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Z\x< HWltitg ?BI ItMl$genog
Tin* Five I'olnlN.
We have elsewhere alluded to un?l
quoted from Herniary Bherman's important
speech at Maiit*tieldt Ohio, on Friday
night hut, on the National finances and
the general business of the country. In
thiff speech he makes the following noteworthy
"We are now within five degrees of the
specio standard. We have still seventeen
moikhs before us in which to complete
the task. The name progress that Iihm
been made since the let nf March, continued
twelve month* longer, will certainly
bring im to the H|>eciu Htnndard. I feel
confident in saying to you this day that,
if undisturl>ed, with or without ;i change
of the law,every dollar of United States
notes will before the time fixed for resumption
buy as much as an equal
amount in either gold or silver.
Thin statement in one that deeply concerns
the whole country?every man
who produces or who buys and veils anything.
What does it mean ?
It does not mean, as Home people miglit
suppose, that the Secretary expects to
contract tho greenback ciiculation of the
country under the law that authorizes
him, m Secretary of the Treasury, to pre*
pare for specie payment* on tlie 1st of
January, 1870. He proposes to nell 4
per cent bond* for coin, an.! to accumulate
enotij*li of tltln coin in hi* vaults to
resume with. We quote what he aaya on
thin point, a* follow*:
Thin accumulation, both of silver anil
gold, can bo made by arresting from exportation
our own production of these
metuln. This in more than Hiillicicnt to
aiipply our want* for thin purpose, and,
fortunately, we have plenty of other pro
tliictioiifl?corn, cotton, wheat ami fabrics,
ilie mm 01 our luuumry, lor export,
r Thin country in the ^reat???*t producer of
gold and silver in the world. The balance
of foreign trade in in our favor. Durinu
the lant l'ncal vcar our exports exceeded
our imports in gold value the sum of
$160,055,855, nnd thin balance i< steadily
Thin year Providence ban blended tin
with an enormoun crop of almost every
production of the farm or plantation,and
the foreign demand in largelv inereaned
by the Kugflian war. llussia in our great
competitor in nupplying Kurope with
bread, and she now will consume her own
products. We .have now reached the coin
hanin in the production of coiuiiKNliiien
for the foreign market.
It in true, an Secretary Sherman says,
that we are only five pointn away from
specie, and it doen seem an it we ought to
gel down to a specie hanin without materially
disturbing values. We have,
however, been nearer to specie than we
are to-dny, and it in euny to see that if we
go down there we must be prepared to
pay in full, or we will, a* we have already
done, lint! the premium rising on us again.
We look upon Secretary Sherman's
idea of resuming under the present hill
:ih impracticable, for the reason that III5
millions of gold cannot he accumulated in
the Treasury without m? seriously disturbing
the gold market of the world as
to cut >hort the ?ale ?>f his bonds in Kurope
and thiitcountry. And it will require
this amount of gold to resume with, as
we have ."15 millions of greenbacks out'
standing. It will require not only this
amount but whatever else is necessary to
' meet the demands of depositors in the
National banks, inasmuch as National
bank notes must be, when xpccie payments
are reached, payable on demand in
Keciiriu;' 1 itimigrant* lor llcnl
They are making up a Kansas Colony
ut Baltimore. The management is in the
i hand* of well-known men of the nitv, who.
I would Kcfn) to have at heart the inter|
ests ?>f the deserving working men of all
classes who are unable to find employ-1
ment. The colony will Im? ui.ide up of
picked men?no drinking men, loafers or
drones of any kind. Many applications
to join are rejected. Only genuine sons
of labor are allowed to enroll themselves.
Itocciirsto us that these are the sort
of people who are bailly wanted in the
interior of West Virginia. We have
thousands of acres of unoccupied land in
Gilmer, Calhoun, Braxton, and other
counties, which could be Imd cheap and
which these |>eopIc could soon reduce to
profitable tillage. It seems to us that the
owners of thene large tracts of land
should put themselves in correspondence
with these coloninl enterprises, ('apt.
Mrljiire recently received a letter from
Pittsburgh from :t writer who desired to
know what chance ther* was for a colony
of families of workingmen to settle along I
the line of the 1*. W. Si Ky. road. 11 was
ns follows:
I would like to find if there i* any
I.iinl adjacent to vour j?rj0|?0?*e?l railroad
1I1 at could Im* obtained at a reasonable
li?ure; would be mutable forawmnll colony.
We nutnlter about lifty families, coinpo?ed
of the Iwrft nociety and of iirnt-claaM
mechanic* with no me few farmer*. We
arc deniroilrt of locating in Went Virginia
hut nre not particular where. If we cannot
iyt land on thin nid?* of Wheeling
will >?o we*t of it. It won't take long for
ih to K'ttle, a* all are iniluntriou* and
lined to hard work, and I know if we are
Hiicci'Mful that it will l>e the mean* of
training ot hem to locate there. Hii-menn
being dejirerfccd cauw ih to seek new
home*. That we are what we claim, I res'
for you lo C. T. Magee, City Treasurer,
W* It. Si. SnodgrAMfl, Controller. Hoping to
hear from von, 1 remain,
It will hi* Men that iIiih niaii'n referH
ence* are good. We lake it that he rep
recent* people worth looking after.
Huch large landholder* in the interior
an Judge Camden, of Clarkdnirg, and ex*
Senator I^nnett, of Weaton, cannot do
l?etter iIumij lime* than keep a lookout
for the workinginen who are Keeking
home* for themnelvca on cheap land*.
liitooKE CotfMTV.?An old time citi.VII
of WclUlmrK(now living in Detroit)
rnviv**H the ancient Rlorjr of that town,
an itexiaf)hd fifty year* ago, when flat*
horn huihjintf wa? extensively carried on
?? the mouth of Hufl'ilo creck. ffenajH
| that thwrllat'hoatfl were then what rail|
rumli :iiul uteainhriatH are now, the commercial
agent# hetween the North ami
The WmiikIi tiinw l on the Bethany pike
J? |i?Ihj fintahetl (arelied) nt anexpeniieof
1,1.0(1. I'.twcr* A ,\melt are the conI
perintendent of Bchoola lion been lixed nt
$3 j?er day,
Geo. C. Curlin (*on of the Sheriff) ha*
bought out Geo. K. l'arkinaon'a atore at
lie tli any.
The town levy of Wellaburg tbia year j
ii IT) cent* on the $100. r
The following iteinn nre from the ||
Herald of Friday:
The majority against railroad aulxcriu* M
tion on the three-fifth ba*i? in about $1.
By counting ballot* in which the voter
had failed to acratch either the "for," or
the "againat," a* for autweription, the
number waa reduced to 17, but there it
*topped, and an the figure* were like
George Washington and Ilia little hatchet,
the accountant* had to atop with tear* in 1c
their eye*. il
The moMl unmitigated and malicioui l'
net ol uniawiiiineii* lliat nan ueiei ?eiis- ?
burg for some time wan jwrpetrated Innt H'
night in removing and destroying at }'
le:nt three-fourths of the pump huiullen 11
in town. The water supijlv ww, of
couse, Hlmt oil, and thin (briday) morning
llit> inhabitants of some localitici*
could not got Hiillicient water to even
"boil the tea-kettle." This kind of busi*
ness may I mi fun for wane parties, hut it in '
exeecdingingly in had taste, and the .
guilty parties should miller the extreme
extent of the law, if apprehended.
Hei.laike iiix'ai-h?John W. Ham.
mond, of this city, an old steamboat engineer,
but recently employed as brakes
man on the Panhandle road, met with a
horrible accident Friday last, at I'alasca- ?' !
la, near Newark, Ohio, by which he broke
both of hi* le^'s. The unfortunate man
is 1 vi 11 if in a critical condition. unable to ! (
be removed to liia home. iH? wife, who
reside* here, upon receiving the nail *
tiding Htartci! at once to her huabaud.
Tlie Democratic Senatorial Convention *
of this District, held at AlliensThursday
la?t, nominated David Wagner, Kaq., of y
West Wheeling, thii township, a* their
The workingmeu of thin city, according
to programme, held a meeting .Saturday '
hut upon the I'uldie Square. The ij
adopted resolutions of the foregoing meet* |l(
ing were read. Mr. (ieorgo W. Scott, of 44-j
thin city, delivered a powerful address
upon the occasion, followed by several
other gentlemen of influence. Col. ('.I,.
l'oorman will address the meeting upon
the Public Square next Saturday.
Our churches yesterday were but ''
Mimly attended. y
The camp meeting at Ilurr'a Mills was Hf
the centre of attraction for our Christian ?v
people. ^
The Hoard of lvlucation meets thin ?.
evening at the School 1 lull.
About 12 o'clock Saturday night two
villainous outcast* of theMoflie Ma^uire
order, William Burke and another denperado,
met, attended by their seconds, ^
hi front of the I'orterlield House, to tent
their claims for becoming the "bullv" of
their clan. The night was made hideous
by their yells anil execrations, and per- y
Hons residing within a square of the rorterlield
House were aroused from their ..
slumbers and forced to witness the result .
t .1 IIS... t .1. . . 111
ui iiu- ruiuiu i iieiwt'vn ine iuuictuii^ .
chieftains, who for the last two yearn ^
have Ween cheating the Ohio penitentiary
out ot honest labor. Warrants have Wen
issued for tlieir arrest. 1
The National glass house of this city, )T
which subtended work in Mnv hint, is .K
now in full operation, and are inanufuc* ;.V
turing a superior articic of lump chimneys,
a sample of which was shown us by
Mr. Henry Fau|>el, the Superintendent of
the blowing department. C
Seven car loads of cattle were re*shipped it:
at this point Saturday last for Baltimore, p:
One car load of wild animals for a ft:
traveling menagerie passed through herelast
Saturday, on route to Munslield,
A prize package peddler, ampjy gifted
with chin uiuxic, selling spurious jewelry, ,
for lens than "eost value, of course, en- H
tertained a select assembly for several
hours Saturday evening.
The Light Ouards paraded Saturday ,
Inst. .1. E. D. 1
? j t(
ICIvcr News. "
The llornbrook left for Parkersburg
Saturday morning with a good trip.
The O'Neill made an excusion trip to
tin* Spring (JroveCamp Meeting Ctroiimin
Tlic Granite State it running in the C
Cincinnati and Poinerov trade. p
Tbe Hudson has laid up at Fulton, ami tl
will receive anew wheel. d
The steamer Fanchon, Captain Swee- li
nev, is en route to Cincinnati from tbe h
mountains. b
The Nail City has 8,000 sacks of wheat tl
engaged at Cairo for Cincinnati freight at hI
20 cents per aack. li
The Nail City and barges arc on route tl
to Cairo with 210 tons miscellaneous tl
freight. S
An I ronton dispatch says: The Fashion tl
h oil Hit? docks fillijr repaired, ami re* c
sumea her trade on Thursday. The Frank p
Willard was out today, ami is ready for
holiness. tl
The new Kmmadrahain haw been corn- fr
pleted at Cincinnati, and will make a bee
line for Pittsburgh just aa soon as there
is a prospect of water enough for her to ?
pet through. Capt. John Thornburg was j.
in Cincinnati the early part of the week, /
but we are not advised us to whether he !
is to have command of the new Kmma. .
Capt Thornburg was very popular on the
old Emuin.?(\jm. Gazette.
Capt. Wm. White, a well known river ..
man, died at Portland, 0.,on Saturday.
The steamer Science arrived from f'arkersburg
last evening, ami will return
thin morning. (|
I Bjr Telegraph.1
Saukvki'out, August 10.?No arrivals [j
or departures. Weather cloudy and ?
pleasant. Hiver fallen one inch. J
Vick.hiiuiui, August 19.?No arrivals or '
departures. Weather clear. River ,
fallen finches.
St. Louis, August 19.?Arrived?War J
Kagle, Keokuk. No departures. Kiver Hl
fell live inchps. Clear and very warm. ^
Loitisvii.i.e, August 111.?Cool and j
clear. Kiver falling, .1 feet inches in
canal. Departed? Shinkle,forMemphis. j\
M km i'll is, August 19.?Kiver falling
slowly. Weather clear. Mercury 80?.
Caiko, August 19.?Aarivcd?Kanehon, ,|
St. Louis; City of Helena Viuk*hurg. ?
Departed-Panchon, Cincinnati. ^ Kiver '(,
9 feet inches and falling. Weather ^
clear. Mercury 80?. j
Kvanhvim.k, August 19.?Weather ,
clear; northeast wind. Kiver .'I feet and f
falling. Up?Hilverthorno, Arkansas v,
Kelle, .las. W. (loll, C. W. Anderson, j
Down?Kawn,Kilvcrthorne,J. I). Parker. |
The bar here is the worst on the river.
Kusiness light.
Cincinnati, August 19.? Kiver i feet 1
inches, and falling.. Weather fair and
warm. No arrivals or departures, on account
of low water.
i'otimlcrtMl Hi Sen.
Sew York, AiikiihI 1m.?The Hchf?oin>r t
Penham, which arrived to-day,nnnoiinieH
the foundering of the achooncr (.'.J. V?n* !
name, from thirt city for Ihtmeoii, and tin- |
Iohh iff the Bteward and two pawienKern. ?
Nitlciile l?y Drowning.
M KM I'll im, Anoint 18.?Tony Mngondialer,
ail employe of the Mdnphifl llrew- ^
inK('()m|m!iy,roilliuiiiru miirmr uiiiujr ny (
jumping into tliu river. " ?
nromicil. I
I'oiiti.and. Mr., AiikihI l!? ?HU'|.IH'|| K
Hull, Wendell Hnmll hihI Frank llmi*ton i
were ilrowncil in Hlitliogo Ink" I inlay. <
t ill ItlJ'OltT IUKinAKYU.\?
hocking Condition ol Her Publie
A Ditfgrare to i'lvllizntion.
Baltimork, August 1s.?Dr. Chancel?r,
Secretary of the State Hoard ol
'cai(ii,re|K>rl(i to (lovernor Carroll upon
le condition of the alum inntitutiorm ol
ib State, that it in painful to wilnem tin1
looking condition in which many of tlu1
tiblic iiiHtitutioiiH were found, and that
irt difliciilt to conceive that anylliin^
orcc ever exited in a civilized country,
(limit luiquit .tl?M'tiii^s.
I* A1 It 1** IJ NT, August IS.? Kev. J. M,
ucklev, of Stamford, (Connecticut,
hall-pant H, delivered a very enterininjj
and instructive add rem on "StudMin
11tiuinn Nature."
In the pavilion, at 11 o'clock, in re?onne
to a request unanimously adopted
r tlie Assembly, the Kev. John H. Vinint,
D.D., Roni-ral director of the oxer
si* here, delivered a companion leeturu
i that known iih "That Hoy," entitled
Pliat lloy'n Sister," to one of'the I ardent
idience* that has ever gathered at Fair)int,
and hi<4 appearance on the platrui
wns greeted with nnplauoe. The
ictor stated lliat lie should .-peak to day
' women in childhood ami in mature
;e, of woman's npliore, of woman's work,
ul of woman's power, ami proceeded to
ad a fascinating story about (lertrude
liver, witli a robust and sturdy moral.
11 the conclusion of the lecture Mr. Vin
lit enjoyed an ovation from the multiule
At half-oast '.J thin afternoon l'rofessor
. Ogden boremus, of Now Yoik, assMI
by I>r. C. A. boremiH.gave, a lecture,
I'lie Spirits of the Air," illustrated by
ienlitic apparatus. The Professor at
te outset h:iid that Professor l?atimer,of
ochester, New York, now here, pro
Minces the water of Chautauqua the
urt'^t he has ever seen.
At -l o'clock Mr. Frank Hoard, of New
ork, drew a number ol caricature* on
>me peonle at Chautauqua, which great'
pleased the audience.
At 5 o'clock Miss Kdith K. .Sessions,
Milliter of Hon. W. L. Session*, of I .inula,
recited Trowbridge's "Vagabond"
ith excellent effect.
The day clo?ed with the Binginir of a
mg by I'hilip Phillips, by the Young
polio Club of New York.
11<'iiiptoil Tinnier and Kiiicidi'.
New Yojik, August IS.*?Tlioiua-t
anting, aged fortv-livc years, shot iiin
>iiHekeejK?r, Mm. Wood, aged twentyx,
at liiri residence, One Hundred ami
iuth street, this morning, and then put
pistol to hi* head and fired twice, lie
ed instantly, hut Mr*. Wood'n wound,
liich ia in thcnhoulder, is not thought to
fatal. Harding is a married man,hut
is not lived with his wife fur come time
he cause of the hhooting is not known,
Newahk, N. J., August IS.?The Vim
hnncellor to day sentenced live striker?
i the recent railroad disturhances to
:?y $50 line and imprisonment till the
irtlier pleasure of the Court.
CniCAOo, August IS.?W. 1'. Carter
as arrested here a few days ago on the
large of counterfeiting. Investigation
iows that he has been in the business
11 a small scale for some time, and thai
b lias put into circulation about thirteen
umlred dollars of spurious coin. One
undred and lifty dollars of the coin,
)gether with dies and other counterlietlg
tools, were captured.
lVnlmnh rutting ICutc*.
Nkw York, August IS.?Albert Kink
'ommipfioner having charge of thoap(irlionment
of west bound freight from
iin city, Hcnt a coninuinication, ycfter
ay, lo the representatives of the trunfc
run, -tilling that the Wabash K:iilwny
ail been found guilty of carrying freight
elow the schedule rate*. Mr. Fink
irefore", directed that no more freight
tould he cent by the agents of the trunk
ne* over the Wabash Railway until furier
notice. He also stated in bin letter
tat it win* reported that the Canada
otliern hail been cutting rates, and, al
lough he had not yet receieed positiv<
viilence to that eflect, be feared the reort
waa true.
The Wabash officials here deny thai
lev have violated their agreement an to
eight rate*.
keckivkk31iip cask.
A large party of lawyers, including
aiue? Craig and Governor W. H. Hall
eneral H. K. I/tan, Wells, Hemlendioti
; Co., of New York, and othern, left hen
>-night for Kingston, where apelitiui
?r a receiver of the Hannibal & St. Jo<
tail road will l>e argued to-morrow.
hill I.ONt < llilll?SlI|?|H>S?Ml (41
linvv Iippii
Omaha, Atiguat 18.?The excitement
ver the diaap|?earance of the litth
anghter of Mr. Hone, of Wnahingtoi
>unty, doea not aeem to abate, although
le nilnir haa aaaumed an entirely new
base, ami it in now thought that inateai'
f the child having been loat on tlx
rairie an at lirat auppoaed that it hm
eon kidnapped for the purpoae of oh
lining a large reward for it? return. /\
tan named liolmea hat boon arreated 01
uapicion of being concerned in the orime
. reward of $1,000 ia now offered by Mr
tone for the child'a return.
In A morion ii I'lisonor liillcil lij
a Motlcnii !f I oh.
Han Kkanciwo, Aug. 18.?A San Dieg<
iapatchaays: There in a rumor Iron
ian Kafael that thuKlliott boy*, rorentlj
aptured by the Mexican* and rouiinod a
tan Kafael, were tirwl upon by a mob o
doxicana, while going from dinner to j.ii
mcler guard, and one waa killed. Tin
oportia not fully credited, and pnrtiea it
?an Diego are preparing to go to renew
lie aurvivor and avenge the death <?f hi
irotber. The news lacka conlirmatiou.
Iiidinn TrouUloM,
Halt Uicr, Auguat 18.?The Indian
>n the Montana Mag* road, HO mile
lolitb of IMonanni V?ll?? -?:n ? > >
- - - - - - "iiii iiimi mi
otul iiikI lint*. Tlicy ttirnci
he hI:ik? ???l ti'Ieurnpli repairer* burl
reHlenlny. Hut few Iiuckh arepeen. Then
ire inaiiv h<|iiiiwh ami ebiblrcn. It h r??
mrlfil that Ib'm in mil tlio main purl lui
n on 11 v wounded itml families. Notliin;
leard from any point norlli of I In* |>n>:il
ilnc/t tho I(iih.
Caught Willi IIioTooIn.
ClilOAOO, Annuel 1D.-W. I'. (,'iuio
van arreted lieru a f??w ilava ngo on
thur^o of nouiiterfcitiiiK. (nvt'?lixatioi
biiWH that he Iiiih been in (be bilHinoMsoi
i hidulI wit In for minio lime, ami that |,
ia? put into circulation about $l,.'lou <{
purloin coin. Fifteen hundred dollar
if thocoiu lo^ellier with dien ami otbi<
oiinti'rfoiliiiK looh were on pin nil.
ri{i:sinr.m iiavi:s.
A Trip Through Vvrmonl.
Windsor, Vt., August 18.?Secretary
and Mrs. Kvarts, un?l lion. 10. II. Stougliton,
and Secretaries* Devens and Key, left
' Windsor for Claremont, this afternoon,
to meet the President and party. A reception
will be tendered the 'President
tliiH evening. A number of distinguished
gentlemen have been invited by Secretary
Kvarts to dine with the President this
reception at windsor,
The President nnd family are in from
West Brattleboro, nnd reached the railroad
station at (j o'clock. People had
gathered in considerable numbers to greet
| him, and when he appeared upon the
platform of Governor SrnUh'd private
. car, men, women and children pressed
forward and were accorded an audience
| mid shake of the hand.
Mrs. llayes stood at the entrance to
; the car and shared the greeting with the
President. While waiting for the train
1 to start the President addressed the assemblage,
who listened to his remarks
with the closest attention. He spoke as
, follows:
"My fellow citizens, before I leave vou
I desire to Hay what 1 have hitherto omit,
ted, and if you will kindly permit me to
sneak two;or three sentences, I shall he
glad to receive your attention. No language
is too warm or too strong to expre**
my gratitude for the cordial reception
which you have given me and my
, family in ilrattlehoro. My family, or
rather the Hayes family, came to Brattlehoro
ahuut one hundred yearn ago. I do
not know the exact date. My grandfather
wan a blacksmith, the only one
here, I think, when he came, and the people
welcomed him cordially, as they
always do an important a personage a*
the village blacksmith.
A voiceA -blacksmith in a new country
is almost as good an a President among
1 have most agreeable recollection* of
Brattleboro. 1 thank you cordially for
what you have done, for there are few
spots dearer to me than this.
Manchester, August is.?The President
ami party are exacted here Thursday,
the JK'hI inst., at l) o'clock a. m., and
will Ih? received at the depot by the city
government, the Grand Army ol the Ke
puiiiM*, ami citizens. A .National salute
will lie lired at Depot Square liv the Firm
New Hampshire Light Mattery.
After visiting the chief mntiiifaclttring
establishments they will be escorted
through the city to South Corporation.
Here a reception will be held for one
hour. The President will be guest of ex(Jovernor
Suiyth, ami will remain in the
city until 1 r. m.
My father left here sixty yearn ago
next month ami moved to Ohio, where 1
was bom, but my older brother and winter
were born here. When a boy of eleven
yearn, forty-three yearn ago, 1 first came
to this place on a visit to my uncle John,
who then lived in thin village^ During
my visit 1 walked over the road by which
I rode this morning, and from the very
house where 1 slept last night. The
place was beautiful, then. There have
been many changes since then, but the
beauty continues and has been enhanced.
I hope the beauty and prosperity of l.rat1
tleboro will continue to increase, and I
hope that again and often 1 shall come
1 hither to meet you. Hut 1 am extending
my remarks beyond two or three sentence*,
nnd ho must close by again thanking
, you for the hearty welcome you have
, given me.
The remarks of the President were received
with cheers. The band discoursed
air* familiar to llic President, who thereupon
remarked that in this r oh peel the
hand exceeded any other lie had heard in
the State. Hand shaking wan renewed,
father* holding iiji their children, and
1 old and young passing in rapid succession.
Am the train moved slowly away a colored
man took the hand of President Hayes,
saying, "I worked hard to make you
President," to which the latter replied
i that he hoped he would never regret it.
The Presidential party were the recipients
of numerous bouquets from the ladies
of Hrattlehoro, a large number of
whom, with the leading men of the town,
accompanied the President as far as Mellows
Kails in a special car attached to
the train.
i KVAllTS.
Windsor, Vt., August 18.?President
Hayes and party were joined at Clareuiont
hy Messrs. Key and I)evena, Judge
Hoar,Senator Morrill and Secretary and
i Mrs. Kvarts, and brought to the residence
here. The recention was held at o
o'clock in the grounds of Kvarth* reni
dence. Some 2,?i00 people participated,
ami much enthusiasm was niaiiifeHtcd toward
the President.
Mrs. liny oh also receive*! the guests,
and many tdiook hands with her. She
was quite plainly dressed, anil there wan
an absence of elaborate toiletn on tiie part
of the ImlioHof the party.
1 The Presidential parly dined with
Kvarts to-day, and to-morrow dine with
Stoughton, who hart Devens, Key, and
. .Senator .Morrill, ol Vermont, besides
Hon. Win. 11. litint, of Now Orleans, as
[ guests.
' At the clone of the formalities of the
' reception, the President retired *to the
piazza, and after renting a moment, addressed
the assembly fiibstantially as fol*
"I will speak st moment to the people
with whom 1 have been shaking hands.
* We never feel quite well acquainted with
i one another until we have heard each
i other's voices, and having an opportunity
' to make the acquaintance of the people of
I this most delightful part of the United
* States, we want to talk a little. 1 don't
< intend to say much myself, hut to call
upon several gentlemen who are nsso>
dated with me in the Government, whom
i you will be glad to hear. To begin with
. I shall rail upon the gentleman who con.(ducts
the correspondence with foreign
government*, ami who writes the highpounding
word* in the document* to
' which 1 have to put ray nignaturc. If
you ever nee my iituno under riicIi tlocu
mcnl* you mud henr in mind that they
i were written liy your neighbor. I hope
r he in neighborly. I will now introduce
i Mr. Kvart*, the .Secretary of State of the
f United States." x
'J Made anhort and pleaxant npeecli, intro*
, ducing 1'oHtmnnler (Jeneral Key, who, on
A coining forward, waw greeted in a most
eiithimiuHtio'manner. I In paid :
rovritAfrriw oknkrai. kry'h remark*.
"My Kiurnim?I ?ho\ihl not tell you
* the truth if I should nay thnt I apnear
iiri(hi* vuu Hiiiiotii a iim'iiiik in cmuar*
' ra*sment. Having conw from a wet ion of
I tlx* country remote from this, fur this
( is a larm* country,?I tut ween it ami Now
Kni;lauil it always appeared to me that
there wan u strong antagonism. I thought
t I would come up and help celebrate the
t! Iiittle of llennington I remember that
< the people uf Now I liunpsliire, Vermont
ami South Carolina met side hy aide in
the luittli' liehl anil in convention to
frame the Constitution, hut nlavery le I
r to distracting conscipienceH. New Knu*
ii land wax the cradlu of liberty?tlio citan
did of liherty. The white South had an !
n intercut in the perpetuation of nlavery.
That ipioHtion is settled. To-day Now
il j I'lnyland ideiw prevail in the South, no
m that alt the people of tin* South are as'
r freo an you are, ami (hut gulf which'
I nepnrates im is rinsed, and I Iio|m< the
time Imp arrived when we^ shall no Ion*
ger fee) that there in any North o?" South,
Cut that we have one countrv, which in
inseparable." [Loud cheers.]
Attorney General Devenn and Win.
Hunt, of J'/iuisiana, followed.
Three strong and enthuiiostic cheers
were given for President JI ayes, for Postin
ante r General Key, for Attorney General
Dovens, for Secretary of State
Kvartn, and for Mr u. II ay en, and for our
The band nlayed "Sweet Bve-and-bye,"
and hundreds of voices took pp the refrain.
wheee the president went to church.
Windsor, August 19.?The President
and party this morning attended divine
worship at St, Prill's Episcopal Church,
of which church Secretary Kvarts and
family are members.
The President and Mr*. Hayes and
party called on Mrs. and Mr. C. C. Heamar,
daughter and son-in-law of Mr.
Kvartn, upon the occasion of the third
anniversary of their wedding.
Plymouth, N.H.. August 18.?Governor
l'rescott I^eo will take the early train
to-morrow [for Wells Itiver to meet the
i:\loiiNivc Forgrrli's.
Chicago, Ills., August IS.?A report
was published liero yesterday by one of
the morning papers, relative to the arrest
ofcertnin parties supposed to belong
to a Rang of forger*, who had been operating
extensively in thin city, New York
and other placet*. On inquiring of the
ollicial* here we failed to elicit any definite
fact*, and the story was generally
It in now known that yesterday morning
Constable I Iartman "arrested in this
city two men named Weston andtilesner
on a charge of forgery. It appear* that
these men, working in connection with a
man named Steven* and other accomplices
throughout thecountry have for some
time been carrying on a system of forgeries
from which they have realized large
sums of money. In January last the
Third National Hank of New York was
defrauded out $-7,000 by means of
checks purporting to have been drawn by
Winslow, Lanier tS: Co. About thosame
time a check for $10,000, purporting to
have been drawn by the New York Life
Insurance Company on the Trust Company
of New York, wan presented and paid.
There had been other similar owratioriH
known, but never made public. iteprcaent- ,
alivcH of New York lioucos, employed
to inventigato these forgeries, have ,
been following up the HURpccted parties for ,
ceverul months and have found the lender ,
of the gang, lie is a man of wealth and (
respectability. His name in Steveus, ,
a/ia.i Henderson, who has Wen known ;
here an a speculator in grain and stocks.
Next to him came Nelson A. (ireNiier, a ,
wealthy man of Minnesota, and formerly ,
a member of the Legislature of that
Stale. Associated with them was W.
Weston, of this city, formerly a real estate
agent. Upon examining (iresner's trunk
after his arrest it was found to 1
contain a large assortment of implements 1
necessary to his profession, including
inks, microsco|>es, acids, brushes, pens, 1
tracing impliments, ?&c. In Weston's possession
was found a number of washed
drafts, on which cverythng had been obliterated
by acid except the cashier's sig- ,
nature. When dealing in drafts it was ,
the custom to buy them for small amounts ,
ami then obliterate, with acid, all ink
marks except the cashier's name, liefore
this was done, however, a careful ,
tracing was taken. Then when larger (
amounts were written on the face ol the ,
draft they had on the tracing a facsimile ,
of a iiuuiIht of the letters and of the .
figures which were used in the greater
amounts. In dealing in checks they
would learn from some one in a bank or
olliceofa tirm denoaitini* in :i iiarilrnlnr
hank, juKt how the deposit Htood, in order :
not to overdraw the account. It in said
that some forged check* have been drawn ?
fur nil inn as high as $25,000, Develop- 1
ment ho far indicate that these tuen are (
a part of a gang of the moat dangerous J
forger* that has existed for years. It is '
intimated that they have swindled various)
hnnka out of militant* of dollars.
Stevens was arrested near Grand Haven j
yesterday and is now on his way to New ,
York. The ollicers having in charge ,
Weston and Gresner left for New York
with them yesterday evening.
Explosion ol a Locomotive 1
St. Joseph, August 19.?A locomotive
on the llannihal & St. Joe road, while ,
coaling'at the depot, here this morning, (
exploited her boiler. Jos. Snyder,a tire- ,
man from, Flora, was terribly scalded
and died in a few hours; Win. Conger, j
engineer, was badly scalded, and lien,
l'ratt, lireman of the yard, was blown
twenty feet in the air, but not seriously
hurt. 1
Chicago, August 18.?Chicago?, 4; St. J
Louis,It, |
imuuivi.i ]*, aii^iici 10,? nrooKiyns, a; ]
Cincinnati*, 0.
Cincinnati, Augunt 18.?Ludlow*, 6;
White Stocking*, 1.
Inihanapoi.is, Auguat 18.?liulinnnpo*
lis, 2; Alleghenie*, 7.
Weather ItHllcatioiiM.
War Pkpa itmknt, )
omen or tiik Ciiikf Hhinal Okku kh, Jwafthtnoton,
d. C., vo-i ft. g.)
For Tcnnortaee anil the Ohio Valley
anil tlie Lake regions, falling barometer,
with warmer nontherly wiiidnand partly
cloudy weather; and in the Lake region,
local raiim.
SlriKiiigSilk Weavers ICe.samini;
Nkwakic, N. J., Au^uht 18.?The
Htriking employes of the Newark silk
mill here, two hundred ami fifty in number,
will resume work on Monday, the
company having arranged a compromise
by which the highent wages are reduced
and the lowest rained.
iim: kiu oui).
< ?maiia, AugiiHt 18.?The flouring mill
of Wetheral Mros., at Ucatrice, Nel?., wan
totally destroyed by lire at 2 o'clock this
morning. J.ohh $10,000 to ?15,000. Insuraee
Suicide <?l ii flea Caitfniii.
Nkw Om.KANfl, August IS.?1Tim hark
Marietta, lienco on tliu llitli for Snliim,
returned to tin* Passes today. The nmte
reports that on Friday, tlu? 17th, Captain
Kirliofcr, master of tli?* Marietta, jumped
overboard ami wnn drowned.
St. Louis, August IS.? All>crl W.
Howe, :m old antl one of (lie liest Fire
?V Marine Insurance agents in the Western
country, died to-day after a lingering
Strike lit llii' \u\> Yuril.
Nkw Yoiik, August 18.?The ship
u'rti.lil.i nn.I ..( 11... ........
yarii Iiiivo Htruek n^:iin?t 11 ml net i>m of!
wu^oh from f:i f?0 to $:i 00.
I'roljililN on Hit* I'm-ilir It. It.
Omaiia, August ih.-Wah-nliiy los'
1'iitM of Htock iirrivi'il from llu* \\\m| for
|Kiinl? I'IhhI. Korty-four mitm of loit '
Mini l?v llm Norlhw('u|(>rn ruilrotul to thy.
Bombardment of Rustchuk Still
In Progress.
Russian Movements in Bulgaria
Impedod by Bad Roads.
A Rather Gloomy Outlook for the
Winter's Campaign.
Itcniovnl ol tlio ItiilKiirlui! t'upl-j
Bucharest, Auguflt 18.?Prince Tcherkanni
hurt removed the neat of Uovernment
of Bulgaria from Tirnova to 8in?
The Kuwrian homhardment continues.
Iwo hundred hIicIIh have fallen in the
lown, and twenty peroonn liavo been
A Huspian rcconnoitering party has
l>een repulsed near the Itiver Lorn.
KightveBneln landed Turks in Dohrudiclia,
on Friday. The JiucflianH arc marchug
to oppose them.
IvONiK)N, AugUHt 18.?Advice* from
Bucharest and Siatova show that the Kuhlianrt
have made no preparation against
jad weather. Kvcn the Hat, Handy i?land,
>ver which there in an approach more
lian a mile long to a pontoon bridge,
diowH no sign of road-makine, nltliough
i hundred infantry soldiers have idled
iwuy their time there lor several months.
Lt in now a mass of tuud, an wagons have
kneaded its Burface in Peeking passable
On the Sistova Hide, where the road* to
Biela and Tirnova run up steep hillsides,
ihere wiw also no preparation. Short hut
severe showers on Wednesday night
zaught the Kussian Army Service Department
utterly unprepared. After the
roads had been maue virtually impassable
in many places, fatigue parties were
turned out on the Sistova hills to cut a
new road, and to make ill-directed ellbrts
to till the chasms in tho old ones with
willow brushwood.
A part of the Dobrudscha force has
llready passed through lioumania, and
again crossed the Danube, about ten
miles above Kustchnk, but the operations
Dn the other side are delayed by rain,
which has rendered all the roads practically
impassable for artillery and trains.
K great part of the line of communication
with the army is over mere cart
tracks, beaten with dust in line weather,
and churned into deep mud when it rains.
In the country now occupied by the Kusdans,
and the enormous forces about to be
encamped in the heart of Bulgaria will
probably leave it as bare as the allies left |
me plains Iwlore N-'bastopol.
During the occupation of the Dobrudnclia
lately, the Mick were Kent back attiie
rate of three hundred per day, and there
ure signs of increasing sickness within
the linen on the other side of the Danuln?.
The Shipka paw, wliicli in held by the
Uussians, wan blockaded at the southern
entrance*, and will probably have to 1h?
evacuated utiles* the Russians attack and
lefeat one ot the three Turkish corps
which now form a semi-circle from Hasj?rad
Some critics appear to think that the
liussian advantage lien in continued iniction
and further concentration, but the
increasing ravages of disease in the Jius>ian
camp in an oflnct*against the arrival
of reinforcements, and may com{?el their
'.ieneraln to attack l'levnaor llasgrad heore
strategical considerations would anil
or izeauch an undertaking.
It is reported, also, that public opinion
in Kuxsia in powerfully atl'ected by
[he failure before Plevna. The echoes of
.ii if* uiHHniiHinciiuii may rencu me army
in the field and tend to tempt the military
advisers of the Emperor to urge Home
'nterprise that might well he deferred
[ill stronger force* can be arranged.
Vienna, August IS.?The Political
Correspondence ban received a Bucharest
lelcgram Haying: "General (Jourko dedares
the Russian position* from the
Danube to Shipka I'asH are ho Htrong that
the Turks will not venture an attack."
Both armies are constantly intrenching
themselves. The Turks especially hold
wonderfully strong positions at Plevna.
is nevertheless inndiflicult wituation,because
numerous calvary attached to the
eighty thousand llusnians confronting
IIIm completely cut oft* hiscommuniralions
with Sophia and capture his convoys
of ammunition and provisions.
The Russians will not undertake operations
until the whole guard arrives from
St. Petersburg. This signifies a pause of
a fortnight or three weeks.
St. I'ktkrmiimo, Aiistmi IS.?IXlicial
dispatches state that the Russian batteries
at Giurgevo Hilenml tbo Turkish
batteries at Rustchuk on the 1 ">th inst.
There was a plight successful light on
the KUh on the right bank of the river,
near Uustchuk.
occupied without opposition.
ku8ten0.il, August 19.?The Russian
army ban occupied thin town. There are
no sign* of either the Turkish army or
licet. The Russian ariuy occupies in
force the lino extending from thin town
to Schipka Pass. Tho Turks are a considerable
distance oil'ami do not make
any demonstration. It is said that the
Russians intend to blockade Plevna, but
will not attempt to take it by assault.
Osman l'asha's supplies are beginning to
fail. At the special request of (Srand
l>uke Nicholas, the mobilisation of two
moro divisions of grenadiers and one cavalry
division has been ordered.
uetikrd IN ?l(>01> 0UDKH WITH A I.0p9 oK
1,200 mkn.
London, August 19.?On Saturday the
Russians, to the numlier of :?*>,000 infantry,
10 regiments of cavalry and 110guns,
attacked Mokhtar Pasha along the whole
line, extending from Mngarajikh to Ya
kinlar. The cannonade >h?gan at seven in
the morning and at',four Jin the afternoon
the Russians retired in good order to
their encampment, pursued by the Turks.
Tho Turku lost 10.*) killed and wounded
and the Russians I ,>00.
n?r iin* iiiiiirc mo nruiv nun imporml
!u'iiiI?|iiurl?:rH will rcmuiii uitrhmi^cd,
whii'li hcciiik to imply tlmt tln? Kinporot
will vnrouni);i> llit* Multliorx by liin nrtiml
pri'Hoiwe on lliu luittlo Hold. Tlio Kmjioror
h plctnmiitlv ?|imrt??ro<l iu
u rowI Iioiimo oiitHido of tlio vilIsik?*
mill hooiiih in cxcellunt health
mill Hpiril*. Tlio nir id puro in cnnlrtiMt
to that of llillu. Tlio lionltli of the Niiito
i* iniit-li iiuprovotl, but (Ipii, Ictiololl'in
hiiII itilim*. IViiu'o (Inlntxcn Iiiih Ih>ch
uliligoil t?? lonvo for K:irl?l?ml. Thontromu
of ii'inlorrttiiiuntu ix (lowing iiow.Htonilily
tliroii^li Koiitiuinin.
It in oxpeotoil tlmt tliM iroumlirr corpn
will l??? in i'iili;:iria l?y tin* tirnt of next
week. The HtnlV here calculate that 180,000
men are now actually on the inarch
lo reinforce the army. The next battle
about Plevina in meant to Ih? deceive.
The fourth cavalry ho* been declared nn
inde|?enilent expedition for the purpose
of ntoppini; the Turku communication
with Sophia by blocking Orchordik Paw.
the main thoroughfare an?leasirnt nrt*li- 1
ing route over the Belknnu. 11 i>? fell here
that thin should have l?oen done earlier,
but if aucceuful now it will ntill have ,
good result*.
illinintoriiil St|imi?l?l(s.
PAUIH, Augunt IS.?The I'itjaro., which
latelv attacked the Puke de JJroglie,
Pri?*ident of Oolinell nml^Iiniafnrnf.lna
tice, an being tin obstacle to the proclamation
of the state of sige, now makes a
similar complaint against Ueneral Her - 1
thaud, Minister of War.
The semi-oilicial Monittfir, which defends
General Jlerthaml, charges General ,
Ducrot, who commands fttBourges, with ?
being the instigator of these attacks. The '
Monitair thinks it quite allowable that
General Ducrot, approving a policy of
force,should regret not being in the Cabinet
to carrv out his programme, but con
siders itdeplorable ami serious that he
should stimulate a break-up of the Ministry.
Dr. Henry Connean, physician to the
late Kmpcrior Napoleon, is dead.
CoUon JIIIK It turning.
I<oni)on, August is.?Several cotton
mil 1m at ISiacktiurn coinmenced running
on short time yesterday. It in expected
that in a few dava the movement will become
general throughout the Blackburn |
iteeoptiou of flic liiitcil SialeN
Madrid, August 18.?King Alfonso re- (
caived Mr. Lowell, the newly appointed 1
United States Minister to Spain, to day.
mr. ijowcii hjiokchi very nmieringlornn
of Sp:iiti. The King replied in a similar
tone. No allusion wan made to Cuba.
Arrival ol Ueii. t.'runt.
COPRNHAOEN, August IS.? Kx-l'rfHident
(Irant has arrived here. He will
visit his sister, who married Dr. Cramer,
the American Minuter.
Tin' Ken Ui^imciits.
llAKKlsuuito, Pa., Annual 18.?An or- t
der wan issued to-day giving the detail*
of the recruiting for two regiments from .
the National (iuards. The oflicersand
men selected will lie selected solely from
the National (Sailrds, ami alloted ten
Captains and two Lieutenants, ax t'ar as
possible, to each regiment of the organization
now existing. The Colonel selected
Hhall nominate their complete stall'
organization, except the Paymaster and *
Commissary, to In; taken from those olli- /
cers of the regiment anil all the Mall' <t >
the guard who may have volunteered.
As soon as authority shall he given to a
Captain to recruit, he shall do so from
the men of the regiment from which he
phall lie detailed, to lie selected and apportioned
among the several companies
in proportion to their numerical strength. \
Lieutenants to be detailed from other
companies than his. Should notsuflieienl
volunteers lie present, then they may he
taken generally, but all must he members
of the regiment. From non-commis- '
sioneu oiiicith in iim* regiment, who muv
volunteer, the Captain shall select noncommissioned
olliceis of llie detailed
company rank for rank, and in case a
sutlicient number of non-commissioncd '
officers Khali not volunteer, tlion the
Captain shall appoint a compliment of
non-commissioned officers reiiuireil. The
companies shall consist of live sergeants, 1
eight corporals, two musicians anil sixty- l
seven privates. .The men volunteering '
will he Huhject to medical examination
by the surgeon of the regiment.
Marino !Sews.
New Yomc, August 18.?Arrived?
Steamer Weser, from Bremen.
Montrkai., August IS. -? Arrived?
Steamer Circassian, from Liverpool.
London, August js.?Arrived?Caledonia,
from New York; Di'enician, from
London, August is.?The steamships
City of Berlin, I erriere and herder, from
New York, have arrived out.
San Francisco, August IS.?Arrived ?British
ship City of i'estli, from Glas- ,
gow. ' (
Seimliir Morton'* C ondition.
Richmond, Ind., August is.?Senator
Morton in still improving in health, having
rented well last night, and passed n
very quiet day to-day. ^
Moral i 'Imriuicr.
There is nothing which adds so mncii
to the beauty and power of man an a good
moral character. It in his wealth?his influence?
liifl life. It dignities him in every
Htation, exalte him in every condition,
and glorifies him at every period of life. ,
Such a character is more to bo desired
than everything else on earth. It makes t
a man free and independent. No servile v
tool?croakingpychophant?no treacherJ
on? honor-eeeker ever bore such a char- I
| acter. The pure joys of truth and righteousness
never soring in such a person, li
If voting men hut knew how much a good
character would dignify and exalt them, |
| how glorious it would make their prospects,
even in this life; never should we ?
tind them yielding to the grovelling and
hase-horn purposes of Imman nature. ?
la |iro|?*rtHl to mnko cnri*fut nix! nnnlymo
j| Iron Urw, l.luitvtom-*, Mlueral Wiitorvic."
|jkt<or*lory ror. '241h nml Ch?|ilini< Miwli?
miM Whorl In;, W. Vs.
j.? 27 rniurriWNTii sr.All
tin* N?mv Styli s ii| Typo (or McnMnlilc,
ItHilroinl ami Poster Work, iiikI the
hvsteM mill HOMI IVt'Hvmin MM*.
rpoi! a ccos. i iiwi:<?\ n \m>
I n lull lino ??f T??l?niviw (nun (Iii< 1i*.IIiik iuiiic
ufMlorira Hi ?! utiinlry. in.Iu<ltii?: loiillui.r.,
I'liifiT Hum., llullinMik'N Mmiilvr Nikv, Hun i'.
llollinN.k'* N?vy, Ilonur IIii.Inui, .1.' It, tine,
lllrliinoii'l It. I'mv, IMiiv|||i<, Vn . II. |\ ?in??iIv
nuil uIIm'I*. I i nn lutnl-h nil Myli- unfit- l v
tlirw liu nt luwrnl in n k< l |i|in .
M. UKII.I.V, I Sun mil I II Mnln HI,
Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters,
Dt*leri In Iron, (iftlvknlatd, Httvun, Watri
tn<l Drain Kwji ronilnnUj on Uml t lur^c
waiirtinont 1'rnM Untxli, Miiun nml Water
I'uuij ami i.u Fixtures.
HUM ah vim roi wk.-i vikmihia roi
Proiopt Attention given to orders from a distance
To Iron Mills anil Engine Builders.
W? hRTfl K.l.lo.l to our Pl.UMBINU nml HAS
KITTING establishment, n new nml contplelf
mil aro now v?'i?r?\l to mnke nil kinds of Ml
mil Knjilnf Itrswi ('juting* nt short notice nml ?l
In1 ti rj livntqunlity.
nj?!t No. 1418 Market Mint.
Spool Cotton
Illai k ninl Colors especially ?ICHir.il?lr.
For rale by
.1. S. llllODI'.S CO.
K. srnoiTKi;,
t! i). Of xtrjvrlur J'X(!!. ISII vmnv/arlurr, owl
ulli/ trlebralcilfor Iila*ticihjt Vunihitiiu ami Even
fix o( Point. In I"> Xumbm.
Wtritlin mitcil to nirjit'ilt 1/ writing. I'oi
lit by t!f Ttiiih generally. A Simple Viiril, continitnj
ntf corh o f the f'i/ti -it fiunibrtu, 1y mail, on
rct ij't of ::< C* 11 Is,
11151'J-S 138 and i40 Grant) St.. New York.
CiO "f n k'ticr from n
fo>| n* tnlii.? limtlirrjit
'ONLY GOOD N May, mi.
J p K It It l\V
Ortut-c, 8^737(^8 tlirir S^auco is
. , .. ... H-__ I ly iftwmeil in Ini\n.I
npplK-.il'k* lo E-~ ?lin, nmi is in my
,N i.!.\ \ AKll.l >J;iulnl.ibf? a* wi'll 111
..." ... IT
or nisii. that iWORCESTERSHIRE
1st. "Excellent Taste.''
2d. "Very Carefully Prepared."
Our facilities by way of Ma;hinory,
and thu largo lino of fine
stuck on hand, onablo us to do
lards, Circulars, &c., in tho very
lest style, and at unnrecedontedly
ow pricos. Wo shall bo pleased
o show specimens and givo
i fe.nv *n. unill I WLUbf
25 and 27 Fourteenth St.
>r Purlins oT Small Means Dcslrouo of
Engaging In 6rape Growing,
Coal Miningor Market
On nmmnt of aitvnnrol a>;o I am tlonlrous ol
IuiiikIiik my rwl?li?nro, ami theivforo otter fur Kilo
ly (arm ?it.iat?Hl opoumo tlio city of Wluvling, on
lie river hank, midway Mween Nrliik;o|>ort niul
Initiii'n Kerry, an.l liimioiliately niljolnim: tlio villi;.'
ol .Vtmivllle. The rly coii?Ii*a of CO
i re* ??f hill anil table land mul 1of river Mtoiii.
n tin- lull therenro two team* of owl, ft,^ ami :?>?;
ret thick, throo dejiwlta of llniwtow, mi 8 finvt
ein of clow tcxturt) nimlor frco stone, an 18 foot
ein of marl, wliicli altogether make a soil mul nn
mlerlylng bed of dcjnMlta of a rich and valuable
(in the aurfacc, Iho larger portion of which Ilea
ently Moping to tlm east, ami all umlcr dlml expire
to the mitt, is a Vineyard of 8(1 new, mostly
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