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ik WtafUna iBB Itttf lltgttwr,
InUlUiencer lor Ike Hammer.
JViow Urn i?j l?< rtj may Imt Uu Inlilllflnar
Kit lo Ikti' *M'<u h '?"> l'""!4
ml* Urn ? lAey ?uty dtltrt, al Ifo Ml <t/ IVItm
..all jKf Uftk,
?*- r?< ? f"? <" (*? <"? rrjulrrJ mlul
in all MUtllocttmftiny lb ***
Capital Location Meetings.
TUo C'ttinn*" In Favor ot Clark*
The people of West Virginia will be ad<
(Itemed nt the followiug times and places,
ami l>r the following speaker*, in favor ol
M<>ri;u?town, Monongalia #ounty, June
ZJt/i?ByUeo. Nathan O'olT, Jr.
St. <ieorge, Tucker county, Jane 18th?
By John Itn*nel, Ksq.
(Jruntovllle, Calhoun county, June 25th
-By lion. Uenj. Wilton nnd Hon. E. M.
(Jlenville, Gilmer county, July 3d? By
the anme speakers.
Other announcement* will he tnndo from
time to time.
Tli? Capital <|u?Ntlon.
We hail a pleasant call yesterday from
Judge Camden, of Clarksburg, who i? actively
on the stump on behalf of that
place for the Capital location, lie has
spoken in Calhoun, (Jilmer, Upshur,
Lewis and other counties, and reports
the outlook as encouraging, although he
admit* that a necessity h laid upon
Clarksburg to lie up and doing if she
would win the prize, lie say* that the
advocates of Charleston are doing their
best to arouse sympathy for their town
by representing that tho "Third District'
has been'made the Ireland of West Virginia.
They neglect to say anything ol
the immense donation thai was made bj
West Virginia to the Chesapeake <fcOhir
railroad?(of her entire interest in thai
road)?which was a gift to the people o
the Third District ol the moat nia^nificen
The Charleston Courier which iiutneili
aleljr alter the Capital was removed t(
Wheeling, proceeded at once to shon
that it was no particular loss to Charleston,
is now showing how the re-locatioi
of it will set things to humming once mor
in that antiquated town. Here is a speci
men of its argument:
"If the Capital is located here the pric
of labor of all kinds will Imj increased
The necessities of life cost as much as eve
they did, but the wage* of workingmei
are at the lowest ebb. The location of tin
Capital at Charleston will increaco wago
without increasing the price of bread
therefore it is to your interest working
men 10 voie lor unarieuon.
Inasmuch nn the Capital is not to 1*
removed to Charleston until 1885, if ever
the "price of labor" down there must h
exceedingly sensitive to fur off events.
.\?ils Ont ol ItatlM.
Mr. L?wia Jones, of the vEtna Mill, lef
with 11.1 yesterday a liberal supply o
specimen nails made out of old rail*
i\?rt of thefe were made ont of rails, pur
ami airnple?that id without an
mixture of muck bar?and part out c
three part.* rails and ono part muck
Three kegs in all were cut of these nail
They are pronounced good by thoM??]ua
ified to judge. They are smooth and touu
and drive well.
This process of making nails avoid
the boiling of iron. The rails are cul
....i 11... i:t-.
no much muck bar, and by the use of
dux in the heating process are welde
and madejw malleable, ductile and cloa
textured in the aheet roll* an so muc
piled muck. Xail plate is thin mad
$5 25 per tun chcaper than out of pi
iron which has firat been made int
muck bar. Thin saving is of itaelf
big profit, and will, if Aucceiuful, revolu
(ionize the'old method. No mill can af
lord to puddle iron when by using thi
tlur old rails or pig iron can be coi
verted directly into nail plate.
Mr. Jones has a patent for his process
lie claims that but for the process th>
.Etna could not alFord to nell manufa<
tured iron at current rate*. By mean
of it, however, nhe can do so at a profi
We lately mentioned that Col. Powell i
making nails at the Ilellville mill out c
old rail* and one-eighth muck iron, an
that he claim* to have an advantag
equal to $13 per ton for pig metal,
this turn* out to he the cane, the furnact
will not have much to do for Home tiu:
to come, inasmuch a* it in estimated tin
there are enough old rails in the coui
try to run all the mills ior several year
Suspicions <>t a (irccnbackcr.
Wheeling, June 18.
Editors IoUUigtnccr:
Can you tell us why it is that the p
pera will not publish Peter Cooper'* op<
letter to President Hayes ? Is it becau
the press aro leagued with Wall stre
and intend to keep the people in ign
ranee iu regard to tioance, anu the legisl
lion in finance prompted by the gold rii
for the last 12 years? Let there be ligh
Albert L. Wells,
Jiivcrside Grtenbatk Club.
I, Wells sends the above to us on
postal card. We publish it despite i
uncharitable insinuation. Perhaps if 1
was better informed himself he would n
be so suspicious of 'other people. I
ought to know that Peter Coouer's fina
cial viewa are not a novelty to the cou
try. On tho contrary they are old ai
etale. They were *own broad-cut throui
the land last year. We are not indin
to devote much of our space to republic
ing them. Mr. Cooper is not the patent
of any peculiar notions on finance. T
greenback iuue has been before t
people tbeec many years. It in general
known that William Allen ran on t
platform of "more money and less m
ery" two yeara ago and got beat. It
unnecessary to say that Peter Cooper j
Wat a year later on the aame issue,
there is anything that people are perfc
It aware of it i* that Peter Cooper, W
Ham Allen, Sam. Cary anil James
Laidley want more money. They ha
uot however succeeded in convincing t
American people that there is
their po*M*yaion a greenback "balm
liilesd" for the ills from which theoou
try Millers. The people have
'Qipicion that getting drunk agi
on inflation is not the w
'? S?t ?ob?r. H?yin(5 tjpercd i
since the panic up to thin time they do g
not propose to go to hard drinking again.
Getting sober is not so delightful as keep- A
ing up the intoxication, but it ia absolutely
necesaary for people after a long spree TO !
to at last ceaae to stimulate their ahat*
tered nerves, if they desire to recover 1
their health. '
Crop KeporlM. - p
Judge Camden, of Clarkaburg, inform* n ?
ua that the crops in Harrison, Lewis and Oil
Upther counties never looked better.
1 The graaa is perfectly splendid, and soia j|J01
the wheat crop. Corn is late but looks
' well. Col. Jacob Hornbrook, who has
; juat been down in Marahall, brings the
same report from that county. Previous gjJjJ
to the late rains the prospccts were that
1 the grass would be short and hay go
, up in price. Now hay is heavy on the
market. The
1 The crop reports from all parts of the
' country are cenerally very encouraging.
. The Chicago Tribune, however, of Friday
last, complains of "cold, damp weather
in all that part of Illinois," occasioning
some anxiety aa to the corn crop. Large
arena of land within the corn belt are re. p
ported to have been so much flooded that
they are not yet plowed, and very much ,enco
remain* implanted, with no prospect of for wl
immediate drying up. The northern IMP0I
counties of that Stale are looking pretty
, well, but people further south are com* a circ
ulainistr. We see nothing in these re> ntptini
, ports, however, to conflict with the assur ti
ances that wheat and oats are safe. r,j'c J
According to the Toronto Olobe, "the
Canada crops make vigorous advance- j^.or,
ment under the present exceptionally then]
tine growing weather. Wheat in looking menu
1 well in every section of the province, entir<
' and is probably free from danger of fail'
ure. Last fall our shrewd farmers, in Tin
f anticipation of high prices, largely in- office
' creased the area of winter wheat, and
, therein now growing a greater acrcagc
t than has been known for several years. lA ^
I In spring wheat it is generally conceded |ljuj c
( that the acreage planted exceeds that of izatic
any former season, and everywhere the
growth of both spring and winter wheat lie
is vigorous and healthy. The barley Virgi
3 crop in many parts of the country is not
' aoove one-nau tnc oreautu sown Hint year; yV "j
- in some exceptional places it way be two- 0|jj^
1 thirds, but nowhere in it of the sameex- nmnd
e tent as last season's. The continued will I
. high price of peas for several months no been
doubt had Home effect in increasing the
e area cultivated, which we are led to be- Inf
lieve surpassed that of last year. Treat
r The Sheep Breeders'Convention, held State!
1 at Cadiz Saturday, adopted the following
8 resolution: Retolctd, That wool growers jCCBr
' and sheep breeders should take new tendc
courage in view of the present prospect AI)
of obtaining a better price for wool the ?
present year than we were able to.get .'0
e last year, and in view of all the circuit)* .
stances w?s would advice wool growers to T
e continue in their present business, make Jf"
all improvement possible, and we believe p .
the business can be made as profitable
as any other that Harrison county farm- ,. ,
ers can engage in. * an(j'j
1 The Peach Crop throughout the South, efficit
f uroniup* to be nntmoallv lnrcA tin 4 n?n.
i, son, ami shipments have already com- mjni,
e menced' Some of the finest " early " are ,j
from TarnoU'it Orchard, West Point, ?|?||
' Georgia. Each peach is wrapped in lis- j,e W(
cue paper and packed in durable crate* jent
. Ah this delicate fruit requires the great- ter {
est expedition and careful handling, we evjje
are pleaded to note large quantities
reaching Uichmond in charge of the t|ieg
b Southern Express Company?most of it rCp01
eni route for northern markets. Thi? fruit mani
4 will not stand the ordinary tran*porta- notHI
lion by freight trains.?Jiiehmond I)is -phe (
pMch. tjie c
L In regard to the condition of crops in nrivi
a California, the San Francisco Commercial The!
J Herald, of June 7, give* the following l*t*ca
e glowing account: *ou
It "lu some favored localities of the State i ]
e both wheat am! barley are being harvest' _ m_
ed, yet up to this writing no arrivals of k
s new grain nre reported. Intelligence
0 from the central and northern parts of the .J
a State continues favorable to the growing ^
i. crops of cereals, while from the south we t*
havo nothing cheering respecting cither * ?:
,* barley or wheat. The grain valleys of :* l.
18 the San Joaquin, Salinas ami ?ome others m k
i- of lesser note are almost desolate by l .
reason of the protracted drought, while jj, .
there are other sections of the State that p j
hist year were too wet for setd or even t '
e cultivation which will this season pro:
duce enormously. The tule lands of the
n foothills and the cultivated islands on the ..
. main rivers will produce immense crops ..
of barley and wheat this year, and all go
lH to swell our crop yield and to make good l"8 '
if the losses of short crops in other sec- ?*th,
j tions." lve (
- g?on,
;e, kike itctoitn. 5,'s1'
If Gori
ss liurlinotok, Iowa., Juue 18.?Late CUJ*
ie Saturday night, during a tire, O. K. Vin- . "
, ton, an oiu anu reapecicu cuizen, wmie
attempting to jump on a street car missed '*a?
'* bin footing, fell nnder the car and his .
s. neck waa broken by the car wheel. The roaU
fire originated in Frank Heller'* stable, ??ac
which, with its contents, was consumed. . 19
Also, some adjoining buildings on West ln8!
Jefferson street. L?a $36,000. Ineur- rJ 1
buranee $7,000.
:n Intliun Kultl. roa(i
"* Deauwood, June 17.?On Friday last
el a small party of Indians made a dash on tom
?* Montana lianche, nine miies from Ihis mj|e
a" city, and succeeded in running off a considerable
of stock. A party, of twenty aye,
1 miners, bound for the Big Horn from thia jeet
point, was fired upon by Indians, when Qnr"
about sixty miles out. One of the mina
ers was slightly wounded. mj|e
its Senator Spencer, of Alabama, with a luj,
j10 large exploring and prospecting party, <pj
will leave thia vicinity about the '21st for nn .
j* the Big Horn countty. gJri
a- Urent Storm nt .MciniihlN.
n. Mkmpuis, June 18.?a storui last night roat
j broke loose all the steamers lying at the a nv
. levee, and blew down the chimneva of the
5" Oiceola Belle, damaging Ihe boat about chii
cd $1,500. The others boata arc uninjured. Has
,h- Tbe Cumberland Preabjterian Cburcb on Gen
Court atreet and aereral residency were on i
hc partly unrooted. t0 ,
he Fire llnndrcd Mile Walk.
lly Colukbos, lniL, June 18.?OnJanelat rest
|le Win. N. Lake, a young man ol thin city, T
Htarlnl nn a walk nn ntir atroota r.f Ann
?* wiles in 600 consecutive hours. At 9 men
13 o'clock to-night he has walked 412 miles el ty
;ot and appears as fresh and vigorous as seer
If when commenced.
Jlitsonlc Temple Dedlcatlou. p
' " Omaha, June 18.?Large delegations deli
M. are arriving from all parts of the State the
ve today to take part in the ceremonies of J1
hc the dedication of tEe new Masonic Tern- Nat
. pie to-morrow. Con
10 act
in raaloral Letter. par
in- Qukbkc, Jnne 18.?The pastoral letter "get
a from the Archbishop was read in the liral
Catholic Churches veeterday, communis
in eating the receipt of the Pope's pastroial
*7 dedicating the province to the special I
off patronage of St. Anne.
?-? i
? fav
legation of Disehargod Post- ?.n
IceClerks Visit Washingtqn. ?><
1 Complain to the President j>"
nd Get a Flea In their Ear. ci!
orlal Excursion Over the Den- "b?c
sr & Rio Grande Railroad, it"
Most Elevated Railroad in ??
the World.
? $- (
I'cmoniil. |'?
SHINIITON. June 18.?R. E. I'reeton, *e"
liner of the Mini Bureau, in ?p- Ti
wl Acting Director during the ab- .
of Dr. Linderman at San Francuco, _
Itich place he left to-day. *wc
> TreamirV Department has issued Ocl
alar pacing that it will exact from 4;3i
boat inspectors strict attention to 1
rue intent and meaning of the 81I1 hoi
ind the statute on which it is found- me
rhe duty u enjoined on innpectorH am
quent of excursion steamers, Ma
ler to have personal knowledge that thv
[iiipinent* are kept up to the require* Tii
i and that the hull and boilers arc 1
ilv Rafe. 1}
b clerks of the Internal Revenue n?'
will hold a meeting to-morrow, for P'c
urpoee of panning appropriate reso* ,,el
is, relative to the death of the late
nissioner, D. I). Pratt, whose death
b tirat on the list of those who have ;
harge of that bureau pince it* organid.
. "e
preventative Gilbert C. Walker, of
nia, to-day called upon the President
Secretary Schurz in reference to
ig a consolidated pension agency for <
nia and Went Virginia, North Car* bu
and Tennessee, located at Rich- toI.
The probability i-j that there Pr
l?e no change from Knoxville, m has ter
fixed upon by the President. be<
ormation has been received at the
iury Department that the United
* District Court at Detriot haaausil
the decision of Secretary Slierhat
imported fresh fish packed on
e not entitled to free entry an t'nh in- .J
d for immediate consumption* JH*
ne days ago a number of clerks dia- coi
;ed by recently appointed Post Man- get
rom Poet Offices in one of the lar- gej
itiea of the West, visited \Vaching- an,
3 lay their grievances before the ()k
Master General. They represented vis
new pont waater had discharged inc
ful and eilicient clerks (themselves) att
lad appointed inexperienced and in- 1st
?nt clerks in their stead and that mc
nt P. M. was not loyal to the ad- gri
itration. They accordingly asked po
ischarge. po
e Postmaster General informed them
jnld lay the case before the Preii
and having done 00 replied by letn
which he saya it appears from the
mces in the Department that the
i ia well conducted at present, and
inecial Agent has made a favorable
rt as to its prevent organization and rifl
igement. 1 nee that the public is no
tillering for (he want of good service. an
illice id well mauaged now, no that tu!
omplainta are more in the nature of
ite rather than public grievances
Post Office Department is not a po- c,c
il institution. If it bo truet as or
sa^r, that the Postmaster opposes
H)licy of the administration; that he
i right to do, and its no causc of
ival, unless in his zeal and activity he
the postmaster in the politician. If na
one, whether he support or oppose a"
administration, neglect* his duty by th<
; a busy politician, or makes himself pr
xious by reason of inconsiderate and
sh zeal, ho ought to be removed; but A.
1 attends faithfully to his duties and ba
ta a good and acceptable postmaster, by
iould not be removed, though he see no
n nnnAd A tliA iilmini.tfihnn Thn
ident finds no sufficient cause for a g;
ge in the post office. n'e
' ' |]A
Editorial ExcurMloniivlM. llt
anitou, Col., June 18.?The Kansas J0
trial excursion left here this mornind
made a trip over the extension co
e Denver & Rio Grande Kailroad in jn
lirectionof the San Juan mining re* pf
. This road is now finished to the %?
est point of the Veta pass of the San J,1(
> Itechri* to the Range, and the ex*
ion train was the first pa?senger .
i to the summit. The altitude there 01
,340 feet above the level of the J"?
or over one thousand feet Above "J
est point on the Union Pacific Railand
higher than any other point Pf
lied by any railroad in the world. te
a magniticant triumph of engineer(kill
and railroad energy. The scene- W
a wild and grand?beyond de*cri{>- ba
; many curves far exceed the famous 0C
se-Shoe Dend on the Pennsylvania in
I, sweeping around sharp points of the Vi
mains in graceful curves, one above d?
\tfiar fit ft fllfTV llfllitlit* fpnm tka lint.
to the top the distance ia fourteen S<
?, and the ascent 2,400 feet. The a*- cl
for a single mile is 211 and the di
age grade for the whole diataace 1 tio li
The road will be completed to Ft. th
land by July next ana opened for te
net?9 at that time. It will be 107 la
8 from Pueblo to Ft. Farland in San
i Park. E
he excursionists were accompanied w
his tint trip to the summit by Gen. lu
ge, general passenger agent, and J. 3
lurtrie, the engineer who dicected tj
superintended tho building of the p|
I. ilefore starting on the return trip [J.
eeting wan held and speeches were Kl
e by the President of the Association,
?f Justice Horton and Congressman ..
kell, of Kansas, congratulating
ernl Dodge and Mr. McMurtrie cc
he successful completion of the road
he highest point reached bjr a rail- ^
1 train and the trip of the iirst pas- J
:er train over it. These gentlemen \c.
he excursion was a most dclighful ai
. The weather waa tine and all tho
abers of the party enjoyed the nov?
of the ride and the grandeur of the ?'
ery to the utmost. ?
Wunti it Repealed. U
hiladklpuia, Juno IS.?The Phil a- ?!
?hia Board of Trade to-n<ght pwaed a
following resolution: e;
aolvtd. That thin Board request the sl
ional Board of Trade to memorialize
greas to so amend the transportation b
passed July, 1870. as to repeal that ?
t which requires the consignee or his n
at to execute a bond at the port of the h
t arrival, as specified in sections 2'J c
30 of said act. fi
'aius June 18.?Pierrejosph Le France n
jublican Senator is dead. t
N?w York, Jane 18.?The match race
Jerome Park between Clover Brook
! Basil, one mile and a nuartor, for |fl
000 aaside, was won by Basil ? time
rhe first race was ihe match of one mile
1 a quarter for $6,000 a side. The bet*
g before the start wan $1,000 to $900 in
or of Cloverbrook. The horse# got off yi
even terms. but Brazil was immediate* 1
pulled to the rear: passing the stand
iverbrook led by three lengths; at the
>t of the club house Brail moved up,
i in the lower turn gbt to Clover* A
>ek's Baddle girths; hall war up the
1, for the home stretch, BVazil collared
>verbrook, and at the head of the
aight for home, the excited crowd
luted, "Cloverbrook quits," and he did
it completely. Brazil drew clear at
i entrance gate, and encountered home ^
spurred and without the touch of a to
ip, winning the race by ten lengths. fl0
ne?2:12}. Haywood rode Brazil and w,
illoway rode Cloverbrook. jj,
Hie second race was for a nurse of
)0, for three-year olds which nad not |r,
n a race this vear, ono mile. Katan m.
It and Cardinal Wolsey were the favor*
i, and the former won in a canter of i0
lengths ahead of Cardinal Wolsey, ar
1 one length ahead of Oysterman. tj,
ne, 1:47 j. q
The third race, for a purse of $1,000, u,
en by James K. Keeno for all ages, j|(
> miles and n half. Tom Ochiltree \A
1 Athlene, and after a good contest tr
biltreewon by four lengths. Time, 11
Bf. vc
*ourth Race?Consolation purse, for <j',
sen that have not won a racc at this ID
eting; three-fourths of a mile. Madge \^
1 Rhadamanthus were the favorites. ^
iry won by three length?; Uliadamanis
second, two lengths heforo Madge. ^
ne 1:17 J. le,
ftfth race?free handicap sweenstakes, jn
miles. Chiauitta won by two lengths, j?
:h Fiddlestick a length ahead of Part- fej
rship, lied Coat, tialway, Courier, Ex- W(
ision, Australd and Waco. The win- t|,
r was never headed and the race be- fJl
lie a match between Cliiquitta and la
Idlestick. Time, 27 min. |ia
sixth race?handicap steeple chase, 2J lo
les. Deadhead won by two lengths, ^
solute sccond, and Coronet third. Wal- ?
, the favorite, fell down. Time, 4:13. fl
1 extra day's races are announced for 0f
turdav next. 1..
columbus driving park. Dl
Columbus, 0., Jubo 18.?The Colum- re
a Driving Tark Association organized f#'
night, electing the following otliciTs:
evident, Amos Eberly; Secretary, WalMorrison;
Treasurer, F. A." Brod- Ca
:k; Directors?Win. Wall, S. O. West, bo
11. Neil, W. A. MeConnell, James wi
?atwater. The summer trotting meet- Tl
f will follow that at Cincinnati, begin- Ti
tgJuly 10, anil continuing four days, ?jii
Tlic Oka Difllcnlly. to
Montreal, June 18.?Col. Amyst, of ch
: provincial police, *ays that it is not Hp
i intention to make any arrests if rn
ief Joseph, of the Oka Indians, will
went to be iBterviewed with a view to
tling the points at issue. Chief Jo
>n ana aooui ulty Indians are armed /
J in ambush outside the village of
a. Col. Amyst says the object of his
lit i?i to protect the French Canadians,
duding pfiedts and nunc, from being
acked by Protectant Indiana, but the .
,lCX are of the opinion that this in a .
;re pretext to get them within their
up. It is reported to-day that the .
lice have ordered all newspaper rertera
to leave Oka.
Heather liidlcniimiN. "
WAR PiPAirrMK.xT, )
V/AJUl.NOTOX, D. G, Juua 19-1 4. rf.J I*
rRODAuiLiTiu. ca
For Tennessee and the Ohio Valley,
ing barometer, southerly shifting to
rth wind?, partly cloudy weather, rain m
;aa and stationary or lower tempera- 0f
f?' # pc
For the Lower Lakes, rising barome ,
southwest to northwest winds, partly ^
udy weather, rain;areaa arid stationary
lower temperature.
London, Out., June IS.?A vessel ac
med Sea Gull, this evening carried ar
ray both of the headgates of lock 21, on
b "Welland canal. Navigation will CI
obably be resumed to-morrow night. j)(
Nashville, June 18?Prof. Samuel m
xvmg uimio nu uaiciiaiuu iu-unv id a
lloon at Buffalo, and was accompanied cl
live other genta. The balloon went so
rtheast and disappeared in the clouds, in
New York, June 18.?The Clan# of
ghty of Princeton College, numbering
arly one hundred young men, has in
en appended, and are required to leave la
e town by noon to-day. Cause, bull- ni
zing the faculty. oj
Troy, N. Y., June 18.?The TmcJ
mpositors, nearly one-half the number tl
this city, have withdrawn from the o
inters' Union. The members of tho
oulders' Union are seeking employ- it
ent in non-Union foundries."
Milwaukee, June 18.?The Chamber 5
Commerce at the noon Board passed P
solutions protesting against a change of CI
e Pension Agency from Milwaukee to
adison;>lso against the interference of
iliticians in such matters. They were U
legraphed to President Hayes. * v,
CnicAcio, Ills., June 18.?Edward C.
'aller has filled a voluntary petition in n:
mkruptcy. Secured liabilities $220,- li
0, unsecured $172,000; assets $139,000; w
stock real estate of nominal value. It
'aller has been anroinincut re&l mtntr C
ttler. P
Washington, D. C., June IS.?The pl
jcretary of War has directed second P
ass medals to be issued to the men who '
isplayed such heroism in the saving of
fe on the occasion ot the stranding of
e.bark Tanner, near Milwaukee in Sepmber,
1876, in recognition of their gaint
New York, June 18.?The Board of
xcise ban been served with a notice that
arrants issued for their arrest are reirnable
at tho Tomba Police Court at ?
this P. M. The action of the authories
is based on the decision of the Sureme
Court of Appeals which settled
lat all licenses issued by thera were ille- '
tl. t
New York, June 18.?"Win. Leith and
/m. llenry Leith, father and son,
mvicted for forging checks to the
nount of $22,000. on the Merchants'
xchange National Bank, were to-day
mtenced to the State prison; the father
?r ten years and the boy for seven years,
eltman, an accomplice, pleaded guilty,
nd got two yean.
Mxucn Chunk, Pa., June IS.?'There
i a feeling of satisfaction and relief here
eer the action of the Board of Pardons
t the cases of the Mollie Magulrea.
ome fears are entertained that an ut?
>mpt will be made to rescue the pris*
tiers. Double guards have been placed
t the jail and about town. The prisonrs
received the news from llarrisburg
Camden, N. J., June 18.?A track laorer
on the Philadelphia & Atlantic City
Uilroad having been discharged, the
est of the men, numbering about one i
undred and fifty, stopped work and t
arnped near Beetles woods, four miles r
rum here, and threaten tiolenca against
11 who take their places. The Sheriff, :
rith a strong poue, has gone to disperse
hem, j
nmense Activity Among the
Russians?Some Guesses
at their Plans.
lis General Situation Not Materially
Peace Party Rising in Turkey.
Nnppoftcd PlanM.
London, June 18.?Since the Czar's
rival ireaii energy has been inlusetl in*
all preparations," bnt this at first was
mewhat neutralized by various rail*
ly break downs. Those who do not be*
tve in immediate operations ex*
ain the present great movement of the
iops on the supposition that the com*
?nder-in-chief had reasons to consider*
ily modify his plan, and that according
the new arrangements six of the eight
my corps are to be concentrated on
e comparatively short lino between
ietirgevo and Islas, on the river Aluta.
)th opinions are founded on observa*
>ns on the spot at Gieurgevo. Steam
unches have arrived and a large siege
ain is collected, while the 8th,
th and 12th corps are ready to conrge
on that point in Aluta. Behind
irgumagurllrt the Vth corps in in waitg,
and the 13th is on the march to join
The Hth corps is in Galatz.
it will proceed westward anil
obably cro*s about Techernavoda or
alaraash with the Fourth corps. Oantatious
demonstrations are being made
the neighborhood of Brails, Reni and
mail, but I imagine they are merely
ints. The Montenegrin Councils a
sek ago decided not to seriously oppose
e re-provisioning of Nicsics, in conse*
lenceof the great loss intlicted at Kris
rex, and because the relief of the town
.4 ceased to lmve any significance, owing
the increased strength of the Montenrin
artillery. Should the Turkish
my retire Nicaics may be easily stormed,
le Turk* by advancing into the plain
Nicsic* have walked into a trap per,ps,
for should the Montenegrins check
uga Pasha the Turks will be unable to
turn. A lull is expected for the next'
iv days.
Last evening a large force ot Russian
tvalry marched frouiGuergevo to Htoidzi,
a town on the Yalomnitze river,
th colors Hying and bands playing.
ie movement was unmolested by the
irkish batteries. The Turkish headlarters
has ordered all the war correaindents
to Shumlato obtain permission
remain at the seat ot war. At Rustuck
cannonading is kept up with great
irit. The Turkish guns are far supejr'to
the Russians in calibre and range.
The Bashi-Bazouks,taking advantage ot
e absence from Constantinople of much
the restraining power, have been comitting
all sorts of excesses on persons
>1 ?rn,,ar^ Tim ...l.n.L n >a
cupied by persona belonging to tllemerntile
clashes in Constantinople, who
ive villas in the surrounding neighbor>od,
and the disorderly conduct of these
mi-savage soldiers keep them in conint
alarm. Among those who recently
tiered from the excesses of the Baahiizouks
are an English army officer and
i American naval officer, who were
aten and maltreated by them. Thin
itrage on the part of the Baahi-Bazouks
not unlikely to lead to further complitions
with other governments.
no mediation.
Sr. Petersburg, Juno 18.?The rudm,
regarding mediation, are semificially
contradicted. -S'o mediation is
waible, nor haa any been proposed.
Bucharest, June 18.?Servia will not
i allowed to participate in the war, but
asaured that her claims will not be
rerlooked when the day of settlement
Constantinople, June 18.?The Arac
journals attack the government on
count of the bad biscuit furnished the
my at Trebizond.
The Turkish government demands of
lumber of Deputies a vote on the pro)sal
to issue an internal loan of five
illion Turkish pounds.
. t.?ma 11} c t
wuuc ib,?ruur iurmau ixuuad.1
passed this port to-day, steaming
iuth. Two Turkiah corvette* anchored
i Sucho bay, Crete, this morning.
unusual stir amono the troops.
Kustchuk, June 18.?From 7 o'clock
i the evening until midnight sundry
rge bodies of Russian troops were
arching from Gieurgevo to Slobossia,
iposite this place.
Constantinople, June 18.?It is said
tat two Russian frigates have appeared
fl' Cape Matapan.
Ilobart Pasha will leave for the Medteranean.
The editors and compositors of the
darnel and Mtuselvatt two Turkiah newsapers,
have been exiled and their publiition
england satisfied aoain.
Vienna, June 18.?A St. Petersburgh
itter reports that Count SchouvelotTa
eruai aMurnnces were consiuerea pertctly
satisfactory by the British governtent.
At the express desire of the finish
Cabinet he wm authorised to state in
riting that Russia would respect al?oitely
British interests touching the Snei
anal, Egypt and the Penian Gulf. Re<
orts from various Russian ambassador!
low that a favorable impression wai
roduced by the above declaration al
ther European courts. The letter fur^er
says that the warlike indications ir
rreece and Servia are considered verj
^convenient to Russia who would not or
ccount of Servia run the risk of an)
oolnefs with Austria.
the burials hill.
London, June 18.?In the House 01
/)rds to-night the Government was agair
efeatcd on the burials bill. The Earl o:
Iarrowby moved that where the friend!
f deceased persons object to the Chard
f England service they [may dispense
rith it, or substitute other service, evei
bough the deceased is buried in th<
hurch yard.
Tho Duke of Richmond, Lord Preai
cntof the Council, said he would mee
lie motion with a decided negative, as i
rould operate very unjustly on thi
IprfTV. The motion. howHVpr. wn< nnm
d by 127 to 111.
At the request of the Duke of Kich
aond the iurther consideration of thi
ill wu adjourned one week to alio*
iim to consult with his colleagues.
The Government will probably with
Iraw the bill. It ia to be noted that 11,
145 clergymen recently signed a protea
igainrt Lord Horrowby'a motion.
Co!t9TAJmxopitX, June 18.?The Turk
ah authorities in Bulgaria have aeize*
opie* of the proclamation issued by thi
Bulgarian Committee inciting the inhab
tantato rise in aid of the Russians.
The principal offense for which the ed
torn of the Jtlainil and Muuclvat wer
fxiled wai that they urged in their col
irnna the dismissal of Kedif 1'anha froa
he Ministry of War. Several other nr
eats have been ordered.
The Chamber of Deputies has voted ai
nternal loan of five million Turkisl
jounds, to be raited bycollectingrevenu
n advance. It has also voted a taxjof
per cent upon the salaried of (un
Vessels with Egyptian contingt
in sight of Varna.
A Bucharest crrespondent says, tl
elusion that the Roumanian am
not cross the Danube, is sornewh
mature, to say the least.
Prince Milan will leave Wednea
Rains have again delayed ope
on the Danube, in consequence o
efleets on the roads, although the r
felf has not been materially affect
A Berlin correspondent telegrap
the German press comment on
spired letter in the Vienna semiPolitical
Correspondence, insinuatii
Captain Wellesley, British amba
and suite, supply the Turks wit
tary intelligence from the Russian
There seems to be no doubt that tl
nans, fancying themselves betraj
remodeling their ordre de bataille
Danube. While the Turkish wa
insist on making the defence of tl
kaas the decisive stage of the war
Turkish headquarters hone to be
assume an energetic and offensive
ment in the event of the Kussiai
ceedingin crossing the Danube.
London, June 18.?A Constan
dispatch announces that the T
Chamber of Deputies has been dis
Vienna, June 18.?A corresn
sajs the Porte considers Prince A
visit to the Czar an insult to the 1
Prior to taking any resolution as r
Servia, the Porte has asked his g
?W (JMB (Ml WflUiVU Ull UiC BUUjWU
The Reform Clnb gave a dinn
evening in honor of Gen. Grant, i
the American guests were Consul G
Bade.ni and the U. S. Minister to ]
Mr. Pierrepont was unable to
Lord Derby, to whom' an invit&tu
sent in order to show that the gat
was not a party one, replies
pressing his deep regret that pr
engagement prevented him from
ing it. Karl Granville occupii
chair and Right Hon. W.E. Foret
vice-chairman. Among the person
ent were Richard Baxter, chairmar
general committee. Mr. Adan
Liberal Whig, Sir - Charles Dilke,
Baxter, Mr. Latham, Mr. llolmi
Mundella, and many other distil
edjnembera of Parliament. Ton
lor was the principal uon-pc
celebrity present, lour toasts
were drank; the Queen was propoi
the Chairman; the President and
of the United States were propo
cordial terms by Mr. Forster, wh
that in praising the American pec
felt that he was praising his own
tryinen. To this the United State*
inter to Russia responded, conc
with a sentiment, which was heari
sponded to "liberal men and
Earl Oranvillfi nrnnnawl ("Jen. (
health. He recalled the change*
the country had wrought in the re
of the two kindred countries.
Mr. Grant expressed intense p:
tion at the cordial meeting.
London, June 17.?No vessel
repairs are likelv to take any len
lime is to be docked at either the ]
fort or Kegham vards, which are
ept clear as possible for any etnei
a feasible thoject.
London, June 18.?The engineei
made geological explorations and
ing for the submarine tunnel b
France and England, report that tl
nel is perfectly practicable, as the
continuous bed of chalk between t
5 per ct. rentes.
The latest Paris special to-day
5 per cent rentes for account at
85. Buying for Paria account is
on with suspicion here, the imp
being that certain speculative cliq
the continent are forcing prices uj
what may.
London, June 18.?Charles Brai
and Mr?. Annie Besant aro on tr
publishing a pamphlet of immor
dency. Since the arrest of the
the pale of the work ha* increase*
700 annually to 100,000.
conflicting views.
Edimbubo, June 18.?The See
London correspondent writes tb
Earl of Derby and the Marquis of
bury hold very opposite views rej
the Russian occupation of Constant
Salisbury believes GorUchakoff ?
advise that the city be held for
time, and Derby would at once
Russia that she will only march t
the risk of meeting the British as
1 the Turkish troops.
The writer adds: I am inform
; whatever majr be the truth about
ported disunion, the Cabinet has
certain military precaution. A
army corps is ready for immedi
vice, and transports can be obtalnc
London, Juno 18.?a correapom
Constantinople in a dispatch a<
Athena saya: A peace party
ground daily. At a counct^of i
Wednesday laat, at which the Suit
aided, several of those present, ei
ly Mehmed Ruchdi Pasha, atrongl
cated peace. Ruchdi aaid it wi
quite clear that Turkey could no
for active aid from any
and could not carry or
war single handed. He urge<
advantage should be taken of 1
recent declaration that she do
deaire conquest, and that applica
at once made to aome friendly pi
obtain an armistice, during whict
may be arranged. He implored t
tan to take this step. The maji
the Council was, however, agains
' med Ruchdi and his nropositic
defeated. I am assured that th<
narty looks to the German amb
f for support and that he doea all
i power to suatain them. Theygai
f advantage by Ruchdi Pasha thus
I ly placing himaelf at their head,
i rnuat, however, be a disaster bof
? peace party can aucceed.
i A Vienna correspondent aaj
. p.:nMA \r;i.n'.
iiiuwiuiiauD istuiu tuuci^ing
schina will hold a secret nation
. aider the Convention to allow the
t ot the Rusiian troops through &e
t A special from Versailles ha*
j lowing: Jules Ferry in replyinj
. arguments of the Government *a
the President is bound to have a
of his own pointed out; that the
b tution provides for the trial of th
r dent if he commit high treason.
t Versailles, June 18.?a raili
cident thin morning has dela
. opening of the Chamber of Deput!
\ 8enate will discuss the question
e dissolution of the Chamber of I
- to-morrow.
french italian policy.
Versailles. June 18.?In the
B ber of Deputies to-day, Due D<
* Foreign Minister, in reply to Qa
a who had wished to reassure Ital;
gard to the intentions of the Govt
since France had fallen into at
n hands, said that the views of the
h Government were well known i
e and duly appreciated. He (De
5 had pointed out to the
ctiona* ambassadors in Italy the twofold
character of the 10th of Mar, expressing
int are the hone that time would dUsipatc any i
prejudices. He aaid that France intend* I
to pursue a'cordial and pacific policy. I
be con- ^ P?rti? wished for peace. The Poww.i".
era were quite unaware of any change in
at nr?. foreign policy of France, which would
* * remain pacific and steadfast. The Duke
igT * then spoke of the good relations between
7 France and other countries, and left the
rations lr^un? 8reat applause. "
f their
irer it- NPAIN.
ed. , ^
Madrid, June 18.?The prorince of
, . Alanod haa furnished iu contingent of
us mat conscripts, while the other basque prov- t
official* *nCM Pre'erre(^to PV exemption money. 1
ig that
naador, BANE HAIjL.
b mill- ? ,
camps. Boston, June 18.?Bostons 1); Chicagos
to Rub- 7.
ed, are Lowell, Juno 18.?Buckeye* 0; Lowon
the &
r oftice Byraccse, June 18.?Stars 0; Indian- 1
le fial* *polla5. \
. The Rochester, June 18.?Rochester*, 0;
able to Louisvilles, 1; in twelve innings.
moye- Milwaukee, Wis. J nne 18.?Memptiia
ii sue- 4, MilwauKees, 0. h
tinople * Fight With the InUiaiiM.
urktnh San Francisco, June 18.?A diopntch I
solved. 'rom. Walla Walla says the stage from
ondent Lewinton brought news from the Holdiers
lilau's Lapevai. They had a fight with the r
Sultan. Indians about i:i miles trom Cottonwood
egards ^re k. Younq Joseph and a squaw were *
overn- ? ? w,,u ",ro '* nyil'
Another Victim.
or last Mt. Cakmkl, III., June 18.?Kobert
Vmong Coulter, one of the wounded by tlio late i
ieneral tornado, died thin morning. It in now
Eluftnia. thought all the rout of the wounded will
attend, recover.
in wan
hering .Marine Intelligence.
1, ex- London, June 18.?Steamer City of
evious Chester from New York arrived. ' |
accept- New York, June 18.?Arrived Stnnm- ^
id the er Italy from Liverpool.
er was New York June 18.?Arrived, Steamis
pres- er Midland from Hamburg.
10f the
is, the Washington. D.C.,June 18.?Ex-Gov.
W. E. Noyes, the newly appointed Minister to 4
bs, Mr. France, will accompany the President on
iguiah- his trip to New England next week.
1 Tay- New York, June IS.?James Hrennnn
ilitical to-night attempted to assassinate Father
only j0hn Fitz Harris. Catholic priest. (While
ie" by leaving his residence to minister to a
people dyinjj man, Brennan attacked him with
?ed in a knife, cutting him severely. Brennan
0 said wm arrested. The cause of the atl'diris C
iple he understood to be a diaai/rfpinent nn mnn.
conn* ey tratwactiona. ? S
I Mill* __
tilr' - QnAH- * dwigut, C
}ra?t'i? la prepaml to make careful an<l complete analyni
which al Irou On*, Uiaaitonea, Mineral Waiera, etc. ||
I at ions Laboratory cor. 24th and Chaplino itrectt
?u22 WhoMlng, W. Va. f
Valuable Real and Pereonal Properly. ,
l Iho underalgntd .Aalgue?? in Hankruptry of
wuopb Thomas Sweeney, bankrupt, anil of An.ln-w J.
Rth Of 8wceney, bankrupt, will under and by virtue of
haven- order* of the Diitrict Court of the United hltaten
tn Ka for ,hc Strict of Weit Vlrelnla, prtx-wd to toll at
iu ue publlcauctlonatthefrontdooroftheCourtHou.se
rgency. of Ohio county, W??t Vlrjiula, on
SATURDAY, Juno 23, 1877,
ra whn Commcnclnz at 10 o'clock a. m.. the follflwlua do
acrib?d parcels of real estate, that la to say: '
Bound- K The propcrty known aa the "Old ?law itore,"
etween aituatH on the west aldo of Vain street, in tho city
lie tun- ?' Wheeling, and louth of the alley tuid way t*
tween 12th and 14th streets, and fronting on Main
re in a itreet 22 feet, and now under lease to Vance, Hughes N
lie two A Co. until April 1, 1878. the purchaser to pay the
taxes of 1877, and to take the rent accruing after
July 1.1677.
2. Ibo west one-bnlf of S. E. one-fourth of secuuoted
tl?0 H? Township 21, Range 12, containing eighty ..
,V i? acres, and aituatc in Door county, Wlsconain V
i ? i TnK*s or Salk?Oor-fourth In cash, and tho
looked raidue in equal Instalments in C, 12 acd 18 months
reunion frnm Jay of sale' wlth 'B^reit at tho rate of M:ren
p?r cent per annum, delerod Instalment* to l*? t
ue? on cur8ii either by deed of trust upon tho property or n
[), come by retaining the title until the nurchaao money la
paid, and in the caw of Improved property, l>r or- Ql
,, ? , algnment of sufficient Insurance on the buildings
Hough thereon. A. J. CLARKE, i,
ial for W. P. HUBBARD, U
,al (en- Assignees of Thos. Sweeney and o[ A. J. tiweency.
fartiea Al ,lie nme lluw an<l C'ac0 1,6 f?r 8
by the underalgned the following stock*: u
Irom Sixty-eight snares of Wheeling A Belmont Bridge ti
Company; 14 aharea of tho Exchange Bank of
Wheeling, and 2S shares of tho &Im-hanta' Nation- b
I Hint u? U'nt Vln>ln{>. nt Whaallno ?J
ifjflian'i J' CLARKE.
|at tne jfr4?MATh?J<23 Aialgneta of Thomas Hwecney. i
inople. uy ti^ue 0f an orjer 0f tjjo County Court of h
fill not Ohio county, West Virginia, eutered on the 11th
a lone April, 1877, 1 otter for aalo the real estate fl
:ni " below mentiancd. If not tooner sold at private K
here at 8ATURDAY, June 3Cth, 1*77, ]
well an 10 o'clock a> v., Bell on the prtmlaca part<>f the
fara of John TlwmburRh, fituated ou Uto waters J
ed that ?' Middle Wheeling Creek, in Trladel|>hia District,
,1 Ohio county, Vf. Va.
lue re- ^he part of Mid farm I offer for sale suppose to
taken contain from fifty to seventy acrea, the exact
large "mount to lie ascertained by survey alter sale, and
. ? will b? sold at so much p?r acre; and Is toundrd
aie ser- centre of the county road and boundary
(U. linoa of the farm, extending across said creek, being
all of aald farm lying south of said county road.
Terms ?f Sal*?One-third cnah and remainder c
lent at In two c,JQal instalments of nlue and eighteen
. . months alter day of aalo, evidenced by negotiable 8
ill via promlsaory notes secured by deed of trust on the
earned premises sold. Deod given on confirmation of sale
nar on oythoComt. W. J. W. COWDKN,
' Committee of John Thornbivgh.
&n P.re' No. 1222 Chaplino Bt. Jol-M-j*?U
yadro- LEA & PERRINS'
w now
i the 83 lottcr from n 1
lnV KJ 1LEMAN at MadiUMia's
TO BE THE VI nut tohls brother at i
e? not MA. WORCESTER, 1
1 "OMLY nOOD May* ISM.
?V.? ? ?c; ?Tfir l.KA A
ower to Qaiirpti PKHBIMB that I
i t>eace onuwc, wCTte their Sauce la high- i
ui c.,i . . . 5J21? 'J Mtceiuwl In lnbe
bul- AodipplltabUito g^?g Jl*, aud la In my ?
Dtlty of _JHWOTW opinion, tho moat
t Aleh- VAHICTY^grg: palauble aa well as
the moat wholesome <
rn WM OP DltoH. Sauce that la "
8 p?ace ^ES^made."
asaador <
ore me
1st. "Exoeltent Taete." ,
8kup" 2d. "Very Carefully Prepared."
lo conET
f to the
e I*re*i- ?pa-M new YORK.
Repairer of all kinds of Sewing Machine*, and
ray ac- Agent tor the Light Running
the Ne?dl? and Attachment!. ap25 1
n Rome
Frtnch J5 AJID 27 Fodithhth St.
liiEi vmk
Having scoured tlie services of
La Foreman and Manager, wo are now pre*
pared to do all kinds of
- -
Encaustic, and
Stipple Work.
Wc will furnish estimates and take con*
racts for Painting Public and Private
tuildings, Builders and Contractors arc
ovited to call on us.
We are also prepared to do what this city
as long felt the need of, vis,
Genuine Kalsomining,
ty means of which all cracks in waHs and
tilings arc entirely obliterated.
OllJl PRlPErt wil.r. np AQ ?r\ur ?o
1142 Main St rod,
fo23 HoRximooK'n BLOCK.
Our facilities by way of Mabinary,
and the large line of fine
itock on hand, enable us to do
lards, Circulars, &c., in the very
est style, and at unorecedentedly
dw prices. We shall be pleased
o show specimens and glva
25 and 27 Fourteenth St.
[0.7 Sixth St., near Suspension Bridge,
1. H. STAHLMAM, . - Proprietor.
This House has recently boon thoroughly renoit?l
and rcfltto*!, with nil the modern Improvolents
added, LadiM and Families will find the
iouie suited in every way to their wants. Private
a trance, Parlors, Ac.
It Is loeated In ono of thn most prominent streets
i the business centre of the city, and Is well venJated
The table Is supplied with tho beat the market
Bonis. Street cars nua the door every few mlntcs
tor all parts of the city, Allegheny, Maucheav,
and bouth*alde.
Tho proprietor baa served a long time In the
usineas, and knowa well the wanta of gncata. espeially
those of our farmers. Itates rery moderate,
Drnver* and Farmers should bear In mind that
lie Stabling attached to the Hou?<> Is vrrr Urge
nd of the best order. Accommodations for 5t0
??"N. B.?The Wheeling Ixtkluokncxr la recited
regularly at this House for the benefit of
ueata from that section. felC-M
CAPS, 4c., Ac.
Especial Bargains nrc oflercd where any
onsiderable quantity ^wanted. Please
end in your orders early.
C*I>1 the largest stock of IRON and HEAVY
HARDWARE In the State. His stock of
WoodWork, Springs, Axlei, Varnlihei,
Paints, &o?
not excelled lijr any establishment within a hunIred
miles of Wheeling.
Curiam and Wagon Manufacturer* will find it
o thilr Interest t> gin- hltn a call.
Alio on lunJ, LAND PLASTER of a superior
insalliy. myfl
h Ina Amtrlcan nnd Swla Watches, Jewelry, Diamond*,
Sterling fiUm and Silver Flated Ware,
Parlor, Office, Dining Room and Kitchen Clocks
In large variety and low prist*.
26 A 27 FouBTBorru Sr.

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