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m business cards,
no. iu.hkm
I fimtfot to B. BcbaolUub Jk Co.,)
b a foboqs asd vouamo
I m mil Him Brandy,
B GJ', ODUIAU AND v imk1b,
K?.IW Market Mtioot,
H U "'IIEKMNn. W. Vi
fitt, "J' ' ?"'{ Nhiiu.
gflmi*X? rr" nd ?
JrlJ - * T. l ABTnn
"lJsairtJM of pirutlr, autlomrv ma-i. j
JTESSttWmnm kuU. '
jwu*'!;' !' -' ("?v.Iron wS?'l
1*[TI5~tt /
m?* /
- vnueuts /
?s;-tf ^^JU, n*
IfSai IS1 m.'V-i llwi. wwtil'lt. .
^Jr,^ C11KSTKR MS* .
i*"?* A. ? ?? rtu.lt sn'l lot ??le ?
PBa... wj ;.kteksth 8TRket. ,.
J pi.it ?* W
< >,1, (IronnJ K<ed, Hal.d l'aj", Straw *t.
.s; tu?W??? ??. I*-*"**i
\'(: M ELY IN H11 .F/Y,
i;\\ I.NO, 31bi?* 'ATruHNKY8 AT LAW.
tIM MAlnjln-'V BT!."Hi " VS " &'
iir J W. COWUKX,
EO. H. E. (iaciimsT^ at ^
Ad?lnlly?nJ?.rttlmoU?..|?cUllr. <*"*
tJnn? promptly nu'lo. .
sit lartMiMne -?.w |"w'""-W.va. nfli
Cil?;nm HVMm-llin. W. Va. ]t!2
TAilfiS P. ROiiKlW,
So. \tr CbAPline St. <w<*ite the Court Houie,
nhwiim.vv. v>.
So. 1J1N Mirkt-t ?tre?t. (over City Bunk,) Wheeljn?
?' i ? ____
Justice or the IYace, Notary Pnbllc and
(icnoral IJusinesM Agent*
Office-No. 3t> Elevonth street, lower end
FtcimnViiril Market Hi>n?c. up stuirajall
Heal Estate, Bowl & Slock Broker.
spwitl Attention given to collecting rent* and the
paenl management of Real Eitate.
tthl' in I Miilu 'trirt, Wheeling, W? V*.
Lotni nfgotlated, *tork.? bought and lold.mcrbtatf
tint nun iu> ta:?'r>' U>-ik>op<;u?l,cXttmin?d
nd(l<M-i! E-ti!'-* H-uk-'l, note*, book occuutiU.
n-uu ciu-tUiI. llinixn routed ami leased.
k>Utrtlm? iwimpiij iruiitu-ii. .tilvmiir* uiiuic.
Ml hn?ine*n>rr.-?i?.nik'ini,'imHik,iitl*lly attended
o. !<etu lor niv'iur u> n-iviviitv?. ?-io
meet, (OttiixWi Blir'c.1 over' iiy Bank, Wheeling
H. Vs. Infi
Tte thlny-fourth year of this woU-known school
Kf lii*. uoikr tin- chance of the Sisters of thcVWitioc,
opens oil the KIRtJT MONDAY OF BEi^EM
ILK nf is. is I euntluuc* ten month*.
Papds m*ivod at any time In the seasiou.
Ttacsbu-leairo to place their daughters In an
alsuii??ff.)nling exceptional!v Rood advantage
3 lie*ijo( lu'tiltuful and delightful location, ex
rikii UhpI, thorough discipline and instruction
it the hirnli of life-long teaehet*,in ever)- departseat
oi female education, including the modern
ingotce* and mudc, at very reasonable ratea,
looMwQdfnramulogueof this school. Address
JvII-mw Near whaling. W. va.
Two ronrw^-romincirtal courao and common
htlbh btanchea. Special arrangement! Joi
ifcyn-ush Instruction In the English branches, -tt1
dividual instruction. ("uh enter at any time. Ijulla
idaittrj. fall at colk-ge oflleeoracna for circular*
Addran, J. M. KRASHKR A CO.. ?
anfciu* Whwlini. w. v*.
KlNE'l>'|?rtmt<nuof study: text books furnished
IT o??r, t-AWtvlar arrftugeu to null teacher*; ex<
jww* foroneyc*rfroinll<5 to 1200; noti-sectarian
IWrtl, thoningh. Full term begin* 8KTPEMBKF
I.M81. Attcnlttinv la?t rear from 28 counties o.
W?t Ybginla ind from ? States and Territories
Knata nl ituiieiiu larger than for ton yc*ta pro
' 'For catalogues and other Information apply u
lb? Acting Indent, D. a PUR1NTON, Morgan
tftfl. W,-i Vh
Drawing and Healing Salve
Prlcc 55 and 50 cents per Box.
Tlie Drawing and Healing Sain
CMQubanclca, Mom and abaescfl. without th
Mo( the knife.
'Hii' Drawing and Healing Sain
cur* ruts. burns ai.-i fleah woumU.
Tin' Drawing and Healing Sain
curt* trryripcls* ami ringworms.
Tho Drawing and Healing Sain
Wiv* pUtt tad |>o ironed flesh.
The Drawing and Healing Sain
enrv* com, inflamed" Joints, chllbUlux and Ira
Mrs. Juijfi Myers' Iliieumatic Cur
wk??!!!iS? *<<? rte?*Mtt?n. neurakU, *m
ctuu. ror?Ie.wholiSKuiuW b0lU? 1
S)^**_ror. Brlilresnrt M.Vn'stt' Whcetliuu
piles! mimr
A Sure Cure Found at l.ast! N
One Need SulU r
mwiinTO. union#, Initrmner
W?oi?l???. I' '"I"*.I,ann U??n KW?d. \\
ten* IuUi^ m ^' ? 'I10 ,u?o**? Itayt ihc I
i?T.,vu.UriT, il ul*h* ?w*??w
NlnWw r. ,1 1 ? * !??>Uco, sivcs liutant
Mlow ,lKvla "c^oTa,
Hie best evidence o!aphftfdan'a miceea Is the teeJaourofbispatient*.
my professional serviws prove that I have dealt
honorably and fairly with those who bare cxmsulted
me. t never um a patlrut'i name without permitdon,
though I have many hundred certificates from
ihoeo whom I have cured after they had been pronounced
Incurable. A thorough medical education,
?lth many yeawbospltal oxperlcuceaud familiarity
?lth therapeutic agents, a close observance of tern*
persmental peculiarities and strlrt attention to
hyKiiMilc management, insures w.rcsa, If cure Is
prmlble, and 1 frankly give the patient my opinion.
Kidney and Liver DlmuNe and Rheumatism?
iiLffcred Terribly.?"Nothing seemed to help me:
colli J not get out of bed. Dr. Smith cured me."
Cktarrh, Polypus of Nose. Impaired Voice!-flu ftared
for years; patent medicine failed to help me.
Or. Kmiili completely cured me.
of Bpcldel A Co., Wheeling, W. Va.
Djipcpsla and Ulcerated Htomarh.?'Tmitment
for yi*n? failed to site me relief.. l)r. Smith cured
me.' THOMAS HOLT, insurance Agent
Kits.?"Had them for fourteen years. Dr. Smith
sired me." LOOM F. WASHINGTON,
t Hcrofula, Running Soreeou Head-"My nu wan
afflicted for fourteen yean. Nothing teemed to
iclphlm. Dr. Smith cured htm.
Market street, Wheeling, W. Va.
Cancer.?"Sufftred for years with cancer. Had II
cutout three times. It retu nod after each opera
tl?ii. Dr. Smith cured me wrthnnt knlf*. Mw?ti<*or
pain." M1BS. II. M. ORCUTT.
Hies, Fistula of Anus.?Plat of my bar* loi l*
*e*ka. Reported dying. Dr. fcmlthcured me with
>u I knife, in five weeks.
Wholesale Grocer, Main St., Wheeling, W. Va.
Ulcerations of Roctum, Prolspsns snd Plles.Was
given up to die and nrouounced Incurable,
tfr. Smith cured me without knife."
Martin's Ferry
Rev. II. 0. Ladd writes:?"Dr. Smith's professional
?ervlrcBln my family nave been moat Mtufarton
in (11 commend him to all aa a gcutlemau and a
skillful phyriclau."
Mr*. Margaret Kolb iay*:?"I bad been tufltering
for reven year* and treated by many phyaldana for
lyinejoia. Dr. 8mlth aald 1 bad a tape-worm and
in eight houri remorod a monrter 100 feet long."
Female <%?mplalnu.?'Three yean In h<*pltala for
female*, give mo peculiar advantage* in inch ca?a?. 1
Pcnoni cured of catarrh, dUeajoof heart, liver, i
itomacb, kidney*, ikin, blood, nervona affection* ,
uid weakneme* ol men and youth, Kiofula and
utlima teatify to my iuccm*.
Pilea cured without the knife.
Patlcuti at a diatancu may be treated by letter and ,
?tWaction guaranteed. A chart foraelf eaamlnaion
wnt on receipt of two threo-ccnt atampa, and
?d vice returned free.
Consultation at office free. Office hour* from? a.
?. to 7 r. v., s>.aily. Sunday from 2 to f> r. m. Call
m or addreM, . J. *. SMITH, M. D.,
ap!8 ho. 91 Twelfth fit.. Wheeling, W. Va.
^ ///
Tlic 6,000,000 Children
in tlio United Status
Who HiilTer Pain,
Who Fret and Crr,
Who Have Ml Fncfw,
Who Uave Itad Ureath,
Should Use Luughlln'a Worm Syrup
Tim Child Whose Sltt-p la Disturbed,
The Child Who Wakes In Terror,
The Child Who* Appetite Ik Voracious,
The Chll'f WbOM Appetite Varies,
The Child Who Ikm-* Not ThrWe,
- The Child Who la KmaHafd,
Ths Child With Internal Irritation*
The Child With Sallow Complex Ion,
SiiouH Use Laaghlin's Worni Syrup
No Disease Bo Dancerou* As Worms.
No Child Is Free From Them.
They Cause Disease Themselves.
They Aggravate Other Complaint*.
Tbo Child's Cure Wiicu Teeth In |f!
Somes* tick onus: Ai.i.ay* Pain; ltrnrcn
inflammation; controls tiir UOWKLS,
Diauhiika, Flatulkxck, colic, rrc.
Mothers will And It very valuable: the clillrt will
\imreUev*d,pet Into aw ntie tUep.and unkr vji chnrfiiL
h<ipi>v,and frellitg romforialAr. Wr Kiinrnnteo
each bottle,and will reftwd the iirlre or every one
not dolus tu repivnonted. Sold by nil druggist*.
v- Pricc 25c. per Bottle, j
LAUGHUN BROS. & CO., Proprietors,
N That Act* ntllio same time on J ]
Dl Because im allow then gnat organs to 3
fcj Ueotnt dogged or torpid, and poltono'u 1
M/.umcrjar* therefor* forced into Uu Hood 0
^ that ihouldbe expelled naturally.
kidney diseases,
M by cawing fret action of theu organ* fflidil
I IV restoring their powr to throw oj dUeau. B
y Yfhy wffpr TUUoas pain* and arhesl 11
[ H Why tormented with Piles, Constipation! jd
f M Why frightened orrr disordered Kidneys! Q
M Why endure nerrons or sick headsrhesl u
II I'm KIONEY-WORTW rejoice in health. Ei
> II It li put ap In Dry Vegetable Form, In tin M
11 cocj odo pu or whk-h makers *ix <jaarti rfB,
yVmetUclnA. Al?o In Liquid Form. Tery Conern-DO
U twlf^ for tt>0M that cauoot rwuhly prrr*ro tu J ^
N rjrll ftfU with equal efficiency In either form. B
ft J (Will Mod tbo dry postpaid.) BnttnOTOS, TT.
, Dr. Frazier's Roof Bitters.
! Fnuler's Root Hitter* are not a dram shop whisky
' beverago. but are strictly medicinal In every sense.
Thejr act strongly upon the liver and klduejs, keep
ha ImiwuIi >itt>*n and nwnlar. mabathfl wonkMrniii:.
boil the lunga, build up tho nerves and cleans the
blood and *y?tem of every impurity.
0 For Dioiiicta, Rush of bloou to tlie Ilcad, tending
to Apopleiy. Dy*|>criiiia, Fever and Ague; Droi#y,
Pimples sua BloW-hes, Scroluloua ii u id on and
e rlorom Tetter, Mng Worm, V bite Swelling, Ery>l|wUu,
Fore Eye*, nnd for youus men auflerinx Itum
? Wcaknetf or Debility csu>cd from Imprudence. and
B to females In delicate health, Frazler Boot Bluer*
are especially recommended. ? .
l)r. Vnoicr: 1 have used two bottle* o( your Root
6 Ditters for Dyapepida, Dittlne*, *ttknwnud k Idney
Dlaoae, and they did ine more good than trn
a doctors and all the medicine I ever u*ed. t row the
" Ant do*e I took 1 Wann to mend, and I am now In
perfect health, and feel a* well an 1 ever did. I con*
a iider your medicine one of the createat of blojringa.
6 ^ ilRA M. MARTIN, Cleveland, Ohio,
it gold bjr Loffnii A Co.. Bridge Corner, Wheeling,
^<JruaiUU "ISbvI ?>.! Ef* Prop'T*.,
e dHViow Cleveland. Ohio.
1 OTAKTLiiiyCi
viotlm of yon tin'u Impmdf&aa Fit?a?
" turs Dc^v, >ertouf DebClT, J.auluwd. et(%,
fairta* feW in valr irtry known rfcvdy lia^d^
coTfrvd s staple 10.. e :n. wbIA h? v l.l .nOJTUBl
to 1.1s f#Oow.a?fl*'.m, odurva* *. . Ul.E *.**?
o .;
,, j aim A Itnrontotrruud
2; li'dssssfesj^
tu SM FTti* ^r.>vi!y any oiuinsfl
rst B fitrrrrr?fWM?Ws t*ii??w?*tncr Mtgw
ne ^8S<i^-Vyra-.yTr -J-**""-i. Wnrmritnl !*?
? ssssrwsoir o? ifujj.
re- J3!^ Stite, cm. ol Monro* SU Chicago, fj
flf* ttifl ?4twwM
- Iss^ssstfa
s If^&ssasx^lll
K ?u?at.inM itiiiHn
T?l>nl>)'> rronxllup or Iho IntM
and llanif or D?l?aMs.
The monotony ot the opening proceed*
Ings ol tlio Senate yesterday was relieved
by prayer by Kev. D. A. Cunningham, of
the First Presbyterian Church.
Mr. Wlllluiin, from the Committee on
Privileges and Election*, reported that In
obedlenco to a resolution ol the Senate they
had enquired Into the question as to
whether members were entitled to mileago
for attending an citra session of tliu Legislature,
and that the committeo was of the
opinion Hint mileage was duo and ought to
uc Jtata, ana further reported the distances
traveled by the members a# follows:
Komu. Name. Mile*.
A. K. Summer*-. 4S* Dtvld McGregor........ '250
A. R. Bmbc? Xi W. L. Mo.NcoT 1000
K.B. liruwii. 270 LB. Nuumun 24
Hdlnui'l ItoU-uiti......... MUJ I). A. Kuborli 27tt
NV. M. o. IUwmjii 'Oc lltnrcjr &unplu M8
It. l'\ DemiU 9.J4 Jcruinv Bliulton b?M
J. K. bonelioo ? N. Fontaine Smith. 1M
NVm. Km In .. ... .TOO J. E? Stolllags... U2
T. F. FuniHWoftli 3.M Jno. W. htout 201
K. a Faulkner. ftttiJogeph Vaumeter 416
Fruuklln Maxwell..... 830 'cuam Wlllliuna 400
W. v. Mctirew. lwjj. J. Woods.?
The grand total of miles traveled foots
up 0,100, which, at tho rate allowed by thu
committee, ten cents per mile, amounts to
the handsome sum of $010 GO?suflleient to
pay the per diem of the Senators for nearly
len days. Senator 'McNeel, who cornea
from a county not yet desecrated by railroads,
heads the list, Aecordiug to the
reifort he has to wander over fivo hundred
mill's before he can set his satchel down
within tho portals of the Canitol ot the
State. Senator Dennis, who lives but a
nhort distance from tho "Saratoga of tho
South," White Sulphur Springs, shakes tho
clust of Circenbrier from bis feet ami is
compelled to undergo a pilgrimage of over
four hundred and sixty miles before he can
see the dial of tho Canitol clock.
To settle any quibbles of conscience
)lin momlinM r\f *!?.? Co??t? *'? ??
WV WVUIUCIO VI 1MB k'VllillC ?wu <111 U1C ]irunricty
or right of drawing mileage, Mr.
Newman offered a resolution, etating "that
it wan tbo sense of tho.Sen?itc that neither
per diem during recess nor mileage in returning
to the Capital be allowed.
After a brief discussion Mr. Vanmeter
moved to indefinitely postpone the resolution,
and the yeas and nt?ys being demanded
die vote resulted us follows:
Yeas?Summers (Pres.), Barbeo, Brown,
Davison, Dennis, Ewin, Faulkner, Maxwell,
McXeel, Samples, Shelton, Stoliings
ind Vanmeter?18.
Nays?Duwsou, Donehoo, Farnsworth
McGrew, McGregor, Newman, Koberts,
Stout and "Williams?0.
Mr. Dennis then moved that tho roport
Df theComuiitteebeadopted, which motion
prevailed by a vote of 17 to 0. Those who
voted in the negative were Messrs. Donehoo,
McGrcw, McGregor, Newman, Stout
and Wood.
Mr. Dennis, from the Judiciary Committee,
reported with favorable rccommendaliou
House bill 104, Senate bills 180,171)
mid 181. The committee also reported
House bill 05, in relatiou to marringe, proposing
an ameudment to the same by strikout
the words prohibiting the marriage of
first cousins, with the recommendation that
it do pass as amended. v
Mr. Newman from the Committee on
Finance reported back House bill 103 with
the recommendation that it do pass.
Mr. Dawson, from the special committee,
appointed by u resolution of his, to ascerrain
the amount of fees received by the
Secretary of State during the past year, reported
that from a certified statement prepared
for the committee at the ollice of the
Secretary, they find that the amount of fees
receivt-d* by that officer within the period
named to have been $535, as follows:
Cert Menu-* of Incorporation 13 to
-'omn>i'?ion.?to Notaries. 13ft
Coinuil^Ionorsof Deeds -10
From ali other sourcc*. .. 20
This amount is exclusive of tax on seals,
which is payable into the treasury of the
Senate bill No. 184, concerning the promulgation,
proof, commencement and construction
of laws, and the effect of the common
law und ancient statutes, was taken
up, read a third time and passed with its
Kcce8S till 2:30 o'clock.
"Upon reassembling .Senate bill No. 135,
"concerning the receiving and disbursing
of money at the treasury, and certain du-1
ties of the Auditor and Treasurer^" was
read a third time and passed.
A number of bills were read for a second
time and ordered to their engrossment and,
third reading.
On motion of Mr. Summers it was
Jlctolrcd, That Senato bill No. 142, concerning
insane persons, bo recommitted
ti\ <V>n.mi??nn nn IIm.'U:...- 1
Humane Institutions with instructions to
so modify or enlarge the provisions of the
bill as to" eliminate from the Code all provisions
requiring tho estate of an insane
person to be charged with his support or
any part thereof while he remains in the
Hoppitnl for the Insane.
Mr. Dawson, from tho Committee on
Enrolled Bills, reported a number of bills
and joint resolutions examined by the
committee and found to be correctly enrolled.
A number of bills coming up on their
second reading were amended in some particulars
and passed to theirengroesmentand
third reading. Adjourned.
llonne of !??!cpit?ft.
The House was opened yesterday with a
fervent prayer by Rev. George E. llite, of
the Chapline street M. E. church, of this
Sir. DePue made tho report of the Committee
on Elections and Privileges, in re?
surd to the mileage due the different members
were proposed by several members, among
them one by Mr. Bee directing tho Committee
on Education to inquirolntothe expediency
of proposing an amendment to
iho State school law fixing a minimum
salary for the teachers of tho State.
Mr. Depuo offered one instructing tho
same committeo to investigate tho expediency
of turning over tho several normal
schools in the Stato to the counties in
which they arc situated, and of establishing
in each county graded schools for the
training of teachersin tho higher branches
of a common school education.
Mr. Shejipnrd moved that the Committee
ou the K'nitentiary inquire by what authority
the Directors of tho Penitentiary
hired tho labor of a number of convicts to
tho Webster Wagon Company, after the
law of 1881 went into effect, at the old contract
price of 30 cents per day.
Mr. Kepner offered a resolution looking
to a desirable change in the customs ol
County Commissioners: (
/fmicvJj That the Committeo on Counties,
Districts and Municipal Corporations
is hereby ordered to inquire wliat addi
tional legislation, if any, is necessary t<
compel County Courts to publish annualh
financial statements of the receipts ana
expenditures of their respective countics
and report by bill or otherwise.
All the foregoing were adopted.
On motion of Mr. Davis it was resolvec
that the Auditor bo requested to furnisl
for tho information of the House, a com
: parativo statement showing, by counties
the assessed value of the real and poreona
property within this State returned for tax
ation in the years 1SS0 and 1881, and tin
increaso or decrease in said valuation; am
also an approximate statement of the Stat
uiswsmcntt and report also what tho lu
awewiupnt of real wtalo coat the State.
Mr. McKoll offered a resolution, whlcl
wae adopted, looking to tha tatcr protei
! tlqn o( the owner* of timber and timlx
i lands,
were introduced, as follows
IBy Mr. Evans: House bill No. 347, t
prohibit corporal punishment In the schoo
of West Virginia.
Jty 2Ii* Crumrine: House bill No. 341
to vivo further time to the Pennsboro tl
HmnrUrlli* Baiiroad Company to contc
the awment ol itl property lor the yet
By Mr. Hack worth: House bill No. M
to repeal chapter 38 of the acta of 1879
establishing a court of limited juriadictioi
In the city of Huntington.
By Mr. Hobbs: Houio bill >'o. 390. t<
prevent horses, mules, cattle, aheep, swine
goats and geese from running at large.
of considerable interest were presented
Mr. Hobbs banded in one signed by A. 1'
Howard and 80 othere asking tho passagi
of a bill restraining curtain animals Iron
running at large.
Mr. bydenstrickor caused a sensation b)
presenting tho petition of James Carlisle
uml 40 others of Greenbrier county, asking
for the submission to a vote of tho peoplt
of a conltitutionai amendment prohibiting
tho manufacture and sale ot intoxicating
liquors within the State. This was referred
to tile Committee on the Judiciary.
Tho Joint resolution providing for tlx
submission to tho decision of tho voton ol
the State of the constitutional amendment
referred to, was subsequently taken from
the table, where it was laid at tho last session,
and placed on the calandar.
Tlio rest of the forenoon session woe
spent in preliminary readings of bills, and
u wrangle over a local road bill.
Mr Leonard offered a new bill, House
bill No. 152, authorizing the judges of the
Fifth Judicial Circuit to employ short
band reporters in certain cases.
Most of the afternoon session was spent
in the discussion of a bill to provido for
the better government of Berkeley Spring*.
It was finally referred to the Judiciary
Committee with instructions to report as
to whether the title was vested in the State.
Bills were then taken up on preliminary
readings, and at fivo o'clock an adjournment
was affected after several vain attempts.
The UnaitMl Experience of n K'roiuincut
Man Matin Public.
The following article from the Democrat
and Chronicle, of Kochester, N, Y., is of so
striking a nature, and emanates from so
reliable a source, that it is herewith republished
entire. In addition to the valuable
matter it contains, it will be found
exceedingly interesting.
To the Editor of the Democrat and Chronicle:
Sin:?My motives for the publication of
this most unusual statements which follow
are, first, gratitude for the fact that I have
been saved from a most horrible death,
and. secondly, a desire to warn all who
read this statement against somo of the
most deceptive influences by which they
have ever been surrounded. It is a fact
that to-day thousands of people are within
a foot of the grave and they do not know
it. To tell how I was caught away from
just this jwsition, and to warn others against
nearing it, are my objecta in this communication.
On tho first day of Juno, 1881,1 lav at
my residence in this city surrounded by
my friendsnnd waiting for death. Heaven
ouly knows the agony I then endured, for
words cau never describe it And yet, if a
few years previous, any one had told me
that 1 was to be brought so low, and l)y so
terrible a disease, 1 should have scoffed at
the idea. I had always been uncommonly
strong and healthy, and weighed over two
hundred pounds and hardly knew, in my
own .experience,"what Ipain or sickness
were, \erymanv people who will read
this statement realize at times that they are
unusually tired und cannot account for it
They feel dull and infinite pains in various
parts of the body and do not understand
it Or thoy arc exceedingly hungry
day one dav und entirely without appetite
tho next '.This was just the way I felt
when the relentless malady which had fastened
itself upon me first began. Still I
thought it was nothing; that probably 1 had
taken a cold which would soon pass away.
Shortly after this 1 noticed a dull, and at
limes neuralgic, pain in inv neau, uuios u
would come one day and gone the next, I
paid Uut little uttention to it However,
uiy stomach was out of order and ray food
often failed to digest, causing at times great
ineonvneience. Yet I had no idea, even
a-j a physician, that these things meant anything
serious or that a monstrous disease*
was becoming tixed upon me. Candidly, I
thought I was suffering from malaria and
so doctored myself accordingly. But I got
no better. I next noticed a peculiar color
and odor about the fluids I was passing?
also that thero-were large quantities one
day and very little the next, and that a persistent
froth and scum appeared unon the
surface, and a sediment settled in the bottom.
And yet I did not realizo ray danger,
for, indeed, seeing these symptoms
continually, I finally became accustomed
to them, and my suspicion was wholly disarmed
by the fact that I had no pain in the
affected organs or in tlicir vicinity. Why
I should have boen so blind I cannot understand.
There is a terriblo future for all physical
neglect, and impending danger usually
brings a person to his senses even though
it may then be too late. 1 realized, at last,
my critical condition and aroused myself tc
overcome it And, ob! how hani I tried! ]
consulted the best medical skill in the land
I visited all the prominent mineral spring!
in America and traveled from Maine tc
California. Still I grew worse. No twe
physicians agreed as to my malady. On(
saitl I was troubled with spinal irritation
another, nervous prostration; another
malaria; another, dyspepsia; another
neart. disease; anomer, general ueuii
ity; another, congestion of the base of tin
brain; and so on through a long list o
common diseases, tho symptoms of all o
which I really had. In this way seven
yeais passed, during all of which time I wa
steadily growing worse. My condition ha<
really become pitiable. The slight symf
torns I at first exnerienced were develops
into terrible and constant disorders?tb
little twigs of )>ain had grown to oaks c
agony. My weight had been reduced trot
'JU7 to 130 pounds. My life was a tortur
to myself and friends." I could retain n
food upon ray stomach, and lived wholly h
injections. I was a living mass of pain.'M
pulse was uncontrollable. In my agony
frequently fell upon the floor, convulsivel;
clutched the carpet, and prayed for dealt
Morphine had little or no effect in deaden
ing the pain. For six days and nights
had the death-premonitory hiccoughs con
stantly. My urine was llllod with tub
casts and albumen. I was struggling witl
liright's Disease of the Kidneys in its las
Whilo suffering thus I received a cal
from my pastor, the Rev. Dr. Foote, recto
of St. Paul's Church, of this city. I fol
that it was our hist interview, but in tb
course of conversation ho mentioned
remedy of which I hnd heard much bu
had never used. Dr. Foote detailed to m
1 tho many remnrkable cures which 1m
come under his observation, by means c
this remedy, and urged me to try it As
\ practicing physician and a graduate of th
schools, 1 cherished tho prejudico bot
? natural and common with all regular pra<
' titioners, and derided the idea of any mo<
1 icine out side tho regular channels bcin
" the least beneficial. So solicitous, hov
\ ever, was Dr. Foote, that I finally promise
' I would waive my prejudico and try th
remedy he so highlv recommended. I to
> gan its use on the first day of June an
look it according to directions. At first
. Nickened inc; but this I thought was a goc
1 sign for one in my debilitated conditio]
1 I continued to tako it; the sickening unit
' tiou depart til and I was ablo to retain foe
I upon my stomacli. InafewdaysLnotlct
1 a decldcd change for tlie better as also di
" my wife and friends. My hiccoughs ceast
? and I experienced lew pain than formcrl
J 1 was so rejoiccd at this improved cond
I tloo that, upon what I had believed but
; few days before was ray dying bed, I vot
II ed, in the presence of mv familv at
friends, should I recover I would boi
11 publicly nnd privately make know tti
>' remedy for thegood ofhttmanily, wlierev
* and whenever I had an opportunity,
also determined that I would give a cour
of lecture* in the Corinthian Academy
Music of this city, stating In full the aym
o toms and almost hopelessness of my d
Is case and the remarkable means by vlil
I have been saved. My improvement *
9, constant from that time, and in lees th
' V'*
.v. ..'-.r
\ erst ' j*.
I three months I hid gained 20 pounds In
t became entirely free from pain and
r I believe lowe my lite and preaent condition
wholly to Warncr'a Safe Kidney and
>, Liver Cure, the remedy which I used,
i, Since iny recovery 1 have thoroughly re1
investigated the subject oi kidney dllfltultiea
and firight'a disease, and tbu truths
> developed are astounding. I therifure
, state, deliberately, and as a physician, that
1 believe unite than oxe-half the deaths
which occon in Amebica abk caused av
BnioiiT'a Disease or the Kidneys. This
' may sound like a rush statement, but I am
prepared to fully verify 1L Brlght's disease
' lias no distinctive symptoms of Its own,
(Indeed, It often develops without any pain
. whatever in the kidneys or their vicinity,)
but has the symptoms of nearly every
' other known complaint Hundreds of
; pcoplodle daily, whose burials are authorized
by a physician's cirdllcote of "Heart
Disease," ''Apoplexy," "LVralysis," "Spinal
f Complaint," "Rheumatism." "i'neumonia"
and other common complaints,, when in
, reality it waa Briglit's Disease of the Kid|
nova. Few physicians and fewer poople,
, realise the extent of this disease or its
' dangerous and Insidious nature. It steals
1 into the system like a thief, manifests its
prceonco by the commonest symptouuund
fastens itself upon the constitution before
the victim is aware. It in nearly as hereditary
as consumption, quite as common and
fully as fatal. Entire families, inheriting
it from their ancestors, have died, and
i the mysterious power which was removing
them. Instead of common symptom* it
often sboWl none whatever, but brings
death suddenly, and as such is usually supCtd
to be heart disease. As one who
suffered, and knows by bitter experience
what ho 'says, I Implore every one
i who reads these words not to neglect the
slightest symptoms of kidney dilhculty.
Certain agour and possible death will be
the sure result of such neglect, and no ono
can afford to hazard such chances.
1 am awaro that such an unqualified
statement ns this, coming from me, known
as I am throughout the entiro land as a
practitioner and Jectmer, will arouse the
Hurpriso and possible animosity of the medical
profession and astonish all with whom
I am acquainted, but I make the foregoing
statements based upon facts which I am
prepared to produce and truths which 1
can substantiate to the .letter. The welfare
of those who may possibly be sufferers
such as 1 was, is an ample inducement for
me to take the step I have, and if I can
successfully warn others from the dangerous
paths in which I once walked, I am
williug to enduro all professional and personal
J. B. Hknion-, M. D.
V V TW. 'JA Iflfcl
IWVUHl*II, Alt A a, UU| JOUli
Wheeling; Wh?l?Ml? Jlnrkit.
WHKSLlffO, Tuesday, January 17. f
The lUtc of trade hu been favorable In all depirtmenu
and with slight increases in prico*..
There U a Arm feeling, and the spring prospecu arc
Grafn.?Last Faturday, owing to to the action of
certaiu dealers, it wu found necessary by our mill
men to put wneat up to 91 40, which price I* now
belli* i?id. Corn continues at 75c. although a report
cornea from down the river that corn w?n
nought for 7l)c. Oats?tho figure is still Ibc, but in
Chicago, prieosare falling.
flour.?Notwithstanding the rise in the prico of
wheat, the ditTercnt brauds of flour still remain the
name. We quote $1 Wsx-t &0 for superfine; 17 00a
7 60 lor bint winter wheat, aud Satin tf loss $8 50
Uye, %C OOafi 25.
J/taU.?There hu been a slight increase in prlcci,
and bu?lnou during the post week has been fair for
this seaton of the year.
6 C liuius, 12 to 15 lb average 12Kal.l
" " 10 to IS lb average. I2>4
Breakfast Bacon, ?.JlJial2
8 C Shoulders, .. u
Plain Bacon shoulders .... HJi
Clear " Sides ...... 12
ftunily Pork (barrel 200 lbs) .... 18 00
Clear Pork " ia/olt?) 18 Ui
Dried Beef. C 14
Pure Leal Lard, Tierces, 35U lb*.... 12)4
Barrels, 250 lbs ~ 12',
M ;; " Half Barrels, 150 lbs pA
J IUU1, IS I US ! '
" " " One-half palls lOlbn 13 J*
Bologna Sausage ; .... 10
Cheese, lUcb andlMlld I2^al3
Unl Oil, fcxtra Western Strained vO
Carbon Oil - .. 8j.j
Wlilto Miucnt' Oil. Winter Strained &S
Groceries.?A very good trade hiu been done durI
us the past week. Several chaiwes ore nindo la
jirire> to which uttcnlion is called. Quotation*
ore given as follows; Coffee, fair lOtfc, goo?J
Ulo lie, prlrao 13c, choice He, b?t mated
15)*c, yellow Klo 15c, Java 25c. Syrup*:
common Slaioc, prime 42a45c. New Orleans nm-!
laaes, prime GOc, choice new t>5a70c, maple ?yrup,
$1 00 per gallon. Sugars; hard crushed 10%c, granulated
10?4c, powdered 10\c, A oollK-w ty#
A prairie augur U>$c. palace A 9c, golden C 8J?c, ]
prime uc. yellow T^JaSc. Rice, Carolina choice
New Orleans Mime 7c, Bangoon 7c.
r'Uh?No. 8 mackcrvl, bbl*., fj UU; No. 2 medium
$10 00. These prices arc tai advance of 81 00.
Wooden I Cure?Mnrket steady. No. 1 tubs, per
dozen, $0 00; No. 2 tul# per dozen, SS 00: No. .1 ml*
per dozen, ft 00; 2-h??>p palls per dozen, fl 00-,3-hoiip
aalls, ti 10; keclerx per nest. ?l85; butter tubs. a*>i|
5 ltM capacity, i\ 50; do, 35 lbs capacity, f-l 00: do -' *
lbs capacity, 93 50, washboards, plain, 91 50al7i;;
washboards, patent, per dozen, ?50a2 73.
irweet Gtrn?lJ!y?Uc per (>ound.
}hu$ar? Doublo strength wiuo vinegar. 25a30c;
standard, llalSc; lOallc for country stock; wine
vinegar 50e.
ltoiiu-Receipts continue to come in slowly, but
a reduction in price has taken place; priino navies
imu i?: <in incutum wz>; reu Kiuney f-i IMS w.
: red pink <2 75*3 00; Umax 8d9c.
Cheat?1? quoted in Jobbing at 10c far prime
Western, and 13%al5c lor Now York. Swcltxcr 15a
17c. aa-urdlng to quality. Umburxer 12c.
Seal*?The prices are as follow*: timothy $290*300
E* bushel, and clovcr at Jiuu*$50 for nnall and
00 for larce.
FeUhen?uvo gccio firm at fiOattc; 50a55c for
i mixed.
flail*?'Tho card rato was advanced at the hurt
' meeting of the Association; rate on all nails, fence
and brads from \0d to Gd i? $3 40.
[ I'oaltrv?ii hlckeus a good supply in market; at
35a40eper pair.
Honey? Remains the same at 22a24c per pound for
? new clover. California. 2t)a22c per pound; New
) York, In cases, l&uWc. Buckwheat, lSalCc; straluod
, Italic.
7bi/ot^?Market steady; country CaCWc per pound;
* city 7a7',;c.
; Owned UowU-Are very atcady at pre*ent with
no change. ^notations arc: 3 is cans, pie Pcaclii*
' 52 00:3 lb cans peaches 13 00; 2 lb cans pcach
? es 12 75. Tomatoes, 3 lb cans, fl 30al 60.
- sweet corn, II 30al CO; Wlnslow com, II CO.
p Strawberries, 2 lb cans, II 50. Blackberries, 2 Iti
. ana, II 30. Ibupbcrrit-*, 2 lb cans, II 05. Mums, 2
> lb ran*, 11 40al 7a tima bran*, 2 lb can*. II ?.
>f string |115. Govt oysters, I ft cans, light, C5r,ful!
i weight 91 10.
Frui/i-U*lag* Grapes ft 50*5 00 per keg or 40c
* per pound. Apple*, prime large stock in good doil
mand at $2 Md SO per barrel; small and inferioc
fl uwi So. Cnuihrrrl?, 1300 a3 50 per crate: IU UUu
. II an per feam-l. guln<*?. liouu' M i>cr biuhel.
'I Drwi >Vquote Apple* at 8aSte for allced
e lafc* J lor quarter*. (Yache* halve*, 8c; iteel
.f fl ImN pitted ihc'rira 90B llipbtffiM50u32r;
" . mm. Trum, ?&, Currants, GW*.
n ttaMua /?! |: ? per box; Valencia, 10c per lb
f new ao*..
0 iwuUd at 2aa30e, such figures buying
Uwnj -jBktV per pound is still the ruling prico
v Bt/kr-frUM to rfcokw creamery 40*4.'>c; do dalrj
1 9*3&Mr togoud cuuntry 28425c; inferior to com
mi.n lu-JWv
//?*-A guod quality of baled hay continues tc
? bring tit. Loum on wagon yesterday wu worth
l- H&
I Ulfaty-per proof gallon wu quoted at Si 1G yesterday.
i* H'lmf?The prieea remain the nunc for the washed
e article? lOnf.'r.
i. Uewfnff?Very little in the State; II 75 per pound
|{ l?P*ld.
Stock Yiml ^notations.
II Daring the past week the receipt* of live Hock at
r the Stock Yard*, have been unusually Urge and huslt
ltie*? has been brisk. Most of the anim&l* are from
p thisscctiouof the country, none hsving been received
from Chicago. Quotation* yesterday were :
Q Good cattle, 4XflSc; calves, |<1 UUu7 00 pe: head;
it hogs, Cab^o,
e haw York, January 17.?Cotton quiet and stead]
J at r<tal2 M6c; futures steady. Hour weak; re
f celpts 9,600 barrels; export* 0,500 barreir, super
" due Stato and western, (3 OOut 50; common tc
a good extra, U 75a5 75; good to choice, to bOa'J oo
c white wheat extra, V uO.OOO; extra Ohio, $5 ou.
i. S St. Louis, 15 0Qa9 00; Minnesota patent pro
u cwu. W ooh'j oo. Wheat Irregular aud unsettled
> openlug tyilc lower, afterwards recovered thede
\. ciinu and closing strong al advance; re
eelpta 107,000 busbels; exports lwi.uuO bushels; uu
'o graded red tl 29*144# No. 4 do fi S2 new; fI 43i
P- 14SJ$ old; steamer aud No. 2 red 11S5; No. 1 m
d ?1 4a. ungraded white tl 33al 37; No. 1 do. Sale
in IV>.000 bu.hels at ?l ?JKsl3VH: new; 114Ufcal 4
10 old; No. U rod January, sales 128.000 bushel* a
?- it 4lk?tl 42% closlugat 5142l,f; February,sale**90,
(1 UU0 bushels at tl 44Kal 44^, closing at tl 44 S
: l March, sales 1,068,000 bushels at tl 46&147, closltti
at tl 47; April, sales 2W.UU0 bushels at $146**tl 47fc
k1 cloning at tl 47;May. sale* 272,000 bushels at tl m
n at 4T& closing *t tl 47ft. Com ooened Jia^c low
er, subsequently rccoverc<l and advanced J<<
closing Ann; recti f is 23,000 bushels; export
id 9,000 bushels; ungraded CiaTOJ^c; No. I
Car; Na 2, new; 69^s70;^e old; No.
,? white 78J<c; No. 2 January o&UaiKjic. closing a
4 February 09><aC9Jir, closing at Mart I
fd ;u^*71^c, c osing at 7l\c; May TSHaTtttc. chain
v at is^c. Oats >**4c lower, receipts ?j,uu? bushel
fj white western 49a53c: mixed 40afi0c. Coffee dull
ll* nominal and weak; lUo cargoes uuoted at italic
a Sugar dull and unchanged. Mouwea steady wltl
v. a (air demaud. Rice lit falrdemaud. Peiroleui
? dull and nominal; United 82>$c; crude ?Ka7)i(
J* refined tilic. Tallow dull aud easier at 8tfc, Kau.
th lowernnd heavy at|2S5o240. Turpentluequletan<
i]g steady al Ub. Kggs, western fresh steady at 19
na> 20a Fork unsettled und weak; naw mesa |17 5u
e; 17 MX. Beef quiet and firm. Cut mcau quit
I and unchanged. Lnrd steady; prime steam In a
8e Butter Hrra for choice at lfr40c. Cheese firm ft
* { fine at ftal2%c.
_ New Yoxx, January 17.?Dav Ooow-The ma
,P" kctshows a gradual Improvement. Thcrelsalarg
l?? number of buyers. Cottons are lu batter Inquiry
ob with good miscellaneous selections roportei
nieachcd cottons In moderate Inquiry. Since Jam
M ary'lst, or 4th, two weeks, 6,881 packages of cotto
an goods hare been exported. Domestic white goo<
anf In very food ?1e. Prinw In food order
quwt, with larger attention given to the best m
of fancier. t VMlnwUkK are the prick: Arnold's 6
Windier ?H?: Duuuell Cftr. Fimpcon diver in
black and white Kejrutono faaetea 6Kc JihTrt
print? are doing very well. Flannels fairly act!
with preference (or da*a goods quatitlt*. All
woar quiet, with a good buslncai ami throi
nrderi. Cloaklnp In good order re?jua#i and
general tone of the market U very "uidy.
Kew York Money andatoaka.
KtW York. January 17.?MoKKY?tkafl per c*
eloslng at 6nn per cent. Prime mercantile pa
tia7 per cent. guirllugexehauge, bankers' bills stei
at 14 k.% demand fl M}i.
Produce exports for the week $6,152,000.
. OoYKaKKwn-ffllghtly firmer and % per e
higher for extended o and 4$4? coupons, and i
changed furextendodfie and 4& registered aud
U. 8. (m, extended...J01 iLeblgh * Mlks. 10
0. 8. 3s,extended 10.%'Bt. P. ?b Sx. City Uts.ll
4Hs,coupons. U. J'atlAobondslita.ll
4a, coupons .....myU. I'. Land QrantsL.ll
Padflo 6a of '93?Ml?a jU. P. 8. P. Bonds.?mli
(Antral Psclflu, lst...ll6 TexaaPaulflc I'dg'U. 7
Krle seconds r?x. Pac. tt. Q. Dlv... b
o tiered.
Railkoad Dondi?Irregular and unsettled oi
moderate volume uf business.
8tati 8?cuamn-Dull, but some firmer.
toubdana Consols-... 67k Virginia da....... I
MlaourlCa. 109 Virginia coukoIs, ex*
St. Joseph ......108J4 tra mat. coupons... C
Tennessee 6s 76^ Virginia deferred.? 1
?suuiww v*. IICW.,., (tl I VHtrea,
8Tocics-?hare speculation opened rather wi
and per cent lower than yealerday'a doa
quotations. Richmond A Dauvllla waa, howevy
But higher. In the curly dealings a decline
per ooiit lu the general lut, tho latter
?K, was followed by a recovery of ;?alH
cent, la which Delaware,Lackawanua A Woetem u
Richmond A Allegheny were the moat conspl
oua. Hetween the boards tho market fell off fca
percent. New Jersey ttntral, Richmond and A:
Rhcujf, Delaware. Lackawanna A Wtavern and Lot
vlllo A Naahvlllebdug the moat prominent there
while Heading *old down 2M per cent to 68ji 1
afternoon dealings were dull. From tho mco
board prlcea begun to Inprove and In the late dc
luga an advance wa* recorded runglng from k to :
per cent, tho latter for Memphis dc Charleston: Kli
uiond A Allegheny, Denver A Rio (Iranda, N
Jersey Central, ft fori aud Texas Paclllc were a
prominent In the upward movement. The wail
closed Mtroug.
TrauMctluna 825,000 aharea.
?S*m*J?pro,?-?M1 ..**> Preferred- 71
Alton ATerra Haute. 42 Northwestern \Z
Do preferred 8J t Do preferred -13.
American Kxpraa....*W New fork Central....!*
B-.c-B. ? N? N) Ohio Central ...12Canada
Southern-.. Mii Ohio A Mlsaiwlppl... r
i 9l ?* .?.. 2tH A Do preferred ? tt
Central Pacific....... 91 Ontario A Weatem- Z
Chesapeake A Ohto. 25 Padfle Mall 4!
Do 1st preferred.... 80 I'uuaraa lw
Do 2d preferred.... 28 P., D. A E Zt
Chicago A Alton 134X C. A P.? 18!
Dp preferred 140 Reading... ct
C., a A Q.-...........?13GK Rock hund 181
Chic..St. U A N.O.. 80 at. L. A San Fran? 41
8. A C. _ 66 Do preferred M
ft*'' rvr-: Vol* preferred..10(
Delaware A Hudaou.107^ St. Paul ? loi
{?L? !^,k- # Wwt'n.125 Do preferred -J2i
Den. A Wo Urando? 72% St. Paul, M. A M 11?
Erie .. 42*'. St. Paul A Omaha... 8t
Do preferred 82^ to preferred _J0i
^Wayue. .154 Texas Padfle U
H. A St Joseph 9GX Union Padfle. 118
Do preferred ..lo-J>f United States Ex 7C
Harlem .....203 8t. L P. 8;
Houston A Texai.... 85 Do preferred...?.. 7ti
Illinois Ccntral........l:u% Weill Fargo Ex. .125
ln?L, U. A. W 147H Western Union 81
H??a Padfle as*, Eaat Tennessee. lil
Lake Erie A Weat'n- w Do preferred 24
Lake Shore. .115 Caribou ................. i
Louisville A Naan... 97^; Central Ariiona....... 1
L., N. A. A C ..... 72 Rxceliior. ..
M. AC. lit preferred- 14U Humeatako 1!
Do 2d preferred?. 9 Little Pittsburgh s
Memphis A Charlea'n 79 Ontario 34
Michigan Central? *&/, Quicksilver......... IS
Mlaaouri Padfle 1o:r- Do preferred. CI
Mobile A Ohio 34k Sllrer Cliff. 5
Morris A Emcx 131 $4 Standard... ..... li
Naahvillo A Chat.... 80 Sutro
New Jersey central. 91% Robinson 5
N. A W. preferred.... hi South Pacific "
Northern Padfle 80 Offered. fEx. Dlv.
Chicago, January 17.?Flour nominally u
changed.. Wheat unwilled. but generally hlghi
No. 'i Chicago spring *1 'l&'A cu>h and Januai
3128& February; fi &/? March; Si 53 May; No.
<1 16; rejected S5aWc. Corn steady, with u go
demand and regular at CO)-*: for gilt edge; 62}
icaan; Co&c January; COJ-.c february; 6154c Mart
I May; rejected ?>>;?. Oata carter at OJic cai
43c January, February and March! i"?};o May: -I
June. Rye and barley ittady and uncbangi
Ureaicd hogs closed M w! 3". Fork moderately i
tlve and higher at f 17 10al715 ca?h; $17 'J0al7 2
February: 1174'2!4al7 4.1 March;|I7 April. La
fairly active and aahade higher at Sluy:?il 00 au
all u'? January; SU '?1XA February; $il 'JO M?n
411 3Sall April, llulk weals and whlrty gtca
and undiaugedu Call?\\ he-it, fairly active and
shade higherat SI 'JSj^al 2.S.' ' January; SI Ft
ruary; fi '?>Y\ March. Corn firmer but not quolut
higher. Oats strougor, advanced >?c. FrovUlu
tinner, but not quotably higher.
I Philadelphia, January 17.?Flour dull ai
weak, but not quotable lower. Kyc Hour du
Wheat opened dull and weak at kc lower; al t
I close the decline won recovered: So. 2 red on inv
i i\ W. No. 'i ted, January, i\ 4(%a\ Wj;: Fcbruai
il .tsal 41}* March. ?l tff*; April 1 44?
140. Com irtcady fur local lots; options dull ai
lower; sail inixtil, on track and in gra
it-pot, 71c; steamer, 70kc; No. 5 on trail, 69Ua7i
nUI mixed January O^iO^c: February i>j>,
| March 70>fa70%e; April 7lJ-ia7lT?e. Oata firm
but demand light. Provisions quiet, but s;oti
and easier. Lard, kettle ill 75; steam (11'J
lino. liuiter quiet; except chotcw Tots. which i
Marco: creamery, good to choice, XauSc; Che?
tirm; f.dr to go*!, ".lSai2^p. Petroleum noini
ally unchanged. Whisky steady and unchanged
CmcAGO. January 17.?The Drwtn' Journal
Hoga-Uecelpt*. 20,000 head: shipments, 4,:
head. General demend fair, qunlity jioor and mi
ket only steady; common tog-Kxl mixed J-'iOCMG
heavy utcklr.g u*.id shlpplwjt <6 ?a6 65; Hr1?IS5 1
6 8o: htli* and culls $4 Sup 75.
Cattle?Receipts Ji.ew) head; *hlpmcnts l,2C0het
Market generally fnirly active und Mcady; no i
ports: values nominal at $t> 2ita6 40; good tocho
shi;?i?lnK ?.*) MufiW: common tofnlr Ji?*ar>20: mix
butcher*' *tea?tyt common to fair $1 75a4 25; tiw
era" and feeders' fU9Ua4 20.
SheeprrReceipts&j0 head: shipments 2,100 hei
Market generally steady and unchanged; coram
to medium, 93 5oa4 25; good to choice It 75o6 75.
Daltivohk. January 17,?Flour dull and t
changed. Wheat, wont em dull; No. 2 winter i
*poi aud January SI 89*1 S'jVf; February SI 40al 4C
March SI 4-%il 4i; April ri 43ft hid. Corn, wt
em dull and easier; mixed spot 67*4c asked; Jat
arv C7}in67J-ic; February Obyic hid: March ti'J,
70>6c; May <3c hi t; steamer GCc esked. Oat* di
western white GQaMc; mixed 5 a5;<r, I'cuusylvai
nUiWc. itycdnll at '.Hk-nSl 00. liny uuehnng
Provisions quiet and unchanged. Butter qti:
western picked lialOc; roll 2Qa2Sc. Eggs dull t
lower at iVc; limed nominal- lYirolcum iiuruil:
Coffee quiet: Rio cargoes J^alOc. Sugar quiet;
soft 9V. Whisky steady at 911%
Cisciknati, January 17.?Cotton quiet at 11]
Plour Itendy and unchanged. Wheat steady; I
2 red winter SI 40. Cora dull and lower, N
mixed G4%o&4%e. Oats quiet; No. 2 mixed 47'
Htr?. rimnjiid f>??r amt a hlu>?>? ? *i luty T
leyato-dyat 1105. l ork'iitendy afe S17 02)4. L
active, firm mid h'gbcr at 111 10. Hulk meats fli
quiet mid unchanged. Bacon steady: nhould
#7 oO; clour rib flu 00; clear tlu oO. Whfoky steadj
il lfi: coiabiuutloii m?1c* of flcUbtd gooda'
twri'l" on abatlaof SI 10. Butter oatler but
quotably lower.
Toledo, January 17.?Wheat quiet and Arm:
2 red January hold nt SI 37U; February Si 3
March mm-' April SI 41; Way Si 42. Corn qu
No. 2 spot til %c; January 03c; February G3kc; J
07K<\ Oats quiet; Ka 2.47c. Dre?ed hup f,
: Clover, No. u, St 85; prime. S??02>& prime mi
moth and prime medium IS IS. Cloeed?\\1
tlnn; So. 2 ml ?pot SI 37al S7$*: January fl 31
13%; February U ? ?; March ?110J4; April II
: 1 42&; May SI 42ftal 43.
Ea*t Liberty, i'a., January 17.?Cattle?Itccc
097 bead. Market active at la>t week's price*.
Hoex-Keccipt* l.Gdu head; Philadelphia's 18
. 6 to: Yorker* |r, 20n6 35.
1 Sheep?Kecelots 2,UC0head. Selling at fair pr
at lOal&c higher than last w eek.
Titubvillk, January 17.-OI1 opened at M
: highest lowest Wj-jc; cloned at Mr, S
rpenu 32.W5 barrcla; char ten CO,870 bam-ls; i
r 02,400 barrels.
'' Cincinnati, January 17,-TTogs active and t
common and light S5 2'mC 50; packing and bu
em' 10 45*600. Receipt* 2,900 head; ahlpmc
. 240 head.
If the thousand! that now liavo their
and comfort destroyed by complication
. liver and kidney complaints would f
nature's remedy; Kidney-Wort, a trial t
I would be speedily cured. It acta on b
organs at the same time and therefore ci
pletely fills the hill for a perfect remedy,
you have a laiue hack unci disordered kidn
; use it at once. Don't neglect them.?Hi
and Farmer. MWMV
Wlienlnycuruldonntmeanmarelytoatop ?1
for a time and then have them return again, 1 tn
a nidlatl cure. 1 have made tue dlmite of
] Fits, K|illcpsjr or Falling Slcknwi
i a life-long study. 1 warrant my remedy to enre
worst ca?ea. Ik-cause others have /ailed la norw
, for not now receiving * cure. Scud nt onco f<
trcMUc and a Free Mottle oi my infallible rem
Give fcxprete and lvtoltti-e. U costs you not]
for a trial, and 1 will cure you. Address
i Da. II 0. ROOT. fa I'carl St.. New Tor
i ?
1 xjL. NIFICENT holiday presenu; square gi
* pUBUlOi'Ui luur very iiumimjiuu iuumu run
" mucwood ease*. three uiiUoua, lleattyv jnntct
; iron f-anie*, utoo], book, cover, boxed, 8*22.7
i 8397 .sot catalogue prict*. 8*oo to 81,000;?
f facthn inianintced or tuoi.ey rtfundrd after
* year'a uae: upright plano'ortet. 81 -5 to 93801
* aloguv price*, 8300 to 8*00; rtandard pianof'
' of the unlrcne, a* thousand* tcatlfj; wriiafor
* raoth li?t of teatlraonlila; cni t> ' mMiftl ars
' catbcdral, cliun h, cbai<el, pat lor, 880 opwaro;
* I ton welcome: free carriage aicet* iralm: lllastr
1 cnulocuw (holiday edition) free. Add re* ?r
3 npon DANUL r. litAUTY, tfuhlntfon,
* Jer*y'
' Ck 1 1 '7 A YEAR and espouse* to M
k VI If Outfit frev. Addrraa P. 0. VICXJ
J 0 I I I Aimom,M?.
* cuadnif hsm cur#H. IrwWd.jfS'ftiJji
{, IDVCKTIM HN by iwlrtnsBinic GEO. P. 1
J. n KLL4C0.. lOtfprurcurtet, New York. o*n1
? the exact coat of any proposed line of Advert
n In American N*w?papen. wiOO-pajro Pamp
****"'******" ? **! J
i iStar foundry
b. fisher & sons
55! XAaofacturano(?UkIadaol
r Cook and Heating Stove:
Bolo numaiMurcr of U?
0 Gladiator and Yalloy Star Store
I . ^4
jtf. Fisher's Maud S
if- New pattern coal and wood cook; the latect ai
ew choapeat.
Laigeft lino o!
itj Marbleized, Slate and Iron Mantel
'}i In tho West A rood mantel complete for leas tha
ji twenty dollar*. Hand pniuted encaustic mantel
fyi the la teat and most artistic designs. We contract I
i.'i aat mantels complete; all work done byapractla
<H workman. FENCES?We hate the best fence, i
H various patterns, in the United State*, and thi? prtn
l cannot be undersold. Agents for Babcock tire El
tingulshcs. J?b castings done promptly.
; 1618 to 1632 Market St, Wheeling^'. Ti
I I;
Heating- Stoves,
>'? Slate and Iron Mantels, Wood Mantel!
nd t r,r\n p. i-na ir~t~
!i, auui a iuw JIU.UI ouuei,
A large assortment of new styles, nt
re- JfESBITT & BRO.'S,
?13MnrkPt Stm-l
II r.TO:
!T s /p^] ?
s /m B?
*' * _ A^yi 4 - s
: SI ^GTDR lgS
1I" ppl
ala S ydft"'" y ZL
td. fl" 2
"t The Latest The Best.
Thehandsomest and most complcto
. i . Yet produced.
J Yictor Sewicg Machine Co.,
uu- I * Hiddlotown, Conn.
jSoathernOWce, No. 0 N. Charles St, Baltimore. Md
Thirty SI* Varlettei of Cabbage: 36 of Corat at of Cuetn
*rj ?tuf Melon: .iof Pen; alof Ucan?; tyofSquash;
ef Beet and *> of Toouto, with olhtr **rietla In proportion
large portion of which wtn grown on ay fire seed fines, ?
rest befocn.1 In my Yc*vtablo ud Flower tk*d CnUlog
Q[ far 1888. Sent PK?K to all who apply. Customerscf 1
? Season need not write for it. All Seed sold bore my estsblii
['*" ment warranted to be both treshandtrueto name, to far. tl
hey shoald it prove otherwitc. I will r?Ml the order gratis. 1
nth Hfflnal Introducer of Early Ohio ami BorbanUPol
.... tor*, Morblchrad Curly Corn, the Ifabbard 8<)iuu
Dt": Marblehrad Cabbage, Phlnary*. Melcm, and a scon
11 other new VccetabUt, I twit* U\? patronage of tU puW
gyjj New Vegetables a Specialty. >
rror Jwmra J. ll.flregory.Marblrhtad.Ma
ling adventures on tha rlaina,In tha Mountains, throu
tha Wild Forests, flphtins hia way foot by foot throo
Indian Lands, from Texas to California, by CoLDoda
with an Introriuctlon by Uenrriil fthernui
the Xrery body will want It on sight. X limited amou
iKjn of xeluafva territory will do giran to ?ach ini
r n Apodal U>rma and circular* will bo seat fror. Addn
& W^OIBBLE& CQ? SI Wast FOttrth St. .CUl.,
. n clIMrtu. T houindiytlralUWd. J'tciiuBinIrm /fr&
fi lit
mm- , ... , i ?
j??" 108 Tine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Ttaa trp? on wblofa. tbU paper ti printed U ft
U?abo?f Foanrtrr.-ed. Intkm.iokkckm.
"d* Make New Rich Blood, and will completely chi
rt. the blood in the entire lyitcm in threonuu
?? Any pcrwn who will Uko one pUl each nljiht 1
? SoBton, Ku, lormerly fiucor, ]i
4r fBrJnpj^<nyTr?^l?aTT?n^T?Hi...IB
$ Tmiux It*ve" Panhandle Depot, foot of Ilevr&tfc
? ?tw?. notr Public LaiiJInK, rt*l]y, cxwpt 8aaU?y
4 MfoUcwc _ w.
ooiyo iu?r. y. y^%r/jg|
I _ .. fill*. Kiu.l c?m M& I A?*i'$J
, Wheeling Time. K?i>'? Kxp'? Sxp'j ixpVc'm'n
! p.M. r>L iTSy r H.
Wboelinjr. kr, Lt I; 57 1:57 8.41^
Wwiuuun...^.^ 7:13 l:U 4(( fell 7H|": &j
. Btaubcnwlle ... T.M *? fell MB io| >*SB
C Pltuburgh _ l&tt 4-:* ?&..... ?
Jl _ _, . A.M. A.M.
Haniiburg^.....*... m~, * *(* S
_ miiefrifc7.rr. Z'Z'. "V:CT Sri" Z~.'. ','ZZZ
& New York.. ?.&' VI ^ ..~v fj
Borton ?. Jfcl\
? uomu wc*t.
P*c. I cm. i Wwi Ac-1 Ao? -v&n
Kxp'?;Ejn>'?[ M*ll c'm'pjo'in'a >-;yB
A.M. r. M. A. M. P.M. P.M. ' \$3fl|
Wheeling ....? &37 8:57 &C7 1:U 8:48 ||
ttrabtaTflle ;? 5:cJ 7:85 2:30 ft: 10
Cadls...MM.WM.MM<MM.. UdR 7!8?L^ ' .<38
Denulwu ................ lL4tf ' 6 10 ?. .'I'foJ
Nowirt it* *iSs
Columbm..?_? 8.10 5:lo| -... : 9
L?I0? 1. II. X.M. -..?
Oolumbiu....?.?. tto fc?o _. 5:<? 1ft 10
L Arrive? p.?. -Sjt
' Dm-tan i:X, J 8.1A.
Cincinnati;,,,... ? iiool'lifc'oilftool SoO
. Indiana polla. 11:00 12:00 12:00 100
a.m. r.x. r. u.
. SLLoula.. 7:8C Nil aoMH CI6
sa nilrmo .. T:30 frl.r &lft.M^ v
Sundfur ex pre* leave* Wheeling at 8:87 a. ar*' -^8
% rivea Wellaburg 9:10 a* BteuUriivlllo 0:36 A. v.,
* making eloae connection for weatern polnta. ' .jwi
Tnlna leaving Columbua at 8:40 r. v. and &40 A. .'-'Jag
v.. run dally. Through Chicago Kxpreaa leavee ' ':WM
Columbua dally, except Sunday, at 6:00 r. with ? ' i *7ffl
Bleeping car attached, arriving in Chicago at 7:80
next morning. Bertha can bo aecured In advauoo al ' >vH?|
Union I)epotTlrket Ofllce. Columbua. . '
, Pullmau'a l'alaee Drawing Room Bleeping Out <3
through without clmnge from Btcubcnvllle East to A53B|
Philadelphia and New York. Wcat to Columbua,
Cincinnati, LouLfvllle, Indl&napolia and St. Louia. .
For through ticket*, baggage chock*. sleeping-car \ 3
accommodation*. and any further Information, ap? . . SrJH
ply to JO.1). M. UEIXKYILLK, Ticket Agent, at tan. . *3
handle Depot, foot of Eleventh itrcct, or at City
. Ticket Ofllce, under McLuro IIoum\ Wheeling.
Cen'l Manager, Wuakuigh, Pa, ; ?3
Oen'l Paaa. and Ticket Agent. IHuSnrrli. Pa. . ..
; ffi?ME^BEa^b93S5a
il On and after November an, lxtii, pat*cugur tralni
)l will nin a? toUow?-W heeling Time;
' *?""> piftair>^;ar..
Lea VP? jr. *. A.M. 1 A.M. I f.if. ' J
, Wheeling I 28ft 8:50| fcttj Mi . Pflg
U Rell*lrc I I fcOtt 10-ftn i-n
Arrive* at?
r.K. r.v. a.m. p.m. tf&Sfm
Qniton .. 7:li 1;00 51:30 W5 nOM
r. M. A.M. *W
i Cumberland 4:17 4:82 2:80 .;'3g
Washington City - .. MO 7:10 V*
Baltimore HMO..8:44 j.aS
Philadelphia. ....... .... 1:08' 1*15 ; ' 5ft
New Yorlt. 6:2? 4:00
Bortnn ......... 4:g &9H
lMHy exwiit tiutiday. , I. n$SB
No. 7 and No. 9 atop at all fitatlona. ' 'SinM
wmT nmiwn Mr. <*.o' Nil- It NO. 8 ^fO. ill - ?j9
!?' - : *.u. r.K. p.*. -MB
WkwUnt. &M *? 1? 11:1ft ' '.$
ware ? ?? lOelu. ftja 11:50 CM
Arrive at?
r. K. a. x, m
zunriuc tit i:ot.l lu *n -?
Xew?rlt ? 2:?i wo tx ..
Columbus 7:26 6:10
Uadnutl 10H too 11:10 " ?g
Saaduikr. ",ooj
Indtanapolli. ll:?i 1136 litis
l 81. Louli... ^jjbl 7:5f 7:20
Chicajo. torn &0U 7:30
Kuuu Cllr ?:So| ftHC 9:00 ' .jSi
u .1. A 11..1 .... iwuii..,. ? . A
,i JJ. - V. i .mnc, A/iunuig UiU DiCCi'tug uil 7*
on all nigh; trains.
CImc connection* etc mule for all point.* &.uth "4?
aul Soutlmoat, North and Noithweat, making tlili . ' &&
a desirable rome for colonist* and per*, n* moving : -JgK
to tbtt gruat Webt, and to whom particular attention _
i* given.
Leave Wheeling .QUO k. v.. luo p. M., A-.W r. X.
No train* run on tiii* Division on Suiutny. > < '%*&
a Ticket* to *11 principal jhjIuU* on fule at Depot. "
OWc oku at all boun during the day.
Information to the traveling public cheerfully
eiven. W. M. CUifl ENTS, 11. of T. EafflM
_ R. T. DEVRIES. Gen'l Agent. Wheeling. /&
Ou and after November 1.1,1RS1, all twins will run V#
dally, except Sunday, as follow*:
X Through Train* to l'itUburgh.
2 Through Train* to Cleveland.
2 Through Trains to Chicago.
FnrlorCjir* hotweeu Wcllsville and Cleveland.
Hotel and Sleeping Can on all train* betwocu Al- f&B
| Mail. Kxprta. fcxprtn>. Amnn.
Bcllaire? 5:65 a.m. 10:50 a.m. 2:00 p.m 4:40p.m. . -'x.
BridRcnorl 6:06 " 11:00 " 2:10 4:65 " Mar'*
rj.~ C;ll " 11:07 " * 17 " 6:08 "
Steubcn'lc. 7:01 " U:67 " :::10 " 605 " . j$QH
Toronto.... 7:34 " 12:23 p.M. 8:32 " vHga
WeUaville.. 7:56 " 1:00 " 4:^0 " 7:06 M ;?a
K. Llvcr'L- 621 " 1:40 " 6:16 ?
Beaver 9:C5 " 2:19 " 6:47 " , .
Rochester. 9:10 " 2:25 " fl^2 " ! {
AllfKheny. 10:10 " 8:15 " 7:B6 " I
rttUliurgn 10:20 " 8:26 " 7:46 " ...... .JJM
HarriiiburB S:i5A.M. 8:f?5A.M. >$S|
Baltimore. 7:40 " 7:40 " ! " *?
Wsihlnn'n 9:02 11 9.W " 1 r^BS
Phlladel'a 7:C6 M 7:35 " L ' *T&
Sow York- 9:35 " 10:36 " .......... '.-" ifafS
Boston., 6:10P.3i. H:Mr.M.) ffijS
NOT fc?Tram* leaving BelUiIre nt 6:Wi a. m. nud
2:00 p. M.. conncct at Ywllow Creek for Cleveland.
To Cleveland, umy 6 houffiaml 26 mnniten.
Aceuju. Exjiruu. ' \
leave Bellalrc.;....~ 5:65 a.m 2:00p.m. " ^
Bridgeport ? 6:05 " 2:10 " .???3g
StcuWnviUo - 7:Oi " MO -"'4
Alliance - - 1:10 P.m. 6:23 u 39
Ravenna. .. ?. 1:61 " 5:67 "
Hnd#on 2:18 M G:22 " v :,H
Arrive at Clovelwnd 8:26 " 7:26 " "
To Chicago. Only eighuyn hunt*.
Acxom. Bxptca. V-*^
IjChvo Bellairc 6:65 a.m. 2:00 p. m,- 'vj|
Bridgeport..* 6:05 " 2:10 " . ,
Stonbenviilc - - 7:04 " 8:10 " Sfl
Yellow Creek. ? 148 M * . < ?
I FuWHjme.. 12:081.*. 2:40a.*,
ArrivpnK'hlragn two " u ''-i.$
tion.?LeaveaI&'Uaireat 4:40p.*., Bridgeport 4:65
p. *., 8tcubcnvilIo at 0:05 p.*. Arrive* at Well*. : -'^3
vill* at 7:05 p. *. I?nrei WelUvMe Rt 6:40 a. ^2
fitcubenvUle at 7:35 a.Bridgeport at 8:40 a.
arrives at Bella! rc at 8:M a. m.
a. tleketa and toauc chcck* to all principal points
n In llie Ka*t and w cut cau Ikj procured at the Ticket
. * Office In Bridgeport. E. A. VOUD,
? ? ? Gcneiml raaengcr and Ticket Agent. M
D. W. CALDWEI.L, General Manager,
Mttahursh. I'a. ?
at " ? ?? r ', >
^ ^
* CAPITAL. m.^.4175,000
? W*. A. -...President
$ W*. B. biMno* Vlco-Pitaldenl
J Does a General Banking E urine*.
k ? , DOJtCTOM:
J f ? I Wro. E. Bluipumj 19
~ I- A WHlrr I Jnl.ti If Unitl/.j ' Si
Is A.M. Adam*, 1 Victor BoMDbuif. 2
S By l.r.i
J. N. VAHCK ~ President "
I (Uxou. Latjobum ~ Vlc?Prt?ldcnt
|l soucctou.
fa J. N. Vance, 8. Horkbelmir,
8. LaushUn, W. EllltiRhaxn,
J L S. Dolaplaln, AW-Kdlj.
\ John Fi?w,
J JoTTX J. JON'KS. CMhlff.
We hare the limit wd moit wleft itnck In oar
lino eTcr brought to Centre Whkollng, conUfctlng ol &
T12-. ni i? .-3 tv i ~ .
iv me mma m fanor suits,
-r '
And a largo lino of
Carpets, Oil Cloths *tid Wludow Sluiles,
wbleh wo will lell aalowugondanf like quality rui
be bonihl In the market. Call end Kouiudnt
_ oir prltd and you will boy of na.
mmpUyuilcuotiillr attended 10, day or nl|lit
M_ . * SI. Z1NK * BOS,
gih!9 Cor. Market Mid Tni'nty-Meomf Stt.
rom Machine ever tuvvnted. Will knit n pair of Mock* U
?\th, inn, with heel and toe annplete, In ?o mluutea. U " ' .
will al? knit * ireat variety of funuy w ork for which ' i
(hero U alwav* a ivndy market. Fend for circular '
and lennito the TWOkBLY KNITTING UACBIXX *
(* 00m 4W WMhta|Wu itmV Bostoa* K**. ^

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