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SIii WMtftg IB ittklligitt?t
lutelllgencer lor the Summer.
Ttrtcmt leaving the city may have the Intelligencer ;
tent to their addreu by mail, jotiage prepaid,/* '
such time at Zthey may desire, at the rate qf f\fletn
eenU per week,
#r The money to\pay for the time required miul
in alt taste accompany the order. '
The foreign arrivals of steamera at
Boston thin year bo far are 88, against 07
last year, and the imports are nearly $25,*
000,000, against $18,750,000 last year, an 1
increase of one-third,
llnnl* <o <! ? t >
?w mv (luuill mil
Eriiton Inloin/enccr:
Permit mo to notice briefly the Register ?
of this morning, in which appears an ar>
tide, the substance of which in too absurd
to pa*s unnoticed.
Fiwt?'Tho author gay*: The $8,000
rained by the Sanitary Fair in trying to
be nehed by both tho Children')* Homo and
the Soldier*' Monument Committee.
Half of this ia true, while the other half 1
the auther knows is false. The Soldiers'
Monument Committee is not trying to
Hint the $8;000; they only ask for it because
it was given to them rears ago, and
on the strength of this gift tho corner*
ntuuc ui hid noiuiern niuiuuucm wun mm. r
Tito author u substantially correct when L
he says the $8,000 is trying to be seized T
bjr the Children's Home, for if the Chil- J
dren's Homo wns entitled to it it would 1
not be necessary to telse it. But, again, e
the learned author comes to light in the
following language: "The money be- 1
longs to the people, from whom it was do- f
rived, and they should certainly have the ']
disposition of tho same." Jn the firnt J
place, I would say that the money does '
not belong to the people from whom it J
was derived, but to those for whoee bene- 1
fit it was given. When the people from
whom this money was derived gave it to G
the Sanitary Commission for a specific 11
purposo their right and title to it ceased [
forever. The money then became the *
Eronerty of the West Virginia soldiers, !"
eld in trust by the! 8amtary Commis- J
ion. W. M.Mbbbifield, [
Chairman Monument Committee. 1
^ c
Bkllaibe Locals.?The rolling Mill I
?I XT *1 i .. I... i 1
biiu aiuii >?orK? piiiuH uown 10*11 Hy ior
an indefinite time.
Some unknown individual in attempting
to steal a skiff, at or near the wharfboat,
wan shot at and wounded in the leg,
by Mr. Long. No arrests made.
Lycurgu* Austin, Esq., states to us
that unuer no consideration would he
accept the nomination for Recorder, but
will support the present incumbent, Mr.
We are informed, through reliable
sources, that the commissioners, to select
a site for the contemplated tobacco warebonne,
will arrive in this city next week.
It will not be very surprising, to hear
of another accident ere long, by which
some innocent creature will either be
killed, crippled or maimed, if fast and
I reckless driving upon our principal
streets is not checked at once by our city
As soon aa the opening of Belmont
street is effected across the ii. & 0. K. It.
tracks, an extension of our street railway
over and beyond McMahon's Creek, is
talked of. Fromwhat we can learn our
City Council is favorably deposed to
grant tho petition for the opening of said
street at any day.
The pay car of the C. & P. R. R. dis.
burned the necessary funds to their employes
yesterday. J. E. D.
A Narrow (tango Train Jmuprtf
I lie Track?All I he 1'a.sseiigcrN
51orc or IjCKM Injured.
St. Louis, July 13.?The south bound
Sassenger train on the St. Louis & Cairo
farrow Gauge Railroad jumped the
track on an 18 foot trestle yesterday, six
miles from Murphysboro,nnd the whole
train excepting the locomotive wai proI
ctpitated into Rattlesnake creek. Almost
every passenger on the train was
injured. Chas. Pink, express messenger,
whs injured internally and will probably
die; W. Jones, mail agent, Potter, conductor,
and 8mith, brakeman, were seriously
hurt. The train was running 20
miles an hour. Tho coupling between
the engine and the rest of the train broke
1 leaving the locomotive on the track.
Colored NympalliizerM H itli
Nkw York, July 13.-VA strong delegation
of colored men yesterday waitedjupon
thp Executive Com. of the Cuban League,
and tendered a formal expression olsympathy
of the eolored residents of this city
with the struggling Cubans. Petitions .
will be sent to President IJaycs and Congress
urging upon the Government such
immediate action as will tend moat speedily
to wipe ont forever the foul blot of
slaVery.' <
Con touted, llaptized and Uuiir.
Charleston, s. C., July 13.?DaVid ]
Pearco and George Stevens, negroes, who
wayltfiif; murdered and robbed a young
yman named Edings, near this city, May
ll,n{ujei'circumsiar.ce? of peculiar atroc- j
ity, wero hanged at 11:35 this morning. (
They were baptized previous to execu- j
tion bv* a Catholic priest, with whom ,
they left a full confession of their crime. '
They, .died without ^ struggle. About j
200 per(vqh#,.witneMed\ the execution. ,
Nrvru IIortr.H Burned to Death. 1
CmcmWTr, O., July 13.?llenry
BrocktuanVstable and residence, on the
corner of Elm and Water street*, burned
thin morning. Loas $3,000. Seven horses
nerinhed in the flames. Mrs. Silas, an old
ladv who was in the third story of the
residence, jumped to the ground, receiving
lever? injuries. ^
. ThcKIlk and Lace NinuKglerM.
Nkw York, July 13.?Through confessions
made by several members of the
silk and lace smuggling ring, three trunks
havo been secured, containing a mass of
invoices, bills of lading, cancelled checks
ana private iciicrt. inese paper* will
be used tosecuro tho arre.it of implicated
parties and m evidence against them on
A Signal Million hi I'oluuibnii.
Commbcs,0., July 13.?'Wm.Emback
and Th. l'arsons, of the United States
coast service, are in the city, and are
making preparations for establishing a
signal station, with a view of determining
tho difference of longitude between
Columbus and Nashville and other points
in the South.
Hillt BtriRcmJiiilMl lorflrcneli ol
\ Contract.
PirtiBSOir, N. J., July 13.?Two striking
silk weavers were arrested and sent
to jail this afternoon to answer a suit for
damage* in not finishing their warps according
to contract. The warps are
worth $S00 each, and are claimed to be
greatly injured by the men abandoning
them. The silk weaver* meet to-night '
to take action to defend the suits.
Marine Kem ,
N?w Youc,July 13.?Steamen 8wU?- <
eruna, irom Auiw?rprp?jrw?, irom uuv ?
don, and Wener, from Bremen; arrived. |
ijuKRsaxowu, July 13.?Arrived? I
6 teauuhip Bothnin, from New York. <
t Cabinet Natulan on VnrlouN Sul
*n Knil In bo Undo ol liiiliu
1'lir Artie ('olony Hellenic l'ou?lil
<>... ! iiHil llnliiiiliul
rite Spanish Outrage to bo Tlioi
ouRhly Invent I tented.
riie President NeunN lIuNlueN*
Washington, July 13.?J. P. ITamil
on, Si'crctary of the Kansas Kepnblica
VvHucialion, called on the President t
iscertain whether the civil service rule
ipplied to persons holding office in th
arious Stato associations. The Preai
lent was under the impression that thes
issociations were simply social in thei
haracter, but being informed thatalarg
imount of political work was done b
hem, he emphatically asserted that ni
>erBon in the government employ wouli
* allowed to take any part whatever ii
lolitica. If the associations were of ;
ocjal character there was no objection ti
heir continuance, hut politics must b
The President distinctly said that m
lolitical services can be rendered by an;
;overnment emplovee at any time whil
le holds such position, even though i
lon't interfere with his duties, as it is hi
the President's) intention to forever di
orce pomics iroin mo civil service a
ar an in him lien the power.
At the Cabinet session to day the moa
if the timo wax occupied in discussior
ipon the New York CuBtom House am
he proposed reduction of force in tha
tranch uf service. No conclusion wa
eached. Foreign affairs were not the sut
ect oi attention, either as relers to a(
lointments abroad or concerning our rc
ations with Spain or Mexico, growin,
lut of the ricent events of which th
mblic have (knowledge. Thu Cabnet
gavo its attention to ccrtai
natters, of discipline in connectio
mh the management of the Navt
\cademv but without action. The pre
railing Indian war was the princips
natter of consideration and engaged th
[reater part of the session. It is regard
;d as necessary to take every nrope
ncthod to end forever the hostile demon
itrations of Indian tribes. This late*
mtbreak is considered as equally seriou
villi any of late years. The Governmen
vill, to the extent of its power, and th
mnrnnrintinnn it Rnmmniuli oto/?ii?a ?h
ietermination to give a final blow to tli
Indian troubles. The Secretary of th
Cavy addressed a letter tol'apt. Howgati
he originator of the plan to establis
1 colony for the Arctic exploration in th
far north, declining to detail a civil oil
;er to accompany the expedition. Th
Secretary does not consider himself at:
horized to detail a civil officer for sue
lervice, for the same reason he regret
hat he cannot comply with the requen
or a loan of the instruments belonging t
be Navy for use on the expedition.
A dispatch received at the Wa
Department announces that nine compn
lies of the 2d infantry left Atlanta, Ga
his evening for St. Louis, where arrange
nents have been made to forward tliec
without delay to Cheyenne via Denve
2ity en route to Idaho, the scene of th
iresent hostilities.
The President to day commissioned E
EI. C. Hooper, of Maine, Agent for th
Indian.* of the Siszton Agency, Dakota
ind JohnC. Mallory,jr., of Oregon, Agen
or the Indians of the Coloiado Rive
\gency, Arizona.
j ne oiaie uepartment is without tutor
nation concerning the reported Spanisl
>utrage upon the schooner Killing Sue
fxcepl that contained in the prew din
mtch from lJoston, but has ordered i
borough and immediate investigation
with a view to obtain full reparatio:
ihould the published statement be veri
Col. C. D. Cox, Pension Agent, accom
dished the consolidation of the agencie
>fhia district, consisting of the 8tates c
S'ew Jersey, Delaware, Maryland an
District of Columbia, besides the uoldier
>omes and foreign pensions. All th
lanea left over at the discontinued nger
lies have been paid over to him. Thi
lemonstrates the practicability of thi
)lanof the Commissioner of,Pensions an
hat it will bring no aerioua delay t
L iiviiIon and Ucn. Devln lloltliu]
a Conference.
Bfllclcnt Nfa?ur?N to MnpnrcN
ItniuM Over tlie llortler.
New Orleans, July 13.?The New
Brow nsville special saya Qen. Cavalea an
3en. Devin have had a conference an
lad no difficulty in coming to an agree
ment in regard to auppressing raidi
riiev were of the opinion that they coul
render the passage of troops from on
ilde to the other unneceaaary b
discharging their respective dt
tiea, General Cavales thinks tha
the publication of an order of auch in
portance aa that of the Secretary of Wa
to General Ord without notice to Mexic
was disrespectful to the Diaz Governmen
but he waives that, and will co-operal
with our authorities in any manner nei
eaaary to sccure peace, and to aectire th
preservation of order on both banks c
the "Bravo" It is the general opinio
that Gen. E^cobedo will attempt to set o
foot an expedition to invade Mexico. ]
is not knownwhat assurances he may hav
received from Coahuila and Nueva Leoi
Aa far as ascertained the people of Tan
aulipasp.ro opposed to Lerdo.\
Weather Indications.
Wa* Department,
Ornc* or the Chief 8huul OrncEx.
Waskiuqtow, I>. a, July H-l 4. n.
Pap Ti?iiimiim iml llm Hhin v.iu.
falling barometer, north wind*, shittii
south, warmer, clear or partly cloud
For the Lakes falling barometer, all
tionary or higher temperature, aout
winds, increasing cloudiness and rai
Lively Subscription* lor I tic ton
1'er Outs.
N?w York, July 13.?Washlngto
dispatches-represent lively aubucriptior
for the new lour per cents. At the U
ginning of buslneaa hours to-day th
total iubacriptions were $25,481,300. J
is probable that the total conular sul
icrfptiona by Monday, when the book
doie, will amount to about $30,000,000.
Twenty Cent* Per Pond tor tta
l'lr*t Bale et ( oltun.
Ntw OHLT1K8, July 13.?Th? first ba]
il cotton ol this year's crop, received u
lar at llrawnsville, Tuai, weight 44S
Jaaaifioatlon fully atriet low middling
Kwn on Marion and Fallaln'i planli
I, near Brownsville, iold to day at 2
i m
Ailillllounl Troop* Ordered to
tbe Front. (
R Jonepb'n llnnil Largely InrrenncU
Iteiirvatlon Indian* Going oil (hi
Washington, July 13.?The War Department
receivril tha subjoined dis"
patch this morning : 1
Sam Francisco, July 12.
_ To the Secretary oj War, IPaiAingfon, D, 0. i
The following, dated Lewiiton, July ,
11th, hu juat been received, hiving been ,
^ forwarded from Portland to-day, In ah- j
ence of Gen. Howard, who in beyond ,
my reach:
In think Qen. McDowell should be in- i
I. I... J tU.I T 1 ?11-tl- t- i ?
.. iviiucu uioti imvc rcunuitj liuuruiauon ]
that Joseph's band has lately received }
[. considerable accessions, and it in feared ,
,i that many other reservations Indians (
u will join liiui. 1 would suggest that
a 2,000 Washington Territory or Oregon [
e troops be called for immediately to pre- ]
i. vent tbia and the damage that may follow (
e during tho absence of the troops, until t
r thev can be replaced by regular troops. ,
e [Signed] Scully.
jr Col. Scully is an old officer of much
i) service in Indian warfare and in the De- 1
1 partment of Columbia, and I do not feel i
n at liberty to disregard hia appeal. In
a some way, unaccountable to me, the 2nd ?
o infantry ordered here a week ago, has t
e not yet started. I send to?morrow every j
[man I have been able to scrape together <
o this side of Arizona, and altogether the i
y four skeleton companies don't amount to t
e 100 men. Under these circumstances I t
t approve the suggestion to call out for a
a limited time 200 volunteers from Oregon
I lir?.
- ami 11 uamngiuii lerruory.
0 (Signed) McDowell,
Major General
1 As ioon as tie above .dispatch wan re'
ceivcd, General Vincent, acting Adjutant
General, proceeded to the White House
I and laid it before the Cabinet, then in
8 session. After a brief'consultation it
' was ordered that a call for 200 volunteers
should be made, as recommended by
!* General McDowell, and that he should
B have authority to increase the number to
e 500 if necessary.
San Francisco, July 13.?Captain
II Cushing's companv, now stationed at
" Presidio, Capt. Peel's company from Alll
catroz, Capt. Giver's comtiany of the 12th
'J Infantry, and Capt. Wells''company of
1 the 8th Infantry, until lately stationed at
e Fort Yuma, will leave on a steamer for
'* Portland this afternoon. The four comr
nanies combined number scarcely one
'* hundred men,-but they will take with
them thirty recruits who have been mus*
8 tered in in this city.
t WiatttvniMu T..1?10 n? If-r> il
unDiiiiiiiiUiifOUi^ 1U, Ul'n.JUCUQffeii |
c has been authorized to call for two hun- ,
e dred voluuteera in Arizona or Washing- k
e ton Territory and to increase the number ,
0 to five hundred if necessary.
o [
A Great Victory lor the I'm riot*. (
st CampON Itctluced to MiiNtcrly In- |
* activity. t
f Yellow Jack IICNtroyiiiR the 1
i- NpnuiNlk Troops. J
a New York, July 13.?A telegraph
r operator at Key West, who lias just ?0t ^
e in from Havana, forwards the following
under date of Havana, July 8:
It is reported that General^ Maximo %
e Gomez and Vincent Garcia, leading a r
if largo and well appointed force, have
t forced General Trocha and invaded the ^
r Cerico territory. A battle was fought at
the crossing, in which GOO Spaniards are
. Haul to hlivn b(>0n lfillod omnno ?l">m n 4
Ii Brigadier General, supposed to be Meni,
demina. It is said that another heavy a
- encounter has taken place, and considera
able trepidation prevails at headquar- _
\t ters here. Three men-of-war were or- '
ii dered in great haste; doubtless
i. to relieve and pick up isolated detachments
near the coast, endangered by thin
reinvasion of the Territory unexpectedly,
by_ a large force.
fl" Reinforcements from Spain are being
. got ready.
i Yellow fever is raging among the 20,R
000 brought last winter.
Gen. Martinez Campos is reduced to *
masterly inactivety from the decimated
' condition of his troops. \
Discontent is rampant among almost
j all classes of people, and the financial
stringency is becoming serious. Hardly
a day pasies that a failure of some grocer
or Jerked beef dealer is not recorded.
Gcttlug Nqnare with Brazilian
s New York, July 13.?L. II. D. F.
Aquir, Brazilian Consul General in New
York, called on Superintendent Walling
h on the 28th of Juno last, and asked his
MBiouuicc in uiievKiDg me nyBiem 01 counterfeiting
the Brazilian government <
4? note*, vrhich was goipg on in this city,
j The bills he saiil were sent to his country
(] in large amounts, ami being well
?. executed wero readily disposed of. A
,t detective was put upon the case and yesd
terday succeeded in arresting the offender 1
e at the Merchants Hotel, on Courtland i
y street. He gave his natno as John K. f
Harris, aged 37, and said he was a dentist 1
by profession. In his room were found <
several engraved plates and photographs ]
ir of Brazilian bank bills of all denomina- 1
0 tionn. Harris, who has several aliases,
confessed to a detective that he had been t
e engaged for some time in the business, I
j. and that it was successful, lie stated i
*0 that he was a resident of Brazil until !
,f recentl7, but having lost $8,000 by the '
n failure of one of their banks he came to 1
n thiacountry to get square wit,h them.
[] Hanged.
i. Cxi no, July 13.?Poindexter Edmin\.
son, who was convicted for murder and j
respited by Gov. Phelps some months j
ago, was hanged to day at Bloomtleld, '
will recover.
1 The express messenger on the St. Louis
J Narrow Gauge Railroad, who was hurt i
by an accident yesterday near Murfrees- i
'i boro, though seriously injured, will reK
cover. ^
A Brace of Suicide*.
St. Louis, July 13.?MaJ. Frid. Derh
rinor. an Alderman of thin fit v. wis found
o hanging in bin grocery store, cor. 14th
and Cass avenues, this rooming, dead as
a door nail. Charles Truh, a German
* butcher, doing business cor. 14th street
and Franklin avenue, shot himself
n through the head thia morning and died
is soon alter. I
e Made an Assignment. ]
[t Columbus, July 13.?The great Vein i
y- Mining \Companr, of New Lexington, ^
s Perry county, Ohio, haa made an assign- i
ment; assets $600,000. Principally rich I
mineral landi iu Perry county. j
e ?
\ Steamer Disabled. ]
IjONDoh, July 13.?Theateaaier Bolivia
? from Qlaagow, July 7th, lor New York,
hu retu/Md with her machinery diubled. i
!, Bolivian mailt, puaeofin anil cario 1
havo been tranilerre.i to the itermer ??.. i
0 vonia which will aail from Glangow to- ]
No Farther Itloting.
Ureal Indignation Again*! tli
Itf Molntloim that Have the lligh
No Nurrender of Bight* In th
Hie Mayor Condemned and Call
ed Upon to Ke*lgn.
Montreal, July 13.?Last night put
3(1 without any trouble, the crowds die
peraing at 10 o'clock. There waa lee
,han the average number of arrcatamade
ind none for anything serious. Complet
ibssnce of drunkenness prevailed. Th
Coroner's jury were sworn in the case o
Uackett this morning, but the inquir;
fas postponed until to-moirow. Ar
angcmenta for the funeral aro not ye
A conference took place this morninj
?etween tho leading Orangemen and th(
Presidents of the National societies foi
he purpose of calling an indignatioi
neeting to condemn the Mayor for no
iflording due protection to life yester
Boone is not dead. He is conDncd ti
>ed, Buffering from wounds which arese
The Young Briton's ban d which returi
id from Cornwall to-day, marched u|
own in uniform with colors on their hats
K. new Orange lodge is to be formei
jailed llackett lodge, in memory of thi
uartyr who was killed yesterday. Thi
iceno of the shooting yesterday wai
hronged with people.
Montreal, July 13.?It was at firs
lecided to hold the funeral of Hacket
o-morrow, but the time has since beer
hanged to Monday to allow members o
hn Ordop frnm Ilia Woof wU toSalt it
ittend, time to get here. lie will bt
juried with full Orange honors.
At the Orange annual meeting last eve
ling resolutions were adopted slatinj
hat notwithstanding their proceaaion wa
abandoned, at the earnest entreaty anc
epreaentations of the various Nationa
ind beneuolent societies, who pledget
heir word to take Htepa ho as to preven
nnultf* to women and children attending
ihurch, an 1 also to restrain their co-reigionists
from insulting1 or riotous
onduct, the streets were monopolized bj
i rabble of disloyal, disorderly rulliana
?y whom a cruel murder was committed,
Dhiey therefore as Orangemen will hence
orth not only claim but exercise theii
ight to parade1 the streets of Montreal
ind further, no threats of enemies oi
ntreaties of ialso friends shall influenci
heir counsels in the future. The resolu
ion alao condemned the inaction of thi
ilayor after sworn application had beer
oade before him and other magistrate!
or civil and military protection, anc
lolding his worship morally guiltj
f murder. An indigation meeting will
ie held to call on the Mayor
o resign for the want of precaution, ant
he matter will also be taken up in th<
2ity Council. The Protestant press conlenin
him severely. The military will b<
;ept under arms on Monday next, whei
he funeral of Hackett takes place, ai
rouble is feared.
Stephen JT. Mcaney, on behalf of th(
risli Catholic Union, disclaims any sym
lathy between that sociciety and jesterlay's
Many of the roughs engaged in yester
lay's affray are supposed to be strangers
ome from New York State. Witnesses
ay that the head of llio Catholic Unior
ranted to buy a hundred revolvers Wed
lesday from hardware merchants. Mei
bsent from large establishments yester
lay without leave have been dismissed.
(tones and l'istoln Freely Usiod.
rim f'ilv In llmllnniUAl .. Mnh
Halifax, July 13.?AtCharlottetown,
Mnce Edward Island, laat evening, after
he Orangemen were dismissed several o
hem Rtood in front of the lodgi
oom, where they were greeted by ?
ihower pf stones by roughs or
he street; and two Orangemen weri
everly hurt. Another volley o!
itonee followed and apiatol shot from tlx
odge wounded one of the assailants
}reat excitement ensued. Volley aftei
rolley of rockB were answered by about
wenty shots from the lodce room
Two were wounded by bullets ant
>ne severely hurt in the head by i
itone. For an hour the city was ii
he hands of the mob. The police wert
iseless. The stipendiary magistrates t<
nake peace, got the Orangemen to lowei
he ling and quiet was restored. The
)rangemen at u meeting to-day condemn
k1 the police and magistrttea. One bun
Ired special constables were sworn in
Twenty?eight warrants for the ringlead
irs were issued and several arrests made
Driving Park Kaoen.
CoLUMnus, July 13?The fourth ani
astuay ot the Columbus Driving Pari
aces had a large attendance. The un
inislied 2:30 race, which wan postpone)
rom Thursday, waa won by Mohawl
Jhief. Time 2:30, 2:30*, 2:32$. Dr
Rush took the second, and Money Dais;
ihe third.
The 2:50 race for a purso of $000; $37i
;o the first, $175 to tho second and $10'
;o the third, had seven entries and fou
itarters, wan won by Col. Moore. Tim
2:37, 2:34,2:35$. There were four heaU
The third Lassie took in 2:37. Lasei
look the second, Money and Mollie Mor
ton the third.
| pThe 2:30 race, for a purse of $600, di
nded, had seveu entries and four starten
nras won by Jennie Holton; taking th
second, fourth and fifth heats. Tim
2:28,2:29, 2:34. The first heat was wo
)y Deception in 2:28, and the third wa
won by Riprap in 2:26.
SriUNGFtKLD, July 13.?To day wi
Ihe closing day ot the Hampden Par!
races. The 225 race was won br.Charli
Mac, Bauxno 2d, Lady Foxie 3d. Timi
2:20, 224,2263.
I'loxed with a Parade aud l'lcnic
The Event Unanrpaiised iu
Louisville, July 13.?The inusica
festival closed to-day with a parade am
picnic, many citizens and strangers pai
Icipating. The success of the 8?ngerfes
ivas regarded as remarkable and far bt
pond expectation, albeit that it sat
passed, musically and financially apeak
ng. any evenLotthla kind over celebrate
in America.
Borrows98,OWoi a Friend an<
Tiunrxoir, July 13.?Samuel M. Yoc
nan, a young and active buatnen max
iu disappeared. Financial emharraaa
sent is thought to be the cause. He boi
hojwed $3,000 yesterday from a friend t
t The Muscovite and Musselman
Still Battling About Kars.
The Turk Holds His Own with
i. Desperate Tenacity.
i. Terrific Bombardment ?2,000
Shells Thrown in One Day.
1 A Fierce Battle Near Mt. Ararat.
[ Russians Defeated with Heavy
t Loss.
> Great Britain Secures Grecian
; Neutrality.
> Tlio Nituutlon About Kurt.
London, July 13.?A dispatch from
Karo, July 8th, Bays: Yesterday Mukh1
tar Pasha, with 18 field andO mountain
? guns, 500 regular and 3,500 irregular
j cavalry, and thirty battalions of infantry,
J advanced from Kirkhunar to Wahiran;
kale, eight miles south of Karp, and this
J morning Mukhtar Pasha rode in, leaving
1 his forces entrenched at Wahirankale.
Sir Arnold Kimball, the British military
attache, also came in and went over the
t batteries on the Karidogh redoubt, the
t easternmost position, where the bom*
i bardraent has been the heaviest. YesterI
day there waa verv heavy firing on both
> sides. The Russian headquarters are
j at Zaini, eight miles to the northeast,
but their batteries arc advanced
to within 4,000 yards east. The Turkish
, loss during the siege has been trifling.
J, That of the Russians ia unknown. Their
j tiro was moat accurate and for some days
i has been overwhelming. Over 2.000
[ sliella from 15 and 18 Centtmotre guna
I were thrown into the place in one day.
r Makhtar Paslm proposes to intrench
1 himself and revictual Kars for the winter.
At present it is well supplied with
r stores and ammunition and prices are
cheaper than in Erzeroum. The anpear'
ance of the troopa is excellent and their
1 health pood. They are mo?t enthusiastic.
. The oflicera seem well educated to the
place, which is almost impregnable.
noah's ark resied on mocnt ararat
j but the russians didn't.
A dispatch from Erzeroum says an at>
tempt of the Russians, under Gen. Ter'
gukassofl", to relieve the besieged GarriJ
son at Bayazid has failed, liolwithstand1
ing that the Garrison made a determined
' sortie. The Russians, after suiTering a
I severe loss, retreated to Mount Ararat,
where they were again defeated. The
' Turks took many prisoners and six guns.
- A new Turkish army is to be raised for
the defence of the Balkans.
j preparing for a combined attack.
, Kars, Julv 13.?Mukhtar Pasha and
the commandant of Kara are preparing
5 for a combined attack on the Russian
. centre, consisting of 45 battalions of in
. laniry, regiments 01 dragoons, o regiments
of Cossacks and 13 field batteries.
More than 30 siege batteries are in poaition
4,000 metres northeast of Kars.
befu8e to surrender,
Eb/.eroum, July 13.?The following
official telegram from Bayazid was published
yesterday: The Russians having
refused to surrender the bombardment of
the citadel has been re-opened. General
Tergukasoft is near Sineck, four hours'
march from Bavazid.
Bucharest, July 13.-?The Russian ad
vanced detachmenis have reached Gabrowa^near
the southern boundary of
Bulgaria. It is declared here that although
the investment of Kars has been
interrupted the siege has not been abandoned.
turks cactured by buloabians.
! Constantinople, July 13.-?Many
f Musselmansi with their wives and child9
ren are fleeing before the Russians. A
i large number have been taken by the
i nuigarians id jvnannogaz uenie, between
3 Tirnova and Kezanlik.
bismarck on mediation.
8 St. Petersburq, July 12.?The Rub
nian telegraphic agency says: Prince
: Bismarck declared it to be his opinion
1 that any mediation is at present lmnoB
covention denied.
{ It is denied that a convention exists
B between Koumania and Servia. Kusaia
j and Austria have ageed to give those two
r principalities good advice without assum,
ing the right to intervene.
13,000, not 30,000.
A Russian official dispatch from Tiflis
. states that the Turkish force defeat*
ed whenGeneral Turgukasofl' relieved
. Bayazid was 13,000, not 30,000, as reported
in a previous dispatch from Tiflis.
A Bucharest correspondent reports that
the Prince of Koumania has assumed
command of the army.
1 An official montieur contains decrees
c ordering credits for hospital tents.
count andkassyv conditions.
J The Vienna evening papers state that
c Count Andrassy will make his retention
' of office dependent upon a settlement be7
ing arrived at relative to the AustroHungarian
compromise, because he
J thinks that in the present condition of
? foreign affairs, unity is imperative.
r second invasion o? armenia.
I# St. Petersruro, July 13.?After the
q reinforcement of tho army of Jthe Cauca.
sub, even if necessary, by the troops from
the Central Asiatic frontier, a second in*
vasion of Armenia is meditated.
, A Bucharest correspondent Hays it in
q oflicially reported to-day that Kustchuk
e is blockaded by the Russians.
n The Czar haa arrived at Fralesti, a sta*
, tion on the Bucharest Qinegeto rail*
road, where, according to the same correspondent,
he is about to take up his
l" The advanced guard of another RugIt
sian corps has arrived at Ploiesti.
0 It is reported that a camp for 80,000
- men is prepared at Ploipsti.
A battle is expected at Eski Djumandaka
where the Turks are concentrated
in great force.
Vienna, June 13.-?It looks very much
as il Prince Charles' tour of inspection on
the Danube may have convinced him
that his army is not in such a state of
preparation as to undertake the crossing
j of the river.
d following up thzir advantage.
London, July 13.?A Pera correspon*
t dent senda the following, dated Friday
evening: I have just heard, on good
authority, that the fiussiana have been
> attacked simultaneously by Orman
il Pasha at Plerena and by Almad Eypub
Pasha at Man aster. The fighting luted
>11 Thursday ?nd Friday, the Turks
> getting the adrantage.
BocajLElST, Jnly 13.?A correspondent
I- lays, under date of Friday night, fifhtio^
'' ' B?inK 0I> In the vicinity ot Biela and
A^SmtniUi special, datad^Jnly 10th,
rodbino ik tilkik troops. _
Vienna, July 13.?Advicea from St.
Petersburg state that the reserve of Cos*
sacks, consisting of 20 regiments and 10
batteries, in all 20,000 men, are preparing
to follow the 12,000 men who have already
marched from Sarator for Armenia.
When ready, the army will take a direct
routo to Erzeroum.
Cable Consolidation.
London. J ulv 13.?The Direct United
States. Cable Company to-day ratified,
without division, the adoption of resolutions
approving a Joint purse with the
Anglo-American Company and for the
liquidation of the company.
rifle practice.
The Wimbleton meeting is very successful.
The shooting for the Queen's
prizo waa exceptionally good.
bportinu men arraigned for conspiracy.
At the Bow street police court Chief
Inspectors Drusconitcb, Micklejobn and
Palmer, the best known officers of the
Scotland Yard Detective force, and a
solicitor named Froggart, were arraigned
at the instance of the Treasury, accused
of a conspiracy to defeat the ends of justice
in the recent celebrated confidence
cue, in which a number of betting men
were convicted of defrauding the CountesB
de Qoncourt of $50,000.
Liverpool, July 13. ?At to-day's
sitting communications from the American
Cotton Exchange and the New Orleans
Exchange, in favor of adopting the
Liverpool standard of insspection were
read. A motion to substitute the term
American cotton for that of Orleans cotton
was rejected.
The Convention ngreed to recommend
that cotton be sold at Liverpool at net
cash without deduction, as at present;
also t) take steps to organize an Inter*
national Cotton Association, and that
official quotations of middling, low middling
and good ordinary should be given
After announcing that the next Inter
national Convention would be held in
Liverpool in. 1879, the proceedings terminated.
Liverpool, April 115.?In the Cotton
Convention, before adjournment, a resolution
waft passed that efforts should be
made to induce all countries, which had
not already done bo, to pass a law holding
the masters of vessels responsible for the
safe delivery of cargoes. The convention
also agreed to recommend that when cotton
is sold on short payment it shull be
by cash before delivery if required.
British Influence In Greece.
London, July 13.?The adjournment of
the Greek Chamber is believed to mean
that the King, with the aid of British influence,
has gained ascendancy over the
war party, and that for the present, at
least, the apprehensions of Greek participation
against Turkey will not be realised,
as the participation of Greece would
undoubtedly have been a further complication
of the Eastern situation. This result
will be welcomed by those who have
feared a failure of the attempt to localize
the war. On the other hand it is probable
that the friends of Kussia, especially
the British Liberals, will see in the attitude
of Grecce further, steps of.the British
Cabinet in the direction of antagonism
to Russia. They will argue
that as the Canaras Ministry
was formed purely for an emergency and
at the demand of those who desired antiTurkish
measures, the adjournment of
tue Chamber without action must have
been induced by a very forcible representation
on the part of England. It is
highly probable that Britiah influence
has been a strong suppo/t to the peace
policy of the King, but not necessarily in
the sense of hostility to Russia, and poB?ibly
without the knowledge of the Britiah
Ministers. The timo for Greek action
has hardly arrived, and as Greece looks
rather to England than Russia an her
natural protector, it inay well be said
that the strained and uncertain relations
?;"vvu M,v IJ'VW? |<?"6IOUI?VUVV?6M ??JW
agitation which a month ago threatened
to drivo Greece into immediate hostilities.
' V
Further Persecution ol tUe Pre**.
Paris, July 13.?A Marseilles newspaper,
the L' Egalitc du Pempte, has been
prosecuted for reporting the trial for inHultfl
to the President.
legitimist and 0 rle an 1st.
The Unims says that the distinction '
drawn between Legitimists and Orleaniflt
candidates has no meaning or justification.
All candidates recommended by
the Right and Right-Centre Commissioners
are Monarchists.
A Train Wreck.
Atchison, Ks? July 13.?The through
mail train to St. Louis, which left here
at 3:20 this afternoon, met with an accident
about four miles below town,
resulting in the wrecking of the baggage,
mail and one passenger car. The rails
spread, throwing the trucks of the baggage
car out of its place, and three cars
left the track. J. C. Brown, mail agent,
waB thrown out and received several cuts
and bruises, but was not seriously hurt.
No other person was injured.
UAilEl UAliU
lNDiANiroiJ8, July 13.?Indianopolia
3 Louisvilles nothing.
Chicago, July'.13.?Chicago* 0, Hartfords
St. Louis, July 13.?Bostons 7, 8t.
Louis 4.
Columbus, July 13. Buckeyes 4. Champaign
Cities of Springfield, 0., 10.
Summary Vcngeancc.
San Francisco, July 13.?Yeaterday
at San Juan, South Justin Araio shot and
mortally wounded Manuel Burton, an
inofl'ensivecitizen. Last night a body of
masked men overpowered the guard at the
lockup, took the prisoner to the outskirts
of the town and hnng him to a tree. No
Kclley SU1I ou Hands.
Philadelphia, July 13.?Frank Kclley
was brought before the United States
Commi ' er to-day on a charge of illegal
vol*. ** the election in Cincinnati in
1876. L was renewed and the case
continued by the Commissioner until
Thursday next.
Exchange) ot ISodUm.
New Yoek, Jnly 13.?The Treasurer
of tho Chicago, Bock Island A Pacific
Bailroad Company aaya that over four
millions of the seven per cents have been
exchanged for the forty year aixea.
?Two Convict Miners working at a
itation near Sedalia, Mo., wen crushed
lo death yesterday by the caving in of the
roof of the mine in which they were work?It
1> Kmi-offlcially announced that
the PennnylranU Coal Company will
sell 100,000 tona Pitta ton coal by auction
on the2Sth lnst_an& that theDriawan,
Lackawanna A WeafcVn Railroad Company
will follow aolt with 150,040 tona
Cattle Dlwcaao.
N*w Orijsanh, July 13.?Large num
beri of cattle are reported dying of dia
temper in Attakapas county.
It stated tljat the report of the Custom
House Investigating Committee will be
completed next week, there being some
matters that are atill undergoing exami*
nation. In case General Sheldon does nol
return to this city at an early date the
report will be forwarded to him for hit
signature, and then delivered to the Secretnry
of State.
The Board of Healtji has received n
letter from Henry Chab, Consul General
.? TT... S_ I UT1 t
Bb ItATUiia, 1U niliv.ll 1IU DBJB ; X IIC puulic
health of this port continue good,
As far as I can learn no case of yellow
fever lion yet appeared among the ship,
ping in the harbor. In the city typhoid
and other malarial fevers prevail to a
considerable extent, but I am informed
that the only canes of yellow fever are at
the military hospital. At Dr.Belot's
and other private hospitals there have
been no cases for several months."
New York Money and Sloths.
Nbw York, July 13.?Monry?Closes
easy at l^s'J per cent ou call. Prime mercantile
paper 3a5 per cent. Custom receipts.
$186,000. Assistant Treasurer disbursed
$330,000. Clearings $10,000,000.
Sterling: long 4.86^, short 4.88&
Gold?Opened at 105^ and closed at
105%. Borrowing rates lu3 per cent, loans
were also made tint.
Silver?At London 64 3-lOd. Here,
Rilver hnri 41 OT??nlwnki 41 ma/ ?nM
Silver coinK per cent discount.
United HUtoa 6a o! 1881, coupons* ...... 112
Fivo-TwenUes (1866) new 106%
iFlve-Twentios 11867) -109M
Five-Twenties (1868)? ^.M?112?
New Four and tt haUs............ ....10b-;Ji
New FWea.....M.......M?. 111 Vi
Ten-forties. ?112?
Ten-forties (coupons) UH%
Currencr Sixes ...1 'X&yA
R. B. Bonds?Firm.
State Bonds?Dull.
Stocks?Irregular and feVerish, with the
widest fluctuations in coul shares. The
market closed with an advance in prices
over the opening figures, but below the
best prices made. Various aud conflicting
rumors about trouble between the trunk
lines and cutting off freight rates contributed
much to the feverishness of the market.
The transactions were 15(5,000 shares, of
which 11,000 were New York Central, 20,000
Lake Share, 2,000 Northwestern preferred.
3,400 Kock Island, 11,000 St Paul*, 9,(00
Delaware & Hudson, 45,000 Delaware, Lackawanna
& Western, 4,UOO Michigan Central,
16,000 Morris & Essex, and 13,000 Western
Western Union 61 Northwestern com..
Quiekrilver 13 Northwestern pfil... M%
Quicksilver pftt...... 22>{ New Jersey Central 8J4
PstlQc Mull 19*1 Bock Island
aianpoaa Vfy HU Paul 21%
Marlpoaa preferred.. 2% St. Paul preferred... 65Vj
Adams Expraa 9Waba?h.~ "&%
Weill. Fargo A Co~ 81 Fort Wayne .. 83
American '.41 Terre Hauta ........... fi
United States. 41 Terro Ilnute pfd.-... 10
New York Central- 9i!? Ohio A Miaa aslppl..
Erie .... 7J2 Chicago A Alton...- K1
Krlo preferred^. 17 Chicago A Alton pfd 100
Harlem 138 IMl*warc A Lacka... 39%
lUrlem preferred...1W A. it I'. Telegraph.. 20
Michigan Central.... 41% Mtarourl Pacific 1%
Panama 97 Burlington A CJuln.. 99
Union Pacificatoefc. C3l4 Hannibal a St. Joe.. 13
Lake Shore 49$f Central Par. bomU.103
Illlnola Central MU Union Pacific bondalOfi%
Pittsburgh..... Land Qranta li
C. C. C. A I 24% Hinting Fund 9J&
! CINCINNATI, Jalyl 3.?Cotton?Qn let bu t
firm 11 %c. Flour?Easier; old fiimily $8 05
I a8 85, new $7 5l)a7 75. Wheat?Heavy and
lower at the close; red $1 35al 45 CornIn
fair demand at lower ratcB, at 4Sa50c.
1 Oats?Dull antl drooping at 34a40c. Bye?
Dull at tl5a67c. Barley?Nominal. Fork
?Quiet at $14 00. Laru?Demand fair and
market firm; steam nominal; currcnt make
I at 8%c, kettle lOalOJ^c. Bulk Meats?
In good demand; shoulders held at $5 10,
I short rib sold at $7 20, closed at $7 25 asked,
short clear at $7 50. Bacon?In fair demand
at 6a8a8Jic. Butter?Quiet and
unchanged. Linseed Oil?Quiet nt 63a65c.
tirui.i.. n?i.? -* *t no
i iiuiorj-huicmk vj.
Hogs?Steady and in good demand;
| common $4 40n4 70. light $4 85a5 00. packing
$4 75a4 00, butchers' $4 90a5 00.
New York.
Nkw York,- July 13.?Cotton?Steady
at 12 3-16alB 6?16t\ Flour?New occasionally
lowe^. Wheat?Very strong; No.
2 Chicago spring $1 Glial 58, No. 2 Milwaukee
in store $1 08. Kye?Quiet; western
74a78c. Barley and Malt?Unchanged.
Corn?Higher and less activc; western
mixed ungraded 68aG0c, steam mixed 59c,
do July 58}?a59c. Oata?Dull and heavy;
western mixed and State 35a60c, white
western 42a63c. Hay and Hops?Unchanged.
Coffee?Quiet: Rio cargoes 17a
20}?c gold, jobbing ut 17a21&c, gold. Sugar?Heavy;
fair to good refining 9J?a9%c,
prime 9&c, refined quiet and heavy nt
llj^al2c. MoIas?es?Dull. Rice?Louisiana
Ca7c, Carolina. 7J^c Whisky?Quiet
nt $112.
Chicago, July 13.?Flour?Dull an J
nominal. Wheat?Demand fair and pricea
higher; No. 2 Chicago spring $1 4tJ$ cash,
$1 -Hal 41H July, $1 2Uj*al 20% August,
$1 14r" 14K September. Corn?Fairly active
and a shade higher, 48^a48&o cash
and August, 48%c September, rejected 46c.
Oata?Fairly active aud a shade higher;
3ie cash, 29a29J4o August. Rye?Higher
at 61c. Barley?Quiet and uuchanged
at G0a65o. Pork?Strong and higher nt
$13 62)4 cash. Lard?Demand fair and
prices higher; $9. 15 cash, $9 17>?a9 2C
August, $9 25a9 27September. Bulk
Meata?Fairly active at 5^a7a7Vic. Whisky
Tolbdo, July 13.?Wheat? Firm; amber
Michigan spot $1 00, seller August $1 30,
No. 2 red winter seller July $1 30, sellei
August $1 '28K, seller September $1 29,
rejected Lake fchore $1 00. Corn?Firm
and demand active; high mixed spot 53M?t
seller August 53c, No. 2 spot 61 kc, sellei
July 51^ic, seller August 51 Kc, rejected
50c, damaged 443?c. Oats?Firmer; white
steady; Michigan 36&c. rejected 25c.
4 i\ M.?Wheat?Closes weak; small
siles No. 1 white Michigan at $1 80, amber
Michigan seller August $1 30^, No. 2 red
winter seller July $1 39. Oats?No.2,3(ic.
Michigan 37c.
ruiLADKLPnu, July 13.?Fiour?Quiet;
extra $7 #7 60; Minnesota family $8 00a9 00;
Pennsylvania $9 OOaO 59; high grades $9.5<J
alO 50. Wheats-Steady; Pennsylvania red
$205a2 15; amber $2 15a2 15. Kye? Dull
at 70a85c. Corn?Yallnw fiR*. Ala
62c. Oats?Demand active; white western
40a43c, mixed 38a40c. Provision*? Quiet.
Butter?Dull; western extra 16al8c. Cheese
?-Advancing; western 8a8)fc. Eggs-Steady;
western lSaltic. Petroleum ? Kefined 13c,
erode; 9a9J{e. Whisky? fcteady; western
$1 12.
Drj Uoodi.
?kw i or*, juij 13.?Business quiet
in wont departments. Woolen flannels and
hosiery in good demand. Cottons quiet
and steady. Prints in limited demand.
Ginghams doing fairly. Agenti making
free deliveries in men a wear woolens 00
account of orders, but new business light
PnTgBoian, July 13,-PetrolcuraQuiet
and firm; crude $317^a2 20 at Par
ker'a; refined 13^al3^c Philadelphia de
livery. \
la prepared to mala cartful and eonplcta aadriei
of iron Om, Ltnwrtonw, kUn?r?J
mmahbmhj wii a?ia una vnnpime until
I ?a? Wb?line. W. Ta.
, ?V 0/ tvperiA MHOUBU manufacture mi
. jutUp eolebratedfor SUulicUy, Durability and Mm
; nett oj Point. In 15 Kambirt.
V Varieties suited to every style if writing. Ftr
tale by the Trade generally. A Sample Card, ten,
tainlng one each nf the Fifteen Humbert, ly mail, on
receipt of 25 CetiU,
inyl?S 138im*0Qnnd?t,HtwV?efc.
Uristadoro's||air Qye
IithoBftfcitanil the beat, la loiUaUnioui In its
action, ""JJ^produwa ihe moat natural ahadaa. of
luav* ur uiowu, uuCl DOl IUUD U)? hid, MCI 11
cully applied. It U a itand&nl preparation, and
fntorltc upon otcry wrlUappolotad toilet for Udjr
or gentleman. For sale l?y all Druggtala and Hair
drf?Mrt. JOSEPH CRISiADmRO, rrMfUWr, P.
O.'Bok 2112. mw YorH. ?plfr8
Job Printihg.
la the executiou of
Artistic Job Printing
There in no office in Weil Virginia that ho*
a reputation equal to that of the
Their facilities for the execution of tha
best class of work are uot oxcelled by any j
Business men will find1 the belt placo to
in first-class style, and at reasonable
prices, is nt the
25 & 27 Fourteenth, Street.
The Argonaut Mills,
Yarns, Jeans and Flannels.
Plr29 WHKKLIMO, W. Va.
No. 7 Sixth St., near Suspension Bridge,
W. H. STAHLMAN, - Proprietor.
This IIoum has recently been thoroughly renovated
and refitted, with ill the modern improvements
added, Ladlea and Families will find the
House suited in erory way to titeir wants. \ Private
entrance, Farlora, dc. \
It Is located In one of the moat prominent streets
In thn business centre of tho city, and la well van,
tUated throughout. \
Tho table Is aupplled\ with tho beat the market
affords. Street cam rwaj the door every fow rnlnutea
lor all perta of the city, Allegheny, Mancheat?t,
and South-tide.
i The proprietor hu served a lone time Jn the
business, and knowa well the wanta ot guest*. cap?dally
those ot our farmers, ltatca very moderate,
Droveri and Farmers should bear In mind that
the Stabling attached to the Home Is vert large
and of the beat order. Accommodations for 600
**"N. B.-The Wheeling I5T*lliok*cki la received
regularly at this House for the benefit of
gucata from that section. felfr-M
By virtue of an order of the County Court of
: Ohio county. Went Virginia, enteral on the 11th
day of April, 1877, 1 ofler for sale the real estate
below mentlaned. If not sooner sold at print*
aalo I will on
SATURDAY, June 3:th, 1877,
At 10 o'clock a. if., sell on the prtmlaea part of the
1 law of John Tbornburgh, situated on too watera
of Middle Whwiltia Creek, InTrtadelphU District,
Ohio county, W. va.
The part of aald farm I offer for sale supposed to
contain from fifty to seventy acre#, toe exact
amount to be ascerUined by survey after aale, and
; will bo sold at so, much per acre; and Is bounded
i by the ceutr* of the county road and boundary
lioea of the farm, extending scrota aald crwk,\b?ins
all of aald farm lying aoath of said county ro*d.
Tkiws o* Sal*? One-third cash and remainder
in two equal Instalments of nine and eighteen
month* alter day of aale. evldenoed by negotiable
promissory notes secured by deed of trust on the
premises sold. Deed given on confirmation of eile
by the CourL W. J. W. COWDEN,
\ Committee of Joha Tbornhorkb.
No. 1222 Chaplin* St Ie4-M-I?80
The above aale Is poatponed until TUESDAY,
July 10th, 1877, at 10 o'clocloA. m.
Jy2 Committee, Ac.
The above aale la adjourned until TUESDAY,
> July 17th, at 10 o'elock.
]jlOetfi W. J. W. COWDEN, Committee. 4c
1 36 A 37 Foujitoisth Sr.
I .

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