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Notwithstanding all statements ny envious
rivals to til** contrary, w? have disposed of
the entire lot u( goous damaged during the
recent tire. We have now decided to
All our immense btoclc of be.it nude and
Fall and Winter Clothing
Theso goods are thin season'* make, of tin1
most fashionable shapes, and fully sustain
their well eariml refutation fur style, durability
and |jorfeet lit.
And we are cloning them out
at cosT.
Come early and secure a splendid bargain, at
Olio Piico Clothiers,
ni n CTAlin f 1?W Market Mlrwl,
ULU 0IAHU i Adjoining opera lloiiNff.
ajom :
Visitors to the West Virginia State
Fair and Exposition.
Strangers and citizens: Wo cordially
invito you to visit our estult ?llsliniont
whether you wish to buy
or not. We have spared no efforts
to make it pleasant l'nr ail while In
tlie city. Tlio stocks in our several
?lr|iartiiioiits are replenished (o the
fullest extent, anil we feel no liesl'
taney in saying that we run show
the finest anil best seleeteil stock ol
Key (Jowls, Notions, .Silks ami
Cloaks in tluwState. Wo make Silks
ami Velvets a specialty. We carry
the largest stock of Dress (Jowls.
Wo show an endless assortment ol
Housekeeping (Jowls. We are the
only cloak iiiniiiifueturers In West
Virginia. Our cloak room Is 90 feet
long anil 25 feet wide, and we show
MS styles. Our display at the
position building is In the north
wing. We have Issued a full anil
I complete programme for tlie Fall
wliidi you can get by railing al
, our Booth al the Imposition or al
our stores 1104 and 1100 Main St
! "'1?
1000 Market Street, Wheeling.
j $8,00.$8.00,
fi?t of Teclli on UoM t.i'i O
Bet of llo^t Until Teeth M U
f llwt Hold Filling* 1 o
?; Silver FIllltigH r.
>, Kxtractlng 2
k Cits given. All work warranted,
i DU. H. II. M'l.'l)H.MICK b BRO.,
5' Jyl9 Manager*.
j jDlw' ?UKUI.son A SUN,
| No. 1143 Miirkrt street. Wheeling, W. Va.
- - All otMTWtlnm warranted. Jyflfl
Oilicpi li?*. 25 anil '27 l'oitrJ<><<iilli Ntrref
1 *"" ' ?
{ Tax Noll"
Notice o( Klectlott<
^ Cniiitiioiiwrnllli Ptalflbulloti C'oiniiany?
Mm. M. .1. Mtixwoll.
, Wsuleg-l'toplc,
' SUmonilt nnil Kluo Jcivclry nl I,imp*
Market l'rlrra, nl I. II. IHI.LOJi'S 12!!!
v Mirkrt slrrol.
P. 8.?Solrwli ulTcrril n* hulk.
THE uminl tliorehnnls' lunch at tlio Nci
McLnre Iloniin Hnmplo Itoonm dally.
ThentionnMrr nwnrtl.
The following almnri the ratiRe ot Ihe lliei
tnomeler, as obncrvcil al Schtirpra tlrugilort
5 Opera llouso cofticf jreslordnyi
M 1M1
7 A. M.12 *. 8 P. *. 7 P M | 7 A. ft. IJ M. 8 P. V. 7 P.I
I AO 68 M r.| M M 70
wamiijwo*, October IS, 1 a. m.?for Ten
f fieKsee and tin* Ohio Valley. Fair went lie
; In Tcnnewee VW117. HffUy etdirtlf weathe
? and will In Ohio Valley, westerly wind?
higher Imrometcr, and lower temjieraturp.
For t/ower I^ike Region, partly elotldj
\ Weaklier nnd rnln, southwesterly, veering |i
1 tioMhwestcrly winds, higher barometer. nm
tower temperature.
? Lira Is hnt ihort, and w? should do all w'i
can to prolong It. Cheek n Cough or Cold il
once by using an old nnd reliable reniodi
Mich as Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup. 1'rlco onl;
. 85 cents a botlle.
mil mil*.
t/wr Cm*, llnrrtnon County, W. V?.
, The cllhtciis of this plnce nnd surroundlnj
fconntry are nnxlous for some man or com
pnhy with capital to come nnd build a fln?f
Claw Fuirmso Mn.t,. c??l nnd water Ir
nbntidance. Sltunteon the line of the C\, W
ft CI. It K. for Information correspond will
)f conic and see John A. Sheets or Danle
Sasseli, lx*t Creek Slut Ion, llfirrlson county
W li ...
(leo. Sl&le fonrlsltlng Ills brother. Prof
ftlffle, 111 this city to-day.?JWtafr* Dribvrn
MM wr w
UUuW ma All Over Ih. cllj by
ClllllUU Beparlcr*.
Tocmumot to-day.
Hxxby Skakos'i music box continues to
delight visitors to the Exposition.
CouaciL will meet this evening to elect a
successor to Geo. K. Wheat as Gas Trustee.
State ScKBumcxoxxr of Free Schools
Butcher handled 1,043 pieces of mail matter
last month. ?
Tux river is coming up aud the Welcome
and Return manage to get around iu very
good shape.
The Beethoven Society gave a very pleasant
hop last evening at their hall, corner
Fourteenth and Market streets. Yaas played.
J vileu IMilky and Ottlcer Flynn yesterday
took Davis and Gully, the lire buys, and Mullen.
the watch thief, to the Penitentiary at
Tiie next attraction ak the Opera House
after Keene will be Minor's Comedy Company,
on (he 24th and 25th of October. Minnie
Palmer will follow.
At the New McLure and other pool rooms,
pools were sold on the Boli-WeUgerber race
laat evening. Weisgerber getting $10 at the
call and Boll selling even up.
Tuoe. Pvle, (not 11111, as we printed it
yesterday | who was run into the Eighth ward
IUI AMI|I ouiuiuuj iui Ml uiiituiiurci, na.i j cate
rday lined $6 anil costs by Judge J offers.
Jok Samsuiry, the pioneer Slate Fiflr ferryman,
hat* built, fur bis line, on the Island
nlwre, a substantial flight of stairs with u long
dry dock that he brightly illuminates ut
Jok Wmw, the Seventeenth street saloonist,
was lined $50 and costs in Police Court yesterday
for selling liquor on Sunday, lie took
an ap|?eal to the Circuit Court by his attorney,
Mr. Craeraft.
Poor. J. M. Fuasuer's display of pen
drawing and other articles illustrating the
work or his business college, took first premium
at the State Fair, and is now decorated
with the red ribbon.
Tiik Central Glass Works on Saturday
shipped to Germany a large invoice of glass
ware, principally beer mugs, dishes, etc. This
was the largest shipment ever made by the
works to any foreign country.
Hk.nry Seamon has a new biginjun, engaged
during the Fair. He is from a western
reservation, and is dccked in all the gaiety of
dress parade that suggests itself to the untutored
child of the wilderness.
J. A. Hoi.uday Son have been awarded
tho contract of putting up new stables on
Forty-second street, South Wheeling, by the
Street Hallway Company. They will commence
operations immediately.
SiiKKirr Drown yesterday deposited over
?>,000 of taxes collected since Saturday at
the closeof banking hours. This is exclusive
of all collection* made by deputy Mitchell
and Mr. Morgan at West Liberty.
Yesterday afternoon Capt. llennett was
appealed to by a young man who wanted his
.lister, a girl of Hi years of uge, arrested, a*
she was running off to Pittsburgh. The girl
was taken olF the 4:52 1\ W. A hy., train and
sent to her home.
Next Wednesday between the heats of the
free-for-all trot, on the home stretch James
Wheat, (colored) of Pittsburgh, will run an
unknown man from Purkersburg u one hundred
yard race for $'200. Those i>ostod fay it
will be lively work.
Letters remaining in the Postoftlco unclaimed
October 1H, 18H1: Dilsev Dennison,
Daniel Heftier, John A. Krutz, Mrs. I.alloy,
1). A. Mickle, Col. J. M. Mason, Mrs. Mary
Mctice, Henry Murry, Kdward J. Hico, Phil.
Kepp, L A. Kile, NlholausZiinmer.
Tickets for Thomas W. Keone's engagement
at the Opera House will be placed on
1 sale at Wilson A' Pannier's iuunIc store to
morrow morning ut 8 o'clock. Friday nlglit
"Hichelicu" will be played, Saturday afternoon
"The Merchant of Venice" anu Saturday
night "Kieliard III."
1 One of the special j?olire at tho Fair yesterday
had a little difficulty with one of the
managers, and coming over to the city desired
to swear out a warrant beforo 'Squire
i Philips, That justice, however, refused to
issue it. It is said another justice afterwards
did so, but it hud not been served hut evening
at the close of the Fair.
. Another nurglary, in about the home locality
as those catalogued yesterday, is reported,
having taken plucc Saturday night,
rhe cellars of Messrs. Fred. Hchnepf and John
I Klett, who live in a double house on South
. Front street, were entered, and a quantity of
incut, canned goods and provisions stolen.
No clue to the identity of the operators was
? left.
The Comique presented to a good audience
i last evening .some very acceptable new faces
and a very good mil. Venus, who appears
' on a slack wire, does a verv elegant act in n
, graceful manner. The Wliinettes, in their
Merman sketch, were loudly .applauded, and
Hose Hall was, as usual, well received. A
, new team, said to bo very tine?Howard ami
Komelll,?will be hero to-day, and the list
I will then be complete.
| 'SqmttR Caldwell yesterday had before him
one of those lamentable eases growing out of
' neighbors' broils, the parties being two prom
incut und estimable families of North Wheel'
lug, and about two down of the neighbors.
; of both sexes and all ages, being Interested
as witnesses, it caused some excitement, and
considerable bud blood was jthowu in a quiet
way. It seems a pity that such people should
, resort to the courts to settle a brawl originating
among children.
: Clerk IIook yesterday admitted to record
one deed of trust and two deeds In fee, and
issued one marriugo license. The deeds in
fee are as follows: Deed made by ltobert Km
hlom to Sarah A. Cooper, October 17, 1 mml,
in consideration of $2,<00 for the south hulf
of lot 1.') in square 11, on the east side of
Chaplino between Twenty-seventh ami
Twenty-eighth streets; deed made by Tlios,
II. ISircli to John Will ford. Uctobor 10,1881,
in consideration of $1,800, for lot 13 in square
14, in South Wheeling.
Ykhtkbpay two small children of Charles
* Hershart, of tho Top Mil), gathered upall the
i) loose chango they couhl und in the house,
i) while l?oth of their parents were absent, ami
l> camo down town on a shopping expedition.
r' At l'eter I/oecher's $20 was secured froui
thrui, the salesmen thinking it fros all they
had, and intending to send it home. They
next went to Hhellrs, Where$10 was captured
for tho same purpose, and a short time after
Officer Hob Junkins found them wandering
about the streets with $5 75 in change, anu
took them and the money home.
1 st'jfpay night a man named Morrow, from
Hancock county, stooped at Hrunlmus' restaurant
in the Second ward market, and ate
: some oysters. When lie came to pay for
what he had eaten he discovered that he was
out (\f funds. He projmsed to leave his
watch as security for $1, which nroposltlon
was accepted. Scarcely hail morrow left
: until a man named James Alexander came
. up and claimed the-watch us his property.
. Ilrunhaiis was finally persuaded that he hud
been swindled, and surrendered the watch.
Yesterday Morrow called for It. A warrant
was sworn out for Alexander, and 'Hquire
Philip" bound him over to Court in $1,000
A voujfo man named Corbett hired a buggy
from It. K. N'eal, and started out for a ride.
While going along tho river road near the
? ferry a Wheeling chap, who was permitting
I Ids girl to drive, ran into him. The fellow
? seemed to have lost all thought of where his
horse was going until it was upon the buggy,
then In the excitement he endeavored to pull
his horse away, when he got hold of the
wrong line, and pulled his horse over against
. for he It's binrav. and that started him off
with ajerk, tearing both wheels on one .Mile
of Hie buggy Corbett was driving nil to
piece.*. Tlie Wheeling man li not known,
hut mi effort will be made to flml nut who he
' wan, a* Ills carelessness damned Neal's buggy
>, ulniut I'i.?lltlhirt IndtjKiuUnl.
' Intelligence of (itlaen* and Nlranger*
Near and Far
Mta Katie Hayes, of Washington, Pa? 1s
'* visiting Wheeling friends.
J Miss Mule Asklne. of Pittsburgh, is visit*
, ing Mrs. A. L Watklns, on Main street.
H. M. Sutllff, the lawyer. Is back home
r after a month's trip in the lake region, recti*
3 Iterating.
I President Mooney, of the II. A fl. W. Railroad.
with his wife, was at the McLure House
J Mr. Frank Wray, of Pittsburgh, one of the
J most popular gentlemen on the road, is at
' the McLure.
Jack Glascock, of the Cleveland Base Hall
CluV arrived home 8aturday night. He has
engaged to go with the Cleveland* for neit
season* He had a field average of TOO.
Mr. John Oestarllng, President of the Central
(Mass Works, who has been In California
for some time, is en route home. A week ago
last8undajr he attended services in the Mormon
taliernacl* at Salt take City.
Mr. Francis^Cfaglft, of Ik*ton, who is
I niSKuiK ?i>*' *ri|> irvni i.iiimK"
it bvctrlp, l?ft jrr*ten!?y tnnrnliig bonti.1 lol
' IMtlnion tl? little Wulilnpton anil CuintwrUnil.
lit *u ntf murli |>lwwd wllb
. Ills visit hurt, iind tH(wo (morning ?cqa?lnt.
nl with him lound him <mj ?p(Mbl?,
nwnmrt IACH
Al Um U?U fklr-PMr lport-Tk?
gramme tor To-day.
Yesterday wu the first day of the continued
Exposition and State Fair races. While
it conld scarcely be called a success, still it
was a fair beginning and large crowds and
good sport are looked for during the ensuing
three days. In the morning the attendance
was very slim, there being in fact no one
present except members of committees who
were busy in their various departments
brushing up exhibit* and putting them in
shape for another week's campaign. After
the hard week passed, everythiug aud everybody
looked tired and worn out, but by 2
o ciocjt uiiuiRi were once more arranged,
floors swept clean of the debris left by some
lew of the exhibitor* who had removed their
goods. About this time visitors began injuring
in and before the races were called, spent
the time iu looking around and patronizing
the side shows remaining. .
The attendance yesterday afternoon was
smaller than bus heretofore been seen. The
(irund Stand almost looked deserted, there
was such a large number of empty seats. The
racing was poor, and some of the worst
jockeying was iudulgediu that was ever seen
on u race track, The absence of Mr. Henry
McCullough was felt from the start. A liner
person for the judges' stand it would be hard
to liud; he gives fair warninw, fair send ofla
and allows of no nonsense. The Association
should nrocure hiiu next season.
The llrst card event of yesterday was a trot
of the if:40 class, mile heats, best three in live;
u purse of $(U0 Wing offered. The entries
were Mohawk Kate. b. m., A. Eisiuan; Xeshannock,
b. g.. A. Walters; Brownwood, blk.
g., Thos. Boyd; Ulue Jeans, b. g., \V\ H.
Uoyce; and Desdemona, b. m.t II. J. Hitter;
they all faced the wire, Xcshannock
having the pole; this horse was also the favorite
in tho pools, and when the horses were
called up it looked decidedly as though an
attemnt was to be made to jockey the horse
out. It was not until the sixth score that u
send-off was given and then it was a very Unfair
one. Xeshannock had the lead and held
it until the three-quarter |>ole was reached.
Ulue Jeans was trotting steadily back iu the
rear, while the others were running and
trotting by turn. Coming up the hoiuu
stretch the jockeys whipped their horses intu
a dead run, thereby getting even with Neshanuock,
and by their uncartly yells causing
him to break and cross the wire with the
others on a dead run. A burst of derisive
laughter greeted this performance, especially
when little Blue Jeans crossed on a trot,
thereby taking the heat. Xo time taken.
Uncle Mike Edwards now looked stem and
delivered a lecture, saying he would
distance any driver who would act
iu that manner again. The next move
was to score somebody to death. Nine
times did the homes come un and then were
sent to a very bad word. Desdemona took
uit* ivuw nun ui uiu i|Muru-T biiuwuu a leugui
of daylight between her and Brownwood.
The fuvnrite wus away behind, and although
Hathaway drove well, hiw horse wait shut out
too far behind. To the three-quarter ]>olc
Dcsdemona unci Brownwood played give and
take, and then Mohawk Kate collared them
and sailed under the wire in ?30%. The
liorstt mine ui> the home stretch very nicely,
being bunched und wofking fast.
In the third heat seven times were they
sent buck and then ullowed to go, Neshannock
taking the lead and running the first eighth
of a mile bad. At the quarter he took a good
square trot. At the half all were running
except he und blue Jeans. At the conclusion
of the hcut all was confusion. lUtter claimed
thut he had been fouled by Keshannock. and
it was loudly whis|>ercd that Drown wood wiu
being pulled, all of which received no uttention.
In the fourth heat Neshannock took the
leud and held by two lengths all uround. It
wus then so late the judges decided to postponethe
race until to-day at 1 o'clock. As the
score curd now stands, blue Jean* und Mohawk
Kute have u heat each and Neshunnock
two hcuts.
In the |kk)1 Ik)x at first Xeshannock sold
?>, Mohawk Kute $2 and the Held $4. before
the second heat the box remained the same.
After that the quotations changed and Mohawk
Kute sold at Neshunnock $.'hind the
Held #2. Home sules were also made Keshannock
$ ) field $3.
The second raco of the day was a running
race. Primrose, Malise and Buckshot were
entered. In the |mm>1s Primrose sold favorite
ut ?p> while the field sold for $3. A nrettioi
race than that between I'rimrose ami Duckshot
to the three-quarter |K>st wus never seen
They were almost neck and neck but then
Buckshot let down und Primrose came in
easy wlnne* In the second heat PriiuroM
sold |5 to $3 for the field until it was rumored
he was lutue, when Malise sold favorite at $1(
to |4. Buckshot did well to the liulf wher
Maliseshot past and Primrose getting stove
up was budly hcut. In the third heut, Buck
shot was drawn and Primroso should have
been as it was cruel to bring liiiu on tho tract
he was so lame and broke up. Malise easil)
took the hcut by Jogging.
SIMM An v.
State Fair Coi'rsk?Continued Race*-First dsr
Monday. October 17. Running race, purse 9100, Ul
vlded. Mile hoats, two In three.
Buckshot 1 .1 !
Malise 1
Primrose Jl dr'i
Tunc, i:oa, i:oa% 2:20.
Ton lay's programme at the 8tate Fair is aj
Interesting one, provided it is carried out
At 1 o'clock the conclusion of tho 2:40 tro
will take place, orer which there Is consldera
aide excitement. Following that comes tlx
tournament, for which ahout fifteen younj
gentlemen hove entered. Yesterday thaposb
and riiiRs were removed to the race traci
in front of the Grand .Stand. Kacli gentle
man will ride three times, and each tiim
there will 1h? three rings to take. Some verj
fancy costumes will be worn and high sound
ing names assumed. Hon. J. II. Good wil!
address the bravo riders before they com
inence their wild and mad career for glorj
and fame, and at the conclusion J. 0. l'en
dleton will deliver the coronation address
and right here it is 'proper to say thai
the ho|>e is, that these speeches will
he short. The gentleman taking the
most ring* receives u handsome saddle,
the second best man a handsome bridle, and
the third a pair of spurs. The nrlr.es ure fur
nlslied by Hchwertfenrer and have been
much admired. The first gentleman will
also choose the Queen of the Tournament
uud the other two gentleman the Maids ol
Honor. In'the evening a nltasant little ho|
will take place at Franzneitn's Hall, for
which over 200 Invitations aro issued.
In addition to tho Tourney a free-for-all
pace Is on tho card, tho purse being $300,
hast evening the entries closed, Gem, Bweetzor.Girl
and Princes* being ou the list Gem
last night sold favorite at $5, tho field getting
What effect lost night's rain will have on
the fair to-day cannot be told at this writing,
It will undoubtedly effect the track injur
iously, but to what extent is a question nol
yet answerable.
Father Elliott** l.eotnre.
A refined ami cultured audience, that wo*
large considering the inclemency of tin
weather, gathered at the Cathedral last even
ing to listen to tho lecture delivered on tin
subject. "The Human Mind?its Knemicj
and Friends," by Father Elliott, one of tin
PauUnIs, who for the last month has labored
so earnestly and devoutly for tho advance
mcnt of Christianity in the Catholic Church
The lecture was one that showed deej
study and ' thorough research, and was
lint I vflrixl In a ninnimp ft?nt ntt#.!!-.'
111o closest Attention from all. Tlx
human mind, a most wonderful thing, woj
shown in all Its lights and phases, and ther
Its enemies and friends were taken up, ant
for over an hour tlio large audience wai
charmed by the manner tn which the elo
quest speaker discoursed on them. Tin
reverend gentleman is a pleasing talker am
it is a pleasure to listen to him, It is regret
ted that a lack of space and time prevent
fivrn a synojtsls of the lecture.
Heforo thajeftjire, Mr*. Whittaker gave i
short but very pleasant organ recital in hei
usual happy style.
All over the world Dr. Bull's Cough 8yru|
is making its way, and every place It regche
consumptive neoplo are ruoro seldom met
It is truly a blessing to htimanlty, and cost
only 25 cents.
nr.i.mrlr mow are being sold every even
ing thts week on the BoIMVeisgerber rac<
and the Harrett-Altmyer race at Helm
bright'* popular rooms. To-morrow morninj
they will be sold on the Itarrett-Altmyei
l?oat rac e and In the afternoon on the course
On Thurwlay at tl|e same t|nie and pl^e oi
the Boli-Weisgerticr tussle.
Forty yeart' trial kit proved "IUOK.
DRAUGHT" the beet liter medlcloelD
the world. ?
For rale l?y Iognn 4 Co.
Till! Plttrtnrgh, Cincinnati A St. Ionium!
{.leTflnni] A Flttftlinrth niarli will continue
(lie sale of MClirtlon llrkru to the Klalr Fall
and Kjposition until Tueedajf, October lath
Xr. autl Kn, XcKce at the
WhMllaff Opera Hobm.
The famous pUy til along ascribed to Miller,
th? poet of the 8ierras, bat about whose
Authorship a dispute is now raging furiously,
was performed for the first time iu Wheeling
at the Opera House last night, McKee Bankin
taking the port of " 'Sandy' McGee," and
his wife that of "Nancy Williams," and afterwards
masquerading as "Billy Piper."
The play is a typical western one, about as
; exaggerated In incident aud as improbable iu
plot us the rest, but considerably more elevated
in tone and less uunatural it dialogue
and movement than the average. The language
is for a great part that of Miller's story,
: and is pathetic and eloquent.
Kankiu, himself, tits his part as if it were
' made to bis measure, while his wife plays
the part of "Nancy Williams" and "Billy
Piper" with a good deal of power. Her
talent shows in tlie pathetic episodes to good
advantage. The inevitable Chinaman figures
in the play and is quite cleverly done by
Luke Martin. "TheJedge" is well personated
by Edward Lamb, "lfuldu Brown" would
; be a more pleasing character if the voice of
Mrs. Barnes, who plays it, were stronger,
' but barring this natural disadvantage, she is
1 ... r... |l%. nn t.iuutlii UUUV Tlio
other support is ruther letter than the average
traveling troupe, and the play eonse,
quently quite enjoyable. The house last
night was a very flattering one considering
| the weather.
44 '49."
To-night the Rankin* play " *40," of which
the New York press bus said nothing that
wad not complimentary. The story of44 '40"
> grows out. or an actual event of American
history, namely, the Mountain Meadow Mas.nacre
of September 10,1857, one incident of
which is represented on the stagu as a prologue
to the play. It represent* the murder
of a mother, and the delivery hy the Mormons
of two children to some friendly Indians.
When the play begins?in November,
1H71?one of these children is being sought for
' by a lawyer of St. Louii. a relative having
died and left her heiress to a large
fortune. The search is curried on by
a scoundrel who hoi>ed to llud the
girl and marry her before she is apprised
i of the fact of her wealth,and by a young man
who finds her and wins her love without
i knowing that he has found the right girl.
1 Hut the principal factor in the arrival at a
happy denouement is all old miner who goes
by the name of44 '40," one of the earliest set|
tiers at tho California mines. This i>art is
taken by Mr. McKee Hankin, and thutof the
lost heiress by his charming wife. The prologue
is short und clcurly indicates the nature
of the story to follow, but in each act of the
t)lay thero are many surprises, the interest
increasing until the end.
Bcler Awarded Flrat Premium for Five
Cent Cigar*.
A rej>orter meeting Mr. J. 0. W. Bcler, the
popnlur Twelfth street cigar man, last night,
licriMtml him with tho remark. ,4I under"
1 stand your famous little live cent Klectric
Light<'itfur did not take the tint premium
ut the Fair thin evening?"
1 "It is a mistake," smilingly replied Mr.
Beier, "an you will Ami by interviewing one
of the committee." Shortly afterwards the
chairman of the H]>cciul committee was met
and he said, "We took cigars of the different
[ brands, wrupi>ed them in i>upcrs and went to
I work. We awarded .Mr, Heir the premium
I on his stogies and ten cent Henry Clay's, and
1 to the other exhibitor uwurded the premium
I for tips and five cent cigurs One or two ol
I the committee afterwards found that the
' cigar known as Meier's Klectric Light, which
hud been like the others, lit and puffed oncc
or twice, was still burning and witli a line
ash. They thou examined closer into the
merits of the live centers, found they had
awarded the premium to the wrong mun and
' then informed Mr. Holer that his Klectric
Light was the premium cigar."
Meeting Mr. Holer again, he said, picking
up one of his Ilavanna-lllled Klectric Lights
I and cutting it open, "You see, that is pure
> lluvanna. 1 use no drugged article, hut the
pure quality of stock. 1 am willing to let that
cigar be compared with any cigar tliut can be
! produced as u general live cent cigar, and it is
' the sume with my ten cent cigurs, I knew it
must huve made koiuo mistake when the
t committee flrst informed me how the premi1
urns were awarded. I claim everything fot
' the Klectric Light, and can substantiate all I
' say. It is tho best cigar for the money in
this market, uml any good smoker will tell
< you so. As for tip*. I have several brands.
1 I am willing to choose ten good smokers, let
1 any other manufacturer (lo the same, take
I any of thfi tips I have in stock, and ut any
I time. If, after the test, I do notcoineout
1 first. I'll pay all expenses and quit. My
1 workmen are experienced, my stock carefully
! chosen and worked, in every grade. As foi
the popular Klectric Lights, inform the pub
lie that second thoughts are always the best,
1 and that the committee finding it bad made
' a big mistake, gracefully rectillcd it by giving
me the first premium on live cent cigursthey
being the celebrated Klectric Lights."
I A It Meade, Baltimore. I (J Irwin, City.
i WI' L'ogle, Cameron. V (i Wallace, Michigan,
I) 0 Horteu, California. W llellup,8t. Paul, Minn
J Mclaughlin, HI. Paul. I, V Webb A wife, 111'*.
I.H lltumer. Wimh. I?. C. II It. Iitmliuy, Cameron,
i J M II Hell, H Ji 0 It It C I* Walter, MaiilngUm,
W I. HloUbuiy. 11A UHH. A It hirre, Columbus.
T II Itauche, IialllmorH. J H Tuklns, City.
C 8 Llmlejr, New York. 8 T Tliomley. Cleveland.
A F Ilaymond, W. Va. T (I (Jrven, Charleston.
WUIDavIs, IVnn*>iviuiln. J llrodey, Powliattan,
C H Fairbank, Mercer, Pa. II W Wilson. <Mty.
C Fhark, city. M M Krrott, WelUburg.
H W Clark, Btoubcuvllle. U H Hhlnu, Fairmont.
J Albert, liarumllle. A 0 Head, Ilamosvlile.
W H Mitchell, Cincinnati. C Cuunliixham. Clncln,
I K Anderson, Chicago. WH Hamlerson, PitU'uh,
John shannon. Ohio. It II lltirke, Mawllon, O.
A M Faiblen, Cadis, 0, Mrs, Hclimlnke, Pltts'gh.
K A L Vance, Pit Ha., hi, IIII Hurley, Cameron,
TH French, Pittsburgh. 8 8uldcn, Chicago.
J PChauey, City, I! II IIokk, Ilallimore.
P Anshuts, River. 8 H Hume. B A 0 It It.
J Farron, Chicago. J II Nichols wife A?iPr, 0.
W II McCormaca. Clncln. 8 McCoy, Hi*terxvllle.
W J Crymble, Pataskala. K K C'rymble, Pataskala,
H I**aui, ConnclKville. II llurtug, Connellsvllie.
H Thomjwon, Pittsburgh,
Win. I*e. Arrhle Itoyd.
Mr?. Urctton. Mr*. Fe*la ami child.
Wm. Murray.
KnlRhtN Templar.
The Wheeling and G'yrone commanderies
of Knights Templar held a joint meeting last
evening and (tossed a resolution to the effect
that they would atteud and take i?art in the
parade of Knights Templar at Washington,
1 I'a., next Thursday, as guests of the PcMolay
C'ommandcry. There will be present In
- Washington on that day, four commanderies
from Pittsburgh, and nu doubt the parade
will 1)0 an imposing one. A dinner will lie
given the visiting Sir Knights. A brass band
i will accompany our representation, and as
the railroad has offered to reduce the fare to
* $1 for the round trip we look for a large turn
out from this cltv and vicinity. The
train will leave the ftalthnore A Ohio dopot
at about seven o'clock In the morning,
and returning reach the city at about fl
o'clock In the evening. The officers of both
Wheeling and Cyrene Commanderies call
upon all the members In this city and
community to meet at the Asylum this evening
at 7:30 o'clock for drill so that as credit'
able a display as possible can bo made In the
parade. The Grand Commander of West Virginia
is expected to be present, and './111 reach
the city In time to take the early train with
the Sir Knights from tills city.
lr vou want to Invest our money In pools
on this week's races, especially the boat
races, call atllelmbright's reliable and popular
rooms. Salts will tnke place everv evening.
To-morrow morning on the flarrettAlttnyer
race, and on tlio course In the afternoon;
and on Thursday on the Doll-Welsgerher
race at tho same hours.
A fin .hi. f'nNCCitT will h* irivpn at fsiuU
' Pchwalb's Saloon, 1012 Main street, on Wednesday
evening. Cincinnati anil Milwaukee
' beer will bp on tap- Muilo by I lie wheeling
' Opera House Orchestra,
'"BUCK-DBAUQHT" makea ckllU
J and lent impossible,
For lake by l/igan A Co,
' '??
Cii.iai.n IltUMt'iiiT, the reliable pool-scller,
Kill olfrr at lila plnca tlilx evening and
. to-inorrnw evening pools on Hie week'* races.
> especially tbe boat races. Wednesday, the
. day o( tlie llorrott-Allmyer race, sale* will
[ take (dace In tbe morning and nn tbe course
r In tbe afternoon. At the name Utile Thuis,
day on the Hol|-\Yclifcerber rare,
i ? ?"
No head-ache or hack-ache for ladle*
who drink "WINE OF OAROUI."
For tale hy Logan A Co.
"Kl.lo" Kmrnr,-A. J. Kennedy, Enq.,
lire mardial of New Haven, Conn., recommends
St. Jacobs Oil as a specific oil re f(i[
| rheumatic pain, |t rert w|n hli case.
' .lr yon wish to eat good bread use Silver
Lake Floor. It lithe tost.
.. ,-j. * . ... _ j. j' ._i'A \J
All IUnd? of XUlMi iu Um Thriving
Mrs. Dr. Campbell, of Titlin, 0., U the
guest ot her cousin B. B. Morris.
The old Wayman shop (acing the Square
has beeu moved against Laudkrobn's meat
Miss. Julia Johnston, of the First ward,
was takeu dangerously ill" very suddenly
Monday uiorniug.
There is to be au oyster supper iu the Market
buiise some time soou for the benefit of
the Literary Mite Society.
McClain Brothers luive beguu the erection
of a general office just uortTi of the Noble
street erossing of the Imliau run tramways.
The Cleveland <k Pittsburgh yard is being
enlarged by the laying of an additional truck
ou the eastern side between the shops and the
Now the carrying boys are getting to work,
and the gluss houses promise to run steadily,
it is the uuil keg coopers who threateu a
A livery buggy, driven by Dixon Corbett,
was run into by auother vehicle above Gravel
Hill, Sunday eveuiug, and was left minus
two wheels.
Lees, u Gravel Hill grocer, has run off from
fear of law backed by a lady, and bis store
was closed. Monday his creditors were looklug
after the atl'airs.
There are uioro geese running cackling
about through the streets than there ever
were before, and their favorite hauuts seem
to be on the principal streets.
Remember the railroad meeting Tuesday
eveuiug. Your presence will be encouraging,
even If you have no money to put into
the road. Go and show that you would like
the road to be "built,
A petition for a side walk between the
creek bridge uud the Market house is to be
presented to Council Tuesday evening. It is
numerously signed, as, of course, all who see
it know the necessity of a walk there ou
muddy days.
There is not much diphtheria, take the
town over; but where there is a case it seems
to be hard to manage. Due child was not
suspected of being utTected with the disease
Sunday morning, but died with it before
nighu Another child of Georgo II. Muth's
is very low with the disease.
There is groat necessity for mora dwelling
houses iu the lower part of town. Many
men whose work is down there have to live
at a distance up town because of the scarcity
of houses nearer their work, If they coulu
be accommodated the vacant hiSuses they
would leave in the centre of the town would
be tilled us fust as emptied, no doubt.
Nudtlefi Death of Emma Ilyan.
Last Sunday morning ut .'} o'clock, God
cm I ci i u> me ncavcniv noma me sweet spirit
of little Kiuiiitt, daughter of Kev. K. W.Ryan.
Her illness was of brief duration, but little
nioro than u day. She wiw the victim of that
dread scourge, diphtheria, in it* most malignant
tyjKj. Her suffering wus intense, but
from the beginning to the end the little sufferer
bore it all with an uncomplaining patience
worthy one beyond her years. hhu
was nerfectly conscious until the little Ijeart
stoou still. She know her case was hopeless,
and her conversation with her parents about
her death and the bright heaven to which sho
felt she wus going, is to them now, as they
call back her every word, as a healing oil to
a hurtful wound. They feel, as Kmnia said,
that sho is "with her little baby sister, Huttie,
who went to live with Jesus uhout one
year ago, freo from pain and deuth, safely
, housed in heaven."
From the irresistable way little Kmma had
' of winning her wav to the hearts of all with
whom she becamo acquainted one cun have
! some faint idea of how keenly her parents
feel her death. She wus uchild iu years, but
a woman in her ways. Any one visiting the
' home of her parent* could not fail to remark
the winning manners and womanly grace of
1 the child. lint despite thcskill of one of the
most successful physicians in the city (to
I whom the faintly feel greatly endeared) the
1 disease marched hastily on to a futul end.
Tho numerous friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Ityan deeply symputhixe with them in this
dark dispensation. The funeral occurred
1 Sunday at 4 i\ m. Tho body was interred at
1 Mt. Wood Cemetery.
A Grand ('ontkht will be given at Louis
; Schwalb's Saloon, 1012 Main street, on Wednesday
evening. Cincinnati and Milwaukee
beer will be on tan. Music by the Wheeling
Opera House Orchestra.
Absolutely Pure.
Made frnra Orape Cream Tartar.-No other preparation
make*Mich IlKlit, (Inky hotbread*, or luxu*
rlou* ixutrr. (Jhii bo'eaten by Dynpetitlr* without
fear of the 111* reuniting from heavy IndlgeaUble food.
8old only In can*, by nil Grocer*.
anflniw New York.
Heuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Sorenett of the Chest, Gout,
Quint/, San Throat, Swellingi and
Sprains, Burnt and Scalds,
Central Bodil/ Palm,
Tooth, Car and Headache, Frosted Feet
and Can, and all other Paint
ana zionet,
Ko Preparation nn earth attain Ft. J a cow Oil If'
A irtfoiurr, Mmpl* and chrap Etternal Itemed jr.
A trill enUlw but tho fomparttlvely trifllnr outlay
of 80 Ontu, and every one ?uifcring with pala
can have cheap and poaltlve proof of lu claim*
Direction! in Eleven Languages.
Baltimore, Md,, V, 8. JU
BAVAKD TAVl.OR, Poti A Traitln, mid:
"I take peat pleasure In recommending to parent*
^ ANiH) '\vhCHVi?rM. C.,
Bald (WW): "I cheerfully conwnt to the 1Mb of my
name a* reference. My boy* will return to you (ta
their fourth rear) after their ta&ltan.'I*.
For new llfuatratod CJronhir addtoS BWITIHN C.
I ji ft H H H
advertise dealers
advertise 1k a
ADVERTISE newspaper,
advertise j?- I)o uot order Printing
? of any character unll prices
ADVERTISE L ||(>0|| (||)ta|ned ut the
adverts l)mY,NTKU'I0E!<CEK
Louisiana State Lottery Company
Incorporated In 1868, for 2ft year*, by the Legl*lAtnru
for educational mil eharitablu |nirj??'i?-wlili
u capital of f i,uuu,uu>?to wlili h a rvHvrvo fund of
over H'JO.UU) hMKlnro been added.
lty an overwhelming j?opular vote, 1U franchise
waa mado a part of the prm-nt Statu Constitution,
Adopted December 3, A. D. 187V.
Iu grand ilnglo number drawings will take place
It never icalci or poatponca. Look at tho follow*
lug Distribution:
1 Capital PrUe **>,000
1 Capital Priae 10,0U)
1 Capital Prlxe 6,000
2 Pruea of 12,600 5,000
5 Crliim of 1,000 fi,000
20 Prlun of fiOO 10.0U0
100 Prill* Of 100. 10,OOP
200 Prlua of 60. 10,000
M0 I'rltt* of 20 10,000
1000 Priios of ia 10,000
0 Approximation Prl?en of tuo ? $2,700
U Approximation Prliea of 200 1,800
o Approximation Prlxea of 100 uuo
18ft7 Prliea. amounting to ....... 1110,400
ReapotiRlhle corresponding agent* wanted at nil
point*. to whom a liberal coui|MMiHallou will Ik? paid.
For further Information, write clearly. glvliiK full
add read. Send onion by exnrM?orn%f?iered letter,
or money order by mail, addnm-d only to
XI A TlAI'I'llfV
Now Orleans,' La.
No. '212 Uroadway, Now York.
All our antul Extraordinary Drawings are under
(lie KiiiK<rviMon and management of UKN Kit Alii U.
The public are -hereby CAUTIONED AOATNST
A (.1)., K\ NASSAU HT., NKW YORK CITY, aa authorised
by the Louisiana State lottery Com|?ny to
it'll Its ticket*. They are flooding the country with
HOCUS CIRCULARS purporting to be of the Louisiana
State Lottery Company, ami are FHAl'iirLKNTLY
representing thcniselvcsas It* agent*. They
have no authority from this Company to sell Its
tickets, and are not its agent* for any jmr^oae.
Pres. Ix>ulHlana State Lottery O).
Nr.w Ohmums, La., July 4. HW1. qcI2-wmw
IK YOU feel dull, drowsy, debilitated, have frequent
headache, mouth tastes badly, i?oor appetite
and tongue coated, you are suflerliiK from torpid
liver, or "biliousness," and nothing will cure you so
speedily and permanently as to take Blminoua Liver
llcgulator or Medicine.
The cheapest, purest^^^
auJ best family medldne^1"^ -
all diseases of the Liver,
Stomach and Spleen.
Rcgulatethe Liver and y
fjlIUdi) AND FEVER, j^S^t
Nothins Is so unpleasant, nothing so common u
bad breath, and In nearly every case it cornea from
the stomach, and can lie so easily corrected If you
will take Simmons Liver Regulator. Do not neglect
so sure a remedy for this repulMvedisorder. It will
also improve your appetite, complexion and general
How many milTer torture day after da*, making
llf? a burden and robbing exigence of all idvaaurv.
owing to the secret Buffering from Pile* Yet relief
In ready to tho bnnd of altnoat uny one who will iik
systematically tho remedy that haa permanently
cured thousands. Simmons Liver Regulator, In no
drastic violent purge, but a gentle assistance to
Should not be regarded u a trilling all*
mcnt-ln factnaturedemanditheuimost
regularity of the bowel*, and any deviation
from thin demand paves the way
often to serious danger. It la quite as
necessary to remove Impure accumulations
from the bowels m It In to eat or
sleep, and no health ran be expected
where a costive habit of body prevails.
Tills distressing affliction occurs most frequently.
The disturbance of the itomarh, arising fnim the
Imperfectly digested content*, catistn a severe pain
In the head, accompanied with disagreeable uausen,
and this constitutes what Is popularly known aa
lick headache.
^CAU^ON.^ny^ no powders or prepare*! Blm
. iuLuniw"?,,r wmpKm#
oth??U^tmfiierII1,,ln ttl kW1'
Original and Oenitino
K?niilMtor?1 onlr br
- .,. ritlLAtlELWHA, PA.
Enl'l lir nil l^?wn?
ALLAN line
Itnvnl Mall Uf<m>*><
... mhm M?vniiinui|m<
Weekly nenrlce* from <IU*gow,
((neenMoirn, Londonderr j, nn<1 Llrrrpool,
direct to Ronton and (Jnfbet, Fortnightly
ntwimeni (ram Lirerpool and Qucotutown
to IioHlmore.
Kind treatment to fttecrage ftMenffera made a
(tpM lnlly and guaranteed. For pffluro and In-1
formation atipl/ to John Mile, 1T.T Behmwor
Thnma* H. B. Ifane. a*enU at Wheeling, W. V*., or
tevo A Alden, 2W Broadway, New Yorlc; 2M Wa? i
lniton?trwt, Boaton; 107 Bonth Fifth utreet, Fhllatlnhi*.
ttmtt'H ,n nm - RVKHYBODY'B ehotre.,
IIt?illnil a 44.^raulotrieof otheraperl8IHTEHS,
5! ifirarra MTDm cin !
clnntll, 0. Alir..VTB WAITED. |
aamsffl" w-'
A 11 1 * TIUR Mi) Mt?MM la IMII
OCT. 10TH.
nnv nnnnoi
UK I ouuuo:
We beg to auuouuce the arrival ol
our regular purchase of
******* ^ *******
| Fall and Winter Goods |
And invite theatteutlou of the pub
lie to the niiMt attractive aud
extensive atoek in the State.
Our Goods are Good
Embracing ail varieties of Silk am
Silk and Wool, and all Wool
Drew Fabrics of Foreign and
Domestic manufacture,
nrn n tiui nn
btu.lt. iHTLUn
Onr Stock of
For Trimmed Garments
Wm Hflvcf as LARUE AND AT
I ?eio
Boor lUlo street yRQCXD
Uttngboilam. Lock'Box 268. attl
. ilSHU), with o, ?i"ul Fes.
jpOK RENT- ~ ^
iter* room, No. 211J M*lu ?u*?l a'jo on.
room, witabl# tor lodging or Uw oflU*, jjg n?
Chapllaeatreet. Enquire u{ ' ^
? _ H. FORBES,
Romn ..i-im,,,,, h,,,,..
Having been appointed admitiUnit.,r
Ut? oI (m> e Wrvji. dnhmI. ihU i> u, u.,^5 J
pemma having cluiuih agulUM >al.i enuie u, .JL'
them tl ouce properly veiUM, and ?ll th.JkftJ
lug thewaelvealudebted will pktoc uiincfonjjjj
** "!lUe' TUOMAS !(. UlHt'H. Adudniitiau*
0Cl.y No. Z\ Thirty Uiml gj^
I reapccUully annouuee to tie Tr*.!e and ^
Public lu general, that I have oi'LSED OCT
acroaa the atreet opposite the Old Stand, ou Mark?i
atreet. 1 am uow ready to ana my lncu,l? ^
ciutomen an uauaL
H10 Marl>-t Strwl
; \Y ^SiajIKU niouu. Addrv* X.. ihUoffliv.
"\17ANTKl>?A MU'U CLKHK. ^
AUilrewC. U.,can! iNTKLUuLNciioace,
YY UvuiucMt, by a young man of ?w*ly h^Uu
la willing to work, arid will atari lu hi .iul.,tW).
thing and ou ajiy teruw. Addrw, AH'HKSTIi'k
BOY, thlaoflUw. n'U
MAN in a notion houne by * young nun ui
y liablta and ixmalderublu rx|H-rl.*iutf lath*
biulnc*. la willing to wort uij I ??u iume ?r|i
recommended. AiJilfi'W, isALwM.lX Ji(jH, ihU
ofllca. "fit
I at Wwllni c-wk r?i i?ni|?iiv'. siiTOl
miles wcatof Brldgeiiorl, Ohio, on llnenfr t v J
SUmay work. On mid after 6ii? 1
ber 1, price of mliiliin will bein it, i?r u,,,
?*? JJt WATKK8, 8qpt
Agents wanted to sl*i*fly the
Immeim; demand lor the only cum bleu ,?
tbentlo and fully llluatrated life of I'rwident (U*
field, Juit publudied. A thrilling M?,ry ,/uT
roaefrotn obscurity l<? faun*. burImIIv lull
log lila cabinet, conflict with r?.nkliiiK. aMtfiutlon,
surgical treatment, death and fmu-n| Z
quit*, etc. Ably, written; emU-lilihed with
trail*ol the Prualdent. Cabinet. Mr*. GarteldwJ
Low price. By far the Unlet m UIhu i??k unt Lit
eral terms. Outfit, fine. Address III lib A Kb BHDs.
Ml West Fourth atreet, Cincinnati. Oh|& W|'
Island. on terms to ault purchaser. J 11
yean old, warranted sound and uulet. li.
quire of LOUIb BHAI'N, Main ?tnvl. U<u
ud Wagon*. Now 1* the time for Iwrttlta,
Alao flue Draft Horn'* for Nile. J. W. KKKHELL
Cor. Main and Twentieth street*. _irl#
120 ihares of atock In the Jefferson Iron in<] .V|||
Twenty aharea of atock In Slrvrt Hallway.
(aeH I IHWIN. Apnt
I Wishing lo go South till* winter to Ink after he
nnrtaul bimlwu iiilrmh I oiler my New. Stand, It*
Market street, for sale. Term* reawnablc. ivnuu
wishing to aarertalu further particular* will do well
toeall at once at l;lui Market street, uraddmsa
above. PumeMlon given November l?t
J. I.. ItIIKM,
1 oc 17 1S">-' Market Sln*L
Containing about 99 acre*, situated InOblorouBlf,
about three and a half mllesfroui Itouey's Points#
Trladeiphla. Price 83,MB i?art noli. Inuulraol
or J AM. L. HAWI.KY,
tnhSl W heel Inn. W. Vt
Twclro and one half acre* vineyard, south of and
adjoining city. Good farm Iioum'. Terms eaiy,
From 10 to 16 acre*, one mile from Kenwood Junetlon:
ground high and Improved i?y modem (not
T dwelling. Will exchange fun It) |?n.|?? rt) mitnllj
I located. W. V. HOoK A MRU.,
m Je2l l >?> Market Mreei
OFFICE?A complete outfit for a priming oflet.
One lance Franklin pre*, one pr?-?f press. one foul
liabcock pre*, tyjie, eases, stands, ctmi|*?in?itonei
In ahort everything belonging to hii establish wm
of thla kind, la now oflared cheap fur ii?li oroa
easy term*. For particular* Inaulre of
Real Eatato Agency and Notarial Hii*Iiu-m, l^aMaf
ket atreet, wheeling. W. Va. wH.
IW.000 Apple Tree*, two, three, four and fire yean.
6,000 Peach, one (from bud) year.
6,000 Plut?*, one and two year*.
6,000 Outnccn, two and three year*.
6,000 Cherries, one and two yearn,
U) IXin Kverwreeim. liuwt lv JliliiHT. from Otic tnHll
feet. The above are tlirlAv ami In k<x?i mndllk*
for transplanting. Will wll ho low m the lo?m.
Correspondence solicited. Addrem, HAMt'KI. Nil/
LKK, Moundivllle. Nursery is one wile wwt J
Mou lid wllle depot. _ <Ip7 tat*
bum.verm I'Rnprimr.
I ofTor for mlc the flue three-story brick liulldlof
NlttiHte on the Went Ride of Market sired, a frwdwfl
below Second Ward Market Hons.-, f -iun rlr ??
pled by llachinan A Dornt, u wholesale }-n?Iiw
More. Tho building Jr finished above the flr?l itrt
with eleven rootnR and Ir occupied a? a l<*nllo|
houRe, and the flnt floor Ir a large and tltfaoliWe
room with cellar, and the room, N.tli fornjarttf
and location Ir the best for the produce Luilnrttt
Uiffcltr. AIro for rent from 1st of April Mil a
Z. miHlVKH, 1211 Main strcrt. jrj.
, If it la expedient to insure properly which wf
be restored, Ir It not wisdom to Insure life, *hJfi
t cannot bo restored T Compare the KATES of U*
Mutual Life Insurance
I And IU ca*h amctJ of over t9l.000.ll0>. with jh*8'
any other mutual Comiwny in the World.
r >1,000. ,
| S 1 "Tl~ I
3 * i-i i I ' b
. t * *A\a ji"
?!? .? 3*1 ij!r
| * \JZ |_
2a 1(1.01 10.N0 IO.SO j 1?.W I J'S
00 10.80 22.70 22.70 ' 22.M ??
av 22.48 20.M 20.B0 211.22 A?
4(120.01 31..W
? J2.2J .17.07 ! :w.00 ; ? 1 Jig
eoj40.10 47.1H I 40.211 ! 4..2J J't
| wH w>, wVriw.JMtai.
By boflnc ?t?l'
* * * * *
King's Combination Spectacles
* * * * *
OH EVK (II.ASSfiP- ,||(1
Thr? who hate wp?k or" r*n h""
liV , ?inV
I 1 (i 1 ! I.I'
Wt will iliirlim"1"
Weult ol'llH' f''11"'
A fine lot nf Sf?n.l?M |lV,k'M*
Irad?< "< r"'' . , pt vFg
BUtloncry at cnrrrtKHi'""*1) 1 1
nil WMwK""1 I*"1'1*1 *" '
Hei'iifkvij-V.;..111 ititfM

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