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mrt'- DRY GOODS*
i silks,
1 >rocapesand
bp marveTlletix.
bed mkts,
cijrtaias and
' lamberquinb.
H AND cashmeres
? 1114 Main St.
p'--- ?prl8
I; , We wish to call your attention to onr
Tea pieces Summer Silks, 492.
for: Ten pieces Summer Silks, <Wc.
Ten pieccs Summer Silks, 75c.
Ten pieces Summer Silks, 85c.
{^; Ten pieces Summer Silks, $1 00.
Tliey Are Bargains !
IFire pieces Black Oros Grain, $1 00.
Five pieces Black Gros Groin, $1 25.
Five pieces Black Gros Grain, $1 50.
You will lir.d them as good as some offered
in the city at 50c more a yard.
;V Fifty pieces All-Wool Momie Buntings,
20c. *
^ Fifty pieces Pin Cheek Novelties, 20c.
' Fifty pieces Novelty Dress Materials, 20c.
The above bargains are worthy of youi
special attention. Call and see them.
lto i matn street.
p; V - DENTISTRY. ~ _
$ Betot Teeth on Gold 135 (X
Bet of Beat Oum Teetb - ... 8 W
Ew . Bert Mold Fillings 1 ?
|?b ^Bllrer Fillings.. -... w
t: Extracting 21
5%1. Gaa given. All work warranted.
5 -V DIL a. 11. U'GOKMICK 4 BRO.,
;.-V apr3 Manager*
No. 1148 Market itreet. Wheeling, W. Va.
Allopemtionw warrants }yg)
| Ita
OiHrei Nos.23Mnil37fonrtcfnth Ntreel
H =
New Advert litem no u.
$J Opera House?M'lie Rhea,
ej Engravings, Engravings.
S] Water Filters?-Kesbitt it Bro.
|s Grand Openinc?Geo. W. Schick.
?v Wanted by a Young Woman.
Wanted?Qlri to do Housework,
pc? Notice?Thomas P. Heymati.
K For 8t. Louis?Steamer John L. Rhodes.
??; / Ix)flt?A Locket.
28 Administrator's Sale.
Notice to the TabUc.
i Masonic Funeral Notice.
Money For Loan.
?3 Proposals for Timber.
?;V, Grand Excursion to the Cincinnati Maj
Benton's Hair Grower?Third page.
5$ Opium?Dr. P. E. Marsh.
!; Given Away?Zinmiermun Fruit Dryer Co
Opium?Dr. J. Stephens.
J BEFORE buying elsewhere go to L. G
P. Hlrsliv who has opened ut 1310 Market
j?v street with a very complete line of Men's
jp Youths' and Boj?' Clothing nmlGents
Fnrnlshlng Goods, which he will sel
p: lower than any other house lu Wheeling
THE innnl merchants' lunch at the Nov
. McLnre House Sample Rooms dally.
y?,;:1. Thermometer Kecord.
p?: r Tha following shows the range o/ the thei
fi&;, mometer, as observed at Schnepfs drugstore
g&V _ Opera House comer yesterday:
Pv ' 7 LV.11 M?K. K. 7 r U I 7 A. SC. 12 25 T. X. 7T.I
K'7 46 M SI 60 I ? 71 73 M
Ira* "WAumxGTOJt, D. 0., April 19,1 a. m.?Fo
Ohio Valley and Tennessee, cloudy weathe
and ralu, southwest to northwest winds, sts
raft f tlonary or lower barometer and temperature
E&v O'lInnlonV Anawer to llrlceland.
SB?According to tho Pittsburgh Under ther
ER . . r is a good showing for a race between Bill;
gP&v, Bricelapd, of this city, and OMianlon. wh
R&''" ' beat Knoke here last year. The Uadtr of las
evening savs:
Hw& , "'In a talk with a I^eader reporter to-day,witl
BgK^?j*gahl to the Briceland challenge, 0 Ilanloi
states his willingness to meet that oarsman ii
- a three-mile spin for#$500, provided a late
ffiyV; - day than May 20 can be agreed upon, as i|
(O'Hanlon) says it would be Impossible fo
him to get ready in that time, having been li
K&r'-,, a boat for the first lime this season yesterday
|g^'. He further adda that in the event of makin
the nmvch, and winning tho same he woul
RK:V - like to have some other and more positiv
K&;: - assurance tbat he would get the money thai
he bad in the race withKnoko.of thesam
f club'as Bricoland, last September.
R&iu: "O'Hanlon is practicing on tho All^ghenj
Pat Luther is giving him a few point*,"
An Accident that?Iff hi Have lleen Won
I?ast evening shortly after eight o'clock, s
E 'Charlie Hose, the well known horse man, an<
HH^a-friend, we e driving down Eleventh street
betweou Cbapline and Market, the bugg
run over a pile of earth and stones am
g$*s: nearly overturned. The buggy was a ligh
ono with no top, and the sudden lurch threy
R?> ^Boseout He was thrown with tome fore
Bpi?' -nPon the enrb stone, and received several m
KSfafO'bruises, ai well as a bad gash on. th,
1 kneo. He wu carried into the Hope hoc
ga^.-Jiotise. and after a short rest found tha
Kp^-:< hls injuries were not so bad as to preveut bl
continuing his drive.
ErO Where the accident occurred the stree
commtotoner's men are repaying the spaa
:.F torn up recently in laying the large new wa
ter mains. A barrier had been erected nex
Market street, but none on the Chaplini
street side. Neither was there any light oc
?fifethe barrier, ai required by the ordinance
. The accident could have been avoided had i
$. ' ? light been properly displayed and the obfcj
struction properly guarded, and while the
consequences are serious the same aocidenl
m ght hare resulted io the gravest injuries.
l>*r?Cr?ptilc P?a?lllag* of r???iuK
ftVMta Pertinently I'm.
Mix*. Rhju la at Cincinnati this week.
A wKOoiao ia booked for tb? laland to-day.
Bnuva eeems to hare a rare grip this Umo.
YnrnoAT wu a llfbt day in the Circuit
Wiibbuxo will have about five circuses this
No AMvaKMirr this evening but prayer
Struct bote have resumed their field of
useful in res.
Tub R. A 0. pa/ car ia whirling about in
this vicinity.
Ciarts posters have appeared, and the
small boy is speculating in Iron.
TuBMllllgan murder trial (s on to-day's
docket in Part 2 of the Circuit Court.
WiiiAT jumped up to $1.40 again yesterday.
Cora has gone to WO and oats to 53
Tub dead walla are now alive with flaming
circus bills and the youthful American is
Tub big "World" will not be here this
season, navlug cancelled its dates at the
Opera House.
Tub Ohio County Humane Aasociatlon met
again last night at Mozart Hall. Nothing of
public interest transpired.
Tuirtkbm cases against liquor dealers for
selling to minors and on Sunday were continued
yesterday in Judge lloyd'a court.
Tiib electric light project has not "gone
glimmering" as some neighboring papers assort
It is only taking a new and better start
T??* IkIIm nf III* pNMkvbrtin oknmliM nf
the Washington Presbytery, commence a
series of missionary meetings at West Aelxandertbis
The Committee on Police meets this evening
to frame an ordinance in compliance with
Armstrong's resolution increasing the police
force to fifty members.
Ira I? Hicks was his name, and bright and
early yesterday morning he was very drunk
and disorderly 'Squire Philips gave him $5
and costs for being in such a condition.
Auroral displays can uow be looked for,?s
we are approaching the time of maximum
sun spots, which have an intimate connection
with these phenomena, according to
The Ptttaburgh Dispatch nays the prominent
feature of the cocking main at Greens.
burg day before yesterday three was "chuck-aluck"
tables, running in charge of a Wylieavenue-young-man
and two Wheeling
The lake at the State Fair Grounds was
completed on Monday, and the water let in.
It held it quite well, and it ia believed that it
will not be necessary to cement the sides and
bottom, though it is located in very sandy
Squire Mix, of the Eighth ward, Is engaged
in buying up land warrants for certain parties.
Yesterday he got one of the Revolutionary
war period and one of the Mexican
war. He regards them as curiosities, and
they surely ar$ such.
*Cox A Morrisos yesterday returned to the
house, the United engine, Having been eni
gaged during the past four weeks in replac1
ing the flues that were recently burnt out.
The engine will be tested to-day. Who will
be engineer has not yet been decided.
The annual reports prepared by 8tate 8upsrlntendent
Butcher for the secretaries of
itie different Boards of Education are said by
those receiving them to be models of completeness,
and a decided improvemout upon
the cumbersome blanks furnished by his
With the warm wea'hsr, every evening
large crowds can be found seated in front of
the Water street hotels, watching the glorious
sunsets one can see from that point.
TLau liava luuin ?1 ? ?Kuf
the sunsets seen from the ievee are fully
equal to those seen in the old country.
A plkasaxt surprise party took place on
i Monday evening at the residence olMr. W.
L. Gilbreath, of the Island. The surprise
was gotten up in compliment to Miss Ida
Gilbreath, it being her birthday. About
fifteen couple were presint, and a very enjoyable
time was had by all. About minnight
supper was served. The party retired
at an early hour Tuesday morning. *
y ester day afternoon a young son of Jacob
. Eidemillur's, aged about seven or eight years,
, was with boiuc compaaious running down
) fifth street at a very steep placev when he
) stumbled and fell forward. Ills head struck
? a stake driven by the railroad engineers, and
a very deep and severe gash was cut in the
forehead over the right eye. The boy was
' taken to his borne in North Wheeling and
Dr. Ulrich called.
Those who are unfortunate enough to have
sleeping apartments along the levee front
, and on the Island bank opposite, are pouring
their vials of wrath on the Wheeling and 1'arkersburg
Transportation Company for-this
. reason.'The Parkcreburgboatsarrireevery
" morning about three o'clock, and in addition
to the deafening steam whistle, they usually
have on board several calves who bleat and
bellow the rest of the night, murdering anything
like sleep.
Tub Finance Committee of the Board of
! Commissioners met at the Court House last
night to auditthe final settlement with ExSheriff
Tingle. There was due on the books
froju the Ex-Sheriff, about $5,400. He submitted
additional warrants, which were found
to be correct, to the amount of about $5,800,
leaving a balance in his favor of some $400.
A settlement on this basis will be recommended
by the committee to the Board, and
no doubt ratified.
Shkrif* Bnow.f drove over to St. Claireville
yesterday and identified the burglar
John Starke, recently arrested for a crime
committed near Barton Station in January,
as James McDoal, the prisoner who escaped
from the jail of this county last January ;
the case was referred to iu yesterday's issue.
' The sheriff of Beliuont county thinks that
the prisouer will get about live years, and his
hlulth is such that Sheriff Brown does not
think he will live that long.
Jouk Laktry, of the Eighth Ward, a prominent
merchant and lime burner, died very
suddenly shortly after midnight yesterday
1 morning, of hemorrhage in the stomach,
I Some days ago Mr. Lantrv swallowed a fish
, hone, which almost strangled him, but wa3
? finally forced into his stomach. A report
was circulated yesterday that this bad caused
1 his death. Dr. Pipes, who attended him,
t says it is not impossible that the hemorrhage
may have resulted indirectly from the irritu*
. tion caused by the bone, though the immediate
cause was a spell of vomiting.
Saturday lost Mr. John Fordyce, one of
Chicago's oldest and most prominent business
men died and was burled Kundnv Ha I
* formerly a resident in this part o{ the coun,
try. The Tribune in speaking of his funeral
says: "Hisfour sons--8amuel W. Fordyce,
of Hot 8prings, Ark., Homer J. Fordyce, of
? Chicago, J. Benson Fordyce, of Wheeling,
W. Va,, Dr. John A. Fordyce, of Hyde Park,
and Messrs.Weaver and Wash bourne actcd us
. pall-bearers. Among tliosejwho gathered to
. i>ay the last honors to the dead were his sons.
in-law, Lewis lJaker, editor of the Wheeling,
. W. Va., ltcffUter, and the K?v. C. F. 8wift, of
1 Herkimer, S. Y."
Thk employes at the water works and the
e men hired by that department during the
y month of March are indulging in a grand
q kick over the fact that they have not 1a yet
lt received their money for tliat month. It
seems that the report of the committee was
Ij not ready at the regular meeting and a spec
ial one was called lust Friday eveuing to
? pass the water works bills. The 8econd
r Branch met but the First failed to procure a
B quorum, and so the report aud bills are
' obliged to wait for that body to pass upon
u them. The men are complaining bitterly,
. and justly perhaps, as they Itaro been
' obliged to obtain credit with all Its disadg
vantages to meet their current needs.
0 Clxrk Hook yesterday admitted to record
a a deed made April 18, 1882, by Georgo B
e Caldwell, special commissioner^ to Anton
Reymann in consideration of $13*05, for the
r. west half of lot 2 In Shrlver's addition to
Wheeling. Also a deed made April 17,1882,
by Andora and Fergus Whally to Moses J.
e Miller in consideration of |COO for the south
s half of lot 15 in Ueorge Jlllls' addition to the
j Island. Also a deed made March 13,1882, by
John A. Weldman, executor of Bernard
y Weidman, with Georgo Weidman and wife,
[l Barney Weidman, Mary M. and Casper Weidt
man, James Maxwell and wife, Philip Weidr
man and wife, and F. R. Weidman and wife,
g David Weidman and wife and others to John
h Cox, in consideration ofr $802.50 for 23% acres
3 of land in Ohio couuty.
5 Allotvl From Housekeepers.
a For a week or so past complaint has been
very general with housekeepers and boardt
Ing house proprietors ot the advanced price
1 ofireshmeat. Yesterday a reporter dropped
. in at s meat store and nulzzeU the keeper a
t little on the subject. He said thatabont a
? week agq meat was put up by agreement
t among the batchers. Loin steak, which be,
fore sold at 15 oents, now costs 18, and round
l steak from 15 to 18c instead of 12 to 15c, as
. formerly. Roasts were raised from 12 to.151
i cents, boiling cnts from 10 to 12c, and every*
; t bing else;in proportion. He said that it was
I rue that this materially Increased the oost of
r--7f . : - :
' A WmI Wheeling lu'* I'lulural Con.
duel ?;*po???i.
t . Yesterday*! rs. Colbert, of West Wheeling,
t made complaint to Mayor Robinson, charging
1 her husbaud, George Colbert, with en assault
i with intent to commit rape en her daughter,
r sixteen yearsold. Colbert is Mrs. Colbert's
I second husband, she having two daughters
r by her flrat husband, whose name was
t Knight Mn. Colbert charges that her hus*
t band run the oldest daughter away from
i home by his unfatherly conduct after having
. effected her ruin. The glrlafter being driven
. from home by her unnatural step-fator gave I
. birth to a child, which they claim waa Col* |
bert's offspring. About two weeks ago he i
i seems to have conceived the idea andj
t determined to ruin the younger dangle |
r ter, who was making her home with
him and Tier mother. Mrs. Colbert
says that he has tried various ways
to get her to stay from home during the |
night soAbat he might have the girl in his
I power, lie offered to buy his wife new
clothes and has tried persuasion and threats
. to have her be a party to his tiendish purposo. j
. Everything else failing, on last Sunday even*
inghe came home about eighto'clock, and in |
the presence of his own wife, the mother of
' the girl, made an infamous assault The girl >
1 ran, and he followed her into the back yard, i
and told her he would cut her
j throat if she -did not accede to hisi
- wishes. The mother seeing that something >
desperate must be done on her purt
to prevent the success of the villain's at-]
t tempts, armed herself with a huge pokeraml
succeeded in driving the inhuman monster,
I fivtm thl? Imlli* nnil tho no?? ?!??. HI-.I 1
living, bat thai there vu more profit at oni
time recently In the old priws than there li
now in tbe increased ones, on leoonnt of tbi
great increase in the price* of live itock eat
tie, which a few months ago conld b# bought
for from U 25 to 14 60 a hundred, now cow
$7, and the market Is firm with an upwart
tendency. For three weeks the butcher
maintained the old prices and lost money
hoping that the market would turn, bu
seeing that the tendency was to a still groatei
advace they were compelled to take the ste|
they did. The increase was brought abou
by concert of'action, but the butcher witt
whom we convened said the general imprcs
sion that it was the result of action by th<
"Butcher's Association" Is incorrect, Inaa
much as no such organisation exists. House
keepers have no affective remedy, but it l
noticeably a fact that the rise in the price o
meats has made aa increased demand foi
Their Comings and Their Going* am
Their Whereabouta.
Hon. David Wagner is quite ill nt Colum
bus, his disease tomewhat resembling diph
Hon. John A. Campbell, of Hancock coun
ty, is In the city, enroute to the Kationa
Mrs. Justice Philips returned last fcveninj
from Philadelphia, where she has been visit
ing a few days.
Mr. 8tone, bnslness agent of Mile. Khea
who it billed for the Opera House uex
Tuesday evening, is in the city.
M. It Wolf, Superintendent for this divis
ion of the Telephone Exchange, is in the citj
on business.?wuhenviUe Quzettc.
John Mallonee, of Pittsburgh, *m in th<
city yesterday, lie was at one time clerk o:
a hotel here and possesses a bout of friends ir
thU city.
Rev D. W. Knight, of the Kait Ohio Con
ference, will preach in Thomson M. E. Chap
el, Island, this evening at 7:30 o'clock, ill
is a very able divine.
Ilev. Samuel Steele desires to present hit
hearty thanks to the kind friends in this cit)
who have contributed for the erection of tin
Methodist parsonage at Huntington, W. Va
Prof. Hartley Thompson has organised i
splendid chorus of about twenty voices, ant
is rehearsing uraturia*. One of the grand com
positions of the old masters will probably b<
given publicly some time in June.
An; OptlmUt'ii Opinion*.
8tate Senator Lewis Newman, of Marshal
county, is in the city investing in garder
seeds. lie is a practical farmer, gardener ani
fruit grower, and has watched the effects o
the recent cold snap on the growing crof*
and fruits, and is of opinion that the ham
done was generally exaggerated at the time
He thinks that the wheat that was so far ad
vanced as to havo joiuu d is killed, but hi;
observation has been that so litUe of it wai
in that condition tiiat the crop will not b<
more than one-fourth shortened, which wil
leave nearly an ^averago yield. He says hi
had some early peach trees iu full bloom, am
"bad given ttiem up for gone" the morning
after the first freeze, but he fln?ls upot
subsequent examination that com para
lively few of the fruit germs wen
killed. Unless something else shouk
intervene to injure them he will have an av
era?e yield. Apples escaped unscathed, ex
cept the early harvest and other extra /or
ward varieties, and the effect upon them wil
be really beneticial, for with too many ap
pies on the trees the fruit is not half so lint
and the?weight is apt to break the trees
oneirics anu piums are nomuri, me oenaioi
is confident, and the effect upon the quince
will be the same iu u|>on the' early apples
killing justa large enough proportion to leavi
an average yield, and making the fruit mucl
larger aud liner than it could have growi
had something not reduced the number. Mr
Newman thinks the farmers have uiucl
more reason to feel encouraged than de
pressed, and is feeling that way himself.
Mr*. K inner'*Opening.
Mr?. Kisner, the milliner, at 1071 Mail
street, will have her annual spring opening
from Wednesday, April 11), nt noon, tdl Sat
unlay evening. Mrs. Kiwier has recently re
turned from the east, where she purchase*
an elegant stock of hats, bonnets und otbe
articles in her line, embracing ull the lati
imported and domestic novelties, as well a
other desirable stvles. Her store has latel]
been enlarged and remodeled, and her corpi
of milliners and trimmers has a wcll-de
served reputation for stylish and neat work
Her openings are always attractive
affairs, and draw to them sonx
of the most prominent and stylish ludies ii
Wheeling and the vicinity. Kven those win
do not go to buy should make itapyintt*
visit Mrs. Kisner's stow*- while iter sprinj
opening is in progress, for they will then
find much to delight any person of taste am
refinement in dress, as well us much that wil
give a correct idea of the freshest fashions ii
the prominent eastern cities. Remember tin
time, the name and the number, Mrs. S. S
Kisner. No. 1071 West side of Main street
from Wednesday noon to Saturday night.
A Ncuspnper Mnn tionc.
Yesterday the sad intelligence was receive!
in this city of the death of Charles W. L?nk
ard, which took place a few minutes beton
10 o'clock yesterduy morning, at his home ii
Alleghany City. For a long time Mr. Lenk
ard had been suffering with poor health an<
his death was looked lor at almost anv time
still when the news came it was sudden, a
news of that nature always is. About fiv
years ago Mr. Lenkard came to Wheeling am
assumed the position oC business manager u
the Sunday Leader. He was popular an<
made a host of friends, at the same time at
tending closely to his business. While her
he was married to Miss Ida Bergur, of tfi
Island. Boon after his failing health com
pelled him to resign his position and travel
This proving beneficial he entered into busi
ness about Pittsburgh, but that fatal disease
consumption, had its hold on him and th
result was the usual one. lie will he remcm
bered kindly by a large number of Wheel
ites, who will extend their sincerest synipa
thiea to his bereaved wife.
Sew Jury Llxt. ,
The following additional jurors have bcei
summoned to report in Part 2 of the Circui
Court to-day:
Peter Gundling and C. J. Myers, Washing
ton district.
Benl. Itaer and Frank Faloure, Madison.
J. M. Wheat and Alex. Durst, Clay.
A. S. Van Sicklerand J. F. Simpson. Union
Peter Muhn and S. C. A. Hamilton, Centre
Frank Weber and J. D. Stanton, Webstei
Daniel Dean and J. W. Morgan, Richland
i C. H. 8nedeker and Joseph Ilydlnger, Jr.
Clarence Seabright and William Hahn
Jackson Porter and James B. Chambers
The ItcMHOuJVIiy.
j Mr. Fellows, in his Medical Monthly, give
reason for the peculiar action of his Hype
| phosphites in the cure of diseases, wbld
seem to be borne out by facts. From toni
action of the Sympathetic Nerves all the Oi
ganic Muscles are strengthened, and the pa
I tient overcomes his maladv rimnlw nliuumn*
ly and rapidly. * * mwtan
He Never Told 111* Wire Until i
Mr. 11. L. Holt, who lives near Quitman
sent to if. A. Dauphin, New Orleans, La
about three we*ks since in a letter a dolla
bill. He was advised by mail that his ticke
j had drawn $15,000 in tbo March drawing o
the Louisiana State Lottery, and he drew hi
| money by express. He was careful to sa;
nothing about it to his wifo until ho fount
lout he was a lucky man. This is the sixt!
1 time he has invented, and once before he cam
within four or five numbers of the capital
Holt's ha'ul is a good o?c.?MaryviUe, Mo,
Democrat, March 23. . daw
I A cordial invitation is extended to all t
'attend a grand ball to be riven at Seibert'
j Garden in Pleasant Valley this evening. Ai
rangements have been made with the Kir;
Grove road, to have cars run all the night
I Good music will be on hand, and Mr. Seibei
I will make it pleasant for all.
Hickory Hint Cake.
One cup of butter, two cups of sugar, on
cup of sweet milk; three eggs (whites an
yolks beaten separately), one-half nutme
grated, one teaspoonful extract of lemon, on
pint hickory nut kernels chopped, one pin
currants washed and dried, one pint of see<i
less raisins, mix together, and five cups c
Hour having in it one and a half measure
"fiAjraca" Baking Powder, bake one and
quarter hours in a tolerably slow oveu. Thl
cake will keep for months.
Pro-CURKD at iO Twelfth street.
A Hici-rrmmj shoe makes a pretty foot
German Corn Remover makes It comfortabli
Druggists. ?.
will ncrtr be blliou?.
I ForutatyLopuitCo.
* affidavit for his arrest He was arrested Mon?
r day night in his stable in West Wheeling, by I
Officers McConnaughy and Jlurdetto, and
had a hearing before Mayor Kobiun-n, result>
ing in his being bound over for his appear*
? ance ut court in the sum of five hundred dollars.
In default, he was committed to jail
at tiL Clairsville. *
1 Jimm Bates, llrnton 5*car Jachnltr, Cincinnati
r Mr* F E UnrrNm.W Va N M Williams, lkwton
} J 0 Neal, Kalamazoo J It Smith, Wayucsburg
, S lUtqr*. MoumUvillo J11 Miller, litUburgh
A W oxnaid.N M'r'm'lle W A Jones, Wheeling
J H W Clarke. ttcubuiivllle H A Potter, Cleveland
I Fred Fowler, B A 0 It It J E Sample, Palatine
. Mini V8ample, Palatine ?McSlder.Pa
, J Mulb, Jr, PJmburgh WII love, .Sieubonvillo I
' J W llarrboo, Cincinnati W C Barm-*, Pittoburxh
J K Burn*. Baltimore <?co W Conner, Xenla,0
(.1 Sellus, Wayncftburg M It Kill, Iowa
K It Kvaii", toaab'n, Pa W M Uandliui, city
. W 8 Mitchell, Zanetvlllc It Milk Columbus
1 p A Pitman. eltr W ? -adot, city
1 L C Alexander.city O B Thomas, Pa
i G M Plnnell, Pitoumrgh W A NVanl, Poi tland Star
# J II Foredlc**, city J M Mcf-onnell.Cleveland
1 Mist Ida I/>we, ralnnont Mb* Mary I/>we. Falnn't
r. j AiiniiHiA, ray j u ilivin, riUMUelplilU
Jns 1) Hayes. Pittsburgh J II Sotnmer. N?w Yoik |
K W Short, Philadelphia U II Turner, rhllu
W 11 Lour, Newark. 0 W t'oulmn, Pittsburgh |
J Ileum-*)', Pittsburgh Junes Johuxou, Tenu
uauiim'h new i'nitku railuoad siiow.
8II Barrett, F H (julck,
Pratt, Wr trickier,
CKow, O ''oletntn,
W J MdJmveU,
DSheehan, U Jackson.
You can buy the celebrated cog-geared
Novelty Clothes Wringer of Boyd, Market
Square, for $4 cash. Just one-half the
price charged by peddlers for third class
Before buying elsewhere go to L. 0. Hirsli,
who has opened at 1310 Market street with
a very complete line of Men's Youths' and i
Boys' Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods,
which he will sell lower than auy other
house in Wheeling.
"WINE OF CARDUI" four times a day
make* a happy household.
For sole by Logan & Co.
Overworked men and women, persons of
sedentary habitr, and others whose system
needs recuperation, nerves toned, and nms-1
cies strengthened' should use Brown's Iron !
Bitters. daw. .
' Bcautv, health, and lt:ippin#s for ladies j
1 For sale by Logan & Co.
* A pink selection of Square and Upright Fi?
anos, but little used; equal to new in every
' respect; fully guaranteed; at great bargains,
H at Lucas' Music Store, ,
1112 Main street. |
1 Pointer* About the Klvcr sutl Nfcnni*
5 buntM.
J Tl.? TT .1 -1- ? t.l
iuc jiujiu |iw?tu uuwii wiu empties. |
I Capt. Eugene LisUis at the Stamm House.
1 The Hudson is running in a lower Ohio
I river trade.
1 Local packets are all arrlvingand departing
B on time every day.
The Jennie Campbell left Cincinnati for
' this point last night.
The Emma Graham passed up late in the
afternoon with a fine trip. ,
1 The Katie Stockdale passed down about 7'
- o'clock yesterday morning.
J The W. N. Chancellor is due up this morn1
ing enroute from Charleston to Pittsburgh.
I The genial old salt, Capt Cou'son, who has
. heen visiting at his liomc, has returned to the
s cU>'s
Affairs along the wharf were rather active
] yesterday, the levee proper being crowdedf
with freight.
1 There is rather a dangerous sunken barge
- at Wellsburg, which pilots would do well to
e look out for.
e The Monitor, Modoc and Ella Layman
passed up with tows of ties, and the John A.
Wood with empties.
The Courier and C. W. Batchelor left in
e their resi>ective trades yesterday mornings on
r time auu with good loads.
The Andes got away about 4:30 r. a. for
i- Cincinnati witn a good trip. The mills contributed
a large number of nails.
The rivalry between the Little Anna and
Maud S. was lively yesterday, and loungers
:i along the levee had a good time watching the
t racing.
Orloff Miller, chief erffeineer of the cotton
!* steamer Corona, is in the city on a visit to
ins family. The Corona is laW u?> at Sew
The river under the influence of this dry
' hot weather is gradhally falling, the marks
last evening indicating only a depth of 0 feet
[ 4 inches. .
j The U. S. Lighthouse boat Lily left Cincinnati
for this point and Pittsburgh yesteri
day afternoon, naving laid in a full slock of
i, Towboats have been obliged to suspend
operations for the present, on account of lowwater,
with the exception of the pool boats,
which are bringing down largo amounts of
s coal to he in readiness for the next riac.?1'itUh
burgh IHspitch.
1? The wheel of the Vint Sblbklc has been
c found in the chaunel of the Ohio above
- Owensboro, Ky\opposite the first cottage at
the slough above the Government light, at
r the DaviessCouuty distililcry. Pilots should
lnnlr mil tnr li
Capt. Campbell Sweeney, of this citv during
the time that the Corona is laid up at
i, New Orleans, is running a* captain on the
, R. E. Lee, which is making four round trip*
r for the benctlt of the tlood sufferers. Capt. d.
t is giving his services free.
'f Loulslvllle (bmmerciaL Sunday: Tho big
s new towboat W. W. O'Xell left yesterday at
t uoon for PittsburgU with twelve coalboats,
J ten barges, and four fuel boats, a total of
a twenty-six empty pieces. This Is the biggest
? tow that has been taken up the river for
> years. The mammoth towboat Ajax, in her
i palmy days l?ft Cincinnati for Pittsburgh
with the same number of pieces.
Many steamboat men, in view of the
0 general number of explosions and ruptures
of steam copper pipes, are having recourse to
" lap-welded iron pipe for this purpose, It
? being considered by a great many the safest
kind of material for such use.?rUuburgh
t JtUpatch. This was something recommended
by local insj?ectors Young and Wilsou, in
their report on tbe 8idney disaster.
Nashville, Tkxs., April 18.?River 11 feet
e 8 inches and falling.
1 CixcwxATt, April 18.?River 17 feet and
g falling. Fair and pleasant
? Pitt. nunon, April 18.?River3 feet 7 inches
and falling. Clear and warm.
,f StsUKiBiVUUE. 0., April 18.?River 0 feet
9 and falling. Clear ana pleatant.
a New Orleass, April 18?Cloudy, warmer
a and showery. Thermometer 81.
Oil Crrr, Pa.', April 18.?River 1 foot 10
Inches and stationary. Clear and cool.
Cai*q, III., April IS.-^-Rlver feetO inches
and falling. Cloudy. Thermometer 00.
Evahsvill*, Isd., April 18.?River 18 feet
8 inches scant, and falling. Partly cloudy
i. with a stiff south wind. Mercury Jjt.
Louuvill*, Ky., April 18.?Rlvtr falling
slowly with 8 feet fltachca of water in tho
canal and 0 feet 0 inches in the chute on the
falls. Business fair. Weather partly cloudy
during the day, but looked Uke rain at night.
ttiomi'B rut*. " .
\Ym. Cop#, of Smltbfleld, waaln town ye*
One of Mayor Mitchell's children I* lit
with measles.
Mrs, Conowajr. rwlding In Clark's addition,
lout her baby Monday morning from
I)r, 0. D. Peck, who has had charge of Dr.
Hall's office this winter, left for bis home in
Itavenna, 0., yesterday.
The dust is complained of, and it is time for
the Ilanovor street merchants to revive the
street sprinkling cart scheme of last-year.
Mr. Ju. W. Bhipntan wears witli mush
pride tho magnificent watch and chain the
llnckeye boys gave hint on Saturday last.
Charles Seabright is awarded the contract
for the stone work of the new foundry, and
work *[111 commence the first of the week.
The Hanover street hotel project still bangs
lire, and an endeavor will be made during
tbo week to bring the matter to a conclusion.
Mrs. Martha Nolson, a colored woman, died
Monday afternoon, of consumption. She
was buried yesterday afternoon in Walnut
The archcs for tne furnace of the Union
Glass Works are nearly completed, and a
large force of workmen are busy pushing the
work along.
The steel rails are laid up to Hanover street,
and the o{>erationa of the workingmen have
been closely otaeqyed by the habitues of the
postolHce corner.
I)r. J. M. Blackford was elected President
of tho Martin's Kerry Board of Education
Mopdav evening, Ctias. 11. Sbrave, clerk, and
Jus. 8. Harrison, treasurer.
' The llenwo kI furnace last week turned out
142) tons of good iron, which, considering its
I capacity, is a much better showing than the
brng from Iroutou of tons.
I f 1... A II 1 I.
jusunrucH uuu loungers niong me river
rejwrt ft very exciting trial of speed,yesterday
afternoon between the rival steam*
bout*, resulting ina "stand-oil'," and all bets
Geo. Goodrich was drunk and disorderly
Saturday night, and was taken in. Ho was
a scssed $3 and costs by the Mavor, Monday
morning, Cbas. ltecse, Jaiues Leonard and
John Cue, plain druuks, were lined $1 and
cost* each. All paid.
Patrick O'Neil, the Carlisle street salooniM.
kept open too long Saturday night, and
when Mayor Mitchell got through with him
Monday morning, he was $20.70 out of pocket
by the operation. It is not likely the offense
will be repeated soon.
At Bpence's machine shons the moglve
fifty ton ily-wheel, for the /Etna are being
fitted up. Four segments of the big wheel
have been planed, and the cylinder is in the
lathe. The centers are lioth here, and are
receiving the finishing touches.
The stockholders of the new stove foundry
met ou Monday morning to hear the report
of Messrs. Medill and Mitchell, who liave
been examining the arrangement of other
foundries in this vicinity. The plans are
now nearly completed, and itf is tno intention
of the company to push thiugs when
they do start.
The new Township Board of Education
met at the office of Clerk Hanes Monday,
and organized by electing Morris Cope, Fv?q ,
President. A good deal of regular business
was transacted, unimportant in detail. District
No. 8 asked for a new school house and
a new location for it, and a committee was
appointed to look into the matter and report
at a future meeting.
The friends of tho "Maud 8." felt very
much elated.on Monday over the monopoly
that steamer enjoyed of the travel between
here and Wheeling,'and "Little Anna" stock
was correspondingly depressed. Hut it was
very gratifying to all who had to goto Wheeling
that they had a boat to fall back on. The
"Little Anna" was "on" yesterday. Long
may they both rido the waves.
On Monday evening, at Mr. 8.
G. W. Morrison's residence, a gey and
brilliant assemblage of our voung people
were most royally and hospitably entertained
on behalf of Dr. Frank Morrison aintbride.
who recently returned from Ann Arbor, for
.^4 brief visit at home. Yesterday the bride
nd' groom left for East Saginaw, Mich.,
where they have decided to locate, and at
once begin the practice of dentistry.
A meeting of* the Committee of Arrangements
for the Coss benefit festival was held
last night, ami it was resolved to have two
contests in connection with that aflair. For
this purpose a set of colors will bo purchased,
and presented to the Little Anna and Maud
S.. according to which can muster the largest
vote for it. Two j>olice cap will also be
purchased, to be contested for by the marshals
and assistant* of Bridgeport and Martin's
Ferry respectively.
But very little sickness is reported here
this spring.
Mrs. Superintendent Lawson, of the "Garden
Spot," was in town Monday.
Col. Wm. Scroggins and Charley Beuter,of
Wheeling, were'in town yesterday.
The Andes put olT a number of buggies
here yesterday for Jacktown, Pa., parties.
Vinton "Weaver has been confined to his
room for several days by a severe attack of
i nil animator}* rheumatism.
Two prisoners, one from Wood county ami
the other from Braxton county, will soon be
released from the Penitentiary by reason of
expiration of sentence.
Superintendent Gamble, of the Webster
Wagon Works, returned from a trip down
the river yesterday, where he purchased 70000
feet of jwplar lumber for wagon taxes.
The festival for the benefit of the Catholic
Church opened last evening fcnder the most
tlattering auspice-. Assembly Hall was filled
at an early hour by throngs of liberally disposed
persons, representing all religious denominations.
It is said that Mrs. Sullivan, of the 8econd
ward, has fallen heir to a considerable sura
of money by the death of a relative in Scotland,
and that John W. P. Keid, Esq, has
Itt tou,u""4 wrraiigviueuia uy WUICU 8(10
will at once be put in jrcssession of the same.
A citizen of the First ward drove one of
l?is neighbors out of bis coal house a few
nights ago. I'arties who make a practice of
prowling around their neighbor's premises at
night; cannot always count upon such lenient
treatment as this fellow received, and a
second visit of the kind will likely meet
with a much warmer reception.
It is said that Doc Davis, the Second ward
druggist, has yielded to the solicitations of
his friends, and consented to enter the contest
as a candidate for the ofllce of Mayor at
the approaching municipal election, if the
report m true Doc will make things lively for
other aspirants for the position.
Since G. 8. McFadden, Esq., has inaugurated
the project of procuring German tenants
for his farm, other parties who own
farms in diflorent sections or the county will
likely adopt the same conree, knowing, an
they do. that neonle of that natinnolitv nr..
tho "most industriousand frugal in the world,
and that much of the rough lands of this section
will never be utilized until tenants of
that character are secured for them.
The funeral of William P. Grin data IT yesterday,
was probably the largest ever witnessed
in Moundaville, numbers of his fellow
employes of the B. & 0. road were here from
Wheeling and points cas\ Betwoen thirty
and forty members of Mound City Lodge I.
0. of 0., attended in regalia, and citizens
from tqwn and the surrounding country
swelled the throng to an immense concourse.
The leave taking of his old friends, train men,
is said to have been touching in the extreme,
strong men accustoincd by years of hazardous
railroad duty to look upon death in terrible
form,wept like children,and the scorts of
tear dimmed eyes bore evidence to the high
estimation in which the deceased was held
by his acquaintances. *
For the third time and charmingly has our
School Board been tried in the balance and
found wanting in judgement. Yesterday
by a vote of 120 to 02 did the people tell said
Board to build a school in tho West End
instead of Kirkwood. ''There are uone so
blind as those who will not see." l,ast year
the Board submitted a proposition to enlarge
the school building in Kirkwood. The
people very decidedly voted ho. Again,
March 11th 1882, tho vote was almost a unanimous
yea, on appropriating $10,000 to erect
a new school building at West End, and improve
the Aetnaville building. And yet in
the face of these facts the School Board was
deaf and dumb, and blind enough to come
before the people again, and ask them to
permit the funds authorized March 11,1882
to be used in erecting additional school
buildings on tbo Kirkwood school site. The
manner in which it was done deserves to bo
remembered. Not content with a fair and
quiet expression of the will of the people at
toe ballot box. this same Board, led by one
schooled in choking nauseous doses down
the people's < throaty tries to choke down
what has been twice before repudiated. Finding
their simple scheme dying on the eve of
election, tbey trotted out on a store box on
Monday evening last, onjatrablic street corner,
a member of said At board to hart
angue the people. And why, forsooth? If
* ?
their proposition was so good, and If there
were no vacant lota to bo Improved, and no
axes to bo ground, why all this wira pulling?
? hy this bulldozing?
Now gentlemen, School Board, wa the dear
people hire al<l unto jrou three several
times wa do not want additional school build*
ing* in Klrkwood. We are willing to keep
you thereto do our bidding u longaayon do
it, and in our great charity even now we will
grant you immunity from all your past imbecility
if you will, but obey the people'i
behest, andgi.ve JCtnavlllo and the west end
their tuitch needed school buildings, and
uever in future force our honest faithful col
orcd school tjrfnltor to go on the street* and
electioneer for your pet schemes.
Kiekwood Justice.
Rrultfeport, 0., April 18,1882.
belli! re.
Miss Ella Dorsey, of 1'owhatan, is viaitint
Miss Jennie 8iulth.
Father Murphy's lecture on the cause ol
Irish agitation will be delivered Weduesday
The uew school board on Monday night
organized and elected V. T. Morgan, of the
First ward, president.
Mrs. Kline and Mias Sonnoborn, of Wheel
Ing, nnd Miss Grow, of Cumberland, are visit
ing the family of Jos. Honneborn.
It has been decided to close the sohooh
June 15, on the evening of which day will
tnke place the annual commencement exer
A. C. Darrnh. the "Vanderbllt" of the 8t
Clalrsville Northern Ibilro.td, as some of hh
friends have dubbed him, was in towt
The glass trade seemi to be dull just now
U it does not pick up ?oon it is probable thai
the fires of the Goblet Company s larger fur
nace will be allowed to go out for a time.
Mrs. lllttenhouse, who lately concluded tc
sell her grocery on lielmont street to T. B.
Litten, afterwards changed her mind, and
after that gentleman had taken possesion,
she refused to complete the bargain. A compromise
was effected.
Some weeks ago Jonathan Hoffman
bought a house in the First ward which wai
occupied by Samuel Oldham. The tenant refused
to move out, on one ground and another,
and the dispute linuliy ended by his ejectment
Tuesday at the hands of Marshal
.yew CL'UUKtttAXD.
Monday nhrlit J. W. Daznnlisrt. hnvino
been indulging in too much of the ardent
became boisterous and swore he would execute
vengeance ou one Metzter. a relative ol
his wife, who is here on a visit. It seem:
that jealousy, taken together with the effect
of a dose of bad whiskey,wus the prime caust
for the outbreak. A. H. Jiobijwwn swore oul
n warrant for him. and this morning Constable
Campbell and Marshall Cullen sailed
forth for their man, whom they found
cntrcuched in his own house behind a six
shooter, which he said he would use in hit
defeuse, that he did not propose lettingany
man take him alive?that he wouldn't.
They took him all the same, and Squire
Campbell held him 011 a recognisauce of $200
for his appearance at court.
M n. Tiiomas I. Hi'sskll, one of the besl
known cabiuet makers and undertakers in
Wilmington, Del., says he contracted an ex
ceedingly revere attack of rheumatism this
winter He is subject to the disease, but
rarely ever felt it so severely an he did the
time now under consideration. The disease
located itself in his right leg and foot, rendering
that member so stiff and sore that h?
could not move without enduring excruciaating
pain. St. Jacobs Oil bad oven so highly
recommended that he concluded to try it.
He bos every causj to be glad that he did so.
Two applications of the wonderful remedy
gave him entire relief and he has not been
troubled with rheumatism srtnee. Mr. Russell
says he considers St. Jacobs Oil a very
tine remedy for rheumatism and now keeps
it by him for ready use.
$1000MR? J
Bleeding, ltchlug,
Ulcerated or-Protruping lIlcRthut DeHinc's Hie
Koinwty fulls to cure. J'a'jmred l?y J. I'. .Miller, M.
Arch St., lUlla., l'a. None genuine without
his signature. Sold by druggist*. fi. Send for circular.
Logan & co., Ageuts, Wheeling. W. Va.
Memphis, Trsx., April 18.?River stationarv.
Or Ulood Poisoning, which Results
in Abscesses, Ulcers, Sores,Cnrbuncles,
Hoi Is and Itching
11 u mors, Cured.
What 1 tell you is tholrutb, told for no other pup
paw but to testify to the merit* of the Cutlcun
Reintdlex. >lr. Frederick "Yeatou.of tbix town, ha
been troubled for year* with h Fever Sore on one o!
hi* leg*. Last fall and nil winter he could hanllj
walk a step. I induced him to take your Remedies,
Ho has taken about four bottle* Cutleura Resolvenl
(blood purifier) and used theCutlcuruand Cutlcun
Soap externally. Uis kg to day In almost well, and
he walks with ease. It was a tight to behold?blad
and swollen very badly. I wish you could ute hii
J pi' to day. The change would astonish you.
CHAS. H. TRIPP. Alfred. Me.
"If the gratitude of a sensitive young girl,'
writes a thankful mother "can aff.?rd you pleasure
you have that of my daughter to Its fullest extent
She was our hope and pride, crushed to earth will:
a disfiguring scrofulous skin humor, which hoi
been completely cured, after endless dectoring and
great suffering, b?.th In mind and body, by the< u
tleura Resolvent (blood puriller) internally, ami
the Cutleura and Cuticuru Soap (the great skin
cure*) externally. Her skin is now an toft, whiu
and licautlful as a baby's."
Will McDonald. '2.VI2 Dearborn street, Chicago
gratefully acknowledges a cure of Salt Kheum 01:
head. neck. face, arms and leg* for seven teen years
not able to walk except on hands and knee* fur out
year, not able to help himself for eigbt years; triW
hundreds of remedies; doctors pronounced hit
case hopeless; permanently cured by the Cutlcun
Remedies .
The half has not boon told as to the g eat cur*
tlve powers of the Cutleura Remedies. I have i?id
hundreds of dollars for medielnt* to cure disease*
of the blood and skin, and necer found anything
yet to equal the Cutleura Reiuediea.
CHAS. WILLIAMS, Providence, R I.
? ? ?"? a tuuti a
The Cuticuta treatment fof the euro of Skin,
Peal p and Blood dUea**, oonidst* in tbe l:i tern a]
me of the Cuticum BooU'cut, the new blood purlfler
ana theextern.! use of Cuticum and Cutfcura
Boap, the great skin cu-.ca.
rrtoeot Cut leu r*. *nalf boxes, fiOa: large boxe*
SI. Cuticum Keaoivmt, SI t*r tattle.CuUcuni
dra?Sta Cutlcur* 81,|IV,U? 15c- ^ld by all
IH'pot. WEEK3 A >TTKR. Boaton. Maw.
"You don't know." wld a charming younir ladr
how much I owe you. I wan no bad withCatarrh
hat I could not auodate with my forawcSSS
iK'. "mu
aw >o thankful 1 found Sanfon"a id Si cure It
uZ?l?&'?nty woiTBrtswi
Fragrant and wholcaome: Cuticum Poan.
COl.L!Ng? JJ?re cmulntioui and powrp,
~ Btzm *7 action la obtain*
VOLTAIC Boicno'^ Co,ll??' Voltaic blue*
A Blood Food for
T)IiHS^T5. Snunm Hotnm,
Absolutely Pure.
1 Thli powder nerer rarle*. A marrel of purity,
> strength and wholesomenM. More economical
than the* ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in
competition with the multitude of low test, abort
; weight, alum or phoaphate powder*. Bold only in
_Jf+Mf__ Wmr Vnrir
The blood is the foundation of
life, it circulates through every part
1 of the body, and unless it is pure
! and rich, good health is impossible,
i If disease has entered the system
the only sure and quick way to drive
' it out is to purify and curich the
These simple facts are well
known, and the highest medical
authorities agree that nothing but
, iron will restore the blood .to its
natural condition; and also that
all the iron preparations hitherto
i made blacken the teeth, cause head*
i ache, and are otherwise injurious.
Brown's Iron Bitters will thoroughly
and quickly assimilate with
the blood, purifying and strengthen1
, ing it, and thus drive disease from
any part of the system, and it will
not blacken the teeth, cause head'
; ache or constipation, and is positively
wW injurious.
Saved his Child.
17 N. Eutaw St, Baltimore, Md.
Feb. is, 1B80.
Genu:?Upon the recommenda.
. tion of a friend 1 tried dkown's
iron ISittmhs u * tonic and rt1
storative for my daughter, whom
I wa? thoroughly convinced Was
waiting away with Consumption.
Having lo?t three daughters by the
terrible f isease, under the can of
eminent physicians, I was loth to
believe that anything could arrest
I the progress ol the disease, but, to
I my crcat surprise, before tny daughter
had taken one bottle of ukuwk's
Iuc?x Hirriuis. she began to mend
and now is quite restored to former
health. A fifth daughter began to
show signs of Consumption, and
when the physician was consulted
he quickly said "Tonics were reiiuircdand
when informed that
the elder sister was taking bkowk's
]??m uittbks, responded "that is
a good tonic, take it."
axwkak PuwLTi.
Brown's Iron Bitters effectually
cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion and
Weakness, and renders the greatest
relief and benefit to persons suffering
from such wasting diseases as Consumption,
Kidney Complaints, etc.
Gents' Furnisher
1 Takes pleasure in Informing the peoploof
! Wheeling and vicinity that lie is now
! Ready Tor Business.
I He has fltted up the 8tore-room formerly
occupied by SPEYKIt BROS, in grand style, 1
I and has completely tilled the same with the
i finest and largest stock of
Men's, Youths', Boy&' & Children's
In Piece Goods
He has the Handsomest Goods which Foreign
and Domestic Looms can produce. To these
your especial attention is Invited.
He has engaged one of the
Who ii now ready to tak? Measuru anil
MAKB TO OltDKft (tie bat Fitting Suits
ever made in thli city. ,
The Furnishing Goods Department |
Is filled with the latest novelties.
The Goods will be sold low, and no deviai
tion in price.
J. BFtlLLEsl
USH Main Street.
I a^rlO I
BSgiS? iJ
8 to re-room K0. jtt.- M
"[hen completed will U iiD ^t.
feet wl?J? hun.lfJ^jM
oonu, each ilxty^vi:, 2J?, l*? ! !*
En^u^of wen 'widt^ ""HqJ
Wantkd-a st3^j I
oSiJ? d^T*^ $ssl I
mhu?> ' Nu" ll.Hi.tJJgWlU
erer befote. linUu< ? trii-?i?? n*r
petition-?no rapiul teiiiii&^^vS^^I
chwce witi,?ut?,,,' ll; 1 ,,** tiifA?
7til Hrwtdwy. .v,.^ ( ,,fL. '"*??)1}0|
general notices. ~J|
J^ASl) WARRANTS. "~~ ~-W
Parties having Urnl Warn.. , jH
mentLand not locau.l, au.f?wH
for theiu by Inquiring i,( nT 'nil
_ n uiiimii lurtheriwttsih
settle. This is the last noiicy, M j
cccd to attach wag?-? ami lew on
property. [apria] lUuAvx.j^i^B
Parties having I-and Warrants lorCorn'^l
ment land not located, will loam
to their interest by aMrtVing
FOR FA LE- A TW? ST(?l;\ ymjM
with vUht room* ainl two |n
u*tc<l in NewlHtiil'? Addition to V.?nia?f? '^B
Watetcoo venlcn t. Terms wy. Amli ui
BKlCm OBEKl-H'K. on tintSor
sale on KENT.
Eleven acres on the hill above town.
H. FORBES, Wheeling -U
No. 7, U. & Custom House. TelefboMF^^B
por sale.
36 Shares of Stock in .F.tn* Mill
40 Shares of Stock in Street Railtij.
10 Shares of Stock in G retnwixxlCeorin
25 Shares of Stock in Franklin lrusm H
Company. H
qattle AM) HOG FEED
For Sale Cheap.
Wliecliug (irapc Sugar and HfQtli{(^H
tpor sale.
Lot 42. east side Chapline street, Wa^H
Twenty-fourth street.
5,000 acres Timber Land in PtR}(ti%^H
100 acres two arid one-jmlf miles froaK^H
ton, Marshall county. W. Ya.
g V lin DUCTll,
t... - ** "
,!< itroiccr,
WIlHanwburgh City Fire Ins. Co., Brooklnl
iEtna Fire Mini Murine Iiu. Co., UutforiCta
Offlif Ht Coinmcnrlnl Itnn*. gM
Fire Insurance Coup
Office?No. 61 Twelfth r-t.. under WmMnpdfl
Capital, - - - $100,001
A-W.Panll, VS. K. I'. n-lMoa, G RTbd
John J. Jones, George lim.k. Wa E st
Robt BimpMin, Alex. J.iVx-il. mhicA
HOlli .' ia.VGtEfniiW. 2
W. K. PENDLETON*. VyrfrwiJeaL
J. C. ALUKKSON. ^TrtU.7.
Insures all kind* of prowl; 11 nuoubleniA
II it to expcfliont to fnstir* rrnj^rtymbkhnj
be rcntorod, in it not wlxlom to Imure life ??
cannot be reetorvl! Com Hre the KATES a m
Mutual Lite Insurance^
And iUrtuh w?'t< of otit !91.W).ooo, with 4a
any other mutual t,'oni|>*iiy in the worn .
ji.ooo. jS
1 5 j 1 II 111
3 i\h IS K;|
; *1 1 A 1*1
i is e ! Sa ?'
<r" S y. V. II ?
25jl(l.!)l 19.89 1(1.80 j J?|
30 1 !U0 22.70 22.70 i tJM t SI
35,22.4J 2(i.3S 2<i.r,o i 2(122' *? H
<0 2(1.(11 31.30 ;i|.:,0 i 31.25 311
45 #2.2 7j 37.117 i 3MW SM>1 ?
so)40.101 4-.181 j'l.ji
Out place of businc&s 1:?>1 Market
will be closed from H
0 O'CLOCK A. M. r.VTHi 12 V* I
And from JH
2 p. m. r.viu:? v. M,
In order to invoice tin.- stork of
Continued until further notice.
having urgent business will he
the rear door.
Stanton ?t 1 )uven)WrtjB
New Wall Papers and Bordfii I
rHE largest stock
AND best ASSORT*?-*
Very LowonI Pi'Iccft
Call and see them.
nih3 X?. 2rt Trrelfih
Spring- Stvle* J
kow in stock at '
1222 jxarkkt street. 1i
mhl7 1

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