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, tai
Ml D l*? ueilio per laiuu; mo r i?wv.
?I olm Emshelmer, J
Eleventh St, near becond Ward Market. "
To doie out g
To cloMOUt
Ends of Dress Goods. 11
To cIom out
Ends of Housekeeping Goods,A
few C
3D O A.0iTS
I*ft; will clfMie tliein very chtup rather tlmn carry *
thoin. Prints In new and hamliouio atylea of tlio
Now Npriiij; (Jiii^liaiiiw, (
For parly buyora at prices that will aulL Hloichotl
nud Ufown Muiltaa very low. Buyora will Und it to II
their advantage to call on ui during this week. j
I. Blum & Bro., [
HO'l Main Streot.
fe2B a
, i,
HI KB to aave their natural teeth we would aay
that we are now better prepared than ever before to *
enable them to do ao. By the uae of an KLsorao e
Maun mo Plumu we can and are making better |,
and handsomer Gold Filling, with more eaee to oof
Patients, than have heretofore been made In thli
city or elsewhere, without the aid ol the Electric a
Plugger. What we aay we can prove by actual ,
demonstration, Call and aoo for vounelvee. y
lnl No 114H Markut Ht.. Whaling, W. Vn.
ik MnMIqmcn: :
Ofiiwi N<m, an ntid U7 Fonrtcmitti Street.
New Advertlftemenfa.
For Balo?Stocks. ?j
To Loan?Money.
I'ound Party?Ott's Hall. a
Lost?Dog. fj
Jloatetteni Celebrated Btemach Hitters 11
?[third page.]
Auction Notice. E
Dissolution?Logan A Co. n
Wanted?Nurse. C
i ruHiuo 0 oaie?ueniru niiemiug .uu?.
Notice? Co'PartnerBhip. a
Notice?Redemption of City Bonda. V
Wanted?Colored Boy. 5
SILK HATS Blocked and Ironed at c<
GEO. J. MATHISON'S, 1222 Market St. e
YOU ota have your key wind watch made ji
Into a stem winder by '
Practical Watohnaker,
Corner Twelfth and Market Sla.
TRY Irish salmon at
B?0. K. MoMECHEN'8, n
Mo. 1064 Market St. [j
Tlirriiiomctcr Record. "J
The following show* the range of the
thormometor, nn obBorved at Kolinepl s
drugstore, Opera Housecorner yesterday: ~
KM. 1UI.
I a. ?. 11 il. I r. . 7 r. K. I > A M. 11?. I r. u. 1 r.a _
as 10 <1 88 | H M M 28 *
wbatiibr indications.
Wahhinotoh, D. O.i March 2.?1 a. m. |?
l''or TennesBoe anil the Ohio Valley, tc
clear weather followed by Increasing
cloudiness, winds, shilling lo warmer ri
cast, with falling barometer. ai
' fl(
' THE usual merchants' lunch at Ihi New a
McLure Home Smpls Rooms daily, oi
An immenae audience was present at n
the Opera House last night to wltnees the le
porlormanco ol Jay Iilal'a "ilumpty I1'
Dumpty" troupe. The pantomime was
eicellent and the olio far above the averago.
The most notewoilhy feature ol this
act was thatol the Are king, Kel Mueab. Ir
wIiobo performances consist of eating and w
bitting red-hot bars of iron, drinking
boiling oil, and dancing a Jig on a plate S
ol red Lot iron. He way ho saloly termed ,
n human Mephlstopheles, aa none on
earth over ntlempted his wonderful ac??<"
. . S
The "Uolumlilne" waa very graceiui. ;;
uml tlie parte, of the, pantomime were ill ,
well taken. f.1
This afternoon a matinee will be given, .
commencing at 3 o'clock, tor the special
Iienpflt o( echool children, The troupe J?
cloeen tlielr engagement at Hie Opera "
llouae with to-nlght'e performance, ''
Trnaaffcra of HmI Kalale, "j
The following tranafera of real eatate '}
were admitted to record lo the ofllce.of M
Kecoriler Hook jeaterday: T,
Deed made February 22.1881, by Loilll
F. Htifel, Special Cnmmlaaloner, and Margaret
Ixing, to Anton Iieymanb, for a pareel
of land off the "Hellly farmi" for n|
$8,000, ?
_ Deed made January 6th, 1881, by John t|,
HAiiioru Ann wun 10 .ismee i.irury, lor Bi
(wo lots In Jacob'a Addition to the city:
lot $1,325, ?
Mnnlrlpnl Court- Jmlir (runmpr.
Thia Court met >t 10 o'clock yesterday
morning And dlapoaed ol the following
11. IlArtholomsw A (to., ye. A. W, Paull,
In Assumpilt. This cass was put on trial ret
lo tha following jury ol seven: I)Aniel ev
HcliAmbra, J. K. llngliea.A. F. ClArk, John da
B, Mendel, Dan If 1 Whitehead, K. C. My. th
?ra, And J, II. flevely. _ wi
1 'riAv? reached the conclnalon that 1
American ladles are the beet vocaIIaIs.? aai
?rn*o#eA. Its no wonder, lan't Dr. Bnll'a In
Oongb Hynip mAnnlacltired In thin conn* Oe
IrjrJ?iftn/ Sunday. Bt
itcmn uy mtwa.
Uiand Here ud [ben bj lulelllKlDNi
'o day is Alb Wednesday and the- bening
of Lent.
'oca deeds of trust were recorded by
corder Hook yeaterdsy.
i uaua delegation of Haneytownians
nt over the B, Jt 0. to Wssbingi,
i>. 0., yesterday
buuiKa Fklueb will hei eafter occupy the
ice just vacated by 'Squire Win, Philips,
Ohapline street near Twelfth.
i'uuiut Mcuui last Monday commiti
H. 0. Gibson to jail for six months in
[suit of bail to keep the peace for six
Mh. and Mas. Frank Heabni enterceil
a number of their friends tt their
ivate parlors at the McLure House laat
'Squia* Future iuued a warrant for T.
Smith, who is charged by K. 8. Brown
th assault and battery. Hearing this
Tuehk will be a special aeesion of the
rcuit Court in Brooke county to-morw,
helil by Judge Melvln for the purm
of diaposing of Lsome chancery busies.
'lux concert nuisance was at the Capitol
itertalnment last night. He, she or it,
as so rude as to talk audibly, and among
Urge circle. Why can't it be squelched
A i?am of horses belonging to a counytnan
named Brldgewater, ran off near
ildwell's Kun on MoGolloch street yenrday,
deniollshinir a wagon to which
ley were attached.
Mils. Hauohbty complained at police
mduuartera yesterday that her pocket30k
had been atolen. Otlicer J unkins armed
several small boys laat night and
icked them up aa suapicioua characters.
kit the schools in the city, with the
(Caption of the Eighth ward, will close at
::I0 to-day, (or the purpose of allowing
is children to attend the Humpty Dumpr
matinee. There will be no school after
o'clock In the Eighth ward.
"Punch" Loot, who was sent to the
enltentiarv from tblsoounty about two
ears ago to serve an eight year'sientence,
ir burglarizing the residence of Alex,
ogere, J?n(j.,,baa had a four years' rebate
nnted him by Governor Mathews,
irough the exertions o( E. G. Cracraft,
;?1., his counsel.
ulule Alioui: People >1 Hume null
Rev. W. H. Lester, of West Alexander,
is in the city yesterday.
Daniel Boas, manager for Oehm_ A Co.,
lothierv, baa left lor italtimore, ma.
Col. J. A. Patterson, ef Pattoraon'i
reek, Eastern 1'an Handle, la at the Mc;
George M. Jaques, Esq., o( the Crockery
nd Qlau Journal, New l'ork, la at the
Mr. Henry E. Janes, a lumberman, ol
hlnnaton, W. Va., arrived In the city laal
Jamea K. Gardener and wile, ol Belleintaine,
Ohio, are the gueata of Daniel
jmb, Eaq.
Oliarlea 8. Rea, mechanical engineer foi
tobinaon, Kea A Co., of Pittsburgh, la at
he Mcl,ure.
Mossrs. W. I), Howell, George Laughlin
qd Jiobert Norton will leave for Waahngton,
D, 0., to-day.
Ed. Bhafer, who haa been connected
'lib John Lash for aome time, haa acceptd
a position In J. W. Gruhb'a Jewelry
8. M. Kelton, Jr., Pittsburgh; Ross Kels,
nd J. H. Barrett, Dennlson, and H. S.
Iraig, Steubenvilie, all of the I'., G. A St,
>. K. Ii.f are at the McLure.
Mack Gamble, who has been clerk on
'it Courier for a lonx time, will take
barge of the clerk'B olilce on the Andes,
ml ilHoruo Goodwin will be first clerk of
in Courier.
The Cincinnati JSnulrer'i Washington
^respondent telegraphs that sheet that
Dr. It. H, Harvey and Dana L, Hubbard,
I Olarkavilie, W, Va., are among the arivais
at the National House," which ia
pparently about as nearly correct as the
lme correspondent generally gets anyling.
Uov. Henry M. Matthews and B. U.
leipard, W. I'. Thompson, D. K. Btalaker,
K. 8, Harvey, I). L. Hubbard, and
kil. Peyton, of West Virginia, are at Barurn's.
Yesterday they were engaged in
conference over matters relating to the
Pliite Bulphur Springs,?Baltimore OaitUt,
Mr. ?. Hartly Thompson, Cincinnati's
slebrated tener, who has completed an
nsagement in Pittsburgh, is expected In
jls city to day on a visit to his brotherl'law,
Mr. Joseph Hall, South Hide,
oiaibly the citizens will have ai onportuity
of hoarlng him sing several tunes
uring his visit.
Jltors Intelligencer.
How la tbia for high? If the plan pro*
oied in the following letter 1b adopted in
ie lotting of contracts by Council, how
mg will it be bofore there will be no anvers
for advertisements for bids?
Wheeling, February 28,1881.
&y, member of Council,
ward, City:
Bir:?J have served the city, on contract,
tlh (?nRl fnr two vnnrn?lont innnnv hnth
Bars. The contract la now advertised,
am a bidder twin. I will not probably
0 the lowest. Council reserves the right
1 reject any or all bids. I have never
ude application, nor do I expect to, lor
illel from Council for my losses. I do
ik Council to exerclte toe right aa reirved
by advertisement, and by ao doing
ward this contract to me on the grounds
I being the boat bidder.
Respectfully, &c.,
Tills Is an exact copy ot a letter sent by
member ol the present Council to his
How members, and ehowahow much lair
lay he proposes to show to the other.
Coai, Hanks,
At Ilia National Cnplul.
Delegate Fulkerson got back yesterday
am a few days' visit to Washington City,
hsre he had quite a pleasant sojourn, He
et Ylce President-elect Arthur, John
elly and all the other notables. He re>rto
the indications as presaging the big?t
old blow-out ever seen on the occftou
ol a Presidential inaugural, especially
a military way, The display ol millrr.
both miliars and militia, will sur
uw liny Bimilnr turn-out since the Grand
evlew nt the close ol the w?r. The
venue Is one line ol platforms for spectors,
and all the people think about Is
le coming pageant. HUH Congress Is
Wing away steadily at its work,
Among other nreminent West Vlrnlana
at Washington aw Councilman
nil. Dr. Harvey and Dana I,. Hubbard,
this city; ex-Congressman Hagsns, of
organtown j Col, Robert Uradner and 0.
Baldwin, of Clarksburg,
the Uarbage t'onlraeU.
The Committee on Health met at the
it? Building last night tor the purpose of
lamlnlng and passing upon the bids for
e removal of garbage for tbe year banning
April 1st, 1881,
The contract lor the First District waa
rarded to Mr. Lukens for $246.
Bscond District?F, W. Becker, MOO,
Fonrtli District?Mr, Langan,$403,
Fifth District?R. p. Ollne, $400,
A very quiet wedding took place at the
iltUnra nf Augustus Pollack. F-<<!.. last
ening, bflnn tiie marriage of hit eldest
uihter, MIm Berllie to Mr. Ben Bier, ol
t Arm ol 8. liter A Bona. The ceremony
in performed by Her. M. Seeeler.
"Tin melancholy daya have come, the
[Meet ol the year," beeiuat ol the great
errata of Buffering Induced by Colda,
niRba, Aathma, etc., all ol which Dr.
ill'e Cough Syrup will promptly erne.
lu I lie Hall of lb* JtsOM ! Delegate* fn
Lul Klgtal.
Tbe uanal sombre center of the House 1
ol DelegitSe lut night wan aa pretty aa a dig
tlower garden, lor tbe handsome I toes of c
tbe ladies intermingled with tbe stern ?
features ol tbe legialatora, and around tbe
Speaker's deak circled an audience great c
iu numbers and more intent on tbe enjoy- J!
inent of tbe musical feaet spread so genereualy
by lira. Sheib and ber frienda, '
than was ever seen in attendance there Uu
before. And riiht worthy of the very I
distinguished audience waa tbe entertain- pai
ment of which we hecewith give the pro- ]
gramme: wh
At# Htfin ......Luxil. pri
[with FU&O, Vlollu and Urgan acc.J ,
Mrs. Auiita M tibelb. I
Cornet Solo (Fantaiit).. ....Hoch. tm
Mr. Jo*. tt.Tod(i. !
fa. Flowera ..BraJiky. J
I b Where la Marti, giv
1 c. 'Ila ibe Latt Hum ol Buuimtr ?Ori?h tiong. ??(
Mri. Anolt M. bhalb.
Violin Solo (Fault) - Arr by Dwelt. 1
FtiL Louia Viuu, _
*** Unln\l 00/
I a. nurs sua ?? ,
I b, Flower of tho Alp* ....Wekurlln. 1D|
I u. Cowln' ttuo' the Uyi>.. Scotch docg. c
Mm. Annlo M. Oil alb.
Piano Solo (Migoon) .arr. by Lyiborg. Bpi
Mum Ida V. Todd. yo
Spring Flower* | with Violin obligato] lieineeka. .
' Mill Annie M. aUatib. 1
Violin fcolu (U Revo) Guilterwan. of
Prof. LouU Vaaa. (in
titaccato PoJk? [for Tolce] Mulder. n"
Mil. Atmlo M. tihelb. ]
Uvjr. cu
Ato Maria. Bich.UounoJ. mi
[with FUno, Organ and Violin acc.
Mia Anulu M. tihtld.
We have often before spoken commendatory
of tbe musical entertainments so
numewufdv provided by Mrs. Bheib, and
scarce know wliit to most admire, her j?
ao.iny ur ueratveraucu ;in gettintc up so
many pleasurable musical evenings; but
the result shows that her ability Is owing ro
to ber very thorough musical eduostion tic
acquired in this country and in Europe, ga
aoil her perseverance i to ber and ber husband's
innate love for music. H,
Last night's entertainment given our ga
legislators and their friends woe no excep- fai
tion to tbe average of Mrs. Hhelb'e soirees,
but as toitsgraee one of the beat of the
season. The programme wis partly made J/'
up of selections so enthusiastically received
at the recent "Hong Recital" givon ?
at Germania Hall, but charm- m
ing additions were made to
tbat excellent programme, one of the best ''I
being tbe "Ave Maria" by Luisi, tor "
which ?n organ part was specially written
for Ibis opcasioi) Ijy Mr- W. II. Sheib. 8"
This selection, as also tbe lost ope, was
given with a truely grand effect, and sijr- W
pissed the expectations ol thoae familiar le
with it In other lorms. Mrs. Khelb sang til
beautifully, ber cultivation aud good to
schooling unable ber to sing through a j
programme, so varied In style as this was, [,l
with the greatest succims and without ap- bi
parent effect. Tbat she is highly ap- m
1 ....S.. iii, (?, S1
Erecisteu, ma w??w ** " \t
er duly evidence!. ol
Miss Ida V. Todd, of Bridgeport, as. lit
elated Mrs.Shelb with several accompanl- tb
mania in inuaiclanly style and played her pe
' piano aolo very beautifully and effectively. Ai
Prof. Vaas la one of our belt violinists, st
and his brilliant eyecutlop of ||ls v|gl|n cg
1 solos and tlio exquisite violin accompanl- m
menli to Mrs. Shelb'e tongs, were enjoyed
1 thoroughly by thp audience,
Of Mr. Todd's cornet solos, thoro was a
but one verdict, and that waa that they |n
were delightful throughout, both as to ex- gt
presslon and execution. Ills tono Is good et
and pure, his runs and rouladss near per- at
perfection | aud we hail our old friend Joe
as one of the boat cornet sojo|s|s jo this
seotioti. Once the audience had gotten
fairly warmed up, the most enthusiastic
applause greeted thy performances, and 8
encores being demanded so determinedly,
Mrs. Shell) ?ang us enaores "Old Polke at
Home" and "Within a Mile ol Edlnboro;"
Prof. Vaas played a "Slumber Song," by
Hauser, as an encore piece, and Mr. Todd le
responded with the melody, "Safe in tbe
Arms of Jesus." To sum up, no one prea- w
ent left tho Hall 0' the House of Delegates m
last night with other than tbe most unbounded
admiration ol the ladles and gen- in
tleman wbo gave tliia entertainment.
Very properly mention Is duo Mr. Frank m
McOonaugby (or his excellent piano ac
companlmenta, and to tho effectlvo organ pi
playing of Mr. W. H. Shelb.
~ ? ~ M
Ail luflurnucfl Iiupoafur.
A fsw days ago a workman In one of the fo
furniture factories of thlaolty had the mis' .
fortune to have one of his hands disabled n
since which time he baa not been able to
do anything In the way of work at all, end .,0
haa perhapB felt a little needy at times, j
During last November he was approached '
by a man who gave his name as De Young, v,
and said he was agent lor the Mutual Ac- p)
Ciuent BDU J -11L' AIUUCI1IUUI1 IJI I UIII1U> 1- [n
vnnia, anil solicited our friend to allow m
him to take a risk on his life, exhibiting,
as ho talked, a large package of risks that g {
he had already taken from gentlemen in nr
this city. Well, the risk was taken and fc
when the man w?s injured recently, he ^
requested his phjslclan, Dr. 8, L, Jepson, an
to write to the agency for his benefits, but ?n
instead of receiving anr benefits the fol- g,
lowing letter was received: g.
Office ol the Mutual AccidentTand Life p,
Association of 1'ennsylvanla, 1111 North .1.
Third street, Harrlsburg, l'a,, Feb. 24,1881, jA
Dr.Jqium: loi
Orar Hir:?Yours received. Wo never oil
received an application from any one In
Virginia, consequently none from the person
whose name you mention. Do not
know of an agent by the name of J. W. th
DeYoung, at least bis name does not ap- ha
pear on our agent's register, and further- all
more we never did business In the tnannor th
you spoke of. Yours respectfully, pr
J. Jat (Juris, Cor. Sec'y. sh
Fortunately for the man In question, he a 1
had never given any money to the bogus ev
agent who bad given an order for the c/i
money on the City Receiver, with wli m
he had an account, and upon inquiry he
learned that the money had not been paid
and ke at once stopped Its payment. Other L.j
persons in this city we have been In form- u.
oil liavn honil nlurooil anil rnvtmllo d htf . .
this Impostor.
t'ntilllj Mnrkel.
For Ibe soMon ol the year tlio family
market Is well supplied with all commod- 01
Itles, and these at moderate prices. Eggs
and butter are furnished In lalrly liberal
quantities at low prices. Potatoes, apples, *n
canned fruits and vegetables are also
moderately well supplied. Following are
the current prices:
Fowlt, J3uUtr,ix.?Live chickens, 20?30c
apiece, or $2 50a300 per dozen; dressed
chickens, 10al2)c per pound,or 25(40 cents r
each) turkeys, live 75cs$l 00s 1 CO each, .
dressed 12?l(ic; il ticks, dressed 25 J?
a30?35c, llvo 20a25c| eggs 20 per ,
dor.en, lard, 13c per pound J butter,
scarce, 2i'isTOc per pound-choice, itOo; m?
sweetmllk,8c per quart, or 2oc per gallon | y0
buttermilk, 4c per quart, or 16c per gallon. *,
Vrartiililrt.?Cabbage, 10 to 20c per head: 0 ,
carrots, 10c per dozen; potatoes, 80c !
per peck; celery, scarce, 10c per btincb; !
beets 6c per quarter peck; turnips, 10c per ,
hall peck: pnranips. 16a20oper ball peck; ,
onions, 80c per hall-peck; aweet potatoes .
SOaOOc per peck; dried beam, 8al0o per 0 ,
quart; vklte beam, 8c per qdarli lioraerail- ,
lab, 6c per bunch; dried lima beans, 16a ,
20qjper quart; cranberries,8 quarts lor 36c, 1
Ftih.?Oysters, 30a60c per ball-can;
25a46c per quart.
MrnU?lleel 8 to 121c per pound; mutton, .
10al6c per pound; chops, 10 to 16c per
pound; veal,10 to 16o per poundjpork, 10c "
per pound ;aansage, 10 to 12c per pound; !f?
smoked sausage, 10 to 12c per pound; '*
Muth'a aausaie, 12|o per pound; ba- "l
con, 10c per pound; middling and shoulder,
8 to 10c per pound; beel-tonguee, 40
to60c each; canned beel, 36e per ^pound
cans, 0-pound cans, tl 00. I
rruiU.?Apples, 10 io zuc per rec* "?o
dried spples, 8 to 16c per potintl; dried Ins
ppflra, 15c per pound; dried peacliw, 10 to wit
I5a40per pound; dried plnmi, HOc per fcr'i
lb; orangea, 30 to MaGOc per doien; lemons V"
38 to 30o per doten.
I'nlr Hum Ins From a Meltable Warner. JJ
Don't neglect your health when War- ff
ner'a Bala Kidney and Liver Cure Kill Kg
surely preserve It. hwmw ?*
moBul and Perllacnl Point* Pur*
M rap It leal lj Vol.
Jr. FulLeraon presides with grace apd
Inly eight anil one-ball |days remain ol
extended session.
enator Samples is one ol the quietesl
mbers of the Senate.
ienator Stout returned yesterday alter
irt leave ol absence.
t was nip and tuck between Humptj
rapty and the soiree.
'resident Summers Is well up on al
:liamentary questions.
dr. Hubbard wielded the gavel for I
tile yesterday afternoon.
dr. Holt wants to investigate the Stati
nter. Senator Newman will say amen
.uotiurti accepts aeieat wun a Deue;
ice than moat members can take victor;
rhepages of the Senate say they have'n
en up the tight for an increase of pa;
['he present Senate is the most industrl
> body that has met in the Capital build
Senator Davison aays he ain't much on i
iech, bat he "is there every time on i
Door-keeper Kelly of the Senate, is on
the most obliging gentlemen that eve
ed that position.
Nearly all the abientees who were ex
Bed last week are back, and the Hous
smbershlp is now quite full.
Hall, of Barbour, made the motion t
journ an hour earlier than usual lai
eolng, for which bless his sweet soul,
Mr. Evans, the new member Iroi
itkeley county, fits into his place in th
)use just as well as the older iriemberi
Judge Ferguson, who la confined to hi
oui at the St. James Hotel by indispoel
in, is sadly missed by his fellow delt
Ur. Quarrler Is the peace-maker ol th
Duse. He is always at hand with a su|
stlon calculated to reconcile opposio
An equal number of delegates wh
>u!d average as well in Intelligence an
islness capacity as the Republican men
irs would be hard to pick out of the r<
tinder of the House.
A reporter and an oflloial of the Seaat
ed to rail ride a short member of th
ouaeon Door-keeper .Nealla'a crutch yet
rday, but alter "belting" him they d<
ited, out of consideration for the crutct
Hon. A. 0, Fulkerson, Delegate frot
ayne county, who baa been absent for
w daya on a little run down to the Ni
>nal capital, returned yeaterday an
ok up the severed thread of leglelatlor
Jr,Evans can'tseewby member* oppose
a resolution the other day to truat th
Lttle Hags carried by West Virginia reu:
ents In the rebellion to the care of tli
. A. R. They would then be in the car
an organisation which would take peat
ir pleasure in taking the beat care i
em, an organliatlon which it would b
icullarly appropriate to entrust them U
9 now deposited, they are in care of
ate official, and allowed to remain i
tea,where moth and mice and other vei
in have the freont aocona to them.
I'ou'l Pour Alnilinl iliv rir?,
ml don't take anything that haa alcoln
It to help inllamed kidneys. Warner
>le Kidney and Liver dure le purely vei
able, and acta directly upon the kidnej
id liver. Mwr.iw
The mark) laat evening Indicated 13 fei
inches and riling.
The Courier waa yesterday's packet i<
The Diurnal will be on hand to-da'
aving lor Parkeraburg at 10:30 a. m,
The Welcome Is making regular tr
eekly trips between this point and Hat
The Andes left for Cincinnati laat evei
K with an excellent trip out.
The I'haeton, Telegram and O'Neal ai
aklng their usual daily trips.
The Kllison and La Belle are thollellali
The Batchelor left for Pittsburgh at 7.
i yBstordny#
The Red Cloud passed down yesterda
r St. Louis.
PiTTsairacin, March 1.?River 0 leet
ekes and stationary. Cloudy and coli
Cincinnati, March 1.?Kiver 22 fei
id falling. Weather fair. Thermomett
Departed: Ht. Lawrence, Pittsburg!
0. f'arker, Memphis.
Caibo, March 1.?Arrived: Dexter, (
ransville, Departed; Cons Miller, Men
lis; Dexter. Evansvllle. Kiver 40 feet
ch and falling. Weather clear. The
ometer 45 degrees.
Looisviua, March 1?River falling wit
feet 4 Inches in the canal. Weather clet
<d cool. Departed: Silver Cloud, c
mnessee river, to Cincinnati: Dick Fu
a and tow, for Memphis; Tom Mean
d tow, for Cincinnati; Charles Brow
d tow, for Cairo; Tom Rees and Nelli
lear, with tows, for Pittsburgh; Sat
own. with tow, for Pittsburgh, Th
iris 0. Drown was pulled off the dam t<
y by the T. T, Eckert, Transit, lfopi
mden, Jr., and Wash Gray. She is ri
iding and will leave to-morrow for CIc
NhrcwdotM itnd Ablllfj.
Hop Bitters so freely advertised In a
e papers, secular and religious, ar
ving a large sale, and are supplantin
other medicines. There is no denyln
e virtues of the Hop plant, and the pre
letors of these Bitters have shown gres
rewdness and ability In compoundln
[litters, whose virtues are so palpable t
ery one's observation.?Eramlnrr an
roniile. . hwmw
Poalllrelx Hi* Lmi Week.
/VII those wishing to consult Dr. Fethy
Idge at the McLure House, must do s
lore Saturday night next, March 6th, a
I olllce closes on that day.
Don't forget the pound parly at Ott'i
ill to-night. A big time and plenty o
:i Is expected. lie on hand.
What you will pay for an ordinary alio
ywbere will buy a fine pair of Wllsoi
m-KTiioiMAiin iioi.i.akh.
re Thonaand Dallam' Worth or Fill
Nlmra Poalllnelj' nl Coal.
rhe firm of Wilson llro's, preparatory
removing Went, will closo out their en
9 stock ol Ladles' Misses, Children's an(
[ants' line shoes and slippers, commenc
[ Mommy, February ?lst, at cost, i
u want bnriininB noma before our elzei
i broken. The following compriaee aoui
the fine ahoea on hand:
Hurt's celebrated shoes.
'.elgler'a line shoes.
Laird, Schober A Mitchell a handmadi
lantlemen'a liand and machine bnttor
D la.
'toys' line call ahoia.
f Ottilia' aolar tip ahoes.
nlanto' fine French kid buttoned boots
1200 Market street, oppoalte
Mcl.ure House.
JiostiiB Out 8ai.*.?Commencing Mot
r, January 3il, to close out my larg<
ck ol Dry Uootla, Carpets, anil WaV
Ser. Oallaoon and net a great bargain
310 anil 2021 Main etreet.
Jon* Roihrr.
A Plllntilr flight
to tee a man with his cheeka sunken
eveflBiar.ed, hlateetli all gone, frescotnft
lloor wherever he happenatobe
h the (dice ol bad tobacco. Chm Mil'
i Wood ?iMiiffh iVary Phi) and amiit lAu
rtrlf. w.*s
Wit WWfw W
Mulue Blaw*.
Hop Bitters, which are advertised in ~
our columns, are a sure cure for ague,
, bilious!)eaa aod kidney complaints. Those
who use them say that they cannot be too
highly recommended. Those atllicted
> should give them a (air trial, and will become
thereby enthusiastic in the praise ol
I their curative qualities.?Portland Ari/ui,
i ' "
Pianos and (Julians Cheap.?The fol,
lowing Pianos and Organs are offered at
Lucas' Music Store at great uargans, and
. on easy payments of $5 00 to $1000 per
month until paid lor:
One seven-octave piano, $150,
i One seven-octave nlano, $175.
One Hallet and Davis piano, $126.
9 One Hallet and Davis piano, $150.
One six-octave piano, $60.
. One seven-octave piano, $175.
One Stodart piano, $125.
| One Bacon and Raven piano, $125,
; One six-octave piano, $60,
* One six-octave piano, $30.
One six-octave organ, $115.
One tive-octave organ, $76.
One five-octave organ, $06.
OnA 4l.nnt.AVA niann. iMfi.
i One tiveoctave melodeon, $80.
i One flve-ocitave melodeon, $20.
One live-octave organ, (new) $75.
e All the above aecund-hand instruments
. are in good repair and tune. Call and examine
at Lucas' Music Store, 1227 Market
Street. J*
J * [j
e Twknty-hvb per cent saved by purohas- ?
Ing your shoes of Wilson Bros.
o s
It Three for Luck.
Mr. Louis Ulauch, 325 Twenty-tilth
n street, New York, observes: Having heard I
e a great deal about the healing powers ol ?
i. the St. Jacobs Oil, and being a sufferor T
s from Neuralgia, 1 concluded to make a 1
trial. It was crowned with the beet sue- J
i- cess. Alter the third application, the
pain disappeared. I cheerfully and cone
scienttously recommend the St. Jacobs Oil
to all subject to Neuralgia.
Wilson linos. are Belling off their line
0 goods fast, so don't delay your purchases b
J II you wont anything in the way ol a tine
"Llgbtnlnf Merer Mlrlltra Twice In llie
Nmue Place."
" The abovo old adage is contradicted by J
the experience ol the employees ol the
well known wholesale wormed house ol
'' I. Herrman, No. 334 Canal street, New
York, where within a brief year two genn
tinmen, Mr. Licbtenstein, the cashier, re- r
a oeived $10,000, and In the January draw>;
ing Mr. David Leovl, a leading salesman,
d received $15,000-both by the expendi- ,
I- ture of a single dollar In the purchase of c
d half a ticket in the monthly drawing of the *
o Louisiana State Lottery from M. A, Dau- !'
1. puin, ho. aiu uroauwny, flew York Olty,
o 'or as well ol the same person at New i
e Qrlanne, I,a. The next drawing occurs J
i- March 8th, u.tw
>' *? ?
6 One dollar per pair saved by purchasing t
> a line shoo of Wilson Bros. Closing out 11
o sale, 1
n i ii in -u i
c QitiGira'
Wonderful Cures of Salt Rheum, ;
Psoriasis, Itching and Scaly Hu- j
mors, Scrofula, Scrofulous Sores, '
Bt Ulcers and Mercurial Afectlons. j
)T KEHOLVENT, (or purifyIur tho blood. through the '
bowale, liver, kidneys and skin, CUTICuKA, a <
Medicinal Jolljr, which removes dead lleali and akin, i
lr. rendera healthy ulcere aud old eoret.allajrelnflauiina
tlon, Itching and Irritation of the iklu and acUp. and ;
I. reatorea.whltene and b*autlflea tholakln. CUTICURA *
Mil AYINO HOAP la the only mvdlclual loap expre.i* j
l- Psoriasis. !
Thomas Delany, Memphis, Toon., says: "I have
beeuaflllctcd for i.liiotceti years with P?orlsils, and .
? iiaro ipent hundreds of doliara (or doctors, and stuff
tbey call blood purifiers. Doctors did not know what
re to call my disease. I would scratch night* until 1
scratched myself raw; thon It would dry and fortu
Into scale*, which would all b? scratched off next (
I*, night, and soon. I have been completely cured by k
tho t'utlcura Remedies." ,
y Leprosy.
H. E. Carpenter, Esq., Henderson, N. V., cured of j,
8 Psorlaals or Leprosy, of twenty ytars' standing, by B
1 the Cutlcura Keaolront internally, and Cutlcura and 0
J' Cutlcura Boap externally. The most wonderful case
3t on record, Cure certified to bofore a Justlue of the
ir Poaoe and prominent olllaens. All afflicted with ..
Itching and hcaly Diseases should send to us fur this |
'? testimonial in full. J
,, Eczema.
Jl F. H. Drake, Esq., Detroit, Mich., aitflored beyond ,
l* all description from a sk n disease which appeared on \
1 his hand, head and face, and nearly desttofcd his
. eyes. The most careful doctoring failed to help him, (;
and after all had failed ho usod tho Cutlcura itesol* .!
rent internally, Cutlcura and Cutlcura fcnap ixter .
h nally, and wu cured,and has remained pcrf.ctly well
,r to tbls day. i.
Are prepared by Wwis A PottorTChomtsUi and DrUirl*
RlaiH. 1100 Washington street lioston, and are for sale 81
8 By all Druggist* Price for Cuticuxa, a Medicinal
? Jelly, small boxes, 60 cent*; Urge boxes, 11. Cutiu
cuba llsaeLVKNT, tho dow Blood Purlflor. |1 per
e bottle. Coticura Mrdicwal Toilot Hoap, 28
n cents. CuncuaA Mrdicinal Shaving Boat, ir> n
cents; In bara for Barbers and large consumers, 60
? oenta.
? All mailed free on receipt of price. i
i j* For 1\s
II specific dlrfctlons, may now be hid of all druggists, j,
neatly wranped Id one package, lor one dollar. Aik =
(or Bsnford's Radical Cure.
This economical and nevar falling treatment In* J
tintly cleanses the nasil p'ssagas of feul muooui di
aceumulatlum, subdues Inflammation when ex* c<
4 tending to the ere, ear and throat, reitores the U
0 aenaei of sight, hearing and taste when effected, ?
leaves the head dcodoilsid, clou and open, the 1
breath swaet, 1 lie breathing msler, and enry aenae J
In a grateful and loothtd condition. Infernally ad- 0I
ministered It perucatee every fluid of the body, (*
eleanslng the entire mucmu or membraneous sys* z
B tem through the blood, which It purlfleaof the add (
polaon always present In U?arrh. It builds up the I
enfeeb'ed and brokcn?down constitution, robi the J
disease of Hi virus, and permltt the formation of t*
hoalth*reslorlng blood. Hundred* of testimonials (q
a ?no wi.iiuoriui cuniura properties 01 inu 0t
economical, safe, agreeable and mm falling r, ined y. a
a General Agenta, ' ?
mum i.
PlAcrCtA ""Tona ayilem a gentle and w
' '181 tn" continuous current of Elee- Pi
t trlrltjr, which Inilantly annihilates pain, tltallt-a
weak and paralyxed parts, cutca aore lung*, patplta- ~
* tlon of the heart, painful kldnnya, liter complaint, I
1 rhetimatltni, neuralgia and iclatlea. Aik for Oollln'a J
. Voltaic Electric Plaster. falwitfw P(
foh SCHOOLO l:
, Son?- Bell*. MS:1
J mon ichoola. By L. 0. Rmerion. Han a great rtrfeljr o,
of cheerful, genial, musical aongs, luch aa the girfa tn
and boys muat like, and alao a good eliraenury c?
Among our older and atandard Bchool Bong Booka,
that are atlll favorites, and tn constant demind, we
mention Whip-poor-will, M eta. Mocking Bird. 80
ct?, and (lolden Robin, 80 eta., all by Vf. 0 Perklni. ?
Wolcome Oliorus. J(
(11.00.) The latest hook for high ichoola, academies fr<
I_J --'_l II- or a t.M.n It ml (hi k*a? An
I character, tnd well IHitd lo Mow Ihote moel ine)
Wilful hookt, m? IHjh Hehiwl Choir, II, and the _
I Honrol "lntlr?,ll, both to Rmeraon andI TlMmi f
and the Laurel wreath, II, lif W.I). PerHna. We I
I alao mention Emeraon'i tlnatlete ana CheinlM lot A
Male Volree, ?0 111, Jolt out. mod boo? lor praelice
In hlih aehooli, arademlea end colleiei. Ill
- Ti
OptriKu and CintitM for Sohiol Exblbl- "
! Coronation, ?0rta i Culprtl F?r, II: Purr Bridal, J
. to CU.) Howar Uaw?n, new. 7? cU; Ooatdlan Arr#1, rr
1 60 c(>.; Hour In Filrr Land. to eta.: Mlriclf of flcaea. "
60 eta.; LUtia Bi I'wp, Well.; Maud frtlag, 8o
I eta.; Na? Ya?r'a Kfp, Well; Thrw LlttlA Kltiena, t"
Mew ; Quarrel Amon* Flower*, 35 eta.; Spring Holl* ,,,
. day, M t\L, tnd Cinderella, w eta., are HI lltel; and ",
pretty rantataa. "j
Lyon & Healy, Chicago, III. 7
OLIVER 0IT80N I CO., Boiton. ?
r. h. niteo* a t p., j. k. mtbok a m, kit
ill Urmiway, N?w Yoik. 1*28 < hwnut 8t., Phila. It
p? fROYAt^WJ^
k. %2?> ^
Absolutely Pure.
Made from Graoa Cream Tartar.?Noothar praptra*
on makMiuch light, flak/ hot broads, or luxurious
utry. Can be oaten by Dyspeptics without fear oi
i? Ills resulting from heavy Indigestible food. Bold
ijiriLflituM TOWDKB 00,, NEW YOBX,
1? only barber ahop In Benwood. llaia patronauu
jfflcWut for two men. Call onoraddressPBOPRIE>
OB, P. 0. box 06, Ben wood, W. Va. fe24?
The Two-atory Brick Tanamant House, situate
orner Twentjr-tblid and Water streets.
Apply to
! ? 1404 Main street.
I offbr at private sala until March 6, 1881. two
ouiee, Noe. 46 and 48. and lot on Alley 16. If not
s'd before March 8, ther will be oflercd at public
lie on the premises at 10 o'clock a. m. of that day.
Terms oi sale cash*
f#28* Executor of tha (state of Wm. Hubbard.
Tbo Country Residence of Lucius Uog?( adjoining
lornbrcok's Park.
Also, Two Island Lota, by
fa* W. ?. BOOB A HBO.,
Real EaUte Atlanta,
13X) Markot strut.
I offor my property, luvhlch I now reside, No.
Ill Market atroet, at private sale. Tho propeity
an Ito divided In two plet'ta. If not <old at private
*10 before March fltb, 1 will on that day oiler it at
ubllc sala at tha front door if tha Court iiouso, at
I) o'olook a. m.
I will lell that valuable property located northwest
orner of Chaplina and Eleventh strtels. It has a
rout of about W f?mt on Lhapline and 120 feet on
:ievanth street, portions of it well adapted for retail
luslnesa purposes. Present Income aiuounta to f 1,060
>er year. Will sail chcap and upon tut terms.
Tiroa O'BRIEN.
MB 1011 Markot Btreet.CIty.
76,000 Apple Traea, two, three, four and Ova year.
D,umi runvn, uiio \iioui uuu; jvnr.
0,000 I'luraa, ono and two yeara.
5.0J0 Uulucm, two and three yean.
5.000 Cherrlee, ono and two yeari.
80,000 Kvergreena, utoetly Juniper, from one to flvt
eat. The above are thrifty and In good condition fo'
raniplanllng. Will aell aa low ai the loweet. Cor*
eenoudonce aollcltod. Addreea, HAMUKL MIL*
jHB, Moundaville. Nuncry la one mllo woat of
donndaTllle Depot. de7?DAW
The "Bradley Woolen Factory." located on
lacobitreeti but Wheeling, Weit Va., la oBered for
ale. Tiie ground on which the worki atand ti S0sl20
cet, tbe main building tbree aterlM high 40x75 feet,
tontalnlng ?team englue, boiler, abafllng, pullleeand
[earing for runnings with dye home, plckor, one
boil J r picker, two eat 48 inch carda, three ring
wliteri, two mule a, one with D30 iPindlra, the other
18-4 iplndlea, eight powtr looma (Jinks' wake); with
> two itory b? ick dwelling houie containing eight
ooise. Tbe whole will be dlipnaed of cheap and on
Iberal terma. For further information apply per.
nnilly or by letter to Alexander Done, 1818 Market
treet, Wheeling, Weet Va. feb4
j^OU HALE. ,
A. Desirable Residence,
Delightfully iltuated
)n the River Front, Wheeling Island,
tbore blah water. Located on two lota with front*
geof 120 feet running to the river. Dwelling conainlng
all the modern liuprovenienta: gai, hot and
old water, itatlonary waih-etandi and waah tuba,
iath rootua, Ao Lot haa70 choice fruit troee, with
rape rrbor 110 feet. Property now occupied and
wncd by Wm. ll.Hall. Applv to
I22 No. 1*00 Market 8t?, Real Kalate Agent.
la called to tbe
Sale of Valuable Properly,
in caat side of Eoff itrrat. alwve Eleventh, a t?o*
lory brick dwelling, mntalning 8 roomt, good cellar,
le , lot AO feet front, $2,100.
On Fifteenth street, noith aide, double brick dwell*
ag^new, Nos. 101 and 153. Lot M, to an alley,
|i,M0(jratwo?itory brick dwelling. Orooma; lot
3 feat on Cbapline itreet.
Fifty sharesof Aitna mill atock.
Wanted, now, |8,0(0 on good real eatate aecurlty,
L HOUSE,containing alx roomi, water and |it
o. 22 Hampden etroet. Poaaeaalon April lat, Apply
tABTHUlfuiTLK. (el
L' 101 Eighteenth street, containing Ore rootae and
Rood cellar. Poeaeatlon given April lat, Apply to
rM, BANKIN, Aaent, 1021 Cbapllne street. Ml
l WARE-HOUSE, No. J <05 Main street, now occuled
by Jacob 8nyder. I'oeeeeelon given on April
it, 1881. Apply to ALEX. KOGEHS, Wheeling,
' Va. , Ja20
L1 Washington Hall Bulldlog, now occupied by ti
.Brown. Poena Ion given lat April, 1881. I. H,
flLLIAMB Secretary, No. 85 Twelfth street,
inuarr 11,1881. jail
VILLB. convenient for a hotel, aaloon, grocery,
mclng hall and baiber-ihop. Ilaa cellar and all
invenlencee. Apply to A. BKHDKN8TKIN,
artln's Ferry, Ohio. fe!7?
jlOR RENT-FROM APRIL lirr, 1881,
J Building No> 1820 Main atreeti aleo. First Story
Noa.23 and M Fourteenth street, which Is 80 by U
et, and can bo divided to ault tenant* Enquire of
ANE A BTALNAKEB, No.88 Twelfth street. Ie8
Brick Hours, No. I Virginia itrrel, Iilnnd. conInlng
ill room i the lot with tho houie li 100 fret
luare or more. The eeoond boneo from the *eit rod
tho 8uipen?lon bridge. Poeieeilon glrcn lit of
prll. Inquire of JAMES HUBIN80N, Mo. 1148
rater itreet. fen
frame home corner of Korth Huron and Mary,
nd itreet, Iiland, containing ill rnomaand kitchen
lib Onlihed attlo and good wuh*hotiie; full lot.
naeeialon given April I. April/ to
l?u ahmbthqwo, roKW a CO.
That deetrable two-Mory brick houm, No. 22
mm ?trret, Iiland, with hot and cold water, bath
id water eloeet, elgbt roomi, wa?h-hou?e and dry
torn, and good celleri rent reaionible; will b? put
rood repair. Alio No. M Eighteenth itreet, two
id half itorlea, eight rooma and itorereoro. For
rmi apply to A. M. A PA MB. de7fl
Htore Boom, 2112 Main itrret, now oornpled by
icarBeeley, Plumber; threo law offlcee, and a few
i*ll bourn* (three on Twentieth itreet); liable in
ntre of city,
Enquire of
Cnitom Home.
I will rent the offlcee t now otupy, (reiertlni
ak room to lettle un my bualneai.) for two yeara,
>m lit January, IMi. Alio will aell one large Mfe,
a counter, deeki, chalrt, Ac.
BherlflOhlo County,
jiou KENT
A tood itor? room with dwelling attached, No,
M "W?it Hide Market, hetwetn Kltventh and
?Hfth itreeti, one among the beat locatloni for
odiiM and grocery buiineee In the city.
I?H I. IRWIN, Agent,
' dwelling, containing alt roomi and entranr*
II; cellar onder entire houiej Mely been hill.:
wly flnlihrd throughout In the beat of ityle, WHh
tern containing iwi harrthof witerj alio atableand
ggy ahei. Located on the Whfelleg and Kim
ore itreet railway lln#. Fnlfon, W. Va. Will rent
laonably. Apply to HfcNRT it. HEM, Fnlton.
} Dftflt fntelllgencw Job Offine yon can get all
tda of Book and Job Printing on theihorteat notice
th? loweai (riot and In tke bwt ityla of tbtart i
Beg, IB ind 11 r?rr!*?t* Bt i
advertise ? oomjmm of a
AU widely circulated
4Uy^T.8K newspaper,
by tbui
advertise ?
advertise W^Do not order PrlfltlP!
? of any oharaoter until price
advertise .... .... .? 4ll
have been obtained at tn
sarnr^r^i?- T
? ' mim W WJL*. A
Having bought our stock of
Bolli Foreign anil Doroeatlca, hefore the rl?
we therefore offer them at
Other Woolens at Loweat flnt-olaaa Merclian
Tallora' Prices, We carry the
Largest Line of Goods In the Cli
And onr GeMJps are First Class in erer,
And a lull line of
Gents' Furnishing Goodi
Persons desiring anything in onr line wtl
And it to their intereet to examine oar itoc
before purchasing elsewhere.
Cor. Miln and Fourtunlh Sti.
i mwfmm
Kentucky State Lottery
Gives Everybody a
Chance to Make Something
Out of His Investment
In the Drawing of '
There are no less than
1876 Prizes, Amounting
Together to $60,800.
1st Prize, $15,000.
2d Prize, $5,000.
3d Prize, $2,500.
And Whele Tickets
Onlv $1.
Address all Orders to
b! UPINGTON.598 Broadway, New Yori
"* M. J. RICHMOND, Covington, Ky.
mhn-B p-ll
1 :ioth=i
Commonwealth Distribution Co,
In the City ol Loulirllle, en
Thursday, March 31st,
ThMedtuwlngi occur monthly (Bundayi excepted),
undrr provisions ol in Actol the General AMembI]
oi Kentucky, Incorporating the Newport Prlntlni
nd Newspaper Co., npproted April 9, 1878.
asrriilis In a uprrlnl net, ntiii linn n?v?i
txH>n rp|MMil<Ml.
The United HUtM Circuit Ootirt on March 11 rail'
dered the following decisions!
IM-Thnt Ihf rominonwenllh btalrtbtti
Hon C'omiMnjr |? icm?i.
Ud?II* Urnwlnri nro fklr,
The Company hu now on hand large reserve lund<
Road carefully the Hat of prlaea for tho
1 Prian.M I #0,000 100 Prlaea 1100 each 110,0?
1 Prlae 10,000 Joo Prla* BOeack 10,0?
1 Prlae 8,000 WWi* 20 each 11,004
10 PriiM 1,000 sach 10,000 1000 Prliel 10 Mh 10 001
30 I'rIk'-b m each 10,000
I rum in wt, ? > m
An eleftlon of DIreetori to Mrti the eniiiini *m?
will be held by the Columbia Rnlldlnc ANoefi^an
8^T? .a?.rfafS
,or R"?Ms. ?? ?
Slid 41 r#fH whwif90 ?n **uttnam>
i?t*l it ihort BoUoti iri it ptbm ItnltUi tuur,
7 ?MPQBT?Tlor~^ I
Tralni imti Pan HjujOJi D?pg? lon,
wiiimt ??^ I
Wh?llnUta". ?? . bp, I
\a 'ia 'tjj ' ? I
lrrlT?? ^ ka I
Sntan&iftZZI too la tS 1J.S '? |[
PUUhuifh ? 10:10 1:10 JJj M:? rj
M?-:::::: = \*S ? Z I
Hiw Toft? ( u mis
- . " ? " * ?.
BoiUUJ................ 4 JO tit
??? WBT,
fap1' I
L*T?- a. K. ?. M. A. M.'r~r I "~>l I
** ** W4* I
BUubaarlll*. jOiSO M?| t.(Xl| i:ii ,;J| |
ftdU.. tail 7:511 I
Dwaiaon- ? 12:10 LOI ~
t. u. 4. M. . B
? 810 is 12 ^
(Waabai^ . 8:20 IN I
LOATO? F, U. -,
Oolumbua. 8:4C 2:40
Dayton..... ..... I:U 1:00
mr^lnn.H gjQQ 6:66 """ -?? j
LudUntpollii,........ 11:00 1*5 I
A.M. - ?
Hi. Lou1i...m 7:10 7:16 _ :.-W
Chicago. 7:10 7:28 T* I
"~8o??X*nBSniu?ii5~I5iiv*5-Wh?liITng~lir^?irT:::? I
arriving at WolUburg 10:00 A. M., aud at HuuUiJu. I
v:r?v^oon"cU?,"1Ul I
Tniln? lea ring Columbu* at 8.40 r. u. and iu.
iush?l, uriTlnf la Chkim M 7.|o H
PuUmari'a Palaea Drawing Boom HImdU. I
r^mfisa* TiotfiSSn I
rj Handlo D?pot| foot of EloTouth itreet oriii? I
XVMO*., * |
0 t r?? "???>???> ^gwnioiuatn^U
b <H>gt ^%8S JSi1 iffb rUr-^ I
On and Utar Nov. 7th. IBM, all Tialui vlUni I
dall r (except Bunduy,) u foUowa:
1 Through Tralna to PltUburgh,
2 Through Tralna to Cleieland,
. I Through Tralna to Chicago.
S cuiS' O 5" " .
- Houl ud aiMpiii Cm m ill Tnlu btiin u p9
IUhm >nd CMmmio. M
- . Awn, mi. "Ejg;
| Leava?
| Bellalro ?... 6.65a.m. 10.(0a.m. IUuH
V Bridgeport.*..,,..,...... 6.06 11.00 ' m ? [
BUubanTUUa.H 7.04 " 11.67 Ml * I
WtlllTlliO 1.10 1.30 r. M IM
Rooheatar 9.16 11 3.26 " mo ? I
Plttaburgh 10.20 " 3.25 ' 7.tt ? I
Altoona 8.46 ? 12,?u
Harrliburg 12.55 a.m. 410 ? KH
Waihluglon ...... 9.C2 11 ! j h |
Philadelphia*. 4.16 11 in, ? I
' New York. ? fl.56 loss M
Boaton ~ [I 4.40 p.m. lion H
1 Only five hours and twenty-Hve niinula! I
L1AY*. Accu). I
Bellalre .. 6.M a. m TuTl I
Bridgeport. 6.06 " 2.(1 ?
Bteubenvllle. 7.04 " Ml * I
,? Alliance 1.00 p. u 6.11 I
11 Karenna 1.40 " ?.u n
Hudaon 2.02 11 6.?
Clofolaud 8.11 " 7.JS
Only 18 Hours!
^ L1ATB. At*in, H
Bellalre 6.55 a. m 1.M r.? ffjjfli
! Bridgeport fl.06 a,cs
J Hteubenvllle 7.04 ' Ml 11 I
Yellow Creek Ml * I
AllUnce 1.20 p. u Ml ? H
Manifleld * 6.40 11 M ?
_ Ft. Wayne. 12.08 a. m 2.40 a.i
3 Chicago 6.00 " >.0t ?
BUubrnvUlt AeoontmodaHott?LmrM BflUlM it U I
p. m., Bridgeport 5.00 p. m.; arrlvee at UUab?nrlll?M
II 6.06 p. ui.5 leavca titeubenvllle at 7.60 a. m.; Brii*
k port at 8.62 < m.; arrives at Bellalre ai 9.06 1 m.
Tlcketa and Baggage Checks to all nrinelMl wlrj
In the East and Wont can ha procured at Oil THlrt
Office In Bridgeport
Qwaral Paaaaniar and Tlak?t Awa>
Bait-boumH " *Mo48|Mo. 1 Mo.7* Hfcl
Dally Mf
Leftte? A, M. A. U. 1. >. M I
Wheeling 7:00 8r40 10:11 M
Bcllalr*. 8:4A 10:40 U
AnlTM at?
V P.M P.M. P.m. M
f Grtfton. 8:56 12:56 t.U t J
Cumb?rUnd. 4:40 IM |H
WMhlD|ton 9:4ft I* I
Baltimore. 11:06 H H
PhlUuUlpklA*........, 8:00 ii
MtwTork....MM....-M 6:23 (fl
Borton .. ~.. 4:20 ..? ?
Dally eacipt Bandar. ' BS]
Mo. 7 an* 48 ?top at ill 8UUom.
W?t-bound. Mo. 2 No. IM H
Dtlly DHIj W
Lc?to- a. m. r. a. r. 1
Wkeoling* 9:18 1:30 1IJ
BollAlre 10:00 2:11 11*
Arrive ?tp.
w. * *> H
ZtnoiTllla... 1:00 iSl M |^H
Newark*. 2:00 [*
Columbia ? 8:80 IV M
. . .
Cincinnati 8:00 ?;M IW L-d
Baodtukf 7:00
Indlanapolla llioo 12.33 ufl
dU Louie...... Aj:M 7:56 HI I
Chicago* 6:10 7:30 1*
ganaaa City.,,,, Vto_H0_M I
~B. A O. Palace, Drawing Boom tod tuaapuil* I
. or all night tralna.
Cloaaoonneetlona art mad* (or all poluti BoatH''
Bouthweet, North and Northwwt, inakln* thl? a d*?
rabla route lor oolonlata and paraona uioilo|l?i*
great Waet, and to whom particular attention U|IM*
Mate Wheeling 6:36a. m. 1:40a.ip.
No tralaa run on thla Dlflalon ou Huoilay.
TlcketJ to all principal poInU on aalt ?t Wf#
Office open at all houn during the da;.
? Information toUiatmellDgnubllrphMrfulMj* fl
a h> nMn W. M, CLKIIKNTH, M.Jt I
Oen'l Arent. Whwlltw _ I
Carpenter and Builder. I
> All alteratlona made on oil bulldlagi fteM*
lV? '^'Hihti and rornloea particularly ?'"?*
i Store fronta put In and alnree altertd. ' Jj
. count era and ibelvlng Attrd up on abort nolle* *"
I lobwqtk promptly attended to. Bbop at Mr jj
Balay a old Mand, Alley Thirteen, rear of UJ?* U
' Healdenca Ho. 98, Nineteenth atreet.
KM?nl?li and Unto m lo utm loprert "5J
I Chimin/ dratuku rvNlstxl uiJ 9
ring and nrichUjiaj in ill lu parti prwpw w s
Mtlr attended to by
Wft*, w ? rx m?>?*
ihouM /on wlih lo pun hi* < fl
Wrlmtf, bMf In mind the
Eagle Clothes Wringer. |
ItMth# OMtlhl^Sw'whlu'liiiW.fr Wf.fi
Mfh II th? bit tnd onlj Oood Imrtble W j8Jr
world. Th? Wringer will wring drjer, turn ?*'
rwnlra leti repairing ind lut long" ,h"'I
wringer known lo the trtde.tnd ran on f Mr? H
thuedat H|2 M?rkfl( itreet, Wheeling,
or 91 on Initallmenti of fl down end to fjntip
Witt. 1*1" _ M
yon VI In K harry In prtntloi, II?
.The Intelligencer Job Room* I
tr?f? Himnti* tw'anedeitti nnww
. *9

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