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noo YAltDH
At 61-2 Cents per Yard by the Piece.
.1 oli.ii EuiN)u>iinori
^ l.icvi nih t-L, near fc'ct f.nd Ward Market,
To i loie out
To cloaoout
Ends of Dress Goods,
To dun out
Ends ofHousekeepingGoods.
Loft; will rlcMe them wy cheap rather than carry
tlKMii. I'rluU In new uud handiomo atjJen of the
hMt luakcaat low prlcta.
For iarlybu/ora at prlcea that will ault. Matched
Hud Hrowti Muslim very low. Huyera wl I And It to
iliulr advantage to call on ua during thla week.
I. Blum & Bro.,
HO-1 Mtilu Htreot.
[' Uht MAligtmx,
au>? t JKhm. m ?iia ii7 yonrlwnth Btwi.
New Advcrtlaewenla.
Wanted?KirnL-ClHHa Wagon Maker,
For Cincinnati?Andoo.
.Social?First l're8l?ytorian Church.
Wanted?A Catholic Mail.
$777 a Year?1\ 0. Vickery.
Notice?M. K. Dillon.
$1)91) a Year?F. Kwain A Co.
Direct Importation?J. H. liinehart.
! Public Sale?Valuable Keal Kstate.
Htrayeil?Terrier Dog.
YOU can have your key wind watch madt
into a Btem winder by
Practical Watohmiker,
Corner Twelfth and Market 8U.
^ m r
TRY Irish salmon at
fitO. K. MoMECHEN'8,
Mo. 1064 Market 81.
Thermometer Kecortfk
Tlu? following shown the range of the
therniometor, oh observed at tichnepf'a
drugstore,Opera Houbocorner:
If 80. 1MI.
f A. M. 11 M. 8 r. M, 7 P. M. | 7 A.M. 12 M. 8 P. M. 7 P.M
U l?8 80 M | 30 32 ?4 32
1(80. 1M1.
7 A. M. 12 M. 8 P..M. 7 P. M. I 7 A.M. 12 M. 8 P. M. 7 P.M.
42 fit M Al ] 33 42 42 40
wrath br indications.
SVabhinoton, D. 0., March 7.?1 a. m,
For Tcnneppee and the Ohio Valley,
cloudy, or partially cloudy weather, with
occaaional rain, variable, shilling to warm*
er east winds, and stationary or lower
For the Lower Lakes, fair weather,
westerly, possibly backing to northerly
wIikIh, "stationary or higher temperature
iiud barometer,
THE usual merchants' lunch at the N?w
McLure Houie Staple Hoomi dally.
A l.lltle
Tho Wheeling correspondent o[ the Kanawlm
(Jaulte, (Charleston,) says of the
Klato House hero: 1 don't think It well
lighted, and as (or acoustics the members
tell mo it Is dilllcult to speak in the chambers
ol the Houses. This doesn't prevent
them from trying It pretty often, though.
Tho plan of the State House in your city
is ampler and less cramped, 1 believe. It
is all a mlstaketosuppose that the Wheeling
people envy us our prospects of getting
the State IIoubo. They know very well It
enriches us and don't hurt them. Few ol
the citisens except ladies visit the Legislature.
They ere too busy and have no
time for loaling around the ragged edge
?( legislation. Tho people here wanted a
line elty hall. They tried every other
mesne of getting one. Finally the Idea of
bringing the Capital there was hit upon.
They got it, and then tho people consented
to erect a handsome building. They have
the building now, anil when thearchleves
am mmnvpil to Charleston, four rears
from now, the WheellnRlles will rejolcein
? handsome nnd elegant city hall, The
?lil fogies who opposed Increased taxation
lor a cuy hall, will flnil that the younger
and shrewder element carried their point
even II it was by a ruse or Innocent deception.
A A elite ItrHl.
Mr. W. |A. Wilson, Snperintendent of
"> North Street Methodist Kplscopal Hiuiday
School, at his own expense, has dona a
very handsome acl, quietly and unostentatiously.
He has had the vestibule, classrooms,
and basement ol the church, where
the Sunday School sessions are held,
i beautifully frescoed and the aisles carpeted,
also a number of beautiful and appropriate
mottoes painted on the walls, The
Sunday Sunday occupied their almost
new room for the llrst tlmo yesterday, and
all were highly pleased. The school, br a
unanimous vote, presented their thanks
to Mr. Wilson Ihrnngli the Assistant
Superintendent, Mr. J. 0. Morrison.
This Is not the first Instance of Mr. WIN
eon'a liberality to the school and the
church, ^ Tiaciisr.
Osi dollar per pair saved by purchaalnf
a fine shoe of Wilson Ilros. Oloalng^nt
sale. '
lathered Ban mm* Thai* kl lalalll.
enoer Iwuun.
Council, will mfet at 7 o'clock to mono*
ivening, isatead ol 7:30 u formerly.
An ivFAiiT daughter ot Mr. Chariea B.
Behier died iaat Saturday, bom diphtheria.
Cuuiitu Faeliy wu lent to the "Hill"
Saturday by Judge Oranmer foraaanlting
Ibomaa Walker.
Tub Board ol Commieelonera will meet
tbia morning. A superintendent of the
Infirmary will be elected.
'fiaoiat Hchdltze preaeuted Henry Boomer
with a K. of P. pin, iaat Saturday
night, on behalf of Black Prince Lodge.
Two through wiree from Chicago were
placed in the office of the B. A 0. Telegraph
Company, in tbia city, laat Saturday.
Ti . ?? flmmir nlll Via a Iron in
(AlUkinoun aau waM? nu> u?
Brooke county to-dsy lor the purpose ol
being arraigned to-morrow upon the
charge of lucendiariam.
Tux U. S. District Court will meet in
thia city to day. Judge Jackson and Olerk
Moore are already here. A complete liat
of the jurors haa already appeared twice
in the JNTiLLiauicu.
Auctionue Hallib, on Saturday last,
sold two bouaea belonging to the estate ol
William Hubbard, deceased. One waa
purchased by Samuel Elder for WOO cash,
and the other by Frank Halley lor $776.
Ripobts are conflicting relative to the
prospects of the spring glass trade. Home
manufacturers are earn to be very sanguine,
while it ia known that others are
very lugubrloua, or, at leaat, pretend (o be
Judok Mklvin will begin the regular
March term ol Oircnt Court to-day in
Maruhftll nnnntv. Indue Bovd BOOB to
Brooke count; to open court there to-day
nil to-morrow will begin tba trial ol the
"Bethany fire bugs,"
Tub funeral of Mrs. Schreinir, which took
Slue yeeterilty alternoon from her realence
in Martln'a ferry, waa one ol the
largest esver taking place in that town.
Mra. Schrelner waa buried in one of tba
iraveyarda near tbla city.
County tbinirxba Saturday conaiated
ol deeda conveying the Strobfe property
on Twenty-ninth atreet, from Henry Heamon
to J. A. Lancaater lor $030 and trana<
ferring the south hall of lot No. 255 on
KolT street, from Mary Wateraon and
others to i'eter Zliumer lor $1,800.
Tim American Pharmaceutical Aesoclation.wiil
hold ita annual meetingat Kanau
City, next August. A pleasant feature ol
occaaalon will lie an excursion to the Col
orado Kooky Mountains, which will ex
tend over several days. Kdmund Booking
of this city, ia one ol the Yice-Prealdenu
of thia Association,
J. H, Fun, Henry Waldowln, Johr
Fiatiners, Fril/.y Williams, John Watkins
Joseph Jackson, Joseph Shelly, WIUUii
Davenport, William Onrley, WllUam Mil
ler, Thomas Jefferson anil John Smitl
were arrested Saturday night by Ghle
Bennett, lieutenant Sylvia anil Oflicei
Junklna (or gambling. Tweoty-flve dol
lara ball each ?ai furnished anil the prli
oners were sit free,
Poind a boa I People nl Home am
Mr. George Johnson bu rilgrDld (ron
Washington Oily.
Kddie Booking la vlaitlng friends ii
Washington City.
Mrs. F. 0. Darby, No. 2142, Alley B., i
lying seriously ill.
Misa Fannie Bell la visiting friends am
relatives in Waahington Oity.
Secretary of the Treasury Windomlai
cousin of Mrs. N. B. Scott, of tl)is oity.
Oova. Jackson and Mathews attendei
the lecture at the Cathedral yesterday al
W. H. Wiley, of Wetzel, la In the city en
route to Philadelphia, New York am
other Eastern cities.
Mr. Albert Jack, a member ol the flrn
of Chapman, Grow 4 Go., glass merchants
ol Chicago, will be In the city to-day.
Col. J. Steinheimm. ol San Francisco
nnd Mr. J. Sweitier. of Ueiena, Montana
both prominent glass merchants, were a
the Central Glass Works laat week.
Messrs. Wood Glaea and Thomas Harria
LaBelle Mill nailers, left for Texas yeeter
day on a prospecting tonr. It Is likelj
that they will go Into the cattle raising
Major Cooke will continue to hold hli
position In Attorney-General Watt's ofllce
The Msjor served through Col. Whlte'i
administration and charmed all by hli
politeness and urbanity.
Judge C. P. T. Moore, Chief Juatlce ol
the Supreme Court of Appeals, told oui
ronortcr yesterday that he would send hli
resignation In to Governor Jackaon durinf
May, in order that bia aucceeior might bt
appointed before tbo June tern).
On Saturday afternoon, after the ad
Journment of toe Senate, Miss Ida Oilfton
one of our accomplished vocal artlats, en
tertalned the Senators and soma lad)
frlenda by singing a number of old ballads
Mits Clifton waa highly complimented or
all alrlefl, and if our judgment Is wortl
anything we predict for her a aueceeslu
the comm.
NnjirfmA Court of Appeals?JadRM
Moore, liny mood, Johnnon and OmRi
This Court met at 10 o'clock Saturday
morning and tranaactad of the following
In the caae of McUullen vs. Eagan.froni
Kanawha county,the aflldavlt of D. Kagan
In support of motion for a new bond, wai
In Liveeay va. Fe?mater, from Qreen'
brier county, leave for the filing of certain
papers waa aaked by the appellee, tc
which the appellant objected, and the
court takce time to consider.
In Matthews A Jarrett va. Jarrett, from
Greenbrier county, an appeal waa allow,
Adjourned until next Saturday at 9:3C
A. M,
This pleasing drama which had an unprecedented
run at Union Square Theatre,
New York, will be given at the Opera
House this evening,with Mlsa Eflle Elseler
?!.? ilal.
Ill IUD litis IWIDI
Ticket no* on eale it Banmer'a.
Next Friday and Saturday erenlnga Mra,
0.0, Howard'a company will appear at
the Opera Honae. Mra. Howard aa "Topay"
baa no anperlor on the atage, and her a tipport
la unequalled. Saturday matinee.
Bleat fatam tipMaa.
An etploelon occurred at .the Banwood
blast furnace on Saturday morning laat
that reaulted In painful Injurlea to several
of the employee. The molten Iran burat
through the lower partof the furnace, covering
the floor ot the caatlng hotue for
'Whenffbunt aeveral man were at work,
and fire of them, Oharley Seabrlght, John
Gold, Robert Hayee, Leander Whaltel
and John Murray, were burned, two of
them, Hold and Seabrlght, reoeiilng very
anaM InlltrlM.
"InMtlMI CahMllailatir A??r.
at an old practiliontr, that Warner a Bale
Kidney and Liter Core la among Ibe moat
trainable dlacoyerlea of tha 19th century. I
cannolaay loomuota In Itabehalf. [Signed]
J. 11. Oonrmxt, M. D.p Plttabnrfh, Pa.,
Oth April, 1880." ?*Mt
Ceryein. Onrpeu. Uarpela.
Twenty Ore piece* of choice new itylee
it extremely low prlcee. Call toon at
John Roemer'a Dry Oootla, Carpet and
Wall raper Emporlam, II yon wltn to tare
money, Not, 201P and 2031 Main Itreet.
f ^ 0 t
Wiuon Baoa. are aelllni off their fine
roodq fast, ao don't delay yonr pnrchaaee
II yon wont anything In the way ol a fine
'W i.
FnnWIHa ol lt? steeling at Iba c#u?l i
liouM taiunb; Mglil.
A meeting of representative men was
held at the Court House Saturday night |
lor the purpose ol furthering the State t
Fair project, at which OoL Michael Beilly I
presided aud 0. 0. Johnson acted as Sec- i
retarjr. I
Ur. Johnson, who has been taking an i
active interest in the matter aud who has !
posted himself very thoroughly in regard I
to the feeling in the city for and against i
the project, wssUnvited to report the progress
made by him in the matter of taking
subscriptions to the stock, and Irom his report
we abstract the following:
"As a member of that committee I take
the liberty, with the consent of my co-laborers,
to report on what has thus far been
accomplished. The committee realized
that the only way to get matters into
prscticsl shape was to get papers of incorporation,
which was done in a dsy or two
sfter the meeting referred to. Then three
hundred subscription blanks were distributed
to reliable parties in this and
other counties, alter which a personal canvass
was made by the committee through
this citv. 1 believe I state a correct
average when I Bay that at least Haveneighths
ol the merchants called on were not
ready to subscribe?not having made up
their minde just what amount they deBired
to invest?and requested the
committee to call again. You can
readily see that tula made the
labor very heavy (or the committee, and I
believe that the total amount now subscribed,
amounting to 94,400, was secured
on the lirst application to those parties
now on tho subscription book. I csnnot
recall a single merchant who did not signify
most earnestly a desire that this project
become a reality, wd a large majority
indicated a willingness to subscribe to the
stock, though desiring time to think the
matter over,or, in cases of co-partnerships,
to hold consultation with all the members
of the llrin. 1 think 1 can speak for the
committee when I say that it bsllevea the
satire amount of subscription deemed
necessary?$20,000?could be raised If sufficient
time were given It, but the season
is now so far advanced that work should
be begun now, And, in any event, it
would be asking very much of the committee
to put in a couple of months hard
work in soliciting, oonblderlng that it
' receives no compensation whatever.
| The only feasible and equitable way,
1 therefore, which was deemed advisable
' under the circumstances was to aslc the
' Board ol Commissioners of Ohio county
to pat the question to a popular vote,
1 whether this county should subscribe ten
thousand dollars to the stock, providing a
i like amount was raised by individual sub,
scription. That the Uoard might see that
i this was desired by a large number ol the
tai'payersof the county, a petition to that
i effect was circulated by a member of the
f committee, and of bis nearly two hundred
r signers, among whom are our heaviest
tai-payersand most prosperous merchants,
only three refused to sign, and they were
Were not opposed to the move, but desired
to tnink tbp ipatter over, Hurely such
unanimity of feeling can only result in
, the Hoard of Commissioners putting the
mailer oeiore mo puupip.
As before Btated, the amount now aota1
ally eubscribed Is $4,400. On Monday
next the Board of Commissioners meet In
i CJODtlily eosjrion. and to properly put this
petition before It tbey niioi|lu bare assur,
ance of tbe ten thousand dollars having
been raised by individual subscription.
. And in this conneotlon I bope that some
1 of the stockholders will make a motion
asking that a nuarantee fund subscription
I paper be circulated in this meeting providing
for the taking o( tbe additional
] 16,000, What f qjenn by a guarantee fund
. is,that in case no further suDsprlptjops are
made that tbe signers will agree to take
. the stock ant opposite lliolr names. I do
not tbiuk that thero will be any troublo to
get tbe amount spoken of from parties who
have been seen and wbo have declared
1 their intention'of taking stock, But even
> if oniy opp-balf Is realized, it only leaves
eacli subscriber to )|)P guarantee fund
, liable for but half tbe amount of bla sub,
t Now, if this stock were an uncerloln
investment, or, at worst, a donation, I
, should espeot to sep some hosltancy In
. those present guaranteeing the balance
r untakeh. Ilut a? it actually means a pur>
chase of real estate with all the prospects
ol profit which the expenditure of $20,000
. in a State fair should naturally bring, I do
not tbink tbla meeting will adjourn with!
out being in the proper shape to go before
, tbe Hoard of Ootpniisalonera."
Meaara. W. 9,I'etereon, Oapt. John Mc.
Lure, J. K. Botsford. B. K. Tingle, Geo.
' Hook and other gentlemon present spoke
' earnestly and ably In favor ol tbeenter1
prlee, and urged its favorable oonalderaI
tion upon all progressive citiiene of the
1 altv and Btate.
The booke were then opened, and an
' encouraging addition of tbe atock eub,
Mr. Johnson was delegated to present
' tbe matter of a county subscription to the
. Hoard of Commit doners, which will be
i done tbla morning.
i On motion of Oapt. McLure a CommitI
tee waa appointed to examine sitee and
receive bids for them, upon which the
Fair could be held,
Ail lutiHMHfnr TrlM to Personnte m
HIirfllOB Mirrhmtl.
i man mtm ! otfMfMltlv A tfftrmiin.
, ? ......I ? - ?,?, ,
standing about flvo feet seven inches,
i aeedliy dreaaed, has been on hla rounds
, in this city trying to victimize varii
oua dealers in goods handled by gropera,
among others the Wilson Packing Com'
pany, Meaara. Uarhart Bros., Hill Bros,,
i the Borden Condensed .Milk Company,
i and the National Condensed Milk- ComSanr.
To representatives of the three
rat named tlrma he gave out that he was
a member ot the firm of Bloch Bros.,
Wheeling, W. Vs., while at the olllcea of
> the two condensed milk companleake was
Mr. A. Melr.ol Fine Bluff, Ark., (Ihe.nams
of the real firm la Myer.) We
believe that In neither o( the oases named
were the goods parted with, though In one
case the order was very nearly being tilled.
Mr. Harry Kaphael, the wide-awake
city manager forthe Wilson 1'acklng Company,
who was Interviewed by this gentlemin.
knows the Arm of Bloch Bros, of
tl/u.uitln* anrl bnanr that ?'tho BMllv Ml>.
Bloch" could not belong to such a firm.
A few questions further satisfied him, and
later Bloch was confronted with a person
to whom he bad siren the name of Heir.
Bloch is still on his travels, no doubt, and
we hope that any of our readers who receive
his visit* after thli notice will give
him the proper reception. Let us hear
from those who do.
The above article la taken from the
American Orocfr. The "seedy looking"
individual evidently tried to personate
Mr, Aaron Bloch, Junior member of the
firm of Bloch Bros., of this city, but he
alio evidently came very "poor speed" in
the attempt, for no one who h?i ever aeen
the elegant and ditlingut Aaron would
have the audacity to call him seedy look*
thnrfh ftorlal.
The ladiea of the First, Second and
Third Presbyterian churches hive made
arrangements to hold a aoclal In the First
Freebyterlan church to-morrow evening.
Snch > combination cannot help but meet ,
with sncceea. The social features ol the
occaalon recommend It to the patronage
of (II who deelrt to pasa pleasant even- j
log- __
Nhnwdnrm nn<l Ability. |
Hop Bittere so freely advertised in ill I
the papers, secnlar and religious, are |
having large sale, and are supplanting i
all other medicines. There is no denying t
the virtnee of the Hop plant, tnd ti^e proprietors
of theae Bittere have ahown great
shrewdneee and ability in compounding r
a Bitten, whose virtnea are so palpable to I
everv one'a observation.??ramiiur and d
Chnmitle. #??? s
l HcMlon HaidiiUj xlgbl itial ru
"llllll'l ClKM."
The night aeaalon oi the Hodm o( Deleptes
Saturday was, under the resolution
itTeied by Mr. Habbird anil adopted in
he lorenoon, devoted to the third readng
ofjbills alone. That if, that wai the
inly business transacted. But there were
ither proceedings which have "seldom
been equalled and never excelled" in a
legislative body, not even at a night aeslion
ol the National House of RepresentsLives.
Things proceeded, but a short time
when there was an effort to take a vote,
bur it waa ruled that this could not be done
under the resolution governing the session.
The Clerk proceeded to read the Military
bill to the handful of members present,
hnt all were roatlaaa. and Beamed tr? ha
anxious to iiud vent for their repressed
The vent was found when Speaker
Wilaon called Mr. DodriU to the Chair,
and vent Into the clerk'e private room to
take a amoke. Cresap, of Randolph, with
mischief in hia eye, moved to adjourn.
ThU Mr. DodriU ruled out ol order under
the reeolulfon, which named 10:30 o'clock
as the hour oi adjournment. Oreeap
claimed that a motion to adjourn waa
alwaya in order, but the Chair paid no at-,
tentlon to tbt remark, and Clerk Peyton
continued bia reading aa well aa hia inclination
to laugh would nermit. Everybody
laughed, and there were a number ol
motion! made, but the gentleman in the
Chair paid no further attention than to
rap so vigorously for order that the very
lamps rang in echo to the stroke of the
gavel. In the midst of the confusion
Uresap vociferously insisted upon his motion
to adjourn, and upon the motion Ur.
Leonard demanded the avea and noes.
Paying no attention to this latter demand,
the Chair put the motion, and though no
one could distinguish whether the ayes or
nnnii mora ttin t niimnrnno aa mnal n( (hn
membere and many outsiders voted both
ways, promptly declared it ioaU Calls lor
a division were male, to which the Chair
"You can't have no division I The
Ohair ha) decided the question."
The motion, to adjourn was at once repeated
and entertained, in spite ol a timidly
eipresded hope on the part ol Mr.
McNeil that the Chair would rule it out of
order. It was again declared defeated.
Mr. Cresap: "I appeal from the decision
of the Chair."
Mr. Dodrill: "The Chair doesn't allow
you to appeal!"
This was followed by screams of convulsive
laughter, and the member from Randolph
retired to a convenient cloak-room
to roll on a soft and hold his aching sides.
Speaker Wilson viewed the Iracasfrom the
Clerk's room, as well as he could view anything
through the tears of laughter which
suffused hie eye?.
Judge Ferguson was heard to say encouragingly
in response to the prohibition
of the chair concerning appeals," That's
right! Stick to 111"
When the paroxysms of mirth hid
somewhat subsided, Mr. Cox, apparently
Id good faith, moved to adjourn. The
question wa9 put, another demand (or the
ayes and noes being disposed by the peremptory
exclamation, 'The chair overrules
" But, sir," Bald Mr. Leonard," I appeal
from tbe decision of the chair."
"The chair overrules that, too," responded
Mr. Dodrill, amid renewed peals
of laughter.
The motion to adjourn wai scarcely declared
lost till it wai repeated from the
other side of the House. "That la out of
order!" said the chair.
"A motion to adjourn Is always in order,"
said a member.
"Not while I'm in the chair!"
A perfect yell of laughter greeted this
retparp, the tihalr [)ie?ntvlil|e pounding
vigorously for order. '
Mr. Heabrlght raited the point "No quorum,"
to which the Chair responded:
"That's all right I"
Speaker Wilson, thinking there had
been lun enough tor one night, here resumed
tiie chair. Heabrlght demanded a
call ol the House, and It was ordered,
revealing that there were lust twentyeight
members present. At this point
Jodge Ferguson remarked that he was too
unwell to stay there all night to indulge in
child's play, ept} moved to adjourn. The
Speaker said there vm no ppet|ioi) under
the rules for the Speaker to compel the
attendance of absentees. It could only be
done by the action of the House. LesB
than a quorum could adjourn at any time.
He therefore entertained Jndge Ferguson's
motion, and it was put and carried.
After adjournment a member congratulated
Dodrlll on the ylgor and ability be
had evinced as a presiding officer. "Oh,"
slid he, "the boyB can't get away with mej
| was on the bench four ypar.'l
The scenes reminded one of a night
session of the House in '79, when a call
was had. ft Is probable II night sessions
continue tbey will be about like these.
The Firm of nMerlen llrlhrral by Illxliop
Plain ?e?tcr<t*r.
Yesterday afternoon at the Cathedral,
Bishop Kaln delivered the ffrst of a series
of Lenten Lectures to a large and attentive
congregation. T|ip subject treated
II,? (< l.'vlnf an/>n rtf tin,t ? Tlifl Ulol.nn
vvnptwu VI M+(iu?io|iuj/
nave gome oi (be reasons why those great
primary truths should be held before
Christians, viz., the prevalence and boldness
of Impiety, the corruption of morale
w|jlch leads to Impiety, the materialistic
tendencies of tbp age, etc. The first proof
ho dwelt upon was taken from the existence
of contingent beings, which cannot
be accounted for save by the admission of
an eternpl and necessary Being. The
second proof was from the prdpr and harmony
which reign throughout all creation
and which arguta the superintendence of
an Intelligent lining superior to man; and
lilts lUH'liigt'ui jnruuiur mum uo nuuseii
either oreaud or eternal, ami here repura
the argument above dhraussed. The third
prool la found in tbe neceesary distinctions
between truth and falaehood, and alao between
good and evil; the flrat arguing an
immutable standard, and tbe second a
divine lawgiver,
The lourth prool wai drawn Irom the
universal testimony ol the human race;
aud all these evidences were conBrmed by
the positive revelation mads to manAlter
answering tbe chief counter argument
ol tbe atheistic school, tbe Bishop
concluded by picturing the sad disorders
that must cover the world, were this great
primary truth to be denied j?the opening
of the flood-rates of Immorality, the bewildering
of human reason, and the subversion
of all order, government and society.
lie trulv contended that the purer
a man's life Is the deeper are hie convictions
of the existence of Qod, and the
aweeler bis realliatlon ol the love, goadnees,
beauty, liollnesa and other perfections
of thia Infinite Ileing.
HempflelH F.aiftialon.
Some four or Ave routes have been gone
over by the Baltimore & Obioturvey corps
In and around this city, via: From Elm
Grove to Boms' Ktin; second, up Eoff
street from Thlrtj-ieoond to * point bear
Twenty-second street, where It will enter
the hill and come out opposite the western
end o' Nineteenth street, on the eouthern
side of the creek, which will be croased by
a bridge, and nineteenth street followed
round to the Hempfleld trick. Another
route Is from Thlrtjf-seoond street, circuitoutly,
to etroble's run, thence Into the
bill and out again near the WhltUker
Iron Works. The shortest tnnnel would
be the one from near Klerls, Kraft A Oo.'s i
planing mill, nndsr the Hemlnary to the
louthern side of the creek, opposite the I
oot of Nineteenth street, or about 2,200
eet. The Ntroble run ronte Is also rejarded
with eome fator, while Bonn' rnn
onte 1s rather more lengthj and difficult I
han was anticipated. i
? m * i
Tni honest public sentiment of the peo- '
>le of the United Htatee Is unanimously I
n fs?or of Dr. Bull's Oougb Sjrun. The]
rugglsls pronounce It to be the only '
laodard Oougb Remedy, )
PWMBal Hd Diiiml CloaiJp A buul
The Appropriation bill la the special order
for 10 a. v. to-day.
Tippett aaya the granger members ol tbe tl
Home can't |stand a night tesaion. They y
all fell asleep about 8 o dock. )f
Hod. George F. Evans took advantage
of Friday's receas to run down home to
Martinsburg on a visit. He will be back
to-day. n
Tbe Clarksburg A'nu saya of the dele- Jj
gate from Pocahontas: Mr. MofTott ia one "
of the brigbteet members of tbe House r
and the people of Focahontaa display their .
sagacity whan they send such men as .
O...L.. U.aV.tt t. 4U. C..t. B
oyoatcr aiuuon iu uic omia uuuuuiia. j
A Correspondent of the Greenbrier in- ?
dspmdmt Bay a: "The county ol Greenbrier
did herielf au honor when abe ae- H
looted from her abundant material John t
M. Bydenatrlcker as her Reprsaeutative. j:
He atanda to-day the peer of any gentleman
on the floor ol the Houae." t
We are led to reproduce the following i
flattering notice of a member of the Houae i
by the fact that, complimentary aa it f
it, we must believe it, from our own 1
observation, to be juat ami not overstated, a
They are from the Kanawha Gaullt:' i
"Hon. A. 0. Fulkerson, delegate from t
Wayne county, ia an honor to his con' ?
atitueucy. He ia one of the brightest and 1
ablest men in the Legislature, lie ia in t
the early prime of vlgoroua manhood, i
with a mind capable of grasping auy aub- i
ject of legislation. He is closely attentive a
to all bis dutiea both iu the House and in r
the committee room. He is not fond of 1
making a display of his powers on the
floor, but when he does get up to speak,
he has something to say, ond he says itlu
an honest,manly, lucid maunor.aud whon |
he gets through, he quits. Ilia only aim ,
la to do right, without regard to consequences,
and rarely erre In bis judgement. <
This is his second term in the Ueitialature i
and It RnRakR well, not marolv for him. ,
but tor liis county, and It is well lor his ,
county that tbey have returned bo con- ,
aclentioua and fearless a representative."
This la tba kind ol taffy Horner gives
Lowry in his letter to tbe SetUintl: "Lowry
is a broad-shouldered, double-lined fellow
from Hummers county, one of the beet
hearted men in tbe world, liked by verybody,"
Horner says that "Oharley Wells i
is tbe most don't-carea-d?u fellow in the
buslneei;" that "Moffettls uelthora mossback
nor a fogy:" that "'Pin' Oresap Is
the jolliest member of the House, and his
laugh aounda like a barrel of flour rolling
down a pair ol stairs;" that " 'Bill' Hubbard
ia one of the hardest men lo'dowu'
in argument that there is in the House,
If he were a Democrat be would contest
the poaitlon of leadership with Judge
Ferguson;" that "Mr. Doddrill, of Webster
county, occasionally speaks, and
when he does he goea oil like a blunderbuss,
bitting everybody in tbe House,
whether in range or not ," that "Beverly
Lurty, of Harrison county, is one of tbe
most effective and tlery speakere in tbe
House;" and that "it le a neck and neck
truggle between Morrow and (iuarrier in
the House to decide which Is the most
polished and elegant in addieri. Quarrier
1s, perhaps, the more ooncllUtory and
Morrow the more elegantly ironical.'
In those advanced stages of bronchial
disease, where great organic decay precludes
the possibility of restoration, Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup gives very grateful,esse
and relief to the weary sufferer.
The fit. Lawrence got away for Cincinnati
on Saturday witli a good trip out.
The local packets are making their usual
daily trips. ,
The Diurnal will bo to-day's packet fur
Parkersbufg, leaving at 10:30 a.m.
Tfle Andes is due from Cincinnati to-day
and will return ut the usual hour to-morrow, i
The Batchelor will be to-morrow morning's
packet I or Pittsburgh.
The Ellison and La Uelle aro the llellaire
Captain Dillon intends to build a new
packet for the Bistersville trade.
Cincinnati, March 6.?Hlver 20 feet and 1
j-lsiig. Departed: Scotia, Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh, February 5 ?River 7 feet and
stationary. Weather cloudy and moderating.
Arrivals; Hudson, John L. ithonds. Departci|:
LflVUViltLS, MAruh 8.?Riv?r rising with
Utt leul in uie canal, iiusnra mill.
Weather cloud; anil cool. villi the indications
favorable for rain or snow. Arrivals anil de>
nurtures: Ked Cloud, rittiburgh to Ht. Louis;
Tboa. Sherlock, New (Means to Cincinnati i
Will Kyle, Cincinnati lo Key/ Orleans.
Kvansyillk, March 5.?Arriveil: Itilnbow
Uolden Crown, Dick Fulton, Silver Cloud, H.
0. Deiter, Cbaa. Brown anil Iron S|t)es. 1)iparted:
.llalnbow, Louisville; (loloen Crown,
Nevv Orleans; Dick' Fulton and Iron Hides,
l'lttifburuli; Charles Mown, South; Silver
Cloud, Florence. Itlver 17 feet 8 trie icq and
falling, North \ylnd. Weather fair.
Ml, Morris, It. r.. Is BeapniislblA
foe the following valuable statement from
Mm. M. 0, Arnold; "Warner's fale Kid.
ntiy and Liver Core lue done me world's ,
of good for catarrh of th? bladder and fe
uiale weakness,'I itwraw
Rhake>penr? or Bob Innemull '
Never said, though It la certainly true, '
tbaf neither I'pppy nir Mamlraqora, nor
Joy of the morphine eaaoncea ol the :
iroway God cootaminaln that delight of
ahewers. Miller's Hood Enough Navy
Ping Tobacco, mitIi J
nv?: rn?i n*M> iiiii.i.akn. 1
rive Thousand llollnrn' Worth or Flue 1
Nlioci I'OMlllyely nt Com.
The Arm of Wilson lira's, preparatory
to removing Weal, will close out their eg- I
tire atock ol Ladlea' Misses, Children's and i
Inlanta' fine shoes and slippers, commenc- i
log Monday, February Slat, at coal. If
you want bargains come before our siiee '
are broken, The following coraprlsos some
of the fine shoea on hanil;
Hurt's celehratod shoes. ,
Zeigler'e line shoea. ,
Laird, ucnouer oc Mitchell a hand-made r
Gentlemen's hand anil machlno button
Boys' fine call shoes,
Youths' solar tip shoes. .
Inlanis' flno French kltl buttoned hoots, '
1209 Market street, opposite J
McLure llonse. I
Twenty-mvk per centeaved by purchas- t
ing your shoos ol Wilson Bros. ?
What you will pay for an ordinary shoe
anywhere will buy a fine pair ol Wilson ,
Bros. 1
Pianos and Ohoanb Oiisap.?The (ol- o
lowing Pianos and Organs are offered at
Lncae' Music Btore at great bargans, and P
on easy payments ol $6 00 to $1000 per tl
month until paid (or:
One seven-octave piano, $150.
One seven-octave piano, $176.
One Hallet and Davis piano, $1% 1
One Hallet and Davis piano, $160. ,i
On* sli-octava piano, ?M. _
One seven-octave piano, $176. One
Btodart piano, 1126. ?
One Bacon and Raven piano, $126,
One six-octave piano, $00.
One six-octave piano, ISO.
One lix-ootave organ, $115. lt
One five-octave organ, $76. ,
One flve-oclave organ, }<v>,
One 4J-oclave piano, $35. li
One flve-ootave melodeon, $30.
One fire-octave melodnon, $20.
One Are octave organ, (new) $75,
All the above second-hand Instruments ?
are In good repair and tone. Call and ex- u
amine at Lncaa' Music Btore, 1227 Market te
Street. w
no*) I.lv?r (omplalnt,
la it not worth the small price ol 76 centa
lo free yourself ol every symptom of these ot
llstreeslng complaints, II you think to call bl
it onr itore and get a bottle of Hblloh's w:
Wtallaer, every bottle baa a printed guar- hi
intee on It, me accordingly and l( It doee ih
roa no good It will coal yon nothing, to
lold by Mmnnil Booking, and 0. Moen- Ih
leraoeller, Wheeling, W, Va.
A. VmuI m Dialrtu.
Milwacxxk, March 5.?At seven o'clock
lis evening men it the Milwaukee Water l
1 orka saw, four or live miles out on the t
ike, what seemed to De a vessel throwing t
nd dashing lights, signals of distress. The t
.linsls continued almost without inter- I
ilssion (or over two hours. A fixed light .
ould be seen from the masthead. Sudenly
the dish lights stopped, and twenty '
ainutes later the fixed light, that seemed t
o be steadily sinking, disappeared sud- t
enly. It is about certain that it was a
inking vessel, but what one is not known. .
uu jiieveumu ?uv aiiempi io reacu Ultj
easel from the shore.
The lile-saving crew have sighted a vessel
ix miles off North Point. She aoeuia to be
turning. The Board's tug wlU sure out
a the morning.
Miuvaukk, March 6.?Last night Bigtal
lights were discovered off this port and
vere supposed to be ahown by a veeael in
listreaa. The lights continued to be seen
rom the shore for nearly three hours,
[he life-saving crew remained up all night
ind when morning came there waa uothng
to be seen. Telegrams have been scut
o all lake porta north, Inquiring what veslels
ars out, but nothing positive can bs
earned. Nothing has been seenor beard
o-day. Captain Ebbsou, of the Life Kavng
Station, says he thinks it was a vessel
u distress and that she went down. The
ichooner Mariner is possibly out and
>ne opinion is that it wai her. She would
lave a crew of three or four men.
Novel Mode of Dealing Out Jnallce.
Gbkbnniixk, S, 0., March 6.?Informalon
has been received here of an affair
which caused no little excitement in tlio
country twenty miles from this place. It
mama that a nart.u n( whltn nhllilron wnrn
returning from tchool, when Neil Thompson,
a colored boy, Beited one oftheiu'llie
daughter ol Major Furblaa, a reapected
faruier in the neighborhood, and
holding her kiaaed tier; alio went
home and told her father. Major Fnrbisa
repaired to the home ol the boy and told
bia father that he muat either aubmit to
tho alternative ol having the boy thraahed
or being punished to the fullest orient of
tho law. The former waa accepted. It
waa agreed that Major Turbite ahuuld adminiater
the scourging in the proaenco of
the whole household. The boy waa taken
out in an lopeu field, the family Lathered
in a circle, and the victim waa lied, alter
which the white man laid on him with a
hickory stick.
AllnlrM lu Irelnutl.
Duiimn, March 0.?A constable has laid
an Information against Mr. Dillon, at
Harris O'Kane, for advising Boycotting in
a speech last Suuday. It bas not been decided
whether to arrest Mr. Dillon or
serve a summonBon him. Mr. Dillon is
In Dublin. Messrs. Harris, Boyton and
Sheridan, traversers, have reappeared.
Mr. Farreily, a farmer, was assassinated
near Moygrove. He bad taken a farm
from which a previous tenant was evicted.
He was shot by two young nion. No
Home thousand people met at Mullingar
lo-day to protest against Coercion. J.
Sullivan and several Catholic clergymen
were'present. Matthew Harris, one of
the traversers, delivered an address.
A land meeting of 10,00(1 people was
held at Tralee. Several members of the
Land League made speeches,
Venrfnl Keanlu of nil Knrtliqunke.
Komu, March t).?The loaa of life by the
eaatkquake on the Island of Ichia is appalling.
One hundred and two bodies
have been found at Causa Maccola up to
Ibe present, and many others are under
the ruins of buildings. In the village ol
Loeco tmrteen nouses were ueatroyeu ana
live persons killed.
It is stated that three hundred houses
have fallen at OasBa Maccola. One hundred
and teu corpses and slxty-neyen
wounded have been recovered. The
wounded wore sent to hospitals.
The fissures in the streets were fifty
centimetres wide. Many people lied from
the town and encamped In the fields.
Vuaallallrd Milliard NliRrpa.
New York, March 5.?The Ti?|?l says
that William Sexton, vba won the Isit
Koine of tiushlon caroms, announces his
desire to play Jacob Schaefer tho same
ityle game again for any amount up to
12,500 a Bii(e, the loser to pay all expenses,
as before, boxton visited Schaefer Friday
night, but found that export unwilling to
play, his exoaje being that another contest
would interfere with bis tlvenight contest
with the chamolon. Gonron K. Hlnnmm.
Sexton offers to play alter the match with
SIosboh is decided.
A Kt'inurky nnn, Null,
Oalviston, March 6?1 The iY?e'? Donnl on
special says: "Last night while the
Missouri Pacific pansenner train wae
bound south, a pawenger In the emigrant
car, named James Hayden, from Kentucky,
suddenly pulled a pistol and commenced
tiring among the passengers. Win,
Lewis was shot through the brain and Instantly
kill. Thot. Shaw was shot In the
bead near the right eve, and James Ham.
ilton was shot In the body before Hayden
lould be dliarmed. He is apparently Inlano.
lie was arrested.
rerdlct In the Hew FhllnUrlplilii Htirder
Oi.kvilamd, March 0.?A New Philadelphia
apeclai to the Leader states that the
ury to-day returned a verdict of murder
n the second degree In the case of Ellen
tthey who tome months ago from Jealousy,
chopped to pieces tbe young wonan
Mary Henefl and hid tbe body in an
ish pile where It was afterwards found,
rhe verdict means Imprisonment for life,
rhe crime was the most unprovoked and
evoltlng ever perpetrated In this State,
md the Interest In tbe trial was intense. |
IJiloroforniMl anil Mnbbttl. I
Niff Philadelphia, Ohio, March 0.?
Vord km received here this evening that I
ohn Ralalor. a farmer living on Urooked ,
tun, three tnilea weat ol here, <ai chloro- 1
armed and robbed iaat night. An enranee
waa effec'sd though a second'storj
rlndow by a ladder.
A Murderer Menleneed.
Pittsburgh, Pa., March 6.?Joseph f,
'uchs, who shot and killed Policeman
obn Wiggins, In Allegheny City, waa >
onvlcted ol murder In the second degree, .
nd sentenced to-day to undergo an im- 1
rlaonment ol nine yeara In the Peniten- ,
lary, _ "
mapped Over NnndAy. i
Clbvslanp, March 0.?Ei-Presldent layee
and party, who were expected toay
Irom Washington, did not arrive, re- /
lainlng over Handay at Altoona. They
ill probably reach here Monday after- C
oon. J
Veuel Blown tip.
Millbouriu, March 0.?The gig belong- C
. - ll,n (l.av...... 1 .1 - 11 | | (]
>b ?? iuo uoi uoi u?,a voanoi DbHiiuneu Here ~
ir (he defense ol the oolony, haa been
lown up by a torpedo aad five ol the crew .
Iliad, ,
PMM Wllh the RMM,
Lokdok, March 6.?It la elated that the ,
iblnet council on Saturday settled the ?
rma ol peace with the Boera, which "
ere telegraphed Ueneral Wood lut night, ti
? ? ? ftl
Maine Urn).
Hop Dlltere, which are advertised In >i
ir columns, are a aura cure for ague, ."J
llouaneea and kidney complalnta. Thoae >
ho use them aay that they cannot be too
ghly recommended. Thoae alTlictad
ould give them a fair trial, and will be.
me thereby entbnslaatlc In the praise of
elr curative <itialitlae.?Portland Argui,
utu^u.tiiur uKliuiiu.
lory Seen* on m PalaM VlHHf-'<wl?* ?
u?lo Eauun ot in* Ureal Actrrm la
? I'aMDmv Sal UinUbn Dwrikeil.
Cuicjgo, March 5.?A Leavenworth,
Cauda*, dupatck aaya that there ia much
ttlfc here of a acandaloua fight between the
reaaurer al the Bernhardt Company and
he manager, Mr. Mayer. The facta, aa
ar aa learned, are that Mr. Abbey left the
:ompany on Wedneadty and went to Milvaukee,
.loaving Mayer In charge. He,
.hough clothed with brief power, iruled
be company with an iron hand.
While at the New Opera Houae he got
nto a quarrel with the treaaurer about
etting iu a number of people. Hot worda
mailed, and the quarrel culminated in *
iiand tii-liand combat, when they embarksd
on the train that waa tojtake Bernhardt
to ijuincy. The row began again at 2
>'cluck,and waalreported by a baggageman
*iio waa at the depot to collect a bill of
ft ia aaid that the two men bad been
wrangling, and that Mayer bad been pretty
croaa during day. ;He banded over the
bills to Mayer and he handed them over
to tho other fellow. He aaid to Mayer,
" Here are Borne billa to be paid."
Mayer said: "Why don't you pay
" Why don't you give me aome money
to pay them with?" eaid the Treaaurer. |
Mayer said: " How much do you want? i
I've not a couple of hundred dollars."
"Why don't you give it to me then?"
asked tho Treasurer.
"Weil," said Mayor,"It is my individual '
money, but I can let you have what you
want to pay tbe bills."
"(live it to me then," said the Treasurer.
Mayer shook bis fist at him, and tbe
Treasurer said, "You have been Insulting
mo all day, and I will not stand it any
longer." .
"I have not insulted you," said Mayer.
"Yes, you have Inaulled me," said the
Treasurer, and be drew back and struck
Mayer a powerful blow on the left aide of
the face, just under the eye, infliotiog a
wound from whlcb the blood spurted out
all over the bills. Mayer staggered back
against tbe door of tbe state-room, and
was caught by a young attendant In charge
of the bedding car, who got in between
them, and endeavored to prevent furthor
II 110! ? ..... ... .1 -111,
iunyur Bttiu: oir, yuu uro uuuo wuu
this Company."
The Treasurer said: "I don't care for
you or this Company either."
Mayer threw bis hands around the attendant
and found a pistol in hia pocket,
which he leveled at the Treasurer.
Tho attendant, seeing the pistol, said, "for
Ucd'a Bake, don't ahoot," The Treasurer
drew hie pistol and started toward Mayer.
Home men rushed in and got hold of nlm
before lie could do anything, and threw
Ills hands up.
M'lle Bernhardt appeared on the scene,
excited and unmindful of her wardrobe.
Blio was attired in anlgbt gown, ber beautiful
hair hanging loosely down tier back
as it did on the stage, The neok of her
rolie iIf unil wis trimmed With rullles, very
narrow edged, with plain Valenciennes
lace, hex plaitod. She wore no night-cap.
She was attired plainly. Her presence
quieted the disturbance. Her lady attendant
were also out m diihabiUe.
lill|Mllllllllll!llllMll!lll| MEAT GERMAN
l||Li"iill|J RHEUMATISM,
' sfflflwj sciatica,
llllllllliiilllllllllilll I lumbago,
I IliEl backache,
i 11111' .1# o-oxtt,
III nmnmami J 0""
iii |||p """""'i sore throat,
ll'tajlllll, swxllinos
|||- rniJ SPRAJN8,
I (Hlb^inDIIlIlb J A*D
1 il IllllllliP11! soaiids, ,
1111 11 'IliniUllll CesenlBoiilyFaini,
r3P^": ffl HEADACHE,
^ 1 ACKEB.
No Preparation on oarth *<iuali Br. JiCOM Oil u a lift,
icM.amrLK and cnur KtUrnal lUmod;. Atrial lauilt
bat tho ocraparaUtoly triBlni outlar of M Cl*t?. and otiit
obo loffariBf with pain oan have oboap and poalliro proof of
it* claim*. umicTIOMS II RUV1I LiHflCAUBS.
JlalUmort, Md? V.8.A*
Kentucky State Lottery
Sives Everybody a
Jhance to Make Something I
Out of His Investment; i
n the Drawing of j
MARCH 15.|
There are no lest than
876 Prizes, Amountlnn 1
rogether to $60,800. ;
st Prize, $15,000. 5
!d Prize, $5,000. J
Id Prize, $2,500. ;
\ni Whole Tickets
Inly $1, '
Address all Order* to ;
i.ufinutun,599 Broadway, New York '
* M. J. RICHMOND, Oorington, Ky. ?
tnhl S 9-11 t
o Nfirroitii lnin'Mi*-Th# Or?i?t Faro* h
It ti * posittTc cure for Bparmttorrhaa. Bmtnftl
7fnkn?w, Im potency, and ill dlM* rMultlng Iron
llf.Abtiw.U Man*| >If0Mi ^
ond?rfol>Mcc ?^
Patnphltti nnt frit to all. WrIU for thaa tad fat ?r
ill rartlcnlart, Of
Priw. Bpffifln, II W pjr pMb|t, or Ht ptektf*
r|?0D. Addr?nmiord?rato pt
Ho. 108 Mala St. Buffalo, H. T all
Bold In WhMllai by LADOHLIn bIob/A 00.
BAMMO fQWDia.^5^
Absolutely Pure.
IU4? from Orapt Crtaa Tirt*r.-No other m .,.
WtXT. Qu t??T*o by DyiMPtlc without ft
lit Ilia reaulUng from haary IndlteaUbla faLaJ!
inJy In oana. by all Groctra. ^ *4
B^lYAL BAKING POWDER it)., tfKW yofcx
F MCODdtoor.No. 1323K Uarkrt .i .l TB5
ri W. 8 HOTCHIMH, Mo. llll Mt.k.tat jj*
r HOUBK, oonUlnlDg ilx roomi. waitr JS
NO. W llim|MiD It re. I. Pumalou April In jt|!
to AHTUUll L1TTI K. ' 4|J?
r WABB-HOUBE. No. HOB Main ilrt.UoVj"
pled br Jacob Hoyder. l'oioea*lon glm SIiS
Ul, IMI. Apply to ALEX. ttOiJElw' wfcJSJ
Waahlotton Hall Building, now occupied k,?
P. Brown. Poaeaelon given lit April, lK-,1 I q
WILLIAMS Becretary, Mo. S5'iwalUh ,Um
Jaonatr 11, mi. ]M"
Building Mo. 1320 Mala Hrwt; alu, Kim
ot Moa.23 and 2S Fourteenth etrwt, *lmh liaotiu
fitei, and can bo divided to lull tcuauia Kmiuin 3
ZANK A BTALNAKKB, No.M Twir'ltbUrwi |j
JD Brick Houae, Mo. 8 Virginia ilre?t, UUml
Ulnlng alx roourj, tho lot villi tho houw U ICu uT
Suartt or tuora. Tho aocond boiuo from the .mikj
the Huipeuiloa bridge. l'oa*M?|iin tura |.[j
April. Inquire oI J AM EH EOBINoON. Ko lie
Water etreet. '
Irani houaeoorncr ol Morth Huron and Nut.
land etreet, Ialand, containing eli rooukimdkiukM
with flolebed attlo and good waah-houi?; (all 11
Poeeeeelon givea April 1. Apply U? *
' ? AHMtfl'KONU, 'DEN k (ti I
That daalrable two-itory brick linu*. Nt a
Podd itreet, Ialand. with hot and cold water Ua
tod water cloeet, eight rooun, wu?Ii>Ii?um mYto
room, and good cellor: rent reaionablt; ?iiiu?
la food repair. Alio Mo. 68 Eighteenth itri-tnn
and half atorlee, eight ronme aud itorereom. r?
terma apply to A.M. A PA MB,
itore Boom. 2112 Main etrrel, now ouuulri it
Oecar Henley, Plumber; three Uw oiHcei, ?o>i > hi
mail houaee (throo oil Twentieth alrrat): iuU?li
centra ol city.
Enquire ol
I will rent the officea I now occupy, (n?n*
deak room to eettle uu my buelneea.) for two rtn,
from lit Jaauarv, lUf, Xiao will aell one Urn hi
one oounter, deaka, ebalra, Ac.
dell HhprlH ohloCoaitjf,
A good atore room with dwelling HUu-taLVi
UU weit fide Market, between Klemtb ui
Twelfth atreeta, one among (be beat locttlotuhti
produce and grocery bualnoaa la Ibecltr.
J?U 1 lltWIW, Afltt.
i miuhuii" uurv Miwiii, in/, luvu piriim iirir,
formerly occupied by A. M. Walter ax n gra?j.
Klin. bualnaaa Bland. Terina tity low. Powrta
glTen April lit. Apply to
mh4MAt lUcalffr, liaa hapllmft
X1 dwelling, containing tlx ntouu nnd Mtrw
ball: cellar under entire houar; latrijr Ikh kdfc
newly fiulihed throughout In the brat ol ittlirA
olalern containing 160 barralauf water; alio ilitdid
buggy ahei. Local fd on tha Wheeling ind El
Urora itreet railway lln^. Pulton, w. Va. whim
rciionabljr. Apply to UENRY K. 11KKS, FulUk
The thrae.ibry brick building, with itrrertta*
Brat floor, foruarly occupied by Baehmin A Dm*,
illuat? on tha waat aids or Market atrcet, near rvwl
Ward Market. I'ha building la adapted and nt
need aa a boarding houae by a good tenant, vtnS
bo wllllrg to renl for next year from anjouereitjrt
ihe whole building with a tIow of only <K<upjln
Lhe itore-room. Tba flxlnga, auoh aa ahrlTtng,An
san be purr baaed from preiant occupant elm#.
mh? If Z.BHB1VISH, 1211 MainHf
I log In room No. 1801 Market atreH. Jnaulriif
080. J. MATHIM)N, Wo. 1221 Market Ml. ntl
The Two-etorr Brick Tenement llouw,
corner Tweal/*tblid tod Water itreeii.
Apply to
fe22 M(M MiId itmt
The Country Beildence ol l.uclua lloge, idjolnltf
Dornbrr ok'a Park.
Alio, Two laland Lota, by
f?2 W. V. nooB 4 BM.,
Baal EiUti Awt*.
HMMarfcit iWi.
Eligible two>etery lirlck dwelling ob tntilfc
Chapllne itreet, one-half iquare of rr?k,
lalDlBg 9 room, hall entrance, goed **"? l# 1 "*
ipectabia neighborhood, conunlpnt for builn***
?orklnfmen, 12 200 will buy It. I rwni rental **i??
1240 pir annum. Apply atonnn to
Seneral Buelnne and Real Kitalc Ag?nt, M? *?'"'
street, Cranile'e Block.
A. Desirable Residence,
Delightfully iltuated
On the River Front, Wheeling lilut
ibote blah water. Located on two lot* ti*b Inu??
of 120 feet running to the rltrr. l)t?iliM??j
elnlng all the tnodetn Improvement*: f?.
?ld water, atallonary ?uh aland* an I t
*th roomi, Ac. Lot ha?70 choice fruit una"
trap* rrbor 110 feel. Property now
iwnd bj Wm. H.U.1I, Applij lo
I'M Ho. I4C6 Mlf>?lHI., HwI MM*jig.
Buy before you rent. Why? Brnuie In w? "
enyeera you have paid for rent whit
wy you a comfortable hone. 1 hut J.?>t atd F'*
welling on Twelfth atreet, aril* for H*? /'*?
tor y Brick Dwelling and lot, renii for I ? ?
noBtb: aelli for 1880. fi.doo only lor that nr?
lory Brick Dwelling on fclKhteenth atr-tf. *!*?
off Brick Dwelling, deatrable, on >: ? '5?
j-leventh. In the centre of theelty. lor II,WO
i valuable Brick Dwelling and lot ?n Matn
100. For Bent?A few tnore ??? ! hoow?i*
nFlfHenlh atreet; one on Main, Wtw^o Twewjf
h'rd and Twenty.foorth atreela. Waatrf-JJg I
uu buibii nuiiMi, liueeor iour n??iii* ? Mill
famlllta. 0. A. BCIIAKFI K A ( 0,
Opar* IIomi" un'.
Wa Hill Mil fltcamiblp TfckeUfrom ?>.rnuof
116 and tin w,rL
?. QlNlttAL NOTIOI?._^
^"OTIOE. RKI)RMf>TI0N (JP r|TV pnsw
Tbakoldara of (he 7fc par ??nl botidi oil**"}
I WhMllDc, lamed under the oidlnat fe'' ' v1 '
araby notflltd that la accordance *i?b rr-j'J #
lid orrilnanre, thafnllnvlnr bond*, Nm lii*
29, 197? 99 . 94ft. MM, 999, 941. ??" 1'i
79, ?l, 919, 1?, 990, WO, ft'J. M. JJ
itlDi beta drawn by lot, will N? MM"" rrr*''?.
on to tha oada tlgned, ami will ceaae to 16
il on aod after April I, Mil.
fommlailoneri of City of Wh?eii?;
maioh i, 1981. .
_ Pifii WaOFfirn, 1210 (imp! i|!? J,
. O'CI/KJK P. M. g
All earaoni Indebted to me for tuiw m?m "
ia old BUarlfl'i Oflro ani tliarromr.t'T.
For the farther convnlenr* ol thuee *b?k.
ra tha time daring tha d?/, I win keepth'0
>an nntll t o'clock p. m. . ?..*
Unleee you Rive thli laU antic# atlent
oeaad to aflforea the law, ahlrb ?ili In m?ny_<**?
14 ooata mora tbaB tha tat bill. All ortert?w
Una will ba praaanted to me ai uwaj.
OBO. K. TINnl^K,
|a| Ki-Nhtrifl Ohio Uu#?f.

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