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Pa nst fob am.
A valuable Farm on thapltne 11U1. near (he
city, known a* Ibe Ja>ob'? Karat, fald fanu twolalna
tao bundled arrra of laud, three coutortablt
boo*e, two eplendld applf orchard* and two tinejardi,
all In ?ood order. Tlili farm la lulUble for
either tlalrvucn, |aideo*ri, droteraor bti cliria.
au|6 Ponwond Iron Worn.
Two of thoae nunll fancy Store Rooiui,
with good Dwelling! attached, on Eleventh
1'oaienalon to ba had Immediately.
Jjr7 I. IRWIN, Agent.
No. SI Houtb Front atreet, Wand-pleaaantl/
ittuatal and dadrable. Alio, one hoorn In eeeood
atory ol No. M Twelfth ftreet, lultahle for an offloe
or limping room. Poafctilou given I ui mediately.
Enquire of Mi. t. A. HllDBfcTH,
apll No. HQ* ChapUneBt
poj; REN1 ?HOUSE?
Containing ci^bt roomi and l'ath Loom, on
Jacob itreet, Lrtwceu 13th and 141b, wwt aide.
Una and water. Will to rental low to rcapontlble
tenant Enquire of
no21 EonkiMller and HUtloner, 1QM Main St
(1 ..I.I IMiai ill III. I. II.-.I ..ml ....nil., anlh.1.1.
fur either physician or irnnlly: <rau lx> driven hy
auy lady or child. Guaranteed Round. Addreu
_aul7 O. W. MAm*.
The unriaraigurd will olftr for aalc at publIn auction
in (rout of the Court Houm, in the city ul
Wheeling, on
BaTUKDAY, tho isth day of Augnit, 1877,
The following dednhle Buildlag Lola In uld ultr,
tltimtcd in the ' Ighth Ward, viz:
No. 7 aquare 28, fronting on Fifth atrert.
No. 2 *|uare :w, (routing on Fifthatreet, between
El in ami Widow.
No. a aiiuare 30, fronting on Fifth atreet, between
Elm ami Wlllnw.
ho. 7 -luarc :w, fronting on Blxili atrfet.
ho 8 t'juare 86, N. li. curi<er Sixth and Locuit
street*. /
No. 1 square 37, B. li. corner Bixth and I^cutt
No. 2 square 87. fronting on Sixth afreet, and ail.
jolfiinf No. 1.
A1*), the following lulu In the Hereofb Ward,
Z?ne'i lnUml :
No. 120. fronting on WbI?r1i street, e?*t side.
No. liT7, Imtitiiu on W.ilmh street, east hide,and
one umltrlded tilth Interest iu twoother Iota on the
Ti??s ntt<tiitlnn of pertonii dedring to pun-hsu*
lot.* tor tliv |hU|ium>o( ImllilitiK u|*in thcui, n* well
mliw who desire to invest with u new to the
future rise in p.iu- mid value of W liiflln^ projier17.
is particularly called to tt.h opportunity for luve*link'.
A dear title with the usual covenants will Ijc
Tkmms?One-third in bund, the hnlatifr in on*
and two equal annual imviu. hu, evidenced l>y the
bjittlicf tlie purchaser,, tiling Interest Irjiu date,
Mud accural tiy lleU'on tliv property m hl.
a. MOORE, Jk.,
For I Mate of Cbaa. Lllet, Jr.
to t'umuiemv ni Ul o'clock a. u.
aulias J. c. IIkhvky, Auctioneer.
Valuabls Real Estate in Ritchietown,
Tho underlined Tru<t*>, by virtue of n ?1wk1 ol
trust cxecu'ed to liim by .lobu George Miller and
wife, dated July :i|*i, 1873 and rerurded in tin
otflce of the Clerk of tho County Court of Ohtc
rounly, We*l Virginia in Deed of Trust Book No,
0, on i?KM *ut'""
M ON DAT, the ICth day of Fe; lowlier, 1877,
At 10 o'clock a. m., prcxee I to * !! at public aurHon,
at the limit dour of the Colli t Houmi of Ulili
enmity, thf following valuable real?ntule, tiwwlt:
Tho ra*t half o! I-ot N<>. Kt, tn &iuare No 8 in the
Kightn Ward of the clt* of Wheeling, with th*
building* thereon ?itiut?d, together will) the joiu:
uw of the cittern on the we*t end of mi J lot.
The tltto ia heliertd to Ut noo<l. but telling at
Trustee tbo undesigned will convey only *ucli
title win vetted In him. Died executed on payluent
of purchase money.
Tkkmh ok oau: -One-ihiM of pun bane money In
owh.oue-thlid |>ny#ble In *lx m nthnfroui day of
naif una the euialning third in twelve mmithi<
from day of mi'e the purchaser (living his liotea
JoraaM deferred Installments, Iwariut Intermt from
May ?>f naif, with Rood security. The puichaner
hiu the mlvl ege of paving uIIcibIi.
J'KMx.kiHN A I'km'Leton, Attorney*.
1 l'UOl'KKTY.
Br virtue of a PeeJ of Trust made by Edmund
Hocking and arnli F. It cklng, hi* wife, to the uu>
dcrnlttiit'd Trustee, dated May i!7lh. 1875, and ol
record among the laud record* ol Ohio county,
Woat Virginia, in Deed of Trust Book ho. 8,
625, I will on
8ATUBDAY, tho2Stli day of Auguit, 1877,
Beginning at 10 o'clock a. li., at t.e front door ol
tho Court House of Ohio county, *ell at public
auciiim mo n.iiowing rtcjCTilxfl projterty that In tu
?y : All that portiou of equate immUred twenty
In the addition to the city of Wheeling luitl out liy
Nooli Zrnte mid called IVliaire addition, raid pottloii
being bound*! u* follow*: Commencing at ?
point on the north Mile of Thirteenth (futiuerly
iIjui|nIcii) street, at thediviiion lino between tlit
property formerly owned l>j Hobltnkl Brady and
tb? property of ffeotge W .fohnion, which |>oliit
in niiiikol by ? Intent brick net on idgn U'tweeti
the pavement* oil mUI street in front of said prop-riiiH,
mi 1 lidtMant from the northeast corner ?|
Thirteenth and Kotl streets outwardly oil Thirteenth
one hundred Mint nluclj-ilner feet and
Mwn incites; t hence running In h northerly direction
with mid division line one hundred nud
twetny-oue f?tt fuuraud one-half inches to a point
on the buck or touth boundary line of A. *V. Ke!
ly'a property. which point u distant from Kofi
street in the direction of the north boundary lint
of bohirskl Brady's property one humUeil anil
ninety-one fcet tire and onc-fouitli lm-hcs; thencf
miming westwurdly with the direction of mid
north iMiundiiry line lUty-nlne feet ton crow mark
oil the rear of A. W. Kelly'* brick stable, which
intuk is distant front Kott street along said north
twundary lino one hundred and thirty-two feet
Ave and one-fourth Inchw; iheuee rumilng southwardly
one hundred and twenty-one feet four aud
one-half iiicheK to a poiut on the north tide oi
Thirteenth Mreet distant from the tiorihrnuteornci
?/ TJjJrfeonih am) HotV "trret* nnr hitmired arid
thirty-two feet seven Inches; and theuco running
in an csiteny direction along Thirtivnth strict
ilxty-oiie feet to the place of lteginning.
Being the Mtno pr>.|>erty conveyed to Kdntund
Bockluu; by ?oble*kt lirady an t wile by deei dated
Notfuiber 17th, 1871, recorded In Hook W, p?|{0 32,
of tlio i ?hio county laud records.
lhe title Is believed to be perfect, bnt I will convey*
luch title as ia vested in ute by the deed ol
't kkwh ok Balk?One-third, or uiore If tlio purciiamT
no elect, cash fu hand: tiie balance in two
muni loktHlltucntn Ht otio and two years, the purchaser
glviug negotiable notes bearing Interest trout
the day o[ Kile lur the deferred pitrtuvtitx.
W. U CALDWELL, Trustee.
VV. J. W. Cowdkn, Solicitor.
JylQ J. C. Hkbvky, Auctioneer,
State of Wiet Virginia.
In tin- County Court of Ohio county;
W. R O'Seill
VlrgloU II. Whem et al. In Chancery.
By virtue of a timer entered In the above entitled
faun' ou the Jild d?y ot June, A. D. 187V, the
ondrrs'gncd, who wa* appointed c| erinl Coiuuilssloner
for the )>uri> m, will tell ou v
.WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29th, A. D. 1877,
commend! g nt 10 o'clock, A. II., at the frontdoor
of the Court Mouse of olito county, Weal Virginia,
the following dcscrllicd teal tutale. that Is tony:
All thnt lot or parcel of ground descrilied n* lot
numbered onelu Njuaro twunty-uine iu the pint?(
the addition to tlin ally of wheeling laid out by
Charles T. Churchill, truttee for Emily A. Zane,
and railed Kuena Viata addition to ihMsald city,
the nine being sixty fi?t front on Twelfth atrrei.
nud extending Uuk the same vldih one hundred
feet, together with all and alngultr the heredlt*
metita nud appurtenances thereto Iwlonglngor In
any wl*? apjwi mining thereto. On the wot aide
of salt lot there la an alley ten feet In width exlending
lack the lull deptu of the aald lot, lire
feet of which alley belong to the laid lot, and It
la understood and agreed that the i|Jd all- y shall
be kept open perpetually for the scrJIkmodntlnii of
the different preiniata to which the aauie belong*.
Tick* a ok Halk?Hne-tlilrd or more If the pur?
chaser so elect cash iu hard; the bilauiv In two
e<|tul Installments at one and two yeats, the puri.|,u?.r
vivlnip nntM lu>arlni> InlxMit ?H'.i ixual iu...
iwnal hcmlty, for the deferred payment*.
W. J. w, COW DEN,
tfpcclal CuuuiWioner.
J. C. Hkkvkt, Auctioneer. Jyjn
Valuable Docks and Fixtures.
The undersigned. Administrator o( themUteof
Jacob Oreatel. drceitrd, will oiler at public *lc
to the highest aud bent bidder, at the wmt end if
the Sati>eiuion Miigr, on Wheeling hiatal,
commencing at 10 o'clock a. m., the follow lug down
bed perwnal property, that la to say: ft Mi'thm*
of dock* with 1 shanty-boat, and tool* ami fl Mures
for worklog tbe aamo.
Titans o* One-half cath; Ualwce In three
and tlx mouths. with bond and approved security.
Auctioneer?J. C. nmey. JySS9
Eighty choke IhiHJlng Lola on Wheeling Inland.
Price from 9400 to ftiuo each. Only one-sixth of
the purehaae money required In caah. The residue
may be paid annually in mi equal installment*
Apply'to'1' JOHN P. GILCHRKT
7 At Top Mill.
Good for You
Man'i flu* ('*11 Boon frow.........~...?~..|2 75 up.
Mtn'alinaTf Bnola from 2 50 up.
Mt-n'aflne nu k>Htrn|? rdi(?a from......... 1 to up.
Mm a line Fiuklo Aloxla from 1 75 up.
Mtn'a flu* Mutton Congreaa from 1 75 up?
Mau'i Rood Nulled Hratuiafroiii.MMMM...~ lUnp.
Boy' Mw Alexia from?.... ...... 1 28 up.
Boy' flna'Jongroee from.............. 1 28 up.
BojV fine M?an HIium froai 1 10 up.
UdlM fine Kid Button (ran 2 00 up.
1 JUllo' flue Kill Hide I^ce from?.M~..?" 1 78 up.
Udla' flue Laming CoaircM fro1 J? ?>PJjidW
flue Luting Bala (rum 1 ?? up.
Laillw' Dm IjuMhk Bllppcra from - 5? up*
Ladle*' Una Ural" Sllpiwra Iron up.
Chlldren'a An? %<o?a from 20 up.
To walw room for Fall Uooda.
1140 M^A-IUST ST.
Offlte fend Bealdenr*, No. 1057 Main St., opputlto
Uulon, Wheeling, W. Va.
MVS It.una Oxide (1m and other AnrttheUci
adwlulaturtd. txylB
<? Twitmi ktrbitt,
lluya suil tolli Hckou t?> >11 point* Eait and Wuit, |
Mr Round trip tlckcta to Baltimore and return,
Qii Chicago and return, alaoon hand. otfl
1. BLUM &- BROr,
Great Offerings!
llrmnnli and Grenndlnea wld without reiervo.
Hummer *llk* and iilitck BUka offered at wonder.
( (ul low prtcca.
Klrgiuit display of White Gooda, at a aacrlfice.
HiniM>fcif|i(ii|{ (Jooda of every desfrfplfon, noli!
at reduci*d price*
llri*IH I jltftall nil ttlA iMiilltlMBUIa. I m
Clin k uml Co; ton Cashmeres, ul firicva no?w U?foro
heard of. j
100 LINKS HUlTd, for Cfctnp Mrollog,?t your
own prltft.
Ijolio'i* rniormt-r this ml?>. Ik) not fall to call I
If Ituiivil of ntivtliiux fn the Dry tioodi line, an
you will tiiid it to your advantage lu purebnw of ,
1101 tin in Street.
nuRO . I
[ During the eleven yearn I hato l>wn practicing
in Wheeling 1 bnve aiiiuiuUtered cm Iooyotupvcd ,
; thousand iwrwina with l'Kgxwr NAinrrr, and in
nJurnut vtery cam with entire aatbrfactfuu to tuyaelf
1 tuitl |?t iruu.
W constantly keep on bandi pure Nitrom Oxide
u** for thow! that ilcoira to take it.
wtt3 No. 1143 MarktitHL
SlllltllVV. AK.IM IS, IS77.
Sow AdTcrliwnicnlN.
Fourth Street M. 12. Church.
United Presbyterian Church.
Keformed Kpincopul Church.
Good for You?J. T. Stone?head of
Fall Style lints at Recti's.
('ro K?IIotchinB'Music and Art Store.
Work* of Art in Stone CameoH?Turn
er A Dillon.
' Programme of (he Great Western Land
; at Neuhausen'?i Uelvedere Owning.
KnigUtn Templar Excursion to Cleve-!
' land.
; AHseflament Notice. .
Administrator's Sale.
Lint of letter*.
Thermometer Keoord.?The followi
ing shows the range of the thermometer,
1 jh observed at Schnepf'g drug store, i
i Oj>cra House corner, yesterday :
; h A'm. Vi m. sp.v. 7 i\ m. i
70 72 78 cy
Mouk weather in brewing.
Kmn, rain?beautiful mud. t
Hwk* at St. Clairsvilie to day.
Cole's circus w hilled to exhibit here j
September Gib.
Tuk Wheeling Guards were out drill-!
in*; last evening.
Huildinu improvements aro being
pushed forward.
Tiie first Hteambnat wan built junt kcv
Tiie La Belle (ilas* Works will Htart
up the lirnt of the week.
The Sixth Ward Greenbackera meet
to-night for organization.
There seems to be a general predilection
for more greenbacks.
The pitchcr of a bane ball club is the
power behind the thrown.
The Ohio in getting on ita feet again?
tlireo feet Hush and rising.
Two deeds of trtwt ami one releaae admitted
to record yeaterdny.
The Standard base ball club will have
a picnic on the Inland thin afternoon.
The wivrkinjcuien of Jlellaire will hold
n mam meeting on the public square to*
The stockholders of the Belmont Iron
Works will hold their nnnual meeting on
Monday night.
The dry docks at the west end of the
Htiajienaion bridge will be otiered at pnb-i
?iu ??"? wuaj.
Justice Mix bus a domestic brawl between
two Kighth Ward nmazons to adjudicate
Uenthek reportstho bird business this
Reason as Using coia-parrot-ivelv dull.
Can'ary thing be done to improve it?
Hbrvf.y A 1>kitt yesterday sold five
shares of Nail City Brewery stock at $80
per share, par value S1U0.
The horny handed Grangera'will have
a grand picnic at Gaston's Orchard today.
Over 2,000 persona are expected to
be present.
v?heeling at present ii not as much
interested in the revival of trade as
whether the Stamford base ball club will |
ins reorganized.
If no news bo good news, as is sometime*
Mated, we may (ruthfull/ aver that
lot* of good news wua found on the South
Side yesterday.
Tub space around the Second Ward
Market was crowded last night by country
wagons loaded down with fresh vegetables
and fruits of all kinds.
Personal Pontn.?Mr. Tbos. WUson,
of the Sixth Ward, has returned from a
visit to i'ut-in-Bmy.
Judge Cranmer will preach to-iuorrow
morning in the Third Presbyterian
Churrh, South Wheeling, at 10| o'clock.
Dr. Jai. Cummins in reported seriously
Ul at hi* residence on Chanlino street.
Alex. Laing, Esq., and hi* nephew,
Master Dick Kobb, on TUuisday evening
rctued from a two months' tour in
Mr. Kd. Capebart, of Martin's Ferry,
ii cadet at the Annapolis Naval Academy,
returned home yesterday on a brief visit.
Messrs. Anton Reymann, Dr. Hichard
nium and Charles T. Brues have gone
to Buckhannon to make a raid on the
mountain trout in that vicinity.
Mr. Henry Hew and wi/ebave returned
from Pittsburgh, where they have been
for sotue time.
T. P. Phillips, Secretary of the Franklin
Insurance Company, and James W.
Paxton, Esq., leave (or Chicago this
Bulger, of the Spring Garden, has received
a new invoice ot waiter girls from
The following aro among the late arrivals
at the St. James: llanson Criswell,
Moundsville; D. M. Ivverstine. Cumberland;
C. L. Nelson, Columbus; Anthony
C. Heidellery, Pittsburgh.
Among yesterday's arrivals at the
niamrn were: it. r*.uanna,rarKerauurg;
J. W. lMattenburg, of Fancock Count?
Otmner; W. I). Hobba, Wellaburg; C. C.
Zinn. Clarksburg; M. S. Ilenderahot,
Captina; Ken. 11 Hurt, Mannington.
At the McLure lattt night were: Ix^win
Hammond, Weat Union, W. Va.; J. V.
Ntrebig, Nick Uoodlich and Arthur
lliguiiifi agentii of Cole'rf Circuit; W. II.
Atkinson^ J. II. Drown, l?utc?ville,U.
Col. J. W. PJattenbiirg, editor 0/ (he
Hancock County Courier, came down laat
night to interview our "pretty waiter
girla." Jeaae ia a high toned youth, and
he waa diagusted with the whole bnaineaa.
Lamp JfaowmtaoN a STniKK.?The
lamp blower*' employed at the extenaive
glawworkaof Mwain. IJobba, Hroeknn*
ier A Co., in Nouth Wheeling, yeaterdav
demanded an increase in their wagca of
ten cent* each turn. They have heretofore
been receiving SI 20 per turn, and
na they generally make two turns each
day their wages amounted to $2 40 per
day. The extra ten centa per turn demanded
would increase their wagea to
$2 (JO j?er day. Meaara. ilobba, .Crockunier
?S: Co. have not yet given the men
any anawer. They have been notified,
however, that if the demand ia not ncn-.UI
I/. It... nw... will .l-Sb. n
Police Court.?Judye Cranmer.?-Ilia
Honor yesterday morningdippoocdof the
following biisinem:
Jenk. Edwards, a vag, was committed
for thirty days.
Henry Hushman wan fined $ "> for assaulting
IkMij. Clarke. And Benj. wax
sent up for thirty days in default of $'>
and costs.
George McAdams, Jacob Henden and
Win. Shaw were lined $10 and cost* each
for disorderly conduct. McAdamH whh
committed, and tho other two paid their
Henry fichafler paid r line of $2 and
costs for disorderly conduct.
German Saknukrbund.?The Germania
Singing Society propones to send
circulars to all the Hinging societies within
one hundred and fifty miles of Wheeling,
for the purnote of agitating the subject
of establishing a German Sae tigerbund.
The lust Saengerbund met in
Pittsburgh in 1808. It met in this city
uiiv.c, auuuk Uticvu jrcarn ngu. me uujeui
of the organization in for the mutual improvement
of the ^ members in vocal and
instrumental music, u very commendable
one indeed.
Crookfd Whisky.?Jacob Fisher, living
near Koney'a Point, anil Win. O'Donnell,
living near Elm Grove, were yesler lay
arrested on a charge of retailing malt
liquor* without having paid the Govern|
mcnt license. They were brought before
U. S. Commissioner J. P. Kogers, where
they waived an examination and gave
bonds in the sum of $200 each for their
appearance at the U.S. District Court on!
the Gth of September next.
Romp, fashionable idiot writes: "A|
girl should not stroll away with a gentleman
at a picnic." If that is to l>c the order
of things hereafter it simply lets us
out as a picnic reveler. Send no more
ticket* to this office, plcaso. Next
thing we know some fastidious lunatic
will want to squelch the fascinating and
manly sport of Copenhagen.
Fiijm at a Stoke Quarry.?Killian
Braider yesterday complained before
Justice Mix that Win. McCune had assaulted
him at Frazier'a stoue quarry,
where lie and McCune are employed. The
quarrel evidently did not amount to
much, as neither of the parties was hurt.
A warrant wan issued and the casoset for
a hearing last evening.
' ScASPAtin"l>7cfjic7--^Tiie~"'Standard
batie ball club will have a picnic to-day
on the Island, which will inallurohabili*
ty be an enjoyable occasion. At 2 P. m.
the Eagles and Braddocks will content
for a pel of new banes, nnd at *1 P. M. the
Bridgeport Browns and Obion, the latter
of Bellairo, will have a match for a ailver
mounted bat. Go and see them.
Governor Hampton, of South Carolina,
nnd Gov. Mathews, of West Virginia,
arc at White Sulphur, and when the
other Governors who are expected there
arrive, it is feared that the Governor of
North Carolina may repeat that remark
to the Governor of South Carolina, and
th? other Governor* will Bay, "The same
for me." _
Speaker Speaks too Loud.?A warrant
wan yesterday issued by the Clerk of
the Municipal Court for thejirrest of
Witt. Speaker, alwy of seventeen, who is
charged with yelling in and about the
windows of the Wheeling Library Ahrociation.
Speaker lives with hi# parent*
on 14th street.
Justice Piulliph.?Henry Shaffer was
arraigned before the nbove Justice yesterday
morning, to answer a charge of using
abusive language toward David Uppen*
heitner. The result of an examination
was that Henry paid a $1 line and gave
bond in the audi of $200 conditioned to
liehave himself for the ensuing six months
Finuer Broken?John Bohb, who
lives on 16th street, East Wheeling, had
a linger broken yesterday morning while
playing biue ball on the Peninsula,
This trilling incident, however, will not
Kobb John of the exquisite pleasures of
the Great American Game.
So, the streets "have not been in a better
condition for a long time." Oh, no!
r^peciiuiy uie little patch ot utrccton
Virginia, between South Front and South
l'enn Street*. Wagon* without ipringn
are the only *afety vehiclen to*protect
men anil women from the grand bounce.
Justice Uuuuks.?Wm.Long wan t>cforethin
Justice yeaterdny charged with
rniniiig a disturbance at the iioune of
Wm. Huzlett la?t week. Long vrnn lined
S- am! contn and put under a $50 bond to
be of good behavior for six months.
Contract Awarded.?Mayor Sweeney
yesterday cloned a contract with Mciwm.
Gille?pv & Slatento widen the pavement
on 12th street, between Market ami
HabeasConrusCases.?John Ilnzlett
and )Vm. Shipp will l?e taken before
Judge Melvin, of the Circuit Court, at
hi* office, this morning, upon writ* of
habeas corpus.
With Col. Delaplaine and Lieut.*Oen.
Stephen D. Lee (the man who waved the
gray jacket) both at White Sulphur, the
equilibrium of the State will l>e hourwnat
Thi High School Project.?We
mentioned briefly yesterday morning n
paper read by Dr, E. A. Hildreth before
the Board of Education in relation to the
eatabliahment of a High School. Aa our
colnmna were pretty well crowded we
held this paper over until to-day, and
herewith present it to our readera s
To (he lioard of Education:
Gentlemen Accordl ng to ou r 8u per*
ifltendent'e la?t report, the grammar department
of our public schools waa in a
crpwded condition, even before the laat
examination; and. with the recent promo*
lions, this atate of matters han ao increoa*
ed na to make in Clay district a positive
necessity for an additional teacher, with
one recently granted in the Eighth Ward,
and others that may bo expccted in the
future. Such teacher* commanding salaries
next to the Principal, not only add
greatly to the cost of the schools, but do
not provide the relief desired. The du?
.? ? --?I ?1.~ I 1?1 -I
uvn uuucr 1110 inw rcijuireu ut rrinci|ia? .
are entirely too numerous and laboroui
for successful performance; tho nu|>erintendencc
alone, of each one of our large
ichools, in sufllcient without the legal re*
quirement of hearing the advanced
Tho organisation of a High School has i
been for manr years the correct and ra- i
tional method of meeting nml providing
for such contingencies, and at this time
is an imperative necessity. Our system
is the only one in the United States with* I
out a High School, and we are in this re? i
inert behind all others. This state of
things was not contemplated by the orig* I
inaturs of our schools;on the contrary, at
the beginning, lots werejpurchasedjfor tho
rs/irrM piirjxvt of erecting thereon a High
School building. Yet, upon one plea or !
other, its erection was delayed, chtelly on
account of school taxes, until tho lots
were Bold. In the studies of Astronomy, i
Algebra and Geometry, the High School i
will relieve Washington district of IS, ,
Madison ami Clay ot 65, Union of 20,
Centre of l'J, Webster of 22, and Kitchie
of 17 scholars, making in all 122 advanced
scholars, which require extra teachers, j
besides the acnistance of each Principal. (
IJpnro fin Iron wnnnmv in fiti-minir ,
a High School where this number of |
Htinlenlrt may he ho classified as to re- (
quire hut half the number of teachcra.
To undertako to erect a costly ;
High .School building at thin time ,
may not lie expedient, nor tlo
we consider it accessary, ho long ,
as the Lindslcy Inntitute building in only
partly occupied. # Several years ago the
Trustees of thoLtadsley Institute gener- 1
oiislr ofl'eredthis Board the use of the en*
tire building for a Nigh School,and it is
probably a satisfactory nrrangement|nmy
Iks stipulated with said Trustees at this
time, for tho lice of their house, under
which a High School may be organized at
a trilling expense. In furtherance of
which we submit the following, viz:
Iiaobxd, That a special committee consisting
of I>r. Hupp, Judge Cochran,
Win, I la-ting* and the Su|terintendent be
appointed, with instructions to re|?orl at
the next regular meeting, or sooner, if requested,
by said Committee, a plan for
tho organization of a High School for the
District, to go into etTecl January 1,1878,
and also to ascertain and report whether
the Lindsley Institute building can be
obtained tor tin* purpose, una it ho, upon
what term*.
The reflolution waa referred to a ppecial
committee conniftting of Sunt. Hervey and
Mchhm. Uildreth, ('oldwell, Collier, Maxwell,
Scott,'Todd and Wheat, who were
instructed to report upon the name at the
next meeting of the Board._
Excitement ih Weluburci. ? Oil
Thursday night last, some villainous
HcampH made i raid on the "town pumpn"
| ol Wellnburg, and yesterday morning (an
an eye witness relates it) "the scene was
1 the moat comical he ever tot eye* on."
Sometime during the night tho aforesaid
ncatnpa either removed the handleH
of the pumpfl entirely or bent them in
such a manner that they were unclean,
and on Friday morning a* the population
turned "out for their morning
Icofl'oo water, and discovered the
situation, the excitement wan intense.
The good people of Weltsburghave never
I>een po thoroughly worked up since the
Morgan raid. Many reason* wore piir*
gested an a cause for the outrage, but the
most prominent one was "a visitation of
God for doing away with licence." At
last accounts, it w.w thought that Col. l)e
La Plain's services would not Imj needed.
School Supplies.?The following is
the report of the Clerk of the Hoard of
Education, of supplies furnished to
schools, tcachem and indigent pupils for
the four months ending July 30th, 1877:
i ?: ? cj
?L*i)*rur*iiT. g .2 -f S? ?
Washington..... $ i :ts 9 5 in 8 $ r> ia 114 Cl
Madia n...... ti ?o 2 7o 2 M &; 1*2 !?i>
C 07 1* 4T? I HO 9 2li 30 2Q
Union B ?< 10 is 4 00 jr. S3 !M 23
Ontre 4 07 CO W? 7 07 1ft 52
WrInter.? 148 1 so 4 60 2 as II WJ
Rllchlr.... I at t 20 11 8 Cft
Colored 5 fc:t 1 O ti 0'.' 8 mi 21 31
Total $J8 32|?4l 41 11991 J43 20 S14S97
Scheli/jj Spree.?Geo. Schell yciter*
day filled hi* earthly ahell with wicked
whisky, nnd went gallivanting about town
ai if Silting Hull were on bin trail. The
neighbors wanted biui to movo on Caleb
Sylvia* reservation, and called upon
the government to subdue him. An
tho regular army O, is up in the coal
regions, Capt. llipley wont himself to
Hchell's camp to hold a pcace conference
with him. When the Captain appeared
before Schell the latter threw his mum.
hawk and came near giving Jim Sweeney
another whack at the City Bergeantcy.
But liiplcy was unhurt, anil Scholl wa?
locked up and^ will be asked to "Schell
out" thia morning.
The lltgisler'tt report of the "gentle*
man" who purchaaed from John Khoada,
the Bridgeport ticket agent, a New York
ticket nt Philadelphia ratCB in correct,
except in calling the Bcoundrel a gentleman.
It won a little miRtake that was
immediately discovered by Khoadn ami
explained to the purchaser, who wan
mean enough to take advantage of it and
ateal $2 from the ticket agent. Khoadn
nay* he in willing toj give ?12 to have the
town rid of ax mean a man, and nominate*
him an a candidate for Sing Sing by
a large mnjority.
Wm. Long va. W.?. IIazmitt.?S*v.
oral days ago a warrant wiw issued by
Justice Wait for Win. lla/.lett, charged
with obtaining $2 Under initio pretense*
from Win. Long. Hazlett, knowing that
it would 1k? a liong time bt-foro an officer
would iintl him, did not Wait for the
warrant, but came into town and
stood un examination yesterday. The
hearing resulted in Ituzlett being remanded
to jail iu default of $100 bail to
npjicar at court. He will not have Long
to Wait for a trial.
wiikki.ind typos will go to Steuben*
ville to-day to play a match game of base
ball with a typographical nine of that
city. We hope our boys will innko a
good "impression" upon the Steuben,
villiant, and not get "out of sorts" if
they don't win a "fat take."
Offickii Flkmino yesterday got his
hands on Tom MeCnrniick. who lum ??en
wanted fur smue time on n charge af tu?
mult and disorder. Tom was locked up
for a hearing this morning.
A great many of our citizens will attend
camp-meeting to-morrow at Inde*
Eendence, I'a., and But'* Mills, Ohio
oth being within easy access to the city,
It in understood in high newspaper
circle* that the local editor of the Regi*
ter will write a paragraph for bin paper
on Thanksgiving Day.
Jn a Nursery wherein nil is life and
laugh instead of crying and fretting,
there is stiro to be found l)r. Bull's Baby
Syrup, Trice 25 cents per bottle. Jaw
A Policeman Waited in Bridok ort.?On
next Monday evening the a
itrifJjpport Council are Co appoint po* *i
ice ollioer. We andentftnd Keeee Bur* B
lett lifts a petition recommending lilm it
or the poeiUon, signed by all the nromi* n
tent business men of the town, and from ni
ixpreuions of those particularly inter- 0
isted in the maintenance of order, and
rom the frequent mention of hia name in
hrae columns an the officer making the
irresU we think him ftn efficient oflicer. it
knd thai hie appointment would be a good
me. ni
Jolly John Crawford?Our jolly li
>ig, little, fat Falatatf friend Johnny k
jrawford, "don't jou know," ban gone
nto the milk business. Ho haaaome* 1
bin# low than a hum! ml cowh on the
lealthy old hills ol Belmont, six miles h
rom the city. Johnny is an honest hoy, bi
ind lives whero water is scarce and pas*
ure plenty. He Is going to exteud his b
rips to our city next week with yellow
letters on black ground. Come on, John* 8
iv, we will went ft little for egg uogg in li
ihont four months.
B&idoifom Pouc? Court. ? Nelson |
Uray (black), drunk and disorderly, $1 8
md costs.1
Linn McUavern, name.
John Frailer, samo. n
Albert lleneky, same. Albert was releaned
by promising not to drink any
tnorc for ono year.
The arrests wero made by Burdette and
Smith and tried bcforo 'Squire D. K.
Mrm. from Society Journal: "Miss
S ap|>eared to positive disadvantage
because of oloudineaa of complexionmust
we write it??l'hnplea spoiling an
otherwise beautiful countenance." [Sho
diould by all means procure and u*o Dr.
(hill's Wood Mixture. Kep.] ff&w
Cami^Mektinu Accommodations.?
Mr. H. 8. White, who will have exclusive
charge of the boarding arrangement
on the Moundsvillo camp ground, inforiuH
UK that ho in now amply prepared
to board and lodge all who may detdre
lueh accommodations during the continuation
of the camp-meeting. Mr, AVhite
is a thorough business man and understand)*
the necessities of such an occasion
and will spare no pains to insure the
L'ouifort and convenience of his guests.
^ Kxtka trains leave the Capitol at 2 and (
i v. m. ior ne una linen's urana uoncert. }
Mil. Kirk, of 1005 Main street, oppo- C
nosito Urant House, has been giving a j
free exhibition of fine art with an cle- j
gant ?tereo|)tican, embracing views of ^
our own ana foreign countries, Mutuary,
Ac.. Arc. It id well worth teeing; and we c
understand there will bo a free exhibi- j,
tion thin evening at 8 o'clock. j!
To ownera of buggies and horses: HilWi j;
up to-day and bring your families to |j
NeuhauKcn's iielvedere Opening. j,
What is worth doing in worth doing J
well.holds good in the application of
medicines a* in anything else, for if they 7
are neceasary you may as well, indeed <j
better be prompt and tine only efficient ..
and reliable ones, such as M chains'
Vegetable Oarthartic Pills, the Wheeling a
make, of course, we mean.
The (ireat Western Hand will bring 1
out all lovers of music to-day. ;
Nkuhaitmen's Belvedere onenincr.vrhich ^
taken place next Saturday, will surely Iks ,j
tlu* Concert of the season. II the weather a
to favorable a large audience will be in
Two thousand people will nttend lite
Concerto of ihe Great Western Band today.
Tub Cheapest Roof is tn* Gravel
Rook.?GeorgeCrumbacker, of this city,
is now fully prepared to put on gravel
roofs in the moat improved method, and
warranto hU work \o give aalwfacVion,
both as to resisting fire and turning waler.
The tar used is put through a process
that frees it from oil and benzole, and no
matter how great tho heat, it will not
run. It is equally eflicient in roofs of
every conceivable pitch. Mr. Cruinbacker
keeps on hand roofing cement and cement
for tanks and sidewalks of the Iwst
quality, which ho oilers for sale at the
lowest rales. This roof ha? stood fifteen
years in this city.
Address me through the postoflice or
call at my establishment, head of
Kighteenth and Woods streets. All orders
promptly attended to.
Tiie Great Western Band, of l'ittoburgh,
is ono of the best in the country,
miu uo me jinuc 10 near mem next oaiur;
day is only 25 cents, a large outpouring
of our population into Neuhausen'uGar- ;
den will be witnessed on that day.
Dr. E. A. Farquiiar's Medicated
Crackrkh, for the relief and euro of
every form of dyspepsia, or other functional
disoaiie of the stomach and bowels,
as well jih all sympathetic ullections
aririing therefrom. Thero in no taste or
smell of medicine about them?nothing
to indicate to persons tiding them that
they are taking medicine. Their principles
are so combined as to afl'ect the system
by insensible action, which gives a
quick, healthy and complete digestion,
cures the disease by removing the cause.
For sale by druggist* and grocers generally.
John Koemer is closing out all of his
Summer Dress Goods, Wall Paper and
Carpets, at almost vour own prices for
cash. Call soon if you want to nave
Down ! Down ! Down ? Another
break down in prices of Dry Goods and
Carpets. Uonnd to sell at some price
whether the mills run or not. Corner
Main and 20th street*.
J. W. Ferrel.
The finest shoes kept in the city at
L. V. Blows.
Break down in Prices.?Dress Goods
cents, Black Kid Gloves 85 cento and
Carpets as cheap as 15 cents. They have
to l>0 Hold In r?ioa
J. W. Febrkl.
If you want to get nuited in a pair of
shoes go to L. V. liixwu'a.
Break down in prices of Dry Gooda
and Carets. Now is your time. Call
nnd price. (Jot to Bell.
J. \V. Ferrei* ^
J nsr received. a lot of Children's Shoes
of the latest Rtyles, at L. V. Bf.ond'8.
Carpets I Carpets 1 Carpets I It is a '
well nettled fact that the cheapest Carpet*
ami Dry Goods in the city are found
at J.W. FerkelV, ,
Corner Main and 20th St.
Thk cheapest uhoeu in the city at
L. V. lfeoffD'a.
(Soot) Ulack Kid Glove* for 35 cto., at *
J. \V. Ferrel's.
Gents' fine shoes of the latest style#
just received nt L. V. BlomuV. )
How it ta Done.?The first object in
life with the American people is to "get
rich;" the second, how to regain good ,
health. The first can be obtained by energy,
honesty and saving; the second, 1
(good health,) bj using Greek's Auontr
. duouiu you ihj a uesponnent
sufferer from any of the eflect* o! I)y?- ,
pepsia, Liver Complaintflndigestion, Ac.,
such as Sick Headache, I'alpitation of the
Heart, bour Stomach, llahttual Costive*
new, Dizziness of the Head, Nervous
1 roBtration, Low Spirita, Ac., you need
not nufler another day. Two dose* of
August FlowekwUI relieve you at once.
Sample Bottles 10 cents. Kecular size. |
tocent*. Positively sold by alI first-class
Druggists in the U. 8. cod
If a it v-tidings for nervous suflsrers
nd those who have been dosed, drugged
ad quacked. Pulvermacher's Electric
elU effectually cure prematura deblly.
weakness and decay. Book and Joural?
with information worth thousands,
tailed free. Address Pulvbhmauiub
ALVAHiuCo., Cincinnati, Ohio. d&w
lllver Nvhm.
Tho river ?u rising slowly last even*
iff, with 34 inches in the channel.
The Science departed for Parkcraburg
I 10} A. If.
The Karon is off the docke at Gallipo*
i, and will resume her placo in the Par*
ereburg trade in a few days.
The steamers Comfort, Phaeton and
empent are making their regular"tripe#
The Scout came down from New Cum*
?rlaml yesterday and returned with two
Ihe Hornbrook will leave for Parkers*
nrg this morning at 10} o'clock.
The O'Neal la being overhauled at
teubenville, and will resume her regu*
ir trips neit week.
We clip the following items from the
'ommereial Gazelle:
|The packet* la the Lower Ohio are
etting all the freight they can carry.
A number ol pilots are contemplating
bartering a light cralt boat, and making
trip to Cincinnati to look at tho river.
Madison now hoaata three shipyards?
lie Upper, Middle and Lower, the latter
un by tho old reliablo Com, Fry and
'upturn Dan Morton. All are doing u
ushing business.
There are a number of largo rocks in
bo river at the "Trap," "Merriman" and
ther places between hero and Beaver,
otneof which are now high and dry, and
liey ahould bo taken out of the way be*
ore there is a rise. These rocks have
een the cause of sinking a good many
argefl and coal boata within the past few
ear*, and our coal boata within the past
jw years, and our coal men, for their
wn protection, should see to it that they
re removed to a place where they can do
o harm.
IBj Telegraph.]
Vickidubo, August 17.?Weather
lear; mercury 80?. Kfver fell 7 inches,
arrived?Maude, last night. Up?Phil.
men, uce anu uarges. jL/own?j*e.
Evanhville, August 17.?Weather
lear. River U3-10 leet scant and falling.
)own?Grey Eagle, Evansville, Dora
!obler. Up?Smith, Virgie Lee, all
rithgood trips. liusincss dull.
New Orleax*, August 1".?Arrived?iolden
City, Cincinnati. Departed?
f eager, St. Louis. Weather cleur; merury
Memniih, August 17.?River S feet 11
nchea. Weather clear; mercury 85?.
)eparted?Helena, St. Lou'i*; Tower,
JiiTTLB Rock, August 17.?Weather
loudy and rainy. River 6 feet and ristig.
Arrived?Uattie Nowland, Memhis.
St, Louis, August 17.?Arrived?War
iagle, Keokuk; City of Vicksburg.Vickaurg;
Grand Lake and barges, New Oreans.
Departed?War Eagle, Keokuk,
liver falling. Weather cloudy and warm;
uercury87?. business dull.
Cincinnati, August 17.?River *1 feet
nicucB nuu HuuKinnry. Arnreu?
'winkle, Memphis. Weather clear and
Lodibvillk, August 17.?River stationry;
J) feet 1 inches canal. Departed?
.uura Davis, Cincinnati; Lotus, Modion.
Weather clear.
Nabuvillk, August 17.?River 22
itches on shoals and rifting. Departed?
itahleman, Cairo.
Cairo, August 17.?Departed?Coloreo,
Vicksburg. River 10 feet 7 inches
nd falling. Light rain at dark. Meru
ry 78?.
Tho Wheeling DktrictCamp Meeting, hi hold
I oar Moiimlnvillo, will commence TUlMDAY,
luguat '21.
A number of prominent Minister* from ahroid
live been Invited anil will be preaeut, who, toRcth'
r Willi the Ministers of Utls and aUjolnlnu l>i?
ricts, will take part in tho rallgkmi aertleo*.
Mr. It. 8. White, of Bclltun, wilt hate charge ol
ho lur*e Uoatdln* Tent, Urwery, Ac. lie Utt
ixed tho following low rate* for boarding: Foui
fays or more, 7,1c per day; lea than fourdsya t?c
.origins will be 26c per night. a discount mi tin
' tea will l? undo to Ministers nml their families
Tent holders will lie furnlthed with grocrrles, ve#
'tables, meats, fruits, bread, milk, do., at lowt*
irlcos. Mr. White hating erected a Imkory u|>oi
I'de li. A O. K. JL Co. will furnish fcxcundot
Heketa from Wheeling, good during the moetlng
it 60c. Tlrkcti will alio lie Issued at other point
dongthp Uiimatredncodrate*. In addition to th<
vguiar traioi, on and after tho 2*d lutl. an extn
rain will leave Wheeling at 4:10 r. m. lVpow
wishing to tcntcan ship tbclr freight at tho l)*po
inr dar More II o'clook v. M.
Admission to the gronnda 10c. Season TU iu'i
;ood during moating. 23c. Beaaon Tlkfta c n lx
iLlained of Joahua Lancaster, Trvosurrr and tHs>
*tsry, on the grounds, or at Mr. Dunn's and Jeo
tvlwarda'a (tore, Moundsvllle: Itad A lfou<4on'i
I rug store, corner Main and 22d street*; John Hal
iu, railroad ticket office. 1200 Markat atre?t,W e*l
iig, and at the galea. Psrtlaa wishing to rent ont;
bouldapply lo Cel. Wm. Alexander, Moaudt illo
K. BALL, President.
D. II. K. D1X, V. Preaidt t.
Meet the wants of those who need a safe |nd
reliable medicine, -The Immense demand witch
hai no rapidly followed their introduction la
evidence that they do supply thIt want, Ind
prove* them to be
ever furnished the American people. The hlgn*
eat medical authorities concede their superiority
over nil others, K-cnuse they possess alterative,
tonic, and healing properties contained in no
other medicine, itcinjr strongly Antl*IlilIous,
they expel all humor*, correct a vitiated state of
the system, and, being purely vegetable, tlicy
do not, like other pills, leave tho stomach and
ixnvcii in a wane condition than they found
them, but. on the contrary. Impart a healthy
tone and vigor before unknown.
Dr. C. L. MITCHELL, VU Moode, Pla* urai
. . . " / tnon the inferiority of your fill*,
and want to ire them tued i hi trail of \He worthItu
comfcnudi told in till country.? , . .
Rev. R. L. SIMPSON, LouUvlUo. Kr.M7?:
. . . " 'JuttU filh are north Their might
in gold."
Had Sick Hcadacho & Pilot 30 Years.
. . . "/ am veil. Gaining strength and
fifth every day/' ... It. S. An*tin,
Springfield, Mais.
He Deflos Chills and Fever.
..." With TnWi fHli, we defy chilli.
Illinois owes you a debt of gratitude J' . .
! ". It. Kipley,Chicago, HI.
Sold everywhere. I'rlcc >5 ccnts. Oflicc,
35 Murray Street, New York. I
Gray hair it changed to a glotty black by a
Ingle triplication ot thin dye.Oil it easily ?p*
plied, act* like magic, and i? a* harmless a* spring
water.ONevfr disappoint*. Sold by druggist*.
I'ricc oo. Office,35 Murray Street, New xork.
100 Roxc* Choice
20 Ilagn Fresh
Junt received.
M. SCHULZ,?1319 Market St,
mi 17
Ilavo removcil their IlUekumith and
Horseshoeing shop to No.5Twenty-?ccont!
itreet, between Main and Wnter NtrceU
? minie, IV. H. ],2(J
JShJ '"n,0, ' " cu?rI <on. In "or. id.
"""If M. KK11.I.V,
W? ?i?l nil Mtlaamrt.
A yiSLu".uE Ali" oomsrsmooK
* V ot ?U[iloanU Fancy (iroccrfea. hin.ll.
.lute I Hit ilnl<cUM Cw-ili, I.iwiai market prlcee
W> LOT, DAVtNlllUr A l'AI&M
jpKimiriiY. 1
We advlM til tb0M wanting Dtotlitrr don* to
call on I)B. IIAKMIBF, whttr tlirr qui hare U?th
i'xtraded wlthonttU >U|h?t pAaSdnc* teeth
Kt In not to ba known from the natural teeth,
a It worn with comfort and cm*. All caan
wai ranted. Offleo-Ho. 42 Fourteenth atraet, rarw
of Market. ujo
Omrit?Attorney (leneral'e Offler, Capitol,
Offlce In Ptopli'i Bank Building, corner
of Main nnJ TwelHKitrteU. ?p8
No. 64 Twiurru St.,
Attorney at Litw.
Ottee-No. 1322 CuapmnkHt.,
Prompt attention to ?U lualncaa cntruatud to my
put. __ M
Attorney at Law,
Om-icj-No. M Fornrarru ?r.
Office I{our??8 to 10 a. m. 1 to ? p. r. iki3
Ju?tloo or tha P??ce & Real Estato Agent,
No, CO Twblvtv St., wiikkunh.
Collection! of all kind* made and rrocwdi
promptly runlttal. jnS
> ? . wniib I " I. n III
Office with Daniel Lamb, Nn. 1318 Mnrkel
Street. Office up atAira.
No. 1318 Market Street, (over City Bank,]
le4 Wheeling, W. Vn.
rjl J. IIUUUS,
Attorney at Law.
Office 71 Twelfth titrtO, Wheeling, W, Vo,
rrfloticea in the Court* of Ohio, Marshall
and Tyler counties, W. Vn. novl7
MluVbapline Btreet, Wheeling, W. Va,
e29 _____
MorohaudiHc Broker
HQ IMUI nMnllglial tnr Tnmlm ?.!
1 my*
1205 CHiPUKK fe'TKKKT.
' Itooin No. 1 Odd Fellom' Building?up Hair*
; iur28
[ J. MCLflON VAKCK. | VT. M. HUUHiW. | X. 0. VriXCHKI
Manufacturers nml Jobber* of
Boots and Shoes
No. 1301 Main St., Wheeling, W.Vi.
Spool Cotton
Black anil Colors especially ritnirnHJe.
For sale by
J. S. RHODES ?fc CO.
_T fU T?T*r*TV*n? - ? -
iXt CO,
Or Parties or Small Meaiu Deilroui
Engaging In Grnpe Browing,
Coal Mlnlngor Market
On account of advanced ago I am desirous o
1 changing toy residence. and therefore oiler for inl
my farm situated opnoalto tho city of Wheeling, 01
the river hank, midway between Bridgeport am
Martin's Ferry, and Immediately adjoining tho tII
lage of JKtnaville. The property constfis ol G
' acrea ol hlU and table land and 15 of river bottom
In tho hill there aro two aeatna of coal, 6)4 aira
feet thick, three depoilta of limestone, an 8 fuc
vein of clow texture nml or free stone, an 10 loo
vein of marl, which altogether make a noil and ai
' underlying bed of deposit* of a rich and valuabl
On tho surface, the larger portion of which 1U
gonUy doping to the wit, and all under direct ex
Srare to the sun, la a Vineyard of 88 acres, mottl;
tawba grapea, all In fine bearing condition, abou
1 seven years old, which has proven Itaelf at)l? to p?;
I a handsome per cent to tho cultivator.
The property Is being approached above and be
low by an advancing tide of persona seeking amal
' homesteads, and Is now really the only unoccuytc*
territory between Bridgeport and Martin's Ferry
It la valuable as an Invwunent for capital sceklug
. safe nurchai*. ?n.l ?
I l?l mnlMlng pouod di to tto dlr I. r !
. \tUoj. u,c "Und *?d th? whole teener; ol lb
; i?Ti" ?J *' be ow-thlrd nuh. t*!inc
&SfV?M tntflreitun !l*
17 Wmenti. For further tmrt culurt Inauir
Or, (h. BieBABD'SiEwjfoSB^
iro im unto, or by mtU at ftUjiporl, ohlo
" JIKIIJ.V, 13Wand alt J|j|n St.
The Cheapest
The Best
The Largest
In the Market la the Calebraltj
A great variety ot other Cook 8to?,, (1
wajraonhand. ^ AIlStOTeagaami^ }
Marbellzed Iron and Slate Nin|^ I
Freestone and Slate Hoirth), ic. j
Call, examine and aee nrlcen
c)iviuiti?ctfto? mT
Marble, Slate & Iron Mantles,
Common Urate#, Tile ami nil kimU o!
Terra Cotta goods.
Galvanized Iron Work and Tin
Anil Iloaie Furnishing Good*. We rill
special attention to tin*
1 Peerless Radiator Shaking Grate.
The inoat complete Orate in the markri
It can be seen in operation in Mr. Fnnk
Coen's fino residence on Die lalaiitl. uu
nnd examine.
ISO!) * 1511 91 ill it Nlrrel.
near B, A O. II. B. Ilepol. mrj
Don't You Want a
, NewCookStovfi
THE MARKET can be found at
! IVo. 1425 Main St
First-Class Stoves,
Can now bo bought Cheaper than ever
Don't fail to call ami see our Klork I*fore
No. 1425 Main St., Wheeling, \v. Va tj
. iurl'J
. Tlio meat Economical and Convenient Slow In 1U S
> world.
Itis light and portable and easily uiotuI Vjrutf
iwnou. Can bo us*l in tbeSMln* Rood, Klirhrr
or out of doori. JUST THK TUINU K>KM AIMER
USE. Will Hnko bcth-r than wijr i'i?l < ?
Wood more, ns tlio hint in uniform ami roil; m- >
ulaUtl. Will Uout nil kindaof M?ti.Fonb.A<.
In short this 8loro will do all kinds of workil.it $
J ran be done on any Cooking Btovo or lUn?r,?n4!shorter
time, m the Utovo can he lighted ami rad?
for use in two minutes. Tho Oven can 1? butw -r
ready for Baking in fivo minutes. Jarce iiumlr"
are now In usoin different jarta of tlic wuuirj. r.
. giving entire satisfaction. Thetitoveitm texm:!
J. O. rAYNK'f, irent
my2ft 1414 Market St., tvWlio<;
K?i? th? liirgmt atock of IRON and IIK.HV
llAUUWAUK in tboHtate. Hinlwkil
Wood Work, Springs, Axlet, Varnlit?.
Paints, 4c,,
Ti nol nwlw br tny?UblUhniciilwHbln ilw"
dr?l tullrs of Wheeling;
Carriage and Wagon Manufacturer* will fiw ' :>
to thtirHntcrcat t> bIto him a call.
AI?o on hand, LAND I'LASTKK of ?u|?;rt
utility. U0&
All peraotis Buttering from thin '
calamity should avail thcmsclm * of th?* <T
portunity given them hv the tcmi^T ;
presence in thia city of
Specialist in the treatment for the Kf',r'
and Bndicnl Curo of Btipture, nn?l o1'0'8 |
his services without delay. Helm* 01*0^ ?
f a temporary oflice at the
St. Jniiies IIoK'''
His method insures the patient the thu'
leading points required by nil ropnr*<l I"*. j
sons?Comfort, Security and Cure.
Wheeling Powder Agency.
I have at all limes In Magazine i lifle I
stock of the above celebrated Pow?r' ?
uIt ftlflo Cnnillnn I in nnntl. Bill"""
p .... w|iviuii|i<n?t?i- . |
; and Mining, In metallc package.
I will tell at ?fcole?aIeatmanuf?c|u"r
' prion. I have Portable Magiil"" 0
. different sizes for shipping anil *W
. er free on oars or boat. This fc"'
> Is unequaled In strength and qunlltyJ'"
M. HKII.I.V. Wulojg!!!.' J
r Oftft "*08 mo cokfke
*Ul" For Hale by M

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