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I \ answer to a question an to how much
tin'Into Duron ItothachiUl left, an cxchaugo
xiin|>ly replies "ho left all hi) had." There
? n wjrmon for you in live words.
Till Ohio Keitlnlatiiro linn pawed a bill
fur the |>unishment of tramps, which providen
that "any person not lielng in the
munly in which he usually lives or haa
his home, who is found going about begKiwi
ami asking Mibsistance by charity,
F|,?il l?i taken and deemed to be a tramp." ,
Thwart will Imthe meansof keoplngthe ,
poor and Improvident of each county at j
Ii,,nie; ratlior than risk an imprisonment i
o| OMU I" lliruv yuuio, UD UIO inn {'luviuua. f
Women and blind persons aro exempt
from llie provisions of the act which is to
),<> in fuii force on and after July 1.
Amos'o the oid officers of the army soon
t?> lie ru.'ired, whosotermsof service range
from thirty -nine to forty-eight years, aro
Major Genorai IS. I>. Townsend, Adjutant
(iciientl; Major Uoneral Randolph II.
Marry ( I nspector General; Major General
M. H. Meigs, Quartermaster General;
Major General Joseph K. Barnes, Surgeon
General, and Brigadier General Benjamin
Alvord, Paymaster General. They
will be succeeded by youngor and more y
active ruen, having well earned the right v
to retire with ease and com (BIT for thoir li
few remaining years. t
Opficiai. statistics regarding German J]
emigration, which have just been pub
ltahcd, show that there Bailed from Ham- jj
liurg, Bremen, Stettin and Antwerp during
lS7S-'79, 21,217 Herman emigrants. H
From theso points the number coming to r
tlio United .States was 20,373, tho remain- jt
?!er going to Australia and Brazil in about fi
equal numbers. It is a Curious feature of d
the German emigration, as compared with f(
that of other countries?and yet readily i
understood when looked into carefully? f<
that the per centage of males predomi- ^
nates greatly. This is owing to the inllu- j]
ence of the military system of the Fatherland,
those aubjes/t to its provisions taking e
advantage of the opportunity to avoid it. c
During the past eight years nearly 52,000 J
more men than women fcave left Germany, a
? ? p
Tiif. railroad investigation jn progress gi
at Nesv York, ordered by the la?t New 1
York Legislature on the petition of Sow n
York- merchants, has been conducted so fj
fur by' a highly competent man, Simon fi
Sterne, and promises good results. The r
examination of the New York Central's j
freight agent has brought out, as might p
have been expected, that tho road like fi
others has a "special" freight rate for eve- 0
ry shipper and to every destination. The ?
regular tariff is established only to be broken,
and contracts departing from it arc t<
wade for every conceivable reason. Kail- ?
os'l men consider it impossible to do ^
otherwise, and most business men are f,
Jirmly persuaded that these secret contracts
for special rate3 aro profitable, al- J
though in the long run they always give
large operators an advaatage over smaller j
ones. S
Oua friend, Charley l'ranzheiui, tells us H
that when lis was in the City of Mexico \
he noticed in passing along the streot two [
handsome wine glasses in the show case
window of a china store, and was struck g
with the similarity of the pattern to one r
that he had it) his possession iroin the Cen- e
tral Glass Company of Wheeling. He j
stepped into the store and examined the j
pattern more thoroughly, and found that
it was exactly the same, and moreover *
that tho glasses had been made in Wheel- <
ing by the Contral Glass Company and j
exported to Brcmon in Germany, and i
from thence imported into Mexico. TIy?
prico in Mexico was $135 for a pair of the
glasses, whorcas in Whoeling they were i
sold at 40 conts per dozon.
This incident he told us as showing the }
immense profit at which goods are sold In
Mexico. (
Tub Legislature of Ohio has boon at
work for sorno time on an amendment to t
the present Sunday Amusement law. The t
hist state of the proposed amendmeut is as t
Whoever, being over 14 years of age, engages
in spoiling, rioting, quarreling,
liming, lishmg, or shooting on .Sunday, or ^
?m said day exhibit? oris concerned in exhibiting
any interltufr. tragedy, comedy, (
o|>era, ballet, play, farce, negro minstrelsy, (
dancing, or any* other entertainment of |
the stage, or any part or paru? therein, or (
nnv equestrian, circus, or dramatic per- ,
iorinance, or any performance of juniors, \
itMiuma, .v^o-uutiuiins, '""ovj o.?v.?w, j
ballooning, or in keeping any low, disorderly
house or resort, shall, on complaiiu'inade
within ton days thereafter, bo j
lined not more than $50, or imprisoned not 1
mire than twonty day, or both. j
This bill is aimed especially at the man- j
nor In which Sunday is disgraced at Cin- f
cinoati, where, we may say, the day is
hardly kept at all. To such a disgraceful j
length has the "dangerous element" car- (
rial their desecrations that the whole regions
and mural clement of the eity have '
'fen aroused to that the danger menaces <
them, and henno tho present movement
for a more stringiuit law against all violations
of public decency and prosperity. i
Tin: measures ot economy in tho ail- (
minfetration of tho salaried departments
of tho city, as introduced by the Council
Committee on Salaries, have met with op- '
position in tho Second Branch, while tho '
First Branch has especially championed j
the proposed reform. The coiumittco '
sonio weeks ago reported a reduction of 10
per ceut. on XtiC salaries of the Street Commissioner,
Superintendent of Water
Works, Chief of Police and City Clerk,
but tho Socond Branch, after eo2>o discussion,
finally put the salaries back fe> the
old figures, Tho First Branch, however,
when tho report reached them, made the
reduction as reported by the committee.
The First Branch took a further step.
Tho report of tho Committee on Salaries
made a reduction of 10 per cent, on the
alary of Superintendent of the Water
Works, but retained tho salaries of two
engineers and two firemen at the same
inures as last year, $75 and $60 a month
respectively. The First Branch took the
ground that this was unequal and unjust
economy, mid that the employe* of the
Superintendent should be treated to the
samo economical medicine as lliu Suporlndent
hliuaolf, and consequently made tho
reduction (all upon employer and employe
alike. In support of their
action tho First Drancii took the
ground that tho shriukOHU of values
and tho reduction of salaries in all departments
of business gave them a precedent
(or Inaugurating a reform in the financial
afl'nirs of the city. Tho Second Drench
refused to concur In the amendments at a
previous meeting, and asked fur a Committee
of Conference, and said Committee
reported last evening recommending Council
to refuse to accede to tho proposed reductions.
Tho First Itrunch stood by
lis former action and insisted upon
the amendments, ami naked for another
Committee o' Conference, which was
jraiiteU. Tho committee luilod to come
to nny definite conclusion on the mutter 1
it the time of adjournment last evening,
inri it is not probable that their report
tvill in any measure be agreeable to tho i
First Branch. The matter of the City
Sergeant's salary ha* not boon touched,
md will not be until the bill fur tho inireasoof
the |>olice force, now ponding in
he Second Branch, shall have been acted
jpon. 1
llt'llnli'c I.ocnli.
Mr. A. P. White, who for the past three t
ears has been tho principal of tho First I
irard schools, of this city, has recently f
teen elected to tho Superintendency of t
ho Quaker City schools. Mr. White has <.
eena faithful, conscientious worker in (
lie school) of the city, and lias made a
3any friends who will bo sorry to know n
f his removal from our midst The t
iuaker City people may congratulate ,
tiemselves upon, having secure*! a first 4
ate school man.
The Horticultural Society at Barnesville r
) said to have been disappointed by the s
liluro of A. 1*. Tallman to deliver an ad* .
The Bellairc street cars and Benson's '
srry boat are now ruuuing till ten o'clock, t
'bo Wheoling caw connect now at the
jrry landing. Lights will be placed on
oth sides of the river soon. People will 1
,ot havo to hurry so for fear of being too v
ite at the ferry. a
A good number were present Monday g
veiling at the Floral Concert in the Disiplos
Church. The tioral decorations c
. ere better arranged than on Sunday s
hough more people were present Sunday t
fternoon than were at the concert. The j
rincipal exercises of the evening were
ongs by children of tho Sunday school,
'be part that gave name to the entertain- J
lent was an exercise in which each class 1
ontributcd a scripture recitation, a few
ines of poetry, and a letter made of *
lowers. Kach letter was put in place as 1
ire.sented, the whole forming when done f
lie words "Joaus, tho ttose of Sharon." 1
n the center was u magnificent crown of 1
,?ra n-liiln alilar.hlnagnniil In tnntll lioililti. '
ul flower when rightly used) with a row
fred rosea. Mr. Foster played several
oncertina solos and was encored each
tme. ?
itav*. pean left Tuesday morning to atend
the commencement exercises at Bethmy
The street car drivers were r,ot arrested
or driving on Sunday. The law lyjjs
uund to exclude them.'
Company J) was to have had a drill
londay evening, but C'apt Armstrong
ailed to put in an appearance.
The Masons oi Bellaire will parade ljerp
n the morning of Kt, John's Day?next
iaturday?anu will then go out to "tfarnesille
to assist at the laying of the cornertone
of the Children s Home. The fare
vill be $1.00 from here and $1.25 from
Vheeling. The Bridgeport aud Martin's
ferry Masons will probably go.
Notices are up for the payj?)ont of the
emi-annual water rent. There i&R#rje>
uand on the pocketbook that Bellaire
inswera more cheerfully than this, for the
luality of our wat#r js good, the quantity
a unlimited, and such a tfjing as a stop>age
is scarcely known.
A Sunday excursion on the Telegram to
'arkersburg ami Marietta is advertised.
The bills up for the Ciwspll Paso Dull
Jlub festival, to bo held in the Market
louse, are unique specimen* of Young
American advertising. II. O.K.
rhe Kmal ami the Croiw-Snrglrnl
Ofterntloii->|i|)q)l?rntlon to lite
V?*ton Democrat.
J udgc Camden, ol Clarksburg,M rcjiort.
:i| >t beimt in very poor health.
Our railroad jc now completed four i
nilcs this side of Clarksburg. It is said J
hat it will now bo prosecuted to compter
ion at the rate of half a mile a day. 1
There is an emigrant Agent at Beverly
vho wants 100,000 acres of land upon |
vhich to settta owigrants.
.Some forty families froi? the mining J
listricts of Knglnnd have Just sotUed on ,
3oal river, Kanawha county. Their ,
eadarsays they wore attracted by the ,
lountry wiijt'h is now furnishing England |
vith much of the n^mj/actured goods she (
s using, and with most of tifO breadstuff's ,
ind provisions of her people. !
The recant rains are bringing out the i
jrass and oats uropa wonderfully. The
armor has groat causo for satisfaction this
rear, notwithstanding a rather backward
ipring. Tbfl crops ore all promising well,
ind price# for both grain and produce are
Dra. G. B. Simpson and A. 11. Kunat on
Tuesday last removed an Ovarian tumor
from tho person of Mrs. Gardenor, of this
jounty. Thirty-six ounces of semi-fluid
was extracted.* The patient is doing well.
Hie physicians used an aspirator in tho
>pe ration.
flilW Atciarnlnlly Hilled.
W?,wpcna, June 17,1870.
Editor* Iotelllgencer s
The way in which the little fl-ye&r-olij
ion of Gabriel Robinson lost his lite was
U (oiio'ys: llogotoutof a drawer aioaded
pistol, \dth wltjcl) lie began to amuse him*
elf, and which !j? ?cc(<J?nt$)lv discharged
if Inat Ilia rnntnnbl striking llim in thp
stomach, coming out the small of his baclc.
The mother waa in the house at the time
but did not notice th?j child l|?ving the
deadly weapon until sho heard the <jia*
charge thereof. Death was almost Instatyt.
.Mr. UoblQxin resides near Forbes 4 Co.'s
coal works, and works at the paper mill of
Harvey lira. Li. B, C.
An Alnrntlnic Prediction,
N*w York, June 17.?Dr. Vanderpoel,
health (ifllcer at Quarantine, says: Unless
rigid quarantine js kept up,' there Is a possibility
of y?!!ow lever making its appearance
in New York. Two vessels with the
dlBCase on board are in the pppor b#/
discharging their cargoes.
"Dox't give up the ship" until you have
tried nature's wonderful product "Be tbesdn
Water." Others havo been cured and so
may you, whosuffer from Brlght's Disease,
Diabetes, or JtjatJreiJ disorders of the
Urinary organ*.;"
Senator Bayard's Independent
Stand on the Warner
SQver BUI.
Is Bayard Greater than the
Democratic Party?
The Republicans Cited as an Example
of Swaot Unanimity.
The Caucus Adjourns Without Action
Until To-day.
The Findings of the Hazen-Stanley
Court Martial.
Colonel Stanley to be Admonished
by the General of the Army.
rhe Oharges Against Hazon Cannot be
Inquired Into.
The Senate Democratic caucus received
his morning from Messrs. Thurman, McDonald
and Garland a verbiil report of the
ruitless result of their efforts to affect an
irrangement with Bayard for the withIrawal
of his resignation of tlie Finance
Committee Chairmanship, and for an
igreetnenton his part to allow the Warner
liver bill to be reported back for action by
ho Senate in advance of its completed (
lonsideration by the committee.
Judge Thurman, on behalf of the com*
nittec, reported also that Kornan was
ilike indexible in his determination to adtere
to his voto in the Finance Com- j
aittee in favor of postponing the action on 1
ho silver bill till next winter.
Thurman and McDonald after stating '
ho details of the efforts made the com*
uittce to bring about some harmouious
.rrangomeut, proceeded to make brief
peeches of a conciliatory nature, each I
ounsoling that Bayard's resignation 1
hould not be accepted. McDonald took ,
ho ground also that the caucus should <
Irop the whole subject of the silver bill.
Mr. Garland thought his resignation
hould be accepted and the bill brought ;
>eforo tho Senate and passed.
Mr. Coke spoke at considerable length
md with much uarnestness.uonteqding that
layard's resignation ought to he accepted
ind the Finance Committee to im- 1
nediately reorganize and to ac- 1
:ord with the views ot the |
najority of the Democratic Senators on ]
he silver question. lie insisted that no
>nu man ought to be allowed to obstruct I
hp v/ijl of an overwhelming majority of '
)f his party in Congress. Tho bill should j
t\- icjiviivii lur iuc |?uuij>|i yi mu
senate, and if to obtain an opportunity
or action a change ill the membership of
he committee be necessary that change
ihould bo made at once, for ajonor or
5ter it would have to be made.
Gordon replied to Senator Coke in a
peech which is described on nil hands as
me of great fervor and .eloquence J Jo
aid the question before the caucus had
wtb a personal and a political aspect.
Hie acceptance of Senator HayarcJ's resiglation
would be in effect a censure on
hat gentleman, and the adoption of tfye
Joke resolution would be similarly'co;ir
trued, lio was, therefore, oppose<J to
lie other proposition, although it* |oy?l to
be silver cause as any other living man
io would not consent to do anything to
Jrike down a man like Bayard. He
mew ho could speak for every man in
leorgia, and lie b*l?o;'o4 bo could speak
or every Southerner when he tmi<? & efttyft
ranstlxing Hayard's heart would give a
jijnj; to every Southern heart, for through>ut
oil their troubles and trials and opjressions
since the cios>i cf the war Bayird
had beeri the truest oI tty.e tru*/. In
bo next place, as a political matter, Ijo
bought ifotljingcould be gained, but much
loujd bo lost, by tlfo proposed action. The
iare possibility of sowingdjsseifsltjn tijo
sart v now ulinuhl ho enouuh to make the
mucus pause nnd rolled, and upon tho
eHection it would certainly bo j>ercelved
hat there could be uothing gained by
itrjkinga blow which woulu reach not
alonp, hut tho great body of truo
tnd loyal iienjo^rja^y^o agreed with hirn
ii!;!? linanclal vWs', ahli'who ypr? in
inison witii the rest of their party Art
rreator and more important questions in
his connection.
Mr. Gordon counseled his party lrien<Js I
.0 take pattern by tho Republicans who <
ivero nlso divided 011 tho financial ques- i
;ion, but who stood in solid phalanx on i
ivory other. Besides those considern- I
lions he points out, there is no certainty |
)t obtaining a majority voto for tho llnal
passage of the Warnar bilj pvon if it bo i
Drought beforo the Senate, and tatat thy :
jnly resultof forcing action upon it mlgut
prove to be a loading of the Democratic
Scnijto with an alleged responsibility for
its defeat.
Mr. .Saulsbury made a few rpniarks complimentary
to his colleague and in opposition
to the acceptance of his resignation.
Mr. Voorhees then took the lloor, but
was cut off very Boon aftercommencing by
tho arrival of tho hour for the assemblage
of the Senato a'n.d consequent termination
of the caucus.
An adjournment was thou taken until
to-morrow and tho whole subject weut
overwlthont action.
Indications are very strong that the caucus
will to-morrow decline to accept Bayard's
resignation, and it. will also then be
detormlued by a largo majority to leave
the silver bill in tho hands pftljo Finance
Committee until next winter.
The proceedings qqi} fjqdings of tho
court martial in tho caso of Ool. D. &.
Stanley and Col. W. B. Ilazen, of which
Genoral Hancock was Prosidont, were
madfl public to-day. The court found
Stanley guilty of coi)(}qctto the prejudice
of good ordor and military dlsctpiinc, and
sentenced him to bo admonished in general
orders by the Genoral of the army.
Generai Sherman on reviewing ttyo fjnding
of tho court says: "Thfe proceetflngs,
4n4ingaand sentence of the general court
martjal in tyo paw of Cq|. p. S. Stanley
are approyp4-M Pq). Stanjey wjjl resist,
command of his regiment.
The general court martial convened Jy
general orders ao. oo, 01 aurai -u.ion..
& hereby dissolved. Tho members and
military witnesses, including Col. IUzon,
will resume tholr rj?M?lIVP J.'??'? ?' <*uty.
In reviewing the voluminous record ot
this caso the General of thelArmv affirms
the Judgment o( the Court that Col. Stan*
ley In writing to Ool. 3??niethe'1 ?broad,
tho threatening letter ot September 6,
J877, and afterward |n allowing the
publication of charges In (ho Now York
Timn, committed a breath ot discipline,
llo had n perfect rlxlit to prefer chargos
and areclficatlons, which lie had done
from New York on the nth day of July,
1877, but when advised that the President
of the United States had considered them
and had decided that the best interest of
the service would not bo advanced by a
Sonoral court martial, it was his plain
nty to hare submitted gracefully. Tho
law oflicors of the (government have de- .
cided that tho Un (tea Sfatea cannot arraign
for trial any officer for offenses committed (
more than two years before tho order for
tho assembling of the court. For tills reason
charges against Colonel Hjizen cannot (
bo inquired into by a general court martial,
so that this trial and judgment must |
stand as the Anal decision of all matters ,
raised In the controversy. Both parties i
parties will ue earciul that the servico will
not be injured by a revival of this subject.
The Democratic members of the House
Appropriation Committee hold a conference
after adjournment to-day for the purposo
of agreeing oil a plan of procedure
on tho bill making an appropriation for
tho judicial expenses of the Govorement,
which was amended and passed by the
Senate yesterday, and referred to tho
House Committee to-day. Members of
the committee are authority for the statement
that the majority will roconimend
non-concurrence on tho second section of
the bill as amended by the Kenate and
will submit that section in a modified
form, and ask the appointment of a conference
committee. There will be a special
meeting of tho committee to consider
this measure to-morrow.
The session of tho House Commerce [
Coininitteo to-day was devoted outirely to
tho further consideration of the proposi- c
tion authorizing tho sub committee to in- v
quire into a roport wherein the existing .
laws can be so amended as to relievo the
commercial interests of the country, and j
Chairman Reagan was finally instructed f
to offer a resolution at the first opportuni- "
ty requesting an appropriation to carry
out the resolution of this subject, which v
was adopted by the House on tho lth 11
inst. It proposed to-day that this sub- il
committee should also hear testimony in "
regard to the inter-state commerce bill, .
and this will probably bo the final deter- 1
munition, 'providing tho nouoasary appro- J1
priation shall be allowed by the IJouse, (
Secretary Sherman has oxamined the i
legislative bill as it passed the Senate ti
In the amended form, and says no c'iffi- j
julty in construing it was expeiiemo'I, b
nor does he anticipate any difficulty in o
carrying out its provisions.
oTr*: i
Meeting; of (be Nntlonul Encninpmcnt nt v
Albany. X. Y.-lhc Kcrrj.tlon or Ihe J'
VelrrniiN. '
Alijasv, June 17.?The city is bright Jj
vith banners and bunting, and the strecU
tvere crowded to-day with people gathered J
:o witness the parade of the Grand Army jj
Encampment. The veterans made an imposing
display and were reviewed by Gov- b
jrnor Robinson. When the Kncampinent a
irrived atTweddle llall,Mayor Nolan bade h
ho delegates welcome on behalf of the tl
:itvf while Major Knowlea performed
i similar oflico for the committee of the
Legislature. Tho general public then roired
and tho National Encampment went A
nto session with closed doors. The first
jusiness in the secret session was an adlress
by General John C. Kohinson. The y
Jonimander-iu-chief then appointed the .
:ommittees. 18
Comrade Wm. Wright, of Post Jfo. 1, d
Louisiana, who'was stricken with the yet- i
ow fever at the time of the late epidemic",
>n behalf of his post, oflered a set of reso- k
utions thanjfing comrades throughout the ?
Unitpd States fpr their propint and gpnuj- .
)us aifjdnnnj: thplato' tpr.jfye epiijQrajG, J
W wl|icb they wore able to relloyo tl|6 '
vanu ot iit&iiy {.Qniiatjea find give a
loldier's burial to many more, '1'ii* mm*
utions were received and entered upon V,
ho minutes by a rising and unanimous ?
rote. Adjourned. ?
TjfP to the Encampment of the
.5rand Army, which too',; place to-night,
>vas a great success. Over 500 neffplo j
vere given seats at the tables and there j,
ivurumuv m'vusjjuuuuure, muiutt uim gunlemen,
:n tho galleries. The hall was !/
beautifully deqofyted.
Gen. Vanzahdt, in tho aljsenco of Gon.
[lawley, responded to tho toast, "pur *;
The toast to the Prosj<jent of the United
States was, in tlie absence of Brdbident 7:
Hayes, responded to by L'nitod States At- "
tomey General Devens. In tho course of JJ
liis speech he said: Comrades, 1 thank .
you, for the President, for this cordial [
greeting with assurances of Itis affection- J,
U? fyr you of his appreciation of 5
your devotion to ybur country', of his sympathy
with you in all ways of
jivil life. Nothing, I can assure
you, but the pressing nature of ,
imbljc business would have prevented his
being tare! but you jfQQVf tljp ppdiMon J
af the public pusiiiess well, am} realjijo Jj
that it i? almost a matter of political 'interest
that ho should be whore lie is. I
know this cannot uotnpare with tho warm
i*ra8D of hU hand, which he would have
been glad to hfiVS given you as soldier
to soldier and comrade to com- 0
racje. (Applause.) I thank him for
having made mo hiu iqessengsr* Ifavlng
been with him in tho performance of l)i* 1
public duties for tho last two years at
limes, until the day has darkened into
night and the night has reddened into
njorning. lean notspcuk with the freedom
that I could werp not tlmt jntiiflqtp rplqtioi)
oxistirig. ' What would l>o an appropriate
tribute from others from
mo might have tho aspect of an inappropriate
compliment, yet I am suro that
among tho mon with w!l?m bo hgd stood
gido by side, with whom'he has marched
through December storms and in July
heats, with whom he has stood on tho
perilous edge of battle, 1 am sure that
thoso mon at least will appreciate his
warm and generous sympathies, his anxious
desire to do justice, htq
In !\ik in nil vAot\nnla n '
worthy President o| q grciff mjtlqn, 1
tor which you and ho perilled your Uvea '
together. [Applause.] Whatever may he '
sold now or at any timo of tlio President, 1
you at least, will judge bin; kindly and 1
oonsltlsratsly a|\j$ys. Jt ho h?a been too ,
generous ami contl'lius, its an error he
has shared with yon In desiring pence and :
prosperity ol all sections o( the Union.
Cioneral 0. Sickles responded with a !
toast to the army and navy.
A Dramntfe Vobrl
Memphis, June 17.?This afternoon during
the trial ot John J. O'Brien lor tho ,
alleged seduotion ot JJiss Lhxle]Yoss, and
while the defendant was testifying to his
innoconco of crime, Lluio aniso from hor
seat near her counsel, and walking toward
defenijai)t,?a|d: "You villain, you murdered
p)y luthfjr. t^nij nof you want (o
ruin my ropulation." As slid >twi
speaking she drew a pistol from hor dress
pocket, hut before sho could Ore it was
caught by the Deputy Sheriff, who wrested
it from her bands. It was mentioned
in then dianatches last March that hor
lathir, IfMjl P. Vqss, l,aj <wmmjttet]
suicide on learning ot his daughter!* dial
grace. The suit now pending Is tor $3,000
damages, and was brought by the deceased.
WAPMNaTOS, June 17.
A bill to amend the act of 1703, for enrolling
and licensing of vessels in the
coasting trade, was again taken up and
Tiio army appropriation bill was taken '
up and Mr. Withers explained its provisions.
Debate aroso on the fourth section .
which provides that when a vacancay occurs
in un ofllce of a professor of French
language or that of a Spanish language In
the military academy, both offices shall
cease and the remaining one of tho two
professors bu the professor of modern '
language and hereafter there Bhall be in
;he academy only one professor of modern
After debate the section was temporarily 1
passed over and the reading of the bill
proceeded with.
Tho committee's amendment to strike
)Ut the section providing that graduates
)f the academy in 1870 and '80 may elect
o receive $760, in which case they shall
je ineligible to appointment in the army
or two yoars, was agreed to. a
The committee's amendment to add the t<
following as an eighth section was agreed j
o: "That the proviso to section 1151 of s
he Revised Statutes be and the same is a
lereby repealed." The proviso is as fol- n
own: "rroviueii that no promotion shall fc
)0 made to fill any vacancy in said corps a
engineer corps) above the rank of col- A
>nel." ti
The remainder of the session was taken u
ip in debate on the provisions of tho bill, h
tnd without reaching a vote the Senate ti
idjourncd. C
iiol'me. ?
Mr. Atkins reported back tho legislative n
ippropriution bill and the Senate amend- q
uents thereto, with a report recommend- ..
ng a concurrence in tho same and a non
toncurronce in tho others. The report p
vaa agreed to. *
The judicial expenses bill was received }8
rom tho Senate, anil referred to the Ap- "
iropriation Committee. The House then Vl
esumed the consideration of the bill prolibiting
political assessments, "
Tho bill was debated at great length,
irhen the discussion was closed by a deuand
for tho regular order of business, K
nd the bill went over till the morning at
tour to-morrow. Bt
The House then took up as unfinished p
lusiness, the Senate bill in relation to 0|
uries, c.(
Mr. Herbert who had charge of the bill, ti
ricd to get the Republican side of the bi
lousotoagree upona plan disposing of the a
ill, but was met by objection, that as the jf
rincipal of the bill was embodied in the tj
ndiciul appropriation bill no action could ai
e taken until that bill was tinally disposed N
Thereupon Mr. Herbert moved the pre- ia
ious question on the passage of the bill, A
nd the Republicans resorted to their faorite
strategy of declining to vote, so
actinically leaving the House without a
uorutn. After various roll calls further
rocoedingsfor the call of the House were
isnpnsed with- Bf
A Confuronce Committee consisting q( 11
Iessra. Atkins, Jilount and leaker was ap- iu
ointed on the legislative appropriation in
The attempt to have action taken on the in
ill in relation to juries was again made ii
nd again resisted, aud after about two *v
ours in struggling it was abandoned bv ai
le Democrats, aud the House adjourned. p<
? * * tr
!>EAT" <1? ?MU VM JH. in
~? hi
. T.vplrnl Nioilmilpitl Oiimhlvr? liritni. fr
ntic Incldeul ot IIin LiTr.
1>iiii.adeli'1Iia, June 10.?Old John in
/alts, a famous Mississippi river gambler, a*
i dead. His ruling passion was strong in jjJ
eath, and his last words were, "I bet you \i
get wellP
Twenty years ago his name was as well
nown as any man's in the Mississippi
alley. He was the typical river ganio!r;
elegant qf address, unejoitahlo, cqlcqittng,hkillix|beards,
an<| willing to Ljet tr'
n anything in the world. sU
Although a gambler, Walts profess- h?
1 to bo" a mfflt of honor. Onoe on the th
lississippi River he was caught cheating. l?
he loser, in the heat of the game, crieu, c.u
Vou swindled me, and I stigmatize you
j a scoundrel!" The hour was late, and
ajy the watchman and the party engaged
i the gaiqe heard the oliarifej}. l^ut all
row back, and held their breath, for they -r?
ere sure Jack would take his life to wipe J.
Lit the insult.
"J will give you $5,OOQ right hero if you
ill not inako that qfliuioq fqrthqrpublic," Pr
lid Walts. 1 IP
His' adversary refused. Then Walts
ni)pi} jn i|U wipked way, and held a pis- or
?j iu one hand and the money in the oth- ot
p, and said, as quiotly as before, "Mv
iend, for the suppression of your opinion V
offered you $5,000. You refused. Now
offer you that amount of money- and
our life. Do you accept?" *
The man looked in Jack's cold, steel lr
ray eye and was uoityjtiued. lie took the , ?
lonoy and tail life ami kept silent. ,e
Walts was buried yesterday, arid only a
>w mourners followed the remains to the a!
rave. Among them was Jack's only son, *'1
in '?s who rpqoivod q ?'
ioroi;irh huroDuan bducatiou. * '
' \Ynlta was seycnty-four years c|(|. 81
A I'olttr Expedition,
Si* Fiiascisco, Juno 17.?At tho Acad- jj.
my ol Science to-night there was a largor n
ttenilanco than usual, both of members j
ml spectators, iqclqijint; ttjuny ladies, ii
>r. H. W. ljarkncss, Vice President, p,rq- II
iiled, and was "surroundod by tho staff ot J
lie Joannetto, as follows: Lieutenant (ico. |,
V. pelong, commander-, I(iel|tpn<)Qt Cl,(^s. a
V.Ohlpp, oxocutivo etlicer; Lieutenant j)
obn W. Dannohomer, navigator; 0. 11
ilelville, chief engineer; J. M. Amblor, J
mused assistant surgeon; JamesJ.Collit)S, f
neteoro|ogl8ti R. L. Hewcomh, natural 1st; ?,
|V. Bradford, artist, and Clias. W, Brooks, J!
ix-Unlted States Cftnsul to Japan. After J!
he cliairraan had introduced Lieutenant ,
Deiong and stall a papor on "Arctic Exiloration,"
written by Dr. A. B. Stout,
i'0> read. Lieutenant Delong then adlrcssed
tho audience brip|iy, and referred
o tlip maimer in which private liberality ?
i?d enterprise were combined with Gov- e
irntrient assistance, to send out an o*po- t|
litlon under the best possible auspices as ?
> national undertaking. )
Ho dwelt unontlio present as being tho (j
Irst attempt to roaph tlie pole by way of <]
Behrihg Straits, and tho difficulties likely I
lo bo ouoonntered, and deemed It bettor t
lot to say at presont what they purposed t
lo do, but ho hoped to bo held in remem- c
brance until their return, when the recital (
a( what had been done will bo of greater t
interest. Mr. Collins snoko, expressing t
the greatest confidence In the suoppas o[ ,
tlio undertaking. Mr. Bradford, Qr. Ileliil,
J. P. Mftrso, 0. W. Brooks and J. R. Ijipham
made brief remarks, aftor which the .
t_n i I
.net IXin noqin, ,
Cy.yRLBsTos, 8. 0., Juno 1?.?John i
Moorp, who grossly ipsaulted and then 1
murdered Miss Woodward, on the fSth !
inst, near Wellford, was hanged bv a
mob of 150 armed men, who rode into
Spartansburg. The jailor had removed
J . . ? T ? '
At the city election at Portland, Oregon,
yesterday, the Republicans elected the
Mayor and two Coundlmen.
The Critical State of Turkish
A. Ministerial Crisis Seems to be
Threatening Documents About the
Sultan Freely Circulated.
The Long Walk for the Astley Belt
at London.
Veston Weakening and "Blower"
Brown Forging Ahead.
a ministerial crisis.
Constantinople. June 17.?Confusion
mounting to a crUis prevails in minihsriftl
circles. It is reported that Khcirein
Pasha, Grand Vteier, will resign, and '
aid Pasha assume the Vixierate tempor* 1
nly, to pavo the way for the return to 1
ower of Mahmund NmIIho fnrmo>-i?
nown as the tool of Russia. The Britisfi 1
mbassador is endeavoring to prevent
lahmund's return. It is also reported !
aat Midhat Pasha will receive permission 1
> come to Constantinople. Fuad Pasha 1
as denounced Osman Pasha's adminis ation
of the war office. It is' thought 1
'aratheodori Pasha and Mariff Effondi 1
ill he shortly appointed Ottoman Cora- 1
liss'onersto settle the Greek boundary !
uestion. 1
istallatlon of tub bulgarian prince. J
No demonstration is apprehended at (
hilippopolis when the Prince of Bulgaria t
i installed at Sofia. Several superior |
inctionaries and deputations from the
irious Itoumeliau towns will go to Sotia
?attend the ceremony and congratulate
le Princo.
affairs taking a russian aspect. (
St. Petersburg, June 17.-Genoral 3
auffraan ha* arrived J here. A London
ad Constantinople dispatch says it is rs>rtedonone
hand that Mahmoud Nedin
asha has already been seirt (or and on the
ther hand that the Saltan hesitates to ac- 5
jpt Kheiredtn Pasha's tendered resignaon,
although desirous of punishing him
ecause he fears the Kheiredin will J
ibal with Osmiu Pasha and Sl\elfc lTl :
ilam. Threatening dopmnentq against j
;o Sultan ware circulated Monday. The
nards of the palaco have hoen increased,
umerous arreaU have been wade, includ- |
ig several servants of Prince Youssief 1
szeddln, the eldest son of the late Sultan J
bdul Aziz. *
enuland. t
pedestrian match. J
t * '
-wm'vm, .ruMu +(,-*At in-gay tne t
lo^es of {he pedestrians wero: Brown, [
J8 miles; Weston. 1Q3 miles; Harding 89 {
lilos; Ennis, 80 miles. At 0:!i0 Ennis had t
iade only 73 miles.
At 3 o'olook the score stood: Brown 182 ?
liles; Weston, 175 miles; Ennis 100 miles; )
aruing, 01 miles. The feature of the t
alking match to-day was the reappear- J
ice of Ennis, who, it was thought, had J
jrmanentlv retired. He can\e {he
ack just after $ o'plqcfc looking ana feel- J
g thoroughly refreshed hy lug sixteon *
5nra' rest. Ho has entirely recovered :
om the sickness he complained of yeater- J;
ly, and is now going splendidly. Hardg
reappeared on the track at 2:43 this
ternoon, after three hours rest.
(London, June 18.?At three o'clock this
orning the snore Ejrow'n ' 227,
r$ton 33Q, Ennis 140, Harding 100. r
.Juno I?.?Tho column of 0
r^o^s which left Batina, province of Con- p
antine, yesterday encountered six
indred insurgents in defllo In one of \
e Touba hills. The insurgents were dis* ^
dged by the artillery and the troops oc j
ipied tneir position. The column con- e
iues its march to Medina. *
Two thousand miners h^vo struck at a
im worth, England, against a reduction of y
ages. v
QeneralGodoy who has usurped the *
esl^ency of Paraguay, was one of the
aders o( thp opposition,
The receivers office in Chereson, Southu
Uussia, was undermined and robbed a
a million and a half of roubles. ?
8even bridges on the Warsaw and j
ienna Railway have been carried away \
,* floods and tne tratilc is interrupted. ^
Delegates are expected at Madrid, Spain, 1
om the South American Republics, to -j
eat for the restoration qf diplomatic i
ilations si^speni|ed for spverql years. '
Continued shocks of earthquake, which
e attributed to the action o! Mount
Una, have occurre4 noar Santa YtW? u
id Uuartjia. Jta|y. Seyeral Rouses have \
Hen and others' ure in (lancer of falling, t
ill thcni lias been Homo loss at Hfo. c
. (
A Hyftlerloas Murder.
St. Loois, June 17.?The police have J
eon attempting all day to unravel the t
ivstery surrounding the killing ol
oaepb Morosl, the Italian wl.q wits snot
lasqallld tenement housp, 'ojcupieii b.v
[aliens, in a nbtorious locality'knotvri as |
1 ild Cat Chute at a late hour last night, \
ut no headway has been made. ^*Q due
as been ohtnii\pt\to t|lt>pfr^etrator of tfc;
at, and th'p police (lorA 6ven know
hetoer H as a crimo or accidental, '
tough tho theory is that Moron ,
as murdered. Tho Corner made a ,
iMi morl'lli examination and the police t
rrouted all the occupants ol the house I
i which Moresi was shot, live or six in I
umber, but aside from this nothing has i
coo done or learned regarding the mys- 1
irions affair.
C(yl| En|la??r* in lonnrll.
Clkvei.asd, June 17.?The American
ociety ol Civil Engineers began their
loventh annual session in Council Hall,
his city, to-day. About seventy-Bvo
members were present and more expected,
'he convention will continue for four
lays. The forenoons and evonlngs of tolay
and to-morrow will be devoted to
mslnoss sessions. In the afternoons of
he four days excursions will be made to
he various points of interest in this vicinity.
Thore will be a social meeting in
3ouncil Hall on Thursday morning, and
he members of the society will boenterained
by tho Union Club on Thursday
Scveiii Accident to a Diicii Clihk.?
k day or two ago Mr. Robert Gibson, Jr.,
\ clerk At l<ogan, I.ist dt Co.'i drug store,
Bet -with a very ugly accident. At
.he store Mr. Gibson was waiting on a
imtomar, and turning suddenly, bis leg
struck a pair of scissors that bung on the
knoll of wHh flio nnlnt?a?tA?J I
Bd at right anglos. The blade entered the
fleshy part ol his log to the depth ol about
an inch and a qoarter, making a painful
punctured wound. Mr. Gibson will be
lai4 up (or I0B19 time nuralng the wound.
James Bowlan deliberately murdered
his'wile at San Francisco, yesterday, liecause
she refused to live with him and
submit to his brutal treatment.
In Convention AMrabtod.
San Fiuncuco, June 17.?The Republican
Bute Convention met at Sacramento
tills afternoon, and was called to order by
A, 0. Abell, Chairman of the State Central
Committee. Thus far the candidate!
most prominently mentioned fur the head
of the ticket are General George Evans,
of San Joaquin. George C. Perkins, of San
Francisco, and John K. Swift, of San
Francisco. Anuinberot others arespoken
of as likely to couie In us compromise
candidates, including J. C. McShafter,
Congressman Davis, S. If. Jewett, A. 1'.
Catlin, C. F. Hoed, und other*.
It kiu at first supposed that no contost
would be made over the temporary chairman,
but lator the disposition evinced
to tost the strength of the candidates on
that question. Evans' faction put up Uov. .
Geo. L. Woods, of Santa Clara, Perkins'
uieu Hon. Obed Harvey, of Sacramento, !
Swift?friends T. Jl. Plxley, of San Francisco.
First ballot?Harvey 188, Woods 130,
Plxley 78. Second ballot?lfarvey 183,
Woods 143, Plxley 07. Woods was then
withdrawn In favor of Pixley, who was
clioson on tiiu third ballot by 200 to 1118
f~- U.. i ?- ?
mi iinnvr. ?um, However, is noi consiuored
an Bottling the gubernatorial light, i
M. D. Bourrock was choson Secretary pro '
'm by acclamation. Committees were ap- i
punned on credentials, permanent organ!- I
cation, order ol business, platform and <
resolutions and the convention adjourned
until Sm.
The workingmen ot San Francisco met
resterday 10 nominate men for municipal
jlllces. Dents Kearney was chosen
jhairman. The platform of the pany I
pledges a reduction of 40 per cent on city
:axes. provided Chinatown be obliterated, ,
ind the Chineso forced to live outside the J
sity. All nominees oledge themselves to '
iccept 30 per cent, reduction in existing J
lalaries and to pay the difference over to a
he treasury,
I.ord Loftus, newly appointed Oovernor i
if New South Walos, arrlvedat New York
resterday, on his way to Sydney,
Boston?Boslons, 8; Cincinnati*, 0.
Syraci|sa->Oliicagos, 3; Stars, 2.
Troy?Ituffalos. 3; Troy Citys, 1. t
Providence?Cleveland), 8; Providence, c
Mrs. Miller, wife at John H. Miller, a ,
>romlnent vitlwn at Newark, Ohio, sui- t
:idcd yesterday by hanging. The financial
losses of her husband Is supposed to '
>e the cause ot the act. ,
The National Eclectic Modical Associa- J
inn meets at Cleveland. 0., to-day. A
arge number of delegates have already c
irrivcd in the city, and the meeting prom- :
HPS fn 1u> on ?
. ? ww luraivoiiiug UUOi
It was ascertained yesterday afternoon *
hat at two of the print oloth wills at Fall
liver, Muss., notice had been given of the
ntpntion to quit work. In one corpora- ion
quite a large number of spinners <
lave withdrawn their notices and said to *
K) scouring similar action at one or two
ither mills.
Reports from Southeastern Missouri and J
fotheastern Arkansas, along the line of 1
he St. Louis, I ron Mountain and Southern a
tail way and the country adjaoont thereto, *
ay that the harvesting is well under way J,
throughout that region. The wheat crop n
s very flue and will yield 15 to 20 bushels *
tor acre. The corn and cotton is looking g
inusually well. The acreage of wheat i
,nd corn is much greater than any pro*
eediug year. * D
.qg?gg !i
Hnll(n\(ira Live Slock Market. *
Maryland Live Stock Scalks, )
Monday, June 18,1879. j p
IWTft .. 1.798 n
hecpand Iambi _...., 10.'MS i,
wine ....... 8,112 j;
toUI... - ? - - -...17,.M J
tThe quotations given In our lire stueh reports ?re
f the retail market, exco|it when otherwlie stated.] c
'ory beat on ralo this week A Cta. p
hat generally rated first quality 4 u5 "
tedium or good fair quality^ 3^4 " a
irilinary thin Steers, Oxen and Cowl it a8j^ "
Ixtreino range of prices 3 a5? "
lost of the mlea were from 4%a% "
Ilno'trl 185
Vnnsylvan|a ?. C8 ,,.S
'Irglnia 241 test
Virginia ,. 61
lorih Carolina..... 22
Total-.***.,...*. 1(793 _
The arrivals of cattlo during the we?k ?
mounted to 1.793 head, against 1,272 last week B
nil 1,870 head the corresponding week of last _
ear, attd the sales during the week amounted a
o 1,015 head, against 1,008 last week and 1,299
icad the corresponding week of lastyoar, and
rcre as follows:
'o Baltimore buteheja..,,., 978 )
'o comiUy debtors fij [
,'o tiostern simulators....... ... M
'o Washington City butchers 98 o
Total sates w 1,015
Tho market was fairly active from the helining
till near the end of operations. Prices
voro considered by some dealers as a shade 5
ilfilier, on account of the scarcity of tops, the
ilienngs consisting very largely of the middle
;rades, while the other dealers thought there I
vas hut little if any change. All the ofTerincs '
cere ui8|k?ea ot at prices ranging from 3 to
iXc.. a row selling at the former price, while a
lonsldcrablc number brought Bp. qiu! upwards.
Milch Cows?The tpu\e is very dull anil
l^o supply full. Price*, $20 OOaW'OO per Uwd.
trrlvalft t^U week 3,142
Vrrlvalw lut wiffc ? 6.4M
IrrlT^U j wx v$ 7,758
The quality of the offerings continues to be
)t a good order. comparing favorably with
ibe receipts labt week. The run is lighter
ind the demand better, with an improvement 1
)f over last week. Wo quote rough 1
iows and stags at 4?{a5c., few selling at the ]
former mice, while other grades sold for 5J4a ,
5tfc. with a few extra a shade higher. The i
receipts to Saturday wero 1329 head, and since i
then 3,813 head have arrived.
Arrifal# this week. *, ..10,553 !
Arrivals lust week ... 8,153
A rrl ru 1? one y ear ago - ****** 8,053 1
The receipt* are largely in excess of last
week, and in larger numbers i han are needed,
particularly Lambs. Of these latter somo
1,000 huve been reshinped East principally to
New York, some at lirat hands and a smaller
number on speculation, by Cook ?fc Clark, the
demand here being inadequate to the offerings
of Lambs, while the sales of Sheep are
more active. We quote Sh?*en at SWaJWr.
and Lambs 4aOc; slock Sheep $2 00a2 H per
heart. ________
The marks indicated 3 foot 0 inches and
about stationary.
Weather clear and cool.
The Andes left last evening lor Cincinnati
with a good trip out.
The Science took the Courier's place in
tho I'arkersburg trade yesterday. The
Courier is laid up above the water works
on nceount ot low wat4r.
The Thanhouser has lately been overhauled
by Sunllsh parties, and will be
brought to this city this week to receive
her machinery bo as to be readv lor low
The Ragon Is to-day's packet for Far-1
The local packets are running as usual.
I Br T??otj>a.|
Nashtow, Junel7.-Klvor (ailing, with
34 Inches on the shoals.
Cairo, June 17.?River lttfyet 10 inches
and (ailing. Weather clear. Thermometer
NiwOblkaxs, Juno 17.?Weather rartiy
cloudy. Thermometer til0.
Evaxsvillk, Juno 17.?Weather clei r
and cool. Kiver falling, with U feet lot r
lnchea by the gauge.
Pmm'Rciu, June 17.?lUver 1 foot 0
Inches and stationary. Weather coi I.
0. W. Batchelor due to arrive from Cincinnati
Cincinnati, June 17.?lllver 7 feet ?
Inches and falling. Weather clear and
cool. Arrived: Clifton, Ashland. Departed:
Florence Meyer, Wheeling ; Vlr?ie
Loe, Louisville.
li prepared to make carafnl and oomplft*
molynes of Iron One, Umaatonaa, Mineill
atari, eto.
Laioratoit, Ooa. S?tb An CiAnm Bra.,
The hehlernol tha above narutd boudi are hcrobr
jotlllM that bonds of the fullowiug nutulwrn, m wely:
74,39, ICi, *7, Si, 90, C3, W, 40, A3, 49, IS, 17ft, 136,74,
3,108, 4rt, 47, M, bare ooeu drawn by lot in arcordince
with the iirovlalona of the ordinance authoring
the wtue, mid will be paid at thn Exchange Bank
)( Wheeling, July lit, l?;y,nl whleft time the* wilt
win mi iwtr interest.
The holder* of the flax Bonds of tbii City of Wheelng,
Iwuiil under au ordlmuoe of uld city, paaaed
anuary 18th, 1871, are hereby notified that In acordance
with the provision* ol add ordinance, the
allowing Not. of bonda, vlv. 43,101, 60,143,1.9, 71,
, 80,151, M, 18, 103,1M, W, 26731,81. 7.1, 117, 88, 16,
l, 17.8'J, 65,114, 133, 8,43,49, having been dra* n by
al will be paid on prtseutallou at the Kxchang Pank,
nd will cwue to bear Interval after luly lit, 1879, acorMlng
to the provhdous of aald ordinance.
A. J. 8*EKWF.Y,
M Oomiuladoptrt.
Sealed proponala will be received l>y the underlined
(Commissioners appointed by the County Cuurt
f Monongnlla couutv for the purpose), at Morganown,
W. Vs., up to July 23ib, 1879, at noon, for tho
onalructlon of a
Stone Jill and Jailor's Reildmea of Brlok,
t Morgan town, according to plana and spedficatlona
o be Men at the office of Ueo. U. Sturglaa
Proposals will be received for the atone, brick,
rood, iron, plastering, painting, glaring and tin work,
ach separately, and alio for the wbole work. Bond
rlth good security In a penalty equal to ihe amount
f bid, in form and with coudiiluna to be approved
y the Comuilnlonera, must accompany each bid.
All pmpoaab, with the recommendationa of the
'enimbwloneni, will lie submitted to the aald County
hurt at it* August Term, 1811), for ita action wltii
Isht to reject all blda.
Fuller Information will be furnlahed upon applicnIon.
O. C. STUltUloS,
Moroastoww, W. Va., May 16.1*79. mv19?w<H
CiiEaK'd Ovvics Board e? Caaimmn**** >
Wuickuxo, June 14,18797' J
Prated Proposal! will be received at this office, until
S'EDN KSDAY, July Ud, 187V, at 12 (or the lollowDg
county work:
!at. The const rucllnn of a Foot Bridge at 8teenrod'B
crow Wheeling Creek, on tho site of tho former
ridge; to bo alx (0) feet wltle In the clear, in thre?(3)
pans, one ninety (DO) feet and two of forty tire (4ft)
tet, each In clear, having; hand railing on eachalun
nd steps four (4) feet In height at thoeuds. Also, the
nUing of piers and abutments four feet, requiring Hay
0 cubic yards of *ecotid*clsst masonry laid in mortar,
afe capacity of bridge to be 100 pounda per aquant
BMs for the superstructure must show clearly tho
laterial and plan of trusa proposed.
2d. ThoU lading and Masonry required on the lmrovumentuf
tihurt Creek (north bunch), embracing
bout 5,000 cubic yards of excavation and 100 cubic
anls dry cultert maaonry.
ad. The Grading ?nd Masonry required on the Imruvementof
Peter's Itunroad, embracing about 4,000
ubh yards excavation and ISO cubic yards culvert
4th. The raining of thebildge over Middle Wheelig
Creek, on West Union and Honey's Point road,
mr (4) feet above Pa present level, requiring about
1M cubic yards second-class dry maaonry and 1,200
ublc yarns excavation.
Bids must be by the cubic yard for masonry and for
scavatiou la earth, loose rock and solid rock, and
mst he separate (or each of the localities aboro
Responsible references must accompany each pro*
The CommiHlonerereserve the right to reject any
nd all bids.
By order of the Board of Commissioners.
W, C. SMITH, County Engineer. Jel4
Suits to Order
111 lit 120 IS
CanlBtrt Ptott to Crtir
M W W 17 II Ouhlliok
Cloth and Diagonal Drew Suits to Order
l? MO K0 Cub.
leltoa, Ohlnchllla, Diagonal Overooati to
in in no ws iso cub.
\ Full Line of the Above to Chooie From
All goods tastelully cut, well trimmed, made in
lost fashionable manner, and warranted to flt.
It will pay you to give us a cnJl.
mmirn a
J** m*. m\ji n/ V> V/.t
Capital Dining Booms.
This Old and Reliable Restaurant has lienn r<?
uoted to new and commodious quarters, and la now in
tood ruaulDgorderat
No. 1??0 Mni'kot Street,
here the proprietor hones to hate better facilities fc r
the accommodation of hia Urge aud Increasing patronage.
aprfl PrnnrtHnr.
will buy a Hour and Lot on the Island. I7f0,
1800, f000and $1,000 will buy you a House and L?t In
Kait Wheeling, Centre Wheeling and ou the Ulaud.
Igowu. buy an excellent Two Story Brick House
A DOUBLE HOUSE on Main street, Centre Wheeling,
Not. 2015 and 2017; Lot 28 by 120. containing six
rooms each, including itoro room, good cellar, gas and
THREE F'NE BESlDKNCES on Miln atraet, oppoaita
the street car Htables, known aa the "Lautry
Properly." will he wild on easy terms. Tbeee housm
ate we 1 built, aud with all modern improvements,
and nicely located.
Ohio, which rent for 169 per mouth, and two
small farms, lu and 28 acres, well improved, for sale
very cheap, or (or exchange for Weat Virginia landx.
nine miles from the city, for from 510 to 5-00 per acre.
Forty thousand acres of ih? ?> ? w?? Vi.?i?i?
Wild Land* at W tod t3 per acre,
For further particular* Inquire of
Real Estate and Insurance Agency,
mylgMvrar Opera House Corner. whe* Ina, W. Va.
Every Thursday or Saturday*
CITY OF RlClIMQNl>.....m.H M
Tbcae magnifice&i st/jom-m arc among the strongest,
largest and fuual ?u tho Atlantic, and have ctory
modem improvement, Including hot and oold water
and electric Mh in staterooms, revolving chain In
iiu?Qnj, bath and smoking room i,-barber abop?t etc.
For xatea ol Maui and other Information, apply to
JOHN UTdIlE, Agent, SI Broadway, 8. t.
Or to JOHN BAILIE, Unioa R. R. 0?e?'T1IOH,

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