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A new aix-roomed Frame Houie, No. 138
S. Broadway, I?laml. Immediate pou?? ion
given. Enquire of
If. FORBES, Esq.,
jiu2A 1142 Chapline St,
T? o of thoie imall fancy Store llootn*,
with good Dwellings attached, on Eleventh
I'oneiaion to be tad immediately.
jjry x. mmn, Agent.
ConUlnlr.g eight rooma and Balh buun, on
lutib iliMit, UIwmu IStb Mid 14th, wwt aide.
im utiii water. Will i* rented low to re*|on*lbU
'ptiant. Fnuulre ol
mi2l itfmkwllrr an<l MUH"t*r. lf>M MalnfH
UuU *B FOH HALE?I offer for nle the hcuan
mi Mim b Fioni ini't )?lai d. In whlih I now
H> u c lotiUlua blue r??iin?, panujr,, batb
rii-iu mid wntrr v.i#?ti wa?b bcu? aud Cv*l bourn
in ibe U phi.nt. 1b*re ar? hot au<l void w?i*r
mii.I ? it flxiu ? ou all three fl ion. 'I he lot U tO
by 1S? K?t, aud the krouu<l? Wfll Itnprorai.
l<-nti< AlI'lj to Heifer * llrltt.
*j,27 youth Front Mreet, liUml.
A -p Aiurrlos*?TO THE TRADE.
J. M IJirtfnrd, WbotoaU Auctioneer, No. 109
Wood atfc*t. I'ltubuigh, l'u. lU*ui?r auction of
toot*, "h-rt, Hat*, fa pa, Carpels and Variety
<io<?tiou ft tdne*lay dft-ach ???k, at lO^o'tl* k
bind I (alia i'l Uooikbuu fhnwoni'ip fl *iMund.tr
cfrarh n.oulli.at i0>$ o'clock I rairj the laj^ot
Mi ck of itoU tail alwe? iu the city ami (an lu?
frnt Hint any caib dral?r lint will f*n?rmei
witti * tali. anion* tlie K"1 dt offered 111 ttij Mir*
l? I*. rturp Jr, .% I o., .-nuk .? Co , and hew lore
H?il ai d t* I o., Ha; wood boot* and tntny
otner olelinud m-tiulmturii. All boll and
.Siit*! mid in my tale* warranted i?rf?rt. lath
advancoi wa<Je ou ali liodi of m-rchmdlnf to be
old. .1. M. llAK I F(JKI>,
m pi 1 Wholmle Auctioneer, I'liitburKh, hi
Eighty choice Ruildln* Loll on Wheeling laltnd.
Pru?- from 1100 to fflOO each. Only oneislh of
tin pun-lutM money required In cash. Tberwldue
111 IV l?- annually in KIVK njual InitalluinnU
Willi intermit.
Apply t.i JOHN 1>. OILCHKIrtT
*|? At Top Mill. |
Thompson & Hibberd
1311 .tlnrUet Street.
Gas and Steam Fjttors,
? 4Nl>?
HiiovIoh' Hteiini Pump,
llraUn Vn Irvn, tout, Sneer and Pint Pip's, Qum
Hw, Hi am Wt.UtUi, Strum Gauge*, unit
all kind* <J TlumUti GwaU.
H^tIok Just removed to their new ami rwninodlon
quartet*, 18U Market street, with a lan? stork
the newest and handsomest deil^iiaof Cfiamlillera,
It racket and Drop l.lphta, and Extruiiott
Chandeltaia in llnmu and (ilamt; the nubile are
re?|*itlulljr invited to tall antl eaatulne lhew.
Their h?hhIh??r***11 new. ''<*1
Plumhprs, Gas ami Steam Fitters,
Dealers In Lead, Iron, Galvanised, Ptmw, Water
*ii'! I>ralu Keep constantly on land * law
a?? .rtu?-nt Ihaa Good*, Htratn and Water (luaj;es,
Pump and ana Fixture*.
h)lb aoxto voi wm TtMiiru roi
skxd run amwi.au.
I'rtiinpt attention given to nrdeis (row adl?un.> \
To Iron Mills and Engine Builders.
We have added to our PLfTMBINO and tSJ*
I'lTTJMl atahllahweut, a new and com|d?t<
Of I are now |ire|iart-l to make all kinds uf Ml
ttnd Kncihe Hr*** Casting at short notiueaudoi
tho my l*3t quality.
sr.tt No. 141 ft Market atreet.
The Finest Aasori incut of
All for 05c, can be bought nt
lloO Maim biuret.
J. NKUOX Viae*. I w. *. BTOUK3. I i. O. WISCIIIH
Mfuiufftcturrrs&ml Jobber* nf
Boots and Shoes,
No. 1301 Main St., Wheeling, W.Va.
or tii*
Great French Remedy
Melissa Cordial,
Sovereign Remedy
in t-isn or
Apostesy, Paralysis. Djiptpsla, Colic, Miadaehr,
Intftfiestlon. Falnlness. Chills and Favir, 4c.
S.I.I lijr all PruxjUts. General Depot at lk?YEli'd,
No.&JPark No* York.
LAUGrtllN BROS. & CO.,
Wholesale DruggliU, Wheeling, W. V*.
- Or. RIccO's Essenct tl Ufa reston* niinhootl
and tin* vitforut you'll to tbo moat ihatlered conHiltutltin
lu (our wceka, frpw wtotfarer ouno ariaI
UK. Failure ImpwwIMa Jtewara ot advtr(l?rn
wuo oiliir aiMalJed fret rrcaerlptiuai that are uaelw?,
mi l flunlljr prove mtiioual; ex|?iui re. What*
erer haa mem uiuit tout a tkir tvice. S3 txr can.
Went by exiireni anywbrr*. Row A^ent, Dr. JOS ,
JaCQUEN, 7 Uolvmlt/ l'Uw. New York. Drugflats
aun?llwl. i7" <
viirtAf JtD hi Art r. > r.it
.1. T. STONE,
J. T. Si ONE,
1 HO MAUI ST., Hornbrook'? Block,
1140 Main ST., Ilornbrook'aBlock,
1140 Main St., Hornbrook'aBlock,
1140 Main fct., Hornbrook'a Block.
UffiM *nd Keddenc*. No. 1007 Main Bl, opposite
Uukra, Wheeling, W. V*.
WNIl.txta Oxidt Om and other Anaalhatke
aJuiiuutHed. ay lft
I, Blum&Bio, I. Blum & Bro,
JO P'e?ea a I wool 4'V We offer Col'd Bilks atll.
Inch fcl.ckM uhlue.es ( Wrofler Bi'kMlkist 7.'c\
69.-. WsoOerBi'khilksattoic.
0 Pa all wool 4tMnch We cfler til'* Hilki at 91.
lil.iL'k CuhnimtaiG7c Wa offer Bl'k Hllka at
I" IV. all wool 42*1 neb |1 25.
Isimk Cashmeres at 78c. We eff?r Bl'k 8l!ka at
10 Pa extra ft ne Lu? f 1 W.
pin's Cashmere, 47-luctti We off<r Bl'k Srllka at
wide, at iO:. 1179
We oB?-rBl'kKllksat|?.
The sieve were pur- We iffer Bl'k SUka at
chas>d st a priemptory |2 fW.
m eof'PasMvant Ji Co. at We offirrBI'k Bilks at 13.
a areai reduction and we Ladles, do you wish to
otter thctn to the public buy Silks at a low price,
by the .piece or In anyjeoue and see our < ff*rquaMity
wanted at the top, you will atooceoe
ai*yrf pr.cea. cuu*lucnl that you can
sare iroui 25c toll a yard
Lsdiej, you will b?aur* by buying your bilks
pr|v?rru seetli^se goodt from us.
11}o i *suta BlackCash- CLOAKS! CLOAKS !
neic, come at out -, aid Come look at our Uusks
ilonntasy wedoiiothiT* for fJ SO.
tlirui, as no lady will Come and tee wliat wo
look at thrtn without offer at t-l 80.
putthasinu. A hatdsjiue Cloak for
Buy your Flannels from A atyllali garment at
ui a:.i aato uooey. $7 60.
Buy your Unas Goodsl A^etn for $10 M.
from us, and a i?e mouey. I ook at our Uoaka far
Buy your Huwl* fruin 512 00.
lis and save uiout-y. Look at our Closk.i for 1
huy jour Mom from SIS 00,
us and save money. look at out Cloaks for
Ku* vour Frluftsfrom SIT 00.
| us. nrnl *ave money I o >k at our Cl?aki far
I lluy jour trkltts from 82U 00.
unf m>tl MTg mont-y. l ook at our Cluaks for
| Buy rour Muslins from 8'.'5 00.
us. anil save mon-y. Look at our Cloaks for
Uuy your Callcoa ami 830 to.
Clitniz Ijoui in, and sate I ook at cur Cloaks for
money. 8?3 4W.
Buy your Roys' oti<l| l.o?k at our Cloaks fur
Mcn'a wear (row lis, and 810 00.
mvc uiouify. | Look at our Goaks for
Huy your Waterprools f.\o ?.0.
from us mill nave money. I ladles, bear In nilml
Huy your Opera Flan-prhon you buy a Cloak
ncta fiuui ui, noil aaro fioui ua you buy direct of
tuoiivy. I the mauuiariurrra and
will snro fruiu 83 toflO
?? on each aud crary Cloak,
and you will aea such
An clvgant display of stylra that no IioumIq
Cloaklr-j:*, such m Kmi- the city can show. We
Tern, Mutrlnticf A Chin- tarry a larger awortment
chilluR, with i rimming* than auy Louse Kant or
to match. West.
I. BLUM &BR0., 1104 Main St.
I. BLUM & BR0., 1104 Main St.
I. BLUM & BR0.,II04 Main St.
During thprWrn jenrt I b*ro l??n practicing
In WhceluiK 1 have ailiultiUteird gu to over?HT?n
thousand |*nwni with Pkrhct Hjfktt, anil Id
almost ftcrj cw with entire satisfaction to tnymli
urn! patients.
We (<mst*ntl jr kivp on bands pure Nitrous Oxide
Gun for those that d?lr* to takeIt.
nu'a No. 11? Market
MOKU.Il'.OCT. H, IH77.
Kcw AdvcrtiNPmcntfl.
?1 Ilium & Bro.?head of local.
Kirk Benefit?Opera House.
Fancy Goods?Cum mi tut & Woods.
"NVnven Wire Mattresses?0. Mendel,
Booth & Co.
hunk Statement.
CJrand Rally of Workingmen.
Photograph"?Plummer's Gallery.
Thompson & IIibberd?Plumbers.
Trustee's Sale?\V. H.Caldwell.
Trustee's Sale?Henry K. List.
TnKitMoMF.TK.it Record.?The following
shows I he range of the thermometer,
an observed at Schnepf's drug store,
Opera House corner:
a A. ?. it -w. a P. M. 7 P. V.
? 63 W 65
8 A. H. 32 M. 3 P. M. 7 P. M.
CI 78 63 (W
Grand Opening of the Latest Fall and
I Winter Styles In Trimmed Bonnets and
Hats, Wednesday and Thursday, Ootober
10th and llth, U which the pubdo ari
invited. . SPEYER BROS.
P. 8.-0ur Millinery Department is In
oharge of Mi is S. Bourne, lately with
Armstrong, Cator & Co,, of Baltimore.
The Kail Ciljr Boat Club will elect
ofiicern to night.
Two deeds of trust were admitted to
record on Saturday.
"Cnow-Cnow" will be ?rved at the
Opera liouho to*night.
Thkre seems to be considerable cool- ,
ties* on the part of the weather toward ,
its. patrons.
Tux stockholders of the Wheeling
Library Association will hold an adjourn- 1
cu mming lo-nigut.
The brae* band at Fallon, which din- ,
banded Home time Mince, ban again or- (
ganiaed. Succeia, boya I
A number of our Democratic citizen* ,
went down to Bellaire on Saturday night |
to hear Tom Ewing'a *|>ecuh. (
A Superintendent of the City Prison ,
iato he elected at the regular meeting of .
Council to-morrow evening.
The body of Capt, Muthew Kirkbride, '
of the Htcauier Comfort, waa recovered on
Friday evening near the wreck.
U. A.O. D.?The Grand Grove of the
United Ancient Order of Druid* meet (
thin evening at Beethoven Hall.
Officer IIenry picked up a nlain *
drunk on Saturday evening, hack of the !
OJd Fellow*' Hall. Name not reported, j
TurCamhria IronWorka, at Johnstown, '
Pa., are furnishing the rails for the
Pittsburgh, Wheeling & Kentucky Rail- .
ro,J- 3
The Mavnanl Rifle Club has challenge i
ed the Riverside club to about a match t
-i.- ___? ! ? -
vuauijiiuninip 01 ?
the city, J
Stheet U?rLKA8Ajmnai.-.Will. Alex- [
andcr ami Jim. Lyle bad a little street i
unpleanantneMonSaturday inBridgeport. j
No arreat*. 1
iiw Honor Justice Hamilton, of Cen* (
Ire district, while repairing nnue ma- a
chinery at SUftl'i calico work* the other 1
ilay, ?everely injured his left hind, I
City Council*?8ecoi?? Brakch.?A
special meeting of the City Council ?u
held on Saturday night. Present In 8econd
llranch: Adams, Campbell, Crowther,
Goodfellow, Horkheimer, Myles, Pollock,
Reeves, Riddle. Simpaon, Walt, Waterhouse,
p. w. A ky freight depot.
The Committee on Railroad* reported
that in answer to a communication from
the Mayor,requesting tbemjto contiderand
take such action as the public interest
may demand in the matter of the location
and arrangement of the freight depot of
the P. \V. A Ky. Railroad company, the?
went twice upon tho line of said rail*
road along the wharf, and after an exanimation
of the subject that called them 1
together, aided by the City Surveyor and
several of our largest receivers and ship'
per*, were fully of the opinion that the
public interest would beat be served by
requiring the ssid railroad company to
increase the width of the apace between
the two freight depot*, making the street
60 feet instead of 60; to extend ita track
through the cantre of the freight depot,
crooning t ho south roadway from the wharf
on trestling of sufficient heighth;filling out
on west i>ide of Ita said freight depot a sufficient
apace or roadway; putting a crock
sewer on the south side of 14th street,
from the corner of the B. St O. Railroad
depot; erecting sutticient railing or
S;uard>; and paving with cobblestones at ,
east the half of the GO feet way or street
between the said two depots. The con*- c.
mittee submitted an ordinance, amending
the ordidance pawed Sept. 19, 1872, in
relation to the I'., W. & Ky. Railroad
Company, and carrying out the provihions
enumerated in their report. ,
The ordinance wai read three times
and pasted.
An ordinance to prevent the ob- E
itruction of the streets and sidewalks li
of the city was received from the fc
First Branch. The ordinance makes it
unlawful to erect any awning post or t
other aupport for an awning on any side- \
walk in the city; or to put up or retain
any aign, sign post, board, pole or other d
device or thing to denote or show a periods
place ol residence, occupation or I
business. on any street or sidewalk in the i
city, if the same shall extend more than
three feet from the line of the street o
or building into or over said sidewalks, ii
unless the same be in the clear and full
health of the first story above the said
sidewalk, when it may extend five feet, fi
The ordinance fixes the penalty at not d
less than $1 nor mure than $20, and every t
day that the ordinance ia violated shall s
constitute a distinct offense. > i
The ordinance was read, and discussed t
at some length, after which it was reject* a
ed, on motion of Dr. Keevea. a
1TED. 11
A petition was received from John *
Ramsey, Wm. Myles and others, asking
Council to prohibit by ordinance'the
erection of two-story frame huidings in
the square bounded on the north ,
by 21st street, on the west by .i
Main street, on the south bv 22d, and the j
east by Market. Mr. Myles, a member ^
of Council, certified that the persons
whoso signatures were affixed to the peti- g
tion Hre the owners of more than two- |
thirds of the ground included in said i
An ordinance drawn up by the Citv
Solicitor, at the request of said petitioners,
and carrying out their wishes,
was read three times and paaaed. The
penalty is fixed nt$10 for every day such
building is allowed to stand in said
square, Every workman, laborer or
other person who shall in any manner
assist in the erection of such building
will suffer a penalty of for every day
he shall be so employed.
An ordinance to amend and re-ordain
the 20tu section of an ordinance of the
city of Wheeling,entitled "An Ordinance
in relation to the election, duties and
condensation of the Clerk of the City of
Wheeling/'- "received from tbo First
Branch, wm read three times and passed. '
Several unimportant petition! were j
road unci referred to Hppropriateconimit> j
teee, afier which tliu Second Branch ad- j
journed. t
fikst branch. ~ j
There wa* no quorum of thia Branch r.
on Saturday night, and no bu*ineM wax ]
trauHacted. _ *
Tub Cookt*.?County Court?Judge j
George 11. Boyd.?Thin court wan in aexalon
ju? unual on Saturday, and tranRacted the
following business: t
John Schumann vr. John A. Belville. j
Judjjment for plaintiff againRt defendant t
for $14 80. Mr. Stifel appeared for Schu- '
maun. i
John Wajmer vp. David B. Sherrod, j
certified by Juntice Gardner. Trial be- J
fore the following jury: J. K. Bot*ford,
John Gibnon, George Lawaon, F.N. Nor- f
ton, Charlea Bickerton, Jamea Hollinga- (
worth, A. H.Chapline, J. U.Stamp, Win. t
Kidd. A. S NbIbOII. Jump* Y. P?H#Mnn
E. W. Whitmyer. Messrs. Jones and g
Caldwell represented the plaiotifT and 3
Judge Kennedy the defense. Veidict for d
plaintiff for $100. e
Lemuel Beck, appellee, vs. David B. 1
Bherrod, appellant. Appeal. Defend- r
ant asked leavo to amend bill of particu- *
lars, which was not granted. Jury: S. t
H. Greer, Zine Phillips, B. Ilebrank, t
Wm. Montgomery, T. E. Kelley, D. 8.
Thornburg. Judge Kennedy appeared
for plaintiff and Caldwell and Jones for (
defense. Verdict for nlain tiff for $18 25. I
Adjourned until this morning at 0 r
o'clock, when the following docket will r
be called for trial: W. Peyton vs. Elias h
Kettle, E. G. Cracraft, Assignee, va. Man- b
rice Carrcn, Thomas Heyman vs. W. r. j
Wallace, J. L. Kico vs. James Hamilton, /
Hood vs. Howard, Hood va. Erlenwine. t
? n
Police Court?Judge Oranmer. (.
There were two cases before His Fonor S
on Saturday morning, viz :
Ifrnry Stollcy was fined $2 for obstruct- f>
ing the sidewalks with barrels and boxes.
The cane of Auguata Miller, charged
with neglecting to make necessary alter- J
stions to her property, ordered by Fire u
Warden Carpenter, was dismissed on ac- lj
count of the Firo Warden, in the notice si
rerved upon her, failing to give her suQi- &
cient time to have the repairs made. t(
One caee wan up at the matinee, viz: 0
Peter Criawell was fined $5 for using H
profane language in a streetcar. b
FiaiiTiN Centrk Wheklino.?A little L
fracnn occurred near LancAMter'a cooper
ihop, in Centre Wheeling, on Saturday
svening, which will likely be aired in the
police court. Pat. Hennegen and bin ?
brother. Mike Hennegen had u Hpite 01
igaiuBt Wm. Truax which they had pi
?een carrying aince the Hennegen mur- al
ler trial and greatlv desired to deliver d<
hcmselvM of. Sleeting Truax on Bat- 0
jrday evening, the two brothera proceed- ri
mI to bounce him. With the exception ci
)f a nliglit swelling of the lip, and sev- al
iral inniKnilicnnt ncratches about the fact, ci
fruax hIiuwh uo marks of tlie conflict.
Marshall County Circuit Court.? n'
Hie(f*?e* of Robinson, charged with lar- ?J
*ny, and of Johnson,charged with mur- ?'
ler,are ?et for to-day in the Circuit Court j,
>f Marshall county. The former ia in "c
suatody in thla county and will be re- ai
noved to Moundaville to-day. The latter
a upon bail. The caao of the 8tate va. ">
Fleming, allaaJOoff, charged with bigamy, 80
i let fur Thuraday next.
Candidate for Justus.?Mr. Wilbur R
Prueman. of Bridgeport, candidate for
Justice of the Peace for Peaie Township, P(
a a young man of more than ordinary m
alent, irreproachable character and in |?
very way qualified to fill tho office of
luBtice. Having known him peraonally "
or a number ol Tears, we recommend ?'
lim to the roleni ol 1W Township as a
nan worthy their confldonce and sup.
>ort. of
? in
Temfkraxck Notes.?The meeting at u?
HtNlla!l on Saturday evening was well CI
ittended. Addressed were made bjr Re?, t*
P. F. Clancr, Meura. John Baggs, 0. W. E,
iaggi and Jamsa Cunningham, jr. HI
PciuoitAXi Pontm?Mr. Robert Irwin
mm tbli morning upon > trip to lawn, I
mil will bt nbwnt k week or ttn dm. i
llarnejr Redilj, who h>n t*en in Plltt- I
inrgh (or n long time, In home on n tinil 1
imong (rienili ?nd relttim.
Es-Hheriir \V. C. Cocbrtn, of Belmont <
ounty, ha* located In Hellaire, where he
rill,run a livery "table in (he future.
Hon. Charle* Hare, of Summerfield, it
a taid, will receive the appointment of
lunerintendent ol the tobacco ware-house
it Hellaire.
Me**r*. Wright, f*red. and "Jink" McCaffrey,
of Beluiont,0., were in the city
ant evening. They are clever fellow*,
>nd arealway* warmly mat by their nuuerou*
friend* in our city.
Mr. Cole, who hat charjre of the boat
rav* near the Water Work*, North
Yheeliug, i* getting ready to (ill a conract
a* *oon a* there i< lufBcient water
u the channel.
Mr*. Alexander Avid three children,
rho have beeh *n?nding the pa*t year
rlth Mr*. A.'*fatneron the liland, nailed
or their home in Havana on Wednesday
Mr. 11. H. Trait, a Wheeling boy who
tcently located in 2few York,la vUlting
rienda in the city.
Mr. Simon Horkhelmer pre*ided at the
ueetingof the Second Branch of the City
Jouncil on Saturday night
Major Wright and Mr. Alex, Laughlin i
tavo returned from a fi*hing excursion i
in the South llranch. They met with i
air *ucceM until atorutr weather upoiled
he *oort. t
Judge Cranmer liaa returned from a i
iait to Springfield, Illinois. (
Lieut. Charier Villiama, of tho U. S.
haa entirely recovered from the i
round lie received Iait auiomer in a fight <
rith the Indiam*, and will leave ior the 1
^ar Went to-day.
Col.T. 1'. Shallcroaa relurnod home on t
laturd ay evening from Clarknburg. where .
V haa been iu attendance on tho United
itate* Court.
Capt. Geo. Harrison, of Piedmont, ia 1
alked of aa a mi table agent for the P.
V. A Ky. railroad in thia city.
Mr. Archie P. Mitchell, n former reai. ?
em of thia city, in at the McLuro. i
Mm. Alfred Paull and daughter, Mra.
'aimer, are the ciiesla of Mr. A. W.
'mill. I
Mra. Virgil Ada.ma, formerly a resident
f thia city, but now living in Pittsburgh, i
i reported ai being dangerpualy ill. I
An Excitiko Runaway.?Shortly b?. J
are 'J o'clock laat night a two-horae'team
Irawing a buggy in which were seated
wo ladiea came ilaahing down Main ?
treet at a terrific upeed. The rein* hav- '
ng escaped from the handa of the driver, |
be horcea were entirely unmanageable,
nd the occupnnta of the buggy were left
t their mercy, hiring no tueana of atoping
their wild career. The ncreama of <
lie affrighted women attracted a great j
uuny people from their hotioea, who, un- i
ble to render uny anMt?tance, mo- |
icntarily expected to eec the vehicle come |
II contact Willi Miinip'uhxt met inn whon
onsequences might have been serious |
f not tatal to tlm occupants. However, }
be horses made straight for Henry |
licliel'rt liverpr unties, on Main street, j
lentre Wheeling, where they belonged, j
nd suddenly turning at the door of the |
tables, upset the bug^y and threw the i
idles out. Fortunately they escaped un- i
urt, with the exception of a few slight f
cratches about the face. The buggy was
otiHiderably damaged. * I
Hotel Personam.?Tho following are <
moiig the late arrivals at the leading ]
ictels: (
McLurt?TIiop. Cole, Pittsburgh; S. (
Jope, J. L. Cope, Sniithfield, 0.; Win. J. {
Lull,.Dayton, 0.; A. K. Daugherty, Steu- i
tenville, 0.; Win, Siegel, Baltimore; Dr. \
i. Robinson, Manchester, N. H. y
Hi. Jama?ii. 1'. Coc, Middleport, O.; fr
il. II. Faber, Baltimore; S. F. Beall, Bal- (
imore, Anthony C. Heidelberg, Pitts- 1
turgh; W. S. Adams, Columbus; Carl (
^gg, Marietta, U.;C. W. Evans, Bume#- }
ilie,0.;T.T. For*yth, Baltimore; W. O.
Hooney, WootUGeld, (). I
Stwnm?C. 0. Oblmger, Lewisville, 0 ; i
?. Diehl, Wootfufield, O; Prof. C. L. \
joos, Bethany College; J. G. Buchanan, (
iarnesville, 0; 0. S. Bradley, New Mar- j
insville; J.W.Clemens, Wellsburg; Jan. |
McDonald and wife, Sleuhenville, ().; ,
Thos. M. Bolond, Grafton; John K. Davis,
Moundsville; Dr. B. 13. Mclverrihnn and (
wife, Beeler's Station; Frank It. Lynn,
Belmont, O; Jacob Koontz, New Mar- ;
insville. I
Lfctdres.?On Monday and Tuesday j
jvenings of next week, Rev. Dr. Speer, a j
ormer missionary to China, lectures at .
ho First Pre*by terian Church in this city.
The titles of the lectures are "Asiatic Imnigration?facts
and assets of tho subect
in the New World." Second, "Ita '
Relation* to the Old World." Dr. ,
Ipeer is an eminent divine and will af
ord our people a rare treat in the way of |
Inished, scholarly and interesting lec- i
ure*. The San Francisco Iferald says:
"The concluding lecture of this vaiu- (
ible and interesting series wan delivered :
esterdnyevening to a very crowded au? (
lience, who listened with great attention,
xhibiting marked evidenceii of approba- .
ion. The subject was discussed with a (
esearch, eloquence and ability, that
rould render it interesting and instructive
to the historian, the statesman, and (
he Christian philanthropist." I
Sabbath School KkOi*eniko.?The ]
Jlenn's Kan Presbyterian Mission Sab- j
iath School, near Burlington, OJiio, was |
e-opened yesterday afternoon, in the .
ecently completed township school j
lourfe. Appropriate addresses were made ,
y Mr. Wm, Alexander, of Bridgeport;
Ir. Gray, ot Alar tin's Ferry, and Mr. ,
Llex. Boue and Mr. Wm. II. Oxtoby, of (
liia city. The nchool re-open* under the t
lost favorable auspices. Mr. Wm. j
Hark ha* for the past sixteen years been j
uperintendent, and now enter* upon hia ,
sventeenth year as the eflicient and (
lithful head of the school.
New Oroanist.?Mr. II. II. Reed, of .
ohnstown, New York, who haa recently j
loved to Wheeling, haa been unanimousr
elected organist of the Wheeling Mis- t
on English Lutheran Sunday School, fl
Ir. Edward Dunaway having resigned
i take the organ at the Mission School t
[ the First Presbyterian Church. Mr. j
Iced brings with him to his new field <
3th reputation and experience, he ha?- 11
ig had charge of the line organ in the /
r.| 1. >' " ?
uureiMl vilUiliU nk klUilliniUHIl, 11* X.j j
tveral years.
Died oh Saturday.?John E. Land- J
esser, of this city, who wan a passenger ^
^ the steamer Comfort when sho ex- !j
loded her boilers on Tuesday last, died
5 o'clock on Saturday morning. The
jceHoed wan bar-keeper of the steamer a
ourier, and van well known on the -(
ver. The remains were brought to this Q
ty, and the funeral took place yesterday Q
ternoon from tlio late reaidence of do- c
ased, oo 11th street. e,
A UAR-KKEPBR'aJuMr.?On Thursday ![
ght hut Howard Austin, a bar-keeper j,
i the steamer Market Boy, and formerly n
the ateamer Mary Miller, jumped j,
rough the glau part of the ante-room ?
>or at Fawks' Bar, and fell in the yawl, ^
id then jumped into the river, and is
ipposed to be drowned. The crew took
e yawl and honied for the body for i.
me time, but could not find it.
Kivkmide RirLE?.?The lllvenide ^
ille Club wan out at Walters' range, on r
iturdav, shooting at a target. Out of a ?
mlble score ?l 2a, Charlie Frantheim i
ade 13; Dr. Vorthen, 12; M. A.Chand- d
r, 7; Sum Mitliewi, T; Col. While, 6; E
>lm McCracken, 0; Auditor Joienh i
iller, 4; J. H. North, 4; and W. J. M. *
awn, 0. The dlntanco waa 317 jardi.
Mivnaud KipuCldb.?The members s
the Wheeling Rifle Club held a meet- J
g on Saturday erening and changed the p
>mo of their club to "Majrnard Rifle ci
nb." The club circled the following s
irmancnt oflicere: l'reeident, Charlea h
. Dwlght; Vice Prenldent, George Q. ci
lack; Secretary, Jamei Slanton, Jc
Pulpit Ponm.?Rer. John Zlmmer,
formerly of thia city, wu recently or*
lained by the Lutheran Synod of Nebracks,
and la doing successful mission
work at West Point, Nebraskr.
Iter.8. B. Barnit2,of tbeiCogliah Lutheran
Church, ban returned from New
i'ork city, where be baa been attending
i meeting of the International Sunday
School Committee of the United Btatea
ind British Province*. The next conven*
lion haa been fixed for the spring of 1878
it Atlanta, Ga.
lie?. 8. B. Bar nils returned from n
Meeting of the International Huoday
School Committee at New York Saturday
teningand occupied the English Luheran
pulpit yesterday, preaching in the
norning from Isa.. 63:1. "Who hath be.
i?<tu uui it'i'uri t miu in mc evening
rom the thetne "Fruit-bearing,".from (bo
tiarableof the "fine and branched." The
Junday School vu addressed on "Paul
;he great Christian worker.''
Kov. Spencer, paator of the Disciples'
-hurch, at Bellaire, ha* accepted a call
;o Baltimore, and will preach his fare*
irell sermon next Sabbath.
Yesterday being the lirat Sunday in
October, all the Churches hating mia*
lions in the Celestial Empire wero revested
to pray for the extension of
Jhrifltianity In China.
The vestry of St. Mathews Church have
ligned a bond obligating that church to
:>ay $600 toward the support of a Bishop
lor West Virginia.
lipy. F. E Deri am, D. D., preached nt
he Fourth Street M. E. Church yesterday
norning. There were no services at the
:burchin the evening.
Rev. A. E. Fortner occupied the pulpit
>f the North Street M. E. Church yester
my morning, aim tttv. Jacob JeUeraon in
Jib evening.
Rev. J F. Curtis conducted services for
the Keformed Epi<copftUans, at Wiesel
Hall, yesterday.
The congregation of the Baptist Church
will give a festival on Thursday evening.
!or the henefit of their pastor.
The Sunday evening meeting at Oil's
Hall was addressed by E. O. Cracraft.
John Woods and other*. There were five
ligners to the pledge., The hall was beautifully
decorated with two large bouquets
from the grounds of Mr. Thoe. HornDrook*
Mr. Henry Iless ha* just returned from
i very successful business trip to Pittsburgh,
in the interest of Hermann's celebrated
lager beer. During his stay in
Pittsburgh Mr. Ilea* put at the Shield**
House, which is largely patronized by
Wheeling people. Mr. Hens reports that
luring the Exposition this popular hotel
whs filled to overflowing, and many applicants
for board and lodging were
turned away.
Hcntiko a Dbad Maj*.?Saturday
ivening four email boys, named Charles
Speaker, Henry Hoemer, John Taylor
and Fred. Davie, who had been out in the
neighborhood of Mt. de Chantal, hunting
paw-paws, upon their return houie reported
that tliey had found a dead man
lying in" a hollow near a coal bank. The
Speaker hoy's father took him to police
headquarters and told the story there,
Hid Oflicer Defibaiigh was despatched to
ook up the corpus. He returned be;ween,8
and (J o'clock, and reported that
ill the men he came ncroHB during his
llODIIPn l>mlr?il Anlixl.. ' 1 I.I? t
? .i??h eiiuiti; ?v?u ncimii/ lur
{rave clothe*.
Justice Wm. Phillips having heard of
lie finding of nhedy, and smelling an inmost
fee from afar oil'in the distance and
iarkness, lighted his lantern and with
lis Constable started out to interview the
:orpse. In order tosavo time, a jury was
unpanneled rn route, and tho following
{entleuien, who were all in a hurry to get
n town when they heard the nature of
he business for which they were wanted,
reru corraied by .Constable Exlev: John
>impson, Conrad Miller, .Charles Miller,
j. H. Smith, Ceo. Smith, |M. E. Colling,
IV. A. Gary, Geo. Weir, Adam Weir, Jos.
Wickhaui, A brum Johnson and Andrew
Hut all in vain. His Honor and his
Nonstable, and bis twelve men good and
xtie, like Napoleon and his soldiers,
nnrelied up the hill and then marched
lnwn !IMin In,I l.arlta
; -3 ? ?W'r WMIU mcjr
ind?not even the remains of a defunct
fairing worm. And they returned, disjusted,
to the city.
The supposition i? that the boys really
lid see a dead man?that is, dead drunk.
Perhaps some rural disciple of Bacchus,
after spending tlio day with boon companions
in the city, liad started home,
ami, overcome by alcohol and weariness,
bad laid down to sleep ofl' liis potations,
in which condition he was observed by
the four frightened youngsters.
Richmond Burlesque Combination.
?This evening Adah Richmond's burlesque
combination will commence a two*
nights'engagement at the Opera House.
There arc a number of troupes of this
kind traveling about 'the country, that
have gained some reputation, and if we
are to jndge by the reports we hear, the
lompany above mentioned is one of the
most popular on the road. The members
}f the company have been carefully selected,
as will Ins seen by refersnce
to the advertisement in an
jura uuiuiuh, aim wo may saieiy
Bay that the Richmond combination
in a first-clapn one. The music in
angina), and the orchestra in under the
leadership of Prof. Zaulig, lato musical
lirector for the Aimee anuSoldene Opera
Company. To-night Barnes' new ourlesaue
of "Chow-Chow," which has been
lighly spoken of, will be produced, and
>n Tuwday evening "The Three Mus-keeleers."
Opera glaues can he hired at
he door.
It must not be forgotten, too, that
wenty per cent of the proceeds of thin
svening's entertainment will be donated
o the widow of the lato Thoa. Kirk, who
ost his life a few days since at the Washngton
Iiall building. This announcenent
alone should be uuflicient to fill
ivery seat.
Auction Sales op Real Kstatb.?
yactioneerHerrey on Saturday made the
ollowing sales of real estate:
The Hanson liner property, in Trialelphia,
consisting of a house and lot, was
old to James J. Winnette, for $000.
A house and lot on Market street, beween
2(Sth and 27th streets, belonging to
)avid Garvin, wai void to a Mr. llill, for
The James M. Dillon property, on"
intre street, was bid up to $-1,000, when
he sale was adjourned to Oct. 27th.
Mr. Hervey lias been offered $11,500
or tlio farm recently purchased by Jo
eph Bodley from Geo. C. McColIoch, on
hort Creek, but the oflfer ?m rpfiuwl.
'he property in held at $12,000.
Alarm op Fire.?The alarm of fire
bout half-put 9 o'clock last night origuated
from the burning of the chimney
f a houpe on 18th Htrcet. The depart- ,
lent was out promptly, hut it wax tilittle
uriotiA to note the direction taken hr the ,
nginen. First the United came up Mar*
et to 14th, and thence went out In East
Wheeling, and a moment later the Vigi- :
ml came tearing down Market street,
inking for Centre Wheeling. The Atintic,
being within a square or no from
here the alarm waa given, probably ,
ent in the rifchtfdircction.
Transfer o* Rial Eutatb.?The fol.
>wing transfer of real estate was admitsd
to record in the office of the Clerk of
be County Court, Saturday:
Deed made July 22, 1870, byWm. I),
abell and wife, and A. Moore, jr., in his
wn right and aa trustee for Mrs. Cabell, to
I'm. Schwertferger, for two lots in the
oventh Wanl ol the city of Wheeling,
onting on Virginia street -10 feet each;
The "Rah*'* iw F-;?n,i? ???.
ppropriato title for Dr. Ball'* Baby :
yrup. It in absolutely free from Opium, I
lorphia and other powerful agent*, i* t
eifectly safe and reliable under all cir- :
umstance* and by allaying the usual I
tomach and 2k>w?I disorders of Baby- t
owl keeps the child from fretting and i
rying, no injurioui to iUelf and annying '
> *11. Price 25 cent*. dir 1
Wjk acknowledge the receipt of to invitation
to attend a ball to be given by /
the Mieanerchor Gesang Verein, at Germania
llall, on Wednesday night, October
17th. The committee having the affair
in charge are lleinrich Kraft, Rein- .
hold Conrad, Chan. W. Kreiter, David
Kull undGust. Grewe. Kramer'd orchestra
has been engaged for the occasion.
Wi hope the Republicans of Belmont
countv may sucoeed in electing our jovial
big friend Joe llarria to the office of Au* I
ditor. Joe is in every respect worthy and
competent, and we can see no reason any
good Republican can have for scratching j
It would be well for the authorities to !
go and drop two or three tears over the
remains of that noble yellow dog who
wss interviewed by a bullet on Jacob
street, Centre Wheeling, tho other day,
and who was compelled to paws and
turn up his pawa in the gutter.
Accident to a Nailer. ? Samuel
Whitesides, a nailer at the Belmont mill, |
met with quite a revene accident the
other day. while grinding his dies at the
mill grindstones. His hand slipped upon
the atooe, and was so badly mangled that
he will probably lose two of his fingers.
Several bouquets of lovely tube roses
and dahlias iound their way to the Intritlntvion
.11!.. o. i ll_
wwuwibrn uuivs uii oaiuiuaj, i rum lilt]
grounds of Mr. Thomas ilornbrook.
Their fragance and beauty are ait refresh- j
ing as a breath of the fresh country air.
Tu* Fricker family fuss, which came
before Justice Wait last week for adjudication.
wa* compromised before coining
to trial. The father offered to withdraw *
the j>ending suits on condition that his
daughter pay the costs and leavo his
houne, which she agreed to do.
Practical studies in entomology may
be enjoyed during the afternoon promenade,
as the fashionable bonnets are cot*
ered with all kinds of creeping thinglocusts,
beetles and lizard* in green and
gold. t w t
Starlight Dancing Club.?This club
held forth at Germania Hall on last Sat'
wrday evening, to one of the largest
crowds that has yet assembled in that
hall. Cockayne's band was in attendance.
On Saturday evening Dr. Will. Bales,
Messrs. Thomas Darrnh, PlatotT Zme and
| II. G.Barr left for the South Iiianeh of
the Potomac on a fishing excursion.
Abused Hia Family.?Officer Paddy
Mahoney yesterday arretted Wm. Bowman,
of the Fourth Ward, for abusing
hit* family. Billy will have a hearing
this morning before Judge Cranmer.
A house in the northern part of the
city was stoned on last Saturday night
about 10 or 11 o'clock by some roughs.
No arrests.
Haldiieaded men will form on 10th
I street, with the right resting on Cbnpline .
street, this evening, and will march nt
7:30 ?harp for the Opera House.
A8 our reporter came along "Water
street last night, shivering with the chill
night air, and drawing his overcoat tight*
ly about him, he thought, "now is the I
time for colds and coughs," but if poor
mortals only knew what a certain cure
j Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup is, how few would
long suffer, and then it only costs twenty*
live cents.?Sandwfoj (Ohio) Rcjitkr.
_ d.tw
monitz Eisxek & Co's Dutch Bittern
|(Boosekami1 ok Maag-Bitter) in well ,
known for the Inst 100 years mid is sold
throughout Europe mirier the name
"hoonrkamp ok maao-BITTEI:." The
medical authorities in Prussia have hu- ,
KnotrieUgeil that it possesses the most
strengthening and invigorating niedieni
properties. Itstrengthens the stomach and
tlxe nerves, creates appetite and regulates
the liver.
To be had in all drug stores.
SpecialBargains.?Ten pieces French
Cashmeres, 65c, worth $1 00.
100 pieces new sty I en Fancy Drew
Goods, 10 to 26c. i
15 pieces Breton Trimming*.
Good Black Silk, worth $1 50, for $1 00.
500 pieces new style Chintzes, 7$c.
50 pieces Muslins, 5c.
All other goods at greatly reduced i
prices. Call soon at
JonK Koemer'h.
m -m m I
Smalt. Musical Instruments.?Do
not forget the salo of these articles at '
Sheib's Music Store on Main Street.
Great bargains are obtained there every
day, and the sale lusts but a few days
longer. _ ' !
Gurre* fine shoes of the latest style
just received at L. V. Blond's.
Break down in Prices.?Dress Goods
3 cents, Black Kid Gloves 35 cents and
Carpets as cheap as 15 cents. Thev have .
to bo sold to raffle money now.
J. W. Febrel.
. Jdrt received. a lot of Children's Shoes
of the latent styles, at L. V. Blond's.
Good Black Kid Gloves for 85 eta., at
J. W. FEHRr.I.'B.
The Cncflt .flhoea kept in the city at l
L. V. Blond ?.
Down 1 Down 1 Down ? Another
break down in prices of Dry floods and
Carpets. Bound to sell at some price
whether the mills run or not. Corner
Main and 20th streets.
_ J. W. Fkkrel.
If you want to get suited in a pair of ,
shoes go to L. V. Blond'?.
Break down in prices of Dry Hoods
mid Carj?ets. Now is your lime. Call
and price. Got to sell.
J. \V. Ferrkl.
The cheapest uhoea in the city at
L. V. Bi/>M>'8.
Tnr. Cheapest Koof is the Gravel {
ItooF.?GeorPB Crnmb?rk?i> ??f ?h!? /?!??
is now fully prepared to put on gravel '
roofrtin the mo?t improved method, and 1
warrants hi? work to give satisfaction, J
both an to reaiating fire and turning water.
The tar uaed ia put through a procesn
that frees it from oil and benzole, and no
matter how great the heat, it will not *
ran. It is equally efficient in roofa of
every conceivable pitch. Mr. Crumback- \
er keeps on hand roofing cement and cement
for tanks and sidewalks of the bent
quality, which he oflerH for sale at the
lowest rate*. This roof ha* stood fifteen c
jenra in thia city.
Addreart me through the pontofiico or
call at my establishment, head of R
Eighteenth and Wooda streets. All or- ?
Jera promptly attended to. 1
llapl'y-tu>!nfls lor nervotia mifTerern
and those who have been dosed, drugged
and quacked. I'ulvermacher'i Electric
ilelta effectually cure premature debil- ity,
weakness and decay. Book and Jour- 1
nal, with information worth thousands, J
mailed free. Address Pui.veomaohek
UalyanicCo., Cincinnati, Ohio, d&w
A8Toni8iiino Success.?It is the duty
of every person who ban uaed Bocchee's QermamSyrcp
to let its wonderful ouali.
lies bo known to their friends in curing
Consumption, severe Coughs, Croup, *
\tthnia, Pneumonia, and in fsct all I
Ibront and lung diseases. Xo person can I
ii? it without immediate relief. Tlire<t
loses will relieve any case, and wo con.
..Jer it the duty of ail'Druggists to recom.
wend it to the poor dying consumptive,
it least to try one bottle, as 40,000 do?n
wttlea were sold last year, and no one
:a?e when it failed waa reported. Such
i medicine as the Gekxax Svaorcannot ,
ic too widely known. Ask your Drue,
tut about it. Sample bottles* to try Jd
it 10 cents. Regular siie 75 cents. For ?
lr.b.Ta! . ar"'clM" Druggists in the b
Untied States. eodAw F
'roviiioni, Sugiri, Volmei, Syrupi, Rio#, Flour, Mtiti, 4o., 4o,
Sols Agent for the Dupont Powder Mill, P?tent 8afety Fu?e.
Now. 1300 nrxllOU Main St., 'Whoellnir. W. v.
Silver Lake Flour.
fcU it i* o k a Five Cent P1 u
1412 and 1414 Main Street.
^*1IIA RLE 8 H. flEKRY,
Rope, Twine, Oakum, Block9, Tar, Pitch fmWJm rl jj
and Resin, Gum and Leather Belting, JMUfy
Linn and Poplar Broom Handles,
Flro Brick, Tile and Cliy/
"e^20 1315 MAIN 8TBEET. Mothers who Doio ihclr Darlings with drum
purgatives liuwa fearful r?|M>n*l. lllty. Theyeir"\LNTI8TM.
tic, moderate tyet tffertlTe), laxative, alterative,
1J nml antl-billona ojwrailou ol Tauiiot'h
We adTheall those wintiu* PeutUlry done In ArKtimNT j>ecullarly adapti it to the dlcorde-# of
rail on DR. (i ASM IKK, where they can bare teeth children.
I'Xtmrtfd without the tllcheiit |?tn and new teeth ~ . ? ???. ...? ?
put In not to bo known from the natural teeth. $fifi "^fr? 7 HRili KTT*ni
Un be worn with w.io'nrt ,nd me. All cam *uu outfit free. U. HA1.LKTT A O
warranted. (iftl?-Ko. 4i Fourtwnih atreet, cr- Portland, Maine.
" JdO_ o ~ Exlri Fin, Mlxd C?ril?, with ramc, 10 cu,
DODERT WHITE, 25^. L. JONhH k CO., Kmwiu. S. Y.
tifPiCR? Attorney Oenrrnl'iOffic'-, Capitol. VeWiB^v('|
??? B //tyyifinRkTOu\ ?f ^laim?aA ii
rons J. JACOB, S k&ivuL^\mg .fW ??uu5t\ a
f ilTWi^ERfc^?
Office in People's Hank Iluiltling, corner
:>f Mnin and Twelfth utrftct*. npfl For l'amphleu ajdrcu Df. Sanfokd, New YoA-.
T DALLAS EWIN1J, $5 to $20 KSS
' * Mnine.
ATTORNEY AT LAW. TUP?mic?iicct ??n ntcr
W.7 W rOWDEN To retch readers outride of Ihe lane cltits. Owr
1000 nowspajHTw, divided Into six dlflenntlUti.
AdTerllscmeuta received for one or more Hits. For
Attoriiov ll t Jj ii w. catalogues containing names of pap-", o'1"'
Information and (or ottluiatrt, adilrc" ItKAl.- A
Gacf-Nn. 1232 CBiHJRK Br., 41 Park Bo* (Tines Building. Net
Prompt attention tnctl businessentrusted to ror CIO d?y #t home. Agents wanted. Outfit itiJ
1 fe7 tcriua free TRUE ACQ., Augnita, Matin
In their own localities, canvaMlrR for the FlftlM*
-A.ttornev xtt La w, Vllltor, (enlarxallWeekljand Sionthlr. L.-r?l
J ' Paper In the World, with Mammoth Chronica Jut.
toon p.f.mi??twoinw Bl# Commla?lona to Agenta. Terras sndnmfiiHu.
1220 CHAFLI5R oTBRKTj Address P. 0. VICKERY. AvflUlta. Mains.
fel WHEELING. "W. VA. Of: Fsncy C*rd?i no two alike, with name, nv,
6') i>o?trnld. Nassau CabdCo..Nastou. I*.?
0 C. OLMSTED, M. D., ""* <" ?>? <?.
Oppick-Ko. K FonrnsTB 8t. State Management,
WHEELING, W. VA. And iu dally cpcntion over 37 yiwr*.
Offictf IIor.rv-8 to 10 A. M. 1 to8 P. r. de2 ^ g OO O $
^yll.UAM PHILIPS, 'kor
lattice or the Peace & fiatl Ettate Agent, $1$
no,co Twsunn8*., wbkukq. TUESDAY, Oot. 16 and 27,1877.
Collrctiom ol all kinds uiadr and ]iro<<*di KENTUCKY
l-rotnptljr irmlttwl. J?3 _ ?__ M _ _
)f\i?e with Daulel Latah, No. 1318 Market I ph? "'^1$ 2
Street. Office nn etair*. l Prizo of -- VuSfSr
.,30 1 P*'*' ?' *1 y
?? ? 18S9Other Prize*amountluK to 4<y-?J
DANIEL Ullh, Whole llcketi, fi.00; 80 WJto'e Ticket* fori":
* 100 llcketi. $90.
Chartered for K-lur?ilon?l liirtllotloni. ?_ ?*
attorney AT LAW, ^r^ rad.T^r.i7j;c:riu-'^
ilshrd tn Now York Herald, Kew York fcun, ??'
io. 1318 Market Street, (over City fcaok,) L< aJcuUri^tun In formation fr?;
Wheeling, W. Vr, Ad.treta SIMMONS & OICKJNSM.
Manager's Office, 72Thint bt. Intuit*"'* t>r
rj. 1JUQDB, aVPimlUr Allolmrnta on the l&lhand to'tuaj1
. of oTery month during the that. mm -'Jj;1?
Attoruuy u t Law . mtamm E S T 0 N' S
V"71 *>"? W> A differential
Pmcticcs in theConrti of Ohio, Marshall .
art Tyler coantiw., W. Vb. hot!7 ,Eg5J PuIIBV BIOCKS
f*\ ANIEL PKCX, B | *
^ ff fi ALSO EHOWN t>
ATTORNEY AT LAW, j ? W?. Hair? "< Elfi',
14M ClupUMStmt, Wheeling, W. V?. SatK nmnmno anran29
* * ut T,llt
!" INCH ft THOMPSON. ill V? V?l? I -"I/ Ufn Hi).
I* /i >' ???? ,U" ""
AT LAW, (gK'i C0NN.
ltoom No. 1 Odd FeUowt'Building?up it?lra. " Held the I/ad iun*nikJ ?l
xarH \ i anr point. k
_i?...1 X 0 KiuMeonMutDtojIothe""
??? V ?> o( lour ore**
Jarpenter& Builder Wheeling Powder Agency.
Jan > I h?vo at all times In M?fl?i'no
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