and Klizi Diggins,
J?tnaville. A gold chain. Healthiest,
No.7; Guy, moii of Frank and Sarah Ilea*
fell, Martini Ferry,O. A silver mug.
Cluu i>\?Prettiest, No. 111!; Nannie,
daughter of John and Blanche Keid; No.
r>7, llJth Wheeling. A silver cup.
Healthiest, No. '21; Alice, daughter of
J)avid and llelle Mcllwaine; No. 12 North
llmadway, Island. A gold chain.
CliM V.?Prettiest, No. 10; M. Camilla,
daughter of F.C. and M. H. Win^hip, 50
Virginia street, Island. Silver knife, fork
and snoon. Healthiest, No. 10; Charles,
Hon of C. and Virginia Oliver, 7JU Market
street, city. A silver cup.
Clau />.? I'retticst, No. 1; Laura and
Lillie, daughters of Carl and Caroline
Kronvnger, 200 Market street, city.
Silver combination set. Healthiest, No.
y; jvtwani aim Lizzie, cniirtron <>i Win.
uiul Tannic Kltinflorg, 4311 Jacob street, *
city. .Silver bowl and upoon.
for tlio babied on exhibition are iw fcl- j
Iowa: r
CL MA. .
J'ie liftl. | Ifr iUhUit. I
Hurry l>avis 8 Ihrry Davia 2 '
lUrry Hlatner 41 Hurry Hhtnor ?...11 \
Laura Dicing 95 Laura Dliuliu 80 1
Kil l II. Ktnrlurt 'II Klin II. Itmebart 11
Kntrlim Nelson - i! Katiiou Nelson 3 |
liuy lka/.i II II (Juy ifcaxrll 90
Annie Jackion 1 Annie Jackson 2
Franklin II. Ju< k?on... ft K. II. Jarkmm 13
Jow Alhtugei I Jitsie AlLlnger...... 1
Nellie ItfIn II Helen Caldwell :i i
A lire Bale* :: Alice Hues 3
Cbarlrs W. Cojle -I Cbailt* ?V. Co) la .. I
Lilian H. Crlmell - 8 Lillian II. f'riajwoll l i
Hurry Willi ft Harry W<llj 1
Wiiiua V. ltiynolds ...17 Wilms V. KeynoMa ti
Keltic Uuyu 1 Heorge II Curuiack :t ,
Cicontfl II. Curinaek... ? 7 l/!?riu Pcldmnn 1
Vit'iiirineMitirumbuu 7 Vii torine Mdiranabin 4
Cllllbcd ',\V< lirmaii 1 Clill'ord Webruutn 1
JoM-pli H. Uom> 1 J. H. ttow 22
LauruE. Cochran 1 Trunk Cbmtmau I
>1 Park II Jmso Maud Wllllauis... I
(ieurge llibbettu 'J Maggie I'urk ...... '.'J
LI tin Weil/.'l Jl" Ueorge HlbU-ua 3
Iu>na Duller 1 (Lira Weltxill 9
Mamie Ferguiun 8 Uura Duller 2
I-'raiikie Rri^a .....Hi MauiluJFergtiioQ.... 0
l!nrilt* Kleiner 3 Frankle Hoggs 5
CUuey Pudgutt 1 Carrlo Stelner 9
1'utile K. llumlltou 1H Ratio A. Waswan 1
Jessie M. Ciemeua 19 Clancy Padgett 6
Harry Vancuren 2 Puttie E. Hamilton 49
Mantle KUawortU 14 Jnelu M. Clemens 12
Annie K. Arml>ruster..lO Minute Reed 1
ik-aue iianeu r, Harry Vancuren 4 '
I.Ida Nolle Prince Gl? Maggie Ellsworth H
Daniel J. Clark....*...-. 2 Carrie B. Bird.8
Sainnel Beiesfurd 7 Ifetle llaxlett 9 I
Mary A n?tcr G I.Ida B. Prince 15 ,
Millie Van Dusen 4 Samuel Bereaford .. l
Charley l.yona a Marr A. Baxter 2
Mlllln Yucdusen J :
Charllo Lyons 1 ,
russ d.
I'rttlieit. HtalthUil.
Nettle Ulehl 2 NetUr Dlehl 1
Hlstcr Adams 7 8Uter Adams 1
I.ulu Colin l Km ma Conley f>
Ida Klcf ....... 4 Lulu Cohn ? f
Miriam McClrmonCjs Philip ltand*!^.'?.!"." 1
AUce^Mel'l^'ln '"*45 Ml" :I
Nannie Heed Harry Dal*ell.....\'l~! is :
JamlsetU Kalrd.. ? 4 Alico Mcllwaine -HO '
Mamie William* 29 Nannlu Reed -.23 ,
Wayne Willey M Ada Ulchanls 4 ,
M*yI CUtfo'l"1 5 1
J' T^1 "pj' J J y?.V*2-J ;
totter Jeiyo^L.'..!" 4|Ulfi^^ftSu^..'!!^ 4
Robert rbllllpj 1 Annie Morgan ...... 5
AI leu (lorbjr 1 LouiM 8mlth~~~ 2
Fred. lowl 3 Roger IJepeon '0
Wrajr WUklneon 7 Lee Walter.........* 5
Mattle LUt 2 Robert Phllllpe 1
M*uil Wiijjht t Fml Cowl* 8
1.T* Btereni 4 Wrajr Wliklnaoo?....13
lilxnche I'oiter...MM...98 Mattle 1
F.ra Kterene ft
HlanehflJ Foetcr....?.JM
J. JR. Duncan ... 3
PrHlUtl. H.aUki/H.
Maud Melloualil 10 w.til McDonald J
W. A. llralum i?.i, Brahma a
1-aura tfil,.... j Laura 8?rl?
ltarloi ll.il n C1,U!? Hill I
C?r|*nter e H. T. Carpenter 1
Win. T pp.it j, iv. m.TI|i|imu ?
h.,11. K,BI 2 Ejji, rSJ <
fi"S' 1 E? 2
,M'C- M Ellrn Wrlaht t
??T-'UI,J " " 0 Wlnillp ?
hlB? Corer CUT. Ilalrd... '?1
Jirnei L. McLalu j| Kflje curer 4
!',.8,iBtfrr7." J?me* L. McLaln . .".09
Llaxle Kr?l*r 12 f, & Uorry ? . 4
AnnlB llamiuonil V Jamm Dixon 4
Ubble Uaodwm a Lltxle Kryt.r 5
VA" v.?^er Daminouil 4
vW - 'i ? bW# Goodwin I
Nel.lo Malonoy.. a ClwrlM Oliver lSti
Mauil 8carbrou|h?.l'J Balnl Nlchola a
UdaMomn..... V NellieMiloney J.*. 8
Julia McUatrel Jo M*ud Pctrlirouuh .. 4
l\j*il Hose.. 8 LldaMorgan ,. 4
Charlw Morebead 87 Julia McUarrel .*8
FldelU McNear ..25 p?rl Bow. . 2
l rod. Blerena 8 Cbarlw Morehead OS
Manle Baxter 2 Willie Watt.^ 7
Utile 8etmon 2 FldelU McNear 8
Fred. 8tereui...m 2
Arthur Wlmi .... s
Unit Beanioc 1
cum d. ~"
Ijura and Utile Kronrager cn
Ketle and Ullle Uehriug 4
Maud and Ulancbe Cbaaman t\
John and (iwrce Nolle ? g
.'VUliaUU .Allien Sri
Krai, and Harry VdlU
Kdward and LIiiIp Kltlnaom '".'""'in
A. W. and C. H. Graham....*... J.VZ. !0
Ijiiim and Llule Kronjuaer to
Katie and LJllte <?ehrln| .... 'Z17 fl
Miudaand lllaticha Chapman ... JS
lUnwuandKlorciic* McLaughlin i
John and Ucorg? ...... ? 5
Km and Ilarnr lord 1
John and Albert Welly .............w
Krule .aiii! Harry Voilt ...... ?j
r-uwam ana i.mie Kieinaor^r..IH. ?,
A. ?ud C, ?jy'
The festival room wu crowded unlll!
juite late, and considerable more boil* I
liens wan dono thin daring the prrrioun I
pfeniny. Ther^ were eeveral additional
attraction*, too, among others n gallery
t)f fine arts in charge of Mimes. Virginia
Hupp, Carrie Gilchrist and Sue Robin* Tt
ion. The programme arranged by three ~
jroung ladies and exhibited to the public
wh* ax follow*:
Int. The Laat Kemains of the Deer Daparted;
2d, Muntercd in and Mustered
nut; 3d, Spring; 4th, Cain and Abel; f>th, u,
I'he Bor Whaler; Oth, Adam's Wife; 7th,
Fhe First Letter; VUi, Noah's Son; 0th,
Shoo Flj; 10th, Hweel Sixteen; 11th- liruten
Ties; 12th, Cataract; l:ith. Beaux and
Belles of Long Branch; 14th, Tax and Ef
r?a! 15tb. .ttsean S?a.
An auction aaleof cakes closed the fen- ival
proper. Ah the cakes were nol all
lispoj*c(l of, the remainder will ha aucjoneil
off at noon to-day. ^
baby dubdi.v8.
Tho show wan n nuccena.
Fat babiex were lionized.
All aorta of |?eople attended.
Tho babies were well behaved.
Tho fair Rex predominated largely. 1
Inn't it a "itty darlinfe tootsy pootay?'' arc
Sorno of the balnea had imndpaper hair the
uta. der
The weight nccmed to be one of the im* Th
lortant pointa. wat
Tho agon were kept down to the lowest tha
tofiHible notch. cot
Disap|>oii)t*d mother* were oateuaihly der
;ood humored. 1 ,! , rof
The no tees Hufl'ereit in oonaeuuencu of nr<
he warm weather. " ant
There wan leg* squealing than might fro
iave been expected. I
There were lot* of bubie* prtsent who inn
irere not contestants. but
One outrageous old bachelor aaid it am
?n? "a diajier-fortuance." onl
The little darlings were numbered like des
lenitentiury convict*. lar
We'll bet the fat Imbiea' legn nre black Tw
ind blue thi* morning. esc
The long-haired bubie* didn't look an die
:ute as the bald-headed ones. of I
There was an elegant collection of crnp- ntil
;y baby carriage* outside. lul
In the voting there wo* u good chance leg
or repealing and ballot-box Htulling. hIiii
"Oil! ain't they perfectly lovely ?" was the
.liu general exclamation of young ami Jat
pishing damsel*. the
The babies were exutqwrated by being thu
:ontinually chucked under the cuin, and pai
iv having their legs pinclicd. 1 lit
The bald-headed baby that put in its hai
.ime eating peanuts and gazing upon the to I
iHsembhige attracted much attention. doi
Mother* whose babies received no prize chc
ire of the opinion that the people who ed
united thenhow didn't know how to vote, cia
Theahow waa a good place for llirtaion.
The young ladies umde advances <
o the young gentlemen by innocently borowing
lead pencils.
Two tifteeu-ycar old twins were ob- }
erved, one hitting in the other's lap. wit
What claw?'' inquired n reporter, pencil Eli
n hand. Appreciating the joke, the tolling
ladie* remarked, "CIa** K; please oak
jive us a vote." ^ . am
"What a beautiful baby," observed a 11
Tohnnon, of the leader, as lie patted thu hal
ittle one on the head. "What do you he)
eed it 011, madam?" "Why," returned
ho mother, "why?that i*? 1 don't feed j
t." "Don't feed it? llow doe* it live?" q0j
The mother blushed, and us several young jie
adies began to titter Johnson remarked, mu
'Oh, I see," and immediately plutfg&T
into the crowd. _
Messrs. Will. List and A>. J. W. Cow- i
lien had charge of the ballot box for cla<s- 4?
m X and I). ('alirose
List and Geo. Wine handled the
pasteboards at the entrance to Franz- '
beim's Hall, and Maj, S. liarnum McCol- .1
loch and Capt. I\ D. Dobbin* performed
the same duty at the Festival Ilall. |en
Call lor un Kurly Train lo Wheel- ers
i?R. we
Itolliir Iiuh-jxjudetit. M11
An early morning local train into this fat
:ity over the Central Ohio ia badly need- of 1
?d?a train leaving Barnesville at about i
f o'clock in Summer, stopping at all ma- Ba
lions, and arriving in tins city at S. tlO thi
ind at Wheeling at about 0 o'clock. No. Yo
2 leaves at a very seasonable bonr. but hei
Ko. 7 i? too late getting in, and in inucli *
too lata r?a<;hing Wheeling to accoxumo- a^?
ilate the local travel. We believe a local PrI
train is an experiment worth trying, no:
The Steubenville Accommodation on the fiei
Cleveland road, in a buccwh, and we nee co'
no reason why the Barnesville Accomo- da
tlation should not be. Such a train Br
would develop additional travel along
the line between Barneaville and the river,
would attract travel that now go en ]
over the National Road to Wheeling, and to*
would be of great bencGt to thin city and cul
to Wheeling. Leaving Jlarneaville at yai
the hour named, persons residing within drt
lour or live miles on either side of the
road would have time to reach it,the wl:
Bt. Clairsville road would be able to nai
drain all the travel oil' the National road ha
from the vicinity of that town, and all lin
would have abundant time to transact acl
their businefs at Bellair and "Wheeling, to
At present No. 7 Rets into Wheeling at <
noon, while the omnibus over the Nation- in|
al Road gets in about 10 o'clock, and per- Jo
sons in the neighborhood of St. (Jlairs- 13
vine ?rc nme w urive in oyv, \>e nope iri
theestabishment of audi a train will be sei
favorably considered, ami that the exper- Th
iment will be fairly tried. tlo
Louisville, June 16.?No word what- uii
ever baH been received at Louisville as to uta
whether Harper will run Ten Broeck at kn
Lexington. John MorriweyV first ofler on
of 1(3,000 will not be accepted, and aa the tei
great horse in now being lined for other F1
purposes than running it ia not likely lai
that he will ever be run again. act
Chicago, Juno 15.?Budd Doble, with in;
hja stable, consisting of Goldsmith Maid, po
Volnev and Bodine, arrived here from at,
San l-rancisco la?t evening. The Maid lie
ia in good condition and will soon be to
ready lor the turf again. Doble will by
make two more additions to his horses ca
while here. m<
SiNplrloRN liarrnniDK.
Ntw York, Juno 15.?The examination
into the affairs of Charles Dahlman
A Co., clothiers, No. 34 l\mrl street and
at San Francisco, has disclosed some suspicious
transactions on the part of Arthur
A. Kline, a resident partner here, who
has gone to Europe. It turna out that ut(
previous to his departure, live weeks ago, no
ins borrowed all the money posaible in j?,
the name of the firm, in the wajr of conGdoiit
i m 1 I .inn j tn (lut nniniint. it ixRniil. nf
$100,000. Thin ha? rwelled the liabiiiticn wj
of the firru to nearly $300,000. ,UI
L. f0l
Concerning tho PouunjIvuuIu l'|
New York. Juno 15.?a London ilia
patch say* that the Pennsylvania Kail?
road utock and bondholders at a raeetiujj 01
to day resolved lo request the Directors th
to prepare acount* yearly, and appointed Ci
a committee to confer with and induce ar
the Board to adopt the meeting's nroposition.
Mr. Smith promised on behalf of Ki
the Board to publish the monthly tratttc. ^
New York, June 15.?The annual
parade of the Metropolitan Police took
place to-day. About 1,200 men were in
line, and they made a tine appearance, hi:
Uovernor Tilden, the Mayor and heads ur
of departments were the reviewing offi- Ft
cers. 0f
^sterious Disappearance of an
$8,000 Express Package.
All Right But No Maney.
weed's Friends Discouraged,
i Escape for the Great Robber.
His Confession Not Wanted.
Tweed UiMonriiKPil.
s'ew York, June 15.?Tweed'h friends
i much dincouraged by tho failure of
iauthorities to accept bin State's evi
ice againnt the ring* and let him free,
ere in reanon to believe that the failure
i canned by counter evidence, allowing
t much of Tweed'* nrofeaaed teatiuion v
ild be overwhelmed by rebutting eviice.
Alao, that he transferred to Eu? i
0 the proceed* of large amounta of
iperty, which in atill within hla control
I ought to be surrendered to the city,
m which it wan plundered. i
t now appears that the imputations !
ile ngainpt Senator Wood in were false,
were truthfully applied to one Wood,
1 that Wood in's name wax substituted 1
y bccause he was large game, and hi*
truction would therefore commnnd a
ge rate on the calculating price of
ecd's reloaae. Itanid that Tweed can
ape from hi* dangerous criminal intiuent
by such liberal cash settlements
1 In* rivil mimIm. inul tu'lipvml ?!? *? I>..
1 has the means to make, anions the
ure, probable developments. It ia aled
that the fact that Oakey llall'n
ire of the ring spoils pawed through
i bands of Peter Sweeney's brother
ues, now dead,; put pf whose estate
Sweeney settlement was made. A Iho
it about three-eighth of the $400,000
id out of the estate was the balance of
IPs share remaining in Sweeney'*
ids when he died. Those in a position
know Hay that I'eter B. Sweeney's en'sement
ban not been found on n single
!ck or other papers which are suspect*
of representing any of the King's hnanI
fr ansae tiona.
ii : ,
l*roI>nblc Suicide.
Unesville, O., June 15.?Fred. Beckh,
a most worthy young man, son of
B. Bcckwilh, ramo home to dinner
day, went to his sinter's room and
:cd lor a cloth to clean his revolver,
I stepped into an udjoiniug room. In
loment after a .s&ot was heard. The
1 from the revolver went through his
irt, and he died almost instantly.
'ranki.in, N. I!., June 15.?John
Iby, of l'laintield, intending suicide,
says he put corrosive Sublimate in a
g of cider, and his sisters drank it.
a will die.
Belvidkbk, Is. J., June 15.?Yesterf
afternoon u mill-dam just above
r\rt tl,? TV.I..ar? I ....1.
Western Railroad, which had become
widerably washed and weakened by
! late rain r to fins, suddenly broke and
jcipitated a ltnliin^ party, conflicting of
i persons, through the tduice way.
f. Iteemers, her daughter Julia Iteeiu,
Nina C/ewlev and Thomas Premier
re drowned. The owner of the boat,
irk Fisher and James (Melt were
ally injured by falling into the grinder
the mill, below the tduice way.
kcnuRN, N. Y., Juno 10.?John II.
rrett, saloon keeper, was idiot dead
a morning uv tun unstress, v^ora
iung, who then shot herself twice in the
Jleveland, June 15.?This morning
jut neven o'clock, G. J. McBride, proetor
of the Bergen House at Ml. Ver11,
was shot and killed by William licri.
The cause of the shooting was a
ltroversy over a satchel, which Bergen
imed wan in.the hotel and which Mcidu
disclaimed any knowledge of.
KxccuIIounIii Louisiana.
S'mvOrleams,June 15.?At 11 o'clock
day the following prisoners were exeled,
by hanging, in the parish prison
rd, in the presence of about two hun;d
Adrian Kvegue (colored), aged twenty,
10 shot and killed a colored man
nied Richard Turner, at a ball in the
11 on the corner of Clniborn and Ursae
streets, February tith, 18715. Kvegue
cnowledged to the killing, but pleaded
jeo. Morris (colored), aged 25, for killit
a quadroon woman, named Sarah
men, his former mistress, November
th, 1S75. Morris had then just returned
>m Batton ltouge, where lie had been
rving out a sentence, in prison, for theft,
e woman refused to have anything to
with him, and lie waited near the wo
in n nouse unui sne came out, when lie
ibbed her to death with a long knife.
Ion<|uin Florenzo, n native of the
itllipinc Inlands, for the murder of liia
stress, Marie Louise, colored, whom he
ibbed to death with a shoemaker's
ife, January lti, 1870, at their room,
Bourbon street. Cause, jealousy. Af
killing the woman 'in bed nt night,
orenzo scattered several hundred dot's
in money over and about her, and
ited himself on the gallery until morn-,
j, when he went in search of her supped
paramour, whom he fonnd and shot
and was then arretted. Hojtold the po:
eman what he had done and took him
the scene of the tragedy. Yesterday
order of Governor Nicholls, a raedi1
commission examined Florenzo'*
sntnl condition and prouounccd him
rfectly sane.
W calhcr Indication*.
War Dkpaktmknt, )
?ivKirx or inn Cuikk Hiunal Orvicfca, J.
Wasiimutuk, D. c., June 16-1 ?. m.J
f kobabiutiks.
For Tennessee and the Ohio Valley,
itionary, followed by a rising baroiiisr,
wurui, southerly veering to colder
rthwest winds, partly cloudy and clearj
weather, with rain areas.
For the Lake Kegions, a rising barom;r,
stationary or lower temperature,
nils mostly from the southwest and
rthwent. cloudv weather with ram.
Ilowed by a falling barometer on the
[>|Hir Lake*.
New VpuK, June 15.?Captain Charle*
son, aged 53, a former commander of
e Peruvian navy and captain of the
iban filibustering steamer, Edgar Stewt,died
yesterday in Brooklyn.
London, June 15.?Mary e. Carpenter
iglish Authoress is dead.
St. Petimbubo, June 15.?The right
onorable Sir Ueorge Melliah of Kent,
>rd Justice of Appeals in Chancerv is
Dayton, Juno 15.?Ilarry Adams wa*
in# at 12:30 o'clock hero to-day for the
urder of Henry Mullharren, a soldier,
sb. 13,1870. Mullharren was an inmate
the Soldiers' Home.
Kxiiuiltuillon tit the Navil A mil
Washington, June 15.?Tho annua
examination at the Naval Aoadem
closes on Wednesday next, when (lipid
maa will bo presented to the first claaa b<
Secretary Thompson.
cotton incbea9k.
Tho oflicial canvass in the acreage o
cotton this year dhows an increase of 4
per centum on the acreage of 1870.
cabinet muting.
At the Cabinet meeting to-day the pro
priety of opening negotiations for a new
extradition treaty with England, and the
general terms that should he proposed
were the subjects of discussion.
tkniion auencie3 locatki),
It was decided that the consolidate!
reunion Agency for Illinois slmll be lo
rated at Springfield, instead of Chicago
and that Knozville, instead of Richmond
as heretofore ordered, shall be the seat o
oflico for the nayment of pensions in Vir
ginia, West Virginia, North Carolina am
The list of appointments for the con
olidated Pension Agencies throughout
the United States, has not yet been com
pleted. and the delay Rives all interested
time to work for themselves or friend*.
Tho Secretary of the Treasury has iaRued
an addition to the prospectus issued
yesterday relative to the 1 per cent bonds,
Any person subscribing and inakinj? payment
in full before July 1,1877, will re
ceivc from the Treasurer of the United
States an interest check covering the period
from the date of such payment tc
the date of the bond, July 1,1870. Thf
Comptroller of the Currency haa issued a
circular to national bank*' in referonce
to the new four per cent loan. He Bays
it is the condition of the contract that th<
loan tmould be ode red for a reasonable pe
riod to the people of the United States at
par, and the circular accordingly invitet
subscriptions at par until July 10,
prox., with the privilege of payment for 3
months thereafter. It ia understood thai
the loan will be offered in Europe as well
us here, and .the associates may advance
the price after that date. It remains
therefore, to bo seen to what extent the
privilege of purchase thus received will
i>e availed of, and the expectations and desire
is general that American subscript
tions shall be as largo as possible. Subscriptions
by people outside ol American
cities, will bo paid largely in currency,
while the bonds, by law can, be sold only
for gold. It is obvious that the hank*
must generally be employed by the
public, either for tho purchase dI
gold or for remitting currency to the
associates in New York for that purpose,
Tho bonds nre dated July 1st and bear
interest from that d*te, but where sub.
scriptions made during the present month
are paid in full, interest for tho period
from date of subscription to date of bond
will be remitted in check by the Treasurer
of the United States. The bonds will
be ready for delivery J illy -d. Payment!
made alter July 1st will be charged with
accrued interest at 4 per cent from date
of bonds up to the date of Much payment
at the current premium of gold, and the
present bonds will be sold at a lower,'price
than any other issue, while as they mature
only after 210 years they are more desiruble
from their permanence than bonds
bearing higher rates of interest whose net
returns on the amount invested will Ik
found to be but slightly if at all higher
than the income from the new issue.
National banks who may desire to ex<
change bonds now on deposit with the
Treasurer, or who propose to increase
their circulation, can aavail themselves
of the opportunity to subscribe for these
bonds until July l(Uh, paying for the
game at any time within three inonthi
The National Hanks, concludes the
Comptroller, have always heretofore met
the financial exigencies of the Govern
ment with the essential assistance whicli
they wer^able to atlbrd, and it is believ
ed that they will heartily join with the
Secretary of the Treasury in reducing tin
public burdens and giving unity and turn
plicity to the system of the Nation*
Jacobus A Nimlck'a Hardware
Works Burned.
Pittsburgh, June 15.?The extensiv<
workn of the J acobua & NimickjManufac
luring Co., on Diamond street, betweer
Smithfield and Grant Btreeta, were de
Btroyed by lire about 3 o'clock this morn
ing. The building waft a four fltorpr brick
with a frontage of 125 feet on Diamond
street and extended back 70 feet. Th(
company wero encaged in manufacturing
light hardware, locks, bronzes, &c., ancl
their works contained a great deal ol
costly and delicate machinery, natterni
and manufactured article?, ail of which
were destroyed. The company estimate
their loss at $125,000, on which there if
an insurance of $80,000, distributed in
email amountn among numerous com
nanies. The fire also communicated tc
iiakewell & Matthews' printing and book
binding establishment, on Grant street
Their binding establishment waa burned
and stock and machinery in other depart
merits damaged by water. Their low ii
estimated at $lf>,000; insured, but amount
Memphis, Tenn., June 15.?A lire
broke out in Ijodge's saloon, at Decatur
Alabama, yesterday morning, and destroyed
u number "of business houses
involving a loss of $117,000.
Huffalo, N. Y., June 15.?Jacol
Dodd's slaughter house, at Kast Buffalo
was struck by lightning during a heavj
thunder storm this morning and burned
Loss estimated at $40,000; insured. Hu
;o Lapere, Charles Wagner and Louii
t 'hillips, lircmen, were hurt, the firs!
'named seriously;
Fort Scott, Ka., Juno 15.?Westerr
Stable:*, together with tl\e entire contents
including IS horses, were destroyed b]
fire, this a. m. Loss $15,000 Xo $20,000
It was supposed to be incendiary.
Toledo, o. June 15.?Store 98, Summit
street owned by W. R. Morris of Cincinnati
and occupied by Stebbins am
Dimuiick truck dealers, was dumflirml hi
lire to night to the extent of $5,000
covered by insurance. Origin of tiro unknown.
A Very J?ljNterlou? Alfair.
St. Louis, June 15.?The Timet h?n i
ppccial from Mt. Vernon, 111*., which nay
that on Monday last, the Mt. Vernon Na
tional Bank shipped by Adams' Exprw
a package containing $8,000 to the Thin
National Hank of St. Louis. On Wednea
ilny me mi. vernon UttnK received a tele
gram from St Louis Haying the packugi
contained only a piece of brown wrappinj
paper cut the size of the bank notes. Th?
bank oOlcern here Bay the package showe<
no evidence of having been tampers
with, but it contained no money. Th
Express Company nays tho package wa
delivered to the bank here just aa it wa
received by^ their agent at Mt. Vernon
the neali being intact and the wrapne
being untouched. The cashier of the Ml
Vernon Bank wan here yesterday, am
said the wrapper and seals of the* pack
age were the same as used by the ban!
iiere. There is a great mysterv in th
case, which is being investigated by botl
the bank and express officials.
Parih, June 15.?It seems certain tha
at the opening of the nitting of tho Cham
ber on Saturday a message from Preaiden
McMahon will be read.
Details ol a WeNtern Tragedy.
St. Looia, Juno 1G.?Tho Qldbt-Dmo
crat has a special from Rockwell totlay
which gives a graphic account of a re1
markable murder and iuicldo rcccntly
1 comuiittod there. It appear* that in the
latter part of April, 1876, limbury CanT
non, his son William and two nephew*,
got on a big spree in Rockwell, and created
a disturbance in the town until late!
[ at night. Sheriff Alex. Starkea wan on
[ intimate tonna with the Cannon*, and endeavored
to persuade them to denial from
this rioton* proceeding, but wan not sueceasful.
He then warned them that if
they did not itop disturbing the peace
r he would arrest them. This only made
them worse, and the whole party assaulti
ed the Sheriff and beat and cut him severely.
During the moleo the Sheriff
drew a revolver and snapped it several
{ time*, but none of the chamber* exploded.
. The party scattered, however, and Starke*
procuring a better weapon, followed the
't Cannon*, intending to nrre*t them. He
\ found them at a billiard *aloon and wan
. again *et upon bjr the whole party, and
I while defending himself shot and killed
\V. A. Cannon. This ended the good re.
lations between Starkea and the Cannons,
> and some time afterwards Starkes was no1
tilied that Embury Cannon wa* trying to
hire someone to assassinate him. It became
*o evident that Starkes offered hi*
farm for sale with the intention of
moving at once to Borne other place where
' he would be more secure. In September,
joiu, ? Mirunger appeared in nocuweii,
1 singularly dressed and armed with a
' double barrel shotgun and several revol
vers, lie pretended to want to buy a
I farui, and was referred to Starkes as hav'
ing one for sale. Ho called on Starkes,
1 and, after a short conversation, they both
1 started for the farm, Starkes in opposition
to earnest entreaties of his wile and
the advice of some neighbors. He never
returned alive, but next morninp his dead
! body was fonnd in the woods with a load
' of buckshot in his head. The murderer
iled. It was subsequently learned that
1 his name was George W. Garner,
i In October, following the murder,
the grand jury indicted Garner for the
murder of Starkes, and Embury Cannons
1 as the instigator of the crime, but neither
could be found. It seems tliut prior to
the murder of Starkes, Garner had shot
1 the Sheriff of Lee county, Texas, while
that oiliccr was attempting his arrest,
' and rewards aggregating $1,000 were
ouerca lor mm. When the bljerit! ol Lee
county recovered from hi* wound* he determined
to capture darner, and after a
long March found him in a little town
near Little Kock, and succeeded in ar1
resting and taking him to Lee co., where
! he wan turned over to tho Rockwell co.
authorities. Last March he won tried
1 and convicted of the murder of Ktarkes
and sentenced to be hanged on the 15th of
June (to-dny). After hia conviction he
' made a confession, Haying that Embury
: Cannon hired him to kill Starkes for
live hundred dollars cruh, a note for$125
1 and a team of horses. Last Tuesday
' evening Mrs. Garner was allowed to enter
1 the jail and remain with her husband till
his execution. This morning on o|>ening
his cell the 8 her ill' found Mrs. Garner
dead and her husband nearly lifeless.
A doctor waa seut for, but before he
arrived Garner died. Both left letters. In
the one written by Mrs. Garner she said
she purchased morphine at Dallas two
iffnol,. u?n .i.i ? l, ;> ??,? ;.:i I.,,
"lv" -bv lu7 ? ?'??
moutu. A question then arose us to
; whether there wan enough to kill both
' and which of thein should take the largest
portion of it. Mrs. Garner evidently
took enough to kill, but there were marks
" about her neck which show she had also
! been strangled. Garner also took aome
! |>oiHon but when found he had cotton
1 Btuiled in his nostrils, a handkerchief
crammed in his mouth and a wire,
1 tho bail of a bucket in his
1 cell and twisted it around their necka,evidently
not being satisfied that tliey had
5 taken enough morphine to kill they
finished the job by Btrangulation. The
verdict'of the jury was death from Htran1
gulation. MrB. Garner's letter further
says that it wan not through herhusband's
^ persuaion that she gave up all to go with
! with him, but for hia ?ake, to whom she
' was devotedly attached, and her heart's
1 wish. There seems to have been bad
blood in the Garner family.
A brother-in-law of lna was recently
Bhot by the Sheriff of Benton county,
Texan, while attempting to arrest him,
and his mother ia now under indictment
lor poisoning her third huaband.
! About 3,000 jjeraona assembled at Rock'
well thin morning to witness the execu1
tion, but when they learned that Garner
' had cheated the gallows they quietly but
respectfully dispersed to their home*.
New York Honey and Ntocku.
Nkw York, June 15.?Mo.vky?Closed
easy at \\i per cent. I'rime mercantile
puper 3a4 per cent. Cuatom receipts $237,000.
Tho Assistant Treasurer disbursed
$212,000. Clearings $17,000,000. Sterling
steady; actual business, long 4MlA, short
Gold?Opened and closed at 105, with
sales during the day at 105J-*. Borrowing
1 rates llat anil lnll^a'Jiier tier nnniini
and 1*64 per diem.
i UOVBitNMKNTB?Steady.
I United BUtee'.Bt oI:lB81, cotiponi~ - 1I4J*
Fiv?-Twcntlo? (1815) now 1IH
Fivo-Twentlw (1K7)
WT^TWMJUw (18CS).~......... ?llfrli
, New Five* ?. ll(>?4
. Mew Four and n hnlfa 107! a
Ten-forUw ~~.11'.!
Ten-forties (coupoui) ........ ...
Cjrrunejr Sixes
? Stocks?Tho market early lu the day
, was quiet outride of coals shares and weak
r during the greater portion of the after,
noon, but towards the close a firmer feel.
ing Net in and there was a general improve,
uient, which ranged from % to 1 per cent.
, Lake Shore rose front 46% to 47%, New
York Central from 1)2 to 92%, St. Paul
common from 19% to 19J6, Union Pacific
1 from GUM to 07, Michigan Central from
? 38% to 39, Western Union from 59% to
f 60l/H, Chicago & Alton from 79}? to 80,
Delaware A Hudson from 27 to 27K? Morris
<fc Essex from 55li to 55% and Dela
ware, Lackanunna & Western from 83% to
. 34?;. The last named finally reacted t<? 34
j a34!*..
The transactions were 135,000 shares, of
\ which 7,0(K) were New York Central, 37,'
000 Lake Shore, 4,700 ltock Maud, 3,500
Union Pacific, 42,000 Delaware, Lackawanna
& Western, 22,500 Morris & Essex,
and 24,700 Western Uniou.
Wcfltern Union f?) INorthwMtcrn cow.. 20*4
i. Quicksilver .. 13% Northwestern iiM... 4f?'i
? Quicksilver pfd 20*|New J*imj Ccatnl 7'(
H 1'ncltic Mall. 19% Hock InLaud ! -
Msrlpoit 'J Bt. Paul - 19}?
a Mnrli>o?* urrfarrcd.. S 1st. Paul nraforretl... iWA I
, Adatua Expnw W Wabath~ 1%
1 Weill, Far^o k Co. M Fort Way no ~ 8*5*
American 41 Terra Haul* 6
. United Htatw 45 Ttrw Haute pfd.?... }'i%
New York Central- 92?; Ohio A Mln'.Mi|ipl .. 4',*
0 Erie it Chicago* Alton..... VJ\%
5 Uricprelcm-d? 10 Chicago A Alton pfd W
n Harlem .......lioj; Delawarn A Lacka... >1
, Harlem pr?iferred.?140 A. A 1'. Telegraph..
J Michigan Central.... 88? J Burlington A Qulnjoo
1 Pan?u?a 9&U Hannibal A Bt. Joe- HU
0 Union Pacific itock.. Gf>[\ Central Pac. bon?U.110
Lake Shore 47*4 Un'oo I?adfic UmdalnS
" Illlnola Contral 51 Land Granta -HH
H I'itUbamb dinting Fund 07ft
i( C.C.C. A I ..... 2? Indiana Central 1 yt
Dry. iioodi.
j Nbw York, June is.?IUcAched cottoui
. in lair uemand ana prices steuuy in unit
hands. Prim* a little more active auil
ginghams in fair demand. Agenti are reI
ceivlng order* for fancy hosiery for the
II fall trade. Men's woolens moving (n fair
quantities. Foreign goods quiet.
1 Pltt*bnrgb.
'* Pittsburgh, J une 15.-Petroleum-Quiet
1 and steady; crude $2 00 at Parker's; re*
lined 13Mo, Philadelphia delivery.
Cincinnati, Juno 15.?Cotton-Quii
but firm tit lU?o. Flour?Strong an
higher; family $8 ROaO 00. Whi>at-Qui<
but firm; red $1 OOal 95. Corn?Drmnn
fair und inurket firm nt 48a50e. Data
Qotet and ateady at 38a42o. live?Dull 1
75o. Barley?Dull ami nominal, ForkDull
at (13 00 bid, Hi>ot; aalea at $13 i
buycra June. Lard?Firmer; atoam, nor,
offering; ourreut maku aold at 50. Bui
Mentu?Good demand; ahouldcra4%c; clei
rib $G 52^a(! 55, the latter bid at the closi
clear 7c. Bacon?Scarce and firm at 5S
7Ka79ic. Butter?Quiet but firm. Lit
aeed Oil?Firm at 7i!a73c. Whisky?Goo
demand nt full pricea, $1 07.
Hog*?Quiet; common $4 00a4 .'$0; ligt
$4 40*4 60; paoking $4 50a4 05; butchei
$4 70a4 80.
[ TOLEDO, June 15.?Flour?Firm. Whe?
??inn;No. 1 white_ Michigani$l, UO; exU
?uuc juiciiiRua vo; amoer wicliiguu spo
$1 83; No. 2 ml winter spot $1 71*; sclle
Jane $177; nellcr Jaly $1 60; seller Augun
$1 58No. 3 rcd|l W; No. -J nmher$l 61
Corn?Easier; high mixed spot 60Jtfc; Nc
2 spot 4D!ic; seller July 50)?: seller Augur
62Vic; No. 2 white 61c; rcjectcd 47 Mi
damaged 40c. Oata?Dull; No. 2, 3U<
Michigan 42c.
4 p. M.?Wheat?Strong; No. I whit
^Michigan $100; ainbcr Michigan spot $1 im
teller June $1 87; No. 2 red winter npo
$1 80; seller June $1 77M; seller Jul
(1 47X; No. 3, $1 CO; No. 2 amber $1 ??.r
Corn?Weak; high mixed spot 60}f; No.:
seller August 62K?
Chicago, Juno 15.?Flour?Dull nui
unchauged. Wheat? In fnlr demand, hu
at lower rates; No. 2 Chicago spring $14i'J
cash, $1 47'hul 47Ji July, $1 3i?!i Augual
No. 3, $1 32, rejected 95o. ? Corn?blendy
in fnlr demand: 4A'^o en?!i. .I8n .ThIv i??/..
August, rejected 41c. Oata?Quiet. bu
steady at .'18^0 caah, 37}?c July. KycEasicr
nt 00c. Barley?Quiet and unchang
td. Pork?Demand fuir and higher a
$12 75 caali and July, $12 85 August. Lari
?Demand fair and higher at $4 80 each
$8 82M July. W MX August. Bulk Meat
?Firmer at 4}hu6J4aC%c. Whisky?Quic
and unchanged, $107.
Philadelphia, Juno 15.?Flour--Fai
demand; super $t? 25; extra $7 00; Minue
Bota family $8 50*9 25; Pennsylvania $8 7.'
a? 60; high gradea $10 OOall 00. WheatDull;
Pennsylvania red $1 95a2 00; amhe:
$2 03 a2 05; white $2 05a2 10. Kye-85c
Corn?Dull; yellow GOattfc; mixed SOaiiOc
Oat*?Firmer; western 4 7a4Sc; whito 43a50c
mixed 47c. Clover Heed?Hal7c. Porl
?$14 75al5 00. Butter?Nominally uu
changed. Egg*?'Western at 18al9c. Pe
troleuni?Unsettled; refined 13j^c; crud?
9J<c. Whisky?Dull at $1 11.
inuAs. E. DWIGHT!
Ii iirepftml to make careful and ranipleto anal>-M>
9( lruu Orea, UmeatonM, Minora! Waters,etc.
Laboratory cor. 24th and CUapIiira atrttl*
u? Wheeling. W. V?.
n^- Of superior ENGLISH manufacture, aiu
justly rrlebratnl for Blast if ity, Durability ami Ertii
ntu of Point. In 15 A'amberi.
noc Varittia suittd to erery tlyle of writing. Fa
sale by the Tradt generally. A .Situple Car,!, run
Uilning one taeh of the Fifteen tt'umlcn, ly mail, oi
receipt of 23 CcnU.
myllKS 138 and i40 Grand St., New York.
|Jristadoro's||air Qye
la thps^fint and the beat, is initanlamotu iu it
action, nuil it product* the uii*t natural <i
black or brown, dot* not stain tho (kin, and i
easily applied. It i?h standard preparation, nod i
favorite upon crery WflNappoinled toilet for Iml;
or Kentlcuian. For sale by ail Pruixista ami Hal'
Drrawra. JOSEPH CRISTADuRO, Proprleler. P
O.'Boi 2112. Naw York. aplOsS
The Argonaut Mills,
Yarns, leans and Flannels
rar29 Whkru.no, W. V/.
Hne American ami Swba Watcbc*, Jewelry, I>la
mumli, Sterling flllrer ami Blltor listed Wan
rarlor, Office, Dining Boom and Kitcltcn OJwk
In larxo rarioly and low prices.
myll 11.11 MAIN HTRFKT.
No. lie ElOIITKEMIlI t'TKtlCT.
All orders promptly attended to. Itcpairin;? neat
y done and warranted.
rapor box manuTsorursr,
Noe. 1211 and 1213 Main Html, up aUIra (oil
Union Mall), is now prepared to tnakn all kinds u
Fane? and Main P?p?r Boxes in su good ntylw uu<
at aa law prlcca u auy house In lh? country. Vt
ten from the country promptly att*n<lrd to.
_____ mrt4
L No. 1741 UiUtT ?r.
8_nr2B Whwllnu. -V. V?.
Chwter Kami,
Extra Hugar Cured Ham*,
S. C. Ilraikfait Bacon,
v.ito niurn,
8. Shouldrra,
I'Ulu Shoulder*,
Mm J'urk,
Family Porl
Lard la Tierces, PftrreU, Half Barrels, Kegs, Pal;
tad Hull Tall*. Our own coring. For sale l>v
MUla, Indian*, Atlas, Nail City. Ft
aale at invert market ratoa.
10 Barrcii E*tra W. 8. Lard OH.
SO Barrels Miner*' Oil.
Juat received ?>y
1 \i Cruibed, Powdered, Granulated, Cofto an
Yellow, In store and for mm at lovrat market rate
M. KKILLY, IM'J and ?n Main feu
) recti red direct Iron CblrlMttiti, In ncrn ic
torltlebjr If, KKILLY,
1K3 nd 1311 Sfclo aimt.
id 1J
j ios. Speidel & Co's,
J Sell tlie celebrated VIENNA FLO UK,
,1 the licit Flour in tho lunrktt. Alio, licit
Agent* for GUIKINO STAR nuil WifeNIX,
ninile l?y Ralston, llull A Co.
Every Barrel of Flour Warranted.
,t Of all kimU, nt Wholeitnlo only. Merchant
will find it to their mlvniitnKfl to examine
our stock before purchasing cUrwhtre.
1416 Mtlo L1417 South Streeti,
| "Satin Gloss" Flour.
We uro constantly receiving thin
,! THE FINEST ami IlKST ever introduced
t into this market.
1 Has causod an advance ami all Flour is rioar.
Don't Waste Your Money Upon
Inferior Brands.
; List, Davenport & Parks,
Ouo Ilk Ex. Young Hyson Tot for. 40c.
t Onu Hi. good Ounimwilor Tea for 50c.
Olio III. ln?il (iuii|xiw?lt'r Tea for Mu.
Onu Hi. bed Japan Tea for HOc.
One Hi. cowl JaianTca for CO*-.
One lit. lwi-t Oolong Tea for ...*c.
One lli. good Oolang Ten for ftOr.
Twenty II* Klco for...... VI 00
Au<l all klatla of (irocrriea at Ibo lowed uurkot
I>rlccs, at
jr. W. BARTOW'S,
2251 and 22\3 Makkut St., Ckmtkk Wukklimg.
DMA fclOl A I
r iumin
John K. Eothkohu, I'rcat. Uxo. A damn, Cnih'r.
[ Succeaaor to the
Capital $280,000
Thin Bonk Is owwlzed ati?l prepared to transact
tho business of banking In all ltd tletnlk
It succeeds the First NutUmul Haukof Wheeling,
' la owned by the saumhareboldersand is under the
same management.
by carefully regarding tho Interceta of Its Correspondents
nml Denosttorf, and l>y n prompt and
J faithful oxtcution of thrir wltneti, It bope* to merit
' llu'lr esteem anil confidence.
" Notes nn>l Bills discounted.
11 Collectloua nuilo on ull points throughout tho
f United State*.
r Depoalt Accnunta subject to chock nt sight r?
eel ted from Bantu, Bunkers, Flima, Curi?eratious
and Individual*.
Cert I Urates ?f Deposit Issued payable on demand
or at fixed date*.
I Interest allowed on Special Deposits,
John K. Botaford, Wm. B. Blmpaon,
Jacobs. Bhodea, "Win. A. Turner,
Wm. A. laett, John 1- Hobtw,
? A. M. Adams O. C. Dewey.
' Henry M. Harper, iny21-0Aw
Commercial Bank.
Capital, $100,000.
OnncB?No. 1308 Main 8t.
Inturcat paid on Bpcdal Depodta. Collections
made and proceeds promptly remitted. Accounts
if merchants and others solicited.
Tho*. H. IJst, I J. L. Btlful,
H. J. Hinyth, W.T.Burt,
J. C. Thnmaa, Chaa. 11. Booth.*
W. A. Wilson, |
TnOd. II. LIST, Prealdont.
' J. L. 8TIFEL, V. Freat.
a P. HI LP BETH, Caahler. JalS
I). c. Ij-t. Johkimi Hrrnoixo,
hunky k. List, (iiiison Lamii,
'? m. m. j.iin, ukuhx v*. i.ivr.
* .
Bank of Wheeling,
Ccpital, 1 $100,000.
{Stockholders personally liable and reprwentinK
over f500,000.
* Deposits and Discounts Paper.
Deal* In Oofd, Silver, Golh-DrafU and Starling
hells l)r*fts on England, Ireland. Franc*, Germany
and other prominent parts cf Europj.
Bursnnd n-lls Oowiiw'utit, Bute, City and Rail*
road llundx.
Interest paid on Bpoct.il Deposits.
Hpccial attention given to Collections.
I). C. 1.1HT, President.
1 f,. LAMP, Cashier.
.1 JOB. BEVBOLD, Awiitant Cashier. jstS
Exchange Bank.
J. ti. Vahc*, Pits't. KlU'L Litmnu*, V. P.
Capital ..... fwn.OM
Llabllit* of Bt/<ekhnMi>r? 4U0.0MJ
ThlaBnnk autxttHla lo the buidn*-^ ctf Ui? Mrfftwnto'
National Bunk, rnvl In Coin, Coupou*,
CouiMirnl.il Pnjn r ou?l Rlllmrf Kxchatigc.
Interna |?M on y|?:l*l JtojwalU.
C-olltK-tloni snaile on *11 polnta and pn<*4.
promptly rrmltiH.
A count* of Uttnkera and Btulnwa Mm rolUriltnl.
H??*kh?Iili*ni lixtilc Ui ih pcultor* acronllnj to thr
Comtllutlunol the titatfl the axing m In NnlUitihi
J. N. Vanffl, | rt. Hotkhphnft
L. H. DHsiilain, D. Out nun,
J. O. Hollmatin, Wtu. KlHicham,
Ham'l UuKhlln, H. Wallaoi,
Crawford Booth, I
?u? JOHN J.JON KH, C-aahlpr.
lj Maaulacturer of
Lard Parrola, Half IUm-la, Appla and Flour Purrelj,
Haul Tlurws, Glau Bariola and
Cfcaka, Butler Ki^{ etc.
ir mr2fr<Uw
Bcpalrcr of all kind, of S'wlrc MkcMdm, inj
Agent lor lb* UgQl iiunmog
_ Oil, Nmllw and Attachment* >pM
ij 119 libibtt sinirr, PmtmraoH, Pa.

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