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H^rrt .>?* -
? ,. .vi'M^si; i?t?"' "" ' w,,?lu"
|i:t.-4 muovod In HmitiiiKton,
\ , he rropost-a 10 muu inu
,, ,wwfc'?H??<giivi-nimftliomla
.r the invreliiwnt of trust
Jirircalwl'ii' loo 1?I?Hto iitlord
a t.iir
? u- jinsm.u ii, ut oue time n real,,
! ,' iiiiVi'itv, n"*' ?IH Inter n tutor lit
. '' ,.',i ' .,ti,l slia'otlwn ? traveler
( returned to this country,
Ti. ^i?8i? ***,*,
"T, r li" i- priK liw1""1'"11,11,1 "ulontlUc
ledorii ;
, w In' roivnird uud upward in
A lut nrrlvctl hero yesW
??nts by :
iu4 uii tli|! lr.uk here. It could not
tint liigli price to-day. 1
T;?. from ChiiMK'i in that the mar- j
lit, j, ?,ir s'lkl, a"d tJiat the shipments 1
K.i't i*.w?? '! '?' roceipirt.
The ibtii I'v scailot fever ot ono of the ]
I children of Mr. Julia Winder, foreman of ;
the news rooms, is tin- i
noiimcil in another column. lie has ;
four other children down with tho same
dri-iiil (lisi.ase. Tho ntllictcd parents have
iksvmjiatliicri of a large circle of friends,
and ainoiij,' them nil tho employed of tho '
1ntklii<u:mi:i: establishment.
At a meeting <>f the Kansas City Academy
ol .Scienee, the other day, Dr. \V. K.
Scott road a paper in which he stated that
the wearing of sealskin sacques causes
many more deaths than small-pox. Ladies
who we.ir tlietn generally become delicate 1
ami tukeco.M very easily. This will by no '
means prevent the usual saiv.^ of the article '
so Jong us it is fashionable. Dr. Scott's !
warning is useless.
jft'i'NT.u.v Lake I'ark, our coming West
Virginia and Maryland summer resort, is
to haven Southern riral, it seems. At
least the .South Carolina Methodist conference
is making arrangements to establish a
religious summer resort near Henderson,
X. C. The desire is to make it as much
ami educational features, and to present 1
Midi atJra'Jlions as will make it the popular
plicu of pilgrimage, not only for Methodist',
but for all other good people.
Av.onc. the statistics in the annual report
of the Chicago, Milwaukee <k St Paul
lLvilway i.s the following table of tariffs,
showing the fluctuations of rates for seventeen
year?, giving the average price per ton
per utile received on freights:
Yiit\ iutcsln c{s.[V?if?. Hates In ct?.
I'M.. 4.nJ|S74 2 3S
l*? I Wfi '2 01
h- ..n?w;7 2as
w.' . 3.10 ;?TS "iNJ
I''" V.X'J tS7'J 1.72
!>iU 1.70
I'l' MMSSI - I.7U
1?- ~60[
This j,!ious u steady decrease, and the
officials.say that thus far in 18S2 the average
rate amounts to but a trifle over 1.50
A .vmiaa: of the members of the Ohio
Comity Medical .Society held a meeting last
nijrht at the rooms of the Board of Education
lo initiate Meps looking to the proper
entertainment of the members of the State
Medical Society tit their approaching meeting
lu re on the " tth of the month. It has
been sui^ested in connection with this action
of tiie medical fraternity that soma
action should be taken by our
citizens generally, with a view of making
tU'wmn'uviaa agreeable as possible to the
Yi\u?compose the medical society
of the Stale. At other places in West
Virginia where the society has held its anjhm!
uuctiup, the citizens have united
with the local physicians in extending a
v:r:n welcome to the members. We need
not say that the suggestion is a timely and
jtroperonc. J?'o doubt it will commend itself
to prompt and favorable consideration.
Tin: act in regard to changing the time
tor holding Congressional elections this
year i:i West Virginia, from November (as
jwerilwl in the United States statutes) to
the liny on which the general elections of
tin1 .Slate are held (second Tuesday of OctoM
has passed bpth houses of Congress,
ami gouii to the President for his signature.
It is in the words following:
/>V it am-Uil hit the Senate and Jfoxise of
I^nwutativtf of the United Statu of America
in Cmjrriu n/mmbUd, That on tho second
Tiitshiy of Uctohcr, eighteen hundred and
'"i'-'liiy-two, there shall be elected in each
^mmssioiuil district in the State of West
?iruiiun one Hcpresentative to represent
wi-l State of West Virginia in the Forty
J5"'. That snid election shall bo conu'kvM
according to the laws now in force,
^vvju so far us the saino relftto to and fix
uwtinie (l{ such election.
"iiiKtsK is now every prospect of nbnnd^ v.*:b|w
this year, ami this will rather
the general feeling in favor of
srita w hieh the increased cost of living
tunes ?{ plenty every man's wages go
farther.?[I'hilmUjihin Times.
t'Xw mivuso Trniln.
I iiicac.o, May -.-Wheat ruled lower, toy;u
,,h a ur.v "'titled feeling. It was
out tut tiiat tiif j riiootuifch was kept up,
vuteniav, by the elin\u> (or tlm unta m,r.
l?u uf focing nitJimtuts ut $1 -10; that
''" J" ,ir"l'l,?l it ?ml the price to-dny
isH'J.Jnl 2S, or a .IWmmt Irom tlio for
"I ll?' current crop your.
.ro<tajMo-iiay*-.ui liinitid and caution*.
UIImIh! 1,1110,(100 htalieb.
Cltlll W'ltf ill.-. I.I,}..* .if... . .
. IJ loilny mul
j nu la.iu louc innvul liamk Onlureto
. . *;'rei'ly hum tlio ruuntry mid
Wal .u-:. .Ti ?-..ro b?yi,^ l,t.;!vi|y."vtl outh!,.7'.'"
?''W?lruiitiT in lono. Ifuritifi
ru 1!u' wit, i!
rah I'l liny, -.villi!, eunt [mow up. (Jul
y.'iu wire ae:ivi< Atone and higher, nl
'" jnu. ( all s i!(s ;KHI,(MXI budii'la.
' " ^iNriilutivo (ti'innud ftm
I l.'n'JO cents. Jviril wai
'v,y o!l? re.u it-u! tin? tulvancrt \viw hiiihII
oW,. '-1' sil'r 111 tli'
'i ".('I.KTJ.,) i!-'v.ilorscM,(lii|) (So.OOi
'b:,,. if,lii.m Imslipla com, ill),
r ?*?, ?3,0iW IjuhIioU rw, ,te
Elailoyj ? MM of i>Wot)
lyjmst a y.ctk .lifoy '
The Land Ortnti ofSmii llogun IlftllromU to bp
UtrUrtd Forfeited ~Tk? .Northern ?o<l Trta?
r*clflc Itoail* tnilrr Krrullajr- (iuauo
ShlpLrrd After SI r. lllftlnr.
Special Dlxpatch to tlio luteUiKi'iiccr.
Washington, May 12.?The Ilonso judiclary
committee ducidcd, to-day, to report
in favor of the forfeiture of the land grants
of tlio seven railroads, which liavo never
commenccd the work of construction--they
nre all In the southwest?and to nak leave
of the House to tmbmft supplemental report*,
from time to time, respecting the
other land grant roads, including tlio
Northern 1'acifle and (lie Texas Pacific.
The marquis and marqulsedeChambruo,
with their children, descendants of Lafavetto.
tOL'ethpr with frii'iiiU will nmlf..
pilgrimage from this city to Yorktown, to- '
morrow. v
Cujit. llowgate writes, Iroiti some un- 1
known quarter, that his heatb is bctterand '
Hint lie will return to mako it lively tor
Ills enemies ami to stand tj-iii], when n day
bliall be net for it.
Tt.n r?-?! i v
aiiv miiiiiio vuiiiiuiult miyf '
Mildreds of question!) ready for Senator 1
Blair; they propose to investigate him
thoroughly. Shiphcrd writes hero that '
lie will mako it lively for ex-Secretary 11
Blaine when ho is re-examine*!. I
The postmasters commissioned to-day
for West Virginia are: Lewis Drummond,
Tornado; John .It. Adair, Red Sulphur I
Springs. c
tiu:im>u\ wau. i:
Another Iliittte lu Arizona?Tlio Fnrilaii j
Iturcuii at Waililiik'tuu Scwhh1. j
Washington, May 2.?At the Indian ^
bureau, here, the belief is that the Indian j
'.roubles in Arizona are over for the pre- c
sent. The otlieers of the bureau say that 1
the band of Indians,wUicli did all the mis- a
ihief, numbers about four hundred, all u
to!<J; that they were milking their way to
Mexico and will probably get into that
country, before our troops can catch them.
Washinctos, May 2.?The wnr department
has received it dispatch from lien.
Wilcox, at San Francisco, that everything
is quiet at the San Carlos agency. The
murder of one more settler is reported.
The reported murders in sulphur valley
are denied.
Tucson*, Aiu/.ona, May 2.?Captain Tupper
telegraphs to Gen. Wilcox that he
Btruck a large force of Indians at daybreak
on the 28th. The troops killed twelve or
fifteen of the hostile*. They captured
seventy-five head of stock, but were unable
to drive the Indians from their position.
One soldier was killed and two wounded.
Captain Tupper has joined Gen. I'orsythe ?
and will follow the hostile-* nvor tlu? I tori lor.
A Tombstone special says a courier from ^
the Dragoon mountains \v;is fired on by
the Indians near Helm's ranehe. Ho returned
the fire, killing one Indian. Jle
heard rapid firing in the direction bt the v
ranehe. Several Indians appeared near ^
Contention this evening. Dr. i/irber had
a fight with them, killing one Fears are ^
felt for the safety of Fort Huanhuea, the st
families of Cant. Tupner, Dave Hnskiliund I
others. There are only four men to guard e
the post. Volunteers are organizing. i
?? y
Concrcftitloniil I'riiiTrdlncH. |
"Washington, May 2.?The senate com- 'I
mittee on commerce decided, by a vote of c
five to four, to report favorably on the t
nomination of AVorthington, for collector I
of customs at Boston. It is expected that (
the Massachusetts Senators will fijjht the \
nomination. dosnnrn'olv. in oxi'ciinv?> ?!>?. - 1
The Senate defeated, by a party vote, the
I bill to remove the disqualifications of oxconfederates
for army appointments; the .
Republicans opposed "the bill.
In the Honso the tariff commission bill 1
was discussed at length. The Senate
amendments to the anti-Chinese bill were
concurred in.
TlieCongrcMNinnitl Fli;lif in Virginia.
Waxmsgtos, May 2.?It is not probable,
from the best advices from Virginia,
that another extra session of the legislature
of the state will be called for the purposes
oi reuistrieting. Unt? of iwanone8 most
intimate friends said to-day that they 1
thought it not worth while." As the <li.s- '
tricts now Bland they had four Adininistm- j
tion men in Congress?two Republicans '
and two Keadjusters. At the next election :
they expect to he able to return them
again, and thought that they were strong
enough to elect the member at large. There
was, then, a fighting chance to carry at
would give six administration men in the I
next House. This might be better than to
redistrict the state with a view to electing
seven or eight, for there were always
chances of slipping up on sucii an arrange*
(icnnritl Washington Xotes.
"Washington, May 2.?There are 45,000
postoflices in the United States. It is believed
by the department that 11,000 now
ollices will be established this year.
The superintendent of the census asks
congress for an appropriation of another
million to complete the work of the census
of 1SS0. This will be the third oi fourth
impropriation for this purpose, and members
bejiiti to wonder how much it will
cost to finally wind the thing up.
Since the war the cost of the public
printing has aggregated at least$50,000,000.
The government printing oilico has growu
to be the greatest establishment of the
kind in the world. In'such an immense
establishment there is necessarily more or
less waste, hot the main reason tort he
enormous outlay lies in the fact of the
practice of Congress in constantly ordering
the printing of documents of no value
whatever except to gratify the vanity of
At the Cabinet meeting, to-day, it was
decided to use the military to put down
the cowbovs in Arizona, if a proclamation
should faif to reach them. It was also decided
to take prompt and decisivo action in
quelling the Indian outrages in Arizona
anil New Mexico.
The Hiblo stolen from the desk of the
presiding officer of the Senate has been returned,
aa mysteriously as it disappeared.
It is the opinion thai fio 1 louse com.
znittoc on patents will report adversely on
tho application for the extension of the
patent for the Siemens regenerative gas
1 furnace.
On Monday night the President gavo a
I dinner in honor of Gen. Hancock, at
, which that gentleman, Generals Mitchell
mill Drum. Soirrotaries Lincoln and Chaiid*
lor, Henatars Voorhees, Harm, Cameron,
of IVnnayJvunhi, 3?d Fair, aiul others
i were present,
, :?? ?lU'frttiloniU
the Ifotiso,
I \Vakulngton*, May 2-?I'rwidont Arthur'*
fint i>rnmtl card reception tool;
I plaeo to-iduht. The w?wd .'if. the < jc? n2*
> live'mansion w?? so preat nt 10 p. m. that
I, many had not had tho.opportunity to reaeh
e the President, who was receiving the quests
I in tt?e blue room. All the'representatives
Dlot the army and navy were in full dress
r I unuorin, unu 11 majority 01 mo momocw 01
.*\flip diplomaticcorps appeared in the'court
0 djeea oji {heir respective countries. There
J wits the usual beautiful display of flowers.
A Xcgi o Harbor ftufli {< **(? Ilotru
li W III t cJI mii mill !; ! cup on,
Bpcclul DUjmteh to itie IiitvlllKvnocr.
Ciiahuston, W. Va., May L'.?About 12
o'clock, last night, a negro, named llaston
Whiting, shot dead T. 8. 0reaves, a while
man, in front of Markley's saloon. It appeals
that the negro asked the white man
to drink with him and was refused, whereupon
the negro stepped out on the pavement
and shot Greaves, as he came out,
the bullet takiuir client in thu li*ft hroimt.
i>/jo inch to the right of tho nipple, causing
loath in twenty minutes. Tho negro in
it largo and olltcers are after him.
Threats are uttered of diro vengoanco, if
;!iu murderer id caught. Whiting Is a
nulutto, a barber, twenty-five yeura old;
loeamo hero from Uallapolis, Ohio, his
mine, two months ago, having left that
>!aco for dangerously cutting a negro
vouian. Ci reaves was u plaatercr and leaves
i .wife and ehrildren, living in Huntington,
iVeat Virginia. Two hundred dollars' rovard
is oflerud for this arrest of the negro.
Detective Burnett and tho force aro after
second dispatch.
Cn aitu:iton, \V. Va., May 'J.?Houston
Whiting, who killed Greaves lust night,
vus arrested this evening, by deputy U. S.
narwhals ltobert Saunders and Morgan
launders. Groat excitement prevails and
ears are apprehended by the oflieials that
iu attempt will bo made to take the
irisoncr from the jail and lynch him.
Fact* from (ho Cciinum.
Washington*, May 2.?A bulletin issued
>y the Census llurcau contains some interMing
statistics in relation to the native
iml foreign-born population of several
tales. Ttie foreign-born residents of Caliornia
are a little more than one-third of
he population, and the number ol those
lorn in China is 73,518; in Ireland, nearly
1:5,000; in Germany, 42,000, and in
England, 21,000. in Maine the /<>r ign-born
are one-eleventh of the total
ru|Miiiinuii, auu mrcc-imns 01 mem came
rotn Canada. In Florida only one-twcntyovcnth
of the population was born in foriign
countries, half of theso coining from
Juba or tho West Indies. The number of
esidents who were born in Europe is
.bout .'{,000, out of a total of about 10,000
oreign-born. In Georgia there is only one
oreign-born resident, to 110 natives, and
our-tlfths of the 10,501 foreigners came
rotn Ireland, Germany, or Kngland.
.'he foreigu-b6rn in Indiana are about
me-fourteenth of the whole population,
ml five-ninths of the foreigners were born
n Germany. The proportion oi foreignlorn
to natives in Kentucky is one to
wenty-eight, four-fifths of the foreigners
laving been born in Germany or Ireland,
)ne-seventeenth of the residents of Louisina
were born in foreign countries, and
Jtir-lifthrt of the foreigners came from Gcrflany,
Ireland and France. In Maryland,
ne-eleventh of the residents are foreigntorn,
and four-fifths of these came from
tortminv -mil Irnlnn.l
A Monitor Petition for "Ihhimi.
"Wnsfn.vciTo.v, May 2.?The President was
raited upon this afternoon by Messrs.
Jlnncey, Bluke tjnd Kittle, of the New
fork Garfield Club, accompanied by Senior
Miller. They bore amputation, having
75,000 signatures" upon it, from citizens o"f
:very state and territory in the Union, askng
that the verdict against Sergeant
ilasou be remitted, except so much as dishonorably
discharged him from the army,
["his monster petition when unfolded is
iver a mile and a quarter in length. In
his connection it in announced that on
donday next the United States Supreme
jourt will render their decision in the
vrit of habeas corpus case now pending
jefore them with regard to Sergeant Mason.
Aiinlyxln of tliu I>ol?l Statement. j
"Washington, May 2.?The following
inulvsisof the April debt statement was I
prepared hy Mr. John Carson, clerk of the
oiumittcc on ways an?l moans: The!
eduction in "the public debt I
or April was above the aver*
ige for the preceding months of
lie current fiscal year, the amount for the I
month being 514,415,824, and for the ten
nonths $12S,74S,21I{. The largest reduction
nitlierto made in the public debt during
me year was in 1807, when the reduction
.vas" below $12S,000,000, or about one
million less than has been reached
during the past ton months. Thus
the reduction for the current year
loads nil preceding years and is likely to
reach $1-15,000,000.
Itcvi'iiuc or IN)ststump*.
"Washington', May 2.?Third Assistant
Postmaster General lla/.en has prepared a
statement of the sales of stamps for the
nuarter ondimr Anrll 188:?- ut twontv
live of the largest postolliees in the country.
It is estimated that theso ollices represent
about thirty-seven per cent of
the total receipts of"the department. The
statement shows io.l per cent, over the
corresponding quarter of 1SS1. ltochester,
N. Y., reports the largest increase, equal to
44 ner cent. As compared with the preceding
quarter ending Dceeinbe 31 there is
a ssli?lit decrease shown, which is caused
by diminished sales at ttie New York
olHce. The other twenty-four otliccs, however,
generally report increased wiles.
A Camion Tlmt Won't Clo oir.
Washington, May 2.?Ex-Delegate Geo.
Q. Cannon, oI Utah, who was deprived of
ins seat in the present House,has petitioned
that body for his full pay and stationery
allowance for the term to which lie was
elected. It is not probable that the House
will accede to the wishes of the numerously
married Mormon elder, and the probabilities
are that this Cannon will not go
on loaueu wiin anoni sn,ouu 01 me nauonal
currency, to which lie would be entitled
under his claim.
Sail C'iino of Kiilclrfc.
Litti.k Rock, Auk.,. May. 2.?The
Gazette's Dallas (Texas)special says: Annie
Simpson aged seventeen, the wife of John
Simpson, a worthless character, who deserted
her and left her "to drift into a life of
ill-tame, suicided at 2 o'clock this morning.
YorJi Slock
ftuw Youk, May 2.-?The bulls claim that
the great operators are picking up stocks;
the position of the bear party appears unchanged.
The latest rumor is that Yanderhilt
will make a very brief stay abroad.
.South 1'aciflc ia being raided again to-dav
by a clique of brokers. It is siid that I'rof.
Treadwell has gone to London and that
officers of tho company are getting hold of
the stock, but their manipulations are severely
censured. Some gold is said to have
been" engaged for the uto-imcra sailing
before Saturday. Western Utiion earnings
increased steadily during April, l?nrgc
blocks of Mutual Union bonds sold vesterday
at "(?*, ex. May coupon.
Oil Trial tor ?:<>||U(crrcilfiifr.
Cimwfio, Mav 2.?Jas IV Doj'lo is or
(rial, in the United States court, on tin
clutr^i* of Imvinjj been connected with tin
uouiiicrfeitingnf United .Slates bond:?. Tin
caao w a wlebratod ow?, as the bonds wen
tin skilfully wrought as to deceive the troaa
nry and hank experts; the amount wan up
wilrt\ of S-lhnono. Tills I* a now trial, tin
I former verdict nisitust him beir?j? iuvuli
(Itxlotl by 5Ui informality. Thero seotna t<
bo little doubt iu to the fact ot his guilt.
Important netting of the Director; at Parkers*
bury?Moit of the Might of Way Sccurad,
What U Afcketl or Ohio and Other t'ouu.
tlei on the I.Ibo~Uooi1 Outlook,
Spcclal Dispatch to the Intollltfenfer.
I'AitKKianutta, W. Va., May 2.?Local
interests wero all concentrated, to-day, in
I ho meeting of tho directors of tho Wheeling,
l'arkersburg & Charleston railroad
company, which was well attended, all tho
comities along tho lino being represented
except Konne. Tho action of tho meeting
was harmonious ami tho feeling enthusias- ;
i jju report 01 commuieo on rjgiu 01 way
was voluminous and full of interest. From ,
it the iNTELLiaBNc&Rcorrespondent gathers ;
these figures: Forty-three miles of the ?
eighty, between Parkersburg and Mounds- '
ville, have been secured by gift of the fee, J
comprising the right of way through two i
hundred and twenty-nino furjna, leaving '
thirty-soveu miles, or 134 farms, to be nego- '
tiafed for. lMeasanta and Tyler counties 1
havo done so well iu contributing right of
way, that they wero left out of tho additional
assessment to complete the right of *
way purchase. I
Senator Camden assured the directors i
that tho money for building the road would
surely be forthcoming as 'soon as the right
of way was secured; ho urged energetic action
all along the line:
In accordance with the resolution, recited
below, the commissioners of Wood county
will meet, on next Tuesday, to call an
election of the voters of the 1'arkersburg
district, for voting on the proposition to
subscribe $15,000 to the road. If all tho
counties do their duty, the picks, shovels
and dirt will bo Hying in June.
The folio wing, resolutions were adopted:
Jlcs'jlrcd, That tho county court of Wood
county be, and is hereby, requested to
cause a vote of the district of I'arkersburg,
in said county, to be had upon the ques
ii?hi ui auwsuriuing im iimouni, not exceeu- "
iiig ?15,000, to the capital stock of the com- 's
puny, for the completion, of the right of
way. a
Jimlved, That the people of Ohio county
be requested, to subscribe, at once, at least
$20,000 to the capital stock of the road, for
the purpose of completing the right of way e
and other necessary expenses connected h
with the same; the people of Marshall
county, the sum of $'3,000, and of Wetzel v
county, the sum of ?:i,000, for the like pur- j
pose. j;
Resolved, That, in the opinion of the directors
of this company, all that is now y
necessary 10 insure lite speedy building ot *
the road, is to complete the right of way
without unnecessary delay.
Jtetoh'td, Therefore, that an appeal he s
made to the counties, cities, towns and dis- s
tricts, through which the road passes, to
raise at once, by subscriptions to the capi- l'
tal stock of the company, the small amount c
necessary to complete the right of way.
lietolved, That the same committee on ?
the right of way be continued and be di- 1
rected to proceed to obtain the right of way,
uv uunuuiuuiuiuu or uinerwiSC, 1UU1 null
full power anil discretion be, anil is hereby, }
given to said committee, to take such :
measures as in their judgment will best v
[servo to obtain the right of way and the '
! money to pay for the same.
| The board earnestly asks the assistance
and co-operation of all interested in having
the road built.
fokkic.v mu ms by cm 1$ i.e.
Lo.vno.v, May 2.?The JJank of England
recently placed three months' treasury
bills of the government, to the amount of
?1,125,000, at a rate equivalent to 2 3-10
per cent, discount.
London*, May 2.?A dispatch from Bonny,
west coast of Africa, dated April 23d, reports
there had been heavy fighting between
the natives of New Calabar and the
followers of Oko Jumbo. The latter were
the aggressors. The slaughter is described
as leariui. At least two tnousanu persons ,
wero killed. It was feared other chiefs t
would take part in the lighting, thus cans- ?
inj,' a war which would become wholesale ,
carnage. There was much alarm among [
the English inhabitants. It is expected f
two gun boat will be ordered to the scene. ,,
St. PETintsnuna, May 2.?Lieutenant t
Dannenhauer and the other survivors of i
the Jeminetto nro in the city. Cole is com- i
pletely demented, and sometimes almost s
unmanageable. The American Legation \
will give an entertainment in their honor ?
on Wednesday. Lieutenant Dannenhauer '
seems convinced that Uaptain J)eLong i
will never bo found alive. After a few t
days the party will proceed to Paris,* and 1
Lieutenant Dannenlmuer contemplates
reading a paper before the lioyal Geometrical
Society on the possibilities of trade
on the north coast "of .Siberia. Ho is loud
in his praise of the Kussians for the kind
manner in which he and his companions I
have been treated ]
DUdllcd Spirits in ltand. 1
"Washington, May 2.?Tho big whisky
men from every one of the large cities have
been hero to use their influence with tho
Senators of their respective States in favor i
of the bill to extend'indefinitely tho time t
in which whisky can remain in bond, j
They have made "so much impression that <
they claim a majority of tho Senate in favor 1
of passing tho bill as it came from tho t
Hm.un Au !)I1U hwn olmn-n vnrv nm.oli.- <
sively. the cHoet of the measure would be t
to reiluce so much' the revenflfcs of the {
government as to produce serious cmbar- \
rassment. The Senate finance committee i
is willing to afford the whisky interest any t
reasonable measure of relief, and will re- \
port an amendment extending the time in
which whisky can remain in bond one
year, and perhaps longer. Jf tho amendment
is voted down uud the bill passed as
i; came from the House, it is qui to sure to J
uc vetoed by the President. f
A I.otilnvillu lloiiNC iionc Up.
Loutsvu.LK, Kv., May 2?Wheat Durfl',
wholesale grocers, lnivo made an i
assignment. Tho firm has just issued a :
circular in which they say; "The groat 1
difliculty in making collections, und the
1 largo amount of bad debts developing in
' the last few months in our business, resulting
largely from the terrible drought of
1 last year and the overflow of winter ami
" spring, has made it impossible for us to
meet our liabilities as they fall due, and in
order to secure equal protection to nil our
creditors, wo have this day made an assign*
i ment to Uapt. John fathers, of this city,
i We cannot express our groat pain nnd dis.*
appointment that this course has becoinu
- ucce?S:iry. a nroceedln^ which, until very
j recently, had been entirely unexpected bv
us, and we beg to assure our friemla that it
- is the result entirely of losaos in legitimate
i' trade, or oi business too much extended
- for our capital in the present unfavorable
d state of commercial uflairs, and not in any
way arising from speculation,"
Till: UHNTUt'liY NI'llIXLI SIKE'ri.NU,
IlrllllMiit Altfiiiliiiii'n mill Olnrlotifi
'Tlio IVIimorn niul Ihn'l'lnio.
Lexington, Ky., Muy 2.?Bright skies,
a balmy atmosphere, u large ami brilliant
nttcnduticer threo spirited eontosts, n fast
track and animated betting were theaalient
features of this, tho inaugural day of the
spring meeting of tho Kentucky association.
Tho ra?o of tho day was tho distillers'
stakes. It was captured by Cressotc, a
four year old sou of Creedinoor, in gallant
Tho llrst race, for aliases, purse$150, six
starters, was won by Mommonist, by six
lengtnw; J<177.10 nceond. iimo i:i5j.
French pooln paid $12
Then camu tlio distillers' stake, for nil
au'ch; $50 entrance, half (or{i'it;$'JOOi)ii<l<h'<l;
51,50jJ to (Irnt horse, $.'500 to ' second, $'J00
to third; dash of one ami a quarter miles;
III nominations and 1'JHtartor.**. Poolssold:
llendor, $115; Llda 8tanlope, $115; Bonsai,
$31; Mendelsohn, $.'10, the lield $10. Won
by Creosote by two open lomrths; Uendor
wcond and Tom l'luukett third. Time,
2:01).}; the lant mile rim in 1:14. Freueh
pools paid $75 80.
The third race wna a inilo dash for all
iges; $150 to tirst, $25 to second. Itojjdad
?jis iiiu prime i.ivorue in uiu poois. on
jy Bagdad under a stout pull, Stella secmd.
Time 1:14 J. French pools paid $13.
Ttio AiiiitliramuUMl AhkocIiUIoii.
PiTrsiiuitoit, May -.?In answer to the
ilateinent of a manufacturer that the post-,
jonement of action on the wages question I
>v the iron workers was duo to dissensions
n the ranks of the Amalgamated associaion
here, and to the statement that the
reasury of the association is empty, i'resilent
.larrett, says: **lt is true that the
'irst district was directed to have the wages
luestion settled by May 1, in order that
ither districts might be able to settle in the
lext thirty days, but in postponing
iction no law was violated,
['he > postponement was decided
ipon in order that every member of the
ssociation might have time to think
ahnlv over llio whola nitimtion. In ri>
:urd to the Cincinnati strike, instead of the
ost being $10,000 it was $00,000. Every
'cnt of this was paid, and at no time lias
my debt been contracted; consequently it
l oulil bo folly to collect a $5,000 assessnent
now to sunply a want that never exsted.
It is not for mo to say how much or
iow little money we may have inthetrensiry,
but it is not empty. 1 could throw a
tone at several banks in this city where
re have several thousand dollars to our
redit now. That talk about a split in the
ssoc'mlioti is too ridiculous to mention." .
uKHTituenvt: cox vii v<> itvri ons.
JIiddlktown, Dei.., IMay 2. ? Coxe's
arringe shop and live other buildings
aimed. Loss, $30,000.
Boston, May 2.?Union carpet lining
k'orks burned, Loss, $.'50,000; insured.
Dovku, X. II., "May 2.?Washinuton .street
Inntist. ('hiiroh hnVni'd. l.n? ft>.YflnO! tvir.
tally insured.
Chicago, May2.?FireatGalesburg, Ills.,
esterday, destroyed the Fourth ward
uhooi house. Loss, $15,000; insurance $3,00
in the West Chester and $2,000 in the
A lire in Legue, Minn., yesterday, conunied
a row of frame buildings on Main
treet. J^oss $12,000; insured.
Dctkoit, TlIuv 2.?Mart z'e brewery in this
ity was damaged by lire*, last night, $-,000;
ontents damaged $2,000 more; insured,
Cincinnati, May 2.?This afternoon a
ire broke out in the sheds of the Cincinlati
varnish company, near the Cincinnati,
Iamilton & Dayton railroad, on First street,
auscd by varnish boiling over. The sheds
ye re destroyed; loss $3,000.
Philadelphia,' May 2.?A private dis?atch
says that a great lire is ranging in
iliddletown, I)elM which threatens the
vhole town. The entire lire service lias
>een sent from Wilmington.
Pittsiiukgh, May 2.?Destructive fire at
Jock's run, in the city suburbs, this mornng.
A row of frame'tenements, owned by
he Kedinau estate and occupied by mill
vorkers, wjis destroyed.
Kalkkjii, May 2.-?Yesterday a fire broke
mt at Bingham's military school near
Jebanesvillo. and in two hour? <uvon? I
iway every building. TIjc fire originated
n the quarters of one of the cadets, and
vus accidental. As'eady wind was blowing,
I'hich fanned the lire, causing thedestrucion
to be very rapid. The quarters of the
unlets were in wooden building.", one story
n heighthand built on three sides of a great
quare. They contained fifty one rooms;
ortv-one of these furnished ae:ommodution3
fur four cadets, while
he remaining ten held only two
?ach. The water supply was limited,
here being only three wells on the place,
ind no fire apparatus was at hand. After
lestroying the quarters the lire attacked
he two-story wooden building, in the first
loorof which was Colonel Bingham's office,
ind on the upper the Young .Men's Chrisinn
Association room and library. This
mililin" ivim iHitirolv I'mtamiwxl hut .ill i?^
ontenta were saved. The next building to bo
wept away was the "Academy building" of
vood, three and a half stories in height,
iml of largo size. The fire attacked the
Infirmary," which it destroyed, afterward
jomuiunieating to the mess hull, a large
wo and a half story building. Tills
wilding was consumed, together with
ts various outhouses. The buildings
if the school proper were all <leitroyed.
The lire failed to reach the private
esidence of Colonel Uingham, about L'OO
rards away. There were in the barracks
ii nit! linn: uuum i/o caueis. i^nionei
Uinghaiu will rebuild the school at once,
iiul have all in order by August first. The
oss amounts to $30,000; insurance $20,000.
llob IiigcrMill.
Boston, May 1.?-Col. Ingersoll had an
uidienceof nearly four thousand people in
he Boston theatre, last night, when lie relented
lii.s"Talmayian Theology" discourse,
leliveretl first in New York a fortnight ago.
L'he Young Men's Christian association
rovided eacli auditor with an extract from
kVashinglon'ji farewell address, in which
he necessity of religion to a State is set
ortli. Among other things, Col. Ingersoll,
vho had just come from Emerson's funeral
it Concord, said that if Christianity was
rue, Emerson was, with Longfellow, Darii'in,
and Jlumboldt, in hell to-night. ,
llnd for the OllIe? Soukci**.
Washington, .May 2.?It is intimated in
Administration circles that unless urgently
r.ecL'Hjjiry there would be no more appointmentsln
Pennsylvania until after the convention
in that Statu. There are a number
of changes to be made, some of which
were to he sent in ot once, hut the President
evideutly proposes to so delay them
us to have ample opportunity to reward
the friends ot the Administration. The
Allegheny postofllco is among the appointments
in abeyance; also several important
Pittsburgh places.
M.vhI?tIoum Death lit THunyHIo.
Trrusvau:, Pa , may 2.?Joseph Vilkio
was found dead in his room last evening
wiiji a pisioi uau lurou^ii ids iienti aim Jim
revolver lying at his right Hide. The fact
that lie was a left-handed man and had no
motive fur suicide is considered siiflkient
to warrant a careful iimtUiiration. The
Coroner's inquest will be held this afternoon.
A (i'uihi mow.
Aj.hasv, May 2,?a special committee
of the Senate unanimoiu?lv recommends tin
passage of a bill looking to the putting; under
ground of all telegraph wires.
Trcitilfnt Artliur'i Inntructloan to the American
Slinkier at St. I'eter*bur?-Tlie Itlshtt or
American*, Jeweand (lentile Alike, Munt
be Protected kvea la ltunla.
Washington, May 'j.?Tlio correspond'
ence, respecting tho condition of Imivl
in Itussia, sunt to Congress to*dny, is very
voluminous and includes all tliu correspondence
ou the subject during the past
ten years.
Tho last letter writfen by tlio Secretary
()[ Statu tn till! .A fiicnc.'iM M intafoi* ?e Sit*
Petersburg, under date of tho 15tl? ultimo)
is ns follows:
"J'rejudico of nice and creed having, in
our day, given way to tho claims of our
common humanity, tho people of the
United States have heard, with great re*
Bret, tho stories of tho suflorings of the
Jow8 in Kussiu. It may bo that the accounts
in tho newspapers nro exaggerated,
and tho same may bo trno of some of the
private reports. Making, however, duo nl*
lowanco for misrepresention, it can scarcely
be doubted that much has been don'o
which tho humane and just person must
ino rrcsiuent,oi course, tcets that ino
government of Russia should not be hold
morally responsible for acts, which it eon*
siilers wrong but which it may be power*
less to prevent. If that bo true in this case,
it would bo worse than useless for mo to ,
direct you, as instructed by the President
of tbo United .States, to give an oiiicial ex*
pression to the feeling which this treatmentof
the Jews calls forth in this countrv.
Should, however, the attitude of the Kifs*
sian government bo different, and should
you be of the opinion that more vigorous
efforts might be put forth (or the proven- i
tion of this groat wrong, you will, if a favorable
opportunity affords, suite,with all prop- ,
er deference, that the feeling of friendship,
which the United States entertains for
Russia, prompts this, government to oxnruss !
the hope that the imperial will find means
to cause the persecution of these unfortunate
fellow beings to cease.
"This instruction devolves a delicate duty
upon you, and wide discretion is given you
in its execution. However much this Republic
may disapprove of affairs in other
nations, it does not conceive that it is its
right or its province officiously or offensively
to intermeddle. If, however, it
should come to vour knowledge that any
citizens of the United States are made victims
of persecution, you will feel it your
duty to omit no effort to protect them and
to report the awes to this department"
It appeals, from the correspondence between
Minister Foster and Secretary
Blaine, that the action of the Russian
authorities towards American citizens is of
two kinds:
First, absolute prohibition of residence
in St. Petersburg and other cities of the
Empire on the ground of a Russian law,
nuiuu (luninio nu liiiiivu JBff IOJJVC IU(TO. i
ami that the treaty between Kussia and ?
the United States gives to our citizens in
Russian jurisdiction no other rights or
privileges than i3 accorded to native
Second, permission of residence and
commerce, conditioned on belonging to tho
tirst guild of liUssian merchants and taking
out license.
In si letter from Secretary Blaine to Minister
Foster, under date of July 211, 1SS1,
the former says:
"On the case arising, this Government
would bold tlmt the treaty of 1S:;*2 conferred
specific rights on all American citizens,
in the matter of the disposition of their
personal property and their residence
abroad, irrespective of any conditions save
those which the treaty expressly creates.
"I need hardly enlarge on the point that
the Gowmnieni. nf tho ?
eludes its treaties with foreign states, with ;
provisions for the equal protection of nil <
American citizens. 1 win make absolutely i
no discrimination between them, whatever t
their origin or creed, so that they abide by
tfie laws, at home or abroad. It must give
them due protection and expect like protection
from them. Any unfriendly or i
discriminatory act against them on the part <
of a foreign power, with which we are i
at peace, would call for our earnest remon- '
strance, whether a treaty existed or not. (
It is therefore a source of unfeigned regret \
to us when a Government, to which we i
are allied by so many historical ties as to ;
that of Russia, shows a disposition, in '
regard to dealing with us,to take advantage i
of technicalities." j
In response to*this communication Mr.
Hoffman, secretary uf thy legation, wrote
to Secretary lilaine.
'The Knssinn Minister of Foreign.Affairs i
still maintain.1? view that, in the treaty of i
1834 the words "on condition of their i
submitting to the laws ami ordinances \
then prevailing," subjected American* I
Jews to the treatment of native Jews; that
these views had also been given to the 1
representatives of other foreign power??. 1
The Russian Minister said that, as regards
the moral side of the question, he, personally,
would he glad to see an important i
modification in the laws regarding the condition
of Jews in Russia, but that they had
brought much of the harshness of those
laws upon themselves."
The President's message is informal,
merely transmitting the documents and
making no comment or recommendation.
flui/.i/trt XT.,.. \f! i!? r. I I
, V..IV.WU, .??uj ?? IV
I St. Paul rnilrond has reorganized, with .Mr. ;
Cubic, of the Muck Island roml as uresi* 1
dent. \
Tvuiit, Texas, Jfiiv 'TIio last spike '
connecting the Missouri I'acillc ami thy
International & limit Northern railroads :
wns driven, with imposing ceremonies, ut 5
o'clock this evening.
Lamtetto, I si), may 2.?u. k. Young, I
local freight agent of C. I. & St. L. railwav. :
at tills point, has been missing since Sun- ,
day. Fours ure entertained tnat his ae- <
counts aresiiorl; books are being examined. 1
Ci.cvKi.ANt), May 2.?Augustus Scholl,
Cornelius V.wulerbilt, Wifliam 1C. Vandcrbilt,
13. I). Worcester and several other officials
arrived by special train, to-niirht, from
New York, to attend the Like Shore an- ,
uual meeting, to-morrow.
I!rnJiil OiilriiKc in l*<*(in?ylvnuln.
Guhrnshuuo, May 2.?Last night, about !
11 o'clock, the house of Mrs. Jonathan
Stump, about three mile3 from here, was ,
broken into by three masked men. The
women were bound and gagged and one of
them strung up to (ho rafters in order to
extort information in regard to the place
where their money was hid. Mary, the
voungest daughter, was hrutallv heaten,
Vmt all refused to give the information.
The burglars got about three hundred dollars
and decamped.
FrctH'hiiK'ii I'i^ritcli??r IMrntr*.
2Ck\v Your, May 2?The bark Cardenas
arrived from Ciaboon, Western Africa, and
reports that in the latter part of March
pirates captured and plundered a French
cutter. The colonial governmental Gaboon
sent a force to recapture the eutter and
have the pirates delivered to them. When
the action tool; place the French surgeon
was killed and three French soldiers
woundfd. Ningi Ningi, a town on the
)sianu 011nai name, una been destroyed.
Tratio with the rivers emptying into the
Oaboou is entirely suspended.
Liquor taxw to the amount of$2S,000
were paid to the county trejisurer hv the
RAloonists of Detroit, yesterday. Th'e tax
! is increased under the'new law, just point
1 into ("fleet, and the result will, doubtless,
be a considerable diminution iu the imin'
beroJ saloons.
Tliclr IloN]>i*r)iti> j-'ljclit With n l'?nner.
Mill In tlio Wood* mid Holly l'lirmitd.
Kkoklk, Iowa, May 2.?Tho tlmt encounter
1'olcw Well**, ono of Jesse James'
old pain, mid his fellow convicts, who escaped
from tho Iowa penitentiary had, ma
with nn old farmer, named Winberbotham,
who becoming aware of tho presenco of
Homo strangers in lib hav-loft, probed
sharply for them with u pitch fork, piercing
Wells' shoulder. Tho three then tacki...1
?'!..! i ..i ii i i. . ... ..
iuu ? iiiuLTuuuiiun ami no leueu wells
with ? b)o?r Ironi tlw fork. Quito a melee
ensued, in which llic hired man, a mulatto,
took an efliclent mrt, but the eonvieta escaped
to the woods. Fitzgerald finally gave
u'>' ^l0 ot'1L>r!1 are still at large.
H ells Is Haiti to be su fieri ng intensely from
lus wound. Cook and Wells we're latt
heard from three miles west of the town of
W caver.
Latch.?Up to 5 o'clock, the partv in
search of I'oko Wells and the othur p'enitentiury
fugitive, hud got no trace. They
arc evidently lurking in tho brush near bv
where they were yesterday, as l'oko Wolfs
is unable to ride further on Jjorso back on
account of his wound in his lungs. 1
Hopes und fears havo intermingled in
the hearts of many, to-day, on account ol :
the state in which the body of tho
poisoned man, John Klder, has been ever
since Jio died. Until within tho last two
hours, the body has looked like that of a 1
living person, but now all hope of recovery I
is lost. A flush ha# been on his checks i
ail along till now. llo will bo buried tomorrow.
There was only one death from small* 1
pox m Pittsburgh last week.
The Democrats carried tho city election
in iMfuyetta, Indiana, yesterday.
Heavy snow storm, yesterday morning,
it \?atcrtown, N. Y , and vicinity.
The nail manufacturers of Boston havo
positively refused to iucro.ise the wagos of
heir workmen.
The 5,000 drummers of Western Pennsylvania
have organized to secure lower
'. inroad and hotel ratvs.
u'*Yi fil,r,n? election, yesterday, in
?\ eldoii, N. (J., the Deinocrat-s secured the ,
,?u negroes were ejected
.'oinmiesioncM. . 1
At * Winchester, Iuil,, yesterday, Dj? t
smith was couvieted of the niurdnof his
ather uiul henteuced to imprisonment fur
ife. ^ 11
The A??ril statement shows that Penn- !
lylvanm has in her treasury a balance in *
he general fun.l of $i.l.7j,7(>I XI, und in f
he sinking fund $2,915,01)2 U(?. v
The ease of the city vs.Sehuman, charged
van viol.itmy the Smith Sunday law, is on
rial m the Cincinnati J vol ice court. It is a
est wise and the trial will be a prolonged
In tho Jennie Cramer murder case, at '
Sew Haven, expert testimony is being pro- *
mmi uy me prosecution, to show that the
sinse of Jennie's death was arsenical ^
>oisou. t
The Hartford lifonnnnitv insurance com- [
iany, which was deprived of its right to \
ransact business in Missouri, some days <
tgo, has been restored to its former posiion
and resumed business.
Base ball yesterday: nt Cleveland?De- j
roit, 7; Cleveland "l. At Cincinnati? j
Pittsburgh 10; Cincinnati, 1). At Provi- -j
lence?Providence, 17; Troys, 1. At ij
IN'orcester?Worcesters, 11; Boston, 10.
The excess of exports of merchandise for t
he twelve monthsended March 151, was $89,- f
582,173; the excess of imports of gold and \
silver coin and bullion for the same twelve '
months was $27,400,071. *
In old Mexico a squad of National troops ?
vero badly whipped, on Monday, by a >
;ang of robbers, under the famous bandit J
jnbilli'rox- thn paiiiiii?...1ai. nf ?i.~ l
vas killer). The robbers Hod to their moun- J
am strongholds. ?
I ill{Mirtunt Figure*. f
Cincinvati, Muv 2.?Gfttli, the Wish- (;
mjj'ton eorregjicmlentof the Cincinnati Enjuicer,
fornihhcH Home interesting figures
relative to the whisky tralHc. Ho says: '
wS? (,isli"in^ 5nlt'rL,ijl I'-'id over $000,JwO.OOO
to the Government in tho oust \
twenty years. The consumption of whibkv .
id Am men j.s 7o,000,000 gallons every
mir. Tlio amount manufactured is somewhat
in advance of thin. It pays tlm Government
every year between $70,000.000
md $SO,OOOt()UO.,f
A Ihnnu lint tic.
St. J'.iui, Minn., May i?At this city
election, yesterday, the Republican candidate
/or City Treasurer was beaten, 1,800.
by the Democrat. The Aldermen and
School Inspectors arc about equally divided
between the two parties.
The issue of $200,000 bonds for the new
bridge and $230,000 for the new public
buddings were endorsed.
Toledo. May 2.?noon board?Wliwu. little done;
N?i\. Wu '1K'1 31 :<'>'? -M?y SI -to; June 31 WA-,
'"U s'?: year livid nt 51 R Cora
lull; lilah mixed ?,e: No. 2 hjhjI "tic: May IV/r;
luiie held al 75c: July 7|'ic bid: veur held nt
Juts (i?H; No. 2. 5;{cJJ. Clo-ei?Wheat iixtctivc: 3
S'o. 2 red hjHjt and May $1 10: Juno SI 3o;Augi?t
lieid A'. 8lM.il year held at 51 125$. torn !
pilot; hUti mixed 77J$c: No. '2 snot 7Gc; Muv 7ic !
tiered; June 7l^n75c; July 75a7o%c; August 75%c; 5
year 57c offered. '
Nkw Youk, May 2 ?Dnv.Goous?Export* of cot- J
Ion good i lor ibe pit/it u'c'cK union med to ;
[tackiiges. and Finru Junuary to 01,190 packages, ;
igalmt M),U99 In 1SSI and pacuKO* lti lt>SU. *
riui demand and new buslucin is exceedingly light,
iltbowgh through the dl?tri button of tnliteclluneons,
receipt# in furtherance of old cominlsMon*,
tales have been of good proportions. Print* are In
better distribution ttiitn demand, the former In*
iludiHgchle/ly auvh *pet'i;?Mc# of daily frequency
in Ar.addH, Mutchister, Kddyxtone, Windsor and
Ucnvlok fancies, and coclieco foulards, Uarkcr
Jit, in bleached collon revised to 9c.
Cincinnati, 0., May 2.?Cotton quiet at llj?c.
I'lour dull: lower to hell; fatuity S'? 9JaG 20; fancy
}j &'ta72.'?. Yheat easier; No. 2 red winterSl 'J9.il 10;
qiotSl ltVJf bid July. I'ornwrong and higher; No,
:,77ija77)i hid June; SOaSii!^ July and sOJi August.
Uats stronger: No. 2 mixed held at Me. K>>
steady nt 91. Barley t>lu-nly tmdunclmug ?J. l'ork
juiet and tir.n at Sl'Jn 9 2i. l.un? wronger, held at
jll 19. 11 ilk mean strong; hhouJderj7J^: clear rib
unwii in livinunii in Mill price*; Mioilhl-1 'J
its dear rit? 3il%. clour ST2. Whisky KtcMdv at! t
51 IS: comblmi'loji ti tles of lliilsbeil goods Sl'Objr- J
rt-ls on k li isla ol SI IS. lJutter eutiler but not quot* i
ibly lower. t
lULTiMoUB, May 2.?Wheat, western dull; No. 2 t
winter red x;iot Si 1? ;i.sIim1; ,Mwy 51 bid; June /
}l Xi%n\ wy,\ July SI 20%i!,27j;: August $1 22#\ ?
I '-S3, tloru, western active ami higher: mixed spot >
May Sl^aSu.': June S-I^&^e; July I
iisislc. O.JU?i ^iudt* bt'iIff and Arm; wvaicrtt jvliJic J
r>'J.iGtu; mlxut tfu&Sc;.Pennsylvania Mitotic Rye ;
lull, liny qul?*t Provisions unchanged but (Inn. \
lluttcrsteady. K^gs ltworand weak at l&o. Petro- ?
ItMim inivli/iiigctl t:otii;c dull. Sugar linn; A i
!>5ie. Whl-ky steady at 31 TJ \
Chicago. May 2 ?The Drover't Journal roporU: \
Ho.>:??Receipts 20,000 head; shlpmcu** ii,000 hciwl.
Market generally actlvc at SiilOts higher. common
to good mixed yl 7ja? i>; mainly 87 2ou7 SO; sblp- ,
rneuta SJ 7.Vifi 00. .
Cattle?Receipt*3.000 bond: Milpmnntn l.fiCO head'. ;
Market generally we ?k. sluggish and barely ntcndy; J
exjK)rt* uom'nal at $7 ->.i7 7.i; good to choice shipping
SO 85a7 IS: common to f.lr ? '? 01W0 70; mixed '
imteliets' nt 32 7,'mi 00; through rmw TexatiR '
SI 23n5 "25; KtoekcK' nni fco*tr ?' luuvjr supply very
dull and ftoe lower than u week ubo at 53 00a4 05. '
Slieup?Rcc.'l jits'2..VO head; shipments I,MX) head. '
Muriet In fair demand, but at li-wer rates, and dt>
cllu''d i0a20cents, making u total drop of f>o cents
on the best sire lust wc?k; Inferior to fair $: 50a '
r> 00; medium to good S0a7; choice to extra S7 2fm
7 M.
Kast Ltnr.kty, Pa.,'may 2.?1?at?1o?Itcfclpts7d2
head. selling slow ul about yc?terd.i) 's titlcij.
cclt'H 1,7<0 head. Market fair; l'hlladefjihias
$71W.i7 7?i; Yorker* S7C0.17 25.
rjuvvir?.kiu-ij.in Ul-au. Wilt KG I mow tttlll
prkcH jjc iitl from y.iU'rdity.
Cincinnati, Mhv 2.-11041 firm and higher;
noin'ioil ami lldji t"n~ to: purkliiK ?uidbu'c'.n:?
57 lO.iSTlt i. Km-lplstCJlicnu; BhliKiuuilsikWliund.
I'mi.Mir.i.niiA, May 2.?Wool, inihpr more infinity
Uir line Ik-vCi#, bill market Mcady am! un*
cUiuijud. ^
TiTUsviM-K. Pa.; Mny 2-Oil openod nt 7n"Jc;
lu^lufl 7iV>:; lo\u-it 7v.5^c; cUrsed nt ~\V/t bhlt.mcnUth.&i
barrel*; ru ?*?.', SoO barrel*.
Hn.\m\>i:i>v l'.\.. May ??8light improvement:
ojhjwm iU7:v*: ln^licMluwckt ntf, closing m
ld>5w: lotuUblijw?jt? Ytsiimluy
U,\M bUI*. Charters 13.50-J. ' *'
I'rmiiuuoii, .May 2.-l\>tnileum quiet. Uni ?yl!
cvrUi.wUvshit-mly. tluwd *t 7lj;y: ruined 7>;? fori
i'liiliiddjiLU deUrtry, I
C.'ifcrlBir Word* from (iU.Mone la tkn llrlllih
I I'ArlUtnrnl-.WIiha 4n>frlr?B N*?twla to l?
II?l?Mf*l-lrrUatl ami 1)iirUb<I to bo
llouud lu TIm of Mutiml Intimt.
London, May 2.?In the llouso of Commons
Glmhtoiio stated tlant a large number
of other "Suspects" would be released
and that the Government, instead of renewing
the cocrelon net, would introduce
a measure remedying the administration
of justice in Ireland. He said that instructions
had already been sent to Ireland for
tiio release of the three imprisoned members
of Parliament, and that the lives of tho
.... ?? ?
?juoi>maa were ueingcarefully considered,
with a view to releftso till except those who
were arrested on suspicion of having been
personally concerned in outrages. Tho
Government, he said, luid taken the tlrst
step in u policy that would crown its administration
with glory and would produce
tics of mutual interest between Ireland and
Duiu.is*, May 2.?Pornoll, Dillon and
O'Kelly have been released from ICilmainliatn
jail. After their release, they drove
upon the outskirts to Iliircourt street
im.wuii, wu?ro iney tooK the train for
Avondale, tlio residence of Parneil, whero
ulioy will remain two days. They will arrive
in London on Friday.
There was great excitement on the news
being received of tho resignation of Fot>
:er. Crowds gathered on the streets and
iheered for Parnell and groaned for rosier;
bands paraded tho city piaying national
om.? *.?
.no. jluu uuwh 01 me release oi the land
eaguers quickly (transmitted [through the
iountry, and soon fires were blazing on
Wieklow hills. There was spontaneous
ejoieings everywhere. At Limerick many
>f the people danced with joy, shouting
'Foster is gone, Go:l save Ireland."
lands paraded at Waterford and illtunij.itions
were general.
J'arnell, Dillon ami O'ICully were released
it 11 o'clock to-night. Further changes ut
Jublin Castle are expected. Thomas
Tenry Burke, under secretary, ami Col.
lillier, inapector general of constabulary,
vill probably resign.
New Yorli .t2uiic> nttil Stocltw.
Ntvr Yonit, Mny2?Money |K?r cent. Pilino
icruintl.e iwiper rw.r>^ uer et-ui. St?rlim: Kxlm??*
binucM bills Meady nt 51 87; deiuund
1 8 V/4.
rro.i?it!i exports for the week 33,71)3,000.
I. S. C?, ?xlcuded....lOlty Lehigh A Wilkes 10.T
1.6. is. ?xteuded... lOi'/Jiit. I'. ?fc ri. 0.tin<u.....llU36
1.1?. 4^, ouupon*...IU>h|U. t'. bonds, llr?t.s 117
T. ri. 4v coupon* IvoJ^iU. I'. i.au i anuils...ll:&j
uctOc G* of '95.. Ifc! u. v.sinking fuu<l....liy?i
'eatial I'ttclflc llr?ts-l 1C Texns I'uc land uts...
:rie seconds. -. 'JJ^Ido.ltloUnnulu dlv... 81
Ril! IV-v.M_-?A.i? -
Muuviuivij ucuvu nnu fciroiiL'.
State Securities?Dull and Irregular.
xjulslana cousol? C5% Virginia 6s .... 35
ilissourl (is..... UU'/i Vuclnlai-onsols, ex-.
it. Joseph ?1(.S tra iHnl. coupons... 62j4
"cnnessen 6s.... 57k Virginia defctred
'enntssce 6*. n??v... !>"yt| 'Ofl'ered.
Stocks-Share speculation opened strong. ivitJi
he exception of taikeSnore, Northern l'acltlc preerred,
Northwestern anil Wabash, uml in theso
here were only a sli;;lit declln<\ Prices advunccd
Yi per cent, the latter New York leniral.
At tl o'clock prices were still ttrotig, Chicago A
I ton und Michigan Central were thu most conpiciousiu
the advance. In the early part of the
ilicrnoon nriccs'general J r fell oir y, il;< per cut,
he latter NastivJlle <* Chattanootfa ami hi. I<ouK
;hiiM?'.) it Alton; Ontario fi Western and WabaMi
irefcrcd, however, advanced j?cf cent.
murine the Hllcrnoou prict-N tfriiti udvatiml,
ill?sourl Pai itlCbcllhiKto 'JO?:,'; Kai.sus nnd Texan
o ill5b and Wabash preferred toM. In late trade,
trieis Advanced mill fnither; >orf .Ik and Western
> referred, Oregon .Navigation arid Wabiisti common
leing mosicon*picuous in the rise. The market
loned MroiiL'iit a to'2?( i>crceut. higher than yesurday'a
eloMiii; prices. Iji ter Wububh preferred.
Tnui&ictions iiO.OCO sliuretf.
Uliuns Express -110 do. preferred 7S%
tUou&T. il v'J N(?rtlnvi Metn
do. preferred do. preferred I-to
tuierlc&u Express... O-tJ-s New York CeulrAl...U'f>
J., C. It. fc N. 70 uhio C' Utral Hj-5
jutiadH Southern...- t'J Uhlo& MIsm..... - Ui
X, C. A J. C -HO;-,; da preferred 1W
.'entral 1'ucllle v/', Out. .v; tteMeru 'Sr'yL
Jlu.'Niptuke Ohio.. VO t'ueiilc Mull
do. 1st preferred 'is t'mmtnii... ?iys
do. .'d preferred..... Iflk I'., IK A E *Jy
.'IllcupO .? Alton CleW. A 1'iU*
do. preferred- J-U iteuditie... ........ l>~y.
11. A Q JtWJi Itovk iMuiid 1 ty>5
3., St. LiiiS. O 7<Jjt -it. !??*.?. K. tto
B. itO .'<l do. preform!........ VJ
J.. C\, C. A I G'Jk do l?t prcicrrcd... fe5
;>el. A UmlMJii U-oklst. I'aul Uv'U
Ict.Uck.&W. itov.l
Denver A It. G ......... IkI'!^ Ht!"I'.' ii." & Mil/'
Erie Z-'i}? St. l'uul A Oinnliu 137
do. prefer rod 'Xfy, do. preferred 1H??
Fort taayue lift foxa-sPaciHc- 4Uy*
lull. iii tit. Joseph-.. 'jO Union l'lu iiit! lllji
do. preferred S.'?k United States Ex 74
l!nrleiu ?205 W., St. U A 1' 120
luiibloii it Texas 72% do. preferred ... 68%
llinola Central ~l3li}\ Welln, KargoKx Jl'J
lid., IS. ?t VV 40'/t Western Union
Cp.iifns l'ftclllc.^ Sl?-i Knst Tennehsee .. 11
jibe Uric <t *Y DO do. preferred 20MJ
-uke Shore ltXlW Curilnju lit
^oulsvllle<& Nosh.... 77% Central Arizona. \\
'.j. N.A. ik C I>*> Kxcel.sior v}g
A.iiG. htpref'd d. lloin(?uike is
do. 2d pref'd_ 4 Utile l'itu>buri;h Hi
rtcin.& Chait'n M Ontario .. S&
liohij;an > cntral Hiy, QuicMlver - Jl!
tivourl l,?ii,illc....M Wfji do. preferred fc&i
Jobile <fc Ohio 25 Silver CM If. lV*
.lorrin A l'^sex 12-iJj Standard ~. 16
<asb. i: Chat - Mitro,,,, >?
Ccw Jer*ey Cent 7 If, Itobluson .. u
f. it W. preferred 52 kmtli I'aeilie, 03
Northern l*iieitlc W "hx-dlvidend.
Nkw York, M?y 2.?Cotton Ktendjr at I'J^'ulJJ^c.
"lour firm and nnohiuiKed; rmij.tH l;j,5l.r? barrels;
xporLs 1.400 burieR \\ lie.it higher and unsetled;
reeeiptu'JO.OOO bushels: exjKirn? ft.tioo Hrnhelv,
io. 2 Bpriiii: $1 45: intruded 31 20aul M; No. 4
H27; No. :t red Si 4:}<nl 43;No. 2red SI 4'JoeSivered;
11 4'J.?1 Wjjj cenilkales; No. 1 red SI Mn 65: i; ixe.j
vinter ft 42: uiijjnidtd white il 40al 4?;,No. 1 white,
[noted Ht Si 14^115; ho. 2 red Muy. wlw l'J.VOO
iiihliels at 51 4'Jal 4'J'?. cliwliis ??Ri .?? .iim? i-??
!11,000 bushels, nt 8J ifyLul July, tutlM ^;c,00
biihlicls, at 31 IH/i'tl St-lx/i, closing at
U 33%; AiiguM, wiles 'J2t,000 buhluls, al 91
'?>)$, closing ut $1 Corn uiihCttlml ami i/Jalo
jcttL-r; recL'Jjji.i );u,uou umbo)*; cxitorn 10,0(0 Wh- s
ils; unxnuloil N^hS'jc: No !t, Me: sk-aiucr Me: No.
!. Sl^aMe: No. - whit* Die: No. 'Z May &l%u
tt^e, coding at 8t: June, M}?e; eU?lu< at We;
lujy, closing ?t Me: August.
losing ui 8 Iftu. 0#tx, >?n%c bttter ami fairly no
.w,v^/ minim n, mil.urn 11UXC11 b'M
Wis white wistern GOaGlJio. Hay in uood demand
itt?a"Ot'. (i lice luniiluulJy I'tidiutipctl. .Motii'sei
temly n"d 1m fair demand. iutc quiet and linn,
hnriir dull and uuehimgcd. J-etioh-um unlet mid
Inn; milled71J-',u; crmle rellnvd7\iy.. Tal*
otv ?trotiK?r; (uimecitytc. Kosiu firm ht SJ
! 47^. TurpciilIitM dull ami weak at i'-Oc. . Kkk*.
vestera fresh higher ttntl tlriu lit 17ul7^?. iork
itronjjer; si- w mew 8iK ?i; heef?jn|. t mid turn; cut
iients strong Hud qui t; Imijrehuir Jllnll iiS. Iur<l
veak; |>rlineMcnui 811 CO.tl 1 G2J^. Cutter in ^ood
I' mnud mid llrui nt 10u3Jc. Cheese dull and droopng
at lie.
nucAoo, May 2.?Flour sternly iml unchniiged.'
>Micut unsettled ulid I \v? r .No 2 ihhvpi iprlUK
II v7%nl TiY\ cash; SI 'SiYj May; i. Jtiue;
|{ '.frfi July.il My* August, a'l 0(? yenr. Au.?i ig
il lhJVf rejected 'JOoi^I. Com ut.settled mid
euerully Italic at 7.'ui7.'?Kc rush mid Max; 7-C?e
Iunc: 74}vrt? lJ>f<: 71 5^a?'/>e August:, Wc yrur;
rejected i.'ic. Oat* t-tfujij; una iiixher at 6r.Jl-.Mc
'jiMi: f.il/;e M?y; KiXe June; Wl/;n\(,ybc July;
:i7J^i^;He August. U>? enshr nt h.'^e. lUrlojr
?teady ami urnhunted. l-'litx seed linn. Pork
inodemtety netive mid titoix-ml 51H 4T>u lh M) cash
mid May: SI8 f>7^til8 t'O June; S fc 72ViaU M)
.1 illy: 8'K OwilU 00 August. Lrd active and a shade
hkh'.r nt ul lil 2i wuli: 511 Will ;?; * Jum*: 811 W
a 1 b-'/i July: $11 Willi ?.'?$ August. Uiiik muaU
active, llrtn mil hlg>.<!r.*shuuldcrt S7 70; sintrt rth
aio ??; short e'ear e<u W?. ^hhla-y s'endy mid in
fair demand M Sl,>'?. i'ul?"h-.-i unsi-tilid and
pencruMy htulicr aH' Mhv 'i
July; Sii 17 111*11 t: 81 fj <>ta?mlK-r'' Oor?Yi v/u*
it'!1 i .iviIINily "l 71'"4' M< .v: <>c June;
,"V ' f.i ?at- ntritix il litJiiT
ut ..M! .liiy: fitsfif-i-ily :s Aiuu?i.
I rovMouii uulor but n-.i qu >t.iUly J.iwe .
PKIUDEiv,,,; jiny ?Kl'i'it .lull in.l un*
diinccl. kindly tiii.l unoiiftiip u. * hi-ut
b.Klivr M?. ji km In uriiJn ric|ui SI 1UI 4ii; N,.. '
ni^? !","u Hil }Ui: July
8 2D>?il AtiiruM 3. "i t orn i>.
rauu'l; (i|iil mi* Kt'iiv-: *?il wU< ?1 < n truck Mjta
^ralu vjuI mlxwl Mny
Xv.c?v,)^., Jtii.p July K1341M.". Aiivunt
WiWijKii'l ilrm; N\>. j tvhito .V?Ua
<VV; * uhlV'j My/'>5 mUwl 67c. I'rtivWons
u?;-s< t)n( Sl> ??J. Ui;U llyiji; U'ttiu li'ta
ny. (juiut hi?wJy mi<i iti r.iir i'uiiiiukI. r.C'KH
[ijulft Hie - t,!.,y i/iicm- i <?i.l v.-m-'v. I\lr?>
^uyjUivUua w*&l? \TLUaj lif.aaiii-ii.

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