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In all Iti hranr he* rarafully attmdrd t?. CASKET)
Ml corns*, of all kind* tod dm. kcU coaaUatlj
ud ham!. HACKS furnUtml at the Uveal llverj
prirea. Al?ia full llneoi
Carpets, Oil Cloths,
Window Shades,
Itolur and Chamber furniture, which ? oflar al lh<
luWeat (Iflew.
Co*. TWR!ltV*?Kt>M> AMD MAftKR trt$.
Of the Arm \4 Sunclnin A S?n, No. 1141 Markel
atr<<#l, baa tcoMitly rrtmutd (rum ibr tiul ?tth I
full ttw-k of At iftcltl Tertn. ?l th? my Iwwt >|?alltf
ivmprtitrg all ?t??? and all attain ?>( tulur, *rrj
beautiful au.l natuial In appranineo.
IVwiitdralrlug ArtltlcUl Toe-It will Hod Ittotheli
interest lu ewr way uy calling on tho Arm. l*|ut<!
Mtrvu* Oaldeua* 1? a>lmuiutrtd daily with uui<ar
allelrd autre*. All Wink waiwotftl )#|P
Are nut to be discounted by any one. We propc*
to make It apparent that the line ?.* l>r>- 1?m1> wi
t-arrjr ?h?ll meet the vlewa, both lu wlectb* am
prkea, of the people <?( Wheeling
which for weight and color aro the brat value we c?ai
bad the plmnrvof offering.
HIIKh! HUUn!! *11 lew!!!
Large atwk and gi*?! value, fr\>tu Cboiro Strlj* l'un
Stlka to tha tlneai
<?ill not Bliick SIIIch.
Hotinakeeplng (!?mli ?l every deer rlpt Ion at a?toa
Ulilngl} Low Price*.
G. E. ST1FEL & CO.
1065 MAIN ST.
inyi7 .
n l fl I it __T.II
uunmmense tieaucnons leu
Our Immense Redudians Tell
Our Immense ReductiBnsTell.
I. BLUM & BRO., 1104 Main
I. BLUM & BRO., 1104 Main,
I. BLUM & BRO., 1104 Main
\V? euaimcocv ??ur ('lotinf: > ?i?t $*!? wheu fwoph
want lobur, ami put prtc?* dill lowrr. Manr vf thi
tf?ntlr advrrlhel |to-<U ha** l**n *<ld. All gu rap
idly allbrpri.it walked.
All wool Plato Buntings ".Ve.
All wool tar* Buntin** Mc.
All vmtl 4tMorh Bci?e? at 4.V.
All ?vol itnt silk Nuwlt Ur?B*Jln??, iu?t now
re luc*U, at "3c. can 11? bouebt nowherw unuer Jl S.V
>tlK? marked m?Iow w will mo<? tbrta. U?t ?u?\
i v icfjwbeieatHl (<iu( and e tupaie vur Silks. *ik!
it ?ur pn<tv ?re not 2v p*r ctnt chwj** than then
wu oeed not bar.
B1*A t'ashmerve. DtntATU' Rar*ili.v
Ula. k He:tunt? and tlrtnadhirsat tar taa than the!
real worth.
Lawns, Lawns, Lawns
You can hate thetu (rvta V npwstda.
I*wn Salts, Linen Suits. U&ta Dusters, etc., etc
the urKttstaMkMtraent in the Mat* at the r<cxj lowti
Don't put it ofl to? long Cutue ..u l >e? our offer
io<s?it vtu pay.
1.13T-iL'>I \ BRO.
I. BLUM \ BR< >.
)?? .
iliu JktditQfmt\\
Ottire: Not*, an iu?U 27 Fonrlefnth Stnyt
Jfew AdvfrtlMmfnu.
Oar Immense Reductions Tell?I. Blun
A: Bro.?head of local.
While Mountain Freeiers?Nesbitt ?,>
Oil Clothe?Arbenz A Go.
Wanted?Cigar Makers.
Lost - White Satin Fan.
For Sale?lop Buggy.
Sealed Proposals.
List of Letters.
tnirmoitktlb Kw.vrd.?The t'ollowinj
bhows the range of the thermometer, a:
oWrved at Sdiuepfs drug store, Open
House corner, yesterday:
' * >l" ' ?*
wkather indications.
Washington, June 14.?I a. ji.?Foi
Tennessee ami the Ohio Valley, lowei
pressure, east to south winds, slighth
w anuer anil partly cloudy weather, anii
possibly in the Western portious local
For the Lower Lakes lower pressure
variable wiuds. shilling to slightly warm
er east and south, and increasing cloudiness.
followed by local rains.
Headqaarters Tor Ladies and Gentlemea'!
Geld aod Silver American Watches.
JACOB W. 6RUBB, Jeweler,
Washington Hall, Cor. Market and Twelfth
Prof. Kramer's full Orchestra will play al
the Atlantic Garden, near the B. &. 0. R. R
Depot, this evening.
LAWN SUITS,?We have now open am
on display a large and handsome line o
Lawn Salts, made for the best city relal
trade, and at the very lowest price*. Securt
the first and belt choice, as this Is the ta?
grand offering of this season.
1104 Main St
v/hiui bin vvek.?aocul y o clock Ol
Thurtday evening, a little boy named Ed lie
Kryter,sonot l*anlvrytt>r,wasknockei
ilown and run over by u passing team 01
Main street, near l>r. Moenkemoeller*
drug store. South Side. The child's heai
was badly cut, and he sustained othei
horere injuries. His wounds were dres**
hv l>r. Moeakemoeller.
Transfer ov Real Estate?The folk>x\
ins transfer of real estate was admittcx
to record in the office of the Clerk of thi
County Court, yesterdav:
Peed made June ?, 1S?.?, by <jeo. Zoeck
ler and wife to Susanna field, wife o
Charles Held, (or lot on the eastern side o
Undse.v street, fronting on said tfrtwi
feet, together with buildings and improve
menta thereon; tTftX
Thk Ohio, MonongaUola and AUeeben;
river* held a meeting the other night ti
consider this June freshet business. Well
it turned out just as we espected. Tlx
Allegheny wasn't dear on the snbjeet ant
asked the Mononeahela to rise and ex
plain, which It did by saying that it wai
perfectly willing to got on a bar* if th<
others were agreed. The Ohio thought 1
was an imposition on the part of the coa
men to ask a dood now, as they wereabou
to take their summer trins. The freahe
was drowned by a vote of two to one. Ik
youaeethe Point?
Uriel' Mention.
Tm school days will soon be over.
Collsok commencements are in fall
CaoQrrr Is dead, ami archery rules In
> Tm* is the kind < f weather that) suit."
! most people.
Kraukk and his Irnnd got tack from
Morgantown last night.
j Tiik Fulton Fire llrigade talk of giving
| a picnic on the Fourth of July.
' Tiik local packets are now brinyiiiw to
our landing a very large amount of stock.
TiiR.new officers of Wheeling Lodge, A.
i F. and A. M? will be installed on the 33d
Tiik Supreme Court of Appoals will
, yrotably be in session until the middle ol
r Tiikkk was an exciting runaway on Sixi
tceuth street yesterday afternoon. Xc
' damage done.
A ntmrkk of our citiaeu* will go to
Wellsburg to-day, to atteud the picnic at
Lewis* Orchard."
$TiuwuRRiui?have bocomeso ridiculous
' ly abundant that they are selling at foui
taxes for ten cents.
| Two deeds of trust, one deed iu fee anil
one release deed were admitted to record
' yesterday by the County Clerk.
[ Tiik college graduate is abroad in hi*
1 war paint and feathers. He will boom
considerably during the next two weeks,
i Tiik extension of the Citizens' Street
Railway line to Benson's Ferry was com
r pleiod yesterday .and cam ran clearthrougli
la*t night.
Tiik matrimonial market is dull and unsteady.
Only one license to marry luu
f been issued in Ohiocounty this week, and
it on Monday.
Fast Wheeling people complain that
the boys congregate in crowds in the even
ing on the corners, and have become a
great nuisance.
Cockaynr played for a-select social last
evening at the residence of Mr. J. Hebine,
on the National Road east of the city,
, There was a large number m attendance.
.\ load of hay was upset on Mnrkel
street, adjoining the Second Ward Market,
about & o'clock last evening, causing considerable
of a stir in that usually quiet
Tniuut were two unfortunates in the
lockup last night. John llowlev was run
iu as an intoxicant., aud John king, a vagrant,
was provided with lodgings because
he had no visible means of support.
Tub yitv of Wheeling with 35,000 inhabitants,'
has but eleveu policemen and
no Chief.?Coltunbuf Journal.
Can the above be construed into a re(lection
upon our present efficient City
Two cars were received yesterday from
Pittsburgh by the Citixens Street Railway
Cotu pan v. They will take the place o!
the two large, heavy cars which have been
! in use for some time past on the road. The
neavy care were excuangeu lor iigni ones.
, Cu'mmkm kmen t exerchesin the Catholic
schools will take place as follows: 25th
inst., l'ari-h school, at"Convent Hall;
26th inst, Young Ladies of the Convent;
I 27th inst, Prof. Berg's High School. At
each exhibition the annual distribution ol
premiums will take place.
Street business is becoming more and
more a business, and at the same time a
nuisance. Besides the peddlers and the
ragmen and all that -'crt, with the vegetable
and fruit seasons come the hideous
yells of men driving along the streets and
scaring people out of their houses bv their
terrific vocal demonstrations.
Josiii'a Faitu weut before Justice
\Vm. Philips, yesterday, and entered an
inhumation charging Uuie Both. John
| Chalk and James Harriott with disturb)
ing the peace and quiet of the "Harden
r I Spot." The parties put their heads together
and succeeded in effecting a compromise,
by which Faith consented to
withdraw the charges on payment of costs.
The cars on the Citizens'Street Railway
were not running on the seven-minute
. schedule yesterday, several of the cars
1 having been withdrawn pending there.
i moval of the turn-tabl&at the southern
I extremitv of the road to the landing ni
Benson's Ferry, to which place the roa?i
has been extended. It is probable that
' the seven-minute schedule will be resumed
Superintendent Kiddle. of the Watei
Works, vesterdav blew out the plugs in
, the First and Seventh Wards. To-day he
will operate on the plugs in the Second*ami
. Third Wards. It is the intention of the
Superintendent to blow out the plugs iu
the different wanis every Friday and Saturday
hereafter. People will understand
from"this what made the water in theii
. hydrants muddy yesterday.
"As Miss Eltie Kllsler i*s well known tc
* the Pittsburgh public, and is, with reasonable
gounds. considered as a special
j protege of the Smoky City, anything per1
j taining to her welfare is of interest. The
.! Cleveland Herald is rather inclined tc
L think that Miss Klfie belongs there, which
the Commercial'Gazette, with a jealous regard
for Pittsburgh's interests, is inclined
to dispute."?Com.-(mi:. Wouldn't it be
| the proper thing for the board of trades ol
j the two dtie* to cull a meeting and decide
this important matter at once?
t Personal Mention-.?Gov. Mathews yes|
terday returned from a business trip to
| New York.
Mr. Oliver Wilde and bride returned
yesterday from their wedding trip.
Miss A. C. Tracy and MissJ. Horten*e
Disbrow. of the Faculty of the Female
College, left the city yesterday, the former
for her home in New*York, and the latter
' to ass?H*iate herself with a Seminary at
' Cyuthiana. Kentucky. Both ladies fiave
L many warm friends here, who regret their
I dei?arture.
Prosecuting Attorney Hooten, of Mar.
shall county, was in the city yesterday.
Mr. W. L. McAfee, in company with'Mr.
- S. M. Hamilton and Mr. Daniel Hoffman
?three prominent New York capitalist* are
in Denver. Thev ston at th* Altrnrd
i j and Mr. Hamilton expects to locate here.
I ?Dnirrr, L\Jorxuio, Tribxaw.
John Walton, Esq., kas been appointed
t*nited States Commissioner, to succeed
Hannibal Forbes, Esq., resigned. Mr.
Walton was qualified by J udge Jackson, of
1 the U. S. District Court, now in session at
. I'arkersbur^.
Mr. Fred. Lange, oi the wholesale drug
house of l*ange, Grabe ?fc Baird, will safl
1 from New York to-day on a visit to the
r Fatherland. He is accompanied by his
wife, and they expect to be abseut nntil
' September.
) Capt. Thomas Mou? came up on the
t steamer St. Lawrence, yesterday, from
1 Cincinnati, where he has been spending
J the past week with friends.
Bishop Kain left the city yesterday for
| G ration and Parke?bur^. He will* administer
the rite of confirmation at the
i latter place to-morow, in St Xavier's
1 Mr. John L. Hobbsand wife have tfoaa
to spend the heated term with friends in
s Massachusetts.
.Tr* ^Vlor *ent over the P. W. A. Kv.
r railroad last evening to Xew York, on"*
! purchasing expedition for his firm. Messrs.
W heat xk Savior.
Mr. Wm. \Valkden, of Lorain countt,
- Ohio, who has been spending a few days
l as the guest of Mr. James Jepson, on the
- J?l*nd. took his departure yesterday for
Jew i ork, and sails to-dav in the National
: steamer "The Hueen," on a brief
I visit to hngland.
i # Col. C. if. Beall, of Brooke countv, was
D in the aty vesterfay. He has not vet
- his wool. Thinv-five ccnts haraiy
00 H?to ld?* of a booming market.
Mr. r red. Spiunas, a genial commercial
r tourist for a New York ?*f tobacco house,
> 15 *peuding a few days with his numerV
ous friends in the city.
c ? ?
1 JITPOMD TO mvt Ul** SjUUOt.?A lot
- of i.:?mbo?t lin?, pertijix 400 or 300
' pound! w all, vere found TMunlar under
f p0f ia HoM,?d'? lorn**' raid,
t TbeJloM are 2, si and 5 inch?. aid ia
1 good condition. They are uppoted to
t nave been stolen, aad hidden bfttetUim
t where found. Th* police aut&oritie* took
> chain of than, and took them to the
citr bnilding to airait identification.
Bulaiu Lochia-Elaborate pre part
liona are being mado at the Dijclplei
; Church (or the observance ot Floral Sun
.lay. The church U being beautified will
I n profusion ol ilowers and evergreens at
ranged In every pleating from. Thi
t Iuirth services 8unaar will be aa uiual
1 but the Sumlay School wrvlcea will b
varied by recitations and iinglng. Mon
day evening there will be a concert ani
floral exercise, for which tho admission li
. twenty-live cents.
Ksqulreand Mrs. Highleyman hivejmm
to visit a daughter at Zaneaville. The;
went in a buggy over the National Road
The County Comtuinioners have award
til the contract (or building new abut
menu to tjlfccaek. bridge on llelmon
Ktrwt. Tho road-way ia to be kept opei
lor travel during the building.
[ Tho air Is lull of kites?hUI ol oue kind
and that not the best shape for Hying
. Itovs, can't you Improve theoi?
, Tho question in Uellalre just now U
"lluw high Isyour awning?" Some year
ago Council decreed that no awnings o
1 signs should have posts along th* curb
stuue, that awning frames must beat leas
nine feet above the pavement, and that ni
signs should project over tho pavemenl
' For a long time no attention has beeu paii
i/ilkunhllnttina till llin Anlnff nt tlm aa
i loon keeper to whose (dsn across the pave
ment attention was called in theee local
the other morning. Marshall Archer ha
, been measuring awnings tml finds mot
ol them too low, and Uiey will hare to b
raised. Some were made nine leet higk
hut aro now too low, because the pari
ment has been raised, and it ia sugseetC'
that eight feet and a bait would notbe to
' low for the awnings, while such a changi
in the ordinance would clear many of thoe
that must otherwise be changed.
1 There will be no Methodist Church 01
Sunday, as tho building is being painted
Saturday tlie school library ia open fte
: to all. ^ R.C. F.
Knuoioi's Notes.?The Woman's Mil
sionarv Oonrentiun of the General Synoi
of the Kran. Lutheran Church had a rerj
encouraging Cenvention at Canton, Oliie
' this week.
The international Sunday School lessoi
throughout Christendom to-morrow wil
I be on the subject: "'The need of God'
spirit," from Zech. tr: 1-14.
'' Kegnlar services at the usual hoursatth
[ r.milinh Vvuii l.ttthnrnn Phun>h nn Sir
teeuth street, to-morrow. Kev. John Znu
> mer will preach.
i The General Synod of the Evangelic*
Lutheran Church is now in session a
Wooster, whio, having opened on \Vedn&
, day last with a sermon bv Kev. Dr. l?. A
. Ort, of St. James Church. New York City
I About 200 ministers ami laymen are pre*
ent, and the hospitality of Woooter i
highly spoken of.
Kev. J. C*. Lyle will preach in the Thin
Presbyterian Cnurch on Sunday next, botl
morning and evening.
! Regular services at the Disciples' Churcl
Sunday morning and evening by the pa?
tor. \V. B. Thompson. Subject in morn
[ ing: "Fidelity to Truth;" subject in even
in*: ' The Good Samaritan." Sabbatl
; School at 2:30 p. m.
The venerable Rev. T. M. Hudson wil
! preach at the Kirkwood M. E. Church tc
; morrow evening.
At the Fourth Street M. K. Church, to
; morrow, Dr. (ieorge will preach in tin
morning, and Dr. Fullerton, of Volcano
in the evening.
lEMi'ERAMB 1 alk.? 1 emperancc cam]
meeting? are now in order.
lieu. Bob Love is meeting with grea
success in Toledo, Ohio.
The Parker Hall National Christiai
Temperance Union will hold a regula
jrospel temperance meeting to-morrow af
ternoon, commencing at 4 o'clock. Every
body is invited to attend. Miss A. Taylo
will conduct the exercises. Good speak
ers are expected to be present. Valuabli
temperance literature, donated by Col
Thos. Hornbrouk, will be distribute*
through the audience at the close of thi
At Ott's Hall this week there were ten
signers to the pledge. There will be i
meeting at this nail on Sunday eveninc
Good speakers will be in attendance. Al
are invited.
There will be a temperance meeting heU
in Bridgeport. Ohio, iu the West End M
K. Church, on Sunday afternoon at 3:?
o'clock. Good speakers have agreed t<
address the meeting. The members o
Martin's Ferry Circle of Honor are cordi
ally invited. All the members of Wheel
iue Circle of Honor Xo. 1 will meet at thei
hall at 2 o'clock p. u., and will march it
regalia to the meeting.
.Shooting at a Picnic.?The colore*
public school of this city, in charge o
Prof. Wm. Gaskins, gave a picnic yester
day at Gaston's Orchard, near Point Mills
The Sutnuer band was there, and enliven
ed the occasion with some of its very bes
music. There was a large attendance oi
I the part of the colored people, and every
thing passed off smoothly until towan
i evening, when a colored chap from thi
> city named Bill Allen, being considerable
under the influence of liquor, becami
reckless and flourished a revolver arounc
in a rather dangerous manner. Upon be
> in remonstrated with he became raort
t violent than ever, and Mr. Robert Strong
f a resectable colored man also from thu
city, naving excited his ire, he dischaJget
-k, >t at Kim ' pArlnnatalt* tk& Hi.
not take effect. The pistol was taken (tod
A lien,and he was shortly afterwards arrest
ed by a Deputy Sheriff and brought to thi
city, and taken before Justice Wm. Philips
who imposed a fine of $10 and costs. AUer
paid the fine, and left the office. Shortli
afterwards Prof. Ga&kins called atJustici
Philips' office and had another warrant is
sued for him, but he had nut beeo arrest
ed when we received <yjr information o
the affair
The Georgia Mixstrkls.?Haverlv'i
Colored Georgia Mintrels will appear'al
theOf>era House to-night. With Haver
Iv's Georgia Minstrels, a revolution ir
modern minstrelsy has been inaugurated
The old forms of negro minstrelsy have
been entirely discarded; the company appear
in the "first pan" scene aa oottoE
field hands, attired in plantation dress oi
striped and checked shirts, jeans, etc., and
till the stage in all the characteristic and
picturesque variety and abandon of veritable
Southarn life and custom. Six end
men, under the control of an "overseer,"
who acts as master of ceremonies, contribute
the fun, the music and singing and
other diversions being of a unique, grotesque
and original character. Part second,
which introduce* the noveltv of six song
and dance men, six banjoists, a double
sextette of comedians, in specialties and
sketches, embraces the novelty of an entamment
which has been pronounced i
"revolniion in modern minstrelsy." The
troupe is without doubt the best in its line
Ihe fun is buoyant and characteristic, and
belongs entirely to the negro, and those
who attend must expect to see an idea ol
fun interpreted through the medium ol
African nature.
Homs Bciumxg Association.?Secretary
of State Brady yesterday issued a certificate
of incorporation to the Home Building
Association, of Wheeling, for the purpose
of rawing money to be loaned among
the members, etc. The corporation wiO
keep its principal office or place of business
in Wheeling, and is to expire on the
11th day of June, 1899. The sum of$l,*00
has been subscribed to the capital, and
$180 paid in. with privilege of increasing
said capital by sales of rdditional ah area
tn il.Yl (Ykl in all
held by Charles W. Conner, Charles H.'
Berrr. Lou U. Joy. C.niton A. Beall, W.
G. Wilkinson, Isaiah Warren, R J.
.Smyth, J. S, Trimble, H. Seamon, W. J.
W. Cowden, X. \V. Beck, George W.
Kckhan, ir.
Tbk great sowew of Dr. UcLane's Celebrated
Lirer Pills has started a boat ol
liror remedies, but alter a trial everybody
returns to the Gennlne Dr. C. UcLane'i
Urer Pills, prepared onlr by Flemtni
Bros., of Praabargb, Pa., sithoot *bw
signature none cm be genuine^ Lookfm
the signature, the market is full of the imi
tationsof the name UcLaxa spelled differently,
bat having Uw saaiepioniuuiation.
They hare been in nie half a oentory and
in this time fifty million boxes hare been
; Thi Cocrra?Scpumb Cocit op Ai
1 ruu- Judgtt Ortai, Raymond, Horn on
- Jahnnn.?In thli Court yeaterday tbe hi
> lowing buaineea vu tunneled:
' Chapman's administrator et *1. va. Mc
5 Mlllan; from Jackaon countv. Petitioi
for appeal referred.
8 Vlnal va. Compton 4 Core; from Wooi
; county. Writ of error and aupenedeoi
> allowed. Bond 18,000.
1 U. A 0. II. K. Co. va. J. J*. Vanderwork
erot al.; from Marion-oounty. Submitted
D J. W. Carothera et al. va. Hoard of Edu
' cation of Clinton Dlatrlct; from Mononga
lla county. Submitted.
P. W. turner va. \Vm. l'rlce: from Mo
' nongalla county. Submitted.
' Floyd Noely et al. va. Thomaa S. Jonea
1 from Harriaon countv. Continued.
J. B. McComilrk va. Silas P. Bailey
i from Taylor county. Submitted.
' James Hawker, Jr., va. B. A 0. Railroai
Compauv: from Marion countv. Sub
'> inltlnl.
J Adjourned lo B a. m. lo-day.
Cooktv Court - Jiulgt iiuvd.
, This Court met veatordav, ?nd wlthou
, transacting any business adjourned ove
j to this morning at 0 o'clock.
? Police Cocrt?Jiiigt Cmnmrr.
a Three cues were disposed of by Hi
s Honor yesterday morning, vii:
it Geo rye Schell was lined $S lor dlaordei
e ly conduct, and committed In default,
i, Patay Aiken, for tho wuie charge, wen
f up in default of $10 and costs.
J James Ryan was fined $."> lor drunken
0 ness. He also was committed.
9 ? ? ?
e Always keep them on hand, as dels;
Increases suffering; and if you feel sick
it nees turning upon you take a dose of Pi
I. Hull's Baltimore Pills. They can do yoi
e no harm, and may nave you from the aid
room. Price only 39 cents.
i- Mojart Hall Temi'kba.nck Union.1
This Union will hold a ontmt Mui Mr.-'
tag next Sunday at Horn brook's Park, t
>, raise funds for current expenses. Col
Hornbrook and E. G. Cracraft will hav
11 charge, and the choir will be led by Mi
l Hamilton Hill. From the interest man!
s tested there is no doubt but the meetin
will be a large one; and there is certainl;
e not a place in many miles that a pcisoi
- could pass a plcasanter day than at Horn
i- brook's Park.
' ru wmibly trueliut niture could huoruvr,
il Ytt bo* owcurv the |?uu( of lucb a puntlbUtl j.
t Tnuns on the llempfield will run as fol
i* lows: Leaving Capitol, 1,1:40, l.'-20.;J:0C
. Returning, leave Clark's at 0, 7:10, 7:5
and 8:30.
I* 0 m ?
? Ladies, if you want bargains in tli
finest line ol children's and infant's Inn
i and short dresses, go to the Bazaar, 110
l Main street.
3 C'lomsu out millinery at Speyer Bros'.
k- rn m ?
' Chew Jackson's best Sweet Navy Tobaco
* Do xot fail to attend the Grand Concer
at the Atlantic Garden this evening.
h Stuttering cured by Bates' Appliance
Send for description to Simpson A Co.
r Box 2236, New York,
e ^
Ladies, if you want bargains in whit
underwear, go to the Bazaar, llOti Mail
5 street.
t Handsome Piano Covers?New stock u
nrices that defy competition, at Sbeib*
j Music Store, Washington Hall.
[ Hats to be sold regardless of cost a
* Speyer Rros.
[ Xf tuts our property is insured we fee
' more secure tnan otherwise. It is a goo*
plan, however, to prevent the fire. Tin
j best plan so far as the danger from kero
sene is concerned, is to use the new Har
ris & Smith Safety Lamps, now for sale a
t J. L. llobbs A Rinehart b. iUw
1 Ask your grocer for Jackson's Best
j Joseph Speidel & Co. have it at wholesale
j Ladies, if you want to see a splendic
line of gloves, go to the Bazaar, U0f? Main
J street.
} For Upwards or Thirty Years Mrs
. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been usee
. for children. It corrects acidity of th<
r stomach, relieves trmd coiic, regulates th<
x bowels, cures dyxnUry and diarrheal
whether arising from teething or othei
cause*. An old and well-triod remedy
1 25 cenU a bottlt. daw
The partnership heretofore existing be
? tween William Foster and Joseph Kobin
. son, proprietors of the Opera House lies
t taurant, has been dissolved by uiatua
i consent, William Foster retiring. Th?
Ktuinoc^ trill lux K.
1 Joseph Robinson at the old stand, Marke
j street, one door above the Opera House.
? *
; Come and sec the 25 cent hats at Spevei
i Bros*.
? H. M. S. "PiXAroEB," by Arthur Sulli
van. Full Vocal Score, words and music
J $1 00; Libretto (words only), 10c; Voca
J Selections (bound),25c; Galop, 30c; Waltz
j 35c; Potpourri, 50c; Galop, for Piano anc
j Violin, Cornet or Flute, 40c; WalU, foi
. Piano and Violin, Cornet or Flute, 50c
8 All the novelties in music. Pianos anc
Organs to rent.
Lucas Musjc Stork,
r 1237 Market street.
I Ladies, if you wmnt bargains in th<
. finest line of ladies', misses',children's and
f gents' hosiery, go to the Bazaar, 1106 Mair
, Graxp Opening Concert this evening ai
. the Atlantic Garaen, with Kramer's full
. Orchestra.
1 John Roeuke, Nos. 201V and 2021 Maic
street, Centre Wheeling, W. Va., has se
cured the sole agency of Madam Demo'
rest's Fashionable Patterns, Pattern Books,
Journals, Instruction Books, What to
Wear, and how to make it; in fact, the
. most scientific and complete outfit foi
\ dress makers and others who wish stylish
[ garments of any kind. Everythingnew
. and fresh, aad at leas price than any others.
Call and examine them. Also, New
[ DressGoods^Trimmings, Hosierv, Parasols,
White Goods, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Wall
Paper, linen Suits, dc., 4c. All are in,
vited. We sell cheap for cash.
j Wi will receive this noon 50 dot Fayal
| Hats. Spxyek Bros*
Thfj AbMf Steadily In Good Works.
Generals G. T. Beauregard, of Louisij
ana, and J. A. Early, of virginia, still cop*
tinne to faithfully and energetically dis.
charge their duties as Commissioners on
\ behalf of the Sute and People, and will
give the next grand Semi-Annual Drawing
of the Louisiana State Lottery (the
lOtkh in number of monthly drawings),
their personal supervision, and assume
the sole management of the distribution
which occurs promptly at noon on Tuesday,
June 17th, 1879, at the Opera House
in New Orleans. For further information
address, ere it is too late, M. A. Dauphin,
P. 0. Box 662, New Orleans. n*w
? m ?
Lamm, if you want bargains in Parasols,
bargains in Fans, bargain* in handkerchiefs,
go to the Bazaar, 1106 Main St
Josrra Spkjdxl Sl Co., wholesale grocers,
are headquarters for Jackson's Best Tobacco.
Strawberry Cake.
To the yolks of three era beaten add
one cop white sugar, one-half cup of hotter,
one-balf cop aweet milk, two cope floor
: having in it one measure "BaxW Baking
Powder, the whitea of three eggs beatI
en atiff; hake in jelly cake pans; when
: told, and jost before eating, place in layer?,
> covering eacb one with straw berries Which
have previously been sugared.
Each can of Banner Powder contains a
measure to oae instead of a spoon. A Poond
Of, with the meaaure ana Banner (leap*
Book complete, mailed to faniiliea on
receipt of 60 cents. Addreas Banner Baking
Powder, P. 0- Box 968, Pittabnrgh, Pa.
w An Income Without Care.
j By the combination method ot open','
. Ing in stocks .1 handsome income can b?
Mcnreil without ore Capital tn an\
. amount, (rout $10 to $90,000, mar be uaotl
j with equal proportionate success. By till'
system Messrs. Lawrence A Co., Danker*,
1 New York, pool the ordets ot thousandi
, ot customer*, ot various sums, into ntu
vast amount, tnul m-opemtr them undei
. tho most skillful management, dividing
, profits monthly. Kach share-lioMer thui
. obtains all the advantages of tho largos!
. capital and experienced skill, and tho percentage
of profits Is very great; $20 wll
. pay $100 In 30 days; $250 will return $1,
82->, or "i per cent >11 the stock, and so on
. astke market varies. A prominent pub'
Usher of tho Itock Island (III.) Doi/y AtV"<
; mado $101 loon an Investment of$L>000
In October. Hundreds of othoraare do
] Ing even better. Messrs. tawrenco & Co.'i
. ni'w circular iim "two unerring rules loi
success in stock operations," ami (ull Information,
so that any one can ileal It
stocks. All kinilii ol bonds anil stocki
wanted. New Government bonds sup
, piled. Deposits received. Apply to I<aw
; rence A Co., Hankers, 5" Kxchango Place,
r Now York City.
Ladies, it you want bargains in childron'i
lace bibs, collars and liuun Ureases, go tc
8 the Bazaar, 1100 Main street.
It Beats All.?Jackson's Best Sweel
Navy Chewing Tobacco. A full aunplj
t now on hand at Joseph Speidel A Co. a.
>* It is a fact well established by unquestiona
ble tesi.uony that Hall's Hair Renewer re
news, clean**, brightens, inriporates and re
r stores to its original color and lustre, faded
. gray or discolored hair, cheaply, quickly and
surely. The poorest people prefer to buy il
and use it, rather tlrnn to proclaim in a man
. ner more forcible than words cau delineate,
k through blanched locks or gpxzly beard, thai
tbcy arc aged and passing to decay. A verj
short trial will convince the most skeptical
- that it does eradicate tho scalp diseases whicl
rob the hair of its color and life.?Fort Soot
0 (Kan.) Daily Monitor.
q Ternrly ?xiiAi**mu abe tiia Xiaui
?, 8weat* which accompany consumption, Bui
j. they, as well as the paroxysms ot coughing,
j. are invariably broken up by Da. Wx. Hall'!
Halkax i-or litis Lrxos. which connuers th<
deadly malady, a<* well ai bronchitis, pne?monla,
pleurisy, a>thma, diphtheria, and all
'* other altectious of the throat, lungs and cheat
It swves thousands from untimely graves, and
is invaluable in rescuing children from tlx
croup, whooping rough and ouiiuy. It is soli!
I- by all druggists. John L Smith & Co., whole
t. sale agents, Wheeling, W. Va. www
0 t - ?
Ladies, if you want bargains in faucj
goods, go to tue Bazaar, 1100 Main street,
e ?
p One hundred and tifty trimmed Hati
U and Bonnets now on exhibition at Speyei
Bros'. _
The Atlantic Summer Garden is the
coolest place in the city, and will be open
ed with a Concert to-night.
t Jackson's Best.?Give it a trial and voi
will use no other. Joseph Speidel ? Co.
Wholesale Grocers, have it.
u Ladies, if you want bargains in laces
'* bargains in ribbons, bargains in lace ties,
go to the Uamr, 1100 Main street.
We I'bnllrwte The World.
1 When we say we believe, we have evidenci
to prove tljat Shiloh's Consumption Cure h
decidedly the beat Lung Medicine made, ina*
t much as it will cure u common or Chroni<
s Cough iu one half the time,and relievcAsthma,
Bronchitis, Whooping Cough, Croup, and
show more casts of Consumption cured than
t all others. It will cure where they fail, it is
pleasant to take, harmless to the youngest
child and we guarantee what we say. Pricc
, 10 cts.. 60 cts. and $1.00. If your Lungs are
J sore. Cheat and *iack lame, use Shiloh's l'orotu
* Plaster. Bold by E. Bocking, Odd Fellow's
p Hall; C. E. DwiguL, 24th and Chapline streets;
- Laughlin Bros. ?t Co., Wheeling, and Hus
bauds & InskeeD, Bell aire.
t ? m
Do Ton Believe 1U
That in this tcwa there are scores of persona
, passing our store every day whose lives are
made miserable by Indigestion, Dyspepsia,
Sour and distressed'Stuinach, Liver Complaint
j Consumption, when for 75 cents we will sell
, them Shiloh'* Vital iter, guaranteed to cure
1 them. Sold by E. Bocking, OdU Fellow's Hall;
C. K. Dwigut, 24th and Chapline streets;
Laughlin Bros. & Co.. Wheeling, and Husbandi
. & Inskeep, Bellaire.
) The most popular and fragraut Perfume of
j the day, "HACKMrTACK;'' try it. Sold by E.
, Bocking. Odd Fellow's Hall; C. E. Dwight,
. 241h and Chapline streets; I?aughlin Bros. &
Co., Wbceliu/ and Husbands ? Inskeep, Bell'
aire. tts
ii uaidtiMK or a DeOciener of UiUr
Exists. or if the Hair is gray, dry or harsh.
the natural youthful color can So restored
by using "London Hair Color Restorer,"
1 the most delightful article ever introduced
J to the American pet-pie for increasing
T growth, restoring its natural color, and at
1 the same time a lovely hair dressing and
beantitier. It is totally different from all
other#; not sticky or vmmmy, and free
r irom all impure ingredients "that render
many articles obnoxious In fact it is exquisitelv
perfumed, and so cleanly and
elegantly prepared as to make it a lasting
| hair dressing and toilet luxury. J. A.
Types, a prominent citizen, Wilson, N. C.,
| writes: Some ten years ago ray wife's hair
' commenced falling, aud got verv thin and
gray; but after using "London llairColor
: Restorer" the scalp l>ecame healthy, the
hair stopped falling, the color was restored,
and is now growing beautiful.
Ask your druggist for London Hair Color
Restorer. Price, 75 cents a bottle. Six
bottles. $4. Main depot for the U. S., 330
| North Sixth St., Philadelphia. rrhsAW
1 Why Will Yon
AUow a cold to advance in your system and
thus encourage men? prions maladies, such as
| Pneumonia. Hemorrhage* and Lung troubles
1 when an Immediate relief can be so readily attained
? Boscuee's G zoju.x Sr*ci? has gained
the largwt sale in the world for the cure of
1 Coozhs, Colds and the severest Lung Diseases.
It is Dr. Ikechee's famous German prescrip
tion, and is prepared with the greateit care,
, and no fear need be entertained in administeri
ing it to the youngest child, as per directions.
? The sale of this medicine is unprecedented.
. Since first introduced there has been a con|
stant increasing demand and without a single
, report of a failure to do its work in any case.
Ask your Druggist as to the truth of these remarks
I^arge sizes 75 cents. Try it and be
convinced. Tihsaw
We are surprised to see to mauy still suffer
?jg wiui neunugi* anu nneumaiuiu, wnen
they can be cured- We know the feeling
which exiits among very many?"that any
medicine which is advertised mast be a humbag."
This may be true in some cases, but
when we know of a remedy waich has become
so popular as Lawson's Curative, and we have
such conclusive evidence of tfc? jpsd it has
accomplished, it iz more than folly not to
make a trial of it, and satisfy yourselves that
all the proprietors claim for ft Li true. In such ,
diseases as Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica.
Htadache, Sore Thrnst, lame Back, ana
Toothache, we can wifely say that no remedy,
either in phyii dan's prescription or in proprietary
fonu. has effected more cures than Lawson'j?
Curative. -rrhsaw
A PmaoDa Article.
Glenn's Sulphur Soap has won great celebrity
and sale by sheer force of its astonishing
effect in curing skin diseases, and eradfctfinz
blemishes. Price 25 cents.
For restoring thenatund color, growth and
beauty of the Mir buy Hair Revivium. at 50
cents per bottle. It ha3 no equal 8old by
logan. List A Co., and by every druggUt
Decay of the Teeth
mav be entirely prevented, the breath purified.
and the teeth made to glisten with whiteness
by the ute of Brown's Camphorated
Dentri trice. Price 25 cent*.
"Brown's Bronchial Troches" are renowned
and wonderfully effective for curing colds and
relieving any throat or catarrhal difficulty,
but guard against counterfeit Sold by Logan,
list .t Co., and all druggists at 25 cents per box.
Xmutli of the Age.
Pains cf c\cry kind can be stopped almost
Initantly by the use of "Brown a Household
Panacea," a safe and marvelous remedy of
great repute, which is taken internally and
supplied externally. Prices 25c and 50c per bo tMrt
WImI/mt'i ftvi?l.ln? fiifftin t?
jfulbogpioehildftu teething Price 25 oeau.
Oaudaf^UtftooanteriMUaad vurthloB izsi*
I tatiocx. Said by I/Ogui, Uk A Co,, ?od *1]
dnjjjbt* n*4*ow
Artir* Did* lit Law Kmn (tor Bowls.
I'ltii.ADiLPiin, June 12.?Tho 4 per nut
I loan just placed by (ho Slate In the lint
i State loan loaned in this country at that
; rate ol Interest. Bids were Invited (or a
| (our, (our and a halt per cout and a live
t per cent loan of two million flfteen-twenty-tlve
year bonds. For the (ours the bids
' amounted to (3,336,400, ranging from par
Xto 11)2.61; lor lour and a halts, ?1,81)8,at
101 up to 100.10, and (or lives, $3,732,600
at 102 50 up to 111.0*1. The total
ol all the bids was 112,(KM,300. The
' allotment was of (ours at 'the (ol'
lowing lots: York National Bank, $10,000
1 at 102.61: 1'. A. AS.Small of York, $26,'
000 at 102.28, $26,000 at $103 03. $26,000 at
101.03. $26,000 at 101.65, $23,000 at 101.26;
1 Reliance Insurance CouiiuuiY of this city,
1 $6,000 at 101.76, $6,000 at 101.60, $'>,000 at
' 101.45, $6,000at 101.26, K.OOOat 101.13; I.
' l.T. Youtw, 180,009 at 101.65 and $50,000
> at 101.20; VV. Veoghtley.$25,000 at 101.60;
a Syndicate comiwsed of llrexel k Co.. E.
\V. Clarke & Co., and W. II. Kewbohl, Son
< & Co, $200,000at 101.20,$200,000at 101.15,
' $500,000 at 101.13, $500,000 at 101.01); and
Townaend. W'helen A Co., tho balanco of
, $415,000 at 101.076, they having bid for half
1 a million at that price. The Ilrexel & Co.
' Syndicate had bid (or halt a million at
101.03, aud hall u million at 100.S0, anil
Townsend, Whelen & Co. had bid for two
' millions at between 100.021 and 1111.035.
I It will be noticed that the llrexel Syndl[
cate bid was a very shrewd one. They got
I seventy per ceat of the loan, with only
, $316,000 accepted at a lower figure than
. theirs. Their last negotiations with the
i State were on the Ave per cent loan two
t years ago, when they took it at a little
' above 103 and sold it up as high as 108.
' Thev have already nfleml tn tnkA tlir.
tun xviiuii. h m. dyik. |
Sold by Logan, List A Co. tt>aw
SlrerSewa. I
The marks indicate 3 feet 0 inches and c
falling. i
Weather clear and warm. I
The Buckeye State was dne down last
The Thompson is due up from Cincin- \
nati at noon to-day.
The Ironsides is laid up above the Water
Works. The Captain aud pilots left ves- B
terday for Cincinnati to bring the Iron g
Mountain tip. n
The Baltic is laid tip at the lower wharf. p
The St. Lawreuce ari ived yesterday, and found
some difficulty in getting over the
bar at the creek. She will leave for Cin- "
cinnati at the usnal hour this evening. I
The Courier will be to-day's packet for '
The Batcnelor leaves for Pittsburgh at 7
o'clock this morning.
The Stockdale is due op from Cincinnati
to-morrow morning.
^ The'Andes is due from Cincinnati Montreal
packets running as usual.
(By T?icfrmpfe.|
! Yicksbubg, June 13.?Weather cloudy.
I Thermometer River risen 12 inches.
| Caiko, June 11?River 17 feet 4 inches
and falling. Weather clear. Thermom- ?
! eter 82?. t
Memphis. June 13.?-River 10 feet 11 r
inches, and falling. Weather fair. Ther- ,
mometer 84?. n
New Obleaxs, June 13.?Weather clear r'
and very warm. Thermometer HOP. Light i
showers this evening.
riTTOCioii, June 13? Kiver 1 loot 11
inches and stationary. Weather pleaaant. J
Deputed?Buckeye 8ule. J
Ciscuouti, Jane 12.?Ki?er 'J fact I *
incbea ud rising. Weather cloudy and
pleasant Arrived; Com Miller, Hem- pbia;
Emma Graham, Pittsburgh. Departed:
Andes, Wheeling.
IWUnud Ehpat Mi rtwl IS?tommm
KT. LAWHEXCtS *?- X. tm, UmihIb,
Cuius b. lur.ckrt,
Win tetaiskmca IWiltf.jMiIWi laai, t?
mi c. hTKoth 4 BO*, uwt
1 whole floating detft of the city at par with
interest at the rate of 4} per cent.
, The Ntovc Trmlc?UmoIuiIoiim Adopted
KnisliiK tbe Price of Hentcm.
Boston, June 12.?At the second day's
1 session of the Stove Manufacturers' Asso!
ciation, Mr. Hill, of New York, and J. .S.
I Terry, of Albany, in behalf of the committee
appoiuted yesterday, urged very
. strongly a unanimous Advance in the
1 priee of manufactured (roods. The re*
. port was accepted, and a general discussion
of the subject followed, in which
George Said, Jr., of Albany, and Mr.
Shepard, of Philadelphia, were the principal
speakers, both of whom claimed that
an advance in the price of stoves was
i necessary in order to make their business
remunerative. They also favored a sliding
scale of discounts, with no time ot
over four months. The meeting then ad
journed. .
A resolution was adopted that no stove
of the lowest grades be sold for less than 5
cents per pound for the casting, and that
i tne cost ot extras be added, with a reason>
able profit. K. P. Myers, of Cleveland,
offered the following, which was adopted:
Rttolrrd, Thai, in order to secure tueeo?
operation of manufacturers of the country,
? we recommend that the chairmen of the
several local organizations bring the subject
suggested in the resolution in regard
to price before their local bodies for their
! consideration and action.
1 The Association then adjourned, to meet
; in New York in February next.
Hull Storm at 31?irtln*barff.
, Martinsburg, W. Va , June 12.?This
| section of country was visited by a terrible
; hail and rain storm this evening. It
? lasted about two houis, but in that short
1 time immense damage resulted to the
farmers and truckers. The wheat is
knocked flat in all directions, the corn is <
cut into ribbons, the truck patches in
many localities are a total loss, many fine
orchards are badly damaged by the np- I
rooting of trees and breakage of limbs, j
The damage to the wheat crop in the belt j
of the storm will be great.
Two more culprits of the pickpocket
fraternity were sentenced by the Court
to-day for two years in the State prison. j
TtieISlorra** Destruction.
Cincinnati, June 13.?Dispatches from
Ohio and Indiana, also Kentucky, state ,
j uiat a destructive storm of wind and rain
I passed over that region, doing considerable
damage to crops, fences, etc. The
lightning struck several dwellings at
Salem, Ind. The railroad depot at Chris- ,
tiansburg, Ky., was completely demolish- :
ed. _
CntttnK Doom Pawnffr Rate*.
Chicago, June 12 ?Passenger rates from i
Missouri river points have, owing to the '
fight between the roads, fallen from $15 to ;
50 cents. Kates from Chicago and St. i
Louis to Missouri river points are. how- '
ever, at full figures.
* Do not despair of renewed health
when bountiful rutfure pours forth so
potent a draught as BfOutd't HVtfcrr. Before
it distressing disorders of the Kidneys
and of the Bladder disappear never to re- 1
turn. i
Strausu, S. Y., Xov. 16. 1876.
I Ixave been In trade about twelve yeats. and
sold most of the cough remedies used in tbk
section. For the {ait four year* I have sold 1
Hatch's Universal Cough Syrup, and it ha* 1
taken the place of nearly ad others. There J
aro many families among my customers, who %
keep it constantly to resort to iu all cases of i
cough, croup, etc. My wife has l*en subject 1
to a severe cough for several years, ami 1 am *
atbticd that its use saved her life. It seems ,
to possess remarkable qualities as a healing
balsam for the lungs. I should be glad to re- c
feranywho may inquire to those who have
i.?11* i--? 1
AHfdlcjMChMI far MOnu.
Perhaps no one medicine Is 90 nnlvsr ally
required by everybody u a good cathartic.
Swayki') Ta* axd Sarsaparilla
I'ilu are pupated expressly to meet
this necessity, being composed of partly
vegetable Ingredients, of which PodophyiUn
or Mandrako, Plue Tree Tar, bariaparilln,
Yellow Dock and other concentrated
Juices enter largely Into their compoaltlon
i the whole strength ol which is
extracted on nn entirely new principle.
They are mild iu their operation, produce
no griping, and are truly a valuable purgative.
aperient, autl-bilions and cathartic
medicine. They stimulate the liver to
healthy action, cleanse the stomach and
boweli ot all impurities. Caring sick
and nervous headache, dyspepsia
or Indigestion, bilious, or intermittent, remittent
and congusUvv (even, languor,
drowsiness, aching pains In the back. Head,
slight chills, with flushes ot heat, female
irregularities, and lor a bilious and coative
habit, no medicine is so prompt and
effectual as Dr. Sway-ib's Tar axp Sarsapaiulla
Puu. II your druggist or storekeeper
lias not got them, or will not procure
them tor you, we will forward them
by mail on receipt ol price, (In currency
or three cent postage stamps), 25 cents a
box, or flveboxes for $1. Address letters,
Dr. tSwayne & Bon, No. USO North Sixth
Street, Philadelphia. ttsaw
Jacksox's Best Sweet Navy ChewingTobacco.
lietailers can buy It ol Joseph
Speidel & Co., in 6, 10 and 20 pound packages.
This is xot a Humorous Item, but rather a
matter of the most serious concern, and without
doubt of very general intercut Hatch's
ITuivenal Cough Syrup la offered to the public
for the cure of Coughs, Colds, Croup,
Hoarseness, and for the sure belief of Whooping
Cough, Asthuia, and Bronchitis. It is
warranted in every case. The dealer where
you may be in the habit of purchasing mediclues
probably has it for sale. Ask him about
it H? mav know of a case similar to yours,for
which it has been used. Hundreds of thousand*
of samples have been gratuitously distributed,
to sattsfv people of its merita. It has
the most enviable reputation, as the safest,
the most effectual, ana the cheapest medicine
to be obtained. A few doses generally relieve.
8old by Logan, List it Co. ttsaw
Lives is Ktxo.?The Liver is the imperial
organ of the whole human system, as it controls
the life, health and happiness of man.
When it is disturbed in its proper action, all
kinds of ailments are the natural result The
digestion of food, the movements of the heart
and blood, the action of the brain and nervous
system, are all immediately connected with
the workings of the Liver. It has been successfully
proved that Green's August Flower
is unequaled in curingall persons afflicted with
Dyspepsia or Liver Complaint and all the numerous
symptoms that result from an unhealthy
condition of the Liver and Stomach.
Sample bottles to try, 10 cents. Positively sold
in all towns on the Western Continent Three
duses will prove that it is just what you want
Hate >pc*llljr and permanently cared Human of the
Skin an i Scalp of CnUdren and Intents afflicted tines
Tbr treatuicut jrecribed in tuch turn U mild
do** of the CvncTRA RtaoLVKKT, a perfectly aafe
I'xruui dwu punner.ana me extarnai us* ot
C'vruTKA, the groat akin cure. The CtmcvBi Soap
iho ii'i l-e the *?*nly nap applied to the dfaea*d skin
(or cleansing purpoaas.
Since Birth Cured, after faithful Medical
Treatment had failed.
Mrwn. Wkjuu A Puttrs: CfWiFMM? sir lilu*
no, two jti'i of age. has had a ha mar on one tide
at hi* fact since he vis barn, which duiloc the last
four months has spread orer the entire aide of the
Tsei*, the chin, rar, anl tide of the head. It nut
have itched and irritated him a great deal, as he
crak-ht-p the surface ail the time, nu nutter what was
applied. 1 used many remedies by ad rice of friends
ind my phjsidan without benefit until I found Ccncvsa.
wbich linmeduteir aliayed the itching and
Iniiaoiuutwn. and entirely currrt him.
K<?pcctfully. JOHN L. SURRY.
With Walworth Manufacturing Co.
Bostosi, April 13,18T8.
Not*.?Once cured the skin may be render*! soft
ind Mr by udug tho Cutlcura 6cmp exclusively fur
tolkt or numry par|4aea.
Here Caret of Skin and Scalp Affectlaaa by
the Cutlcnra Remedies.
Fred. Kohrer. Cm).. Cashier stock Grower*' National
Bank. i'ufbU, Colorado, write*: "I am so well ploaaea
i:U its efltvts on ay baby, that 1 cannot afford to be
without it In my house. It is a wonderful cure, and
Is t<ound to become rery popular as aoon aa ita virtoea
ut known to the niittn
J. ?. Weeks, ?*]., Town Treasurer, St. Albans,
Vt," ujs ta a letter dated May 2s : 'It works to a
rlisrrn on my babj's face and bead. Cured the bead
utlretv. at.-J lias nearl* cleaned the face of *xes. I
lu*e itc->:umcaa?d U t? several, and Dr. Plant has
urJtrtd U lor tb.-m."
M. M Chick, Eaq., 41 Franklin ttrert, Bertao, sayr
"My little laughter, eighteen months old, has vkat
[bib;. and it ia?t hare uvt*1 Cctictka,an-1 ?fce fc*a?
a*>*i a a* * child, anl ?e feet eery happy."
Incidental to the Texan Climate.
Mnarv Weu> .t PutTU: (Jrnttrwkrm?Ettcioaed
ft com bod one dollar lor a large u>x ot Cvtkvu.
ue small one that ! rcrlTtd a?me time t?3 haa been
rery eS?aciou?, especially lo Prickly Heat or Path.
t? v>(ne people call it. I am noMat it lboct.
Your* truly, TM03USW. BOOKLET.
Masok. Texas, Sept. U, 1STS.
Ccticcka U a must laliuble external application.
It hea'? all tut*, bruise*. and abrasion* ol the kia,
e?tores th?> hair ?h-n de?tr*yed by tcalo 4L?em?r*,
vinote* d-indrurt ?n i keepatbe *-nlp clean and the
ulr toft and pliable. It i? aa agreeable aa it i> efftttlie,
ind t? at<ly a*?iaud, in e^ery cat**, by the Ccthxxa
ow. ?hich b partit-ulariy recommended to mother*
ur ?lean?ir.)5 tee Skin and Jcalp ol Infanta and
hildryn. It i? Toilet a* veil aa MedfeiAal. and
la the rao?t fn$nnt and rvfrfhlng Soap for the
rnnery and bath of any yet prepared.
Parent* bare our awixaace that the*- remedies
ontain nothing injurioua to the yoos$r?4 infant,
rideace of which may be found in the cerufcalt* U
>r. Hayea and Prof. Merrick accotupanyin* each
The CcricttA Kenirdle* are prepared by Week* &
'otter, Chcutiata A Urui^uu, WaiBUuetoo rtrtet. ;
loiton, and are for **le by all l>rocsi?t* Price of
Vncvaa, amail box- a. 50 emu; hoxea, |l.!
Usolvkst, SI per bottle. Cimccea aotr, ;S teota ;
er cak?; by mall. SO cenu, three cakea, "i testa. |
.a| I IIUb. Tt?rdntr?7?llt.od?KT
CUVLII>S? toln4uMU.lo.bj dnwlit
WU? BEUCIDO ?*? ^ ~rt*i ?
jj. uBwboUaoeue matter, thui
MSTfc*^ pitktisi n euiof EhevutUrn,
.Neurai^a, seiatu*. Worn over the pit of the ,
tou:a?h, they prerent Ague and Urer Pala?, InfiamJalior.
Of ih. Ilr^.rv^ V1.I?D." ? -
wot, I?*epda.
Ind'.jmtlon, Cramp* and P*ln?.
Capital Dining Rooms.
ThlaOM abd KetiahU IksUanu.t b*? Im rt?
iot*1 to mv and <**araodlouaq<wtro, tad la mv la
xd run oioc order (t
Vo. IttSO 3Iurltet Street,
hmt lit* prmUun h?<r?-? U ba*t Utter bcflilkakc
i? a/* maoauiuo of aia larjt aad laerttiifi^ j*j.
?Pr* Proprietor.
LI /V T.'. ?
l 111 5M.irw l?i VESTED IN WALL
)i\J vrhF.BT STOCKS make* fcr.uo? *t?tt
luiib. IVinkat^nt fr? cxpiatBiac emytblag. Ad*
r?M KAXTfctt 4 CO.. Bukan, 17 W?ll ?rot, X. T
Positively #^4
Healthful ^
MtUCM. telr HalfllMOml^nMll
WANTlo. ~~
Ji?sstSKtss " "" tuau
\ylsml" iyssa,^
A KelUblo Oil 8to?e, ttut uk* u-. ,
,lTPl 10 ^ /roaiof, Bai&f,
??".?. ui iiiimH b. i,. i.tTIS, ;;'" ?
? *?? S. Kl?...,w |n|
w? RENT.
One door tbo?? Twtlith ttre* iu..
P? Booth |B dr.oc*. #M- lUui 4*11*
kTS.*1 I4 ?.*s *"? * *? nr. msiv u'w.
' ptollono. ntmbusi .um'Vi,,'k'""J:'1 '"-ut
rstjsfi;?*,~ ;:,r, ,tvr
im ?i.J(*t1;!1'.'"CBi.
*ww arwt. I
The Elegant 1) v. -lliug, I
No. 44 Fifteenth Smt.
Enquire of n I .!M.. I
apre 1 I
pOE BENT-VEir, nil
Tbe STORE ROOM . * > , ^ I
No. 1042 Main itreet, . 1 by J. I
8traub. Merchant Tailor. L'
mh!9 'ton*. 1
ONE ROOM in I V/ \>n I
Market street, on ;w-r. irun*.. \.'t (u? I
modern oonteoier I
se20 ' ' \\* .h I
mmlnge bank stock for
B?yH Addrrw X. V., tbU
For sale-thk pia.no waum
o( Adams A Luc**. The nnniDf gcari tn
It new. WUi btaold at t rerr Jo* tine. T<,u.*??
at the itor* C. Y. Lucas. A|>|ilv iu
dt> A. M. AOAJU.
F)k sale to close an e>tatu
WOae-tiof Coaland Ajtncuuural Lata tujwt*,
Um, iww alia from Bridfrport. cn ti* Uatthfe
National Kmd and the Tuicmtu 4
Uu Ratlrj*d. Willi* v?idai a Uars?.t?!..* '..fc,
leir JOHN THQMl-aoy. W;: v..
pok salbl
81* hundred and forty acm lar>d In (iMk
, FIt* hondrtd and twenty ?cre? is. llinlwo
! Iowa. w. V. U.K.K a Riu>,
I apl? Bml EaUu Atmi*. MJty
j "pOR SALE? "" I
i Ou HEW 8Fai50 WAGON. tuluWbri dtfr.
try vagse; will bt told ch?*p f..r ail Afc#, m
M? ibcn aad roa will bay.
!*. J. ELU/UI2,
feSl Corner Twenty-fourth u>4 SUfot su.
Cassinere Slits to Order
IS 916 U> IS
Cassiaure Parts to tinier I
u s? k r s*
Black Cloth aad Diagonal Drew Suits to Order
t? *? sxs u*.
Me It 01. Chinchilla, Diagonal Overcoats h
ti? us no ta cuk.
A Foil Use of the Above to Cboote Frsa
All foo4t iMtefnlir cat, ??'.l in-xwl, i?iir m
mot faahlwubto Baawr. uu* wnrnol loft.
It Will p*T TOU W flf# 01 & CS'..
cJ 1106 MA KELT sl&EET.
bakihc powder, ac.
The mo*t certain u-l relish ?trrmiM:i>r?tW
re??b th?
Pure Paris Grcou.
Thee it oo wxuriij ur f.vnvwy in l.aylnf \U
adaltmted irtidr. ftneti* part ! .t ni-. *
l?ru?CMt , En!;- Const.
Athstk Sf* S*lt. \**i in lb~ uurV.t. ?i!h Ml *
rtctfaw, for mW by
Save Your Rose*.
(ML SOAP 10 mi twr.. Itoy Ba*.
ruau, Jkc. For ?k fcj
Tfervofh til the taw?o?MCCitioa fcitnf.r. ntyi?i -
LUr .I'l" '
buateaitly lu Aw^uranJ >:> |?t?
UntT. It b Krk&ovMgnd to e? :b? * ?? iukir.il>
dt- In the airkM U?*l t>r u* c-?t <mtkt S*1 ' *
lk? 4?lcn. ftiy Leon, Ltot A 0- ? I.W&*
Bakisf I\iwdff.
friz** Wboitml* Draopft*. iT.J.-f <' :tAithonzed
by the Co?no*wetlth of Ky.
Commonwealth Distribution Co.
U OtT <4 or.
Thursday, Juty 31,1S79.
ioa ?hk* ontiiM a GRAM* CONCERT * U v
kit*?, toiki *t atfckctv.- pan * tki-t '
iadsUBwa tit*.
Tta? wiU t? teprro**! t.r a?r.
?4 ekaraetrr a>4 KSSvh&f. ao4 i*iri-h |i,: *, lift'-*
?4 (labur r-?f*rticU/ to ? *..: wf*
wbuuiw viifcfe 5** ?nl*u, et?? a ::.t"
A New Era in the Hi&tory of
Ettcj uctK-toWtr ?i V U>n
TW Xukwci ca? atiniue 10 CTl
twily ). j,i, i;,
THE F0I.L0W1N'. I'Kl/l>
Jgto 1 *. ? Ku IVjtm J ;t'f. 5|:v/?
' ?.*?;? rnii v.? : '
*.W^Ob? Pnw, ?f41s "
ss&'ssa *
J55S*25.*^,w",lsa,k-0^" ;"
? ?"?** Htt. . -
* P"i*a m wh.
STpm. jl7:.w
?7TWk 35 Tlek?-U. ?l*>.
iwciob nif *iv- - : -. '
Bmttky ISwuflw V.?<t Ord^r. i*stecrv>] l**"';
J?Bk<bsfl?r ?xyrr? Jfeif vt?: <<
la L?CLunlW CUi.~wr<Jo?rc.i; *=*1 Nf? } 'i
oiadWwUI^f.biW r.:t> .
fmuxktt feidrw (.UMMUM* IL! ti -?.. >
TlttN CU.?cT. J.CVUiMfcU-v?iU>. >? ? ..' 1 "
itr^MmlBkiUu^LMb^ *. Xy :.i:v.?
' O ^ L? 1.4 J ^
J W?%IUI?*. Ai?M WUt??Bi ?>"

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