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Id all Itabranchca carefully attended to. CASKETS
aud COFFINS, o( all kind* and altee. kept constantly
vu lutud. llAUKs (urnlaked at the lowett livery
jirlrt*. Alioafull llneol
Carpets, Oil Cloths,
Window Shades,
I'arlor and Chamber Furniture, wblchweoflerattha
luwnt price*. i
Con. Twekty^wokd and Markkt mrs.
Of tbe Arm of SurgUon A Son, No. 1143 Market
atrect, baa recently returned from the Eait with a.
(nil atoek of Artificial Teeth, ol the very b?al quality,
couipriilng all ?lua and all aliadw of color, very
Iwautlful and natural is aiipraranc*.
i'eraonidealrlng Artificial Te?h will Bud Itt<? their
Interest In every way by calling on tbe firm. Liquid
Nltrrnu Uaidetianlsadmlnlaimd daily wltU unparwlleled
auctina. Allwotk warranted. JelO
ddipcc t DDirrc 11 PRir.rstli
r niubo i i mwbw it .
Are not to be discounted by any one. Wepropoee
to in:?ke It apparent tint the line dry Good* we
rarryihall meet the view*, both lit selection and
jiricea, of the people of Wheeling.
which for weight and color are the beat value wu ever
had the plwuureof offering.
SIIUn! HllliNi: Hllltn !!!.
I ari;e stock and good value, from Choice 8trl|x* Pure
ttllkato the 11 neat
Cm II i II ?? 1 IS 1 II <? lc 811 U H.
Housekeeping floods of every description at iuton*
Ishluyly l^iw Price*.
1065 MAIN ST.
The Fourth
100 HttUiLsoiue LAWN &lTITS at very low
prices. '
fiO Haiulsuiiu> I.INKN 81'ITS, t? be cloned
out utone-linlf their cost of manufacture.
We nn? uttering now very rare Har^alns in
Black Silks,
n.i 1 o:ii.?
Summer Silks.
Don*! nito yourcliunce on the above. Call
si once ami get Ix-st choice.
1104 MAIN ST.
ik SriAtytmx.
Oftlrot Mom. itO mid m foniUfnth Htr**U
Jffw AdvertlMemenl*.
Fowler's Fly Fan?Louis Dechert.
I Ninons and Oranges?N. Schulz.
Fourth of July?N. Sehulz.
Fourth of .luly Picnic ?St. John's
Sale Postponed?River Hill Farm.
Kstray Horse.
Refrigerators?Xesbitt l?ro.
Wanted?Young Man.
July Bills?Stanton?fc Davenport? [First
Something for the Fourth of July?Belt*
icns it Co?[First page.]
Wanted?Salesmen?[First page.]
Tiieumouetku Rkcokd.?'The following
allows the range of the thermometer, as
observed at Schnepf's drug store, Opera
House corner, yesterday:
7 a. v. \i m. 8 p. m. 7 r. m.
/W M W 7U
weather indications.
Washington, July 1.?1 a. m.?For
Tennessee ami the Ohio Valley, northcast
to southeast winds, cooler followed
l>y warin clear weather and rising or
stationary barometer.
For the I-ower l*akes, rising followed
by falling barometer, cooler followed by
warmer clear weather,variable followed by
south winds.
Headquarters for Ladies and Gentlemen's
Gold and Silver American Watches.
JACOB W. 6RUBB, Jeweler,
Washington Hall, Cor. Market and Twelfth.
delighted at the great bargains we now offer
in silks and cashmares. Do not buy before
you see what we offer.
1104 Main Street.
copies of the Leader Directory will be
ready for delivery at 8 o'clock tbls morning.
Merchants in immediate need of the
book will please call at the Leader Counting
Room any time after the hour named.
Price of Directory $3 00.
FROM this day we offer our entire stock
of summer clothinn at nanio nrices:
250 men's linen coats 75c.
200 men's linen dusters 75c.
100 men's white vests 75c.
Gents' white lawn ties 20c a dozen.
We are ready to back up all we say.
Call without delay.
Star Clothing House,
36 Twelfth Street.
Camp Mektiso Association.?1There will
bo a meeting of the Wheeling District
Cuinp Meeting Association to-day on the
camp ground at Moundsvillo at 12 o'clock.
All persons having any business with the
Association, or persons desiring to locate
tents will please attend promptly.
Accident to tub Cameron Postmaster.
?Postmaster Davis, of Cameron, met with
quite a severe accident on Sunday even.
ing. While stepping from a moving train
ho tripped and fell to tho ground, breaking
his collar bone and badly cutting his
face and head. The accident occurred
about "> i?. m.
Outrage* in W'kstkrn Makylasd.?We
loom from passengers over the Jl. A 0.
Railroad tlmt on Sunday last two rapes
were committed in Western Maryland,
within a distance of not more than forty
miles, vie: at Handing Station and Oak*
land. The names of the parties at Rainling
Station we did not learn, but the victim
of the Oakland outrage, according to
our Information, was a niece of Mr. II.
llaiumill, and the norpetrator a young
man named Hendricks, of Piedmont. The
guilty parties in each .instance escaped.
The citizens of Oakland wero reported
much excited ever the outrage', and threats
were made that should lleudrlcks be
caught he would be hung without judge
or jury.
Brief ffenllon. '
Finical culture?drinking wdt-water. Mi
Tbi weather yesterday was more enjoy- ye
able than lor a week or ao P*"twextv-rot'b
case* were examined at j!
yesterday morning's session ol the Police
A yKKCiFi'i. man Is morclful to himself.
Don't work any theae hot days - if you
can help It.
Tim new Wheeling Directory, compiled ed
by Mr. (J. C. Johnson, will be ready for joi
deli very Unlay.
1'iib cooper shop* In North Wheeling ,
have over SCO cordaof wood to work up
anil make Into kegs. '11
Somk of the stores are beginning tu eel- S(J
ehrate already by hanging out their ban- ^
tiers on the outer wall. W(
Tuit picnic for tlio Cathedral parish
schools, at Craig's drove, on the Fourth, Ce
promises to lie a large a Hair. c0
Tub hillside above Seventh street Is rail- co
ed the "lovers' retreat." On Sunday oven- co:
ing* they gather there In large manners. an
Tub special Council (las Investigating c0
Commiltco held a meeting liiat night. i18
'J belr proceedings wore not made public.
Bit. B. F. Barb, of Martin's Ferry, was |"J
successful in removing a tape worm from '
Owen .Sullivan, policeman iii the Eighth
Ward, length SI feet. c||
Tub homestead property of the late j0
.Samuel Buchanan, near Valley Ci rove,was >,e
sold on Saturday last at public sale to a |j,
Mr. Parsons for fJ.L'IO. j?
\i.. I II ..I ?n (>1
inn. L<tivin ivuru, Ui ruiiuu, uon juouc- ?.
ceived a largo amount of tan bark at the
wharf, and has Hoveral teams at work ro* foi
moving it to liia tannery.
Gkkbn apples have appeared in thismar- dij
ket, and the doctors have brightened up eJ
perceptibly. The apples were sold 011 the 0,1
street yesterday at twenty cents per peck.
'Gi's Matiiibws gave a faro well lay-out J"'
to Kramer's band last night, in appreciation
of which the band favored Oustavus
with a number of verv fine musical seleclions.
Tiik different standing committees of [0
the Hoard of Commissioners will meet
this week and prepare their monthly reports,
to be submitted to the regular meot- rv
ing of the Board next Monday. t{f
Cuius. Skiiikk was in Steubcnville, yes- I't
terday, arranging for the Cleveland excur* I),
sion. A special train will leave Steuben- 111
ville at 4:54) p. m. for Cleveland. The rate ot
for the round trip from Steubenville will D,
bo $3 00. w
Makti.v Tiiouston, proprietor of the 01
Capitol Dining Rooms, recently had a to
cooKliig siove stolen irom inu rear ui iuk in
premises. .Martin looks for some of our su
amateur detectives to ferret out the ca
rubber*. pr
The City Council will meet in regular ta
monthly session next Tuesday evening. IK]
As there have been somethiuglikea dosen rii
special meetings since the last regular Iv
meeting, the "unfinished business" ought of
to be pretty well liuishetl by this time. 8C
Tiie Riverside Nail Works will resume M
operations to-day, after a brief holiday. It sli
is understood the faptory will run three
days thin week, about ten days in the two
weeks following, and then stop a couple of w
weeks for the usual summer's vacation. b<
Wjijuclinu Circle of Honor No. 1 will T<
hold an open meeting in their hall, in V
Peterson's lilo?L*, jNJain street, on w
Wednesday evening, at 6 o'uloul;, at which L;
time a public installation of oiHcera will
take place. (Sood music and speakers will vl
be present to entertain the people. Free, sc
ana a cordial invitation is extended to all fr
friends of the temperance cause. nt
Feaiis having been expressed that the si
river will be too low on the ppurth for 111
tlie Micnnerchor Singing Society io make pc
their contemplated excursion to Cresap's ol
Grove on the steamer Telegram, we have t>]
I teen requested t<? state that, as the river ti
is rising in Pittsburgh, there will be plenty F
of water here by Friday, flpil the Tele- w
, gram will leave promptly as advertise).
Kbamkk'm splendid brass band stopped
in frontof this office last night and render- a
ed several selections in their best style, aj
The band toys leave to-day for a season ri
of ten weeks at the White Sulphur Springs, ol
and although it i?-a big feather in Joe's w
cap, figuratively speaking, those who have di
so long enioved his delicious music will gi
miss him all the same. Many thanks, Mr. di
Patrick Gilmore Kramer, for the serenade, fa
A,n old man was killed at or near Hen- ir
ton's Ferry, on the B. iV; 0. road, last Sun- ai
day. A son of deceased bought him a la
ticket to Pittsburgh some tune ago, and ai
sent him to that city. The old gontlp- sj
man, becoming dissatisfied, left Pittsburgh 01
and started to walk to Grafton. A freignt at
train struck him and killed him instantly, tl
The body was forwarded to Grafton on ir
Sunday "night. The naino of the unfortunate
man was unknown to our informant.
Mksshs. John Obor))#user, J. II. Kott- la
kay and Franz Diets, three urpj} known Sj
Pittsburgh musicians, arrived in the city ??j
last night to join Kramer's band, which
leaves this evening for the White Sulphur B
Springs, u-herp they are engaged to play m
during the ureseui vo&wih Josieand his to
band were there last season with the 01
Matthews' Light Guards, when they made
such an impression upon the managers of F
Springs by their sweet music as to iuduce
him to engage them to play this season, B
they taking the piaoA of ji well known
Baltimore band that has held the engagement
for the past 18 years. Good music n
always goes to the front. q
Tup. l*klsivg*Wbisgeiuikii Kale Falls e,
Thuovuii.?George W. Weisge'rber. of the ai
Brown I'.oat Club, having challenged |)(
Louis Felsing, of the Nail City Club, to (,j
pull a race in best and best boats, repre- j'n
sentatives of the two clubs met hist night ^
at John Khoekv's Kclipse Saloon, on Market
street, to' fix up 3 race if possible.
Some four or Ave members of ooch club
appeared at the saloon to represent the
oarsmen, neither of whom were present.
After a good deal of talk, the parties t)1
separated without coming to any sort of |0
an agreement. The Brown men offered p(
to put up $250 or $300 on WeiHgerber, |>ut ja
the Nail City boys gave it out that while ej
they would be willing to back their inin ja
for "either of the amounts named, Felsing w|
himself had positively refused to row for n,
less than $500 a side. The Brown boys
say that there has never been a race in
this vicinity for more than $300 a side, pi
and claim that when they oiler gu
to match their man for that sum, the high- tu
est amount yet rowed for, they are doing H
all that could be expected of them. W'eis- tu
gerber was defeated by Felsing last sum- tai
mer, it will be remembered, when the T1
stakes were $300 a side. Felsing is repre- wi
sentod as firm in his refusal to row for less
mini !.nw, uiiu me iirospeci 01 a race between
these two well known oarsmen does on
not, therefore, seem very bright at present th
* ha
Buxn.?liepreseiitatives otthesix Herman
singing societies of the city met on Sunday
afternoon, in liermania Hall, for the pur- ch
I?so of considering a proposition to organize
a Bund, similar to those in other
cities having thercquisite number of so- ?n
cieties. The idea, as expressed at (hp co,
meeting, is to organize a Bund, or central
society, made up of members of the different
subordinate societies, which shall still '
retain their organization. This Bund will tin
have a president, treasurer, secretary and ne
other omcera, give public entertainments sal
in which all societies will participate, and sill
ben member of the North Amprir-nn
ger Bund, and entitled to the rights and col
privileges of said membership, equqj- co\
Iy with the Runds of other cities. ha
The meeting on Sunday was in the na- 1
tare of an informal talk. None of tho me
representatives had been instructed by Ca,
their societies, and nothing detinite was cip
done, tho gentlemen present confining rec
themselves to a general discussion of the ing
proposition. Tho meeting adjourned to
assemble again on tho 17th of July, whon (
delegates, properly instructed, will meet if >
and decide whether they shall effect the
| organization proposed. 0
Nothing has ever been discovered to T
equal Dr. 0. McLane's Celebrated Verml- La
fugo for ridding the human constitution of sal
worms. It never fails?is simple and very pai
inexpensive. Even* druggist keeps it, but um
see the name of "Fleming Bros., Pitta- dei
burgh," on the wrapper, or you are being ris
deceived. }jai
fu> Conn*.?Circuit Coon ? Judgt
Ivin.?The Circuit Court wm In session
sterday morning, m usual.
rbe entire morning wm occupied In arIng
the chancery cauaeol Zlllis vs. Boyd
Caldwell. The argument was conclud,
and the cage aubmitted to Court.
Adjourned to B o'clock this morning.
Municipal Covin?Judgt Crnnmer.
No business of importance waa transactin
this Court yesterday. Court adtrned
to meet again this morning.
Poi.ici Court?Jwlgi Onto met.
The following rases were disposed of by
Is Honor yesterday morning:
Kate Mooney, Tillis Clark and Maud
iinley were fined {20 and costs each for
eplug house* of prostitution. All throe
ire committed In default of payment
For prostitution: Minnie Emmet and
irrie Coleman, $20 and costs each, both
inmitted; Charles Clark, $10 anil costs,
imnltted; Henry l'roud (V), $10 and
sta, paid; Annie Jones, Maggie Rouple
d Annie Clark, $30 and costs each, all
imnltted; Wm. Jones, $10 and costs,
A boy named Frank Morgan was fined
0 and coats for stealing bread from
seph SchalTer's oakery, on South Broadly,
Island. He was sent up In default
1' ines were assessed as follows for drunkness:
l'mldy Mvles, $2 and costs, paid;
hn. Sharp, $2 and costs, execution buindcdon
payment of costs; MollieMcuighllii,$ound
costs, committed; John
ties, Bun], Volinger, Sample Jackson,
and costs each, all paid.
Krtnlr V'onrn until a Ann n?* C" aniknntta
p disorderly conduct.
Virginia Mack wax up on a chargo of
sorderly conduct. The case wan dismissal
the cost of Harriet Woods, who
?de tho complaint.
Frank Benninghaus, for assaulting Dai
SehafFer, was fined $6 and costs, which
i paid.
Klixabeth Schwartz, a widow with three
lull children, was fined $20 and costs for
lling liquor without license. She was
lahle to nay the line, and was committed
Nassau Palm Fihiw CoMpANv.-Secrotaof
State Brady yesterday issued a cerieate
of incorporation to the "Nassau
ilnt Fibre Company," of Washington,
. C., for tho purpose of manufacturing
)re from the various kinds of palm and
her fibrous vegetables, at Washington,
. C., and elsewhere. The corporation
ill keep its principal place of business,
office, in the city of Washington, and is
empire op the 1st day of June, 1889. Foi
e purpose of forming said company the
im of $100,000 has been subscribed to the
tpital thereof, and paid in full, with the
ivilege reserved of increasing said capl1
by sales of additional shares to $200,K)
in all. The capital so subscribed if
vided into shares of $100 each, and held
y the following gentlemen, all residents
Washington City: Sjlqs D. Loom is,
0 shares; W. M. Lawrence, Charles 4
etcalf, 1). T. Jones and K. J. Potter, aC
Hires each.
n........ i 1 d il -t t..1..
i 11.>11.?1\ gruuu ruufui ui uuiy x it'uu
ill be held at Lockwood's Grovo, for the
jnetit of Parker Hall National Christian
t'tnperancc Union. The steamer Iron
alley and barges will leave the Wheeling
hart at 0} a. m., and Htop at the Belmonl
Hiding, La Belle landing, Benwood
finding, Uullairu wharfboat and Moundslie.
.A full (Juadrijlp {land l)as been
!cured for the Occasion. Baskets haulpd
om Loclcwood's Landing to the Grove
id back free of charge. Persons not dering
to take baskets will be furnished
eals at the Grove for 25 cents. Good
iffee, lemonade, ice cream, milk and
:her refreshments furnished at reasonale
rates at ail uoijrs of the c|ay at t^e
rove. All persons desiring to spend tin
ourth pleasantly had better go to Lock
ood's Grove.
'Mfjsip Hath Charms," etc.?That wai
stony-hearted and unnatural parpnt w|ic
ppeareil upon the front porch of hU
jsidence on the Island, at 12 o'clock the
hor night, and confronted a young mat:
ho sat on tho fence beneath ttu
lughter's window thrumming a cracked
litar and mournfully singing, "Let mt
ie, but save these tears." The irate
tiler llrst offered to assist him in the dy
ig process, and proposed strangulation bv
d of the clothes line, but when tho gal
,nt musician had climbed over the fence
id stood peering through the ptckeU
ppphjjjas, tjie nartlully rplpntinK mogstpi
i the poruli 'compromised tjie matter bj
jreeing to "save these te^re" ind send
lem around to Jlonfeo'g boarding hottst
i the morning.
Persosai. Mention.?Sheriff Tingle lefi
st night with his family for Berklej
prinjp, whero they will spend the sum
Messrs 0. U. ffukbard and Charlev
hsw Jackson's best Sweet Navy Tobacco
Hie manufacturers of tho new Safety
mp, which Is now havinjt such a largo
e, are crowded with orders from all
rts of tho world. Every person who
a the common kerosene lamp is in danhence
the great demand for the HarA
Smith Lamp. J. L. Hokhs A Binert,
raily will leave on the early train tint
lorning, for the South Branch of the Po
mac, where they expeet to put in twc
three weeks in piscatorial sports.
Mr. J. Clark, an aged citizen of the
irst ward, Is reported as dangerously ill
Miss Ida Keanjer leaves for Tier home in
edford this morning.
^ Minister Roiibkd.?The residence ol
ev. Schaflronepk, pastor of the German
hurch just north of the Market etrepl
ridge, was entered by a thief on Sunday
I'ening, who made off with a small
nount of money. The minister left hie
duso, which stands just in the rear of his
lurch, about seven o'clock in the evenand
returning at ten, to find that a
iief had got in and helped himself to the
mailable funds in the treasury.
:hulz, the enterprising confectioner, at
HO Market street, haa made elaborate
operations to supply his numerous cusmors
and the public generally with
)urtli of July goods. lie has laid in a
rco and complete stock of the latest novttos
In tho nay of j)re works, balloons,
nterns, nags, pistols, crackers. Ac., to
Inch ho Invites the attentioff of the
Tumok Removed.?Dr. Allen, of this city,
irforined a difficult surgical operation on
mday, in removing a large ovarian
inor from a lady named Miss Mary
anun, living in West Wheeling. The
mor weighed forty-one pounds, and was
ken from.thc right cavity of the abdomen,
le patient is reported as doing very
Tiik bad effects of imprudence in eating
id drinking are speedily removed, and
e depression following eating is quickly
nished by the use of Dr. Bull's Balti3re
Pills. I'rico JIT) cents.
1 want to close them out, "Parasols"
eap, at G. G. Roth's.
iodf.ru Speidel&Co., wholesale grocers,
) headquarters for Jackson's BestTobac
U?l JtR*pt>?rrj ShorJ C?|ce.
Take one pound of Hour; mix well
rough it one and a half measures "Banr"
Baking Powder; add two teaspoonfuls
t; then ruh in one-half pound cold
>rtoning; add with a spoon one-half pint
eet milk; bake in jelly cake pans: wnen
d, and just before eating,place in layers,
rering each one with raspberries which
t'c previously been sugared.
uich can of Bannor Powder contains a
aaure to use instead of a spoon. A Pound
n, with the measure and Banner Ree
3ook complete, mailed to families on
eint of QO cents. Address Banner Bak;
Powder, P. 0. Box 308, Pittsburgh, Pa.
3au soon at G. G. Roth's for a Parasol
'ou want a bargain.
Ten TIioumuiI Dollar* Worth of in
Oood> to be Hold Witboal Hmm
Commencing with Tuesday, July lit,
will offer my large and carefully select*
stock o[ riummer Goods, comprlsln
Lawns. Organdies, Chintzes, I.lnen Suit
Parasols, 4c., Ac., atinuch reduced prlcc
These goods were bought before the rli
In the East and will bo sold without re,
ervatlon. We are determined to sell, an
have marked goods down to the poll
where we can pleiso everybody. Aget
In WheellngfurMad. Demorest'a Pattern
John Uoimkii,
Nob. 2019 and 2021 Main street.
I'akaiioiji, Parasols, Parasols, at colt, i
u. a. itoth's.
Ask your grocer (or Jackson's Bes
Joseph Speldel A Co. have It at wholesal
Foil Upwards or Thirty Ykars Mr
Wlnalow's Soothing Syrup has been us?
for children. It corrects acidity of tl
uiomaen, relieves mna aXic, regulates tt
bowels, cures dysentery and diarrfm
whether arising from teething or othc
causes. An old and well-tried remed;
25 emit a boUU. ixkw
Parasols at Cost, Parasols at Cost, Pari
sols at Cost, to reduce stock, at 0. (
Jackson's Best.?Give it a trial and yo
will uso no other. Joseph Spoldel A Co
Wholesale Grocers, have it.
II. M. 8. "Pinafokb," by Arthur Sull
van. Full Vocal Score, words and must
$1 00; Libretto (words only), 10c: Voc
Selections (bounu),25c; Galop, 30c; Walt
35c; Potnourri, 50c; Galop, for Piano an
Violin, Cornet or Flute, 40c; Waltz, f<
Piano and Violin, Cornet or Flute, 60
All the novelties in music. Pianos au
i Organs to ront
Lucas' Music Stork,
i 1237 Market street.
On and aftor to-day, July 1st., I wi
closo my placo of business at 7 i? m. unt
further notice. G. G. Roth.
It Bkats All.?Jackson's Beat Swe
Navy Chewing Tobacco. A full supp;
; now on hand at Joseph Speidel & Co. s.
It is a fact well established by unqueation
ble tesutiony that Hall's Hair Renewer i
news, cleanses, brightens, invigorates and i
1 stores to its original color and lustre, fad)
. gray or discolored hair, cheaply, quickly ai
surely. The poorest people prefer to buy
1 and use it, rather than to proclaim in a ma
> uer more forcible than words can dclineat
) through blanched locks or grizzly beard, th
tbey are aged and passing to decay. A vei
. short trial will convince the most skeptic
l that it does eradicate the scalp diseases whh
rob the hair of its color and life.?-fort So
j (A'an.) Daily Monitor.
1 Jackson's Best Swept Navy Chewing T
| bacco. Hetailers can buy it of Josor
Speidel &Co., in 5,10 and 20 pound pac
' Comiuoimcnlth DlMlributiou Compan
' Attention is called to the displayed ai
1 vertisement of the Commonwealth Disti
1 bution Co. in another column. The raai
f ner in which they propose to draw
j worthy of the confidence of the publi
1 and has the right ring about it This wi
' be the tenth of the series of the Urawinj
: of this comnanv. and from all indicatiot
1 vyill'be the most successful.
1 Let everybody look out for July Ala
| the date set for the drawing. danv
I A Fiiiiioiih Article.
Glenn'aSulnhur Soap has won great cele
rityand sale by sheer force of its astonishii
> effept in curing skin diseases, and erudicatii
i blcmishw. l*r|pp 2p ceijlij.
For restoring the natural color, growth ui
beauty of the nair buy liair Reviviuui. at
cents j>er bottle. It has no equal. Sold 1
, Logan, List & Co., and by every druggist.
i BrarQHlPTfff!1
j niav he entirely prevented, the broath nui
, tied. and the teeth made to glisten with wliit
. ness by the use of Brown's Cauiphorat?
Dentritrice. Price 25 cents.
"Brown's Bronchial Troches" are renowni
! and wonderfully effective for curing coldsai
! relieving any throat or catarrhal diflicult
but guard against counterfeit. Sold by Loga
' List &Co.,andalldruggistaat 25 cents per bo
' A Monarch of tb?
' of byoty kind can be stopped almc
r inatanfly^by the use of "Brown's Househo
u auiu mm marvelous remeuy
I great repute, which is taken internally at
s applied e^tcnwily. fricw 35c and 5Uc ptir Ik
Mrs. Wtiudow's Soothing Syrup is a men
t ful boon to children teething. Price 25 cent
, Guard against counterfeito and worthless in
tations. Sold by Logan, List <fc Co., and t
' druggists. TT&teow
We Challenge The World.
5 When we say we believe, ye have evidpn
to nrove that tiliiloh's Consumption Cure
1 decidedly the beat Lung Medicine made, ina
much as it will cure a common or Cbron
) Cough in one half the time,and relieve Asthm
, Bronchitis, Whooping Cough, Croup, ai
i show more cases of Consumption cuftxl ti>j
all others. It will cure whwp they fail, it
pleasant to take, harmless to Uio youngc
. child and we guarantee what we say. Prii
1 10 cts., 50 cts. and $1.00. If your Lungs a
sore, Chest and Uack lame.use Shiloh's Poroi
- Plaster. 8olfl by E. Soaking, Qdd Fellovv
Hall; C. E. D'wigtit, 24th and ChqpHne street
! Lauchlin Bros. & Co., Wheeling, and Hu
i bands & InskeeD, Bellaire.
Do Yon Believe It.
That in this town there are scores of neraoi
J passing our store every day whoso lives a
made miserable by Indigestion, Dyspcpsi
8our and distressed Stomuch, Liver Complain
Consumption, when for 75 conts wo will sc
them Shiloh's Vitalizer, guaranteed to cui
them. Sold by E. Booking, Odd Fellow's Hal
C. p. Dwight, 24th and Chapllno street
Lauirhlin Bros. Afio. WhooHnw nml TTn?iko?.
& Iiujlfee'p, Bellaire. '
Till most popular an<l fragrant Perfume t
the day, "Hacicmetack try it. 8old by ]
Booking, Oad Fellow's Hftlj; C, E. IJwigl'
24th ana Cliapllne streew; tauuhlln Bros.
Co., Wheeliug, and Husbands' & inskeep, Bel
aire. tts
A Medicine Client fur 25 font*.
Perhaps no one medicine is bo univei
sally required by everybody as a good ci
thartic. Swaynk's Tar and Sarsai?ai
illa Pillb are prepared expressly to met
this necessity, being composed of purel
vegetable ingredients, of which Podophy
lin or Mandrake, Pine Tree Tar, fcarw
parilla, Yellow Dock and other conceit
trated juices enter largely in(o tjipir coir
position; the whole strength of which i
extracted oh an entirely new principle
They are mil4 in their operation, produc
no griping, and are truly a valuable pui
gauvo, aperient, anti-bilious and eatharti
medicine. They stimulate tho liver t
healthy action, cleanse the stomach am
bowels of all imparities. Curing sic)
and nervous headache, dyspepsii
or indigestion, bilious, or intermittent, re
mittent and congestive fevers, languor
drowsiness, aphing pains in the hack, Head
slight chills, with Hushes of heat, femalt
irregularities, and for a bilious and cos
tive habit, no medicine is so prompt am
effectual as Dr. Swaynb'h Tar and SahbaI'arilla
Pills. If your cirqggiat or store
keeper has not got then), or will not pro
cure them for you, we will forward then
by mail on receipt of price, (in currency
or three cont postage stamps), 25 centa {
box, or five boxes for SI. Ad4rou letters
Dr. Swayne & Son, No. 330 North Sixtt
Street, Philadelphia. ttsaw
Why Will You
Allow a cold to advanco in your system ant
thusencouraco more serious maladies, such aj
Pneumonia, Hemorrhages anu Lung troublei
when an immediate relief can be so readily at
talned t IkMcnst'i Gxrmax Sybdp has galnec
the largest sale In the world for the oure 01
Coufilis, Colds and the severest Lung Diseases
It is Dr. Boschee's famous German prescrip
tion, and is prepared with the greatest care,
and no fear need be entertained in administer
ing it to the youngest child, as per directions
The sa]e of this medicine is unnrccedented
Since first introduced there baa been a constant
increasing demand and without a sinclt
report of a failure to do ita work in any case
^ik your Druggist as to the truth of these re'
marks. Large sites 75 centa. Try it and b?
If BaldacM or Dtflclncr or Hair
Exists, or It the Hair li gray, dry orharth.
'* the natural voutbful color can be restored ,
by uilng ''London Hair Color Restorer," t
I the moat delightful article ever introduced j.
? to the American people lor Increasing |
K growth, restoring Its natural color, and at i
> the same time a lovely hair dressing and b
' beautlfler. It la totally different from all f
w others; not atlcky or gummy, and free 1
>; irom all Impure Ingredlenta that render J1
d many articles obnoxious. In fact it la ex- :
" quisltely perfumed, anil ao clcanly and ,
>' elegantly prepared as to make It a lasting
>' hair dressing and toilet luxury. J. A.
Tynes, a promluentcititen, Wilson, N. 0.,
writes: Home ten years ago my wife's hair
commenced falling, and got vorv thin and
" gray; but after using "London HairColor
Restorer" the acalp Iwcame healthy, the
hair stonpod falling, the color was restor'
ed, and Is now growing beautiful. o
e' Ask your ih-uiaflut for London HairColor I
Restorer, l'rlco, 76 cents a bottle. Six 1
; Irattles,H. Main depot for the U.S., 330 '
d North Sixth St., Philadelphia. trhmw ^
>e Litis is Kiau.?The Liver Is the imperial ?
organ of the whole human system, as it con- ?
ir trols tlio life, health and happiness of man. *
/. When it Is disturbed in its proper action, all ,
kinds of ailments are the ustuml rtwulL Th?
digestion of fooil, Die movements of the heart *
, and blood, the action of the brain and nervoua "
j system, are all immediately connected with !
the workings of the Liver. It has been successfully
proved that Green's August Flower
is unequaledincurlngallnersonsalllictedwith
u Dyspepsia or Liver Complaint, and all the nu.,
merous symptoms that result from an unhealthy
condition of the Livor and Stomach. 11
8ample bottles to try, 10 cents. Positively sold *
[. In all towns on the western Continent. Three J'
doses will prove that it is Just what you want. I1
?l , S
zj Sterling, N. Y., Nov. 10,1870. v
Ji I have been in trade about twelve yeais, and J
)r sold most of the cough remedies used in this J1
cj section. For the post four years I have sold 1
'd Hatch's Universal Cough Syrup, and it has I
taken the place of nearly ail others. There "
are many families among my customers, who *
keep it constantly to resort to in all cases of
cough, croup, etc. My wife has been subject l.
U to a severe cough for several years, and 1 am V
jj satisfied that Its use saved her life. It seems *
|o possets remarkable <|iialltie? as u healing I
imiwiu IUI vita 1 HIIRO. I 3WUU1U UU glHU IU rcferanywho
may Inquire to those who have
used it In this section. Wm. Myer.
ly Sold by Logan, List A Co. rrtutw r
W* are surprised to see so many still suffer- c
a- ing with neuralgia and Rheumatism, when
e- they can be cured. We know the feeling
e- which exists among very many?'"that any ,
?d medicine whloh U advertised must be a hum- 11
id bug." Thin may bo true in some cases, but
it when we know of a remedy which lias become 1
n- so popular as Lawson's Curative, and we have
;e, such conclusive evidence of the good It has S
at accomplished, it Is more than folly not to
ry make a trial of it, and satisfy yourselves that <]
al all the proprietors claim for it is true. In such t
:h diseases as Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
>U Headache, 8ore Throat, Latue llack, ana t
Toothache, wecan safely say that no remedy,
either in physician's prescription or in proprio
etary form, has eOtoted more cures than Law- s
,h son's Curative rrhwkw
y. I
rj. Texiin Crime*. . t
5. fiiuTtmvn i
...mxiuokub, wuue uv.?A/uviv ijuflll" ?
}* was shot dead to-day by Uis brother-in- ,
jf law, named Ware, after the latter had re- j
ill peived two shots. f
re Beaumont, Juno 30.?Last night du- 1
is ring the services at the colored cliuroh a ]
white boy, looking tluough a window, 1
it, was shot in the back, and two more shots i
were fired into the church. Some of the J
men in the church returned the lire. About 1
forty shots were exchanged. One negro
b- vyas wounded. fl
lB to Report, |
,d St. Louis, June 30.?It has leaked out ,
50 here that in settling tho accounts of the r
V defunct Southwestern Railroad Assoola? i
tion, tfispoverv was made that the Han- j
p|bftl and Kt. Joe Road had failed to re- ?
. jiort to the pool officers some $02,000, (
? received from freight traffic. The Secretary
jd has been ordered to make out bills and
proceed to collect them. Considerable inmI
dignation is expressed here among the _
?d the Western railroad men over the transac- J
y, tion.
n, 1
x- A Tm'tM*
C4t>uAiic^ Jijne A Carlinsville, llli- ?
nois, dispatch to the Tribune states that
Id while John Q'Neil, a prominent farmer ^
of and ex-railroad man in that neighborhood, .
id was driving into Shipman this morning, 1
his horses became frightened, throwing
him from the wagon. 11 is foot caught in t
rj* the wheel and his leg was completely torn t
,j. from his body, lie lived but a few minutes. :
A New York dispatch says there will be
ce a cessation of business In that city on the
is 1'ourth.
J* The President has nominated Col. H.
G. Wright, Chief of Engineers, rice General
Humphreys, relieved.
in Gpo. Bancroft, the historian, was serlis
ously injured yesterday at Newport, by
al being thrown from his buggy,
re jaraea 1''. Edmunds, tho forger, was arna
raignci) for trial flt Boston yesterday, and
's in default of $10,000 bail, was remanded to
s; jail.
* Cox, the murderer of Mrs. Hull, wasar- u
raigned at New York yesterday and plead K
not guilty, and his case was set for trial T
July 14th. 1
18 _____________ i
re - tl
Q| <M'OUtflilnK Spoilt In 11*0 Morning;," r<
t. dry, parched, sore throat, losing flesh, J
11 bronchial and asthmatic attacks, pneu[?
roonia, weakened and debilitated state of '
the system, all these dangerous symptoms
are cured by "Dr. Swayne's Compound *
Syrup of Wild Cherry.'1 The first dose |
gives relief, and the worst cough and sore J
Jungs yield to its lioaling proprieties?
''Physicians recommend it?'
? have made use of this preparation for
& many years, and it has proved to bo very
1* reliable and efficacious in the treatment of
severe and long-standing coughs. I know _
of two patients, now in comfortable health, g
and who but for its use I consider would
r- not now be living.?Isaac S. Herbien, M. i*
D.. Straustown, Berks county, IV M
i- Price Trial bottles, 25 cents; large size,
it which is tho most economical, $1 0Q, or six
y for $5 00. A single 25-cent bottle will oft- 1
entimescure a recent comjh or coUl, and A
i- thus prevent much buffering and risk of ~
i- life. Prepared only by Dr. Swayne & Son, m
i- Philadelphia. Sold by leading druggists.
e CJriiy llendn.
For restoring the natural color of tho hair, =
c a nicer preparation Is offered in "Hair Itevlvi0
urn." in large bottles, at only 50 cents, than ?
\ has ever been produced at $100. Glenn's Sul- r
? nhur Soap is the word-famed olarlflor and ?
. beautifier of the complexion. Sold by Logan, ^
List & Co., and every druggist,
1 A Ureal Boon.
J Tho greatest boon to children teething and
. for curing Wind Colic, Dlarrhajaand other F<
. ills peculiar to children, is the renowned Mrs. Pl
Window's Soothing 8yrup, a safe and certain
' remedy. Directions with every bottle. Price,
" 25 cents.
Brown's Vermifuge Comfits, for expelling
i worms, arc the most unfailing and pleasant
r confection iu U}0 world. Price 25 cents. For
I sale hy Logan, Llstdfe Co., and by all druggists.
i Remember, Ye People 1
That "Hale's Honey of Hoarhound and Tar"
Is now recognized as the great national speclflc
for the oure of coughs and all lung ulsi
eases. 8ce that you get "Hale's Honey of V1
Hoarhound and Tar," (large slxe cheapest)
! and take no other, ax there are counterfeits.
. 8old by Logan, LUt&Co., and all druggists.
f Dentil o' Cold.
Those complaining of sore throat, hoarse
ness, coughs, or taking their "death o' cold,"
, should use "Brown's Bronchial Troches."
Their efficacy Is wonderful. The genuine has
. "John I. Brown &Sons,Boston,'"oneachbox,
. and is sold by Logan, List & Co. and every M
1 drudriat nnlv In hnnts "
? of worthless liuiUtJon*. c
' DeMrlMee po&eaei F
; E
MWf4P(JW 6 -j
Edwin Booth In Rheumatism.
Edwin Booth suffers terribly sometimes
roui rhournatism, and if be wtrenotoneof
be rao?t oraUblo of mortals would, doubt*
ess, Indulge in vigorous Anglo-Saxon exiletivM.
He taken refuge, however, In wellmoked
corn-cob pipe when the attack la on
lim, using no other medical treatment than a
ireparatlon originally tested by Ms brother-in&w,
J. H. Magonigie. This affords hi u alnost
instant relief, anu in place of indulging
n profanity when the rhouuiatism nips him,.
lecills for Giles' Liniment Iodide Ammonia, I
rhich he buys by the gallon.
Bold by all druggista. Bend for pamphlet.
Dr. Oiled,
120 West Broadway, New York.
Trial bottles 25 centa.
Logan, List & Co.. Agenta. xwraw
tthenmnllam or Neurnlicla.
We cannot be too grateful for the discoveiy
f any remedy which will allevUte the iufBring*
of humanity, not only in the pangs of
tain whioli the j>utlent alone sutlers, but in
ho distress which it entails upon others. I
Llmost every sufferer, from his own personal |
xporience, is awure that the ordinary
uethods of treating Kheumatlsm, Neuralgia,
tciatlca and kindred diseases is of no avail
nd so fast is this impression gaining hold
ipon intelligent patients that they demand a
aore |?otent remedy. The discovery of Lawon's
Curative was a priceless boon to thousnds
who have been cured, and the thousands i
rho are now being relieved of their terrible
gonies bear willing testimony to its virtues.1
Wlmt a truly beautiful world we live In 1
future gives us grandeur of mountains, glens
nd oceans, ana thousands of means for ennyment.
We can desire no better when in
erfect health; but how often do the majority
f people feel like giving it up disheartened,
iscouragvd and worried out with disease,
hen there is no occasion for this feeling, as
very sutTerer can easily obtain satisfactory
iroof that Green's August Flower will make
hem as free from disease as when born. Dystocia
and Liver Complaint is the direct cause
f seventy-five per cent of such maladies as.
Hliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, I
lostiveness, Nervous Prostration, Ditzlness of
he Head, Palpitation of the Heart, and other
{stressing symptoms. Three doses of August i
flower will prove its wonderful effect, 8am*
ile bottles 10 cents. Try it. mwmw
Klver Hews*
The 'marks indicate 3 feet 7 inches and
ising. The prospects are that we will
lave about 0 feet, but from present indlations
the waters will soon subside again.
Weather clear and warm.
The Kagon left for Parkersburg yeeterlay
at the usual hour.
The Science will be to-day's packet for
'arkersburg, leaving at 10:30 a. m.
The O'Neal resumed her place in the
iteuben villa tradn vpstnnlnv
The Batchelor will go to bteubenville tolay
to meet an engagement withaSteu*
lenville picnic party.
The Phaeton la making her usual daily
The Corona is in the excursion bustacsa
it Cincinnati.
The W. P. Thompson is being repaired
it Middleport.
The Middleport Neu* says that the U.
i. snagboat K. A. Woodruff, omitted or
leglected several very bad logs between
he head of Green Bottom Kipple and title
Guyan Creek that need removal.
The Cincinnati Enquirer says: The
Jhesapeake and Ohio KaHroad have not
lad sufficient tonnage to transport their
reighton the river between this point and
Huntington, but with the addition of the
^ttsburgh, which boat passed up lor
Huntington this morning, they expeot to
neet all demands. During tue past two
reeks over two hundred car loads of grain
lave gone east over this route.
vjujnam naruu wff?D, me pioneer
teamboat agent, was educated at Bethany.
>V. Ya., and one of the first pupils
Vlexander Campbell, the founder 0f a
>ranch of the RantistChurcb^nd famous
or his debate with Arcb^fohop Purcell on
eligious beliefs. Captain Bo wen makes
lis headquarters at Semple, Casailly &
Jo. 8 boat store, where he frequently reates
amusing anecdotes of his early life.?
Cincinnati Enquirer.
[By TeIegraptL|.
Eyassvillb, June 30.?Weather clear.
New Orleans, J une 30.?Weather cloudy;
Thermometer 8U?.
Nashville, June 30.?River falling with
G inches on the shoals.
Louisville, June30.?River stationary;
\ feet 8 inches in the canal.
Yicksdubo, June 30.?Weather clear.
Thermometer 86?. River risen 0 inches.
Pittsburgh, June 30.?River 1 foot 9
nchesand rising slowly. Weather clear.
Cairo, June 30.?River 17 feet 7 inches
ind rising. Weather cloudy; Therraomeer
Capital Dining Rooms.
Thla Old and Reliable Restaurant ha* been re*
loved to new and coratuodloua quartern, and it now io
ood running onltr at
Vo. lQfin TWnfl/A* *
her? the proprietor hope* to haye better hdlltle* for
lia accommodation of hla Urge and increailng patintge.
pr3 Proprietor.
Suite to Order
it? n> m ?t
Caiilnere Pint) to Order
l< 15 K 17 II Cub.
lack Clotb end Diagonal DreuSglta to Order
125 UO 135 140 Cub.
leltoa, Chinchilla, Diagonal Overooata te
Full Um of the Above to Chooae From
All goods Uitefullr cut, veil trimmed, made Id
o?t fashionable mm tier, and warranted to flu
It will pay you to give u? a call.
BARLEY OAT |, the beet Child',
mlclEM intl fh k lh,y r#comm?oded by
lyuciaos end other*, who here ueed It. Sold |>y
DnifKt?U, Bridge Goum.
r Dyspepslu, Weak Dijeatloa. Improve A&wtlte
d HtreuKtU, Nourishes the Weak tnd Kmr^Uted.
punt Extract of Malt and Hope. For nle ijjr
?ull directions for making Blacult, Batter Cakci,
iffloi. Wafflea, all klndi of a*Mt take, Puddlnga,
Uk (or the KXCELHIOR. Bold by the beat deaUra.
on hand, we
they have <
in this coun
standing the
hp Faclopn
markets. (
Black Silks
principally i
and OX
and can be i
for durability
lence of colo
\UANTED.?Salesmen to take general
Tt 8taUA|(enclea.8alary and expenses paid. References
required. Triumph Mv'o Co.,116 Monroe St.,
Chicago. Jt23
YY each Bute totell our rooda. Salary 91,000 ft year
TRIUMPH M'FO. CO., 116 Monro* St., Chicago.
T V iuma of from 12,000 to 15,000, to be secured bj
4nt Hen on good real eatate.
J. R. OOtVDEN, Attorney at Law,
my81 lZQCbapllne Street
city and county In Vlrjrfnla and Wert Virginia,
torepreaent a Manufacturing Establishment. IncloM
stamp for reply. BALTIMORE M'FO. CO.,
2M Weat Fayette Street.
Jun* Baltimore, Md
A Reliable Oil Stove, that take* leu oil, non-explosive,
to do Ironing, Baking, Routing, quick, aad
guarantee all claimed (or 1U It U (or Bale bjr
R. H. 8 WEEN BY,
my22 ?2 Eleventh street
nil I l_U ?Ur?pwir
* mm miary tDa expenses, or a
liberal commission on ules. From 8100 to 8200
month can be rande by lire men. R?r?
chance for mnklnu money. References required.
Address TlU UMPli MfU CO., 1!6Mo.hrox
ST., CmcAoo, 111. Je28-nh?
One door above Twelfth street Rent twelve dollan
per month in advsnce.
Je3 1310 Main Street.
RENT my Picnic Grounds, well known sa Green's
Grove, 4 miles north o( the city, on the P. W. d Ky.
K. R. 1 have erected on them a splendid dancing
I platform, r*(reshm#M stands, benches, and all the
, jn-twining to nnwiW P**'0
I grounds. Tha jgrounds lie within 50 yards ?l ?? R?
K. Persons desiring to rent them can ctU *R>?
ipM Mo. 1141 Marktt BtrceU
The Elofinnt Dwollinf;,
No. 44 Fifteenth Street.
Enquire ol H. F'oRUKS,
apre Custom Hon-v.
The STORK ROOM, wl' j, dwelling attached
Ho. 1(M2 Main street( now occupied by J.
Btraub, Merchant Trj)or, Enquire ot
mht9 Cuetoro llouae.
ONE ROOM lu -Bailey'. Block, No. ISM
Market street, or. thlnl Boor, front All thi
modern conxeMencee. Enquire of
ie2Q Cuatom Home.
l?OR P.KNT-nVI.- Tirn-CTOi'V nomtr
Sutnip 11/iflfikM ?er#nt?*nth 8treet, four rooma,
to * -!L^.,Men iDd V*** win wot H chmp
Tw ? **??' A1*?' ior 8*,e or K*nt? on#
5?m'HoUM' JNo' m?on Alley Blxteen,
.ffS *1* "??? ?nd Summer Kitchen, with
^ASfSST'^^ ,Q hoUK? " *???> *
IIoum) 80 feet front, running back SO feel. Apply to
WM. .HANKIN, Agent,
3>1S No. l&i Eighteenth atmt
.** corner of Sixteenth and Chapline
atreela la oflVred for leue for a term of yeara. Tna
ed?thejeon^ l*Med,oraullable bullJlDRi erectPor
particulara apply to EDWIN T. BURT,
Committee, or
eUrrhi Trustees.
f AWYERS' BI iIEF8.?The Daily 1kJU
tolligeDcor Job O Sm prints Rrlsfs promptly and
flrat-otaaa *4*1*
Bill head&, letter heads, Ac.For
neat Bill Hwads, Latter Hauls, Note Heads,
Carda, Ac.. to to llie DiuV InteJIIceneer Job OAe*
old by nlttt-clatt dealers,
in yin cans only.
mat la Cm. Oolylblf UwjUaul QnuU
offer them at
jver touched
try; notwith
I auvance in
and Foreign
)ur Stock of I
is comprised 11
of the celeVERSAL,
^ and excelr
and finish.
mjri? AddttwX. V?thl?oit<?.
For sale?th k piano wagS
of Adams A Lucas. The runulnr xean ?r? &
lynew. Will be aold at a terr low price. To Una
at the atore of C. Y. Lucu. Apply to
it* A. M. ADAIO.
F)R sale to olo.sk an kstatk500
ac. a* of Coal and Agricultural Und, In Jwim
three, two niilea from Bridgeport, on tlie line of tU
National Boad and the Tuacjrawa* Valley x Whtrl*
' ing Railroad. Will Iks sold at a lnrp.il n (or <-vh,
feW JOHN THOMl'tiHN, *ouidi_?illr,W.Yi.
8ix hundred and forty acrw land In Clue county I
Five hundred and twenty acres in llmlwn <vq#iy,
' IowiVQ D ,W. V. IKKiK Alilti),
I ! *? ?q? '?mie Agenc, i.wu Aiarin n.
|^0R SALE?
One NEW SPRING WAGON, lulUblefwi Jelif
try wagon; will be ar Id cheap lor cub. Ak in
aee them and you will bur.
i 8. J. HI.1.1 FRITZ,
fe21 Corner Twenty-fourth ?nd
I ofler at private wile the houw? and l?i?. 5?
2640 and 2642, Fillmore ntieet; al*?, the tfcitO*
dwelling hum*, corner Eotl uurf K-.^htwiith
All o( tliia pr? |*rtjr In deslralile nr,il ulllUwMH*'
Jel6? W. II. HALLK.lt, JlaikrtN^-_
Wheeling Island, comer of Nortli rr""'
?nd North York streets. Fraua- lion* attaining
8 rooms and cellar, lot ftftSiwlr
e? front, running back to tin? riv?-r ?0f?j.
Abo. a Frame House, corner ??f 8ixtnir.fi
and EofTstreet*, containing 8 room*?n<I
larjlotSl feet byG3 fo?t<? inrhf*. If
houses are not sold by- June 30, tlu-v *ili^
offered at PUHLJO S.V?.,E at the frontd"?r</
the Court Ho'\sc JULY 7th. ut lOuckk t
m. Terms t one-half dsh, Widanrc in ^ *' ? Li
twelve n*,onths, scured by died of trust on tw IJ
prope'ty. w. H. HAM.V.lJ.
_Jp'i9-tut*8 Aii'.tiontvr
Nelaon E. Wbltaken In AvumIM1(. In the I
Henry *Gunther J Coo.tol Wb.rlw |
li? vlrtun fit an JmiiwI 111
tied cauiw, and to me directed, I lu?r levlodwutf
will proceed to tell to the hlghftt aud U*t biJ4n.?
, Betweeu the bouraof in o'clwk a. m.iii'I ?o(m'
p. m., it the (root door of the Comt li??uv "?*
county, In the city of Wbwlliij, Hi* MMiWF'1
, ** ?wo Horeei. OneMulo.
One Stone wagon, One Curt.
TbreeSeuof llarum.
TKKM8 ov Salic, Cash.
JUWK 16,1870. 8erge??t<;l the lily ??f W bmiuf
. JW7
J Jm? y.Mondi-1 ), ? ? lb, unrt
' ut* i Ml lOUIt ol A lll*H#l
By Tlrtue of an Execution lvne?I i'i < >' *' " ^
tleJ cauae, aud U> niBdliectfl, I ? j
will procced to Mfll to the hlgliwt and l?-t tti
, Between the houiaof 10 o'cJota * \,lV
, P. M., at the front door *f tin tourt IM*
county, In tint dty of Whaling, tU.***
ine Grey Ilorae, one Blown Iltirn-,
One Spring Wagon,
Two Seta of llarneaa,
Two Buggioa.
8?t?nt ol ,U" S
JUNK 12, !?J9. ' FBANKMN
let fine Street, Cincinnati, OhU>
Tka type on which this pap*r H prin!^1'fros'
i? mow roqndry.-Et). 01
A TO i 1,000 INVESTKI) IX ?".Ul
vlV/ STREET STOCKS wikr. f???* f ,7.
month. Booki MDt frw ?xr>latuli>jc *
drew BAXTEB A CO., Bioken, 17 Will ?"* y
?J Beqalred. A raid Imlulloni. -

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