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' -"ED *^===~*nm?0. WM YA., TUESDAY MOKSnSTil^^
The K'y/rliun To-dap.
It ii to be ^e?umed that every voter
hu ere this mule hiichoice between the
point* that aro to be voted for u Capital
location* t(mU/? *e no* therefore
I deem it wartli *hiie to attempt to add
anjthin# to what has been 10 fully said
oo iiie?al>ject. We dimply ezpreM the
/io;>cliiut no friend of Clarkftburg will
omit doing hi* full duty to-day. By thii
V ire menu Ibat he will not only m* that
hin own rote is caat ai aoon m possible
in the day, but aUo put him<
elf to ?om? trouble to ace thai
such of his friend* and neigbborn ai
I favor Clarkitbtirg do not low their vote#
| through neglect during the day. Ohio
count/ ought to poll 5,000 vote* foi
Clarksburg, and if there couhl be a full
turn out there is scarcely a doubt that
the rote for Clarksburg would exceed this
tigure. If Charleston succeeds to-day it
will not be because she ia really the choice
of the people of Wcat Virginia for the
Capital, but becauso .15 many voters in
the First nud Second Districts will remain
.it home.
We say to every friend of Clarksburg
that to-day is your opportunity. If you
feel that it is for the interest of thia
region tlut the Capital should uot again
IMi-iitf.fi ul mi tnarV-naaihln nnint in tha
Stale, but that it should bo omewhere
near the centre of the population and
tax-paying interest* of our territory,
then do not fail to ?ay ?o by your vote
and your influence To-day.
Go to tho polls promptly after breakfan,
and then nee that several others go
during the day.
Let every frien.l of Clarksburg resolve
to rtenil at least half a dozen Clarknborg
voier* to the polh to-day. In thin way
weoaii roll up a vote that may decide the
Capital ({ueMtion.
Another rommunieaHon trotu
Our Anti-I\ IV. ?1 Hj. Corrca.
WirasLXNO, August 0. 1877.
Edlun IutelUgencer:
Permit me to express my thanks for
the courtesy shown my note of the 4th
inst., and to say in addition that your
strictures bear evidence of being somewhat
"ex parte." There is certainly, if
your reuiarkH are correct, an erroneous
impression in the public mind that considerably
over$250,000 ha? been spent on
the P. VV. A Ky R. R. <iranting however
that there wu not, isn't that sum large
enough to suit the complaceucy ot the
tax payers?
Having invested $250,000 in the road,
what part of it is saved by investing
$50,000 more in a "new" capital stock of
$180,000?the balance of $1110,000 being
held by the Pennsylvania Co. ami copartnery?
isn't the original $250,000 lout for
all that? Upon your showing it is only
going to pay i per cent upon the 5180,000,
of which the original $250,000 aforesaid
forms no part, it is hard to see under
this arrangement how the public are going
to#ave any portion of the $250,000.
Now suppose the road will earn 7 per
cent upon $180,000"the capital of this
new organization," what statistics have
been published to show this, except those
stale ones, shown about two years ago,
which will bear a liberal discount to
meet the new basis brought about by the
shrinkage of the last two years.
What rate of interest will these bonds
we are asked to vole for bear? Certainly
not over 7 percent. Then where if the
benefit to come in if we must pay# 7 per
cent and receive 7 per cent, with the
chances decidedly in favor of the proba>
bility that we wi'll have to pay more than
7 per cent for the money to buy the $50,000
bonds with.
I venture to predict that this $130,000
will not be sufficient to completo the
road a? proposed, in view of the fact that
an almostentire new road bed mint be
made, a< some parties who have viewed
it most decidedly assert, and that it will
be only "history repeating itself" and
that there will bo another riemaud from
this capacious maw. I claim that it is far
better lor the taxpayers of this city and
county to let the road go to perdition,
rather than invest ?50,000 or 50 cents
more upon the thin pretext of saving
$230,000, when the latter amount is irre
yocauiy io?l. 1 can inu "iwcus-poca*"
just bm much an I do the publication of
old, Htale and long-ago controverted literature?'just
a* much aa I do a concealrnent
of all the facts and figures.
The fact* are that $60,000 more i*
wanted from thin county; not to save
$"259,000, which id lout beyond recovery,
hut merely to add to that already spent,
iu order to build the road, or a portion
of it, to save its being done by private
enterprise, for private bonefit*.
Tbui proposition looks very much like
as if it was submitted to the wealthy
stockholder! of a well-to-do manufacturing
concern, who iu their individual
capacity were aeked to take the stock or
bonds ?n order to complete the road ir
connection with other intercuts. I hav<
yet to hear of a single person wlib ii
willing to bur them.
Now, it i* an accepted anil well provei
inaxitu, that what cannot he done safelj
by individual*, cannot ho safely under
taken by a corporation. If it would no
pay the* stockholder*, in order to advanc*
the value of property, will it pay thi
county. I don't believe the thing wil
ti^uro out?and am inclined to call it
What guarantee have we that thi
Pennsylvania Company will not back ou
iw ungraciously as ?\i'd the F., C. & Si
Louia Company 7 Then does not thi
Pennsylvania Comnany make it a condi
tion that her stocV it to he a preterrei
stock ? In that case Brooke and Ohi<
countiea are to be psked to take a bacl
neat and sit outside and whittle for thel
per cent while tho Pennsylvania Com
uny in gobbling it? If these are thi
facta the public should understand then
?uu wio BikuruingiT.
Do not understand mo a* desiring t<
provoke a quarrel with you or the roatl
or even a dbcnwion, for I am at a decide
ditadvautage, but I want to enter m;
solemn protect against this movemen
and to call upon the public to registe
their votes against it, aimplj iu ?ell
defense, for we are fait becoming a tax
ridden ;>eople, and for one I am oppose*
lo any further subsidies.
1 aiu always anxious to ace our variout
manufactories improved and advanced
but I do not want to have all the rnone;
'pent on one or two. There is a lhm
"here "forebearance ceases <o be a vir
iue," This railroad has been before th<
public manv times. The laie voU ahouli
have settled it, but this same 'coterie" bj
Rome hook orcroos get uiwiaieu arounu
in aome other tod new shape in order to
loose tbe public parte strings. Now, for
gracious nice, let tbia vote end it. It in
to be moet sincerely hoped that every
tax paver will vote against the proposition;
that the measure will be defeated, 7
and tbe project forever abandoned ao far '
1 ai Ohio county la concerned.
To tbia end it is the dnt j of ever v voter
to register hia vote and drum up alt other
' votes he can and not forget tbe issue in
I the heat of our Capital oueation, and al- t
low the appropriation to be made through
With apologiea for the length to which i
I have gone, I am moat obediently youri,
Tax Paybk.
We ahall not take up much apace by |
way of comment on the above. Our cor'
respondent aeems to be entirely in the
dark in regard to the preaent atatua of
i the 1'. W. A Ky. road. If thla was not the
i cane be would not be under the imprea- N
, sion dint there i? preferred stock held by
the Pennsylvania Company or any body
eke. There ia no auch stock. Not a dol- ?
Iar of it. The Pennsylvania Company
takea $90,000 of the $180,000 needed to
complete the road, and pays for it in new
raila, and Capt. McLure, ITeory K. List, ft
Michael Iieilly, C. D. Hubbard aud
othera take aeveral thouand dollara each.
The County comes in on a par with all
these parties. She takea her chances with
them of profit, not only on the $50,000 of
bonds but of whatover ia earned for the ^
stock. As we liavo explaiaed^jdie saves,
by coming into the new organiaation,
l,900shares of slock. By deolinlng to **
come in she leU it go. This is all there a|
ia of it. An earning of $12,GOO net X
will par her 7 per ceot on the bonds. An st
earning of twice that amount will pay
her, in addition, a 7 per cent dividend on
a part of her stock. How much the j(
road can earn is a mere matter of con- o(
, jecturo. The Chartiers road (Washing- ai
, ton and Pittsburgh) earned in 1875 ?.l
twhich in the lost report we have seen) ^
over 135,000 net. The Cleveland & Pittaburgh
road earns 7 per cent on its capital
' of eleven and a quarter millions, and paya rj
l*side interest on a bonded debt of over N
, live millions, la it a violent presumption J"
that the P. W. & Ky. road can earn the
email sum of $12,GOO net? Vfethink not. w
At the same time we do not advi*o an/ O
body who think* to the contrary to vote ^
for the subscription. The county hit
now exactly $250,000 invested iu the
road. According to the contract between
the County Board of CommiaHionera and p,
the new organization this investment is th
nui rcuuerni iu iuusu wuu iusv complete * *
the road. If she herself cotnes into the ^
new organization fbe will nave 1,900 fr,
shares of stock and Uko her chance* of or
profit. ?f
1*1112 TIKI'. wl
? te
Saratoga Kafin*. ga
Sauatcoa, August 7.?The second race 1,1
was a handicap three heat race, one mile l!'
and five eighths. The first heat was a 8,1
dead heat between Ann Caah and Henry
Owens, St. J amen third. Titue, 2:50.
The second heat wax won by George the
Fourth,St. Jaruesaecond, AnnCanh third. P*
Time, 2:57. The third heat and race was P<
won by George the Fourth easily, Henry
Owen* distanced. Time, 2:58. * La
The third race, mile dash, for 3 year to
old*, wan won by Belle Bas*, Vermont 1|!
second, Princess of Thule third. Time, te;
1:45). th
The fourth and last race of the day waa re
a felling race, one mile and one eighth,
and* was won by Fugitive 1:59, First in
Chance second, Partner third.
luorcased Earning*. mi
Sr. Loom, August 6.?Notwithstanding
the interruption to business by the re* oc
cent strike, the earnings of the 8t. Louis,
Iron Mountain and St. Louis Railroad tu
last month were $292,470, against $252, ca
821 for the same month last year, an in* Fi
crease of 139,647, or about 17 per cent.
The Missouri, .Kansas A Texas road T!
also shows an increase in earnings of
$28,820, or about 30 per cent over July fri
of last year. re
Fire Insurance Company En- ez
Joined. as
nrwabk, n. J., August C.?The Vice ??
Chancellor granted an injunction to prevent
the Citizens Fire Insurance Com pa*
ny of this city from doing further busi* Pl
neas, aiul ordered the Company to show <"
came by the lOlh inst., why the injunction G'
should not b?s made permanent. A^ut*, 1x1
SSO1,97G; liabilities, $302,411; capital, G'
$200,000. Policy holders to be reinsured. 8e
^ th
.Stale Arcliseologlciil Siocirty.
Mahsfield, O., August C.?The State
Archarological Association of Ohio will
hold it* second session at Cincinnati, September
4th and otb. The citizen* of Cin- co
clnnati have arranged for excursions to r,
localities o( interest. All interested in tn
the study are cordially invited to attend, y
Delegates will please report to jJ. Dexter tr
at the Historical room* in the Cincinnati
College building. ar
Hollered, bat not Disbanded. "
Eurancnt, N. J., Augnst 6.?The last
of the tualitia from this place came home
' from New Brunswick to-day. They are *
\ not dismisned, but await orilers at their .
armory. An attempt wm made fn Satur- ir
1 diV to hlirn til* hriilifrt t)i?v uwa ?tiar<l. 10
iiijf, bat tho fune went out. If not dls- g
nn?ed, the company expect to be ordered
to Port Johnson to protect the dock*.
II aAhed by the Can. j
Colcmbca, Aagnit 6.?Chan. Wagner, V
a resident of West Side, thin city, wan .
killed at Logan, about 11 o'clock thia .
morning by a coal train of thirty cara \
pacing over his body. He was twentyfive J
year* of age and loarea a wife and two "
children. JJ
Lo?t at flea. *
New York, August C.?TUe bark i!
Courier, of Brookguat, Valparaiso, in e,
diatrawi, reports the lo?* of Clean Ruck,
second mate, and 8ilvwter S. Dobbins,
Ramuel Nolder, John Urav and W. 8.
Roberts, seamen,during a heavy gale on .
May 10th. J
? tcntcnntal Celehp?ttni> Cl
L'tioa, N. Y., Auguat 0.?The Centen- n
> ntal of the battle of Oriakany wnacele- a
| brattd to-day by# addrewea, paradaa, ialj
ntes and a bountiful diiplay of flaga, ban- ^
y new, bunting ate. ^
r lleaumed Wftllival an Advance. ^
PiTTtnoBflH, Pa., Angnat tf.?The 0
- atrik? anion* the workmen at the Nation- tj
] al Tub* Work*, McKeeaport, ended by
the men agreeing to re?ume work with* 1
i out an advance in their wage*.
j t barged with Murder. g
t Lkwtbtok, pa.,Aogu?t 0.?ChrUtophtr j ti
M. Flanagan hiw been charged by the 0
> coroners jury with the murder of Eliaa I d
I M. Bromley, of Clifton, at Whirlpool, i ol
' near th? Ni?g?ra Falli, Angnat lit. | it
"rouble. In the Coal Regions.
arge Bodies of TroopiStntto
liners Refuse to Work?No >
Prospect of the Strike ]
DroaKing. j
lew Jersey Silk Weavers Re- ?
sume Work at the Old Rates. J
He Kentucky Elections Give a J
Democratic Majority. J
> Regular Old Kentucky Feud In <
Which There is Some f
Shooting. c
_________ ll
WiUiniauToai. c
uuioa Tender* Allegiance to the n
t'nited States. j,
WasiiikutoN, August 6.?No official n
lvices have been received here that the u
raerican Dig has been hoisted at Samoa 0
id allegiance tendered to this country, e
he latent reportn from Samoa contained ti
atementn of a parliamentary criiia S
DW0MT8 $30,000.
The Spanish Government on Saturday 1
nited with the Secretary of State$30", *]
fling the interest on the adjusted tl
nount of the American claims upon the a
[lanich Government, and the distribu- t<
on will be made to tho claimant)* by the o
scretsry of State. w
Capt. II. C. Corbin, of the 24th Infant- a
r, receutly on duty at the Execuitve
[ansion, has been ordered to Columbus
irrack*, Ohio, and to report to Sup't
eneral of llecruiting Service. ?(
Ex-Chief Justice IJpton, of Oregon, C
ill succeed C. C.Carpenter, who retire*, 01
ctober 1st, from the otlice of Second v
jmptroller of the Treasury. J?,
Secretary Scburr denies the statement n
cently published that W. H. Kemb!e,of fi
snnsylvania, paid him $1,500 for ru- l(
sating the same speech three times in a
e campaign in that State. He declarc ei
e story utterly false and ridiculous and
ys since 1856 he has been acting in
irtcen campaigns, Stale and national,
om two weeks to lour months at a timo, c]
i average of G to 7 weeks: that in moat k
then* campaign* he paid all hi* expeuout
of hirt own pocket, sometime* i|
lien he could ill afford it, and to the lit- ?l
r neglect of hiu private affair*. lie
ive lo those campaign* not orilyTiti la w
>r and lime, amounting to little less g
an 21 solid month*, but not an inconilerable
amount of money also. ^
Kentucky Ucctlona. y
Lixikoton, August C.?The election tl
wsed off quietly, but a full vote was
>lled. Fur State k'enntor, Johnson,
em, 2,151, Weathers, Rep., 1,557; for
igialatnre, Bush, Dem., 2,109, Tortle- e,
n, Kepn 1,629; for Coroner, Delph, n
)51, Hallin, Ind., 235. The chief in- ,r
rent in the election was in the race for
e Legislature in the city of Lexington, n
salting in a majority of 540 lor Bush, (3
sm., against 1,150 Republican majority ^
1875. Democratic gain of 1,696. ' ?
pivb fotjthb wokkinomejf. ri
Louistjille, August G.?The working- "J
hi elected five out of seven candidates "
the Legislature over the regular Demratic
nominee* in the city of Louisville.
Lsxixotov, August 6.?The partial rerun
and reports of the majorities indi- ^
te that the Democrat* have carried *'
ivette connty by 1,400. j*
(tone Unconquerable Cn burnt.
Kkt Wot, Fla.., August 6.?Advices *(
am Havana say that rumora are cur- *
ntthat Jovellar will resign and be sueeded
by Ueneral Blanco. Geo. MartinCampos
has sent dispatches to the King r
plaining the situation of the campaign
id stating that the insnrgents are so
*11 supplied^ with information by spiw,
id their farilitif* for i!ifthnnilin<v t?h?n
irailed are such that it taken five hua- ^
ed soldier* to look after ten insurgent* Cl
en. Campos therefore reqnirei 60,000 a
ore troops to crush the insurrection. *'
en. Campos further save that the insur- l(
nta will only surrender on receiving *
eir Independence, and recommends the "
mniih Government to adopt one propo- ,
lion or the other.
More Troops at Wllkcabarrc.
Wilkubirrr, August G.?Pour mora
mpaniei of United States troope *rved
to day. Tho first train from $cran*
n here was stopped below Pleasant J
alley, by etonee wedged between the b
ack. p
Hchartow, August 6.?Two hundred "
id eighty U. 8. regulars arrived to-day ?
tt.. V-.: -i r\ i d
8till holdikq out. j
The miners of tho Delaware, Lack aanna
& Weitern Company show no
gns of returning to work and threatenig
letter* continue to be addressed to ?
echanica regarded m being in favor of t
)ing to work in tho oar ahops. e
Iowa Crop*.
Keokck, Iowa, August 6.?The (Am- a
iiution publishes a complete report of p
te condition of the crops throughout the e
enmoines Valley, extending from Keo- p
uk to Fort Djdge, from which tho fol? s
wing Buoimary in made: Wheat?
bove the average crop and of good
uality. Oata?A heavy yield; forty to
xty bushela per acre. 'Corn?With a n
tvorablo season will have more than the j
verage crop. Rye and Barley?A very j
ght yield. Potatoes?Large and are
>oking nice; the beat prospect* that were
rer known. Timothy?A fine crop.
A Kentucky Shooting Match. c
Cincinnati, August 6.?The Oommerai'i
Grayson, Ky., apecial, reports a
looting affair at Hopewell, Greenup
>antv this evening between David Floyd I
ad his two sons and Lick Floyd, an old I
tan aged 80, on one side and Jo*. Martin [
nd his two Hons on the other. 1
uavid r lord vu shot through ttie c
owela and Lick Floyd shot in ihe fore- p
ad. The Floyd boya were both ahot, c
ne thought fatally, but the extent of tho
ther'a injury is unknown. The affair s
riginated in a dispute between the partea
in June last. *
'lie C harter Oak lu.nuraucc C om' t
pany. r
Srai*oFiELD, Ills., August 6.?The ?
tate Auditor haa iaaued an order direcng
the Illinois Agent of the Charter
ak Life Insurance Company to cease
oing business in thi* State on account c
I the impairment of the Company'* Cap- (
at. ]
am mm age uver a nateb Factor j
Niw York, Anguat fl.?Borne time ago
Sliaa Broa. of New York took a leano
>n the Marion Watch Factory, at Went
2nd. and entrusted the management to
Frederick Oilea, of Gilea, Walea A Co.,
rho formerly owned the place. Laat
Jaturday Eliaa Broa. diaminaed Gilea, but
le refused to leave, claiming to own the
nachinee in the weat wing, during hia
ihience three hundred men employed by
Sliaa took poaaeaaion of the factory and
irhen he returned drove him from the
[rounda with piatola and atonea. Venterlay
the same party remored all the maihinery
and placed men to guard it ao
lilea could not recover poaaeaaion.
ine question ol drawbacks on sugar
wing before the Secretary of the
treasury in the shape of three reports by
ommissioner* appointed to consider the
ubject, and the Secretary hating declined
o allow the reports to be published in adpance
of his action,a reporter has seen the
ugar refiners, who think the Government
hould not make a change in so importmt
a question as drawback without
asking proper inquiries into all the facts
if tho ewe. They say that irresponsible
lemons, not in business, bad raised the
listurbance in the three cities. A. peron
got himself plsced on a commission
o get square with certain persons in the
rade, out of which he has been compelld
to retire, and b/ reason of his former
nfluence he gets the ear of governuieat.
)ne refiner ears that the exportation of
lard sugar, aid not exceed, evea il it I
etched three per cent, the real being
nnitlltip<i within tli* TTnita.l Hlalx Tha
xportation,even at a loss, of hard sugars,
(ten regulated prices for ? el low su-gars
n the American market and prevented
ruinoua fall. It wad some timei betsr
to lose one-half of a cent per pound
n thre? pounds of exported sugar if an
ighth of a cent increase could be oblined
on 97 pounds sold in the United
^ The Executive Board of the A. & P.
'elegraph Co., held a meeting to-day.
'lie directors nay the total indebtedness of
tie company doea not exeeed $10,000,
n 1 instead of the company being debtor
a Jay Gould, the company id hid credit*
r to the extent of $50,000. A resolution
ra? paaatd, and funds provided for
ounding oat the lystem of line?, especilly
in the North.
NaiKenrt Libel suit*.
Ran Francisco, August 0.?The trial
f the libel suit* of Seuator Sargent and
Congressman Page against the San Frani.ico
Chronicle were commenced at Placer*
ille, Eldorado county, to-day. The de>odanta
asked a change of venue to San
rancisco on the ground of expenae, Ac.,
ttendant on getting witnesses. The Court
fused the petitiou and the defendants
led a protest. The Court then proceeded
' - j. -
t.'endar.ce of witneasea and much interit
The Miaaouri Cat of!'.
Omaha, August G.?Siuce the river
Ranged it* course a heavier current hat
sen setting in towards tho Nebraaka
lore,which, it h thought, ift endangering
ie Smelt Works and Union Pacific
iop?. The Union Pacific Company are
taking ctlbrt* to turn thw current toards
the Iowa chore by riprapping.
or the purpoae of hauliug atones to the
>ot a temporary track was laid, and this
lormog about 3 o'clock about 120 feet of
iu track waa washed into the river,
fen are at work night and day to avert
ie threatened danger.
I'ropo*en to I*ay.
City or Mexico, July 3.?It is reportI
that arrangement* have been made for
avinent to the United States of the next
latallment of the amount awarded by
le mixed convention, and President
>iaz intends to recommend to next
ongress to acknowledge the English
rbt, and provide for ita payment, with
iterest. Lerdo'i Generals Lo*ea, Altamine,
Loaz and Velez have offered their
irvicea to the Diaz administration, and
leir services have been accepted.
m. uonuace nospiiai uarncu.
St. Louis, August 6.?8t. Boniface
[capital, under the management of Bevral
Siatere of the Franciscan Order, stated
in South St. Louis, seven miles
on here, caught lire about 11 o'clock
lis morning and, for want of water, was
>tally destroyed. All the natienta were
ifelj removed. The building and furiture
coat $40,000 three years ago, and
as insured for $17,000 in home compares,
oxcept $2,000 in the Fire Insurance
o. of Philadelphia.
Distillery Suit*.
St. Lovih, August G.?Civil suit for
aiaajea was filed to-day in the U.S. Cir-1
nit Court by the United States governisnt
against' Wm. Mclvee. The action !
inbrace* 1,050 counts for $1,000 each,
Hal $2,314,200. These counts are all
like in form, except that the name of
liferent distiller* are inserted in each. j
[urging him with unlawful removal of
{stilled spirits, which act rendered him
auiv iu mo Hoove psnaity. ,
Who Pays Uae Losses ?
Philadelphia, Aagu?t G.?The N?loaal
Exchange has appointed a commit*
?o to urge the united action of the mem*
era of the different exchanges in the!
rosecution of their claims; to consult j
rith the legal authorities and ascertain
n whom falls the amounts of losses and |
images by the recant strikas, and to de-1
idess to the best method of preparing, ,
resenting and collecting these claim*.
The Tramp Unestlon. ,
Fairpoist, August G.?Some attention i
ras given at the Keform Council to the
ramp question, and there was a general I
xpression in favor of effective legislaion.
During the afternoon John B. Gougli
ddreaaed at least 5,000 persons on tern-1
trance and a grand temperance confer*
nee was held, Murphy presiding. Keiorti
wero presented claiming 100,000
igners of the pledge in Ohio.
Fltty lloar Walking Hatch.
Nashville. An&u?t ft ? x w.n.:n?
aatch between Henry Hall and James
Uker takes placs to-morrow. The walk
f for 50 hours or until one gives out.
uiutillihy destroyed.
The Kevenne officers destroyed Dick
Jid James Ballets' distillery, in Wilson
ounty, Saturday.
Th? Vermont Centennial.
. Bennington, Vt., August 6.?The
'/cecutive Committee of the Vermont
>ntennisl Commission, announce* tho
rosramtne for tho celebration of the
5tl>, lthb and 17th. It incluJe* the wel*
ome and reception by President Have*,
irocewioni, orations, rc?iew?, banquets,
oncerta, etc. _
lllk Striker* Returned to Work.
New York, August 6.?The striking
ilk wearers of the two Paterton, New
ersey, establishment#, returned to work
o-d?y, leaving still out the former emdoyen
of one establUhment. The strike
i practically' ended.
College Horned.
Mcbfmwboko, N.a, Aognm 0?The
uaia building of the Weelejan Female
College burned laet night. Loss 575,000.
Insurance $80,000.
The Russians Largely Reinforced
and Resume the Offensive.
A New Turkish Army for the Defense
of the Bosphorus.
Iki*fI'llff <1 Ullh Crout
Vienna, August 6.?A Zera special ,
aaya: After soven hours engagement,
August 4, the Insurgents, under General
Deapotonich, were deleated with great j
loss. Deepotonich with 300 men croued
the frontier into Austrian territory, .
where he was disarmed. J
admitted disasters. i
london, August 0.?ad official din- \
patch published in St. Petersburg, ad- j
raits the loss of upwards of 5,000 men at i
Plevna, including one colonel, killed, and <
a major general and two colonels wound* 1
ed. A dispatch also admits that General
Gourko had been obliged to retreat.
russians resume the offensive, \
Erzeroum, August 0 ?Russian rein- '
forcements of 15,000 have Groaned the ?
frontier and occupy a atrong position >
to the north of Am, thus threatening the 1
right and centre of the Ottoman army. |
The Russian centre is divided iuto three 1
columns at Ani, Galveran and Kuruk* c
dare. It numbers 68 batallians of infantrv, i
and 8,500 cavalry. Ismacl Pasha is ]
about one hour's march west of H&vizid.
General Tergukaaaoff ia on the frontier at
Karadonlak with 18 battaliona of infantry,
7 batteries, and 7 regiments of cavalry,
Constantinople, Anguat 6.?It ia offi*
dally announced that it haa been decided i
to form a camp of 70,000 men near the t
Capital, in consequence of the recent ap- *
pearance of the Russian steamer Constan- c
tine off Ivilia, near the mouth of tho
Boaphorud. A corps of observation haa e
been sent thither. Admiral Hornby, c
commanding the Britiah fleet at Beaika c
Bay, viaited the fortification of Galipolis*
tiistcva. In consequence of the Turks
akowing no disposition to pursue the
order* lirat given Prince Schako^koy
and Uen. Krudener, to retire on O-tma v
river, they have been countermanded. a
They have taken up poaitions occu- a
pied before the battle. Prince Schakoa- !
koyV headquarters are at Pakedin and j
Gen. Krudener'.-* at Tiriatenik. They "
have entrenched their front nud are able !
to thwart any attempt of Ojman Pasha to '
i advance.
I CONSTANTINOPLE. Aueustfi.?Th? Ali?. 1
'train Ambassador had a confidential 5
audience on Saturday with Kadria Bey,
President of council of the State. The
latter in Haid to have intimated that the
Porte, in spite of late successes, was (
finally convinced that the warwai really ?
a misfortune for the whole world. If (
Rus/ta_ only demanded autonomy for j
Bulgaria under Christian government, j
the Porte would agree to make peace. r
mobilizing 1ieh forces. a
Belgrade, August G.?Order* have *
been issued for mobilizing a tirut cla^t* of
militia, to he re ready in eight days. Officers
and surgeons must b? prepared in
forty-eight bourn to atart for their deati- t
nation. Everywhere munitions and provisions
are being quietly collected. I
The Red Cross Society in hastily pre- I
paring all necessaries. Minister Kiatics 1
w to go on a mission to Vienna. Prince
Milau, when at Ploiesti, received permission
from the Czar to participate in
the campaign.
London, August G.?Information has j
been received that the Porte has decided
not to retain more than 10,000 inThessaly
and Epirus. Considerable bodies of *
troops from the province have been sent
j to Adrianople.
a l.l. r?... .
? n?yau. 11 wu? UUIiUHCai BNI1UUULXH
that Mehmet Mi and Osman Pa*hahave i
| defeated the Russiana at Tirnova with a t
I loss of 1,500 killed and wounded. The t
Czar haa gone back to Frate&hi. t
India'* linrvest. ^
I London, August 6.?Advices from In- t
'dia state that the harvest proepents are (
somewhat improved, but severe distrens
will probably continue for some month*
longer. There in considerable anxiety in
the southern India, and an appeal to the ,
British public has been issued by public j
meetings in Madras; it says the rain (alia ]
continue to be insufficient. A population
of 20,000,000 i? affected, and numbers
are absolutely depending on charity.
In Madraa Preiidency alone 1,750,000
persons daily receive assistance. Mor- j
tality is increasing, and distress is now t
reaching the better cla?sea. The pressure <
must continue until the crops are gathered
in January. Necessity for assistance
in most nrirant anil nruwino
stormy and disorderly. 1
The Home of Kulera to-day prxvatelj
considered the recent occurrences in the ;
Parliament. It ia understood that &
resolution wait proposed censuring the |
obstructives, and after three hours stormy
debate the meeting broke up in disorder
without panning any resolution. j
a general holiday.
To-day is a holiday throughout the <
United Kingdom,
ciiarged against rc88ia groundless, j
London, August G.?Col. Wellesley arrived
Sunday and hod interviews with
Lords Beaconstield.and Derby.
A dispatch from^ Biela saye that the
only object of his visit is to explain the i
groundlessness of the charges of atrocities
made against the Russians.
An Invitation to Dine wltta Marqnls
tie Talleygaud Pcrigord.
Paris, August 6.?Chief Justice George
Shea, of the New York Marine Court,
while passing through Louraine, was entertained
at dinner by Marquis do Talleyrand
Peri*ord. The invitation stated
that the object of dinner waa to render
homage to the sympathetic american nation.
Tim principal notabilities of the
town were present. The speeches were
very cordial in ipirit. Republican Da
pern remark, however, that the reactionarjr
Sub Prefect recently appointed by
Minuter Fourtier declined the invitation
to dinner.
O'Connell'tf Birthday.
Belfast, August 6.?The Xationaliittf
to day held a demonstration to celebrate
ine mrtnuay ol U'Uonnell. Disturbances
occurred in several parU of the town.
Some bouses were wrecked and a number
of persons wounded. Up to a late hour
the military were patrolling the streets.
Ex-Preftldent Grant.
Florence, August 0.?Ex-President
Grant ha* arrived at Vare*e. There will
be a grand concert and display of fire!
works in his honor to-night.
a fatal circular.
Rome, August 0.?Cardinal Situeoui |
has addressed a circular to the Pupal.
Nunciaa instructing tbem to inform the
, various government that whatever mr>l- j
ideations may be found requisite in the
ceremonies to take place at the next Con
c1?vb they will not be of a nature to interfere
with the rights of the Catholic
power*, nor lessen the facilities for theii
expressing them fully and freely.
Uoild and Others Fined.
Niw York, August 6.?Jsy Gould,
with 47 others, was fined $250 for falling
to answer when called on the list of pettil
morx klfatt than TOOL.
A decision was given to*day in thesuil
of Catharine Nesta Ennwmore Hicks,
L'ountesi of Heinructh*, against Robert
Martin and others, executors of Daniel
Msrley, a banker, whom the plaintiff
claims owes her about $60,000. Judge
Van Brunt, in a decision adverse to the
:<r ?..< '
|n*iuvtU| hji iwafc > canftui examination
)(the account* shows beyond question
that a majority oi the evidence is made
up of falsified accounts, foreeries and per*
ury, and are prepared with consumate
irt. The plaintiff is not a fool, although
he case shows her to be a moot accomplished
The Erie Rail war Company is continling
its contract with the Western Union
telegraph Company, giving it the exclulite
right to use wires over the railway.
Another motion asking leave to sue the
Efrceiter to prevent the extension of
privileges to the Atlantic and Pacific
telegraphic Company, and thus violate
:ontracts was granted, the Court remarkng
that the rights of all partie* will be
reserved under such actions.
Weatiter lodleatloua.
was iiaraathkirr, )
Omci or tbs Cmxr Bishal orricsa, >
Wasbiotoji, D. 0., angdit 7?1 a. *.)
For Tennessee and Ohio Valley and
ipper lakes, falling followed by riling
inromcter, nouthWwt to northwest winds.
rarrner followed by cooler and partly
loudy weather, and possibly local rains.
For tbe lower lakes, falling barometer,
oath and west winds, slightly warmer,
loudy and rainy weather, followed by
ooler east winds and rising barometer.
Terrific Wind and Bain Ntorm.
Council Blotto, August 6 ?A terrific
rind and rain Htorm passed over this city
il an early hour this morning. So far
a can be learned no particular damage
ras done to any property, except at the
>af and Dumb Asylum, three miles
oatbeast of the town. The new wing
n process of completion. three stories
tigb, was levelled to the first xtory, and
i portion of the material wu carried the
liitance of a mile. The loss, $10,000, will
all on the contractors, the building nut
laving been formerly accepted by the
Arrest ot a Forger.
Nashville, August 6.?A special to
he Nashville American from Cowan,
tates.tbat John W. 8. Robertson alias
Captain 0. Robertson, charged with havng
six years ago, committed forgeries in
owa, to the tune of $100,000, was tolight
placed in the custody of H. Wood,
it Cowan, Tenn., to bo taken to Dewitt,
Marine Kens,
New York, August 0.?Arrived?Steaaer
Man* from Rotterdam.
Lo.vdon, August 0.? Steamer* City cf
Richmond, Suevia, Aragou, State uf
Pennsylvania. Switzerland and Atmtri
ia from New York, arrited out.
Louisville, August 6.?Chicagoa, 7;
^uuvillec, 2.
Cincinnati, August 6.?Cincinnatis 2
it. Louis 8.
Heavy Fire.
Buffalo, August G.?A fir* id raging
u Cedar Bush, near Bertie, Canada,
ibout nine mile* from here, on the line of
he new Trunk railroad. Six miles hare
Ken burned over.
Springfield, Conn, August G.?James
i. Dewev, of Chicago, member of the
lector clasfl of Williams College, was
Irowned at Williamatown fo-day.
Trains All Bight.
Mauch Chunk, Pa., August 6.?Trains
an regularlv again on the Lehigh Valey
and Lehigh <fc Hnaquehanna Bail
?A labor reform conference was held
it Fairpoint, N. Y., Monday last, at 9:30
i. m., and various features uf laboring
questions were discussed.
?C. W. Ringgold. U. 8. Appraiser at
New Orleans, and C. J. Barker, at Portland,
Maine, have been impended with a
riew to reduction of force.
?Albert Myer, aged 21, was drowned
at Missouri on Monday while bathing.
The body has not been recovered. His
parents reside in Philadelphia.
?The Morton House stables at Indian
Harbor, Conn., were destroyed by an in*
cendiary Ore early Monday morning.
Thirty-six horses and a large number of
carriages belonging, for the most part, to
N'ew Workers, were burued. Loss over
540,000. The coachmen escaped by
leaping from the windows.
t?CHBKINER?On Moodty, August BtU, 1177, st
11)4o'clock P. m., UatisoA JL, Intant uaof Oti 0.
inn PrctJIU Jatta tfchrelner, y taonthjsad
Funenl notlco heretftrr.
U wepvwl to auks artful tod eonafeta aaalraea
J Iron Oraa, IiaMatooea, Minora] WYvar*, ate.
La Inn tor/ uor. tttb and Chuf Ujw strata
ay WhwWitH, W. Va.
BfJ of latter Irom a
"OKLY BOOT Jfh W?v??Kfn'
-mi I.iva a
Qiiinr ii PERRIHB that
BAUUb, |S^7tJthdx^B?UWfb.
j u vi-* B id'7 * ?*?* la iB?
AadipplkabUto R^gYu. u la mj
rvnv * i Dnwrfea9?Plnlual U* notl
KYBBY TAaiirrTSj^^K jaUiUbft u w*U m
nv ni4TT BMHkIR,he mMt
OF DI3u. |^Hg|Qaauc? that ti
lit. "Exoellent Tuts."
2d. "Vtry Cirefully Pr?pired."
jjR _i . NBW YORK.
No, 7 Sixth St., ?t?r Saipimlon Brltgt
W. H. 8TAHLMAN, - Proprietor
Tfcla Houae haa recently been thoroughly reno
tated and refitted, with all the modern laiprov*
menta added, Ladirs and FamHIe* will find (hi
liouae suited (a every w ay to taeir want*. I'rtvati
' entrants, Parlors, Ac.
i It la located tb on* of the moat prominent streeti
in the business cvntie of the city, and ia well ventilated
The Utile la aupplied with the beat the market
affords Street can naa the door every few mln?
utea lor all pens of the city, Allegheny, Manchester.
and Mouth-side.
The proprietor has aerved a Inns time In the
business, and knowa w?II tba wants ol guests, eepedally
thOM of our farmen. llatea very moderate,
Drover* tod Farmer* ahould bear in mind that
the Subllng att<ched to tba Houmi is vrrr law
and of tho best order. Accommodations fur too
WN, B.?The Wheeling ImiUuniCM It received
regularly at this Houie for the broeflt o!
gtteaU from that section. ttlO-M
Ia the Coast? Court of Ohio county.
Wm. A. IToorer 4 Co. )
ti. > In Chancery.
Jacob F. Lulkrrt ct al. J
In purauance uf a decree entered in thla mum at
the Isat term of aaid court, the undcis.gueJ, special
Commtselon?r, will, on
at lOo'olock A. K, prooeod to n!1 at |ioblio uuotloo,
at tho front door of the^ourt fiouwuf Ohio
county, tue fol owing deecritvd red property. that
la to say: Lot numbered tLirty-one (No. II) lying
en the west tide of the National ltosd in tbe town
of Fnltoo, in Ohio county, W. Va. (aee Uw*l Buck
Mo. 48. p. 1M.) Alao a parcel of land in Triad.*!rhla
district In Ohio county, beglnnia* at the
unction of B. * W. Manhilt'* ru?d, biln.; th
south weft corner of a tract oi Lind to d by V Folmtrto
Frederick Ko'*r, thei<ce with s?l I Kntwr's
llneN 39S?fc. ^20u/lu th-nr* N oS-1 W. itW
polee, theme 8.W IS It oulu* the .oo d. UJ
W. 7_24_poles, thence N. M}i* W. 8 poUt, thoiioe
v.TT w. is BO poI*a to a turner lu a ruu, aiid
thuieo i 70* IL. 13 21 p->lw to the tajonlng, conttioiafi
three and?M0Q turn, more or less. (Demi
Book No. 6), p. 173.)
Tiim or Sal*?On?-thlrd of the purchtae
mosey, and aiich further autn u the pu-ei.ajer
may elect, la oanh; the remainder to be p.t.d In
two eaual ln?Ullmenti at dz and twelva mouths
frum toe diy of wlo with laierrat (roui tb? day u(
aale, tl epuicbfsertcntr* bond* with aool re urity
for the da/nmd payuienta, atd the title to Lm iotaltcd
until the purcbaa* motiey Is p^M
Special CuinmLuiu cr.
Wheettn*. August 1st, 1877. uujtt-Th
J C. UtKvmr. Ancdonwr.
In the County Court ol Ohio county.
lu Chancery.
Albert 5?clte, Administrator <f the estate if Au?
gujt tkabiight, dt-ctuai-d,
Mary Eeabiljht tt al.
In pursuance ol a decuo tntcud in this caute at
the l*ai t?rni of aalil iuurt, the uiwlcmtyutd, Special
Commlaeloner ol aald touit, Mill, on
TUESDAY, AUG US r 2Sth, U77,
at 10 o'clock a. *r, pnxeid to aoU at public auction,
at the front door < 1 tho Coart Route of Ohio
ouunty. the tollowing deacr'bed real property, that
Is to :ay: Tb? ajutu half of lot numbered two lu
square numbnml flfie* n In that tmh of tho city <>f
Kheedug formerly called BitchluUiwn. said nait
lot baaou it i brick xe*lJence, Icing Jio L'-Jio h'otf
Tkmma ov Saus? Ono-third of tho purrhjs
money (ot incae It th? putch&eer elect) c<sti la
band, and the r.iAAlndnr In two equal lns-alliuenta
at tlx and twelro xnonihs, w.th Lttiut (ruui tne
dar ot tale 'thn nnrchaaer'idriniz houda with
"curitjr for the doferr.d jiiymruu. m>l title to be
reulutd uutil the uurcbasu waucy I- iml.l.
Special Corniui ni'-ucT.
Winding, July 28tli, \i:1. JjW-Th
la tbe County Court of Obl.> ocuniy.
la Chauctry.
Thotnai Colrin
J. K Davi*. W. J. W. Cowd?n, truatee, The Central
tulldlnK Anuclatlon No. 2. AI?xaoder d.
UUleiple, u-uiU-o, and Tb.uua O'Brieu.
In pur uance of in order enteral in the Above
entitle! cause at the laat tarni of the mid court, the
uuderaigned Cuniuibnoocr w 11, at hli ottlec. So.
1140 Chapilne itreet, Wheeling, W. Va, on
MONDAY, AUUUdr 27th, 1877,
prooeod to Uke and atate an aocvunt ibowlng tbe
lieu* upon, tbe rwil estate iueatl?>nrd in tbe bill
aud more pirtlculnrly drtciibH in EiblMt "C' U
tbe bill tiled iu this cnum, with their nvpoctive
prloritiM. and any other matieri deetmd jurttnent
or required by auy partita in inure*!.
Commiwioner f tbe Couuty Cuurt.
Wheeling July 23tb. 1U77.
Pudlston 4 PasDUttos, Attorney" forPltlnift
kay, Mcknight & co.,
Blake Steam Pump.
And Supplies.
ritUburgh, l'?.
Pulley Blocks
Doyle's Hall's ftnd Bird's,
tavcvAcroHxo MCLCSXVS
IT hr Tilt
I ? p TaiB Lock Mfg. Co
, nx??r ?. tuit.1i, Fks.
; Hold the Load aitrpfudrd a
X jJ Enable one uiiu t j dotbevurl
, J 1 d 'our ur ^Te*
Tfca SUh Annual Pea?!on ojena September 26
1877. Catalogue i?st tn apj>Il'?tlno to i be Frlnci
pal. L. M. BLACKFORD, M. A.
I !)>> ?d*w Alfiuudrla, Va.
REV. A. A. E. TAYLOR, D.D? President
A largt properly and andowmcoL Full corpa c
iptrknccd Prolanora. Xtaxly 3W atudenti
I Gaul cat, Phlkaopntcal acd Felaotl&c Cuuriei,
lo bnt Coll^fea. Franch and (Jatman taught lb i
outfuiy. w npnm oavapuriicwt.cn
Preparatory Dapartmant taujbt maial/ \,j Cnl
Itga l?acb?r??EijlUh, CUtaioU aid Jiunu
Courtfa. ALLCLUBn or** to TOUXO Wokkn
Oataioga?a mat Intlj on application to the FUEd
IfiEKT, Wooater, Ohio. ijWfrn
N. r. BUINHAM'S '1174''"
, by our bBO mtmiu ?Uu? It ftlc. Riiuo-J
Hew pmnphw, liw, N F BURN HAM Pa
The Crucial Tut 01 ibe value of a medicine Is
time L)um Miwlcuce confirm tba claim put
, foi th In iti farur at the cntaet ? Ii the (ran < que*tion.
Apply thla criterion, 10 d. pie, yet so
i no KarrhiuKi to taaiaicr'a ErrnavncntT paltzri
apkmant How has It worn t what hu
bwn lu hUtory T Uov d?ea it atand today f
Tirrial'i SelUer Aporlcnt
liib household name thiouyhnut the United States.
I I-Mimin nana aia ?i?ioc, and with auccam,
in dytpepai4, atck baadathe wrtoua d-billij,
liver complaint. bilioua lumlttanta, hoaal cornplaints
ie?i*cU]ly coniilpation), rheunutiaci.guut,
gravel, uauaaa. the complaint* |?culiar to the matvroal
(ex, and all ty^s uf lufljumatloo. 8 mild
l. It in Ma operation that It uu be given with per*
ft-ci ta(-iy to the feetleit child; and M agreeable
U't to the t<ate, w rdreablug to the paUte. that
children uerrr refuse to take it. For aalo by all
CRfi a week in your own town. Tama and IS
SOU outfit free. B. HaI LtTT A CU,
Portland, Main*.
i) e Extra Flni Mixed Cardi, with nana, 10 eta.,
ji) poetpald. L. JON KBA CO., Haawm, W. Y.
Ct; fo 190 P" d*7 home. Bauplca worth
$310 *4,\J |},rec irtiajoiiaCa,Portland,
CEo C77*Week 10AJS*nU' W?OuiJUFm.
*?? P.O. VlCKtHT, Att<uata,Ma.
?10 day at horn*. Agtrnte wanted. Outfit and
Jlfc tcrma frea TRPE1 CO.^Aufustaj, Maine.
Fifth Hcmjufi. Fttttn Salt bhtum, Chilbuiin>,
.(mt Urtitl. O't / ipt Ftyi'prl I flinguo
i mi. Ualltuei, ?c*ld Htad,L'huypfi UaiuU,
hunt, Cuhcert, Fthta,
teauU, Aru, Ulens,
Wovn./j, Stimji, SMngtu,
Ft tier t, W-tu, M ?*,
Fxlu. ikau. fV/ellii
Bunions, Opraint, JioUi
UiUt (Sat, Hhdloxt,
War It. Ulultrt, Tan
fimplti, Comi, tcutf.
Itch, iwjrotcing Aal'i, Nettle R(u\, M^ulto anJ
Flea U It J, Npdtr itinyt
And til cutaawu? tinr*-** and irm-iioni g?n*xtlly.
Kg- title br Nil UrufgmU. gro. era and at all country
?t r?-i throughout thu United states and British
Prorlnwc l'rlc* by mull 81 reuta. Fr-p^r d
lij rtLTJl W. l*u WLE A tiUSa M H*rri?on A?a.,
jtovon *'??? Jf80-?xUw
Spool Cotton
Clack aad Color* enpeolally denlr&ble.
For aalo by
j. a. iinoDES & co.
EMSlJElMfe.lt BK03.,
Our facilities by way of Machinery,
and tbs large Una of fine
Stock on hand, enable us to do
Cards, Circulars, &c., in th? very
best style, and at unprecwtonMly
low prices. We shall Im pleased
to show specimens and giv?
25 ind 27 FaartMMh 9t
r|10 CAPITa-LIb r&
flu Partisi nf ???ll U?? n_.i -?
? wm?" -no*nc WOIUVHI Ul
Engaging I* Grape Brewing,
Coal Mining or Market
account of advanced ui I id deelroua oi
changing rar realdence. and therefore ofler lor tola
my (arui aiUated opposite tbe city of Wheeling, on
the rim bunk, midway Utw?n Brld?ppurt and
Martla'a Terry, and Immediately adjoining the vll?
k 'age o' iKtnavllle. The property oniuffca of CO
?cr^? of bill and table land and i:? oi rir?r UiU?a.
fa the LU) there are two eeami of c*l, tin 3%
feet thick, three depodu of Umeatone, an 8 foot
vein of eloM texture Mod or free au,ue, an W foot
<dn of marl, which altogether mike a e?ii and an
underlying bed of depot] te of a rich and valuable
On th" eurface, the larger portion ol which Ita
gently doping to the c?at, ana ali under direct exSBurf
to the ?ar., I? a Vltroeard of !W acres, moitly
uwba grapee, all in Oho taring conditio?,about
' evm ye.-u? old, wh!d. Iiaa proven ttaeif aUe to p*y
j handaome |*'rcant to tbe cultivator.
The property Is luslnc t\iiiroachoa abut* and be.ow
by au a'lranrlut, tide of per?,tu aiwMog Mall
hoinniu*'ls, aud U i.ow rwllj the only unoccupied
terrilorr between Bridgeport and Miriln'a Ferry,
t It l? valuable aa an Investment fur capital eeeklnge
iwfv purcbaao, and valuable to thoati who wast wari
kot gardening ground clow to the city. U ixanta
beaut.fully upon the river and cumnacdaa t^w ol
the city, the laiand and the whole uenary oj the
The terma of tile will be on*?thlrd rveh, belxcce
In two annual pajraeuu. I per cent intoreet on d?tared
payment*. For further psrtkutara inquire
On the pmnlaee, ox by mail at Bridgeport, Ohio.
. _?P?
Tobaccos.-i have on iund
a full line of Tobacooa from the leading man*
ufactorlea lu the country, including Lorulard'*
riiuor or*, uuiwwn Monitor N-tjt, HuryC.
. Uolbrook ? N?tj, Hooar Bo.'aoo, J. & J wo,
lUchnumd J. a r?c?. DmtiUo, V? ; B. F. QnioIt
tod utbna. I no iuralah til itylao miJo by
the* ftct?*!et it !owt?? uurk?t price.
M. UK ILLY, IK* md Ull MtlnHt.
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