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The Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1865-1903, April 08, 1882, Image 3

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m os KAirrit. /
V fi btf co fi'tit! >? Itellevinfc Misery, fy.
j1(ri. ff.'ifii nil Im/ie !,ni lint. Cures I
tiffl till UliiWM fail to llvliuvo, I
K uutt?ir?rHI>r?""ilt*tu. I
|. for I'?n Inula-. I
, i, [i+dt?r I'll III* III I lie llreMMt. /
LfZllor thr Uhl,,,jn. u /
l hi"?n? '*"".uilj.
M jibs*-'
ukit?<l t*r hnrnvtw. I
,Lrnillir*iirnfii i. /
H I trl ul irrli. I
't to ?*v unilrr mix ami M|| pi-, /
ng.hM'*'* I
r?r l'nln? In ilio Uttck. \
' '?r v?r<* lliritnl.
ssferss ?
l,b' , tivorlto*nd ??cwi for*
. : " ) i h y?itr hiw added
R,*, < i >( iiuwfiicredlcnU
bo*1., , rivi'ii. until today,
jffilV' urth.
""n ' ?'? ?' I'flvAtt. 14 a#"
.. a;iciu.i UnfuavM Moompi"':
' '
Sir*"" ,,omE.jUfjrAtLDuuociyw.
ml to tho iienrwt Druggist
ipi:.",; In the bou?o. it
tl<&' ' 1 * u,r'* bl11,
. ,'7*~.ir Nrrro King, will
-I I ' ' ?_i?vvl) Nurfo Klll? to
jjuJln!11..- thall- ??!!< ? '*?? l?roOrtM
' *?'|. r I'nlu Medicines to
mM" i ,: !!' Mi; for thumieirtt ;
cow*"" i'.in In'-'- Mh-fl
& J. S. SMITH,
...HAI'UNE street.
h Hid*** l? Ml# u*:
' '''|1(.iWrtH>tuj{?lom?nd?!or
tm?i .. iI'mt I have dealt
07::trhu imrecouroltod
***[ * i;* l unif without permit-1 i
, iiMiiirtdccrtlflv*t?a(roiii
??. i", .i . ihoy had be?n proIf*
, v i ! medical education,
v" ,.,!i.in:idfiunlUaritjr
. 1 ,w |U.|1(>0 0i,,rrvHnceof tensiIAui
y _ attention to
> "'v |..,.irc* mii****, If euro la
rtJSfr;J.'.lV-ivv tli.? i>ntl?it my opinion.
SffiSiii I'Hoor
m " ' J.i. Smith cured mo."
&u o* k''uJl " uu' J5KJT. PHI LU P8,
Wheeling, W. V*.
i-i.nh FiiItthuoI Ki", InipHirwl Volcc.?fiufWWtoMpaA
A i.o.. Wheeling, W. V*. ,
!hn?i!? and 1.1. . -I Sioraarh.?-Treatment (
kffiwiStoilv,. -tL I?r. Smith cuted
jy,Tl,"4! HOLT, Innumnce Agent
v..-"Kidtk.n /-r l'.nr\nu ream. Dr.Smith
tafcitoolllMS. UMd-"MjMa 1?M
|S to (?' ?'J?ft, !,olktos "M?4 "J
MumdHM't, Wheeling, W. Ya. J
' 'or y?:in with cancer. Hud 11 1
Kuat ittu- tiin'.-L it rv'tu ued *ll4tr each opera- J
r-.u Fb:vUof AatOL?flut of my bn? for IS J
wer'h. Rtporttti ?lyi'-K- l>t.dwlUi cured me with- J
hi kiite, ID fire wwk*.
WtaWJe Grm-r. Malu St.. Wheeling, W. Va. 1
r'x*r*tl??is* o! iUvtum, Prulajmua and Pilea? ]
fu riuu up to UK auil Pronounced Incurable.
fir liBlltiCUftil SOf without 111 lit'." 1
Martln'a Perry
8er.il 0.t?<M wrilwr.?"Dr. Kmlth'a profiyeional
tutto lata? family have k*eu mo*t natis/actory
ui I (vuiatDi liliu to all u a Kentlcman and a
UmAujutt KiOb ?ji:-"l had been suffering
farwTtn jw.-?ainl tn-utnl by many physicians for
tjqcwii. It. Smith w.i 11 hail a lHi>c-worm aad
laSlhilwtin r> ninvr.l a moiurter 1W feet long."
rtruief> T;mv yearn in honplUtla tor
k.-yl v kIt" i" i'.inr advantages in such cases,
hjfim.. >1 oi catarrh, dtauuie*of heart, liver,
Itoaua.kj.li.tji, rkiu, blood, nervous affections
and nf men and youth, scrofula and
jsJrtttWiilf wm> b'lcctia.
Htocwriai'.hont tlso knifo.
Fidr&uit i LiV.:.>v may be treated br Idler and
iMW*.ti?nwMU.t<d. A chart for self examination
iwi on rwvift of two throe-cent stamps, and
tdnanisiuti wa.
unwiuuin ?t uciif free. Office hours /rem 9 a. ?
a* 7 r. tall moraridrm,
<?U .V 1117' St.. Wheeling, W. Va.
IjM.rs.uits'* Jingle i?iuii?cnt, uureaas
Ik; Byte, Pimple*, hlnvk Heads or Ontbs, Blotch iil
fcrnutuiis "a the fair, leaving thu akin clear,
caithy*:??< beautiful. Also etirea Itch, Barber's
fch Mil Khcum. Titter, lUiicworni, Scald Head,
Uawml Hatiil". .-ore Nipple*, Boro Lips, old, obstiJMe
t'l?r? ?:i-I Sore*. ic.
Nkin DlwcnHO,
V. rr?ko, K.vj, t'leveland, Ohio, Mtffereil beyond
im?cril?ilu!i ii mi a ^kln (11mj.im which appealed
flBhlilnii'l". hiiul and frtce. and nearly destroyed
Bit)* 1l.e in??t careful doctoring failed to help
i!u wvl iftvr all hail tailed ho uwhI l?r. Pra*lerri
JUoc'jiulBJi'ijj jiu J wa? cured by aluwapplicatkei
arnitdM&nd only positive euro for skin dls(Mtfemdhnjvertd.
fer.ff.t n\fllriwnlnlnfnrlw PI fl r Cm ta
iU.NKY jic ?HLhol? rronr'n.
04 Vcmy Street, New York City.
For rctaU'ievdlnjr Itching or Ulccraicd I'flM,
Cr. v.iV.ua . 1 i Han I1le Ointment U mure cure,
fnw Si by mall. For ?al? by Logan A Co., drug-.
bipivjtlvc an l tfloctutl remedy for *11 Nerrona
ia rvfty >t*?e of llfi?young or old. ratio
or female: surh a* hnix.toney, I'roHiratfon, Lam at
ftrruth. Ltm of lu.litv, Defective Memory, ImUlnxl
Hrnliv pow>r. and dlbCauM from which an
yniummJ wi.tc of )]fe *i'rln*s, nil of vrhlch cannot
ail to undermine ilio whole ?>wm. Kvcry organ
amkoinM. rrrry power Tm*ttati-1. and man*
rat of are genera ten which,If notcheoked,
t*re th<- ??V (.Mill t ;ir!v death. It reJuvlnaU* we
*e-l Mnvlfowu* y.-ith Fach i*tck??Q contain*
fcSfient f.,r two t rentment. Write for pamJhK
which ttl'i 'v?o::l froo, with full particular*.
V.fl l?y *11 DruvM* Rt r-fl cent* a paclr?R<\or
twew twrkans ft.r<0. Will he sent free by mall
w rw Ij.t of monev, hv addrewlne
A ran> euarantci-O. KuflWo, H. V.
A ( (>.. Wholesale and Retail Agent*,
ww.lne iv?w-i?'i7
m\ HLE51 flUSl
A Sure Curo Found at Last I No
One NihmI Suffer!
AnnCntttni Wind. RUvdlnB. ItchingMid 01te?ic<lVile*:d'.M-Hvewd
by pr. MUuwjj
(t.-.:: . 1 I'r. Indian
ftwiwnt. a Mud# i?ix haa cnrtHl Uio worse
r 80 ream rtandlnf. No ono
MtlH&'r Ovf mlnutea titer applying thU wontew.
w,Mi.< r.^Wclw. UtioM, Inntmmentt
v.'..? ? u?rv burin than good. *Ullc-.M.,...
vtho iuumw,alwr? in?,ln* S
towltO.i:UMNk'ulnrly ut night alter witting .
W.uicm *v fit Ji jircinn'il only (or Plica, itch*
m.H',-.,.. r:anUor nothing elw.
tL:. M. l offlnw-rry. of CleTohai,*n*l*>m
It. William's Indian Pilo OintlUt
u<" d icons ..1 PUo CUM^Wdlt
a*cUrfv. V that 1 huro nevj-r found
V?lnt *w.h gave * cl> Immediate and penna-1
*?' f-vf IN Dr. WlUliun'h ludUn Ointment.
*"M?* 11.J..W uridisc Corner. Wheeling,
ul tif*u drusuUv. or mulled on receipt of price,
KKNRV Si (X).. IWnu.
tv v.? v Vor< <'Ut.
A 1 inc assortment just received at
. kpft Main utrcet <
At (lie Mcl.urc House Art Store. <
jnU5 _ K. L NICOLL. Ag?nt. 1
BAUl'A1Nv' 1UUCJAIKS? 5155X155 ,
in Picture, 1'idtiro Frames, Pocket Books J
mid l.mlioh' Traveling Caws, and 5 |
*110 cent courts.
J**! 11-2-J Miln Htrpot, 1
{"win*>?*cr bv? n'.cd. WIU knit a nalr ol atook;ilete.
In 'JO minute*. It
m ?lvi knit 11 nn?t varluty ul fancy vrork (or which
Jgtttaiwayia tv-A-ljr market. (land (or drcnUu
Mw V?W.
mm WROAS8.21 stop?, 10 let rcedj.onlj
Sfii* * **> Swap., Bare Holiday
v,ri-MaUra' ?iS
? 1 ;
1 ^^?'' kK"ra 8ttclllc Bcm<"1r i" Epi
Curt* KplWptlc Flu, Conrnlslona, St.
MtusDauce. Vertigo, Hysterics, Insanity, Apoplexy,
Paralysis, Rheumatism. Neuralgia, untl
>11 Nervou* Disease*. Thl* infallible remedy
*111 positively eradicate every specie* of Nervous
Derangement. and drive them away from
wheuce they came, never to return again. U
uttotly destroy* the germs or disease t>y neutralising
tbe hereditary tatut ur |ml?ori In thesystem,
aud thoroughly eradicate* tbu diseaae^aud utterly
destroy* the came.
Core* Female W?aknea?, General Bebllty, I.cncorrhraa
or Willi**, Painful Menstruation,
Ulceration of thu Uterus. luternal Hunt, Gravel,
Inflammation of tbeUlnddur, Irritability of the
Bladder. For Wakefulness ai nl^ht, Hiiro It
no Instter remedy. During the change of lifts no
female should bo without It. It quiet# the Nerroue
System, and give* re.t, comfort,and nature's
Cure* Alcolmllim, Druukfnness and the hnblt of
Jpitlin Eatiug. Thueo degrading linliits lire by
far llie won't evil* tUnt have ever uefalleu suffering
humanity. Thousand* die aummlly fioni
lb*#e uoxlous drugs. Thu druuknrd drink*
Iquor not because he likes It, but for the pleasure
of drinking and treating hi* friends, bt'lo
lldukiuu thai Tie I* on bia road to mlu. Like
.he Opium Eatur, be flrst u?e? the drii^ In small
luantltlk!* a* a harmless antidote. Thesootbing
influence of the anig take* strong hold upon Its
rlctlm, leading him on to hia own destruction,
[lie habit* of Opium Eating and Liquor Uiinlt ng
are precisely what eating 1* to allmentlveaess.
as over eating flrct Inflame* the stomach,
*hlcb redouble* It" craving* until it paralyxew
>oth tbu stomach aud appetite. Soevety drink of
iquor or done of opium. Instead of satisfying,
July add* to Ita fierce fire*, until It cmisumoA
hu vital force and then Itself. Like the glutton)iih
tape-worm, Itcrle* "Give, give, give 1" but
lever enough until It* own rapacity devoura
tteir. Samaritan Nervine given Instant relief
u alt aucb cams. It produces (deep, quiet# the
lerve*. build'* up the uervou* system, and roitores
body and mind to a healthy condition.
Jnres Nervous Propepsin, Palpitation of tho
Heart. Asthma, Bronchitis, Scrofula. Syphllla,
liseases of the Kidneys and all ?l (leases of the
LIriuary Organ*. Nervous Debllitv, caused br
ho indiscretions or youth, permanently cured
>y the use of tld* Invaluable remedy. To you,
roung, middle-aged, and old men, ho are coverug
your Buffering* as with a mantle by silence,
ook up, you cau be saved by timely effort*,
ind make ornaments to society, aud jewels in
lie crown of your Maker, If you will. l)o not
(eep this a secret longer, until It sap* your.
Minis. and dratrovaliatu lnutv mid ?nttl if vm?
ire tbii* afflicted, take l)n. JttcUNoNd'* Saiuiitan
Nbhvinb. It will rtstoie your shattered
lervc*, nrnut premature decay, and Impart tone
ind energy lo tbo whole System.
I* for ontc by druRglnta everywhere, or may be
sail direct from ?? Tboae who w|*b to obtain
briber evidence of the ctirullve properties of
tamarltau Xirvlne will plearc enclose n 3-cent
po-iage wtarap for a ropy of our Illustrated
Miurual of liealtb, jiving httudrcd* of ce?flfnoilal*
of cure trom pervouii wbo have ured the
medlciue, ami al?o tlielr picture* photographed
iftcr their reatoratlou to perfect health.
Dll. S. A. RICHMOND & CO.,
World's Epileptic Institute,
. ^^
Curos Rheumatism, Lambago.LanoBack,
Sprains and
Bruises. Asthma, Catarrh,
Couchs, Colds, Sore Throat,
Diphtheria, Baas, Frost
Bites, Tooth, Ear, and Beadacho,
and aZ'pains and aches.
Hi? best Internal and external remedy la the
world. Erery bottle gtuMateed. Sold by a?dicioa
dealer* everywhere. Direction* la eight language*.
Pike jo cent* and {h?,
FOSTER, M1LBURN & CO., Prop'ri,
nuppf tJi. x. y.. v ?t. l.
I r:*==SS=L
- NcTtr falls to euro nay tirtacy (UsnvnrJnt- ?
-? soever; al?, disease! tiiobuuacr.ESSS "
Incontlncaco or urluo, (wetting tluTbcay
t rntunu Is a poilttrp euro. 3
- in errors of youth, l^cuuKXlaa crcclLc.
Vcr brick-dint cr other dciratts, taUol'r^
PI'cr nfwiaflctfSuy aati loretcno^tliVe
~ P1'"nutf*K?,1j|c:bII1 'vtitiio S
casrOy. flromitTlr^rof rtnit?i In 1-otn saxes
- rU|- rvu3'jir'JstrutTi! 'u "ixc:>
rtvo natural or unnatural rcxttr.llnrtnlgrncc,
% irjwvvx 1} a euro euro. 7"TmT?S
- firol end jonagr*n>?ns ^10"ro 'ikfiirbitf
too focnuttit ir. amlsht. tonnltovrr.tor, can
I rely implicitly m FrrAf*A. !35SS3S35E K
For urinary rf lx>U rcrc\ roFIontaJft
foaolafntJ of oil f.lml*. TrHtntA Is at.
3 rawvinb^A will
oJt rostoro or at bait greatly bcaoflt. HESSE r
- B. DrilAJrTMAjf & CO., Oiborn, Oblo. ?
J Keep your bowels regular With
olil by all dnijtitlin ?n4 de?lere in medicine
Owinc to a popular Wo* that a remedy ?ld i
'uro* vttilotyot maUdkashould be tiratcd wlt
SllTnt suspicion, tho Inventor heriute
orne ilmo lu placing It before Jhf public: btitfrri
ho gratifying assurance by a great number of tli
*ie viial?iiiff and hwllh-renewing n-^wrtlcs j
While It 1* the aim of the inventor to convey j,
ihi fcSie ? lo?B Ule or via ?f!> mt*m ?
"tffi ? taith bawl opon Vbo ?(**?>? ol t?eli
mii [it wuulil nalrfwpalf ot w*Wrin! J ptttiiv
Intfrorlitiz from tho aboven dUeiM*. iven tho ih i
duced to a wry low state and not compllcatil 1
actual 0,-jyinlc low.
Yum, Mum., May loth,1RWD*a*8u:-Allow
mo to aay'that I nu*mtyo
nervous ?y?tem it Is Invaluable. I bare n?o41t w
solf with tho most ratisfactory wuwwirt^Bl
Uoduced U to a large number of mjr ^cop^
aprimw rwtor8?. WwTl QtfbM C*0"
- fta lottllijmw
bishop iiAirs i.boicaba
CrltlclicU by ? Frulmlnni <ler*ym?
Editor* IntcUlgeacar:
I hnvo carefully read Homo of the Le
ten lectures of Bishop Kain published
your paper. As a Attestant, I am rau
surprised that tills, above all seasons of tl
year, is chosen by tho Prlsthood as tl
proper time to preach controversial m
rnous, when most peoplo 'think penltenti
oues would suit better. It may be that
listen to these sermons is pari of the pern
ance tho faithful must uudergo in %en
and considered necessary by tho authoi
lies of tho Catholic Church to contlrm tl
wavering in viowof Protestant activity an
aggressiveness. Bishop Kain very vrlsel;
for himself, does not uttompt to give us
dellnition of tho Catholic Church. 11
treats the whole matter as a settled poii
?that tho church to which ho belongs
that church, and, in tho boldest and mo
assertive manner, inform.-! us in his so
mon on John xx:'Jl, that there there ai
no more difficulties in accepting ti
claims he puts forward for his church tha
.believing in the existence of God. llo
audacloutt! Tho Bishop is following in th
footsteps of Peter lluet, Bishop of A]
ranches, who according to Tenneman, i
his History of Philosophy, "Employe
scepticism as a means of converting Pn
testants." And Moaheim, in his JSccli
siaetical History (cant. XVI i,sec. 1, part I
says; "It is well known that the Jesulti
who were favored by Huct have employe
this method to lead Protestants into th
Komish communion." Dr. JJenlloy, "0
Frcethiukiug" (ed. 174D),nays on this poin
' 'Tin most certain that to propagate Atht
ism in Protestant countries has been
method prescribed and made nto of b
Popish Emissaries," M I'lius Rome rises o
the rulus of reason." Tho .'Supremacy c
Faith" is in fact the "Supremacy of th
l'ope," Does not Bishop Jvain ?iy,in /ae.
to the Protestants whom lie addresses, thu
there Is no halfway house. Yuu must b
cither Roman or Infidel. Yon cannot rt
main Protestant. In his sermon on th
abovo text ho states that the Apostles re
ceived certain powers from the Head of th
Church, the risen Savior. But hese power
were personal; there is not one wordabon
stressors, and not one word of the Pop
of Rome. The Bishop's argument appear
to bo that these powers were given to thi
Apostle*; Peter was the Prince of th
Apostles; he was Bishop of I tome, am
' the present Pope is in regular succession
and consequently my church is the church
What a stride from Jerusalem to Home
and from Rome to Wheeling! But then
are no lees than three assumptions; First
that. Peter was Prince of the Apostles
second, that he was Bishop of Borne; third
that tho present Pope is his successor. Th
Saviour founds IIis church at Jerusalem
Bishop Kain his at Rome. Let us look a
tho context of this 21st verso and eompar
it with the corresponding passages ii
Luke's gospel. Wo learn that others wen
present besides the Apostles; just hov
many we cannot tell; probably some wen
women. The 10th verse of this ehaote
xx, reads: "In the evening, being the tirs
day of tho week, when the doors wen
shut where tho Disciples were as
sembled for fear of tho Jews, cami
Jesus amL stood in tho mida
and saith unto them "Peace be uuti
you," "Then were tho Disciples gla<
when tliev saw tho Lord." Observe tli<
term useu, Ditciples, a moro general won
than apostle. All the apostles were Dis
ciples, but all the Disciples were not Apoa
ties. In the xxiv chapter of Luke two o
the Disciples were journeying toEmmaus
i iiu i-iKiwi jyuini kueui oh ciitfir journey
the day of Ilia resurrection. He madi
himself known unto them and then vari
ished. They immediately return to Jeru
salem, and in the 33d verse of this chante:
it is written they "found the eleven gather
ed together and them that were with them,'
and while they were relating their couver
sation with the Saviour "Jesus himsel
htood in the midst und saith unto them
Peace be unto you. (J50v.) "Aud openinj
their understanding that they might un
derstand tho Scriptures, said imto them
. thus it is written and thus it behove*
Christ to sutler und to rise from Unuleut
the third day, and that repentance and re
mitinion of sins should he preached in Hi
name among all nations,beginning at Jeru
salem. And ye are my witnesses of thes
things. (45-4S.) Tliese statements of Join
and Luke complement each other. "Th
breathing" of Jesus upon tho Disciple
of John is tho opening of tnei
understanding of I.uke. "Tho powc
of remitting and retaining sins," of John
is tho preaching of repentance andremis
sion of sins of Luke, and the sending c
John is the witnessing of Luke. Now wu
this gift of the lloly Spirit for the remis
sion of sins bestowed on others beside
tho Apostles? If it was. the whole fabri
of priestly absolution built on these word
collapses. No one will presume to ossei
that any bishop, priest, minister or clei
gyman possesses, any more than the lav
01 an, the power of forgiving sins. uNoa
can forgive sins, but God only." "Am
from this it follows that no absolutio:
given by man can be anything more thai
a declaration either general or particula
that sin has been forgiven by God. Ever
Christian has a warrant to say to his brotli
er, repent and believe on the Lord Jesu
Christ and thy sins shall be forgiven thee.
(Bishop Thill wall's Kemains, iii p. 802.)
Tf ...? 4-1... Ii.? * is.??I?
41 nu uiiiu hic niDiiup o u-At iiivrmiy i
. proves too much, foi then it would follow
that us Jesus was sent of God, the Fathei
"even so did Jesus send them." Thes
words could only be understood with thei
proper limitations. The A {jostles were uc
sent to discharge that work of redemption
which was the one prerogative of thei
Lord; they were sent as lie was sent t
proclaim God's love to sinners?to preaci
repentance and remission of sins. Th
Apostle Paul, writing to the Corinthian.'
thanks God that he had baptized but feu
adding, ''For Christ sent mo not to baj:
tixe, but to preach the Gospel." On an
fair internration of the words, in his est!
mation the preaching of the Gospel wn
more distinctly, more necessarily a part c
his oflice than tho administration of th
sacraments. Again, iu that mostsolem:
charge to Timothy, what is it that hold
the first place in ins thoughts? The powi
of absolution? The administration of tli
sacraments us channels of Gntce? No; tli
preaching of the Gospel: "I charge the
before God and the Lord Jesus Chris
who shall judge the quick and dead i
i his appearing and' Kingdom, preach tli
? The Bishop indulges in a fling at tho lli
vised Version, of tho New Testament i
changing the Protestant llulo of Faith. I]
hits forgotten the Sixtine and Clementii:
Editions of the Latin Vulgate, the Veraio
to be vised by' the liomauiats in ail sc
mons' expository and disputations. Pof
riixtus V. published an edition in I591
This ho pronounced to bo tho Authent
Vulgate, and denounced with the great
ex-communication any person who s)iou]
dare to change the smallest particle, an
note veo to be absolved by the Pope. Th
edition was found by Pope Clement YU
to contain at least two thousand errors, at
in 1592 he publishes his edition which d
fere consideniblv from the Sixtine. \Vhi<
is the more Authentic? There is more c<
tainty In tho Protestant churches than
h tho Koman Catholic, The Protestant a
<1 cepts the invitation of theSavionr, "Conjo
me awl I will give you rest," and finds r?
$ The blessed experience of this rest eve
1 child of G'od enjoys. There is, therefoi
? now no condemnation to them which n
5 In Christ Jesus, "who walk not after t
l? flesh, but after the spirit" (Rom. vlli,
"for ye have not received the spirit of lie
dago ogsifl to fear; bntyo have receiv
it the Bplrlt of adoption wbereby wo ci
ill Abba Father. Tho spirit itself beajt
ar witness with our spirit that wo aro t
to children of God," same chapter, 15 and
?l yereep. Tho JJomonist goes to tho Prlc
? ho confesses his sins; a pe^anco is impo*
and the Priest absolves. How what o
tainty has tho convert that t
Priest has power to forglvo si:
IIo does not even know tl
or the priest has been property ordained,
ft the person ordaining must bavo the int*
J.- tion tho church requires in oruination.a
n- so of baptism and every rite of the chun
The copvert only hears the words of t
priest, abfoitv ^ aad ^en poee away, G
? li?? not spoken to him. And Iwalde* what
* ll the ruin of faith of the Church o( ltomi-?
* It ip well deacrlbed by Mr. Uladatone.
_ Home Myi: "Do not appeal to reason,
? that { nulooaltam; do not appeal to Script.
ure, that Is herwy; do notarial to history,
,n> that la private judgment. Over all thcae 1
am Judge, not you. II you tell me that I
_ require you to afllrm to-day under an ana['"
theuia, what yesterday you were allowed
or encouraged to deny, my anawor la that
:" In and hy me alone, you have any ineatia
" of knowing what It la you oilUm or what
" It la you deny." PucnnriNT.
ii- Later developments ln the Harria aafe
'!> blowing caae, develppo the fact that the
j'j amount of money secured by the "operat,1
ors" waa about $100. The roacala paid a
y, visit to.and broke Into Staloy's and -Vo"
Ion's blackamitli ahope, in the First word,
" from the former of which they procured
,* tlie tools with which they effected an
' entrance into the latter where they gut the
~ "brace," which waa left near the Backed i
.* safe It Is aald that a couple of fellows, !
" atrongly auapectod of hoinp connectcd wltli
- a oiiuu 01 tnieves in urooKe county, were
n in town on the evening before the robbery. '
w If they had vi?iie<l tho place one night
'f curlier they would liavo secured a much
v' larger swag.
' The tulk and excitement over tlio burg- !
11 lary here has moved Mr. Stelle, salesman !
* for the Webster Wagon Company, to relate t
5" the following bit of experience met with (
J? by him in his late trip through Pennsylva- ?
s[ ma. "Being in a store in a small town in I
a Pennsylvania a few days ago I was sur- ?
0 prised to boo what purported to bo a true [
[} ;key' to tho combination of the safe, writ- {
l: ten in largo, bold letters immediately over J
tho safe. Upon inquiring tho meaning of [
n this strange exhibition, I was assured by ,
y the proprietor that tho writing and figures .
'} were exactly what they purported to be, J
" and requested me to take my placo' at the H
" safe and bo convinced. And sure enough, k
by following tho directions there written I n
lt had no difficulty in unlocking tho safe. In ^
0 answer to the question ns to what the object w
(* was, 1 was conducted to the rear of the ?
0 biiildingand shown the ilebritoi a number J
of broken safe doora. Tho gentleman # in- n
c' formed, me that they were tired of buying [,
J safes for burglars to break up, and had a
1 adopted this plan to protect their property R
u from destruction, explaining that no &
8 money or other thing of value to robbers u
B was kept in the safe. Books and papers ai
a only were kept there, and only for protecJ
tion from lire. ' N
'? Matters of a sensational character being jj
* somewhat scarce here, some person, iu j1,
'? order to relieve tho monotony of tilings, tt(
L! started the report a few days ago that Win. a\
? l'ratt, who keeps "bachelor's hall" in the w
J First ward, had locked himself up in his ci
* house and eithvr committed suicide or died p
B a natuml death, and that tho odor arising "
? from his decomposing body was fearful. a<
1 It is needless to add that the rumor was f|
0 entirely without foundation. Mr. Pratt is J
1 working in the country.
3 Hon. G. S. McFadden left for Pittsburgh
' ou Wednesday evening, it said for tho pur- t(
pose of assisting Chas. Weaver in inducing
r capitalists in that city to come here' and
1 start a glass house.
Q Dr. May is enlarging the building?for- fj
* merly used by him as an office, aud con- T
3 verting it into a dwelling house.
* Nearly thirty per cent of tho convicts in ?
J tho penitentiary are colored. Tho total g
1 number now confined in that institution is j,
I5 191. of whom filtv-five nrn nnlnri?l Tu-n >
1 of the inmates are feraalos. u
Bishop Peterkin, of the Episcopal church, n
: preached to a large audience in Trinity u
* church lust evening. tl
If the local editor of the Iltrald hnd
? read the Intelligencer more carefully he
L' would have learned that Pilot Davis has
" gone home, and iB not "very sick at the
* residence of his father in the lower ward."
r The presence of a bsat at tho landing
' whoso owner is anxious to buy anything \
in the shape of old metal, mga, bones, Ac., o
* that can b?* githered up is proving, it is o
f feared, too strong a temptation to dishon- d
* esty on the part of the street gamin, and s]
? possibly some persons who have out- v
" grown that happy period of their lives, for J
' them to successfully resist.
I The miners at the Union coal works -y
*- onlvhad two days work this week, and
" will remain idlo until Cant. Israel's cons
tract for supplying tho Klornan mill with n
" coal expires. The Union secured the con- ,j
e tract for supplying tho mill, and as soon ti
I >is tho contractgoes into affect, which will V
e bo in a very short time, the men are d
s promised steady employment. ?
r Col. John Thompson's health is in a very
r critical condition. The Colonel is one of .
'? the oldest peoplo now living in this neigh- ^
l* borhood, and has up to this time born his a
)l ago remarkablv well. t;
a Mrs. Addio Davis was fully accepted into rl
tho Episconal Church last night, Bishop h
Peterkin Huministoriiig the ceremony of c
c confirmation. I
J A couple of gentlemen of the legal pro- P
fessiori met on ii street Thursday evening c
"" last, disputed and were about to settle the Jl
'* affair a la llyan and Sullivan, when the j!
? strong arm of law?municipal?in the J
II shape of Sergeant Brannon, interfered, and 0
11 the promised sanguinary exhibition was a
n postponed. o
r A nice shower at 4 o'clock this morning \
y laid the dust and gives vegetation a big
onward boom.
llauson CriBwell'8 symptoms are still a
very discouraging, and tho chances^ are c
. mrguiy Hguuiut ma recovery. |ine A. 01 U., c
J of which ho is ft member, have made a
; regular detail of two members to sit up
r' Willi him each night. p
"? a
r The ltlcli and ill? I'oor.
Statistics arc no respectors ot proverbs
r nor of taking phrases not founded on J
facts. "The rich are growing richer and ti
tho poor poorer" has almost passed into an *
? axiom not merely in Europe but in this
* country, and yet, according to Air. Mul'
hall, in the Contemporary Review, statistics g
' showing the distribution of wealth in o
<' Great Britain prove the exact opposito, to
" wiu "tlfat-the rich are growing poorer and
# the poor richer" in otlrer words, that
the tendency for the last forty years n
' has been toward a more nearly y
equal distribution of property. There is S
- still a vast difference between tho averago I
possessions of tho working people, but tho *
difference, according to the returns, i'b appreciably
less than it was in 1840. Thus in ?.
. that year tho averago property of tho }
J "wealthy" was $144,100; of the middle j
classes, $7,165; of the working people, j
S220. In 1877 the wealthy bad an averago
u of $120,015; the middle classes, $5,045j and n
" working people, $130. Tho returns aro no
doubt very imperfect, but tho absence of ,
. any evidence to the contrary may bo assumed
to show n general truth.
For both foundry and mill irons a quiet c
j. market is still reported. Tho undertone ,
ic seems slightly feverish, but, while it ip
doubtful that round lots of stock could bo
llJ placed, excepl at concessions, we do not *
l.d llnd that less tlian tho basis of $25 50 for 1
18 No. 1 X foundry is accepted for standard
brauds in tho moderate quantities, which '
!} form the bulk of movement at present,
l[' The product of several of the prominent
5h furnaegs is said to bo well sold up, but
!r' there are some companies not so well situ- ,
in atcd, and from these there is enough stock
f offered to keep tho market a little unsettled.
1? ?N. Y. JMtctin of yerterday.
r>* Plain Tnlk from I?r. Nwnyne.
v' To WnoM it May Cosacnsf.?Itching piles
ru is one of the most annoying complaints
ho known to physicians. Every one can tell
I.) whether he is thus afflicted by observing the
m- following symptoms: Interne Itching, pared
tlcularly after getting warm. It seems as If
v pin worms wero crawling In or about the
fi! rectum. Small lumps sometimes form. Tht
ho private ports org often alTeoled. The more
. J you scratch the worse the Itching. Knowing
l" that my Ointment is superior to any article
in tho market, I guarantee it to cure the worst
!(>t case of Itching piles in existence,
or- fdlgned] II Swaym, M. D.
he Df, Swayne's Ointment is also a pleasant
as. and effective cure (or tetter, llch, salt rheum,
rnt erysipelas, barber's Itch, pimples, and all
for scaly, crusty, itchy skin eruptions. Sold by
all prominent druggists, or will bo sent for
nfi GO cents (in 3 cent sumps), 3 boxes, $1 25.
3f Address, l)r. Swoyne & 8on, Philadelphia,
he Pa* tthsaw
od To thi weak, Pwqna fires strength.
"A llml Cold or DUtroMlnf loogh."
Dry, parched, sore throat, pneumonia, ;
bronchial and asthmatic attacks, weakened
and debilitated state of tht system, all tbaa* i
dangeroos symptoms arc cured by "Dm. o
Bwayxx's Compound Braor o? Wiu> GantY." r
The flnrt dose gives relief, and the wont cold
and tore lung* yield to Its healing properties.
An occasional dose of "Bwaymb'b 1'iub" &
should be taken to keep the bowels free. They ft
are excellent for torpid liver and bilious com* i
plaints. '
A Frankfort (Ky.) physician writes: Some \
months ago the daughter of one of our proud* %
nont citizens was pronounced hopelessfy con* \\
sumptlve. She was very much reduced in ^
tlesb, terrible cough, her life gradually wast* J
ing away. I recommended her to use "Da. 8l
8way*rs Compound Svntt or Wild Cusaav," ei
which alio did. In a short time she was free in
from all cough and other symptoms, and la PJ
now rosy and healthy. /
Price, 25 cents and jl a bottle, or six bottles I
for $5. The large situ is the most economical.
Prepared only by Dr. Hwayue & Son, Pklla*
ilelphia. Bold by druggiata. ttusaw y(
Bargain In a 1'luno.
Good 7K octave rosewood piano, nearly pi
new, used but a abort time, will be sold at a
rreat bargain. Call and examine at Lucas' Music
Store, 1142 Main atreet.
It is true other remedies can be praised, -j
nit I'eruua baa the unequaled proof. J[
Filmier**' Wives.
It is an evident fact that farmers' wives ?'
ire afflicted with many diseases which are *o
ho result of overwork. They are constantly on
me ceaseless routine of toil from daylight __
tt morning until till iate at night. No *
ihange, no relaxation, no rest! Farmers Jr
hpuld note this fact, aud be forewarned ]
tetoro it is too iate. it is astonishing what pu
m amount of lat>or tho wives of farmers per*
orm. Many *f them gut up and have break* 1
sst ready before their husbands are out of
ied. Then it is work, work, work until aji
tear midnight, their minds during the time 1
icing constantly occupied with their duties, Ki'
nd with thinking how the food is to be sup* _
llll.fl. WllAll till* uruahln" nnil ' * '? *? ?
one, when time can bo spared to scrub the
oor, how the children are to be clothed and X
ept tidy, und innumerable other things not *
eceasaryto mention, all of which combine jj\'
) overwork and break down tlio strongest nm
ronian in the land. In no case is it safe to bo me
imtinuoualy thinking upon any one thing, |ur
nd in cases where the brain has been weak- Jr.*
ned by tpo great a strain upon it, thereby j0,
roducing insanity, epilepsy, vertigo, hysirics.
female weakness, general debility, and jj
multitude of other dlwases, the remedy is ?
est and a few bottles of Dr. 8. A. Uichmund
; Co.'s Samaritan Nervine. It acts directly r
pon the nervous centres and invigatoreti H
i?d strengthens the whole system. Many ug
lilies have refrained from using 8amaritan ~
ervine on account of an existing prejudice V
jainst advertised medicines. Let ua ask a
uestion: Are you prejudiced against sew- '
ig machines because you have seen tbcm ?
Ivertised, or can you doubt the ingenuity 1j
ad skill required in their invention ? Again, JJ
ould you refuse to insure your house be- Jr*
iuso the company advertised that it had '???
aid millions oi dollars in losses and yet had T7
capital of several millions left? Do such Jt?
ivertisements shake your confidence and .
reate prejudice? Thou why refuso to credit
ie testimony of those who have found
imaritan Nervine to be all that is claimed
>r it in overcoming those ailments peculiar _a
> your sex ? The following statement speaks
ir itself: K
Fairfield, Leuawee Co., Mich.,) g
April 23,1881. J wl?
I)r. Richmond?Dear Sir: This is to certi- ajx
f that my wife had Ills for thirty-five years. ^
hey would last her for about one hour and j
midlines longer. 1 happened to hear of ?
our medicine, and sent tor some of it. 8he
ad no more fits aftar she took the first dose.
he is now permanently cured, aud her ?
ealth is a great deal better than it has been 17
>r twenty years or more. You are entirely X?
t liberty to use her picture und this testl- *12
tonial in any manner whlch.you please, -rnd
may sign my natuo to it. we owe you jj
lis much at least for what you havo done
>r her. Yours truly, ?
imw Hknuy Clark. *
To tub sick, Peruna is the greatest blessing. f
Thirty I>a> n rriul. ^
We will send Dr. Dye's celebrated Electro- _?l
oltaic Belts and other electric appliances a
u trial for thirty days to young meu and 4
tdcr persons who are afflicted with nervous j
ebility, lost vitality, etc., guaranteeing 2
>eedy relief and complete restoration of Co
Igor and manhood. Also for rheumatism, j,
euralagia, jmralysis, liver aud kidney difflulties,
ruptures and many other dheases. t
llustrated pamphlet sent free. Address -*
oltaic Belt Co.. Marshall. Mich, itiisaw 1
??? - ? Tw
Treat Yonr Tcetti
ithcr than havo tliein pulled. Let your J
entist fave all he can. You desire to have
ouble, because you have not it/red Sozodont.
IThen properly fixed, then rub on tho Sozo- ,
ont, and keep them all right for time to ?i
oiuc. Ttimvr ^
wny win Yon
Jlow a cold to advance in your system and
iius encourage more serious maladies, such T
s Pneumonia, Hemorrages and Luqg _
roubles when an immediate relief can be so 2"]
aadily attaint*!? Bohciuk'b German Syrdp |t0)
as gained the largest sale in tho world for the .sid
uroof Coughs, Colds und the severest Lung Cet
liscases. ItinDr. Boschee's famous German J-*4
reaciption, and is prepared with the greatest jj?,
we, and no fear need be entertained in ad- on
limstering it to tho youngest child, as per
irections. The sale of this medicine is un? j?
recedeuted. Since first introduced there has ?
een a constant increasing demand and with- _
ut a single report of failure to do its work in ^
ny case. Ask your Druggist as to the truth S
f these remarks. Iiarge sizes 76 cents. Try
land bo convinced. Trhww
DrtipsUfM Tvxltmunjr.
H. P. McCarthy, druggist, Ottawa, Ont., '
tates that he wasafllictcd with chronic bron- ^
hitis for some years, and was completely
ured by the une of Thomas' Ecleclric Oil.
Osb Hcsor.Rn dollars reward for a bettor '
emedy. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment is pi
sure cure for Piles. otw L j
Go to your druggist for Mrs. Freeman1s New
National Dyes. For brightnessand durability
f color, are unequalea. Color from 2 to 5
ounds. Directions in English and German. 00
'rice, 15 ccnto.
t'erililcntc. ^
"I have used Hurdock lilood Bitters wtih
reat benefit for indigestion and constipation ?
f the bowels." price $1,00, C. L. Eakton, j0|
"Hamilton, Ont." Ro
How to Meeurc lieu I (It
It is strange any one will sulFer'fmm d?
documents brought on by impure blood .
IP will restore health to the physical organ!- C
atlon. It is a strengthening syrup, pleasant K7
take, and the IJBST BLOOD PURIFIER ,
Ter discovered, curing Scrofula, Syphylltlc ^
ilsorders, Weakness of the Kidneys, Erysipe- ou
is. Malaria, Nervous disorders. Debility,
lilious complaints and Diseases of the Blood,
ilvcr, Kidneys, Stomach. Skin, etc. ,
Baker's Pain Panacea cures pain in man
,nd beast,
Dr. Rogers' WormSyrupinstantlydestroys ^
Purely vegetable; jverfectly safp, a pood li
ubstitute for castor oil; pleasant to take; __
ertaln in effect, can be truly said of Denlg's
IVorm Syrup. Try it; your druggist has it.
!5 cents a bottle.
Tubt are so mild and strengthening! They
itliuulute the liver, help to curry off the acid ?
ind bile and purities the blood.
E. K. Thompson's Dandelion and Man- "
irake Pills are for sale by druggist*. ?
To tub hesitating, Parana gives courage.
8. S. 8. cures Pimples, Boils, or any diteaa
srising from Impure blood.
Hack ! back! hack 1 Cough! cough! cough 1 ~~
All Ktopped at once by using Dr. Wiggins' ?
Lungwort. Compound. Try it Sold by Logan "I
& Co., and all druggists, J
A Cocon, Cold or Sore Throat should be
stopped. Neglect frequently results in an
Incurable Luna: disease or Consumption. SJ
Brown's Bronchial Troches do not disorder oi
the stomach like cough syrups and balsams, ic
but acts directly on the inflamed parts, allaying
irritation, gives relief in Asthma, Bron* chltls.
Coughs, Catarrh, and the Throat troub* \
lea which singers and public speakers are
subject to. Tor thirty years Brown's Bron- q'i
chial Trochcs have been. recommended by u
physicians, and have always given perfect oj
satisfaction. Having been te>ted by wide and J
constant use for nearly an entire generation %,
they have attained well-merited rank among t
the few staple remedies of tho.age. Sold at c
25 ceuts a box everywhere. TTbsaw ?
Common talk all over tbe town, that Dr. 1
Wiggins' Lungwort Compound cures all J
kinds of Coughing and Colds. Try It. Sold m
by Logan & Company and all druggists, 4
. 1
- ' ''rr V :
Lf, '".lunll>
Aadre" D- * * Intnllf
;^yvrr'uf y?y11
U uii.J.llu ???1 man. In a wbolcitle or i
foman, and la willing lo tiwpt work In to
trtment. Addnm K, lui?lHg?nccr offlco.
The highest market price ptlil for whll
illow corn.
Wheeling Orape Sugar and neflnlng C
">/ A. C. EOKRTKR,
ji<_ fiecretar
Parties having Land Warrants for Govt
ent lar.d not located, will learn sometl
their interest by addressing
mh24 Kaiyo, 1). .
Mds will be rewired at the City Clerk'* ofllct
ttitipc new roof on the Centra Markut Hoi
<1 bull hlittll bo (or ur roof. tin roof, shingle r
aibcsU*. Blda rauat be ividtemcd to the Cli
a oI mo Cowmltteoou Market*. mu\ mutt be
ared to the City Clerk on or beforu HuturO
ril 8th, at 4 o'clock r. it.
he Committee on Marked rescrvo the right
set auy or all bids.
ihWrrius , tityClorl
.11 persons with whoa I left blanks will pic
urn thetn by tho 15th of April, or I will be u
led to make a return for them a cording to li
I report all who full to make a proper rotu?t
. if any person fall or refuse to deilvor Mid
n he iball forfeit not leu than Ten nor m
n Une Hundred Dollars, tho return can bo1
h Ueorgo Hook. CV rk of tho County Court,
He UNtiunigueu.
?r4 Amxnor filly H?tricl
and Dwelling, No. 1413 Main street. Apply
1 rooms and bath room, with hot and ci
er. Location good. Apply to It. J. oMYTH
. inli1
BLK Country Residence on tho Natloi
id, lately occupied by Win. P. Hubbard, Ji
terms apply to JOHN RE1P. |a
l good Houao of four rooms on Foi
nth street Enquire of
pr4 ? H. F0RBE8.
tore-room Xo. 1005 Main street, whi
en completed will be one hundred a
ty-seven feet deep, with two busentc
ms, each sixty-seven feet deep,
TKU uood hi iicvr. AHu office (Jetk. Ap)
to. HOI Mala ttrcet. mbJ
>\>ur lots with dwelling and large bam.
lIbo eleven acres on the litll above town
y'i H. FORBES, Wheeling,
, 7, U. 8. Custom House. Telephone F
5 8hares of Stock In iEtna Mill.
0 8hares of Stock in Street Railway.
08hares of Stock in Greenwood Cemele
5 Bhares of Stock in Franklin Inaurar
a2? ISA A C IRWIN, Agent
i?t 42, east side Chapliue atrcet, bel
enty-fourth street.
,000 acres Timber Land in Perry coun
00 acres two and one-half miles from E
i, Marshall county, W. Va.
y24 1300 Market street
Trrmrnw oatm nr? wnnopuAi
. w?MU vi JIVUO?ltlVI
will fell at auction at No. 925 Main strfct, In
filing Utely occupied by ur. Dlrlc h, on
UKeDAY, APRIL 11th at 10 O'CLOCK. A. M.
t ect Parlcr Furniture, two wis Walnut (ham
mlturo, one net Ouk Chamber Furniture, Lin
)D? Furniture, Walnut Wardro'>e. Look L'a e,<
eboarJ, one Pine Mantle Clock, Maiblu '
itr# Table*. Kitchen Furniture, one Brunei# i
kliiRtaln Carpets, one Gilt Mirror wuh Mai
b, one Cook Siovo and Trimming*. Wind
nds. Llihes Glawwaie, Framed Pictures, Mai
laments, &j., Ac.
W. II. nALT Ell,
prft Auctlonce
Insurance Broker,
fllllamsburgh City Fire Im. Co., Brook'yn.N,
Etna Firo and Marino Ins. Co., Hartford, Com
inice at Commercial Rank. mhJ
re insurance Gompan
Ico-No. 61 Twelfth St., under Washington H
apital, - - - $100,00'
W. Paull, W. K. Pendleton, G. R. Tlngl
tin J. Jones, George Hook. Cm E. Hi!
bt. Blmpson, Alex. J.Cecil, Robt. ("ran
ROBT. CRANGLK, Prcnldeti
W. K. PENDLETON, Vice President.
J. a ALDKRSON, Secretary.
JOS. EM8HE1MER, Agent.
nnurea all kinds of property at reasonable n
f it Is expedient to insure property which i
restored, in tt not wfodom to luinire life, wl
mot Ih> restored ? Compare tho RATES of tl
lutual Life Insurance C(
id itacaah assets of over f'Jl.OOO.OOO. with thoi
any other mutual Company In the World.
i | a ! i i
3 * o-a i 2>
V" ^ wl * i:
i |? | la ?3 1'
S S3 A A S
25 1(1.1)1 19.89 19.80 19.43 19.
30 19.30 22.70 22.70 22.40 22.
35 22.42 28.38 26.50 26.2? 2ft
40 2(1.(11 31.30 31.50 81.25 30,
45 82.27 37.97 38,00 3S.0S 37.
50 40.10| 47.18 49.20 47.22 46
L have removed ray Grocery to tho elegant star
1300 MAltltKT NTKKP.r,
here I have not only increased advantage*
uluew, hut p-opoM also to keep an lncre
oek of fino and staplo Groceries, ai wel
range*, Banana*. Sen Foam Wafeia, and o
uonablo dellcacle*.
Telephone So. F 0. GEO. K. McMKCHE
pecialties for April in Thurber's Goo
Thurber'a Karly June IV*. Thurber'a *
live*. Thnrbcr'a A. O. OllvoOll?it ia pure; T
ir'a Fancy Hue Apple, Thurber and van Ra
tdnm Cheese. tfoshen; Thnrbcr'a La v?Vi
lcamnl; Thulbcr'a Mesznin Mccollnl and PI
io of nip#: Thurbcr'a Epicurean Uoup.Thurl
oek Turtle, 'ihurber'a ux Tall, Chicken,
burber'a Potted ileata, all kiuda; Ihnrbef
atfee. For sale at my new and commodiuua i
10m. I8C6 Market street.
aprt QTO. X. llcMBCffli
? ??
?I???? ?
s Jb//?
.. ^/>/
om- M>0 6,000,000 Children
In tlio United State*
_ Who faflfcr
? mo fuV/jSiJJiwi,
Who lUvt lUd llrwuh,
? Should Use Lnuglilin't Worm Kjrnp
M Th* Chfid WtioM Appetite U VuradoM,
;rn* TU Child WhOM Amwllte Varlra,
Tho Child Who Dow Not Thrlt*
llDg ffiSU MMM**
Th? Child With hallow Gompltxloo,
r. Should Uao Langhlln's Worm Sjrup
?- Ka PIMM* Bo Dangvrowi Aa Worm*.
No Child it Vn% From Them.
Th?/ ChuM Throw J vm.
i for TUey AunviM other CompUlnU.
?*i The Child'* Cure When Teething!
,, m?irrKN? tiir flombl allays 1*ain; llKDl'cba
INFLAMMATION; contftola Til* howkls,
tVciNnMi'MUKK COMM.* INT. UvautTKBr,
liiaiiwnk*, Klatvlkmck, Colic, mtc.
Mntlicrt win find It ymt valuable t the child wfll
MO b" rt/lrrrtl.frt Into ng* nth itrrii.imri waA'f Up rhrtr>m
/?t. A<u>p v, m mi frtllno fomfOnabU* We guarantee
iw. tattle, and will rrftind thnprlceof Mvcrvoni
I to out llolHS a* represented. Hold by nil drutfglits.
r?. p Price 2tfc. per Bottle. 9
ion LAUGHUN BROS. & Cfc, Proprietor*,
? * 1 im
*? jhFM P I f i'IiIH
? mdf^9KjMMMj3KURM?n|M
mt Rocklug, Agt.. tad Chtrlc* Uocnkumocller. ArcdU,
Y. New Designs will be opened
Priocs Very Low.
m ))'.>?
'*" Rasuer Ac Dinger
.g Hayes' Patent Metallic Skylights,
ie (ITntlor l.lrratHC)
Iho only Hkyllshu that are
),l Fire, Storm, Condensation and
Weather Proof.
e? No.85 Third Avenue,
ttyiMK?ryiMi r'<? n*i
? Murray h Lanman's
Ul" C. IiRAUS & CO.
j (Sucoeaor to H. Bchmulbuh J? Co.,)
g Wines and Liquors, Brand;
y. No. 1133 Murknt Stiom
vND ito? wninanro. w. ya.
X> r<iri>nlIlUlHauti,UIUrBwdl.XoUBe><
Ot^?a,(D<otMlMliIatelU(a<w Job ?j
Particntnr Notice. I
AD Ihodrtwlmp will Hcmltwl* nnlff U?? I
Louisiana State Lottery Company
Incorporated In MM. for 25 ywu?, by tU? J e?laia* WS
lutv (or educational and charitable purpoww?with ,
a capital ofI l,uoo,ooo?to which a reserve lundel :-hm
VkV?,uoo bM rince u-tn addrd.
By in overwhelming popular rote, 1(1 franddat v
, wua made a part of tba present tit*to Constitution, ftig
id'jjited Dm-mber V, A. V. .
1U grand nlnglo number drawings will take plaoe
It never scales or postpones. Look at the follow*
lug Distribution 'i
capital priib w.000,
L1HT or p&uub:
1 SpjjS PrfS.' ?
S plSs oi MS
90 Prisea of MO... 10. ft
100 PrUes of 100. 19.? Ct
ajo Prises of 5a io>
wo prises of au. io,0? 39
iooo Prises of ia. 10,?
AmoziMATioM num.
9 Approximation PrUes of tS00?,MMMM<<M. 92,700 ]
9 Approximation Prises of 300- 1.000
0 Approximation Prlxea ol 100......-...??.. 900 li$j
18W Prizes, amounting to.....?.....?.,..^......f(I0,4(tl ' $j
Responsible rorn*i>ondlng ngeuta wanted at all "\v*S
poluti. to whom a liberal compensation Wll) be paJf*. >-A
For further Information, write clearly, giving fu l !
address. Send order* by expresaorrogmered lottei. - A
wt iuuuw/amor UJ DUUl, IMiattMWC only to
M. A. DAUPHIN. - ' ^
orM-A-DAUPHIN?^*^ ^1^ iM
_ ? Wifecwnchstreet, Waahineton, D.C. '
The New York office la removed toChicago.
N. a-OHen addiea?d to hew Orleans will it*
cclve prompt attentloh.
The particular attention <?/ the Public U wiled to (At ' '1
foa that the entire number (} the tictfti for each Montht* .
Droving U told, and eonecquenHy all the prUtt in mm %<**
(tmwtna are m>d oruldrnirn and paid. mhlVwiuw ' ^
Popular Monthly Drawing of the
In tho City of Louisville, on 1
Saturday, iprl) 2Mb, 1882.
Thaw Drtwlnp occur monthly (Bandayi except- 1
ed) utuler tho j.rovWon* ol an Act of, the Genera] 1 -A
Aaembly of Kentucky.
The United suites Circuit Cknit on March 81st
rondcrvd the following decision*:
Ist?That the CommouwcaJth Distribution Company
is lea).
2d?Its Drawings are Fair.
H. R~The Company has new on hand a lam
RwmeFund. Kcad carefully the list of prlica&r
I Prt*,.^. <?? IW Prises tlCO each ,110,000 ?
} 10,000 200 Prises ISO each, uljoOQ II
1 Prise 6,000 C00 Prise* ISO each! 12.000
10 Prlicsfl,oooeach,10,0001,000 PriiesSlOeacklOJlOO M
20 Prizes 500 each jlO^OOO ' ^ :&
? Pria* f?? ??ch, Approximation ?2,700
9 PriiwiWOOcaoh, " .^.1,800
0 PrlMMtlCOtooh. >,
-? "?
1,M0W? ISMR 1
WheleTldket?$2. naif Ticket*, 11. il
Tickets, $50. 55 Tickets, $100.
SeaJt Uonvv or Bank Droit in Leuer, or lead by
ttxpraa. DouTt end by Registered Letter or Port- j
office Onlor. Order* ?f 86 and upward* by Exprcn,
can be sent at our expense. Address all order* to :l
R. M. BOA RDM AN, Courier Journal Bulldlnt, Uffl
Louisville, Kjr., or R. M. BOARDMAN, 809 Broad!
WKT. Now Vnrk. aprl-TTaAW . ?.'
Br virtue of a deed of trust made by Johm B. ' .' ]
UcKeunan tomo m l rtutee. dated Auguit 24,1874, .:
i?nd of record Jn the office of tbe Clerk of tbe Comity
Court of Ohio county, West Virginia, In Deed of |
Trust Book No. 7. page vtfO,1 shall, on
Commencing at 10J$ o'clock a. at tho front* door - <j
of tho Court Howe of oliio county, * est Virginia, ' ]
sell at public auction to tbe highlit and best bid- tier,
the followingdescribed property. t?>atls to wy: fM
Tbe middle one third (fronting on Hft-euth street)
of 'he north linlf of lot numbered fifteen (15) in
William W. fell river's addition to East Wheeling, -".'.I
iltnatcon thewiuihtvat wirnerof ?ood*(fonncrijr
Seventh) ?nl Hfteemh (formerly Centre) streeta,
id theciiy of Wheeling. W. Va.
Title believed u?bo perfect, but 1 shall-convey " *:<i
only Ruch title as fa vested lu me by said deed of -1
Tcrmr of Aals?One-third of thepurrhsw money
and n* much more ?the purchaser may elect, cain - -.j
In hand; the retdduein two equal installments at
ix ami twelve mouths, with tut- rent from tho day .1
of sale, the putrbater ulving note*fordefcrud pay- l-fl
mi ntM, secured by deed of tniktou the property and
a policy of Insurance. S
W. II. iriLLK*. Trustee. twfl
, Auctioneer. mhtl - v
By virtue of a deed of trust made by M. M. Dun.
lap tome as truKtee, dated tho seeonu day of Feb*
maty, 1MS1, and recorded In" the office of the Clork ^
ou Deed ol fnm llook No. 46, page &7,1 will Mil kI
public auction, at the front door ol tho Court House
of laid county, ou ,
commencing at 10 o'clock a. m., -the following described
property, thatIntoMy: A certain pim?or
parcel of land situated near Wt?t Liberty, Ohio
county. \\cat Virginia, containing about Ave acres,
and being (he tamo upon which the said M. m
Dunbtp now reside*
did of trust?* ?Ul3f 1110 llUe TMtod 111 108
TMSOTSAUh-One-lliIrt the fnrrli.M mourn
on tho day of sale, the balance In two equal lnntalf. ,d
monte, at six and twelve months with interest from
day of sale, the purchaser giving notes secured by >
deed of trust ou tho property for tho deforced pay.
QTicithovesalflla cnutlnued until TUURSUAT ,
APRIL 13, 1885 ntiO o'clock A. a., >t the Irani
door of Iho court bouiw.
"Mr, WM.M. DUNLAP. Tnulw.
j>/ virtue 01 n oeea or iro? iraflo Of Ailam Etamertand
Ellzat>cth, his wile, to the undersigned
1 Truatce. dated the iGth dny of May, 1874, and of -j
record iu tho office of the Clerk ol the County jS
Court of Ohio county, Wat Virsinfa, in Ueed of
Tiuht llook No. 7, pug'-72 nnd 73,1 nhall, on
TIjfillAT, MAY 2, 18>2,
Commencing at 10 o'clock a. m?, at the front door . a
i,l tho Court Mouse, of Ohio county. W. Va.. Mil Mt J
public auction to the highest and beat bidder, the jS
ollowlng dimibed proi>erty, that Into say: All the
cant one-half of the west <mc'b*lt of lot numbered ' ,s I
ninety-one, situate in that part of the city of W heel* - \3.
itiK known u* Kan whcelinc, nnd fronting tin "',:l
Eighteenth street (formerly called Clay rtrect), b?*
ing one-half of the Mime half lot which wan con*
vuyed to (icorito Wcbncr and the Mid Adam -;i
Kmmcrt hv deed of Jnmo McConaugh\, bearing ?
dale ihc iflfc 1 d?y of PVbroary, 1K<1>, *nd ol retard . m
in the Clerk's office of tho couuty Court of thin
ooutity.WertVirginia, in Peed look 8*. page 04, -/ !
nnd Is the sam? proj erty convoytd In 'evoralty to ]
hi id Adam Kmmert by uteri of George Wthner and -5
wile, dated the Nrtn day of IKcember, 1NW, and of V '^
record in trie wild clerk'a offico in Deed look 66,
pagbOt. #31
'1 ho title of wld property !> brlicved to be per*
fect, but sel'lng nn trustee 1 flwll convey only inch
title an in vested in me by wid deed of trust. 3,
Trjot* or tjALK? one-third of tho purchase
mono*, or to much more thereof astha purct a>cr : .l
may elect to pny, In tn?h, the residue in two equal
installments at fix and twelve month*, with inter*' fojSj
est from the dateof inle, the purchaser giving notes ,ta|
, for deferrwd payment*, wound by deed of tiust on
tho property, and a policy of Insurance.
W. II. IIai.t.kh, Trustee.
Auctioneer. mhai gggja
Queen City Hotel
WED YOIGT, Proprietor.
N. E. Cor. Sixth anil Race Streets,
TERMS?$1 50 to $2 00 per Day; or on '
Enrol*011 Lodging 60c, 76c and $] 00 *
I?cr Day.
* zsrV?c hare adde d a new hone* connected
with Hotel, and renovuted Hotel all through, '
and are now In flrfl-cluaa trim, avid ran ao- {
commodate tlio traveling public and trada in ' 'i
genen-l to better advantage tlian before.
. K U ?Tl)ifc i? thu tui*l n iilrtt! JioM of ' d
any in tin-city, right nmong ilnO'.Uihumand i j
Atnubcintnt portion. and btrect Care run "
from in fri?nt. or within one eqttaro of fain*.
to any pitrt of the city; it i# ihc nearest hotel
to K?|Hmition and MhwIi HuIIh. ri(.i>fl-w.M V.nj'foiw
Make New Kith Hluod. mho * ill completely change: "/><
t the blot-4 in the enure ?y?tem In ftlirec montEa, 'jffieSI
Any ptTson who will take one pill efrh n!|hlfran>^^fl
one to twelve w(-f.UmaybereiiUirodtoaounabttj|h?
** U auoh a thinjt bM pmdble.
r. <^tny matt for wtitU letter sumpfc. .
fc ? ? JOHNA*A co..
i Won, Kim., lonoitlr xk

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