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^ m Wheeling |gjjj? Jul *JJW nttz
Cosimo" nitcta In extra aenalon thi?
Jay one week. The probabilities are (1)
that there will bo ? aplritod conlent over
the organisation o! the Home; (2) that
the iub?idj wing o( the Democracy
will nupport Goode, ol Virginia,or Blackburn,
of Kentucky, ami the antiaubaidy
wing Sam. Kandall.of Philadelphia; (3)
that there wil 1 he a warm oonte? over the
nropond inrreue of the army; <> warm,
in fact, tbattheaeaaion will probably con*
limit' on until the regular meetinc In December.
i'rom what wn bear we iuilga
that Col. Hen. Wilson will rote for Kan* I j
dill for Speaker, and nr? perhap* will t
Martin ami Ken mi. I
As will be H?-n by our dlrf|utche*, the r
Hun. Alexander 11. Stephens, of Georgia, |
U having a good time among the New c
Yorker*. People at the North have gen- I
erally a great deal of kind feeling towards 1
Mr. Stephens, having always regarded ?
him us an unwilling wcessionut. He (!
m a It in no concealment of hi* high re- t
Hard for President Hayes, and Ii!h de- 8
termination to give bis administration a ?
candid rupport. To a reporter of the Vi
New York H'orW who interviewed him r
on the question of Mr. Hayes title to the r
Presidency ho expressed himself as foU ?
lows: r
"The (juestions presented by the Insf o
election were of vital importance. We v
believed we had carried the election, and t
1 Hippos tholtenublicnns thought that "
they had carried it. It hud to be settled v
hy a court or by war. It was a serious i
cruia, and for a time I feared war. Hut l
the luinmission wna appointed mid the r
qtiMlion Jeft to it. It was the highest b
I* >111t eter conntiluted in thix country, v
ami I believe it was a perfectly constitu- t
tioml body. They decided the question. k
Of course 1 wa* diaapjiointtd, ad we all r
we.'c in the Democratic party, at the re- 1
unit, but I look on Mr. Hayeks title a* a
rei arljudieata, and therefore better tlun I
the title of any preceding 1'resident, b
They all took their Beats on vrima facie o
r-ue-f, but tbiii lias been nettled in the t
highest court ever known in thin coun- t
try." * f
Alarming IntrreuHc of Lniincj" In \
flu* Kingdom ol (*rr?t ltrimtn; r
The annual report of tho English Com- I
miuioneri in Lunacy shown that there S
were on the lit of January, 1877, GG,G36 1
"lunatics, idiot*, and peroons of unsound '
minil"?regiitered as such?in England a
and Wale*. There were also found by t
inquisition 252 lunatics who reside in f,
charge of their committee', making the t,
total "00,883; taking the 00,030 un- n
tier the public charge. They were ^
made up of 30,1G6 males and ,s
38,471 females; 7,597 were private _
patients, of whom 4,087 were males ,
and 3,510 females, and the balance, 59,030,
were pauper patients. Of these 20,078 ij
were males anil 32,901 lemales. It will J
be seen that among the private lunatic-*
the male.-* preponderate, and the female* j
among (In* pauper 1 unation. ^
Tho following table hIiowh that the r*g- (J
iMercil insane in largely on the increase, H
whether viewed in alwoluto number or (|
in relation to population generally. The j,
numbers are Mated at intervals of five 4
year*, from 1859 to 1874, ami thence j,
vearlr to 1S77. j(
Somber ol l.nrmtlci, Hloti niil IVra
iiis (>f LTi iwuinl Miifl.
Jimirj I I'jni|*r Total Hi
t 4,US') 31,782 JHi.Tili
MM. VJiTJ 41,711?
UMSi...... 6,17.1 47,0* 1*2 At,177
ISJI 7,191 M.'il. ?2.?'.,7
UTS. 7.UM M.40I ?a,'K? .
ISTC 7,'OJ 07.107 OllUfi "
Ml .. 7.59'} M,(m 66 (KM 0
Here it *ill be rcou that the first inter- b,
val?-1859 to 18!il?added S,0!W to the ci
initial number, ;i0,7f>2; that the pecond r
interval?ISO 1 to 1809?brought an addi- ,
tion of 8,yS2 in that interval; 1809 to ,l
1874 produced an increment of 8,8o0.
The wicce^lvc Inoreaao* taken yearly ?
from 1874 were 1,7t>0,1,123 nnd 1,7*20. ft
U not clear why there was a nudden
check to the increment between 1870.and 2
1875, but it in plainly due to the pauper *
lunatic#, the annual increase in that cla#n
uiv Hint uuiu imiii'K vtnr.1 ?n nil' .>
table l*in? 1,162, 1.CG3,1,004 and 1>M2. V
Taking tlio whole term of the table, it .
will be found (hat between 1877 ami 18-VJ .
the total increa-e waa 29,884, or 81 per '
cent?the private canes increased by 2,- .
(517, or f?2 j?er cent, the pauper ciues by ^
27,257, or 86 per cent.
The following table shows the proportion
of the insane to the population, which
U estimated for each year: .
It.it lo per to.o 0 f f 1'jpul itifin. 1
I'riT.to l\iui*r
Jinmrjl. Luiuiic. 1/jtmuci. Total c
ISM ~..J1 M Iti il lb.fi*
ISM JU7 1ST. 'JI.4S J,
l*a -j.T.i 'it 16 ?M9t "
is:? st? mis V0.V3 b
HN S (W :i '5 2G.6I ?,
l^Tfi 3 10 2 ICS 20 7S
1?7 S. W V4.0J 27.14
During eighteen ycari, 1850 to 1876, the .
average recoveries has been 31.11 tier
cent oil the yearly admi-aiona. The
chances of u patient's recovery m,therelure,
rather more than one to two. The
I recoveries Irom 1872 to 1S76 are respectively
114.87, 82 41, :ta.*l9, 31.28 and 35.49 *
I percent. The average ratio of deaths for I
eighteen yeara computed on tllo daily ?
numoer ol patients resident in asylums !'
*nd hospital* was 10.27 per ccnt. When ?
the calculation in made on the total number
of patients nnder treatment in each .
year from 1850 to 1S76, the death rate in
7.86 |>er cent.
Ir has transpired that tho llihle does j1
| not always work good deeds. The wife
ol Rev. Win. 1'. Brooks, of St. Louis,
while fumbling among the Bible*, tracts
ami livum books that he had packed in a _
lug in rcudiness for a tour as an evanI
tplist, found a bundle of letters addressed
to him. She observed that the language
was affectionate, and that the hand wri- .
ling was that of Sister McDonald, an ac- "
live member of her husband's church. 0
A lew hours later Sister McDonald called. 8
Sister Brooks, with the fury of a tigress, Jj
hook the letters in her face, and accused ]
her of trying to alienate the aflections of 1
her husb&nd. Sinter McDonald denied the
authorship of the letters, but wifo seired 11
* cowhide which she had procured for 0
I the purjH)i?e ami laid it on the shoulders r
and nrim of Sister McDonald with all *
the forcti she could enmtnand. Tho asI
failed lister was not disposed to take her r
puniihment with patience, mid she (ought 0
hack with fnta and finger nails. D was ,,
^denperate combat, ending in a victory kfor
Mistress Brooks so tar as the fight f
***concerned; but, sad to relate tho letters,
were found to have been written by a
Mrs. 15. to her husband previous to mar- r
riajje. Of course, Sister McDonald was *
*K*iu received into the confidence of the
Utuily. St. Jjouia is a strange place, anyhow.
" .
^un.nati J una: An immense amount t
o? frieght consigned to tho Chejapeako c
*oa Oliio railroad has accumulated on the r
o'f Sandy whart-boat, to remove which
Uiumodore llonshell will have to call n
?U) ifrnw bia fleet of towboata. The I1
wwi of a prosperous aeaaonon the river tl
m? U|| grows brighter with each auc- tl
Mnxday. There will b? a greater de- tl
Xi #??"**" llli* 'ear thaci .1 ujr u
period for the past ten yean, n
Hie Democratic .Electing at Hell> ]
aire. a c
WIlorilnUlllgfncCT: wa
The Democrat* of thin city and vicinity, coi
m a last "Grand Kally," to concentrate fin:
heir force* tor the forlorn hope in the Th
wlitical struggle on to-morrow, held a thi
neeting, or council of war, on the public pu
quare Saturday evening laat, which wm net
iddrened by Ohio's Democratic shining J
tar of oratorical elouuence of bombiat, Ch
ien. Tom. Kwing. fn consequence of aiti
lie plei?*antnem of the evening, the meet* tia
ng waa largely attended, including a pr<
>rigade of street urchin* who added gat
iharrn* U|ion the splendor of the occ&nion ata
>y their hideou* yell#; in fact, without 1
my exaggeration at all, the meeting, in lie
i chanu'terUtic point of view, wa* l)*tn> Cil
icratic all over. The apeaker ojtencd ten
in remark* by sweeping lightly over the j
abor quealton, but without diacuailng Ha
lie question in any of ita bearing*, 1
?itchi-tl headlong into the financial *y?- cin
em ol the Government, a favorite hobby mil
>f Gen. Kwlng. He attempted to show era
hat the Ifepublican party within tha laat pai
ifteen yeara of aucceaaive and sue- acc
**aful supremacy in the Government, 1
tad never enacted nny lawa apper- to
aining to the finances of the Uov- tea
irnuient which were calculated to Wi
niitrove Die induatriea of the country am
ir beiu lit the mechanical and laboring in- sqt;
erent in any resect whatever, but. were chi
liniril nnlelv nnri tmrtinuplv tnenrirli tlm law
,1 ready bloated uioney holders and spec- 1
ilators, bankers, large contractors, luan? eve
ifacturers and importer* and audi other ina
ascally wen who in time of peril and thi
iced came to our (ioverniuent's rescue, chi
rith the neecsaary "ways and means," to J
uccessfully conduct and crush a war of ma
ebelhon and slavery; for the preservance tht
f the constitution," liberties and lawn, \V<
rhich were bought by our forefathers at 'J
he risk of their "lives," "fortunes,*'and Shi
sacred honors." The resumption act of
ras, tho speaker declared, ruinous in thi:
tself,its efl'ecl upon the industriea and tea
abnr hw in the last year been felt The daj
eal injuries, and final dead stroke to all the
uisincss throughout the land, however, "st
ras yet to come. Hut words failed him llu
ogive adiscription of that event. He Scl
;new, by reading history, how England's
esumption policy sowed ruin and delation
among the poor classes of people,
ind crippled almost every industry cf '
hat country and the same had to on_
>o exptcted here. Kwing then went q '
m murmuring about everything
he Republicans had done at former eletv '
ions in order to carry the day. lie re* }',e
erred to the fchool law JiumlniRijery, 'rc
irought before the people of Ohio in
87f?, making souie believe that Pope Pius .'
if Rome, intended to capture all the pub- Cl"
ic schools of this ronntry. Next was the
ioiitliern trouble, which was successfully
Med as the slump song, in 1870, to elect ,
Iayes as President, who, the ppcaker ^
icknowledged, should be endorsed by ",c
very voter in tho United States n? a pa- .J
ri(?t. General 10 wine, before winding up .
lis eheet, openly declared that he enter- H,?
ained no sympathy with the Working* out
lien's party. There was a party called lnn
ireenbackers, of wliich llorny-liauded ,ea
am. Carey, the political iack as*. wn* 1,0i
he lender, and in them he llad no faith at J
11. lie then implored all good Demo- m;.
ratH to Htand by their colors to-morrow ? !
nd vote either the Democratic or Hej>n!?- . r;
ienn ticket. No Workingtnen or Greenack
trickstering should be countenanced. 1,n
Afler General Kwing withdrew Korh exl
. Alexander of Bridgeport, a candidate
ur St h to Ke p resent at ive, came forward J
nd naid that after listening to the pretty nlo
peecb of the General, words failed liiui pai
r> say any more than Ditto to Gen. Tout Gei
Jwing, which flignitiea that ii Ross J. (
i le.xander is defeated for the Legislature, du*
)wing will not aland a ghost of a chance An
>r the U. 8. Senate. 1jOI
Wallaces cornet band discoursed in- Loi
Lruinental music. J. R I>. phi
? rni
Snliirtiuj'.s Stt umerN. I
Xbw Yohk, October C.?Six steamers K,v
:fi to-day for liurope. They all took ca"
lit full cargoes, mainly conflicting of e||'
rendstuffs, provisions, dairy produce, ,,j,j
Mined goods, tobacco and freuli l>eef. Kit
here was also a further consignment of ami
Ilia Kvnlnrkv Hnil ??nitu?r C
satiire was the shipment of live feathers, incl
1 which the "Weser," takes out fifty-nix vill
ales. These, it is understood, are col- g&n
ctcd mostly by farmers in the Went, anil _ I
re intended fur German consumption. 7.1(
'he principal items comprising the chii
arioun cargocs were as follows: ' cur
"City of Kichmond,"Inman line.: 2D,- tho
00 bush wheat, 1.166 bales cotton, *1,000 &
xscheese, 1,400 bxs bacon, 100 tcs beef, Sta
28 lihls pork, 2,100 pkgs butter, 1.100
bin Hour, 200 bbls potatoes, 175 tibls ^g,
pples, 150 bbls sugar, 50 bbls oysters, u
,100 tons oil cake, 25 tons leather, 50 I1
ag* clover seed, 40 tons fresh beef. v
"Celtic," White Star line : 41,000 bush t
rain, 100 pkgs butter, 3,000 bxs cheese, tfet
,000 bxs bacon, 250 buckets lard,250 ten * i,
o, 60 tons fresh beef.
"Egypt," National line : 55,000 bush
rain, 1,550 bales cotton, 127 hlidaand 17 ^[j
tobacco, 300 boxes bacon, 500 pkgs "*
utter, (>,000 boxes cheese, 186 tcs beef, U4 {..i
bin provisions, 1,000 buckets lard, 100
on. irwli hwf. J?"
"Denmark," National Line: 45,000
u*h grain, 12,000 boxes of cheese, 136 i
bis pork, 700 pkgs butter, 1,000 buckets ?
?rd, 750 bbls Hour, 3.500 ciuicn canned
oods, 882 bales hops, 56 hhds and 13 tcs
i)bncco? 50 tons fresh beef.
j'Aiiiopiii. /intiiorijine: is.ouvi uuaii
rheat, 0,092 bush barley, 7,426 bush
ye, 1,900 l?oxes cheese, G68 pkgs butter,
l>7 boxen bacon, 02 hhds tobacco, 3,000 ^
lilrt lluiir, 1,000 bags oilcake, 127 tierces
etf, 15 tiercel pork, 800 quarters fresh
"\Veser," North German Lloyd Line: ?f
0,500 bush grain, 450 tea lard, 50 bbla (
ork, 2o bbla tallow, 400 pkg* butter, 184
lids lobacco, 310 cases do, COO bales do,
Ocasen cigars, 250 bags grasi ?eed, 30 .
ales feathers, 75 cases canned good'. jV?
Hi? llaltlinoro A Ohio Rolling
.Ulll to ItCNiiiuo-MIinrp to lie- ??UI
tiro Front tlio Komi. cou
Ci'mdkkland, Md., October G.?An or- },re
er was issued to day for the rolling mill ,
f the Baltimore & Ohio railroad lo rc- "?*
ume operations next Tuesday, to work !,ru1'
in a lar^e quantity of prepared material. In'"
Phe bar mill will alao continue in opora*
ion for some time.
ll wiis definitely ascertained last evo- Jt
ling that Col. Thomas K. Sharp, ina*ter froi
if transportation of the Baltiiuoro A Ohio Tht
ail road, will retire from the rood next elei
reek, or about the middte of the month, 1
o take the Presidency of the Long Island ors
ailroad. His successor, if there will bo foil
me, has not be*?n announced. no?
The Long Island railroad, of which Col. in I
iliarp will lie President and cencral man. m?
ger. wa* aUrted by A. T. Stewart, and hat
ly him sold to I'ap|*nheim Brother*, who mei
're now the principal owner*, It has a
lumber of important branches and in fact
mbracea the entire railway Pjatein of [
/jng Inland. Tin
Is tlie year 1790 the Legislature of
Virginia resolved that" one hundred and nea
wenty tltoui&nd dollars shall bo advan- it v
ed by thin Cturnon wealth to the General
lovernment in three equal yearly pay- Tin
aent*, and to bo applied toward erecting ^0?
mblic buildings at the permanentseat of JJq
he Government of the Uuited States on
be bank of " I'otowwack." An agent of
he State has been appointed to urge l
pon Congress the repayment of this Auj
11 m. vlr
Billaiiu^IAcaia?Mr. J. M. Brodie
ontractor and builtlor, of your city
4 awarded (be contract of erecting am
npleting the Tobacco Warehouse, to In
lulled by the llrst day of April next
e work of excavation will be begur
a week, and all other work will b<
shed vigorously before the cold weathei
a in.
Ilev. T. J. Huencer, of the Disciplei
urch of thii citv, haa accepted the poion
m pastor of the Paca street Chris
ii Church at Baltimore. He will
'tch his farewell sermon to hii congre
ion here next Sunday, and lie tailed
in hit new position the 21m inut
Hon. Lorenzo Danford will addresa thi
publicans of thirf city this evening al
lv Hall. A rnrilinl invilfit inn inor.
Jed to all.
V ball nrul a free tight at Criswell'i
ill Saturday night last.
Cho Republican* in every voting pre*
ct have appointed vigilance ouui*
Iteea to watch a certain gang of Demo*
tic trickster* and huckster* who are
d for any low and dirty work they can
ouipluli on the day of election.
Che police of our city art? callcd upon
protect Minn McKernahan, a lady
ching a private school in tin* Fourth
ird of our city, from living di*turbed
1 interfered with In her duties l?v :i
lad of ragged and worthless ntreet urns
who nevor were taught to redact
r, order or common dccency.
Che Hoard of Kducution meblH tlii.*
tiling to investigate-the school examlion
swindle by which the 15-riuann ol
# city are deprived of giving their
mren n vierman Education,
ilr. Michael Curran, a hard working
n and a good citizen, wax nominated in
Fourth Ward of our city as the
frtringuiena candidate for councilman,
fhe county !>chool examiner*, l'rof,
reves, of Martini Ferry, Prof. Burn*,
St. L'lairaville, and Kev. Alexander, ol
s county, examined 42 applicants for
chers certificate.-* in this city onSaturr
last. The applicants apeak highly of
examiners and informed us thai a
raw" wan taken which gave l'rof.
rns a unanimous vote for Count*
100I Commissioner. J. 10 I).
lUver .News.
['he Ed. Pope departed for Malumoros
Saturday at 10:110 a. m.
I'ho Tempest left for Sunfiah at.1 r >i.
Phe crew of the Science went down on
! I'M. Pope Saturday morning, and
uiglit her up, and the will leave for
rkercburg lit the usual hour to day.
Hie steamer Andes haa laid up at Cmnati.
Che Iron Valley, with three barges of
tfor Wheeling, ha-t laid lip at Letart
Hie Fanchon, it is reported, will.enter
Cincinnati and Pomeroy trade to-day.
According to the Pittsburgh IHtjuiich,
steamer Buckeye State, on one occan,
left the Pittsburgh wharf and wm
, of Might in 4A minutes, being a di*
ce of 2} miles, although against a
id wind, and arrived at Wheeling in 5
irs and 43 minutes.
The river has not been as low this yejr
it was in 18118 and in 18">l.
'lie river commenced rising slowly o
iday night, and last evening the marks
licated feet 1 inch, and still dwelling.
)tu six to twelve inches of water articled
(By Tdrgrafiit.)
dKSiriiiH, October G.?lliver falling
wly. Weather cool and rainy. I>?
ted?Belle Yazoo, Vickaburg; Si.
nevieve. St. Loui*.
/'aiko, October t'?.?Arrived--Guldit,
Si. Louit-; Grand Tower, Vicknbiir*.;
demon, Kvansville; Belle Meuiphie, S'iiin.
Departed?Grand Tower, Si.
jin; AnJernon, Evanaville; Kelle Mem*
Meuiphit*. River 3 feet. Weather
ny; tntirctiry .03?.
jOUI8V|Luf, October 7. ? Raining
rer falling with 12 feet 7 inclicu in the
r. Louis, October 7.?Arrived?Gold
Ea^le, Keokuk; City of Chewier, Mem*
a. Departed?Golden Keokuk,
er risen three inched, itain all day
! cold.
'incikxati, October 7.?River 3 feet 5
liea. Departed?Cotton Valley, Evanse;
Rose City detained here by litita.
iVAHSViLLK, October 7.?River 2 and
> feet on gauge and falling. Weather
t'fly cloudy and rainiug to ui^ht; niery
75? to 00?. Down?Fawn, Silverrn
and Mary Elizabeth, lln?John
Rransford, Dora Cobler and K. B.
hlnian; little business.
i InriirNiou ol .Mexican l)ONj>er
<lot>M--('ounly Ofliclnl* Tnitcn
'rlNonern-A Horrible
reol UIiKon Imminent
Jalveston, Texas. October 0.?The
pj published the following ppecial:
'out Dayi8, October 6.?A Mexican
b, fou** hundred Btrong, took possesi
of the towns of Yoletta and San
sario, Texan. The county ofGoialH are
nonern in the har.d* of an infuriated
ble, and the cry id "death to Grinand
viva Mexico. Letters receiveil
lay at Fort Davis Htate that the Mexis.
in large numbers, have captured
I hold in custody all the officers of El
io county. The liven of all the white
ii are threatened. There are no troop*
the lrontier.and a horrible massacre
inminent. Judgo Charles IT. Howard
prisoner and bound with ropes.
Fire nt Hunter** l*olut.
*IW York, October 6.?A fire occurflt
H ilnlar'j Pnlnl ohi-Ip |K!u ninrninif
<rw first discovered in the lumber yard
Dudlcr, Urael & Co., No. 118 Wall
set. Before the fire department wan
hand, the yard, containing about 10,,000
feet of pino lumber, was in
lien. From this the tire was commuted
to tho yard of 8imp?on, Clapp &
ft burned furiously until 4 p.m.,
tn it wits thought to be under control,
at 7 P. M. again broke out in Simpson,
pp & Co.'a yard, and ilia feared that
)0,000 feet of lumber directly in Its
rro will be dent roved. The loaa at
*ent, embracing 0,300,000 feet of fine
iber, with over 10,000sugarboxesand
:<headi which were stored on the
utiles, amounts in all to $200,000. The
urance tM not known.
Yellow Fever lleporl.
'khnandiana, < )jtober 7.?Two deaths
in yellow fever since our laat report,
jre werwsix new cases Saturday, and
?en to-day. Weather cool.
'he Mayor issued an appeal to the Mayof
the northern cities, concluding as
own "We cry for help, and cry for it
r in bfhalfof onr smitten community;
.he name of the brotherhood of liu*
nitt; in the name of that tiod who
h touched us with his woeful jndgtit
we implore you now to give us help.
I'ropeller Tioga Humeri.
>rthoit, October G.?The propeller
ga, on her upward passage with a low
lames, while oil* noint Auoelee. Lake
e, about midnight last night, took tire
r her boiler. A high wimlprevailing
rax impoiuible to subdue the (limed,
1 the propeller wan entirely consumed.
j crew were rwcued and taken on
Til the barge* in tow. The Tioga wan
ucd at $15,000, and iniured I ?r $12,Unrlue
.on don, October 7.?The (teamem
giut Andre, from New York, and EN
ft, from Baltimore, have arrived.
i Auollirr Weak Innnraurr *oiu
New Yobk, October 0.?An examina
1 tion of the Arctic Fire Insurance Com
pany of this citr, by the Insurance 8u
- nerintendent, shows the capital Mocl
. impaired, and the Superintendent ha
> made a requisition upon the compan'
t for $30,000, fifteen per centol its capita]
- the amount to be made up in cash vlthii
sixty days, it is not claimed that th<
> trouble has grown out of any dishonest;
of management. The principal cause o
the impairment being due to n siirinkagi
in the value of securities.
the allioer default.
Elijah Alliger, of the insurance ngenrj
so largely in deficit in its accounta witl
the Commercial Union Company, of Lon
don. Is Secretary of the National Boart
of Hre,Under writers, lie has taken ai
active part in the work of the Associatioi
1 for a number of yearn, and lias been s
strong advocate of the system establish
ing Gxed rates of insurance.
' < A meeting of the Produce Exchange
Special Committee, on the claims am
losses arising from the Pittsburgh riot
was beld yesterday, but with doors strict
ly closed to the press. Several cotuiuuni
cations were resd, among others one frorr
the office of the Pennsylvania Bailroac
Company in Philadelphia, similar to
that submitted some time ogo to the merchants
of that city. So far as could h<
ascertained no action was taken by tht
committee, and the meeting adjournei
subject tothecajl of thechairmnn. It ii
utated that diflerent replica have beet
received from the diflerent railroad olfi
cialx in thin matter, and the com mitt et
ban been undecided w to what actioi
should be taken.
"Joe" Elliott, arrested for participa
tion in the $04,000 bond forgery, but whe
quietly walked away while bin commit
mcnt papers were being made out, hai
ken learn-sted.
Al.EX. II. fcTEPHEN.1.
Alex. II. Stephen* visited Columbia
Colltge yeeterday, to acquaint liimsell
with the method* of it* diflerent wJiool*
and to meet and converse with thelarul
lieu. A reception wan held at the college
and many atudents wero presented, and
later the party went to the President's
house, where lunch was served. Mr. Stephens
in chairman of the committee
charged with maturing a plan for the reorganization
oi the Umveraity of Georgia,
It Beeuifl settled that Secretary Kvarts
ban selected for the port of New York
Theo. Roosevelt, for Collector, and General
Merritt, for Surveyor. The choice
of Gen. Merrill ban been anticipated for
month*, and his previous experience in
the naval office makes him thoroughly
familiar with the Custom House business.
He is a representative Republican.
Mr. Roosevelt in a man of high social
standing and irreproachable character,
thoroughly identified with Kew York
j hthI comprehend* the want* nf the merI
can tile community.
^ John T. Tornquest, a German, aged
fifty six yearn, died yesterday at his resiI
deuce, 410 West Thirty-third street, from
injuries received at the burning of Hale's
j piano factory on the third tilt.
A few Hakes of snow fell in this city
yesterday afternoon.
The c:|>isfo|ml Convention.
Boston, October 0.? The Triennial
Episcopal Convention only had one session
today. Chief Justice Waitc made
hid appearance, nnd Rev. Mr. Tail. Secretary
to the Archbishop of Canterbury,
was introduced, and t-aid the English
Church was in full sympathy with the
Church in this country.
Hamilton Fish waa added to the Committee
on Amendmcpts to the Constitution.
Mr. Hill, of California,offered amendments
to the Constitution, which were referred.
The first was that it would be
unwise to change the name of the Protestant
Episcopal Church, as it was timehonored.
The second was to strike out
the word "four" in the second article of
the Constitution, and substitute "two."
The trustees of the missionary bishops'
fund made their report. The balance on
hand at the beginning of the year was
$298; income, $2,178; cxpenrcs, $3,331;
cash on hand, $145.
On the part of the House of Deputies a
committee will bo appointed to not on
joint committee with the members of the
House of Hishops to consider how the
expenses of the Convention Could be lessened.
A resolution was presented and referred,
thnt the canons be changed bo that
no candidate for the priesthood should
be ordained for three jears after being
received as a candidate, or for one year
after receiving deacons' orders.
The resolutions regarding the setting
off of a part of the diocese for miisionary
jurisdiction, upon which discussion was
begun on Fridsv, was taken up, and
Dr. Fulton, of Wisconsin, opposed the
James Parker, of New Jersey, favored
the resolulioin.- and it was formally
voted to be made a special order for Tues*
The Chair appointed a committee to
notninalo a Board of Missions.
Bridge Fallen.
Atchison, Kan., October 0.?At twelve
o'clock, to-night, the western abutment
of the great iron bridge that spans the
ItUsouri at this point caved into the
river with aterrible crash, carrying the
entire Gf teen feet wall and about seventyfive
feel of enbankment. A gradual
sliding of the work has been noticed for
the past forty-eight hours, and Mr. L. L.
Todd, Superintendent of the bridge, has
had a force of men employed, day and
night, doing everything that could be
done to avert the disaster. A forco of
men have been at work tearing ofl' the
wall all day, that the long draw-span
might be cleared, and escape the danger
that threatened when the wrcck should
come. They succeeded in swinging the
ilrAur r?lp?r nt Inn ?>) ?? ?>'?
... ?v.uv?, OIIU ???o I"'I'll
tCS later it could uot have been swung.
At twelve o'clock the hugli dum of masonry
and thousands of cubic yards ol
earthwork, the office and bridge approach
were hurled into the Missouri rivers The
damage has been confined erclnslvely to
the abutment, and everythingeUe i* safe.
A large forco of workmen will be immediately
nut to work clearing anuy the
debris, ana the bridge officers promise
that a new and firm abutment, rested
and anchored on the bed-rock, will be in
plane in le*s than thirty days.
McDonald 11 tippy.
Sr. IjOUIS, October 0.?Mr. John McDonalds
case came up before the United
Stales Court this morning, and was decided
by Judge Treat in the at me manner
that Judge Mills disjioMd of that
of Wm.McKee.
Miner** Kcsuiu<\
Pittston, October 6.?The Pennsylvania
Coal Company's miners have almost
unanimously resolved to retumo work,
Monday, upon the Company's terms.
Tweed ou llio Ntnnd Again. (
1 New York, October 6.?The examination
of William M. Tweed was resumed,
to-day, before the Committee of Aldermen,
and he said, in the Senate the King .
paid members for toting for the bill in '
- Committeo of the Whole, and allowed
them to vote as the; pleated on the final ,
passage. The names were not recorded
when voting in Committee of the Whole,
but were recorded on the flnal vote. At
torney General FaircliId having stated,
during the week, that Tweed in bis so* J
i- called confession to bim, had not men- 11
It tioned having subsidized the Albany Ar
a qua and Journal, or mentioned the name of (
r Edward 1*. A pgar. Assistant Secretary of
I, Slate, Tweed replied that be had not spe- (
ii uiaiijr nivftiiiuiivii were parties, qui ne
u offered to become a witness in an/ suit in
jr which he might be called, and to give j,
f evidence of numbers of fratide upon the
b city and State Treasuries which he did 0
not then recollect. He would, however, 0
substantiate all hejhad Raid. ^
r He can produco checks and lettern in j,
j support ol hi? amrtionM. One letter con- n
. gratulated Tweed on Inn personal victo- ?
j ries and the succens ol hi* party, which
^ letter he said would be a good thing for ]
, the Journal |>eople next year. Regarding w
l the explanation of E. I?. Apgar concern- .}<
. ing bin relations with Tweed, the witness V(
hail read a letter from Apgar, in 1870, Jji
staling that he wan in debt for board, j0
clothes, &c., and uked Tweed to add to gj
> many former favors by procuring him ci
1 payment ol his salaiy,so that he (Apgar) l.
, could liquidate his clothes and board
ohm. tj.
Other letters were also read by Tweed,
i showing that Wm.Caisidy, of t&e Argut, j(
I hud nought appointments from him and U]
i that Hastings had expressed very warm vj
sentiments. Tweed repeated his state- u,
5 ment that he paid $05,000 to the Board of cc
s Aldermen of this city to pass the resolu- gj
I tion authorizing the appropriation by the . .
i city of $1,500,000 for the bridge. The 0,
i money wuh paid and witness got his share et
from Henry C. Murphy. |(|
i This wes in 1870, and Connolly also w
i got his percentage; and witness knew that B(
Kingsley, who had supervising control of 8_
the bridge, had an interest in the quarries (*
which were to furnish the stone. He knew, a,
t because he wanted that himself, but found C|
Kingsley was too strong for htm. ^
i ^ su
About tlao Itiflc Association und fo
( Iliiiure'ftCiardeu. in
k New Yohk, October 0.?General dis- u
[ gust hat* been excited, hereabouts, by the
publication of a statement that raoncv
| was paid for the appearance of the Amerf!
con Team in Gilmore'a Garden, on the
I occasion of the recent presentation of the nl
, victorioufl marksmen. co
, Major General Dakin, who was Captain co
, of the Team, indignantly denies the M
charge, and declarew that every one of 7t
the American Team would teatify to the K
falsehood of the utory. ''Any man," t?aid co
he, "who received a dollar from the man- M
ngement of Gilmore'a Garden was a fraud. &
The American Team anked for no money, ft
Got none, and authorized noboJy to col- ca
lect any." m
Mr. Bruce, who, in the international Qi
match, made 219 point* out of a pomble la
225, refuted the accusation in a card. It co
now turn* out that the money wan paid; }?
notto the Tenm, but for and in behalf of pi
the National Rifle Awociatiou. A high Q,
officer of that organization paya that on co
two occasions before, the Association had K
made arrangement with the proprietor |?a
of Gilmore'rt Garden, by which that stun
was to be paid the Annotation. ca
Lant year the flhare of the receipta re- fj
1 ceived by the Anflociation wan $1,500. It Ht
tvnu ii.o ?i.? ~
...... ..... UI imv ?aiiuim> MIUB nrru- vil
tuition, and the team hnd nothing to do ]{<
with it. The arrangement was made for Jo
half the net receipts. It was not consid- j>|
cred just right that the Rifle Association, j[
which had paid the men'* expenses,
nhould contribute largely to swelling the CI
treasury of Gilmoro Garden, and receive &
no benefit, when they were needing funds. j0
After the presentation, a dinner was W(
given to the two teams at Delmonicoa. ja
This cost $600, and was paid for out of J*
the warden receipts. c?
On the following day the excursion up ?,
the Hudson, to West Point and back, coat ph
about $500 more. This was considered a \\r
heiter arrangement than going about beg- p.,
ging private cilizenn to contribute for the
entertainment of thegueata of the Nation- |,r
al Rifle Association. \)X
The tliicngo ICilie Mutch.
Stony Island, near Chicago, Octol>er
G.?This was the last day of the rifle j.
shooting. The temperature waa highpr, |
sky brighter, and wind gentler than on j?'
the preceding dejs. The first event was *
the thouaaud-yanl shooting for individualu,
prize a hundred dollar badge, which
Hydo won. Each wa* allowed twenty
shots. '
The following waa the result: Hyde, j.?
79, out of a possible hundred: Fielding, *;
75; Alford. 75; Ilalford. 71; Shaffer, TZ\ .
Walcolt 73; Johnston, 59; Frater 59; Roberts,
Levy and Burnham, after making .
soveral auccesaive oiiHses. withdraw. Sir ' .
Henry Ilalford made one bull's eye on the ,
wrong target. (
The last event was all comers, short p
range, 200 yards offhand, ten scoring V?
shot*. Walter iiurnlmm,ot Chicago, won, ,a
coring41. Scores were made by J. K.Mil- *j?
ves,who alrio scored 41; bat he made one ?n
count of two, while Burnhnm's lowest was ,
three; Col. Shaffer, 08; Bliss, 40; S. A. ln|
Uurnham, 40; J. Ilanen, of tho 1st Illi
Illinois Regiment, made two in ten shots.
" am
FIKK RCl'Oni). pu
? lot
New lork lurnilnro Factory. un
New York, October G.?The furniture pa
manufactory of Jo?enh W. Hamburger, wo
a Gve story brick building, occupying 06, nai
US, 100 and 102 Attorney street, caught di(
tire early this morning and burned to the hit
ground. Tho Ikmes spread with great eer
rapidity, and dense volumes of smoke pu
burst from tbe front windows and drove hai
back the firemen. sta
One of the ladderi on which the firemen ly
were climbing to the third story took fire e'le
and the men barely escaped instant death of
by falling, and two of the firemen were crc
badly burned about the face and hands, ex
The building wan owned by Martin, Sn
Grossman & Work. Loss, $30,000; insur- am
ed for $15,000. Stock and machinery of set
J.W. Hamburger valued at $50,000; in* up
sured for $14,000.
The itHtlwiiy t'onlerenec.
New York, October 0.?At noon, today
the general managers of railroads and
freight ngent* vrere unable to agree, and
the Presidents of the trunk lines adjourned
their session to the 15th inst.
Col. Scott informed a reporter that all jlc
questions brought before the meeting were *0'
still in obeyance, and he could not say
what plan tho General Managers and ?r
Freight Agents would agree upon; but
whatever action they took would require
the indorsement of the Presidents.
j iic vivnvrui manager* anu freight
Agents are still in *ea*ion. vl
? liii
Ball Itelnicd ? Kurvey of llto Sa
1 liver. rei
Memphis, October G.?Judge Logwood, Co
of tho Criminal Court, tbid morning re- pe
fused bail in the ca*o of Alex. Wool- lie
dridce, who killed Frank Waito last re<
Sunday, and remanded Ibe prisoner to dr
C&ptain Ailatu* and Lieutenant* Vow*II
and Lock wood, of the United State- Engineer,
hare arrived here for the pur* Pr
poaeofmakings aurveyof the Miiiimlppi th<
rirer. ^
k Severe Battle with Heavy Lost.
.lit of Officers am' Men Killed.
Chicago, October 7.?The following
iapatch from Gen. Miles was received
lero at 11 o'clock this evening.
Hd'hhs Ditrr. of tub Yellowstone, )
October 3d, 1877. j
"Jen. A. 11. Terry, Commanding Dep'toJ Dakota;
General : Thin command moved rapilly
to Bnuke Creek, striking the fresh
rail of the hontile Nez IVreed coming
lit of Bear Pond Mountains. At 7:30
'clock met and Hurprined their camp,
it 8 o'clock Cant. Wring captured the
irger part of their herd, about 600 horses,
iuleu unci ponies. The engagement was
litis severe and the enclosed is our list
f killed and wounded. The Indians lost
7 killed, inoludiiiir Lookino.fiI* ? .In
sph'a brother and three other chief*, anil
J wounded. Joseph gave me his pledge
esterday that he would surrender, but
id not, and they are evidently waiting
ir aid from other Indians. They nay the
loux are coming to tlieir aid. They are
osely invented in a deep ravine and
ept under tire. To take thorn by asHilt
would cost many lived. 1 may wear
lem out and eventually com]>el them to
ve up the light. They fight with more
operation than any Indiana I have ever
et. 1 believe there are many escaped
illiariH in the village who expect to he
ling when caught. I believe thero in
iminunication between this camp and
itting Bull, and I have used every effort
i prevent a junction. I am expecting
io company with Sturgisf.and will then i
ideavor to aend the 2d cavalry corapaies
to Benton. I intend to Bend my
ounded to the Missouri and captured
oclc to the Yellowstone. I wnntA rn.
wcifnlljr augment that information be 1
nt to the British authorities to prevent
17 portion of the Nez Perce* tribe from
ossing the line,or to disarm them tdiould 1
icy take refuge on English noil. Can
ippties be Pent up the Milk river road
r the lid cavalry ? Pleaae fend me any 1
formution or ordcrfl that should govern >
y movements. "
Very respectfully your ob't servant,
Nelson A. Milks, j
f Colonel Fifth Infantry, Commanding,
Killed?Captain 0*ren Hale, 7th cavry,
commanding company K; Second ,
ieutenant James W. Diddle, 7th cavalry, 1
iinpany K; Firat Sergeant Otto Wilde,
mpany K,7th cavalry; Sergeant* Mor, |
eilke and H. W. Kachnel, company K, ,
h cavalry; private* Wm. Whitelavr, F. 1
oth,George Hendnck and Frank Knap, |
mpany K, 7th cavalry; Firm Sergeant
ichael Martin, company D,7th cavalry; ,
rgeant JameH M. Albert atid privates
under nnd Dawney, company I), 7th
valry; First Sergeant, George McDer- >
ott,company A, 7th cavalry; Sergeant ,
to Deralowr and privates John iv Clevend,
Lowin Kelley and Samuel Mclntyre,
mpany A, 7th cavalry; private
rank Jrving, company G, i!d cavalry
rivnte Richard M. Pe*cholt, company
, 5th infantry; Corporal John Haddo,
mpany B, oth infantry; Private Jo?.
uler, company 1,5th iufantry; ICeolie*
n, company 0,5th infantry.
Wounded?Capt. Miles Maylor, 7th
valry; Capt.JS. S. Godfrey, 7tl? cavalry;
rfit Lieutenant nnd Adjutant G. W.
drd, 5th infantry; Acting Adjutant
;neral First Lieutenant ilenry
>niegu, Gth infantry; Serjeant
ihn Nolan, Corporal Michael Delany,
ivates P. Allen, Michael Murphy, Wm.
, Ma gee, John Scherneer, John
yen*, John Schoner, Kmil Tuube and *i
inrlefl Smith, comtmnv IV 7ih navnlcv* ?
recant Charles il. Welch, Corporal ,
hn Quinn, Trumpeter Thomu Hen- .
>od, blacksmith Fred. Dettlen, privates .
uies Clark, JohuCurran, Uriah Lewis, H
m?a S. Johnsoa and David E. Baker, t
mpany A, 7lh cavalry, Sergeant Thomas ,
Goodwin, trumpeter James E.Christo- t
er, privates Daniel 8. Wright, Howard f
e&rer and Thomas Do Venning, com- (
nv F, 2J cavalry. t
1 learn from the scout, Biickrnn, who j,
ought General Miles dispatch, that the t
ttle took place ou Snake Creek, about ?
lit miles from its mouth. lie thinks t
Gen. .Mile*' force consisted of three
rn panics of the 2d Cavalry, three of the }
:i Cavalry and eight of the 5th Infantry,
j also thinks that none of the officers
ported wounded are fatally injured,
n. Sturgis, whose arrival Gen. Miles s
pected, mii.it have with him seven com- ;
nies of hi* regiment. The three comnies
of the 2nd Cavalry with Gen. {
iles were originally intended as an en- \
rt to the Commission to meet Sitting a
ill. \
The above was received at midnight v
mi St. Paul. P. H. Sukuidan. ?
ICcpyblican Convention llint \
ICeltneil to KudorNe tliu I'rtHi- _
Omaha, OctoW G.?The Republican i
nvention of this county, held here to- r
jr, laid on the table the resolutions enruing
President Hayes, his southern ?
,1 flvil an*t,\nn n^Kn. n?,l TT 0 U.
under*, who resides here. The follow;
are the resolutions thun disposed of: j,
riio Republicans of Douglas county,
Convention ncaemblcd, reaffirm their j
wavering fidelity to the cardinal faith 0
i fundamental principles of the Reblic&n
party, which arc, first, equality
all before the law; second, national
ity. Reposing implicit confidence in the
Lriotiem and honesty of R. 11. Hayes, j
commend his efforts to restore frater- ^
I relations between the people of the
Ferent sections of the country and in ?.
i oarnestendeavors to reform the civil .1
vice. The work of purification of the j
blicservice which the Republican party
s undertaken, and to which it alone
nd* committed ought to be persistent*
and resolutely carried forward. The
ction of Alvin Saunders to the Senate .
the United States was a solemn de* 1
>e of the people of Nebraska for the C
pulsion from Federal service in the
ite of incompetent aud corrupt men, ?
[1 we look to our Congressional repreilatives
to impress this popular demand
on the National administration.
Wentlier Indications.
Ukpicx ov tit* Chikv Siunal Ovpickr, r
wasuimqtox, D. C., ocr. 8-1 1. ?. j o
For Tennessee and Ohio Valley, warm
Uh. veerinir to colder northwest ?iml<
?udy and rainy weather, and falling
lowed by riling barometer.
For Likea.eaat wind*, backing to cold- 11
northweat, cloudy and rainy weather, r
ling, followed by riaing barometer. "
Arreted uh u Forger. d
Cincinnati, October 0.?J. C. Cooper, 1
10 is Mijipohcd to be implicated with c
i brother in the extensive furgcriea in K
n Francisco aome lime ago, wad arited
here to-night. The brother of t
oper, who ia the principal in the for* n
i UK, >n rcpuncu iu uc in i.iew wrieanp, ji
miln nnd ?tockn, valued at $20,000, were
:overed from the exprew office, ad- ?
Wfleil to Cooper'* wife. $
Cliurcli BaruccJ. <
1 sdianapolh, October 7.?The Eighth r
etbyterian Church, on the veat aide of d
s river, in thia city, waa burned to-day, e
iaa partly covered by inmrance. o
' liilcrcNtinsr View ot iho Nltuiiilon
In Aala ttuU llulgurtu.
London, October 0.*-From Mukhtar
Pasha's latest dispatch it seems that the
Russians have withdrawn from the right
and centre of bin line and concentrated
their entire arm/ at AkUfahakala or
Kantsthat, fifteen mile* northeast of
Kara. This in undoubtedly the greatest
and most criticnl affair of the war in
The minor object of the Russian attack
is to cut MukhtarofT from Kars or
drive him under itn walls, and shut him
up there. If it failn, the second Russian
campaign in Asia will be over.
The urmy of the Czar, which is in Bulgaria,
awaits the arrival of the whole of
its reinforcements before venturing to advance
cither toward Rustcliuk or across
the upper Lorn,
Thu Ottoman army o( Shuinla can
hardly make offensive movement4 until
its new commander, Suleiman Pa*ha, ha*
arrived at headquarter! If the weather
and roadtt continue good, heavy fighting
may be expected in thin direction within
a few days.
The army of the Crarowitch will have
no longer occasion to halt after the rear
most battalions of the Guard have crowed
the Danube, and the new Oitomnn com
mander may attemptsowe bold exploring
at Plevna.
The Koumaniam have pushed theirsap
to within a few tarda of the counterscarp
of the second redoubt on Gravity rid^e.
No trustworthy account indicate* that
the position of 0.<man Pawha hnnbeen invested
or closely blockaded.
The army of Chefvet Pasha at Orchinie
is renorted reinforced bj parts of battal
miis in oui{)Kn i~apr. 1 ne concmr ration
of a considerable array in 0*man Pasha's
rear raar be the forerunner of his withdrawal
from Pie?a, if a movement be possible.
London, October c.?This week's famine
report from india i?, in i?en?'rn I, favorable.
The corporation of Southampton received
Gen. Grant to-day. The Mayor
presented a complimentary address.
Oen. Grant afterward drove through the
Gale Cardiff, the pedestrian, who begun
lo walk 1,500 miles in 1,000 hour*, SunJay,
Auguflt 20, successfully finished hi*
feat to-day.
Specie For the United St Another
Arctic Expedition.
London, October c.-Onchundred thouland
pound* of specie wan whipped, yesterday,
for the United State*.
It is the intention of Sir Allen Young
lo have the steamer Pandora refitted for
mother atari for the Arctic region* next
>pring, and he will probably try the
3pitzbergen route.
\ Hutch ot Itoiul Agent* Who
Uoke l?i> the IVrouK Man.
Ciikyrnne, October 6. ? Yesterd ay
while Henry Meyer*' freighting outtii
with six men wa* camped twelve mile*
loutli of here they were virited by three
nen, who cooked their dinner at the
:amp*fire and made themselves no agree
ible that all of the frcigh'.drit. except the
ion of Myers, gathere I about them,
i'oung Meyer* wa* suspicious, and went
o one of the wagons and got hi* phot-gun
ind remained away from the parly. Durng
the conversation around the ctttnp*
ire one of the strangern admired "a
ihot guo belonging to the freighters, and
ook it to examine it. Suddenly he
locked it, nnd leveling it stepped between
lie freighters and their arms and ordered
hem to throw up their hand*, flaying
hey would take what money wim in the
rntiit. At thi? young Mrern aliot, ntrikng
the robber in tin; face and breast.
I'he robber wheeled around nnd fired at
liio, but missed. The robber then
Iropped hid gun aiid ran, (iring at the
jarty with his revolver. O.io ot the
jartv fired at biui with u rifle, the ball
triking him iu the arui. lit- fell and
oon alter died. The other two load
igents fled and have not yet been capured.
A party under the Deputy Sheriff
rotn here are pursuing theui. The body
if the dead robber>wan brought here tins
veiling and identified ns that of a man
mown as Texas Frank. It is believed
hat this was the party who robbed the
iidney coach a few night* ago. None of
he Meyers party were hurt.
i Parly of .IliitrrN Hung a Kim
lor leading Tliciu ii liilil (ioohv
Cheyenne, October 6.?'The followi g
.rticle was published in tbis ev?uing'n
Vim ft
Two well known miners of thin vicinty
returned from the Big Horn country
ut evening. They report the passing of
, large party of prospectors, probably
Vaatum's which went out from the Hills
inder guidance of u man who?e name can
iot be ascertained, but who was known as
;harley. He claimed to have a digging*
0 Rotten Gnus tlml would yield oOj to the
an. Arriving at the place be confessed
o-the falsity of his statement, whereupon
he irate miners hunghiui to a tree. It if
(resumed that ho was ia the employ of 1
be post trader, at Fort Reno, nnd took
he party out for the benefit of thai indiidual."
Our informants report tlmUho country .
1 alive with NezPercea Indiana.
John Bryant, a principal in the Adams* ,
Iryant tragedy of the 4th, dud at 5 i
'clock last evening.
Those Arretted Carolinian*.
Columwa, S.C., October fi.-Congresslan
Smalls was brought h?r? to day un> ,
er arrest, br order of the Inrt-stig uing i
lommittcf, for accepting bribes m a
lember of the .South Carolina Senate, i
fe waa released on bail until Monday in <
tie sum of $5 000. Ex Treasurer Car* 1
ozoia still in jail. No attempt at habeas j
orpus has been made.
Littlk Bock, October 0.?The grand '
lasonic bodies of the State were in >esion
here during the week. The Grand ;
<odg ? meets Monday. The Grand Lodge
f (#.ld Fellows meets T"<?sd#y.
Work Ntopprd and UrlUgc
San Francisco o f.bor 0?Advices ;
rom Yuma say ha' .dsjor Dunn, com- i
landant, has stopped t work on the ]
ailroad on the lit! denervation and
pened the draw of ' he bridge to prevent
III* nnaaairA nf iniu
?Edward Smith plead guilty, on Sat- i
rday, to firing tne Lebauon Valley
ailroad bridge during the railroail
?The pensioners o( iho late civil war,
eprived of pensions from March 3d, i
8U5, to JuneOth, 18G9, have appointed a ;
omraittee to prewi their claim* on Con- !
?The Conductors' Brotherhood of the ,
Jnited States, recently in Ken-ion at El- i
lira, N. Y., have chosen Chicago a* the
lace for their meeting in October next.
?The mail bag which contained regilar
mail from Montreal, aouth and
outhweit, February Cih, waa found in a
hed near the Grand Trunk Station ou
Saturday. It contained only a few ,
tapers dated February 0. Jt bad evi*
lently been stolen from the mail car
ijht montha ago and the letters carried
The flckrrliiK Valley llallroad
PilcEsixviLLi, Pa., OoioUr The
ilelirm ol Tliumdi? creolne'i dliuter on
the Pickcring Valley Rillrotd, wu
""fned lait night by the railroad com*
puny. The Coroiier'a jury, after viewiog
ibe remauta of the victim*, allowed them
to lw removed. The jury take evidence
Wednesday morning. Two perrona injured
have Mcce died?Michael Corbett.
a braktman, and Mrs. Albert Fennypacker.
Peler Darrali and John Lolichow, who
wan nlfo injured iu the di?aiter, died to*
wot. iv>?> ncaiiiF, lit
Mew York Sloticj nail Nlooki.
Nbw Yohic, October 0.?Money ?
fuu) per cent cIqiIuk at 6?5K per cent Cut*
torn ruceiptt 4-3- 000. The Assistant Treasurer
disbursed $i93,PCO. Clearings $10,000
000. Sterling dull; long 4.80}{, short
Gold?Cloned at 102JH, after doting at
102 ^nl029X. Carrying rstes I to 6 per
SlLvun-At London 65 9-l(Jd. Here,
(diver bard are $1 28greenbacks, $1 20^
gold, Nlver coin 14*16 per ceut discount.
tiUltttt BUIM IU of tUl, (PUPPO .............. 10M?
Fit^TwuiUli (1565) new lo4)f
Hvu-TwriiUw (1867)... -107
KhrcTwinUn (1863).. ...... .... M1WW
New FWo? him il6j4
New Four and balia....M.?.M ..^...liaij
New Fours 104%
l>n-fortlw (ooupooi) 107^
X'urreucr Hlia ?
Railroad Bonds?Dull.
Statu Bonds-Firm.
Mocks?The market early in the day
whs irregular in Us course, bat & further
ndvunccin price* Wits established, the imprjvctucnt
ranging from to 3 per cent,
tlic Utter Illinois Central, which sold up to
7S. The trunk Hue sUsres were strong.
Granger shares made it *h?rp advance oa
I lnrg* transactions. At the secoud call prices
showed a reaction of per cent
| from the highest point, except for Illinois
iCentrul which win oil" ift, In theafter*
noon stocks were strong and prices closed
igencrnlly within a fraction of the highest
point of the week.
Transaction* aggregated 287,000 shares,
of which 11,000 were New York Central,
43,0 0 Erie, 60,800 Lake Miore, 10 000
northwestern common, 14,700 preferred,
6,400 h<ck Island, 14,400 St. Faul common,
13,? 00 preferred, 15,?00 Ohio aud
Mississippi, 14.000 Wahn*h, 4,000 Delaware
Jt Hudcuu, 30,000 Lscka* anna, 7,600Michigan
Central .>3,000 Illinois Central, 33,000
C. O. A I. C., 3,500 MorrisM: Essex, and 17,000
Western Union.
Western Unloa 8 '54 Northwestera com. 4)
Quicc> liver l'Jy, Northwestern p(d... (J7Ji
quicksilver t>lu 43^ Stw Jcimj Central 17H
P,u.?tlo M<ll 'i\% (Ux? Ulaud ......IQi'4
Marl^oa* l'/4 at Paul 41}Z
\fttrl|KMM preferred. \% sit, Paul preferred... 7llZ
.Vlaius kxprus 93 Watwh.-. 19%
Wells. Far^o A Co.. WU tfurt Way no 93
American 66 J i tare Haute ........... 4
United States 49J* r?rre H?ule pfd?
Now York 0:uiul..lliSU Ohio A Mlu aaippi ?
Krle ...... lJ)il mragoa Aliuu..... 81
Krlepreferred v7 Chicago A Altou pfJlO'j
Harlem 142 I Delaware A Lacka... 61)4
H.ulctn pn li'irvil...l 17 |A. A F. relejirnph.. '4U
Michigan leutral.... iMia-ourl I'acitic 1J^
PauHiua...... li!U Uurllugtou A QuIn-llUJl
Union aciflc G7 |li*unibal a 8l Joe. 13*2
Like Shore 71k f(-antral Pac. bond*,.105J4
Illinois Central - "6}^ Union Pacific bonJillM
Pitti!>uiy,b - W Land Crania M.Mlu2T4
C. C. C. a I 45>i Isinaluu Fund.... ^
Sew York.
r?'Bw York, October 6.?Cottou?Firm
at 11 5*16uU l-32c. Flour?More doing;
No. 2, $3 23a4 30, superfine western and
Mate at $5 10a3 35, common to good $5 05
?5 IK), good to choice $5 95a0 35, white
wheat extra $6 35a7 10, fancy $7 15a8 50,
Minnesota patent process $7 50*10 00.
Wheat?Good business, largely speculative;
No. 2 .Milwaukee $1 35J{nl 37, No. 1 Hpring
$t 40, No. 2 Milwaukee October $1 34, No.
2 red winter October $1 47ul 5t. Kye?
Dull; western 71c. Barley?Steady and
unchanged. Malt-Steady; Canada $1 15.
Com?Higher; high wix-d 60c, unsound
western mixed in store 57c. Oat*?Uuchuuged.
liny?Shipping at 55a60o. Hops
?Quiet and unchanged. Collee?Dull;
Kio curgoes 1G!<?m20}?c got 1, jobbiug 1654a
JtKc gold. Sugar and Molasses?Unchanged.
Rice?Quiet and unchanged.
Whisky?Steady at $1 13>$.
Chicago, October 6 ?Flour?Steady and
unchanged. Wheat?ActiVc, iirm uud
higher; No. 1 Chicago spriuit $1 12, No. 2
$1 lu^al 10& cash, *1 09)4*1 09X, October,
$1 07!{al 07??, November, $1 0GJ?,
the year, No 3, $1 06. rejected 95c. Corn
?Fairly active aud u?hade higher at 42%c.
cash, 42^0 November. OaU- Inactive and
luwurHi --*c casii, W/ic bid, November,
Kye?In good demand nt 53>ic. Barley?
Quiet aiid lirin ut 60o. Pork?Unsettled
and lowernt $14 75cash, $1280 the year.
$12 87J$al2 90 January. Lard?btesdy tad
iu fuir demand at iS ti5 cash, $8 U2>ja8 25
the year, $8 30a8 32? January. Hulk
Meats?Quiet and unchanged. Whisky?
Chicago Cut tie llarlol.
Chicago, October G.?TheDrovtri' Journal
Cattle?Receipts, 810; shipments 3,300;
receipt* for the week 23,000; shipments
10,000. Dull, supply limited, advance 10a
15c; yards Heart d; firm feeling at the close.
S'lttivo flipping $3 80s4 50. Texas
e rawer* $.t 25*3 50. Colorado* #3 10a4 00.
Wintered Texans $3 49. Common natives
$i D s3 85.
lloos?Receipt*, 10,000; shipments, 4,000;
receipt) for the week 79,>00 shipments
*11,00'.' Market weak, many unsold.
I'mladelnbiua $j 80nn5 90, Hustons 95 40a
5 05, puckers $j 0Uo5 50, light opened at
15 50.i5 05 and cloicd ut $5 40a5 50.
CUBEP?Receipts, 2,900.
Cr.vrmNATi, October 0.?Cotton?Strong
und higher at 11 He. Flour? Demand fair
unci prices higher; family $6 lOaO 30. Wheat
-Firmer; red at $1 20*1 27. <orn?Quiet
it 45a4t)c. Oris-Quiet and firm at 20a
}0c. Rye?Inactive at 57a58o. BarleyQuiet
uud unchanged. Pork?Quiet and
tirin at $1150. Lard ? Uood demand;
iteam nt 8)?c, kettle 9!<n9){c. Bulk Meats
-Quiet aud unchanged. Bacon?Dull at
3a9^tt9!4c. Butter?Dull and unchanged.
I.instcd Oil?M'Onger at 60o. Whisky?
Good demand and tending upward $1 07.
llOGS?l-'irm; common $l60a5 10; light
$3 20a5 -15; packing $> 25a5 50.
Philadki.miia, October fl. ? FlourSteady
and unchsnged. Wheat-Frmer,
liiuher $1 44a I 50, red $1 41nl 45, white
>1 5<J*1 55. Corn?Firm; yellow 6l}$a02c,
mixed COiOlc. Oats?Quiet; white western
31aiSc, western S4a3nc, western mixed
!2a'f4c. Rye?07a7Oo. Provisions?Firm.
Purk?$15 00al5 50. Beef Hams?17al8o.
Butter-Firm; creamery 30a33c, Western
fte?crve 24a20c. Eggs?Firm; western
?!0a^2c. Cheese-Good demand for choice
Teitern fancy at l2K?13c. PetroleumDull,
but firm, refined 13!{cal3X, crude
lOXalOlMc. Whisky-Firmer at ?112.
Toledo, October G. ? Flour ? Firm.
Wheat?Strong; No. 1 white Michigan
U 30, extra white Michigan $1 37XA, amber
Michigan spot $1 35?Hl-r October
H 3IK, seller November $1 33, No. 1 red
winter $1 37J$, No. 2 do spot $1 35J<,
leller October $1 33M? Corn?Dull; high
mixed suot held Bt 47a4tlWfl I>W1. ?
'pot am! seller October 'MKc:, teller November
iOiic, rejected 4&Xc. OnU?DullWhile
2S^[0. Clover Seed ooai 05. '
I?rj tiwda.
. Ntw,10b, October 0,?Biiiliien con.
liouea light with the inokage hoiliei and
Ihe jobbing trade moderate. Cotton good]
quiet mid Heady. Prlnta moved ilowlr
Drc? Kiuglutna anil cotton drew gooda fa
pood demand. Men'i woolenl quiet ia
sBEfnS&p'-7- Fo?^

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