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WEwliii^ ?llil? Hnt^lliiifttcctt
XHKCincinntti Commercial of je?terdajr
iiji that real eatale in that city in lookimr
?r- ._ m
JJeiu.j.v, the young man who in a
drunkrn epree killed a hotel man named
jIcBriJe at Mt. Vernon, Ohio, a few
month* ago, i? to lie hung to-day.
The gentleman who iiaa junt been auniiiinl
to tne contorted neat in Congress
from Colorado, I'atteraon, is married to
i W'elMwrfr lad/, a daughter of the late
pr.Oraflon, of that place.
This Allegheny School Board on Tuea*
dir night la-t pawed the following reioliition:
Tint i. iiimiJ after Junu lit wo adopt the tyt(i>ui
ol iiurtlwibi# lest lunik# anil other Mhoul mijh
UI??uiUi? i?i?1 tie f.rloa, and furatalilug
ill- rami* to tin* acbolara lu our ichooli at net I
Tin: announced sale of the Ohio City
Mills M Martin's Ferry in * subject of
consider* hie interest among the iron men,
stj.l there are many speculations a* to
whit it ought to bring nt forced sale.
Xobody thinks it wbotild bring lens than
the appraisement, ami we presume any
body competent to judge considers it very
cheap at that price, $">0,000.
Tiiey have what would be called in
France a "ministerial crisia" out nt
Cambridge, Ohio, in consequence of one
preacher circulating evil reports about
another preacher. The two parties implicated
arc Kev. A. H. Norcross aud
Kev. S. A. Fisher. One of the reports
thuscirculaled was thut Kev. 51 r. Fisher
id a "habitual loafer," and another that
lie circulate!) with drinking characters.
Dk. Hays, of Washington College, has
entered the lifts in favor of the Wellsiiurg,
Bethany it Washington narrow
gauge. Head what he says in this inorninii'i
n.iitor on tliP tiiihi^rL .Ttul nt IliSa
tiiuc two College Presidents, Hays, of
Washington, ami Thompson, of Morgantown,
an? two of the inost enthusiastic
narrow gauge advocates we knoir of.
Wk call attention to the advertisement
of the New York Public in another column-:!
paper from which we frequently
quote v.iluable statistic* in regard to the
business o( tho country. The Public
makes a specialty of collecting the bank
clearing* of tho principal cities every
vm!i mi.I dlinuftn'r fi-nnt ilium tlia *!<ia
or fall of business prospects.
Mrs. Frances Watkihb Haiu-eh, the
colored woman from Maryland, who uddres?ed
the temperance people at Parker'*
{{all laft night, is said to l>e a speaker of
more than ordinary elocutionary powers.
She iit an educated woman and presents
forcible ideas in forcible language. She
was born of n slave mother but was never
a slave herself. She is the author of
two Hinall pamphlet production** called
respectively "Sketches of Southern
Life" and "Moses, a Story of the
Nile." Both are poetic compositions and
Kiuie of their line* evince considerable
literary talent. This is particularly true
of the latter production. The death of
Moses, in chapter Hih of the story of the
Nile is graphically drawn. The great
leader of hrnel is pictured standing alone
on Mount Nobo whither he hail gone up
to die, taking his first view of the nrom
Ueil land, into which he could not enter,
and hi* last look upon the might/ hoat*
below whose murmurs at Meribah had
caoied him to sin.
if'* work wai done; hi* bleadnn lay
I.ikf pM( loui ulut i.km on hi* |?ople'? hrail,
And liml'i grtmt pcacn wa* reailug on In* soul.
H-hfcl bowed lili UMflbcned toiil in cdtu
NubtiilmUm to the word, which badP him cilmh
Tu Neko'a highest peak, and view (he | lanunt
Front Jord?n'a iwclla unto the cdinrr rliip't*
<H tho tldc?e*i *ea, then die with nil lis
LiViillneai in tight
Ho >ux*l ujhjii the hlJieit jirak of Nebo,
An I ur (lie Jordan chatiug throiicU it* gorfcoi,
In 1'ii'ka in do bright by atarle! iilocmi
And purple blo*Mith?. The placid Uktu
Ami emerald meadow*, the anowjr cre?t
Of aUtaut mount tine, the ancient rorka
Thii dripped with hone;: tin; hill i all bitbel
lo light mm! beaut;; tbethad; g'otra
AnJ iHMccfiil vtaUa, the Tlueaopprwt
With |.ui|>:erlcli??, the Ur tree* fruit-crowned
Oreni an l gulden, the pomegranatea with crtinion
Bhuliei. the oh Vi* with their darker c!ust*ra,
Hj* Uf.irw him like a vlalon, lull of beiutjr
And delight. Gawd ho ou thn lotel; hnurcape
Milt Mod from hla rlow, and the win*
0.' dentl?'? sweet angel bowed o'er the inounI
JVe?t. ami lio heard hla gumenti rualle through
Tje wjtfhwof the n-Rht.
Then another, f ,lrw, rlalon
Jifoke u|k?ii hla longtng ifa*t?; 'iwju ibo laou
01 rr*atil fouutalu*. lute and beauty, J ly
AoJ light, for the pearly gate* II jw opeu;
And bin ntuiouitK] aoul went in: Am^when worn
OVr thf muiiDtaiu fringed oiclicrag and peak wlili
Com and I iff lets lay the lender. (Jod had touched
Htiejea with alututar, gtvlnf Ida Moved aJeeji.
t'ltj and < outitrjr Lllc I>lMca*Med.
N. V, Nation.
The How of Kutern capital which has
lwen frightened out of city property, and
out of transportation nnd manufacture*,
07 recent event*, into agriculture, in tliu
"hape of loans to *mall farmer* ?t the
Went, to the preat extent of which we
called attention in a recent arliclo on
western investment*, is a striking iIIuhtration
ol the manner in which,under the
ordinary o|ieration of the law* of trade,
an? "over doing" in any one field of industry
is remedied. That this in a healthy
and useful movement, if carried on carefull?,
there in no question. It will prove
enormous advantage to the Went, and
to tlmt invaluable body of men who aim
?} "ecuring farms of their own by |?r istent
industry and economy, if conduct*
*d,a* we have no doubt it Im for the moat
part a-* yet, with care and discrimination.
Another proof of the healthiness of
(liu movement of capital into agriculture
"to be found in the wonderful support
ol the nationnl credit mid prosperity
which agriculture has supplied since
m. With the collapse of the homo de
tnanil and the absence o( foreign market*
'or our manufacture*, wo should have
been in a sorry plight during the last
lour yearn if it were not for the enormous
quantity of farm produce we have been
abl?* to export; and the probabilities are
that, with the steadilv improving means
of trangjKjrtation ami increasing skill in
preparing products for transportation?
of which the cheese and fresh-uient trade
*ith Europe are remarkableilluatrations
?farming will continue tp play a larger
ana larger part both in settling foreign
claims against us aud procuring us for*
sign commodities, after feeding our own
Jt would seem as if Uio return to the
country of the surplus (and now ill-fed,
ill-lodged, and discontented aurplus)
population of the towns, which pbllan*
thrpputa have begun to advocate and
w? for, ought not to be difficult to bring
about. The cities being plainly overcrowded
by the drift into them of country
people attracted by the prodigious activ*
ity of manufacturing Industrv and of ex*
change and epeculation, the idle, the tin*
happy, and the destitute ought, it ia said,
to aally out promptly and resume the
purA and healthy life of tillers of thei
soil, Every now and then one reads in1
the newspapers one of thone articles o!
advice in which the late Horace Greeley
was aticli a proficient, calling on the im<
poveriehed city laborer and artisan and
clerk to atart out on the country roads
with the full assurance that they will
Gnd work and welcome at almost
any farm-house (hey come to.
There ia one thing, however, that
well-meaning promoter* of the exodus
j from the city to the country are apt to
forget. and that is, that it ia much easier
to drift from the farm to the workshop or
I a store than from the workshop or store
| to the farm. Capital, in fact, Hows from
the ctty to the country far more easily
than labor. Work on a farm is more or
I less repulsive to all men, from its aeverl*
ty and exposure to the weather. There
is hardly anybody engaged in it who
would not like to exchange it, if ho could,
for occupation needing less muscle, anu
capable of being pursued under corer,
and with greater neatness and cleanliness,
and with more company, and greater opportunities
for aumaeuient. The young
farmer, therefore, generally longs to
"clerk it" in the nearest town, and having
"clerked it" awhile, and become used to
clean hands, warm rooms, the theatre,
anil the concert-room, he will submit to
almost any privation Booner than go back
to the hoe and the plough and the windy
field. Even the day laborer it apt to prefer
working even in city drains, with
the nroapect of a sociable evening and
sociable Sundays, to lighter but more
solitary and monotonous labor on
the farm. In fact, a man who has even
for a year led n city life in any calling Ik
apt to be spoilt for agriculture, and will
try all aorta of dodgea rather than go back
to it. On the other hand, the jjaaaage
from the farm to the city is easy, and it
in the dream of moat farm youths to make
it. They hear of the fortune* won in the
cities by "poor boya" like themselves
from their own neighborhood, and they
are impressed by the well-cut clothes,
and white hands, and wonderful stories
of city gaiety of their friends who sell dry
good* or hardware in the nearest great
town. Our sytem of popular education,
too, and our popular literature, have
much to do with creating a distaste for
farm life and small gains. They sharpen
the wits just enough to make solitude
very irksome and till the head with vngue
TheeHect of this policy on the growth
of the cities, too, haa been most unhealthy,
and has made the problem of municipal
government a very serious one for American
nocietv, bv stopping the tide of foreign
immigration on its way to the Went.
Ho long ad the growth of American citien
was natural, their population wan increased
bjr men who had learned the art
of local self-government, ami acquired
their political conscience in the country.
Under the forcing system they have been
built up by vast accretions of ignorant
foreigners, whose first experience of politico
irt acquired in ward primaries, ami
who learn to look on the Bullrage as aimply
a means of getting jobs out of the
public, and taxation as another name lor
the forced contributions of the rich to a
fund for the poor man's relief.
The procees of restoring the balance
between town and country will therefore
probably be a much slower one than
could bo wished, and will have to be promoted
by a variety of ageucies. A rational
tarifl which will recognize the fact
that the average American is a shrewd
bueinesa man and can generally be relied
on to find out occupations that haw
money in them, without bung paid for it
by the Treasury, is one of them. Another
is* a thorough reform in city goverment,
which will restrict the taxing, or rather
conUiicaiing power, of numerical majorities,
and put the charities on a sensible
footing, and thus make city life less
attractive to the idle, the ignorant, and
IliA viriniia. Annllinr allII ia iliu an fa Sn.
vestment of the capital now being ho freely
lent to farmer* at the West. We may
mid, though it is lew capable of delinilion,
and perltapa of execution, than the
other*, the reorganization oi country life
in aouie way that will make it lets solitary
and give it more harmlesa distracttion.
The magazine and piano farmer of
our day cannot stand the silent drudgery
of the fields as the German or French
peasant can.
Monroe County {O.) New*.
WooJaQi'H Spirit.
The dog law of last winter levies a tax
of SI per iiead upon all dogs.
Cuttle and hoga are bringing low pricea
now. Fat sheep are in demand at top
Farmers in the neighborhood of Carlisle,
Noble county, ask $4 per hundred
for their tobacco. Merchants are ofl'er
ing from $2 (o $:? per hundred.
In the neighborhood of Miltonaburg
tobacco raiaera are aaking from $0 to $8
per hundred. Buyera are oBering from
$3 to $4 50. Very few aalea yet.
A Taylor Ntrauder C'awo.
ITARRisnUHO, Pa., December 6.?The
State Hoard of rardonn, which adjourned
tliin evening after a two days' tension,
recommended Executive clemency in 13
cweaand refused 10 application. Among
tbwe lecommended for pardon waa E.J,
Ford, the negro who waa convicted in
Philadelphia in 1801 for the murder of
a man whom he suspected with improper
relations with his wife. Owing to a doubt
of the justice ot the verdict the Governor
in office at the time declined to inane
a death warrant, and he haa been aerving
in tho Eta tern Penitentiary ever since.
He would probably have been released
before but for the fact that be had repeatedly
threatened to kill hi* wife nt
the firat opportunity. She died recently,
and aa the negro haa become demented.
ml n a # lm aIiI.iaI nt liia urmlli II mil
the way, hi* pardon wan recommended.
Pardon was alao recommended in tlie
caw of Richard Hell, of Mercer county,
who killed a man Iflat July in retaliation
for an injury done the prisoner'* father
by the murdered man.
Meeting ol tlic Virginia LpgiNlalure.
Uicumond, Va., December 6.?The
Legislature of Virginia convened to-day.
The matter of the8Ute debt will be disposed
of in one way or another during
thin Reunion. Some of the members are
in tavor 01 paying iub iui uounr 01 me
debt. A few arc in for out-and-out repudiation,
but n large majority favor a
readjustment., In the election of Speaker,
the readjustera gained a decided victory.
The officers of the Capitol?there are
thirty odd of them?are icared out of
their boot*. They are afraid of losing
their situations, as the Legislature will
1* Hpt to make a new deal at the first of
the year. Many of the Capitol officers
have held their positions for years, and,
with the exception of one or two of them,
they were enemies of the readjusters'
movement in the fall campaign. This
alternoon Governor Kemper* annual
message was read before the Legislature.
Nale ol Kubtier UootlN.
Boston, December 0.?The sale of tbe
Associated Rubber Company opened with
Irisk bidding to-day, and prices ruled
about as high as at the previous sales,
though there was a slight falling off in
the price of pure guta
Fifty-Fifth Call for Five-Twenty
Gov. Irwin't View* of the Chineie
Lilt of Nominations by the PresiJ
Senator Matthews on Silver and U,
S. Bonds.
The Bank Difficulties.
Washington, December 0.
During tbe morning hour a number of
petitions were presented.
Mr. Uurneide submitted a resolution
calling upon (lie President to transmit lo
the Senate, if not incompatible with the
public interest, tho correspondence had
with our late Minister to France in regard
to tbe Franco-Prussian war; also
the correspondence on the same subject
witli our Ministers to Kngland and Clermarv.
Agreed to.
Mr. Allison, who lids] charge of tlie
House bill lo authorize the free coinage
of the standard silver dollar and to mntore
its legal tender character, moved to
make it the special order tor Monday
nest after the expiration of the morning
hour, and that it he continued from dar
to day until disposed of.
After a long discussion, Mr. Allison
changed his motion so as to take the hill
up Tuesday next, instead of Monday.
Mr. Morrill moved to amend so as to ;
moke it the special order for January '
11th, 1878 Rejected? yeas 18, nayB 41. 1
The motion of Mr. Alliaou was then
afreet! to.
Yeas?Allison, Built-y, Beck, Booth,
Bruce, Caiueron (Wirconsin), Chafee, 1
Colce, Conover, Davis (Illinois). Davia '
(West Virginia), Dorsev, Ferry, <Sarland, 1
(lordon, Harris, Hereford, Howe, Ingalls, 1
Johnston, Jones (Florida), Jones (Neva- (
<la), Kirkwocd, McCrvery, McDonald, 1
Matthews, Maxey, Merrituan, Morgan,
Oglesby, Paddock, Patterson, Plumb, '
JUnsoni, Saunders, Teller, Thurman, >
Voorhees, Wallace, Windall and Withera
-41. <
Nays^-Anthony,Bayard, Blaine, Burn- I
fide, Christianry, Dawes, Katon, Hamlin, >
Hill, Lamar, McPberion, Mitchell, Mor- 1
rill, Kamlolph, Rollins, Sargent, Wail- 4
leigh and whyte?18. I
Mr. Matthews submitted a concurrent 1
resolution, reeling various acts of Congress
in authorizing the issue of homls, 1
Sic.; and declaring that all bonds of (lie
United States, under mid act, aro payable,
principal and interest, at the option '
of the government of the United States
in silver dollars of 412? grains standard
silver, and such payment is not in viola- ,
tionof public faith or rights of public (
creditors. Laid on tiie table and ordem!
Mr. Kerry presented a petition of citi- |
rons of Michigan in favor of the parage ,
of the hill to authorize the coinage ol a ,
standard silver dollar. ,
The following bills were introduced |
and referred:
By Mr, Thurman: To provide for [
the Circuit and District Courts of the
United States at Toledo, Ohio. I
By Mr. Dorsey: To organize theTerri ,
torjr of Fisbuingo, and for other pur- (
By Mr. Burnside: For the protection
of the widows and orphans and heirs at
law of officers in the anuy.
By Mr. Matthews: To extend the time
for presenting claims for collecting,
drilling or organizing volunteers for the (
war of the rebellion. ,
During roll-call Mr. Wallace, of Penn.,
eaid his colleague, (Cameron) was paired j
with the Senator from Maryland (Dennis) ,
but as to how either of them would vote ,
he did not know. I
Mr. Thurman said he was paired on all ,
political questions with the Senator from (
Vermont f Edmunds) who was detained at j
bis houseby sickness. He, Thurman, did
not consider this a political question
upon which a pair should be observed.
If any Senator thought it was ho would
withdraw his vote.
Several Senators?Oh, this isn't apolitical
question. _
Mr. Morrill said lie did not consider it
a political question, but he had doubts
as to how his colleague would vote.
Mr. White said he was paired with the
Senator from Alabama (Spencer] on the
(Cumin case but nothing w?? an'ul wh?t. 1
ever about the silver question. i
Mr. Blaine paid during my recent illness
I wan paired villi Senator Lamar,
who with great courtesy anil kindness
consented to maintain the pair until my
recovery and reappearance in the Senate.
The Senator from Colorado (Teller) was
flaired at the same time with the Senator
rom Oregon (Grover), that pair being
indefinite on political questions. When
the question of the Louisiana and South
Carolina Senatorships came up, the Senators
from Mississippi and Colorado tiesired
10 record their votes, and with the
concurrence of or colleague there Senators
were mutually released and I was
considered as paired with the Senator
from Oregon until the close of the late
session. My return terminated my pair
wilh the Senator from Mississippi (Lamar),
and the Senator from Colorado
fTeiler) resumes bin pair with the Senator
irotn Oregon (Urover). 1 make this detailed
statement lest my voting to day
without explanation might be misunder*
stood, as the Senator from Oregon has not
yet returned.
Mr. Teller said that his pair with
(]rover waa on all political questions but .
as this was not a political question he
felt at liberty to vole.
Mr. Cookrell said that ho would not ,
have paired on thl? question with any i
one had the term* of a pair been no under* i
stood, but the Senator from Masaachusetts
(Hoar) spoke to hitn about a pair t
and he promised to either imir with him |
himself or furnish one; to this Mr. Hoar i
agreed, and the extent ot the pair was i
left to his colleague (Dawea), who thought <
it should be observed on thin bill, and
therefore he did not vote. I
Mr. Mathews submitted tho following i
resolution in regard to the payment of
bond* in silver, and at hia reqoe'at it wat 1
ordered that it lie on the table and be
Whereab, By an act entitled, "An act 1
to strengthen the public credit," approv- <
ed March 18th, 18G9, it was provided and ?
declared that the faith ot the United
wa* hereby solemnly pledged to the payment
in coin or ita equivalent of all interest
bearing obligations of the U, 8., except 1
in caaes where the law authorizing the 1
Issue of such obligations expressly pro* I
vided that the same might be paiu in
lawful money ot other currency than
gold or ailver; and
Whereas, All bond* of the United <
State* authorized to be iaaued by an act i
entitled "An act to authorize the refund- J
Ing of the nntlonnl debt," Approved Jul;
14,1870, by the terms of said set were<1?
tinted to be redeemable In coin of the
present standard talue, bearing Interest
parable wml-annaally In iiuch coin; and
WmtMua, All bondi ol the United
States authorized to be issued under an
ct entitled "An aot to provide
(or the redumption ol specie payment,'
approved January 14,1875, are iet|nlred
to be descriptive of the bondi uf the
United Stales ilwcrlbed in said ut of
Congress, approved July 14,1870, entitled
"An act to authorize the refunding
of the national debt;" and
Wbebeab, At the dale of the pannage
of aald act ot Congreae laat aforesaid, towit:
on the 14ill day of July, 1870, the
coin of the United Stales of the standard
value of that date Included silver dollars
oi me weight ol grains eacb.asdeclared
by an actapprorea Jul/ 18, 1887, entitled
"An act supplementary to an act
entitled 'an act establishing a mint and
regulating the coins of IheUmted States/11
to be a legal tender of payment according
to their nominal value of anj sums
whatever; therefore be it
IIewired, by the Senate and Iloute of Representative*.
concurring therein, That all
bond* of the United States iMued or authorized
to be istued under said acta of
Congress heretofore reported, are pava^
hie, principal and interent, at the option
of the Government of the United States,
in silver dollars of coinage of the United
States, containing 4 12$ grains each of
standard silver, and that to restore
to its coinage vuch silver coins an legal I
lender in payment of said bond*, prln
cipal and interest, is not in violation of
the public faith nor in derogation of the
rights of public creditors.
Mr. Chalice called up the resolution
mbmitti'd by hiui on the 8th of Novem*
bar, calling upon the President to inform
the Senate what legal impediments, if
any,exist which prevent fromcirculating
the laws in regard to the Union Pacific
Railroad Company and its branches, and
modified the name no as to allege that the
branches of the Union Pacific are the
Kansas Pacific, Denver Pacific and Central
Pacific, of California, the Kurlington
iNt Missouri Kiver and the Sioux City
hrnuch inntend of declaring positively
that they ure the brauches.
After a brief discussion of the question
h vote was taken on the substitute for the
above resolution, submitted November
['>0 by Mr. Paddock, the preamble of which
omitted the named of the roads said to be
branch roads of the Union Pacific, and it
was rejected without roll call.
During the debate Mr. Paddock stated
that this whole question of what constituted
a branch of the road was now before
thocourts and the Senate tdiould not in*
icncrv. n? nixueu mm iiic wiiuic rcope
if hi* resolution was nimilar to lhat of
the Senator frotn Colorado.
Mr. ChaflVe?Rxcept that it omitted
ihirii legal question, What were branch
Mr.'ihurman ttaid that unless the government
forced the Union Pacific to
pro rate with the Kaunas Pacific it would
lever uet a dollar of the money due it by
lie Karma* Pacific, for that company
Muld not finil money to pay its taxes to
ilie government unless the Union Pacific
diotild pro rate with it and do it justice.
The preamble and resolution of Mr.
"bailee were then agreed to without division.
The Senate llien went into executive
tc*?ion and soon after adjourned.
Majority and minority report* were
nude from the Committee on Election* in
: ho Colorado ca#e. Ordered printed.
The Post Route bill was passed.
Mr. Joyce asked leave tootler a renolu*
lion reciting the attempt* of the people
>[ Cuba to obtain their independence, and
lirecting the President to remonstrate
igaum me uaruarous manner in which
[he war has been c&rried on by Spain.
Mr. Hale objected before the reading of
be resolution wan completed.
Mr. Blair asked leave to offer a rendu.ion
directing tlie Committee on Foreign
\Hair* to inquire into the condition of
he insurrection in the island of Cuba.
Messrs. liale and Ellsworth objected.
Fire at Jackson, Michigan.
Detroit, Mich., December fi.?A fire
:his morning at Jackson, Michigan, alnost
totally destroyed the drug store of
11. W. Wood. I-oss on his stock, $10,000;
insured, $6,000; Iobs on the building,
which was owned by Allen Bennett, $4>00;
fully insured. Mrs. Habager, who
lived in the building, wan badly Riiflbcat?d,and
was rescued in an insensible conlition.
The Jackson City Bank, adjoining,
waa damaged to about $500.
PiTTflnuRGir, Pa., December 0.?The
Ditpateh'a special from Milleratovrnsays:
\ tire broke out to-night about half past
leven o'clock and destroyed two blocks
in the business centre of the town. The
[>ook bouse, a large hotel, Daldlnger'a
irng and ci^ar atore, Fort's clotbiug
tore, Frederick's dry good store, were
ill burned, and the fire is Rereading rap
luijr. j*o entiomie 01 me ioh8 naa been
:iad yet, but the property already deitroyed
will reach tbouaanda of dollara.
At one o'clock a. m. the tire in spreading,
and effort* are being made to Htop it
:>y tearing down building*.
Nov. Iruiit on Chinese (|iaoNtlou.
San Francisco, Cal., December (J.?
ru hi* mesaage lo the Legislature Cfov.
Irwin referH to the Chinene question to
the eflect that the presence of Chinese
here has initiated an iirepremble conlict;
that if the right of unlimited immigration
in conceded to Chinese there ia
lunger of their Civilization over-riding
)tir own provided they are protected here
under the provi?*ion,ofjthe treaty,but there
ia imminent danger'that conflict will be onie
bo aharp that the government will be
unable to secure to Chinese the protection
to which they would be entitled both by
treaty and lava of huuianitv. In view of
thin contingency it ia a plain duty of tb<?
United States government to aecure an
lbrosation LtgmIv. nArmSttin.? <?nl?
jtricted Chinese immigration, and the
legislature should memorialize Hie Pres[dent
and Congress to that eflect.
Ilore ol TreiiNiircr illaro'M ItiNanH
Kicmmoni>, Vjl, December 0.?Gen.
<\? Uogorn, Second Auditor, to day, in a
communication to the General Aivemblj,
made the announcement that $35,000
worth of coupon bonds had been abstracted
from the Treasurer1! office and
funded a second time under the funding
?ct of March 13th, 1871. These developuients
but disclose new facts in the defalcation
of State Treasurer Joseph II.
Mayo, in 1878, for which he wmb indicted
but not tried, he being adjudged insane by
[he Court. J
La one Into Volnntnry Liqultlalion.
Tboy, N. Y.( December fi.?The National
Exchange Bank, capital stock
5100,000, has gone into voluntary liquidation.
lleuvj Lumber BiiNimns.
Toronto, December ti.?The shipments
.if lumber for the year amount to 110,*
)00,000 feet against 102,000,000 feet the
previoui year.
Man Trap*.
St. Joiin, December <J.?a building in
Bourse of erection on Prince William
itreet. (ell and eight men are supposed to
bava been crushed to dutli.
Call lor MO llontf.
Wash i kotow, December 0.?The fiftv
fith call for Die redemption of 5-20 bonus
1 consols of 1805, *is issued, end tht
' Secretary given notice that the principal
1 and accrued interest of the bonds deaig
nated will be paid at the Treasury, Washington,
on and after the 6th of March,
; 1878, and that the interest will cease thai
The coupon bonds of Jul? 1st. 1865,
were: $50, No. 44,001 to 60,000, both in.
elusive; $100, No. 70,001 to 81,000, both
inclusive; $500, No. 57,001 to 60,000,
both inclusive; $1,000, No. 95,001 to 10,800,
both inclusive; total coupon. $6,?
The registered bonds, redeemable at
pleasure, in the United States, after the
1st of July, 1870, were: $50, No. 1,600
to 1,750, both inclusive; $100, No. 13,101
to 14,100, both inclusive; $500, No. 21,001
to 8,700, both inclusive; $1,000, No. 27,*
401 to 28,750, both inclusive; $5,000, No.
7,651 to 8,060, both inclusive; $10,000.
No. 13,651 to 14,850, both Inclusive; total
registered, $4,000,000; aggregate $10,*
The Democratic caucus of Senators
this morning assigned Voorhees to the
Finance Committee, Jonen, of Florida, to
the Committee on Naval Affair*. Butler
to the Committee on Military Affairs,
and McDonald to the Committee on Indian
Affairs, with the understanding that
he will give waj to Eustis should the
latter be seated.
The President has nominated the New
York Custom officers, who fell bj reason
of the expiration of the extra session of
Collectors of Customs: JohnT. Collins,
Georcia. for till* <liiitrir>? fit P.ptmawifL
Georgia; Robert T. Smith, Georgia, district
of Mobile, Alabama; John R. Jolley,
Louisiana, cliHtrict of Teche, Louisiana;
C. K. Prouty, Texas, district of Salina, |
Texas; James Lewis, Louisiana, for the
district of New Orleans.
Collector* of Internal Revenue: Jaiues
I). Brady, Virginia, second district of]
Yirgiuia; Edward C. Wade, Georgia,
third district of Georgia; Robert F.
Campbell, Texas, third district of Texas, i
Uuiled States Attorney*: Warren 8.
Luty, western di?trict*of Virginia; Lewis!
E. Parsons, Alabama, northern and middle
district* of Alabituia; W. W. Murray,
j Tennessee, we?tern dintrict of Tennessee.
United States Marshals: Samuel G.
Keid, for the middle ami southern districts
of Alabama; M. J.Waldron, Tennessee,
for the western district of Tennessee;
William J. Wheeler, for the Territory
of Montana.
Postmasters: Ohio, W. Alexander
Keed, Toledo. Pennsylvania, Newton
Wells, Refavo; Robert W.Crane; Petrolia.
Went Virginia, John Little, Piedmont;
B. F. J*eismining, G'harlestown. Alabama,
Morris D. Wickersham, Mobile. Indiana,
Wm. Kendall, Plymouth; J. Glass McPheters,
Uloomington; Geo. II. Dunn,
Greensburg; J. M. Watts, Delphia. Illinois,
L. (J. Laylor, Winona; Cyrus T.
Prunty.Carlinville; Emma Gregg, Fairbury;
Christian Y. Long, Carthage; John
R. llataling, Rotchilta; Lucius Whitney
Morris, Egrat, C. Reese, Pana; John C.
Covert, Knoxville;J. R. C&rbas; Lasalle.
Tennessee, MrsJIzoraC. JohnBon,Shelby,
ville. Michigan, Edward, J. South worth,
Hudson. Wisconsin, Jerome L. Marsh,
Shevny; Ganphas Krantz, Kenosha,
Heury B. Ilarsham, Oahkosli. Minnesota,
Joseph E. West, St. Cloud. Iowa,
Nelson M. Poge, Fort Dodge; Edward
Knott, Waverly, Missouri; J. T. HayA-I
?. r t> tir_i
imiiuiuui, niftnunorjiii i. tthiruii,
Helena; Isaac W. Carhart, Hot Springs;
S. L. Cravins, Favetteville; George Ayrock,
Pine BluiF; Kegister of Land OtUce
at New Orleans; Wm. Burmull, of Louisiana.
Indian Agents?I. Leightner, of Maryland,
Santee Agency, Nebraska; Samuel
G. Eley, of Pennsylvania, Otoe Agency,
Nebraska; Win. II. Donnelson/of Idaho,
Fort Hall Agency, Idaho.
Supervising Inspector of Steam Vessels
for the Seventh District of Ohio,
John Fehrcnbach; Associate J ustice of the
Supreme Conrt at Wyoming Territory,
Win. Ware Peck, of New York; Territory
of New Mexico, S. B. Clin, of
Florida; Circuit Judge of the United
States Sixth Judicial Circuit, J. Baxter,
of Tennessee.
The House Committee on Education
and Labor this niornig decided to report
adversely upon the bill introduced by
Judge Buckner for the establishment, in
the District of Columbia, of a National
university lor Women.
The House Committee on Foreign Affairs
authorized their Chairman to move
at the first opportunity, that the House
concur iu all the Senate amendments to
the Paris Exposition Hill. The motion
will be pressed for action under demand
for the previous question.
The Election Committee to-day took a
linal vote on the Colorado case.
A report declaring Patterson entitled
to a seat was authorized by the voted of
the House.
Messrs. Springer, Candler, Cobb, Williams,
Thornbur^h, Waite and Hiscock
(Republicans) will present a minority report
in favor of IJelford (Republican);
and still another report will be submitted
to the Mouse by General Cox taking the
ground that there was no valid election.
Mr. lilaine has relinquished the chair*
maimhip of the Civil &rvice and Retrenchment
Committee in favor^of Teller,
and has taken the chairmanship of the
Committee on Rules.
The Huron Inquiry.
Washington, December 0.?The Huron
cjurt of inquiry adjourned early today,
owing to the funeral of Lieut. Palmer.
Another body and a leg has been
found rear thu wreck.
Hoston, December 0.?The funeral of
Commander Georse P. Rvan. of the
wrecked steamer Huron, look place today
frotu the Church of I maculate Conception
and wan attended by numerous
citizens and all the naval oflicera on the
Nkw York, December 0.?The funeral
of Lieut. Simons, of the Huron, took
plane to day from the Nary Yard. The
body was interred on Staten Island,
Tlio Welsh I'lantafiouN iu Cnbu.
, Cowriimiiowjt, Dreember 6.?A
> Turkiih dlriilon, under Fuad Pai|?, ?
> three hours' march Iron Tlrnora.
London, December 0 ?a Turklab
vision from Servla cronftl Lone J/x)k
anil la marching in the direction ol V'<r
Bunk ol Ea(lanad;Hallloii,
I/OMDon, December 6.?The bullion In
Ihe Bank ol England hajincreased
000 during Ihe pail week. Proportion
01 reaerte to llabilllf 471-18 per centThe
apecle Id the Euk ol France J6'
creased 2,900,000 franca during the pMt
8tumkr inua ovfkdue.
Tlie owners arc confident of the aafety
of the steamer City of Berlin, now twelf?
days out from New York, for QoeemnoWti
and Liverpool. They don't believe b?*"
shaft or machinery are broken, but
it probable the propeller is damaged l?y
wreckage, and that probably she iu?y
hare something in tow. The Hna?fcr
says that the premium at Lloyds for reinsurance
on the steamer advanced lo
len guineas yesterday.
London, December 7.?The ateiiii?r
Mispatb, from Seville for Leith, collided
veaterdav with unknown vessel off Besd'y
Head. Both vessels were sunk. So
only one man is known to be saved,
French Ubftiet Allaire.
Paris, December II.?It is said that ?'0,
gotistions between President Mac&!?h<ui
and M. Dafure were resumed in con*6*
quence of the steps taken by Senator P?t*
bie, who is probably acting for the ^r"
lenniat Senators.
M. Soliel states that M. Dafure fa trill*
mg in conauci negotiations to me po>ni
of forming the Ministry, but is unwilling
to accept an office himself.
The following names are among the
probable of the Miniatry : Batbie, >Iinlnter
of Jurftice; Waildington, Minintefol
the Interior; Leonsay, Minister 0f JJj*
nance, and Christophle. Minister of public
Versailles, December G.?Th? expected
debate in the Chamber of Deputies
to-day, upon the question of proceed'0#
with the discussion of the Budget, !>*>
nol occurerd. The sittings of both hoU1?"
were unimportant.
accidental death.
Farm, December G.?Theyouug an>er*
ican painter, Henry Lelland, was killed
yeMerday while playing with a pistol
I which he thought not loaded.
German National Bank ot fU!
Chicago, December c.?The coud?t'on
of the German National Bank at the
close of business yesterday was an
lows: Assets, loans and discounts. $G#3,*
82S; U. H. bonds, $70,000; stock* auA
bonds, $6,58G;due from redeeming agent",
$1,0(K); due from other banks and oan|cf
$48,386;jreal estate, $85,000; furniture fid
fixtures, $7,598; current expenses and
taxes paid, $20,011; checks cashed and
other cash items, $29,104; redeenfltag
fund,$31,500; total,$963,223. Liability*
?Capital, $500,000; surplus, $l25,000?
undivided profits, $10,807; circulation,
$03,000; bills payable, $90,900; dividends
unpaid, $15; deposit* and certitjcfltw,
$1 <4,410; total, 963,223.
The officers this morning say they e**
pect to pay the depositors in full within
thirty days. The stockholder* will pro*
bxbly lose about a quarter of a million
dollars. The Saving* Bank deposit* have
uevu reuuceu 10 c^uu.uuu, ana & fiJgut
run is being made on that institution.
New York, December 0.?The br*ftch
in this city of the Greenbatim Brotli*".
organizers of the German National
of Chicago, notified tie Stock Kxcb*nge
to day of their suspension, which
hoj?e will be but temporary. All
tractB in the Stock and Gold F.xcb*n8*
they say are provided for.
Unconstitutional and Atrocious.
Chicago, December 6.?Judge JfcAU
Hater, in the Criminal Court of Cook
County, rendered a decision this morning
in the case of an application for a writ of
habeas corpus for a wornau committed to
Bridewell by a city Justice for vagrancy,
under an Act passed by the la*t
Legislature. He declared that the Act
was unconstitutional and atrocious to the
last degree. It denies to a person the
right of a jury trial guaranteed by
State Constitution, lie said that tbo Act
waa made during an undue excitement
over the tramp nuisance, and that he
would consider that he had done a g?od
deed if he succeeded in giving it its death
BuNlneuM Ktubarrajunnentf**
Montreal. December 6.?Wood Co.
have failed for $175,000, due to bakers
here. The Consolidated Bank fell three
per cent yesterday, and the Bank of
Montreal two Der cenL
Montreal, December 6.?W m.
President of the Canada Paper CoBJP*ny,
failed. Liabilities about $140,000/ The
suspension was cawed by a speculation in
railways and will not affect the PaP*r
company. The aisets are reported to
show a surplus over the liabilitiet),
Forged Bond*.
New York, December 6.?Anio" 8innol
alias Moses Wick and Daaiel B.
Chamberlain have been arretted cl'Rr8ed
with ottering as collateral for a lo&Q ot
$600 four forged bonds of $1,000 e*?h of
the Maysville & Lexington Railroad
(Northern Division.) When ofterpd for
the loan the bonds were represented as
stolen in Kansas, and Wick and Cb?ml*r.
lain said they had $90,000 worth o( the
same sort to work off at a small per cent,
g*. m
Weather Indication*.
was d*r*?t*ju*t, *v
Orrica or tbi Chib* Hihiul Own'**. J.
wasmaotow, d. C., d??. 7-1 *. ?t.j
For the Like region, a falling l>jrotu0.
ter after a temporary rise over the Lower
Lakes, variable winds shifting fro0>**oiith
to east, slowly rising temperature and
| partly cloudy weather, with light ano^s
New York, December 6.?A Havannn
letter aays: Messrs. Welsh, of Philadelphia,
one of whom in Minuter to England,
obtained proprietorship through wortgages
on the plantations of Pario and
felegrafo.but gave immediate order to
their attorneys to sell the plantations for
the express reason that it waa not con.
venient for them to hut? property with
slaves attached to it. If they appear still
as owners in the (records, it ia for
the reaaon that the official document of
the sale has been retarded by unforseen
Cincinnati, December ?i.-Owing to
the difficulty in the collection of the tax
aisesaed by the Grand Lodge of Kantncky,
the Masonic Lodge of Mayaville
iim fern ucvi>rru cianueiune uj me
Grand Mauler of the Slate.
Cargo ol wueat I,oM.
osvigo, December 8.?Tbe schoonor
Warn#, from Milwaukee with wheat,
while niikiag port early thia morning,
truck Eail pier and tank. The veutl
and cargo are a total lota. Tbe cargo tu
ft long lue Lower Lakes.
nyaterloun De?tU.
New York, December 6.?frltxfa
Copint, the reported wealthy importer
and member of the Union League Club
was found dead in bed, hid face in a pa,,'
containing chloroform. M'hatbtr his
death was accident or design it U not
Marine Intelligence'
Boston, December 6.?Steanublp Liberia,
from Liverpool, hai arrived.
New York, December 8.?<Jte??8^ipa
China and France, from Liverpool, have
arrived. _
Mr. Bow let*' 1'ondltioii*
Spbimgpikld, December 0. ? Mr.
Bowlea U emaciating rapidly from the
failure of uaimilmtloo of food ?pd Kro wx
perceptibly weaker.
Ill ?ntennUl Aiglnntrr, ?
fivBUROTOM, N. J., December Tb?
two hundredth aaolteraarj at tb< wttleinent
ol this oltjr wm celebrated to-d?,
HiyflciiooM Dlft*PiH?ar?uce 0| ,
DfT8oiT, Mien, December u.?fathe
Fitfp*Mck, * I>fieet of Kir?g?tlll?, Km
, Em** county* Ontario, for ppveral yearx
i left the Catholic Church a month ago
Lut w*ek he publicly joined the Medio
dint Church. The day after joining tin
Metbodiat Cburch ho went to knee:
, Center, and Iim not aince been aeen 01
heard from by hia friends who onenlj
a?aert that be hi* been abducted, Then
la great excitement in the vicinity. The
QranffQtnen threaten rebellion, and tin
Mason" have demanded 0f the nrieata t<
produce FiupMrick, who ia a Mnaon.
A Brutal Fiend.
JSUUbitB, N. J., December 0.?Mra
Jobn Riley, wife of a prominent citixer
in tb? ouulcirta of the city, who ha* frequently
brutally beaten an orphan gir
in hC employ, thin afternoon, in a fit ol
rage> poured a nailfuli of scalding watei
over .the girl, from the effect" of which
ahe will probably- die.
rulAKim a I Ann
IMIK vunKncnuiwBr
file* YorU Slouey tin <1 Ntflrk*.
N?* Yobk. December Moxit-6
a? per cent, doling nt t?. I'rinic uiereimtile
P?l}er at fia7 per cent. Cnntom feeeipta
lljU.OOO. The &?litant TreMurer diebur*ed
$129,000. Clearing! $11',000.000.
Burling <|uleti long 4.81)4, .liort U MXGof-Opcned
?t 103 H and olo?e<l #1103 ii.
Carrying raU? lal per cent. The iliglit i\dVance
waa cauied by the Washington dl?patches
regarding the silver hill.
giLVtn-At London unchanred, Here,
ailver nan are $120K greenbacks, $i 17%
gold. Silver coin Jtfafc per cent discount,
Daltadtltaua M? 1U1, oonpona. 1!?>?
Hvf J??nu? (1W5| ? im
H,rIwenUM (H?1) .Ml,
HwE"cnu?(i??i iiiti
N,? 1?!(,
1 N?? Four and a talla...^? _lot%
(coupou) iww
Curt*** Six*?
BAH.roap Bonn#?Fairly active.
tjtATR HoMDH?Qlliet.
gfOCKs?Irregular the greater portion of
the day and fluctuations oonliutd within
narrow limits, but ut the clow Uti? market
Wo? with prices neur the I'tijUcnt than
the lowest of the day. The coal shares
Were active on thereporUof a newcouibi*
Oati0,l? but gPnenl <*redit is not given to!
the report.
'Xransautioni aggregated Itio.OOO shares, J
of which -l,50? Were New Vork Central,
51,000 Lake Shore, 0,000 North western com8,000
preferred, 5,000 8l Paul common,
G|o00 preferred, gt},(W0 l^ckavfauua, 4,400
Delaware & Hudson. 5,100 M??rri? & lCssex,
2,0w ??onigo? wenrrai, ami -?,wo Western
Western Union ~7Mi Norihwwterij com- 3%
QulcfcN'M Hi NorthwwtPni (*M...
uulciwllver pfd....M :? New Jer?J, Central WJf
{wide M*Ui\xA Roc* I*lwl Wto
M?r'Pou ? til ?? P?ul v - ?*%
Ihrlpoa preferred* ny4 St. Paul preferred... Cl'7i
Anitas JEiprew 97 Wabi>b~ 1ft
Well"! ^?*o * Oo- W/S *ort W?yn?
American 61 Terr? llaute .. :t*
Uolted Ktaten. 4tl Tetre H*"t? PU.?... M
NeirYork C?jutraUlrt>M Chicago A Alton..- 77
Erie 'Jyi Chicago A AlloopMUO
fcrle preferred? W/a **hlo A Ml* nlppl .. 8%
Harlem Delaware4&<>)i
H*rl?"> tpr?krr?a...it8 A. a I'. Tele*r?ph.. W
Mlcbl*?n Central.... {8# Mlaiouri Paefac...... lft
p?ns?n? 1*? tturiinitoa & l^uio..lOi %
Uolou^ciflc r,lbi Uanul!.al A tiu Joe- Vi\Z
LftJcephorc OOJ4 Central I>oiida..l07!;
Illinois Control 72 Union P?rMcboml?lM!i
Pltttbargh...~ - 7 % Una Orantt
C. C.c* A 31 Slnklnn >
Hew lorn.
tfBW YORK, December O.-CottonFiriu
nt U 7-l<Jc. KJottr?Fair export demand;
No. 2, $3 0(M lf>, saperilnc western
an J Mate $500?525, common to good $6*15
a5 75, good to choice $58??B0O, white
wlieflt txtra $6 OSafi "f>> extra Ohio $5 4oa
7 60, St. loui?$T,50a8 \2%, fancy SGSOa
H 25, Minnesota patent process good to
hrin>e $7 40a8 :>5. choice t? XX Ss .'tftoO 4ii
vVhcftt?Less active and shipper and miller!
holding ofl'; No. 1 spring More $134,
No. 2 red winter December $14*j^a1 44,
No.2 Northwestern December $13Jal S3J^K/e?Dull;
weatern at 7ia73c. JJarley?
Steady; two-rowed ritate at 70a72e. Corn?
Hfgher; ungraded western 63Ma(]lc, mixed
steam 63^r03^c, December 62>^e. Oat*?
Steady; western mixed and Btate 3na41c,
white western 39a44c. Cofiee?In fair demand;
Rio cargoes at 1Ca20c gold, jobbiug
l6a21J<c gold. Sugar?Dull and heavy;
fair to good refining prime 7}$c,
refined 8J?a9?4o. MolaKsM?New New Urleftns
35a60c. Kice?Firm; Louisiana 6',fa
6#c? Carolina 5)f?0iKo. Whisky?Notuiioalat$uOal
CniOAGO, December 0.?Flour?Steady
and Unchanged. Wbeat? Active, firm and
bighe>1 No. 1 Chicago spring ?t $l OH, No.
2, $t OSJf crt?*li, (1 08Jial 08^ Dpceruber,
$1 08^al 08? January, No. 3,41 ?2al 02%.
rejected {H)}$c. Corn-(jood demand and
prices a shade higher, 42jtfa42%c cash and
yecember, "il&'o Jauuarv and February. I
rejected sti-tfc, Oata?Active, firm and
hinder Rt 25J^o cash, 24J6?25c December,
25^0 bill January. llye?firm nt 50c.
parley?.Unsettled nt ?3e. Pork?Fairly
active and a shade higher, but unsettled;
$12 00 cash,$U 05 December,$12 07^nl2 10
January, $12 25al2 27J$ February. Lard?
Steady and in fair demand at $7 87cash,
$7 &>?7 87K December, $7 87}$ ,I urinary,
$7 97 J<a8 CO February, lialk Meats?Steady
and fiim. Whiaky?1Quiet aud unchanged
At tbe close Yvheat wn? easier but not
quotabiy lower. Corn eastr Ht 42%c Decembtr,
41 JsC January. Outs irregular ut
25c December and January. Pork strong
at $12 10 January, $12 27M*12 30 February.
Lard firmer, but not quotably higher.
CltfonnfATI. December <3.?Cotton?
Fir,u at lie. Flour-?Dull and unchanged
Wheat?Qaiet; red at $l l8al 25. Corn?
Strong and higher at 40a42c. Oata-Strong
and higher nt 30a.'12c, Rye?8teady and in
fair demand at 65466c. barley?Quiet and
unchanged. Pork?Active,'hut not quota*
bly higher at $12 00 spot and seller Jau*
uary. Lard?Uood demand; steam $7 90,
kettle 8tfa8ftc. Bulk Meata-Quiet and
unchanged. Boxed Meata?Good demnnd;
nhoulderH at 4j?e, short clear 0Kc, long
and short clear $?> 35, seller December
Cumberlands at 6%c. Green Meats?
strong; shoulders 4^c, sides $5 55, these
priceifasked; hams 0>ja7^c for 17 to 1 l.lhs
average. Butter?In fair deraaud: fancy
fircamartf Sfaftta- wlmo M
Beterrt at 20a22c, Central Ohio at iralflc.
wm?kj?Aetire but lower it$i (H.
Hoo?-I>emand fair and market firm:
common *3 oo?4 00, ligi,t $4 lOut 25, packing
U 15a4 59, butcher* $4 3S*4 40.
Toi.nno, December O.-Wheat-QuM;
M>. t xlutf Michigan held ntfi 32, $1 :u%
bra. tltm white MIclMgaii (1 ml, aiuber
tfchlgau apot held nt ?1 31, ?t SOJi bid,
1, if, D*cen>'""' *1 32, leller Juntinry
{ gM(. No. 2 red ?|,ot licld at il 29 jf,
tl S8K bid, neller December $1 oi|^. Cum
?Quiet; high mixed WIXc, do new 4flc,
No. 2 ipot (?Xc, new 45!<c, teller December
held at 4fic, 44J$c bid, rejected ucw
?Xo, damaged 45>jo, new aojji'. OnuDull;
No. 2, atlc.
At the clone Wheat wa? dull; No. 1 white
Michigan SI 31 *n?ber Michigan Heller
December $1 30&. aeller Jnanarv Si .11.
No. 3 Dayton unil Mlehlcun rell $i '-'7*
Corn dull; high mixed 46!*c.
Allegheny futile.
EAST IJUKIITYi Decembers.?Cattle?
Beceinte lo-<l>v 918 brad of through "took
and 408 head of yard atock: total for three
Java 918|head of through nmi 3,159 ot
yard Block. Prime $5 60, good $4 lUaS 00,
common 13 00o4 00,
Hogb? Becelpta tcwlav 4,180 head; total
for three aayi 15,070. Yorkera $4 30*4 40,
Philadelphia t? *0a4 CO.
8n*?r?Uecelpta Uxday 1,800 head; total
for three dayi 4,160 head, (elllng at $4 00
?5 23.
PlIUKurgb Market.
PiTT*Bi:?u!t, December Petroleum
?Dull; erode I'.' 03 at Parker'a; refined
185(0, Philadelphia 4ellY?rj. I
i (HlM|n Cattle Narkffl.
GtticiQO, December t).?The Drovrrt'
r Journal report*:
t CAmic-4teoeipta 2,200; ahipmenta 3,400.
, Yard well filled with good cattle; dull and
small demand except for itockera and feed*
* or*. Prices 25o lower than Monday. Wales
* Mteen at $4 00a5 25, butchers' cowi $2 00a
s 3 75, bull* $t 95a3 25, fiedern $3 25a3 75;
c Colorado* In light supply and alow sales.
' Hous?Receipt* 34,000; shipment* 2,MOO,
r Opened strong and active; closed week and
3 fialOc lower. Tops brought $4 55, Boston*
, $1 4.pi?4 60, mixed packing $4 20a4 25, light
, (1 25a4 30.
, Sit BUI'?Receipt* 1,200; ahipmenta 600.
Steady and in moderate demand; fair iup>
ply. Sales at $3 00a4 25.
i Philadelphia, December O.?Flour
?Steady and unchanged. Wheat?Steady;
| aiubcr ?1 44nl 48, red $1 42al 44, white
[ $145al 60. Com?Firm; yellow C5aG5Hc,
, mixed <lla05c. Oats-Steady; white western
87a89c, western mixed 36tfa37c. ByeQuiet
at 70a72c. Provision* doll. Pork?
$14 00?14 25. Beef?Indiu rneas $23 00a
2:< 50, linms llallKc; beef hams 15al7c.
Hotter? I'nobanged. Kega? Steady; wostern
25c. Cheese?Steady; western 12Ka
13c. Petroleum? Doll; refined 12%al3c;
crude I0#allc.
Dry uoodN.
Nbw York, December fl.? lluainess wai
light with package houses. Cotton goods
quiet, but generally steady in price. Low
grade bleached shirtings are more aotlve.
Prints quiet steady. Oinghaius and cotton
dre?s goods in fair request. Woolen goods
in moderate demand. Cotton warp wonted
coating jobbing at low prices.
I* prtpar*! to make careful and complete analyst!
>f Iron Ore*, Limestones, Mineral Waters, etc.
laboratory cor. 24th and Chnpllne streets
sutt Whwltni. W. Va.
Two Nig*Is Only -THURSDAY 4FRI0AY, 0?c.||4 7.
Miss Kate Claxton!
An!it*l bf Mr. C. A. 8TKVENBON, and bar
TliuMej Ftnnlog, I'ec. Oth, NI*B KATE CLAX*
TON > "LOUISE," lu tbo
7lii Dmum prewnted with New and Baiutlfui
FiH.iv Evening, rkr. 7iii, Farewell Appearand"*
:n? katk claxton m kjilbkete,"
In t be Society picture. FBO'J FBOU.
, Bleb in Kiaiwraio Coituturti and
* ExquUite Toilettes,
I'opuJur Kcule of I'rlce*. Halecf seats romtueocM
on Mondaji v a. m., at Adnuii A Lucas* Music dtoro.
| DU50
| >'HSW & CO.,
Ar? pro]?rtHl at ail times, with the belt material
to nil oTilem for Blank Books, aiicb aa are us?l bjr
Rnuka, Counties, Corporations, Hallroada and MeicImqu.
upon abort notice, and In the moat dealra*
bl iBiii workmanlike manner.
ll<trlng all tbo latent and moat Improved tnichlocfy
we ff?l confident tbut we will render entire
aatlifftcilon to all who favor ui with tbclr orders.
Muslr, Magazlnea and Periodicals of every description
bourn! in a neat and durable uianntsr.
Noa. 25 AND 27 FOUtTXIRTH Bf.,
On account of advanced age, 1 am desirous of
changing tuy residence, and therefore offer for Hid
my farm citiiatctl opposite the city of Wheeling,ou'
the river batik, uiluway between Bridgeport and
Martln'a Ferry, and lruuiedlataly adjoining thw
Tillage of -fitnavUli*. The property conatsiaof 60
acres o( hill nnd table land and 15 of rlv?r boltoui.
It: the bill there are two aeaina of coal, and 3%
feet thick, three depot!u of l.inestone, an 8 foot
win of close texture sand orfrw stone, an 18 foot
v.luof nisrl. which ultogether make a soil and au
underlying bid of deposits of a rich and valuable
On the surface, the larger porl Ion of which Ilea
gently hluplng to the cut, and all und?r direct expusttie
to theaun, Is a Vineyard of 36 acres, mostly
Catawbn grapea, all In lino Wring condition,about
even yearn old, which liai proven ilaeir able to
par a baudmme per rent to tfce cultivator.
The property ia being approached above and below
by at> advancing tide of persona seeking Muall
h> uieetcads, and is now really the only unoccupied
terrlUirv.bMwwn Bridgeport and ilartln'a Ferry.
It la valuable an an Investment for capital seeking
a safe purchase, aud valuable to tlioae who want
market gardening grouuddoH* to the city. Itfronti
beautifully upon tne river and com>nandj a view
of the city, the Island and the whole scenery of ths
The terma of aale will be one-third cash, balance
in two annual paynienta, 8 per cent Intereat en deferred
payments. For further partlculara Inquire
<)a the premises, or by mill at Bridgeport, O.
Gorham Manufacturing Co't Celebrated
Two largeCaaeajuitopened, conalitingof Hpoont,
Forks, Napkin Kings, and fancy pieces tor Preaenti.
Pearl and Ivory Ilandled Kaires, Carvers, dc.
Sole Agents in thlaclty for lbs square pattern
Rustic Letter Initial Slesve button. Call and ate
Jnut received at
1.119 maukkt.8t.
Shields house,"
No. 7 Sixth St., netr Suipentlan Brldp,
W.H.STAHLMAN, Proprietor,
Tlii* House lms l*cu thoroughly renovated and
refitted, with all the modern Improvement! added.
Ladlea and Families will find the Jfotia* aulted la
every **y to their wanta.
FrlT?te entrant, Parlora, dr.
It t? located lo one of the moat prominent itmta
111 me iiiivi wnnj 01 lap viljr aua la WCll TOtllated
ili uuahout.
ilir Ulilii in mpplled with the b?t ihe nuukat
nrtords. Hirect car* ( iu* the door every five minute*
for all pari* of theclt y, Allegheny, Manchcttv
and Houth tiiilr.
1 he proprietor hai aerved a long tluio In tliu liualiw,
*nd know* will the want* of gUMta, Bipedal117
thoan of our farmer*. Kalea very moderate, only
m.rtO FEB DAY.
Drover* and Kronen ibould bear In wind that
tliu eUbllog atucbed to the Huu.no la very lin?
and of the beat order. .Accommodation! Tor WO
wrN. a?The Wheeling J.HTKLUeraPJtt ii recalled
regularly at tb!a Houac for the benefit o{ gwti
from thai aectluu. atpS-M
v./ received direct from Charleston, In ator? ata
tar by M. ABILLY,
IIOB and llllUaln 8\r?U

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