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^^AUS * CO"
C. M n gsbffluK*^ 4 Cft?)
? ,od Uf?
S SlurUet St. cot,
JfO' ynf trrni'O. w. V A. _
.1 i ' 'hi ?'<'! f AND
-gSTHROlSU ??"'
*. T. n*gTOK^.
'W'mkJ >"*t 'P" "Ifm
V+ ^ ^ln-U/J ^7 Ki.r Information
Tf *! U'EL11S V| u ,?i J10 do ?U reptlf
&,W'n?. ?P
y. c. uftll'
poRS :
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wcwiiSosr 1
1/ DIAIJ? '* - '
, c?.nd Feed. UaU'd ??T? st?"?W *C. ?
tnhl S Mtrirt ?ml Brtta, m_
Tr^:^~~nuia *? ?? T' * :
MO Miln Sjroct. Whwllng. W. V? npgl
I Oflft. So. IM i.'hit'lliie St, \\ htxliofi W.Va.
m fjtapt nu niloo to ?I1 builntw
It attorney at law,
Offlcc with Taylor A Harr,
No. t2 Twelfth Street.
I Afalnltjud S/*rltlacUw?spcclMltj, Coliee
I tto pff>inptly wa-le.
I v" .. WhwUnjc, W. V*. mySl
I rnrtom Horn*. Whirling, V>. Ya. j>12
I So. IJC ' "byline fat., opp?*iu* the Court Hou>?,
I WloMct. W.fr. fe?_
I So. 1118 Mtrket itrwt. (over City Bank,) Wheel
Int w v?
Jutlec of (he Pence, Xotarf Public Mnd
General llnsiuess Agent.
Omt'K?No. 35 Elaventh street, lower end
Stroud Wanl Market House, up stairs. Jail
Q 0. MOTH,
Real Estate, Bond & Stock Broker.
epciltlauviiu.iti pvt'ii to collecting reuu and the
pntrtl B*u???;iiHnt of IUnl KaUite.
nhlT IJJ) .Main Urtft, Ulu-cllng, W. V*.
Lcuii wjotUted, ttockt bought and told, mop
duaWuul uwuuim.turri>' books oii-tied, exnwluwd
iadtlu*d. &t*tes?ettl?1, uoti*. l>ook hwouuu.
ml ttnu eollatwl IIuuhh rented and leucd.
CollKU?ns ymtu^ily rvuntled. Advuuvc* iuhUh.
All t?u^ae?ojm3?j,.nilt,ucvii)uJldenUjt]ly attended
to. ?<id lot mrulir to rvfereucct. 1318 Mnrkel
Mutt, (Cttnjk'i Blui,) over City Bank, Wheellug.
p. V?. l?f>
UCVUT), HOtllKRlY cakk, goou uoakuLIU,
MLtOnTFCL location and
stlsosablk ciiargk8.
_ near whkkliko, w. va. w ,
Tiethirlj-fourth year of this well-known school
btpj, uirkr the charge of the H later* of the Vlsitil*.
o;<u* on the Ki&T MONDAY OK BKTTKMUSwt,
and continual ten months.
received at any time in the session.
Ti* wtio desire to place their daughters in an
ttftation affording exceptionally good advantage*
iaihewty of healthful and dollgnUul location, excdknitoanl,
thorough discipline and instruction.
utiMUmlio/llfc-ionjr UvLchvri, in every departsal
of femalo education, including the modem
luioicca and muiic, at very reasonable rates,
IbowieTriforacatalogue of this school. Addrtaa
ut. Dechaktal.
frlHuv Near wheeling, W. Va.
MNEdqartmentaofstudy: text book* furnished
AT COefT; caleudur arranged to suit teacher*; exWtt
for one year from 1175 to $200; non-sectarian,
liberal, thorough. Kali term begins 8RTPEMBKH
Jtol. ^iuviua?ce last year from 28 counties ol
Wot Virginia and from 8 States and Territories
Xasber of undents larger than for ten years pre
,V For catalogues and other Information apply tc
tht Actlnc Prwldent, D. B. PDRINTON, Morgan
tnwn. Wrn Vn
Drawing and Healing Salve
Price ?5 and 50 ccnt* per Box.
The Drawing and Healing Salve
enrw carbuncles, felons tod abacsaca, without the
aid of the knife.
The Drawing and Healing SalYe
curt* rut*. bunu and flesh wounds.
The Drawing and Healing SalTe
CTrtterjii|?lu and ringworms.
The Drawing and Healing Salve
caret pile* and flamed flcah.
The Drawing and Healing Salve
com corns, Inflamed joints, chilblains and fioat
Mrs. J ill jo Myers' Rheumatic Cure
I* a certain cure for rheumatism, neuralgia, weak
bacii, ipndiu. itifliKM of the loluta, severe achet,
cmmi*, Ac. IMco II per bottle. Trial bottle 10
ceuta. For ude, vrbokulo and retail, by
LOO AN k CO.. :
mhu-tuw r<ir, Brlilce ami M>lu gtfc| Wheeling.
ASuro Cure Found at Last! No
Ono Need Suffer!
* ranOiniw Blind. Ritalin*,llctlnj tnjl 01ctt*tcU
hlcilia?l*tn (llKxivurwloy Ur. \MUlam,
(an Indian rviu.My.i cnll.il Ur. * lUlum'i Indian
IHuunent. A. >hnlc Un ha* cured the wont
I chronic raica of ?> or 30 ywts atanding. Ne ono
tw??l Miflbr flvenilnutrt after applying this won*
<wrlul vxithliig nmllcluc. Lotfona, Instrument*
wtil elec uaric* do note hann than good. WU*
lum'i ointment abwirt* the tumors, allays the In*
Um lufciiit, (particularly at night after getting
I" '* <' ) acu n* a poultice, gives instant ana
Waljn relief, md h prepared ouljr for Pilea, Itch*
w? cd thr private pnrU. and for nothing else.
BnJihn the Hon. ); M. CoQluborry, of Clare*
**?,*? about Dr. William's Indian Pile Olnt1
bare oscd mm* at Pile Cures, and ft
. H.tee tl'ww10 *y ^at 1 have nover found
!2Ir .F yl'leh gaVe k ch Immediate and permac
Ani relief u Ur. William's Indian Ointment.
A Ca, Bridge Comer. Wheeling,
by all dru?iju, or mailed on receipt ot prioe,
Cra4icate? Dandruff. prevents It* return, arresti
WJtai out of hair, stimulates now growth, and pre
Vtnuit (rum turmnv?M? <rv.? ii.i.it?^1?
in Um world. A?k thodrunUi for It.
D*. J. A. DICKEY, l*n>prietor, Hrtitol, Twin.
* "inless Eye Water
or at once Curt* in i
J?ii2???.f-rranuUlwl nothing better. Ad
| ?SSSa,,RS? ?*%
BBS i s i tfjfflwtiSBM
The bart evidence of a phvsldw'i iuowji Is the teetimonyo/his
patients. The taaraufnc demands for
my professional service* prove that I have dealt
bouorably and fairly with thaw wto hate consulted
me. 1 never use a patient's uame without perm toI
don, though I have man/ hundred certificates Iron
those whom I have cured after they had been pronounced
Incurable. A thorough medlcaleducaUon,
with mauy yean hospital experience and bmlUarfiy
with therapeutic agents, a clow observance of temperamental
peculiarities and strict attention to
hygienic management, Insures success, If cure Is
powlblo, and ifrtukly give tho patient my opinion.
home: proof
Kidney and liver Diseases and Rheumatism?
Jaffaed Terribly.?"Nothing seemed to help me;
oould pot let out of bed. Vr |8m 1 th cured me.''
Catarrh, Polypus ol Koee. lmpalwd%lSi.'^ij
fered for yean: patent medicine failed to help me.
Dr. 8mlth completely cured me.
of Bpeldel * Co., Wheeling. W.Va.
Dyspepsia end Ulcerated Ptotnatb.?'"Treatment
for yews failed to five me relief. Dr. Bmlth cured
me/' THOMAS 110LT, Insurance Agent
Fit*.?"lUd than tor fourteen yesn. Dr. Smith
jurcd me." WOU1B ?. WASHINGTON.
Scrofula, Running Stores on Head?"My ton wan
afflicted for fourteen years. Nothing seemed to
help him. Dr. Bmlth cured him.
Market street. Wheeling, w. Va.
Cancer.?"8uffcred for years with cancer. Had It
out out three times. It rctu tied after each opera
Hon. VI. OJflJUl UIMVU tor - .,>-11111 in Ul
P?ln/* MiRS. H. M. ORCUTT,
niw, PUtnU of Anua.?Flat ol my Ut* lor Ik
Reported dying. Dr. 8xolth cured me with)ul
knife, In fit? week*.
Wholesale Grocer, Main St.. Wheeling. W.Va,
Ulcerations of Rectum, PTOlapau* and Pilea. Waa
given up to die and pronounced incurable.
Or. Smith cured mewlthout ljaUj.** , ??
Martln'a Ferry
Rev. H.O. tadd write*:?"Dr. Smith'? pro/caion*)
lervlces In my f*mlly have .been most satisfactory
ind 1 commend him to all m a gentleman and a
ikillful physician."
Mn Margaret Kolh j*:-,,I had beenj.uifcring
for wren yean and treated!b?-many physicians for
lytpejffia. Dr. Hinith aaid 1 had a tape-worm and
n eight hour* temoved a monster 109 feet long." #
Femalo Complaint*.-Three yean in hospital* foi
[emalo*, give me peculiar advantage* iniiuch cases.
Persons cured of catarrh, disease* of heart, liver,
itomach, kidney*, akin, blood, nervous affectiou>
uid wesknwaes of men and youth, scrofula and
itlbma testify to my wccea*.
Hies cured without the knife.
Patient* at a distance may be treated by letter jujd
atiifactlon guaranteed. A chart for self examim
Inn M>nt onwHnt of two three-cent stamps, aid
idvlce returned free,
U>m>uJUUon at office free. Office hour* (rem 9 a.
?. to 7 p. *., 'ally. Sunday from 2to5*. *. Call
m or addrt**, J. k. 8M1TII. M. D.,
aplH No. 91 Twelfth St.. W heeling, W. Ya. (
The 6,000,000 Children
In tlie United States
Who Buffer IhUn,
Who Fret and Ciy,
Who Km Pale rictt.
Who llave Had UrttaUi,
Should Vie Langhlla't }Yorm S/rop
The Child Who Wakes In Terror,
The Child Whose Appetite la Voradons,
The CbUd Wboae Appoiltw Varies. i
The Child Who I>oe? Not Thrlv*
The Child Who In Kmadatefl,
The Child With Iniernal Irritation, i
The Child With hallow Complexion, ,
Should Use Langhllu's Worm Syrup
No Disease fio Dtngerotu As Wonas.
No Child la Free From Them.
They Cauae Itlaeaae Themavlves.
They Aggravate Other Complaints,
The Chfld's Cure When Teetlilnyt
Borrsys tiir Otrus: Alt-ayb Taix: Hkju'cm
Mother* will find It very valuable: the child will
bt> rrUtVfH,ptt inlongmttf ilrrn,and iralf vpcheer
;iu. wuiirrnnu rtimjinnunr. lununiiumo
ancn bottle, ana will refund thr prtff or?*verr ono
not doing a* represented. Hold by *u arugglkta.
? X'rlcc 2J5c. per Bottle. 3
LAUGHUN BROS. &. CO., Praprietora,
.ComJjottnS ^
I# a combination of Ilypophtwphltct, originated
by me in ? iumda while under the en**** of pulmonary
rom>ui> ption, and which haa kjneo been
emj>lo>edby the mt-diol profession throughout
America and England with unprecedented succcs*.
It contains the dements o*ential to th* animal
organization, the cxodlzing spent* ?nd toni'-s.
In combination with the stimulating acent phnaEho'U*.
pouching the meii* of bein* slightly alia*
ne, and isdibiiviiked in th# convenient and palatable
f^rm of a syrup. ->
ltd effects aro usually visible within twenty-four
houni and are marked by it stimulation of the apne
tita, tho digestion and auimilation, cnteiliu
directly into the circulation: it tones tho nerves and
muscle*: exerts a healtliy acuon ui mo scerviioii*: i
neitherd'Murb* thestorrwicb nor Irjimt ihe?y>cv),
under prolonged use, and may be discontinued at
any time without Inconvenience.
In a word it |kmm.*wcii the stimulanti to arouir
the strength, the tonh* to retain It. nnd merit of a
high degree. Very re jxrtf'ilJy,
JAMES I. fellows.
*l*Do not be delved by remedies bea-lng a rimliar
name: no other preparation la a substitute for
this under any circumstances.
| JaS-naw
_ is nature's crca'.jot rcmo*.y? ^r< r-'. ' piocrtbed
If to unco BMIcJti, tJ.ttnlmn
_ ixvovcrctlorvronuuralmprvvwl. lysQlS
Hcbuna c=n bo utca 1/ every ^uo^uio
- young, tho inldUlo?aff?d. too o. U th<* I?*Ijc
and tuo motUcr. WBBSBWCKMB .
Fkxu::a always arras mtrao |?flcntr
It ctanasa t.'io tyciein of r 11 1W unperittes, .
tones no ?omacb, rgcwsfi*sthounlocks
Dosocrctlcnof tho live", CtTcnrtheni
thanerreaaad lart^ntcs tho brfln. fliwMul
. 1'ebcna 131'10 prcatcct nnjwtlrcr. iuESvj r
blood, nnd to U:* vrcary and tired from tho
. tailir-nicawicf t'-io dr.r It gives sweet nnd rcfre^ila
* c!9cp,
naij when tick, tacuro, yi.33 ^jll b?T^^
fornc3Mltx7llinotcnroprl;:J?. L?SE5G^ .
. SK&i imS1
and oolTloornani with
Sold by alldrnggigtaand dealer* in medicines
Dr. Frazier's float Bitters,
Frajder'a Root Bitten are not a dram ahop whUky
beverage, but am atriotljr medicinal in over)' acnu.
They act strongly uion the liver and kidnesa, keep
the bowela open and regular, make the vrc*fe strong,
heal tho lung*, build up the nerve* and dcuuw the
blood and lystem o/ every Impurity.
ForDlzzlucn, Rush of Blood to thotlead, tending
to Apoplexy. Dyapewda, Fever and Ague, Vtojmy.
llniples and BloUhca, Scrofulous Humors and
Sorca, Tetter, hing Worm, White Swelling, KryMpelaa,
Sore Eyca, and for young men auflerin* ftom
Weakneaa or Debility caused from Imprudence, and
to femalea (n delicate health, Fmiot t Boot Bitten
are oapeclally recommended. t ,
Dr. mxier: I have tued twobottlcaof your Root
Bitten for Dyapepaia, Diulneaa, ft'eakneta and Ktd
? ?- mn mnro mod than thl
?Sl^iSltook^eWuA. Prom lh(
SriffiW IS raii ?n?
' *d? your ?*Tl!Al(lWmWfly
I Sold br LopUl * CO..
v - |ri-',v.\ v.T '-VVv
9b 2ttH%tixer.
The recent week of prayer wu not u
generally or earnestly observed u In former
yeum, anil many churchesVhlch announced
meeting* lor each evening drew
even unaller audlencea than the regular
prayer meetings. Many minister! who are
In hearty sympathy with the observance ot
the week say that unless more Interest Is
shown the custom may as well be droppod.
Einard Kimball, the famous "church
dobt raiser," has raised in all about$S,000,- 1
000 (or the relief ol mortgaged churches.
He Is beset with applications continually ,
and works yhere be can. lie thinks the i
raising ol a church debt is not a proper '
part ol a minister's work, and says that the
lay management ol a church should have
provided the requisites lor worship and i
given them to the Lord as an unmutllated 1
Mid rarfent ftflVsrino.
?? 4 .. {
General Grant paid $1,000 (or bis pow in !
Dr. Newman's Madison Avenue (N. Y.) 1
Congregational Church. Grant follows Ills !
friends in politics and religion. j
A writer in the Nineteenth Century, dis- \
cussing tlio question whether agnostics can 1
consistently attend church, arrives at the *
following conclusions: (
"It is postulated that the teaching of the c
church does more good than harm-direct- c
ly and indirectly.
"Tim abstention of our supposititious c
agnostic will act us an example to induce r
others to stay away, not from conviction, n
but from luiiness or worse motives. C
"It will tend to prevent that cordial co- v
operation with the parson which, in a small n
district, is so important for the welfare of t
the neighborhood.
"It will not only neutralize in a great ti
measure his own power for good, but also p
diminish tlmt of the parson. li
"If he believe these things ho need not a
fear being himself an unconscious hypo- tl
crito. * g
"Therefore, under these circumstances
the agnostic is not only justified in being, w
but if truo to his creoa, is bound to be a ci
regular attendant at church for the good of
rthers and the advancement of humanity."
Some of our exchangcsaro expressing the J1
opinion that Bob. IngcrsoU is chanoinc bU
news somewhat in theological matter*. lt
rbcy point to Ills recent beautiful address ai
it the grave of a child in Washington as n
evidence of this. That address is not out e
of keeping, we presume, with tho creed of ?\
the Col. Ho has never professed to discard p
hope as to the hereafter. However, it pre- 81
jents a great contrast to muclvof his bla- jj
tant'ribaldry on the lecture platform. The
fact is that all intelligent and thoughtful rt
men become conservative on such subjects
as they advance in years, and Ingersoll is
not likely to bo an exception. j
We have already published in tho Intel*
igencer what the Col. said on the occasion a
referred to, but as it is now a matter of
comment and criticism, we republish it, as ?
follows: si
"Every cradle asks us "Whence?" and
every coffin, "Whither?" Tbo poor bur- p
barian, weeping above bis dead, can an- tl
swer tlieso questions as intelligently and o
wiit iafflctnrr iin tho robnil nripat of th* most a
authentic creed. No man, standing where ji
the horizon of a life, has touched a grave. *'
has any right to prophesy a future tilled ti
wit^ pain and tears. It may be that death A
gives all there is of worth to life. If those
who press and strain against our hearts o
could never die, perhaps that love d
would wither Iroai the earth. May be
this common fate treads from out the
paths between our hearts the weeds of selllshness
and hate, anil Lhad rather live and
love where death is king, tljan have eternal
life where love is not. Another life is
naught, unless we know and love again the
ones who love us here. They who stand
with breaking hearts around this little
grave need have no fenrs. The larger
and tho nobler faith in all that is and is to
be, tells us that death, even at its worst, is
only perfect rest We know that through ?
the common wants of life?the needs and
duties of each hour?their grief will lessen
day by day, until at last this grave will be to
to them a place of rest and peace?almost a t
joy. There is for them this consolation: c
Th^ dead do not Buffer. If they live again, J
their lives will surely bo as eood as ours, cl
We have no fear. We are all children of t
the same mother, and the same fate awaits c
us all. We, too, have our religion, and it is r
this: Help for the living?hope for the n
dead. t
The London Timet gives the Church of [
Rome this warning: 1
"The Pope would go from Rome never c
to return. The Papacy divorced from Rome 3
might be powerful still; it might emerge i
even more majestic than ever, in either t
and any event it would not be the Papacy f
the world and history have known; it >
would be a new thing and a new creature.
IIow the present ecclesiastical generation, 1
nursed in an Italian cradle, habituated to \
Italian modes of thought and sentiments, i
could bear to be severed from its home it i
is for itself to weigh. For Italian Car- i
dinalfi and f for an Italian Pope it must i
be almost more portentous than to i
conceive 01 uaiy ana its people I
living and learning without thorn. |
If the Italian Government docs i
not repress disorders which might develop
from insolence into violence, the '
Papacy might be physically obliged to quit i
its birthplace. If tho Papacy insist u|?on
holding itself out as a victim and martyr
in the Vatican, Italy has no power to keep
it there. But it may safely bo predicted
that whichever side incurs the ultimate
guilt of snapping, through spitcfulness or
through recklessnessrttoo connection of the
Italian Nation and tho Pupacy, will have
to bear a heavy load of responsibility
for indefinite perils and troubles, as well
in the judgment of tho Italian peonlo
itself ns in that of the Catholic Church.
Professor Samuel M. Hopkins, D. D,,
writing in the current numbor of the Prey,
byterian Rcvitw on the liturgical movement
in the Presbyterian body, says: "Tho number
of Presbyterian ministers who openly
advocate tho uso of somo form of prayer is
large, and the number of those who hope
and anxiously wait for it, much larger.
That the churches themselves are ready to
welcome some such improvement is plain
enough. That the ministry thomsol vca also
feel the want of a liturgy is constantly
showing itself. It is by no means uncommon
for Presbyterian ministers to uso the
Episcopal marriage service from preference,
of which several cases havo come lately
within tho writer's knowledge; the
officiating ministeis in these cases
toinc also doctors bf divinity. The
came thing appears from tlio disposition'to
to borrow scraps and phrases from the
prayer-book, which too often have the
effect of purpurei panni sewn on the somowhat
threadbare garment of tho Presbyterian
praver. This sort of thing is hardly
of the highest order of ecclesiastical integrity.
We boast our conscientious
preference for a plain diet of bread and
water, wo shall never consent, oh,' no! to
allow French dishes on our boiml. But
wo are quite willing to 'convey' scraps and
even whole pieces train tho better furnished
tables of our neighbor*. A very large
number of the children of Presbyterian
families and many sf the cultivated and
; tasteful of our members have sought a
more cheerful, more varied, more sympa|
thetlc service in another communion. On
, tho other hand, tho cases are very few,
, and owing only to ipeclal causes, in which
any persons, Episcopally educated, havo
' come over to the communion of the Presbyterian
Church. The tracks are all one
. way. It is very largely duo to this fact
' that of all of thS sects in the United
' States, the Episcopal is growing the most
rapidly at the present time. It is forming
1 sew congregations and organising new
dlo?e?es with extraordinary rapidity. On
the other hud, the Presbyterian Church U
almost itationairy. It requires a don calculation
to show that the if even holding
her own. To make the preaching of the
Ooepel consist ezcluiveiv in the deliver;
of sermons i? the fatal mistake of Preabyterianlsm.
All appropriate worahip of God 1
throogb Jesus Christ Is the preaching of i
the Ooepel. Devotional singing la setting I
forth the pralaea of Christ as our Prophet, '
Priest and King. The Apostlea' and Kl- i
cene Creeda are full of the Gospel. In the i
Lord's Supper, Chriat ii set forth evidently
crucified for us. There i> more of Chriat i
in the Te Deura and tho Litany alone than ;
ia commonly found in two entire Preaby- i
terian services." I
hoaM ProtHilliip-liil?rMI>|l?ln '
or tbe II onip.
The Senate met at the usual hour ycster- ,
lay morning, and no minister being pre*ant
the dovotlonal eierclses were diaponaed i
with. I
On motion of Mr. Donahoo,tbe following ,
resolution wna adopted:
lUtolvti, That tbe Committee on Claiina .
mil Grievances lie anil are hereby instructjd
to report a bill providing for the payment
of uny additional sum* tliat uiay be
;lue to proprietors of newspapers in this
4iate for publishing the Constitutional
intendments In the year 18S0. Said com*
ulttee shall ascertain such Bums on such
irinclples as it may deem lawful and just,
md they shall also ascertain and report
vhat amounts, if any, have already been (
tald to any such newspaper proprietors for ,
luch publication.
On motion of Mr. Roberts so much of tho
Governor's message as refers to the finances
tf the State was referred to tho Committee
in Finance.
On motion of Mr. Farnsworth a number
tf Senate bills were taken up out of their t
rgular order and read a first time, and on
notion of Mr. Donehoo were referred to the
Jommitteo on Judiclarv. A few others (
rare passed to a second reading, and on
notion of Mr Dennis the regular order of
tusiness was resumed.
Senate bill 134, amending chapter 13 of
be Code, relating to tho promulgation,
roof, commencement and construction oi
iwh, was brought up on Us third reading
nd amended in several instances{ and
tan put back and again ordered to its en*
roesmentand third reading.
On motion of Mr. Woods, Senate bill 135 (
-as taken from the table and put upon the
Kecess till 2:30 o'clock.
Vl?on reassembling, Senate bill 120. relat* jj
ig to the manner of receiving and diaburs- ?
ig inuney at mo irnasury, ana certain [r
uties of the Auditor and .Treasurer, com- a,
jg upon its second reading was amended 0,
ud ordered to its engrossment and third l
sading. ^
Semite bill 135, concerning certain pow- j(
rs and duties of the Governor and the u
jbordinate officers of the Executivo De- w
artment, and the officers of all public inLitutions
of the State/' coming up, on Us y
>cond reading was amended and passed to
s engrossment and third reading. v
After the transaction of some unimport- ej
nt business, the Senats at 5 p. m., ad- ci
jurned. _
se.vatk .v0t18. J,,
Senator Faulkner was in his seat yesteray.
- Bt
Senator Fontain Smith left yesterday for fs
few days visit to his home. gi
Senator McGroenr rptumpH vpatprdftv rv
Iter an absence of a few days, having been e?
ailed home by an accident to ono of his n
}ns. fc
Senator Van meter showed the reporter a oi
aper yesterday containing the notice of \
ie marriage of'a young couple in his part a:
f the State. The groom was eighty-five ft
nd the blushing bride only a few years his tl
inior. The notice stated that the groom ecould
jump into the air and kick hisheels
jree times before he lit upon the ground."
i marvelous county, surely.
The Senate meets this morning at It
'clock; an hour later, for this "day and p
ate only.
Howie of Delegate*. n
The session.of the House yesterday was ii
nened with prayer by Delegate Grantham, tl
f Jefferson county.
Mr. Sydenstrielcer asked leave of ab- ai
jnce for Mr. Irons, which was granted. V
Tho first bill of importance was the ia
nal reading of House bill No. 232, amendng
the genoral election law. It was li
dbpted with its title. n
The hour of eleven o'clock having arriv- n
d, the special order for that hour, the bill v
mending the law against
ty the people, was next taken up by sec- at
ions for amendment "While it was under {,
onsideration Mr. Wilson called Mr. w
loflett to the chair and took part in the tl
Liscussion and amendment. On his moion
tampering with ballot boxes, defacing
ir altering ballots, or poll books, was si
nado a felony instead of a misdemeanor, c
ad made punishable bv imprisonment in J
he penitentiary not less than one -nor V
nore than ten years. In another amend- P
nent proposed bv him his well known
lostility to "rich corporations" cropped v
tut. Ibis was a clause to assess a fine of j.
5,000 to $20,000 upon any corporation that I
n any manner, directly or indirectly, in ii
erms express or implied, attempts to in- t
luence or intimidate an employe. This
vns adopted. L
Considerable interesting discussion took ?
)Iace on a proposition Mr. Evans, of
Berkeley county, to make all bribery or
ittempts at bribery, felony, punishable by
mprisonment in the penitentiarv. A subktitute
was finally offered bv Judge Fei*u- j
wn and accepted by Mr. ISvans, making N
:ho punishment fine or imprisonment at ']
ne discretion 01 tno court. Tlie modified i,
proposition waa adopted by a vote of 30
ives to 26 noes.
'The bill was still needing when the ,
House, at half-past twelve, took a recess t
until half-past two. t
Tho following interesting report of the |
House Committee on Ventilation was yes* <
tenlay submitted by Dr. Crumrine. I
The committee to whom was referred the I
resolution relating to the better ventilation (
of tho Hall of the House of Delegates, beg 1
leave to report the following:
Puro air being one of the first requisites |
to good health^ the Committee has to the ,
best of its ability under the circumstances, ,
done that which will contribute to that end. i
Arrangements have been made with a carpenter
to put a twonnch strip under
each window, including both tiers of windows
on the north side of this House,
together with two or three wjndowson the
opposite side. By this arrangement the
top cross niece of the lower sash is raised
above its fellow, or tho bottom cross-piece
of tho top sash A spaco is. thereby
made between tho glass and sash
that freely admits pure air from
tho lootside without any tendency to
alter the temperature of the house or produco
a direct draft. Wo may add that
this plan of ventilation has been adopted
by some of the large hospitals of the country.
We also find four cold air flues, starting
on the floor of this house, which puss
up through the walls, and connect withlhe
outside. It is tho opinion of the committee
that at a very small expense gas jets can be
placed in tho bottom of theso flues, which
will create a draft,and thereby free the room
of its excess of carbonic acid pa. Carbonic
acid gas, as is well known, is thrown ofT
from the lumre in the act of resniration. and
being about two and a ball times heavier
than common air, will ol its own gravity remain
in tbe room, and be breaiiiod over
and over again.
We also And on further investigation that
tho BpittoonB on the floor of tho House are
a receptacle for a vast amount of filth and
waste, such as cigar stumps, tobacco juice,
apple pcalings, etc., and from their peculiar
shape it is very difficult to properly clean
them. Fermentation takes place in a short
time, and tbe result Is noxious and poisonous
gases are raised and diffused through
tho room to be breathed bv tbe Inmates.
In tbe opinion of tho committee there is
more to be feared from this source than
any other that has thus far presentod itself.
consideration of the bill wu resumed, but
was briefly interrupted to enable Mr. Qnarrier
to offer a resolution to the effect
that tho Committee on Ventilation be authorised
to have gas jets placed In the ventilating
flues, as suggesMd by them, and
alio that the SergeanWt-Arms be direct*
to purchase new spltoona under dlrectloi
of the Committee; alio that the Committs
be requested to Kin their constant uum
tion to the ventilation of the hall.
The (object of treating voters by candl
dates came op in connection with an amend
Btent offend by Jtidge Ferguson. The bll
torbado treating on Ml day oj the clldion
the Judge proposed to strike these wordi
out, and iorbiu treating by candidates a
my tliue. Mr. Lowiy opposed this change
Ur. MoUett said he would vote for it will
t great deal of pleasure, for it would etlec
great saving for candidates. Mr. Kile]
ilso favored theamendment, as he though
it would result in throwing the Democrat!
out of power. Judge Ferguson retorted tba
If the Democrats could only.keop in by tin
use of liquor they ought to beout. Mr. Leon
inl opposed the innovation. Finally i
vote was reached and the proposed amend
[mot rejected, the ayes being 24 to31 noes
Mr. Holt moved to insert a clause making
be prohibition apply not only to the da)
}f the election, but also within ten dayi
preceding the same, with Intent to inilu
wee the vole or votes of tiny person 01
persons entitled to vote. Judge Ferguson
iranted to strike out the words about the
ntent, which suggestion Mr. Jlolt accepted.
tfr. Depue moved to amend tho amendnent
by making it one day before the dav
election, instead of ten. Sir. Domie'a
imendment was adopted, and Mr. Holt's
imendment, aa thus modified, was then re<
ected. The section was thus left aa at tlnft,
* follow?: "If any person, who is a candelate
for any office under the Constitution
nd laws of this State, shall, himself or by
nother, offer to. give, or distribute among
he voters any intoxicating drinks on tho
ay of election, he shall, it elected, forfeit
lis office, and on proof of tho fact be re*
uovetl tnorefrom. And if any person,
khether a candidate or not, offer, give or
iistribute any intoxicating drink to any
oter on the day of an election, ho shall
)rfeit not len than ten nor more than fifty
Tho next section was ono of considerate
interest. It read as follows: "Kvery
lace at which intoxicating liquors are sold
hall be kept closed on the day of
ny election and on tho day previous
lorcto. And if any person (whether
censed to sell intoxicating liquors or not)
!iaI1, on the day of election, or on the day
revious thereto, sell, or offer or expose for
de such liquor?, or shall on cither of said
ayp, at onv time, keep oj>en any place in
is possession, or under his control, where
icIi liquors are usually sold, or shall j>erlit
any person to drink any intoxicating
quor on tho day of an election, at any
lace in his possession or under bis conol,
he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor
ad fined not less than fifty nor more than
ne hundred dollars for even* such offense.
'roruUd, That this section shall not be so
jnstrued as to require any person licensed
> sell intoxicating liquors who is engaged
i any other business in connection thereith
to close his place of business as aforelid,
except tiie part thereof in which such
quors are usually sold."
Mr. Seabright moved to amend by proiding
that saloons should bo closed on
lection day alone and only until the polls
loeed. He mado qu to a speech in suportofhis
proposition. Judge Ferguson
pposed it.
Mr. Leonard moved to amend by simply
rikinjj out the day previous. Mr. Monroe
ivored this; Mr. Holt opposed it, and reretted
the apparent tendency to '"go back I
n this great question; Mr. Hubbard favor-1
[1 Mr. I^eonard's amendment, as lie did
ot think dosing tho saloons the day be>rean
election wou d have any good effect
a the public order on the day of election.
Ir. I^eonard's amendment was adopted,
nd the law accordingly remains ns now in
tree, compelling the saloons to close from
le midnight before to the midnight after
very election.
two new bills
ere introduced by Mr. Doddrill, as fol-!
House bill No. 345, authorizing judges of
ircuit Courts to require tho clerks thereof
) make authenticated copies of all indictlents
found in such courts, and authorizlg
trials to be had on such copies in case
ip original indictments are lost.
Housejbill No. 340, to amend and re-enrt
section 10 of chapter 152 of tho Code of
Pest Virginia, concerning crimes and punhraenta.
The rest of the session was spent in preminary
readings of bills, and at a few
linutes before five o'clock the House, on
lotion of Mr. Grantham, and by a rising
ote, adjourned until to-day.
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U?r?- 1a.m. t.u. x. m.
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SUjuliwirUl? fc06 7:6/. 130 1:10
SnSiiimZimr.' 11:40
Howark...MMM.MMMM IOC &K HMMM? ;
C^umbiu....^.. fclC 6:10 ?*?
uoiumoua....^....... 8:401 C40|MMMM. fciOj 10; II
nSSST. no ? *to p,& . |g
C&bmaU *00 10:00 10(00 KOO vvvtfjj
IqdUnapollq 11.00 12:00... 1100 6,00 %
k. m. r. ?. p.m. 1
Bt. Loull,................. T.S Kit ...^. tKlfi
Chicago T:80|
Sunday exprcM leave* Wheeling at tkSJ a. m., ? ?!
rivea WciUburg 9:10 a.m.. Btcubenvlllo 9:35 A. M., , ;.vj
uuklug clone connection for western points. -, U
Twins leaving Columbus at 8:40 p. m. and 8:40 a. .
M.. run dally. Through Chicago Expras leayM |j
OoJambu* dullr, except Sunday, at LOOr. m., with v
sleeping car attached, arriving in Chicago at MO y.'fgB
next morning. Bertha can bo wowed in advance at -tZflH
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On and after November Jiu, Ifcsl, iHUMiiftor traini : JS
wj)l inn m follow*?WhwHngTUw*: {^*38
Leave? |r.*. A.M.|A.M. P.M. *$j?M
Wheeling ...... 2:65 8:50 6:66 5:85 a8H
Bcllalre .. fcW lfttip 5:10 .vfeMB
Arrives at?
P.M. P.M. A.M. P.M. ^3*
Grafton 7*J6 WO 11:30 Ml
P.M. JL. M.
Cumberland 4:47 4:3-: 2:80
Washington City. 0:60 7:88 . j
Baltimore.... ..?..... ? I0:hi>8:45
P.M. " 'TfM
Philadelphia. 8:tt 1:15
i ..... ~ a.M. H
goaton.................. 4:??| f:l>
Dally except Huuday. '. vWdH
No. 7 and Xo. 9 rtnp at all Station*.
wz*t nnnttn. Vn tth fO.tt No.10 * yl
W**T aoano. *<? * Dally Daily Dally ;;Q
i Leave? p.m. a.m.I>.m. Ip.m.'
i Wheeling 8.60 9-.MN 1:90| 11:ll$?SI
Bellalre 4:46 10:10 2:10 UM , 5
Arrive at? ,M]
P.m. I A.M. ' m
< Zanerrille 8:10 1.-0W 4:451 8:17 0~gj
Columbliii....T!. 8:3$ 7:2&j 6:10 fS
A. Iff .9]
Cincinnati 8:00| tool 11:10 ;
k. m. a
Sandusky ru. ftp? itir^'fin 9:28 ,^9
IadJanapolll. 11:00 1& 1&| i
St. Louis. ? %!#) 7:56 7.-80 |
Chicago &00 8:00 7:80 ' ;
Kansas City ..... 8:3<v 8:80 fr.OO v'39||
B. & u. lVUtcv, l>r*wiiifi ft#om tad Bleeping uu'l ,5338
on all night trains. , $51
Cli*c connections are mado for all point* South ^
and Southwest, North iiml Northwest, mHking tbll 1
adwdmble route for colonial* and pennns moving Mb
Utfven. *1 W< 10(110Wli0inattention :vv|aH
Leave Wheeling 6:40 A.M., 1:10 P.M., 4:50 p. X,
No truins run on this Division on Sunday.
Ticket* to all principal points on aalo al Depot. /-%HB|
fflcc open at all hours during the day. V.?3jS
Information to the traveling public cheerfully
' R. T. DEYRIES. Oen'l'Ag'ent. Wheeling.
On and after November 18,1881, all tralna will rtm
daily, except Sunday, u follow*:
8 Through Trains to Pittsburgh.
2 Through Tnmis to Clove/and, g WM
2 Through Trains to Chicago.
Pnrlor Car* between Wellsville and Cleveland, Hotel
and Sleeping Can on all trains between Alliance
and Cblnnco. m ' - '73m
Mail! Lxprtai, Kxprcn. Acooia.^ --IjfoiH
BdSrcT... 5:65 a.m. 10:50 A.M. 2:00 P. M 4:40 P, X. '$1
Bridgeport 8.08 " 11:00 " 2:10 " 4:55 " SsH
Mar's FT- 6:11 " U:V7 " 2:17 " 6:08 M . --?
fiteuben'le. 7:01 " 11:57 ** 3:10 " 6-06 u '-SKi
Toronto-.^ 7:24 " 12:23p.M. 8:32 " f>:83 w
WeJluviUe. 7:50 " 1:00 " 4:U0 " 7:06 M V-3H
K. Liver*].- 8.21 " 1:40 " 0:10 "
Beaver 9:06 " 2:19 6:17 " :5%BM
Rochester- 9:10 " 2:25 0:62 "
Allegheny. 10:10 " 8;16 ? 7:35 " --$aH
PItUbursh 10:20 " 8:25 " 7:45 M f?3
Harriiburg .............. 3:15a.M. 3::>5a.m.
Baltimore .. 7:40 " 7:40 " ....... ' ^99
WaAhlDK'n 9:02 " 9:02 "
PhlladeVa.. 7:06 " 7:85 "
New York. 9:85 " 10:35 " vaHB
Boston 0:10p.m. fe:0?p.M. a... SBH
NOTE?'Train*leaving BelUlro at 5:55 a.m. andV.'^Sg
2:00 p. m.. counert at Yellow Creek for Cleveland. 'i'&BJ
To Cleveland. Only 6 hounaiida mluuunt.
Aecom. Focprwh.
Leavo Bellalre 6:56 a.m. 2:00P.M. ' ;/?h|S
Bridgeport 6:05 " 2:10 V ' >20
3teubcnvlllc... 7:04 " 8:10 " , . J*
Alliance .. 1:10 p.m. 638 ? ''3g
Ravenna. 1.-51 " 5:67 ". '
Hufflon. 2:18 M trt2 " v',J|
Arrive at Cleveland 8:25 " 7:25 "
To Chicago. Only eighteen hum*. " N
I Arccm-1 ?,Ptm"
Leave Bellalre I fi*?4 A.*.! >(*! i-TfcJ
Bridgeport.. ? G.U6 " 2:10 "
ateubenvlllc 7:04 " 5:10 ,M
Yellow Crock 3;-tt " ' v#B
Alllanw ... 1:20 r. x. ?:? -.l&M
Mansfield 6:40 " WO.^'^-hH
Ft. Wayne 12:06A.M. 2:40a.*,:
Arrive at Chlr*?o ... 6:00 " *:fQ "
OTIUBaKVILUC amu WII4AV1LU. accokmoda-?'
now.?Learn Bellairc at 4:40 f. K., Brldeotsirt 4M :-.vsK1
p. m., Bteubcnvllle at 6:0Sr. m. Arrives at Well*.. rmSD
ville at 7:06 p. m. ] .eaves WclbvMo at 6:40 a. /.'CEifl
m., SUsubonvllle at 7:85 a.m., Bridgeport at 8:40 a.
m., arrives st Allaire at 8:61 a. m.
Ticket* tad btjaage checks t/>sll principal point!
In the Etst and \S est can be procured tt the Ticket ?/*;
Offlce In Bridgei-ort. E. A. FOB1), $fl
General rnsMngor tnd Ticket Agent, ..ftffll
D. W. CALDWELL, (lenml Manager, * -*
Pittsburgh, I'm. .-'fawj
CAPITAL. ? <176,000 ^
Wm. A. IsrtT .... ? PrctJdttt W
B. Sixrsow Vlce-fnatfdeat /-jaB
Docs a General Banking Business. . :.M
?imctom: ;^?H3
Wm. A. Iiett, | Wat B. fifapwo.
I. A. Miller, I Johu K. UoUfurit -s$m
k. M. Adami, J "Victor Bo*ealmii>^gMM
Hma?88pCyer' F. P. JEPSOH, Ouh
CAPITAL ? ?jao^oo
J. N. VAMa..M^MMMMM..^MNm^.>.MMAc?ldeat7'(^S9
SAJCXJBL LA.OQHUK Vico-Pnaidont if?
J.H.Vanee, I 8. Horkhdmrr, .Vv^3
i. Laughlln, W. EIKnshuD, I
, L. 8. ik-laplaln, A. W. Kelly/
fohn Frew,
ta J<>im j. jonto. cuhiw. } r g
' WebtTethelargestandnoctwleet ?tock Inonr ' "%
line ever brought to Centre Wheeling, comilling of $v?
Fine Chamber and Parlor Suits,
i And a Urge line of
ramfitfl. nn fflntha j
j 0*t?ileeiin4 rem will boy olai. / I
I Promptly and eanfally attended to, day or nlfhi S
? ... ... WM. ZI.VK 4 PON. ffl
u raayj vor. mmt >n.l TwntT.^cnnflgti. ^'i-a
- 8
) wfllalio knit i pwt r&rlet? of Uooj work (or whlcli I

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