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Wficcliiu) IBBi JnUWxpwtt
?^ I " - **-- ?? -_J I T*TT\m A mT A I *V>? *ui?lnhi <v\m? mnra naifl* An a laval I A O f~\ OXT P A O T I A D IV\T) I flXi'tinion train nf fnnr can. CTQWdml With I A XT A 1 f 1.1 II I /I A XT
I ?ht fnidfymm: I
I u0rti jr> wut| ' '7 Ntieil, I
I o7 l?)V. IVirpoint'aoldfriends inlJ
jjjji cty were j leftfied yesterday to read I
}i ha ippointiutat to the Uollectorsiiip in I
I dintrirt.
I total v te /or railroad subscription
I j|*rion county on Tuesday was 1,500; I
ffi agaioat, which was L'-itj morel!
0the/t'iuleittt three-fifths, ||
I Thk Kirat National Hank 0/ Fairmont P
I in 1 capital 0/ jlOO.OuO, a surplus of f-0,-1T
I jjlW, ainl ?undivided profits to ther
I inooDl of $17,t 5 S5. The First National I ^
I 4 Waabingtoa, l'<* . has a capital of $160,.|?
I MHU'pl'U of $75,000, and undivided M
I ptcti:i ol IVO'J UI. In the Fairmont 1
1 '| *1?-s?-I
I bick there are miiiviuuai ubhudim
I otheckoiriSJl u I. white in the WuhI
intra biok lh?r? >337,82} 00.
I A (lui-Mliuu null iunwer.
I flilofl iBtdllgHticvf.
I WaiGeorge Washington elected bv an
I ?!fftnr?l vote, the miiihj as President >
(ii/fielJ or uut 7 I'leuae answer in Hatur*
j/r'i iwae. Kkadsb.
inifor: <?eorge Washington was
e.'edeJ by an Klectoral College, and G6n*
en! GiriieM u as chosen the flame way,
The only tiiUerem-a was that the members
of the College that elected the former ft
were cboien hy the Legislature of their H
Mpcc'iva States, while those who elected
thelatter were choeen hy the people di- ^
ffctly. Either method is constitutional, Jj
Washington, the eMor Adams, Jefferson i(kcooiI
term) Madison, and Monroe were
ill elected us W'anhinjftnn was.
t."' "oniihlie*na of Wheeling have now
toaublitlieri headquarters in the Lin- fl,
coladob room, ami thjorganixation thus c\
n( on f'Kit ihould gather around it a r(
l?oeral membership from all the Repub- fl
Lean roUfru of the city. The successful
maintenance of a wide spread interest In a
this organizatiou will be of great advant* V
to the party in our midst. Itisanim* a
ypftintitep towards unity of action and J
snthiuium of purpose in the next cam*
paign. It should be understood by all h
Kepublicatis that this club is intended to J
nprweotand illtiHtrate in iti formation B]
the idea embraced in the historic words of
tbifmtman for whom it is named-r-vix P
-10 institution of the people, by the
people ami for the people. Therefore it n
iorileito its membership the Republican r
Bines of the city. All will be welcome. 11
- . Yt
Ai d'iny as possible aro invited to De n
prueot this rveninir. ei
- --- - it
Wi remarked yesterday that Genera! h
(innt'e ill-conceived letter would be apt
to call down on him very severe criticism, j
TbaCincinnati papers of yesterday go tor
the letter in pretty Htrlngent Btyle. The
o'i.yO speaks of it ah an "alleged letter of
(ieneul Grant," and discusses it as if its B
geaoineneds miielit well be doubted, It J*
iiji "the intrinsic testimony of the letter ^
ii thit it is spurious?another I'hilpUorey
contrivance." The Commercial 01
iptaka of it n.-t follows:
It |ii not a pleasant spectacle to seo
(lewnl Grant introduced as the backer of 01
ifvtion, ami n a man with personal j(
pWi In fho distribution of patronage. He v
makes a uiMtakn if ho imagines that his v
weight thrown into the Conkling scale will cc
incline the country to tolerate a dictator* ri
ship in that form.
The people of the United Htates have,
Id i thousand ways, manifested their high n<
estimation of the military aervicea of Gen*
til I .rant an.I In ?!.?? ?l.?? l,aua
? iiviiium voo "J ??*" tr
done have they shown 11 greater retfflru
for him, ll an in ttio political eina they w
line forgiven for bin sake. ^
Mi. W. F, 1'ktkrson returned yesterday
Irom i meetingol the stockholder!! ol the 8t
river raUroad at I'arkereburg, on Thure* K
iltT. The meeting vn quite enthusiastic
wd the attendance full. Tho following (||
board of directors was elected: Ohio U
county, Cftpt. John NV. MoLure ] and W. 8'
F.IVterwn; Wood county, 1). K, Neale,
W. X, Chancellor, (J. 11. Bhattuck, and G. n
^.Thompson, jt.; 1'leaHiinh county, R. II.
Browie; Koanocounty, Win. Woodyard; JjJ
K?nawha county, Isaac N\ Hmith and B. :
W.Hyrne. e(
At a sutispquent meoting ol these direc- tl
tors the following olllcern were elected; ?
President, I). K. Neale; Vice President, j,
(?. W. Thomson, jr.; Secretary and r<
Tfenurer, W. N\ Chancellor. Me*srs. p
C. 11. Hhattuck and U. W. Tlmmtunn ?t
together with the President, wero coMtl* j.
tiled the Kiccutive Committee ol the
Board. tt
The fectinK on behalf of the railroad la si
n?llent. The survey is going forward n
iMUIictority, and the Kiatern Hyndlcate ((
tyttted through Senator Ofttaden, who 8
*is present, that jmt m soon n the coun* c?
tiw comply with the understanding In jj
ft!?ence to the survey and right ol way
they ire ready to he?in carrying out their ti
Mtwment. It therefore rents largely with n
tts people along the route to aay how *
w>n the roul shall he tet to contract. Mr. t1
iU, Bfowse, ol Plerian's cottiitfj who 1!
Mesa deep interest In the project, bri I
tolled his willlngnn to give the com* n
Wnythe free right of way through hli [
toidi, i distance ol two milea, and bottom a
tall it that. II this eamo spirit actuates j
#> pwple along the route, the right of J
f|T "ill soon he disposed ol and open* c
tioai common rpd. fc
" ?. 1 c
Mm Hi; or tKAt'UMRfl 1
Rftn l.nyinR fttrtl Italia 0? |?
. <V I'. KOIMlt |?
I 'Vririisviu.K, Ohio, May 20,1881. IJ
Diipttchtin Inltlllftnctr.
| The trackmen who have been putting 1
downiteel mile on the OleteUud A Pitts-1
Wh railroad above end below this city 1 j
track to day lir en advance of five cent*, I
Wone ililUr and twenty*five centaperl
The company refused to give the!
Uuce and tho men were paid off ?nd l<
diichargpit. u
?? 11
1KO* WliHM* Mll.lt.
Alk-AIIB* mil, >fnr *unHfnvltl*,<?
Wijnuh i) the Intelligencer. 1
The Alicanna Iron Works, one mile 1
*^ve thii city, were sold to-day at prltate I
to Mesne. Sharp A Danlele. Mf. I
l)aniel? i* from Ymingitown, 0. Afrange-1
"" 'Moopiritiln. e" ra,d?10 I"1',Ue[
Mew York ftomlutwlona ;t'oolirate<l-Ad?
dlilonul Numluailouii Hade Yealer>
day lijr lb* President?An
Adjournment A Heeled.
Wasiiinuton, May 20?The Senate in
jxecutive session confirmed the nominaions
of Woodford, Tenney, McDougal and
\nox for New York Attorneyships and
klarshallsbips, for which their names
vere respectively sect in yeeterday. The
ieoate also confirmed Scofield as
udge of the Court of Claims, a
nd the following nominations: Wallace F
t. White, of Maine, United States Attor- 11
ley for Idaho; Jaa. U. Weabs, United \
tates Uaahai lor the Weatem district ol a
.ouiaiana; Albert W. Bosh, of Indiana,
Collector of Customs (or the district of L
'uget Hound, Washington Territory;
'hoi, J. Jordan, of Penn., Indian Ageut
f the 1'onca Agenoy, Indian Territory; i
Iharlea A. Gold, Collector of Customs, .
luffalo, Creek, N. Y.; John F. Dravo, f[
urveyor cl Customs, Pitulmrgh; John '
I. Gray, Collector of Customs, Aleandrla, .
United Htatea Ooniuls: John B. Glover, J
ndiana, Havre, France; G,|F. Mosher, of .
few Hampahire, Nice, France; Win, B.
Veils, of Michigan, Rotterdam; M. B. V
Vbarton, of Georgia, SinneHorg; E. II. JL
logera, of Nebraska, Vera Cruz; H. ti. [,
iuley, Nebraska, Chemnitz
Poatmaateia: Beuj. J. Darlington, Pitta* J{
nrgh;D. Wahon, tiparta, Ilia.; Prealey
. lane, Palmyra, Ohio; John P. Haynes, (i
:ound Rock, Texaai.John B. Nicbolaa, [J;
>enton, Texaa. T
K iiili AflhtnA. Indian Aiianf fnr Knrt
iatl agency, Idaho. ^
While the Senate was yet la executive *
jsuion, Mr. Herrla having taken the a|
balr, Mr. Pendleton offered the following m
uolutlon, which was unanimously w
Rttolval, That the lhanka of the Senate w
re due and aro hereby tendered to the ai
Ice-Preeldent (or hla courtesy, ability 0i
nd the inipartiality with which he hai
realded over the deliberation! o( the Sen- tt
le during the present aeaaion. tt
When the doora were opened, Ihey hav- ,i
1ft been kept closed while tho (o'egoing n
solutions were acted upon, the Senate, u<
n motion ol Mr. Pendleton, adjourned at
ne die. |0
Contrary to usual cuitom no President bi
ro tern, was elected, pi
VIoe-PrPSldeut Arthur was absent from ni
le chamber when the adjournment took gl
lace, the chair belog occupied by Mr. M
larria. Owing to the fact that up to the In
loment of adjournment the Senate bad hi
imained In executive session, there were
o spectators In tiiegalleriee and the uaual
;ones at the adjournment were mlaa>g.
The Senators Indulged In the uaual ,
and-ahaklng and well-wishing, and in a
iw moments me cnamner, wnicn nau
ran the theatre ol so much excitement
nrlng the aeaalon, wae deserted. Tl
The President has nominated Wlllard fj'
. Wells, of Michigan, U.S. Consul to yv
otterdam; W. D, Wharton, of Georgia,
onanl at Sonneborji and Jauiea D. fo
'ataon Pestmaater at Sparta, Illinois. la
enbraii uoasip, political, social and [Jj
The Chairman of the Senate Committee ?<
a Commerce appointed Senators Ransom, |a
inea, of Nevada, Kellogg, Conger and u,
eat, a aub cjmmlttoe to act for the full It
immlttee during the receas, under the w
isolation directing the.committee to In- jjj
lire Into the condition of the Potomac
ver frout of Wrihlngton and the effect m
! bridges across the river upon the navl- r|
iblllty of tbe stream and the health of pi
le city, and to report next winter what th
epa ought to ba taken In regard to the et
hole matter. Senator Ransom will call
is subcomroitte together about the first th
July. w
Tbe pavera In the crie of the United |n
ates against the Xrihville A Chattanooga th
tilroad have been forwarded bv tbe p,
jilcltors of the Treasury to tbe United Tl
latea District Attorney at Nashville with et
Irections to bring auit lit the present
irm ol court. The amount involved ag- o
egates $300,000, being the principal and th
iterest ol certain unpaid bond) of the o,
illroad purchased by the Government Ijr w
ib Indian Trait Fund.
Tbe first counterfeit of the silver certlfl- m
ites ever issued vim received at tbe w,
reaaury Dapanment to day. It la a to
mnlsrfelt ol the twenty dollar series ex- |a
mted Inpeu work, bat wai easily deleted.
A large number of people called at the c<i
fhlte House to day to see the President Q
i regard to appointment. lie did not 0[
iceive many of them. Tbe callers were e,
rluclpally those who have been here ca
nee tbe 4th of March waiting for some- Ki
ling to turn up. The President wai busy jj,
nring tbe day qiaklng out appointment. bl
Mrs. Qarfleld'i condition Is much better lt
> day, and at soon is she is able to travel B|
ie will he taken to her borne In Mentor.
Hecrsttry Hunt left this city this after u
nn Ilia aniiarnmant alaimur Dlanalnh u.
it Hampton Koadi,to lospec'. the United hi
tatea abtp of war Tennessee. lie wai aoimpaoled
by hla family, one or two
leinbera of the I'realdent'e bouaebold and p,
Bveral Invited lueela. 0t
TbB nomination of Mr. Chandler wee m
iken up In the executive aeealon thle di
lornlng, aa the Deuoorata wojjld not con- [c
Bnt to Tel It go o?er, Uliandler'a frlenda ri
lade a tight for hltn, though ad' t,
ilttlng that tbe etae ?ai almoit hopeleaa. n
loth l'enmylvanle Henatora and all the
leroocrata areagalnat him.
Senator Van wlek, of Nebraeka, foraerljr
Oorjreattgan from New York,
hinka Oonkllng very nowise in rrilgnlng
nd that Uonkllng can never recover bla p
srmer atrength In the Republican party i {,
bat Oonkllng two yeara ago waa aent to "
he Senate ai the nnanlmona choice "
if hla party, but If he cornea ?
lack now It win be after a hard fight and &
mlyaarepreaentatlveof a faction, Opinon
li growing bare among tbe Kepnhllma
that tlonkllng doea not want a refection.
Tbe report here, that In a day i,
ir two more Ponklla* will publicly declare r
hat he la not ? candidate for re election, T
slargely credited.
t'OiKi.iin'a mown - f
PMlIm (toMewimt Metier Tb?? th?>
nm-Laieft PbHe sf ike in Tom
MatUeUI Hltanllon. ,
Ai.baht, M?y 20.?The Conkllng wing J
>(lh? Heptibllctn purty eeemi itrength- j
med In iplflli thl< morning. Thechnnge
la attlribnted to the Action ol the Frealdent
yesterday. Ther now a?y that Ike cancni
Dili be held nut week, and that every
Republican must attend It and abide br
Ha decision or an(Ter repudiation at home.
It la alio italed that OonkllnR
and riatt will ha candidate*
belore the cancni. Whate?ef tbe result
may be their (rlenda declare that to If- >
nore them will be to read tbem ont ol the <
party, which will not bs permitted. On (
the other hand tbe anti Oonkllnu men <
itaodatfODi In their determination ?|?l??t i
ne iB'eiHuuun 01 wb uhcusmjip buu
till inaiat that they will not attend any .
Nxw You. May 20.?The lhmtii Al- 0
)any special aaya that ? conference of
he etalwarta waa held laat night and it B
iu unanimously agreed that the view!
ind wishes of Uonkllng should be aecured
mmediately ao that aome plan of action
la be inaugurated which will tend to
>revent Ibe future deaertion from the
anke and Induce thoee who have strayed
lut of the fold to return without deay.
To attain thie end it waa ao
lecided that ex Inauranoe Superintendent jj,
imytb, Judge Folger, Police Oommia- .
ioner French, Senator Strahan and two
ithereehould meet C'onkling in Kew York ar
lext Sunday afternoon and receive in- tit
trucliona frcw bim. An effort, it ia un- ta
erstood, will also be m?de to bave bim ,
nd Plait vialt Albany in the early part of V1
isxt week in order to keep tbe etalwarta ia
o line. ex
Grant's letter may have some effect in ml
Vaahlngton, but here it has been cast
side aa carelessly aa a business circular.
The TeUi/ram'i apeclal aaya: There ia or|
inch lesa entbuslaem among the half 0u
reed Kepublicana this morning than
jere was yesterday, 1 be Prealdent'a ac- t0
on In returning the nomlnationa of wl
Woodford, Gould, McDougal, Tennv and ?i
:uox, all lrienda of Senator Oonkllng, th,
> the Senate lot confirmation fell like a Da
et blanket on their hopee. They IV
iirl^ hoped that the President had ,
nauy ignoreu uonauag mu on ^
>le ol the Home; that he hid
ken up entirely with themselves, jB
nil that hencdorth none tut hail-breeds we
lould enjoy the spoilt ol office. The ??
ien who on Wednesday evening exbalted vol
ardeld to the ikies lor his action in re- j?
ird to iiobertaon are to-<I?T indulging in r?
larp criticism ol tbe President. |,rf
Tbe Oonkllng men are delighted at the <]
Isappointment ol the ball Dreeds, and , j
me set to work to make the most ol it. we
he wavering onee whs had been in- 0[
ined (to go over to the ball breeds ti,(
ere sought out and reassured by t|1(
lis evidence that the JiobertBon men D0|
ere not to have a monopoly ol tbe pa- (j,,
onage ol the Htute. Tbe result is already j
pparent. They now mention Conklinga t ,
me scarcely above a whisper, Thestal |lu*
arts, however, are still placed at pr|
feat disadvantage in the contest by the j
Duertalnty as to nhetheror not Oonkllng
Ill Ut) u uhuuiuhio iur IV eicunuu. iur are
iti-Conkllngitea claim a majority ol IB Jm
a joint ballot. ]
Tbe Commercial't Albany special reporta na,
ie situation aa (oliowa; Tbe chances ol tr|i
le atalwarla havo oerlalnly Improved j
nee yesterday morning, and It ia \
3W aeen that the fight la j
}t to be abandoned by th,
iy meant. The people have begun to
ok around anil aee that the half breed u|
)uta are much In advance ol their proa eta.
The hall-breedi are to-day on a
jw tack. Feeling tbat they are losing 1
ound they areseeklng to win over John du
. Francis, ol Troy, to their aide by hold- i?,
gout to him the bait o( the United .
ateeHenatorehlp. vo1
? m ? tlo
Hur Frank Kxprtaalona or opinion? drl
flu Ei^fUHlor Offered ? Hllnallen at (
|Sf,000 Malar j. .
Nxw Yobk, May 21.?Tho Tribune says: .
bere were a few politicians at the Filth (
venue Motel last night in expectation of 1
ie posilble arrival ol ex-Senator Oonk- >oi
ig and Vice President Arthur Irom > <
'ashington, but ware disappointed. th<
Tbe Conkllng leaders present night be- vis
re last did not make tbelr appearance 1
at evening, having been informed tbat tht
ie ex-Senator would not come. Tbe con- do
rence, which had been arranged on the toi
irt ol tho stalwarh, will probably not 1
icnr till to morrow. clo
A. B, Johnson and ex-Senator Flatt 1
Id yesterday tbat they expected Oonk- su|
ng to arrive last evening or this morning, all)
was reported in tho evening that he wo
aa already In the city and holding secret sot
insultatlon with his friends, bnt this dli
as mere rumor. reg
A large number of stalwart loaders, I
emberaol the legislature and others ar- agi
veil Id this eltr last night. They were lac
ainlv Irresolute and undecided aa to got
olt future course, not having full knowl- pui
Ige of Conkllog'a wishes. ski
Mr. Piatt told a friend yesterday that he noi
ought the course of events at Albany In
ould force him to become a candidate Lo
sell-defense. He did not say positively at
at he would be a candidate. He fa poi
obablv awaiting Uonkllng'a decision, gri
lis indecision baa bad a bad effect In the wa
ilwart ranke. bat
Police Commissioner French, John J, poi
Brlen and others were offering cheer to p:c
elr aasoclatea last evening by stating that pei
inkling and Piatt would be elected 1
Ithontadoubt. sot
Assistant United Statea District Attor- abl
iv Tenney said he did not aee how it gra
aa possible to return Piatt and Oonkllng tbi
the Senate by tbla or any future Legia- anl
ture.) tra
"The Legislature will elect two 8ena- I
ra," said K. I). Webster, who had just ref
- / ? ii ii 1 iu u jc
iuw iruui muau/| nuu moj nuu n uo uii
inkling or I'latt. This mm Oonkling oui
yours la any," he added to hei
I'Oollector Thomas Murphy who plj
me up at that moment, "suppose wll
jnton had resigned when you were con* nri
med, Murphy, wonld'nt yon have let Lo
m down M i fool 7 It la a suicidal act of 1
i Idiot and he can neyar he elected net
;aln." lev
"I do not think he will be a candidate," kel
Id Murphy. ''I know that overtnree jnc
ive been made to him to enter a law firm j
ire with a guarantee of $S0,CC3 annual vei
come," Bu
The .Sixteenth Assembly district Re- 1
lbllcau Olnb met last night and the tlx
lalrman offered a set of resolution) com- pri
ending the nominations made by Fresl- fa
rat Gsrfleld to the Senate and condemn- of
g the action of Oonkling and Piatt In bo:
alining llielr eeati aa cowardly end cal
alforoos to the Hepubllcan party. The pe
leolutlona were Unanimously adopted, '
m? Mil'. vutiailiV. LrJ
? lie
at chicago, j?
Chicago luck was strong to day, and *
iillod | Tiptory oat bj- heavy batting In rat
>e snventh Inning. The game waa pro- ' <
lie ot long anil One hlta mtl close pla/i, ?u
en re i
bleu. t I I I I 1 H M
MUM I I M 1 I I I H 1
Saren hundred people aaw the Oltve- ">
inds down the Troya to day. Score: 00
iMfiiDj i o o o o i i i 0-7 en
roji.? o i o o i a e o ?-i (1|
at iirraoiT. ..
Mltl'a ? I I 1 It I I M
MtMmn ? o i t i i I I 1 U th
tfea>a?hkr?l llama far Japan. '*
CiKoiMAfi, May 20.-A car of six Kennnktf
iKnrnniihhrAfl hnraefl via forward- .
d Irom Cincinnati iMt night to '];
ep?n for the Improrement of
lock In that oonntrf. They "
rere ahlpretl In * Union riclflc boi cm to E
o Ihtongli wlthont trenelerto Ban Ff?n- J"
lico, and were stlended by Japenue P
latkee. The freltht lo S?n Francleco P1
taa en average of f180 lot each enlmel. o)
T? lho aarib Pole tin Plllibnrib. *'
Finwwin, May 20.-Twentythree (|]
ullora from Brooklyn paeeed throngh Ihle a,
ilty thli afternoon en ronle to 8?n Fun- ?
slaco. Ual. They will be pert of the crew pi
>f the eteemer Arctic, which leevee on at
m expedition la eearcn of Ibe Jeennetle. it
r m rut wiu'i BiiisBui.
parta CiHmla(lk?OiHllU?oril<
niielal, Canmimlll anil aanlKlmill
liliMla la Ika Laiitr
Cltlu of Ula luuulrj.
Cincinnati, 0., May 20.?The feeling
oong bankers to day if that the week
i been a dull one In nearly all branches
buaineae, and aa they largely control the
terlea of trade, their jadgment la enled
to weight The money market U
tier but without special feature and
thont any change la the ratee. There
till the same difficulty about Caalern
change, the relief expected from the
>vement of the wool clip not bavirg
en realised. The local aecurltlea have
en firm, and aome aurprlae haa been
tated by the high premium, 8) per cent,
lalned for five hundred thousand dola
of city bouda to run for twenty years
d bearing four per cent iqlereet. There
la tome doubt In tome quartera of their
lini; at par, but well-informed bankers
jugnt tney voaia uring one anu a nan b
rcent. All tha bid* received ware ?.
ova par. at
Srocere corroborate the banks In regard la
dull bualneaa. While (bare la notade- Id
led falling off Ibere haa been a decline w
the volume of baalneaa during the a|
ek. An exception la noted with re- hi
rd to meata, lor wblch there haa been a tb
ry biiak demand. Pricea are etlfonlng ac
augar, and the outlook la lor an early to
lewal oi trade when the farmera And a
lathing apell In their aprlng work.
[he trade in boola and ahoea haa ahown
lecidad falling off In volume during the ni
ek, though there have been a multitude tb
imall ordera. Thia ia accounted for by ..
i reporta from traveling aaleamen, that
i country dealeie are aelllng alinoat ..
thing, owing to the buay aeaaon with u.
i farmera.
3ry gooda and clothing appear to have ,1,
ood, thriving buaineaa. The aalaa have
in large, eapeolally in dry gooda, and
ces are well maintained.
Jualneia on 'Ghange haa been limited,
e lluctuatlona in provlalona were ao tr
lit aa to paralyse holdera aa well aa .
vera, and very little waa done. "
n grain there hai been almoat a stag- ,a
lion, though there have been no mate- E
ucnangea 10 prices. te
"lour closes very doll. |8
iVhlsky his ruled firm >11104. to
roil la hopeful of no decline. Though j(
ire bu been no large transactions, there 0|
i been a Urge consumption and lair T
ea In a smill way. I(
at tiii iuthopolui, tt
f?w Yokk, May 20.?Trade moyements
ring the week were moderate, and save 0|
occasional speculative ventures the e:
uuie ot business presented no eicep- u;
nal features.
iVbeat was In good demand and closes w
n at a slight advance. w
3orn, also, has somewhat improved, hi
considerable portion ol the corn re- j
ved by rail is in a poor condition on rj
lount of being heated.
'revisions and bog product! are doing
newhat better at the advance, but there
sonslderable timidity on both allies ol tt
) market. Other descriptions ol proIons
were in fair request.
i'etroleum has advanced alnce last week m
rtv nr fartv nnlntii from thn Inwnat and
im strong, tl?? tendenoy being entirely pi
pant better rates.
freights ere doing somewhat better,
sing with a generally steady market tb
Phe demand tor wool waa mainly to 0I
jply the actual want, although at a re
;bt conceulon the manufacturers ?,
uld be willing to anticipate their wan!i if
newhat Buyers and sellers seem in- u
led to await further developments In at
;rrd to the coming clip. m
o dry goods there has been very much ce
ilnst trade. Fur and wool bat mann- m
turers are making preparations (or a tb
>d autumn trade, and drummers are m
thing lor orders. Several dosen seal
ns, received from Connecticut, arefpro* th
unced the best dyed skins yet produced n,
this country, but not quite up to the
ndon standard. Bio coSee Is depressed Sr
nominal rates, tnougli no gain ire rerted
at betler than lOo In the milder tr
idea of coffee, Trade fg looking for- e>
rd to an aaollon tale of nine thouaand vv
[s next of all grades to eglablleh a tem- ,tT
rary standard of valnea. it Ig thought )?
ibabla that Rio. will touch bottom at Do
' pound. al,
n tens the tone of the market hia bien c0
oewhat lower and pricea more favore
to buyer. Hales at auotlon, all Wi
idea, 8,800 hall chests. It lg expected |D
it the trade will revive in August in n,
ilclpatlon of the demands of the fall XI
de. a
n raw augers the market is quiet. Thtf j,
Inors have been large receivers by M
ect Importation. Total arrivals aince |,c
r last iseue tin this account 12,600 hogs- aI
ids and 0,00 baga. The available sup- ce
' continues atrongly held, In sympathy ul
th a atrong market in Cubs ant) an im- tit
ired tone and higher values ruling in m
ndon. pi
n hardware and kindred trades bustle
continues dull. Eaoh year shows
InMian hard a/ftra hrnnohf In Ihti mar.
, while the export of domwtlc rapidly A
iraiita. tr
n produce the eltaatloa It changed ,
ry little. The receipt ol cbeeee le Urge. !'
Iter is (ally held atl> town migration. ''
fbe Hook market U quite buoyant
High weak end bulla have had things ~
stty much their own way. Money
very plentllul and the chief business
the banks now appeara to M to flod *!
rrowera lor their money. Katee for "
I loana In acceptation ascuritiee 2} to 3} *
r cent, exceptional loana 3J per cent. It
rhe bulk of precious metals in this coun- ,,
' le increasing. Itlnald that we have ,,
arly two Hundred millione ol dollare in |!
Id and sliver, more than we had a year "
rhe market for foreign exchange la
her quiet with rates slightly lower,
failures daring the week are neither Ji
merous nor slgniOcant. ai
Oiicaoo, May 80.?The weather dur- *
X the put week haa been Sue, Every* k
Ing has been favorable to trade. The '
untry districts are busy in farming op
11 ah Tlinvn la anm m el a nVan t i rt In tl
RVIUUli iuoid id duuii giavasuiD|| a u it
e country trade lor that reason. The "
ijr merchante, however, complain leaa J|
an Ihalr country customers who feel the v
lllng oil more than any others, h
The banki ara doing a good buslneae, ?
gond rates lor money and a aofllclent
imend. Ulearlnga lor the week Haturly
estimates, were tail c..Eastern
;ohange sold between (ha bankaat Ally
id atitr centa premium per (l,OCO. Stock, t
indi and local securities ware t
oderately active at gradmlly e
irdenlng rates. The season Is gittlng J
te lor active business In most ol the lines I
merchandise, but tha trade contlnnsa >
ilmated. Metal and metal ware meet a
ily moderate demand, but there la urgent \
iqulry lor building material, Qrocerlee I
:tive with loll former i,notations, bnt (
Ithont any real advance, Frnl'i more I
lenty and cheaper, bnt still ol a somewhat t
sly character, The grain trade la pick- I
if np, and ta tha railroad strike la orer I
with the shipments than they hive dont
jefore lor weeks.
The opening oi navigation causes prion
a stiffen a little, although at one timt
luring the week the fine weather came
lear producing a demoralised. market
Price quickly recovered, however, and
:loeed pretty atrong and nearly at the outtide
price* lor the week.
Unfavorable re porta are received, too,
rom Kanaaa, Miaeouri, Southern Illinois
ind Southern Iowa of ravages of the
ireaded chinch peat. This wide region
if wheat land will be watched with jeallua
care by apecnlatora and commission
nen. The recefpla of corn are disappointng,
as it waa believed they would be very
leavy when once the obstructions to shipaent
were obviated. Oata keep up well,
Ithough deferred options are comparaIvely
heavy and dragging.
Provialona iluctuateu aa widely aa ever,
'ork-is down and laid up, and vice versa,
'he -general tendency during the week
i the provision market baa been higher
rices, and prices closed buoyant, although
roviaiona were not particularly active/
aieafor June options made daring the
reek are as follows. Wheat, SI 03il 091;
orn, 40?43o; oats, 3t)i3"lo; pork, $15 IJOa
DOS; lard, (0 U7j?1085. The receipts of
rain during the live daya of the week
ere 'considerably over two million
ushels, and the shipments were about a
illllon and a half in exceaa of the receipts
i compared with the previous year. ThU
falling off Id tbe receipts and u gain
i shipments. More grain la goisg for?rd
by rail than a year ago, ahippere
iparantly having become educated to
Igber ratea. A rumor baa It. however,
lat the railroad lines are not alow to cut
ihedule ratea when they find It neceaaary
I compete with veaaela.
ptholbuu anuiuok.
Ciiysukd, May a).?There bai been
a noticeable change in the condition of
le petroleum market for the paat week,
id prlcee remain ateady and unchanged.
Railroad bualneaa haa been wry heavy
id the companies have been unable to
indie the freight! readily,
There haa been little if any Intereet in
le Iron market. The ore aalea have been
iry light and tbe furnacamen eland out.
fkkuno in tub 8uoky city.
I'jTTauuuau, May 20.?The feeling of
ade in all branohea except iron ia much
itter than for many weeka, and manucturera
and merchanta are more hopeful,
specially In the caae in glaaa, which ia
nding upward. Tbe windoif glaaa trade
reviving and higher prices are beglnlng
rule aa the time aoproachea for cloaing
>wn and holdera are not deairoua
dlapoaing of their alock juat now.
lie bottle and fruit jar. trade ia
stive. the demand fortaer hnttliM from
le West exceeding that o( any season far
.'0 years.
The Iron manufacturers still complain
! a tUt and unprofitable market* and
ipreea but little hone for a brightening
p before fall, when a boom Is anticipated.
Coal is dull on account of low water
hich will not permit ahtpmenta by river.
Petroleum has been quite active all
eek but cloaed today rattier dull. Prices
ave fluctuated between SO and 83jc for
nited certiflcatee. Hales and resale*
KM,una barrels; ahlpmenta 289,020 baraUSlNlSS
Baltimohb, May 20.?The marked for
le paatweek have been qnlet generally.
The money market w?3 quiet, though
ioney waa abundant at 4*6 percent!
Blocks were alow and there was comiratlvely
little done.
Kxportn, $730,481.
The receipt* ol grain were much larger
lan the week preceding, but the volume
OUBIDUHH wm vary inuu larger. xuo
icelptflof wheat wero more then two-fold
Hfltor than tut week; the galea more
K),t JO bushels greater, and the exporte
iO.OC'J basliela less. The market waa very
eady. Corn quiet and Bteady: rocelpta
ore than (our fold; gales a little In exsa
of the proceeding week; exports a
tie more than 25 per cent of those el
at period; market dull but prices well
Oats remained firm the greater part ol
e week. The receipts nearly doubled
e sales.
Rve dull and receipts anil galea small,
ime prlcea demanded as last week.
In flour there has been aome activity,
id with lighter receipts the transactions
:cecded those of the previous week for
estern brands, The market etifTened
itll an advance of 10 cents per barrel for
itter grades waa fixed. Family has in
stance^ been obliged to yield to the
mil concession, and the stock in store Ib
nslderabiy reduced.. The ooflee market
is been demoralized all week, and prices
ere lower than for months past. Nothg
waa done fn augaree; refined haa been
mly held at an advance over last week,
le provision bade Is quiet. Lard'ylelded
tilfle, but 1b firmly held for Job lots. - The
y gooile trade Is becoming quiet. The
aeon Is almost over vet a fair business ib
ling done. Live atock, except cattle,
e eteady. Cattle advanced one-hali
mt en good shipping. Hogs dull. Sheep
ichanged; rece|pt? fair; a greater pop
>n abipped to Liverpool and Kasiern
arket, tnoae lor the latter poljt lislng
'Inclpally Iambi.
PjiiLAtiBLPUiAf' May 11), ? The North
mm'can to-morrow, la a review of the
ade for th? past week, will lay'i "The
ade 111 moat departments waa raoderallveactive,
but the prima ol several leading
tides were unaeltled and lower. Ootton
imalna about the aame ti laat quoted,
lonr haa been In better demand and
rlcea firmer j wheat unsettled and lower
, the dote; rye and oata nnohanged;
irn In fair demand, bnt the features
lire a fraction lower. 1'rovlilone waa
oderale, the j ibblng trade doing at about
ia former ratea. Feeds oontlnne dull.
Whisky In demand. Wool was more neve
?t the cloae, with prloM allghtljr In
te buyers'favor,
A <o??rr?Mimir? oivnree,
Niw York, May 20.?Oongreeaman
imes O'Brien brought suit lot divorce
talnst his wile, on [Tip grounds that she
addicted to drink, and on account of
sr violence lt*e i not safe for him to Hie
Kb her. He avers that he treated bar
Indly from the dale of his m(rrla|e
I 1801, and had mads her a present
f bla bonse on Eaat Ihlf tyfonrtb street.
. deres of separation was granted, and
ie action was tried before a referee and
o defense enured. Congressman O'Brien
MtlOed that he eupported bis wife gonernaif
and that aba #ai In the habit ol
ill ting Honor atofea for drink, lie said
e was willing to give her 15,COO In Ilea of
llmony. The decree of eeparaHon has
een confirmed ky Judge Barrett.
Ohio TtmptrtiM Polka.
Co urn a VI, Mij JO.?Aliotil flltjr dele In
tq the But* GhrlitUn Temperance
Jnlon anwmbled her# this ellernoon and
lected the following offlwri: J. K.
uatlce ol Yotitijitewn, Pft?l<r?ntj J.O,
)tinn ol Oolnnbne, Fred Shoemiker ol
Ikron, J. W. Adama ol Newaik,
nd It. T. Ogen ol Cincinnati,
rice FrealdenU i A. J. Reder, Na?arre,
lecorilini Beorelarji John W. Tuck",
Jolumbne, CorrwpondlOR Beeretary; W.
1, Dome, Oleteland, Treaanrer. KeeolnIons
pledging the numbers of Ihe Union
o TOte only for temperance candidate*
or office, weie adopted.
; a dueiio a ur nuxvivisit pj
' *
And luv ot Tliam Vlud ft Llvifll ^
tilftfl-VWftl liCNUlu ?( I'udue ^
Hula and tinlm Work.
Ibs la Mil* Knurl.
Dkadwood City, Dakota, May 19.?At
7:30 o'clock Isst'eVening, u the night shaft va
ol the Goldeu Terra mine, sixty meo, <J*.
were entering the tunnel lor the night, ?0
and when at the tint chamber, abont three i
hundred feet from the mouth ot tbe tun- ?j
nel, the worka ctved in, carrying down
tbe tiuibera with a terrific crash, filling In
the great slope and bearing the foremost
men beneath the debrle. T)ie compression tim
oi air forced tbe rear portion of tbe abaft
through the tunnel as though it had been q
fired from a cannon from SO to 100 feet, bus
instantly killing Thomas Qreene and serl- ?
ously injuring John Bttee, Wm. Wren,
Uartln Lago, John Hall, Ohas. House, I'at- utV
rick King, Timothy fiulivan and T. 11. , ?
Bnlllvau. "J
A number of others escaped unhurt re?
through the tunnel to the Homestake lev.
mine or back to the open cut. Among dot
those known to be buried beneath and M
probably killed are Jamea Farley, L. uuji
Weigan, J. Wedlock, John Miller, Thomas A
Thomas, P. Galvln, Angua Mcl.lln, Jack
Beavy, Jack Eddy, Joseph Harkiiia and ?,01'
McUormtck. The news of the dlaaater
spread rapidly to all the camp* and thou- xi
sands of men were aoon on the ground |ut
with plcka and shovels. 8uperinleudent of i
McMaatera, of the llomeatake Company, 1'ilu
brought over a hundred men, who went ami
to work with a will in digging for their whj
comrades, while as many aa could work
were aent into the tunnel from the Home- """
alake aide. After an hoar's work the ex- {,?V]
ruvatoia were able to converae with Jamea q
Farley, who aaid that he wag pinioned by ,a|{
timbers and rock, and exclaimed: "For u?||
Uod'a sake, boya, hurry. I can't stand 11 o. it
much longer," Tl
Tots inspireu toe men to a greater euon icm
bat Farley'e voice soon riled out end prob- whc
ably he. as well ae hit companions, la
dead. At 1 o'clock tbla morning no bodies *lld
have been extricated. The vicmity of the I'. ?
mine ia crowded with the Irlenda if the |)M,
miners, women and chlldron cryiug and ? ti
wild with grief, presenting a scene ol the a
greatest horror, The work will be con- ami
tinued until the tunnel and chamber are Mel;
clear. a go
The Golden Terra Mine belongs to the
Ilomestake Company and is considered xi
one of the best in the bilk ,,,
The point'of Die catastrophe ia what ia .
known as the disputed ground between
the Gopher and Terra Companies, to se- dsgi
cure possession ol which both oompaniea Hot
have been working with undue haate, Mas
timbering in a careless manner. The com
chamber waa eight seh o( timber or fifty- I'rfi
six (eet high, 200 leet long and ICO (eot in- Jun
side. A perfect mountain of ore and dirt, T
probably 100 feet in depth, fell into and for
filled thla vast apace. Hail the accident J""
occurred five minutes later every one of ? '
the sixty men would undoubtedly have S
been killed. K"
The miners who had been imprisoned t)le
in the mine aincs 7 o'clock last evening t,e ,
were all rescued this afternoon at o'clock, wui
none aualaining any injurlea. Tills leaves m
only three, Thomas Green, James Farley prsi
and Jame" Beaky, killed, and five slightly In t
hurt. Farley'was a single man. lieakv T
leavee a wife and faiplly, who are now eh "lit
rooie to the hills. Green also leavee a
wife and five children. The work ol clear. "V.
ingthe tunnel out Is progressing rapidly, lt,"
anu it is uiougni mat uy eanuav me mine
will be entirely clear, although no delay m
has been occasioned by the accident, mer
Hubscrlptions (or the relief of those made wbi
homeless and destitute have been called iug
for by the press of the Mile, and the hort
people have responded liberally. The Blar
disaster hes been tbe principal topic of
conversation to-day. There are many \\
conjectures a? to the cause, but no blame wju
can possibly attach either to tbe company ^,
or aoy one else. The prompt and heroic
efforts of the managers of the mine and A
volunteers to rescue their fellow laborers Con
is deserving of the highest praise. com
^ al>oi
hellaibi. Of
Rev. Hamilton, formerly of tho Hoge vrhi.
Church of Columbus, will preach in the l'fcabyterian
Church here Hunday morning and 0(|t
evening. J':
Henry White, who wm killed at Franklin ,M
Thuraday, will be burled on Sunday after* g'r|r
noon by the Odd Fellows and firemen. He Clev
was Captain 6f Liberty Company No. 1. 'OA'1
Tho members of Bellalre Lodge, I. O. 0. F.,
No. 378, are requested to meet at their lodge
rosin on Sunday at 1 o'clock p. to attend
a. um.i.,.
If you can suggest nnv improvements nt the q
Loan or feel like grumbling nt anything you
have run acro*s in your perambulations there,
do not publish It abroad and make the fault gsae
proiuinont, but go quietly to the committee , .
and make your suggest Ions. Any member u>"
will listen to yon, and anything In reason opo
will be done if found uractlcal In all lis bear
?he ladles of the Episcopal Church lately Ten
bad a fair at which were offered for tale a ?ta'.
number of elegant fancy articles of thoir own hun
work, but owing to a rainy, stormy evening Beni
few of these were sold then. What has not ut.<
[been sold since will be f;und atNaylor's ti_.
booth at the 1-oan In charge of Mrs. Itay, who ? ,
will be glad to show them to you, and If you v.|
need anything you can no doubt lis pleased JV'
there. I *
Still anotbet llellalro patent} Charles Frey que
and Will Porterfleld have patented a very adj<
simple but eflect're cofT'e pot. larp
James and William Tallman have dinolved (hit
partnership and each has opened a separate
law office.
Louis Schramm had his leg badly crushed, n
in Henry's coil mine theothr day,
Mr*, (Jhirlw Krnst dlod at .her home heru ??K
Thurfdaf, : ? bell
Won't think yoti hare to leave the Loan to M
get your meala. If you do not get too much rj ,
Interested to think of meal time, go up stairs V el
and for t quarter get all you want, cooked Ma
right theft*. (lei
Some of the darkies 'h Smneborn's booth I)ei
Thursday evening, threw into their music all
the eicitable enthusiasm of their race. n0,
Mr. Geary does not want any oue to mini
seeing his curious old Ueriuan book of devo*
tlonal exercises.
The oil )*ortralt o# the late K.<?. Morgan In v
the Art Department Is so life-like, the peculiar rlo!
flesh tint that wss so characteristic of Mr. DQi
Morgan llio faithfully reprodoced that the J*
patnting wins mnch praise for the artist, J.
The board of equalisation. since Hellalres
apportionment hss been reduced, has been
appointed, as follews: First ward. Wm. Harteys
flecond ward. Thome* McOee; Third I
ward, Jovpliut uoruy; rourin mini, jonn b. ti.?
Crafty and J. B. Darrah| Fifth ward, Win. "J"
The creek bridge li to have It* new floor laid, 'n 1
and to mike at little Interruption at possible
to travel, the *ork will be begun Saturday
evening and continued over Sunday, or until ^
completed. . . naf
The ttockholders of the gat company meet H,
Saturday for the election of officera, etc.
Strawberries are here, at S6 cents a basket, pre
Mist Nettle Poorman. with her powerful
voice and wonderfully, distinct articulation,
always attract* the crowd when she sings (
H?r comic songs are IrresWable, ,
The great number cf youns men who ad- 1)01
lourn from tne loan at night to take their *rr
|io?tt on the ?trett leading to the bnl ding and *n:
tare at the ladies paning their long rank*,
thon'rf be made to move on. <
Workmen are busy at a leak of considerable (
nite In the reservoir, caused by at'ip. While ?
the water runt ontat the rate the hole allows Hts
It* not much water can be kept In it. ho
The Btllalfi & Southwestern brought in ftn 13t
jople for tbe Loan, Friday avening. Ac
mpanjiug it vu Wallace's band from
oodadel. Nearly all tbe members of tbia
nd are bey ??the drummer, a aon of Mr
allaoe'a, being only aix yeara old. Tbey
ide excellent muaio and altar entering tbe
>un Exhibition p'ayad tome tunes aoftly
it were highly applauded.
rbe tiu Lawrence lay some time at tbe
larf b*at Friday aftaruoon and a band on
ard treated us to aome excellent mua'c. A
inb#rofthoae on board. coming from tba
adnnati, stopped over at tne Loan.
Jomo one Tery carelessly threw a bucket of
U?r out of tbe third story of tbe Loau Frijr
that completely drenched Mrs. Hunter,
Woodstteld. Her dress, an elegant one,
a ruined, and her nerves received a shock,
dr. Kvans, of Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, put on
libition at tbe Loau Friday a guu that was
>ugbt from England in 1S3S. It is duck
it that killed eleven wild geese at one time
length is 9 feet 2 inches! and the bore is
proportion. It weighs 40 poifnda. As it
i carried from the depot it made a senaaa
all along the route. R. 0. F.
'apt Wm. Wolf has gone to Cleveland on
lurtoft Uros. are excavating for a cellar
ler their proposed new building.
a u w-i>.i 1).
ii*. a. iv .111; lbiiuii, ul hub ullgubuu, ib.,
? town visiting h?r mother-in-law.
. little sou of Capt. Wm. Wolf is slowly
>vering froiu a severs attack of typhoid
sr. John Ulonn and Deloss Clemens are
rn with tlm same diaeaae.
ti Christian Wolf is lying quite ill at her
is back of town.
n extra train of two coaches passed
>ugh town Thursday evening about 10
ock.over the U. A P. on ita way to Uellalre.
turned Friday morning. We did not asain
its object.
lie late Richard Miller was carried to his
resting place Sunday, after a brief illnesa
about three weeks. He <wss the "Boy
it" of the steamer Ulla, very industrious, 1
was seldom absent from hia post at the 1
iss Phebe Way man and sister, of Proctor,
a in town last week visitiug Miss Bmma i
urn. Thcv left for home on the Diurnal .
lay morning. ,
uite a nuMilitr of our young poople are ]
ing of visiting the Loan Kxhibition at |
aire. We think an excursion train on the
: P. would be well patronised.
tie closing exercises of the grammar !
h)I will be postponed indefinitely, but 1
>ol will close ou Friday, the 37th lust. I
rof. John D. Hliea will leave fur Huston I
Cambridge, Mast, nu the k8th in*U. to be
entat tbe commencements of the Boston i
vorsity and Harvard College. lie baa j
) chosen by hia class to deliver an oration ,
lieir reunion.
family picnic will be given under the
>ic?a or the Mite Society, of thia place, at
ilman's Grove, Saturday, May 28th, and 1
od time ia anticipated.
martin's fkbsy.
tie graduating class of the Martin's Ferry ,
h School numbers tin, and iiaa followa: j
us May Robinson, Bertie Oray, Belle Upraff,
Maggie Pennington, Ida Lewis, Matlle
icnsack, Klla Green, Maggie Johnson, and 1
srs. Albert Harris and Jesse Jones. The |
uiencenient exercises will be held in the ?
ibyteriau Church on Friday evening,
Ills evening the Vet*rans hold a meeting 1
the purpose of making the final arrangeits
toward the organisation of a post of the
1. II. at this point. The necessary applions
will ke forwarded Monday to Geo, S.
Held, Assistant Adjutant General, at To),
and a musteringotflcer will arrive about
middle of next week, when the post will
Fully organized. They expict to start
li about thirty or tlilrty-flve members,
r Lewis, a biother of the young man who
ichul last Sunday, will occupy the pulpit
In pnabyterisn Church to-morrow,
he ihurcii would not hold all the people
) desired to hear Rev. Chalfunt's first aeri
t'? his new congregation Iu Pittsburgh,
>r. Ad. Van Pelt, who has been lesrning
xrapiiy here, Ugan breaking on thd road
lay morning.
r. Hastings, of Bowers &, Histings, livery
i? wm thrown from a wagon load of corn
ieascending Hanover street hill last even- 1
and was somewhat out and bruited. The
;es became frightened and suddenly
ted to run.
rnrner A Oo.'a New International Show
exhibit at Bridgeport on Monday, the
n employe of the Wheeling Creek Coal
ipuny by the name of Arch t'oss, who was
ing home from work yesterday evening
nt 4 o'clock, was struck at the upper end
Bridgeport by the 4 o'clock accoiumodatratn
and instantly killed. He was hard
hearing mid did not hear the onglne
stle for him, and was struck before the .
ineer could slop his engine. I
J. Uaugi ?V Bon are receiving a large lot ,
imbfr uy river.
rldgeport has a merchant tailor.
r. Win. Cochran, formerly an employe of
0? T. V. A VV. Itailroad Company at
'gepottHtalion, has resigned and gone to ,
Hand to work on the C . 0., 0. & I. KailI,
and Mr. J Ballenger also.
mi* of the Hireetj in Bridgeport are in a
' bad condition.
Cnmbetland i'reabjIerlAMN. ,
ALVESTON.May 30.?The Hews* Austin
:lal aays: The tlftyfirst general
mb'y of the Cumberland Pre*
jfiau church met to?day' The
nlnif tarmnn ten ilolivurofl
Iter. W. U. Templeton, ol Fnye'le,
o. Hon, T. it. Bowman,Saofetary of
e, mule the welcoming wddreea. One
idred uml euTealy delegates, riprellng
nenily the entire sisterhood of
of, vrtrp picsui.t. For Moderator
J. W, Duly, ol K/mavllle, lad, J.
Howard, llruti'iinvilli), Iuml Ur.
kpatrlck worn pUml in uoiiilnatiun,
>ly wea elected and dellmtcl an ilont
address, niter which the assembly
rorned until to-morrow. Tbta la ttie
(eat general aasembly oyer hold by
i denomination.
Hrxlrnn (Mailer*.
irtor Ms-tico, May 20.?The follow*
[changes are rumored and generally
iered: Beamalon* baa been recalled;
rlacat will go to Washington; Emilia
MCO, Minister to France to ancceed
rlacat; Porlla Din will go to France;
leral Pscheci to replace Dtia In the
urtinent ol Fabllo Workai. Senator
nor Fernandaa to auoceed l'acheco aa
pernor ol tbe Federal district.
A t'arlMlir or lbs AppalnloMila.
ITAiitiNUToff, May 20.?Among the cu
iltlea ol tbe recent Presidential apntmenta
waa that ol Mr. Roaa Wilkin,
to be Marabal ol the Weetern Diet
ol Loulalana, Mr. Hoes Wilkinson
dng been dead several weeka.
Tea fteofi's t?w4HI?a Critical.
'BlUllUltlA, May 30.?It la reported
t Ool. Thoa. A. Scott, who haa been
iraletclng, liaa Buffered a relapae and la
I very critical condition,
m. Uaraeld mill IraprorUi.
VAmiiTOTo.t, May 20.?Mn. Uartleld
?ed a comforUble night end hu gained
sngth. Her condition la eoraewhit lmired
since jelterilir.
Jonraaflafa ? Jaom.
3mc*oo, M?y 20.?Abont thirty memre
ol the Nebrneke Preee Aseocletlon
iTed in this city ttila morning on their
nu?l eicnralon.
? * m ?
Dhln Mule IttmiMiralle raarraiua.
JoLCMBt a, 0 , May 80.?The Democratic
ile K?ecnti?e Committee hei decided to
Id the Suite Convention in thlg city July
or tin?l Britain?Hc|?ort of Ibe Nrerelary
or 111110 on tbo Chno ol
Mlcbael Bojlun Bucmlly
ArrealeU lu IrolnuU.
Washington', May 20,?1The report of
the Secretary ol State in the case ol
Michael P. Boyton, ia addressed to thu
President and reviews the correspondence
which passed between Bjyton, Minister
Lowell and Consul Barrows. It sets fortli
the following facts:
Boyton was one oi the defendants or
traversers in the state prosucutious at
Dublin, which were held in December
and January last, and woe proceeded
against in common with prominent membars
of Parliament from Ireland and ollicars
of the Irish Land Lesuuo The
nrnflflnJIniM urm (arniinalail ? % ?l.u ORtk
January, 1S31,
In thli trial no claim o! American cltlzenabip
waa presented In behalf of Uoyton.
Bjyton, however, visited the United
Htatee Consulate at Dublin in November,
1880, and procured a passport Issued bin)
by tbe State Department, under date of
November 20:h, lstw, requesting its viae.
Barrowa, Oonaul, there under mlaapprebenaion
of bis oliiclai duty in the premiaea
deoiined to attach tbe required viae on tbo
ground that Bjyton waa one of the traver era
in a pending Hlate trial, audatked lliu
ilepartnient to ioatruct him aa tbia
comae in caae Boyton abou'd
apply to bim (or protection aa an American
citizen, The Deparlmeut anaweretj,
poatponlginatrucilonaa* to any further application
he might make for protection until
the cue ahouid arise, but appjovlng
Barrowa' refusal to grant a viae, not on the
iround on which Barrowa had alleged,
but beoauae of the long standing of execulion
ol the order requiring that the paaaport
must he renewed at the end of two
?H#ru. iua AM91HINU1 oeuruiary ci mate
ilso stated to tho Gooiul tliat Doyton appeared
by the recordaol the Depurtmsul
lu be a native born cltisen ut the
United States, having been born in
Ibe Htate ol New York. Kirly in February
liat Boyton luade application to tbo Oon ul
at Dublin for a now psaspnrt, which
application, under the rulea, wan tratmmlited
with the old passport to the United
States legation at London. In hie letter
?f communication to Minister Lowell,
Ooniul Barrows conveyed the Imprtuk n
that the department uad approved hie
refusal to attach hla viae to tho puapoit
on the ground that Boyton was one of the
traveraera at the atate trial, whereupon
Lowell asked for the correspondence In
the cue, and at the eame time suggeB'ed
Ibat lloyton direct Ills application
lo the Legation. Barrows sent to Lowell, In
Theby, the correspondence had with the
Department, and mentioned the circumstance
that Boyton had told hiin
that he wu not a native born cltisen of
the United States, having been born in
Ireland and taken to America when >
child. On the 2d of March last the British
Parliament passed the measure known as
the "Coercion Act." Under that statute
a warrant far the arrest of Michael 1', Boyton,
of Kildare, waa leaned and Boyton
was arrested on the 18th of March.
He tt occe telegraphed to Minister
Lowell, demanding protection from
the United States. Minister Lowell
then had several Interviews with the Briti-u
? A ir- - ' *
lou ocuicviu; iui x-uicigu uhiih in return
to Boyton'a complaint, and also instructed
Barrows to visit tbe prisoner and obtain
proof in regard to bis American eitiaeuship,
and if the fact of such citizenship
waa fully ascertained, to take energetic
steps for his protection. Barrows visited
Boyton end received from him a circumstantial
declaration that be was born in
Ireland in 184(3, his father emigrated to the
United Htatee in 1850 and that he (tho
youngest Boy ton) served in the U. S.
Navy in 1804 06. Thereupon Minister
Lowell endeavored to remove a doubt suggested
by the discrepancy botween Boyton'a
statement and tho'Htate Department
record in the matter of his application for
passport, and to that eud wrote directly
to Boyton asking an explanation. Boytou
replied by a vorbal statement to Consul
Barrowa denying the record in regnrd to bie
passport, alleging his father's full natural!*
r.ation while he was a minor, but without
assigning the date for that sot, and reasserting
his claim to American citizenship.
Trifle* from T?m.
St. Louis, May 20.?A dispatch from
Colorado City, Texas, says: Win. I*. Patterson,
a wealthy cattle man, formerly of
Butler, Bates county, Mo., while drunk
una unruiy aooui lures ociocx yosterdny
morning, fired off his pUtol, and wl.on
some rangers, who were doing police duty
in the town, attempted to arrcat him tin
resisted and was shot six times snd killed.
Patteraon hsd been on a big spree lor two
weeks, and this was the second time he
had need his pistol. The rangers were
arrested and held lor a preliminary examination.
There Is ureal excitement anion*;
the cattle men, and it is feared potions
trouble will ensue. There are about forty
rangers In the town, who will delend
themselves II attacked.
Advices Irom 'Fort Kwall, in l.asalle
county, Texas, state that a squad ol Ntatn
rangers hsd a desperate light with a band
of thirty outlaws, near the Port, Tuofday,
In which one ranger was killed. The outlaws
were defeated, however, and two ol
them captured. They have bnen stealing
horses and cattle and tunning them into
Mexico. A large parly ol citltana are now
In pursuit ol the desperadoee.Iilsh
Loudon, May 20?A priest named
Bheeby has been arrested at Kllmallock,
county Limerick, under the Coercion
ant. Ha li ilan Hn??n?n??# nf il.n t I
league. The military unit police ire
qnartered In the town, which Is almost In
a state ol elege.
A passage lo Arcli-Blshop Cake's
speech at Balllngany, In which lie uld
that he had done tome thln>a lor the people,
and waa ready to do and dare more,
liaa attracted attention at Koine, and the
Arch Bishop hae been communicated with
on the itililect.
Among the lrlah members who voted
lot the second reading nl the Land bill
were Win. 8haw, Mitchell, Henry, Itorlil
J,?tetiche, Oolthrnet, (leo. Krrlneton.Jnhn
i'hlllp Nolan, P. J. Hmrlh,John O'Connor
Power and Dane O'Donaghtie. Hereral
Irish comervatlve members abstained
Irom voting.
Fenton, Vice Preelilent nl the Clon more
branch of the Land League, and O'linnnell,
Secretary, ham been arrested at Dahlr,
under the Cierelnn net.
Drilish Mtdii al Journal*
u fts furity cjftrt the t*st security against the
danger t whit A in rural diitrhti, as in Men i and
ciliet, are common to moil of the ordinary drinking
waters there," London Medical Record.
Of esll Grocers, Druggiitt, &' A tin, ll'at. Dealers.

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