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? i ' ~ - ' ' 1
| fltt fntclitfim;
- '?r - .-V.U (I u-ftrlr nf J(V?
u'i Jjiive inon " ' "** *wv
L?MW?forthe Union," writf1.
In Willard Gliizitr, u coldier of tin? lute
;u,Uiilli"ro/?vfral works tbit have
?n ije nttmllou of tile press nnd the
It iucluJi-s ilrscriptious ol many
P|Vir.c?t stuljliornb" contested battles of
? tir, utftbif with incidents and rum!f
*' */ jjfl. camp, the march nml the
liit]i1aii'w.'""ll'mbraCB",1;i0 a rccord
priviiion-, hi-roic deals, null ylortoo?UioiiH.U?of,iie
soldiers of the republic
TUc vsoik ? handsomely illustrated
an') beini lusJ-'"""''*' bound, forms a
\erv jt:w'U,e volume. Wo doubt not
it * i" I,roro a book, of more than ordiniry
i?l=w! |J "lanJ' ot our read<!n!I,
i, jo* being canvassed for by agents in
ti is citr. ^
| Ir is siipi***"1tott feature of the prorailroad
between Grafton and I'hillipi.
that it eventually extended to :
a point lcvou-l llevcrly, where it will form
ajam tion with Senator LU vis's road from
PieJoiont, and the two proceed on as one
j tn ()< > it Ohio. H'lth
will be coal ati'l timber roadrf, and it iaexpecte-l
that one of the two or three partially
built roaJi that are pointed southward
from Pittsburgh into West Virginia will be
inspireti to push on to a connection at
Grafton, lu this view of the case it is considered
a matter of no little importance to
gel the ball in motion by building the Grafton
an-1 Phillipi link as soon as possible.
It is expected to draw to itself froui both
nnif fn- rfiM nn?rms nf -H't'tirinir a rnn<]
across the .Slate.
Col Ct'irris was in from West Liberty,
yesterday, anil informs u.s that, although
Mr. Kd^nglon has rallied somewhat from
hi? rectnt death-like symptoms, yet his end
is only, apparently, a matter of a few days.
He still has consciousness, however, and
the Intelligencer's recent review of his
career was read to him a (lav or so aco.
lie was pleased to remark that it did not
do him injustice. He wag especially
aats.-ed with tlie reference to bis ancient
tilt in the Virginia legislature with "My
lord of Buckingham"?an incident that bad
long escaped his memory?and be laughed
heartily over it. The old gentleman is not
the most amiable of patients in his sickness
ant! id prone to express himself after
the old time style. He sutlers little or no
juin. h is simply a case oi worn out vital
WtlLLSVILl.ll, onto.
DlkcUttr^e ul U?<<ie?-TlireHl(ue<l Coal
Sillier*' Mrikv.
Dispatch to :ae Intelligencer.
Wellsville, May 1.?Cashier Hender6on,
oS First National Bank, of this place,
ia lying dangerously ill of asthini.
Despaired of his life last night. Better todav.
George Glenn, bridge carpenter on the
O I i> i> t> -i- 1? ? :
v. ?m't i. j.. iw? airuth. uj ? iuuiuu^
train this morning and was saved from the
wheels bv a bystander, who caught him.
.Mrs. .Mary H. Hunt,'of Boston, Mass.,
superintendent of scientific instruction of
the W. C. T. U., lectured our people; then
waylaid the school board in the interest of i
temperance test books in our schools.
Soard is favorable.
Salineville coal rniuers threatened a
strike to-day for an advance of 10 cents per
too. llocking Valley miners would not
join them, hence their intention was nipped
mthe bad.
iritoons all closed but three. Irondale
vjo closed. Ditto Salineville.
There lias been a general discharge of
at the railroad shops in this city
and bosses substituted from the CleveJaad
Olcli I'rirPN ]?nocklu^lh? lloltoui oat
of the llooiu.
Chicago, May 1.?Duringtue early weeks
of soring the "anticipations for building
this reason were roe-colored to a degree
tottering on enthusiasm. May-day, however,
has come around without any very
notable boom in that line of work, and
there is every reason now to predict that as
Ions as brick is held bv the manufacturers
at $!:? a thousand, and lumber keeps adTancing
in ratio with the increased demand
for building mechanics-, those canJemplaiinj:
the erection of buildings will refrain
from operations for at least the present
season. At a meeting of the lumber
dealers and manufacturers a few days
aj:o the price-list was revised and a
few ficun s added. The price of A partition,
D. and M.. two sidts. four beads, was ad
vantx-d from $U5 to $57. The brick manufacturers
have also' been in consultation
during the past week, and have determined,
if r.ot to raise rates, at least to hold
old prices. Then, too, a number of mechanio,
in various lines of trade, desirous
cf taking time by the forelock, have recently
made known their determination to
strike fr.r increase of wages, provided their
demands are not complied with. Hence
the boom anticipated some weeks a^o in
troilding operations in Chicago has not yet
teen realized, nor is it apt to be duriug the
>*fM-nt summer. The architects, however,
uutinue busy, with a large utock of combed
work on hand, and the books at the
vSkoo! thecitv buildingdepartrnent show
-?rr tlie past week tuoro tuan an average list
oi notable i>ermits.
Th* Hubbath i? St. litirch goer#,
m I'ount^il bj* n Itppnrier,
4k,-"1' ^a>* i.?The Globe-Democrat.
tois tnoruuig, has nearlv two pages of atauticjs
fckowiu: how many people attended
church VcMt-nlav ami l,ni ,L .l.v ur.,?
otherwise spm by sabliuh breakers. At
he morning nud evening {services in nil
the churches there ww< in attendance 110.15?,
pr" schools 23,Jfc.
children ; of these the Catholic church
by 171 arsons; tlio
i7 / ''IUr; t!.10 Presbyterian
v", ' ? l!-": hv-i,ol2: the German
tunjMlM. mc iidmjr Hie Lmlitr.m, ".Gift
?,i\l ''U V^'r. ?ardt . theatre* and
.f,7 wr-v places there werv
: of these more than onfr
third wiui^svd bare ball games.
| am! Klrrlricily.
Pntsnt'iKiu \f-it. 1 _Ttm ? .-i
I 1 ' ttUUUUl UJC'C'l
ltifcnf Use Cunfeoiulatuti Usu? company wjl
geld at KiOcnmpany'ri oflice this nfternoon
inC' 8??miiUf<I to the stockholder
isUc soj'1 for re-flection oa showing tlxof
ekniioity iifKin gn?. The Unioi
eejkcit uan the U-rj tingle customer ofth
UOllMllillllT. il 1 11-',.,.. 11 .Vft IWI
... mnun v,wv.\/w ?vr?, .III
nuaUy, at one dollar jvr J (XX). This ha
jw? n nuuml to about 1,000,1#) jijnee tli
introduction of the electric IitfiO*. Jh
other {jus wm pan it-shave not Oven hem
Jrom on the subject, but doubtless ha\
?toe for growling, al*o.
Tin Wuhlmlon Chlirur Poller ITarb. Ill" >??!?
tha iaclalMa-l tUIUrlif rabllt 1>?U Mali
ral-Tba Salloaal llaali-Uaaaral
>otrirrum Ilia National Capital.
Special DUimU-h to Iho Intelligencer.
Washington, May 1.?A. report is i
circulation, to - to the effect th:
the reason the President abandoned li
carefully planned trip to Philadelphia, 1
meet the citizen of the "Stato in Schuy
kill," was that he was informed, thismori
inp, by the chief of police, that it was pO;
sible that a Socialist might attempt his lii
while he was enroute.The reportseema to L
based chielly uj>on the f.tct that the tri
was abandoned, without any apparent ai
equate cause, and upon the /act that th
chief of police visited the White House eai
ly this morning.
The Tubllc Debt StnliMiieut.
"Washington*. May 1.?The following is
statement of the public debt for the wont
o! April:
Extended ?lxc<..... .. $ 50.103.1:
Extended nvit - -w.Nc.y
I*xH-tirf)*! four and one-half* "JjO.lMJ.uf
Extended four*.
Refunding Certltlcntea
Navy I'cuilutt Fund ? H.'XV.Ql
Totallauded Ucbi.. SU'Ji.Oit.s:
Matured debt
Loyal Tender* ? M'UJO.R
Certificates of l>ct*#it 1l.ll ?,C<
' old and Silver certificates. " SV* V
Fractional Currency - 7,t?7,M
Total without Interest ....$ 437.767 H
Total Debt .. ..... !, >? >'>26.M
Total Interest.... ll.S'js,:::
Totiil ca*h Its Treusury ?.J>*
Debt let# <.'ash in Treasury 1,711,Miiji'
DccreftMJ during A|?rlL - 1 (. 115.S
Decrease ?luco J une :U). lhsl l'-S.TlS.'i!
Interest duo and unpaid .. 3 2.24; 9:
l>obton wMelj Interest has cuiiscJ 33.71 S,v
Interest thereon GH.4'
( old and Oliver certificates - <2,^3,4:
United States note* held for redemption
ofccrtiticate?"of dcp<?it lt.ll'i.M
C*uh balance available Mat 1, lV-i l
Tdtol ... ?..$
AVAILABLE assets'."
Cash In Treasury S -215.574.S!
Dond* tamed to the htelllt: Uy. ?.'o Interest
payable in lawful money, principal
outstanding 01/33.51
Interest iuvruedttnd not yet jmid
Interest pnid by the United State*
Interest reptiid by Co.'a by tru:u>i>ortat
ion service.. 15,Wft,0'
By ea.?h piytnenti.r> per cent net earnings) GVi.i'A^
llalanreot Intern-: paid by the United
State* .. :7,c3:,t:
Taper Money t'Jrcnint loit.
Washington*, May 1.?The following :
the statement of the comptroller oi the cm
rencv showing the amount of national ban
notes and of legal tender notes outslandin
at the dates of the passage of the acts <
June 20,1S74; January 14, 1S73, and Ma
31, 1S7S, together with the amounts ou
standing added and the increase or d<
Amount ou'standlng June 20,l*74.........$Vl9,&,ji,i!
Amount outstanding Jan. 14. 1875... 3-tl,t*l,?
Amount outstanding .way 51, JS7a~; 3?!,5K>,'J(
Amount'outstaudiug at ?latc,(ria'ulatiou
n( national gold bunts not included,
rW7,97J) 3C0,lf.2,^
Decrease during the last month..? ftfl
liicre?* tiiuce ilny 1, 1881.. J\CG0,'/
Amount outstanding June 20. 1ST I ?ST.S2,OOO.C<
Amount Jan. 14, IsT.'j ? JiiAftXVJ
Amount retired under act of Jan. 14.
1*75. to May 3t.l{s73 - SS.313.S
Amount outstanding ou nud since May
31.1S7S _ MG.CSl.O
Amount on deposit with tu?: Treasurer of
the Uulu.il States to reditu notes of
insolvent And liquidating J>4Uk*. nnd
hanks retiring circulation under act of
Juiie 2d, IsT-4 32,'JXA
Increase in doi-mit during the loft
month .. ............ 2.906.8
Decrease in deposit since Mujr 1, 1XSI........ 3,U^j,0
Consmslniinl l'riH-ci'illuu"*.
"Washington, May 1.?In the Senate, M
AHiaori introduced a bill, pro?idiugfor tf
construction of the Illinois and Misslssip]
river canal. It authorizes an iinmedia
survey under the direction of the Secretin
of War. It is to have a capacity for vessa
ol 260 tons burthen.
There was an exciting debate in the Sei
ate. without definite action, over the bill I
repeal discrimination against ex-Confede
ates iu appointment in the regular army.
Mr. Edmunds, of the judiciary commi
tee, reported that the President has amp!
power to use the federal troops and civ
authorities to suppress the cow-boy ou
rages in Arizona.*
In the House a resolution was adopte<
designating the 9th of May for the consl
eration of the bill providing for the extci
sion of the charters of national banks.
The House passed the following speci
appropriation bills for the erection of pu
lie buildings: $<>00,000 at Detroit; $000,04
at Denver, $100,000 at Lynchburg, $223,01
at Peoria, and $123,000 at Galveston. Tl
hist bill only passed by the Speaker's vot
The OutbrcHk lo be I'm Down.
Washington*, May 1.?The President h:
decided to put down the Indian outbret
in Arizona as soon as possible; he so e
pressed himself to the Secretai
<jf War. who has been instruct
to take prompt and vigorous measures
that end. Orders have been issued for a
ditional troops to proceed to the scei
of trouble in Arizona and to aid tl
troops therein in prevening any forth
acts of violence and bring the hostiles tn
speedy justice. These re-inforeemvnls w
consist of the 1st Infantry, now in Tex:
the 4th Infantry, now in the Departme
of the Platte, and part of tl
Oth Cavalrv, now in the r>epai
men t of Missouri. The Preside
is earnest in the matter and, in the wor
of a prominent army oflieer, intends
make a clean sweep of the red de-vils. T!
probabilities are that the troops
Arizona and New Mexico will be unit
in oue command, under a brigadier gen<
al, yet to be assigned to that duty.
Th? liathCnll tor ItoniN
Washington, May 1.?The Secretary
the Treasury has allied for the redempti<
of the following bonder
Bomfe ot the loan of July 17 and A upi
0, 1S01, continued at 3* per cent, from J u
1, 1SSI.
5M Sa. 2-1'v, io No. 2.561 Influ*Jre,
S1W No. 17.7.SI oXo.1S.6I6 llirJti>lvo
S300 No. l\,'M to No. rj.-jst induftve
Sl.OO) No. oVJM to No, 5fi9?J inclusive
S5.UOO No. l"..r?Sl to No. 17.S31 inclusive
510,00 No. MHl to Xo. 46.116 iurlu&lve
Notice is given that the principal and :
irnwl intontJt on the bonds. desienat<
will be paid at the Treasury oi the Unit
.States at Washington on July 1, 1SS2, a
that the intereaton said bonds will cease
that date.
Brnr^>n!zatli?t of lh? .Vallupnl Hnul
, Wjjiiiixotox, May J.?The Coniptrol!
, o[ lite currency, Mr. Kiiox,,sava that t
: National banks will probably re-oiyait
- miller the plan mppesteil by him in
tnM rennrt: thai the l'irst Clncaco anil t
??COiid Cincinnati have decided to do
unteu Cup^r?^ provides by legislation
- tbeir r<>or^:jiii/?at;on.
AlitMiuurPoti SldVfninil^
* \Va<mjnct".v, May J..-Member.* oi :
e Con^r?>*i"iiul committee art*, receivin)
i? lar^y numWr of letters from dilkn-nt ;u
f ol the .SmuiIj which indicate wn*i.iera
t- qui?-t activity amonglhelocal party lend
ls n( the 11 -publicans and the Inuependts
e It would iipjH'ar from these* MHtrcea t
c the state uf public sentime nt ift many
d (culiti?s affords decided eneourjtament
'e the b? Jivf that a strong independent nm
mint nj^intt Bourbon dommatiou will
nuule. The Republicans propose to unite IT
with this clement ami by running a fusion *1
ticket it is believed tlmt they can carry a
number o( districts in tho South. It is ^EV
stated by a prominent Southern politician .
that with ragaciouM management he hud no
,l doubt that at least twenty Congressional Tl,#
district* might bo carried. The Congrets* an
ional committee i* i1?:?i>oscmI to make the
Vn?flmini Uf ilie hnmtp.
Washington*, May 1.?The eonlirina- pj
n tions to-day wore: Adam Badean, an eon*
fiul ueneral at Havana; I'rof. Wiekershnin,
. of Pennsylvania, charge d' aHairs to Den- enc0
w mark; J no. K. Montgomery, surveyor of pub!
[o customs at Denver: Miss Ida Carpenter, ]>,
1. postmistress at Butler, Indianit .tjou
Ex-Sccretarv Hunt. Minister to IUi.ukia. ^ie '
:e will sail for St". Petersburg on tho 20th hut. *
l(i It took 11,318 cheeks, ealhng for $3,513,P
150.11! to pav tho interest on the continued |)est(
1- o per cent. \jomls. U1C t
it* The friends of Senator Hill, of Georgia, ?.
r. fear that he will nbt recover. 1 lis colleague, shoti
Senator Brown, has the consumption. . u.
The Democrats in Congress are opposed shou
to the establishment of a court of appeals, rule*
for the relief of the "United States supreme
court. be fu
1 Treasurer Giliillan has paid for interest
on called bond* during April $19,5"0,000 0,,P1C<
>0 and for interest on outstanding bonds
v $0,825,000. tri.,en
10 ti n ? \ l,on
w The Democrats are raising a big cam- ll5SSg
paign fund; contributions are solicited. cont,
_ They want to capture the next House of
>o Representatives. distV
Jj Til C G'KK.tT HO IT It tCL*. trt^t
j'J 'flic A list ml in ii Xo .tfntc!i for tho i'a- pie,
_ ttfitlinti?Unnlnti mi K:i*y Winner. lllOSI
* London, May 1.?llanlan won the boat 3t1011
ro race on the Thames by four lengths. The
?s course was from Putney to MortJake. The
[i| stakes were ?1,000. llanlan won with the 7.
greatest ease, llanlan had the Middlesex ?fS
side. The start was a good one. Ifanlan ^ J
}.j had slightly the best of Trickett, and led ^ieg
^ immediately afterward. The steamers fol- lit
xi lowing the rowers were loaded with people, ^?ij
^ and the banks of the river crowded. Many ^l(
& ladies were among the spectators, llanlan ].
^ was rowing easily at Hammersmith bridge, shall
Thf.ro \v?i? novor nnv flnnht nf tlin root,If (lida
[2 Hanlan promptly rowed Trickett down.
:}1 At Craven Cottage, six furlongs from the L.0nf,
starting point, Uanlnn was one-quarter of a dele;
'7 length cjear of Trickett, and at the creek, ,|,ort
VJ abont two miles and a halt further on took
the Australian's water. Oil* Barnes Ter- preo
race, but a *liort distance from the creek,
13 he was leading Trickett by fifteen seconds. ^P1
r* Hanlan's time was 27 minutes and oS sec- 0I- u
lC onds, and Trickett's LMj minutes am' 3." held
^ seconds, ilanlan played with Trickett as the <
>l with former contestants. n?,l.
- London, May 1.?Iianlan rowed thirty- ?'? 1
l" eight strokes in the first minute and was publ
" ahead very soon, rowing neatly and easily, dent
Haitian's time for the lirst mile was live conv
minutes and seventeen soeonds. .Soon pate
;2 after Hanlau, amid a good deal of laughter, .Statt
VJ stopped dead and looked around. There recoi
were again eheers and laughter, when, that,
shortly afterward, lie stopped for quite a freec
20 couple of strokes. Opposite Chick wick a prim
? barge lay right across the course, causing Gi pi
Hanlan to lose much ground. Hanlan was Ti;
M in a regular surf-"and made for the were
Lo Middlesex shore for shelter. When (our
he got into smooth water he 0n
51 deliberately stopped and bailed his boat. c.nt
JO ?;? jhiwciuxu m nit: ?.iva rti.u WUS ;
Kelley jiad to take Iiim into shelter. Approaciiiug
Barnes Terrace Ilanlan was ta sp
nearly 'JOO yards in front, Trickett rowing selvt
it strongly and grand I v. So hollow a race !ts<ir
j, was seldom witnessed, even with Hanlan. moti
*? There was sixty-three seconds difference Tii
in time ot the men when oil' Barnes Tor- hv tl
race, even though Hanlan stopped sixteen Regi
r. seconds. The champion fairly made a
ie show of Trickett and won by too many
j>i lengths to count. After the finish of the ]
lc race Hanlan turned round and m?:t Trick y
ett; turning aiiuin, he rowed to the winning u
Is pfwf, reaching i: a length ahead.
Geneva, May 1.?A tremendous snow VV
storm occurred in the Alps. The Simplon ^
o rauta is impassable. The shock of an u"
r- earthquake was felt in Canton Valais on . .,
Friday tat. H?'
. lUuntD, May 1.?Hostility. to the Gov- t^0
I? eminent continue in the principal towns arou
11 of Catalonia. Tradesmen refuse to pay the tiie
new taxes; the olficials were compelled to jj:e
^ demand protection of the troops. nint
' 1* Important DocUIonn in PcntiMjIvnnin.
3* II.miuisburg, Mayl.?The Dauphin coun.
ty court, to-day, "decided a^ case of great 0[
'll importance to the Lehigh Valley Vailroad u{)0;
'* company and other corporations that have xjie
^ resisted "the payment of tax on loans and tjie
bonded indebtedness claimed by the State. tjiC
ie The claim against the Lehigh Valley com- t{je
c* panv was $l&>,93*2, for ISSO-'Sl, and suit u f1Y,
was'brought against it to test the right of sjJO{,
the Commonwealth to impose this tax. The pjsj("
a-s court decided in favor of the corporation.
*k and Commonwealth will appeal the case iJarr,
x* to the Supreme court, whose decision, if Hafei
ry favorable to the Suite, would increase the ;um.
revenues of Pennsylvania for the years in
^ question nearly a million dollars. prCK.
"" The court, to-day, overruled all the ex- ufter
le ception filed bv the" Commonwealth to the ^ere
10 opinion in the suit against the Standard oil t^e
er company for the recover.* of nearly $800,000 u.:w
.jj taxes on capital stock. orVie
ti*. The ISrltNIi WrHln Jlnrhcl.
nt London, May 1.?'The Mark Lane JZrpren, jnve
:,e in a review.of.the British grain tmde durrt"
iugthe past week, Bays: There has been
n.1 no general improvement in the grain trade.
1,5 The supply of native wheat is now liberal. Lc
,t?) but the proportion of tine qualities is very jrou
.u small. Trade In foreign wheat, on spot, ?-ag<
m. in London, is very quiet; at Liverpool by t
L'tl trade lost tone during the week. Calafornin, "px
r* gt-nerallv, Id per rental lower. Maize jy>
in floating wheat very mnch restricted
. owing to pnndl supply. Salts of Knglish Ji
?f wheat during the week 41,702 rpWHers at . '
)a 40< 1 Id, per quarter against 20,1'JS quarters
at 44s 9d per quarter the corresiKmditig .
\st week last vcaf. Jn ^
ilv ' ?. is a
K.l I MlO.il> MATTtlLS. hnn:
Baltimore, May 1.?The Cbe?-peake <? J|l?',
Ohio railroad company will run its first
through train from Washington to Louis- .
ville, to-day. The company has contracted '?Ci*
fur Sol cars, to be delivered buforu July 1. ,lt ^
^ Philadelphia, May 1.?The l'ennsylva,Vfl
nia railroad directors declared a four per 'n^r
n[j cent semi-annual utvuienu .tins aiternoun,
on and also parsed a resolution giving the r1
stockholders the privilege of applying for s\n*
stock at the rate oi^ eight per cent o'f shares tPv0
iM. held hv them April 20, provided such ap?
lor plication be made and paid for before June ou~
he 15 next. Pt>rs
tug nun
Milwaukee, J fay I.?X fire at Florence, ^|,e
soi Wisconsin, destroyed four buildings; loss ? f
for $21,000. ' 11 1
Ithaca, N. V., 3fay I.?The "Washington
glass works burned. Loss $o0,000; inaur,
amt* $25,000. ' ,
? :l -Mrriifn. 0n7-? ^^av I.?The residence of q
,Va Ati'hx-w laming burned this morning. nnt]
Two of his children u?.'re burnt'ii to death,
ors rihI Mr.und Airs. FicKjififf were ueriouzly
it*. burned; ( * ckrt
hut Ci.vLVESTON, May 1.?The German bri^
lo Gen's ujis iiretl by Jightniri{rf.12t) mi/es out; ?-oi
.of returned to. port-on Hon day night ntul for
>ve- scuttled. The cargo consfetrd of col ton, the
Le valued .-it $05,000; djuinge to vuscl $10,000. rut
CoafrrtDce at Philadelphia? llarmoaloai
id Ulorloai Work?Adoptloa of WUe lad
Healthj Uc?>lul!oa?~Ilr|ttlari and la
drptni]?Bti Hold ft Lote Init.
uladelpuia, May 1.?Tho following
lutions were adopted at a joint conferi
of the Regular and Independent Kelicunn,
at their session this evening;
tsolv<J, That wo recommend the adopol
the following principles and ineth- (
jy the Republican State Convention on
lOlh of May. .
That we unequivocally condemn the '
of patronuge to promote personal or 1
teal eudf, and require? that all o/llcea
jwcd within the party shall bo upon ]
iole basis of lltness
I hat competent una faithful officers '
ilil not b? removed except for causa.
That the nonselective, minor ollicea
Id be tilled in accordance with the
i established by law. ]
That the ascertained }>opular will nlmll .
lithfully carried out in .State and Xa- ,
il conventions, and by thoso hojding
by favor of the party. ' That
we condemn compulsory assess- t
to /or political purpose# and prcscrip- i
for failure to respond, either to such (
aments or to requests for roluuturv I
ribution, and that any policy of politlrescription
is unjn.it and calculated to
irb {tarty harmony.
Tlmt public office constitutes a high
, to be administered solely for the peowhose
iuterest must be paramount to }
; of persons or parties, and that it
Id he invariably conducted with the 1
r efficiency, economy and integrity as t
x pec ted in the execution of a private .
That the btatc ticket should be such ^
y impartiality in its constitution and r
:haracter unil acknowledged fitness of
ioininecs,will justly commend itself to
upportof the united Republican party.
tolled, That we also recommend' the
tion of the following permanent rules
lie holding of State conventions and
ronduct of the party.
That delegates to the State convention
, be chosen in the manner which cantos
for the general assembly are nomiiJ,
except in senatorial districts com- t
u ui lima- Hiiiii uuc cuuuiy, in wiucn 1
erees for the selection of senatorial (
jates shall be chosen in tiie manner <
fsaiil and the representation oi each '
ttv shall bo based upon its Republican i
, cast at the Presidential election next J
ceding the convention. (
Hereafter the State convention of the j
iblicau party shall be held on the sec- <
Wednesday" of Juiv,except in the year
Presidential election, when it shall be
not more than thirty days previous to
day fixed ior the National convention, j
at "least sixty days' notice shall be given .
,e date of each State convention. t
That every person who voted the Re- |
ican electoral ticket at the hist Fresi- ]
ial election, uext preceding any State \
ention, shall be permitted to partici- ?
in the election of delegates to the <
s and -National conventions, and we }
nimeud to the county organizations t
in their rules, thov ullou- fhn -
lom in general participation at "the t
iaries. consistent with the preservation ,
irry organization.
iese resolutions and recommendations
signed bv all of the eight conferees,
Independents and four Regulars,
the part of Senator Mitchell, IndependRepublican,
the following resolution
adopted by the joint conference:
solved. That we disclaim any authority
eak or act for other pc-mons than our?s
and simply make these suggestions
e in our opinion essential to the proon
of harmony and unity.
le first seven resolutions were proposed
je Independents and accepted by the
ilars, although not in the original'form
ruAt'a.s o\ tiii: mississippi. j
on 11 Tow-lluut?'The Cnptnin tutd
the Mute IV Firearm*.
emrnis, May 1.?The tow-boat Henry j
ry, which left here last night for .St- j
s, with seven model barges and one ice ,
e in tow, struck a snag eight miles ]
ie river, which tore'a hole in the ice ,
e. Capt. Lang ordered Leander HofT, *
mate, to swing the ice barge (
nd. IIofT reiused to obey j
orders. The captain landeil t
tow, came here and swore out a war- j
before the United States commissioner,
?ing IIofT with mutinous conduct,
deputy United Suites marshal,
the warrant, went^o. the scene
trouble aud was landed just
'e where the tow has been anchored,
steamer then dropped down to where
tow was. As she approached, while
captain was standing on the roof,
llt.liu UllUlltU Uiu uil UU11 Wlin
oshooter. The captain returned the
3. The mate, after discharging his
?1, ran up the bank to a fisherman's
, got a shotgun and lired both
els at the captain, who sought
v behind some spars. The mate then
>ed into a skill* and made his escape to
Arkansas shore, the steamer
eeded up the river. This (
noon the mate was arrested ]
by the police au<l taken in charge by I
U. S. marshal. lie stated that ho 1
preparing _ fo obey the captain's r
rs concerning! the ice barge, when s
captain cursed him, and Unit the can- t
first shot at him. The matter will be t
r _
i.inou xotks.
)N"i>ON', May 1.?The Mt<hllesborou<:h )
workers have struck for an increase of 5
??. Many thoa&ind hands are affected 1
he strike.
rrsuuiiaii, May 1.?A spe?ial to the
(itch savs: All the (/tiddlers and helpat
the National rolling mill, McKees,
quit work at noon to-day, owing to
employment of non-Union men by the !
SCIS'N'ATI. MaV 1.?For thfl firctf timn
)i? history of strikes in this city, there i
prospect that ji regularly organized trinl
of arbitration will he called, to settle :
differences between employers and
iiattanoooa, Tcn.w, May 1.?The nailers,
about fifty in number, einploved
South Tredegar iron-works, have J
ck because the managers notified them
they would hereafter draw their pay ;
ithly instead of semi-monthly.
[scinnati, May 1.?The carpenters'
:e is fairly on. The builders refuse to
the extra fifty cents per day. and the
enters who belong to the Uuion aro
Committees have been appointed to
made others, who aro at work, to strike.
irrsBiT.Gii, May l.r-Thirty-thrce coal
ere were arrested at Alpsvi'lle, Pa., by a
I.id n f ..? ..miuTOii, VII u UIJHlgi:
onspirucy. These men were strikers,
s alleged, and intimidated men who
e cn'rnged to Utko their places, Thev
c required to furnish bail iu $1,000 each.
r*r:tin Mtitl ProvUiuiin in Chlen^o.
niCAf.o, May 1.?Wheat ?w:w uncettltd
I nervous to <lav, on account of its be*
the tir?t of the mouth, arid because of
corner expiring for April and the un:ainty
attending the movement* of the
[Ue. It was generally believed that they
;i!d cnrrv forward the comer and tin?
svard months advanced well along with
others. Some fear was expressed and
uors were eurreut thai they were about
to deliver cash wheat on contracts, bu
the deliveries were light, and mort
confidence characterized the latei
transactions, though the operators do nol
travel at the free swinging gait in specula
tion that characterizes their dealings when
there are fewer speculative combinations
markets ruled weak, but others were
Htronuer. There had been some little fear
of failures, but nobody seemed to bo embarrassed
financially, and trades were
closed, as a rult4, without much dispute.
Com did not seem to feel the line weather
but did respond to the active speculative
demand that started in early and continued
to tho close. There was a good strong
feeling throughout and a very marked advance.
Keceipte were good but not excessive
and there was no very decided tono
to outside markets.
Oj13 vero firm and higher, There were
no marked features though the trading was
Pork was in speculative demand and
pricee lOaloc higher, dosing steady. Lard
ivas freely offered and prices 2ia5c higher,
the iinprovemei^ was well maintained.
The (tilth of Immigration.
Nkw York, May 1.?Five steamers from
ICurope landed immigrant steerago passengers
at Castle Garden Saturday as follows:
riie Suevia, 1,00.']; the Thingvalla, 097; the
Mosel. i)77; the Persian Monarch, 007, and
.he Stella, GS3. The three first named
,vere fro in German ports, and the majority
)f their passengers were of that nationality.
?or the week ending yesterday the arrivals
it Castle Garden numbered 17,5)71; unpre. edented
figures for the seasou. From
\pril 1 to yesterday the total was 07,001,
iviiile for the whole of April, 1SSI, the agireuate
was 59,7-lS, an increase this vcar of
During last week the Castle (iarden Free
?abor Bureau found employment for o,40S
arsons?1.320 males and" 1.1S2 females.
L'he men were mostly engaged as railroad
irid farm laborers "at average wages of
;14 50 per month and hoard; the women
u domestic servants at $10 per month.
FiiHtitHilruail Time.
New York, May 1.?a special passenger
rain over the West Jersey railroad, beween
Camden and Cane May, made on
Saturday last what is believed to be the
astest time on record in the United States.
\n ollieial rej>ort of the superintendent,
properly attested, allows that the 70.1 miles
between Westviile and Cape May were
nade in 70 minutes, the 01.1 miles between
U'oodsbury and Cape May Court House in
V.) minutes and the 10.5 miles between
jlassboro and Vineland in 14 minutes.
The entire distance from Camden to Cape
May, SU mile?, including the delay eonaejue'nt
on getting through the open streets
)t Camden and the taking of water from
:he traek trougli at Millville, was made in
ftA minutes.
Kohl Itiir'.'luro in C'Icvplnntl.
Cleveland, May 1.?About 11 o'clock,
:ist nfaht, the clerk who sleeps ni f/irter'a
jun store, on Superior street, in the central
part of the city, was seized by two
jurglars, as lie entered the store to retire.
He was gagged, tied and thrust into a small
-oom, where he was found this morning.
The burglars then waited an hour, until an
ilectric light near the building was extinruished;
then, with drills and sledges,
stolen from neighboring machine shops,
hey broke into the safe, from which they
,ook SloO. Tliev then cscaned. after an
aropriating three costly revolvers.
Tlic Gambler* Call the Turn.
Sr. Lot'is, May 1.?Judge Ijaughlin, of
he criminal court, has sustained tiie plea
)i the gamblers' attorney that the Johnson
ict, making gambling a* felony, is unconstitutional,
on account of certain irregularties
in its passage. There are about 400
ndictnients pending against gamblers, and
his test case throws them out of court, as
he gamblers can only be prosecuted, now,
n the lower courts, for misdemeanor.
i:?cap<> of n >'otr<l Train Kobber.
Foirr Madison, Iowa, May 1.?Polk
IVelN. tlifi train rf.hhi-r t>cn:irn*?l frnm tin.
penitentiary, this morning, with two ac:omplices,
named Fitzgerald anil Cook, by
ddoroformirig their attendant in the hospital,
breaking through an iron roof and
jverpowering the hospital guards. John
Elder, one of the guards. has died from the
erects of his injuries and the chloroform.
Pursuit lias been organized, but no trace as
ret found of the escaped.
Lateu.?Fitzgerald, one of the esraped
jonvicts, was captured in a barn, four miles
rom town. Cook and Wells, the other
:wo, are supposed to be in the woods
lear by.
Jay Could'* Opinion*.
Chicago. Mav 1.?JAv Gotild nvwhod
,he city this evening after a trip of inspecion,
covering 10,(MX) miles of road under
lis control. il?? pronounces the rumor
lint the Wabash is about to
lass into the hands of a receiver
ibsnrd, and savs that he has practically
aken it on his shoulders because he coniiders
it a valuable property, lie exjresses
great gratification at the outlook for
rops ami tralfic in Illinois, Missouri,
rexas, Kansas and Arkausas.
Tlio .\ol?l Captain Jack KlllfwI.
Chicago, May 1.?News was received at
?en. Mieruian s headquarters, tcKiay, from
Fort Wassakie, Wyoming territory.* of the
cilling of Capt. Jack, of the White River
J tee. Jack was imprisoned there and in
itteniptiug to escape was killed by a
sergeant As he was running away, the
juard fired after him and he fell at tile first
Ills KiiIph of Tobacco.
Danville, Ky., May 1.?Since October ]
iast, 15,700,000 pounds of tobacco were
?ol?l in this market, at an average of $9 55
per 100 pounds; for the Haine period of the
preceding year 15,700,000 pounds were sold,
it SB -G per 100 pounds.
I.osno.v, May 1.?Arrived out, the Cirabrin
and the City of Rome, from New
New Yore, May 1.?Arrived, the Arizona,
the City of Paris anil tlxe Britannia, from
Liverpool, and the Frederick Wilheliu,
from Bremen.
NEWS XOT1.K 15 V wiur.
Several mor<? murders by hostile Indians
are reported from Arizona.
At Cincinnati, on Sunday, pretzels sold
at five" cents each, with a ylass of beer
rhroivn in.
Charles Alfter, a poor laborer of Peru,
Indiana, lias been informed by cable of a
legacy of ?J0,000 in cash and valuable real
estate at Bonn, Prussia.
J. Graham Hamilton, of Londonderrv,
Tffel-iml tlio. n.mnf r>f n V??. V??l, .A.,
house, was found dead in bis bed ut
Chicago, on Sunday lii^lit.
At Titn.sville, Pa., yesterday, Joseph
AVilkie, aged .>J years, "committed suicide
l)v shooting. Di'Hth was instantaneous.
No cause assigned for the devd.
Gen. Korsvthe liag forwarded to Lieut.
Gen. Sheridan a report of his late buttle
with tin.' hostile Indian6; four scouts, including
the famous Yuma Hill, were
liJK'uau yesterday: At Cleveland, Uotrfitso,
Cleveland* 4. At tt-titon, Bostons
(J, WorceHters 5?10 inniir^s. At Provi
iicnoi*, Providence 9, Troy a o. At Buffalo
Bulla {us 7, Cbicagos 5.
F*in kidney and j>elvic diJliculties tak<
| nil ConarctioB With tb? Companj-Kj SicrtU
Dlalot VlionrratfJ from U!am?-SSilplifrJV
Ttttlmuar FUtlf Coitridictfd-Tht
fcrnator'i Sympathy for r?ra.
Washington, May 1.?Senator Blair, '
New Hampshire, appeared befofe tho Fo
ei#n Attain* committee to-<hy. llo bega
by reading a general sUtemeut in relatio
to the subject under investigation, iuelfo
as follows: "I know nothing of the meu
bere^ip oI the Peruvian company exce]
president Shipherd. I do not know of an
member of either Ilousw being in any wa
whatever connected with it except mvael
and my connection with it was purely i
counsel, with no pecuniary interest wha
ever in the company, ami with no expect;
lion whatever of pecuniary reward."
A statement was then rehearsed at sotu
length on the situation of affairs in Per
and Chili, and the witness' sympathy ft
Pgru aud desire to prevent her dismen
berment, which led him to take an interes
m we purposes ami objectsot the L'eruvia
Sometime in August Mr. Shipherd wrote
offering witness, ns a retainer, stock in th
company, Witness replied that he prefei
red the retainer in money, if he took anv
Shortly after he (Shipherd) scut witne'a
home scrip, which he subsequently return
ed for reasons already set forth.
Witness continued: "So far as I knov
the affair of Shipherd had no iufluenc
whatever upon the policy of the Govern
meut, and never had the effect to alter o
change it in any conceivable degree."
u itness then alluded to the interview
with Secretary Blaine, which took place ot
the2othand 2Gth of July, and added "
have iio desire to go over in detail wha
occurred at those interviews, unless it b<
the wish of the committee that I shall dc
bo. I desire '.to state that I never hear
Shipherd make any mention in the pres
ence of Blaine, or on any other occasioi
in my presence, of his "having made ai
offer to Minister ffurlbut of $250,000 wort!
of stock in the Peruvian company; neithe
did I ever have any correspondence wit!
Minister Ilarlbut on the subject of tin
Peruvian company. Witness had received ;
letter from Minister Ilurlhut. hut nover nn
swered it. In the 1 filer .Minister lJurlbu
mentioned having received many com urn
nications from Shipherd, and said that In
could not make him (Shipherd) under
stand that he (llurlbut) could not act ir
the matter, except on instructions from th
State Department.
^ The witness first saw the lorn; letter o
Shipherd to Walker Blaine when he saw i
in the printed report of Shipherd'* exam
itiation before the committee. lie had
however, been requested by Seerctan
Blaine to inform Shipherd that he (Blaine
uju jiui wish inn) ^nipnero; 10 noiu air
correspondence with any subordinates c
the Suite department, and this desire In
bad verbally conveyed to Shipherd.
Witness knew nothing of the Credit In
dusirial or their contract with Calderon.
'n relation to his (Llair'h) letter to Ship
herd in which he Bays, "vou should iicVa
though Aruerican ships ol war were on tin
way," witness believed that our Govern
meat outfit to consider the kidnapping o
Calderon a breach of good faith toward;
inu country, ana, wrme nc am not :tt tua
time entertain the slightest apprebensioj
of any war, he had thought it likely tlia
American ships of war would be Bent t'
the South American waters, as the Englis!
ships had already been sent.
Representative Blount stated that Ii>
wished to have Mr. Blair's statement ii
print before proceeding with any furthe
examination, and the committee then wen
into secret session.
Mr. Blair's examination will be resume*
on Wednesday j>r Thursday next.
THE lOl.N IKVS Tit A I>r.
bull at Xcw York nn<! Beftton-llooniJii;
i ti._ f-ii. < . .
u-jsiu.y, J.?Aim iouowing L'lUl
shows the total gross exchanged at ih
twenty-two leading clearing houses in th
United States, twenty-one being for th
week ending April 'J'J, and one, Louisvilk
for the week endiug April 27:
New York $ 337,408.7:
.............. il/.'lalX
MitUuldphla- ..........
Chicago 2-J.kj ji
Cincinnati.? 17.NJU0I
au Louis
iiiltimon:. 11 V.73V"
Xcwr Oflcnns ~ _...... SViS'n
Sau Yrancl.vu? .. II 'm'.V
WtLsburxh Xtt'r*
ijjjwuuiif- .. b.Otf'u
Fruvldence .. ......... 3.7m N
Kau*a? Ciiv ??j,j' &
ln<H?nap<)lli._ l.Mt'.U
CloVfliui-1 i VA-IV:
New Haven l.V.j.jj
MetnjihU ....
Columbus.. ?.. _
J'uorto , , 1.1 is 07
.St>ri?i;tjei<i...._ ? 7u-/5u
Woreotcr ? yj5 ^
Syracuse-.. 31.
Total......?... Sl.uM .ttO.TC
Outside o( >ew\ork..~
The exhibit this week is somewhat aj
unfavorable one, particularly as far as thi
leading' Eastern cities are concerned. Gen
eral trade throughout the country is rathe
backward, the general situation remainin;
out muc cnaugeu iroui tnat ot last week
As compared with the corresponding wee I
of last year, the clearings show a deerensi
of 2.3 per cent nguinst an increase of U.
last week, and one of (5.5 the previou
week. This decrease is, undoubted!*'
partly owing to the slight holding up 1*1
extensive speculation in products, whicl
hits been going on for some time past ii
Xew York and in various parts of th
In Now York the clearing3 show a fall
ing oil' of 0 per cent against an increase o
1/2 last week. In this city the general bus
iness has been characterized by onlv .
moderate degree of activity.
In the country at large the clearings shov
an increase of Go per cent against one o
110.2 last week. The mauu/aetnrinL' el tit
quite generally show a gain: Pittsburg!
35.9 against 0.2 last week; Cleveland
25.2 against 34.0 list week, Ijonif
yille makes a slight falling oi
of 0.0 per cent against an yicrease of 22.
per cent. Memphis shows the large in
crease of 44.4. St. Louis falls behind i
little; this week showing a decrease of 3.
against an increase of l.l hist week. Chi
cago^ gained 3$.I against 51.2 last week
Cincinnati 2S.5 against 13.S last week; Sai
Francisco, decrease o.O against a gain c
10.2 !a>t week; Milwaukee 38.1 against 03.
last week; Kansas City 01.1 against 40.
last week; l'coria4o.5 against G5.7 last week
Yesterday a very large concourse of peopl
followed Uacar Conn, the young man tb?
way drowned at SteubenvlUe on Friday, t
his last resting place. Rev. S. F.Grier preacl
ed the funeral sermon, and it was very at Ice
List week was one round af'er another c
>3?1 events which were calculated tu throw
; pall of sadness over the whole community
On Sunday morning the ftrat thiug th:
greeted the cstr of those who got out earl
was that George Ficke?, a young man f?er*? i
town, had bten out buggy riding on Haturda
' night and committed sulfide. Afur conai<
* Arable investigation wo gleaned the folio A-ir,
; facts: He was out bu>rgy. rMing and wi
-hot, how or by whom only conjecture
He was badly wounded, the b ill entering h
" neck hi region <jI tln? win/! ?'
jugular vein, first tailing nn tipward cour
ami th*u deflecting downward. He w
? brought homo Sunday momiug about
o'clock and Dr. McLane wan summoned
attend hU wound. After ranking a dsn
s no&yt of the wound it *as determined by tl
doctor and bia associate, Dr. Sbunley, that
would not do to probe further to find the exL
net location of the hall and that from Its location
ft could not be extracted without ?v_
eringsome of the many arieries or ligature*
Further wo learned that a very persistant
clandestine correspondence bus been colni?
ry on between Kickes and u Mrs. Hauler, whose
husband has been sojourning in Pittsburgh
for the past two months, and that on Haturday
evening the two went out buggy riding.
Along near two o'clock, as she avers, she Informed
him that on Saturday she bad re
ceived a letter from her husband, and that
of she intended to go to him. Kiekea plead
with her not to go, butshe was predetermined
r* and said that her mind was made up and she
,h would execute her plana He then as a last
n RwrttoM her if she left him he would shoot
himself, and accordinelv nulled hi? rwvni??r
ct and shot. He himself rays that while he was
driving past a farm house a large black dog
come out nnd uttractcd the attention of thos*
i'1 In the buggy ami in attempiing to shoot the
\y dog be shot blimej/. This facing the Horlt*
.. of both parties, and there being no one else
to witness it,tnerestill remains a mystery to be
cleared up. Such au occurrence here In this
w quiet community creates many rumors which
t- make it very dinicult to get at the facts as
*. they really arc. One thing is certain: lie has a
rather critical wound, let It happen as it may
e nave done. There Is some talk of arrests
u J?e?"g made, but this has not emanated
>r from any ofllcial source, and we do not give
it' much credence. There is another rumor
going the rounds to-day to the effect thai
ilauley himself was in town on Saturday
mghf, and that it might have been him who
did the shooting.
? Still more pavements are being laid with
* ueve'and sawed stone.
i The funeral of a child of Jacob l'ence took
place Monday afternoon.
l" The Presbyterians of the First church will
r nave a social at the church this evening.
The annual election for the street car comway
a officers will take place on uexi Moa1
'r,'e Methodist social meeta this week at
, }tr: McCoy's, on Uarriaou street, in Horn's ad
. About half a dozen saloons are all that
have made arrangement* to far to keen open
1 under the Pond Jaw.
Winnie Rowlea, a very bright boy, is lying !
1 )?.r.y *Ywith diphtherial the home of his 1
* father, Mr. .Mack t.'oxha
i Some of the nailers of the Hellaire Works I
were off Monday because of the sickmssof
one of the hot iron tender.*.
r i ^'1|).nias Smith is preparing to build a
, dwelling hotisu fur him^lf on Harrison 1
's street, n jrth of the Uuttrn Globe Work-,
i JIr- JIa>"lin \\Vvman, of Wheeling, will
. , viim r s |>inctf ill JlllMMtiu tv
ln.?kee|> a drug stores Charity Ruts to a furm
1 in Iowa.
il. Soutieborn. the j?opuIar clotliic r and
" iilm , ,rt,?r uf 1 nlon l>?s gone to
I niladtrJpbia wjtij a >mlJe ou his face and a
i solitaire ring iu hid pocket.. "A word to the
e wise, eU\
Mr?. Lii ^ o*it, of Crid^wirt, died on Sunl
uay very suddenly. 6Ue had been sick only
t about twenty-four hou's. The ^uuvral ?rri
viced will U; held at her late residence in
iwdgepori a: i> u'ci? k, and (lie funeral will
go to lit?-.' llillCtmeiery here at U o'clock
V , The I lorn brook and the C. Y. Lucas cinie
,f down racing Monday morning. The Luc*.
B had to land a moment at the.mill,but bad
again almost iraught up with the Il<>rnbn<ok ;
. wn?? ?hc reached the wharfboat. The rapid
whistling, in whicn the Hiram U. joined,drew
a crowd to the banks.
Many would be astonished could the nura- (
^ ocr of treei be known that have been plant- :
- ed in IJellairc this spring. A great manv <
i niore- however, could be placed along our '
i street?, and alleys too, to advantage. Th?v !
^ cost but a tritie it bought at the rigljt places, i
t Many are planting more than show from the !
3 street, tacause they intend to shade the 1
t backs as well as the fronts of their houses.
b Jndge Cranmer, of your cit v. and Mr. Herd. :
or Independence, were selected as delegates '
e to reprint Washington Presbytery in the '
i Kfneral Presbyterian Assembly at Springfield, 1
r 111., on the Mth inst.
t The Fiftieth Anniversary of th? M. E.
Sabbath School was celebrated at Simpson
j Chapel Sunday evening; The vxcrciita arc i
JiUid to have been esoecmlly interesting, and i
the attendance was large.
Sherlir ft moot, of Loune county, arrived
c ^"Jay0" the Stockdale, having in charge
Milton Itauley or llalloy, who was sent to :
the State prison from that county for the
e term of one year, for attempting to shoot a
o fellow liooneite.
~ It is said that the position of Assessor for the
c Second district, southern end of this county,
?, has b^n tendered i-x-Sheriir L. T. (irav, and i
that Mr. Di?gg, of Sand Hill district, is "an HpM
pi leant, with good i-rosu^-ia of SllrCM? fur
>< the place in the lirst district.
y It is said that quite a formidable moveto
ment ii 0:1 foot among the citizens of Sand
>i Hill district, this county, Iuwards "sfceding"
and connecting Jhut district with Ohio
a county. There possibly was some grounds
for such action before the county decided to
o bridge Wheeling creek", but not now.
y Employes at the Kloman mill s iy that Mr. '
a Carrothe;*, who arrived in town Saturday
w evening, announced to the employes that the j
mill would not resume o^minma ujitil tlie
:j; spike machiues were received aud put into
_ position, and all other neccssary work about ;
tf the concern completed, n?ce>sary to cnabl* .
i7 the mill to convert the product ot the boiling '
*jj furnaces into f pikes, which would require ,
probably bix week's time. This action of !
_ the mill company will likely ojHjratc very !
0 much to the detriment ot tne Union Coal j
0 Works and nectvsiate the discharging of a
1 number of miner*, if it docs not stop work :
12 there altogether for a while. *
r Joseph 31 iller is quite tick at home. j
> There is a Gipsy camp nearPoiut Mill?.
Alexander Sample, of Illinois, is visiting 1
w fric-ndi at Valley Grove. :
^ The farmer* a*c planting corn this week. A \
a large crop will be put in. | i
, j;jt generally is promising m ap- <
j osarance through thb section. '
i James Crow bus purcliH^ed twentv acres of i
ij land near this place at $75 per acre. >
e A pood many jwople will have important '
busiues* in Wheeling ou the day of the cir- i
[. cus.
if William Gibson has recently >old a beauti- !
.. ful span of dapple-brown horses, nice step
a pew, at ,
The April report of Agriculture savs that \
v the increased area in wheat in West Virginia
(f is 2 per cent, while that of the cotton States
is *.'0 per cent.
[, Alexander Patterson, of Now York*, is < x- 1
| pected to purchase wool in this county this '
season. He has purchased the clip of Mr. .
r ^ Siiwtell, of Short creek, for thirteen con- :
- uecutive years. :
1 The Republican Convention of WashingS
ton county met here yesterday and elected :
i- Gen. John Hall, J. McJlvaine and K. F. <
f Acheaon delegates to the State Convention at '
[i HarrishurK. Thev adopted resolutions recoro- 1
(j mending Major K. L Christman n.s a candi- ,
2 date for Secretary of the Interior, and in- ;
- strutting the delegates to support Gen. James I
A. Beaver as a candidate for Governor. !
BiLTtMUEK Mar 1-.Flour quiet. Wheat, west- 1
cru crui.ami quiet; No. '2 uiu u-r red nr^t ^ '
1 tf/jt MnySl 13!$ Jnnefl 4l.il jnly 1
e 1^: A?^t < -^1^; <^t, ?^r;! .luiffid 1
higher. wised Y\*i\ ilny?'#:bid; June 1
' Sij-ftiwc: July siTi'.s-xr. Aul-u?l <m|u
0 tlrroen tfiwrn W1UI* MiCOc: raixci l\.?ii.
j- svlvanla .WttCjc ity* q?Ul r.ufl no.uiual at OVj^.
t- llirc'if)' aii'i qul-tnt i tKl7. l'forl?ion? Mea-lr
mmiK.rsii6.V.Mlhy-,: bulk meats. fhoulJcr* nuii
clcur rib mltr". bark*!. fii'/jtll M>:
if >hoiiMtri I'J/A clrnr rib Sl'i {<>: hum* Si i iomr. o>.
a o-' r<-'*lie^ HutlcrBtomly; vrrtlern j>ickc<j
. I8ta>c; rull Kl'.lV'. Eoiiuvnkni Mi Petrok'tnn
it ",1SAr Urai: a wit ;y *TK.
^ \Vhl*.ky fcU^yly utjl M *
1 Ev<r I.tuEttrr. P.\., May l.-C?ttle-P.*r]pt?
" HWhcad. MuKttVciy ?luw a: a ?haJe off froa
y bu Mt-fk'i pri'A-?.
,1. I!.**?H -t.r.'.T he%d. >fark?: filr, phllv
,, ao.imuu 57 ?w. . ?: ?orcein 5* lOi" ?>.
? St?ee??Ki-tviDJ* beu-f. M-rtcC ?!nw; ?cll,
atiuUl lin loner than last week. i'rowvt*
u. lowf-r.
' , Tpwiux. I'*.. M?y 1.?Oil opened r.t 7.V;
id hf^hv-t lawc-l ,clir^l ?t Chin!
'B ?)!;"!*, '3 ^artcli: Uurtcw 47,barrels; rum
iUi?vi ^irfi u.
o Ci*/t?hatt. May l.-I.lve bra firsn: comriot,
.Q ?n<t Hsfit f? 'i< ifc ihdchijf mii?{ bilchcr* sj ow
7 3 U). iMcipti 1150 hen.l; mjpmenUVnliMd
he 'iT""}'*",1' Hi" ,r,v1""Wn>n unwuM: U'r I ed
I". sasa;w" *?* MtaMl '<* ?
Of the conditio! of the Marktta at the Leidlag
Trad* Centrriof (he l'oi?alr/-Tbe llalltf
1'rlcti for the prlarlpal Staplti-l'luaaflit
...I lV-.~-.-t-i
New York, May I.?Mnuey StolKt clcili','; offered
atSpcrwnU 1'rltno meruuitlus WV*r Dvr I
<*ut. SWrUng Kxclmnso banker* WlU ?tofldy si i
M ^7: demand K^,
(iovtR.M.MtNt^-UuiIianscd, except extended C%
which art ii per cent lower. ~ ,
U. 8.6s, ?xtendcil.~ 10)'j'Lchlj;)) A WJlVpf...>?lW .
8. 5*, fxk-mlod... 1', A S. C. AnU~...ll(i>v
U. H. 4)^8, eoui?oiis...U<l |U. 1'. botuls, llrhU>M...U>
t.K 4i. cuui*mw~...Ul t'. I'. 1ju?U
i'aeltlc Ci ?>f 'to ] U. t. linking futid-.U!r{
Vfitral l'acificUr>u?lJC (Tea** J">ie JmixI l'U... ill'i
Eri* wtuitdi. VJJ-Jldo. KloUmtid*! Ulv... MJ |
ncuro Will get.- \
mlly low?r.
State Stct'iuTtEs? Lower and f.iirly active.
LonUUna cou?olf~.~ GtyilVlrglnla Gs. -.'to
Mia?>url to-.- lliH|Vtn;iiiia eonsoW, ex*
St. Jascpli -UJ? | tr* nut. (NMijxiiiv.. t'2 ,
Tcriuemve iW 67 Virginia dcleirtd_... llj? 8
Tennessee 6<, new.... 5*>4| Oflerud.
Stock*-1-Share speculation opened gor'tal y t
weik, and Iti the mala prle*? wee ft (ruction 1 iv.er ['
than .Sntunfav'fto.'odi y figure*. In the early dei.i- I
lug* juices (ell oti'}?*l per rent. the latter fortfl?v? J
land, Columbus.Cincinnatiit: Indiana Central. At ?
1 o'clock ther- was a recovery >;al per rent. Cli-ve- i
land. columbuv, Cltidiiiiuii l Indiana Centra'* (
Northwestern aud Lake Shore being the iuo*tpron I- ;i
nent tfc?rvln.
Xtcr 11 o'clock the market advanced l^nl1-' ]> r
cent, the latter (or New Jctiey CenUa). like Shore
old down to 'tyt. then reeoveied to KO*, biu iu t
beliire ni)on It went down to Western Ctilou,
I'aclllc Mull, New Jtn?py Central, St I'aul a>id Wabish
prefetreil were the most prominent in the a Ivanee.
hi th<; early part of theatt?tto n pre a
were generally lower. Michigan Central ieil oil %
px r cent, New York Central 1 b?rce?.t, and Denver
Itio Grande )$ t>er ceut. IJike Shore revovued 10 [
lUO*^ but ajrulii Wll back loirj. During lh? nl>c.? jj
noou juice* were Irregular. The mnrM-t doted
it Milder, New Jersey Central hading the advance.
Transactions 'JC0.Q00 aharc*.
Adams Rxpnatf......-! J0W> do. pre/erred ? 77} j
Alton AT. II _ North w.Mem --.1
do, preferred CO | do.nrefemd
American Express... 'JlJONew York Central...! Ml,
U., C. It. & N 70 Ohio Central H1,
Canada Southern.? 49 (Ohio it Mtil
C., C. it I. C -110% do. preferred- -1W
Central l'adfic...?... th^lOiit. \>e>tern - 25
Che>ai>eake & Ohio- V0 Pacific Mali- 4(1
do. 1st pre/emd?. 2* f'unaaia ??lib
do. <d preferred-... 21&' ?
Chicago & Alton l:wVv cleve.it I'lttt
do. preferred- -l-'-O heading ?.... fct>'<3
l'., It. ?t U 3-J.U IU? k I-v.aud Uh
C? fit. 1.. it N. 0 V? ?lL. & S. F. JW
,.* f; nT7 y. 1 * ?> ITt'Ierrtil 49
n,'i ? i , i?t j>rclcmd_ W
Oil. .V: Hudson ltM |SU I'mil.... niV b
IJel. tack. & \\._?HVi d?.. preform!
Dftircr & IL 0 Cl'3!>t. 1'.. M. .V- >! |]'J '
tritf -/ - ?>.'- St l*aul ,v Ornahu
dopreferred 70 j do. preferred !W;i v.
ronuayOf .?!**. i Texas i'adfle XV? ' <
lUn.AetJwph.... ? ;|j|,i0l, iMcific.: _111'! -i
do. preferred ^ Unit. ,< Suites Ex. 74O f1
ttrleui..?r :\v., St 1. .t V Via IJ
HoiifcJoil A Tosas.? 72 \ ,.n-fem-.J ?1
Illinois i fi*l -l?K Wells. Fan;..la :&}*
lud., H. A W.~.~ 40 wtf tern Union jjj*f fe
kni** ivtfli: Teimc^e 11 Uke
Wei A 2sv, do. preferred ly<4
Lnfce Shore.... ^ Caribou .... V; "
U)u!?ville& Mudi..- .fi,,|''entrHl Arizona k, ?J
^ A.it'. Sj KxteMor & '
M;.?i C.1M pr. f*d ? Hnmestake lh" V
d?. 3d |jrtfd_ 4 LUttt> HtUburgfc l'/4 *j
Mcm.A Uiui'ii 50 'mu.rio n\ .
Michigan1 entail...- W)'-,iQuickfiivt;r ll;? a
Missouri r?ollic....- do. T.refenxd 56 i ;
Mobile A Ohio 24 (Silver Cliff. )*i ft
Morris A; Es^eX......... 123)4 Standard 15V, W
Sash. A Chat ...blWSutro - V* ft
Sew Jer?ey i'<ent 7i?;| Robinson .... 2>4 l(j
S. A w. preferred-... 5H4 South lMcilic *-j j;
Sorthera Pacific SirJii *?x-dlvideud. f 5
Ntvr York. May 1.-Cotton quiet and steady at
I2%al2)?c. Flour feteady; rtcvlj.u 17.UX) barrel?. pi
:xport? sj barrel*; lupertlne Wotcra and Sut- W
M lf?i5 2Tt; common to good $*> OOa/i SO; gooi to ;
:hoice ( '< 90tt9 tt); white wheat exira ?7 i'm'J CO; ii
extra Ohio So 25*8 fio; St. Louis So M* Ml tine- ?j
*>ta patent procaa $7 .'On'JZi. Wheat Itt)%e It filter. < ]
feveii?h kud somewhat excitcd: receipts Itt.uoo w
Imsnel*; exports 1C2.000 l>u?licls; Ko. 2 fpring t-*
51 4tJ?; ungraded red SI IGal M; No. 2 ted SI 47 iu
jto'e. tl 4m1 48^3 Iu elevator, SI 4S)j (. o. U. 5i 4?rt Yi
149 delivered. n.lx->1 winter Jt 42: intruded whito }i
512.!al 4214; Ko. 1 white. >ales 12,0.o bushels, r.t j
51 43al 4l!? certificate*. $141 i. o. h: So. 2 red May. {
alea 144.1)000 bushels tli*iiu: at 51 43; June. sale# '
iW.OOO bu?ltel.?. closing nt SI -:9; July, sales KO.vOO 1
bushels, closing at it JKlJi; Auguwt, sale* 2N*>,ooQ 5
bushels, doting at $1 Corn. I&a2!-?c higher (
and unsettled; receipt* lvO/OO bushefs; exjorts 60,- ;
5wU bushels; uiiitrHijfd fOaM^a ntvaaier &
So. 2, ?3J6?Soc in elevator. s&^as-to delivered;
So. 2 whit* Wc; So. 2 sellow Wmichi 1
r??j?c; No. '1 May doing ut
M5vc: June, clolnif at sHfy; July, tiftsiu>; <j
E3>4c. Oats I4fttc higher; receipt* T.'.Ckxi bushel*; V,
exj>orts i!Ubushels; western mixed GCatX^c; white 5
western fiOatCJ^c. Hay nominally uurlmug'd.
Coffee dull ami unchanged. Sunar nciive md '#
Una: lair tq ro?1 refining 7?Jji7??c. Moth>*c quiet $
and sternly, Kice quUt and tirm. Petroleum quiet -J
und steady; United ceriiflc:ia'a?bS5^c; crude OJ^a vj
"l4c. re lined "J^e. 'iailow quUt and Heady el
;7 37J-PifeOO, KtHJi dull fit f2 42}4)'J 47}*. Tur- ;.j
peulfnc ttrtvdy at 00c. Kg**. "we?t?-ni fresn dull at ; j
Ui3^nl7e. Pore steady: new me** $l3->a'.:j 50. j i
Beef unlet and firm. Cut meats quiet and Kteady; ( )
long clear SllUUU *.15. 1-ard Rtrunp; prime Mcmn H
511 67j4*II CO. Butter quiet and tinu at lUuSIc.
Cheese dull and uroopiug at 7al'2c.
onicaoa. May 1.?Flour steady and firm: tracing ?j
light: common to choke western 5 J "in"; common r ,
u? fancy Muuerotx. $5a7 &0: p.tents Sv> i?i; ii ir to V!
choice winter S<;a7. v. heat unsettled und generally V!
higher at Si nJ?/t May; it JO^Junt; Si vtJi i]
Juiy; 51 \C*\ August;.it 0?? year. >o. :? Si lCr.l U; ?j|
rejected 'JUaSI. Corn strong and higher nt 74c
cash; 7l)-y*74j'4c May; 7.;e June; 7:'.;J;c July; 73kc vj
August; f.8}?e year; rejected ">'X. Out? fitnier nt .vc ' :j
ra>h: MJ'iC May; e^e June: 4t?;e July; U7*v'.
ZSc Augusl; 3 J; year. Kj ?* f!na at tlk-. lUtlvy j
tlCJBlinallV iitithf.nirml nt Si rA?i 1(1 ? ,k
atdv active and higher at 818 .'.'inIS ,TS cn?ii mid |i
Muy; SIS 4U&1S June: 8;s CCaih K5U July: /i
SIS W) AUCUkt. Lart1, demund Hitive, nix) jjriutf ?
tittve advanced at SHI 2-J m>h: 811 'Jlill Wj, May; ; j
II S?}4tU 3.") Jum*; 11 47>.>11 U) July; in 57}..a %\
11 (,j .August. Hulk iu?uls relive on I linuer;
shoulders ?7 GO; hhurt rib Sio 40: ?horl clear ilu 7i. ,|
U<icwr<j'ik*t ati<i weak; creamery fafr to fancy 'i'a ?'
i7c: dairy Inir to Hue, 14a?!t:. l+'gc ?teady hi 14Kc. to
Whisky higher at ?l *20. Call??licit <luil ami lr* ; j
regular at $1 '?>>5 May: II 'M1/* June: 81 vfeji July: ','j
H 16)4 SI tt-Ji ftj/lember. octi (U-ttvr. .
irni mill higher at 74}^74%c .May: 7.1?i<: Junc;7:r-;i C;j
ioj^c July; 7<5?c > uguft; /.uV.^c September; "!;<? :;j
3etober. Out?,demund ectlvetuid price* ad vhirco; ' i
May; 5/Jio June; c July: 37%e AugnM; '
!5?4?r.?c September. l'ortc actiw. linn and higher
it bis *5 >iay; Six 45 June; 518 G.'?aiH 67>4 July:
Us &~ixsi AUCUfcL .Jjiril irriK'Hlnr ??? ,R1
itsil *i'?>l*y:'5li S5 June; til 47^ July; 'j
f11 57k'?h waui'usu jll 72% september, $11 '.u h
PHii.AnEi.rHU, Mny 1.?Klonr <lullr western und v'i
Pennsylvania extra si 70u5'?>; Mium-soti extra i~* ' j
" 75: ?cui.fc>IvaulA Mint family {OSmOtfjU; obio j,
lo SC7jH"7.r, winter good, fa 0(r. Mlnne- --j
ota patent process 5S vknfe 50. Kye flour sternly hi
5-'? go. w heui bettor but very nioJerMc sj>eculaitvt, t\
itnwnd; No. 2 In grain depot ?l 45; So. ! r?d May
51 4j^hdvv June il 4:.%tl 44; July ?, 2M>.i a1:
August S'. < tirii dull; option le holier;
mil mixed la elevator 81?; aio:; <lo . u truck Slitf-V; ?:
itcazuer 8>: Shi I mixed Mny June allvi
July Augutt.V.J'.aSSJJe. Oh is tin:.; '
So. 2 while No. :i white 57J4n5Se: No. mixed
57c. Provisions ?te*dy; mew beef fla ((>; >
mcM pork $ 'J UMll? prime tnrat S17 7i?uin 0?-;
itnokeuharaiJW&OaUOO. Lard Armor. kettle Iljje. ?!
Butter, demand fair and market tirm; nemneiua 'f,
New Vork Slate and lSrudi'od county, Pu., f
extravSa23c llr>t* 2.i?27c: dairy junkie, li-gs>Wtidy <
u ifiUil7c. Cfcette steady m u^al-'kV, t?lro!cuin 'J
nominally unchanged. NThlsky Htemfy at il 'JO.
Chicago, May 1?The Ihvrrr'i Journal reports:
Bo?r?Keteipt?^.(*iO head; shipments 3,'JOO head.
Marl--: active nt itroii? price*; common to %cmA
mixed 7.rm7 heavy packing and shippings? SO T.
i?:tv lii?ht sr. .-JH a-f.-i -n
Cattle?K?sa?Ipt*2,MW b*nMi: ?hit?Dientt> J.ioo he?'I;
it-uHiiJ fair nnil market Arm; ?? ? utfx/rw 87 i
' Jt> (none In the marxou*. good to choice *hippit'K
'jia~ 10; common to f-ir $j 75nfi M); nil"-d Inileh- r!
its' Meii'jy at S- 75i.S fcO; pvara Texan* Si UUi?? ",s. ;
vviih lnave uccumuMtons; Htookeri du.l at ton J
sheep?Receipts 4.*JOO heart; shipment* 7,COO head. j
Manet ??)* weak and lower after the first few
>penl?g wtk*: Inferior to Mr !J f/h?j 7.V. rbolcebi 0
"Xfr* i< VUr?7 73; thurti ifi 12|?<t7 75. Jlaiket closed J'
Cincinnati, 0.. May 1.?Cotton quiet at 11 j;<\ \
Flour dull; family s?i Ouodav, Ui.. y >> t>%, *.>. J
ivji/yit weaker, J?o. - r<-?l n ?v riaii; *
5137^hid May; SI IfiJi hid July. Com strotiic ?n?t
Metier; 2*0. ?, 7Cc?pot: 7i>*. hl?i May: "7^'^ir^ m??*: '
7iika70c luly. Own stronger: 2?a 2 ml ted'&*?(?.
Rye dull at WKe. Barley flnarr at j|l ]y. }-orfc
Una at 819 00. . Lard stronger ?i
itrons: fhooMew !7 37ft: clcnr rl?, SlO 4.*,. iw*n
In cool <lfin*iid; shoulders *5 23: t-Witr rih ?i" .
clear $12 00 Whisky *trou(? hint hl -hcr * *i XL'. 1
combixiAtfon wile* oi flnlnhcd ijixxi* 010 bane ! in
18 ButUr tftiik-nXkx SS;?2 *
*7* $toIw! c*?:h1 oj'???1 ai?j Kyu.' '
quiet at&tiSc. . " ^lu ?-1
. ?uij ileum; yrnr
Qi??> cj'ijuJ mijiI tirrn: So. iv. <
WhVftl Hrm: I?>. 2 ml ?jiot ?1 10; *'ny $| 40; June
Si "?J*: J'llr 51 * Vncij?r ?s i iv. ycnr 'tM
i?t Si n rrn linn nij-l it Mis < l??itr ; Njfli
UilXLti 7i".!So "J^J?- ? Tl'.< UiVf&l; MuV '4'in;
Jm\- ~%4'~ Ja'v Aujnt "t'/& ulTorc'l;
ycftf oiTcnO.
y E*.V "Yopk. vnv l ?I i;V t'n ?rr ?1 !h? crnTal ilc*
tnui:U '> >? lin'fitumi int^ular o?:m S t,f Lie jrr*
TKiitiolu*. ll?qul ?r? <? n lu m-i'.ni.o.iih im uctcran'l
- <j ? HI ? I I WK?!?
)I jjool*. i i<mI i ??vh ?hnr <1
nUenlk' i ihroucii t' < t vw lut^ni- \ mul s
on ac? usi: of jj?rvi.iui ciurccn cut-. Tin re !?> ?
b-on i? c-ifM rcltuisf t.I n?!? > t* < la<l, ktlll ibe w~iVI
lm* b?'Cti waMir.j: In trtlxitj*.
ocjXiy'lHrr V?(i.l!cfi ?r.\ V.wvn
BJ ntTi'oc# onlb w (>> i<rinu> xi-i(?r
nr?i*-f nu?t Ann: o incwl i\ *d?hn
faS'I" f ?U>" Uir yfS\'.f, f.rlmv V* ?rl i>jtv h' r?-w
VtvccIarlU'tV^Vj^iy*. _ urn _
ctim'iion reboUc! liul"?. Uiirtvl* l!?i tiring

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