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flklWluMMi IWWImiwk
!',S IABLISHED AUGUST 24, 1852. WH ppr INP wpqt ? nm - -
Intelligencer lor the fin mine r.
ftriont Inning Iht eily fifty haieIntelligent
it'll lo their addreu by mail, pottuge prepaid,j
tucfi line at thry nay deeire, al the rale c/ fl/lt
ctnUper wk.
tte- The money to ;<ry f<* the tin* required mi
In all eai't arrowpany thrttilrr.
Capital Location Meetings,
Tfic luiifiw* in Fnvorol ( lurk
The people of Went Virginia will he n
tlrtwil nt the following timcH ami placi
imil l?y the following ipeakera, in favor
Olenville, (Siltner county, July 3?1?1
Jinn. Ik'iij. WiImou auil Hon. K. M.Turnt
Other announcement* will he uia<le fro
time to time.
Capital NoIcn.
We observe in a published upeech rnai
by "E. Windy WilHon" (ai ho in called
of Charleston, at Mooretield, Han
county, that ho conjure* up the horr
spectre of increased taxation, whereby '
ilftcr voters from MupportitiKCIarksbur
and cooly tell* the people that, oh a inn
ter of economy, they ought to vote fi
Charleston. At Charleston, according i
Windy, there in a house already prepa
ed. to be had for the mere occunanrv of i
while if the Capital is located at Clark
burg the State will be put to great e
peine. This in a pretty cheeky argtiuie:
to come from 11 man who spent half tl
term of the last Legislature iu schem
for getting the Capital away fro
Wheeling, where the very beat of accoi
modatioun for the State government lu
been provided free of charge for all tit]
to come. The argument is all the mo
refreshing from the circumstance th
the State paid $30,000 for the une of tl
building occupied an a Capitol at Charle
The Charleston Courier, the paper th
congratulated it* people in Februai
1575, on a happy riddunce when the Ca
ital was removed to Wheeling, now pu
ltshea the IUgister's dispatch (in editori
type) to Hhow how said editor used t
G oil'at Morgantown, and how effective
l.u l/? ... .
"" * |'VW,..W I., ,l/?? W J
locate tho Capital nuisance among h
canst itucnts.
A letter from a prominent citizen
Clarksburg refers to the earnest work
progress by the leading men of that pla
ami Harrison county on behalf of Clark
burg. The writer very pertinently sa
in his letter that while Clarksburg e
pect* to do and is doing her part, yet c(
tainly her cause is the cause of a uiajori
of the i>eoplo of the State, and they sliou
feel that their interests in this matt
are not dillerent in any material respt
from those of Harrison county. Clarl
burg is simply one of very many coram
nities that have a deep interest in locn
ing the Capital atja point accessible to t
bulk of the West Virginia tax-payi
population. It therefore becomes eve
Capital carried into captivity again
Charleston, to take a personal interest
the result of the election on the 7th
August. ^
A Ctmiiee lor Mr. Albert Well*
Mr. Albert Wells, of the Kiversi
Greenback club, has written to the I
telliohkc'EU and to the,Cincinnati Coi
tncrcial, and we know not to how uia
other paper*, to know why they do r
give the peoplo the facts in regard to l
finances of the country. We suggest th
he has a great opportunity to enlight
his fellow inenandat the satno time d<
good turn for himself. A very bene*
lent lady in the Kist, Mrs. Kliz-ibe
Thompson, i? sincerely desirous of seei
the great labor problem now upon usi
teiiigeniiv amisittislaclorily solved, J
Wella is one of thoso who look up
more greenbacks as the principal fact
in such u solution. Mrs. Thorn
son ami the whole world are rea
ami willing to hear what he
anybody else can say on this subject, pi
vtiled only they "put it in one volutn
or, in other words, put what they have
say in words that mean something, a
that will not siring out too everlasting
This good lady estimates that there t
now three million unemployed men
this country, and to ameliorate their ct
dition she proposes to huve the auhj
brought up for public discussion, fc
therefore oilers three premiums of $11
$75 and $30, in gold coin, for the b
newspaper articles relating to I
labor question, each article to be ab<
two thousand words in length, and
sent to the ollice of the Library Table, N
York, before the 1st of October. T
merits of the productions will be deck
by a committee appointed at the Soc
Science Association in July. Here is
opportunity for men who have been p
claiming themselves the friends uf
laboring tn:in to show what they kn
about his true interests. The ofler
made in good faith, and will undoubtei
call forth considerable discussion on
[ cubject.
IliiglunU Not to Intcrlcro lor I
Our foreign news thU morning in
cates that the war feeling is not ramp
in the Hritish Cabinet. On the contra
the nnti-interferonco element is npj
most. This in the situation in the Cabi
despite the recent scarecrow article?
the London press. England is naturj
concerned by the easy succees of the I?
sians in crossing the Danube, but t
success aflords no casus belli. She is boi
to hold Rtill and let tho war h
Home logical termination. If she is
intluential enough with Turkey to
duce her to offer terras at this criti
period of her fortunes she ought no
| expect Russia to stop on the aouth bi
of the Danube to know what her pleas
may bo. The prospects are there!
that the war will ro on without interl
ence until theTurka fall hack from
Balkan mountain* toward* Constant!;
pie, juntas thejr now seem to be fall
away from the Danube.
While tho supposed purpose of I
Turkish commander to abandon theD;
ube and retreat to the mountains la up
, this lime only inferred, there are many [
strong reasons for believing that thin is '
__ what he will do or in already doing. Heii
already at a frightful disadvantage. Outw
numbered by at leant two to one, his
for troops poorly supplied, his subsistence
m and transportation utterly inadequate,
^ discouragement and revolution rampant
at Constantinople, the treasury bankrupt
and his cause without a real friend in Eu?
, rope, the outlook must bo to Abdul Her* Fu
im full of discouragement and gloom.
" lie began under the disadvantage of hav- Qr
j ing to spread his army along three hun*
f>* dred miles of river front, making a line
0j so weak that it could be pierced any*
where, and the southern shore is occupied A
ly by an invincible army before he could
r. collect forco enough to oppose it. That
?> the Turks will tight well individually, if mthe
opportunity comes, is more than
probable; but tho war has now reached a
. point at which no individual bravery
" can prevail aguinst superior numbers
^ discipline, equipment and resources. I
Civil Service Iteloriu. C
When the National Kepublic:in Con- ron
*>' vention met at Cincinnati and declared
to tliu world that Civil Service Reform pro
>r was a ureal miblic necessity. all the noli- Hilt
l<> tician* said (on the stump) that it was a ^n|
r* glorious plank in the platform; and when ^
l* tho President c:toie out in hi* memorable abo
fl" letter ol acceptance and formulated the the
*' declaration of the convention in faror-of j'
111 reform into M>mething practical in the
way of a promise, the same politician* wei
lJ still paid (on the stomp) that he had hit "Id
Ul the nail on the head. Ofcourse they hid ?ea
^ no idea, and, least ol all, no de*ire, thit j,je
he would ever carry out his letter and bio
make good hi* assurance* to the country. ?n<l
rt Political promises follow the rule, in the ^
^ estimation of policians, of lover's prom- PCj,
ises; they are made to be broken. And wa?
because the President i* not a politician, C.
but an honest man, and because he look
the party at its word, and has undertaken ^
-' to redeem it* pledge* to the world, he in a I
stirring up the soreheada all over the fen
^ land, and they are showing *ign* of Uia^
affection. For instance, there are rumors j
jp as to what the Cameron* will do this fall ,,lrl
J in Pennsylvania, and it i* even intimated cen
thai 1'ennsyivama ami unio win go Dem- "k
ocratic in October by reason of the coolness
of certain soreheads. To this threat ()j ^
the President dimply responds: "All jug
right, let them go Democratic. That of j
your business, not mine." This in the fwc
'* substance of hi<< reply an given in a dis"
patch to yesterday's Cincinnati CSazette. cou
Wo quote the whole dispatch, as follows : bio
r Washington, July 1.?The President c!"
l.v returned last night. Tho?e who have fie'
M heard him express himself since the man- 1101
er ifestation in certain quarters of opposi- ?or
lion tu hU civil servico order say thai he :eri
is undisturbed by the results of theina* ^ *
chine politicians. The President is conn
ncious that he has only desired todo ?W1
,t- right, and has only done right. Ileiioes
j , not seek a second term, lie has no friends ",.r
to reward or enemies to punish, anil in- .!
"5 tends to administer good government by "J1'
ry appointing honest, efficient, and capable ' l.r
he men only to olGce. The threats of ec'?
Ht hosstility'on the part of the Camerons or ?m
of any of the old political warhorses do J",
,M not disturb him. lie will make the best !a.j
of choice for candidates for ollice that be . '
cm. If ihe Senate decline* to contirm ^
them,he, without being disturbed, will '
ol select other candidates. He in not to be 'iai
driven from hi* position by the abuse of
jtf the very claw of people whom he expect* ?'1
s> that liis course will displease, llis P?
Southern policy is a fact, and he feels ll)S
n~ that if his civil service policy is not acny
ceptable to the machine politicians, it ]
tot will be supported by the masses of the tor
voting people, and will at all events do of i
e something to preserve free institutions. Tw
,at Disappointed leaders may threaten to in
en throw away this State or that Slate. If trc
, a they succeed in doing this they may injure
themselves, hut can not hurt tlie .
President. This is the outline of the 1
view which the President, according to
ng his friends, takes of the present situation.
in- The President's "Southern policy," as
Ir. it is called, is made the convenint cloak coi
on unuer wmcn many politicians oisguise ?v
lor their purely personal ami .'elfish di*app
pointments. He has no Southern policy,
dy a* such, save not to interfere in the af- Jj"
or fairs of the Southern States a* long as he
ro- *h not culled to preserve the pcace be- an
e," tween contending factions. He means to 0'to
honestly carry out his letter of July 23th, Hl?
?d 1876, in thin, as in his civil service rely.
form. Anil in this honest effort on his
ire part he will have the support of the
in masses in O'.iio and Pennsylvania this Co
>n- fall, ami in every other Northern State, oil
ect Whatever may betiilc tho Republican ('l:
ihe party it will not he the weaker, but the
DO, stronger in the long run, on account of j,y
est the policy of the-President. lh<
the ?
)Ut IVnsiou Agency Notice.
In, WuEELiso,W.VA.,30th June, 1877. f0
Edltcrj latelligcuccr.
ew Pleaie permit me to call tho attention
of your West Virginia exchanges to the (j0
led notice by the Commissioner of Pensions, aj|
ial in your issue of to-day, and to request m.
that they reproduce it for the information yj
ui niimi 01 ineir rcnucru ui uia/ uc imcr- n
ro" eited in the matter. tj,;
the Very Respectfully,your obd'tserv't. ce:
ow T. M. Harris, I*. A. t*u
'h The notice to which General Harris re- wi
]|y fern in the above, is a dispatch in our lcl
the *98UO Saturday stating that hereafter
nil pensioners in West Virginia will bo
^ paid by the agent at Ivnoxville, Tenn., t0
,v whose name is I'. T. Boynton. I 1
? to
IU1* Explosion on the Strainer !CeU< to
int Pr
.ry, Chicago July 2.?The news received ' }
,er. from Dallas, Illinois, state* that on Satur- v'<
doy afternoon the Redwing from St. Louis
"el burst her steam pipe. The following hii
1 of were the victims: \\. Morgan, 2d cook, taJ
illy of Rhode Island, who died Sunday at hii
U9". Montrose; J. Myers, Portsmouth, Ohio, lcl
i a. passenger, died Sundav; Ed. Weaney, ?'
; steward, missing probably drowned; M.
ind R. Tracy, of Mt. Ida, Iowa, badly scalded; 70
ave John Pearce, St. Louis, 1st cook, scalded
not in the face; P. Oole, St. Louis,slightly in.
jured; John E. Darrow, scalded danger*
i to Ulorkuilc <>l I In* tlicMUiK'ttke -;1'
, A Ohio C'aunl. l rc
lnk RlT.TISlORK. July 2.?'Thu hlnrWrl* nf *01
l,ro boat* on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal ??
ore had assumed such proportions that on ln
fcr. Saturday the Sheriff of Washiugton conn- B!"1
the l-v' Maryland, accompanied by the State* P"
Attorney, went to Hancock and broke it cf
no* up. The blockading squadron consisted d"
ing of80 or 40 boats moored abreast to Pre- tt(
Tent other boat# passing, delaying about
.. 200 boats. The blockade was caused by
strikers to prevent boats workiug for le.-w
w* thau $1 per ton for carrying coal from I
to Cumberland to tide water. L<
rther Particulars of tho Star
eat Damage and Loss of Life
in Indiana.
T D - ni in a 1
i ernnc aiurm ai ramrsDur
West Virginia.
uses and Barns Blown Dow
Fhe Baltimore Gollectorship.
rurflicr ltcporl* From tlic
Cincinnati, July 2.?Ah the advit
le in from remote jiointM it in evidc
tthuHtorm of wind and ruin Haturd
i even more destructive to life a
nerty than any jireviouM one. I
h cuemed to have been through t
nties of Indiana and Ohio lying rou
he centre of the Statec.
it Waverlv, Johnson county, Indiai
ut 1) o'clock at night, the Rtorm atru
residence of George Dressier, blowi
own. Dmsler was found with hin f?
rated ami che-t injnri'il. His w
I two children, live uinl three year* o
e killed; another child, twelve yen
, died yesterday; another child, ni
ra old, who received a severe sen
und, is not exacted to live. The r
nee of Janie* Armstrong, near by, w
wn down, killing one child instant
I injuring another so that it has *ii:
>1. Near St. Paul, 1ml., a iiiitul>er
ns and dwellings, also a church a
ool hoUKe, were destroyed. M. Mehli
i killed. Mrs. Kicker fatally injur
Jnppenlitz injured internally, a
in Lewis hail hid collar bone brok<
t new church was utterly torn
ces. The farmer* lose very heavi
large number of cattle l>eing killi
ces leveled and barns destroyed,
i vicinity of Columbus, Intl., the lo
estimate of damages is $."iO,UOO.
NDtANAPOMH, July 2.?Another ?
active wind Htorm passed over t
tral part of tho State .Saturday eve
, near Franklin. The house of ^
jnner was demolished, killing the i
?lamily o! live persons, and the hot
2eo. Freasler wan torn to piece*, ki
a family of six persons. The hoi;
i Mr. Armstrong wan torn down a
> children killed and others badly i
ed; cattle, crop?, barns, forests and (
rds Huflered severely. In Morg
nty several houses are report
*n down and many injured. T
Idren since dead. A "house was cr
J fifty yards down a hill, and a schc
ice was carried across the road intc
nticld and the school furniture hc:
nl for half a mile. One house w
pattered with mud supposed
re come from a stream half a m
ay, as no rain accompanied thestor
rn waist high was literally torn
ed* and plowed ground carried aw:
e storm was from a quarter to half
le in width. Michael Mehrlick aw
a. Kicker were killed and others inji
with as great damage to hou.J
1 crops a* in the other counti
Wayne county two persons who h
en refuge in a bridge were killed hi
ling tree crashing through across tli
In eastern bound train on the Pi
hwcrun iiuu a lornnuu near iviugu
>11. A treo fell across the forward e
lie postal car crushing it, but doi
other damage, as the train was nu
slowly at the time.
in new hampshire.
\eene, July 2.?Sunday afternooi
nado passed through the southern p
Qilsum and spent itself in Sulliv;
enty barns and nheda were blown do
Gilsunii and a largo number of fr
en and timber were prostrated.
I'ARKERSUURO, I*A., July 2.?Til
h a terrible storm here yesterd
ioh unroofed houses and hlew do
rns, fences and trees. The full ext
the damage in not known yet. 1
irse of the storm wan southeast, acr
:ountry thickly populated.
Mari.horo, N. Y. July 2.?Thia pi
is yesterday afternoon visited by a I
>le storm. Fences, barns and c
ildiugs were blown down, and eh<
d cattle killed. The house of
Brien was destroyed. Part of M
eet. with a costly wall, was unii
ned. Much damage was dono to frt
A Jluit Who Holds On.
Baltimore, July 2.?Colonel Wilki
Hector of this Port, ban received
icial notico of his suspension, althoi
jpatchca from Washington May the
rs for his successor were signed by
eaident; but the following wasrecci
the Collector from the Secretary
i* Treasury.
Treasury Department,
Washington, D. C\, July l
i Col. Klward Wilkins, Collector, Hi
Dear Sir? T am directed by the Pr
nt to-day, that under all circumatau
ler the fullest consideration of
liter of the Collector of Customs
iltiraore.ho has made up his mind t
in bis duty to restore Jno. L.Thoma
at place. 1 kuow be doe* this with i
re respect for your character and pi
m. 1 have, therefore, to a*k that )
II Home time before the first of J
ider your resignation.
Very Respectfully,
John Suerma>
To this Col. Wilkina replied, declin
resign. In liia reply he says: "Si
lave held the office i have "endcavo
discharge its duties faithfully i
the be.it of my ability, and
eaident in his inaugural addr
calling attention to Civil i
:e Keform, aava that a public otli
ould lie secure in his tenure as Ion;
4 personal character remained i
rnished and the performances
? duties satisfactory. Your 1
gives me the cratihyiug assura
the President's sincere reaped for
aracter, and I appeal to the record:
ur department for evidence of my i
actory performance oi official dut
Ncuttled to Nave ller.
iiIn UUI.KAN S, JUiy S.?ine BUip VI
orton,Captain Davis, hence June'J
im Shreveport, with 4,400 bales of?
i and 1,200 stave*, took fire to-dai
Uthweot Pans. Scuttled and sett
JO feet of water abreast of the t
iph station. The upper deck is cc
ttely destroyed. Two-thirds of
rgo'will be naved in a damaged c
lion. Value of vewel and cargo ab
jnarter of a million.
St. Louts, July 2.?Chicago, 5;
mis. 2.
Appropriation Avnllublc.
Washington, July 2.?The appropriation
for the support of the Navy during |
the year ending June, 1878, became avail^2
R]'le yesterday, and the ollicern of the
Navy, all of whom have not received pay
during the pant three months, will hereafter
be paid as usual, but they cannot receive
the back pay due them for April,
May and June until Congress shall make
an appropriation for that purpose. Work
was resumed at nearly all the navy-vards
ttya morning, and quite a number of
Id workmen were employed.
Orders have been given to prepare for ,
sea the Alaska, at New York; the Wach- *
n usett, at Boston; the Canada, Igna and
(Salens, at Norfolk; the Nipsic, at Washington;
the Quinneth, at Philadelphia,
and the Ueniuia and Iroquois, at Mare [
Inland, Calafornia.
n. Judge Lemuel D.Evans, ex-member
of Congress, died here yesterday.
The State Department is in receipt of
a letter from United States Minister
Hinghani, announcing the death of His v
Excellency Kido Kokon, private Conn- e
,CB sellor to tlie Emperor of Japan. Mr. j1
Kokon was one of the chief Commission*
,lv ers to the United States in 1872 in rela- J!
,,'d lion to the revision of the treaties of
\[A Japan with foreign nations.
|lb (Jovernment oflicers for public works tl
will make contracts for 12 hours for a v
uays wont, nnu persons wnowonc o will ti
c* be paid for that only. S
ife The Postmaster General has prescribed .
j?l( llie following iiH the maximum rates to \
ir? be charged for Government telegraphing a
ne during the fiscal year commenced jester- Hl
|p day; One cent per word for each dis- w
t.iH. tance of 500 miles, address and signature
>nM to be counted, and all messages of lew
,]y than 25 words to be rated as if containing t\
,ce that number, not more than five cents per ?:
,,f word lo be paid by the Government; how- m
n.i ever, if the distance exceeds 2,000 miles,in 0
i?h case the entire distance is traversed by the tJ
El|, wires of the same company, and if it is
mi provided that the rate be ho reduced that h
_.n> messages of ten words may be seut for e
to private parties at a less rate than the
|V) above prescribed for a twenty-five
rJ|( word message, then this order shall be
l? changed accordingly. The intention of
w. the proviso l>eing that in no case shall the
government pav more for a twenty-live
j0 word message, including the address and Cl
signature, than the public is required J1
10 l,a>* 'or u ten word message,
lr exclusive of such address and signature. ?
tji' The rates to be paid by the Government ^
jl_ fixed at renin i?or word, for ouch circuit ?
1-p of 500 mi lea. Thia order will diminish .
n"(j the Government cost of telegraphing by 1
increasing the unit of distancea from '250
)r> milea to MO miles. "
t.,j The Hole object of Gen. Matta in coinno
ing here ia to be recognized an Envoy I>
ir. Extraordinary and Miniater lMenipoten>ol
tiary of the Mexican Government, and
, a for thia pnrpo?e he desire* an interview ,
!t. with Secretary Evarta aa noon a* that
1W gentleman returns to Washington. Should
to he l>e recognized in that capacity he ban
jla full power to treat on the subject of the c'
nu Tiio Grande troubles. 81
to General Matta, in the courae of tho ?
ny, conversation, alluded to the strong desire !'
"tt of his government to provide peace for J'
1 a the frontier, nnd in thia conncction exir.
hibited an important Executive order on *
ie!, the 18th ult.,"in which President I>i:?z u
e!4, order* the movement of a division as he v
iltj might deem bent for the protection of the
j n Mexican frontier, ami to pursue evil
e|r doers that may commit any roblicries on
Mexican territory, and who may escape
in. to the United States, as well as it>o>e who (J
ta- who commit robberies in the neighboring q
mj country and shall come to Mexico fleeing
,,g from justice. Mexico, the President j
,v. nays, Iias negotiated with the United ^
States an extradition treaty, which was
published May 20,18G2. This treaty is
in full force. Subject your conduct to
1 ft the same. Whenever criminals, caparl
tured by your forces, shall be claimed
lin< by the militaryor civil authorities of the
w.n neighboring Republic and those that may
u,t have^ committed any offense, stipulated
in said treaty, whenever in order to effect ?
tlio prosecution referred to, it may be 11
ere necessary to act in accordance with the e
av military or civil powers of the United f
wa States, you will invite the same
eni ho that they will co-operate with you ("
f|je toward success, and when you receive a 1
0t>H like invitation from said authorities you t
will at once endeavor to accede to it, Y
doing everything in your power in order e
to capture the criminals. This agree- i
ace ment between the commanders of both
countries shall not authorise the passing ?
inl" of foreign troops intoour territory, which t
cannot be granted by the President of
f this Republic because it is-contrary to
ain our constitution. The constitution ^ re'e.r*
serves it to the Congress of tho Union, fi
ut* and in obedience to that law you will by %
no means consent to troops of the U.S. ^
entering our Territory, "and out of re- v
jng spect to that Republic you will likewise :
no' prevent Mexican troops from trespassing ].
! }t on foreign territory, and at the shortest 3
k notice you will communicate to (Jen. Ord, 1
Jj>p" of the United States force* on the front"ier,
these instructions, acquainting him t
0{ nt the same time with the dispo.ri* e
lions you mny dictate in order ']
to render them effective. You will nlso \
t \ endeavor to accord with said commander c
' with regard to operations to be under- h
ilti- taken with him for the capture of evil- ]
doer* and their punishment, giving him i
Cj?i. to understand that the decrees of the i
ices President upon this point have t
ihe 110 other restrictions but those ]
at imposed on him by the International i
hat biw, and the treaties now in force between '
* to tbe two countries, and the dignity of tho '
?n. Uepublic. In consequence of those re- {
o8i. atrictions you will inform said command- t
rou er tbat the Government of Mexico cannot t
uly allow foreign troops to enter thin coun- !
try without the consent of Congress, and
such acts of jurisdiction as those exj,
pressed in the order of the U. S. War Doing
ParJmcnt you will rej>el by force, should ,
ncc an invasion take place."
red ^'en* Ba.v* that Mexico is as '
and PeRCC'ul M could be expected after the ]
tjie recent disturbance, and he denies that ,
CPll his mission hero is to negotiate the sale _
,er' North States of Mexico <
cer for one hundred milliou dollars, ,
M less the amount of our claim* against
[ln_ Mexico growing out of border raids. He |
0[ says that the Government in Mexico
el_ which would propose to alienate any ,
nce portion of the territory could not stand a (
mv single day. ,
s [The above order is from President
an,_ Diax to tho Comuiander-in-Chitf of the
Ilc^ Mexican army.]
Two Men Cnrrld Over .Milium
Niagara Falls, July 2.?Threo men ,
named Floy. Bellinger anil Pierce were |
J?l* boating on the Niagara river about the (
r Rj Falls last evening, when the boat got
in the rapid*, Bellinger and Pierce jump- |
B,e* ed out and tried to swim to the shore, but
"J1* were carried over the Falls. Floy remained
in the boat and was rescued*, <
on* ,
0,11 Insurance -Suspension.
Albany, July 2.?The Royal Canadian :
Insurance Company has been suspended \
by Superintendent Smith from doing!
Iuuflinnu m ino oiaie 01 i>ew lorK, on
account of tho impairment of capital 1
chuacU by the St. Johns fire. 11
MoMahon's Taotios ? Fro# DIi- *
cunion, Fret Speech indFreo [}
Newspapers Beoomlng
Myth. 0h;
Liberties of the People Fading j?
Out Under the Rule of [?
the Bonapartists. >?
)ur Ex-President in the House (j
of Lords. 'w
:rench Elections to Take Place *'
in September. th
_ "
n.iu .1U1M. h
London, July 2.?Koumania seeks to
rrest from Turkey absolute independncc
anil the dismantling of Turkish fort* 0?
long the Danube, thereby placing both W(
anks on an equal footing and insuring
ee passage and pcr|>etual nationalira- *r|
on of the river. She will also claim
idemnity for the depredation* of the
'urkirth array.
It is understood the wise counsels of ,,
in Marquis of Salisbury, Karl Cairna* *
an, Mr. Cross and others have at last ar
-iumphed over the party of action. The
ultan now has little chance of material er
id from England.
New Yohk, July 2.?An indirect cable
ispatch says that the Roumanian forces
re preparing to cross the Danube. A
[earner tilled with Roumanian soldiers
as sunk Saturday by Turkish monitors. ^
satisfied with tiie army.
President MacMahon, in his order to M
le troops at the annual review yesterday, p|,
lid: "I am satisfied with your tearing, by
nd I expect you to help rue to preserve
rder." Hft WX* clmnriiil liw
le Boldiern.
UuciiABttT, July 2.?It is rumored ^
ere (lint a ltueaian living column has
ntered Tiernava.
Mc.llnhou'.s Tactic*.
I'Aitis.July 2.-Tho Municipality Coun- c
il ofAmiens 1ihh been dissolved because it
articipated in the reception to Uambet- :
i. It is expected that the Council of J?
larHeilles will nliaro the name fate,
'resident McMahon'rf order of the day to n"
le troops which waa promulgated inLong ,
hauips yesterday, concluded an follows:
1 am sure you will aid me to maintain
ie respect for the Government in the on
llfillment of a minion entru9ted ,to 301
ie, which I will discharge to the end.* ^
I'Aiu.s, July II.?The elections will take m
lace in .September. kr
HXtiLAKI). ?
t'licrul C-rnnt Stands nt Hie Fool ^
?I the Throne.
London, July 2.?General Grant visitil
the House of Lords this evening and
tood at the foot of the Throne. The Karl
f Carnovan immediately upon perceiv- .
ng the General quitted the Treasury
ench and had a chat with him. Genera!
I rant subsequently proceeded to the g|j
louse of Common* and remained .1 few ki
lomenis in the gallery for distinguished to
is i tors.
Xo Horses from (icriuauy.
Merlin, July 2.?The Russian governlent
baring ordered the purchase of SO,- y?
00 horses. Germany will issue a decree Co
inhibiting the export of horses from
Unt Empire. It is Raid this measure To
vill l>c solely on the ground of internal To
conomy,and not for political reasons.
Fraud or Perjury. sp
New York, July 2.?The Receiver of 1
lie American Popular Life Insurance Co.
tatea that the books aro full of irreguirities.
They show that the officers have
ither been guilty of fraud or perjury. d(
John Stone Pueler, formerly a New pr
Means sugar merchant, a member of the l?
jouiaiana Legislature and a Colonel in
he Confederate army, who loaned two i
lundred thousand dollar# to the Confed- Bi
rate Government nnd was beggared by
he result of the war, died in a wretched <
louse in Grand street, Brooklyn, and was
aved from burial at public expense by 1
he charity of his fellow tenants,
Oakley Bark ley, aged 22years, a grand- U
on of the late Commodore VanderbilJ, a5
ras arrested on the charge of stealing a
;old watch and chain from a young man ~J
vhom he knew. It is said ho spent yeaerday
in the tombs. lie has just come 10
nto possession of an annual iucomo of ji
;10,000. ai
The Tribune, like the Times, pay a at- c0
ention to the Harvard crew, who in?ultd
the reporter* at the University races. 0l
flie Iribunc saya: "These younR inen n
rould do well to call to mind the element
>f 4that culture which their parents ^
lent them to college to acquire, u
itancroft and his (Harvard) crew stand
n the position of insulting a largo and
nduatrioua clasa of men much more uneul
than themselves, by placing on the vt
Harvard boat house at Springfield the
egend, carefully printed on a sign board,
Keportera and loafers not wanted here.' ?
rhey so conducted themselves toward the j"
springtield committee, who did their beat J"
o entertain them, that ono choleric gen- j*
leman of the committee felt that they jj
lad good cause to call them 4hogs.'" fr
Indian Powwow.
San Fkancisco, July 2.?A press dis- m
patch from Portland says: A grand d<
powwow has just beeu held at Walla .rs
walla. Many citizens and a number of
Indiana from the Umatillaa lleaervation
ittended, under escort of >faj. Concour. fr
\mong them were Ilamily, Chief, of &
Walla Wallas; Howlish Wampo, of Coa- fr
juez; Jerez, of Nezpres; Wenumaoot, of !?1
Umatillaa, and others. The meeting was V
largely attended, the Mayor presiding. I*
The above uamed chiefs made niM?echen '<
professing their desire for peacesul rela;ion*.
Numberlen? able chicf* spoke to H1
he name effect. 1,1
IVruthcr liniumioin. qc
War Dzpabtmxnt, ) Hi
Orricc or in* Cainr dtuiui. UrricKn, }
Wasu:?utom, d. C., July 3-1 t. m. j
rBonABiLmn. '
l or Tenneiiee and the Ohio valley sta- w
;ionary or lower pressure, stationary or Qi
ligher temperature, southerly winds, ?
:loudy weather and occasional showers. $
Four IVr rent Houtl* lor line* A;
land. Jt
Xr.w Yobr, July 2.?A dispatch from Ui
Washington nays that Secretary Sherraau j?'
las received an order from London for k,
514,000,000 o( Four per cent bonds. H.
rhere will be a call foiled for bond* toon U'
\v the Treasury Department. P(
?The Citizen* of Liverpool. England, Ui
lave contributed $14,000 for the St. Johns ft
atTererfl. N(
Unit the Cuban Patriot* Ha
New York, July 2.?Col. Dequaral
(cently of the Cuban array, and a we:
sr of the now War Commission, nt
presenting the Cuban cause here, sa
lat at no time aince the tint bit
r liberty waa struck, nine years aj
live we been bo near the realization
jr hopes. It is a matter of regret to
iat America should be so indifferent
ir fate, and more especially the colon
ipulation. as we are not only iightii
r liberty |and independence, but al
r tho abolition of slavery. We ne
ms and ammunition. We do not ai
r fillibusters.We have enough Cubans
e island, and in exile,more than we net
plant the Cuban flag even in Havao
wo had arms. For three long yeu
q have not received a single charge i
uniunition from outsiders. Wo Jig!
id take it from the Spanish. We mal
good dual of powder on tha Island, at
en refill tho cartridges picked up. Tli
slow, yet our little army of 18,000 iu<
e well clothed, and the past year v
ive coned with some succena. The eflor
myself and two colleagues now in th
untry are only to onen the eves of tl
nerican people to the struggle at the
w door lu one 01 mc lineal island* ol tl
irld, and to enlist not only their nyt
thy, but the active support of their go
tuuent in grantingus belligerent right
Marino \t'us.
New York, July 2.?Bark Siren hent
irch 3d, with batch of emigrants hi
rived at Sidney, New South Waled,
New Yohk, July 2.?Arrived?Steaii
Kngland, from Liverpool.
?Hundreds of persons called upon tl
esident to-day. Those seekiug otlic
re advised to tile their papers with tli
oper department.
?'The Commission of Jno. L.TIiomi
Collector of the Port of Baltimore,
aeo of Wilkins suspended, was sigm
the President to day.
?The Provincial Government of Ca
a bus appointed Judee Comsat Cor
isaioner to inquire into the cauaeof tl
e which destroyed the Catholic Churt
?The National Public Printer to df
t a large number of Compositor* t
>rk. Notwithstanding thefactishowe
hundreds of compositors aro out ot ec
?Deputy Marshal Franks of Nort
irolina, charged with defrauding tl
>vernwent by false vouchers, was he I
bail in the sum of 50,000 dollars f(
< apjtearance in Nashville, that State, I
iawer the charge.
?Assistant Secretary McCormick tot
argo of the National Treasury Depar
ent to-day, Secretary Shermau loavii
his tour of inspection of the life ravir
rvice on the North Atlantic Coast.
?f!nl. -T. O. Martin Hacralurv nf ll
agonic Mutual Benefit Apaociation, i
dianapolia, attempted filicide th
orning bv Blabbing himself with
life. lie id mill living, but will not n
1'nbllc Debt .Statement.
Washington, July 2.?The followir
the public debt statement for the room
: per cent homls 621,8
roper coat tonda 70.1,266,6
ur-?nd-a-h*lf per cent Iwnds. Mu.COO.C
Total coin bonds 91,097,888,t
w(ul money debt 9l,4O0,ti
itured Debt 1C.M8.8
i km niuniNfi mo intkrist.
gal-tenders |:".U,82H 2
rtl Urates of deposit .. 64 'JC0,(i
actional curreucy 2,04?.:i
In certificates 41,IA2,ti
Total without intercut 847(5,Tr.t.i
tnl dolit .. g-Jtt.KtO,?
tal interest 40,882,"
In 9115,1*2,4
rrency 7,'JSO,?
rrwey held for the redemption of
motional currency 7,96.",2
ecial deposits held for redemption
<f ccrtiticates of deposit 6I,%0,(
Total in Treasury 918?,0*25,1
iht leas caah in treasury 92,060,153,J
cioako of debt during-j una..* 3,28.*,1
crvaao ilnco Judo 8o, 1870 ..... ai,7si,l
incipal outstanding ici,?!2t,{
tereat act-rued and not yet paid l
terest paid by the United btatei 931,018,'.
tereit repaid by transportation of
ualls, Ac .. 8,514,4
luncfl of interest paid by tho United
Statea 2.1,504,1
duction of Ibterest charge on public
lobt since July lit, 1870 l/Ji'J.ti
which Is the result of funding ope atlons.
New York Money an a StockN.
Nkw York, July- 2.?Money?Easy
<Ja2 per ocnt. Prime, mercantile pap pi
percent. Custom receipts, $292,000. Tl
isistant Treasurer disbursed $678,Ot
earing*, $14,000,000. Sterling steady; i
al business, long 4.87J<? ?hort 4.S9J4.
Gold?Opened nt \0b\i, advanced
S W ot.,1 /tlnun.l 1AS.1/ n...
?a2 nor cent. Borrowing rates were;
ul 2 'A per cent and llut.
Silver?At London G3J?d. Here, iilv
irs$l WA greenbacks; $l 17, gold. Silv
mi % cent discount.
Governments?Active ami firiu.
sited Btatea 6* ot 18M, coupon*. Ill
vi-Twoutiei (18G5) new 10)
vo-Tw?nti?i (1867) ..... ,.lo,
ro-Twentiei (18S8). ... ^111
bw FiVCJ Ill
bw Four and a lialfs ......10J
'n-fortifn mm.hm.hhh! 1.
m-lortlea (coupon*) ..11:
irrencr Hlxoa 12.
Raii.uoad Bonds?Strong St. Joe ti
meed to 02.
STOCKS?Market in the morning stro
id higher, especially for coal stocks. T
Ivauec ranged from 1 to4perceut, t
iter for Morris & Km ex, which rose frc
\ to 65. Delaware, Lackawanna & We
n advanced from 8G to 33, Delaware
udson from 33 to 37, New York Centi
oin 54 to 55, Michigan Central from 40
XA, Bock Island from 00% to 'JVA. T
arket was unsettled during theafterno.
id lost much of its early Uuoyance. T
iclinc from tho highest point of the d
luged from 3 to 7 per ccnt. There was
rortk in Delnwaro & Hudson from 37#
IJ6? which effected the coal shares hi
so the other lint. Morris ?Jc Essex deciin
om 6SXA to Delaware, Lackawan
Western from 38 to 37, Michigan Ceuti
otu4l!? to40*?, New York Central in
to 91X, Lake Shore from 4to 47.
'cstern Union from 5S& to 58X, and Ku
land from 91# to 90}?. llnnuibal A I
*e was an exception t<J tho general mi
et, rising to 14;* for common and to301
referred. At the tinal close there was
ight reaction.
The transactions were 139,000 shares,
liich 51,000 were New York Central, 1
>0 Lake bhore, 37,000 Hock Island, 0,(J
Paul preferred, 9,000 Delaware 4 lit:
in, 4,000 St. Joe, 9,000 Delaware, I/icl
anna A Western, 1'5,000 Morris i Ksst
id 19,000 Western Union.
Mtcrn Union 68VJ Northwestern pfd... 4!
ilckrllver 1.1^ C. C. C. A 1 2:
iickailvrr pfa 'JO New Jmtr C?utr?l 1
rifle MaiL Roc* hlsnd '3
aripoa*, - ll? 8U I'sul 1!
?rtKu preferred.. 11 HI. i*aul preferred... 81
latn? Kz|4t?<< 9! Fort Wayne 8
?11?, I ar,{o A Co- W Terra llsuta ... I
mtrrican 41 Terre Haute pfd-... 1
lilted Hutnj 41's Chicago A Alton...- 8
rw York Central.. 01', Chicago A Alton pfdio:
1e. cf-i Wabaib- ]
ie preferred... lfi Ohio A Jllsa'aslppl.. :
*rleui ....... 137 Delaware A Lacks... S
*rl?u prefemd...l3l A. A 1'. Tfletraph.. 1!
Iciiigan Central.... 4t9{ Mlaouri Pacific 1:
inaua I'ts Burlington A Qutn? 9)
lnola Central - 64^ Hanntlul A Hu Joe. !
olon Pacific ?tock- 64 Central Pac. hooda.io'
ike tihore.. 47'{ Umoa Padflc bondaio:
ttabarsh...... .. ".V. Land Grants ...._lft
mhwMtcro com, I ?>,1 Slating Fuoil V.
re Xcw York.
Nbw YoiiK| July 2.?Cotton?Firm nt
la, 12 5-lrte. Flour?Steady; supurllno western
a- and State $5 50ad 00, common to good $0 00
)W at! GO, good to choice $tl65, white wheat ox*
v. tra $tf 70a7 00, fancy $7 05a7 09,''extra Ohio
fw $? 2Ga8 60, St. Ix?uis $0 t)5al0 25, fancy
$7 o"?a7 09. Wheat?Shippers and millers
' { holding off; ungraded spring $1 -10, No. 2
01 Chicago spring $1 H inferior winter red
us western $1 00, No. 2 Milwaukee notniunlly I
to $1 60. Kye?Dull; western |72n74c. liarw
ley and Malt?Quiet. Corn?Light supply
og and moderate demand; ungraded western
so mixed COaliOo, steam mixed 57o58e, July
ed 50}fc, August fiSV?c. Oats?Western mixed
gfc 30n53c, white western 40a61c. liny and
jn Hops?Unchanged. Coffee ? Quiet and
i steady; Hio eargoe 17a20^c/gold; jobbing
at 17a22)<c, gold. Su#ar and Moliwies?
? Unchanged. lUce?Steady; Louisiana 6a
0^c; Caroliua 0a7o. Whisky?Nominal at
l[ ,lu- _
ce Allegheny Cattle.
id Eabt Liiirrty, July 2.?Cattle?He
is ceipts since and including Friday last are
n 195 cars of through and 75 cars for sale
ro here, or-1,590 head, making a total for the
^ week of 6,885 head, or 237 cars of through
jg and 108 cars of yard stock, against 6,682
head, or 259 cars of through and 127 cars of
5 yard the week before. The supply this
lr week of local cattle is liberal, but with few
ie buyers so far. Trade is limited, the local
u* butchers being the only buyers to-day.
V- l'riccs a shade oil and likely to come down
h. further. Best $0 25atl 60, medium $5 50a
0 00 commou to fair; ft 60a5 00.
Hoo.s?Keceipta8,910 head; total for the
week 15,345, against 16,280the week before. ,
c Yorkers &4 Kr,tt4 IM.JIni1..lnl?S?? ? OO
18 8 UK HI1?Receipts i;,200 haul, lur the ,
week lti.OOQ, against 1G,300. Selling ut * I fx)
1- Clio. ?
C'lileugo. I
Chicago, July 2.?Flour?Steady and
firm. Wheat?Active, firm and higher; No.
ic - Cliicago spring $1 llj^nl -I" cash, $1.11' j
cm July, $1 2Jal 28 August, rejected $1 10, No. ?
l0 .1, $1 2-. Corn?Active ami a shade higher; J
cash, 4CJ(Jc Julv, 47JhC Angus';
rejected 42}^c. Outs?Dull and prices a r
m shade lower at 3Ja33J^c rash, .'lie August,
in rejected 24e. Rye?Quiet at 02c. Barley? '
;u Quiet at tiOa65c. Fork?Active at $12 i>0a I
12Mcash, $13 02 August, $1.1 ISal.l 17K r
September. Lard?Steady and in fair demand
at $8 58 cash, $8 75 August, |SS5 t
oi'lhciuuit. uuik menu?oicany and in .
ie fair demand; snoulders 5c, short ril? ami
:h clear 7c. Whiskv?$1 OS. .
iy The Hoard of Trade voted that when it .
0 adjourned this evening it be until Thins* J
day mornintr. There will therefore he no c
market* on Tuesday and WednesdHV.
'* ^ :i
' Cincinnati, Julv 2.?Cotton?Quit and \
f, firm at 119?c. Flour ? Scarce; priiuc '
firm at $'J UOaD 25. Wheat?Scarce; red S
,r $1 bOal 'JO. Corn?Strong ut 51a52c. Outa
to ?Stroug at iOullc. Itye?Quiet at CSati'Jc. 1
Barley?Dull and nominal. Pork?luacik
tive at $12 50. Lard?Nominally unchang- ]
t- ed; steam 9c, kettle 'Jn. BulkMeats? Quiet ?
i? at 5a7a7K. Bacon?5^a7j4a77<a8j^a8>4c. .
Butter ?Dull and unchanged; Western Reserve
15al0c, Central Ohio 13nlic, good to I
prime packing Italic. Linseed oil?Dull '
at 68c. Whisky?$1 08.
Hogs?Steady; common $1 25a4 50, light i
,H $4 05u4 75, packing, $1 C5al SO, butchers' )
a $4 80a4l'U.
? Toledo, July 2.?Flour?Firm. Wheat ,
L ?Steady; white Michigan $2 0.'$, No. 2 red '
$1^88, seller July $1 -13, August $1
A'o. .*? red $1 i)i bid. Corn?Steady; high
mixed spot 51c, No. 2 spot 493-^c, seller
July 493-ju, August51 %c, September 53K?i
rejected 48%c, damaged 44c. Oats?Dull;
>g white 4Cc, Michigan to arrive 39c, rejected
ih at 33c. 4
41?. M.?'Wheat? Quiet; No. 1 white Mich*
gan $2 00, No. 2 red winter seller July new
50 or old $1 43. Corn?Easier; No. 2 "seller
'0 July 49c, (teller August 51c, Oats?Dull
w and nominal.
oo Piiii.ADRi.ruia, July 2.?Flour?Qnict;
03 super) $"! 00, extra $7 2*5, Minnesota family t
$S 00u9 OO^Penufylvaniu $9 50, high grades '
jri $9 50a 10 09. Wheat? Pennsylvania red at
,13 $2 OOti2 05, atnher $2 20, white $2 2#a2 30. I
oo Hve?Nominal at 70ii90c. Corn?Quiet;
? yellow nt fi2c, mixed COc. Oats?Mixed
45c, 'Pennsylvania white 4Sa50c. Clover
U, Seed?Nominal Provisions?Quiet. Pork
?$14 75. Butter?Unchanged. Cheese?
173 Quiet. Eggs?Pennsylvania ltie, western
171 15c. Petroleum?Unsettled; refined 12j?c,
^ crude 9c. Whisky?Western $1 13,
oo l>ry Uoo4lM.
? Nkw York, July 2.?Business light with
100 packing houses and the jobbing branches
continued quiet. Cotton goods less active.
^ Chevoits have nn upward look. Prints I
>l quiet Flannels steady demand and firm. I
yjf Mens' wear woolens in "moderate request.
m IS. A u, IS. IS. niOCK.
ril Ualtimorb, July 3.?At the Stock Exchange,
Baltimore & Ohio fold nt 93, and
|!,9 closed nt i?l bid. None o tiered nnd no
3J Hllll'N, _
>5 I'ittsburgli.
Pittsburgh, .July 2.?Petroleum?Quiet;
crude $1 75al bO nt Parker's; retiucd 1-Jho, r
Philadelphia delivery.
I?0 >
The Wheeling District Camnmeeting
Association will inect nt the camp
t0 ground, at Moundsville, thin niorniitg at
es 10 o'clock.
4 4 The estimable wifeof Dr. K. H.Moure,
or of Wellsburg, died nt the resilience of her
er husband on Sunday morning, of cancer.
Mm. Moore wan a Mister of Opt. Andrew
Wilson, of thin city.
't* The Committee on Streets nnd Alleys
of the City Council held a meeting yesi
terdav afternoon to consider the petition
f0 of the Kiversido Iron Company for the
j4 right of way for a hwitch on Wood street
i to the La Belle switch,
id- ? ?
it wan reported on the street last evening
that Capt. Wm. Kobb, a prominent 1
P? insurance man of thin city, who wan taken
tie to Dixmont Hospital, neur Pittsburgh, n i
(IU week or no ago, waa dead. The report
st. lacks contirmasion.
& i
al Quite an exciting game of baso ball |
to wan played yesterday afternoon between
be the Atlantic*, of Centre Wheeling, and
a picked uine, resulting in favor of the
t'c Atlantic*, formerly the Kivereide, by a
** score of 30 to 27. Kleven innings were '
to Pl?ye<i.
'"j Tup. "fat" and "lean" nineawhopern0
spired over the great national game on ,
.al the Inland a few days since had another i
,m tussle with the bat and ball yeiterday.
Thin time the "fata" were victorious, the
ck score being 23 to 21. Many amusing in*
St. cidenta occurred during the game.
?r- |
ur There were thirteen silver cups earned
" in the Fifth Ward public school during
. the past year, seven by pitpila perfect in
j. attendance during the year, and six by
KX) those who were neither absent nor tnrdy,
id. except on account of sickness. Albert
ca- Meyer and Walter Wunderlich had but
.* ntii? Ini-ilw tnnrlr onrli.
Hirer New*.
[Ji The marks lust night iudicateil 7 feet
^7 3 inches, and falling.
The Science departed for I'arkersburg
} at 10J a. M. i
\ The Fearless passed down between 12 :
J!, and 1 o'clock in the afternoon with a mis*
cellaneous tow of freight. ,
>?/ The Andes arrived from Cincinnati at
Tl II 1 U Slm.iffill return tK<.? fin.. I
m " ? ?"^rnuon
? it 3.
:ij The Salt Valley will paw down, nod
l>i the W. P. Thompson up thin morning.
' Tho Nail City *aa due from Pittsburgh
i,, at midnight laat night, She will return
tliia uorning.
The Courier j? iho regular Parkir*
burg packet thl, morning,
P he Kxnrefln i? |yinKat the wharf, ready
to leave for nteul>eiivil|e to-morrow and
bring an excursion party'from that city.
Alicr tlia Fourth ?>>? will be repainted,
nnd luted up for the PituUurgli ?nd I'ur.
kernburg trade.
The Iron Va||0y in on the docks,undergoing
^ The Wheeling Towboat and Harge
Company are having a cargo box put on
the barge Heltnont.
The Mcaraer Phaoton will make the
fo nod trip from Siatersville to Wheeling
ind return on the Fourth of July.
C'apt. Conway returned homeon&atur*
lay from Madixoti nod Cincinnati, where
ic wan negotiating with boat-builders for
he construction of a n??w boat for the
Pittuburgh and St. Louis trade. Cant. C.
in* not yet decided where to build, but
uost likely Pittsburgh bailderit will get
be job.? Pittsburgh (Jom. (fu:etle.
The Kxchauge will bo relieved from
be Cincinnati and Pomeroy trade as noon
tlus new Telegraph i* completed.
The Thompson D*an wan built at Cinuinati
wven yearn ago by Com. Thomson
Dean and C'apt. Jame# II. Pepper, and
lost $ ISO,000.
C'apt. Mvers, 0f Sti-ubenville, loaded a
l.lt *<< >I with lir.. liril'L* oni.ul ...
'inciruiHti lUi* spring f<,r Donaldnville,
lia., on hirt own account, and hml the
uitforiuno to lone nearly (lie entire cargo
ty the sinking of the bout below Meiuihin.
The hull of Unpt. Stockd&le'i new boat
or the ritlnburuli and Cincinnati trade
till he launched about the lirntof August,
'apt. S. cxpccta to have her ready for
Hisine?* in September.
I Br Tclpgraj.ii |
Pirwutmuir, July 2.?Hirer 4 feet 7
lichen, and falling. Departed?Sanipaon
S'o. 2. Cincinnati, with 7 bargea of coke;
Tommies, St. Louis, tive bargea of Hteel
ail.?; llanke, l'arkersburg, live flats coal.
St, LuUIn, July 2. Arrived?Red
iVing, Washington, CJrand Tower. l)e arted?War
Eagle, Mitchell. River
one 2 incliea. Weather cloudy and hot.
Caiuo, July 2.?Arrived--Kobt Mitch:lt
Cincinnati; Little Andy Fulhen, MomMs,
J. 1). l'arker, St. Louirf.
SnuF.VKroriT, .July 2.?Arrivetl?Lull
tj, New Orleans. Departed?Lotus,
efleraon. River fell 9 incliea. Weather
lear and warm,
KvaNsvillk, Jul)' 2.?Weather clear
,nd hot. River 10 feet 0 inches and
ailing. Up?Idlewild, Maggie Smith,
ircy Eagle, Howling Green, Laura L.
)a\*M. Down?Chailou Mortran. Vint
ihinkle, Mary Miller. Bti?inerts Rood.
VicKtfUUUd, July 2.?Weather clear.
J|>?Ike. Down?Dipplc, Jan. Howard.
>*MV Oklkaus, July 2.?Arrived?
Donnelly. No departure*. Weather hut
ind clear.
* rrisjmrwi to innkft careful and rompliMo nnalyw*
f ltuii Ores, Uuieatoiu-*, Minural Waters, uic.
Ulwralorj ror. 21th and Chapline atr<*U
J?ia_ ___ __ Whwllrw. TV. \?.
? A.fD?
Our facilities by way of Haihinery,
and the larfio lino of fine
Stock on hand, enable us to do
Jards, Circulars, &c., in the very
mot C+l/l? find nt imnrnnrnlontoHlir
Iwgi Bijiw, aiiw " uiiyl UUUUDIIIDUIJ
ow prices. We shall bo pleased
:o show specimens and give
intelligences office,
25 and 27 Fourteenth St,
Cl.RVKL?!tD, Juno 12, 1877.
r? i: su uscr.i beus to tub capital
bTOCK of 83<il (Company will take notice that
heir puha'tiptiona heretofore made for the purp*e
if nliliUK in cxtcudiDK tin* railroad of Mid Gunpaly
ironi Ita present ti'rminu* to the Ohio IMwr,
lartuK heretofore lxS'U *tx*nted l>y tald Company,
ho board of liircctura of tmiil Company nt a met|>S
Uicnof, hulii on the Sin day ?>f Juut-, 1877, l?y
> lYtolntion, ordered that the tint installment <>f
live dollar* (J.", oO> oti each alwre of tifty dollar*
$vi CO; tOMiilxrlbnl t0 the capital atock of Kid
I'aintnaiiV. (In* .In.' frOUl KnUrrilu rj. flniauiliin >m
Iits lixikf, Rtul individual sulxcrlptlotia no areept?J,
Miall ho paid on or Mora July Jut, 1K77, to
A, /If uiit, Trrmut'r rf laid Com/tiny, at the genetil
ojlct tAtrev/, or the miuo may t.e paid to A. J.
l<a,??. at Hndgeport, Ohio, or to *uch person ui ho
nay direct; and said Tri-niurerand mid ""d
iK, audi person ua ?!?? Mid Bagga may dnly authorize
to hccItq money due uj?ii said nubawlptlous
ir? either of them by mid Company empowmd
irid authorized to receive ?,,j receipt for the aatne
or and on lis U-haH; *t?<l ten per tent ol Slid au'? criutlon
ahull he <lu? (au i i. hereby required to I*
Mill M the aafii Trtaturrr. at Ift' gtwial effkf ?/
'nid Company, at oj^ttatd, or th>i miue iu*r I*
uld to A J. tit^gs, *t Bridgeport, Ohio, or auch
*mou ai ho may designate, who arc authorised to
eceive the same for and on behalf of aa!d (?mi|.aiy,)
on tLe day following expiration of every
iilrty data ffoni ai ?l after July 1st, 1877, umll I ha
whole aubfcription 'lull bo due and rcouixtd to l?
[>ald, as aloro ppecifled.
By order of tno I*onr?l of Director*.
J?g-V 1'. A. HKWI1T, Secretary.
1 3-10 - "
For wie, nt the National B?nk of West Virginia,
i limited amount of tho
First Mortgage Bonds of the Wheeling
Iron and Nail Company,
Bearing Intcrtjt at the rate of acren and threttcntha
per centum, payable arml-annuallr.
The holdtra of the Bonds of the Wheeling Iron
?nd Nail WorkaComt?aiiy maturing February 2?Jlb,
1878, who may wish to do to, can exchange the
sanm for the BoO'la of the Wheeling Iron and Nail
Corapuiy and recel*? the dlflercnca of Interest In
Full Information In regard to the Rond< may l?e
nhtained at tho National Bank of W??t Virginia,
ur i?y application to ^
c. D. HUBBARD, Sec'y.
Je27?WA8 at "Top Ml
J ^KAVK orders FOR
jc3l) O. MENDEL, BOOTH it CO.
Fancy Pu)nit&-3obiiamia "iMi,ir?uin,,"
at- Lotiii; ioy B,rrtl., "lioiil Mi-lftl." Thrwi
irr inn oikiuh j;r*<in ?f I-lour-none I*lt? In
tuarkft. Jutt rrwltwl ?nJ f?r M'o by
je!8 M. KKII.LY, l3ffl?n?? Kill M?ln tfl.
K.J nsrivnj direct from Charleston, In ?\utt and
[or lilcby M. ItKll.I.Y,
1>C9 >n<l 13H Milp Birwt.
rooms?300 dozen fancy, va.
lUOUd litrt, Just rmivrd ?nd for talc by
M. KKII.I.Y, 1303ID(J 1311 Milu.SL
OOrOMAC IIERK1XQ.-23 H?1I Barrtli No. 1,
A Jmt retired ?nd for air by
jell SI. JtULLY, ?W nnd 1311 Main St.

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