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In all Itabranchee carefully attended to. CABXRTS
and OOPPINM, of all klnda and iltea. kept coutaotly .
on band. HACKH fnrnUhml at tne loweat llteiy ?'
Alio a foil liner,f
Carpets, Oil Cloths, ii
Window Shades, c
Parlor and Chamber Furniture, which w# ofler at the
loweet jirlciw.
Cor. Twektyhikco*d and Uaur hn. k
Important to Buyers of Silts;;
. It-- 1 Kullatt 3
llinrKed nMlllcuunnin mu |?rn:? vi u?u I'nwiv
stock of Dress tSoodi, that inu.it and will be
Hold ifi order to uiukn room fur fall atock.
1104 Main Street,
OfTer Special Bargains in
To make room for
500 Remnants at Very
Low Prices.
1104 Main Street.
Dentistry.?to those that dkfeltlEto
aave their natural Ueth wo would my
that we nr. now butler prepared Umu crer Iwfore to
enabl* them to do w?. Hy tho uvj of an Elrttko
Maoxktic 1'mw.kr we mil and arc makingbetter
and handsomer (fold PIlllnKs, with more eaae lo our
Patients, than bate lutrlofora boon made In thin
rlly or clanwhcri1, without th*? aid of the Electric
Plugger. What we say we can prove by actual
demonstration. Call and see for yourselves.
aul No. Il ?:i MsrketbL, Wheeling, W. V?.
? (
jjriL. 17.. A. ....
\LM jimumpm\
Ofllce: Noa* 23 and 27 Fourteenth Street. c
New AdtertliKjmenlH.
$3,000 will purchase a Residence?Alex. J
IJnne, Sr.
St Mathow'fl Sunday School and Ticnic
For Cincinnati?Steamer Andes. (
?' aiUHK:i^uiiuui.
Professor of Music?Herman Kbeling. '
Fall Stock-1. IMnm <fc ltro.
Auction Sale of Good Paying property. 1
James S. Pvlea 0. K. Pearliite.
Wanted.?Vu rniabed ltoom.
Nmv *Ump Globe?'Thompson & Ilib- i
berd. I
TusnvoMETsn Kkcord.?The following
shows the rango of tlie thermometer, aa
olwerved at Schnepf's drag store, Opera ,
f House corner:
1879. 1B7?.
7 A. W. 12 M. ? P. M. 7 P. U. I 7 A. H. 12 M.'.I P.M. 7 P. U.
M 74 7H li'.t I Kt HI HI ?7 i
187J. 187*.
7 A. M. 12 M. 8 P. H. 7 P.M. I 7 A.M. 12 M. P. M. 7 P.K. !
VJ H<| T.' I 7# 7i5 7-' "(I
wkatiikr indications.
Washington, August 11.?1 a. m.?For ,
Tennessee and the Ohio Valley, warmer
southerly to westerly winds, clear or fair
weather and slowly falling barometer.
Forthe Ijikea, slightly warmer South to
West winds, falling barometer, partly
cloudy weather and local rains.
Headquarters for Ladies and Gentlemen's
Gold and Silver Amerloan Watches.
JACOB W. 6RUBB, Jeweler,
U-II n__ ..rf I
nttBiHiiyiuii nan, uur. murKci aim iwciuii
A New Line of Hats, Flowers and Rib- ,
bon8,at SpeyerBros.'
Uun-okh.?While Mr.Al. Francis,of this
city, an?l Miss 11 ay en, of Pittsburgh, woro
out riding on Saturday night last, their
lean, frightened at a light in Ilornbrook's .
Park and ran oil". Both atteinptod to jump ,
out, but M'ish Hayes, lesa fortunate than ,
the other, was caught in one of the wheels
of the vehicle and badly bruised before it
9 could ho stopped.
Police Ukport.?Lieutenant McOutly
has finished last months police report
which wo now present: Fines assehsed,
$843; tines collected, $819; tinea unpaid,
$524. Lockup fees collected $52120; clerk's
fees, $202 70. Total collected and paid into
the city, $574 00. Arrests made 134.
By Davis, i7; Hut her ford, 19; Msloney, 10;
ft. Myers. 19; Altmeyer, 10; Lee. 13; Miller,
10; Asmus, 10; Sullivan, 4; McUully.
2; White, I; Swecnoy, (chief), 1; Perrill,
watchman, 1; Tracy, watchmau, 1.'
Polick Court?Jiutoe Cranmer.?Tho following
business was transacted in tho po
lice court on Saturday:
Albert Price, disorderly. Cane dismissed.
John Ritchie, disorderly. Csso dismissed.
Ad. Evorstino, disorderly.?Fined $1 and
costs. Taid.
Charles Mansfield, disorderly. Fined $1
and costs. Paid.
At the matinee in theafternoon, Edward
Beinseidler was charged with drunkenness.
IIis case was continued until this
morning, _
Uboatta.?A very large crowd of poople
assembled on olthorBidoof tho Ohio on
Saturday afternoon last to witness a race by
four working boats rowod by Robert Bennett.
Wni. Chapline,Chas.SproulandJo8.
Flatin, of Ben wood. The race was a mile
and a quarter, one mile down and a quarter
back, from Boggs Island. A start was
made about 0 o'clock, whon Sprauls took
the load, followed closoly by Matin, who
Anally passed him and won tho race by
two lengths. Tho prizes were $10 to tho
first, a beautiful silver cup to tho second
and $5 to the third, tho latter was woo by
lOoo.iciL to-morrow night.
The Board of Commissioner to-day.
Tin Fourteenth street cut Is progresslni
A labor crowd visited the Pcnlnsuli
emetery yesterday.
Tub diphtheria still allllcta the chlldrei
11 the Fourth Ward.
Tiik North Wheeling (ilasn Co. are liar
ig their works repaired.
Fkaxk McAimm and young Lincli re
imtly escaped from the worknouse.
Tim explosion of tho Iron Valley causa
reatcxclteinentlntheclty Saturday night
A i-oktion of the wreck of tlie steaine
ron Valley lloated down paat the city yet
Orricxit Milmm arrested that notei
i'mlnineMolllo Mclaughlin on Natunhr
light for disorder.
Tim nrouertv of Mr. R. .lohnson 01
Iain street, above Ninth, ia undergoinj
omeoxtemuve improvements.
Tjik Jtobinson Gloat Company wil
liortlv erect a new glow house in th<
lightfi Ward on Wetzel street.
Tiik craft-y Will Moore, of TiltonviUe
>hio, took on a new pilot last week. It
wight ia aometliing like 14 pouada.
Tit* members of tho Bonanza Fishiit
Huh have returned home from tho wild
f Monroe after several weeks absence.
A mhok temperance meeting was hel
11 Paricor's Hull yoaterday afternoon
iood inuaic and apeakera were on hant
Tiik eiti/.ena of tho Fourth ward sa;
hey are determined to break up th
louao kept by Julia Chisel, in that ward
A L.vuoRKit at the Croaeont mill, whoa
iBine we did not learn, had hia hand bad
v hurt while repairing hia furnace yeatei
Skvkuai. interesting lectures by notei
lebrew dlvinea have been given in th
iynugogue, in this city, in tho laat day c
Mm, Klbvis, while in the Eighth War
day or two since, was badly bitten by
rocioua dog. Oiilcer Aainua shot tho ui
Tiik Pittsburgh, Virginia and Charles
Dn Railroad filed a $2,000,000 mortgage a
Vashinpton, l"a., a day or two ago, a^aiiif
ho road.
Somk mischievoua person threw a aton
hrough the window of the reaidenco <
)r. McCoy in tho Eighth Ward, on Satui
ay night laat.
Cuius. Hkdrick and John Fnose ran
ootraeein Weat Wheeling, Saturday, fo
. puree of #200, which waa won by l-oosi
ty about three yards.
The old German Loefller, who attempl
<1 euicide on Friday luat, ia reeoverin
lowly, butrefuaea to take food, declurin
t ia liia purpose to die.
W? Warcntt ?.;il nalaltrnln In.
rirthd&y at her residence on Jacob strec
&low Forty-fifth, this evening. fVieweg1
Jrehestra will be present.
A foot race was run at tho Fair Ground
in Saturday by "Steve" Water house an
folin Gray, tor a purse of $ir>asidi
vhich was won by Waterhouse.
Tub weekly meeting of the "German
vill take place at Mt. Uelleview Hotel, ot:
hepike on Wednesday evening. Vieweg
)rchestra will iurnish the music.
A rl'Nofp took place on Kighteent
itreef on Saturday last. A milkman le
jia team standing to j:o into a house, an
vlien he looked for it it was gone.
Tub Ncwi'Letter Company has purchase
i steam propeller, by which they delive
heir papers to their dowri-the-ri ver cusU
ners. She is called the E. R. Dale.
Tjik grave of Rev. Solomon Spauldini,
vho wrote the "Book of Mormon," is i
\inity, Washington county, i'a. lie die
n 1810. Tho book was written for pa
Two furnaces in the Central Glass Wort
lavebeen taken out. and it will besomi
ime before tliey can bo replaced, but
orce is at work constantly putting in ne1
Tu b reunion of the Adams' family and tl
:elebration of the 90th birthday of the
nother took place at the residence of J
I. Adams on .Saturday. A large nuinbt
>f the family was present.
It has been suggested that Council tak
mmediate measures to place an alarm be
>n tho now Kightli Ward Hose House f(
,he purpose of summoning the extra me
uid as a general bcneilt to that house.
Tiie Strobel homestead, consisting
mo aero and a quarter of land up Call
nrell's Run, was sold at public sale on Sa
irday last for$2,035. Mr. Henry.Seamo
ho Water street tobacconist, being tl
The Granger's picnic to bo given
Buchanan's Mills, up Wheeling Creek, c
the 20th of this month promises to bo
largo affair. Marshall, Washingtoi
Brooke and Ohio counties will sond larj
A countryman, while driving his teai
across the reninsulaou Saturday last, ha
tho misfortune to get one of his hors<
untangled in the harness, and in its etlbr
to extricate itself hurt both ituelf and tl
driver severely.
Yesteuday was one of tho most pleasai
of the season, and the crowds of people :
the city and in the country around toe
advantage of it to the utmost. The El
IJ rove Hail road did a big business takir
out excursionists.
Wn. L. Wii.ublm, who owns a vineyai
on the east side of Wheeling hill, inforn
us that his present crop of grapes bids fu
to bo ono of best he has had for year
Tho same report comes from all the graj
growers in this vicinity.
We called at Hornbrook'ft Pnrlcon Sn
urday last and were shown its beauties I
the proprietor, Col. Thomas Ilornbroo
The Colonel is as active as ever, and
constantly adding to the already beautif
appearance of things out there.
A cow fell into an unoccupied vault i
in the old Catholic Cemetery yesterdt
3Voning. She got into the cemetei
through a break in tho fence and walkc
upon the board covering over tho vnul
which was very rotten and broke throug
falling a distance of about twelve foe
Mr. Fred Happy, assisted by sever
others, succeeded in getting her out aft
considerable labor and trouble.
New Lamp Glows.?'Wo were show
yesterday at this olllce a new lamp glol
bv Messrs. Thompson & llibberd, of tli
city. This globo is intended to superset
tho old system of chimneys. It isvei
simple in construction, and has many a
vantages over thorn. It is not easily broke
by midden expansion, and is moresavii
of oil than the other. There is no dang
of Are being communicated by lamps ha
ing this globo as it is capped with a pe
forated disk confining the flame to tl
globe. It is very easily cleaned, and
vastly suporior in all respects to tho o
and preseut system.of chimnoys.
Wastro.?1'Squire L. D. Walt yesterdi
issued a warrant for Kdward .S. llarris f
abusing his former wifo. Lucretia Harri
and inducing one of tneir children,
which kIio has control, to leave hor. Thi
have been divorced (or some time. Han
id said to be a desperate man and h
served a torra in prison. Constable Coop
is looking for him.
IIonsnaooK's Park.? A large crov
went out to llornbrook's Park on Satti
day afternoon and night. Tho grounds
night were brilliantly illuminated wil
Chinese lanterns, dqppudir\g from near
every tree, and the mound was abla
with' light. Dancing, baloon ascensloi
and other amusements diverted tho pe
plo until a lato hour.
Du. C. Mclane's Cblkhratkd Livi
Pii.ub are not recommended to cure all tl
ills that flesh is heir to, but in affectioi
of the liver and all bilious complaint
dyspepsia and sick hoadache, they star
without a rival. No better cathartic a
uu [im'i'.w.h'm v uj or HU(!r UUIIlL' nil
nine than the genuine Dr. 0. MeCane
Liver l'ills, prepared by Fieminu Bros.
They have been in u w atty y?r?.
Von can get them from any reepectab
The Iron Valley ExjtlodM Her ll?ll?H? ''
Tbm Pineu Killed and Hie Boat D? ]
[ hi rayed.
On'Satutdsy night about 8 o'clock in- {f
> tenno excitement 111 created In tbia city cl
bv the announcement that the towboat J'
' 'Iron Valley, belonging here,had blown up, jj
killing several of her crew and also Capt ?
Prince, tater telegrams, however, an- ai
. nounced the fact that shortly after 7 <j|
o'clock the boilers ol the boat had explod- ((
1 ed at a point a short distance above New
Cmnborland, and that three persons were w
r Instantly* killed, via: Thos. Prince, jr.,
clerk, Wallace Wise, pilot, and a man
j named. Pressor, living at New Cumber- j,
f land, who had come aboard to pay a tow Q
Ingbili. Nothing further could be gather- ?j
i ed Saturday night, nor all day Sunday. ?,
< The Nail City, also of this city, was fired p
up by Capt John Armstrong and f>
I left for the scene of tho disaster on Sat. [>
) urday night, taking with her John Prince, ?
brothor ot Capt wm. Prince, of tlie Iron ?
i, Valley. Nothing further was heard of the |(
g affair, although pieces of the wreck floated j,
past the city all day, until tho return of ?
_ tho Nail City last night about 8 o'clock, w
bringing with her Capt Wm. Prince and ft
othors of the crew ol the Valley. We
, called upon him at his residence on the |e
" Inland, and learned tho following particu- g
lars of the explosion: "I had gone off IR
' wotch shortly before 7 o'clock to eat ray n
y supper auu to qo to nea, as i was very m
e tirou. We had just finished supper, and I fc
1. had gone out upon the tow among the
e barges to hold the skitT of the man Pros* v
[. sor, who had come aboard at New Gum* (l
> berland to nay a towing bill, and was a
waiting for him to como out. He had
j gone into the cabin to get a rcceipt from ft
0 my son Tom. As nearly as I can tell, this p
r was 7 o'clock, when suddenly there was tl
a terrific explosion, followod almost
. immediately by one of less force, and
" tho air was filled with pieces of the wreck ?
a and a perfect shower of splinters nearly |(
'* blinding me. The boat sunk almost im- g
mediately. Wo saw Prosser go down and f
- I attempted to pull his from among the j
t debris, but was not able myself, and had ^
it to summon assistance. He died as soon e,
as we got him into the barge, breathing &
e but once or twice afterwards. We made v
)( immediate search for the bodies of my son 8
r. and Wise but it was ineffectual. I think, r
maybe, that they are in the hold of tho a
sunken boat, ond will make immediato c]
r search for them in it." We then asked \\
. him as to the cause of the explosion and v
'' his theory of it He said ho was unable
to account for it. The boilers, he
said, had been tested and inspectIf
a.I t.i \(a<t anil wava a^lln/l aa .
? fur as lie* was aware of. He had c
not been below for several hours preced*
r ing the occurrence, but things had been g
't going ou as usual, lie had a very heavy Q
'a tow in charge; hod left this city on Satur- 8;
day morning with three empties and one ti
It loaded barge of limestone. This barge
(1 had !>een left'at Steuben ville, and another
a one of pig iron takon on." n
"Was there too little water in the boil- ti
? era?" we asked. tl
't "Persons on shoro told me that a few a
minutes before the explosion occurred f|
they had heard the gfluge-cocks tried, and ti
. that thov indicated the presence of abun- tl
y dance oft water." c
"We have heard the efficiency of the
(J- engineer (inestioued. Was there anything
in it?" ' r
d "lie isonoof the most efficient on the d
r river," was the reply. y
) Two or three possibilities were sug- j
gested as explanatory of the afTair, but not $
j, adoptod by him as the actual causo; but o
it ho admitted that they could have pro- n
d duced it.
v. John Prince was orosent dnrintr the con
vernation with his brother, and walked *
cg over the bridge with us. From him we
8. learned that the beat lay in about nine J.
a feet of water, with portion of the upper .
w deck exposed. She will be a total loss, ,
unless perhaps some of her machinery
may be saved. He is n steamboatman,
i? and we asked him as to his theory of the
[r affair. "Well, about the only explanation .
J* I can offer of it is this: If there was plenty "
Jr of water in the boilers, and there appears ^
to have been, I think it must have result;e
ed from this fact, a day or two apo one of jj
ill the boilers had a patch put in it of new rj
>r boiler iron, and 1 apprehend that the old
n metal was not strong enough to hold it."
Capt. Tom Prince said that she was a
of good boat, and the boilers had been pro- n
d- perly tested while ho yet owned her. He c
t- had recently sold lier to his brother. c
n, Capt. Hiram Young, U.S. Inspector of
io Hoilers, was at homo, and said he had but v
one theory of the matter, "too little water
at in the boilers." This was in his experim
cnce the only cause of explosions. He n
u had seen the results of many, and notli- g
? ing else ever caused them. Gross neglect j
' on the part of an engineer can produce B
3 them, and nothing elso. He had inspect- v
od lier in May, and she at that time was
") in a lawful condition.
1(1 At the tiino of the explosion a younger v
son of Captain Win. Prince was standing \
near the engine and had looked at the f
,e steam gauge but a moment or two before, E
it then indicated 142 or 143 pounds of
it 6team, which is not a heavy pressure. ?
iu The firemen Wickhan and Gillespie were 0
ik sitting forward when the explosion occur- n
m red, and tlio body of ProBsor was thrown ?
lg against the head of Gillespie and fell into y
the river. It is supposed that young Prince (
r(l and Wise were blown to pieces by theter- 0
ig rible force of tlio explosion, as no vestige 8
|r of either; has been found. Of the men \
s, killed, Wallace Wise has been a pilot for 8
)e many years on this river, and was considered
a careful and trust-worthy man.
l lie lives in West Wheeling, and leaves a a
wife and Ave children in the most desti- t
g tute circumstances. Thomas I'rince. jr.,
:' was about eighteen years of age. ana has
i been employed about this and other boats a
for along time; at the time of his death a
he was acting as clerk of the boat. o
in The Iron Valloy was built in this city,
iy at the yards of Wilson Dunlevv, in
y 1873. She was licensed the second cfay of p
May in that year. Her owner was Capt. p
Thos. Princo until some three weeks ago.
'!? when he sold out to Wm. Prince and
j Sam Kuglen for about 80,000. Sne origin- e
al ally cost $10,000. There was no insurance t
pr ou her, and she will bo a totat loss to her
ownors. Capt. Wm. Princo will take immediate
steps to raise her and pull her up
.. on the bar near by where she is sunk. n
? ?. 0
1? 1'KttsoNAi. Mkstiox.?Ed. Brown, ol the t
Htomner Tiiotntmnn Dnun. will lno?io tn? r
oiumuiip lit uio Kiiy, w
J. C. Binnoy, ol McKeesport, Pa., H. S. *
u. While, ot Helton, I.. W. Rosenborg, of
10 Baltimore, and A.'J. Wise, o( Chicago; are
IB among the repent arrivals at tl)e New Mca.
Lure. t
id : ? ? ? -7? J
in Bobbmiv.?'The shoe itore ol H. J. f
it- SchnlU, on Kloventh atreet, between Main
i'? and Haricot,, waa onterod on Saturday
night and some of the contents oarrled of, J
although the proprietor is not yet able to
le deternnuo the amount of lite low. When
shall we have tlie night police? n
Pulpit Foixts.?The English Kvan.
utheran Churcb, on Sixteenth street, was
Mn u usual yeflterday lor morning and
renlng services and 8unday8chool. The
utor occupied the pulpit, preaching In
le morning from Oalatians it IS, last
a use, "Immediately I conferred not with
gah and blood," and in the evening from
tike xt; 5-10, the subject being "Prayer."
ev. Mr. Jenkyns, ol the Reformed Epis>pal
Churcb, was present in the pulpit
id made the closing prayer. The Suniv
School was addressed on the tliemo of
fiie Fruits of the Spirit," and Superinmdent
Zevely had a fine blackboard ItKtratlon
of the lesson. Ail the services
ore veil attended.
Rev. David II. Oreer, of Providence, R.
, preached at 8L Matthews' Church yosirday
morning. Ills text was from St.
Dim, third chapter, sixteenth verse: "For
od so loved the world that lie gave Ills
illy begotten Son, that whosoever bollev;h
in Him should not perish, but have
recasting life." From this text the
rcacher drew the lesson that Christian
sllof not only furnished the hope of life
syond the grave, but gave to men and
omen the only meanB of lifting themlives
above the depressing Influences and
utt... *1?4 -?aUI.. ?
:iii|iiuuuun tuuw ouiruumi uuruii) us*
tence. The sermon was among the best
ithin the recollection of its hearers, and
as listened to with marked attention by
large congregation.
Rev. Dr. Vogolsdorff, a celebrated Rabbi,
icturod last evening at the Jewish syna5gne
on the subject of "Judaism from a
ational Standpoint." The lecture was
Btened to by a largo audience. We reret
that we have not an abstract of the
tcture to present to our readers.
Rov. J. M. Cohen, of Cleveland, lectured
esterday afternoon at the synagogue, on
?e "Future of Israel." The lecture was
msidered a masterly effort.
Bishop J. J. Kain arrived on Saturday
om a protracted business trip, and
reached at the morning mass at the caicdral
Trial Tair.?Capt Davis' new steamer
Welcome" made a trial trip on Saturday
ist, and in a very satisfactory manner,
he is 145 feet long. Her beam is 20 feet,
ler machinery has two twelve inch cvliners
with four feet stroke, two boilers
venty feet long and five lap-welded flues
ich. Sweeney & Sons did this work,
.rmstrong, Coen ?fc Co. did the cabin
...i- i cn. ? i
urk 1u yuuu hiyiu. quo uuo ul?lllvcjl
late rooms. It is intended that she shall
an in the St. Mary's trade. Her officers
re M. Davis, captain; T. Hornbrook,
Icrk, and 8. Iliggs, engineer. She will
kely be finished tnis week and be put to
rork at once. *"
Transfer op Real Estate.?The followig
transfer of real estate was admitted
> record in the office of the Clerk of the
lounty Court, Saturday:
Deed made July 18. 1879, by William
pargoand wife to John F. Robinson for
parcel of ground located on the hillide
west of the National Road; consideraion
Excursion to Pittsburgh.?A largo
umber left this city last Saturday to ntjnd
the Pittsburgh regatta. Babbett, of
lie Schultze Club, of this city, wen the
mateurrnce to tne satisfaction of his
riends. Can not a similar regatta be gotin
up in this city? Wo certainly have
tie material and others will be found to
ompete with our talent
Excursion.?A large number of our
eople intend going to Niagara on Tuesay.
From the lake the excursionists
rill be taken to Buffalo on the steamer
'earl. The fare for this excursion is only
5, and all should avail themselves of the
pportunity thus afforded of taking in so
a any attractions at such low rates.
St. Mathews' Sunday School Picnic.?
'his Sunday School will have its annual
ionic and excursion on Thursday next,
t Maban's Grove, on the P. W. & Ky. 11.
I. There is no prettier grove in this secion
than this one. Let everybody go and
pond a pleasant day in the woods.
The Poou House.?Wo paid a flying visit
3 the County Infirmary on Saturday last
nd were shown through the building by
iuperintendent Shanley. The appearance
f the house indicates, from its unusual
leanliness, Ac., that it is in good hands,
'here are only about forty inmates at presnt.
Gas.?The Gas Investigation Committee
let again on Saturday night, but nothing
ould oe learned of their proceedings. A
ommunication will probobly bo submited
to-morrow night to Council, which wo
fill give on Wednesday.
Evehy one is entirely willing to bo his
leighbor's physician; yet tried remedies
nould only bo employed, as Dr. Bull's
toltimore l'ills. Twenty-four years of contantly
increasing use testify to tho real
forth of this valuable family medicine.
Musical.?Wo call attention to tho adertisoment
of I'rofs. Carl Herrmann and
Villiam Armstrong in to-day's paper,
'rof. Herrmann was a pupil of tlio rolowned
Liszt, and for ten years was a
tiacher at the. Conservatorium in Stuttart,
Germany, and brings the highest rccmmendations
as a teacher and thorough
nuaician. Mr. Armstrong is a young genleman
of this city, who for tho past three
ears has been studying in tho Stuttgart
Jonsorvatorlum and lyings a certificate
j. the South this week. e
Miss Sheets, of Clarksburg, is visiting F
friends in this citv. n
J! A. T. Young, the East Wheeling phar- q
? mncoutist, leaves in the morning for h
Ocean Grovo and Long Branch.
* Capt William List, of tho steamer St
jB Lawrence, left Saturday afternoon for a
i.i Cincinnati. lie intends starting his boat I
out lii licr regular trade at once, leaving r
Cincinnati to-morrow evening.
, .Miss Fannio Lake, of Pittsburgh, it
0J. visiting at Mr. Alexander Cecil's out the "
:8 pike.
of , M^CIarence H. Swoaringon, of Phila_
ilelpiiia, la spending a few davs at Mt. "
J Bcllovlew Hotel. "
as Engineer John Mcture, of the steamer 0
. at. Lawrence, left for Cincinnati on Saturday,
night, via the B. A 0. R. R, to Join ,
his boat, which leavesthat portfor Wheel- r
,'d inc to-morrow. *
ir. Dana L. Hubbard, Esq., and Dr. It. 8.
at Harvey, leave to-day for tho Sulpher li
th Sp'top- , c
ly . J)t- '"eyer, formerly Rabbi of the Jew- b
re Ish congregation of this city, is now locat,]g
ed in llultlmore.
0- J. 8. McDonnell, of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, la ?
I i'ronciency irom tnat institution mat
peaks of hiin in highly Mattering terms.
Vheeling is to be congratulated on having
uch an addition to its musical circles.
, Call at Thompson & Hibberd's and exrnino
tho new lamp globo for Balo by
The Niagara Excursion, via Baltimore
nd Ohio .Railroad, will leave Wheeling
111:15 p. m. Tuesday, August 12th, withut
fail, Round trip $5.
"Sellers' Liver Pills are tho secret of
lerfect health, long lifo, and absolute hap iness.
Sold by all druggists.
Call at Thompson <fc Hibberd's and
xamine the new lamp globo for sale by
Urnhmn WncuU.
Take one ouart of Graham Hour, one
aeasure of "Banner" Baking Powder, and
no teasnoonful of salt; mix thoroughly;
hen add two-thirds of a pint of cold sweet
tulk; this makes a dough too soft to be rolld;
turn out on your tray lid, well floured;
iress with your hand to the desired thickiess;
cut in shapes and bako at onco in
luick oven; if your oven is at the proper
ieat ten minutes will suffice to bake them
Niagara Fall excursion via Baltimore
nd Ohio Railroad, Tuesday, August 12th.
tound trip $5 00. Train leaves at 11:15
M- a
Thompson & Hiimero have for sale tho
lew patent safety lamp globo.
Tub merits of Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup
re acknowledged by nil who have ever
sed It for tho diseases of infancy. Price
nly 25 cents a bottle.
Tijb invalid finds in "Dr.' Llndsoy's
ilood Soarchor," nature's great restoror.
t is wonderful.
The new lamp globe can not be broken
y expansion of lieat, and can be easily
leaned. For sale at Thompson & lllberd's.
Jackson's Best Sweet Naw ChewincrTo.
acco. Retailers can buy it of Joseph
peidel & Co., in 5,10 and 20 pound pack806.
muironmnona DeetaweetoaTyxopacco
The new lamp globe can not 1)0 broken
<y expansion of heat, and can be easily
leaned. For sale at Thompson & Hil>.
^ ti.??u^,Kr9cer 'or Jackson's Beat,
oaeph Speidel & Oo. have it at wholesale.
Thompson A Hiobsed have (or sale tlio
lew patent safety lamp globe.
Ir you wish to save money, go without
(ail to John Boomer's dry goods, carpet
nod wall paper emporium, lie still continue*
to sell at reduced price*, Instead ol
putting them up, (or a short time to reduce
stock. Sos. soil) and 2021 Main
For TJpwahds or Thirty Yrars Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been used
(or children. It correct* acidity o( the
stomach, relieves wind tolie, regulate* the
bowels, cures dymterv and dlarrhaa,
whether arising (rom teething or other
causes. An old and well-tried remedy.
25 ctnii a boUt. Diw
Oorturu 8p?in*t, AOo., wholesale grocers,
arc headquarter* for Jackson's Best Tobacco.
"Tbdtu lie* in a nut-shell," and "brevity
a the soul of wit" To be brief, when,
the shell is broken, the truth will be discovered,
thattho Grand Central Hotel, on
Broadway, New York, now kept on both
plans, the Amorlcan $250 or (3 00, and
thft K.iirnrvoon SI fin nml hbimwU ''??
-j-?? T" ?V "MM wjinmuoi jnw unj|
gives more satlafaction for the same
inonoy, than any other first-class house in
Gotham. An elegant Restaurant, at mod-<
orate prices, is conducted by the Grand
Central mwf
In active pursuit of pleasure or gain,
the inestimable blessing of health is too
ofteu forgotten until disease is firmly
seated, and the fact only realized by great
bodily and mental suffering. The Liver
is tho vulnerable point in most persons,
and the disarrangement of the organ involves
almost the wholo system; hence
tho reason why under the Liver disease
thcro is enumerated such a numbor of
alilictions, and we claim the Simmons
Liver Regulator to be a remody for them
all. mwf aw
Five Hnndred ThouMtud Strong.
In tho past few months there has boon more
thun 600,UOO bottles of Shiloh's Curo sold.
Out of the vast number of people who have
used it, inoro tluin 2,000 coses of Consumption
huve boon cured. All couglis, croup} asthma
mm uiuuumiis, jicm Qt UUCe, II CI ICO It Ui UUtl
everybody ?i>eaks in its praise. To those
who havo not used it, let us say, if you have a
couch, or your child the croup, ami you value
lifo don't fail to try It. For lamo back, sideor
chest, use 8hiloh's Porous Plaster.
Sold by E. Hocking, Odd Fellow's Hall; 0.
E. Dwtght, 24th and ChapUue 8ts.; Laughlin
Pros. & Co., Wheeling; and Husbands & Inskip,
A Hlranio People.
Do you know that there are strango people
in our community, we say strange because
they seem to prefor to suffer and pass their
days miserably, mado so by dyspepsia, and
liver complaint, indigestion, constipation and
general debility, when 8hiloh's Vitallaer is
guaranteed to cure them.
Sold by E. Rocking,Odd Fellow's Hall; C.E.
Dwight, 24thand CbaplineSts.; Laughlin Bros.
?fc Co., Wheeling; and Husbands & Inskip,
Wk have a speedy and positive euro for
catarrh, diphtheria, canker mouth, aud head,
ache, In Sluloh's Catarrh llemedy. A nasal Injector
free with each bottle. Uso It If you desire
health and sweet breath. Price 50 cents.
Sold by K. Booking, Old Fellow's Hall; 0.
E. Dwlght, 24th find Ohapllne Sis.; Laugh!In
Bros. &Co., Wheeling; and Husbands & Inskip.
Bellaire. Mwpieow
"CongltloffNpcIl* In the Horning,"
dry, parched, sore throat, losing flesh,
bronchial and asthmatic attacks, pneumonia,
weakened and debilitated state of
the system, all these dangerous symptoms
are cured bv "Dr. Swayne's Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry." The llrst dose
Kves relief, and the worst cough and sore
ngs yield to its healing proprieties?
"Physicians recommend it?'
"I have made use of this preparation for
many years, and it has proved to be very
reliable and efficacious in the treatment of
severe and long-standing coughs. I know
of two patients, now in comfortable health,
and who but for its use I consider would
not now be living.?Isaac S. Herbien, M.
D., StrauBtown. Berks county, Pa."
Price-Trial bottles. 25 cents: larce rIzo
which is the most economical, $1 00, or six
for $3 00. A single 25-cent bottle will oftentimes
cure a recent cough or cold, and
thus prevent much Buffering and risk of
life. Prepared only by Dr. Swayne & Son,
Philadelphia. Solu by leading druggists.
Gray IIpad*.
For restoring the natural color of the hair,
a nicer preparation ia offered in "Hair Itevivium."
in largo bottles, at only 60 cents, than
lias ever been produced at $100. Glenn's Sulphur
Soap is tlio word-famed clarifler and
beautifier of the complexion. 8old by Logan,
List & Ck>., and every druggist
A Ureal Boon.
The greatest boon to children teething and
for curing Wind Colic, Diarrhocaand other
ills peculiar to children, is the renowned Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup, a safe and certain
remcuy. uirecuons wiw every Dottle. JTice,
25 cents.
Brown's Vormifuge Comfits, for expelling
worms, are the most unfailing and pleasant
confection in the world. Price 25 cents. For
sale by Logun, List&Co., and by all druggists.
Itemeinber, Yo People I
That "Halo's Honey of Hoarhound and Tar"
is now recognized an the great national specific
for the cure of coughs and all lung diseases.
See that you gut "Halo's Honey ofHoarhound
and Tar," (large size cheapest)
and take no other, as there are counterfeits.
8old by Logan, List & Co., and all druggists.
Death o' Cold.
Those complaining of sore throat, hoarseness,
couglis, or taking thoir "death o' cold,"
should use "Brown's Bronchial Troches."
Their efficacy is wonderful. The genuine has
"John I. Brown it Sons, Boston," on each box,
and is soid by Logan, List A Co. and every
druggist only in boxes, at 25 cents. Beware
of worthless imitations.
Brown's Comphorated Dentrifrlce possesses
the best ingrodionts for preserving and beautifyiug
the teoth. Price 25c, large bottles.
Itching Pile*,
The symptoms aro moisture, like perspiration,
intense itching, increased by
scratching, very distressing, particularly
at night, as if pin worms were crawling in
and about the rectum, the private parts
are sometimes affected; if allowed to continue,
very serious results may follow.
Dr. swayne's All Healing Ointment is a
pleasant sure cure.
Home Cures.?We were great sufferers
from Itching Piles, the symptoms were
oo nU.,n !.? ~l a ?
u uuutu ucovuuuu, HID (ISO Ul OWH/IIO 0
Ointment in a short time made a perfect
J. W.'Christ, Boot A Shoe House, 344
N. 2d St.
T. 0. Weyman, Hatter, 8 S. 8th St,
Reader, if vou are suffering from this
distressing Complaint, or Tetter, Itch,
Scald Head, Ring Worm, or any Crusty,
Scaly Skin Eruption, ubo Swayne's Ointment
and be cured. Sent by mail to any
address on receipt of price (in currency or
3 cont postage stamps). 50 cents a box,
throe boxes, $1 25. Address letters, Dr.
Sway no & Son, 330 N. Sixth St.. Philadelphia.
Nocharge for advice. Sold by leading
druggists. MWFAW
It Beats All,?Jackson's Best Sweet
Navy Chewing Tobacco. A full supply
now on hand at Joseph Speidel & Co. s.
It is a fact well established by unquestionable
tesuiuony that Hall's Hair Renewer renews,
cleanses, brightens, invigorates and restores
to ita original color and lustre, faded
gray or discolored hair, cheaply, quickly and
sorely. The poorest poOple prefer to buy it
.nil iimII M?li? tn nwwUlm In man.
ner more forcible than words can dollneat*.
through blanched locks or gritzly beard, thai
they are aced and passing to decay. A very
short trial will convince the moat skeptical
that it does eradicate the scalp diseases which
rob the hair of its color and life.?Fori Scott
(Eaiu) Daily Monitor.
IT. M. S. "Pinafor*," by Arthur Sallivon.
Full Vocal Score, words and music.
$1 00; Libretto (words only), 10c; Vocal
Selections (bound), 25c; Galop, 30c; Walt*.
36c; Potpourri. 50c; Gdlop, for Piano and
Violin, Cornot or Flute, 40c; Walts, (or
Piano an<l Violin, Cornet or Flute, 50c,
All the noveliiea In rousip. PUwm *nd
Organs to rent.
Lucas1 Music Stork,
1227 Market street.
Fob the young, the aged, and tbo Infirm
S?srunD'? Jakaica Oinoer.
Jactcsok's But.?Give It a trial and you
will use no other. Joseph Speidel & Co.,
WholesaleGroeers, have It.
Hlver Ren.
The marks indicate 0 feet 3 inches, and
Weather clear and cool.
Tbo Meyer left on Saturday for Cincinnati.
The St. Lawrence will reanmo hor place
In tho Cincinnati trade this week, leaving
that city for this port to-morrow.
The Htockdale passed up yesterday afternoon
several hours late. She will pais
down to-morrow morning, en route for
The Boas pissed up yesterday with a
tow of empties.
The Annie Kelley passed up last evening
with a tow of lumber.
The Andes Is due from Cincinnati today,
and will return to-morrow evening at
me uauni nour lor uoparture.
The Batchelor will leave for Pittsburgh
to-morrow morning it 7 o'clock.
The Neut-leiler't steam yacht is a recent
addition to the navy of this port, and Is a
rlglitsmart looking craft
The Hagon will Be to-day's Parkersburg
packet, leaving at 10:30 a. h.
The Phaeton, Telegram and O'Neal ?re
making their usual duly trips.
IBr Tclagnpa.1
Oaiho, August 10. ? River IS feet
inches and rising. Weather fair. Thermometer
St. Louis, August 10.?River 14 feet 11
inches by the gauge; fallen 3 inches.
Weather clear and pleasant.
Evavhvii.t.r. AncrilRt in?Rlvnr 7 foot 3
Inches and falling. Weather fair and
Cincinnati, August 10.?River 8 feet
and falling. Weather clear and pleasant.
81. Lonld Ntiooting AflVny.
St. Loom, August 10.?William Wallace,
a Metropolitan policeman of East St. Ixjuis,
and Jack Sullivan, who was a veiy strong
partisan of Mayor Bowman during the,
political trouble in that city a year ago,
got into a quarrel in asaloon to-day. during
which they emptied their revolvers at
each other. Sullivan was shot in the left
breast, and died in half an hour, and Wallace
was badly wounded in the thigh.
Sullivan began the quarrel, and fired two
shots at Wallace before the latter drew his
at columbus.
Columuus, August 10.?A lire to-dav
partially destroyed tho residence of 8. N.
Field. Loss, $12,000; insured in the
Franklin, of Columbus, for $2,500.
IV Parkenburg, Potneroy, UalUpolU, m.
Ironton, Huntington, Porttmouth. Mart- Lyfl i-J
yille, Cincinnati and LouUvilleThe
Elegant Passenger Steamer
NEW ANDE8 Ciua. Muulouic, Matter,
Ed. Muuuucax, Clerk,
Leave* Tuesday. Auguit 12th, at 8 p. in. positively.
Pawengera and freight receipted through to all polnu
WEST and tiOUTu. For freight or panage apply on
board or to
aul 1 a H. BOOTH A BON. Agent*.
Capital Dining Rooms.
Thli Old and Reliable Bettaurant bu been rcmoTed
to new and commodlouaquarteri, and la now la
good running order at
No. 1Q26 Market Street,
where tbe proprietor hopes to bare better facilities for
the accommodation of hla large and increasing patronage.
aprS Proprietor.
Salts to Order
lit w in a
Cauinere Pants to Order
Black Cloth and Diagonal DressSnlts to Order
9*0 YOU l.io J40 Cub.
Melton, Cblnohllla, Diagonal Overcoat* to
?i? in 120 m no cuh.
A Full Line of the Above to Chooae From
cut, w?u trimmed, nuda In
moat faahlonablo manner, and warranted to fit
II will pay you to gt?q ua cnlL
destroys offensive Odors, Contagion, Ac.,
rolorleiu, odorlosa, cheap, full directions, officially endorsed.
Druggists, Bridge Corner.
Will take with thetn a lotUe of LOGAN'S ESSENCE
OK JAMAICA GINGER, a strictly pure ionic and
corrective; also GRUNDY'S CHOLERA AND
D1AUB11CEA MIXTURE, an excellent remedy.
Price 25 centa.
Bays an Intelligent lad jr. and a ?ood houso-kwjpcr, to
have at band an article like LOO AN, LIST A CO.'S,
On which I can always depend I )
JfTSff "?1 >" l>U.t ImproToJ ttrlw
Noi. a FMmhUi Stmt ui TK llukil 8tmL |
Hm Juit rpcelTBd * now lot of tlin btct
G-ttim: hdrthi 1
All oram promptly attended to. m,i '
We are now prepared to fnrotah nil fcjnd? of
^avs^p,1*r',na ln *>od'W!
"?*! Mar Fourteenth Bt
A ]
T AWYEES' BRIEFS.?The Daut 1*.
vmuig t j um luuiiro ui mi- numvu, ?. <
anil Bpanbh Si k crops manufacturers bare *
advanced Die prices of Milks, and they will
lie Mill higher. b
Anticipating thii we bought a large stock as j,
eany ua March. At that time they reached
the lowest point ever known in the silk umrknU
We now offer them ut our old prices, no <.
udvauce being made by us on tluse justly V
|X)i)iilar goods, which stand oil th*Ir merit*,
iw being unequaled for value and elegance, q
During the jmat (ew days wojiave made J]
Belter, cheeper, nor* convenient ao?l durable than anj
Ornamental ae well aa tuefuL
Papera filed ao that con tenia are alwayi acoeaelhle.
Bloda 260 letter* In one-halt minute, at a coat o! one-ti
Hubnuntlally made and beautifully flnlabed.
Four different aUee to 111 any papm.
Keepa papera aeeure ao thai they cannot beloetor blow
?5' FFF ** uk,n off,n ,n without dlaar
Adapted to the nae of merchauu, lawyer*, authora, cler
Fleeae examine; It apeaka for Itielf.
film a Tvrrrwiw ?_ -w
=? JL -Ok.JL.1 JL CC M-.
?u7 No, 41 TWELFTH 8TRBB
miiiciit Btranc
on hand, we c
they have e\
in this counti
standing the
the Eastern
markets. Oi
Dlrtnlf CillfA I
uiaon giiiu i:
principally ol
and GUI
and can be re
for durability
lence of color
GEO. R. 1
X; cnura BP8IDENCK AND PRACTICE, located .
at Beeler'a 8tatIon, Marshall countr, West Virginia, *J
on the Waynesburg Road, eight miles from tbe Ohio 5
river. Tbe property U flnt-claia, and the practice the "
best In the county. Terma eair. For forth** infnr.
motion, address tho undenlgnenf at the above plico or enquire
ol Ewlng A lUlejr at No. 1160 Main street, -i
Wheeling, W. V*., or Dr. T. IL Logan, of l/>gan,
List ACo., Bridge corner. .J
tu2 H. B. McKKRRIHAN. M. D. I|
X RENT my Picnic Grounds, well known as Green's -i
(Jrove, 4 miles north of the city, on the P. W. A Ky.
R. R. I hare erected on them a splendid dancing J
platform, refreshment stands, benches, and all the P
nocesaary buildings pertaining to flrst-class picnic "
grounds. The grounds He within 60 ysrda ef the R. ?
U. Persons desiring to rent them can call upon ^
ap2G No. 1147 Market Btroet. '
Ntlion ELWhlUkeil ,n (h, Mun|cl|ml "
H.?G?II.V J Court ol Wheeling. ?
By virtue of an Execution Issued In the above entitled
cause, and to me directed, I hare levied on and ~
will proceed to sell to the hlghcet and beat bidder, on 1
Between the hours ol 10 o'clock a. u. and 4 o'clock 11
r. m., at the front door ol the Court House ol Ohio k
county, in the diy ol Wheeling, the following pro* Jj
One Mala. Ijt.
One Stone Wsgon, One Out. I
Three Seta of Harness. {:
Teams ov Balk, cash. "
Joke 16,1879. 8erg?ant ol the City of Wheeellng.
ERGKANT'ft ft a TV ^
Juqm V. Mendel 1. ei
ti. I In A?um[?IL in thB Munld- 8
Jtnaa McGannon. J P?1 Court oi WhaeUnf. *
of an Execution lamed in the above entitome
directed, I hare levied on and
*111 proceed to sell to the highest and beat bidder, on THE
?LW<2i??,#^-?r,i>f 10 ,?'c'ock ^ and 4 o'clock -*
mi., at the front dooraf the Court Houae of Ohin
?unij, in the city of Wheelln,, the follSi?! prj
Two Seta ol lfirnm
Two fiuniea.
? J^E8 W. SWEENEY. /
JD?. 12. ICT. &g""" " "" "" " **""'& *
" ' t to!
" * ' wH _J
__ fin. A A MUKTll guaranteed. 112 00 a X
?|B || n ri dar It hotne made by the Indus. X
II II 1111 Wow- Capital not required: we LL
J 1111 will itart you. Men, women, boys (*x
J\ 111 land (irli make raoofy faster at
work for ua than at anything elae. lui
III 11 1111 The work is light and plwwant. mi
(U VP w w und iuoU as aoy one can go right
U Thoee who are wlae who aee thla notice will Bend J
is their addreaaee at once and aeeior thwmlTea. Coat- _
r Outfit and terma free. Now la the time. Those L
lready at work are laying up targe sums of money. 1.
tddreeaTKUE A CO,, Augusta, Maine. ]el4naiw kli
Positively j
Healthful \
nfiaOw. Q?lf Hniriiw Vm*I <|nmillr
mwiintst ?
t other File to ok.
rt&tieth of a cent.
a off.
ranging the other*.
f/meo, or private individual*.
r, Ag?nU for WheelliiR.
iffer them at
/er touched
ry; notwithadvance
and Foreign
jr Stock of
s comprised
f the cele
and exceland
[TSTANTL I)?Salesman to take general
T T State Agencies. Salary and exp*u*i |?!d. Mjrences
required. Triumi'U M'ko Co., 116 M?r?
ircet, Chicago. tumwtf
For sale?the piano wagos
of Adams A Lucas. The r unnlng geari irt M*
f new. Will be sold at a terr low price. To b? Mi
t the (tore of C. Y. Lucas. A) ?ply to
de6 A. M. APAM&.
DK)R SALE-A 0 0 M. F 0 H T A BLK
U Cottage Dwelling, containing s?ven aptrtrnttU
leasantly located on Jaquet street, KIrkwood, hf
?ont county,0. Apply tc. ALEXANl'hK BONE,
a.. General Business and Ileal estate Agent, l?i;X>
olloch street, Wheeling, W. Va. "1.
Biz hundred and /orty acrce iand in CUue react;
Fire hundred am*/ twenty acres in llarrlson teuit;,
>wa. W. V. BOOK A BR')..
Pl9 Be U Instate Ag.-nm, i:?W Msrku St
I offer for nlo the following property: Ooe BiUk
louse, No. Main itruct, Centie Wheeling. TU
ouae has aix good roouii and also a good (tllu.
lao oDer for sale a Brick House and lot on Kljbttots
roet, EastWhaellng,No. 109. The hou?eluis|oo<
auble porch, with four good rooms snd btwoff
Itchen.^ Lot fronts 40 feet on Eighteenth Ht^ropnlec
. '""J"* tnquire oi JOHN 11.8BVhlUM?. &?
:ulor, Mo. 828 Wood atreel, or W. II. UAlLEB.
uctloneer. iu?
Oo* NEW 81'KINO WAGON, atiltaMe fur Ml*
J w?fon; will bo sold cheap fur uuli. AUu,??
them and you will buy.
.... _ m 3. J. CLLIPIUT1,
im Corner TwcntWoiirib and Mwfcet at*,
?Iog;ant Proporl,v?
Not. 945 and 947 Main Street.
Enquire of H. FORKS*
)J* Custom Houm
8.ALB?A two-flory Frame Reddract. wf
iDlng alx rooma and ball; lot SO by 130, wltb d6??
ran. ahrubbery and floe ibado trm. Th? I? w
home, located on the rrt*
t part of the laland, and will be auld ci>e?i>- >?' '
J?> and term? apply at one*.
a A. tiCHAEFEU A CO., Real Katate Ak'U,
WMiw . 1W7 Market up'Ulr^
tcr%Ton Wheeling Cmt two mil*
pnyt- fcouaaa, thrw ,'uUt, iod
0UH' V?,Lou'* carrilap.Uouw Tk?
Sd^l SSw! " "Hurtle, lur ffDl re
Si L.LV,Ik Wo.ii.
{LANK BOOKS?The Daji.y Ijrilli*
lAatk??.^?01- B,,ndS7 do?* boM/ir wort oi ?i)
KU than any oB<* la w*t Virtue.
toqalrwl. Avoid Imitation*. I>M'

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