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0 w/Vj D\1 W 19 ww UrMTn
Odds and Ends.
4 . Silks, Cashmeres,
I Dress Mutcrluls,
Satin), Velvets, Plush#!,
Marked Down w low m to tell then at once,
Upeelal* In Bleached and Drown Muidlns, Table
Linens, Towel*. Toweling*, Wnl Spread*, llliuikeU
Comfort* and Flannel*.
At Half Prices in. Some Instances:
If 70:1 wish a handnouo wrap for a little money
call at once. Remnant* of everything at very low
Bpedil navtaliiMln SJIk Remnant*. ,
j. It will i*y every one to call on ui this week.
1104 Main Street.
P. B.-Our itoro close* at 6 r. Saturday excepted.
Ik SMtytmv.
, OUcei How, aa hwiI tf?Fonrlo<?n?l> hlreet.
Mew Advertliem?DU.
Academy o( Music?Grand Concert and
Lost or Mislaid.
Real Estate bulletin.
Girl Wanted.
Fifty Dollars Reward.
- Spare Ribs To-Day?D. C. List, Jr.
SPEYEft JJIiOS. place ou t heir counters
to-day 150 slightly sojled Cornets costing
frmit i?ft paiiIh (n A'i (10. nt thn riMinii-lni.
I lily low price of S3 cents u pair. To secure
a pair you mint come early.
Her. l)r. SessIer,tlio well known teacher
ol Herman, has been engaged to take
charge of the (iormnu classes in the
Llnsly Institute. He will begin his course
immediately, and continue the same
throughout the remainder of the school
year. Young men and boys, not regularly
In attendance at the IiiBtilutc, can hare
an opportunity to attend the Dr.'s classes
on application.
THE usual merchants' lunch at the Sew
McLure House Sample Rooms dully.
Thermometer Record.
The following shown the range of the thermometer,
as observed at Schnejifs drugstore,
Opera House corner yesterday:
1881 1882
7 A. X. 12 *. 3 P. M. 7 P H | 7 A. K. 12 M. 8 P. M. 7 P.
23 30 39 38 | CO 40 41 M
I Washington, D. C., January 17.?1 a. m.?
For Tennessee and the Ohio Valley, snow and
sleet, followed by colder clearing weather,
[ '. rising barometer, northerly winds.
For tlie J>ake Region, snow, followed by
partly cloudy and colder weather, north to
west winds, rising barometer.
MincclInQooun Mention or HfnmerouH
Lmlioi and Cioutleinen.
Warren Miller, Esq., of Jackson C. II., was
in the city yesterday.
Mr. Geo. W. Carson, a well known New
Yorker, is at the Stamm.
!Capt. F. R. Hassler, of Jackson C. H., registered
at the Stamm Houso yesterday.
- Dr. J.N. Murdoch,of l'arkersburg, accomr":"'
ponied by his son, is at the McLure House.
[: Hamilton Hyatt, a young and enterprising
business man of Cambridge, Ohio, was in the
?; city yesterday.
fir Mr. Will Warnock, an attaclio of the Bell!'
aire Tribune job rooms, poid us a pleasant
visit yesterday.
jgjs Thomas H. B. Staggers, a prominent Fairmont
attorney and rising young politician, is
in the city en route to the capital of Wetzel, to
p;: attond court, '
E'V Next Tuesday afternoon Mr. James Speyer.
* ono of our well known business men, will
lead to tho altar Miss Hermie Crailsheimer,
sono of Lafayette, Ind.'s, charming daughters.
rr' Elegant cards of invitation were received in
k this city yesterday.
Mr. George E, Fuller, for a long time con
nected with Hobbs, llrockunier & Co.'s glass
.-v. , house, leaves soon for Philadelphia, where he
|v will reside in the future. His many friends
7* hero wfil regret to part from him, but will
always wish for him increased prosperity in
i.j bin now linme.
iWo lmd ,a call lost evening from Frank
jKee, agent of Haverly's "Strategists."
ils company la one of the best comedy
mbinatlons out, since Mr. Haverly gotcon>1
of it and put Joe Polk in as the star,
trateglsta" will be given in 'Wheeling next
jiiday and Tuesday evenings, January 23
Token of (fie KMte?m of Hin Fellow
Em l?Ioy ?m for t'onuellmnu Walter.
Last evening one of the jolllest crowds that
sassembled In Wheeling for some time was
thored at the Tidal Wave Saloon. They
ire the employes of the lleymann Brewing
irapany, rome forty or fifty In number, with
o members oftho flrtn, and the occasion
blch drew thera there was tho presentation
Mr. A. Walter of an elegant gold headed
ne. }lr. Walter has been connected with
e brewery for some time, but having purlased
the saloon referred to, bo has resigned
s former position. His fellow employes,
;?n parting with him, desired to present
,m with some token of their esteem, and
tose last night as tho time. The cane is a
ght one, but the head is of solid gold, very
>nvy, and beautifully engraved and bears
e Inscription:
Ib Their tVitnd
J.VKUARY 10, 1882.
Mr. Burdatta made a graceful and
fotoprlate presentation address in Gertn,
and Mr. Walter responded
equally flttlnr terms. The asmbly
then adjourned to the back room,
id indulged in singing and speeches for
me time. Shortly after ten o'clock the
several of their moat popular selections in
KL excellent style,winning nearty applause from
fik^their hearers. A bouuuful lunch was spread,
m and after more music the company withdrew.
Hfcr;,- Mr. Walter la to bo congratulated on the
Hv cordial feeling existing between him and
H&Afe'laie fellow employes, with whoip he is
HpS&fatrredly popular.
| f "To seen an extent did I suiTer with inflauuitorv
rheumatism ttat I could not feed
or dress myself without assistance. Twothirds
of a bottle of St. Jacobs Oil entirely
^^Ki Qured me, and I oonsider it worth its weight
j&i Infold," says 0. E. Jones, New Alexandria,
Brltf B1U of Orneml Mp from All I
Parts of Town.
Now u the winter of our discontent
Made gloomier winter yet.
By mud end slush of undefined extent,
And the unceasing wet.
The vreither clerk la off on a vacation,
And loroe green hand U tending to the nation.
Co*. Jake Ntmoc, who has been sick for
lotne time, was out yesterday.
Rkv. Thatcher reports increased interest in
bis revival Meetings at the Academy of
Tub Municipal Court met again yesterday,
and the docket was gone over aud several
cases sot.
Two marriage licences were issued by lie*
corder Hook yesterday, and one deed of trust
. OrricKR Fuoate pulled In that ancient and
virtuous damosel, Hannah Fitzslmmons,
again last night.
Little Wasiiikotoh's poultry show begins
to-day. Wheeling will take the first premium
for "ducks."
The Fulton paper mill was off yesterday
on account oi repairs to tlio boilers, and the
Crescent mill was out of coal.
A year ago the Democrats wore in the ,
midst of tho throes which preceded the nomi- !
nation of a Democratic candidate for Senator.
How changed the times.
Me. Hbbry Bbuksoh, a well known Eighth
warder, last evening celebrated his llfty-seventh
birtiiday. He was callcd on by nearly
every one in the ward and a glorious tirno
Omenta Kennedy and Combsarreated William
and John Hughes yesterday for indulging
in a family picnic8unday evening. They
aro both Englishmen, and work iu the Tottery.
Johjc Potts, an employe of the La Belle
Mill, was running a ball to the si'itfeeiers yesterday,
when the pulley jumped the track
overhead, and falling, struck him on the
head, cutting a deep gash.
Tub following letters are unclaimed at tho
rostoliice: An Educator, Ed. C. Drown,
three; llichard Criswell, it. M. Gillespie,
Joseph May, Geo. J. Koth, Hiram Khodes,
Willie Itascho and George lUder.
Aboot 1 o'clock this morning it wns rumored
that a fight took place between some of the
bloods of the city, in which one young man
was cut about the head. The stories alloat
were rather vague and indefinite.
CffARf.Es ZfMifjcit, a few days ago, was in a
hurry, and a boy of Geo. Hill's not getting
out of his way fust enough, ho kicked the
lad. Hill was mad over this and complained
to 'Squire Launder, who assessed Zimmer $2
and costs.
The roller skating rink hereafter will be
open only on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday
evenings. This, with one or two little
additions that have been made, will make
the place popular, wo predict, and insure
largo crowds.
nisi", mil ub n opcvim mveiiiiK ui uiu
Council Committee on Ordinances this evening,
to consider an ordinance to bo submitted
to Council, renewing the franchises
of tho Citizens' Street Hallway Company,
with such modifications as seem fit.
. At the meeting of tho Hoard of County
Commissioners, held Friday evening, a resolution
was introduced by Mr. Atkinson, compelling
the inmates of the Infirmary to attend
uivine services, which caused quite a
lively discussion. It was lost by a tie rote.
Lucia da Jounstox, the notorious, got
thirty days in jail at Police Court yesterday
morning, for improper conduct with a
colored man in a public place on Saturday
night. The partner of her offense is over the
border, but Officer Fugate says ho will have
A max named Hardesty, living near Barton,
on thttC., T., V. & W. road, was robbed of u
considerable sum of money and small articles
to the value of nearly as much, night before
last. .The thief, a young man of niueteenor
twenty, is supposed t<j have come in this direction.
8omb complaint is again coming inabout
the .'W inch main trench on Eoff street be
uwu r tiiveaiu uiju oiaiet'Jiin sirccw. ji jjiu
never been entirely filled up and it is claimed
tlmt stable refuse, old shoes, ashes and everything
else that will breed disease next summer
is being dumped in.
Tub teachers of the Third ward school complain
loudly of the crossings at the interaction
of Eon and Twelfth streets. The .'M> inch
pipe has been laid there and a ridge of yellow
sticky clay stands in the middle of the street.
The crossing stones have never been replaced,
and the jiluoe is perfectly horrible. The
school children trade it into theschool rooms.
Thk Litta Concert Company will give one
of their famous grand concerts at the
Academy of Music on Tuesday evening,
Junuary 21. The Academy has Deen renovated
and refitted, and is now in elegant
condition. The company is one of the finest
in existence, and Mile. Litta is said to rival
Kellogg as a prima donna. An entire act of
"II Travatore" will be given in costume. The
opportunity to enjoy a musical treat will bo
a rare one.
Tnr. attention of the Street Commissioner
is called to the necessity of having good
planks put down at the EoiT%nd Chapline
street and B. AO. R. Harassing in the Sixth
ward, especially in the first named place,
which is in a fearful condition and has been
neglected too long. Both places are largely
traveled and ladies find it very disagreeable
to be obliged to wade in mud nearly to their
shoo tops. Go down and see for yourself,
Mr. Commissioner.
Col. Jake Kjcmmjc, of this city, lias been
requested by a number of oi^r citizens to lend
his talent in aid of a very meritorious charity.
that of raising a fund for the relief of the
irlilnnr mul nf ?'1'A .......
killed by the caving in of tho trench on Market
street a few days ago. In responso fb
the request Mr. Ketnule said that lie had not
intended to deliver his lecture here until after
his return from Washington City, yet if
it was thought that ho could help this distressed
woman and her children he would
cheerfully remain in the city and do so, providing
the arrangements could be made within
the next week or ten days.
On tho invitation of Rev. Father Cull a
committee of gentlemen connected with the
Cathedral Conference of 8t. Vincent de Paul
visited liellairo Sunday last for the purpose
of forming a branch of that excellent organization.
Tho committee consisted of the following
persons, viz: Messrs. P. Kennedy,
Vice President, 0. 8. Feeny, T. M. Rcllly, F.
Seemey. M. J. O'Kane, J. Jepson and J. Devlne.
The Bellaire Conference was organized
under the most Mattering auspices, and wo
wish it abundant success. During the four
years of tho existence of the Conference at
the Cathedral, a vast amount of distress in
our city has been relieved, and we are glad to
see the organization in so flourishing a condition.
Yksteiiday afternoon a woman entered McMeolieil's
urnr.i?rv. Oil Mnrlrnf tnunrn tuitl. n
basket on Tier arm, and looked about casually.
One of the clerks kept his eye on her,
and shortly saw her try to slip a package of
tapioca into her basket lie grasped the
basket, when she dropped it and left precipitately.
The basket was found to contain
the following selection of goods: One skillet;
two baby frocks; one pair of wool hose, one
pair of merino hoso and one odd merino
stocking; a screw driver; a pound can of oil
paint; one pound of prepared tapioca and a
two pouna package of roasted coffee. The
articles are in charge of the Chief of Police
at the City Building. The woman Is no
slouch at her trade, evidently.
This latest West Virginia notes from the
Postofllce Bulletin are as follows: A special
servico has been established at Winfield,
Kanawha county, from Brownsville. Star
service route, No. 12313. from Mannington,
the terminus, has been changed from King's
Mills, where there is no office, to Lawatnan.
Jacob P. Jeflery has been commissioned as
Postmaster nt lrontown. A postofflce has
been established at Carpenters, Putnam
county, with Wm. 8. Turley as postmaster.
Charles P. Boemer, nt Loudensville, and
George E. Leavitt, at New England, have
both been commissioned postmasters. Wm.
Mitchell, at Clinton, between this point and
West Alexander, wants to give up h's position
as postmaster, but ha*agreed to continue
in position until April 1st, or his till successor
is appointed.
Tickets for reserved seats for Lcavitt's
Minstrels, at the Opera House.Thursday night
will bo on sale at Wilson & Baumer's music
store thli mornlngat8o'clock. Of this troupe
the Boston Herald recently said: 1 'Leavitt's
Gigantean Minstrels delighted another largo
audience at the Boston Thpntm ln*t nvnntm>
with their excellent vocal ism and numerous
special novelties. This company has made
one of the most decided bits scored in Boston
(or a long time, and deserves the immediate :
success it has Rained, for it has achieved i
something long regarded as impossible?it
presents something really novel and entertaining
in minstrelsy." The Boston Sunday
GUbt% of August 28th last, said: "Levitt's
Gigantean Minstrels, a very large organisation
of burnt-cork performers, many of whom
are old favorites, began a brief engagement <
last night at the Boston. Space forbids ex- i
tended mention of the entertainment, or i
even note of the performers. It must suffloe
to say that the audience was very numerous i
and enthusiastic, and that applause abound
ed all through the evening.'1
?ffMU fwBd-LMt Might's CtanlUN {S
If eellnc-Tbo Washington Hall Kw< g
latlona. b<
When the Council Legislative Committee tt
djourned last Wednesday evening it did eo
d meet Monday evening in the First Branch
baraber, and at that meeting the Washing- rf
on Kali and County Commissioners LegUla* m
ive Committees were invited to be preeent w
ind join In the deliberations, it being under* l
tood, of course, that members of neither of ni
hem would have any vote.
Itwasnotuntilaboutdo'ciock last night that c
iquorum of the Council committee waspros- '
mt, and at that time Mayor Egerter took the u
>hair and called the body to order. There *
vere present on behalf of the Counoil.Com* ,
uittee Messrs. W. B. Simpson. P. L. Klinbor- ?
y, M. lteiily, Win. Hastings, Itobt. Slmpe6n,
I. A. Miller, T. H. Logan, Samuel Laughlln {I
ind CapU Schockey; from the Washington ti
Hall Committee, Casper Hell, Benj. Klsher, r
A. J. Clarke. 0. B. Caldwell, J. H. Hobbe, r
L'apt. Andy Wilson aud City Solicitor Cald- t
well. '8quire Schultxe, of the County Com*
mlFsloners'Committee, appeared later.
TUd wtyor in taxing the chair said he presumed
that all were avfuro of the purposes
and intents (or which this committee had
been formed. At the first meeting be had
not been present, but lie understood that he
had been selected as chairman and such being
the case he would declare the meeting
ready for business.
At the first meeting of the committee a
subcommittee consisting of Messrs. Miller,
KimberJy and the City Solicitor was appointed
to go over the city charter and Its
various amendments and ascertain wherein
it contlicted with the present ordinances.
This commlttco now reported through
Solicitor Caldwell.
The first thing that the sub-committee had
discovered ami desired to call attention to,
was that in the charter of 1830 it was provided
that the representation in Council should bo
based on the number of free while residents.
As the colored brethern were voting it was
no more than fair that the number of Councilmen
should be based on the entire population
irrespective of color.
The next point touched and shown to the
committee was that by the same charter the
number of wards in the city was limited to
eight, and this the Solicitor stated, notwith- ,
standing various amendments, was still in
The present state of the laws requires the
ward lines and places of voting to be the
same as the magisterial districts, as laid out
hv ilia cnniltv i'hUItlliulnnnM aililnli In on la
well known, not the case In every ward. j
It is also the law that a reapportionment
shall be made once in every five years, but in
no case shall the number of couaellmeu 1
(Second lJranch members) be over thirty.
This has not been lived up to. (
Another incongruity was, that any man
could be elected to Council (Second Branch) .
even provided he was not a resident of the \
ward electing him. The First Branch was
always to consist of two members from each j
The charter provides that a journal must 1
be kept of Council proceedings, in which,
when demanded by one-fifth ?f the members, ]
the aye and nay vote shall be recorded. The
custom has been to take such a vote when '
demanded by two members.
It could not be found that there was any I
section authorizing the Mayor to administer i
oaths, but that he has been doing so in the I
case of special police, etc., is a fact. <
This composed the result of the sub-com- i
mittec's labor, which was an arduous one. <
The chair asked what should be done and it i
was finally determined to take up each point
separately and act upon it.
Dr. Logan made a motion, which was
adopted, recommending to Council for presentation
to the Legislature a bill striking
out the words "free white" wherever they ap- ]
peared in the charter.
After considerable questioning and discussion,
l)r. IiOgau moved that the acta of '53 in
relation to the ward lines and voting places
bo properly amended, and it was also resolved
to ask the Legislature in a bill, for the
extension of charter privileges in order to
allow of more wards.
On motion of Mr. Laugblin the section
providing for reapportionment every live
years was ordered amended so as to provide
that a reapportionment should take place before
January 1,1833, and once every ten years
thereafter. ~
Dr. Logan moved that every member of
Council should be a resident of the ward
frnm Ullllnli Itn 11"1 ....J ? 1 ?!...*
aye and nay vote should bo recorded jn the
Journal on the demand of two members, 1
both of which were adopted. \
Afesolution was also adopted empowering !
the Mayor to administer oaths and acknowi- j
edge deeds in the city. *
it must be understood that all of the above
work will be embraced in bills, which will (
be presented to Council for approval and (
then go to the Legislature, t
At the last meetiug of the committee a bill <
waa ordered drawn changing the law that >
provides that city offlcers snail be elected for
two years, to, "or until their successors are j
elected and qualified." The charter wasalso \
recommended to be changed in its provisions (
relating to lire companies, so as to conform ]
With the ordinance on Fire Department j
The proceedings thus far had been very dry
for the Washington Hall Committee, but they
braced up in good style when I)r. Logau
stated that at the last meeting of the committee
the Washington Hall people had been in- j
vited to be present, and he would like to hear J
from them. Chairman Caldwell of that ]
committee now came forward, and stated j
that it was the desire of his committee to sub- j
stitutce for the present management of the i
Water Works and Streets, Alleys and Grades, \
a Board of threo Trustees on a general plan ,
like that of the Gas Works. lle?ould not ?
better express the opinion of those he ]
represented than by reading the preamble ]
adopted at the Washington Hall meet- *
ing, which lie proceeded to do. It recites j
the past history of the Water Works and )
Streets. Alleys and Grades and as the (
general non-partisan scheme upon which the
city gas works are run commends itself to
judgment and experience, now to separate <
the merely business detriment of the city
from politics, and to place them on a non- ]
partisan and effective basis for the f
nubile 8crvice. lin It ro?nlvnfl
our representatives procure the pass- l
ago of a bill providing for Trustees
or Boards of Control. ilr. Caldwell said
it was not the intention of the Committee to ?
ilictati'j when It a&ked that the preamble dnd
resolutions of the Washington Hall meoting
bo embodied.in a bill and presented to Coun- t
cil for its adoption. The Washington Hall i
representatives did not wish to take from the
dear people any of their privileges but to relieve
the Council, which receiving no salary,
aa it was, could not attend properly to the
little details. The people would still
elect the Councilmen, who would in turn
elect the Trustees,
Tho committee accused no one man or
committee, of neglJgenee, on the contrary <
they all had been (speaking of the Water
Works) instant in season and out of season.
But the system was one made when wo were 1
a village and now vitiated and the time had
arrived when wo were in need of somethinc ,
bettor. Mr. utuirmli m tiB?..
sensible one and we regret we cannot publish
it in full. He showed tbe difference in 1
the Gas Works at the time the city ran Uiem
without the trustees and tbe present Then
gas was $180, now $118, and with the mains
extended and the city furnished with over
$30,000 worth of gas, for which not a cent had
been received. Still the reductions in price
had taken place and the people had not comElaired.
True dishonest clerks had crept in,
ut were not dishonest people just as likely
to be elected by the people?
Mr. Laughlin moved that the resolutions
of tho committee of citizens be adopted.
Mr. Kimberly wanted to know wfiat was to
he understood bv tho resolution te adopt?
Wore the preamble and resolutions to be
adopted by ordinance, or was an extension of
charter privileges to he asked for? It being
stated that the resolution to adopt was intended
to embody the resolutions in a bill to
be presented for approbation to Council, and
from thorn to go to the Legislature, Mr. Kimberly
said that he would give notice that in
Council he should endeavor to try and
point out some defects in the system
proposed and now in vogue at tho
Gas Works. Ho waxed eloquent and
said, "I say now, that the men who are endeavoring
to force their resolutions on this
city, are to-night more responsible for the dilemma
we are in than any one else. The
old Council when It went out appreciated
the state of aflWriandrenefltadlv c
fppealecRo^Ioneyto remedy the trouble^ 1
and pointed out repeated) v what would arise
If the xnouey was not forthcoming. Bat the v
paper from which these resolutions were cut i
ind the gentleman who has taken his seat c
ind his friends worked up pnblio opinion J
igainst a loan which wa& defeated. I propose 8
to have something to do with such bunko a
people as denounce their servants who hare
worked hard and faithfully. I tell you there /.
a now on the ground at the Water Works "
the material to put the eoncern in first class ?
>rder." He continued, sayinghe should have
tome figures and that Counpil, when itoiv
lered a legislative committee, intended the ?
-evisionof tho charter, but no such revolu- T
ion of tho government as the resolutions
vould bring about. li
Mr.Caldwell ro?o to disclaim any rebection id
i any one. Th? prelent trouble! were the'reiltof
abed lystem or rather no lyitera.
e agreed with Mr. K. that the committee*
id worked hard and faithfully, but itill not
ling paid they oould sot properly tnnaact
it neceeiary botlneM. It wo not the lnten- <
on to pay the Boardi princely lalariee. but
mllar to thoee received by theQu Trmteee.
Mr. Schulue wanted to know U he bad any
ght to ipeak, and i( he had he wonld de- <
landanayeandnayrotaonMr.Laoghlln't i
The chair decided that as a member of the 1
cgislative Committee of tbe County Com- 1
ilMlonerv Mr. 8cbulUe had a right to confer, )
at no one outside of those appointed by ,
ouncll could vote on the questions to he 1
ibmltted to Council. To tins Mr. 8. took i
mbrage. Mr? Klmberly called for the aye ,
[id nay vote. He voted nay. Nine voted aye.
Dr. Logan stated that the County Commie- 1
oners' Legislative Committee had been in- I
Ited to meet the Conncll 'committee and if
tie county had anything that the city's in- i
Brest were closely connected with and that
ieeded joint legislation, be trusted that the
epresentatlvee of the Board would present
Mr. 8chultc?"I feel complimented. I'm
ure?did the other night. I'd as soon put
ay tongue to a cold pump handle as get anyhingout
of Council. The Board with the
aslstance of the Prosecnting Attorney, and
f necessary, tbe entire bar of Ohio county
an look out for itself. Good evening," and
be eccentric Eighth warder slammed the
loor behind hiiu.
Dr. Logan?A man never loees any tiling by
elng a gentleman. The ruling of the Mayor
VHM within Hi a 1??a? U ??
rotlng. J should not haye made my motion
lad I expected that it would be received as
t was.
President Speldel, of the Board of County
Jommissionesrs? I ani here, gentlemen,
neroiy as a citizen and spectator. Had 1
>een representing the Board 1 should surely
bave tried to act as a gentleman.
Mayor Egerter?If Mr. Bchultze is reproenting
the Board of County Commissioners
: sincorely regret having given It offense, but
[ could not rule otherwise.
The breeze having subsided, the Solicitor
vas instructed to prepare bills embracing the
juaisDss transacted during the evening, and
the Board adjourned.
tome Chatty Note* About the Member*
of Both Honaes.
The climax with danger fc/raught.
I warn ye to heed right soon,
The warning that Crumrinebrought:
"There'* death iu the lloune spittoon."
Speakes Wilson is stealing Mr. Kepnor's
Only two ladies graced the House with their
iresence yesterday.
A number of'distinguished visitors were
in the floor of the House yesterday.
Delegate Settle, of Fayette county, was
present at yesterday afternoon's session of
.ue House tor tue tint time.
Mr. Lurty wants to know if It is a provnceof
a Legislative body to spend ita time
n devising legislation onerous to railroads.
The first oratorical pyrotechnics in the
Souse were indulged in yesterday, Speaker
Wilson furnishing the ilro works, and Mr.
Lurty touching them off.
Things were lively for a little while yea?rday
Tn the House, while the bills concernng
offences at elections was under consider;ion.
The temperance issue was raised inlirectly
once or twice, and judging by the
apparent disposition of the House on these
>ccasions, the prohibition proposition will
lot meet with much favor.
DuBols & McCoy's planing mill has work to
ccep them busy all this winter.
Mrs. Hall will remove her news depot
his week Into the room now occupied by
blouse's cigar store.
The Lantern Globe Company has commenced
manufacturing its wares in the
furnace of * the old goblet works?"The Cir?
?? ?ii~ r
> ?! ?a lb niutltliCU.
The bridge over theB.-&0. tracks at Union
itrcet has a plank floor, but it is so covercd
ivith mud that it cannot be distinguished
from the street.
A largo hole suddenly appeared in Thirtylecond
street Monday, Immediately over the
iewer. It was filled with cinders, but probibly
the trouble there is not over yet '
There will be preaching at the Disciples
Church Wednesday evening, and baptism
ilso. Two i>ersons were received into membership
at this Church Sunday morning, and
n the evening another made a public conession
of faith.
Our streets now aro all the darker on acsount
of the early hours at which the stores
:lose for the night Four nights in the week
he grocers close at half-past eight, whUe- the
Iry goods stores close at seven. The hardware
stores all close early, too.
The gutter along the east side of the Square
las been full of water for weeks; but very
ittle runs out, because tho lower end is
lammed up. Five minutes work would fix
t, and if it was necessary to make the drain
i* >a nvvicosury 10 seep it in order.
r. G. Bell, B. & O. By. J. A. Farrell, City,
r. W. Swuney, City. W. 8. Stotaberry, Grafton.
m C. Bunvelfc Cleveland. B, 8. Cope, Uattainoru.
Jerry Merchant, City. J. P. Gibson. Meigs Co.
'. P. Dtsvin, Ohio. J. 0. Little, Blvcr.
'. G. Farmer, Ohio. A. A. Rice, City.
N. B. Mono, Chicago. J. G. Auckinx. Cincln.
'. Durr, MUtonshurgh. Dr. C. B. Lightner, I'ltts.
>. Brown, Welliburg. B. E. Williams, Wellab'g.
r. Mendel, Wellaburg. Vf. L. Tinnell, Pittsburgh,
i. C. F4witrds lMttiiburgh.il. B. Bavin. ritlaburgh.
X II. BoqIc, Cleveland. B. 8. Pope, Mattamoras.
V. 8. Mitchell, City. M. J. Clark, City.
. Summers, SUtcwvlU#. T. II. Staggers, Kairra't.
I. B. 11 time, Cumberland.8.8. Alden, Cleveland.
I. R. Thornley, Newport.llarry House, Elm Grovo.
V. J. Hawley, Mam-h'r. J. K. Bracken, KanesvUlo.
J. XV. Doveraux, Conn. E. K. Crymble, Sandusky.
At a meeting of the Wesley Chapel Sunlav
School Board, held on Sunday last,
Jluolvtd, That we aro sincerely Borry to
ose our respected brother, G. E.,Fuller, and
amily and extend to them our kindest
vishes, and sincerely pray that God will
>less them wherever their lot may be cast.
J. H. Griffith,
>. Wateruocse, Jr., Secretary.
I had Chronic Dysentery for one year. Piiuna
cured me. James Brennen, Pittsburgh,
" BLACK-DRAUGHT" cures costive
ness and Sick-Headache.
For sale by Logan & Co.
ftqal&M Jotted Down Alon|
the River Front.
The Hudson .passed down early yesterday
The Tom Rhees No. 2 and Coal City passed
lown yesterday with tows.
Local trado is doing fairly and the little
jackets are making money.
Cant. Eugene List returned to the city last
jvenlng after quite an extended trip down
;he river. j
The Welcome was running in the Sciota's
>ld trade, between this point and Sistersville,
The Little Anna will run to Mirtin's
?erry after the Thursday night} erformince
>y Leavitt's Minstrels.
The Buckeye State for 8t, Louis will pass
lown to-morrow, Capt. Kirker in commaud.
?apt Coulson is the agent at this point.
The Scioto now runs as a daylight packet
Kitween Marietta and here. She left Marietta
yesterday morning atO o'clock, arriving here
it 4:20 p. m, and leaving again at 0 p. m.
The steamer Sidney took on 1,600 kegs of
tails from our mill Saturday night. She retired
her boilers here, and did not get away
mtil yesterday morning.?BtUairt Indepcnd
As near as could bo ascertained from the
mreliable marks, the river was about on a
land yesterday< falling a little towards evenng.
At 0 o'clock there waa about 23 feet in
he river.
The Audes arrived at a late hour last evenngwith
a tint date list The Andes will
save at her usual time this afternoon for
lincinnati, Capt Muhlman In command and
lartNoll in the office.
Louisyilul January -10.?River falling,
rith 20 feet in the canal and 23 feet, 10 inches
i the chute on the falls. Cloudy, windy and
billyiWith drizzling rain. This morning,
tary Houston, Cincinnati to New Orleans; .
am Brown and tow, from Cairo; Bam peon
nd tow, to Pittsburgh.
Cincinnati, January 10.?River forty-eight .
let and falling. Driullng rain and growing
i>oler. Departed: Katie Stockdale, Pitta*
urgh. ,
Cai*o, January 10.?River forty-two feet
x Inches. Sleeting with heavy north wind,
herniomeicr twenty-foar degrees. j
PrromoH, January 10.?River 11 feet 0
iches and falling. Weather mild and ralnfj/..:,
, .
pll?]l.? Tsklnjr Thilr Buin?M 1* <
China* Brnm if llajut TuMlu,
'Cincinnati, January 16.?C. W. Allen, J
me of the laigest tobacco manufacturers In t
he city, Unlay announced his Intention ol
noving hit manufactory and his business J
0 Chicago. Following upon the >
1 eels ol the decision ot the Emery
Brothers to transfer their build- >
Dg operations to Chicago, the announcemgntol
to-d?y Iim caused considerable comment.
Mr. Alien gives as one of his rea- Ij
una for wanting to go to Chicago the un- i
[air appraisements which havo been made
ot his property and business by the decen- )
nial Board of Equalisation. This is also ]
given by the Emery Brothers as their prln- i
cipal reason for stopping operations here. '
The Board of Equalisation and the As- ]
seeaois who went before them have made
many singular appraisements of property.
The character of their work has been re- 1
viewed by the newspapere, and diagrams
of the different squares published, which
have shown at a glance that there am singular
inequalities in the appraisement of
properties thai ore adjacent and equally
valuable. Thcso publications have
caused a good deal of talk among real
eatateowners, and In some instances It Is
now admitted that oilers of members ot the ;
board to be influenced by a consideration
>..i.? ,..i?.? ~i
nuiv uincii hui?iiui|v ui> iiut cvcu pruy
erty owners who havo secured low valuations
In this way speak approvingly of a
board before which they founil It necessary
to resort to such measures. Tho Emerys
refused to "greaao" tho board, and tho con- ]
sequence, uiey say, is tholr 300 or more
pieces of real estate have been
Slaced high enough upon tho tax
uplicato to make good tho reductions
which have been maue on the property of
others. C. W. Allen states that this same
board have found reasons for adding $30,000
and 135,000 a year to bis sworn returns,
and he is tired of it Ho haa been giving
employment to about 400 men and doing
a business with one bank alone of $4,000,000
a year. His revenue tax amounted
last year to $560,000. He claims that lie
has been badly treated in other ways in
Cincinnati, hut his principal grievance Is
against the Board ot Equalization.
Pitted Pittsburgh.
Pmsnunmi, Pa., January 10.?'The
Health Boanlaof Pittsburgh and Allegheny
report thirty new cases of smallpox in the
past forty-eight hours (fifteen in each city)
and one death.
If the thousands that now have their rest
and comfort destroyed by complication of
liver and kidney complaints would give
nntnro'n iwmwlv. Klrlnov.Wnrf n frtnl tliav
would be speedily cured. It acta on both
organs nt the same time and therefore completely
tills the bill for a perfect remedy. If
yon have a lame hack and disordered kidneys
use it at once. Don't neglect them.?Mirror
aiul Farmer. mwmw.
Kxdkky Wort moves the bowles regularly,
cleanses the blood, and radically cures kidney
disease, gravel, piles, bilious headache,
and pains which are caused by disordered
liver and kidneys. Thousands have been
cured?why should you not try it? Your
druggist will tell you that it is one of the
most successful medicines ever known. It
is sold in both dry and liquid form, and its
action is positive and sure in either.?DaUat
(Tear.) Herald. mwfaw.
Hot hern! Mother*!! Mothers !U
Are you disturbed at night and broken of
your rest by a sick child suffering and crying
with the excruciating pain of cutting teeth?
If so. go at once and get a bottle of Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup. It will relieve
the poor little sufferer immediately?depend
upon it; there is no mistake about it There
is not a mother on earth who has ever used
it, who will aot tell you at once that it will
regulate the bowels, and give rest to the
mother, and relief and health to the child,
operating like magic. It is perfectly safe to
use in all eases, and pleasant to the taste, and
is the prescription of the oldest and best
female physicians and nurses lu the United
8tates. Sold everywhere. 25 cents a bottle.
Suicide and Dyspepsia.
A. moat remarkable cure for dyspepsia
"Wells' Health Rcnewcr." The greatest tonic,
best billious and Liver-Remedy known. $1.
Druggists. Depot, Laughlin Bros. & Co..
Fob constipation in children, don't force
them to swallow castor oil; try Denig's Worm
8yrun. A full dose at night, followed by a
smaller one in the morning, will do more
good than the oil, and will be readily taken,
because pleasant
i RTR02COLT recommend the use of Fellows'
Compound Syrup of Hyphophosphltes to
all wnosuffer in any way from the disease
oT weakness of the Lungs, Bronchial Tubes
and general debility. J. II. W. Scott, M. D?
Gagetown, N. B. Mwrdtw
A tn?l package of "BUCK-DRAUGHT"
free of charge. "
For sale by Logan & Co.
Buy your Boota and Shoes at L. V. Blond's,
No. 1135 Main street.
"WINE OF 8ARDUI" for Ladies only.
For sale by Logan & Co.
Ir you want to buy a good pair of Boota
and Shoes, go to L. V. Blonu's, 1135 Main
JS ft ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
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advertise MAKE MONEYj
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advertise NEWSPAPER, i
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advkktibk 19-Do not order Printing 6
of an/ character nntU prices 1
UTOETISE^ ^ #bttlnwI |t th# ,
raracuL aid cokmekciai*
> ? York Money RBdlloOa.
Miw Yet*. January lS.-Moiar?4aC per ocnt, '
Imlng at Sat per cent. Prim* mercantile paper
rfperoent. gterUngexchange, banker*' billiiteady
OoTiaXMiitiK-Mleadx and unchanged except for
Si registered, which are H per cent higher.
I. & Be, extended .....100% |Lehigh * WIUu.......l08
.8. fie, ex tended-,..iw?|8t. P. A 8x. at* liu.no
Hi, coupon*..... 114k U. PaclfloboniUUtUlWf
n, coupon*. Jl?H U. P. Land Uranta~M>f
adflc 6* of '96- 125 JU, P. 8. K. Bonda-.*lM
fentral Pacific, Texaefturlflcl'dfta. 74%
trieeecond*. WtflTex. Pac. K. G. Dlr?. 90
Bailboad BOHM-Imguiar and uneettled on a
lodenu volume of btulnea.
Stats Sicuiunxe-Duli.
*al?^Oon?ol*-... ?7>f XWnta 6*.-?? 83
4ta?uri ?e 1W Virginia ooneola, exiLJoeeph....
?108K tra mat. coupons... 64
ESSS;?iwz i 1,54
n? pricw, Ua UlUf lor Doimr* Klo cWlo.
uchmond Jk Allegheny, however, wu l pur cent
lower. In the early jleallng* there wu a Bllfchi admnco.
ratialiiB from kill warrant after tho
aarket fell off kaft per cent, the latter (or Richmond
A AUcgnsny. Heading, Delaware, Liu-kawanua
A Western, Mlsbigaii Central and LakeSliuro
were also prominent In the downward movement.
Subsequently a recovery of ka2k per cent took
nlace. in which Richmond A Allegheny. Denver A
Rio Grande, Western Union aud Wabash preferred
wi're the mostcowpicuoua
Between the first and aecond boards the market
sold down fta2 per cent, Richmond A Allegheny
lending therein. Subsequently a recovery of kaft
Kr cent wai recorded, the latter for Michigan Genii.
But In the late dealings tho market again declined
ftal% per cent, Denver A RIo Umiide, Illinois
Central and St. Paul bclug the moat cotupleudui
In the downward movement. Rlchiuoud it
Danville, howerer, sold up 2 per ccnt to 1M, and
loaed at that figure. Tho market closed rather
Transactions 415,000 shares.
Adams Express. 147 Do preferred... 7&5f
Alton A Torre Haute. 42 Northwestern 127
Do preferred 90 Do preferred ?130
American Express.... M Now York Ceutral....l34^
ft, C. R, A N ? 83 Ohio Central 126
Janada Southern...- Mft Ohio A Mlsaiadppl... 8Gtf
0, C. A I. C 21 Do prefetred .. W
Central Pacific. ooJ? Ontario A Western... 27k
Chesapeake A Ohio. 25 Pacific Mall - 41$
Do 1st preferred.... 3fl Panama. .195
Do 2d preferred... 25ft p., D. A E. ... 86ft
Chicago A Alton 131 c. A P IS'.
Do preferred 140 Reading . - tlH
0., K A Q ...13fi% Rock Inland.....
Chic., St. L. A N. O- 80 8U L. A Ban Fran.... 41
0. 8. A C. Do preferred 69ft
a A U... 82k Do 1st preferred...lOftk
Delaware A Hud*on.l07k 8t. Paul 100ft
Del, Lack. A Wcst'n.l24k Do preferred -J22
Den. A Rio Grande- 7lS St. Paul, M.AM 114k
Erie - 42k St. Paul A Omaha... 80$
Do preferred ? 83ft Do preferred ?101
Ft. Wayne ........134 Texas Pacific 60
H. A St. Joseph MHiUnlon Pacific ~110ft
Do preferred ..lOWi United States Ex 77
Harlem W W? Bt. L. P .... 87k
Houston A Texas...- 85 Do preferred 00^
Illinois CentraL 134 k Wells Targo Ex. .120
Ind., B. A. W 147k Western Union 81k
Xanssa Padfle. S8?i Ko*t Tenneasseo. 15ft
Lake Brio A West'n.. SO Do preferred 25
Lake Shore... 114& Caribou....... 2k
Louisville A Nash... 87ft Central Arizona. ]%
L, N. A. A C 72 Kxceldor. 104
M.AC. 1stpreferred- 74ft Uomestako ... 15
Do 2d preferred... 9 Little Pittsburgh \%
Mempbl* A Charges'n 74 Ontario 33
MlnhUn Onim!?
Missouri Pacific. 102fc Do preferred. 01$
Mobile A Ohio 33* Silver Cliff. '41
Morria A Essex ?1'Jl V, 8 tun dud 15
Nashville A Out... M Butro %
New Jersey Central- 92^ Robinson - 2)1
N. & W. preferred... 67k South Pacific. 7
Northern Pacific. 30% Offered, t^x- Div.
New Yoigc, January 16.?Cotton dull at 12a
12 h-lGc\ futures dull. Flour dull and* weak;
receipt* 10.000barrel*; exports 3,fiO0 barrels; supertine
ritate and western, S3 Mat 60; common to
good extra, 14 75a5 76; good to choice, 85 80u9 00;
white wheat extra, 87 W); extra Ohio, 00a8 25;
St. Louis, 85 60a'J 00; Minnesota patent process,
89 00. Wheat, opened a trltle stronger, afterward!
declined Ha%c, closing <lull ntul heavy; receipt!
155.000 bushels: exports 101,600 bushels; ungraded
priug 81 Ofial 86; ungraded red 8126*144: No. 4
do 81 22; steamer No. 3 do 81 No. 3 do 81 38;
No. 2 red 8142K*1 43; new 814iikal 4:i*i; old ungraded
white 8134al 38: No. 1 do mica 160.000
bushels at 8140 ioruewjt 41*al 41H -for old; No.
2 red January, tales *8,000 bushels at 8142al 41%
closlngat 8144%; February, sales 640,000 bushels at
8144%al 45%, closing at 8144V. March, sules
fi08,twu bushel*, at 8146&al 47,% closing ut $1 46%;
April, salesSO.OOO bushels at 8147%al ii%, closing
at 8147k; May, sales 208,000 bushels at 8l47%a
1 48 %, closing at 8147};. Corn opened steady,
subsequently declined %a%c; closing heavy; receipts
25,000 bushels; exports 2,300 bushels: ungraded
07%a70c; No. 8, filta steamer 69%aGli%c;
No. 2,6S?^aG'Jc; now 70kc; old No. 2 January 68%a
6H%c, closing at 68%c February 65)%aCi>%<;, closing
atWKc: March 71afl%e, closing at 71c; May 73%c,
closing at 73c. Oau Ha^c lower and moro active;
receipts 53,000 bushels; exports 530 bushels; western
mixed 48%s50? white;5Qa52c. Iiay quiet and firm
at 70a76c. Coffee dull. Sugardullund lower; fair
to good refining 7}?a7}fr. Molasses quiet. Rice in
lair demand and steadily held. Petroleum dull
and nominal: United 8l%c; crudo G%a75$0; refined
(PXfi. Tallow quiet and weak: prime city S^a^'Rosin
llrm at 82 :$7%a2 43%. Turpentine quiet and
steady at &iMi5Jc. Eggs, western fresh dull and
lower at 21%a22c. Pork dull, unsettled and declining;
now niioton ? ? "n4-" --
? vty%. ueei
quiet and firm. Cut meats dull and easier, long
clear S'J 00; short clear |U 50, Lard xtcaily; prime
steam til OOall 20, Butter quiet and unchaugcd.
PHUMJttFBU, January Id?Flour dull; Ohio
extra choice 14 87lfa& 00; Minnesota extra clear
SO 50, do straight So 75; 1'enniylvanla extra clear
SO 60; cholcc $0 87X: Ohio new process 17 50; St.
Ixmis family choico 17 25; Minnesota patent 17 '25a
7 75. Kyo Hour dull; St 75?5 00 for prime; mixtures
a trifle lower. Wheat quiet; No. 2 red on track 8140;
No. 2 red, January, II 40al 41#, February, SI 42a
I 42U; March, SI 4akal 44; April 1 44%?i 4?. Corn
fairly active; sail mixed, on track 70sc; steamer, on
track and in grain depot, 70a70J<c; old sail. In eleva-1
tor Tie; rejected 69c; sail mixed January C7KatsJ#c;,
February G8UoM}5;; March 70Jia71c; April ?2%a
72V4c. Oats dull; No. 1 white 5iat'2c; No. 2 white
50 Wile; No. 8 do 50c, mixed 49c, Provisions quiet
and steady; mess beef 813 50al4 W; India mea f. o. b.
825 00u25 50; mess pork 817 50al8 50; hams, smoked
112 50al2 OO, l^iru, kettle SU 75; steam 811 37%a
1150, Butter steady, scarce and wanted, creamcry
34a t0c; New York Bute ami Bradford county, Fa., |
extra 3la32c. Cheese quiet for choiee at Hal3c, I'etrolcum
nominal at 6%c. Whisky steady at 8119.
Others unchanged.
Chicago, January '18.? Flour quiet and unchanged.
^hoat iu fair demand at lower rates at
II 27al 27>i cash: 81 27#U 27K January; 81 27%
February; 81 29kal29^ March; 8129^ April; No.
3, 81 la; rejected 88oli8c. Corn dull, weak, lower
and Irregular at CO)fc for fresh; 62%c cash; Ufifc
January; 60%c February; 61-J^c March: CfioCGV
May; rejected 60c. Oata dull, weak and lower at
43KcauMi; 43jic January; 43c February and March;
45>4c May; 45}$c June. Rye and barley steady.
Flaxseed unchanged. Dressed hogs easier st 87 25
a7 30. Fork In fair demand, but at lower rates at
817 05al710 cash; 817 12K bid February; 817 32^a
17 35 Match*. *17 <?? i --? * * - ?
? ?yui. aCUVO. DUt
a shade lower at 810 W cash; til 02K*U 05 February;
811 17%all 'JU March; Hi 82Kall? April. Bulk
meat* steady and unchanged. Whisky steady at
I 18, (All?wheat, weak at 8187JS January; 81 28
February; 81 23 March; 81 29% April. Corn firmer
but not ouotably higher. Onto steady aud unchanged.
Provisions Irregular, uo marked change.
Chicago, January 16.?The Drovtrt' Journal it*
porta t
hoga-Recoipts, 31.000 head: shipment*, 3,900
head. Market opened strong and closed weak; com*
moil to good mixed 85 Wafl 33; heavy packtiw 80 40
116 76; fancy 80 tJ0a7 00; light 80 OOafl 35; skips and
cull* 8140af> CO.
Cattle?Recelpta 3.200 head; shipments 3,000 head.
Market generally fairly active and steady; no ex*
porta; values nominal at 80 20a6 60; good to choice
shipping 85 40aG 00; common tofalrttOOalilO; mixed
butenei*' active and strong; common to fair 82 76a
8 60; goodtocholco 8376*425; Mockers' and feeders'
$300a4 00.
Bheep?Receipt* 1,800 head; shipments 2.400 head.
Market active and strong; common to medium, 83 601
&4 00: g#od to choice *'> Wa6 GO.
The browrt' Journal'* Liverpool cablegram reports;
Cattle firmer, topaWXc. Sheep firm at 15a20c.
Baltimore, January 10.?Flour dull and lower.'
Wheat, western easier; No. 2 winter red spot and |
January 8139*1 ?Vfc February 814?F/,al 41; March
tl 43V>.1 43%; April 8144J4al 44%. Corn, western
easier: mixed spot 68c asked; January 6ik?673ic; i
February 85>6a&?$c; March 70u70>?:; May Tafca
73Uc. Oats steady; western white olaMc; mixed I
5 a5lc; Pennsylvania 50aS3c. Rve quiet at OCcatl 00.,
Ilay steady; prime to cholcc Pennsylvania 81600a
23 00. Provisions quiet; mew pork $18 26: bulk |
meats, shoulders aud clear rib sldca packed 87 60a
0 76; bacon, shoulders 88 50; clear rib sides 810 76;'
hams 812 75al3 60. Lard, refined 812 26. Butter i
weak; western packed 18a40c; roll 20a28c. Eggs
dull and weak at 20c: limed nominal Petroleum
nominal; refined 67>ic. Coffee easier, Rio cargoes
ordinary to falr.J^aiOe, Sugar quiet; A soft Vfa.
Whisky firmer at 8117&
Niw York, January 16.?Drt Good#?The job-1
bing trade is quiet, but Inquiries for spring aasortmentaare
more general; a laree number of lutcrior
buyers present aud the market is active. Piiuta
have been in better inquiry, with good selections;
choice styles of Cochcco. Vaaifl* ?'? ???1
.... ??xyitcsicr I
[ansy prints have been opened at OHe: robes 7c;
South Bridge and Central Park shirtings 6Uc, Glughams
continue in large movement. Bruwnand
bleached shirtings and sheetings are in steady inquiry
for moderate quotatiotu. White goodiactlve.
flannels in moderate request. Woolen goods generally
quiet. Cottonadcs and Kentucky Jeans very
Utrht In demand. White underwear and hosiery
ut> of large and steady distribution.
CwciKMATi, Janulry lfi.?Cotton quiet at llifs.
Flour steady: family 10 25afl M>; faucy 16 76a760.
Wheat firm; No. 2 red winter II 40. Corn weaker
tnd heavy; the receipt* have depressed tho markot;
(fo. 2 mixed 63a65kc. Oatt easier, No. 2 mixed 47J<c.
ftye quiet at llttfc Barley quiet at 1106. Pork
lull at 117 60. Unl easier at tlOMalOW. Bulk
eats steady; shoulders |? 3;^aB 60; clear rib 18 80a
> 00. Bacon in fairdemand; shoulders87 60; clear rib
(10 00*. clear tlO 60. Whisky steady and In good donand
at|l 10; combination sales of finished goods
$80 barrels on a basis of tl 10. Butter firm: choice
Western Keaenro 30c. Linseed oil weak at fiOc.
IUltimorr, January ]&.-Beef Cattle-Market
low and prices Vieteofc very best SKaSMo; first
let 1,603 head.
Bwino?Full supply and only a moderate demand.
Quotations 7Ma9c. R^cipt* 7,170 head. a
Sheep ana Lambe-Beceipt* 1,96* head. QuotaIons,
sheep iKate; lamba ai^cEjurrUantTT,
Pa., January 10.?Cattle?Receipts
,868 head. Market slow at last week's prices and
i&r?riren?Mrta. ???PUW ??0.
* *" ** " 1".
Toledo, January 16.?Wheat dull and easy- n? ,
Ssfi&aa*,.* g Btt&
iSrr?j&Xd0IS,g>? ffife
WaSf"* "bSI&'Ss
rSPlSf^i.^fy ' -CoI'M nultl and
rentrlluMl SSnJOci fjrmtnfinj aic loirir, ?'
rordlngio quality and condition. ,
Cixouiiiin,)uauTU.-Hoai aimioommonuA i
light to BUM JwMpi and butcbm' H<mm <
Ruwlpti a,woiuad;?lilpiiienu. none.
llnrtfnlli In a Plug. j
Good 7H octare roaewood piano, tiearlr !
new, u?d but aehart time, will be nld it a
mat bargain. Call and examine at Local'
Mmlc8lore, 1H2 Main itretL ]
BAKTiTo~POWPBff, , !
Absolutely Pure.
Made from Grape Cream Tartar.?No other preparation
makes such light, flaky hot breads, or luxurlouM
nutrr. Can be eaten by Dwpoptlca without
fear of the ilia resulting from heavy indigestible food.
an74t*iw W?w \ntk,
with or without board, aa parties
. Cor. Main and Twentieth atraeta. J. W
FKRRKL. aol8
For rent-that very desirable
Country Residence on tho National
Koad, lately occupied by Ww. P. Hubbard, Esq.
For terms apply to JOHN RK1D. jafi
For rent-house of five rooms,
watcrand gas. within three squares of Court
Houm. Enquire of THOMAB '/.INK, at Zink &
Mori-head's Furniture Rooms, 111" Main street.
Fine Easiness Property.
The three-story brick building with store room
on flr*t Jloor and boarding house above, situate on
west side of Market, a few doors below tho Market
House. 11. 2. 8HRIVER,
J*10 lail Main street.
por rent.
Two small store rooms with dwelling on
Main street
One large house, 0 rooms, on 8?uth Front
street, on river bank.
One large brickhouseon Fourteenth street.
ja? I. IRWIN, Agent.
por rent. '
Three good houses on Fifteenth street.
storeroom No. 1042 Main street, and two!
small houses, Fourth ward. Enquire of
jaU No. 7 Custom House.
pOIi IiENT. .
The store room No. 10G5 Main street, now
occupied by Messrs. Keim & Handel.
Enquire of JAMES L. HAWLEY,
Jal3 1420 Main street.
The building now occupied by Cohn, Samnliner
<fe Co., No. 1222 Main street, including
nail and ofllce, the lattcrseparately if desired.
Also the store room on the corner of Fourteenth
and Main now occupied by McCollough
?fc Hiner. Apply to
delfl 35 Twelfth Street
From January 1 to 31, for Concerts, Balls,
Lectures, Festivals, &c.
For Terms, &c? apply to
<lc,H 1112 MAIN' STUKKT.
Tliursdny, January lo.
Absolutely the
Greatest Minstrel Company on Earth!
Gigantean Minstrels
SO Great ComodimiH. SO
No Played Out Acti.
No Worn Out Bona.
No Ubo<1 ifji Sketches.
No Dilapidated Manic.
BntfhtafW Kvo^th?^,bri?lnAlVOP,<1
Everything Brilliant. The Beat In tho Word.
Not Bomhuxt, But a Pact.
?*'Oraml Highway Parade."W?
51S?5 75 and fiO cents. No extra chargo for Be ervad
Beats. 8?iU on Mle at Wilton & Baumer's
nUKlCktoTC. Rftleta FflinmKnN>Tiiwtn linn.w
L17. J*14
The ftcamor Little Anna will make an extra trip
to Martln'a Forry after the performance.
Of Brooklyn, will lecture at tho
-Wodncsdny, .January 85.
! Admlmlon fiO and 75 cents. Rencrved Beat* may
| be secured, without extra charge, Monday, January
23, at Wllnon A IWvumcr.*. |
I Ordera by telegraph wll] recclvo attention. JaU
|new yorkdental company,
1000 Market Street, Wheeling.
8et of Teeth 00
Sot of Bc?t GnraToeth,. 8 00
Bert Gold Filling*... 100
Silver Fillings 60
Extracting. ..?. 25
Gas given, All work warranted.
J Y19 Managen.
Ho. 114$ Market atrevt. Wheeling, W. Va.
All operation* warranted. jyBO
Steamer-... BUCKEYE ifoATE.
Kouuot, Master.
Will leave Wheeling lor 8U LouU and all way
point* on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18. For freight
orpaaagoapply to
ffiS; ?n "*Mrm 12
port, Belmont county. QM?t, oliSjH
Tjlie highest market price paid for ,^1
Wheeling Grape Sugar ami Retain,. I
^"y- A. C. EOEBTntH
For bale?boiler and kxgisB
_JgSu "> " WM' VAKDY'fl, No, I&JJB
JD 8TORY brick dwelling, conw "ISl
and y> ater strata PommMou glvuu on
ApplytollKNRYK. HOT. Wuft
JJ and Wagons. Now U the time torbSSH
Alto fine Draft Horn* for Mle. j. w
Oor. Main and Twentieth rtrwu
Five lota on LaBclle Btreet.
Tlie Woodward Farm.
J. H. wnommj, U
Dar5 5^!
A party donlring to retire f-om ImMnwuA-uM
took of goods for sale. Hio location u
beat In the State. The store luu a iir>t
which can bo retained by the iiun ku*r
Knnulro of MAXwki.i. aisijav i
Jalo Wholesale Groccni, Wlitflin* v\ H
[Register copy and charge ii?i? otfiU. 1 u
nlle from school, convenient to marht,
churches, situated on Fork Rldae, thrwanTiSH
Glen Kaiton, on the H. & O. K. 11. For lurtwS^B
tlculan call on or addnan
de22-twiw Glen Btflon, Mnmlmll ( ?>.. w i. M
About 35 acres of coal within city I
Lot No. 2, block 24, South Wheeling, I
Lot No. 10, cornor Wood and
ond streets. W. V. HOOE .1 II110., I
Ja8 1300 Market s\^W
4,500 Tons Clear Lake Ice, I
Thirteen to eighteen inches in thickaqH
Will sell in bulk or by car loud.
GAG Kit ,t (X).,
ja!2 , Sandusky, Ohia I
rnle, that commodious and Uwitlfm (i?^|
cottago residence, No. IK South York
centlv occuplud by K. Hobbs, Jr. ALvt Uorhfc^H
building lou adjoining, each MxlW feci HgZ^H
contains ilx rooms, hail, tluo cellar, attic, pigH
water, la surrounded i.y a Ane selection of
fruit trees, provided with a most perfect Inlui^H
and hfu been recently groined and palutc<lthru<2^H
in mul out. Will sell tlila property In tvhoicori^^l
part. Cheap for cash.
The annual meeting of the stockholden^^fl
the(Belmont Nail Company for the tlrcftiH
01 uircctors, win ite iioiti at tne omceoffl
Company on TUESDAY, THE 24THDI
OP J AmJAllY, 1882, at 2 o'clock p. u.
Jal 1-17^23 * J. D. PollOlS, Sec'fr
Then? will be a mooting of the rtockholdcn
? heeling Grape Sugar and Refining Comjoiu,
tlivir offlco, No. 1427 Main utrcet, on JANCaKY!
1882, between the houni of l and 8 o'elock k *.,]
the nurpoMJofelccliugaUoanlof DlrecUirxtow
for the ciiKuing year.
jaUX>I7 A. C. EG RUTHII, Seemm.
The annual meeting of-tho Ktockholdendtt
Wheeling Hinge Company for the election of <lin
tore will be held at the oQlcc of the Company TV
JalM7-24 J. c. BRADY, 8een?u?
Tlie annual meeting of tho atockhoMm to*
Wheeling Pottery Company wttl bo bt>W ufc
otUceotUic Company ou TUESDAY, JANCU
24,18H2.at?o'clock a. u., for the election of<A?
ton and audi other burineaa aa may couicMa
the meeting.
JalQ-T W. A. I8BTT, Be srctui.
The annual meetlnR or the stockholder* ot fi
"Fire and Marine Insurance Company of WhetH
W. Va.," for lite election of directors, vriU b? hi
at the office of tho Company, Feople's Bank IW
ing, on TUESDAY, JAS UARY 21,1882, between!
hour* of 2and 1 o'clock f. m.
JalO 17*24 ('. H. COLLIER. SomUn.
A meeting ot the stockholder* of the raw
Railway Company will be held at the oflhvofi
Company, No. 1230 Market street, on BATl.'Km
JANUARY 28,1?B, at 2 o'clock p. for thed
tlon of Ave directors and luch other bunliu* u m
demand tbelr attention.
JaM VAN B. HALL, Eh-mut.
Thointm.1 mteltiwo! the itoctooMmom
Benwood Iron Worta, Tor tho election al ilimat
will be held ut tho office of the Cofllnahr.JaJ
Fourteenth atreet.on TUESDAY, THE2inMt
OF JAN UARY, 18*2, at 7 o'clock t. u.
J?10 svrrtgr.
V J TinK ivn a i?i'W11 a
To all Whom it May Concern:
Take notice tb&t the Board of Equaling
and Appeal* of Ohio county will commew
their fitting MONDAY, JANUARY 9,1*
commencing at 10 o'clock a. m. All (>cnoN
having petitions referred to this l!<mrcl areitquired
to appear, and any othere lmving uj
business relating to their taxes for this jar
attend, as this Board meets but oncenpt
By order of the Board of Commissionea
js3 ' J AS. B. QUARK! KH, fieri
Whmuno, W. Va., December 30, 1MI
' Tho fimbof Boyd 4 Pratber. Wholesale
Boot* and Shoes and Hats and Cup*, is thi? il?y fJ
solved by mutual consent, 8. N. Prather rvtiri*
| Tho business o( tbo late Arm will he miiwl)
either morober ut the old stand. No. Mil M?lnui
11410 South strcots. G. W. HOY IK
B. N. 1'itATlia
I The undersigned hate this day formed n partoe
I ship under tho Ann name of lloyd <'o.,WMr
I sale dealers in Boots and Shoes, succeeding thclo
firm of Boyd & Pratber. k. J. HoYli.
In retiring from tho late Arm of Boyd A I*rathtt
I vriili to tender to the trade my thank* for Us
liberal patronage heretofore extended tlm old lit
and earnestly solicit for the new firm u ninth*
anceofthesame. _
do31 . S.N l'KATHFR.,
. If it Is expedient to Insure prot*rty which etf
ho restored, Is it not wisdom to ln*urv life. wlw
cannot be restored T C'ouijMiro the RATES o! tic
Mutual Life Insurance Co..
And Its cash asset* of over 191,000,000. with th?oJ
any other mutual Company in the World.
annual premium for an insurance of
11.000. ?
| ill II
L t li *; 5
* 15 K *2 e= i
If J" o om S
< a & ? ? 7.
25 10.91 10.80 10.80 10.43 ! W#
30 10.80 22.70 22.70 22.4(1!
35 22.42 20.38 211.50 20.22 W
40 28.B1 81.30 31.50 81.25 ! 30.S1
45 82.2 7 87.07 38.00 3S.HS I Sl.tt
50| 40.10 47.18 40.20 47.22 I 4&M .
Jail W. K. 1'KTKIH 'N .U-'-L
i PwkenbuTR, Pomeroy, , ip?>%
ton, Huntington, I'orl*mouth..Mto?- L*Hs?*a
YUlo, Cincinnati and Louisville, the elc " *
Kant punongor steamer
Mart e, Noll, Clerk.
U*TM TUESDAY, JANUARY \1, al 3 r. ?.. P*
Uvelr., PaawnKon ami freight rwdptnl tbrvcg
to all polrta Weat and South. Eor frHiht nri^w
p^ply on board or to U. II. BOOTH

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