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' *"" I n^*Tn 'XT ?-> ??> AM t T g ?~i ^???? ?m
^ ' ir.iBW annH I ?gr r iW^VT^
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?h. FrMW"" """ 10 11
i, ol M'poillt ,or ,tl8 C!
"??hip ol lot"""1 Hov#nuo III ll
^j,e??oii? diilrictoltbii 8t*U>. Tt
XLtol Ibetiecoliveol th.imporl.
Hoy. P.irpoiul to II
?nirv 111" sule tlie K8Pa,hicl
? [ ?? awn h??? dona u macb li
rLii, ifi'l asked lor u Hula in retui
,|,i tioveroor. He bug*!! hie f
&Sc?.?? b?cki0
w thB Jeapotic pro slavery idei
.iSiVifginii democracy wa? the onl
aaport 10 political preferment. The eo
Juf.M holder bimiell benrewupto
L.Wrtol the evil tendencies ol the ii
S,Oo?,??db?c.me thoroughly imbue
,i[h tbl ,oti-,l?v?ry extenaion ideu c
Hurl CIW endthe K'oM Whig leaden ol
??.tion ""'eraor m'"?
tba liiu 1,10 'o^bc
w on that queition, end almoi
. M jo the mountain countie
Wile to their champion
?the?t.mp. Holding ',euch viewa h
I aatorally became a Republican and
I arm ind devoted supporter of the govern
I oeotin ihegreat criaiaof 1801, and to bio
I iimach h to toy other, man,belongs tb
I cr*Jic lor the scheme of the "reatore
I pvirnment of Virginia." Under tb*
I (chetne be was chosen provisional Govei
cor, and assumed and exorcised the funi
I tiioi of tha'. oifiu-rt at a j time when timi
Caioo people almost looked upon it as
tmionable usurpation against the Vil
I fioia Koremuieot at Richmond.
I This was the sort of ordeal throagi
I whicti such men as Governor I'eirpoin
I pasted in the trying days of 18<51, and it i
I (or jiicU cjnspiouH public servioe aa h
I then and since rendered, as well is i
I compliment to his high personal chai
I icier, thit President Garfield has so fitl
I conferred this appointment upon tho ol
I Republican veteran at Fairmont.
Ururrnl Urnul'N I.ellvr.
General Urant has written a letter ii
regard to the Conkling-Iiobertson la
I broglio at Washington, which la mad
I public in our dispatches this morning. ]
I waia miatake on tho part of the reciplen
of thia letter to make it public, just ae 1
vii a serious mistake on the part of Geo
I eril 'irant to write it. One of Generc
I Grant's well known characteristics i
fidelity t) his friendships?a good qnallt;
I la any man?but nevertheless one tbi
more than once has caused him to comml
Mriou errors where the interests of thi
public service were concerned.
The close gelation between tbeex*Pret
| ident ami Mr. Conkling is notorious
Tbere is icarceiy anyming ??? vioubh
Grant would not do to oblige him. Who
ever else among Conkling's friends ma;
forget or desert iiiin |he can be sure tha
Urut never will. !Ud the latter aucceed
din bis third term ambition the rule o
boniim in the person of Mr. Oonklln;
would hate Leeu complete and absolaU
Happily (or the country he did not *uc
ceed. Bat true to hia friend, altUougl
defeated himself, he throws his name an<
influence into the scale in the hope of rea
caing Conkling's influence at Washing
too. This step in a great mistake on th<
part of General lirant, and if he lives i
year or two he will be bound to see it il
that light. It is really gratuitous, if no
toialting to the President to write such i
a letter, just as if there were no Kepubll
Iwani in New York save the third termer
worthy of.recognition by the Adminiatri
General Grant esteems personal tldeiit;
in politics to he a great virtue, but he doe
not apply his own standard to Genera
Garfield. Heexpresees the hope that h
ill drwrt the nomination of the mai
who did at much, it not more, than an;
otter man at Chicago to defeat the thin
tern and make his own nomination poasl
ble. Would.Ueneral Urant hav^ deserl
ed Judge Robertson under similar eircutr
stances? We will do him the justice c
aaylng that he is the last man who woul
have done such a tiling. Why then di
he eipect the President to withdraw th
nomination of so good a man as Judg
Robertson, seeing that he, himself, ha
I habit of standing by his opponents bot
toml an.I )<?<>
General Grant lays great etreAS?reall
offensive itresa-on what the IVesldec
o*m to Sew York lor her vote. This 1
only an indirect way of reminding th
President that he is a great debtor to Gel
ertlGrant and Senator Conkling. It
Ming in tffectthal it it had not been t(
bimiell and Oonkling the President wottl
sever hive reached the White IIous
Tbii reminder is in very bad taste. 1
Jo a public act, ostensibly lor the publ
food, and then make a private and pe
mil appropriation of it, is certainly I
viry bid tsite. It recalls the personal!!
thatUeneral Grant has always IntuH
Into politics. It in a remark calculated 1
draw oat very severe criticism.
Bat even on General Grant's o*
Rtoaad, that of indebtedness for the vo
0,1110 Se"*tor CunkllUg ami hit
"Mowuol Hip PfNldtBI owe unjlbli
inilfpentlptit Re|.<ibli&ann o( Ih
J, |be W.ooo men who tcntchi
'Ml.-witliout whoee vote he could D
"WttWrt New Yoik? II theirgume
rroTewio ob!i??tion on the one tide It I
P'oim > timilur o\>li|t?tlon on the oth
'*" Ami inumuch m the I'rnldent i
k! .,,r1""ie9 lol,0th and b#f<
?,fce '"'ling poiitlona wl
?< ol Mr. IVmkllng. doea not the I
Q?m ! n' "l'li,"lirn ""?<! 1>7 Qenei
M InHy jmiiiy him In recotnltlnt,
Prominent position At leut, the inc
M'nt R?pnblic?0? ol that SUt?f Mi
? W will My .0, anil Pre long the ot
'Moll* voire ol the KepnbltoM pn
*t:'i?te *||| ?y ||?, the Preeld!
Jlj no; H??e ?fforilnl to diietrd met
"ookli'n, Kob'',Uo'1 lor ,Mb ? B,n
J.\ s ?vinre tlie short temerkl >
ii.? . *'ll,,# 'M?We the tepljr
letter which tollowi It in the <
~ hi>?k iriuauin
Uermsae to the TraoMCllona WW
be lalitd Ik Ida Mew fork Hw
)! MtrpploK Mown nu4 Oal,
be Noi HecmiuKlj I'oulileal Wli
lis i tie Heal h?M lu ibe Cm*
" Saw Youii, May 19.-The followi
" ter Ironi ex-Preaidant Grant to S
Jonea, ol Nevadi, iapubliahed here
" Car ok Mmico, Apri
0 M*D?iKb??iTOR:?1 im by the
0- diajxttchee received hero Irani the I
n of our country that the deadlock
u ganiiing tba Senate la not yat broke
ibat nothing baa baan (lona by tba
y duot to allay the billerueaa whicb ra
a aogenderad by bia moat recant ap
t mania. Whan tba tirst batch oi nt
tiona lor New York waa Bent in
1- T aU?? aV.af tka
. uuiiiftiieu. i uaaovou iu?u ?u? ?ww
" deut h?l determined to recount:
i( Republican party end not a (actio
, on nomination of the next day cjo\
. me that the drat act waa but a pai
deep laid acbeme by aomebot
' puniah the prominent leaden
it Ming openly friendly to m
I cannot believe that Ueneral GarU
the author of tbla policy. I live
more credit for being too big a a
deacend to auch meatia for the punla(
a of the men wh.> gave bim their t
. anpport In hiaeleotloa, and wboar
poaed to give Itim the aame aupport
for the utfence of havlog bad a fi
V preference for aome one elae fJ
d office which he no* holda. lint U?
> la the I'reaiuent, and ia responatble I
, tbe acta of the admlnlatratton. Cot
' and Piatt are life chosen Henatora
the great Hute ol New York, and tha
d agalnat all the oppoaitiun of the adi
. tralion created by the aame party
elected them. Tbia ahould give thi
the stronger claim to be conaoited i
matter of appointment* la. tbelr
b VYhen It cornea to filling the most in
lt tial nfllce In tbe Mute without conai
those Hanatora it becrfhiea a great i
When it aelecta the moat olfanslve
a found U becomes an inault, and ouj
o be reaented to the bitter end. I aim
hnrta ikut ilia Ppotlrfani will ISA thi
correct bla mistake blmsell nod r<
' harmony In the party, lie owea tl
J himiell ami to those without wb(
could not have been elected. Noboi
llevee that he could havecarried the
ol New York without the utive >u
a ol her present Senators. Their pi
. tupport would not have answered,
nut the State o( New York Genera!
* tleld would not be President, ills re
t leg Knbsrtson Is not only oSenMve I
I New York Senators, but It Is oflensl
t the New York Kepnbllcsns. The cl
ol Badeau and Drainer, the two api
'* menu In which I lelt a stronn
d soosl Interest, was very dlats
s to me. The Brat, because ol oar per
- relations and my wish that he ahou
kept wherelils office would suppor
' until he finishes some work be Is eni
it upon, and which be could do wlthoi
0 terlsring witb his public duties,
second, because It was at the eipr
removing the son ol my old Becreti
Htate, who, probably, never had h!
perlor, certainly never I or moral ?
il In the Department. It Is true Mr.
. resigned, but be did tbla from as;
honor, supposing it to be tbe di
1 the representatives abroad to give i
t administration an opportunity ol s
r whether they were wanted or not.
I Very Truly Youra,
U. S. Giu
i. imrivnitTHioiu,
1 Wbleb Bake lame of lk? Ei.Prtsll
1 l?n?rka Ratal lanyllcablt.
i. WAUimaiox, May 19.?General Gi
. letter to Senator Jonea, pnbllebed in
b York to-day, hn elicited the lollt
I authoritative statement regarding th
i cumstancee attending Mr. Fiah'a i
t ment Iron tbe Deplomatio aervice an
I selection ol Mr. Cramer to euccsed h1
. Charge d'Affalres ol tbe United Sta
s Uerne:
When General Grant waa in Was
ton in March, shortly alter Gari
t inauguration, be made aeverai re?|tie
a the Prwldent, at which the latter m
I written memorandum in Qen. Ui
e preaence.
The requeit In regard to Mr. Gi
waatbat he might be transferred
1 Denmark to more southerly cli
J General Grant apeclfled that he (lid
. aak a higher grade, onlf * milder ell
, The realgnatlon ol Mr. Fiah tron
Hwlaa Minion, theaame gradeaa Dam
'* opened the way for complying with
it Grant'* requeet, and the I realdent pr
1 ly availed blraaelf of It, in auppoaed
t pllance with General Grant'aearneal
peraonallr expreeaed In regml t
* resignation of Mr. Fiah from the
e MleaiOo.parn aareon Hlein thediplo
j bureau of the Htale Department, ih<
i. tin following facte:
On the 13th nf February laat, Nit
Fiah, Charge D'Affalrea ol the U
r Htatee at llerne, Mwllaerland, addr
it lo#Mr. Krarti, Secretary of State, Ui
I. lowing:
' Mt lioroajlth Ailiinalc.h lend
6 my reeljnatlon. 1 feel tint t cin n
1- gar retain my poiltlou Iter* wltb jtial
|a myself >1111 my family. Whan 1 ?cc
. 111 hoped It would bis (oon restored
f former rank and pay, anil yon were
d enough to lead me to bellere that
a. inch restoration 1 should be retain
'o office. I knew what a Died ol appl
I the announcement ol my reslgr
would create, and therefore, lo proie
department from them, I send try
o nation In an unnumbered dlapal
!y yti."
On March 7th, In ? comtnnnli
, addressed t'i Mr. Olalne, Fish wn
'? lollowe: "On the 13th ult. 1 add
yonr eminent oreilsceneor In office
? patch ma kid 'Pej arale,' winch
, closed In a prime teller to Mr. i
My reanna I>r eo enclosing It were
?* to protect the Department from pt
ig anil almoet Inevitable annoyancea
il tba disclosure ol Ita contenta mlgl
. pose on tbe Department. I hare the
' now to enclose herewith a cqpy i
ot lime, and 1 now, for the flrat tlma,
nl tht una on His here. I ahull lift I
,1. wnhfunlothB time whan I m?T
llered from my dulls* here, but 11
" may haft timely notice by gable, Do
*t Insth?time when loir aspect!
in tere ol Meall."
>h Fish's Iett#r.ol reelgnatlon reterre
tbatorefolnglo Secretary Blaine li
"* In lull. It la adllpalch marked "aepi
'el ted wm duplicated to Ulslns. It I*
In Iowa:
I-. (*?pmt?]
. I.toATios or mi Uarrao Stat
Banna, February 13,1UI
" Bis:?In order that President 6
rty may ha Ira* tn .elect the repreeenta
mt may dttlre to All tbla mlaeidn I hi
. , honor to tender herewith thrsni
my reelgnetlon of theofflc* ol Ohi
** Affaire ol the United Sutae to thi
confederation, to take effect Mai
re DMt. or la torn thereafter r i my an
may be appointed, I bn jon will
1? Pre.ld.nt UarRsId my action la pr!
by ho * #? ol aynipalbyTar hie Ai
tratlon, aad oa the aoptrery I ah
I moat hippy to can tribal* my DuitlMt
| support thereto in any capacity
sailed to my ability, and ha will
lAKUt find whether in private life or
in an official poaition a no mora aaalooa
supporter of the great principles which
the people of the United Stalee bate en k
Be dorsed in hU election. In thai tendering
nan my-resignation perqit ma to tbank you
and the genjlimea of yonr department
(or tbe many courtesies and marka oi conIB
sideration which, during apariod of nearly
ten year?, bsve been extended me. It is
with regret I thus seek to be relieved from
duty here, bat I feal that the time baa
ng let- come when, In justice to myself, I should
enator have some more important poaition if I am
to remain in tbe service, or I should find
some more remunerative employment by
1-1- leaving it I respectfully request that!
lateat may be informed wban it will be most
lapltol agreeable to the department to relieve me
in or- of my office. I have the honor to be, air,
n, and Your obedient servant,
1'reei- NicuolasFish.
ual be Secretary Blaine formally accepted Mr.
point- Fish's resignation in the following letter:
imina- Difautusiit or Stati, \
I was Washington, March 26,1881. J
1'resi- XU-hoUu Fiih,
la the Sib:?I have to acknowledge the receipt
n, hut of your dlapstcn, number 381, of the 7th
laced last, in which you tender your reii^nl
> ui > uoo, m untrgn u aaiim ui iuo umwu
ly to State* it Berne. In accepting your resfgi
for nation the Prealdentdealreame to expreaa
e. 1 to yon the high eenw which he entertains
isld ie ol theableaod laithfnl manner in which
him von have repreaented the Interaata ol the
lan to United States at Berne daring
iment the continuance ol yonr term ol office,
learty and to thank you at the same time (or the ,
e die- cordial eentlmenls which you txpreea In j
now, relerence to hie administration in Informirmer
lormlng ;pu that Mr. Cramer, now al ]
r the Copenhagen, baa been appointed to auc- i
irfleld ceed yon aa Charge d'Affaire ol the United ,
for all States in Switzerland; alan 1bat the cni' ,
ikling tomsry letter ol recall will be aent you by |
from an early mall. I am. air, etc., I
t,too, Jab. G. Blainb.
ninla- On April the 4:b, several days belors |
that Secretary Blaine's letter accepting the |
?m all resignation, had reached Mr. Flab, tbe |
In the Secretary having received the intimation
U?atn . 1.... L'l.U I.I I ? .?-.U in at,, i
1 II Wt riBU WUUIU UfJ Hlnu ICIIIBIU 1U lug j
fl'leu- Diplomatic service, offered him a minion
ullluic to Uenma-k, which ie ol the same grade t
ilight, with Hwluerland. Blaine made the offer
to he by cable, In theae words, "Would it be ,
[tit to agreeable to you to go to Denmark?" Mr.
jerely Fleh announced on the same day by cable t
sand as followa: "No, thank yod. Want t
setore promotion," On the succeeding day, April i
lila to the Scb, Mr, Fish actio cabled Mr. Blaine ,
im he aa followa: "Can 1 have Berlin?" Ae the ,
ly be- admlnlatration waa not able to tender Mr. ,
state Fiah the Berlin minion, anil aa be had ,
pport declined Denmark, the correspondence j
naive ceaaed. ,
With- ?
I Oar- ITabavpr Hiiaaln. ,
ward- St. PrriR*BURO, May 10.?A woman re- <
10 "}? cently arreated haa been identified as the
la'nge companion of Jellaboff, the chief director
>oim- of the plot (or the aaaaaaination of the '
per- late Czar. A secret preea containing arma
' and explosives waa found at her 'realdence.
i him ^lle I'orladak police on Tuesday suri
prlaed a secret meeting on1 tide the city,
and arrested all present.
Tho TllB rumor current aome months ago
?! that St. Peteraburg waa undermined in
'"? ?'( several places is now being in a meainre
... confirmed by other circumstances besides
. the mine in Sadowa street and the bags of
mSl dynamite found in Catharine canal. The
. 1 police are now dragging Krukoff canal,
J ' "| During the sacking of Podwalleka on
... 'be Russian frontisr, several peasants
J'" were killed by the falling rafters. Four
"ln> grain warehouses and nearly all the
buildings around the railway station were
burned. At all the stations alonx the
>NT' Southwestern railway the hguses were
plnndered and burned.
The Australn frontier towns are crowded
with fugitlvee. At Odessa the plundering
inn's continued the entire day. Rich Jews have
lied and the poor ones are in a pitabie conrant's
ditlon. At Kiefftho synagogue was broken
V UptJU BUU HID UJUKIO|l?tlUU glUDfll/ Uias,
treated. The Jewlih quarter of the town
iwing looka as If It had been sacked by tartars.
9 cir- The overflow of the river Dwina at
etlre Archangel destroyed many houses and It
d the '' 'ou ?' "'e ' Involved,
im a? Hnniu Kallrond AmwiiKBI.
tea at Topika, May 19.?Auditor Boubrake,
Secretary of the Bute Board of Railroad
hlng- Assessors, has just completed the work of
Bald's apportioning and distributing the associate
of ment of railroads for 1881. This work inade
a c'lu'ea the distribution of all railroad
property tothe several oountlee,towDshlps
rants ani] cities. The State hn at tbla time
eighty organised counties 67 of which
amer have railroads. The total railroad mileage '
from of the Btate le 3,478 miles, at an amrregate
mate, aaeeried value of abouf 122.871,099; an
1 not average value per mile of $8,818. There .
mate, were built in the Stale between March 1, {
i the 1880, add March 1, 1881, three'hundred .
mark, and seventy, four miles. The Increase In
Oen. mileage exceeds twelve per cent, whlls <
smpt- the Increase In taxable valuations reaches i
com- ten and a-hnlf per cent. The valuation of I
, wmu rauroaa property is a mueorerooe ergum i
a the ol the total taxable valuation ol the State. .
Swiia . ? . ,
tnatlc Bold stage Hokberr. '
iwing Dskvir, May 10.?A Del Nort? special .
hoiaa MJ"; A weitbound coach was stopped lait I
u|le,l night 24 milee.eaat of Lake City, by three J
cased road agenla. Before ordering it to atop ,
ie fol* the robbers fired three shots, seriously ,
wonnding Frank Bartlett, a Denver A i
lering Rio Orande engineer. They then robbed ,
o ion- him of a hnndred dollars ana a gold natch, i
Ice to and took the trerinre pouch and ill the ,
apted mall sacks The paaaeogera Inaliie wen ,
to lla unmolested. The citiiene of Del Norte ,
kind ofTer $700 and Denver A Rio Grande R. R.
upon $600 reward for the capture of therobbers.
icante Killed br'tli* Car*.
ration St. Lows, May ib.?A Jefferson City 1
ci the apeclal Bays, O. F. Moore, from Xenia, 0.,
ch ?o * hrakemsn on Ihe Mlaeonri Pacific railroad,
waa run over and killed abont 2
cation o'clock thla morning at Osage Olty.
jle at The mutilated remains ol an unknown
raised man were found yesterday at Lakenow on
dig- the Hannibal A St. Jo railroad. It la sup.
I en- posed the man wn drunk and fell into a
liana, rattle guard and waa run over by two or
aoletjr three trains. The body wr i cut Into small
lealble plecee, the largest fragment .found being
which part of a leg.
honor PraeeesUaja la tke Phllp Caw.
of the N?* Yon*, Mar 19.-On the Indict'
i place ment fonnd against Kenward Phllp, Ohai.
'J0"' A. Byrne, Lonla F. Poat and Joah Hart,
bs charged with libel In bating written and
J0P# 1 published an article on the famoue Mora*
ncern- |?|e,t entitled, "Lying and BUcklng lo It,"
V final proceedings were taken tbla morning
, In the oourt ol Oyer and Terminer, by the
d (o In en(r. o| ( none prof,
glyen ? ?
Wile." ratal Teamarera* Quarrel.
at fol- gt. Louis, Mo., May 19.?Two teamatara
named John|0'Brlen and Mow Wllllama,
n, i the latter colored, got Into I dlfflcn'ty last
, / Monday at the Waba h freight depot, at
arSeld the 'ootof Riddle atreet, In which O'Brien
(.a.inaa,! Wllllama' atrnll with ft VIMI)
"attic tiMlu. WlllUai died yeilerday. ?nd
|h ,on O'Btltn wu effected to d.? ?nd Jrthdi
i'SwIm MIMf AMldMIt,
?h" th 1'ittno*. r*? M?r 19.?There wm
ccewof cite In ?t the Pllteton Coil Ootnptnj'i
Mdnre thiilt thla ?llemoon. The deratee !
imiilfil Ihonght to b? hM?t. The dtl??nl
Imlnlv tn (ha rldnU; wife jrettlj exeilld bj the
raid be ihock.
|MI>U raruarilaiuauill
MM la l>w York.
New You, May 19.?The fiftea
nnal meeting ol the National B
Fire Cnderwriten wu held thia m
Preeldent M. -Beunatt, Jr., In tbi
la tali opening eddreee be itid that
the J ear thirteen aubtcriptiona ba
received towarda abating inceai
and arson. Theee auDecriptiona I
to I17.C30, making tba total eubacr
113; and the land aaoanU to $
Daring tbe Tear eight rewarda, ai
lag tl.UOO, have been paid, and U
Tlctiooa numbered fourteen.
Since 1873 there baa been 108
tiona aecured. He alio atated U
biila and amendment! relating to
ance had been introduced into the
latnrea of thirtj-one Suteaand tarr
The main event of the year ?aa tbe
iiatlon, under tbe auaoicea of the
Uve Committee, ol tbe United Fire
writere, in America, baving for ill
tbe question ol rstas tod comml
?nd many other mitten of commoi
eat. It bu alio been ictive In iU
against hostile legislation. He comj
that the receipt* of the companies
year amounted to only 1! 4 10 pe
upon tbe total assets Involved, an
during tba il rat quarter of tbe preset
tbe loacia were (0 per cent larger tl
tbe wme period lut year.
Since April, 1880, tbe Oommerdi
Mobile Fire companies have'gone
bneineu, and tbe lieriden of Conne
Northern of Watertown, and tbeTi
of Chicago, have given notice o;
proposed withdrawal from the Ni
Board. Tbe equillbrum of tbe
However, has been preserved, at le
In u capital is concerned, by the
lion to ita ranks of the Scottish
nd National Fire insurance compi
Edlnburg, and the Lion Fire Inai
Oompany ol London,
Thirty-one companies retired
tualneea during tbe year, while low
nave withdrawn wholly or In part
;he agenoy business.
Tbe Hope and Sterling Corapan
Sew York, have consolidated:
fl-l. a ...I v !_.
Aiyuicou uuiupauitw u*vtJ iuu
heir capful.
Til A Rochester Company, pi Ee
unit, bu filled
The report ol the Committee on
ilea showed that two hundred and
/ two companlea received JU.llW.'
Ire, and 18,043,068 In marine and I
jremlwns in '80. Iuoreate over th<
rloda year, (10,931,430. Loaaea-1
lame year, 133,618,008, Through
nland and marlue the loisea amouQ
(3,734,027. hie sue over the prei
rear, $2,669,184, Eipeoiea, $24,21
Proflla ol bnameu, 17,621,423, oi
uhlch $1,940,328 were earned by 1
Drolare Tlifij Will Nil Nupport
lie OMrlel wba tippoura Mean
Comiincs, O., May 19.?The p<
amperance reform convention
lere at B o clock this morning'
?rol. Payne preeld.id. The first bn
ranaacted ?u to receive the report
Committee on Keeolntlons. A jloi
inaalon followed. The substance
eeolutlona adopted ere aa follows
hey (the temperanoe people)
lot aupport any membei
he late General Anembly
tided in the deleat of
ocal option bill; that they. wL
inpport an administration officer ?
upable of naing bis lnflaence agalt
snactmentof lawa which can only
he public good; that they will nc
port again any Btate officer who ai
;be defeat of the local option bill;
ilthouih the next election is of grc
Dortance for the reason that the nei
_1 - til __.li_a.l_4 (tin Ul.l. -
HiHiuro Win reuiainut iuo owih, y
temperance line will ba drawn la Ii
Ihoae men who will support tempi
laws, that the State Oonatitntlon el
to amended aa to empower the G
Assembly to prohibit the mannfsctu
?le ol llqaora; that it lithe dfttjr
temperance people to attend all pi
neetloga ol both political parties at
lhat only temperance men are aent
Stale and County Conventions, so
the great political parties (all to noi
candidates who are in iavor ol tempi
then a convention will be called to
nate a State tempvance ticket; tb
co-operation o( the National Wc
remerance Union la aaked to help
:bls work.
I Numbly off be Mnlbera Prmbj
Stacxtox, Va., May 19.?The Q
Assembly ol the Southern Freibj
Jhurcb was held here to-day. Rev
Hoyt, D. D., ol Naihvllle, preaclu
>penlng sermon. Among the toplci
ltscuseed will be then* embraced
ibe title o( "Retrenchment and Rt
in J a revised directory ol church wc
it the previous Ariembly a com
iraa appointed to consider the lattai
rhla committee will report to the p
Assembly and recommend aa ami
proper that the chnrch rorVicee i
Imhrace a recitation ol the Lord's 1
mil the creed, and the reading
lecaingue. A form tot burial, mi
ind baptismal aenrloea will alao b
ultted. Should the report be adot
loee not carry with It absolute obli
a its forma. The mlnlatera may nai
ir not at their discretion. The disc
if thee* toplci will donbtlsse beprot
ind animated.
n. UarltlK oaf ol Dancer.
WiaamoTos. May 19.?Mn. O
lept well last nlgbt for the first tlm
her illneea. She haa but little fe'
day, takes aome nourishment, and li
way greatly Improved. 8he li ni
lletafby her friends to be wholly
Dr. Boynton reports Ibat at 0 o'd
m. Mrs. Garfield was sleeping quiet!
passed a comfortable d*v and bar t<
atore haa not exceeded 101' dnrii
pM* 24 boon. At jet the tax OA
menced to rally In atrangtb, rnd
appetite. ller mind being clear a:
fever lew ebe realize} ber wMknt
had feellnga mora tbaa al any pi
lime. Tba progreaj la htr cue
baa beta very tatliUetory,
U Par Oeal Bondi far OMiIlM
WAaniKOTOR, May 10.?The i
centa now outstanding, and which I
may daalre to have continued at
rata of Interest, will be accepted
Secretary provided be la Informed
a deotre on the part ol the fiolder
the cloetni of boilnr 1 tomorrow,
ere may notify the Secretary
amount of tlx per cen'i they deelfi
tend at 3J per cent before 4 r. k.
gram containing thla Informttioi
that la neceeearr to aeenre the acci
at th> bond* lit contlnoince.
I*ad bam rtlMWi.
Diii.m, Mir IV.?Mr. Dillon bi
removed it bla reqneet, from the la
it the Kllmtlnbim Jail to call, It
aaenee ol other prlMoere being
leetrae wtrd with him.
Wilih, who cltlmi to be in An
Intend* to eppMl to the AmeriMn
hi Intervention In hl? btbelt.
,T.f[f ma iMiw uniivc
nth an- ?* "wwcu iwnr i? 11
3?rd of *?"* mat*
orning, "
, rh.ir cwkllac UMMfru 111 Prawl H
during d "* BpOdar Pal lalo Ik
d bxu Uud kWlMB-PrunlBMl
diariem wo rmiun luilw
(mount ' * *l1* AUeglaaee.
Igregat N,w Yo,l?. u?T l#.-;Th? Espn
je coo- (Tammany), Albany diapatcti u;
Oonkliif ii politically dead and Robe
iM 1J1 ,0I,, ' ,iao* tf'" confirmation, t
inaur- bf#n ">''<>ated with the comma
i Legia- ? P?"T< Hit mbitltmlon b
itoriea ?,eeo endorwd by large majority of i
organ. Republican State Senators and Aatemb
Execa- "J8"." well aa by tba leadingmembt
Under- r 11)8 w varioua aeetiona ol ti
object ute> who h,v? M?t cloae on to 2,000 te
aaiosa "!"? 10 " * laader, conveying wor
i Inter- ?"Mr >n,< congratulation.
elforte . Tfae Ttkgnun alto aaya a dispatch h
,i.:n?,i oeen recaiveu irom .tunny selling lor
fnrihu that Judge Robertson declared positive
1 runt that 'lu wonld not take possession oi l!
rf th?t ofllM ?' Collector uotii Gonkling ai
at year P1,tt were beateHl.
jan (or WiBumaTO?,.M?jr 19.?8enator Oon
ling la trying to arAnge his bnslne
>1 and affairs ao that he can go to New York c
oat 'of (Saturday. Ue does not Intend to go
ctlcut, Albany at present. He receives very le
rader'a callefa, almost the only onea being tt
f their three who are generally near him, Vic
itional President Arthur, Senator Don Uamero
Board, and Senator Jones,' of Nevada. An t
ml M Venator who aaw Coukling laat svenim
accee- aaye: "Ue is ealm, collected and oonl
Union dent. The events of the week have ni
my, ol milled his serenity, Ue la doing an in
jrance mens* amount of writing and dictatlo
with hla usual eaae and dispatch, and h
from ia confident of a happy personal isiue oi
r more the whole affair."
Irom From Mr. Oonkllng, personally, It
learnsd that he doea not expect to leave fc
lea, of aeverai days. He may go to New Yor
tiuudsy in company with Vlee-Prealdet
reaaed Arthur, flu la engaged in catching u
the loose ends of private and official bus
nmvl- neee, deranged by his audden reelgnatioi
He will be obliged to apend a dsy In Ne
Statli- *ork before going to utta, but be wl
seven- not In any event visit Albany until afti
139 In the Legislature adjourns.
nland -For two days past he baa talked ver
? p,e. little about hla plans and purposes excej
n the tabls moat confidential friends.' Hi* col
.... M ..ml u <1 .....I T.1U.I.U ?ll
| Qre. OIIMtlUU* uu uiuuunj aauu iuuou"/
tad to iritndi who called on him leaked out an
ceding made him more guarded. He says noli
03 211 ing about the orTtiolem of hlmaelf by tli
ut' ol pteaa, and doea not seem to notice It. I
oreisn talking to-day to a frieni who ha
aerreoyeara withhini in" the Senate, h
aid he did not Intend to turq hie han
over lo obtain a reelection; that he hi
_ t submitted the iaaue to the Republics
' party ol New York, and would abide b
its judgment Without any.attemptto.il
, tiueucait.
"f'61 Aabakt, May 10.?Adminiatration B
met publicafia are ready to |o Into an electio
Prof, to All vacancies, but will have nothing I
alnera ('n *tlh *07 caucus. They leel perfectl
?>>k. able to deleatthe return ol either Gonltlic
oi ine or nuiee, the Democrat go with tb
igdla- Other aide. But they will take the chance
of the believing that If. the Democrata fuse wit
' That "ie Conkllngitea the adminiatration Ki
,n publicans will beat both at the polls nei
W"1 fall. The Oonkllnmtea are atrongly i
' .0I favor of going into an election aa aoon i
w,? possible, and aay that Conkllng Is out i
? 1 , thence', that Conkllng wilUotbeicat
, , diilate. The Dkmdtrats art opposed tb a
election, claiming that the qheatlon shoal
1tl5! be left to the people. The probability
serve ,re tijat there will be an election witbot
i'T any preliminary caucus on the part of tb
ih.i Republicans.
i"1 In the Senate the Governor's prival
secretary preeented the following commi
^ nication:
ivor of StiTH or Nkw York, Ei?cutiv? I
iranra CfiAHUBK, Aluant, May IV. J
!"l bJ 7b the Legitimate:
eneral The Legislature la hereby reepectfull
re and notified that the t?i Senatorial offlos* b
of the which the State of New York Is entitle
rlmary to repreeentatlon in the Oongrees of tb
id lee United States are now vacant by the re
to the location ol the late incumbents.
thai ji Alonzo B. Cohb?ll, Governor.
The action of Gov. Cornell In notify I c
nnmi ll"> legislature of the reaignlng of the tw
Senators sell at rest all donbts aa to tb
day for the election ol their successors. A
cording to the reviaed statutes tlieelei
lion will take place on the secondTneada
alter ihe legialature hae received the oUcl
notification. Tbla will be on Tuesda;
" May 3 let.
The Albany Esprm, whloh is the ool
enerai orgJn o( t|je ,talwarta at the Capitol, cot
'terian cedes tbla morning the defeat of Conklln
. T. A. and appeals for peace. It also speaju I
,d the theJcliRleet manner of Roherlsob and 1
. . knowledgee him aa tho present leader i
to oe (he party and guarantees Its Urm suppo
under to bltn in the future.
irahiD e3"*"*a k0t commumicativx?P0SSII11
mtttee candidate*-stalwarts surriRiNO kko
' topic. want or 0B01KIJ ation.
resent One thing is evident, Oonkiing has ce
Should 'e" Us friends utterly In ignorant
Prayer his desire or purpose. The stalwa
of the leaden her* had do no(ioe that lb* reaii
irrlaie nations were to be made, and they'hai
e sub- bad no Intimation from the ex Benatoi
ited it aince. There Is no man in Albany antho
gallon li?l lo say that they are candidates for ri
it them election, and no effort ia in progress I
nseion eecure that result. Up to the preset
racked there 1a certainly every Indication tbi
they do not propose to ask for a retnri
A prominent stalwart State officer aal
he waa convinced that neither one ba
rflelfl any expectation or wlah to be returned,
e since The etslwart leaders, while concedli
I . tfatt it preeeot it doea not appear thi
ver w llie ex.Senators could be elected, teee
' "cry their ability to fill the vacandtr rflth to
>* he- etalwer'i, and they mention Uener
ont ol ({rant, Congressman Richard Growle
, . Governor Cornell, Judge Fj|ger,Otngr?
lock'', man S, Q. Taoham and General BUart
y. She u poeelble candidates. It la concedi
amper- tUt about 40 names, the eellmates Tar
?g the lug Irom 35 to 46, have been obtained
I; com. the adffllnlatratlan pledge, which him
hji no t(,B iignere to Tote lor the admlnlstratlc
her men lor the vacancies. At the lime tin
C1 *Dd th? italwarta argne that II ei-Henato
tevlons Oonlillng and Plat*, and Vlcel'reeldei
to-day Arthur, and the 8tate admlnlstratlc
anonld appear on the gronnd at
enter actively Into the canva
, the pledgee wonld go -lor little and tl
it* M* 1..-T1 ?l.l A.k.. WL. ?
?" Bnniiioa wuuiu uiiBuge, me warn
holJera rime deOnlte plan, however, isservlcg
i loiter ??P their etrangth, and they appreoia
h. ii,. tbla faai ftfl administration forcee a
7 extrkmely Jubilant, but at the lime tin
olanoh tbejr admit that the]r are not jet ready
befbra claim enough atrangth.to oonlrol tl
Hold- clootie. Hnaiedlol 4h? Aseembly Cane
ot the Committee, will join McCarthy, Roc
a to ex- well and Coaler, ol the Senate Cine
A tela- Committee, and a separate catfcni will
? to all called, A teat of atrenth wtjl certainly
sptance had, Inasmuch as twenty-seven Kepnb
cans Joialngflitylonr DemocirM can pi
dace a dead lock, and anch a atate
afilra aeema Inevitable.
u been Senator Kobertaon annonnces hia I
tratkm to eootinne In tha performance
^ hta Senatorial dntleednrtng the balance
i conse- ihaansion. The advantage to the Ailml
pat In litntlon men of having their leader In I
Senate with Me thousand appotntmer
lerican, in hie pockets 1a evident
Consul Collector Merritt came np hut evenl
lot the pnrpoat ol ooofwtlng with fait it
Ha will no* thro* bill influence against
the old mftchine.
HE A beautiful lull rigged schooner yacht,
composed entirely of n?tur?l flowers, was
placed on Judge Bobertson's deek to-day
M a Mdmonial ol regard from an old
friend in He* York.
Jakxstowh, N. Y., May 19.?Thla ia the
borne ol Fenton. Arrangements are making
for a demonstration in favor of Garfield's
?' administration.
[|: Naw Yoait, May 19.?The Executive
... Committee of the Independent Republican
Association, ol which Horace white la
u i member, liaued en addreaa to tbe Legianil
latnre advlalog against the re election ol
iu ex-Senators Conkllng and Piatt, for the
he reaaon, among othera, that they are not
11- fit to be Benatora ol tbe United States.
in ? ?
j, rullialan or (he lUftMloa oa !>
lab War 111 wop.
u Lomdok, May IB.?Advice* Irom St.
th Vincent state that detalla have been rejj
calved there oi the diaaster to tbe Britlah
](j sloop ol war Doterel, which was blown up
at Sandy Point, in the atrait ol Magellan,
k. involving a Iota ol 143 Uvea. There were
aa two exploelona, the tirat anppoaed to have
[? been the bursting ol the boiler naed In
w condensing aea water, and the second Wia
w in tbe lorward magizine. The veaaei went
18 down, bow loremoat, in eight falhoma ol
water In three minutes, and nothing waa
>n seen alter the aeoond. eiploalon except a
lew planks. Thirteen aurvivora aaved '
H> their liven by jnmping overboard alter Ihe
tirat exploaiou. They were received by 1
" boats Irom Bailing vessels and from the
yacht of the Blah ol the Falkland Inlands, j
" Oommauder EvansJumped through a port 1
'* hole and was talceu from the water much j
" lacerated by broken glaaa and wreckage. 1
, The engineer who eecaped waa not on '
k Venrlal Uouinlle Truant}.
? Taaai UatiTa, Ink , May ii#.?a fearful |
i- domestic tragedy occurred in liouey i
). Greek township, Vigo oounty, this morn
* |ng. Alex. McPheters, Jr., killed his wife (
.. and aliter-ladaw, Ellen liloxom, shot at .
his moth'or-io-law and then killed himself
Domestic troubles aud dissipation were ,
,, the causes. McPheters had been married ,
to his wife, Whose maiden name waa Alioe ,
I, Bloxom, about three yeara. They bad a ,
j obllji two months old. The cou#le had ,
.. frequently quarreled and the wila had ap- ,
IB plied for a divorce. Unh families are ,
q prominent ami reapected, and own Ope ,
4 farms. The ntnrder and suicide is sap- ,
ie posed to have been partially deranged.
(J arrlmce of llownnl i'nrrull. j
n Fultomville, N. Y., May 10.-?A wid? i
y din#, attended by an unusually diatin* j
l* gulahed company, took place in thla village
yesterday, the parties being Mise Caroline
' 8tarm. daughter of Hon. John A. Hturm, <
0 and Mr. Howard Carroll, of the New York <
' Timet Telegrams of congratulation were i
2 received from President Garfield, Vice- I
y President Arthur, Poslmahter-Ueneral
. James and many other prominent gentle
u men. The newly married couule are the i
. recipients oi a great number of beautiful
.t gifts, tbe President and Vice-President of
.. the United Htatea bsiiig amoug the uianv l
w persona who contributed handsome testi- :
)f monials. , i
i* 1 ' " * " !
n ' A Boy's Mtrauge Adventure. 1
d PiTTkBtjuou, May 10.?A boy named 1
>? Arthur Smith, aged thirteen, wai found
[J tied to the Pennsylvania railroad track i
laat night, near Derry station, in an un- <
0 conscious state. Alter several hours labor
1# he was brought to his senses, when he
stated that he wai the eon of Judge i
Fayette Hmith, of Cincinnati. He did not
know how he came where he was found.
The last he remembers was going to bed i
at his home Monday night. When found
y he was evidently under the influence of :
iv some narcotic. His father was communi- i
id cited with| who ordered hiniaent to Uin* 1
ie crasati.
s* ' " f ' 1
Bout i hk nil era. i
Tobonto, May 19.?Referring to the of- !
ig fer of John A. Kennedy, of Portland, 1
0 Maine,'to put up $1,600 if Hanlan, Rots '
10 and an nnknnvn wntllit mid ftTWXl nnnh.nr.rl \
(J. "" ? ?
Q. row Id New Eogland, Ilanlan says be will
iy row nowhere else than on Toronto bay.
it and if Kom will come here and row he will
f give $2,000 and will find an uokuown
who, with himself and Kom, shall pnt
y op $2,000, making a grand puree of (6,000
). for tbe winner.
Ig ? * ?
q Dimininlilicd Vi*llor? nl Cleveland.
o- Cleveland,' May 10.?The Duke of j
}f Sutherland, Hir, Uenry and Lady Green,
r "Ball Han" Russell and George P. Neal, i
B luperintendent of the London A North*
western railway, passed last night and the
greater part of to day In Cleveland. This j
morning they were shown the various
r- pdlnts of interest, and at 4 p. u. the party '
!e Uft for Toledo, on route for Uhlcago &
'. San Francisco. The Duke is on a tour of
inspectios of the railroad system of this
J conolry.
? Another Until* In Innli. (
9. Tunis, May 19.?There wn tigbting yes*
n latitat* ol Hnnknlttfhn. and H tn ntnlnrl thai
'j bath the naii?ee and French lost heavily ,
j in killed am! wounded. Heveral of the ,
d French wounded hive been bronght here,
A The lighting iee'ed ten houra.' The French
are marching dlrrnt upon Molenr. A
is premure Will probably be used to induce
it lhe'helrapp?rant to t<t?li(ti the documfnt
rt acknowledging a proteclorate.
'0 m ?
>1 A Kllllac time.
f< Naw .Yon*, May 10.?A Centennial
. Mllla, Florida, dlepatch.-aye; Aleiatder
id Johnton wa? killed Irom a blow br Jell
jr. William. Justice Diamond rnd Conto
stable Oatlf went to arreet Wlllleou, who
la rftalaled, when Juetlce Diamond allot blm
in through the body .killing him.
re MarmMM Irnw aaatmlln.
?t '8a? P?a?ciaci), May is.?A email colony
15 o( Latter'Da/ Haln'i, en foole to Salt
C1 Like 01(7, from Anitnlla, ate In the
Mil- u..,i?ov Thov pjmn mhrira tn dav
" aitf wUf proceed io'Utah by the next
to train.
|p Anitlhir Rirn tMek 4MMMI,
ae Looieviua, May ' in.-A quarrel op
to corral ?t the Jockey Club track to-night
>' n?er * ganla o( chance between John
J* Tamer and Uny Morion, atable lioye (rora
R tab Title. The lormer cut llorton to
5 T^r
ljrt? I.And Hair.
0. ? Boirro*, May 18.?Ttie Trtmwripl'n Ooanol
elal article announcea the aale In Kngland,
ol the Marquette, Houghton and Ontaiot
?; land train (or two and a half million dol0
?* Boaad ft lllMWMWllt.
12 flaw YoaK, May 19,-Fodf thoneand
Immlgranta, raoetly Ncandinatlaca and
n| Danta, arrived today, bonnd lor Mlnne 0
Profr?M or m? >:*btbliioa-"A Loan,
Loaa; all, all A LiaB."
The Bellaire Lou Exhibition may I
aald to be in fail blut now, bat any d
acription ol it will not include enough
be accurate the next day alter being wri
ten, u greatare tbe changes being mat
and the additional articles constant!
coming in. For thla reaaon the public
tion of the catalogue is delayed, aa It
daelrtid to have it aa complete aa poaaibli
About aa mnch more hu been pat on e:
hibltion in each department since Monda
night's opening aa there was to ba see
thou, and In tome things the display
inilaitely better. All is being arranged i
a way better to display what la on hand
01 curlostis* and relics there are aotuall
eo many that all cannot be seen or th
brain wonld he in a perfect whirl. Bom
oases would furnish entertainment It
U is frequently remarked that the con
miuee could not have had a better built
iu? made if it bad planned it for the pu
pose, and there is nothing superficial, a
la solid brick and massive timbers.
The booths are more numerous no'
than before, and all deserve praise forth
improvement msnlfesc in the last fe<
Tappan'e photograph diaplay, near th
entrance, has been enlarged and re-arrai<
ed and his collection of beautiful birds sr
suspended from the celling. Some of thee
birds also make music for the decoratei
(jjuury sianu up-siairs. uy mo way, ma
curious foaail io hie show-case ia scow IUh
The shell department ia under tbi
oharge ol Mrs Gyrua titrabl, and la a beta
liial work next to the grotto. Among tin
sheila Is onu picked up on the coaat o
Prince Edward's Island, probably droppei
[rein Borne wreck, that ilfuatratea the art o
the Chinese in making the oyster maki
pesrla to order by inserting little pebble*
between the animal and In shell. Here ii
also probably the oldeat printed book Ic
America?the letters ol St Ambrose, prin
:ed at Baals, Switzerland, In 1402, onlj
>0 years alter the Invention ol printing
[t la open to a page containing a curiotn
llumlnated Initial. One case ol beaatllu
ihelle and oorala la eihlblted by WII
Officer Ben Turner has a clock here too
>1 moat Intricate deelgo, aawed from varl
ma wooda.
Near the main atalrway is the fancy
work department, and we give it up?nc
>ue can dojnstlce to what is to be seat
here, "The ingenuity ol man" ia often
wondered at, but what shall we say of Ihi
ngenulty and delicate work of the womec
when they can fill such a booth aa ihii
with such a collection. Two qullta thai
ittract the attention at once when It it
jotted that they were knit by hand, wer<
<ent by the inpker, Mrs. A. 0. Kgerter, o!
Wheeling. A'mong the other articles at
vnry fan, resembling lace in Its dallcat)
iexture. but incredible ?i it seema war
jarved In India from ivory, that is owtiec
jy Mrs. Judge Keunou, ol St. Olalraville
A comb and bracela", with large Jewels
worn at a reception of our first President
jwaed by Mrs. Miller, ol Steubenvllle. A
jup and aarcer of George Washington,!
mnoiln l>rnM hi outlaid hu (ho Pnnn nnnu/
by Mra. Dr. tiurglson, of Wheeling.
Mm. Aaron Mills, Mra. Wui. Oiiick am
Vtra. XV. 0. Grafton are in charge of tbii
i>lr?. Ncott Heatherington and Miai
Mattle Kelly liava in tbuir care the ex
enrlve department devottd to tljwera iu
plants The fljor la arranged in walki
ind beds with mossand Innumerable bar
ier plants and flowers. An oleander standi
In tbe rniclet, while cacti, century plants
Bt&, are scattered in profusion. Many o
these are Irotn Devine'a green house ant
Mr. Hchriver, of Wheeling. A number 0
boquets are for sale here. A large agavi
senior? plant Is from Mr. Houatgn'a Houtl
Bellalre green bouse.
George Wetagerber's portrait, aa be rowt
bis "shell, la In the corner adjoining thi
Art Department.
In 8. Q Hamilton's booth are, bealdei
his drug display, birds, gold (lab, and i
large caae of 0. 0. Cratty'a coina and cti
rioalties from India. Among the colm
no laid many tnedals, generally illuetra
live of American history. Here, and a
rnnuy other places in tbe building, ar<
collections ?f Coninental money. A
string of Indian wampum Is shown here
too. Among the curiosities of India
[brought oter by Ml? Bella Thoburn) ari
sandals magnificently embroidered, allp
pera, ligurca of Indian people, an oe
trlch's rgg, Inlaid work In great variety
ihella, complicated qetai bracelets am
rinra. etc. Another case contains so mi
painted ah ells, one alandscape by Mia.
sue Crumbacker, and one .by Mlaa Dodd
ridge. In the centre o! the main aisle li
one of the Ice cream and candy parlora o
ilie Association, In charge ol Mlaa Mollli
Barnhlll and Mr. Lewia.
Thou. Lilly baa contributed (or the wal
near the door a larga collection ol comli
race coarae pictures, uniformly framed.
And here loo la a clock that admoniahei
us that time and the maila wait for nc
man, and this muat end onr dav'a tramp
Up atalra Isanother atory, Joat as beautilul
|ust ea large and In aome respects more In
lereatlng, that we will hare to make thi
iubjeot of another article.
And aa we cloae we see signs of somi
more exhibits getting ready In little un
used portions and corner* of the building
It. 0. F.
DnnlKd at Ihluao " Ibi Foawler ?
(he Hallway Mall tlf rvlrc.
Chicago, May 10.?The mcmorla
monument erecttd to tbe honor and t<
the memory ol ;Ueorne; Buckhanan Arm
strong, founder ol the railway mall service
was to-day dedicated In tbe pretence c
thousands ol spectators, Including man]
ol the railway mall employes by whoa
the memorial was erected. The mono
tnent Is at tbe northeast corner ol the ne?
ciintom house.
The foundation is lour and a-half lee
square, bane four leet square and a loo
thick, anil base ol pedestal three lee
squire anil one and a-hall thick, Thi
pedestal proper is three and a-hall lee
high and two leetjcqnire, the die belni
highly polished. The granite ol the mon
ument Is I fom CJUlncy, Maes. Hurmounl
log the whole Is a magnificent bronte busl
modelled by l^onaril Valk, ol this city
and can by Usher Broe.,ol Mew York
It la three anil a.half fMt hlifh. mnlnriF.
Ijr costumed anil will weljh nearly s too
It In perfect piece ol work,
Theinicrlption reaili, "To the meraor;
ol Oeorge Buchanan Armstrong, lonnde
of the Hallway Mall Service In the Unltf
Stales; born In Armagh, Ireland, Octobe
37, A. I). 1822, Hied In Chicago, May
A. I). 1171, erected bjr the clerks in th
service In 1881."
When the drapery wu removed ther
stood abont the monument many of th
loremost cltlisns, who had gathered to d
homage to the man who had ao greatl
benefitted the bnsinesa ol the conntry b
expediting tbe mall service, and who w?
In (II f Mpecta 10 nlmlrtbln mtn <nd cit
PoetmMler Palmer, in * brief ?ddre?
deecrlbed the old ejitM? of m?II ?er?ici
ud gruwlully lilnded to the deceueri.
Hon. Schufler Oillut wu introduce
And epokent eome lengtli.
Trisxi ?t Hiiiarar.
Dctti.', lM?r 10.?At Kill?rny yeste
dir * colllilon occurred between th
Marine brlpude end the people. 8e?er
ol the KUtr were wounded.
JH.UbJ.JNU 1)1'
i m
1^. Prompt ('ouUrniniloii ol Slituy ol II o
je Slew Jkoiuluulluus -Nome ul lUo M?w
y York Mmue? Hvcrully WIlliUrttHu
j, Ainlu Meul lu-lluili lut-iiou*
|8 Kecoffuiitdlu Feuunjltuuiit
i- Wahhingto.v, May 18.?The President
y sent to the Senate tho foliowiu|f New
n York nomination*: Stewart I. Woodford,
^ to be District Attorney of tho Southorn
" district: A. W. Tennev. to be District At*
y torney of the Eastern district; Henry K,
e Knox, to be Marshal o( the Northern ilia*
itt trict; Charles A. Gould, to hu Collector of
,r Customs, at Buffalo. The lift originally
sent in contained tbenamea of L F. Payne,
to be Marshal of the Southern district, and
[. John Tyler, to be Collector at Buffalo.
r. A dispatch cent to State Senator
II Sirahan, of New York, abkingif he would
accept the United States marbhalehip of
v the Southern District was not answered till
u to-day, and that delayed Bunding in the
w nomination. Strahan deciiued and Knox
waa named to succeed I'ayne. It waa dee
termined last night to nominate Bailey for
Marshal of the Northern District aud Lis
e nomination waa made out.
0 McDougal, who was among those htely
j withdrawn, reached here last evening and
1 saw the President this morning, lie as*
i sured the President of his cordial support
a of the administration and waa renominat*
. wd and Bailey's name stricken from the
# list.
I Gould, who waa nominated for Collm'fnr
I at Buffalo, it another former Conkling
I man who has given hia adherence to the
, administration. McDougal and Gould, in
, leaving Conkling, take a portion that the
, administration must he sustained in order
. to maintain Republican ascendancy in
. New York.
r Tne President sent for Commissioner l.e
Due this morning to coine to the White
\ House. Le Duo put in an appearance and
I the Preaident told hiui he must have his
L resignation at once and it won written then
and there. Pennsylvania nominations
to-day were divided between the Cameron
! and anti-Cameron wings of the Republlcan
party in accordance with the adminis,
tration policy of recognising all the ele*
, ments of the party.
1 The following nominations wore alco
[ communicaled to the Senate:
, Grorge B. Loring, Mans., Commissioner
t of Agriculture, vice Leduo, resigned,
i J. VV. Scotleld, Penna., Juuge of the
j Court of Claims.
F Blanch K. Bruce, Miss., Register of tho
i Treasury, vice Scofield, transferred.
J Lucius P. Thompson, Surveyor of tho
i Port of Philadelphia.
1 John F, Drayo, Surveyor of the Port of
Pittsburgh, Pa.
, Benj. Darlington, Poatmaater at Pitts*
, burgh, Pa.
l Collectors of Internal Revenue: Rich'd
i Rowett, Fourth District of Illinois; F. II.
I Pierpoint, Second District of West Virginia.
1 United States Oonsula?Selab Merrill,
? of MaaaacliUBetts, Jerusalem; John M.
Glover, of Indiana, Havre; Jamas C.
b Xooke, of California, Tientsin; Volney V.
Smith, of Arkansas, Saint Thomas; John
I G. Crawford, of New Hampshire, Coantis
cook; George F. Mosber, of New Hump
ahlre, i ice E. H. Rogera,of Nebraska. Vera
9 Crux; Jeaae Moore, of Illinois, Callno;
, H. H. Kelley, of Nebraska, Chenrnitst;
f David Vlckers, of New Jem?v, MantnnI
zas; George W. Roosevelt, of Pennsylanisi,
f Bordeaux.
, The Senate in oxecutivo sesaion con)
firmed the following nomination*:
Blanch K. Brnco, of Mississippi, Regis .
i ter of the Treasury.
t G. B. Loring, of Mnpsachimnttn, Coin*
mlssioner ol Agriculture, to tako effect
? June 30th next.
Abner Tlbbetts, Collector of CiiEtoniB at
t Paso Del Norto, Texas.
? Thoe. A. Reeves, United Statea Marshal
for the Eastern District of Tonneem*.
Francis H. I'ierpoint, Collector of In,
ternal Revenue for the Second District of
West Virginia.
Richard Powell, Collector of Internal
- Revenue for the Fourth District of Illinois.
. Byron H.. Longstorn, Collector of In1
fernal Revenue for tho Fifth district of
? MlBHOUri.
' AlbertO. Wedge, Collector of Internal
' Revenue for the First district of Minnesota.
J Jeemiah M. Rusk, Charge d'AIIai of
j the United States for Paraguay and Uru,
' Thomas B. Osborn, Minister of the
United States at Braail, vice H. W. 1111*
' Hard, recalled.
Horace Taylor, Consul General to Mar*
? seillee, France.
> George Manly, Minister lo the United
States of Colombia.
i Thos. D. Duncan, Postmaster at Corinth,
t The Senate Judiciary Committee took a
. vote on the nomination of Wm. K. Chand.
ler as Solicitor-General, as f illows: In
favor of confirmation, Logan, Ingalls, and
McMillan? 3; against, Diivisof III., Bayard
and Lamar?3; absent, Kdmundsand Gar*
t land It is understood that in view of the
equal division of the Committee the nomi
nation will be reported back to the Henato
without recommendation.
!,<><% I, KI.R<iri?NN
For ffekool OffleUIn nml N?il??rrl|?llota lo
f Mnllrnmtft.
Bdltort iDlBlIlienwr.
Prof. B. 8. Morgan, a gradnato of the
West Virginia University, and lafe principal
of Morgantown graded ichoola, waa
elected County Superintendent of Hchot l?
of Monongalia county.
Morgan district voted to sulwcfibe f in,.
000 to the Morgantown i% I ronton railroad.
A. Ii. W.
Fairmont, May 19.
Edlfbn InUll!(r?f*r.
The proposition tosnhfcrihs to the rail*
road atock will have about a four-APIs
. majority in the affirmative in thia county.
I'iiilifn, May is.
B-lKort Ifltflllfwirer.
The proposition to subscribe 160,000 lo
the capital ptock of the Grafton ft Green
brier railroad waa carried ypo'erdsy hv
. 600 majority ont of a vole of 1 476.
J Mr. Finn was elected County HnpHn*
twndwnt. M K II
" A natural htxativr, tHptrlttlc all cl/irri."
Prof. M*cnamar?, M. D, of Dublin.
l'rcf. Roberts, F.R.C.P. London.
" Relieves the kidneys, unloads th*. lirer,
r, and optns the bowels."
London Medical Record.
|| Ordinary Dost, a Wintglassful Itfort Irr -'
Of all Druggists anJ Mineral Waur Dtaltrt,

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