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(inlcvrI No". M Mini 117 ronrlNBlh llml,
I'ndir the head of "A Few Words with
You, Mr. Tildon," the Now York lterald
ailnioninlien Mr. Tilden to tho extent oft
rulimifi and a hall that ho can novor be
haiilent ol the United States.
Ms. K' 'fTKK. In his race (or Congress last
year, R&in?d 2,221 on the Tilden vote in
iris Congressional district Gen. Ewing,
in iiis district, fell 308 behind the Tildefl
vole. In the two districts tho Democrats
siilfrred a low oi 2,58(1 votes through tho J
popularity ol I'oator and the distrust of I
Kning. r
A hinoui.au siaicmeiu to mm. rujnmuu
to have been made by Professor Chandler,
of the New York City Itoard of Health, to
the effect that more deaths occurred In
New York .State last year from scarlet,
than occurred in the South during the
name period from yellow fover, and yet
recent fatalities in our midst give an appearance
of probability to the statement.
Tub New York EirningPout takes ground
against the appointment of any more lieutenants
in the army from civil life. It
does seem as though West Point, with all
its costly machinery and largo graduating
classes, should furnish all Uio new oflicere
needed by our skeleton of an army. No
farther selections, ut least, should be made .
?ntil the roster of West Point graduates
is exhausted.
Tub Democracy of tbo Third District
would seem to be in sore straits. With the
organ in this city declaring that the mass
of the party in the State is in full sympathy
with what are called soft money no'
tions, and with the gentleman, whom the
naitl organ admiringly calls tho Great
Greenbacker, thundering at its gates, the
Third District Democrats are in the situation
which Congressman Wilson used
to describe, as being between the devil and
the deep sea.
Tiie population of Utah is not over lliO,ftX),
and about 10,000of these are Gentiles,
many of whom are transients, only .attached
to the soil for mining purposes.
The political power of the Mormons is
not confined to Utah, Comparatively
numerous in Nevada and Arizona, the
Mormons already hold the balance of
power in Idaho, and expect soon to ac4|uir?
a like supremacy in Wyoming. The
steudy object of their ambition is to get
Utah admitted a Stato, when they will
escape an reuerm inienerence.
President IIaycs holds in his hand the
disposal of three of the most important
foreign appointments in the diplomatic
service, namely: the English and French
Missions and the Ministry at Honolulu,
formerly filled by Hon. Alfred Caldwell,
deceased, of this city. As this State has
no representative in tho diplomatic service,
tho Consul General at Vienna, accredited
to us, being a citizen of Pennsylvania,
llis Excellency would do well to inKpcct
our material for foreign service,
lie might go farther and fare worse in his
There is considerable dissatisfaction 1
manifested among our State exchanges :
over the reports telegraphed abroad concerning
criminal occurrences, riots and
mob law intlictions transpiring in this
Commonwealth. Tho best way to stop tho
grievance *,would bo to stop the transactions
which furnish a basis lor these injurious
reports. If tho peoplo of several
sections of the Stato would turn their attention
to securing proper prosecutors and
compel tho enforcement of tho laws, invlun<1
rJ tnt,;.,,, Ilu. minUmnnt a( nU..?n.t
offences into their own hands, we should
have less unfavorable advertising abroad.
Should the ill fortune of investments
mudo by citizens of this State in Ohio
stock enterprises continue, and tho present
law of that StAte, making stockholders
liablo to twice the amount of their stock,
remain unchanged, it will havo an undoubted
tendency to confino investments
of our peoplt*, of this character, to this sido
of tho river. We notice that tho solvont
stockholders 0/ the Bellairo Implement
Works aro likely to bo called upon to bear
a doublo burden of its losses, and with tho
.Mingo Furnace disaster fresh in memory*
it would be a difficult matter just now to
. enlist much capital from this State in new
Ohio stock companies.
According to a report from Hamilton,
Ont.,tlie heirs of Anneke Jans have resolved
on a change of battle plan. At a recent
meeting there of one hundred and thirty
?f the heirs it was determined not to recover
tho Trinity church property at pros?nt,
but to got hold of tho money dopositin
bank with tho government of Holland,
now amounting to $83,000,000 and
accumulating at four per cent intorest.
With tho Holland monoy in hand they
will havo established their claim and have
means with which to carry on the light
for the Trinity, or main portion of the estate.
Tho hoirs?there are about a thousand
of them?are irropresslble, and* the
kingdom of Holland is to be commlsserAted.
A corrbsrondknt of tliQ Philadelphia
VVtyrri/?/? quotes a portion of John Bright's
reoeiit speech on the land question, that
has brought dowa upon him the anger of |
the peers, and revived recollections of the
wounds ho inflicted upon members of tho
House in times pnst, when ho was less
conservative: "How many landlords are
there in this House ? Out of 058 members
there aro probably 400 of you who are
landowners; but as regards tenants it may
be another question. If I had 400 tenant
farmers before me, and asked tho question
of ll _.t. 1 IJ it ....9 Tl.ft..
would nay it was nccessary to give thera
security jor their expenditure of improvements,
which I rathor think, at one timo,
her Majesty's government wished to givo
them, but which yo* compelled them to
Ko back from, and which' urow resistance
would not allow to pass the. Ilouw. T.he
hoaorablo member i(Ohaplin) has opened
tho door, and itcanaotbe closed until !i
iull Inquiry has been made. You will
have to Inquire, for examplo, into the
reuon why in this country there are so
lew ownem ot the soil."
Then Mr. Bright proceeded to show
that in England and Wales 100 persons
own inoro [than 4,000.000 acres, and 710
persons own more than a quarter of tho
soil south ot the Tweed. In Scotland the
figures are even more startling, for 12 persons
own 4,3411,000 acres, or nearly onoquartor
of the whole country. Half ot
the country (0,400,000 acres) is in tho possession
of no moro than 70 landowners,
while nine-fenths of Scotland soil is held
by 1,700 peraons, leaving the other tenth
to be divided among over 3,000,000 of people.
Nor is the state of things much better
in Ireland, two-thirds of that country
being In the hands of 1,042 persons, and
tho population of tho latter country being
much larger than that of Scotland and
moro dependant upon agriculture, rentiers
its condition much worse.
I* tho current movement all over the
country in behalf of Improvement and reform
In tho public school system, a strong
arguinont is made on behalf of having
women represented upon school beards.
When the question is considered there
seems to be no good reason why they
should not, and many why they should.
Curiously enough, tho most earnest de- 1
mand for reform in oducatlonnl matters,
through the agency of women, comes from
New,England, and more particularly from
Massachusetts, a State supposed to have
brought tho public school system up to its i
highest standard. But it would seom that i
there, as elsewhere, the discovery has (
oeen made that the vaunted "system" is
wretchedly defective in the main purpose
of free school education, which is to prepare
the aggregate of -the pupils for the
practical work of life, and not to lit them
for a college course or tq cram them with
matters they cannot assimilate, and never
utilize. The Springiield Jtepublican, a paper
that keeps tho track of the most advanced
thought upon educational matters
at tho North, declares in favor of placing
cultivated energetic women upon the
boards of Massachusetts, "women of wisdom
and justice, who will be willing and
able to fight for their own views, who will
let alone all that has beon well and wisely
established, and pull down where thore is
need for reform." The average woman, it
says, knows far moro about her children
?their needs and their capacities,-than
the average man does. She certainly
knows her sons better up to the age of 15;
and her daughters she knows better always.
Men "have always managed the
schools with an undue regard for the masculine
element; women have always been
subordinate; but now tho time has come
lor them to tako tlioir lull share m tuts
duty, with the sense of responsibility and *
keen perception which uiost women show a
when called to tho administration of pub- I
lie affairs." ~ <1
HiiKh lidfilhipi Interviewed.
Talk with a Reporter of tho New York Herald* t.
" What effect would tho defeat of Foster y
have on John Shorman's chance?"
"He hasn't any chanco."'
"But he thinks he has?" 8;
"Yes; but the people tjon't. They want d
something in tho Presidential chair beBides
a cold, formal financial advocate. Ho '
has no magnetism. That's what's the mat- ;
ter with Haves, too."
"But if Foster is elected, won't it help
"As a Republican, yes; as a candidate i
beforo tho Convention, no. I tell vou the
people are not looking at John Sherman !
at all. There will be two strong names
before the Republican Convention?Grant u
and Blaine?and one of thorn will bo that
of tho next President."
"Why, then, is Sherman working so
hard in Maine?"
"Because he is a Republican, and ,
naturally seeks tho success of his party. ~
If Maine were to bo lost it would effect ^
Ohio, and defeat there would be a hard
blow to Republicanism."
"Isn't Blaine played out phvsically?" f
"Plaved out! Nonsenso. Ho's chuck
full of life aud magnetism, lie was never
bettor in his life. Why, he is stronger in
every way to-day than he was when ho c
had within a fraction of a majority in tho ^
mai uonvenuon. ai our i>e\v ions puuu- H
cians had been managed properly, Blaino
would have had the'nomination. If the j.
Republicans win Maine, Blaine will go in* c
to the Convention a very strong man. Now c
York will then and there be solid (or r
Grant." ^
"Is General Arthur friendly to him?" r
"I don't know, and I don't care. Grant's ?
strength isn't with his old olHce-holdere. |
The neoplo are for him, I believe, and if ?
nominated he will cortainly bo elected." ?
"What it the probability in Maino?"
"Success for the Republicans."
"And in Ohio?"
"Well, the Ohio men who claim to know (
say that Foster's olection is certain?' 1
? ]
filntlMloiio mill tiouth on Beer. I
Brooklyn Ktgle. . ,
In contrast with the oxtreiue and fanat- t
cal opinions of Mr. Gough are the well ]
weighed and judicious views of Mr. Glad- (
stono. Having beon*recently requested 10 ,
speak at a meeting convened for the purpose
of closing the public houses, he replied
that he thought the early closing of ,
the beer houses had already proved a j
great evil; that the mechanic, unable to
get his beer at a late hour, when tired ouc
with work, had rocourse to drugs of an
injurious kind, and that he belioved beer
was a proper, as it had always boen a national
Who Wiu the Wrelchcil Jfnn?
London Truth, July 17. |
At the French Bazaar in tlio Albert
Ilall a lady was dispensing tea. A solemn
gentleman approached and asked the price
ofacftfy. "One shilling," replied the lady,
and he put down a shilling. Before handing
him tho cup tho lady raised it to her
lips, and observed that the prico was now
a sovereign". Tho solmn gentleman gravely
roplaced his shilling with a sovereign,
and said, "Be good enough to give mo a
clean cup."
Cared or Driiikluff.
"A young friend'of mine was cured of
an insatiable thirst for liquor, that had
so prostrated his system that he was unable
to do any business. He was entirely
cured by the use of Hop Bitters. It allayed
all that, burning thirst; took away the
appetite for liquor; made his norves
nnrl lio Kon romnltiful it nnhnr nnil
> steady man tor more than two ysars, and
i has ng desire to return to his cups, and I
know o! a number of others that have
been cured of drinking by it."?From a
I kailng R. ft. Official, Chicago, 111. LaughII
jjn jyiftlwalelgento, Wheel
Indications of the Worst Being Ove
at Memphis.
Few Left for the Fever to Feed On
The Situation at New Orleans No
Murdors atCairo, III.,and Fr.ankfori
How the Wrong Medicine Acted 01
Two Kentucky Youths.
The Two Congressional Investigating
At Cincinnati and Chicago Still Peg'
ging Away.
Number of Cholera Casei
in Iowa.
rwelve Sew Comcm Reported nt Bfcmpblx
-So Death* In (ho l*<uit Twenty-lour
Hour*-A Lively Patient nt the Nen
York Quarantine Hospital-A Hell
Mkui'ius, July 30.?Four now cases
vere roported to the Board of Health thii
norning, Koso Hendricks, Jno. Greeden,
7. II. Smith and Maggie Townes. No
leatlis had been reported up to noon.
V. W. Corcoran, banker at Washington,
). C., lias sent a check for $2,000 to be
tsed for the removal of the poor and destiute
from the city. Of the sick, Brooks
Viison, S. A. Hatcher, Miles Orven and
ilichael Athey are reported in a critical
ondition. The weather has settled.
No Heaths In I^ONt Twenty-fonr Honrs.
Eight more cases wero reported to the
Soard of Health this afternoon, five of
rhoiu were colored. No doaths from yelow
fever have occurred for the past
wenty-four hours ending nt 0 p. m. Sevral
caaes of fever were reported outside
he corporate limits of the city, which are
lot included in the official report- to the
Joard of Health. Tho Howards have
orty-five nurses on duty,. distributed
imong fifty-six sick poople. S. A. Hatcher
ind Brooks Wilson, telegraph oporators,
vere reported dying to-night. A daughter
if Chief of Police Athey is sick with the
I?vnr lit. Tntin orwl an 5n ? nptlioal
condition. There ia about 200 people at
"amp Marks. Weather clear and pleasant
Samuel A. llatcher died to-uight at 8
('clock. .las. Hester, the last member of
i family of seven, two of whom died, was
>rostrated with tho fever tins evening.
John B. Easton, eldest son of Dr. Thos.
1. Kaston, was stricken with fever tolight
This case, together with his wife
md two daughters, includes the entire
amily who aro now prostrated with tho
The Situation at Sew York.
New York, July .10.?Stewart Wells, of
ho steamer Niagara, plying between this
<ort and Havana, died in the lattor port
osterday of yellow fever. All the Mem his
refugees sent to tho quarantine last
reek were discharged.
Prof. Chandler, of tho Health Board
nys that tho scarlet fever caused more
eaths in New York State last year than
ellow fever did in the South, and yet it
tiled to excite public apprehension, or to
aako people ordinarily careful to prevent
A. E. Ruth, a barber, of tho steamer
aratoga, while in delirium at the quarntine
sprang up in bed, and seizing the
)og side-whiskers of Williams, the hosital
steward and nurse, toro out great
landfuls by the roots. Williams was reently
left a fortune of $20,000 in England,
ufc he refuses to abandon the work of
.ursine yellow fever patients in the quarntine
nospital which he has taken upon
A woman named Maggie Cregan, paient
at the Presbyterian Hospital, died
'uesdav night it is said, with all sympams
of yellow fever. She reached here
n the 2u of July on the vessel Wallace,
hich was detained at quarantine for a
dw days.
Only NuNpiclotiH Cjmcn.
New Orleans, July 30.?Two suspicious
ases were reported to the Board of Health
onlay, making a total of five under ob.!
xt i il.
ot ytniuiu uu ucuuis.
John Kroop, the Norwegian, is much
totter hotter, ills case, together with that
I Fitzpatrick, were reported to the Board
f Health as genuine yellow fever. Dr.
Jhoppin, who has been absent Several
lays, returned to-day and visited Fitzpatick,
who is sitting up. Dr. Chonpin excesses
his bolief that Fitzpatrick has not
lad tho yoliow fever. The other patients
ire doing well, and it is believed they will
ill recover.
One Death at Nt. Louis.
St. Locis, July 30.?a.-colored servant
>f Captain Lee, of the steamer Coahama,
cnown by the name of Henry, died last
light at 712 Washington street. To-day
i jmt-mortm was mauo by several physisians,
and while it is not oflicially reported
hat death was caused by yellow fever,
here is little doubt that such was the case.
Hie premises havo been thoroughly disinfected.
Dr. Brown, of Memphis, who also
?rae up on the Coahama, treated the case.
Havana, July 30.?Ono hundred and
joventeen deaths from yellow fevor for
:ho week ending July 20.
Speculating In StoekN.
Lawrence, Mass., July 80.?Prescott G,
Pillsbury, Cashier of the Lawrence National
Bank, is a defaulter to tho amount
of $64,000. Pillsbury took the banks funds
to speculate in mining stocks aud lost
The stocks which he held and turned ovei
to Uie bank are worth about $30,000,
making the loss to the bank $34,000. A
warrant has been issued for tho arrest o:
Pillsbury, who is not now hero. The stock
holders made good the amount of deficit
Pillsburv surrendered himself this afternoon,
and was committed to jail in default
of $20,000 bail.
The internal revenue receipts for Jul;
were $8,500,000: customs receipts abou
Miss Hugel. aged 18, and sister, aged 5
were drowned yesterday in the St. Law
renco at Brockville, Canaua, while bath
John Jenkins, a diver, was suffocate!
yesterday at New York while endfiavorln
to recover an anchor at the Battery, th
air-tube buying burst.
It is understood tb?t the jnaugi)ft
meeting o( the Mississippi Biver Cotbmii
sion will be held In Washington inate*
I of St. Louis, as at Brat proposed.
The ComreMional Commlllee Ntlll
I'umplnc the Wlianw Well-I< l/xiku
r Like Trouble himI ExpenM for \olhln?.
Cincinnati, July 30.?At tho Congressional
Committee Investigation, Gaixain
I, Qano testified that lie wasl'rosidont ol tho
Hamilton county Executive Committee In
. the last campaign. The money appropriated
through Treasurer Sands; did not know
who tho marshals were before their uppolntment;
Mr. Koakorrequestodourcommittee
to suggest good names for supervisor.
I heard Mr. l'rancis was to have
some men from Kentucky to prevent re<
peating by the,' men from that State. 1
don't Know who they wero and don't
know who selected them; know that the
Congressmen wore furnished with money
by tho campaign committee.
Mr. Conger hero doubted the propriety
of inquiring into tho source of the campaign
funds, unless it was shown that the
funds had beon improperly used.
A (tor some discussion tho Chalrdecided
that the question, "Did Buttorworth and
Young receive money from the campaign
committee V" admlssable.
The witness continued; I furnished the
I campaign committee with $2,600 to be dis
cnuuieu among mneiy-tnree precincts.
The $2,500 covered tlio expenses (orstands,
speakers, etc. A great deal was spent for
advertising and for bill nostors. Will furnish
the amount given the latter.
? Mr. Drew recalled?Could not pivo tlie
cost of the campaign; might be able to get
' it from the campaign committee.
r Mr. Pugh?What about men being refused
work on tho Custom House bfcause
i they were Democrats?
i Mr. Drew?I told tho Superintendent
that if I recommended men for that work
they would have to be Republicans, or
men who would work for that ticket.
Don't think I ever recommended Democrats
on condition that they would vote
the Republican ticket.
Mr. James Kgan, Democrat, testified
that he electioneered for Mr. Butterworth;
i previous! v had met Mr. Buttorworth at the
Gibson House. Mr. Buttorworth told mo
that he was expecting money from Washington.
I brought men to see Mr. Butterworth1
to arrange to have them work for
him. We were to got $2 down and $4
when the work was completed. Mr. Buttorworth
said ho did not caro who else we
worked for so we w.orked for him and
'Squiro McCullough. Mr. Butterworth
gave me $50 in all; saw him give money
to several men. Mr. Butterworth had a
satchel in a carriage; tho money was
taken out of that; saw five men vote in ,
the Fifth Ward; three of theft) afterwards
voted in other urecinctsof the sflne ward.
They told me they had Republican tickets.
I spent the $50 spreeing among the boys.
uuuiu wu uuroagu i mciDin Duuurwoniii
anil talked about this investigation. He
asked me to come and see him at his
oflice; I went, but ho was out. McCallister
showed me a letter he said was from i
Mr. Butterworth, in which he did not
think I would make affidavit that :
I had sold myself like a hog?to 1
Mr. Butterworth?Did not attempt to i
bribe or corrupt anybody; didu't promise
to try and prevent repeating against you; i
was afraid of deputy marshals; was told if
I made an aflldavit it would help Ous
Clarko and Buck Brady out of trouble.
Tom Shay drew up the affidavit; 1 was
givon $2 for making it; I didn't buy votes
for Mr. Butterworth; Butterworth asked ;
mo how many men worked in tlio Rhop,
and how much they would cost; don't
know he meant anything about buying
votes; I took an interest in Buttorworth's
candidacy on account of the money he '
paid mo; would have worked for the other
sido for the same amount (
In cross-examination by Mr. Wright, it ;
was developed that two or three of Egan's
statements before the CommisBiou were in
conflict with his affidavit Witness ac- ,
knowledged having made numerous false <
statements to parties asking him about tho
affidavit, but insisted that the statements
here given were the truth. 1
On the dismissal of the witness the Com- (
mission adjourned.
Vncnnt Foreign Hlmloiw.
Washington, July 29.?The President
said to-day that no selections had been
made to fill the vacant missions to Russia (
and England, and that thero was no necessity
for haste, and it might be some J
time before theso appointments were filled. t
As to tho English Missipn, certainly no (
Btep would be taken until tho receipt of ,
the resignation of Minister Welsh. Xoth
ing was said of tlieso missions in Cabinet '
to-day, but Sec'y Evarts and the President (
had a long consultation after the Cabinet
meeting. It is understood that tlio English 1
Mission will go to Pennsylvania, but beyond
this there is little to add to last 1
night's dispatches. Upon the outside it 1
is spokon of as Mr. Hayes' good luck to 1
have two of the most important missions !
to fill for a second term, but thore is 1
ground for stating thattho President him- 1
self does not enjov these vacancies and :
would prefer Welsh and Stoughton had
remained. Pending the time the vacancies
aro filled, tax-payers will have relief 1
to the extent of $3,000.
Ewinff Reviewed.
Washington, July 29.?The Richmond
Stale, a leading Democratic paper of Virginia,
says of Ewing's speech:
"But when he got on the greenback
and rag money hobbies, and gives
the weight of his name to the miserable
catch-words of the knaves, numbskulls
and hypocrites about the 'ruin which
stares us in tho face, the tramps that till
the land, the idle mills and the unproductive
farms,' all of which is supposed to be
, due to tho scarcity of money, and which
can only be remedied by minting billions
of silver dollars, or covering tho land two
feet deep in greenbacks, nothing of which
is true, we can no longor follow him with
patience and calmness, and are forced to
reiterate our regrets that Ohio Bhould have
chosen such a standard-bearer, and also
to repeat our belief that ho will bo defeated,
and that his defeat will not bo a
very serious calamity, evon if it should
; nr?t nrnvn a IiIamIiid in iliaonian "
; Trouble Among Mormon*.
, Salt Lake, July 30.?In tho caso of
Cannon, Carrington and Young, exechr
of tli? Brighani Yonng estate, and John
i Taylor, President of Mormon Church, be
fore Judge Boremau to-day for contempt
' in not turning tlie proporiy over to a re
ceiver, orders the executors to pay into
court $142,000 cash, and that John Taylor
' pay $200,000 cash and tho stocks illegally
received by him, and to be imprisoned
until paid." Tho order for imprisonment
was suspended until 10 o'clock to*raorrow
f Did Not Dwell In folly.
1 Indiaxapoust July 30.?A shooting affray
occurred at tho farm house of Lucaa
Covert, near Columbus, Ind., at the breakfast
table, this morning, between his sons,
Henry and Aleck, in which Henry was
, instantly killed and Aleck mortally
1 woundoa.
g ? ?
e Role or Blnclc DUmondN.
Nwv York, July 80.?Fifty thousand
4 tons of Scranton coal was sold to-day at
i- auction, at the following prices: Orate
d $2'30 perton, eggs $2 $, stove $2 72Ja2 75,
chestnut $2,55.
- \
I'nitmluiil Labor tfenmlllMlnmll( llou.
OiiicaqO, July 30.?The Congressional I
Labor Coramlttoo spent the forenoon at
the stock yards, and In the afternoon tod
evoning they heard the views of some ]
prominent socialists. James Taylor, author
of "American Currency" and other
books, regarded contraction as the undoubted
cause of hard times in this as in ?
every other nation, He suggested, as a
remedy to depression, that we substitute
national security for prlvato credit
D. K. S. I'erry, iron founder, of Batavia,
considered convict labor ono cause of the
depression. He would have Congress pass
a law requiring convict-mado articles to
be stamped "Convict." . _
J. T. Morgan, Chairman of the Socialist JJ
Committee,appointed to voice their views, ,i
denied that the Socialists were an incen- '
diary and blood-thirsty lot, as the press
reportod them to be. A Socialist was the i.
mun who had studied the probloms !'
of socioty with a viow to regulating
and remedying Its ills. Education should
be genorai notlocal; there shonld be a national
bureau of labor statistics; child la- p
bor should be abolished, and the eight
hour system be instituted. Iho Govern- ,
mcnt should regulate and run things for f
the people at cost. Schilling and McAu- ,i,
liir, noted Socialists, also talked at lengtii. M
1 " 1 tr
saratoga races. .
Saratoga, July 30.?Woathor and track J]
good. Canta won the Ave-furlong rate f?r v>
two-year-olds, Duplicate second and Zicka ,i.
third. Time, 1:05J. ?
The two-miledasii was won by DanichleiT, ra
Governor Uaiopton second and Clara D.
third. TIme3:39J. Blue Hyes, the favorite,
stopped on entorimrthe home-stretch.
Dan hparling won the one-mile dash,
Jennie B. Second and Voltnrno third.
Time, 1:44}. an
The selling race, one mile and one- pt
eighth, was won by Dan. K. Anna; An- |gj
gti-Ma second, Bill Dillon third. Time an
- v?? asi
Cleveland, 0., July 30.-?The second
day of the Cleveland races was a grand
success both in point of attendance and rei
the class of the sport. About 8,000 people mj
were on the grounds. sat
The pacing race was postponed, owing itu
to the darkness, until 1:30 to-morrow. Tli
Lnny and Sleepy Tom each have two leg
heats, while Mattie Hunter and Rowdy fifj
Boy are showing up very speedy. Much r|j.
interest is being manifested in tho result
Sleepy Tom continues the favorite in the
pools. The second heat in this race was
pneed in 2:1133, the fastest evor made on
this track. ]
In tho 2:20 class Darby, the favorite, Go
won in three Btraighc heats, though in the Ge
first hqat Orange Girl made him lower his Soi
record to 2:18, and in tho second and sie
third heats Katie Middleton trotted fast oc<
and was a nose behind at the wire. tin
In the 2:26 class Mambrino was the
favorito beforo and after the first heat ma
Then the race lay between Monarch ttule wi
and Brigadier. The former won. tin
Summary of the Cleveland races?sec- soi
and day: is j
First race?2:20 class, purse $1,500, di- m?
Monarch Uule 3 1 1 *5 1
Brigadier .. .. 7 8 2 2 1 2
Dictator 4 1 ft 5 2 a
Mtmibrino 1 0 7 0 (5 4 1
CSrwjr Saleui 2 4 4 4 4r.o .
l'nyior ?..fl 5 8 3 3r.o
ttuutanSpjr .. ^...^..5 7 0 drawn till
Time, 2:24,2:22^, 2:24& 2:26, 2:25,2:23)4. bei
Second raco?2:22 class, purse $2,000, be
Darby .. 1 1 1
Katie Middle! in ? <t 2 2
Drango (tirl ............... .2 4 a
IMla linuifleld 3 6 ,
LitiloOllK.?j 4 3 4
I?ow Scott - J> 7 5 1
uistlctOD .. .. .8 6 7
Itr.ejr Hoy .. .. ?..7 8 8 WO
foana Chief ............. drawn r
Tliuo 2:18,2:20, 2:20. . "
Pacing class, puree $1,000, divided: 8pr,
Lucy ... .. 2 2 I 1
Jlwjiy Tom .. 2 112 j
Mwltio Hunter ...... ?..4 :t 3.5 mi
Rowdy Boy....... .. J 4 4 4 noi
jweltier drawn Time
2:10,2:13)4,2:15, 2:15. ]
^ ? hai
Nnlionnl lldncnfioniil Awioelnllon. all'
ruiLAOBLPiiiA, July 30.?The second ,
lay's session of tho National Educational thi
Association was opened this morning with jl?1
prayer. "A readjustment of common 0
?chool studies necessary," was the subject rej!
)f the first paper read. It was prepared qui
md read by Hon. Andrew J. Richoff, M. tw
V., Superintendent of public instruction, ^
Edward Shippen offered tho following^ }n<
resolution, which was adopted: * 181
Resolved, That a committee of three bo r?l
appointed, whose duties shall be to pro* <
sure from the State Superintendents of cai
Dublic schools statistics to show whnt nrn- hri
portion of convicts in prisons and peni- boi
[ontiarics received full or partial educa- wo
lion intho higher Normal Grammar, intermediate
and primary schools, and what
proportion in universities, colleges or par- A
iBh schools, and to report each other statistics^
to the relation between educa- J
Lion and crime as tho committee may 7 <
deem of educational utility, and that said oc?
committee shall report at tho noxt meet- qj
tag of tho Association.
Hon John D. Philbrick, L. L. 1)., of JJJ
Boston, then read a paper on "education
at homo and abroad," after which tho
meeting adjourned till to-morrow. gj
The Iown t'holcrn Scare.
DunuQUB, Ia, July 30.?Tho Herald's cor- ei
respondent at CentrD Toint telegraphs that e*
tho cholera epidemic, as the local physi- nc
clans call it, is still on the increase. Not
less than one hundred cases are now re- g?
ported in the rural towns and immediato W1
neighborhood, with fatalities occurring a|
every hour.
Six deaths were roported at tho town of ge
Walker, distant only a few miles from the te
same disease, which is an indication of its :Q
opidemic or contagious character, which is u.
truly alarming. h*
Frccdtncn'? Bank InvcNtlffntloM.
Washington, July 20.?Sonator Bruce,
Chairman of the Freemen's Bank Investgating
Committee, announced to-day that ?j
tho examinations of branch institutions
outsido of tills city wore closed, including #
tiio Atlanta branch. Nothing had been U1
done to criminate the managers thus far. J1
and he bellovcd the wholo blame would 10
be brought upon the bank officials who ,n
were locatod in this city, and managed to 8*
snlt themselves. Tho committee will bo- jH
| gin the investigation of tho bank's affairs 10
in Washington early next weok. 01
Another Victim Found.
Boston, July 30.?Another body was c
found in the harbor tp-day, supjtosed to ^
be Samuel Farrell, a Cincinnati journalist,
who was lost in the-storm on the 10th. {J
Thus far twenty bodies have been recover- "
ed of the twenty-three known to "have ?
been lost in that storm.
Arrested for Embexslctncnt. ' R
St. Loch, Mo., July 30.?j. P. Krleger, ?
sr., President of the defunct Broadway
Savings Bank, was ariested on a charge of
embezzlement in connection with the alleged
frauds committed by the officers of 1
that institution. He gave bonds and was
The "Eden of Weal Virginia"?A Dewrlp.
lion or UiMKirixxl ana Snrronndluga.
Kino wood, July 28, 1879.
Oorrwpomleiice InteUinactr.
I wrote yon last from Tunnelton, and I
gave rather a gloAmy account ol that busy
little town. These were my Unit improaslons,
but alter spondlng a pleasant night
there, and awakening Sabbath morning
and finding the bright sun shedding lis
rays all around the grand hill-tops that
surround it, I came to the conclusion that
it was not so bad a placo after all. A
pleasant ride ol a (ew hours brought mo to i
"the Eden of West Virginia," whoro 1 now
am, and whore I expect to spend the
week. '
1 had the ploasurc of attending services
at the M. K. Church and of listening to an i
esceliont discourse by the pastor, ltev. L. I
H. Jordan. This church is n beautiful '
structure, very finely finished and neat in i
avory way. it is an ornament to the town i
ind will vie In beauty with any of our (
:lty churches. It is lighted with gas, tlio t
ludience room containing sixteen beauti- f
lul gas Jets. It contains a ehapel, in which >
:ho Sunday School holds its sosslons. In '
iliort, the entire building is a model of ar- c
ihitectural beautv. The I'resbvtari&n \
rhe Bashl-Bazouks Pillaging Bulgarian
rewflk Granted Full Powers to Conclude
lermany About to Grasp for Southern-Pacific
tim iiank1nu dill.
Lcndon, July 30.?In tho House of Comions
last night the Government ro-introneed
the bill to enable banks to limit
le liability of shareholders to twice tho
nount of their paid up capital, which i
as talked out last week. Tho bill as ro- i
itroduced applies to Scotland and Irend
as well as to England. Tho objections i
f the Scotch members are thuB appeased, i
id tho bill was read a second time. t
The Government expects to prorogue i
arliament on the 10th of August. i
The masons on a strike at Bristol have I
elded. t
All the Indian troop ships have been or- i
>red ready for six months continuous <
rvico. with a view of bringing homo the (
oops from South Africa.
honors to waiuuob8. '
A long list of honors have been conferred j
connection witli the Afghan war. The j
incipal persons so distinguished aro :
ajorCavagnor and Gens. Stewart, Bid- J
ilph, Browne, Maudo, Koberts and
lmsden, who aro creatod Knights Com- j
anders of Bath.
tiiouble in bcljaiua. >
Constantinople, July 30.?Prince Alex- J
>der, of Bulgaria, has telegraphed the 8
>rte that the Turkish troops liave vio- c
,ed Bulgarian territory, near Dubuitza 8
d the Bashi Bazouks aro pillaging and a
sassinating. The Princo demands their ,
imediate recall.
tewfik (1 banted full powers. p
At a Cabinet meeting lost evening it was J
lolved to adont the moditications do- L
inded by the British and French embas- a
lore to Turkey in the firman of the invest- t
ire of Tewfik Pasha as Khedive of Egypt ii
lis restores to the Khedive all tho privi- b
res enjoyed by Ismail Pasha under tho t
man of 1873, without any reservation of c
ht to conclude treaties. v
wants to extend her power. j
London, July 30.?The North German j,
tzetie argues in favorof the proposal that ^
irmany should buy some islands in tho r
iithern Pacific, pointing out the posses- J]
n of the colony in that distant and busy n
?an, could not fail to appreciably beneiit \i
3 German commerce. r
v iiernn corresponaent says mat tins j'
iv bo taken as an indication, that not- u
thstanding the many official disclaimers j(
jre is prospect of Germany acquiring ^
ne colonies. The North German Gazelle
generally regarded an exponent of Bis- j
irk's viows.
' 81
Paws, July 30.?1The Senatorial commit- f,
i on Jules Kerry's bill for remodeling ?
3 Superior Council of Education have J
an nominated. Seven of the nine mem- Cl
rs favor the bill, which is almost certain .i
pass before the recess. J
rurkoy is still arming Greek frontiers. 81
Isonoiny is the favorite for tho Good- ?
iod cup race. Parole next. ?
Clio Fronch Senate has referred the bill b
the demolition of the Tuilleries to a f,
jcial committoo.V
Paris special says that the sub-Coin- si
ttee on tho Trans-Sahara Railway pro- o
se Biscara as tho sturting point. e
t is stated that Cardinal Lcdochowski UJ
j asked tho Emperor of Germany to
ow him to return to tho See of Posec. a
K. correspondent at Borlin tolegraphs R
it a numuor of detectives have been orrodtlionce
to Kissongen for the protecn
of Princo Bismarck.
V. special from Vionna reports that the G
cut disturbances at Kosgrod were ti
Blled by tho Bulgarian militia. Fortya
Mohammedan insurgents were killed. n
[he appointment to tho head of the ai
rkish Ministry of Arifa Pasha is to pave ft!
s way for Mohomma Nedim Pasha. It t<
inderstood that Mubar Pasha is free to r(
urn to Egypt. w
Wilhelmshavon dispatch says: A h
inon of twonty-four centimetres cali- V
i burst on board of the German gun- b
at Renown yesterday, killing three and tl
unding fourteen persons.
Uar?Boom Fight Ending in JInrilor. c
t^uisviLLE, July 30.-At Frankfort, at n
o'clock this evening, a desperate fight
KUrred In Holts's linr-rnnm mm or nt Rf il
air and Broadway, betweon John Colo ?
d Barrett Gordon, both from the neigh- {J
rfiood af Flat Creek, about 10 miles from }
at city. Cole was killed by having a l
ife into his throat on the left side, sever- ?
g tho sub-clavian aiterv and letting out Jj
immense quantity of blood.
Tho origin of the trouble is not known. !.
copt that there had beon an old feud *
isting between tlio parties, who woro
lighborsand liad married Iialf-sisters.
jrdon says Cole made the attack, and
at he was retreating and defending him- d
If with a pocket-knife against Cole, who f
is also armed with a- knife. Colo died
most immediately, and Gordon gave c
inself up to the authorities. Colo had a
rved about seven years of a ten. yoars 1
rm in the Penitentiary for killing a man #
Woodford County, and was pardoned D
r Governor Moorchead. Gordon Will <
ive an examining trial to-morrow morn- *
g- , .
lonn Liquor Nailers In Convention.
Dks Moines, July 30.?Tho liquor sellers j
this Stato assembled in State Conven- ]
an to-day, with-over ono hundred dole- ]
ites from thirty counties. Tho resolu- <
jns declare for'liberal laws, and pledge <
1 members of the organization to work 1
rliconso men, irrespective of party ,.for
embers of the Legislature. A .State orinizatlon
was perfected, a constitution (
ul by-laws adoptod. and measures put on
ot to organize subordinate Lodges in
,'nrppnimtv In thttfctnfo
Til? Ohio Code Contract Settled.
Colohdbs, 0., July 30.?Tho Supremo
ourt, (lib afternoon, in the todn printing
utter, sustained tho demurrers to tho
L'tition ami refused a peremptory writ ol
landamus. This ends tho case in favor
I tho commission which let the contract
) Derby & Co., and is a virtual decision
lat the bids of tho Transcript Company
nd of Peter G. Thompson wore not in
jnformity with tho law.
(Due will Tmtcrdny.
At Syracuse?Providonco 0. Stars 2.
At Chicago-Chicagoes 7, Olevolanda (J,
0 innings.
At Cincinnati?Buffalos 7, Cincinnati 5.
At Troy?Bostoiu 8, Troy Citys-0,
Church edifice is alsd a vory line structure, <i
As a matter of course, after so short a g
lojourn, as yet in the place I am not pre- a
jared to give a very good idea of how I e
night like Kingwood, but as far as I have !
lecome acquainted with Hie peoplo, I am r
rery favorably impressed. I am rooming
vith W. G. Worley, Esq., the efllcient )
Prosecuting Attorney of the countv, aud a
laving been acquainted with him for
nany years, the time passes pleasantly in v
lis company. I
Delegate Holt is also hero, as jovial as C
vhen engaged in the arduous duties of a s
legislator in Wheeling during the lastses- t
ion of the Legislature. Thisls the home 1
if ex-State Senator Bishop and of ex-Con- a
;ressmen McGrcw and Brown, all of whom
j-e still living and enjoying life. s>
There is a serenity about the climate tl
lore that is refreshing. The days are not t<
ixcessively hot; the nights are cool and tl
ileasant. It is surely a healthy place,and it h
i no wonder that the people 01 Kingwood t<
ove their llttlo town. Preston County n
bounds in beautiful scenery, aud from e
he window where 1 am now seated writ- tl
ng is spread out beforo me a sceno of
eautv that is indescribable. Cheat Mounain
rises in the distance with its forestovered
slopes; a beautiful valley dotted
rith farms, and woodlands alternating, P
ausesone to almost think he could nover &
ire gazing on such scenery. To-day, f
Landing on one of the many hills that ^
urround the town, I was normitted to he- i
old natural scenery in all its loveliness.
lII around, almost as far as the eye can "
sack, is a sceno that the oye of "
lie painter might envy. Some one de- _
ommates Preston county the Vermont of
Vest Virginia; and as to mountain sconey,
it certainly deserves tlie appellation. 8(
I is a grand old countv. and the nnor?l??
re making good use of the facilities afjrded
tbem, and it will soon rank among
ae foremost counties in tho State.
The election that comes off on uextTues- P
ay causes scarcely a ripple of excitemont ?l,
ere. A County Court bill is to bo voted n'
n, and from the expressions heard on all
ides, it will bo defeated; but who knows "J
'hat a day may bring forth,?for one of H
le uncertain things in this day and genration
is how tho average American P
oter will voto on local issues when it f
oines to the teat. "
I was permitted this evening, through
10 courtesv of one of tho contractors, ~
tr. D. C. Hughes, to examine carefully cl
10 M. K. Church cdiflce, spoken of abovo, N
ad I found it so complete that I can only "
iv that it is no doubt the finest church ?
ililice in our Stato outside of tho cities, 1
nd I? doubt if it is excelled by any in the
ities. 1 only wish all our Monndsville !]]
rethren could see it and take pattern "J
om it.
But for fear I grow tedious, I close by 111
lying that our Institute is in successful X(
pernuon. mo aitendanco of the teachrs
id small as yet, but they aro earnest Kl(
nd attentivo, while the attendance of tho %
itizens is very good, crowding the house P
t night. The exorcises of the Institute 1,1
re held in tho Court Mouse. X.
The VNunl ^Supposition.
Cairo, July 30.?John Hogan, County ui
'onstable, shot and killed Charles D. Arjr,
ex-Chief of Polico, this evening.
rtor was seated reading a newspaper, Li
hen Hogan approached from behind,
ad without a word of warning fired tho
ital shot. Ho then quietly surrendered f
> an officer, who took mm to jail. Hogan If,
icoritly separated from his wife, siuco u
'lion 110 appeared very despondent, and rc
Is friends think his mind is unsettled. %
arious rumors are ailoat as to his motive,
ut Hogan gives no explanation, excopt w
iat he thinks the act was' justifiable. cc
. ? ? 8tl
The Wrong: Medicine.
Louisvillb, July 30.?A. Paducah speial
to tho CuuricrJounial i%ys: Our ?
eighboring county of Livingston was the cl
cene of a distressing accident this morn- ?*
ag. Two young sons of Dr. A. H. S. ai
toyd being ill, thoir father determined to 8<
ivethem santouiine, but through misike
gave them some poison. In half an
iour they took spasms, and ono died in
talf an hour and tho othor in tbreo-quar- n
are of un hour afterward. Dr. Boyd is
no of tho most respectable citizens of Liv- ,,
agston, and tho boys woro promising '
ouths. Tho santomine will bo analyzed. ^
Murine Disaster.
.San Fbancisco, July 30.?A Victoria jj
ispatch says> The Indians, just arrived
rom Barclay Sound, west coast of Vanouvcr'a
Island, report that on last Sunday
, ship in ballciHt, went ashore during a tl
icavy fog, near Pachona Bay, and became c
i total loss. The name of the ship was not u
isccrtaincd. When tho Indians left the 1>
trew were engaged in saving everything ?
noveable. No loss of life reported. ?
Xot IIIn NlNtcr or C'ounIu, Hilt Aunl. j!
Memphis, July 30.?Frank Beamish, a ^
printer, was shot this afternoon by C. B.
Hammer. Tho wound is not serious, *
Beamish had reported his kissing an aunt s
)f Hammer, which he refused to contralict,
and- which caused llaminor to shoot
Mm. Hammer was arrested.
Nlcq?y Tom. Iho Or put I'aorr. t
Chicago Times. t
The wondorful performance of tho blind 1
l.uJrln.w???Al" -f At- ?
w.~w H>?uu?>uuiv ui v/nio, over j
tl'o Jockoy anil Trotting Club track, on
Friday, oclipsing all fortnor rocords by j
covoring an honest milo in 2:12), deserves ]
more than tho passing notice which tho
press ol work at tho tlino porinitlod.
Sleepy Tom isabrightchestnut, 15)hands 1
high, with an unusually symmetrical do- :
volopment. llo has a good, clean head,
small, blood-liko ears, small neck and
Bhouldors, with plenty ot room (or his
breathing apparatus, strong forearm, long
barrel, hooped well back, good hips and
hockB, and'fine driving power.
Ir you Intend to travel either (or pleasure
or profit be certain to protect yourself
against the changes ol diet and water, by
having with you Dr. Bull's Baltimore I'ills
and using them in time to prevent the disorders
usually resulting froutsuch changes. I
Thero U tome curiosity lo know who
got Uie primary school on Gravel 1III1. No
teacher has yet been appointed. Tlo
School Board met Monday night, but
thore were many matters claiming tho'r
attontion, connected with the repaira gcing
on, and that most be finished befoio
school begins, that the Board thought deserved
their attention betoro the appointment
ot the remaining teachor.
Preparations are already being made (or
i general hogira down tlio river when
"tlio mill" atoin.
Engineer Chlshoim's locomotive, 0. &
P. It. It., made a spread-eagle of itself
Tuesday, and was laid up for repaira.
For several woolca a, party of gypsies,
'oal or pretended, havalieon campod on
be banks of the creek this side of Kiee's.
They rodo around?having several buggies
ind a wagon?pretty late at night andtho
lolghbora felt uneasy at their presence.
)n Saturday ono of tuern gave Mr. Pratt,
he bnkor. n inn 1*111 !..
? ?... ?.?i x?i |m/uivub iur
omo goods, anil Mr. Pratt ran across tho
treet to Ault'fl grocery to get it changed.
Vhen Ault himself saw the bill hedeclarid
it counterfeit and returned it to Pratt
vho had the man arrested. Nothing was
lone with him as he took the bill back and
^ve another in its place, and it remains
,n open Question whether the gang were
ngagcd in "shoving the queer." They
eft Wednesday morning, going up the
The ferry boat was laid up for repairs
Vednesday. A skiff was running for the
ecomouation of passengers.
Let all Bollaire's citizons try to determino
k'ho is a good man to mako assessor. The
Republican nomination is to be mado at
Hty Hall Saturday evening. This assesor
will make the assessment for tho next
an years of all the property inBellalre.
'he township outside tlie corporation is
nother district.
Jamos Simpson, between sixteen and
oventeen years of age, was drowned in
tio rivor Tuesday evening. He was atjmpting
to get some iloating timber to
be shore at the mouth of tho creek when
e fell in the water and was carried down
) the rippleand drowned. Tho body has
ot been found, although Wednesday
vomng efforts were still being made to
iat end by dragging tho bottom.
H. 0. F.
Only DjNentory.
Nashville, July 30.?Dr. J. D. Plunkot,
resident of the Sanitary Council of tho
lississippi Valley, to-day received tho
blowing dispatch from the . Mayor of
enter Point. Iowa: "The report sent
broad of our havinc cholera at this point
entirely false. We have a number of
ises of dysentery,' proving fatal only
raong children of lirst and second sumtors."
Lorillard's Geraldino won the Lavant
akes at the Goodwood meeting.
Itching Piles*
The symptoms are moisture, like persiration,
intense felling, increased by
iratching, very distressing, particularly
; night, us if pin worms were crawling in
nd about the rectum, the nrivato rwrto
o sometimes affected; if allowed to counue,
very serious results may follow,
it. Swaynk's All Hkalikq Ointment is a
leasantsuro cure.
IIomk Curks.?We were great sufferers
om Itching Piles, tho symptoms were
i above described, the use of Swajme's
intment in a short time made a perfect
J. W. C11HI8T, Boot & Shoe House, 344
.2d St
T. 0. Wkyman, Hatter, 8 S. 8th St,
Reader, if you aro suffering from this
stressing Complaint, or Tetter, Itch,
laid Head, Ring Worm, or any Crusty,
aily Skin Eruption, use. Sway no's Ohitent
and be cured. Sent by mail to any
Idreos on receipt of price (in currency or
cent postage stamps). 50 cents a box,
iree boxes, $1 25. Address lotters, Dr.
vayne & Son, 330 N. Sixth St. Philadelliin.
No charge for advico. Sold by leadig
druggists. mwfdw
Vrnjr llendx.
For restoring the natural color of the hair,
nicer preparation ia offered in "Hair Kevlviiw."
in largo bottlos, at only 60 cents, than
is evor been produced at $100. Glenn's Sullur
Soap is the word-famed dariiicr and
uiutilier of the complexion. Sold by Logan,
tat & Co., and every druggist
A Jrcat Boou.
The greatest boon to children teething and
r curing Wind Colic, Diarrhoea and other
Is ncculiar to children, is th? ?
'inalow's Soothing Syrup, a safe and certain
medy. Directions witli every bottle. Price,
Brown's Vermifuge Comftts, for expelling
onus, ?iro tbe moat unfailing and pleasant
infection in the world. Price 25'cents. Fur
.le by Logan, Liat&Co., and by all druggiats,
Skraombcr, Ye People I
hat "llale's Honey of Honrhound and Tar"
now rccognizcd as the great national a|>efio
for tbe cure of cougbs and all lung ilia*
taea. See tlint you get "Halo's Honey of
oarhound and Tar," (largo size cbeanest)
id take no other, as thcroarc countcrfeita. '
jld by Logan, List & Co/, and all druggists.
Dentil o* ColiL
Those complaining vof sore throat, hoarseem,
coughs, or talcing thoir "death o'colli,"
jould use "Brown's Bronchial Troches."
heir ellicacy is wonderful. Tho genuine has
John I. Brown & Sons, Boston,'' oneauh box,
nd ia soid by Logan, List <fc Co. and every
ruggist only in boxes, at 2G cents. Beware
f worthless imitations.
Brown's Comphomted Dentrifrica possesses
io best ingredients for preserving and beatifying
tho teeth. Price 25c, large bottles,
Five Hundred TIioiimmmI Ktronc.
In thoiiaat fow moiitha there has been more
!tan 600,000 bottles of Shiloh'a Ctiro sold,
tut of tbe vast number of peoplowho haw
aod it, more than 2,000 eases of Consumption
ave been cured. All couglis, croup, asthma
ml bronchitis, yield at once, hence it ia that
very body speaks in its praise. To those
rho have not used it, let us say, if you wave a
ough, or your child the croup, and vou valuo
Ife don't fail to try it For lauie back, side or
best, use 8hilob's Porous Plaster.
RntilWV. A.1.1 T?-ti?? ? -
... ?w-..>b) wuu x-wuuw s null; C.
C. Dwight, 24th and Chapllne 8bt; Laujrhiin
Jros. ?fe Co.. Wheeling; and Htubanda & Inkip,
Belial re.
A Ktrnnge People.
Do you know tlmt thcro ure strango peoplo
11 our community, wo nay ?tMnp> becauao
hey seem to prefor to sailer and paw their
layM miserably, mado h-j by dym^psiii, and
iver complaint, Indigestion, constipation an<l
;eneral debility, when Bhiloh'a Vitaiizcr in
guaranteed to cure them.
Bold by K. Docking,Odd Fellow's HalljC.E.
Dwlght 24th and ChaplinoSte.; taughlin IJros.
to Co., Wheeling; and Husbands A Inakip,
Wllmvnn *ntwult? ??? ??
...n? iivniuvu euro lor
juturrh, diphtheria, canker mouth, and head,
iche, in'Bhlloh's Catarrh Remedy. A nasal inlector
(rco with each l>ottlo. Use it if you desire
health and sweet breath. Pdce 6U cents.
Bold by K. Booking, Odd Fellow's Hall; C.
E. Dwignt, 21th and Ohaplino Hta.; Laugh II n
Bros. A Co., Wheeling; and Husbands & Inskip.
Bcllaire. uwraeow
When tiuch a universally used article as
a keroaono lamp combines both safoty and
convenience, and ia aold at a reasonable
Srico, every pno is auro to buy it. This
i why tho now HarriH & Hirfiih Safety
Lamjf is having such a largo salo. J. 1*
Uobw ?fc IUnehart, agento. iU\v

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