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F0KREN7. |
A Talualilc F*rm on CbapllB# ??r th#
Itjr, known u (be J??ob'? F?nn- NUd farm oontaloi
two hutidird ?crr? of tond? eonfortabln
houw, two iplendM ipplf oroh?rd? iod twe> t1m?
jtnlf. all Id good ordtr. TbU faini li railibl* fur
j? IthiT tUlrfmrn, Mfdf0m,drow? or tin fhu?.
nu|l __ tftnwocd Iron Worh.
pull KENT?
Two of tboMimoll fancy Store ,Kooni?,
with good Dwelling* attached, on Eleventh
Powtifciou to lie had immediately.
j)i i. mnipi, Ageni.
Mo. SI Month Front atrwt, Irfand-pleaaaoUj
diuaUxl and dcatrabk. Alao, one Kcoin in orood
Morjr of Mo. M Twclllh itrvet, suitable for in office
or ilrcilng room. l\**wilou glrrn lm?Nll?tely.
1U>4UU??'1 DU. fc. A. IIILDKETII,
tpll Wo. U07ChapUofBt
rToH u urn?110 use?
containing al?bt rooou and Iktli Hooni, on Jacob*
iheot, l*tween 13th and Htb, wwt aide, i
(laa&ad water. Will t* reat?d low to rwyuniibla "
tenant. Enquire (j
no3) floufcattllar and Stationer, 1066 Main Hi. (
roTT sale.
la r<>nu*nc? of an order made by the Board of
theMion! Find, and la oompllanw with th? ??*
villous of tecllon 71, Chapter lit, of the Acta 1872- 1
3, the folkntinj f.atik At caa aiwnffcred for aale by
iho tojjd of Iho .wbool Fund of Wnt Virginia,
(00 ahint, of ISO aach, Id the First National
Uink ?I Knlrra -lit; a
160 ibarw,' ! 8ico eaeh, In thu National Bank o! Writ
Virginia, at Wheeling; ,
Um abaio*, oi 1100 aach, in tha Parkinlurg Ha- I
tlon?l Pai.k
r?a ?*1 bida ?f!l be recti tod by me at the Au.ll- }
tor'* >fllre, In Whealler, until tha IStii DAY (JF
ALU' Hl\ 1877. fnr Mid itock, or ao many ahaxoa
tlifwof na i ?ch bidder may be willing to pwh "ae.
Tlie hi idtr uiuit eUU In hU bid. what itork and
tho number o! a^ara he 4*alre? to rurchaw, and
the t<ricrt. In caxh, ho will par for ?acn aharn.
1 ha right la raaer red to rrfrrt any or all bida. i
1 i?kPII ta Mil l lilt
Jy27 Sec'y Board of ft-bool Knml.
Valuable Docks end Fixtures.
Tin* uudtrtijn'ed. sdnilnlitrttor of (be citato of
.Itcib Dicuel d'?o?scd will otfrr at public sale,
to tbo litjihflsi nr.l hot bidder, at the west end tf- -1
the 8uff>vu?k>n bridge, ou Wheeling bland,
ON K ML'HDAY, AUQUoT 18,1177,
ommpuclnt: ct 10 o'ol^ k a. m., the following describe!
jiro|?eit>-,tb?t istosay: Ssectiom
uf d'?ka wl(l> I 8u*ntj-i?;it,and tooli and fixtures
for wflrklnj t!.i> nine
Ton* of fAt.ir?Oi ^halfcsih; haUnce In tlirro
uui sit months, with tou t andnppruv?d n ctirity.
Administrator. j
Annl'.nn ?- .1. C. Heiv>y. jy'li"
rjlKUSTCt'd bALK. ?
Hr vlitue of a DcfJ of Trait loudo by Edmund
Rocking t tl iii;S<..'?i.fdTrtisti?.dat*l the Will f
dJ? \j\ l*rpu.t,.r, A. D. ItTii, and of rccord in the
Clrrk's otfi e tbe Oiumjt Court i>f Ohio county c
in l'crd t.-f Trutt Hvb Na. 11, |?ge 4S1, I will, on
MONDAY, the 13th dayt.1 AuruiI, 1877, j
CommcDclsc at 10 o'clock u , at the Drug Flora
?f tb? ro.il Ld timed Pocklnj, on th?corner of 13:h i
and Chiirllitt Mitels II! ?h?*clty of Whetllnrf. roll J
at public a Kit Ion t<> tha h'ghi*'. and l^tit Udder
tbf /ullbwh*; dcier*bc I property: All the ra?lni:s,
furniture. medicare* and property tontali;ed
iii the Prtitf fctirecf tluinio Kuiuuml Booking.
*iiil-r < In*, atuoap other hlnrsl 6 ahew rswi wild f
oiotcii!*, i coo bvttlee jan and mum and their contents,
1 package and riM of patent mcUitlui.?, 1 lion
wfu, 1 book mw and dctk, l library containing two
hundred volumri of pbnruiicuctical, chunlol ai.d t
aUentiiic books. 1 pirnc Iptlon raw together with I
IU bottlMand ccnteut*, 1 soda fountain, 1 micro- *
cope, 4 jwlri of ncsl s, and all kinds of uiHllciiira, I
druiitnud Ityuura that appcrtniu to n lint-elan
Lru( Store. t
At the ume time, but at the dtrcliisg house ol
the cnid Kock'ng, allualetl on Kill ilieet, lft*wi
Kottarid 11} run atrwla, the uadenfyned will tell, '
by vtrtueof tbv n.!.! d?*d, nil the household and
kitchen Sundtuieof the mlil ItocLlrs. (outfit m; '
of i?lr, N-lrt?-ail?,rarjM'is, dlvMiM, cliaits, utauiU |
book ?>n a, glu-wai*, lookluc glaa'co, ni ?l '
and aliiumi tvmthlng that I* usually ciutuintd In I
n writ fiirnltheu dwelling lious:. At the saute I time
I will nUoatdl eoveral pltcea of lewelry wan*.) "
For a iu< ?.> particular description of the iirpcrty
in uc R.iu, niercncd w uintw 10 tc? sjm ami?: .
If us', i r jjrl.oi dtalrlci! to puabtuu way obUlii
iul! Insinuation from tin-1ru?l?'.
Twnis of jayiui'i'l mail" known t n the day of
u'?. V. I?. JOMNriON,
jyU .. ^ j 'fruits.
EU'My rl,..n , HtriMtag 1 nl? on Whtvltng hlau>l.
Priiv I iota f*o to?C? Orach. On'y one-flxth ol
ihf j'Urcliiwi mooty rvqulrrd ioc*?h. ThfmiJu? .
m*T I paid uuuuaily lu llVi t\ual lnaUilwcnU 1
witu lnu-ri'?t. t
pU At Top Mill. J
J. MI>OX VANCE. | IT. *. 1IT.MIIU. | A. 0. WlSCttfft '
Manufacturer* and Jobbers of
Boots and Shoes,
No. 1301 Kaln St., Wheeling, W.Yt.
All persons suffering from this terrible
calamity should avail thcuiselucs of the opportuuity
given them by the temporary
presence in this city of
Specialist in the treatment for the ltclicf
anil Radical Cure of Rupture, anil obtain
nil HcrviuvH wiiiiouviicjRy* iieinu npeueu
u temporary office at the
St. ?Ttimes Hotel,
dls method insures the patient the three
leading points required by nllrnpnred persons?Comfort,
Security and Cure.
augC-daw ^ ______
Pr-in+inrr !
i niimg *
And every description of Mercantile Print
% ing executed promptly and at j
reuonable price*, at the j
Daily Intelligencer
25 tad 27 FourtMBlh SlrMt, V/heellnj,
$10,000 WORTH OF
All^ood citicetiM are reqneiited 1o calftat
)ltce nml lend their nid.
1140 MAIM ST.
Ifflo* nail llaridtnt**. No. 1057 Main Bt, oppodte
Uoitiu, Wlwilli*, W. Vft.
WNIt.-oui Ostdi Om mil other AnKithttla
tdtulnlileiftJ. taylfl
4fl Twaurrn Prwwr,
Juji m.l k!U Ticket* to all point* foil uxl Wwt,
OTRoand trip tlekcta to Baltimore ted return,
jid Chicago nnd return, ftlaoon bud. oefi
Closing OutSale
Great Offerings!
Hprnaulinii.l (2r?n?<llnt* ?oM without ratcrro.
nuuitiirrtjl:iu nr.il fUcIt Silks offered at wouderul
low prlrtn.
Klegaut display nf Wbltu Goods, at a atcrlflcc. I
Housekeeping GooJa cf ?rtry dctcilp'.ion, sold i
it reduced price*
Difw Goods, all the li-a-Hn* style* at a reduction.
Ulnclcand Co.tua Cuahtuercs, at prices never be- '
ori? beard r.f. I
1CUH5KN 8UIT3, for Catap Meeting,at your
iwn nricea.
I-iulloM remember this sale. Do not fall to call <
r in need of anything In the Dry tjooda lice, aa ;
rou will find It to your advantfge to purchase ?>(
U I3IuU3I ?&. I3TfcO.* I
1104 Sluiu MrecL !
jjuftf j
rK K T H K X T It A C T E D W11710 IT i
Durina the rrears I have Urn )raetlctng <
n Whwitn-, 1 h*r?? adxalulfUirod k?s to orerwren i
houfaud por*>ns with Pkbitkct Hancrr, and In
ilinvit very uuw with tntJre rutUfaclluu to my?elf
m<l patifiita. j
Wt- constantly koop on hand* pure Nitrous Oilde
3m fur llioae tiiat doftire to take 1L
p"fJ yo. m3 Market Ht. ,
Now Adverliscmunti.
Just Keceiml?Stanton & Davenport. ,
Notice?Edward Pines.
For Sale?Andrew Molvneux.
Kje Openers?Oxtoby & Duflield.
Thermometer Kecord.?The followng
shows the rango of the therinomnter,
u observed at Schnepf'a drug store, ;
Jpera House corner, yesterday:
l a. m. 12 m. a r.u. 7 r. u.
es hs si
Vote for Clarksburg and the P. W.
fc Kv. _
There were seven deaths at the conny
infirmary last month.
The thermometer ?tended down, but
lot out. It is up And at it again.
The United State# District Court will
iieet in this city Sept. Oth.
The City Council will meet nextTueslav
evening?one week from to day.
Wahm again. Who Raid the opine of
he sweet summer time hnd been severed?
The old thing got beaten again yesterlay.
The Buckeyes did it with their
little hats.
The were two deeds translerring real
wtate recorded at the County Clerk's ofice
The Mathews Light Guards will have
i dress parade to-morrow evening. Look
nit for them, girls.
The Riverside boilers resumed work
resterday. There is talk of the factory
joing on next Tuesday.
The tomato worm has poked its ugly
lose into view as a rival of the potato
jug in popular attention.
The improvements in the court room
recently ordered khy tho Commissioners 1
were commenccd yesterday.
It h singular that almost everyone
wit", "how does the thermometer stand ?" I
when it never does stand, hut always
latigs. i
The runaway of a country team down
Main street lull yesterday afternoon was
the occasion of a'little excitement in that
luarter. I
Wreklino Commandery of Knights
Tomplar will Iks one of the oldest Masonic
organisations present at tho Cleveland
Special Term.?A special lerm of the 1
Circuit Court of Marshall county will !
sommencc at Moundsville to-morrow, '
for the decision of causes.
It is said that tho quality of now wheat
souring forward is so excellent that mil- 1
jers do not require old wheat to mix with j
it, which is au unusual occurrence.
The water pine which wss laid on 24th
Street in a cinder bed fivo years since
ivas found to he almost entirely eaten '
jut by the sulphur remaining in the cin,a
lwo men were thrown onto! a buggy
it the railroad crowing at Elm Grove on
sunday evening, and alightly hurt. Th?
lorae took fright at au approachiug en
(tile. I
Tiik Amalgamated Association of the ;
[rou and Steel Workmen of North Amer- ,
ca trill meet to-day at Columbus, Ohio. |
'ix delegates will be in attendance from t
Wheeling. i
camr mxrkl?,okthluuonxgulc.? \
Chift tishing club was visited last Satur- ,
lav by some forty citizens of Zanesville, (
rith their wives and children, and all |
iay they had a gay time. t
* j
Not in Hib noun.?Henry.Bode, a
aloon keener at West Wheelingjays that
t wan not in his house that the Ihooting f
crane of Sunday evening, the particulari 1
if which we published yesterday'morn- 3
ng, took place. The affray took place i
>etween Mr. Bode'i home and the ferry. i
. Board of CoMMWiomtEi?The Bo
of Commtoionera of Ohio cpunty mel
the Court Houie yeaterday. All
membera were preaent.
The minutea of the laat meeting *
read and approved.
coxMrrris reports.
Finance and Aecounti.?Thl? comtul
lUbmitted a report making ccrtain rec
mendationa in regard to aundry claim
erroneoua aascMmenta. In the ma
of railroad apportionment for 1877,
Auditor'* atatement ahowa the valua
of tha P. W. & It. road to be $70,000.
apportionment ia na follows:
Union DUtrlct f3
S&- "
TrUdelphU WrtrioU a
Ubrtly ?? 1
Total .IT
The Clerk waa ordered to certify
aame to the Auditor of State.
lu tho master of the 1], A U. Compi
no apjjortlonment in required; tha c
promtae effected in the month of A
maken the batui for aettlement.
Bill* aggregating $1,322 CO were
dered uaid. and tha rsnnrt mlnrtlAil i
Omrt IIomu and Jail?Thia commi
aubmitted a report upon tho impri
menta in progreaa on the Court Ho
th? aubject matter ot which haw aire
been published. Billa reported by
committee aggregating $232 26 were
dered paid,
IW Horn and Farm?Poor Houae t
for month of July $369 53, contios
poor billa $437 GCjordered paid, Kcj
of Poor Agent: Expenditure* $359
number of inmatoa 05, white malea
do female* 19, colored jualeni!, do fern,
0; no birtha: deatha?Dunnia McCaw
jaiucn Aiurirj, iionn vouucr, r reuoi
Altpeter, Robert McColloch, Mrs. i
Wen*, Alice Haley (infant.)
Roadi and Jiridys?Recommended
payment of bills amounting to $210
and anked further time for tlio considc
tion of road petitions referred to th
The County Engineer reported the (
dition of tho County roads under
charge as followa: Tha macadamia
of tho rirer road between this city
m- ?. u.._ _i . % ?___ . .I 4 ,
vijciiu b nun io nuuui 3 uone; an oi
maaonwork and about $ of the gra<]
are completed; tho xnateriala for the
peratructuro of the bridge ntGlenn'a ]
are on hand and aro expccted
be in place by the 20th inaL A fi
estimation baa been riven for the w
done on South branch of Bhort Creek,
low Dr. Engliah'a, leaving about $10(
the appropriation unexpended. '
broken atone for 2d dlviaion Vf. \V. T
B. turnpike ia about $ delivered.
grading of 1st div. O. C. & P. road
completed; a amall bridge at Hardes
Hun and 123 feet of rip rap wall, or
lite Peyton's, yet remain to be ct
Jtructed. One-half of the broken Bt
required for l'ogue'u Run haa been
livered, the grading ia J done. The v
near AlcUriene'a bridge, on First Div.
W. L. & I>. turnpike, haa beencomnle
fit a coat of about $275 leaa than tiio
propriation. The work contracted
an W. & E. G. Road 19 about $ done,:
would have been entirely completed
fore this time but for difficulties in
poacd by M. Miller, one of the land o
ir? along tho lino of tho road. All
:ontrnct work on Fairmont turnpike
taen completed and a final estimate
turned, leaving about $300 of the apj
priation unapplied. A final estimate
?lio been given for broken atone
Meeting House Hill, leaving about
)f tho appropriation not expended,
port received and filed.
The^ agreement between the Boari
Dommimionen! and the Pittnbui
Wheeling & Kentucky Railroad Com
ny, mnde on tho 4th day of June 1
was ordered placed on record.
The otlicial oaths of John Marat
Justice of tho Feace for Washing
Jiatrkt, and Jamea Dixon, Surveyo
UoatfTlfTUberty district, were recei
and tiled.
The liquor bond of Michael Oro
wa* accepted and deemed sufficient
August Xeuhausen waa grant*
license to keep an ordinary on the pr
lues recently purchased by him of 8
Miller, oh tho National road.
By Mr. Myles: Instructing the CI
to notify all persona to whom licei
nave ueen granted to Hie bonds at o
in accordance with the act of 187C,
preeent bonds being worthies*. Adop
By Mr. Ewing: AuthorizingA, J. \
on to use $200 of the $700 appropriai
011 the upper end of the river road, in
pairs. Adopted.
l>y Mr. Whitliam: That any un
pended balance not needed in the rej
of the 2d Div. of the 0. C. & 1\ road
used in making a connection of said r
with the Battle Run road. Adopted.
By Mr. Ewing: Instructing the
nance Committee to investigate the c
dition of the Ohio county law libri
and empowering them to takosuchm
urea ae they may deem necessary to g?
er the books now missing and to m
such provision as is necessary for tl
care in the future. Adopted.
The claimB of John McCutchcon
others, of erroneous assessments, m
referred to the Committee on Fina
and Accounts.
Tim claim of Justice Caldwell was
ferred to the Committeo on Court Ho
and Jail.
The bills of John W. Schultz, J.
Ewing & Co., Frew & Campbell, Rtyi
Printing Co., and Standard Printing
were ordered paid.
Police Court.?Judge Cranmer.?'
following cases were beforo His Ho
yesterday morning:
Charles Becroft paid a fine of $5 i
costs tor diaorderlv conduct.
Herman Spencer, a vugrant, was a
up for thirty day*.
John Randall was charged with sell
goods without license. Case dismissed
Benj. Fickey and John Reisenlwrg w
Gned $2 and costs each for disorderly c
iluct. Reitienberg paid his fine and Fic
was let off on payment oi costs.
The charge of disorderly conduct aga
Patrick DonoTan was continued ui
Saturday at 4 p. w.
Tins canes of Louis Hoffman, V
Princo and Wm. J. Martin were c
tinued until this morning at 9 o'clock.
Cioar Snow to Close oh Sondai
The cigar makers and dealers of tho <
hare signed the following agrecinc
which explains ilself:
*V| rtUgUBW U, 10/,
We, the undersigned cigar makers i
aealera, do hereby agree to cloac
places of business on the Sabbath
hereafter, and thus comply with the
quirementa of the law.
Signed by: Henry Duuning, A.
Kolh, E. Israel, Charles A. lJelinbrit
U. Metier & Bro., O.F. Mater & S
Hugo L. Loos, Ebeling & Pebler, Mil
St Knapp, Wm. Gundling, N. Little,
Searnon, M. Marah & Son, Muhi
Brandfasi, James McCord.
r?~. n? ?..?? .
Freibold lives in the Eighth ward, an>
nephew to hi* uncle, who*e name
Wesley Bowman and who resides out
National road somewhere in tho vicir
of Blinm'i. Yesterday Lewis had J
lice Mix tame a warrant lor hia ur.c
arrent, on a charge of disorderly condi
ind told his story ?a follows: 8c
lays *$o Lewis loaned his uncle a p
)t horses, and yeaterdav when he w
>ut for them his uncle asized an axo h
lie and threatened to give him a g
jody beating, and?well, Lewis thouj
liscretion the better nart of valor i
returned horn* and had a warrant isst
Tbs improvements about the Cap
Square still continue. Fifteenth stree
low being bouldered from Chapline
Soff street, and a substantial stone cr<
ng has been pat down fccroia 15th stn
feat of Chapline. <
ard 8coop*d Aoaik.?W^tre are Our Hard
{ it EiUcrtf?Only One Lonely, Sickly Bate Hit.
tbe ?The Buckeye club, of Colrimbua, Ohio,
met tbe Htaodarda at the Fair Urouoda
ere jaaterday afternoon and demollahedonr
boya, by a acore of 0 to 3. Borne little
hope waa felt at the tfcginniog of the
.... game (that tbe home club would get
away with the rlaitora. They played a
ncl prattr fair game, the fielding being
.... decidedly aharn, but were unable
.r to get the "hang" of McCormiok'a
Lion d?wn >l,ooU,? no1 a baae hit being made
jjie oft of l?la effective pitching until the ninth
inning, when Lane came to tho reacue of
(Looo l',e 'ending one paat 2d baao and
oooo coring on Rood baae running aided by a
oooo paaied ball of Welch. Tho other two
ooX runa were made by an error of Hpence at
' third biae in the 3d inninu nnu & bad
o.coo muff of Booth at right field in the 7th in*
the nintf.
The visitors were in pretty good trim
my, for batting and pounded Venuiu for fire
om- "inglen, two three huerii and a two baser,
pril Their fielding waa remarkably good, five
of the eight errors charged to them being
or- made by Welch behind the bat, he taking
in a the place of Barnie, who waa unable to
play owing to aJiroken finger. This da*
ttee 'ect in their nine will be remedied tosve*
day, m Kelly, from Patoraon, N. J., will
uie, be on hand to catch for him.
ady The following Ut lie score of yesterday'a
the game:
Una. ! ^.8 1 Booth J 2
... Mofllt....... 8 1 Burke ~... 8 1
'ills Vrnuoj 8 0 l'abor .......... 2 1
;?nt 'Himcock.. 8 (I CulUhan....... 4 0
mp. Hagan ....... 8 0 dulllrau^ ft 0
Harklejr ........ 3 0 Btrie! ?. 2 0
? ?! Iloblnaou 3 0 Hjwncc 4 0
4-1, I?uken? 4 0 McCormltk ?? 3 1
a|eH Wllktnioo 1 1 Wulcb ....... :? 1
fpn, ToUt 27 1 Tjtnl....? 57 1
iok iknixus.
^nn Fiandard .0 0 l o n o l o 1-3
Huituu ............ 0 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 2?C
the Ptrlkra callul oB'-Vtaum 21: offUoCorraack 10.
HO Htrufk out?Staudarl, 5; lluckero, 0
01' Uuij Ire-Mr. It. McNIchul.
em. t t . ? #
The Cincinnati* defeated the Springfield
club Friday by a ncore of lu to 6 in
tire innings.
The Allegheny nine for next eeason, bo
. * far an selected, is reported to be as fol*lnK
lows: Oalvin, p; Holbert, c.; Sullivan,
1 b., Quest, 2 b., Williaranon, 3 b., Nal^
.j"? son, a. h., Mansell, 1.. McKelvoy, m;
llD8 Goldsmith, r. f.; ami a good change
8U* catcher for tenth man, who has not yet
?uu been decided on.?rills, Uom.-Ua:.
, l? The Buckeyes play tho Allegheny Club
in*J at 'Allegheny to-morrow and Thursday.
?rk . Now is tho time to pitch in and secure
a crack nine for next season.
J,'" The following bIiowh the standing of
*n? the different Lenguo Clubs for the chainpionahip
lh.e CIuIt. Won. Lost
1 II Lutllivillo '22 12
ty'a HOJIou.. iO 11
?"L Ht. Louis ..?...IJ IS
I10* Hartford 17 W
3D* Chicago ~.ll 20
one Clocluuall - 8 ?J
Tout 10) 1UU
?y The Uartfords want Williann, ol the
j Allegheny club, to play third baso for
tbetn nextaeaHon.
Pabor, who plays left field for tho
ln(j Buckeyes, h one of the old time baso ball
k?. p|?yerM. Thin i? his 17th season on the
diamond field.
wn[ Tho Mechanics were beaten yesterday
the *or *"rHt l'me l'"? MeM0,,? They P'a7"
has e<^ H ver^ interesting gaiuo yesterday
ro> afternoon in South Wheeling with the
... young lioatonf, ana goi leit to the tunc ol
U. 15'?ls' , _ _
Pkrijowal Points.?Capt. Ed. Davia
Charle* Luken*, J. 11. Shephard, Thou
** * Modal, John Ueck ami other* leit town
U}>on a finbing excursion yesterday.
Constable Loui* Gaus, in describing to
1 of * friend the excellence of bin clarionet,
rgb, : "Ve? i >n mine room and blay
ipa. on dot cluriouet, you could hear it two
jujt squares ago."
' The following are among the late ar,fcl|
rivalj at the McLure : Mim Ella Jackton
HOn< Clarkaburg; Jnuies \V. Sutherland,
r 0f J. J. Moulds, C. E. Hull, Steubenville;
vej Wm. Tucker, NVellnburg; A. It. Markall,
Eait Liverpool,0.
gau I). M. Campsev, of Claysviile, Pa.;
j Huit'n ft nitun, ui i/inringiun, v;,, ana
j a John S. Keeder, tl Hamilton, 0, nru
em. it the St. Jamif.
cott regret to hear that Mr. Wm. A.
Carney, clerk nt the St. James Hotel, in
confined to his room by si severe spell of
er'c Huron Von 1'eterman, of the Rhinea',e,
dale Brewery, celebrated the 39th annince,
vernary of his birthday yesterday,
to? g.Henry F. Cimiotti, Esq., the popular
traveler of Messrs. Biermanu, iieidelberg
& Co., of Pittsburgh, ia in the city.
"on He is a genial gentleman, and has in any
1 re* friends in our city.
I'rof. Josio Kramer has removed to
e*~ his new house on Market street, above
oat* Sad Accident.?On Sunday afternoon
a boy was drowned at Zane?ville, Ohio,
*1_ under the following circumstances: A
:on* boat had come up through the lock*, and
i*7. they had commenced opening the awing
B*"* bridge at the railroad crossing. After it
lt?* had swung back about live or aix feet, a
ak.? boy standing on the bridge wantedto
ie,r jump ashore, and another boy standing
. on the shoro tried to jump ou the bridge,
and They jumped against each other aud fell
cre into the canal. A young man named Keel
nce Launders jumped tn and brought ono of
the boys ashore, who wan not hurt in the
re* least. Launders did not know of the
UflC other hoy being in the water for some time
after, when he went to the bottom once or
twjco anj brought bin body ashore,
irter Everything possiblo was done to restore
Lo,> hiin to life, but without avail. The mother
of the boy came on the scene at this
time, and before any one could prevent
her she jumped from the bridge to the 1
fhe rocks below, some twelve or fifteen foet,
nor breaking one of her legs. She was immediately
rescued and a chair procured,
and and she was about to be placed in ;
it to be carried home, a large dog which
ent had followed her sprang on ouaof the
men and bit him severely. The dog had
liug to be shot in order to get him olT.
on? Martinsbciw is worthy of the Capital
k " and will wake it the priue of our richly
* mineral State. t
"J?.1 MlXTiNBBUno will give twenty acres
of land and fifty thousand dollars in
cash for Capital purposes, if located
there. *|t
ion- ? ^ ?
Firk at Elm Urov*.?On Sunday
evening the shed over the boilers at
kV_ Chambers' coal shaft, at Elm Grove, ww
discovered to be burning. Tho bucket
,nl brigade of the town was called into requi'
sition and extinguished the flames with
. but slight damage. Tho tire is supposed to
have originated from a spark from the
our ? ?
day Mahtisshcro brought the Capital
re- from Charleston and will retain it at
Wheeling. t
jbt Elivbk i>elles at tho White Sulphur
on' Springs, and nobody to "ring" them.? 1
Up St. Louis LUmteh.
]f4 Light Guardsto the front. On to White
, ? Sulphur I Charge!!
VoTK for Clarksburg in the interest of
economy in expenditures and honeit legJg
islation. ,
the The lilvenildo Iron Company, of this :
lity ci,J' have rece*ve<* a medal and certifius
l*1? ?' *w*r(' 'or cut nails exhibited
1.1. by them at tho Centennial Exposition
... last summer. 1
let, (
lair *p l^e Capital is to bo removed from 1
enl Wheeling locate it at Martinsbarg. t 1
JJj Chajilestom and the Third Congres- i
ht sional District are in favor of building
* * railroads and mad turnpikes by8tateaid.
icd With the Capital at Charleston, legists'
tion for such purposes could be inoreeasi- 1
1^1 ly had than at Ularkiburg.
tU |
to wiikn you a bright Baby pleutil i
>? with itself and ererybody clio, be rare i
Ml, that Dr. Bull'i Baby Syrup has been ui?i, ]
Only 25 cent! pet botUe. d&v I
Ah U*FOiTU!fiT? Fuum. ? Win.
Nickison, a farmer residing at Limwtone, I
Msrsliall County, cam* to town yeaierday i
for tho purpose of getting a load of lam*
ber. While on hia way hi* wagon broko
down and be vm compelled to cet tired (
put upon two wheels, after which he f
started for a planing mill in North t
Wheeling, and on hia way there hla i
horses got frightened at something and i
run oil hut were eventually stopped with- r
out any injury except a few flight 1
bruises which he sustained hlmnelf. After t
thii he again started for the mill, and get* ]
ting there, he loaded hia waaon with the I
lumber and atarted otF down street. ?
When near the corner of Ninth and Main (
streets, bis horses again scared at some- 1
thing and galloped oil'down Main street i
at a fearful rate, throwing him oft' again,
and injnring him. They stopped at the
Grant House corner, having run into the
cur mil jr, oeiog unaoie to proceed lurtlier.
The wagon wu slightly broken by
this runaway, and one of tbe horsea wan
also hurt. Me villi him better luck the
next (rip. j
The Police Slats.?On tbe slate at
police headquarters lift night the follow*
ing distinguished arrival* hid been daljr
Wm. Carner, arrested in Centre Wheeling
by Officer Carrol for disorderly conduct.
Philip Beilly, who lirea above Short
Creek, wu pulled in by^Ofllcer Fleming
for drunkennens.
Officer Uiird arrested James Shipplor
disorderly conduct. f
Gabriel Johnson waa drunk on Water (
street, and Officer Fleming gobbled him (
Uti. Gabriel waa armed with a butcher .
knife, and threatened to do Fleming dirt,
but didn't.
All places at which intoxicating liq* (
uon nro Hold are required to be kept >
olosed to-dar, being election day. In (act, j
the Code of West Virginia (aec. 11, chapter
V,) requires that "every place at
which intoxicating liquors are sold ihall
be kept cloned on the day of election, and
on the day previous thereto." The name
section in tue Code fixes the penalty at
not less than $50 nor more than $100 for
every such offense. This refers to either (
lelllng linuor, or permitting any person t
to drink liquor at any place in his possession
or' under his control.
Rrllairh Local*.?Council meeting f
(his evening; important buaineas will be
All of our military, five companies, t
left here yesterday morning. Everything i
is quiet, and a renewal of any further
trouble, under tho nresent difficultiM. i*
not anticipated.
A hotid character named John Jonen, <
Bx*con?ict of the Ohio Penitentiary, awl
another named William Murphy, wero
arretted vcnterday morning aa auipicioua i
parties,implicated in the atoro robbery i
of Mr. O. Burwinkle. J. E. D. ?
Vote oarly, bring out a full Yotc, and
make it solid for Martinaburg. I
FnioiiTKUL Runaway.?On Sunday
afternoon, at Znnesville, Ohio, iw
a couple oi young ladies wero
returning homo from church, driving
a home hitched to a light spring
wagon, the animal became frightened
and ran of!', atriking a paling fence. The
fence fell upon the borne and canned it to
change its course, and it attempted to b
jump over tho bank into the river at t
Duncan'* Fall*, but wan caught by sonio 1
parties who wero fishing there at the t
time. r
Cr.AiiKtsDiTiui offers a Capital site :
worth $10,000. $50,000 and twenty acres
of land furnish no argument for locating
?|,A ... 1 ?i
..ib ? nuuni ni luuiuusuurg miner limn
at Clarksburg.
friends of Clarksburg held a Capital (
meeting at tho Vigilant engine house, in (
the First Ward, last niiiht. There was J
no formal organisation, lion. C. D. t
Hubbard addressed the meeting, urging |
upon bis hearers to vote for Clarksburg *
and the P. W. & Ky. railroad subicrii>- I
tion. There is no doubt that a number i
of converts were mude to the railroad )
subscription, as it has not been generally i
u nderatood in that locality herctoiore.
Ci.AnKSBtJBO and the country surround- }
ing it is one of Wheeling's best custom- 1
ern. Wheeling should not forget this
fiict to-day.
Coi.oukd Picnic.?The colored people
of this city and vicinity held a grand <
picnic at Zane's Orchard yesterday.
There waH a pretty fair attendance, and
the weather being propitious, an enjoyableday
wufl spent by all. There waa'no '
lack of amusements, which were indulged
in freely Ijt old and young. The Sumner ?
brass band wai present and discoursed
choice elections of popular musicdurirg 1
the day. ^
A vote for Charleston 11 a vote against
Wheeling, t 1
A Cuttist.?While Officer Andrew
Fleming was arresting a man named Ga- ]
briel Johnson for disorderly conduct, on
Market street, last evening; Johnson drew
a large butcher's knife and plunged it at
the officer, who peeing it in time,grabbed (
tho would-be murderer by the wrist and ^
threw his Arm around behind his back,
takiug tho knifo from him and saving ]
himself from what might have been a se- ]
rioua wound. Such fellows should be- |
strictly dealt with. I
Tiie Rr.oicUr a few days since stated (
that Wheeling had stolen the Capital t,
from Charleston. The Register offset by [
stealing into its paper the cut of Wheeling's
Capitol and claiming it to belong to ]
Charleston. * t
St. AlphonstjbiPionic,-?The German J
SL Alphonsus Catholic Ohurch gavo a
grand plcnio at Father Kreuich's vine* .
vard yesterday afternoon. A large num-1.
uer oi tue mends 01 tho congregation .
wero in attendance, who were hifhly en- :
tertainad by Father Kreuach in hia uaunl
nrat'olau atyle. A atring band waa in J
attendance, who furniahed the muaio in
good style for the occmIod.
CffARL?rroj? ig buying votes with Gal- {
lipolia and Cincinnati money. t 9
Imi'koviko;?Lirzto Kauch, tho girl J
who leaped from the Suapenaion bridge
on Sunday evening, was rapidly improv- i
ing yeattrday from the effects of her '
attempt at aelf-deatruction. There is no a
ilnllht fin In )ini> rtMItn.n
-v. I
CiilTiKfiDURU is situated in a rich,
linaltliy and prosperous county. If the .
Capital should bo located there, supplies 1
would not have to bo drawn from Galii- "
polis or Cincinnati. " '
Lost and Found.?A little boy named ?
Willie Dixon yesterday morning strayed o
from tho residence of his parents on 16th I
street, and was found late in tho afternoon e
on 12th street. _
All who want the Capital to remain at f
Wheeling vote for Martinsburg for permanent
location. t
? ? ? i
Titer* has been less rowdyism in the J
city since tho gruel war was ended than n
wan ever known, This is rough on the 2
news gatherers, but it ia good for tho
cil7- . ti
If you dosire cheeks with roses of
health upon them, if you want that pe- r
culiar brilliancy of complexion 10 prized "
by lauies and admired uy everybody, if, '
in a word, you want thmt perfection of
physical appearance that pure blood in- f<
lures, use Dr. Bull's Blood Mixture. K
?_ dAw
. At this season of the year, when un
ripe fruit it abundant and so generally
iised by old and young, often to excess, it
m not a matter of surprise that billious Jisorders
should prevail and death often n
result therefrom. Aa a safeguard against
inch duordera none more sovereign than ii
McLaina' Wheeling Vegetable Pills has d
wn diKorereil. c
A minion aby temperance meeting will f
>e held this evening at tbe Fifth Ward
narket home, in Centre Wheeling.
Da. E. A. Fabquiiab's Medicated \
jKACSEm, for the relief and euro of JJJ
ivery form of dvspepsia, or other fune- .,tl1
ional disease of the stomach and how* Cat
lis, as well m all sympathetic affections * '
irising therefrom. There is no taste or ?
imell of medicine about them?nothing 1Z
o indicate to persons using thorn that
hey are taking medicine. Their nrincl* i
pies aro bo combined m to affect the syscm
by Insensible action, which gives a
juick, healthy and complete digestion, t
:ures the disease bv removing the cause. _5
h'or sale by druggists and grocors gener- -t
illy. ^ V
Attention Dybtxptics.?
Zanwville, Ohio, J une, 1877.
Dn. E. A. Fah^uiiab, l)ear Mr:?After (
Slaving been afllicled with indigestion for of
jver .r? years, andjsuffering almost death ?
villi it, having tried all remedies that 1 T
leard of, and had the best physicians to O
prescribe for me, all to no effect, I wan .
induced by my eon (who, by the way,
jMd them with the best results), to try
rour Medicated Crackers, aud am happjr
0 say that they do me more good than <
inything I ever have taken. I am reieved
from all suflering after using them y
>ne month, and I would not do without .
hem for twice their coat. Yours respectulljr,
Mm Cordeh.
Jofin Hoemer is closing out all al hi* i
Summer Drew Goods, "Wall Pajjer and 521
Carpets, at almost your own prices for ri
:ash. Call soon if you want to save JD
Down ! Down 1 Down ? Another
ireak clown in prices of Dry Goods and
Jarpet*. Bound to sell at somo price j
whether the mills run or not. Corner ?
Wain and 20th Htreets, f
J. W. Fehrel. ^
Toe finest shoes kept m the city at
l. V. Blond's.
Break down in Prices.?Dress Goods c
1 cents, Black Kid Gloves 85 centa and ~
Carpet* as cheap aa 16 cent*. They have y
o l>e sold to raise monev now.
J. W. Frrkel. joi
Ip you want to get suited in a pair of
lllow go to L. V. blond's, C
0 ? P"
Break down iu prices of Dry Goods TTI
ind Carpets. Now is your time. Call V
md price. Got to noil.
J. W. Febuel.
Juht received, a lotof Children's Shoes
)f the latent styles, nt L. V. Blond's. f
Carpets ! Carpets! Carpets! It is a "P
fell settled fact that the cheapest Car- -L
lets and Dry Goods in the city are found
it J. W. Feuuel'h,
Corner Main and*0lh St.
uenth line ritoee of the latnnt Atylen '
UHt receive! at l. V. Ulond's.
Good Black Kid Glove* for .*>5 ct?., ht
J. W. FerrelV.
The chcapext ulioea in the city at
L. V. JllX)nd>. . 1
-? an
Keliaule help for weak and nervous *
nflercp. Chronic, painful, and proHtra- T
ing diseases cured without medicine.
I'ulvermacher'a Electric lielts the grand
leaideratuu). Avoid imitations. Uoolc
ind Journal, with particular.*, mailed 1
rec. Addrceflrui.vkkmaciieugai.vak
ic lo., Cincinnati, Ohio. docw j.
How it ia Done.?The Ur.it object in
ife with the American people if to "get
ich;" tho second, how to regain Rood
lealth. Tho first can I# obtained hy en- t
irgy, honesty an?l Having; the second, u
good health,) bv using Grken's Auuust ?
I-'lowkk. Should you he a despondent H
luflerer from any cf the cllccta of Pya- V
tepsia, Liver Complaint, Indigestion, &c.t J?
inch adSick Headache, Palpitation of the rej
Heart, Sour Stomach, Habitual Costive- ha
lew, DizzineflH of the Head, Korvous
I'routration, Low Spirits, you need "j
^ot suffer another day. Two doses of "1
\oqlvt Floweu will relieve you at once,
sample Bottle* 10 cents. Kegular sire, ',T1
" ') cents. I'ositivelv sold bv all first-class
Druggists in the U. 8. eod ov
??????? loi
Kivcr Acwh. thi
The Star of the West makes two tripa do
laily lietwcen thin city and Moudaville. ?x>
The Science left for Parkersburg at 10J {?'
k. m., the Market Uoy for Matamuraa at
10 a. m., the Phaeton for Sifitcrsville and K
;he Telegram for Clarington at 3 p. m. 1^
The Andes arrived from Cincinnati at n
5:15 and will return this afternoon.
The Courier will be the I'arkersburg an
packet thin morning.
The Itagon arrived from Pittsburgh R(
last evening.
The towboat }?ail City yesterday left ??
or below and will heroafter oi>erate on u
lie lower uiiio.
The Kagon will not go back to Pitts- A
jurgh to day, owing to the low water. Sr
Last evening the marks indicated 3 feet
r inches, and falling slowly.
The E. A. Woodruff removed 110 ob* J,i
itructiona between Louisville and Evans*
rille. :
The steamer Clara ran through herself *?
ast Saturday at the foot of Kanawha p
[iar, above Gallipolis Inland, breaking I
ler cylinder and wrist and losing her K
>itman overboard. <
The dredge-boats Oiwego and Ohio, $1
owed by the I. 8. Kcefer, have been en- ws
;agea lor the laat week in removing the
>ar at tho foot of G&llipolis Inland. n
W. D. Blako & Son paid $4,000 for Iho S
)aniel Boone. They will run her be- H
weeu Huntington and Gallipoli*. Cap:. H
ilake will command, and Wm. Bertheael
rill have charge of the office.
It is worthy of notice that the most of L
ho boatn owned at Wheeling and built I
rith the view of making Wheeling their
ia?e of operation!?, have turned their at- H
ention to Pittsburgh. Since the opening I
if navigation, in January, cither the I
tiallie Kngon or Express have been ply H
ng regularly between here, Wheeling ?
ind Parkerwburg, and it id Maid that the Courier
will be placed in the trade this |
all in connection with the Expresa. In |
iddition to the above we Jiave had the C. J
Y.IIornbrook, Nail City, Ed.liobbs,Iron I
'alley and Barnard, all owned at Wheel- I
ng or in tho vicinity. Moreover, the J
Vheeling and Cincinnati packet* Hudson I
ind Andea acarcely make a trip up with* Wf
<ut having more or lew freight for Pitta* I
nirgh.?ii/to. Com. Gazette.
I By
ranuuKQii, "a., Augnet G.?llivcr
i inches,falling slowly. Wciither cloudy I
nd warm. Arrived-Mnllie Kitgon. A
\ heeling.
St. Loujb, Aiiguut G.~Arrivcd~Bclle I
It. Loni*, Cambridge. Departed?Gold- I
n Eagle, Keokuk; Alf. 8:even?, Mem- H
this. River falling blowlv. Weather
lear and hot. H
New Orleans, August G.?Arrived? II
tlencue, St. Lou in. Departed?Glencoe, I
It. Louia. Weather clear and hot.
iuEMriuff, August o.?Kiver tell live II
nche.\ heavy wind and rain this evening. 11
Jercury 01?, Arrived?Baum. Cincin* II
ati.* Departed?Atlantic and Barges, L",
?ew Orleans; Port Eitdn, 8t. Louis. EE
Vicksbobo, August o.?Weather clear; ~
iiercury 07?. Down?Katie.
Caibo, August0.?Kiver 15 feet. Ar- 15
ived?J. D. Parker and Bee. Departed
-Greyhound, Ohio, Bigley and Parker. WE
Veather cloudy.
Evahiville, August 0.?River 1 9-10
>a( am f> ?? I _ r> iimi ?. rr
. a t i s. 5' Miliar, ma#- i
?e South, Grey Eagle and Idlewild. So ?et
oata down. Weather clear. _
Louihvillk, Augu.iRiver 4 feot 4 JM
uchee. \\ eather clear. ?i 6
Nashyxujl August 6.?River falling;
3 inches on the j6o?1?. Arrived?Celi. all
?. Departed?Hillmsn and Celina, K(?
Cincinnati, Acquit G.?Rtver 8 feet 2 J?
iicliej and ruing aloirly. The IIuiUoo U ~
at Irom Wheeling, Weather partlj R
londjrand warm. 7 U
f* advlwall thosr wintlnj DantUtrf don? to
ion PR. O ASM IKK, whtrr tbey ran bare twth
raot*l without the allgbett j*tn and new teeth
; In not to 1* known (rout tbo natural teeth,
i be worn wltb ronifort and raw. All ram
rrantH. Oflit*? No. 42 Fourteenth itrwt, cor>t
Market. J?I6
wbkhuhu, w. va.
Irrlci;?Atlorncy Ucninl'i Ofdcf, Capltcl.
oiiN j. jacoii,
5flic? in People's Hank Building, coruor
Mnln nml Twtlfthilretln. apO
No. 64 Twelfth Si.,
.ttoruoy ut Lnw.
Offlw-No. J222 CIIAPUSKHT.,
'Vo/apt alien lion to?U lutlnen enlnitttd low/
i n. CO CUE AN,
Attorney at Law,
Or?ic*-No. SO Fot*t*wth 8t.
HEco IToum?8 to 10 a. ?. 1 to 3 p. u. do3
itloe of the P?oe k Real Eitate Agent,
No, GO Twkl*tii Bt., Wbkkuku.
'ollectloni of ill kladi made ?nd procetdi
itnptly remitted. )?3
3co with Daniel Lamb, No. 1318 Market
nroei. umce up Biaiw.
iu30__ ___ _
. 1318 Market Street, (over City Bank,)
e4 Wheeling, W. Vn.
iVttoruoy at. Luw.
ke 71 Tir<l{ih Sircti, Wheeling, IP", la.
Practices In the Court# of Ohio, Mnrohall
d Tyler conntieH, W. Vn. novl7
101 Chaj?Une Btreet, Wheeling, W. Vi.
1-03 CUArUKB Htrskt.
Loom Mo. 1 Odd Follows' llulldlng?upiUlia. !
eet the wants of those who need a safe and
liable medicine. T!ie immense demand which
a ?o rapidly followed their introduction ia
idencc that they do supply tin* want, and
nve? them to be
er furnUhed the American reonlc. The Irish*
t medical authorities concede their superiority
er all others, because thev possess alterative,
lie, und healing properties contained in no
icr medicine. living strongly Anti-Bilious,
ey expel all humors, correct it vitiated state of
e ayatem, and, being purely vegetable, they
not, like other pills, leave the stomach and
wcls in a worse condition than they found
sm, but, on the contrary, impart a nealthy
ic and vigor before unknown.
. c. L. MITCHELL, Ft. Meade. Fla? mji:
. . . "I kit era tkt tuftriorily of your fillt,
J want to ttt tkrm used instead of \ht vortk.
ucomfcnttds sold in this country." . . .
B*. R. L. SIMPSON, Ixmltvlil#, Ky,mji,
go) / ' art Wf/A their wight
ad Sick Headache & Piles 30 Ytiri.
, "J w//. Gaining strength and
Defies Chills and Fever.
. " /iV//, wr defy chilli.
Unots orvts yon a debt of gratitude." .
I'\ It. Ripley, Chicago, III.
Sold everywhere. pn>c ac cents. Office.
Murray Street, New York. ,
P,?y h,lr l,chiB9?<l ?o g'oiiy black by a
isle application ot tlut dye. It i? ea*ly insssssissss
No. 1731 Mirket Street
lie only pltee In the city where you can
ine name itamped on toe ooliari. jeKO
Lmm!!S!nm!lH 1,111 *' ?u?*r Cared Canmnffi!
n&S&EE c?,nT"^ BmkUit Ita'
frit, r8u?" Cur,d D'l?l
iffifiM f oke ho?* ?>?Uy; Kvttla renderJSJd.'i!"
r?,ere7' *oA Hall BtrrcU,
land Palls; all at loweatiuarkatraua.
11 1109 ind 1811 MalnHtrwt.
KOOMS-3?o dozen fancy, valUOUflI
^?n. jajrt noaivftl and for nla br
M. 11E1LLY, \V/9 una 1IU Malnfst.
The Cheapest,
The Best,
The Laijtsl
lu the Market ! the Celebrated
w - til,
A great tarlaty ol other Cookstoitu
ways on hand. f0~h\\ Stores joarsntef;
Marbellzad Iron and Slate lintili.
Freestone and Slate Hearths, to,
Call, diamine and ice prices before pu
ci'MiMclwrbwfc ram_
Marble, Slate & Iron Mantles,
Common Urates, Tile ami all kiudi ol I
Terra Cotta goodi.
Galvanized Iron _Work and Tin ill
And Home FnrnUhinr Ooodi. We nil j
pedal attention to the
Peerless Radiator Shaking Grate.
The most complete Orate in tho market
'It can be leen in operation in Mr. Frank
Coen's fineretidence on the bland. Call
and examine.
IB07, 1500 * inn .11 uiii Kirefl,
newr li, A O. H. R. Depots mm
Don't You Want a
THE MARKET can be found ?t
No. 1425 Main St.
First-Ciass Stoves.
' H
Can notr be bought Cheaper thnn t-Ter
a li. stovjm warranted to nrum
Dou't fall to call and see our stock Itfore
No, 1425 Main St., Wheeling. w. Vi.
Job Put
In the execution of
Artistic Job Printing
There Ic no office in Went Virginia that bu
* reputation equal to that of the
Their facilities lor the execution of it'
beat claw) of work are not excelled I>j
Business men will find the bent pl*c' ''
Ret their ritlNTKD BUSINESS bTAT:0>
ERY in first-class style, antl at wai-or"1"'
price*, is at the
25 & 27 Fourteenth, Street.
North Fourth St., ibove M?rk?t,
Thii (ftTorlui Hole], wllh wcoinu^i'^j*f
COO gueats,baa been Icawu by th? sub**!1**1'ff.,
term of year*. It can be stud wllh
tbo old Merchants, under the new idffllui^^T
is already an assured success, and it I* toy
nation to meet tbo just expectation* erf tue ??
in these times of iloandal duprrMton.
ing a graduated acaie of prices froui I- W'0*
j*r day, with board, according to lc<*ti?n ??
Tbo aenrice, tablo and all other ?tco^imw*,,
lb* urns to all guest*. tflt
During the past year many Improrcu** 1,
made, among tbein a paasetgw and
tor, thus rendering all rooms of eujr ??* * ^-.,1,.
Improremeuts are in progress, which,
ed, will place the Merchants Hotel i?eoi>d 19
in Philadelphia. .
The location of the bourn li one of th*
T?nt?nt and mlly central of any In ibf city. '
noma are llabt, airy, well tenUlat^l
aotnely furnubed. Honeraraof Tarteuiu^JK
coMtntly by the door, offering ???t
to the gueeta, every nomeat day an<Jrflll,'u'w
all polnliol public totami.
j?2S D, LOBE, pjiorrunoit

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