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Hfe# Wbtdtiij s IttMltgf wtt
''THi~Democrata are very anxioua to
get Key out of the Cabinet, but thejr are
not likely to bejgratified. He ia aatistled,
and the President la satisfied.
Unless President Hayes read* the
New York Sun 9itrj day, there is a great
deal of advice thrown away by the editors
of that sheet. And it ia juat the sort of
advice that should be thrown away if he
doe* read it.
Tat Prohibitionist* of Masaachuaeltfl
auert lhat sober men are more capable
of ailministerins the various departments
of (he Government than tho?e who are
habitually under the influence of alcoholic
drinks. This ia rough on the Democracy
Amd now we read that Mr. Faulkner
hunker* for his old seat in Congress, and
.wants to succeed the lion. Benjamin
Franklin Martin. Thus is exemplified the
truth that the ruling passion is strong in
death. Mr, Faulkner has, we presume,
the example of Palmerston, Thiers, Lord
John Kussell and several other octogenar*
itni before him, and having minsed the
darling object of his old age, the U. S.
Senatorship, he is willing to go back to the
Hbuse of Commons once more.
The Cincinnati GaztUe report* a marked
decline in the price* charged by the restaurants
o( that city, and aaya it ia now
poaaible to get a (air meal (or twenty* ,
fire cent*, but, that there is still room (or
improvement, aa coffee, (or which ten i
cent* ia now charged, can be (urnished
for five, and refers to one o( the New ,
York restaurant*, which feeds fifteen ,
hundred people daily, as having put i
down roast beef to twelve cents, and express
the opinion that there is more
money in such prices than those now
Gem. Jipp. Samuels, o( Cabell county,
h in the city. He is traversing the State
these days in quest of delinquent Sheriff*.
He Hays that the thing now in orde; is to
take the Capital away from Wheeling at
the next session of the Legislature. He
W a man of an ardent temperament and
hit yet a good deal to learn in life. He '
will fiod that the people of West Virginia
do not mean to be a nartr to ttueh -i '
scheme. Their verdict will probably be .
that the law, aa it passed, shall either
stand or fall aa a whole. However, there (
i* no need to croaa the river unlesa we ,
come to it. The Legislature doea not '
meet until January 1879.
Rev. W.C. SaODGiUfa, ol Wheeling, i
preached in the M. E. Church of thin
itlace, on Monday evening of laat week.
l!ii? sermon was a beautiful one, rich in
thought, touching in pathos, choice in
diction, strong in illuatrationa and con- :
tainiog much of the Gospel. Mr. Snodgrass
evidently doea that of which he
spoke?worka. None but aatadiona man
could deliver aucli a sermon aa he did.
Ritchie county, the home of hi* father,
and hi* "native heath," may well be proud
of thi* young man of ability and piety.?
Ritchie County Gax tie.
We may remark in connection with the
above that Mr. Snodgrasa delivered an
address at the Wheeling Female College
on Wednesday that waa quite equal to 1
anything in that line that we have heard i
for a long time. It waa sensible, beauti- I
ful and well expressed. I
A PiWMiSEjrr Methodist paper in Henn- i
sylrania, reviewing the work of thin 1
year's camp meeting*, states that the con*
versions hare been very few, indeed, as
compared with the results of ordinary
protracted meeting* in thechurches. The
reason assigned for this unwelcome state*
ment is that modern camp meetings have !
degenerated into pleasant social gather- 1
inga in the woods and at the seaside. It 1
is feared that a large number of those j
who assemble at these meetings are drawn
together not as m olden times for purpo* j
sea of religious communion and qaicken- <
ing, but to paM a portion of the warm <
weather in cool places and enjoy the excitement
of large gatherings of agreeable
people. The system of entrance feea and 1
Sunday trains are also mentioned as op- 1
erating against thespirtual success of the {
tumintr meeting*. All these criticisms
are made by the truest friends of Christianity,
and the naDer in which th*v <
pear supplements them with the hope
that they may lead all camp meeting t
manager* to avoid these obstacles in fu- 1
Washington County, Pa.?A. Char- 1
tier* farmer raised from 5$ acree 150
bushels of "good clean wheat."
The express business is still conducted
at the Hemp6eld depot in this borough,
*4 heretofore by Mr. John Baird, who is
agent of the Baltimore & Ohio Company;
and at greatly reduced charges.?Reporter.
The narrow guage look out a load of
improved sheep from Vermont, this
morning. Thev go into Greene county.
N*o one can doubt about the narrow
guage doing a paying business.?Reporter.
The Washington Reporter of yesterday
sa?*: "Unless there in cooie unexpected
delay the locomotive on the Narrow
llauge will cross the Greene countr line
on next Monday." Clear up your voices,
and get ready the drum, the timbrel, and
the harp, and let us make a joyful noise.
Hail, General Greene'. harbinger of the
dawn of the new and better way. All
hail 1 hip, hip, hur 1 ? IFaynridurj J?epublican.
The United Prenbyicrian telU this story :
"President Geo. P. Hays, of Washington
College, was criticising Prof. Tyndall'a
theories at Chatauqua when one of hU
feminine auditors is represented as uttering
this Mrs.Partingtonism: 'I think it'a
a perfect shame that President Hays
should be brought on here from Washington
to abuse Mr. Tilden; and kt out of
the country at that I'"
The registers of West Middletown and
Uopewell contain the names of 201 voters,
of which only 9 or less than 3J per
cent are styled gentlemen, or men without
L. Ltwton raised~750 bushels of oats
on uj acres, 65} bushelsto the acre.
Ellis Jones, white plowing on Buffalo
Crwlf rulr
.woiimj, Firuca pocKei in
the bed-rock which Jcontained eigbtr-.ii
Indian arrow head*.
Accident on the C. A P. Railroad
We are indebted to 8. P. Parker, of the
firm of Parker Broe, for the particulan
of an accident yesterdaj evening on thi
Cleveland & Pittsburgh Brilroad, jusi
below Bteabenville, in the neighborhood
of the Jefferson Furnace. The local
freight which should leave SteubenvilU
at 1.10 r. x. did not leave until 3 o'clock
and wu running at the rate of 20 or 21
milee per hjur, and when approaching
the point named, where a switch wait be
! t...J iU. I...L ......I
tug rc|iiivcu, uic irivk rj'icau, uru|'|'iu|
the engine on to the ties, over which il
ran (or about a hundred and fifty feet
Three cara were smashed to pieces and
four other* thrown from the track.
A portion of the equipage of Thayer'i
United State* circus composed the freight
of the gondola earn. Thomaa Davis, one
of the circua employes, a native of Vir?
gioia, jumped from the top of one of the
wagons followed by the crashing cara and
waa crushed to a jelly, fid. Cummins,
of Akron, Ohio, had his left thigh
broken, and sustained other severe
injuries, some of them supposed to be in*
ternal. J. C. Morris, of Cincinnati, was
badly cut about the head.
A jury was impannelled by Coronftr
Steven*, and after hearing some of the
testimony adjourned to meet at 0 o'clock
this morning.
The op and down train* were both detained
about two hoan in consequence of
the accident.
Marietta Reunion.?We observe
that the Marietta Rr.guler is published
daily during the "Reunion."
To-day?the 7th?is the last day of the
Josiah Sinclair, of Wheeling, ij the
luthor of a beautiful poem in the Marietta
i&jr&tr entitled "The Reunion." The
Srst and last verses of it are an follows .
Tba guna are now hushed that at erenlng
tknt their thunder o'er talief and hill,
The llibta In the foreat art wanlnf,
And the camp giowt pulaaloai aud ?U1J.
* I a o o ?
At a widow relurna to the bridal,
The Houth tn her beauty cotbei forth,
With a a word loosely bung at her ftirdle,
And leanaoa the arm of tb* North.
The Marietta Remitter in calling attention
to the* poem expresses the opinion
that Mr. 6., who was formerly a Lieutenant
in the 9ih army corp*, under Burnside
in Tennessee, "is at home in the field
of Mentiment and song."
We observe that Col. Willi* De Haas
ind wife are at the Reunion.
The citizens of Marietta are entertaining
guests at $1 50 per day.
A lUt is published showing what part
Dhio took in the war. She furnished
i^u regimeiiut ui auiuicm, iwu vjcner&iS
[Grant and Sherman), three LieutenantCj
enerals (Grant, Sherman and Sheridan),
twenty Major-Generals, twenty-Keren
Brevet-Major-Generals, and thirty Brigadier-Generals.
Captain Bob McEldowney, of Wetzel,
is in attendance at the Reunion. His
presence in noticed a* follows :
Cnpt. RobL McEldowney, of Martinsrill,
W. Va., came yesterday morning on
the Science. Capu McEldowney waa of
the 27th Va. C. S. A., Stonewall Jackson's
Brigade, lie spent four years in the service,
was wounded in front of Petersburg
March 25, at Fort Stead man, and when
the war closed waa in hospital at Richmond.
In the course of his'speech, on Tuesday,
Cren. Lew Wallace made this remark in
regard to the proper terms of conciliation
and reunion among Union and Confederate
"It is a civil agreement on our part as
respect* them, and on their part as re?pects
us, that they will abide by, respect
and observe the Constitution of our country
as it is, amendments and all, in letter
and in spirit."
Local llnalncM Items.
To look upon our street* to-day, we
5nd tbem crowded with people, all well
Jreased, in the very beat apirits> every
svidence of proaperity, and behaving
themselves carefully, like trae law-abiding
citizen*.?Steubcnvilie Gazelle.
The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad has
M4,777,627 76 inveated in the State of
Dhio; 682 88-100 mile? of road, and gives
smployment to 3,721 men.
The Baron Manufacturing Company
)f Bellaire, shipped $17,000 worth of
their goods last month. Thwe work* are
managed admirably and are among the
most prosperous manufacturing establishments
in the country.?SL ClaimiUc
Business on the C. A P. R. R, both in
freight and passenger traffic last month
was greatly in increase of the business of
the same month last year. This, too, deunilfl
the fict that in AuomaL
was a great rush of Centennial travel.
In fact, railroads generally throughout
the country are making the same report.
Wool in Washington county is again
beginning to move. Forty-three cent* is
the figure.
The delinquent tax list of this county
for the past year i* far in excels of any
former year.?SL GairttiUe Gazelle.
Over the Blver Fairs.
Ohio State Fair at Columbus during
the week commencing Monday, September
Harrison County Fair, at Cadiz, on
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, September
25th, 26th and 27th.
Smyrna Fair, at Smyrna, Harrison
county, on Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday, September 4th, 5th and Gth.
Barneaville District Fair, at Barnes ille,
on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday, September 11th, 12th, 13tli
and 14th.
Belmont County Fair, at SuClaimville,
on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,
September 19ih, 20th and 21st.
Tuscarawas County Fair, at Dover, on
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurnday and Friday,
September 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th,
TfiK Philadelphia Prtu handles the
silver question thus : "A* legislation can
lUmniiatiM ?lI?a. i? J ! ?
I W*u ucuiudcuK gOIU.
Should we tike the diamond u a atandari,
we would be won* off than now, became
the gem* are loo rare for commercial
purposes. In the eame way are we
affected bj the natural acarcity ot gbld
aod the unnatural debasement o( tilter."
heap Kicurilou.
There U to be an excamion from Sunbenrilte
to Chicago at $7 /or the round
trip. There ia aiao to be as excuriion
from Cadiz to Clereland, including a ride
on the Lake, *t $2 [or the round trip.
! m
' The .IfclhoUlNt rrotcNtnnf Con.
: lrrcDrc-Nc?ond Uiy'a 1'rocccU.
. illR*.
Faiemoht, Sept. 6,1877.
Edltori InUlll<?nctr.
' Conference resumed it* buaine*a thu
s morning, President Colhouer in the
, Chair. A half hour ?u apent in devo:
The roll wan called and new names
E added.
Kev.Dr. Martin, of the M. E. Church;
f and Rer Gibbona, of the P. E. Church,
. were introduced to tha Conference and
given an honorary seat.
A requeat waa submitted from Uraec
i Church. Cincinnati, Ohio, aaking to be
relieved from this Conference, (that
( Church having been receded to Ohio Con*
ference). The request wm granted.
Fraternal communications were re*
> ceived from D. W. Bates and W.8. Hum*
. mom), of the Maryland Annua!Confer(
ence of the M. P. Church, expressing
Chriatian greeting and sympathy, and
regretting insbility to Ik? |)rwenl inj-erson.
Similar communications were received
from J. B. McCormick and A. F.
Broy, of the Muskingum Annual Conference.
Rev. J. J. Murray was received ns a
fraternal messenger from Maryland Annual
Kev. J. B. Walker addressed the Conference,
according to previous appointment.
The Committee on Ministerial Edocation
reported, endorsing the operation*
of the Board, urging care in the selection
of candidates tor help through the Board,
aijlLexhorting the young men who have
received aid to prove themselves worthy.
The report wan adopted.
Conference adjourned till afternoon.
Conference called to order at 1:30 V. m ,
President Colhoner in the chair. Devotional
exercises conducted by Rer. W.
Wallace, who read the 4th chapter of
After Hinging, roll cull ?u ordered, and
minutes of the morning Region read and
A communication from the Corresponding
Secretary of Board of Church
Extension referred to committee.
A communication from the widow of
the late Z. Kagan, D. I)., was also received
and referred to a special committee of
The followirg wan rend and adopted:
Whereas, The late Union Convention
in Bnltimore made it obligatory upon
each Annual Conference to organize
within its bounds a Hoard of Church Extension;
Ilaolied, That a committee be appoint
ed to nominate suitable persons to constitute
said Hoard.;
Under this resolution the President
appointed Revs. S. F. C'rowther, J B.
McCormick and George Swarl such committee.
The following7resolution was adopted:
Resolttd, That as the abstract of minutes
of the Baltimore Convention nre so
meagre as not to answer the purpose intended,
we decline to accept tbwe eent u.?,j
and kindly request the committee t.?
whom was assigned the publication of
the minutes, to publish them as intended
by the action of the Convention.
At 3 o'clock r. m. an election of President
and other otlicials was he2d, with
the following result:
President?Rev. T. IT. Colbouer, (reelected.)
Committee on Pastoral Relations with
the President?Ministers. John Scott, J.
H. Hull; Laymen, O. W. Pogue, Dr.
Conference Steward?Rev. W. Wallace.
On motion, the examination of official
character was resumed.
Iter. D. B. Helmick, an aged and faithfill
servant, who sustained a superannuated
relation, made his report this afternoon.
He i? a cotewporary of the oldest
of the itinerant workers. He was continued
in the superannuated relation for.
the ensuing year.
After several announcements of e?*enins:
service, Ac., Conference adjourned
till to-morrow morning, at 9$ o'clock.
Marshall Cod.sty Xr.vrg.?M.C.Kelly
is said to have raised 320 bushels of
potatoes on four-fifths of an acre. Affidavits
are needed to support such a statement.
G. S. McFadden propose* to furniih the
Court House and jail with water from the
top of his Mound.
W. S. Powell has returned from Texas.
We lear that our neighbor Delaplaine's
recent trip to White Sulphur in a special
car is going to be fatal to bi< political
projects. A chap who signs himself
-nsn i/reeit, wrues 10 me aiounusviiie
Gazette u follows :
"If this is the Robert Delaplaine who
aspires to represent the Democracy of this
district in Congress, I would say that thus
i/y.'e is in such marked contrast with the
way we live in thin entire scction, that 1
don't believe we can ever support that
IIO L DKOII111] 11\.
X County Treasurer Captarcil
and I'or111 red Willi Fire?futility
Nate Mobbed ot g 10,000.
Cincinnati, September 7.?At Wapakoveta,
O., last night, between 9 and 10
o'clock, the County Treasurer, on his way
home from a Catholic festival, was captured
almost in tl? centre of the town,
gagged, carried down an alley, held till
midnight, then taken to the Court House
and after being subjected to a revere ordeal
of fire, which was placed between his
feet as he lay on the floor, wu compelled
to divulge the combination of the county
safe. Some $40,000 were taken therefrom.
Mr. Myers, the Treasurer. was
discorered this morning in a helpless,
suffering condition, his wrists, feet, mouth
and face bearing witness of much suffering.
Myers was the outgoing Treasurer,
and should have delivered up the olBce
the first of September, but owing to eome
delay in the settlement of accounts was
still in possession.
California EIcctiouM.
San Francisco, September 0.?Owing
to the slowness with which the return*
come in, especially in the cit/ itia irnpo*pible
at present to give the result. As to
the legislative election returns thus far
indicate Republican gains in the interior,
but it may be modified by later advice*.
It is believed that Bryant^ Democrat, beat
Anbury, for Mayor of this city.
San Francisco, September 6.-Present
indications favor the belief that the
Democrats will have a majority in the
Legislature, but the result in still in
doubt. The counting is very slow, especially
in this city.
The election returns are still incomplete,
but enough is known to render it
almost certain that the Democrats will
have a majority in the Legislature on
joint ballot. In the city Tax Payers will
probably elect the most of the municipal
officers except Police Commissioners.
Superintendent of 8cbooU, and perhaps
Sheriff. It is thought that a majority of
the Tax Ptjrera Supervisors are elected.
The Yacht Raw.
Saudy Hook, September 6.?The Ider
has finished the Ocean yacht race, from
1 this point to Cape Mar, rounding the
light ahip at 9:42.
l'raetlcul Nngxnitlon? Aboal lllf
cr Improve nirult'
The Fall* ol Die Ohio at l.oul?
The Jelly>jstom llecowiur tided
Harbisburo, Pa., September 5.?Thi
Contention ol the National Board o
Steam Navigation met thin morning at 1'
o'clock. Capt, 1J. S. CMborn, Kecordini
Secretary, "ubmitted hi* report for 187*
vrhif*lt /.II mo?inn MM.I r.l?l
Capt. Sherlock, from the Executiv<
Committee, in hti report submitted nn<
stated thatnoprogresa hi* been made to
ward obtaining the legislation require*
for the relief of the steam navigation in
terests of the United States. The com
mittee earnestly recommend that a vigor
oils effort be made at the coming se??ioi
of Congress with all the intluence of thaw
composing the National Hoard to vecnri
the amendments to the steamboat i aw
sought for the put ait year*.
Captain Copeland offered an ntneml
menl to Mr. Gould's resolution of jester
day, which requires that matters.o'f local
interest, though general in their characacter,
when brought before the Boari
shall be referred to a special committei
of five members, selected because of theii
familiarity with all the facts and condi
tions surrounding the matter pre?ented
The amendment also provide for u gen
eral committee of five to consider there
ports of ?i? cial committee!. The amend
weut was adopted.
Capt. Brown submitted the report o:
the Committee on the propriety o!
removing the rocks and widening tin
channel at Louisville, Ky. The Commit
tee consider it practical and in everj
way advantageous to the marine interest
of the Ohio and Miw)i?<<ippi Hirer* and
their tributaries, by giving anf adeqoaU
depth of water and offering a more
speedy and safe transit through a dan
gerous part of the river between th*
northern anil /uitH??rn Tk* n,\*<
of this most necessary improvement the
Committee estimated would not exceed
$50,000. ^
Captain Varbie, of Louisville, stated
that the committee had had a draft prepared.
showing the improvement* augmented
to the fall#. He referred to the
tact that the pilots had at their own exj?ense
widened the channel to 40 feet. 11
is proposed to remove the aide ledges ol
the falls, thin widening the channel 130
feet. lie called attention to the fact that
frequently on a run boats are detained at
tiie falls from forty-eight to sixty hours
at a great expense, and if this improvement
is made boats can pass over the
falkwlthout the slightest delay.
Relative to the method to be pursued
in obtaining means to make these improvements,
there is now in the fund,
from the receipts of tolls at the canal,
$43,000, and he believed if Gen. Weitzel
is controlled, advantage maj^be taken of
the present low water to eecure the improvements
to the fills.
Capt. K. W. < ioutd said he hoped lotuc
delegate* interested in the navigation ol
the Mississippi river would "present a
plan for the improvement of that great
Capt. John F. Dravo and Gen. J. K,
Moorhead spoke of the success of the
Ead's jetty system, and the latter said he
wanted the * system introduced up the
Mississippi as far as Cairo. He agreed
with Capt. Gould that the Miwfcsippi
should be improved from the mouth ol
the Missouri to New Orleans, and said
he believed this could be done only by the
jetty system.
Capt. R. H. "NVoolfalk offered a resolution
for the appointment of a comwittec
of five to tnltp in?n pomJiUrillnn tI?o
question of the improvement of the Mia*
sisaippi river from the mouth of the Missouri
river to New Orleans in accordance
with Ihe suggestion of Capt. Gould. The
resolution was adopted and the chairman
appointed Capts. E. \V. Gould, John A,
Bofinger, John P. Keim, of St. Louis, N,
M. Jones, of Memphis, and Geo.H. Kerk,
of New Orleans.
Mr. Robert 8em pie offered the following
resolution, which wan adopted:
Rewind, That a committee of five he
appointed to consider the practicability
and probable expense of removing the
baft in the Ohio river which interfere
with navigation, and report to the Board
at its next annual meeting.
Captain Varble presented the follow^
ing resolution, which was adopted.
^ Resolved, That it is the judgment of the
National Board of Steam Navigation
that the present charges for licenses tc
officers ot steam vessels are unfair and
onerous, and that the Executive Commit
t-je be instructed to use its best efforts fox
their reduction.
Mr. II. W. Hart, of St. Louis, offer red
the following:
RttobtuL, That the light*hou?e service
as adopted on our Western river* is ol
indispensable service to the interests ot
navigation, and the Convention earpeatlj
recommend to Congress that the appropriation
to thin branch of the public ner
vice shall be proportioned to each dis
The resolution was adopted.
Mr. Hart explained that the Government
was about to make some change*
which would be adverse to navigation, and
which would likely be prevented by the
timely action of the National Board.
At 2:30 the Board adjourned until 3 p
The Board met again at 3 o'clock, and
the resolution ofl'ered by General Neglej
calling for a committee of three to investigate
the light and signal service as no*
applied to lake and river navigation, and
report such suggestions as will improvj
the ?ervice, was taken up and adopted
and the Chair named as such committee
Gen. Xegley, IIeery M. ilart atid K. S
Sent pie.
Captain R. S. Scruple offered a resolu
lion providing for the holding of the nexi
annual meeting at the Grand Hotel, (Jin
cinnati. Mr. Sherlock said that heretofore
he had never urged Cincinnati a* th?
place of meeting. Heretofore the* hat
nothing to ihow but the Spring Grovi
cemetery and the Lunatic Asylum; bu
they had now some other amuw'naenuj ant
would heartly welcome the Board. Th(
resolution wm adoptetl.
After a eulogy on deceased members o
the Board, the thanks of the Board wen
tendered the citizens generally for theii
hospitality, and to Mr. Crassan for th?
tine of the rooms where the Board w*
Capt, Gould made a few xemirks oi
appropriations and besought members t<
u?j all their influence with their Congress
men to secure large appropriation! fo;
river improvements.
Col. Sebronmaker offered a resolutioi
of tlunka to the officers of the Board
which was adopted.
un motion, tbe finance Committee wa
authorized to make aweMments, if it wai
fonnd necemrjr.
The Board then, on motion of Captaii
8.8. Brown, adjourned.
--A deficit of 11,000,000 Torkiil
pounds U anticipated in the TurkUl
hnancial eetimatee for the year 1877-78
! C-QMom IIoti?c nittfn,
Wibhikoto*, September O.-After i
full consideration, it hu been determined
by the President thai the public interest!
will be better served by the appointment
of new officers for the three leading poalR
tiona m the New York Custom House.
At the extra Cabinet meeting unlaj
1 the only matter considered was Hie New
York Custom Iioase appointments,
Owing to the reforms that hate' been
made it waa concluded to make changes
in all the principal Custom House office*
including Collectors and 8urteyors.
A circular to the Collectors and other
> officers of the Custom House has been
issued from the Treasury Department.
which is as follows:
, The following rates ol drawback on
' refined sugar and syrup wholly made
from imported raw sugar are hereby
e established, to take efl'ect on and after
I October, lit, 1877: On loaf cut, loaf
D crushed, granu lated and powdered, refined
? sugar, stove dried or dried by any other
15 equally elective process, entirely the
! product of foreign duty paid sugar, 3.18
' cents per liound; on refined white coffee
1 sugar, undried and above No. 20, Dutch
standard in color, eulirely the product of
foreign duty paid sagar, 2.58 cents per
pound; on all grade* of refined cotlee
sug^? No, 20 Dutch standard and below
in color, entirely the product of foreign
1 duty paid sugar, 28 cents |*r pound; on
3 syrup resulting entirely from the refining
of foreign duty paid sugar, 6J cents per
gallon. Allowances on sugar will be
subject to the deduction of 1 per cent and
allowances on syrup to the deduction of
10 per cent as pre?cribed by law.
' Tweed iilvcn a History ol IHn Operation
aud tlio Name* ol Hi*
N** York, September G.?The Alder*
manic Committee on the Investigation of
" King Frauds met, to-day, Win. M. Tweed
and his counsel. Tweed gave a history
jf the various offices he held under the
city. He testified to the Ring that was
' formed in the Board of Supervisors for
: pacing excessive bills, in 1800. The
ulna r.t u?>. ti.:,?- ?j
" "b -".mniskullmiku, ????
self. In 18G3 Harry Smith wm added to
. il; in '65 John Fox, and in 'CO James
1 Harii. In '69 Inaac J. Oliver and An*
drew J. Blakely wero added, but the last
' two did not know all that was going on
bnt got their rake. In 1870 the Board of
f Supervisors wan abolished. The Tweed
1 King had nothing to do with the Supervisors'
King. The former was under
1 Hoffman's administration as Mayor, and
composed of witness, John T. Hoffman,
Comptroller Brannon and Street Commissioner
Cornell. They met only for
social and political purposes. Some of
these men went out of office, and this
King then became composed of A. Oakey
; Hall. Comptroller Connelly, Street Commissioner
McLean and himself.
1 Adjourned to Wednesday next.
Tin* Army ot the* TciiuchwcKlectiou
ol oilicertt?A tirautl
lluuquct Closes the lCcunion.
Chicago, September g.?a Tribune St.
Pan! special says : The Army of the Tennessee
met again this morning and elected
the following officers for the ensuing
' year: President, Gen. W. T. Sherman;
Vice Presidents, Walter J. Gresham of
Indiana, Thomas C.Fletcher of Missouri,
A.Chetham of Chicago, W. J. Laudumof
Kentucky, Thomas Keynolds of Wisconsin,
C. A. Morton of Minnesota, K. T.
' Patterson of Tennessee, J. C.* Everest of
Illinois, A. A. Perkins of Iowa. C. A.
Williams of Ohio, George Hefford of
Missouri; Recording Secretary, L. M.
Dayton; Corresponding Secretary, A.
liiciceniooper; Treasurer, AI. ',W. l* orce;
Orator for next meeting, VV. T. Villas of
An acknowledgment was ordered sent
to General Grant of the dispatch received
lastevening expressingsympathy with
the gathering.
Resolutions of condolence on the death
1 of Gen.G. A. Smith were adopted.
An excursion vu taken to KortSnelling.
Minnehaha, Minn., and other points
! of interest, and the reunion closed with
! a grand banquet to-night.
Crazy Horsc'Deiid.
Chicago, Ills., September 0.?Col.
Btadley, commanding at Camp Robinson,"
telegraphs to-day.to the military head>
quarters as follows: Crazy Horse died
about midnight from wounds received in
trying to escape.
Omaha, September 6.?A private dis;
patch from Red Cloud, received in this
| city just now, states that Crazy Horse,
| while attempting to escape last night,
: was stabbed with a bayonet and killed.
Trouble is anticipated among the Indians.
Little Big Man was wounded by Crazy
' Horse.
w??4w*ua, ocpieujDcr wuers hotc
! already been issued for the apprehension
< of some of the principal agitators among
J the Indians in the disturbed region of the
1 West, with a view of placing them in con'
finement in Florida; a practice which has
proved effective in quelling disorders
among the Indiana in the Indian Terri'
tory and elsewhere. The army officers
here do not anticipate any aeriotw com!
motion on account of the death of Crazy
. Uorse.
reparations lor the Inter-Stntn
Inhibition at N(. Louis nrc l*roRPCsxiui;
St. Louis September C.?The very exteusive
preparations which have been
progressing ior w?eral weeks past for the
Inter-State Exposition, which i? to open
next Monday nt the Fair Grounds and I
I under the auipices of the Fair A?Hocia>
tion, are about completed, and everything
is so far advanced that there is
. little if anv doubt but all the exhibits
will be ready for full disnlay on the open-1
I ing day. It is expected to be the finest |
' display of machinery of all kinds, includ
ing. farming implements, manufactured
' articled of every description and the pro1
duct of mines, etc. Over $300,000 worth |
of paintings, both European and Ameri-|
, can, will come from New York alone,
s The Exposition will continue through
. mo regular Fair week, which commence*
the first Monday of October. Ex
cursion ticket* during the Exposition
t will be Hold by all road*, commencing on
Saturday of this week.
> American Librarian Ceuveullon.
' New York, September 6.?The last
! session of the American Librarian's Con*
J mention was held to-day. The topiw dia1
cussed were: Designation of lizes of
! books; plan for uniform statistic* of
libraries and a plan for extending the
f knowledjeof the Association and indue*
; ing literary persons and others to become
r members^ and also abbreviations to be
- adopted in making up catalogues.
Prof. Mathews read a paper entitled
"European Libraries as compared with
1 American Libraries." The Convention
J then adjourned.
The Executive Committee on ita way to
r Europe will elect \ President, three \ ice
Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer, and
1 decide where the next Convention will be
? held. _
n ? ndadu Short Horn* in England.
' , Tobojtto, September C.?A London cable
says: Fortj'tvo bead of Canada
i short horns were sold at Millbeck jesterday,
and realized 16,280 guineas; average
per head about 388 guineas. . The fifth
i Duchess of HUlhurst broughb 4,300
i guineas and the third Ducbeasof Hill.
hurst 4,100 guineas.
I t
' A. Fight in the Doric,
Seven Hundred Killed.
Oftman 1'iNba in Tight I'lace.
Lo*dok, September c.?The Raaaian
lancera at Lovatx makee O^raan Paaha
have a hostile force on both flanks. Either,
?_? eal at Pie * or an attempted
withdrawal may mult in the destruction
of his armj, unlaw the Kuwian# are com
pelled to weaken their forces on {bat aide
to meet Mehmit Ali's advance from Rasgrad.
The latter seems to place the Ctarowitch'fl
army in a position very similar
toO.imnn Panha'a.
If the TnrkUh accounts may be trusted,
a Turkish force has crossed the Low and
resched the neighborhood of Oblrtini,
while another force has crossed the Kara
Low to Palomarka. These corps are understood
to be operating agalnit Billa, but
they jeopardize the whole Russian campaign
east of Yewtoa, as well as communications
badly mistaken.
Corstaktjnomjc, September C ?The
Turkish commander at Herzegovina reports
that a band of 2,000 Montinegrins
surrounded the village near 1'resarko, intending
to get the cattle and corn therein,
and during the night a fresh band arrived
whom the first supposed were Turks. A
fierce combat followed in which 700 were
killed and a great number wounded
The mistake wan not discovered till morning.
Bucharest, September 6.?An important
engagement occurred near RustChuk
yesterday mornine. Soon afterwirda the
Russians" began (he bombardment of the
citj from Slohasia, which wu replied to
by the Turks. The cannonade lasted all
yesterday and continues to-day. The
Turks from Widin attempted last even*
ing to reach Chupercheni near Kalafat
in boat*, but were driven back by the
Roumanian battery. The garrison of
Widin has been raised to 8,000 men in
consequence of the threatening attitude
of Servia.
a turkish tale of victory.
Const antinope, September 0.?Mehmet
Ala telegraphs under date of to-day
from Kechlowa as follows: To-day
Eyoub Pasha's army corp*, which was
divided into two column*, attacked the
j 12th Russian armjr corps, which was supKrted
by a division on this bank of the
m. The Russians were defeated and
I recrossed the Lom. Tbey 'lost 3,000
j killed and wonnded, The Commander
j of their cavalry was killed. We lost
I -00 killed and seven hundred wounded.
The Charge* Against tiambetta.
?ISurial ot the Great NUtesman
Looked to with Apprehension?
The KonapartlMt I'rens Endeavoring
to Provoke a Breach ot
the Peace?'Will it be Made the
l'retext lor a Coop d'Etat ?
Pari?, September 6.?There are three
counts in the indictment against Gambctta
which charges offenses against the
person of the President and against the
Republic, including one for a passage in
'the Lille speech ending with the words, i
"PSoumtllre au Z,LmeUre.u There are
I six counts for public insults to Ministers.
The Government will not permit the
trial to be reported.
thiers' federal.
Madame Thiers having accepted an
official .funeral for her husband only on
condition of being herself allowed to arrange
the order of the cortege, the Government
has annulled the decree ordering
a State funeral, as it cannot dispense
withwthe execution of existing enactments
regulating official ceremonies. The
Government will take no part in the luneral
beyond paying the military honors
to which Mr. Thiers is entitled, having
been a dignitary of the Legion of Honor
and Chief of Slate.
London, September 6.?A correspondent,
commenting on the abandonment of
A Dublin fnncnl fnp\I ft?
- , ........ us. iuinn, r?;o. 1 I1C
funeral will assume the character of a
party demonstration, and, in the present
excited state of the public mind, it is
looked forward to with some apprehension.
Violent articles in the Bonapartist
press, especially the Faigt, aeem designedly
intended to provoke the public to a
breach of the peace.
Famine DinlrleU ot India-Re[resiling
KuIum at Lut-Favorable
Outlook lor Crop*.
London, September 6.?The Weekly
Telegram oilhe Viceroy of India shows
that there has been great improvement
in the weather. In Madras, though
prices are dearer, there haa been a pretty
general rain, which haa improved the,
crop?. in tforaoay prices are not yet
cheaper, but the pro*pecta are much imFiroved.
Reports are generally of a eimi*
?rly favorable tenor. Improvement in
I'unjaubjia particularly conspicuous.
The Lieut. Governor of Punjaub telegraphs
that the prospects are immensely
improved. The apring crop aowinga
have been secured over the important
grain producing district*. In Mysore
the weather haa been bad, and the prospects
are worae in all the district*.
The Pope and the Ncotrli Hierarchy.
London, September 6.?It ia said that
the Pope, who ia improving in health,
haa definitely,resolved to restore the Roman
hierarchy in Scotland. Cardinal
Manning will shortly go to Rome on a
confidential miaaion in that connection.
andrabsy and bismarck.
London, September 6.?A Vienna correspondent,
telegraphing Thursday night,
says it is now settled that Count Andrassy
and Prince Bismarck will meet Sept.
loth or 18th at Salzburg. In Ministerial
circles it is maintained that it is merely
an act of courtesy. It is admitted,
however, that a chance of future medita-|
tion ma* be touched upon.
GEN. (illANT.
The Town Council of Aberdean Testerday
resolved to confer freedom of the city
upon Gen. Grant.
War Note*.
?Prince (lortachakoff urges 8er?ia to
take the Gold u noon aa powible.
?The RuMiana hare entirely dismantled
Ardahon and it is now an open town.
?The first and second class of militia
in Belgrade hare been ordered to points
of concentration to be in readiness to
march. Prince Milan will take com*
?Peace is impossible until the Turks
are completely cruahed. The Cur could
not enter Moscow after concluding an
unaatiffactory peace excent at the mint
of the bayonet.
?One hundred thousand pounds iterling
of cold withdrawn from the Bank of
Eogland on Wednesday were for the
United States.
Cincinnati Invite* the Prenldent. |
CmcntHATi, August 0.?A large namber
of prominent citizens of this city, ir*
respective of party, have extended a cor*
dial invitation to President Hayes to Tiait
Cincinnati while en routo West and accept
the hospitalities of the city. Mr. c
Rogers, the President's Secretary, replies r
by direction of the President that the |
cordial invitation of the citizes of Cin- e
cinnati, his neighbors of former years, I!
gives him much pleasure; that he expects *
to reach Cincinnati Saturday night, Sep* n
tember 15th, but at too late an hour to c
admit of any public demonstration, and ?
that it Is the President's intention to spend j,
the following Sunday in the city, but engagement*
already made prevent any fur- n
ther star. From a private source, how- n
ever, it u learned that there is a possi- 1
bility of such an arrangement of Ijis plans
as to admit of (he President remaining *i
in the city till Monday night. S'
The Rew.York Fire?What Mr*, g
Mtout Saw. I
New Yohk, September G.?Mrs. Stout, ?
of 525 West 3Gth street, declares she saw t}
four of the workmen in Hale's niano fac- Vi
tory attempt to descend bv the ladders to J
the alley way. at the northeast corner of q|
the building, during the tire Monday, but
as the ladders were burning hot they ^
were obliged to relinquish their grasp,
and dropped to the ground. She believes
their bodies are buried beneath the mass i\,
ui uriuK ai iuin spot. iub lauicr 01 .ionn
G. Nubinger, a workman in the factory w
who has been missing since Monday, wu it
this morning found gazing racantl? at Jl
the alley way where he aupposed the Body 'V
of hi. ion 1?7 buried. {J
Nome Development* About It.
>?w York, September 5.?It ie stated
that the detectives hate traced the 104,- w
000 check forgery on the Union Trust 0(1
Company, and have fastened the guilt up- YJ
on two clerks, one in the Union Trust
Company and one in the Xew York Life
Insurance Company. , ,
To-day the counsel for Nelson A. Geas- tri
ner, indicted forfcomplicity in the forgery, \y
presented a petition for habeas corpus, Qi
returnable forthwith. The case was nd- Q
journed until to-morrow.
The Coal Striker* and rreHideot
Nloau. J;
New York, September g.?President lJr
Sloan, of the D. L. & W. Railroad Cum- ^
pany, said to-day in answer to a delega- &
tion of striking miners, who asked for Hi
an increase in their wages of 25 per cc nt,
that he would | not negotiate with the *pa
strikers. When work was resumed the jJ<
company would be prepared to treat with
tne men, ana when the price ot coal war- Pi
ranted they would make an increase in C.
the wages, or if the men ho de?ired it,
they would Day on a sliding scale. The
men returned to Scranton.
Weather ludiculioiis. ae
WAJ Dkpaitmkht, ) at
Ornn or ran CHirr Signal Orricita, ] iio
Wiumerov, D. C, Sept 7-1 i. u. J $5
rao aiarums. fR
For Tennemee and the Ohio Valley, M
northeast to southeast winds, stationary W
temperature, partlv cloudy weather and ?p
rising followed by falling barometer. *1
For the Lower Lake*, rising followed
by falling barometer, cooler northeast
winds, cloudy and rainy followed by
clearing weather. '
Fluids Attached. jjjj
Columbia, 8. C., September G.?Funds 43
in the Carolina National Bank of this *(
city, payable on certificate* of deposit
issued to 0. J. I*. Owens, amounting to
over $20,000, have been attached. Owens sia
surety on the bond of ex-State Treas- _
urer Parker, and is largely indebted to |jt
the State. Owena died in Baltimore last
night. _
Cdicaoo, September 6.?The Catholic Gr
Church at Roger*' Park, burned last *P
night. Lois $10,000 to 12,000; insurance ,e.
$7,000. JJ
Milwaukee, September 6.?The county
building at Junean, Dodge county, rj.
burned to-day. All the records were de- sh
atroyed. _ dc
The .Halls. [j
St. Lorn* fontember 0.?(iftrdincr fl ?
Hubbard and D. M. Fox, U. S. Postal
Service Commissioners, arrived here to- k
day from an extended tour through the ^
West and Sbuthwe?t, and met a number
of,prominent merchant* and businessmen jje
of this city to-night, when the subject of |,'t
increased mail facilities waa pretty freely Oi
discussed. _ al
Marine Xewa
Philadelphia, September G.?Steam*
ship Bramschwig, for Bremen, will be detained
for two or three weeks, owing to D<
a fractured shaft. Fl
New Yobk, September 6.?Steamer hi
8uevia, from Hamburg; arrived.
Sak Francisco, September G.-Steam- ~~
ships Jamestown, Philadelphia; Blengfell, at
Liverpool; arrived. j"
Terrible Mine Explosion. J.-,'
Pott?ville, September ti.?This even- hIi
ing the Pho?nix Park mine, near Minersville,
was the scene of a dreadful explo- D
sion of gas, which became ignited from a nt
blast ma<ie bv one of the miner*. Eieht
miner* were burned, three seriously, or.e ?
of whom, John Jenkins, died soon after.
Thos. Lloyd, a brother of the proprietor
of the mine, wm also seriously burned.
Wreck OebrlN. ^
Callikowood, Ost., September C.? $i
A schooner arrived and reports a large S<
number [of sheep, boxen, barrels and a $1
Quantity of miscellaneous merchandise d<
Boating in Lake Michigan September 2d, *ji
twenty miles southwest of Point Betsin.
11 A.N K BALL. "J
T*bre TIautz, September 6.?Terre b?
Haute Browns 4, Logansport Logans 0. re
Booto!?, September 0.?Bostons 11, St. $i
Louis 2. N
CtsciXKATi, September 0 ?Cincinnati
1, Louiavillea 0.
?The California Rifle Team arrived in K?
New|York yesterday. ^
?General Grant has been voted the (;
freedom of the city of Dundte, Scot- j[
land. re
?The Colored Masonic Convention, in
session at Chicago, adjourned to meet at
Cincinnati in May, 1878.
?The assets of the State Savings
Bank of Chicago will probably render a
payment of 30 or 40 cents on the dollar
possible. ?
?rremuent Jiaye* nu parooned a
number of persons convicted of violating 3i
the revenue laws, tampering with the p'l
mails, Ac.
Philadelphia, September 6.?Flour?
Steady, superfine $4 00, extra $5 00, Pennsylvania
family $6 50a7 25, Minnesota $6
75a7%high grade* $7 50a'J 00. Wheat P
?Firm; wo. 1 red at $1 38a I 43. Corn? H
Firm; yellow 60a61c. Oats?Firm; Penn- sylvania
white 33a37c, western mixed 31* "
33c. Rye?Quiet at 63a64c. Pork?$14 00 (
al4 60. Beef IIam?-18c Butter-Firm; ^
creemsry 25a27c, Western Reserve 20a23c.
Cheese?Firm; fancy western llaltWc. Ii
Em?Weatera 18a20c. Petroleum?Firm; 01
refined UHo. crude &Kc. WWiinr?Quiet:
western at $112.
Stew York noney und Stocks;
N*w Yofuc, September*].?MoxiY--4a6,
losing at 5afl per ccnt. Prime mercantile
aper SMa7 P?r cent, Custom receipt!
443,000. The Assistant Treasurer disbursd
$32(1,000. Clearings $20,000,000. 8tertag,
higher actual business; long 4.82
hurt 4.85 X. There has been tome deland
for bills bjr Hermans who sold exhonge
abort some time ago, and thla corering
of contracts was one of the chicf
iisueaof tho increased firmness of the mar;ct.
Gold?Opened at 103?*', declined to
035<; and closed at 103)f. Carrying
itea la2H per cent and borrowing rates
per cent to.fl&t
Sn.vRit?At London unchanged. Here
ilrer bars are $1 greenbacka, $1 18%
old. filter coin Wa?s per cent discount.
tUUd HUM 64 ot 1881, coupona n(p;
I T wen Ufa (1868) MI,? .............
Irw-TweiiUw (1*7)
lTo-Twentlw _
w ??..., ..,^........10741
'? f.miraml a ....
u-for tin ~.'Z .1^.'.' ""-'"'"l 07?J
n-Iorllai (c*>upon?)...._~......... lOlA!
xrmocr Six ft m
Railroad Honor?Generally firm, bnt
. C. d I. C. fintU fell to 38K?
Statu Bonds?Quiet.
Stock*?The market wu lower during
>e early dealing* and ahowed a decline of
ia2 percent, butattheaecond hoard there
as a recovery in moat eaaea. and in aome
utancci a riae waa recorded. In the
Dwnward movement*, coal atocka were
oat conspicnoua. Karlw in the laat honr
10 market further rose" J-.aJtf, but In the
tial dealings there wax a decline of ?^al
it cent, the latter in Lackawana, with au
cception in Illinois Central in the last
)ur, which rose 1 per cent Express
ocks strong.
Transactions nggregnted 144,000 shares, of
hleh 10,000 were New York Central, 12,0
Eri??, 27,000 Lake Shore, 0,000 Worthestcrii
common, 5,000 preferred, 2,400
Dck Island, 4,000 St. Paul common, 6,000
eferred, 3,000 Ohios, 3,700 Wabash, 20,i)
Delaware, Lackawanna A Western,
W0 Michigan Central, 3,000 Illinois Cenitl,
and 21,000 Western Union.
estrrn Union Northwestern com- 3
ilc??ll*e*........... 18}$ Northwestern pfd...
ilckslUer pld 3J New Jetsej Central 17'-i
iripoM. 1 Uack Island......^.lOl1,,
iripo? preferred.. 1 at Piul.....? _
cldc Mill?.... ? 1 \VA St Paul preferred.. 67s
Isms Kxprm. 94* Watouh 11*4
flls, Farjo A Co.. &#/A Fort Wayne W
nt-ncan. tC Terra Hauts ? . A
>lted Htalm........" 4*^ Ttrre H4ute pfd..... 17*4
tw York CentraJ-103?/fc Ohio A Mlaa!aslppi _
ic.. I'JJ'i Chicago A Alton.... M
le pnrfrrrwl? VI Chicago A Alton pfdioi
trlina It- Delaware A Lacks.. 57J;
irlem preI?rrctl...l3T A. A P. Telegraph.. l'Jl4
chlgin Central.... 5% Mlwouri Pacific...... B4
nauii................110 Ilurllngton A Quln.10^2
iion Pacific....?.. C9Ji Hannibal A St. Joe. 12
kc Short Uy4 Central Par. bonds..l06U
lnolj Central 69}$ Union Padflc bondalOlJi
titbnr^h 8l)fc Land Qrants UH14
C. C. A 1 37 Sinking Fund.... .... y 1
Mew York.
New York, September G.?Cotton?
eadjr nt 11 M6all 3-16c. Flour-Less
live; No. 2, $3 35a450, superfine western
11 State $4 404500, common to good $5 40
1 85, good to choice $5 90a6 25, extra Ohio
i 50a7 50, white wheat extra $6 30a6 65,
ncy *<j wau -'J, St. Louts So 65a8 50,
innesota patent process $7 40al0 00.
heat? Future* leas active; ungraded
rtng$l 39, No. 2 Chicago spring $1 37)?
38. No. 2 Milwaukee $1 39a I 40, rejected
inter red $1 20, ungraded winter red and
tber $1 2.5al 43. Bye?Quiet at 67Xc?
pUmbcr 69c. Barley?Quiet. Malt?
rm. Corn?Higher, closed strong; unaded
western mixed 52J?c, steam mixed
a58c. Oata?Demand active; western
ixed and State 31a39c, white western 32a
c. Hay?Shipping C0a70c. Hops?Dull;
a tern 4a7c. Coffee?Quiet and steady,
ocarccal6Ma20&c gold, jobbing at 16^n
c gold. Sugar?Fair to good reSning
?aS?(c, prime 8Mc, refined barely steady
10'iallc. Molasses?Unchanged. Rice
Quiet an dlirm; Louisiana 6V?a7Kc, Carola
6%a7)jc. Whisky?Steady at $1 13.
Chicago, September 6.?Flour?Good
maud and full prices. Wheat-Active,
mer higher aud unsettled; No. 2 Chicago
ring$l 16 bid cash, $109>?al 09\i Septemr,
$1 04%al 05 October, No. 3,$l 09, No.
ldal 16M? Corn?Strong and higher;
?<c cash, 45J4a45%c October, rejected
c. Oata?Demand fair and prices higher,
Kc cash, 24c September, 24^c October,
jected 21c. Bye?Fairly active and a
ade higher at 55c cash. Barley?Good
mand and prices a shade higher at 68c.
>rk?Unsettled, bul generally lower at
237M cash, $12 00 October. Bulk Meat*
Sairly actice and a shade higher; shnul ri
5J?c, short rib 7^c. sugar cured 7?{c.
ird?Good demand and pricea higher;
50 cash, $8 50a8 52X October. Whisky
Quiet at $1 09.
At the close Wheat was heavy at $1 07&
ptember, $1 03J? October. Corn?Lower
45ytc September, 44%a45c October,
its?!*aUc lower. Pork?Easier at $12 35
2 37 October. Lard?Firmer at $8 50>$
CINCINNATI, September 6.?Cotton
emand fair and market firmer at lOJic.
lour?Good demand and prices a shade
gher, family, $3 75a5S5. Wheat?Active,
in and higher; red $1 18al 25. Corn
Demand good at 47a48c. Oats?Easier
27a3.'c. Bye?Steady and in fair de*
and; No. 2 spring 75c. Pork?Quiet;
ibbisg $12 75al3 00. Lard?Strong
cam kettle 9a9^c. Bulk Meats?
lir demand; shoulders $5 12^a5 25;
iort ribbed $6 873^, spot, $7 12%, buyer
iptember; sugar cured $7 25. Butter?
ull and unchanged. Oil? Unseed steady
50a52c. Whiajjy?Steadv and in fair
imand at_$l 09.
ikxjm?uuu; common {4 50a4 85; light
i 00?5 SO; packing $5 00u5 25; butchers
i30a5 40.
Toledo, September 6.?Flour?Firm.
beat-Firm; No. 1 white $1 40, extra do
42 bid, amber Michigan spot$l 32, seller
jptembet $1 1265?, No. 2 red winter spot
30, No. 2 Dayton and Michigin red $1 30,
> canal $130. Corn?Quiet and steady;
gh mixed ?pot 49e, No. 2 spot and seller
tpt#mber 48Kc, seller October 49J?c, re*
cted 47J?c. Oata?Quiet; No. 2 *pat 27Kc,
ller September28c, Michigan bcid at 29c,
Kc bid, reiected23c.
4 p. ?.-w heat?Closed weak; sales am;r
Michigan seller October $1 24, No. 2
d winter spot 30&c, seller September
2ij, seller October $1 23. Corn?Dull;
o. 2 spot and seller September 48J<c bid.
Drj Gooda.
N*w York, September 6.?Business light
ith package houses. Cottons quiet, but
>n*rnlly steady; White Rock blcached
lirtings nrc reduced. Prints in fair deunand.
Pacific prints reduced to
inghams and dress goods in good demand,
en'awoolens quiet, but flannels in steady
quest. Large sales of silks and French
ess goods were held at auction aad good
'icea realized.
Allegheny Cattle.
Exrt LlBIRTY, September 6.?Cattlb?
tceipts for two dap 25 cars through, or 47
trs yard, or 1,224 head. Prime $8 35a
40, good $5 75a6 00, common $4 50a5 00.
EIogk?Receipts for two days 35 cars, or
850 head. Yorken $5 40a5 55, Philadelbias
$5 75a5 00.
Sir rrp-Receipts for two days 13 cars, or
600 head. SelUog at$4 00a5 00.
Pit tuba rgli.
Pittsburgh, September 6.?Petroleum
Quiet and easier, crude at ?1 42^ st
ftrkerV, refined at,l4c, Philadelphia de^HAS.
i prvptrad to make careful and eoopkte analyses
(lxon Ons, Limestones, Mineral Waten,etc.
imoanwj our. Win IM UUpUM RTMI
??a WlrnUaf, W. T*.

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