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A DAIRY FABM, on Caldwell's Bud,
oouUioing about 100 acres, with all need*
ed improvements. Enquire of
law Offlee, 71 Twelfth BL deM
Ofiee Xooni ??* Ww, Derry'i Ptuj
Store, on Market attest.
Room* under McLurt lioun Hots),
Hrirk Dwdling ilouio of Kit mouiaad kitchen,
With both gi?, hot sod cold writer, attuate on Ohio
stmt, Islsud*
0 bar bouxi to r?nt. Apply to
Containing eight rooms, gaa and water.
Possession to be had Immediately.
Appljr t<? JOHN EBBEBT,
dslO No. 20 Seventh Btreel.
In o?w Waiblugloti Hall building will be
or rent by Jsnusry lit. Ptraor ilealrlun xood
builnees room In s good location, on rvaeonable
terup, can get injorinatlon from
At Franklin Ina. Ufflce.
The mldanos No. 44 Fifteenth street, and a *lxroomed
houseon the laland. Immediate puaeoeelon
Al?, aftor April lit, 1878, a number uf Blow-1
rujun uu nwriuugi iu uiucicui ?uc u?/
Ruqune of >1. KOUBW,
de& lUiChapllce btrwt.
jpOa KKNT?
WarebooaoNo. 13Hrurlf*ut!iitmt. Ou?ofth?
hMt located In th? 11 y fura Oouiulailon or Product*
Store, lieiujt near tu? il. a U. Mill 1\ W. A K j.
Depot*. font low. I'oneadou can t? hid luitut?l
lately. Apply to
y, - >U B'Xtwntb 81.
Th? One Ilraiilenro, northeait coruer of Twelfth
aud fcoffilrcei* 1'inwMlun Ai>rll 1st. Alau, the
dwelling one door above Twelfth atre?t,on eaat
Hide of rxtl ittwl. 1'omcmIod Ajrll Ut. Alio,
two dwelling apartm?uU fit fid* of Market Bt.,
half a iquaie above 8.rood Ward Market. Poaaef
Blon Immediately. JAH. 1.. IIAWLEY,
uo28 iriO Main MtrmU
,|) well furnl*btf<l Front Jtooui, centrally locate*!,
with or without Hoard, aulub'e lot threw or four
ftentlauietl. fcnuiilruat Iblsotflns no20*
of tboae fctiiiill laucy Store Rooms,
Willi good Dwelling alUclieil, on F.levmith
IWea.iion to be hml immedintfely.
Jy7 J. 1KWIN, Agent.
Containing eljht rwtui au<l Hath Uoutu, on
Jacob itieet, between 18tb and Mb, wot aldr:
Hit and water. Will be rental low la rvafonalbtr
tuuut. Bnqulri ol
du21 Bookucller ami HUtlonw, 10M Main 8t
in the County Court of Ohio Couuty, W??t Virginia.
IhomaaColrln )
f*. In Chancer/.
J. K.baili et at. j
? Jlr Tlrtiif of a decrw ol IhuCouuty Court ol Ohio
County, ontrred oti lb* day 01 Octotmr, 1977,
In tbe Chancery Order Book of wild Court, on i?k?*
SOI, In tb* chancery cauteof Thomas Cohln rt. J. I
K. DafU etal. In Mid Court, tb* undersign*! S|*- i
rial CviatnUaloner will on
iiATUBDAY, the?M day of l>ecenjl*r, 1577,
At lUti'eiork A. M., it tbe (Mint door uf the Court
Hoaaiof Ohio county, W. Va., prci-ted to atfil at
public auction the following valuable real estate,
Baftnning cm the loutb line of John itrcet (uow
lflth) lit a txjiill wtiirli Li twentr-tli m< Irrt ltnd one
alxtb inrbe* from the northeant cornero! lot number
one buudrtd and tlghty-one (lsl) ?n?l in tbo
centre of the dlvihlou wall between tbo first and
second tenement* wivt uf alley; thence westwaid
with south ride of Jobu street (now ICth street)
fifteen leet and three incbts to tbc eaetwardlr line*
of property owned by James McAdntns, and wlili
bla line (division in part between second and tblrd
tenement*) one hundred and twenty-lour feet and
tan tccbei to tbe n itliwanlly line of alley in rear
and with tbe same eiutwardly tif.een feet and teu
Inches to a Make wblrh li twenly-thtee feet and
one-ilxth Inches Iroui the southeast corner of aald
lot; tbenre northwardly to and w^h tbecen're of
dlvlilon wall between Mid tenements one and two
ona hundred uml twenty-four feet and ten Incite*
to the place of beglnnl!)};. together with the buildings
and appurteunncu thereunto belonging, being
the mm property heretofoie conveyed to aald
I)*tU bwTnoma* O'Brien and wife by uced dated
Jsnuary 'JJtb, 1#75.
Tsua-i or Hals?One-third of tbe purchase
money In euli. and as uiurh m.re as the
purchaser may eiect, one-half of tbe remainder in
ulne months inun the day of sale, nnd the remainder
0! tbe purchase money lu eighteen months
front the day of rale, the??urcha*>r giving blauote*
with approved security for each of said deferred
Installnicnta. bald note* to bear legal Interest and
the. title will be retained until all the purchase
money la paid up.
ripectal Commissioner.
J. CffAMBKM Hkrvkt, Auctioneer. ttolU
HOUdE FOR HALE.-I offer for rale the houw
on Koutb Front street, Island. In which I now
bastde. Home contaha nine rooms, pentrr, bath
r-iom and water cloaet; wafh house and coal house
in the basement. There are hot aud cold water
and g*a flxtu?w on all three floors. The lot is 60
by 128 feet, and the wounds well improved.
Tertnaeasy. At ply to Hervsy A Drltt.
Wp87 youth Front Btrcet, island.
Eighty choice Building Lota on Wheeling Island.
Price from WOO to WOO each. Only oue-?lxth of
th? purchase money required In caah. The residue
mar be paid annually tn vivx equal installments
wlili Interest.
1*? At Top Mill.
Caimelite Melissa Coidial,
Annual Sales
&btbew "bottles.
KupportM and lurtalnetl hr the endowment of
tbavxMt eminent of F11KNC1I l'fiACTITIONEB8.
a sovereign remedy for
and all nervous affections,
Soli hy all DrugiUtn. ifoueral Of|>ot at BUVER'd,
No. 59 Park I'lacv, New Vork.
laughlin bros. & co., '
Wholesale Dock'*, Wheeling, W. V?.
Ju?t received at
1319 SlARKKT ST.
Hot. 2416 Koir St. an<l FimuufTji tawcr,
8i*cUl attention glrm to til ktndi of Brickwort
la tht rity or country. <x2?
Wbolmle Dmlwi la
top la ?(oek a fuUwortment of tht tartan ktoda
and (ndM. oc-Ji
For Christmas!
Fine Slippers!
Fine 'Slippers! |
Fine Slippers!
Also, the largest stock of BOOTS and
SHOEd In the city, which I offer at Ureal
Bargains to reduce stock. PLE ABE CALL
1140 Mall Strut,
' r\n*rmitarr
M * AO JL ?
OflUa and Jteridince. No. 1007 Main Bt, oppodU
Union, Wheeling, W. Va.
WNIt.-ooj Oxidi (Hi and olhtr Anaithatla
admlnli tared. BjrU
The Holidays
We offer elegant 8tilped Hllka, usually retailed
it ?! 00. (or fife.
W ? cffer l'lain Colored Silk* at SI 00.
Woolt'jr our #2 CO Mark bilk a* 81 50.
We odur our |3 00 Blark bilk at ?2 00.
We offer Milks it mrh low prices ai will aatonlab
evety one.
Our entire mock to clear at eoit. Bear thli in
mind, an J If you wlah a Caabtuereur Poplin, etc,
you will aare money by giving ua a call.
We are the lidiliiuirtera for iheut, our itock always
complete. W? manufacture our own, and
will nave yuu (rout Si 00 to 110 00.
Special Bargains in Kuri.
NOTION.'?A full linn of Gloves, Ladies' and
Q etit's Itandk'fs, 11m, Collars and Cutis, etc., all it
a mluctlou.
I'uukiial Baiyilna in Housekeeping fiooda, and
hundreds of otuer uasful articles suitable for Holiday
Pr?senta, at
X. bltjim: sc BRO'S
1101 Iflttiu Hired.
During the eleven yean I have been practicing
in Wheeling 1 have idtnlnlitered gaa to over seven
thousand persona with Pkkvkct Barrrr, and in
aluiuit every case with entire satisfaction to inysell
and patients.
We constantly keep on handa purs NltrouiOxide
ti?a for those tbat J wire to take It.
u<)? no. 1I? UtTEOl Oli
UOM>AY, DEC. 17, W77.
flew AdvortlwuituM.
Plumbers?1Thompson & Hibberd.
Sideboard-*. See.?G. Mendel. iJootli &
Toys?O. C. Gentler [third page].
H'iil They Coine?A. W. Paiill A Bro.
Novelties for the Holidays.
The Weekly Intelligencer.
Orphans' Feallval.
To Whom it 3Iay Concern.
For Rent?Dwelling*.
Holiday Presents?Lou in Dechert.
Offal?D. C. List, Jr.
Hteamer Andes.
Steamer Kxpre??. '
Notice?Barna. Powell.
Tiiermometkr Record.?'The following
shown the range of the thermometer
as observed at Schnepfa drug store, Opera
Home corner:
8 a. u. 12 m. s p. m. 7 r. M.
".5 a ti 6*
8 a. Hi. 12 M. 3 r. II. 7 r. M.
Balmy and spring-like.
"December's aa pleasant as May."
Twenty-nine arrests were made by the
police last week.
The hollow days ia tbe way it sounda
to a man's pocket-took.
Only one marriage license was iaaucd
last week in Ohio county.
The uolice should suppress th&gamina
who pull door-bella and then flee.
A squad of the Schmulbach Zouaves
were out practicing at target shooting on
The Sub-Rota Social haa disbanded for
the present. There is some prospect of a
Frank Waiters will receive a couple
of deer to-day, from the mountains, tor
his country place.
The Beethoven Singing Society will
give a concert and ball in their hall, corner
Main and 14th atreetB, ou New
Year's Eve.
The ring around the moon last night
either means that it will or won't rain
during the next twenty-four hours. So
,?oi-^........ 1
.uki^uiumk uluiuiugl*.
Baki.ow, Wilson, Primrose & Wen I'd
minstrels left for Baltimore .yeaterday
morning, where they open to-night at the
Jiolliday Street Theatre for a week's engagement.
The Sunday Luminary appeared yesterday
without a line of telegraph. The
Pittsburgh evening papers tailed ngsin,
we presume, by the nine o'clock train
Saturday uight.
FntoEiu Crush Ki>.?CapL Wally Starens,
u conductor on the Cleveland & Pittsburgh
Road, had two of his fingers
crushed at Wellsville, on Saturday, while
coupling earn.
A festival for the benefit of the orphans
in charge of the Sisters of tit. Joseph,
will bo given at 1113 Main ntreet,
between Uth and 12th streets,thin and tomorrow
Y. M. C. A.?An adjourned meeting in
th? interMt of th? Ynunir Men'* flhrid.
tiau Association will be held in the Koom
of thp Board of Education (Crangle'u
block),thin evening.
As Market street has become one of the
finest, as well as the principal utreet of
our city, we hear iiHUggested that Council
change the name from Market to 5th
avenue or Broadway.
We acknowledge the receipt of an inn.
tation to attend a ball given by the Mwnnerchor
in Qermania Hall on the 3lat of
December. The committee consist* of R.
Conrad, Q. Guttenberg, D. Kull, Ed.
Scheufler and Charles Kreiter.
Accidikt at thi Nkw Kiilboad Depot.?A
scaffold upon which Charles
Lecdham and Bruce Capito were at work
weatherboanling, at the P. W. A Ky.
Railroad depot, on 8aturdav morning,
gave way and precipitated them to the
ground, a distance of perhaps thirty feet.
Both *ere insensible when picked up,
but recoTertd sufficiently to walk home.
i-rV- 'i ! ' ii'u -rYt
Thi Ooom.?Uopmmi Oocot of Aprtiis?Judgu
Raymond, Moore, Qreen
and Johnson.?The Supreme Court met
at 2 p. m? Haturday, and transacted tbe
following business:
Pithole Creek Petrolenm'Comnany Ye.
Rlttenhouse. Wirtcounty. Opinion by
Moore affirmed.
John Carlon's administrator ti. Ruffner,
Donnellee A Co. Kanawha county,
(two cases). Opinion by Moorereversed
and new judgment rendered.
An appeal wu refuted in the case of
the American Eible Society vs. Edmu nd
Pendleton, administrator^! Mary Cooper.
Daniel Lamb and George Jeffer*. a
committee of two appointed to examine
the Clerk's office, presented their report.
The court ordered the publication of
the eleventh volume of the Weit Virginia
The usual allowances were made to the
officers of the court.
Adjourned to the first day of the next
regular term, which meets at Charleston,
Kanawha county, on the second Wednes*
any in January nexi.
Couirnr Court?Judyt Boyd.
The County Court met at the usual
hour on Saturday morning, and transact*
ed the following business during the day:
The will of James Quigg, deceased, wan
proved and admitted to probate. W. C.
Handlau was appointed Administrator,
and gave bond in the sumof$40,u00. with
J.J. Kain,John Waterhouse and John H.
Hobbs as sureties.
Csroline Keiber vs. William P. Hub'
bsrd, commissioner, certified by Justice
Miller, was reset for trial Saturday, Dec.
Moses Ray vs. William Gaston; plea of
not guilty entered,and leave given to file
special plea within ten days.
Lawrence Clark and Michael Donovan
vs. Nail City Brewing Company; judg*
ment for $'27 lf>. A motion for a new
tiial was msde bjr defendants.
The will, of J. Sentlinger, deceased, was
proved and admitted to probate. Henry
Helmbright wo.< qualified as executor,
with Peter Bachmsn and George Hook as
sureties; bond $4,000.
Adjourned until Monday morning.
Trial list for to day :
(Jame* A. Cunningham vs. A. Yocke.
A. H. Britt vs. Thomas Hogg.
J. McConnell, appellee, vs. Fairfax 4
Joy, sppellants.
George Bauer vs. J. H. Watkins.
B. II. Remond vs. L. P. Cornwall.
Police Court?Ju</y? Crarmer,
There was only one case before His
Honor yesterday morning, viz:
John''Wilson wan up for a plain drunk,
and in default of $2 and costs was ?ent to
thecity prison for thirty days.
There were no cases before the court in
the afternoon.
A fair audience was present at the temperance
meeting at Oil'* Hall Saturday
night. Kev. Jon.Gledhill, of firidgeport,
delivered a well prepared lecture, which
occupied aliout an hour and a half, after
whicli Mr. E.U. Cracraft made a few remarks.
The untial Sunday afternoon temper*
ance prayer meeting wan held in the
above hall yesterday, conducted by the
ladies of the Temperance Hand. There
in quite an interest maiufwted in these
Sunday afternoon meeting)*, good audiencen
generally being present.
Last night another meeting wan held in
this hall in the interest of the temperance
cause, a large rrowd being in attendance.
Vice President Wincher conducted the
meeting, tfnd opened by reading a portion
of the 11th chapter of Judges. The
following K'lillewen made short addresses
: Mcs?rs. John West wood, H. E.
Well* and Titos. Cartwright. The meeting
wan cloned with benediction by A. 0.
Wincher. There were five aignern to the
Rtv. CAftTo'd Case.?The case of Rev.
L. 0. Canto, which has been before a
court of triers of appeal* selected from
the Ohio, Enst Ohio and Pittsburgh Conferencen,
in this city, the past week, haa
been remanded back to the West Virginia
Conference, Mr. Canto having shown
that he is silrle to produce new aud important
evideilce. Mr. Canto wai Home
time since expelled irom the ministry
and the church for immoral conduct, and
at the Went Virginia Annual Conference
in October la-it he took an appeal, which
wa? referred to the appellate court referred
to above. The cane will come before
the Annual Conference, at Parkersbitrcr.
inOntnliPr np*l.
How to Solve the Bridgeport Mystery.?It
been suggested that a good
way to noire the mystery connected with
the McQrew tragedy, would be through
Brown, the Mind Header, who exhibits
in thin city on Wednesday night next.
We see it slated that he hart recently been
successfully employed in Holving a somewhat
similar mystery in New York State,
and l>y bin thought reading, nower secured
the conviction of a murderer. The
McGrew ca*e would be a good test of his
power, and would be one in which he
would probably willingly aid the cause
of justice. NVhat say the Bridgeport auI
thoritics ?
The Booke of the Schmulbach Zouaves.?The
score made by a squad of the
Schmulb&ch Zouaves, on Saturday last,
si n utaitiucc ui ~w jrarun, wan aa loiiows
(se*en shots): Lieat. Robertson 20, Sergeant
Shallas 20, Sergeant Stoetzer 16,
Corporal Iluttertieid 16, Corporal Williamson
17, Private Gary 20, Private
Wagoner t?, Private Wilkinson 12, Private
Cline 2. Private Gearing 8, Private
Briggs 15, 1'rivate Wright 18, Private
Stevens 3, Private Prager 5, Private Roue
16, Marker SUallas 10, Marker Darrah 2.
Payixu ThkirTaxes.?Auditor Miller
infonun iih that during the past week he
received over $50,000 from Sheriff* who
came to the city to pay their county taxed.
As the taxert are not due until the 20th
of January, the promptness of the Sheriffs
indicates that money is not bo scarce
in the interior as here in the metropolis
of the Slate. However, this is the first
year in office for the Sheriffs, and they
are perhaps more vigilant on that account.
The Misstkels.?Barlow, Wilson,
Primrose ami West's minatrels performed
at the Opera House on Saturday afternoon
and evening to very fair audiences.
The entertainment in the afternoon was
similar to that of the previous evening,
hut a change of programme was given in
the evening. Both entertainments were
heartily enjoyed by the audience, and the
manageineut may rest assured that the
company will receive a warm greeting
should th?y return to the city, which we
hope they will not fail to do. *
A- Fowl Deed.?During Saturday
night a thief visited the premises of Mr.
august iuu*gge,on Jbott street, just above
22d, and cleaned out his hen roo#t most
effectually. In the hennery the thief got
live chickens and two ducks, and hanging
outside the kitchen he found two dressed
turkiea, which he took possession of.
There is no clue to the thief.
More Light.?We hear a great many
complaining in regard to the lamps on
the National Road, from 7th street to the
head of the hill. The other lamps are
lighted, but the people traveling in that
direction are compelled to find tneir way
to market in the dark. Don't know whose
fault it i*.
Letters detained in the city Postoffice
for non-payment of postage; Jacob Bon*
estell, 0., 1 cent; Luther Etxler, Island,
city, 1 cent; O. Uthman, Island, city, 1
cent; W. R. Donaldson, Island, city, 1
cent; Martin Ditman, Inland, city, 1 cent;
Dr. A. C. George, No. 00 15th street, city,
2 cents; Messrs. K. N. & G. A. Theaker,
Martin's Fetry, 0., 3 cents.
Died Suddenly,?On Friday evening
last David Donovan, a well known glass
blower, fell dead at Martin's Ferry, of
heart disease. Donovan vu well known
on this iltle of the river. He was about
forty-five yeara of afe.
- - ???mm
TH? FCTUM PAT? ?* ttttSAttiM)
IHfAllli.?Blihop Rain, at the Cathedral
yesterdrv morning, preached a sermon
upon "The Future Fata of UnbaptlMd
I of ante." taking hie text from John III.
3 6: "Unices a man bo born again of
water and the Holy Ghost, be cannot enterinto
the Kingdom of Heaven." Tho
following U a nynopwin of the sermon:
Firit alluding lo his sermons of last
Sunday, in which he showed that all of
Adam's posterity, Mart excepted, are
born in the etate of sin, the Bishop
etated that this doctrine gave rise to the
Suestion, "What becomes of children who
ie without receiving baptism?" The
Catholic Church teaches that these will
not enjoy the beatific ,vision of God in
heaven. But this doctrine in no way irnJiliee
that they are predestined to hell;
or the church does not teach that they
even go to the hell of the damned. The
decision of the Council of Florence must
not be so understood. Qod wills all to be
saved, and all are included In the 8a*
viours scheme of redemption. (I Tim.
114 0). Adulta dying stained with no personal
tin, wilt share the fate of unbaptix*
ed infante, but,dying In actual, grievous
sin, they are lost through their own fault,
for all receive sufficient help to escape
eternal perdition. This ie true, even of
the heathen, ( Horn. II14-15),
To throw more light on the fate of the
unbaptixed infant, the Protestant and
Catholic doctrines concerning original
justice and original sin were explained.
In the Protestant theory, original justice
was nothing more than the natural integrity
and rectitude in which God created
the first man. Grace was not a gratuitous
gift, but it belonged essentially to
human nature. God could not make a
rational creature tor any other end than
the enjoyment of heaven. When man lost
original justice he loot what was essential
to his nature, and he became totally depraved.
His posterity are born in a
state of total depravity. They can do and
think nothing out sin, and are doomed
front the first moment of exigence to the
torment* of hell. Thin theory cannot be
reconciled with the neccwiary goodness of
Qod toward* Hi* rational creatures. God
cannot create beings in the necessity of
sinning, and suffering in conaequence the
greatest of torments. It is idle to attempt
to reconcile such a doctrine with
the divine benevolence. Redemption is
indeed a pure mercy and a free grace.
God might have left the human race unredeemed,
or He ufcht have redeemed
only a part of mankind. But thi* doctrine
and the doctriue that God sincerely
love* His creatures cannot be reconciled
with those Protestant notions of original
justice and original sin.
The Catholic Church teaches that orginal
justice, with the promise of the beatific
vision of God in heaven, was a
wholly gratuitous and supernatural gift.
It wan not essential to human nature.
When lost by the fall, human nature wa*
not totally depraved; it was deteriorated;
but it retained all that i* e**eutial to it;
il remains essentially good. The child
that dies unbaptized i* iu the same condition
Adam would have been in{ had he
not fallen and had he not received the
gift of grace in hi* creation, with thi*
difference that then maii'n condition being
in the order established by God, would
not have been hateful to him; whereas
now, owing to its deordination, hi* present
state i* displeasing to Almighty God.
It is through the instrumentality of
baptism, that man is brought into union
with Uod through Christ; that he is
rained from his fallen condition to the
supernatural order; that he becomes a
oliild of Uod and heir of heaven.
Before citing proof* that such is the
effect of baptism, the Bishop gave the
different views held by theologian*, regarding
the condition in the next world
of unbaptized children. The weight of
authority is all in favor of the opinion
that their only punishment consists in the
privation of the glorv of heaveu. Some,
as Cardinal Sfrondrati. concede to them
every kind of natural happiness. All
that is of faith, is that they do not see
and enjoy God in heaven. This is certain
from the words of the Saviour already
cited (John iii, 5). Scripture andtradition
assure us that baptism remits sin,
audi* a true regeneration. (Acts ii, 38;
xzii, 10; Eph. v, 25; 1 Cor. vi, 11). One
of the earliest creeds?that of Constantinople?
saya! "1 confess one baptism for
the remission of sins." Here the Bishop
introduced citations from the early fathers
of the churh?Irenwus, Origen, Augustine
and others.
Baptism being then the Sacrament of
regeneration, children who have not received
it remain in their fallen condition,
and they have no claim to the glory of
heaven. They are the children of a father
who was raised to princely honors, which
he lorfeited for himself and his posterity
by treason against his royal benefactor.
They have all their fallen nature may
justly demand of .the God who made
them, and they have no title to the princely
honors purchased anew by the Divine
.Redeemer. The teachings of the reformers
of the 16th century, that they are
dnnmiul In llrn tnrmnnlu i,f lha ilrnnniul in
hell, well nigh met with the formal condemnation
of the Council of Trent. It in
not true?it cannot be true. All that we
know to have been certainly revealed is
that they do not enter the Kingdom of
God's glory.
The Biflhofi closed with a few consols.tory
reflections addressed to parent*
whose children, whether unbaptued or
baptised, it had pleased God to take from
Hotel Arrivals.?The following are
among the late arrivals at the leading
St. Jame*?L. W.Channington, Belnre,
0; H. W. Koon, Mannington; W. S,
Adams, Columbus, 0; Win. Kolhausen,
Grafton; Calvin Miller, Union Grove, W.
Va.; A. Coleman, Hardy county, W. Va.;
J. K. Davids, Ironton, 0.; E. E. Warner,
Bel pre, 0.; F. J.Forsythe, Baltimore; S.
B. Simons, Clarksburg; Thos. B, Burns,
Siamm?F. Smith, Clarington, 0.; Jeff.
Ault, George Ault, Belmont, 0; M. Ii.
Denniston, West Liberty; Win. M. Lee,
Holliday's Cove; N. B. Evans, Washington,
Pa; A. G.Yeelef, Bellaire, 0.; Geo.
S. Sirong, Baltimore; G.W. Ryan, Marysville,0.;C.
K. Mangel. Louisville, Ky.
MeLure.?Wm. C. Jenkins, Zanesville,
0.; 8. W. Sutherland, Smithfield, 0; L.
C. C. McAdams, Warrenton, 0.; Thomas
H. Boswell. X. 0. Marshall, Baltimore; G.
E. Goddard, Pittsburgh; A. J. Williamson,
Cumberland; D. H. Patterson, Baltimore;
George G. Morrison, Weston; C.
L.Gillman, Newburg; H. T. Alexander,
Clarksburg; L.W.IIamilton, Martinsburg;
J. F. Suberlong, Akron, 0.; W. L. Kichardson,
Grafton; G. F. Kingsburg, Marietta,
Ohio; H. C. D. Chamberlin, Steubenville.
Trouble wish a Lunatic.?On Satnrday
evening a lunatic who has been allowed
considerable freedom at the county
jail, on account of his generally quiet demeanor
and supposed convalescence, visited
a temperance meeting at Ott'a Hall,
and while there became no excited that
Mr. John Peters, the janitor at thd Court
House, took him in charge and with some
difficulty got him back to jail. While
air. i eiern wm escorting nitu 10 lirtnon
he wu bitten several times by the insane
Owino to the great crush of hand>bills
during the week, the Sunday paper waa
compelled to leave out all its telegraphic
news. Great misfortune?that the Pittsburgh
evening papers did not arrive on
time. No apology la considered necessary
for the absence of local news from that
paper, as no one ever dreams of finding
any tiling in the leader that has.not first
appeireu in ice ueuy ]>a)>eril.
Perpetual Motion.?A young mechanic
ol thl< city,who hu bten Undying
oat the theory oi perpetual motion for
ometlme, thinks that he hu iol?ed the
problem. He says he can use it for rocking
a cradle or running a email ia?. and
it will do Ita work eitltfactorily.
Tkc deed* of truat and eight deeds in I
Fee were admitted to record by the Clerk i
of the County Court last week. ?
Ptfiptr Puuoulfbs.?R?v. Wilding
of the North Street Church,preached at'
the Chiplloe Street Church lut evening.
Dr. A. 0. George, at the Fourth Street
M.E. Church, yeiterday morning, delivered
a discourse a poo the subject of "A
Beautiful Old Age, a* a memorial of the
late Mra. Ann LiiU
The Sacrament ot the Lord's Supper
vu administered yesterday morning at
the Firat Presbyterian Church, by Rev.
Cunningham, the pastor.
Rev. W. E.Bippey occupied the pulpit
of the Chapline Street M. E. Church yea*
terday morning.
Kev. J. A. Lanoaater preached at Wea*
ley M. E. Church yesterday morning.
Rev. J. F.Curtia conducted services for
the Reformed Episcopal Congregation
yesterday morning.
The Rev. Father Collins, one of the
clergymen at St. Alphonsus Church, delivered
yesterday at the high mass a truly
admirable discourse on "Curlatian Charity."
Rev. T. F. Clancy will leave for Mt.
Morialt to-day, to attend a Sunday School
Institute in session there.
On accountof the absence of the pastor,
no services were held at the Disciples'
Church yesterday.
Communion services were observed at
the First Presbyterian Churoh yesterday
morning, when ten or twelve new members
were added.
The English Lutheran Church, on 10th
street, was largely attended yesterday,
the paster preaching the sermons. The
morning subject was "Paul's Trial,"
from 2 Tim. iv; 16.17. The evening sermon
wno on "Heading," from Luke x; 20.
Good beoks and pure newspapers were
commended, but impure literature and
exciting talea were shown u? in their
horrid deformity. The Sunuay School
address was on the lesson "Paul at
On Sunda* eveninc. a lan?? ??! ?n.
thusiastio temperance meeting wan held
at Parker's Hall, which waa conducted
by 8. II. Cray ton. Addresses were made
G. \V. Bapgs, Mr. Parker, from Jianesville,
Ohio, Jno. Woods, Capt. Jno. Baggaand
ttev. Wilding. Mr. Parker said he had
been an elder In the Presbyterian Church
for twenty year*, and in the laatyear had
spent $1,300 for whisky.
There will be a concert in this hall on
Thursday, for the benefit of the Parker
Hall Temperance Union.
A new board of directors was elected
yesterday at the Uerinan Lutheran
Church, of|which Rev. Vaaa is pastor.
Personal Points.?Col. H. C. Johnion,
of the Cumberland News, waa in the
city on Saturday.
Rev. George K. Ilite, of the Fulton M.
E. Church, has returned from a visit to
Brandonville and Knottsville,thid State.
Maj ?r J. M. Doddridge, of Kanawha
county, is visiting his old friends in this
oity. "
Capt. Phil. Anshutz, of Buck Hill Bottom.
wan in fh? ritv nn SUinnHw.
Mr. James Cunningham, jr., is holding
temperance meetings at Lonaconirg, Md.
Rev. A. Schleicher carried ott" a goldheade
1 cane which was voted to the most
popular minister, at the orphans' festival
of the Church of the Immaculate
Andrew Hopkins, Esq., of the Washington
(Pa.), Review and Examiner, has
been upending several davs in the citjr.
Mr. James Hamilton leaves for Pittsbugh
this morning to join Bryant's minstrels,
he having engaged that company
for the week beginning December 31st.
He does not expect to play them in
We are sorry to hear that Messrs. Oxtoby
& DutHeld, the enterprising jewelers,
have decided to leave our city and locate
in Erie, Pa. They are clever gentlemen,
and will bemitwed by the entire community.
The date'of their departure has not
teen determined upon, but they expect to
go in April, if not before. May success
attend theui in their new home.
Mr. Robert George, who was born and
raised in North Wheeling, and whose
father kept a grocery on the corner of
7th and Main streets for a number of
year?, died in St. Louis a few days since.
Mr. Uenrge was au engineer on one of
the packet boats on the Mississippi.
Messrs. Jo. Greenland Njck Gaits will
leave to day for Cambridge, Ohio, for
several days shooting in that neighborhood.
They take along a couple of new
breech loaders to test.
Mr. J. C. Moran, a member of the
Select Council of Philadelphia, is spending
a few days with Mr.Ed.L&rkin, the
dry goods merchant.
Tub Goose-Bone Prophecy.?The
universally pleasant weather we have experienced
recently has added to the interest
attached to meteorological predictions,
and everybody is wondering what
sort of a winter we're going to have, any
how.^ A study of the meteorological
coloring of the historical goose-bone in*
dicatea that we are to have a severe winter.
^ The prospects .are good for fair
Christinas weather, and what December
lacks in cold weather will be .fully made
up in January. The new year will probably
he welcomed by bright weather, but
the welcome will be brief, and we will
have cold weather before the middle of
ujo mourn, wmcn win continue, with the
intersperaion of a few bright days, and
running, at the laat of the month, into
the most severe weather we have had for
years. February will be a cold, blustering
month, and winter will no doubt go a
good wav along with spring, carrying
cold weather and snow into March. Thong
who take stock in the goose-bone will lay
in their fuel and keep plenty of warm
clothing about the house, as the little
prophet predicts a long winter and some
very severe weather during January.
According to it,we will have a longspell of
cold weather during,the first two months
of the new year.
"How Tiiry Do Thinos in Wheeling."?*Wilk?i'
Spirit of (he Tinua, under
this caption, has the following:
Mrs. Oiten opened at the Opera House,
Wheeling, \V. Va., Dec. 3. It rained all
the tiuio nlie was in Wheeling, and our
correspondent tells us as follows: The
first night it poured in torrents. The
second, the musical director, Aug. Prendigram,
dropped dead in the hotel?no
show. Third night, awful storm. Fourth
day, press accounts unfavorable to Mrs.
Oates appear in the papers, and the lady
departs, swearing vengeance on Wheel- ,
ing. Immediately after Mrs. Oates1 def&rture
up comes Miss Claxton in Frou ,
rou. Wheeling did not like her in Erou
Frou. Mr. Davis, of Wheeling. who
managed the company on shares, and
worked hard, was struck by the "panic," ,
when he discovered the house crowded
and no money in the box office. Unknown
parties had stolen the tickets and
distributed them broadcast over the city.
Of course, once in, they could not be
turned out. Exit Misa Claxton & Co. in
utter dingust.
The McGrsw Drowning Cub.?1The
coroner's jury in the McGrew drowning ,
case, at Bridgeport, met again on Saturday
afternoon. No witnesses were examined,
and the jury adjourned until to- ,
day. It is thought that additional testimony,
which will throw some light upon
the tragedy, mar yet be obtained, and
every effort will be made to secure all the
evidence bearing upon the case. It is the
intention of the authorities to aift the
matter to the bottom.
A couple of farmers had quite a war j
of words on lust Saturday morning, near \
the Second Ward Market, occasioned by
one accusing the other of tikimr annioa
from his place. They parted aaylngthey ,
would settle it at home. So mote it be. ]
On Saturday afternoon a squad of the <
Mathews light Guards, In charge of 1
Lieut. Ltnch, went down to Bellaire and !
had a shooting match with Company D.of
that city. Our boys were victorious by a
icoreofl88to 166.
Bf wise in time and procure Dr. Ball's I
Dough 8jrap, which always cures Coughs i
ind Colds prevent* consumption. ]
25 cents; large size, 50 cents. dAw
' l:iy v . : /
Ltttit Folks' Cotomt,?A my good
audience *u in attendance >t the "Little
Folkt' Concert," it Parkers' H>|], on the
Sooth Bid*, Saturday evening. The
juniors acquitted - theoiaelreft noil, and
their efforte to (orniah a pleaaant evening'e
entertainment to their frieodi vat
heartily appreciated. We print the programme
below :
OnoiM Bfrtleae by Mr. J. If. BIchiMi, Director
Lutl. Ctilltlran, Cora. tojaeiia II ytnu.
_ . ? Tllia Hani. Hamasl.
Drilnkird'a Dauabter ...Oration.
Mm Cuilt Wation.
M; Flrat Hpfeclu......... ? ?Oration,
Milt Huo Murdoch.
Union intl Llbfrty..., .-.Oration
Muter lilac FraRl.
Mid Hnillnf..^................. 0rlU0D
Mm Alma Connrr.
Father, Dear F.ther Sow,
Min Georgia Oeborn.
Chitierbox........ Oration
Mice Ptrdle Kemp.
Broken Doll Oratkw
. ta DolHeainc
la hcrUlUc tod w# laid her
_ . , Little and Matnle Haricot.
Dutch man .. -..Oration.
Mr. Win. Whlua.
Cold Water,..- Oration,
Ml* Mary W, Oiborn.
rar axroxo.
Bltljh Blda~ gone,
?ii -r, tbula? Bellville.
All Tlpeey But Me..... Oration.
Muter Chirlea Wataon.
Ii It Anybody'* Builneetf Oration,
_ Mlii Pcvlnney.
Temperance Bong. .....
. . nr- wm- wnima.
The Man and the Old HUH .-...Oration.
MIm Mollis Mu'dock.
The Cruclfled On*
Muter IMic Frew.
Ihe l'unny Man. Oration.
Maalw Chart* BaWllto.
I'll Paint \ou h t ltn. ltum?*H?f
MIm MoI'lo Murdock.
Procl.ui Jewell* ...??..8oni.
Mlnei 4liua aod Laura Conner.
Dutch ioat ............
Wm. Wlitmi.
Market street was thronged with people
on Saturday evening, intent on seeing
the holiday goods displayed in the shop
windows, The crowd was simply immense;
we do not remember neeing so
many people on the etreeta when there
was no especial excitement to draw them
out IVn IS. ll._
uuw ii * ti?ucvuunu(| a uiciru(iuiiD| an
it were, or words to that efleet."
Select Social.?The young folk* of
Bridgeport are making great preparations
(or a masquerade, to be held at
Cook's Hall on the evening of December
27th, where an enjoyable evening will be
spent by all who are so fortunate as to
receive an invitation. T. T. Cockayne's
orchestra will furnish the music.
Sal* op Rbal Estate.?W. H. Haller,
auctioneer, sold last Saturday, at auction,
the following real estate: lot No. 2 on
south side of 12th street to the Nail City
Building Association for $2,175; lota No.
7,8 and part of lot No. 9, with three tenement
houses, were bought by the Frank*
lin Building Association for $2,500.
A diagram of the score recently made
by Prof. Dwight, at Woodland Range,
with a Maynard Creedmor rifle, has re*
cently been issued by the Massachusetts
Arms Company. The score shows 148
oat of a possible 150, at a distance of 800
A choice game dinner was served up
bv Laramie, last night, to bis patrons.
The reportorial corps of this paper desire
to return thanks to him for a kind re
uivun/miibv, niincj. tuiuacil, (JUcaBttlll,
quail and partridge don't make a bad
meal. _
We understand that Messrs. Joseph
Bell & Co. will in the spring remove their
wareroom on Main Street to their works
(the Arlington Stove Works) in the First
Ward. _
Mes3rh.Hobb3,Brockunier & Co., we
understand, contemplate removing their
warerooms from Main street, between
lltli and 12th, to their glass works in
South Wheeling, at an early day.
There was no matinee at the police
court Saturday afternoon.
The McGrew mystery is yet unsolved.
In a nursery wherein all is life and
laugh instead of crying and fretting, there
ii4 sure to be found Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup.
25 cents per bottle. d<kw
| m t
Adams & Lucas invite attention to
their Fischer Pianos, which have a fine
powerful tone, and are furnished at remarkably
low prices. Also to their gen*
eral large stock of Pianos, new and sec*
ond hand, of other makers, and of Reed
Organs, to let and For Sale.
Illustrated Catalogues, with Price List,
mailed free on application. For sale at
Adams & Lucas' Music Store,
1227 Market street.
Just received for the holidays, the
finest assortment of Gents' Slippers in
the city; also, Ladies' Mounted Button
Newports, latest out, at
Jebry Clemehs'.
MataleeMe Cloaks.
Ladies' we have the finest and handBomest
styles of Matalessee Cloaks in the
city?entirely new patterns?and as we
manufacture our own (Gut), we guarantee
to save you from $3 to $10 on every
garment, besides give you better styled
and better made goods than others. Every
visitor of our Cloak Emporium will say
that we carry the largest and finest assortment,
so if you have not yet got your
Cloak come and see the difference in our
styles and prices. You will be pleased.
I. Blum & Bro.
Important Dkcision.?It has been decided
beyond nil controversy than John
Koenaer eells good* cheaper than any
house ever known before. .
Good Holid Colored Prints 5c.
Good fine Muslin 5c.
Good Cashmere 2oc.
Good Fancy Dress Goods lOo.
Good Silka $1 00.
Good Carpet 15c.
Good Flannel l42Jc.
Cloaks, Shawls, Furs, Hosiery, Notions,
Taps and an endless variety of
goods suitable for Christmas Presents.
Call aoon if you wish to Rave money, at
Cashmeres, NllkN untl Other
UreNH tioodM.
During this week we offer our entire
stock of the above at coat. You may rely
on it that our cost price is a low one, aa
Bvery one knows how cheap we have sold1
those goods during the season. The se-j
cret of the prices of Cashmeres, Silks,
Brocades, Alpacas, etc., can be learned by I
calling at I. Bi.uk & Bro.'s, i
1104 Main St. ^
Break down in Prices.?Dreaa Goods
& cents, Black Kid Gloves 35 cenU and
Carpets aa cheat) as 15 cents. They have
to b? sold to raue money now.
J. W. Fkrrel.
If you want to get suited in a pair ol
shoes go to L. V. Blond's.
Break down in prices of Dry Goods
and Carpets. Now is your time. Call
&nd price. Got to sell.
J. W. Fkrrkl.
The cheapest shoes in the city at
U V. Blond's. %
w jutted.?Work in Embroidery and
Faacjr Knitting. Infant Wardrobes a
ipecialty. Address Box 57, Bridgeport,
' awrre' fine shoes of the latest sttlen
juBt received at L, V. Blond's.
Carpets 1 Carpets 1 Carpets I It is a
well settled fact that the cheapest Carjeta
and Dry Goods in the city are found
it J.W. Fehhel'b,
Corner Main and 20th St.
Down I Down I Dow* ? Another
weak down in prices of Dry Goods and
Carpets. Bound to sell at some price
whether the mills run or not. Corner I
Main and 20th streets.
J. W.Fjehkxl. I
1Vl?M to Hoy ior^H Httttd Ay Pre**
? At Blums' a Cloak for $6, $0, $8, $10,
; $12, $16, $18, $20, etc.
' At Blum*,' a Casfamero Dress (or (row
Wc upwards.
i At Blum*,' beautiful English Drew
Goods at 26c, worth double. (No old
stock, but goods jait purchased for the
' occasion.
At Blums,' a set of furs (or (rom $4 up*
At Blums,'a Black Gro Grain Siik at
astonishing low prices.
At Blums,' a Striped Silk at 65c per
yard; otheni retail at $1.
At Blums.' a plain Colored 8ilk at 90c I
thu week only, others sell (or $1 25 and
' $186.
At Blums,' White Spreads and Blauketa.
At Blums,' Collars and Cuffs, Silk and
Linen Handkerchiefs.
At Blums,' Shawls of every Style and
At Blums', Felt Skirts (rom 60c op.
At Blums', where you can find the best
At Blums', where you can alwajft find
what they advertise,.
At Blums', where every unprejudiced
mind will declare that no house in the
city gives as good value (or the money.
At Blums', where new goods are opened
At Blums', where the Great West Virginia
Cloak Emporium is, and where
there is over 500 Cloaks displayed.
Ladies, remember the above and see if
what we state is not true.
I. Blum A Bbo.,
1104 Main Street.
Tff* finiNit.nhft** lri?nt in
? V. Blond's.
Good Black Kid Glove* for 35 eta., at
J. W. Febrel's.
Juht received, a lot of Children's Bhoes
of the latent styles, at L. V. Blond's.
In the general distribution of medals
if It had heen possible for the "Interna*
tional Jury of Award" to have given a
medal to the beat hotel in Philadelphia,
thin honor would have been received by
theColonade, "for all the requisites of a
model establishment in every respect-"
Happy-tidings lor nervous sufferers
and those who have been dosed, drugged
and quacked. Pulvermacher's Electric
Belts effectually cure premature debility,
weakness and decay. Book and Journal,
with information worth thousands,
mailed free. Address Pulvermaotier
Galvanic Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, d&w
"German Sykop."?No other medicine
in the world has ever given such a test
of its curative qualities as Boschee's
German Syrup. In three years two million
ionr hundred thousand small bottlen
of this medicine were distributed free of
cnarge oy uruggisw in'this country to
those a'fllicted with Consumption, Asthma,
Croup, severe Coughs, Pneumonia and
other diseases of the Throat and Lungs,
giving the American people undeniable
proof that German Syrup will cure
ihem.^ The resirft ha.s been that Drug*
giata 'in every town and village in the
United States are recommending it to
their customers. Go to your Druggist,
and ask what they know about it. 8ample
Bottles 10 centH. Regular size 75 cents.
Three doses will relieve any case, eoddw
Ktver News.
The marks indicate 7 feet 2 inches and
The O'Neal left Saturday morning for
The Courier departed for Parkeraburg
at 10:30 Saturday morning.
The E. H. Durfee passed down Saturday
en route to St, Louis.
The Granite State passed down Satur*
day morning for Portamouth.
The Carrie Brooks and Salt Valley
passed up on Saturday night, en route for
The Hudson left for Cincinnati at 4 p,
ar. Saturday.
The Express passed up on 8unday
morning, en route from Cincinnati to
The Katie Stockdale, en route for Cincinnati,
passed down yesterday.
The Star of the West, while passing
down Saturday with a tow, struck a
iubul'u uoHi on tue leianu oar opposite the
Water Work*. It in not likely ehe will
get off until the river rises.
The Express has 375 barrels of molasses
for Pittsburgh.
The Exchange passed down yesterday,
en route from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati.
The Ragon is the regular Parkeraburg
packet this morning.
The Andes is due from Cincinnati toShippera
and passengers should remember
that the Express will leave our land*
ing for Cincinnati on Tuesday morning
at 7 o'clock. There is not a more com*
fortable packet on the river for passengers.
[By Telegraph. 1
Louisville, December 10.?Weather
cloudy and warm. Departed?Dora Cobler,
Evansville; J. W. Gaff, Memphis.
Memphis. December 16.?River falling
steadily. Weather generally cloudy ana
very warm. Departed?Colorado, i St.
Louis; Capital City, Vicksburg; Susie
Silver, .New Orleans.
Cairo, December 10.?River 1G feet 0
inches, and rising. Light rain; mercury
Among the County Court Itinu in your paper cl
this date ti the following:
"Plttaburgh, Whirling A Kentucky Railroad
Company vs. W. J. Cotta,trustee, and others, a
matter of the condemnation of certiln land; plalntift*
petitioned court to appoint a commissioner."
In reference to thu above I simply de?tre to give
notice to the public that W. J. Gotta 1s no trustee
ot mine, nor do I recognize htm as such Id any
transactlona whatever. 1 he property referred to
waa sold by me In due form toCapt. John McLure,
oo behalf of the P. W. A Ky. R. H., and I look to
him for the proceeds of said sale.
In large tat lety at the
?'Praecriptlona carefully filled. del6
reduce stock, preparatory to removal from Wheeling,
we ahall for the next ninety days offer rare
bargains to purchasers. Special inducements in
the way of choice Holiday Pieaenta. Watches,
Clocks, Jewelry, Silver and Silver Plated Ware.
Sectaries, Ac., Ac, at a sacrifice. Call st 1109
t clo&i 0?1
NKsr4Ns suoar
ngurtt' M. HE1LLY.
Owdl, onlySJc.DcMB.
Pffi** o? T ?J 00 ? Doun.
* 10 PholM, In II. Walnut Knunn Irani II 75 up,
brown's gallery
neatly framed,
Order lomo at
j onoctwh,
ai thobubn * BBu'a.
Cok. Mabukt * Ei.?v?inn ?Mtn.
1417 Mtil ?ndJ4IB South 8ti.
Ten, Coff?ei, Sugirs,
Syrups, Molmei,Spicti,
Fruits, T obiccoi, 8oapi, 4?,
NEW RAIilffl,
New'Orleans Sugar,
Guiding Star Flour.
| The Beat la the Market for the Money,
COFFEE, In one lb. Paper*. ile|2
I 1 retpecUully call the attention ot tuvcuvunM
nndthu public generally to my itock of iP4L i
havejuit received. I think, the finwt wmrtmni
|?vw brought to Wheeling. and i|>?ri?l atimtloa
I ba% bran Riven to Mcura the btat quilitiw | lla
I refer with cotifldenc? to iny bwi Nrv Jama g.
SI lab Breakfaat, Young Hyson, Imperial, (.unpot.
er, ami theTiaer Crop Oolouu. '1 tar latin litU
i tlnwt Imported Nor have the loaer ki?im j
| good Tau been overlooked, and 1 au iurr itaat I
can give a pound of better Tm, Black, (imn a
Mixed, lor Forty Centa, than any other tuio is
Wait Virginia.
n- J", siueyth:,
Corjirr Market and Foi rtekmu Stheu
Carpenter & Builder
J. M. HftWLEl
Special attention given to Koofini/ud
Job Work.
North Wheeling 8hop and Office, 910
Market St. Eait Wheeling 8hop, Allrv E,
between 14th and 15th Sti. Kenidenoe, (l
Fifteenth street.
Ma 110 KieHTxurra Btur.
All order* promptly attended to. Hepdritu rat.
1 f done and warranted.
Down to Suit tie Tints!
Ijdle?' Morocco Hboes - f i to
Ladle*' luting Hboes ................ i (ill
Ladles' Foxed Ualtera i w
Lad lea* Rubbers 4*
Mbaea' Foxed Qaltera... .. 1 u)
Mlasea' Morocco tiho??..... t S
Muxes' Trimmed Bala i JS
Mlaaea' Rubbers IS
Men's CaMakln Boon...... JW
Men'a Ktp Buota : 3
Men's 8. Kip Boota........ : 3
Men's Broitaoi....- IS
Men's Muuihhow ... JO
Bojs' Calfskin Boota 13
Boya' Copper Toed Booli.. IW
Cbildretfa Rubbera #
*9_I have the sole agency In tb'i city fur a r,?w
WaxEKPROOF BOOT, that li ipfflslly idirt
for Butchers, Brewers and 1 auncn.
No. 26 Eleventh Street, or
No. 1058 Miln Street.
Tlirce Caaea New Designs in
Our stock of Clocku and IJroniei no*
complete. Prices away down and within
the reach of every one. Come in ?nd
take a look.
Spool Cotton
Black and Color* e?pecially deiirtble.
For sale by
J. 8. RHODES & CO.
jyi3 .
OiqdoJ Frull?, | Hrrup*.
Calaupa, I Flour.
Pickles, | Belt. Rut lltfriaf.
Tea, Coffee, llillburt,
8u*ar?, | Fine Arple .
And everything connected with the Grow* ?dfl*
neai, Fill I* mid at v?-ry low prlf?f. ' 1061,Cor.
noB CEO. ? Mc?IClW.
gl.00 BE CONVINCED. ?1,00
An examination will convince the nioet
9ns that I am making I'holotraj'ha flnUbw I" ?
highest atyle ol art lor the imili iuu of |1
losen, lor a short time. C?il and see uapit* ?
dslO 113a M*m
Woe. 1211 and 1319 Main St., np?ttln (olJrflJJ
Hall,iIs now prepared to make all Modi ol
usd Plain Paper Bozos la as stjlsan4??|
pw prices ai any bouaa In the country. ^
[rom the eountiy promptly ailoadsd to. ?P"

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