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Absolutely Pure.
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pj.u?. C?n mmo by Bjiwplot without I?rd
llu? llli rcittttlnt Iruia h?ij lualiHUblo luod. 8oW
' ??**
' >W
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one ' ubllibutrat in the ritetf. Our luccete la buy*
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I* iriiaeni channel with no* gwda alinoit put lecog*
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Already recognUed aa the largeet la now the greiteit
utimlion In our Bouae. Our
White Goods Department,
When all good* aro In. will conuln not leea than 100
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ilO-l Main Htroot,
Ml 16
to lave their natural teeth we would say
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flugsar. Wial we aay we aid prove by aotoal
dcraomtration. Call and iee for youraelvee.
ln| Mo H4? Mt., WhMltne. W. Va.
cxt m i Air
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Notice?Jae. II. (Juarrier.
The Iriab Land league Question Solved,
Wanted?Youuk Man.
YUU shaultl 886 the liflhtnlnu cleanser foi
niftnnlna illvir. For sile by GRUBB, thi
JUST HtCEIVEU?Five thousand gsllor
lone ware at BEO, K. MoMECHEN'S,
No l064_Markat8t
llipriiioiiiclor HMOrtlt
The following aiiows tho range of the
thermometer, iu observed at bchnepfl
duu store, Opera House comer:
188U. 1M1.
7 A. H. 11 M. 3 r. t',1 r. M. I 7 A.M. 12 M. 8 P. M. 7 r. M
Tl !K) HO KIT I 6C 61 OG CI
Washington, D. 0., May 10.?1 a. m.~
For Tennessee and tlio Ohio Valley, partly
cloudy weathor, and local raloie, slight
changea in temperature and barometer,
and light variable winds.
For the Lower Lakes, slightly warmei
and (air weather; winds generally from
north to east.
. ? ?
THE uiual merchants' luittih at the New
MoLure House Sample Rooms dally.
I.rtf llrokrn.
Win. Vermillion, who lives near Roney'i
Point, had his leg broken by being thrown
out of a buggy, Monday. He was driving
along Die pike when a train on the HempHeld
came along and frightened hia horse
with the result nbovii stated.
I'rfftriilittluii lo Jtiirlon
A few days since Messrs. Miller A Kran?
zheim, jewelers cf this city, very gener<
ousiy 'presented Marlon Lodge i>o. 11,1.
0. U. F., of Fairmont, with a handsome
clock for their hall. A committee consist'
in# of Messrs. George H. Hhinnand Clarence
L. Hinith was appointed to draft resolutions
of ttiADkfl to the firm, which was
done as follows:
Wiirhkar, At our last meeting Messrs.
Miller A Franzheitn, of Wheeling, through
Brother 0. If. Hhinn, presented this lodge
with a valuable and handsome clock, be it
Knotted, That the thanks of this lodge
ho unanimously tendered to the generons
donors for their much valued present; and
Honrtl (if I'nblle Wnrhn.
The Ibnril of I'ublio Works held i
meeting ill the (Japllqj yerlerday for ihe
piirponn of transacting business. Among
other business that was transacled was the
?,ipotntment of three Oommluionera ol
r.iarmacy, vis.: Klrat Congressional Dlatrlct,
Kilniimd llockins, Wheeling; Sec
ond, J. W. i. Itsker, Martlnabnrgj Third,
HI. I.. ll?Kit?,i'lnrli!Hon. Theieappointments
were made In conformity with Ihe
riuuint act ol the legislature, the text of
which was published In Ihe larai.Ltoa*.
<?? at the time.
The principal provision of this
hill Is to jtnard against Ihe employment of
II1HII or UierBtl III UIM(( niuisn TT hu MlD nunproficient
nmt incapable. The merit* of
the hill cannot fail to recommend them*
solve* to the sensible men in the medical
profession ell over the State, end the
Hoard of Public Works in their selection
of men have exercised mnch good sense
and judgment, and, we feel sure, have
pleased all the physicians in the several
OonRreseion.il districts. To Edmund Docking,
of this citv, tnoro than any one man
fs due the praise for the inception and
successful carrying out of the bill. The
npointments are to date from nett Mon*
A a. * O. K. B. UlH Wllb Two Loaded
Can, fall Tlirouiiu a mlilf*
WbMllwg (mk iui iHlxat Uo?*
Don wub lb* tram, awl Aacapaa wllb
la 11Te-A Hrakcuiaaa Advralore?
rail raillcalara of Yeai6nlaj'a Awful
At nearly 4 o'clock yeeterday afternoon a
abarp crack, like the aimultAneoua tiplo
aion ol a thouaand ritlee WAl heard io the
direction ol tbe B. A 0, railroad depotIt
waa plainly discernible for mauy blocka
Around and in two minutea Alter it occurred
bundreda ol people were running in
the direction, each inquiring aa they went,
the cauae ol the noise. An Intklliobnckb
reporter waa aoon on the ground And
found a whole aection oi a trusa bridge
over the creek, leading to tbe Ireight
depot, in tbe atream below, and on top cf
It a mlacellaneoua maaa o( car wbeela,
wood and locomotive machinery mixed up
with dozana ol broken barrela ol dour, the
contenteol which had largely atrewn itaell
over me wrucit hiiu lue Burruumuug wmcr.
As aoon as (be terrible imash*up occurred
the whole depot and yard force appeared
on the scene, and Instantly realizing
the possible loss of humau life
provided means of relief. Freight Boss
Jack Shrodes was tho first on the wreck.
He instantly niahed to the bench below,
carefully picked bis way around the projecting
rocka on the abutment of the
arched wall there and sprang on the
wreck. A camel-back engine, No. 103,
with tender and two cars had gone down.
On the former, Mr. Shrodes knew, waa the
engineer, named Thomas Clark, and it was
to rescue him dead or alive that took him
dowu. Lining the verge of the place
where the briuge had been, peered down
hundreds at anxious and curious /aces,
and as Mr. Khrodesclimbed over to where,
the cabin of the engine 'just showed a
corner above the water, which is ten or |
twelve feet deep st this point, a man
uamed Loyson. who works at the Riveraide
Mill, called out, "I see his hand under
the water," and excitedly pointed to a
spot where bubbles of air ascended to the
surface. At the aame moment Mr.
Shrodes discovered the hand, and,
as he says, heard the imprisoned man
trying to extricate himself from his
watery prison. The band waa immediately
aniznil and others comma to the rescue.
among them Win. Huatcd, of tbe I'tiwiky
road. noon bad the unfortunate man out
and Into a skiff. He ?ae rapidly rowed
ashore and placed In a wagon to be taken
to bla borne, but be Buffered 10 mucb on
the way that he waa carried Into Uarnahan'a
troe store below Twenty-second
fltreet, where a matrass waa procured and
he waa stretched on It. He waa then carried
to bla house, No. 2U56 Market afreet,
by aeveral of tba II. & 0. yardmen and a
couple of engineers.
I)r. Harvey had been Immediately summoned
and waa at Ulark'a borne tefore be
got there and had thing* properly arranged
tor hie reception. An examination of
Ulark'a Injuries waa then made, lie reremained
entirely conecloua from the time
of the accident until after the phyalclau'e
examination, but waa evidently in much
> pain and complained greatly of a terrible
pain in bla aide. Doctor Harvey eaid,
after having examined Ulark, that unless
there waa eome Internal injuriea he waa
bat little hart. No boneg were broken,
and bevond a alight cut In oneaide he waa
not defaced a particle and had no hrulaea
on hia peraon. Ula etcape aeeina hardly
leaa than a miracle.
Yesterday waa a buay day In the freight
department ol the road. Heavy care had
been conatantly shifted over the bridge,
and at noon a yard man named Williams
aiid he had beard the bridge crack, and
reported the fact, but no attention waa
paid to the matter at the time. The engine
which met the calaetrophe waa en1
gaged in shifting a car load of Ibur, of
1U5 barrela and a car of bulk
wnuat nuui uuo biuiuk tu nuuiucn xue
Hour waa a second grade quality, anil had
been sent down that morning on the ra>
glng HempAeld, by Rencomer A Co., of
Ulayavllle. and consigned to a Baltimore
house. The wheat waa from Melxel &
' Co., of Weat Alexander, and waa alao consinned
for the aanie city. The engine
faced the forward car, which contained
the wheat, and ila tender waa In front.
Juat aa the latter approached the middle,
' on ita way out from the depot pier, the
bridge gave way, it la presumed, about In
the centre. The rear car, containing the
Hour, wu on terra flrtna at the time,
I but the thirty-seven ton engine and the
loadened car ahead, dragged it over the
brluk with almoat lightning-like rapidity,
I A aecond after the bridge gave way the
rear car turned completely uver In ita deacent,
covering almoat entirely the front
' oar and the engine. Three Betf of wheels
were thrown agalnat the bank, and ore alao
upalde down, A more complete or
frightful looking wreck can hardly be immaglned,andthegenerally
expressed wonderment
waa, how In the world did the
engineer eacape Instantaneous death'.'
1 Fortunately no tlreman waa on the
engine when the awful crash occurred.
But a brakeman waa on the rear car at the
tlma mil liia nanina la nlmnat aa infirm!.
ible as that of the engineer. An Ixtilli;
tiKNCBR man Interviewed him on the tub,
ject shortly alter the excitement had partially
cooled down. He was then pale at
' the thought ol the horrible death he had
escaped apd he shuddered visibly as he
peered over the broken ends of tbe planks
that lined the view Into the cieek below.
> Inferring to his wotk on the train he siid
that they had been shifting cars all day,
and that he was on the laet car of the
wrecked train. "I had heard about the
, bridge cracking but did not think anything
about it any more 'till just
as I waa going to signal to back,
I heard an awful crack as though
a train of nitroglycerine had blown
np. I waa looking ot the engine,
and juat aasoouaa the bridge gave way
tho engineer blowed tbe whistle, and 1
saw him grab the reverae bar. It couldn't
have beon tbe hnndreth part of a second
from the time I heard the bridge crack
'till I aaw the tender teem to stand on end
and fold np with the locomotive, tbe Urst
car Join and then the second one, the one
I waa on Join the reat, and then the deafening
plunge into the creek. But in tbat
time, abort aa It was, and while the rear
car waa being dragged over faster than
any car ever traveled on rail before, I
gave a jump and landed within a few feet
ol the brink. I tell you, X ruabed away
mllthtv quick, You lee I know quicker
tbnn ? could acorch > feather what bad
; happened, anil at the engine waa carrying
eighty pounda of ateam, I looked for her
to hlow up, and wanted to get away aa faat
aa I could acramble."
Huch waa tbe brakeman'a atory.
The demollahed camel-back haa been In
uae on the road lor neaily twenty yeara.
1 About fifteen yeara ago It met with almoat
: a almllar accident beyond I.lttleton, There,
I however, the bridge had been burned.and
, the fall waa not near eo great. The engineer
and fireman were uninjured and the
damage to tbe engine waa alight Ita uaefulneaa
by the last accident, however, la
evidently gone lorever, and In connection
with the broken bridge, freight cara and
freight, the loaa to the road muat run pretty
atrongly Into the thouaande of dollara.
Half an hour after the accident a etrong
rant of workmen were eet to work to
make repairs which will be accompllehed
as rapidly at posalble. The other trusses
will alio be examined. The one adjoining
the one which fall through waa slightly
broken by the ioconlollye. Ae they hare
been up lor oyer twenty yeare, It seems
that a general overhanllng and teet ihonld
be made.
Engineer Clarke hat been in the employ
ol the road (or qtilte a good many yeara.
lie It apparently forty rears of age, and
haa a wile and three children. An Ihtii,iioaarta
reporter flailed him last night at
eleven o'clock at hla home. Dr. Harvey
waa there and reported him renting quietly
with every chance of rapid and complete
UATUKamu or bauim.
roarlMBib AbbquI toavaalloa or Vol
Virginia Vbjalclaaa la ibis Cliy Tm>
leidax-Rcpori of Their FrocetHllng#lUnquel
ai Dr. Mhim'.LmI light.
The fourteenth annual seseion of the
physicians ol West Virginia has held in
tbe Chamber of the Bupreme Court of App
peals at the Capitol in this city, yeater*
day afternoon. There ia a large number
of pbyiiciaaa present, and a very interest*
ing session is promised.
Tbe Convention waa called to order at
2 o'clock, by Dr. W. F. Van Kirk, of Grafton,
President. Tbe following members
answered to their nsmes: B. W. Alien,
Wheeling; George tiaird, Wheeling; W.
J. Bites, br., Wheeling; W. J. Bates, Jr.,
Wheeling; Bronntield, Jas. H., Fairmont;
Milliard, K. II., wnaellotr; uampueii, m.,
Parkereburg; Campbell, J. A., WHeeling;
Curtis, W. K., Wellnhurg; Frey, John;
FriMBll, John, Wheeling; Haivey, Q.
B , Philllppi; Harvey. R. S, Wheeling!
Uuiliben, M. F? Wheeling; Jepaon, 8. L ,
Wheeling; Lauell, Joaepb M , Fairmont;
MuUaoe, f. V. New Cumberland; Pipee,
J. 11., Weetiiug; Uneven, J. E., Wheeling;
Stidger, S, U, Cameron; ganoid, 8. D ;
Uliich, C. U, Wheeling; Van Kirk, W. F.,
lirafton; WhiUett, J. E ; Young, Jaa. F,
Wetiel county.
JJr. George ilaird, Chairman of the Com
millet) OI ArmugGUitJUIDi IU loopuuowiw a
call lor a report read an address ol Welcome
that was replete with sentiment! of
cordial welcome and medical erudition.
He alao announced the programme, which
lias already appeared.
Dr. Van Kirli,on the part ol the Society,
retponded to Dr. Bilrd is a lengthy and
eloquent address.
The Secretary, Dr. Hullihen, then read
the minutes of the last meeting, alter
which Dr. W. J. Bates, Br., introduced
Dr. Hamilton, Professor of Surgery in the
Columbus, O., Medical College, to, the Society,
and moved that he be invited to
take a seat with and a part in its proceedings.
The members arose in a body and
remained standing while Dr. Bates wis
speaking. Dr. Bates also Introduced Or.
W. T. Wells, of Pomeroy, 0., to whom was
also extended a similar courtesy,
Dr. Hullihen, Chairman of the Committee
on Publication, reported the pub
lltblng and distribution of the last annual
report of transactions.
The Secretary, Dr. Hullihen, then made
his annual report, showing that there had
been no deaths during the last year, but
that the membership had been materially
increased by the acquisition of new mem.
Dr. John A. Campbell, Treasurer ol the
Association, then read his annual report,
which was received and referred to an
auditing committee, consisting of Drs. W.
B. Stedger, W. J, Bates, jr., and B, W.
I)r. J, E. Beeves Introduced Dr. W, 8,
Fisher, of Bridgeport, who wu invited to
a feat within the bar.
Dr. 8. L. Jepeon proposed the name of
Dr. John T. darter, ol Triadelphia, (or
membership. Qe also moved the reetoralion
of Dr. J. B. Beed, a former member
ol the society, but who had been a resident
ol Pennsylvania lor several years.
Dr. B. VV. lisilett proposed the name ol
Dr. H. Byron Baguleyi Dr. Ulrlch tbitol
Dr. E. I). Myers; Dr. J. A. Campbell the
names of Dr. 1* D. Wilaon and A, F.
D/s. B. R. Frey, B. W. Allen and 8. L.
Jepson were appointed to Oil vacancies in
the Board of Censors.
Dr. C. F. Ulrlch, of Wheeling, read a
very lengthy, but very interesting paper,
entitled, "Some suggealiona aa to the
elevation ol the medioii fraternity," which
was well received.
The Auditing Committee reported having
examined the report of the treasurer
and found it to be correct. ?
Dr. J. E. Keevee invited the members to
visit bia office at 9 a. u. to day for tbe
iiiiFnnta nf uvamtnlnu hu tliu nl?1 n( a
microscope, histological, pathological (nil
tumor specimens be hid lately received.
The Invitation waa accepted.
Dr. W. J. Bates, Sr., chairman of th?
Board of Gensora, reported that the Board
had pissed favorably upon the applications
for memberahfp of Drs. Lewis D.
Wilson, Albert F. Btifel, E. 0. Uyerg and
John T. Carlor.
These gentlemen were then nnanlmouBly
elected by the Association.
Dr. B. W. Allen read a paper descriptive
of a remarkable caae of ovariotomy
that had come under hia notice.
Dr. Haralltoo. of Oolumbna, said the
case was a very interesting one, and complimented
Dr. Allen upon the excellence
of the paper read bv him. lie alto Instanced
a great number of similar cases
that he hail operated upon with varying
The members ol the Society SB now constituted
are as follows: B. W. Allen,
George Biird, W. J, Bates, Sr., W.J.
Bates, Jr., D. U. Bailey, W. D, Baker, E,
W, Bingell, W. J. Bland, B. 0. Bland, J.
8. Boone, II. W. Brock, L. 8. Brock, E. 8.
Bronson, James H. Brownfleld, Aebford
Brown, K. II. Bullard, Phil. Borw.ll, T.
B. Camden, M. Campbell, J, A, Campbell,
8. T. Chandler, T. P. Charter. J. M.
Cooper, W. K. Curtis, W. M. Dent, A. M.
Dent, E. 11. Dodson, E, W. Eagan, Sample
Ford, Wm. Frey, R. R. Frey. John Frlssell,
W. L. Grant, R. W. Hall, W.L. Hall,
G, B. Harvey, R. 8, Harvey, T. 0. Harris,
R. W. Hislett. E. A. Hlldreth, Fleming
Howell, L. 0. Hunt, J. C. Hupp, 8. L.
Jepaon, II. C Kelley, J. E Kendall, A. H.
Kunet, James M. Laussll, J. R. Lowry, H,
n. macsey, J. r. miner, u. r. morgan, r.
0. McLnue, J. \V. McWhorter, J. W.
McHherry, H. McUamble, J. II. Pipes, I.
I< Prlckett, 8. H. 1'rlckett, A, G, Reger,
J. K. lleoven, W. H. Slurp, CirlIie 8h river,
8. P. Htldger, J. H. ftoror, A. D, Safford,
A. II. Thaver, 0. F. Ulrlcb, W. F. VanKirk,
T. It, Welrcb, J. E. Whiteell and
J. 0 Yuung.
Adjourned ualll this tnorolng it 11
Dr. and Mrs. J, E. Beeves last night
entertained the members ol the Association
at tbelr beantllul bom* in Centre
Wheeling In magnificent style. No man
in West Virginia has done more to elevate
and honor the profession than Dr. Reeves,
and no man stands higher with his professional
brethren than he, and when the
members ol the society received their Invitations
they all sccepted, because they
were sure of an entertainment that would
be congenial to all. Many ol the physicians
were attended bv their wiveeand the
presence of the genial Dr. Hamilton, of
Coltrmbus, Conk, of Bridgeport, Knit, of
Dellalre, and Fisher, of Bridgeport, added
much to the evening's enjoyment.
foinia Aram rmpie mi hora? mm
Dr. W. T. W?un, D. H? Chief Bnler
of the I. 0. of Kecbabllee, of Ifewark, N.
3.i la In tbi city.
Mlu Klla Cochran, of Ihe Flrat ward,
left yeeterday on to extended (rip to Iowa,
Where ihe wlllepeod tbeiummer.
Iter. W. Lfleter and N. T..teeter, of
West Alexander, and Kdward Hlaeon, of
Roney'e Point, were In the city yeateraay,
0?pt, DiUj Brown, of the Ilempfield, li
till confined to bli home In Wilmington,
Pa., by alckneen. Meantime, Obarlla
Ailams takee out the tralna.
Wantrd la Know
The whefeabotita of Jana Vi?rh?ll?r. ?!(?
ol Annua) Vlerhellsr, formerly of WheelIn?,
West Virginia, or near thai place.
U?n address Lewis Tale, W* Kung, KanMa,
In hear something to her interest,
West Virginia papers please copy,
Oarrurci,rs, Felons. Dolls, Sores of long
standing, such as Ulcers, Abeeesee, elo.
P'lsllneljr cared without the kid ol knife
or poultice, br using Mrs. Julre Myera
Drawing and Healing Salve. Alee, Salt
Khcum, fcrrs pelae, Holt and Ulcerated
Uorne, Olilllblalne, etc. It haenerer (tiled
tocnre. Kor sale by Logan A Oo,
A Brief DmwIiiim Bones la i
Tali 1117. it bleb ? ronad ?a lb? UM
Mi Uraaads Tmlartfay.
Wheeling man, young and old, ham alwaya
evinced a paaaionata londneae lor
So a horses, and to such an extent baa
this (oadneea bsan carried that there are
la our city u many Una boraaa aa in any
other ol the aame alia on thla aide oi the
Atlantic. While displaying tbia predilection
lor fancy tquinea, however, they
have never allowed it tafarry them to an
eiceai, or to lower them to the level ot
horae racers and jickeye, or, in other
words, to prostituting it to the level ol
thosa who haunt raca ti acta and make a
disreputable living out ol their illicit and
ungentlemanly transactions. Their love
lor boraee, ou the other band, baa alwaya
been ol a commendable nature, and racing
lor the moit part baa been confined to
Iriendly tllta on tha Fair Groundi. or on
the stretch that runa through Plessant
A reporter cl tbia paper wandered into
P?f? fi?/Mlr/l? n 11 |hu Inlanil nanlasilan
tuo I ? uu IUV tgiwiu
morning mil found number ol young
gentlemen congregated there, intently
watching the "speeding" cf a number of
horses stabled on the grounds, under the
car* of Dr. Simon,a well knovnVeterinary
Surgeon. One of the large buildings has
been cut up into stalls and more com
fortably arranged for the accommodation
of horses, of which there are some twelve
or fifteen very good ones. The ground is
in good condition and sill be much better
sa the season advances. The grouuds are
well set in graas, which furnish excellent
pasture for the animals.
Oo? of the handsomest and the fastest
marcs thst we saw yesterday wad the
brown mare Bay Belle, just sold by 01.
Elaman to a gentleman from New York,
I iravu fanntr nvliia 'Phis msra Viua Ivnt.
at a TOi/ IBUVJ |>l ll>B| ?UIB IUHIU II BO HUt
tod in 2:32, and promlies to diminish tb?t
fljure it properly taken care ol. Hhe *111
be pieced in tiia bends of Johnny Hup
pby, the celebrated driver ol Philadelphia,
the flret week in June, end we expect to
bear very lavorable reports from her before
A beautiful grey stallion, owned by W.
M. Handlan, next attracted our attention,
and (this horse, we were informed, ia aa
remarkable lor hie speed aa for hli beauty,
having trotted a mile at various times In
leea tban '35. "He baa bad very little
handling," laid our informant, "but If he
keeps on Improving at the rate he baa
been doing for the lait few days, he will
certainly beat '30 this Beaeon."
A bay geldingln very good trim,"Blond,"
by name, was In the next stall. This
hone his beaten 2:40 and ia valued very
highly by bla owner, Mr. Lou Franthelm,
aa lie gives promise of great speed, "lie'
is a stager and Is aa game a nag aa (here is
In the State," lemarked a gentleman
whose opinion Is regarded aa law hereabouts.
Sheriff Grown has a very handaome
cheatnut mare that has shown i,reat apeed
and enduranoe, and Is coming out better
every dav that she goes on tbe track. She
lmln wall, and tinfnrn the anasnn ia nvpr
will have as good a record aa any borso In
this locality.
Charles Fisher has a ilvo-year-oM chest'
nut mare on the track that Las developed
wonderfully In the last few weeks, and
uuder the carelnl training that she Is now
receiving, promises to be a "fast one" this
Charlie List has a bay mare, pretty as a
picture, in training, tine has shown evldsnce
of good bottom and is of excellent
Frank Webster had a bay horse on the
triek while we were ou the grounds that
Is a tine trotter, and before the season
passes will attract much attention. He Is
very young, but a large, powerful animal,
ana looks like a stayer.
Mr. W. M. Ilandlan bas a browp colt,
half brother to his young stallion, in the
stable, that is fast for so young s horse,
and he aisured us that be thought It would
be a "notable" around here betore tbe
season would be entirely ov6r.
Mr. it. K. Friend has a besutiful chestnut
mare that bas shown great speed.
Will List has a brown mare cf good
promlte under the care of the doctor.
Tom List still has bla black horse "Harry
Warden" which la as handsome and fast
as ever. The horae has a record of 2:41 to
a wagon.
U. V. W rV.lolui, t... a Hr...
tun "i " imo n TCI J uuu
double team of baja that are very rapid.
Mr. Al. Harden *haa Bold hia matched
team ol chestnuts to EJ. Wagner. Thla
team ia aald to be tbe beat matched and
moot beautiful In the Weat.
John Handlan baa a fine roan called
"Chance" that baa ahown np well, and
will be beard from thla aeaeon.
Mr. Ed. Koae hae a beautiful dapple
(ray on the track which, although very
young, haa developed good bottom and a
high rate of apeed.
Mra. W. M. Handlan baa a pacing pony,
"Kate," that haa ao far ecllpeed anything
on the road.
There are qnlte a number of qlher
boreea which we are not at liberty to
mention that have ahown up well.
Dr, A. P. Hancherbaa aeveral very good
anlmala In tralnlmg on the Fair Qrounds,
notably "Buckahot," a rnnnlng nag that
haa attracted a good deal of attention on
account of his great apeed.
He haa alao In training a bay mare be.
longing to Mr. Will Mooney, of WoodiBeld,
Ohio, which haa come oat wonder(ally
In the laat few weeka.
Andy Hamilton haa a dark roan boree,
very young, bat of rare promise, under
....... ?r n. ir I iv..,
i>uo mis ui vii uoutuoi iuni> ijno uvun
gome very gcod trotting.
(.IHROPOM l.lffE.
Iloiua llapiHwIma mndlcd bj Oar
Hborl-biiad Rrpurlern.
Tat p?ddlers bill this cool spell.
Till hotel arrivals ?re diminishing.
It will loon be time to take to the
Tin Lincoln Club rooms will be formally
opened to-night
Ou that thia coolneae would hold out
until titer graduation essay time.
An epidemic wouldn't aland any more
how here now than a youUilul frog stepped
on by an elephant.
A visiting doctor said lacctiouily yesterday:
"I have to get home by Saturday or
soine of my patients will be getting well
on my hands."
Whili out the National road driving
last evening some reckless driver ran Into
the buggy ol Ur. W. M. Handlan and completely
wrecked It.
Tin stalls ?t the Atlantic engine home
are being changed in order to turn the
horses head toward the engine, so that
movements can be conducted with greater
It u important that ill tlnif!giala who
life (long the line of the I). A 0. do lend
their namea to thli city immediately, in
order to get the benefit of reduced ratee
to the convention Which will be held here
nest week.
- Tin engine on the Pewlkv that Mini the
0 o'clock r. H. train up brake reateidar
and the way freight engine waa aubalftnteil.
thou delaying the latter trail! and a
number of pataengera.
Dm Bairh and Van Kirk, inlheconrae
of their addreeaee veaterday, took occaaion
to refer In the warmeet terma to the dlalnterealed
aerrlcra t f Or. Jtmee E. Keavw,
of tbla city, in bebaK of the bill to prevent
emplriclem in tbla Slate.
Omcm Juxiws Ann r uoatr arrested
Roger Ulenn at the Second Ward Mutkel
Home on Tuesday morning. Ho wu bo
drnnk thai be bail to be carried bodily to
the lock-np. He was lined 12 and costs by
the PoliceUonrt which he paid.
Joiir Ebbibt and Mlse Teresa Rsnner
were married at the Oathedral yesterday
allernoon. The attendands were Wm.
fchambra and MUs Amelia Ebbert, Mr.
Welly and Mlse Lliila Kenner, Miss
WelssandMr. Hoffmann. Father McElllgott
performed the ceremony,
iiwitw ?mii?
01 lk? Uuell C'wniiuliiM Oa Oidl. 1
HICM-Itl Prw??lliiM-A Unl|
The committee on ordinances of lbs
Oily Council met at the Ark last night,and
bortly got down to work. The following
resolutions were considered and disposed
of u noted:
One?Committee on Police authorized
to appoint an assistant lock up keeper,
compensation left blank for Council to fill.
Heferred to City Solicitor.
Two?A resolution to abolish abuaing
chicken coclu by lighting.
Ordinance to be prepared.
Three?Keccommeuded to appoint a
clerk of the First Brapch to act aa clerk of
committees and as assistant to the Oity
Clerk, at a compensation of $600 per annum,
bealdea the salary paid by the First
Fourth? Recommended for consideration
of Council to reduce the present
licerae charged to the real estate agents.
Fifth?Ordinance to lie drawn in reference
to the loan ol *200,000, $100,000 to be
in $100 bonds; balance to be in $500 and
$1,000 bonds, equally divided. Tne time
ol issuing bonds to be August 1, 1881, to
run thirty years with the privilege to pay
at expiration of ten years. To be called
the 1030 loan; interest to be paid semiannually
on February 1, and August 1,
respectfully; bonds wneu redeemed are to
be paid at Exchange Hink; the rate ol
iuteresttobe >11 per cent; election to be
held during the middle ol June; advertisements
thereof are to be published in the
three dally papers', the number of commissioners
to consist of three gentlemen,
hniA Knnil In hn afllxHii at $'20 fMM) MBi'h.
Mr. Caldwell asked the question, what 1
ehould bn done with the money rot aside
by the Klmberly resolution for the purpose
of paving our atreelB?
Ur. Klmberly retorted that the money
should bo utilized for opening up atreets,
allevs, Ac.
Ur. tichultz was not in favor cf any
more boulders or macadamising, particularly
such w Mr. Arkle dons in Ike
Eighth ward.
Hardly had our own "Keyaer William"
made thla expression when the great cammoner
from "hells whole acre," aa Ur.
Walter formerly etyled him Inopen Council,
He* up In great rage, accusing tbe corpulent.
member of falsehood, inconaistency
and every thing to emlnate at
a momenta thought in hie uranium and
ttndlng ready vent from his mouth.
Mr. Klmberly further accused Mr.
Hchullisol being t&e author of Ihe resolution
to appoint the asalslaot lock up
keeper. Tke Squire coulil not stand this
fearful onslaught any' longer. Jumping
to hia feet and throwing hia bat upon the
tbe table, before the tnembera of tbe committea.
ha piactilaled. nointlntr hia fimrtir
defiantly in the face ol Mr. Klmberly:
"You are a liar, air! If you want to fight,
now you can have it. and all you want!"
Mr. Klmberly thought that a light might
engender the rijln of the 'Squire's corpulance,
but bad nothing further to respond.
Altogether it waa k lively meeting, but aa
such Is creditable, Inasmuch aa it letrayB
intereat in the city's welfare.
Ma. 0.0. Mitciiili., DIulTton, lod., says:
Ht. Jacoba Oil does all that is recommended
for. ltiatbebeat remedy for severe
pain; that haa ever been put upon the
market. i
Nulbliw lu Wear.
It la not because we have not got In
stock thia aeaaon an endlesa assortment of
dreia materials, from the lowest to the
finest. If you wish a cbeap drees, we can
suit you. If you wish a medium-priced
drees, we em suit you. If vou wish a
fine dreaa, we can suit you. If you wlah
a dress fir cool weather, we can please
you. It you wish a drees for hot weather,
we can suit you. Wby aay nothing to
Hllk Brocade Grenadines?II you liko to
aee something handsome, we invite you to
lllack Batiua-Our aileamen say we
have not miased one costume on black
satins this season. Probaby wo sell cbesp
Cord and Balla?Wedossd out a manufacturer.
and offer to-day two-yard cord
and balls, all silk, at 35 cents, colors only,
A quality of white India lawn at 20
cents, which will compare with any at 50
cents, here or elsewheie. Te day only.
nr_ - i i it l.i .i at~ui?..
?to revvivvu nuuiucr iui ui iiiubo wnnw
bed eprcada, nt }1 00. We told over 500
In three weeks. They must be cheap!
A call ol inspection of what We offer
will probably be beneOclal.
I. Blum
1104 Alain strict.
Choice Hone*, Verbfunii, I'Hnilr*. dm.
Messrs. John H. A A. Murdock, the woll
known floriata o( Pittsburgh, offer at
wholesale and retail an immense stock of
the choicest and beat grown tea and
monthly rosea, verbonas, paasies, heliotrope,
collns. tube rosea, feverfew, petunias,
gladiolus, dahlias, etc. They also
make n specialty of furnishing fine flowers
and amilax /or woddings, funerals and
other occaaiona. Prompt attention given
to telegrams. They have no agency in
Wheeling, so all orders should be addressed
to No. 112 Smithfleld street, Pittsburgh,
Pa. 19 21-23 26-27
Pretty Cloo<l TeRllmooj.
H, Schofleld, druggist, corner Elm and
Chestnut stree's, Toronto, Ont., writes: "1
write from pfrswjal experltnee. and not from
hearsay, In testimony of the efficacy of Bnrrir.nlr
Hlnnil lllltnri I atillurail f^nm tnitlvno.
tlon, wu colliv?, and inv bowels were alt"?ether
out of older. After oslrg your bitters
or short time I am enjoying auch health aa
I never iHd before."
Sold by Lauglilln Bros, A Co, Wholesale
Druggists, Wheeling.
Iionuly, health, anil hap|ilncsa for ladies
For sale by Logan A Co,
A Couou, Gold or Sore Throat should
bo stopped, Neglect frequently rtxulla In
an Incurable lung disease or consumption.
Brown's Itronclilal Troches do not disorder
the stomach like cough syrups and
balsams, but act directly on the Inflamed
parts, allaying Irritation, give relief In
Asthma, Bronchitis, Uouglie, Catarrh and
the Throat Troubles which dingers and
Public Spoakere are auhject to, For thirty
years Brown's Bronchial Trochee have
been recommended by physicians, and always
give perfect satisfaction, Having
been tested by wide and constant use for
nearly an entire generation, they have at
uuneu weii-meriieu rant among trie lew
tuple remedies ol the age. Hold it 25 cenla
a uoi everywhere. tthbw
New Wall Paper and Cupels,
Two dray loada ol new atyle wall paper,
and borders to maloh, and one load ol new
carpele, will be eold cheap lor ciah< Filly
pl?cea new dree* gooda, at ten cents per
yard. Call soon, at John Hoemer'e dry
goods, carpet and wall paper emporium,
Noa. 20111 and 2031 Main street, Oentr*
Take One.
At this lime ol the year a good Turkish
bath will do more to cleanse out your eyetorn
and put you In good order lor the
summer than ten dollars' worth ol tpedlcine.
The ealabllahment la on the eaat
side ol Market itreet. below Fourteenth. (
Take " BLACK-OBAUQHT" and rot i
will never be blllotn.
For Hale lijr Logan A Oo.
Tiiaaeoralof recruiting (he vllal principle
I* tllrcivered In Tutt'e Pills. In
llrer affecllona, ttlutneea, headache, contlveneaa,
dyapepaia, levcra o( alt kinde,
dyeentefy, Ifatulenca, heartburn, ernptiona
ot the apln, nerronanesa, blllona colic, Ion
of appetite, and all tronblea ot the bowala
their curative eflfmte are marvellona.
they are holy the illlcted'afriend i
"WINE OrOABDUr,'rlliif tlmca a day
makea a happy household.
For (tie by Logan A Oo.
[to* IxWblllM u4 Ivor alien M
Bellaire U *11 aloue in her glory.
The School Bond met Tueaday events?,
lUt there not being a lull attendance, only
oatine btuineaa waa artended to, and
lothing waa done about tue new school
The peraonal tax of Bellalre ia eetimated
ly aome of the aaaeaaora to have fallen oil
hia year f100,000. Thia la earned by in
'eetmenu in real eatata, by the aettlecent*
ol eatatoa and the conaequenl
ibangea and by the change in the laxinj
if building awociationa. This loaa la aboul
nade up, at leut in aome ol the wards, by
he increase of ta'uecf real eetate in the
tew buildiogaput up, Ooe ward haa $20,
MX) invented already thia year in nen
11. U. Iosler and othora will make ad
Irrauaatthe meeting "of the Ulaaa Git]
Lodgo of Diuidn, Thursd?y evening. Thi
irand Secretary for tha United Htatee wil
)e preient alto.
The Gatnolic achool will go to the Loai
n a body Thnradav alternoon.
The bakere aay that tha Loan haa effect
id Ihrlr trade?Increaaed it. So many o
he Udiea are devoting much of their timi
;o the exhibition that the baker baa ti
lurnlab tbe bread.
Kev, J. u. Black baa put in tile Loan i
[oiaii elephant's tooth that weighs seven
teen pounds.
The Brat marriage license issued in Bel
mout county is at the Loan. And near b;
ia a copy of the St. Glairaviiie QairUt thai
Is in m mrnlng for Thomaa Jefferson am
Jobn Adams, who inth died on the Fourtl
ol July 1824.
In the fancy work department are tw<
toilet aeta, hand painted, that are offarei
fnr sale by chances. They were presents*
bv the makers, Miss Florence Wilson am
Miss Ida Kvaus. A quilt will also be dii
posed of In the same way. It was bough
from the Episcopal sewing society.
"Big Foot," the Indlsn celebrated (o
his exploits in this part oi the country, 1
represented at the Loan by his skull.
The dishes that formed the whole collet
lion used by Tkomu II. Qenin at the tin]
ol his death, are on exhibition. They at
alet pot, a cup anil saucer, a mllk-pilcbt
anil a soup dish. Although a milllonalri
he wanted no more and thereto:e be lis
oo more. It was not stinginess but prli
Above 8. Q Hamilton's booth Is a Bri
slllan Cardinal, a bird of most brilliai
The Cleveland A Pittsburgh road wl
run excursion trains from Uteubenvill
etc., on Tuesday and Saturday, the day
the baby show and of prominent visitor
A piece of the glass "cloth," such as hi
been used In the dresses made for seven
actresses lately, is on exhibition.
A table, designed and painted by W hef
ing's veteran painter, John Hutcblus, is I
the art department.
The meter for the gas used at the Loi
has to be changed for a larger one. A
ready nearly double the Jets at first calc
lated for are burnlug.
Tbe art gallery collection of pain tin
has been much increased, snd, like all tt
other dopartmonts, it is irowinn still.
How many get fooled by the Ijrekm glc
over those two pictures In tho art iialieij
Will HolTman was taken suddenly
on Belmont street Wednesday, and had
Ito to his home In the First ward in
fiie committee on babies at the Lot
Exhibition baby show next Tuesday
Mrs. Wm. Kelly, Mlas Maggie Hainllto
Mies Dora Moore, MessrB. Frank Him
man and James F. Anderson.
Slight pain in tbe side, tho *kin at
eyes astume a thick yellow c ?at, digeatlQ
is impaired, an unpleasant sinking Rene
Hon at tbe pit of the stomach is expei
enced, the bowls are irregular, the mit
fretful, the memory weakened, tuuiutim
a slight cough, coldnefM of the hauda an
feet, aomotiuKH logs of apoetite and
others unnatural craving fot f jod.diisine
of the head, depressed spirits, feeling
uncertainty, of having left something u;
done, hut can't tell what it is. Take Hie
moo'a Liver Regulator, it will remove a
unpleasant fellings and make you well.
"ftOIIKll (Ml KHIM."
The thing desired found at last. Ai
Druggists lor Hough on Hals It clears o
rate, mice, roaches, bed bngf, 15o boxes.
"Women ftrvrr 'thiol!."
Tf the crabbed old bacbe'or who niton
thin son ttnient cull d bit witness ilio In ton
thoug t,de?p study and thorough I live, tig
tlon of women in determining the bust met.
cine#to k?ep tlipir fami ie? well, in ! won
note their tauueitv nml wisdom in mlrr.tii
Hop BltUrs an the beat, ami demonstrating
by keeping their families in perpetual heait
at a tneru nominal expense, he wuuld I
forced to acknowledge that such sentimeu
arc base ess aud fulne.?ricayum. mwmw
For Felling, Prtmainreiiriij Hnlr I'
I/ondon Hair Restorer, Insures new growth.
Iiondon Hair Restorer, Restores the color.
London Hair Restorer, Exquisite dressing.
London Hair Restorer, The only cleanly ai
London Hair Restorer, effectual Hair U
London Hair Restorer, storerlti the markt
A toliet luxury entirely free from all o
noxious or unpleasant odor.
wysician8 usb and bkcommknd it.
Borne eight years ago my hair commenci
falling; top Became quite bald. 1 applli
"London Hair Color Restorer." My ha
not only stopped falling, but is now growii
finely, and I consider it an Invaluable artlc
for restoring the hair. J. W. Abel, M. I
Druggist, 1024 Reach street, 1'hlladelphl
Price 76-cents a bottle, six bottles $4. So
by Druggists, mwmw.
To Fnjoy Life, lime Ntrong I.iibra,"
Free from coughs and colds, good appetil
refreshing sleep, use "Dr.BwaynesComnout
Byrtip of Wild Cherry," the best remedy f
week lungs, bronchialand asthmeticaHVctlo:
tiwn* il t .fimtnCil t... #1 ?l. *?f?t mtm ml 1)11 Ann
and $1 bottle. kwmw.
The Meiunn ?h|,
The Ionic cirectolKMnov-Wortls produci
hv its cleansing and purifying action on tl
blood. Whrre there Is a gravelly deposit
the urine, or milky, ropy tirlno from din
dered kidneys, It otirej without tall. (Ions
nation and pill* reality yield to ltacathrrt
nnd healing power, l'ut up In dry veielab
lorm or lli|iilil (very conrenirated), either a
prompt and sure.--Trny llwlgrt. hkmw
Movement! or Plle*men?-The l,ntitllng
Notre, At,
The Ktnmi Graham leavw lor Oinoli
n?tl thla morning.
The Bnckeye HUla from Glnolnnitl I
Plttabnrgb ia dne np this morning,
For Plttabnrgh the ltatchelor at an earl
honr thla morning.
The Welcome ia the Malamoraa boat i
It ti
For;Parkor>burg thla morning at 10:3
la the Gonrler,
The I'itlabnnth lef; yeaterday for 8
Louie wltb a good cargo.
The Reindeer, Barnard, Knlarprlne an
Ironaldee pmeil np with to*a. The It
ler left lour barges tI Iron ore lor I'ltti
burgh, which the will leave In the lien
lor higher water, and then proceed lo I'ltti
bnrgh with an empty,
Lest night the tnaika showed 0 feet
Inchea and falling alowly.
Weather warmer, but still cloudy,
Business wki quiet on the levee yestei
The Granite Stale leaves PitUibnrgh thl
ivsnlng lor Olnclnnatl. flhe ahonld pae
hare Friday morning.
PirrsBiinaii, May 18?River 3 leet
nchea and etallonary. Weather clear am
Cairo, May 18? Arrived: Baltic, Rl
Loula; Ulty of Providence, Hi. Louie. lie
mrtpd : flit v nf Urennvilift. fU. f.inln- las
>. Parker, Memphle; Prollilfnce, Vlcka
rat*. Rlter 32 feet and faring. Thar
nometer 72?.
May 18.?River falling; '
eat In tha canal; 5 feet In chnlaon thi
alia. Bnalneaa fair. Waalhar partij
londf *nrl cool. Oona Millar, Cincinnati
o Memphle; 0, W. Hornbrook and Inn
rom Ironton; Bldnej aid Oliver Cloud
Ina op to-night.
; by
, Black Plaid Grenadines,
Brocade Grenadines,
I Nuns Veiling,
Lacs Buntings,
) Praam fiailna
WIWHIII *? ! >
Cream Silk Brocades,
Black Plaid Organ,
Black Organdies,
Black Lace Mitts,
Colored Lace Mitts,1
ir Sun Umbrellas,
sj White India Lawni,
i- White Persian Lawns,
Zephyr Ginghams,
'' Domestic Lawns,
Lace Neckwear,
Bretqnne Neckwear,
j> Black Marveleux,
l? Black Gros Grain Silks,
Black Henrietta,
}? Black Grenadines,
i" Veil Crape, &c.
Bfl \Alm\J t III in kiWl I
l(J . m?1t>
r question;
Would it be any object to you
$ to save from 15 to 25 per cent
on your OWN or BOY'S spring
,,i 8uit?
Z Give us one trial and you will,
without doubt, become perma"
nent customers.
! Spring Novelties
ilr _
,s Slyllsh Business Suit* - * 6 00 to $20 00
le Elegant Dress Sulti 10 00 to 30 00
men's Psnls lOOto 700
lei Children's Suits 2 SO to 10 00
Boy*' Suits 3 SO to 15 00
or 9
1325 Market Street, Adjoining Opera Housr,
? "
IS Marietta and Parkersburg
on the awlft and elegant itoamer
Accompanied by
i' Kramer's Full Brut Band and Orohtitra,
Will leare Wheeling wharf
0 Saturday, May 21st, at 8 P. M.
y BclUIre at 8:*0 p m., *rrl*in? at Marietta nest day
atfla,ra t'arkerahurt it 7 ? in. K*turnlnf will
it feavn Mtmn day at fl p. m. Marlmtaat 7 p. tn. Artlmal
v? heeling Mo day morning a'fl o'clock.
n Tim tiianagrra of thn boat will do All In their power
>0 to make tlu> trip enjoyable.
f, Furs for the Hound Trip. Ittolnding
Breakfaat, #2.00.
Tlekrta will be limited ao u to give all anommo1
datlnn for aieeplnt.
J* Tlekflt- on tal* at Battmer'i Mnalc Store, 1904 Mar*
(| ket itre?t, and John Becker'a Jewelry fltnre, M09
jt J*cohalreet. tnyP, I7A2I
Imporlrra, Doaltra and Mann'aetnrera of
? S?oirament$j. . Mjratlea,
" ?Qrminre HlaDI>
J 140 Wc?t Unltlmore St.,
And Corner Morth ?nd Monament 111.
!. Dmrlnft Mi KiUmiUi fnrnlihfd frm
, trtmwMw BA I,TIMOR*, MP.
N. K Cnr. Fourth ?nd Wilnat Htrtxti,
CmawHAti, 0.
I roltoeUo^pwmptlMtUmdedto. Dtpoiltlntit t?k#u.
% TUIm pt?mlofd. Whwllni r?f?*nrnt (I. Mrndnl
A Co i John J. Jon*, liuhiw Ktchang? Bank: H?rj
PWA Bro octgiM?
t?? IBM Itflt It IM IttftUMUICM JOl
100*8. IbtMIMntt, Pnapt tod lov priitf
CURES! iii**?l
'??li?im ih,
H Ncnrou* Dtaonlcn 0^4 ???saj
|jpBBSS& B
" ..J
jjhyuli-uuiaamiUwtiww'rl'J.'.v ,"'ir 'r '"'Sti n
jj 1 ^ ^ g
iAniu L Jvrclt ( Sal m \ \
tlut?r?in )mi??uiT. nn<f: .
UmI Mfo-r ruMUiUaUiwOt I , .
KUB. J Wuik n M
Johnll.Uxrwvnf J.? l T
fur j cat frum |mr ki.li t H
after uktn* "l?rn!? .r u? .' H
Kultwy AVwttnuJfluni?..L U
likekft"l C'lla ?.f M at? m.rj r I
lUtTrffl right jriirt *J!li ki !:. R
u unfttl* t.> Work, kl.lu. t u- ! -'
"WHIImiw." *
q kidney diseases.
livf.il complaints;!
h Constipation and Piles. r
U { r It U I'Ul UII in Brj > rgrlftMr V?rw In H
Uuauw.Him r ?i: t ,fll
n oduiUirmr. \l?>ln Mi|ut<l I >rrn. ?.m (??. N
M tcRtratcd. fur Uu?o lUt tAuuoi iv-.J> j 1* U
H IV It >'<* WffA fijurtl ft r.Cwr /ml
y OCT IT ATTIIR 1)1" l. *1.00 Q
H ,Will KUi.llUft dry ) I'.IUIIM Tm.M. Q H
mml 1
The Cheapest, Purest and Best Family
Medicine in the World.
For Dr.p.(mi CoiiiU[?tlM, J.u. JI, ,, uiluM
UrktBIck mHKll*, (uilr, ?| ZZ
flour 8torn ich. Heart Burn, Ac., .u. * *
ThlaunrlfiHid Southern Knii.ily la warrioud m
to contain a sintfle particle of Mtuuit, <,r anr imu.
rloua mineral au balance, but It '
Containing thoM Southern llnata ami llo'U aha
an ullwiau rrovldeuce lui phiuM h .ouuirUa ah...
Liver Dheaaea uioat prevail. It will
Cure all Diseases
Cauied bjr Derangement ol the I.Weraml flout.
The ivinntoma ol Llrer com|i|.?lut aie a luiteruf i?i
taste In the uioiuli; pain In the hick, aMe*<>r jnteiT
often mistaken lor rhoumatlam; nonritonurh 1um?I
ppftlie; lioweli alternately coalite ami |,i; i,,^
ache; lo*a of memory, with a ] mlul M'm.iioa U
having failed toduDinethlng wiiiih ..until to bin
beea done; d'blllty; low *|ilritn; a u.l a nlUu.
paarance of the akin and vjm; a <lrjr cu.fliuiiM
ulHt ken forcoueutui'tlon.
tfonietliuca uinnj of the?e ?yni|>t maattviulthedu.
eaae, at othera ?ery few; hut the l.tter ih? |?r,*?t
organ In the bo j, la general y the icitof itu-dik**
iDdlf not regu ated In Hum, great mderiD/, awtE
edneaa and Death will enaue
I can recoiiiiueml aa an efficacious reiuoljr l?r dliuHio
of tho Liver, Heart buru ami Im?|?|*m, k|?
inotia' Liver Regulator. LawmU. Wu*dh.
"We have teat*! ita vlriuea, peia?naliy ami kB,?
that for Dyapepala, Bill mancM, at -I I bnliliin* Heal,
oche, II la the beet medicine the w.irld ever mi.
have tried forty other remnlira iMfore Mummi1
Liver KeguUtor. but none of >betn gave m nx-ie tbaa
temporary relief, but the lUguUtor not oulyre!l?v?4a
but cured ui."?Ed. TaiiKotuPU a.ni> Mtuatuai
Macon, Ua.
Manufactured onljr i?jr
Hold by all druggl?U. mhn-?w>
Why 8?ff?r N?(dlmly
With lh? e >n?ulilo*. #|taiinodle t ?rt?tt$ of fnti io4
aru* and bl'ioua ituiiltrnt, when llm fit?r'?*ioir.?rl
Bltttri, Mkoo*li?lj|rd to b?iif#al MiMtheofnu'uUI
levari, will eradicate ino mowoin mu'ininnmi.
No I cm effective II Mill benli ninl alien aim In u i
of cooitlmMon, dyinepula, liver compltint, ilie-im?*
Uara, ind In Ktnrrtf debility and neiiuui ?MkuM.
Kor'aale by all drugifUti aud d<al?? <?nmlij
Curefc 8crofiila, Erysipelas, Pimples and
Face Orubi, Blotches, Boils, Tumors,
Tetter, Humors, Salt Rheum, ScslJ Held,
8ore?, Mercurial Diseases, Female Weik.
neaaea and Irregularities, Dizziness, Lou of
Appetite. Juandlce, Affections of the Livff.
Indigestion, Biliousness, Dyspepsia and
Oeneral Debility. Dimtium in elctenuiipjv
A ftwHe of Buffntk rttfwl ni-'i-t*.? <
Skeptical that It Is the Greaftt lr 11
MUrt, 11.00. Tltiat. istrR. 10!# (?.
FOSTER, MIIBURN * CO., Prcp'rs, BMt, i I
Bold hy Latighllo Broe. A Co., *!i I m> dWfM,
Whrnllntf. vr??
(A .llcilirlnr, not n !lrlak?) I
nor*, incur, .hasprakBi I
Axt? rtt* PrnitsT a?*r? I'm Mrnir*LQr*iJ* I
tim or am omnium**. I
i'ii 10 v et;m; I
All Dlsrasranf th*Ptnmsrh, pn*'l? I
Llrer, Kidneys, and I rr?n?.v-r*
ouineM, sVepirMm eipecttiif
remain Complaint*.
81000 IN COLD.
Will be paid for a r???? th't will ml "f
he|p,orforanytiiiri?.? i::; ireoriwc
found in tin in.
Askyonr drop*f?t fnr If'r- Itltt'Hr'"'J
them l?efore you ileep. Tnfce n? o?B**r.
D I.fMsanaiisohifsn^i- !? "' ' ' r
Urankennrsa, u?n < t npim tornco ?&?
fl?*n run (iktub.
All ? ?* ' '' , ,
WMhmit jn"H'!n'?. -.-.i*.
Allan'! iolnt.1" MrJI.nt'J. B>?l
I'ltMllHi'tl. I"| I ' .
Wo. I Will cure inyrur I"n,c?tlrfol
No 1 till enr* the mo?t Mil"??' *"
how lonj Hindi ng. r Ml ,.fanNo
ntnwwul <ln??* n' rtjbjM, f I if
datwnol, (hat ?r? frUli ? I"';" 1
dwtroylni lh? ?* !?? hJ" 'J . or ?H)4*
PririflM. -old bj *11 DmMlW, or
"WttCr p?rjlrui?r?J !'.r ?m
V. II Hot llfo. ./ '1 s,tYr'*^
M.atMW h
A Tleltm ol ?rlt Imr"1'"' ' * '.'U' r* ?'?
Mlltf, pr-m?t.irp < w?J, 'f J J, ,, ., ,
( rwy Inotn remM!, n*? d1* ,
of Wlf-enr* which he till *n<l frf i"
fUrtrr Addrwi j ? RFf.vPJ

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