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nerve king
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, , rile *n?l MJCTCt for
'n'' ii v?-*r h?u? *dde<
ft*'-' ..j new Ingredient
*?Uf 1 %, H. until to-day
utmff:-/. ,.u Kurth.
turn** ?"" >
f6ict' ',tjai?Li-miuT?.
1 " animi rronl;
.?.? '-1: i? the home, I
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BOILS ' 1 t w ft
// A f m -r V
rnrfs IVIicii Hot S|irin?s Fail.
MavEi'.s. Auk., May 2.1881.
ft hirer*.- " wlM> li;'ei1.0.
HuJ aii-1 inially l llr('^ *ltl;
Mr'olwA MrRRV.
w-riniiht, .. ttn** ins* us. nml we will
ITK V- if. or rliorj- nullilni!:! Write fo!
ttWilT!. ar.'l a ..( a lull* Uiok M?s
iKeiotli"' rnfortunii'.e SulI'rrinB."
M anj* prominent Druggist as to oni
i -.I
Ig-jl,0110 UKH'.tRI> trM bf inid to anj
CJ/nut u lio , fil'f ?n nwilym of 100 lot'
jorf.SS. S. * illicit ofMrrcwy, Ioiidi
JPdjulium, or tii"; itiiimil nt'f'.tince.
lper lyirrLE) Atlanta, Go.
Pri<* ?r Sinati Si/o - $1.0<
Law l.<t
SOLD BY A 1.1. IUU'UGISTS, and bj
I/XiAS* A CO., Uri'l^v Corner, Wheeling.
.vo. m: chapune street.
Tie hot rrtdo* of ft plysicUn'i riccatt la the tea
Uaoofo/btiptienx Tut Increasing demands fo
ttj ftiiMoul Krticw prove thatl have deal
hoars.'!) vA fairly with those who havecjniulUX
f. lofrer u<>'t|utkut'a name without pcnnii
ioo. tbourb i fcif luiinv hundred eertiflcatea frou
to* ?b<>n I hare cured after they had Icon pro
va cjir.t psL-s Wji'.ul experience aad famtUarlt;
*i8ihtriui.:.c' *. . i.i*, a cIonj owervameof ten
KSrcu! J*, iilurit'.t* and strict attention t
Itfax cMMwni ItKurec auceeas, II cure 1
a:?d I frankly give the patient my opinion
Mat! a:;-! Liver Diseases and RheumatlamIjfim-S
ro.-ritly.--"!Cothlng seemed to help me
taJdiotcvt oat cf bed. Dr. Smith cured me."
Wheeling, W. Va.
, au.?;. frifnuM Ol Vote. Impaired Voice.-flu
tea! !a yai-s; patent racdidno failed to help m<
k.Saiti-3 u'pletcly cured me.
of Hpt'ldel A Co., Wheeling, W. Va.
D^praU it. Ulcerated Htomach.?"Treatmen
kw jouiUM v :ive mo relief. Dr. Bmith euro
tax." THOMAS HOLT, Insurance Ageut.
r.u.-"KiAUu-. for fourteen yearn. Dr.Smltl
eewfu'a, CasBbcSon* on Head?"My wn wa
afflicts let years. Nothing seemed U
4tip Ha Lr. Saith cured him.
Market street, Wheeling, W. Va.
(Xurr.-'\h5ctfi for ywmi with cancer. Had I
tcsooi 'tj.tr liai*. it mu ned after each opera
tioa. l>r. Saith curcd me wrthout knife, oinatlc o:
P*ln." MISS. H. M. OBCtJTT.
hJx, rwtala o' a run.-Flat of my hack for II
w?i>. dying. Dr. Sail th cured mo with
Ontknliv, in sire friclU.
KTwIculetiru*-. Main ?'t., Wheeling, W. Va.
Clnsrttlnai of kiv'.ua, i*roiap*ui and Pilea*Ju
iKrn up to dk and r.rouonnced Incurable
fit Smith cured av without tiiliu."
m^lilxitoh delakt,
? ? Martin's Ferry
8fr. H. o. L-41 vf r!tw:?"Dr. ftmJth'a pmle*4on*
UnrkaionJy fitBiiy have bee a most aatUfactor]
ta-11 wnjiormi hi;a to all m a gentleman and i
Vrv *<r,^rvt Holb >;;y*:?1"I had been auffcrlni
anerea j-*r?a:>.l treated by many phyaiclani fo.
Dr. Smith Mild I had a tape-worm aac
lttiiT.it Sours n moved k monster 109 Feot long."
FeaAi? c.nnpinlxju.?Tnrit! yean In hospitals fo
nut*. stive me peculiar adv&ntngcs in such cacea
fervid, of catarrh,dlaoaacaof heart, liver
kUneys, iklu, blood, uervoni affection
wi *<?Unwi> of nici! and youth, scrofula ant
asau twtify to ui^iPiauNL
WrtC'tn-d Win.. .-;t Mi? fcnl(?*
? * <luiaia'0 may be treated br letter an<
koartioa fuaranteed. a chart tar Kit cxamlca
,?*icnt on receipt ni two vhree-ceQt itampa, an<
*? Warned five.
Uwulfctic'j st oCuv f.ue. Offlce boon tram 91
Wi r. s., #?:ly. Cail >:i or a.1rtn>?,
.... v. J- K. SMITH 51. D.,
-- Sn-m:HugOlm' St.. Wheeling, W. V?.
A Sure Cure Found at Last! N<
One Nec<l Suffer!
l0* Mind, Bleeding, Itching and U1
to* i?a vwJV Dr. William
uni*"'? r*?dy.' called l?r. ?> tr.Iaru*? Indlar
A single Uix hi? cured the worn
PJw 'ew. ?f >,;o yoart Btandln*. "-No om
rj*?s."r t'.\endnotes after applying thi* won
toJiL*' _ * ,! " 'Mno. Lotions, instrument
Sm?.m'u ,l" "'"ir" h,nn ll?au <i*ocl. Wll
??2 t. Mmval"! ''tl,stho ' 'l'nor*.allay* the In
Winnin . 4V ?* ?t night after gettlm
wSSS 'lf flr<? iJwtaat tn?
cfouCd.Lv'1' ' i'" >'ns| !*??-*, itch
.iSi.t1'J'"'i '< ' ""ihln* till
HpiTintt'i.1 "J ,M' at Clew
meni- l h.v^ i, . In * '"'tim Pile Oitil
dH-tow a V?r*,&v JW1*"
?? *"** >trvft s,.w York City.
Or. Frazier's Root Billers
Fnufjrf* Root Bitten are not a <lr im thou whUk<
te *1'- m; "rit llr nH>lldnal in Su-r?itS
Ther an atmnxijr qw,? tt,eUver and kuSSn. to!
IftS?; *,?f ?^?S&?x!K
: SE^S^SBSStl!
Srtni ?' m .1 1 y 01 c raoro good than tfe
, 1 <vcr UK>1- Prom tk
**?I?an * c&, Bridge Corner, whoalin
J * f x siwt. Keir York Otr.
; ffiY'S IjpSS 8ft? "SIM
! IMBkmm
i *?rviH*
, The only knotrn Specific Rcmody for Epileptic
Core# Epileptic Tit?, Bourn*. CoitvaMon*. fit.
Vitus IHace. Vertigo, Hysterica, !ii?anttjr, Auopl?sy,
r?rtlr?l*. Illl?UUi?tl?l?. NmintUf* .(ul
? uU Nervous Diseases. Till* Infallible remedy A
will positively eradicate every ftn-ck-n of Ner*.
von* Derangement, and drive them awuy from n
whence they came, never to return ?i;nln. It ?
t utterly destroy* the germs of disease by neutral- :
I Icing the hereditary taint or |tnlson in theayatem, l'
and thoroughly eradicates the disease. and ul- a
terly destroys the cause,
> Cure* Female Weakneas, General Debllty, lea- <
i corrh<ra or Whltea, 1'aluful Menstruation, ;
Ulceration of the Uterus. Internal Kent, Gravel. ?
Inflammation of the liladder, Irritnhlllty of the u
Bladder. For Wakefulness at ulght, there In ..
no better remedy. During the change of Ufa no "
Female should he without it. It quiet* the N'er- < '
vou* System, and glvea real, cotnfoit, and uaturc'a tl
Care* Alcohnlfam, Drnnkcnm** an ! the habit of
i Opium Eating. Thw? degrading habits nrn by?
1 far the worn evil* that have ever befallen siitfer- y
1 Ing humanity. Thousand* die annua)]/ from u
tbeso noxious drug-. The druuknrd drink* ?
liquor not because he likes It, but for the plea** ,,
ure of drinking and treating his Mends, little U
thinking thai ne Is on his road to ruin. Ukc h
the Opium Eater, he flrst use* the drug in Muall
quantities as a harmless antidote. Th?f#*iH?tUliij? ,
influence of thu drug takes strong hold upon its II
victim, leading him on t.? hi* own destruction*?1
The habit* of Opium Ealing and Liquor Drinki
fng are precisely what tatlng is to allmentlvenesa,
as overeating flr*t inflames the stomach, i
which redoubles its cravings until it paralyzes u
both (he stomach and appetite. Soeverydrinlc of ft
liquor or duso of opium, iustead of satisfying, tl
only adds to its fierce Are*, until it cotnumes .
t the vital force and theu Itwl f. Like I he glutton- 11
out tape-worm, Itcries "Give, give, give !" but <l'
never enough nutll Ita own rapacity devours ti
i Itself. Samaritan Nervine give* Jnsiant reJJef
In all such cases. It produces sleep, quiets the ?
nerves builds up the nervous sy?tem, and re- it
stores body and mind to a healthy condition. b
Cures Nervous Dyspepsia, Palpitation of the Ji
Heart. Asthma. Bronchitis, Scrofula. Syphilis, g(
diH-uce? of the Kidneys and all disease* of ibe .
Urinarv Organ*. Nervous Debility, cauaed bv
the iuulscretluua of youth. |icrmaneutlv^ cured p
uj iuc ??-n in nun im milium' remeoy. TO yoiij V
young, middle-aged, aud old men, who are cover- *'1
lug your Buffering* o? with a mantle by Mlotice. 11
> l<Milc up, you cau bo saved by timely efforti?, ft
' and nuke ornameut* to society, and jewel* In ;f
1 the crown of your Maker, If you will. Do not "
keep thU a secret longer, until It snp* your P1
1 vital*. and destroys both body and soul. If you ju
1 are thus afflicted, take l)it. Kicuxonu'* Sam ah- t
xtaic Xeuvise. It will re?t*ie your shattered H
nerve*, arrent premature decay, aud impart tuoo u
and energy to tbe whole System. jj
r y
Is for nale by druggist* everywhere. or may be u.
, bad direct from u*. Those who wish to obtain ?1
further evidence of the curative proper!lew of (i
Samaritan Nervine will please enclose a 3-cetit j,
poitage stamp for a copy of our Illustrated
Journal of llealth, giving hundreds of lestlmo- u
nlal* of cure kon* persona who haw use! the K<
} medicine, and also their picture* photographed ?
after their restoration to perfect health. >
\ Addreia ?
' DR. S. A. RICHMOND & CO., 5
World'? Epileptic Institute, 11
Cares Scrofula, Erysipelas, j
Pimples r.nd Fr.co Grabs. .
Blotches, Boils, Tumors, 'let- j
, tor, Hamors, Salt Xlhcum,
i B->ccua UVJ.U. ooius, lacivanai
IjC/soasffs, Fomalo Weakness '
1 [a.-d Irregularities, Dizziness,
, Loss ol Appetite, Jaandlce, '
> AL'octions at the Liver, Indl "
castion, Biliousness, Dyspepsia
and General Debility. 1
t Acnumcf nurtlnrk Tlnod Dlttert wilt MtUf? the 1
uml tsrpttcal IU.it It it the Oiuint Blo>?l 1'ui.t.cx on C
r i*ttit. Sot J br tneiticlam ile4lert ererr- here.
1 Ik??!ion? la elctcB Untpuget. J'HICB, |i.oa. "
I FOSTER,MILBU-N&CQ., Ptoy't, Bufft'o, N.Y.
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Wheeling. ju&-*twHBOir (
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UU-iuc* In every stage of life?young or old, mulo u
or female: ?uch as Imnotency, Prostration, Lom of o
Strength, of v Itslltr. Defective MvwnrvJm- c
mired lirain Power, and disease* from which an
unnatural wute of life spring*. *11 of which cannot
/oil in undermine ihe whole system. Every own t
In weakened, every power pnwtratod and many
form* of disease are generated which, U notchecked. .
. pare the way to an early death. It rvjnvinatc* age 11
and relnvigorates yontii Each packaw contains p
lufflrient for two weeks' treatment. Writefor Mm* ^
POIM. wnicn wui newimnr, n?iiiuii
Bold bjr all DrujnriaU at 50 cent* a package, or 0
twelve package* for |5 00. Will town t free by mail u
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) A cure guaranteed. Kuffalo, N. V.
LOGAN & CO., Wholesale and R*?ll Acunts, <1
wheeling. MwJ?i7 t
; A positive CUSIE ;
Without Medicines. J
! ALLAN'* FOLVHL.il llFJ):c.\TK? florGIJE, f
H rnletlted lUMfcer 13.One box No.
i will cure uujr ]:) four d.iysor lesi
No. 3 wtl cure uii. most oLvlf/ino caw, no e
. m itterof how lontf standing.
I No nauseous do.** of cube re, oopaWa w alt of 0
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tl4 by dwtrovlnir the coatings of the stomach.
I'rice.n ho'4 bynil Siruiwlsu or mailed
on jwlpt of j.ricta. Pwfu?\herp?rtlculnra c
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I * C- ALLAN CO., ft John gtrwt. New York.
Stato, cor. of Monro# SU Chlcigo, ju 0
' WlO?*1pnp*4Hea?/*tiw Mr t
IJTniim KhiUIL fu I ic>'j Stinji y, ? V M
I /jy\ ?*? 0;t?tv In- // )\ ,
_ // Iff (i>lN in / Kith hn fit AhnU+f I f A\
J J^p^^tiwW^einlBriUkew elt?^Wll?ed IUe*uv4Ll^'jlJ \
: . ? :
D * f
I 50 Boxes Frenrli Prunes, also i
'i 100 two lb. Boxes Fancy Prunes. ;
i - j
? :sr. SOHULZ,
_ ?pr? nil) Market Btntt.
...i ;
Sb Mdlxflmz.
In l'?nrprfne? nt I'ltuhnrgti over Hit 1
Proponed Clmnir la (h? (trail, 1
Atmmertlal (iixctte of yeitcrtUjr. ,
The surprising demand of (bo Amalganated
Association was the engrossing topic
>f conversation in ail quarters of the city
resterday. Few persons could be found
vho had not an opinion to express either 1
>ro or con. The manufacturers, whose .
nterest in the matter is equal if not greater
han that of the workmen, talked over the
ituation freely among themselves, and at 0
wo o'clock in the afternoon their commit' j
ee was on hand at the rooms of tho Wes- a
era Iron Association to meet the confer- *
nee committee of the Amalgamated Asso- J
iation. The following gentlemen consti- e
ute tho manufacturers' committee: Messrs. t
I. F.Jones, A. P. Keating, John W. Chal* ^
aut, A. E. W, Painter, George F. McClain, B
)avid B. Oliver, J. K. Vcrner.J. U." Watson, c
us. I. Dennett, John Q. Kverson, J. M. a
lailey and Joseph D. Weeks. Tho names ?
if the representatives of tho Amalgamated J
Issociation were published yesterday. 4
'ho conferer"-* * w usuul with meet- ti
oga of this U\, held with closed n
oore, and only rwt... * of the two committees
were admhUu. The conferees re- \
milieu in sewioa nearly lour hour*, and n
[ the sounds ihut were heard in the hall |i
nd 011 the stairway lending to the rooms \
re a fair criterion, the debates were as aui- h
mted us the importance of the occasion
warranted. Jlouora seemed to be easy be- &
ween the representatives of capital and w
tbor. One moment portions of sentences jt
ttered by the workingmen, and enforced
ith a blow on the table to increase their gi
rnphasis, would be heard iu the hall, and m
ie next equally emphatic words were G
(token on the other side. From this it pi
iuat not be inferred that the conferees were 1 j
oisterou?; it was not a political gath- 41
ring and the representatives of opposite? rt
ut identical?interests were only in ear- oi
est. When at 0 o'clock the members filed tfc
ut of the room only smiles were visible on w
teir faces, and a casual visitor would not 01
ave imagined that one of the gravest ques- tv
ons to arise in the iron trade for a year in
ad been nnder discussion. H
The only information that could be j!1
licited from the average member was that j1'
othiug had been done, and that another
leeting would not be held until the 28th w(
islam, becaus? it was necessary for IVesi- JJ;
entJarrett to leave the city for a short **
me. One gentleman was found, however, 00
ho kindly consented to give the proceedKM
in lluhlil """? " 1 1
Bm uvwu. j?u vuuicicuuu urgiiuizeu ..
y the selection of a chairman in the perm
of Mr. 15. F. Jones. Mr. Weeks atli- 00
ated as secretary. After this President
arrett formally presented the several J
rales adopted at the District meeting on
iturday, the provisions of which were ^
ublished yesterday. In presenting them ?u
Ir. .Jarrett stated that lie felt an ex plana- !u
on was due from him. At the last eon- P*
rence, a year ago, he had promised that ,,,
the manufacturers agreed to pay $5 50
er ton for puddling on a 2.5 oasis, the 01
?soeiatioij wuuld abstain from strikes. He ^
It himself hound by this promise, but .
laintained that such radical changes 'V,
nd taken place during the year
?at it was not only just but 'JJj
ecessary that some changes should J"1
e made in the scales governing wages. 01
hese changes were summed up in the ai
;>ecitleations published in?the Commercial 10
'iuetie yesterday?the increase in the Cf
lunufacture of specialties, the increased
ast of living, and (alluding to the puddlers' "
aile) the inequality in the wages of mill
rorkmen which existed. After this the 1
iscussion became general. No very long ?
[leeches were made, but as stated above, u*
11 were earnest. Tacitly the demand of
lie puddlers for an advance of 50 cents per
du on a 2.5 rate formed the basis of discusion.
On its adjustment depends the ad- ?
Lstment of all other scales, and they were
e/erred to only incidentally. The repre- u)
entatives of the. Amalgamated Associa- ni
ion adhered to the line of argument j,,
marked out in the communication signed
Union." published in this paper lust ,n
reek. Hard iron and the heat during the 81
ummermakein impossible for puddlers
o average $3 per day the year round, |?
nd this promised to be less, while in other
lepartments, where no greater mechanical ,a
kill is required, much higher wages are
mid. On the manufacturers' side the ar;uments
advanced were that the demand
vas unwarranted considering the state of lv
rade; that if it were agreed to it would a
fpen our ports to English iron and so com>el
the mills Jto suspend oi>eration8, and .
hat not more than twenty tier ceut of the
iroduct of Pittsburgh's mills was utilized w
it the mamifactureof specialties. On both n'
ides the statements were of the most posiive
character. The wurkingiuen's repreentatives
gave not the slightest intimation
hat thev would agree to a modification of |c
uy of their demands, and the manufac- "
urerswith equal positiveness contended n;
hat they could not pay more for puddling 0
lion $5 50 per ton; that this was all tuey P
ould stand. All present had their say,
nd the.meeting adjourned at 0 o'clock. *
pos't amount to ajcy thing.
"The proceedings of this session don't e'
mount to any thing," remarked one gen- tt
letnan. "So person expected that any h
onclusion would be reached to-day, or ?
bat any other than the original pro- ?
osition would be presented. As a matter
f course both sides were positive. The
ron workers really want the increase denanded,
and they are too sharp to select u
fjjrvsvumuves wuo womu intimate at me at
rat meeting that if wo were not disposed ir
d give them the whole loaf they would ac- sc
ept less. On the othear hand the manu- T
icturera really believe they cannot afford 8'
5 pay higher wages, and until every phase ?
f the question ia presented and fully dis- 0
ussed nothing will be done. ^
"What in your opinion will the result of ^
he conference be 'r
"That is hard* to tell. One thing iscer- ta
nin; we cannot afford to pay $j? per ton for ti
'Udtlling. I admit tiie wages of the pud- bl
Hers do not compare favorably with those it
f rollers or heaters, but they will not give H
s an opportunity to equalize them with- bl
ut increasing the cost of producing iron." ?
"Then the public is to infer that if the gl
leuiand for an advauce ia not withdrawn
lie manufacturers will be compelled to
lone their mills and wait uutil it is, or
mtil iron can be sold at a rate that will *!
ustify the payment of the wages demand- u
d; in other words, that there will be a v
jekout?" tl
"I haven't said that. I don't believe u
itherthe manufacturers or representatives ia
f the workmen think there will be a tight, it
o put it plainly. But there may be, and r<
f It comes it will be bitter. Oue tiling is
ertain the scales will not go through in J1
heir present shape. j,
President Jarrett would not venture an 8
ipinion on the probable result of iho conerence
lost evening. It was not possible,
to said, and would be extremely injudiitros.
The questions at issue must be de- II
idctl on their merits, and any statements bl
alculated to arouse feeling on either side ??
jropld prevent an early and fairsettlement. c
ic hopes that all differences will be arnica- '
;lv arranged before the first of June. "
The TfUaraph fe authority for the statenent
that President Jarrett In the course
>f conversation yesterday "placed himself
^uarejy on record as opposed to the advances
asked, and intimated that he would ?
maintain his position if it coat biro bjspoei- ?
ion at the head of the aatfeiatfon." 0
riiia Mr. Jarrett pronounces incorrect t,
ind calculated to stir up a feeling ii
ihat will interfere with an arnica- t1
bio settlement of the differences. A re- a
porter'of the TeUaraph called op bim, he \
Xbut nothing in the conversation was J
dated to create tlie impression in a J
sane mind that be was opposed to the advance.
It was not for hfm to expreaan j
opinion one way or the other and he bad j
not done so. His duties are entirely exec- c
uttve. t
p^tslde opinion of the demand of the t
Amalgamated Association differ* oonsMeribly.
Persons who know nothing about
tbe condition aI the inn trade, bnt who do
know that puddlen are compelled to work
rerjr bard,favor the demand. Reprjseiiatlfe
workingtnen/outaide. ol those who
ire interested, think the demand Ill-timed,
md do not hesitate to say so.
rbe Two PurtlM Mod tbe l.lqnor qurt*
ItoH-Tbi Imlplifnn Internal He*
At-dersox, Mokros Co., \V. V*.,\
April 10,1882. f
Editor* lutelltgenofr:
A Democratic paper published at HuntDgton,
W. Vs., called the Adnrliitr, contins
the following article, under tbe head
f "Who Drink the Liquor?" a
"The Commissioner ol Internal Revenue ?,
lublishes statistics showing the number
nd location ol the retail dealers Itf liquor
d tbo United States, the number of whole- y
ale dealers, the number of distilleries and
ho total production in gallons for the year
ndingjiilyl, 1881, to which is appended 81
ho population of each State and tbe numier
in each State, and the number of per
ona to each retail dealer.
"Thefigurcsshowthattherels,takingtbe f'
ountry over, a saloon to every 3)4 people, r
nd that In the States which voted for G?r- ,,
ield, tliere is one saloon to every 2110 peolie,
while in the States which voted (or a
lancock there is only one saloon to every
00 people. It is to be remarked, too. that w
lie Southern States show a much smaller t*
itio of saloons than the Northern and the ar
Western States. lh
"It is worthy of note, in regard to West {,
'irginia, than it has a lamer proportion of t,,
ovulation to each dealer in spiritoos bj
nuora than any other State in the Union.
villi her great Democratic majority, and th
er anti-prohibition Legislature, West Vir- th
inij) dinks less liquor and has a less num- fe
L-r of dealers than even tho State of Maine, an
here prohibition is set up as an example at
ir Iho country." ,h
Now, I propose to show the fallacy of this m
atement of the Adcertixr. That jmper to
ivs "that in tlio States which voted for i (
arfield there is a saloon to every 2G0 peo- all
!e, while in the States wliich voted for *oi
I uncock tliero is only one saloon to every Nt
K) people." This is easilv explained. By rej
>ference to the report of the Commissioner .
(Internal Revenue, it will be seen that in JJ
le States which voted for Garfield* there JJJ
ere, for the year ending June 30, 1881. Jhl
ily twenty illicit stills captured and op
reMy men arrested for runningthem,while pr
i thirteen of the States which voted for Kj
ancock there were 838 illict stills captured '
id 1400 men arrested! It may be true off
iat there are more saloons that pay their
sense, tax in the North than in the'South, lh(
it we must consider those illicit still house w,:
here "moonshine" licjuor is sold in any ro{
lantities, and those "jug barrooms" in the kj.
itith, set up at nearly every cross-roads, 8I><
mp meeting or political convention a,?
(licit are not down in the Commissioner's ;
sport. We will also see tha |in the patt att
'e years the extraordinary sum of $285,- tie
0 was spent for the suppression of frauds in
tthe revenue in stern Southern States l}?
ha: voted tor Hancock," while in the ".M
Drthern States the sum was so insignifi- Jj!j
ut that the Commissioner does not even ?? ,
ite it Even in West Virginia, "with ,i1(
.. s.v...^iui>iiuiik jjiwjuj Ji>f lucre was {g(4
en a number of men and stills captured, uc
sides hundreds of persons arrested for we
icit retailing. Yet, in. Maiue there is not am
le single illicit still! ed
In 1870 there were in Maine to her G50,- inB
i0 inhabitants, 843 saloons; in 1880, to
!r 04S 946 population, there were only
0 saloons, a decrease of about 2J per JJ ,
nt In West Virginia, in 1870, to her .
2,000 inhabitants, there were 5413 saloons, yo.
it in 1S80, to her population of 018,193,
id her "great Democratic majority," there if j
re ~'i mIooiu, an increase of about 50 per suj
lit by thin "Democratic majority ." J
In the year 1831 the revenue on the liq?. we
ir used in West Virginia amounted to1 ?{*
52,590.33. In the same year in Maine, *?*
ie revenue only amounted to $S2,457.03, ' j
difference of over $350,000 on the liquor Iic
led by tile "great Democratic majority." ^ e
"Dodo" District.
Hope Abend. m(
all Street Dally Sews. go*
A committee of stockholders who waited '
ran the Superintendent of a California 0j
ine, to ask why in blazej the said mine wl
idn't panned out anything but assess- m<
,ents, were graciously invited to be seated, ^
id the official explained: 8el
"Gentlemen, you are all aware of the an
,ct that we had scarcely beeun work when I fni
le mouth of our mine"was~blocked by a cai
nd slide. That put us back a month.* pl<
They nodded tlieir remembrance. on
"Then we had just got into shape to 1,0
ike out 4,000 tons of ore, worth $2,000 mi
er ton, when the mine caved in. You reill
it?" JJ
They did.
"Once more we bent ourselves to the bur- thj
en of reaping $500 for every $10 invested, da
hen the mine was Hooded by a subterra- to
Dim river." bri
That was true also. cei
"Then we had just got the water out
hen we discovered that our mine was J1'1
icated on another man's claim. We had
itn shot to prevent trouble, and once J*:
lore we were about to declare a dividend kll
[ 200 per cent, when the dead man's heirs
Lit in an appearance. There were three
[ them. \\ e chased one over the range,
ad another hung by the vigilance commit- '
:e, and I am happy to inform you that I
ave four men out after the other, and am ^
rery hour expecting to hear that he has 801
imbled off a cliff. Gentlemen, there is j*j
ope ahead?golden hopes. Please come
p and drink with me; after which there <
ill be another assessment of 10 per cent I" rei
- ?? a i
Pile*! Itrhlnc Plica!
The symptoms of itching piles are moist- at
re, like perspiration, intense itching, most (j.
; night, seems as if pin worms were crawling ?
i or about the rectum. The more you gv
ratch the worse they itch; very distressing.
lie private parts are often affected. Dr.
Wayne's Ointment is the most effective remIv
extant for this tormentlnir comnlainL
Ives rest at night without the desire to mi
:mtch; also has no equal in quickly eradiiting
totter, itch, salt rheum, eryslpelos,barere'
itch, pimples, all scaly, crusty, itchy rt
tin eruptions. Here is the proof. "Cer- * j.
tinly the best remedy ever used in my prac- ,c. (
ce.?Dr. Cotton, Woodstock, Vt. "Trouled
with itching piles for over twenty years,
cured me completely."?L. 8. Messer, En- '
eld, Me. Sent for fifty cents (in three-cent
amps); three boxes, $1 25. By Dr. Swayne ?*
Son, Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by all drug- P?
ists in Wheeling and elsewhere, xwraw nHolbein
tMothrrn!! Mother*!!! Ij
Are you disturbed at night and broken of 11
our rest by a sick child suffering and crying '
ith the excruciating twin of cutting teeth ?
I so, go at once and get a bottle of Mrs.
Pinslow'a Soothing Svrup. It will relieve *
>e poor little sufferer immediately?depend f
|?on it; there is no mistake about it There I
not a mother on earth who has ever used 1
, who will not tell you at once that it will
?gulate the bowels, and give rest to the
lother, and relief and health to the child,
perating like magic. It is perfectly safe to
se in all cases, and pleasant to the taste, and
tho prescription of one of the oldest best
>male physicians and nurses in the United
tates. Said everywhere. S3 cenU a bottle.
itwraw Ti
Ad Important Dlieovery *
[as been made, whereby a successful vegetate
combination has been introduced, which
:ta upon the bowels, the liver and the kideys,
and at the same time imparts strength
nd vitality to the entire system. Burdock
lood Bitters constitute this important dlsjvery.
Price, $1. p
Rmned from Heath.
William J. Coughlln, of Somerville, Mass
iys; In the fall of 1876 I was taken with th
lecdlng of the lungs, followed by a severe Q<
ouch. I lost my appetite and flesh, and was
onflncd to my bed. In 1877 I was admitted
a the Hospital. The doctors said I had a hole
n my lungs as big as a half dollar. At one _
!*v,e a report went around that I was dead. I C
ave up nope, but a friend told me of Dr. u
Villiam Hall's Balsam for the Lungs. I got
> bottle, when to my surprise. I commenced
o feel better, and Unlay l feel better than for
hree years Mat fli
"I write this hoping every one afflicted with to
Mseased Lungs will take Dr. William Hall'.s
ialsam, and be convinced that consumption
an be cured. lean pod tlvelysav It has done %
nore good thamll the other medicines I have
tV?n gince myfltknesa.
I-"'"' '
Tux"London Ilikir Color Restorer"
U the moot delightful article mr Introduced
to the American people tod
totally different from all other Hair
Reetcrers, being entirely free from all
Impure ingredient* thst render many
other articles for the hair obnoxious.
Where baldness or falling of the hair
exists, or premature graynese from
.sickness or other causes, its use will
restore the natural youthful color,
and cause a healthy growth, cleansing
the scalp from all impurities, dandruff,
etc.. at the same time a pleasing
and lasting hair dressing, fragrantly
perfumed, rendering the hair
soft and pliable, making It an Indispensable
article in every toilet Ask
your druggist for London Hair Color
Restorer. Price 76 cents a bottle.
Borne ten years ago my wife's hair con
tenced falling, and got very tfein and turnc
ray, but after using London Hair Colt
estorer the scalp became healthy, the ha
opped falling, the color was restored, an
i now growing- beautifully.?J. Tyne
rtlson, y, C. Mwraw
A Friend to the Friendless.
. Joseph Saturday Democrat, Aug. 27,1881.
Sorrow and sickness is the too commo
sritage of humanity, and when we see ho<
ttle is done to alleviate the miseries of th
Tat mass of humanity we are almost out q
itience with life. Even where the inter
una are best, ignorance is prone to bid th
lllcted "sutler and bo strong," instead c
ministering to the mind diseased," or lay in
hand of healing on the poor tortured bod>
Ah! when Science and Philanthropy
ith love and sympathy and skill, come ti
io aid of the sufferers, they feel as if th
igel of anunciatlou had drawn near.
Samaritan Nervine really is salvation fc
ousands. I speak Irom a full heart whei
my it, foririeuds very near and dear to mi
ive been restored to health and liappines
r means of it. N
"God bless Dr. Richmond." said one o
em to me the other day. "I feol as 1 knov
e man mentioned in Scripture must havt
It when he went from Jerusalem to Jerlchc
id fell among thieves, and when robbed ant
the point ot death. ?na befrtnmlod r*.
)red "to health bv the Good Samaritan."
"Yes," he continued, "that was exactly
y condition. 1 had spent a fortune in doc
r bills and patent medicines. Everything
:ould hear of I tried, so desperate was im
nation, but I grew worse steadily, until
me kind friend told me of the 8amarltan
srvine. Since taking it I am, as you see,
itored to perfect health."
With such incontrovertable proof of the
neflcent nature of the remedy.it is not
ange that an editor, aiways solicitous for
accurate kuowledge of wbat'could benefit
9 world in general, should take the earliest
portunity of visiting the inventor and
uprietor of the medicine at the World's
rfleptic Institute.
We found the doctor in his elegant private
ice busily engaged in superintending the
itieman whose business it is to attend to
(detailsof the immense correspondence
lich is a natural result of his wide-spread
)u tat ion.
)n making known our wishes, he very
idly accompanied us in our tour of taction
through the magnificent buildiug
il grounds.
Umost as soon as we entered the office our
eniion was arrested by a wonderful collecn
of photographs, numbering somewhere
the thousands. All nations, ages and stans
were represented. The elegant carte of
t society leader was side by side with the
iture ot' the humble artisian; innocent
lldhoodand withered old acashowwlin
tir counterfeit presentments tire gratitude
?y could not speak; dootora, lawyers, Tuln?rs
of the gospel, soldiers, laborers, plain
itbers of families, haughty children of
alth, rich and poor, high and low, black
1 white, all were represented. It remindme
of the miracle cures of Europe, only
lead of thecrutcbes, bandages, gold, sliver
8 wax images of the recuperated pilgrims,
t before the shrine of the miracle worker,
, Richmond has as testimonials the pices
of his deeply grateful patient*.
'You must feel very happy doctor, when
u look at this collection,' we said.
'Ah! yes," said the doctor pleasantly," but
rou like my Art Gallery, what would you
to my Libnfry V
ie led the way to the next apartment, and
followed, expecting ouly to pee perhaps
e bookcase tilled with dusty tomes of ab<
itract science. Instead, the walls were
ed with very handsome bookcases, conning
over one hundred thousand tinsoited
testimonials from those whom the
rvlne had cured.
How wonderfully fortunate, as well aa
ented you are," we exclaimed in amazeint.
'The Nervine has proved a perfect
Id mine."
The doctor looked at us reproachfully.
4I am not one to underestimate the value
wealth," he answered, "for 1 have known
latitisto be without it, but what is the
>st collossal fortune that was ever in the
isp of mortal man in comparison to the
ad my remedy Is doing ? Picture to your
f, if you can. what must be the feelings ot
epileptic. Think of him with bis dreadI
disease so long pronounced incurable. He
mot take part in the studies, duties, em>yments,
recreations or amusements of an
linary fellow-being. He is an object ol
rror rather than of pity to his friends. Hit
ilady never stands still: it is constantly
jwing worse and more dreadful In all Its
ases. Last and most dreadful before !bitb
>nds the awful phantom of insanity. SteepX
or waking he feels that it is there, and
>t sooner or later It will clutch him; and It
es. An epileptic must be, like Job, tempted
curse Heaven and die. Why, it would
ing tears to your eyes to read a letter reved
from a gentleman at t'otsdam. New
irk, telling how he had two thousand dread
I fits in eishtecn months, and is now,
inks to the Nervine, entirely cured. That
or fellow can scarcely find words stronc
ough to express) his feelings. That's th?
ad of a thing to make a man feel happy."
A Friend lu Seed.
rime over and again Thomas' Ivclectric On
s proved a salutary friend to the distressed,
i a reliable curative for croup in children,
re throat and bronchial affections, and as s
sitivo external remedy for pain, it is f
ver-faillng antidote.
Okk ironDEED dollars reward for a better
Medy. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment u
ore cure for Pilww. n*w
Wakefulness and bad dreams in children
night induce feverishness and fretfulncs;
ring the day. Worms are generally tb<
use of the annoywice. Denig's Worm
rup will cure, when all other remedie
il. Try it.
Dos't doubt?S. S. 8. cum all impuritic*?;
utters not of how long Btaudlng.
Th vocb throat sorej dear? Dr. "Wiggins
uignurt wuiupuunu positively cures ui
roatnnd lung diseases. Try ftf Sold by Logan
Co., and all druggists.
Qo to your druggist for Urt. Frtman't Aif?
\tional Dyet. For brishtnessaod durability
color, are unequaleu. Color from 2 to I
unds. Directious in English and German
ine. 1ft rpntx.
!. Hess & Sons,
Have now in Stock a Full Line of
aocy and StapleWooleos
Which we offer at
rices that Defy Competition
Other Woolens at lowest prices. Wo carrj
e largest line of goods in tbe city, and on:
it Ups are First Class in every respect
Persons desiring anything In onr line wil
adit to their interest to examine ourstoci
store purchasing elsewhere.
3. *Hess Ac Sous
wh9 Cor. Main and Fourteenth Sts.
1 i"r ? ' ' , I. ... i... ... i
BgKTOK'fl Hi
... LAI
Seldom retain the abuudance of tli
become entirely bald. They sbouli
comb lew. If tlicy would rub the
of the finger* every ulght aud appl
!f Erery other night, the hair would
, and DANDRUFF would disappear.
neither crimps nor curls and has n
of hair oil.
tl _____
I A Bonanza for the Children.
Noneednowton?entu>i0n? TMtolfute*! Lotto
. * Ca'? HLKABANT WORM iYRf I' bplMMUl Mid
u effectual. I*rlce In Urge bottles, '25 ceui*.
e LOQA.X Jt CO.,
DruggiiU, Bridge Corner.
{? hesrd the eongh (cough t cough (of the dUtrcaed
, multitude. Met apocdv relief by uiltig Dr. CHAP*
I MAN'S HORKHOVSII BAtMAil, an elegsntand
r eObctlre retnedjr for Uoaghi sud hosnenw. Price
) In Urge bottles, tficculii.
, IXmN A CO.,
Drugging, Bridge Comer.
We ?re headquarter* for Truweii.Supportcri. Bur-1
glcal iMtrumcuU, Byrlngea, Ac. Tbo bent and Utart1
; good* at bottom price*. LOO AN ?St CO.,
DruggbU, Bridge Comer,
| .
U rood health. There i< no pill In nte which to
1 (ally meet* the avenge want m Lopan ?V Uu'?
. HOMEdTEAl. LIVER PILLS. Forty pilta in each
box. Little ?for children, lanrer for adult*. Thf
, cheapest and cut pill lu the market.
fag Prtnnriat*. Bridge Corner.
lOlO Main Street,
(Grant ITotue Building,)
jBSTSpecial care given to Pbyniciana' Prescriptions.
Ooug-li mid Cold,
For Sale by
So. 1 0,1'! Fellows' Hall,
"Prli Wheeling. W. Vu.
Tbla Baking Powder la made from itrictly pure
grape cream tarter, *nd every c*n 1? warranted to ,
give MtJxfactlon mr money refunded by
}eM HIB Main ntm?t. NVhreHng. |
. Hasa
' 2 *
' 5 lafgtjg^w^H^[email protected]^ ?
pARSONS' _ ~ ~
l IMS Market atrMI,
I fy34 Oppmit? McLore Hoose.
I &j* 6 t fcSkU ?.!
. o djscovery;
A Tiatlm of yoctfcui lmnntdonco cn-..ii:.;: 1'rcraa* i
tnw Pecaf, J?er*nc? DeWbtr, L/*t Jlinbood, etc., i
ttarlsc t:i?l in *atr ?*ery ksovn remedy, hii dl? orrml
a timpie felf enre. *Licb he will ?cmt PREE
sflifflssagrfft"' -* "KEYF* ,
Machine *rer la rented. WJU kail* pair of rtock J
"ft.. W wmiiwteii iiimi ftwtiw v??
?t abort nouc*.
un anowBn.
eir hair to old age, although fit
] use the brush more and the fit
head tci$ thoroughly with the en<
It l? an elegant dressing and spoil
one of the objectionable propertle
The 6,000,000 Children
In tho<Unltcd State?
Who Buffer Fain,
Who Prat ud Cry,
Who Uuvo Pale Facts,
Who Bar* Bad Breath,
Slionld Use Lnnghlln's Worm Syray
The Child Whoee fllwp la DUtnrbed,
Tift Child Who Wake* In Terror,
The Child Whrne Appetite U Voradou,
The Child Whom* Aniwtlte Varies,
The Child Who Doea Wot Thr1?%
The Child Who U Emaciated,
The Child With Internal irritation,
The Child With hallow Complexion,
Slionld I'm Laoglilln'a Worm Njrap
go Dlaeaae 80 D?nceroo? Aa Worm*.
o Child la Free From Then.
They Gait* Themaeira.
They Aggravate Other Complalnta.
Tlio Child's Cure When Tcelhlngt
Bnrri^VN Titn ncNN* A1.UY1 FAIM; RKDUCM
VrtsrvuHriturK Voui'laist, Vymkstkky,
Motion will fln?l It verr valuable: the child will
barfllrr.il.'fl inton&iuif >Wp, mtri irokf vp rhrtrful,
hupp*,unit frtUHo mmfrtrlnbl'. We guarantee
each lioitW.nn I will rrftind th? nrlr*of even* one
not doing ua represented. bold liy all druggist*.
Price 2Sc. per Ilottle. i
LAUGHUN BROS. & CO., Froprietoi,
_ ? ? ? Wintaliu M full ?U
n<)MeiitWu?Hmti, t? STdPH, WalnutnrFbonltrd
&( vtxve?,MeUl Fo< rt PUlr?,l'j)Hjrhl IVJlow t, BirrJ
finriw, Iawp8und?. I-ockn torn?u?lc. lUodlm *oil
f?>r 111..MMC. Ikatty, Pit ml fttop Action a
Xt.W AND Rom llfchutOARD 1(Mtrntrt?
u P1*]? * COMXOX oSoASf!
?7^Prl???1Uir-J.ITi>llvrrri1oiibonM GJOrt
Cur* here, &toal, Uooi, Ac., mU; u>%>0
Ifafter one j-ror'. ?.e j-on are not MtkflH rrtara
Organ, will |>r<iiuptl) rcntitdkomcj wltb lateral
C3SB Aj,*s riAimra the araiOTmr
WM?tt?>?nowid town^ir
rtca* AiMma or call upon
DAHTEL F. EHATTY, TJaiMngtcn, Hnr Jersey.
or the
Collier Company
or at. louih, mo.,
EVhtch were totally Dcrtmyed hf Ffrc on Sf?y tftl
and September U, Ih81.
-irt-fci-fcS U ?JU'?' i
Ortlew are aollcited for
Strlctljr l?nre WliKe Lead ami Red Lead.
Cold-PrfNRed and Pure Dark Cantor
Oil, Rnwnnd Doable Boiled
Aloatn. Afford* mporinr
IHfrmHMirTjritwotaetiQn {m *nn *?i
VYIYy/fj&lKlr/MN . *?* ta ditfmnt
V i V>i7ilvy/lv rtwwlofltbnitn? wagom
dreoUrandpriMlbt. JR^u EfW"??5l?
m/Jfl A leading London 1'Iiya
|>M I'lan ri'tablUlirs aw
UiMro In Km* York
Ow From A tn Jounw I of itdifivt.
l>r, Ab. MeaeroU (Ui?o/ LoDiJ?n)(w)M>makw??prr.
laity Of Upiln(Mjr> bu without doubt trotted and cur?d
tsora cum than anrotbrrlWiDXPbjiicUo. UU?oece?a
baa limply b?4n aaUmUhuw; wen??e beard of oaaaa of
orerSOfffxra1 itimllng, ta> cecafal'y comJ by him. #(
baa pabltahsd a wurk on thta dleeaM, which to aands
withal-irco bottle of hit wonderful cur* fr*? to any
anfleirr wh? tany w>nil their expreat and P.O addreo.
?Ve nrfmo Mron* wisiiinir * euro toedilrras _ .
Da. AB. MKSKHuUS, Ko.? Juhabt..H?w YttbCSIStSiTOSS.
I harfl a poatttre *m?<!y fir th? abort dlawiia; by
la nu thotiundn of o-?i* df the vrotit LHad and ul Ion*
Undinjr baen V*cn cor-d. ImW-l.to itn.ntrWrny
Sib tnlta tQrur. fV 11 aan l TWO HOJTI.Ka
FKKK, t oaa?kt r wti h V A1 l.'AMI.K TUKATIRKea
Queen City Hotel
FRED YOIGT, Proprietor.
11 Dor. Sixth and Race Streets,
TERM8?$1 50 to $2 00 per Day; or or
European Plan, Lodging 60c, 75c and $101
per Day.
tSTVic have added a new house connects
with Hotel, and renovated Hotel all through
ind are now in first-cla* trim, and can ac
commodate the traveling public and trade ii
general to better advantage-than be/ore.
N. B.?This Is the inoat central Hotel o
any in tjieclty, right among theBusineasan*
Amusement portion, and Street Cart rhi
from in front, or within one aquaVt of houM
to any part of the city, it is the nearest hoU
to Exposition and Muilcllalla. nofllwaa
i'a* ..-,W
Commendng at 10X o'clock a. at the (root door B
of the Court Uouae of Ohio county, Vkeat VlijinlA, g
I? aell at public audfon to the hlghert and ben
Uder, the following deacrlbed property, tbat la to aey:
The middle ono third (fronting on hifteenth atreel)
of >be north hull of M numbered fifteen (Ml la 298
^'lUUm W. Bhrlrer*! addition to EMt Wheeling,
altuate on the aouthweat comerof *ooda (formerly
BE!3#?HNe" 0"""? ?+
l^eeXS'in r.b',M3 <
Txa*? or *al??One-third of the purehaae money S1
and aa much more aa the purchaaer may elect, caan
in hand; the realdoe In two equal Innullmenta it
Mx and twelve moutha, with tat?real from the day
rot tale, the purcbaier giving notea for deferred pay- '*
menta, aeeured by deed of (nut on the property end I
a policy of laaumnc*. >
w w. h. sallo, truzm. -'{j
_ Auctioneer. man
JL 8TRKKT property.
By virtue of a deed of trait made by Adam Km*
mertand fliiabeth, hu wl/e, to the underaJgaed
Truatee, dated the ttth day of May, MM, and M ^
record in the office of the tferk ot the County {
Court of Ohio county, Waj Virginia, iu Deed of
Tnut Book No. 7,para 72 and 7S; 1 ahaU, on -MM
tuWday, may a, vmT^ , m
Commendng at 10 o'clock a. at the front door
of the Court Hour- of Ohio county. w. Va.. aell at
public auction to the hlgheit and beet bidder, the >;<
lollowlng described property, that lato My t All thf'
caat one-naif of the weal ooe-half of lot numbered irfSS
ninety-one, aituate in that part of the dty of * heel* |
ing known aa Kait Wheeling, and frontinf on
Eighteenth afreet (formerly celled Clay itieetj, be- rSSt
lng one half of theaame half lot which waa von- $8
veyed to George Wehner and the aald Adaa - v.Vs
Km inert br deed of Jamea McConaughy, bearing i--'/a
date the 23d day of February, 1&49, ana of lecora
IntheClerk'a office of the County Court of tjhlo
county. Weat Virginia, In Peed book 32, pageM, '".V/Iii
and la the aame property conveyed In teveralty to > }^?
aald Adam Kmmert by deed of Qeorge Wehner end
wife, dated the aotn day of December; 1MB, and of *
record in the aald derk'i office In Deed Book 66, v sag
mnu szn
The title of atld property U believed to be per*
feet, but sePlngas trustee 1 shall convey only such ;?.i]
title m U vested In me by aid deed of trust. ;
Tiiuh of Sale.-One-third n( the purchase
monev. or 10 much more thereof is the porrhMer
may elect to pay, In cash, the residue in two equal >
Installments at tlx and twelve mouth", with Inter*f 3299
est from the date of sale, the purchaser giving notoa :
for deferred payments, secured by deedof trust on I
the property, and a policy ^Insmanoa. <A
W. II. tlALUR. , Trustee
Auctioneer. mhtl t%gB
Particnlar Notice.
All the drawings will hereafter be under the cx*
elusive supervision and control of GENERALS G. T,
Louisiana State Lottery Comppy $
Incorporated In 1888. for 26 years, by the Legist* ?0
ture for educational and charitable purpoaee-with j "A'S
a capital of 91.000,000-to which a reserve fund of
kSfiO.OOO has since been added.
ByAn overwhelming popular tote, its franchise v^$
was made a part of the present State Constitution,
adonted December 2. A. D. 1879.
Its grand single number drawings will take plsce ;
monthly. *
It never scales or postpones. Look at the follow* v
log Distribution:
1 Capital Prise .? b,ouo / &?
2 Prucs of t2^00 5.W0 .;jS
ft Prises of LOOO.^: ; 6,oto i
20 Prises of 100. 1WW)
100 Prises of 100. . HUM
500 Pikes Of 20... 10,1)00 , .
iooo Prise* of io. io^oo $X
9 Approximation Prizes ot 12,700.? ^vaj
9 Approximation Prim of 200-..?........... l,hU0. . ,>?$a
9 Approximation Priwa ol 100^...?...?... 900 . S
* Rcsp.n.-iMo rorm^n^i"g*iiTO'tji' WMtodMlt'iS v's
point*, to whom ?liberal compeoMtlon will be paid. -' V-'fa
For further Information, write clearly, giving (all
addrea. Sendorderi by exurwsorrejrfrtered letter,
or money order by mall,iddrea^wl^to^ 1
Kew Orleaua,' La, '
127 La Balle Street, Chicago, mi.
orM. A. DAUPHIN, ,-3
607 Seventh street, Washington, D, C. ' >3
The New York office U removed to Chicago. ' , ; M
N. 15.-Or<Jern addressed to New Orleam will re- . - ;fvi
ccive prompt attention.
The particular attention of the Public <i coiled to the ;
fact that the entire number of the titkett for tarh llontM*
Drawing U told, and coiuequcnlly all lAcprlaxinmd -.' ?{
drawing are tola and drawn and paid. anrlfrnnuw .
SHEET Dvurrsic I 1
Also a large stock of PIANOS AND ORGAN8
at GreaU Bargains. 7lA Octave Rosewood
Pianoa at $250.00, fully warranted,
Splendid Organs. New and Second-band, >
$50.00 and $75.00
Call soon for best bar^ins.
Lucas* Music Store, ;?
anrlO 1119 M A TV ftTDWWI"
piccea choice dean music at one-thlid the
marked price.
1000 pieces ightly soiled music at 1 cent a page.
?00pieces o! the best miulc lu the market at .-.-'A
half pile*. <*&
S?nd 3 cent stamp for our 1W page, new catalogue "Gam
ol bhwt Music. WM. H. BHKIB. '3S
; sprll 13 Twelfth St, Wasblpflop Bail. -tfsg
A fine upright piano, 7'A octaves; elegant - Vp
, caw; in good order, for sale at an exceeding* >?1|
ly low price by
apl 3 1308 Market street -gjj
CAPITAL.... ..HI. 4175,0* |
Wm. k. lam....? N~...MHM.....H..Pro8ldeiit 74
Wm. B. Bncnow ? VlofrPrtddent I
tvrih a ammi d.fcw".. ?
Wm.A.lNtt, | Wm. B. Simpson,
J. A. MiUer, I John K. BotaforZ, . V.3S
A. M. Adttmi, J Victor Ka^pburf.
J. If. Vance, I S. Uorkhelmw, ,
S. Laughlln, I W. EMnRham, ' 4
L. 8. Delaplaln, I A. W. Kelly. ?
lohoFrtw, I -'dS
ft* JoHW J. JOKICR. Qwhter. / J8
Having racceeded In getting my old *tore room ' $
' (No. 44 Twelfth atrect) >\ a rvduccd rate; ] have ; JaBa
^Deluded to open awe. fctore in connection with 3
IT ft and 10c < 'uunti-r Btore, and vk all to give mo i
a call. I ihall be getting new stock (ram tbU on
(ait u biudncw will juitKr.
w. B. nuToniXR, '.-JR
aprl* 44 Twelfth Htrtti Vtf$E
At tUe McLuro Houm Art Store. 'ffs *5g?
I mhlS R. I.. KinOT.Ti. Awnt
. A Large Stock on hand and atRl receiving' a Tins
' Selection of all kinds o( ,>|j
, Paper Hangings, Borders, Dedos
> OF TUK LATFCT DFHl.Mi. ' . ^ v||
f AUo a loll line cj .. "J
Cloth and Paper Mings, j
^ Inipedlon of my stork invited.
Eb:7 1110 MAIN 8TRKKT.

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