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rTiiivuv. srovwny 0K TEIlTIARY
v ITS lW?AB?? sTAoiC.
. ? Mfrrury frora the ijntctn.
loom Sirtt, /."I'ui.i'Kwm, lexma,
.. iiis' ilur * AIL.
vi-MiHiv Tc.v.v., >J/?}- IX js81?
': Jjfi fSUriiw- f* "'"te1
. , . .p . , . ,, I ii ?, ,v jM>?lUvo ?i>?unc.
gjg rum"** '^uVSntioiw.
1^7(0i ("ol..
. 1,11. the limine Itnonol
? -' ' tr^uTi!T..??r
' '.. ..... !h.l!ia!ITni(Hl*
tiU,i j;xyi?!iui.
m?t ti.issn
.Mli'w lotWmw
tos 5 J-OLX 3lJUU??kto.
Iu. J . (T/fdll to euro a case of
hv-' wn. ?' L t'*>-SAlu,1
' i-' ^ryU til WVimxj*.
' Perry, ua.
v r .v contlomen of hUh ?tand*
tTuitxif. ; r> ipuiyniT, uov^otua.
II v,u ^7,^. f?r particular*. nn<l
yoR?H/-\l, Y, s to the Unfortutit'tf
"I 'Jl" "l
v.?'f" P- .on Jill '. ? nil.J to an* chemist who
I . & botUeto! 8.B.; one
* ? ; ...... |Vitv?iutn, or any tnln??!r?
mift si'Es/nc to..
rr*l j>r0|, letow, Atlanta, Oa.
- ^ 'ri!.r'v^il^r-ize rtMured to SI "5
?&',ZiZx *?
>.. >?(.!?-inv of n ttlmiclau't succcm la the tea
r of i:? [AtlcnU. Thelnctwrinij demai?d* for
Ej i-'ii'i H-'vi prove that J have dealt i
la x;. i..! liirly *i:h thovi who haveconsulted
a, J 3f'v. r tjatlent's name without jwralskaC
- !' ^nv hucdrvd ct;rUrtentca from (
1 *l'^r they hadbeenpro*
rcj^vJ;: -.rtl'x. A thorough medical education,
: ok'^pi'-AlcxKrlenreand familiarity
?':j tteriteatic namts, a cium ob^r\i'.nce of tern- '
fcr*s-.r.ul jo.eui^nttei and strict atteutlon to
liivucs ?ucc?*?, If cure Is
^j?:sle. nad I InufclT ?ve the patient ray oplulon.
-' tfr u.! Urer bitauet ?cd Rhwmatijaj?
r.fVtwi Te.Tj'.'.y.?"Sothiiig K'emjd to help me; '
o>-U m: ?ftt oat of Ud. 1ST. tjralth cured me."
Wheeling, W. V*.
(fjirrh, Polryu? ol Sc*e, Impaired Volcc.?Suf- 1
fc-.l bryua: medicine failed to help me.
Jr. sslUi cotspletcly curvd ine. i
of St-ci'lel ? Co.. Wheeling. W. V*.
tinl Ikerattd stoswch.?"Treatment i
fv trf\'.i u1ri? tru t>r Ktnlih niruH
e..'" THOMAS HOLT, Iciamace Affent.
them for fourteen years. Dr. Smith
srrj!i.i, Running Sores oa Uend?"My ion wtc
t* it let fourteen rout. Nothing seemed Co i
teip Ijh. Dr. amlth cutcd him.
M.irleutrvet, Wheeling, W. 7a.
Vzzxr.-"hx?;K<i fur jean with ameer. Had It
sii/itnr<* times. It retu ned after each opera'-.v
Dr. smith cured me without knife, caustic or ,
PJi*. * >:a2a of Anui-FUt of my buck tor IS
Knotted (lying. I)r. Smith cared me with- .
fj: tzL'e, la five wet La.
*io.-a'c Grocer, Jfalu at, Whtelicg, ?V. V*.
uf Rectum, Prolapaua cud Plica.?
gien up to die aud pronounccd Incurable.
Di scuta cured mc without auifu."
- ,. ,. Martln'i Ferry
?f7.E.0.LAdd writes:?"Dr. Smith'* professional
kttI t> i.i cy family hnre been mc*t satisfactory
izi I i-oaatail fain to all u a gentleman and a
I .T.uiii w>3.? i uau ocea suuenng ,
-t *tea treated by tsaay physicians for _
?JiL:. sailt naM I had a'tape-vrorm and
la mat hours removed a monster 109 teet long."
Fcnxe r. mj lainu.?rarc? yean in hospitals' for
Iciu ?, peculiar advantages In such cases.
ocatarrh. diseases of heart, liver,
TOca-.a. x.uwys, wiu, blood, nervous at!ec lions
in . *rAir.-*o of aeu aud youth, scrofula and
t?:S2u u>;uy U) cy success
hits carvj wi?oa: the cnlfe.
u!*,'r111 "iituaie m*y bti treated hy letter and
?lia^ou a chart lor self examluaU03
K-a.u-urv.ti5; oi iwo three-cent suunpo, and
rice .*?:srucvl Ltt.
Coiujuiuuoa cic? tee. Ofllce hours Injm 9 a.
* to , f. v, Hii]y. Uil )n or mldrrf.8,
.. J. K. SMITH, it. D.,
_?M . t n:. r.':,n.l!:,e ;jt., whaling, w. Va.
5 g l
?I?ipcdtltc anil effectual remedy for nil Nervous t
j.'-vt* la txvry stacc of life?young or old. male p
?r '.'-sCr: ?:icn as Impotency. !?n*iratlon. Lo*s of
?'r.h.!..m of vitality, Defective Memory. Im- c
5*i.vl Hata Povccr, una dlnoancs from which an i
jffiattwtl T?ste of life Fprinip?. all of which cannot ?
v* .-. Vnalne 'ho whole sy??em. Every orpin
t? *niT,~,? *very power prtifated, and many
l*a? nt "llvMur are generated wi i3b. If not checked. /,
fv? &e wty to nu early death. Jt rej urinates age l
fflnilcoauii youth Each package conuhis v
?'>Mcnt tor :*< i wwks' treatment. Write for pam- h
K.M.wSlrh wViU*'?entfrce. with full particular!.
*>'.d ul T?rtiart.iti at 50 cents & package, or v
\,r. V. CO. Will be sent free by mall i
onr*re.rU)!T.'.t;eT.lT4ddrewlne d
u r.H3 ? L'.'LSl.TIUC MEDICINE CO.. s
.1 mrtpiK'zu?i. Buffalo, N. Y.
U>.as 4 CO.. Vholenle and iUtidl Acent*.
S|Kin;es, Turkish Towels,
Fine Soups, Parson's Cologne.
i-ui; SAiifc in
1010 Main Street.
' ill irfll see VV' Reautiful Patterns at marftwuaJj:
low i>rice.<i.
_ IQQf* Main street.
\J?''sfucic OF ENGRAVINGS.
l1, Instructing, rornclias' Reply.
Return of the May Flower, Midnight
V."^c'" l'-cU. tj?sre the Weed*. Deer
vjiuse Kir. x, iawo ?t theConrtof
1- lfelor*; fcltziibcth. and many
' :'>s.-*wi*tub.vcts. Cull*n?J s??
K. I.. NlttuLL, Apent.
_"!> Mi-t.r.if Xnii'*' Art-"ton. _
y;i;;es amp liquors.
ciaiio. sou Kiuve. 7&ZD.K.IHK*
c. KllAUS -t CO.. .
(Sucoacor to II. BchainVwich i Co..)
'S Eoaaos A>;D POMKSTO
Wines ana lips, Btandy,
GI::, COItDlAlii AKD V."1USKIE3,
No. 1133 JHCarlcet Stioot,
WilEEUSO. W, VA. _
?v i Jingov,
nSN'SS' Patent Wotaliio ^Minhfo
I-- -.w.u iiiuiUllIU UiXjllgllitfl
Matter I.(renie)
"The only Sfcyllghu thit *re
iro, Storm, Condensation aud
Wentlicr Proof.
""SUM) l-on ClKCDL.in.TW
" <? > TliU-tl Avenuej
^-rruJ'l rD,la'ttu"' ?'1w?
^ j
N.lX.UtlT.l.t \ Kit VINT.
Cirri my Utile K?rl of ?u?. sh? ?u ,v?f .n.l 1
dumb, iut li cuml her. She can now talk nml Iwnr u J'
?P]j M ?,M,, vktkk no*?.*prti;??"?r! mi ;
bwa the w?n?of cnriDR my wlfC0f rtvnmntlim. i
j. u rlktciikb. Kort Collin*, Col. L
n.vmauita.v xi:nvi\n e
Made a iarv cure of a c?hj of eti for my ?on. t
h. U. Hauls, lluttstiiy. Kan.
Cured me of vertigo, neuralgia and ilclc headache.
Mr*. W*. Hixwx, Aurora, III. v
Vu the means of curlns my wife of ?t*um?. f
Iter, J. A. Eoi?. ik-arer, ra. .
Cured me o! uthm*. after tfn-ndtnir over <3.an wtth
other doctor*. 8. K. llomox, Sew Albaujr, Ind. e
Effectually cured mu of n:wm*. t
WVfratXonltunnSt. Chicago, I1L 1
Cured onr child of 0t? after given un io die br oar ^
family Ptiy?lclan. It twin* ovrr )< ? In 31 h-rnrt. v
Hknev IvXtt. Vertllla. Warren Co.. Tena. JSAMAllIT.^
Cured mo of ?erofula after mtTsrtns for eight rear*.
AuurtSisu'Jox. I'eona, 111. r
Cured my ?oa of flu, after ?t?endlnlc ri #U w'th "'.her fl
seeton. J. \\. TKon.vro.v, Ctalborn. ,
Cured mo permanently of epiu-ptlc flu of a Hubborn fl
character. lUv. \\m. MARTi.s-.MechanlcstovriOid. t
Cnrtd my ?on of flu. after hartng h%d 2..V0 In righteta ?
rnonUu. Mm. E. Foms, West I'ottdaiu. X.V. 0
Cured me of i?nlli,r>?r ?>in? P..~- ? .?
MusOblrsa MarmiaLU ' (,
Gr?nbjr. N'ewtorj Co.. Ma.
?"?f'Panenttjr cured me .?f rp|icp>r ?f matir rear? ;
imr*.lua. Jacob bctri SuJowph, Mo. k
H.1MAH1T.1.V .VEIt Vl.YE },
Curcataeijf brunchltlt. Mthma and central ?leh!t!tr f.
Olitrk Mtess. Ironioa, Ohio.
SAM.VlIlTAN .\F.HVl\r. " c
nuenrea mc u! fihmi: *:* t tcrotal&of many rears V
i^oainc. Isaac Jrwsll. Corlngtoi), Kjr.
Cum! me of in*. Hare been well for ovrr four run. a
liullz, k. Clans. Osnkl*. Uaanlxst Co..iliaa. fi
r..~ ,. (,? ?VV??TA> XEUVI.N E d
Has pcrxnaatntlr cuml mc of eyiirptlc ? , r
IUviuTrkmult. IK? Moines, Iowa. {
Cured ray wife of epn;P,r ?{? fetn ,tVndins. 11
liESBY CLxnt Falrflclil, Mich. f<
S.lMAltlT.VA \F.RVlVr. n
Cared my wife of a nervous <llHuw of the b.-sd,
t- URaiuu. North Kof?c, Pa. v
at,or ibout v
Woodbuni Macuuoln Co., 111. il
^trom n*. For forhTlnlonna- n
Ittwsyr 11 ??? r;
Dlt. H. A. RicnMOVD ACO., il
World's EdIIvdUc Tni'ltu:* li
ST. JOSEPH," MO. 'r,
For fale by tautrhliu Bros. ? Co.. Wholesale Drug- t'
;?tfl. Main street. Wheeling. W. Va. v
Owing to a popular idea that a remedy yaid to l:
urc a variety ot maladits should be treated with v
mitlnn. if not Sll*r?lHnn thn Invmitnr n
iime lime in placing It before the public: but from s
he gratifying assurance by a great number of the
are vitalizing and health-renewing p?operties of
lis preparation of Hypophosphite*. under a variety C
>f circumstances, he ii equally satisfied that thpse
tracts art; secured by its use. that Its aoijcm !- pe- ?
ullar to his preparation, and that CONSUMPTION v
s rot only CURAbLE, but. up to a certain s^agc, Is
.s easily controlled an moat other organic diseases,
While it is the aim of the inventor to convey in- ?
onnation to such ns require his Hypophosphites, it **
i lii< firm belief that it- Use will be valuable to all
t-hadesiic a long life or who are struggling for .
italth. c
with a faith bused upon the experience of twelve ti
ears, he would not despair of restoring a patient t
utTering from the aboveo-dlseas*, even tho ph reduced
to a very low state and not complicated by ctual
organic lost. fi
funt, micit., hay 10th, lnso. 11
Dear Sir:?Allow me tosay ttiat I esteem your '
'Hypophosphites'; most highly, and for those en- <
jaged in professions which draw largely on the J
lerTous system It is Invaluable. I have used it my- ,
oil with the most ntisfaetory results mid huve in- 1
Produced it to a large number of mv peopl-. \
Itrx' \! VV' 'lHltJV
Cures Rheumatism, Lum i
bago, Lame Back, Sprains and J
Bruises, Asthma, Catarrh, J
Coughs, Cclds, Soro Throat, *
Diphtheria, Burns, Frost *
? ? ' ? - ?- 1 rr?j3 i
jjizes, 100z.j, jiar, nan j-lcuu- i
achc, zzctal:.pair.s and aches.
Ti>? l*Jt isleru] lo.l etirnul rttarlf le I
woilt. i:?eryl>or.!ecMr?aief?l. Soldby nsfticiiu C
fallen crerxwhere. Directions la eight Si3,pia<t#. I
Trice 50 ceat? tail Juc.
F0STZH, KILDURN & CO., Prop'ri, ,
BUFFALO. Jf. Y..U.S. A. ,
Tor flck ?n*n;ch, led tut?. Clntlsg J
CL'Tcr -rr^T; cf =rrc:^^i7;^;^ d!
M: wi^msg vng;5isy
SoM by all rtrn/iri?ts and JyMt*rs inro^licincs
MMe New Rich Blood. and will completely Chang?
the blood In the entire *ysl<Jtn In thrve nontfci
lay person who will take ono pill each nlcbt Iron
one to twelve weeks mar be restored to tound health.
If such & thine be powlble.
Scat by xaali !or eight letter slant*.
J. 6. JOHNSON ?k CO.,
BotU)n, Uul, formerly Earner. Me.
Hint .tiny I,end to Important
Consumption l'ronounvtHl I'ttrnsiic.
Xew VotiK Mayv o.?Professor Tyndall
lends a letter giving the summary of a loo:urt*
recently delivered ill Berlin by Dr.
Koch, showing the results of his researches
;o prove that tubercular consumption is
aused by a parasite. Jngivlngau account
jf Koch's experiments, ho says:
"Of sis L'ulnca-nki. all In hmiii. i
bur were inoculated with bacilli derived '
>riginally from a human lung, which in
Iffy-four daj'H had produced five successive
fenerations. Two of the six animals were )
lot infccttd. In every one of the infected }
awes the guinea-pig sickened and lost fiesli. <
liter thirty-two days one of them died, \
ind after thirty-five days the remaining
ive were killed and examined. In the '
;uinen-pig that died, and in the three re- I
naming infected ones,strongly pronounced j
ubercuiar disease had set in. spleen,liver i
Iti.l Inn.K ........ t I <111 1 '.I ' I
*uti?o IUUHU until Willi luuur:le*;
while in tho two uninfected animiles
no trace of the disease was observed,
n a second experiment, six out of eight
[uinea-pigswere inoculated with cultivated
Nicilli, derived originally from the tuberulous
lungs of a monkev, bred and re>red
for ninety-tive dayn/until eight genrations
had been produced. livery one of
bete animate was attacked, while the two
imnfected uuinea-pigs remained perfectly ,
lealtby. Similar experiments were imidn
kith cat?, rabbit.*, rats, mice, and other
.nuna!?, and without exception it was
ound that the injection of the parasite into
he animal system was followed by decided
mil, in most cases, virulent tubercular disascrf,
' In the cases thus far mentioned inoculaion
had been effected in the abdomen.
,'he place of inoculation was afterward
lmn^td to the aqueous humor of the eve
.'hree rabbits received each a speck *of
acillus-culture derived originally from a
*"oan lung a fleeted. witu pneumonia.
,.)ty-nine days had been devoted lo the
mture of the organism. The infected
abbits rapidly lost tlesh, and after twentvive
days were killed and examined. The
lings of every one of them were
cmud charged with tubercles. Of
hree other rabbits, one received an
niection of pure blood-serum in tin* anno- j
us humor of the eye, while the oilier two
verc infected, in a similar wav. with the
umo serum, containing bacilli derived
originally from u diseased lung and subi?cted
to niaety-one <]av?' cultivation.
Liter twenty-eight days the rabbits were [
:illed. The one which had received an J
njeetroa of pare serum was found tier- 1
I'ctly healthy, while the lungs of the.two ?
tliers were found overspread with tuber- i
Jos. f
"Other experiments are recorded in this g
dmirable es^iy. from which tlie weightest 'ractical
conclusions may be drawn. Ivoch "
cic.uuiivn iiiu i mi us 01 temperature be- ?
ween which the tubercle-bacillus cau dc- t,
elopand multiply. The'minimum teui- ?
>erature he finds to be SO0 Fahrenheit and x
he maximum 104?. lie concludes that, r
niike the bacillus anthracis of splenic
sver, which can flourish freely outside the c
ninial body, in the temperate" zone animal
rarmtii is necessary for the propagation of ?
he newly discovered organism. In a c
ast nura' ir of wises Koch has exani- n
aed the matter expectorated from ^
lie lungs of persons a fleeted with 7
ihthisis and found in it swarms of baccilli, r
-bile in matter expectorated from the jj
angs of persons not thus alllicted he has 1
lever found the organism. The expecto- }
ated matter in the former cases was highly ?
afective, nor did drying destroy its violence.
Guinea pigs infected with expecto- v
ated matter which had been kept dry for s;
wo," four and eight weeks, respectively, J
pri> I *
"*" WISCB3C 4UIW h
s virulent as that produced by fresh ex- "
ectoration. Koch points to "the <rravo {,'
anger of inhaling air in which particles t
i the dried sputa of consumptive patients "
liugles with dust of other kinds." ?
The London Mcdical..Js'nrs says of the l
ossible results of this discovery: *
"If Pasteur's culture experiments have 1
id to the discovery of a method by which i
:ie poison of splenic fever is rendered >
armless, and the disease prevented by the ,4
mely inoculation ot the modified virus, \>
tay we not hope that the time ie not disint
when the ravages of consumption will
e prevented by the inoculation of a modi- h
ed baeillu?? ^ The meilical profession of u
lie whole civilized world will now t>
;ith the keenest interest the develop- *
uents which may be expected from further >
tudy of the bacillus tuberculosis." H
"oiijjroMnuu Kciiuu'n Spcceh on the ?
Tariff. s c
i'lifainston special lo the Jfev York Tribune. e
Mr. Kenna, of West Virginia, made a g
erv sensible speecli in favor of the bill. ?
Ir. Kenna is a Democrat, but he did not x<
irbear to recall the history of the Demo* fl
ratic failures in every attempt they made 1
d revise the tariff (luring the six years s
bat they controlled the House of Repre- *
entatives, or hesitate to criticise his party a
3r those failures. He dwelt especially a
ipon the failure in the XLIVth Congress ^
irhen Mr. Morrison was Chairman of the s!
Vays and Means Committee. Abram >S. ?
Iewitt inte. rupted Mr. Kenna to remind j!
lim that the long sessiou of that Congress r.
vaa field on the eve 01 a close and exciting V
'residential campaign, and that therefore
t was not "a propitious time" for the f,
Democrats to undertake tariff legislation? ,!
m artless explanation which the Iiepubli- fc
ans greatly enjoyed. Mr. .Morrison made ;
he further explanation that inthesucceeil- n
ng session (lS7G-'77) he had been so busy 5
rith other Democrats trying to capture the *
Louisiana vote for Mr. Tilden that he had
10 time to devote to the tariff. t
The Seventeenth (Ohio) DUtrict. \
iditor* Intelligencer:
Cambridge, 0., Mayo.?The article which *
he InTELUGE.SCEK of thLs d:ite .ninths frnn?
ho Cadiz fojmblican, is calculated to mis- c,
ead the people 01" ihisuCongressional dis- v
rict. It is true that since Ohio was admited
into the union, Belmont county has had ,
me Senator and twelve Representatives; d
'elferson county has had one Senator J
md eight Representatives (instead of
even, as stated by_ the Jicpublian)-,
Guernsey six Representatives and 1
Iarrison only two. But the six men from s
Guernsey county were in Congress only "
ourteen years, while the two men from <
tlarrison county served twenty years. ?
since 1S54, Guernsey county has had a ,
Republican Congressman but two years. .
while Harrison county has had one sixteen ]
i-ears. The two counties have been dis- ;
iricted together for twentv vears, and in
that time Harrison h:ishad the Republican
nomination live times and Guernsey not j
once. \ G.
Hie Out look for Mipcp.
PltUbargh StocVatn.
There is a general search through the
country (or sheep, and drovers are engaging
ahead about all they can find, at strong
price*. The general expression is that they
are unable to nather as many as usual at
this season, and on this they predicate
hopes of a continuance oi booming markets.
It must be admitted that the sheep
outjook is excellent, especially as the runs
of Western stock have become much lighter,
yet it seems likely that stockmen will overIlo
themselves in the matter of price before
the season is over. We have all confidence
in the market, but the probabilities are
against such prices as the extremes of the
last ten days ruling for any great length of
time. Sheep can go considerably below
prescpt flares, although a severe decline
is not likely, and still do excellently. Do
not forget "tuat good markets do not neeptunrilv
mr?.m ones.
Thirty Hay* Trial.
We will seud Dr. Dve'a celebrated biectroVoltaic
Belts and other electric appliances
on trial for thirty days to young men and
old^r persona who arc afflicted with nervons
debility, lo?t vitality, etc., guaranteeing
speedy relief and complete restoration of
vigor and manhood. Alio ?or rheumatism,
neuralugia, paralysi?, liver and kidney difficulties,
ruptures and many other diseases.
Illustrated pamphlet sent free. Address
1 Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich, xthsaw
N>w York Money ami Slock*.
New Yon*. May 5.?Money offered at per cent.
Prime mercantile paper 4>?4i twr cunt, Sterling
hxchanse banker* bills steady at W 67>45 d^
mand fl w.
UavcnyuENT*?Generally higher.
U. H. d. exteudcd?lOlkiLehigh A Wilkw...-.lWk
I . H. &?, extended... iuijilst. I'. & 8. C. flntjt....llO
(J. S. 4 coupon*... ll.'>%|lr. 1*. bondi, flnU-...I17?41
U. h. 4.?, couponi~.~l4lStU. 1\ Laim Granta^llra
Pacific of "j,"? 132 | IJ. P.nlnklng fund?120%
iVntial l*ju i:lc Urati^l 10? ^ Texas Vac land iu?... tV?*^
ErieKtoud*. _-9l .'(laKioGrandediv... 82 |
Kaii.noau IJosd*? Moderately active. with price* i
per cent higher, the latter St. I'aul & Hloux
L'lty nnU.
hfATE KKCvitmEs?Dull and steady.
kfiuiaiiuia ruiisoi*.,... < ? |?irgmia to
Ml.winri 113 IVlrglulaconwls, ex*
St. Joseph 1WK; true, coupons... ?
reiinlfnw Os 57 Virginia deferred..... 13>?
riMir.ewc r,?. new?... 50 | Offered.
Stocks?The markets today were fslrly active
and uli atrotig. Early In th? l*?t hour the stock
lmrket declined 5?a3k. led by Canada Boutherri to
>/);j Htul Ijiko t*hott* to looji. The market then
then became utrong, and hi continued to the close,
it he n the highest ptlees of the day were made for
leivrnl stocks, uotably ljike Slnre, which wm
sought up to 103 J Mlchlgau Cent ml to New
i'oric Central to 127?* ainl I'acltto Mail to 43*$.
rho principal dealing* to-day, after the ?Ux'k?
m jjchi, were iii Denver at C2Wafi3\$: Jersey 69)?a72,
Missouri 1'iicirtc auu \Vnbath :t0>4o3l}<;.
Oregon Navigation In the last hour dropped to
13$ irum 13V}*. The market at the close was ktrong
it an advance of }ia3>; p*ir cent over yejterdav's
closing prices.
Transactions 315, MO elm res,
Claras Express ?itl i do. preferred 70
UtonAT, II ..... 27% Northwestern
do. tirefcrred do.t?referrcd 1 to
\jueric?ti Express... 'M New Vork Central...127k
II., C. K. it N~..~ 70 Ohio Central........... Ji>
.'anada Southern..... 62 OhioA Mia 83K
C. A 1. C 111 *-?] do. preferred J00
.'entral 1'ncltic W,i Out. A Western .. 2fl'/?
:tnwaj*ake A Ohio- 23k i'adllc MalL 43):
do. 1st preferred-... ?2H I'anama ^19S
do, id preferred^... 21Ji I'.. I). A E 30
Thfcago?? Alton 133 cieve.A Pitt* J37^
uw. juvivrrvu- iieu'JWlK &<??
H. it Q 131 Roc'-i Island -131
St. L. it N. O - 71 -St. Ii. ? S. K 3j?k
S. <fe C' 65 do. preferred........ 51
CM C. A I 73 iln. 1st preferred... S*>
Jcl. ?t Hudson to.\S .St. hral..^. lWft
X'l. Lack.?t W 11W* do. preferred ?.121 Vfc
Hjuvcr dt R. G 63J> St. I'.. M. A: M 111?S
Crio - 3?>/% -SU Paul .(r Oinaha...-13y)$
do. preferred- 72)jl do. preferred..^.....lOi;*
fott Wayne 135 Texas Pacific-..- 42k
inn. it St, Joseph.... 'JO [Union Pod tic -US;*
do. preferred United States Ex 74
iarlein. _a? W.. St. L <L I' 131ft
fouston it Texas...- 74 | do. preferred - 55;;
IlluofH Central -186!dWelU. Kargo Ex.?...J27
nd., B. .t \V 4"K! Western Union.....?, bl}*
Chunis Podtic......... 32 (East Tennessee - 11^
jtke Erie it ?V ? 3?XM do. preferred .... 20j*
AkeShore 103v?jCarlbon 1%
xjuisvllle it Noah.... 77;i|Centwl Arizoua
J.N.A.H' W Excelsior - 2??
kI.?fcC. lstpref'd..? 9 llomestnke ..? is
do. 2d pn.Td_ 5 Little Ilttaburgh...... 1
ilem.tt Chost'n 51 Ontario .. ? 55
tltchlK*n? entral K> {Quicksilver - 11J4
tthwourl Paclllc....- W%\ do.preferred 57!^
Jablle .t Ohio 25 Silver ClitT. 1?-,
ilorrU it Essex 123 (Standard ? 14
fash. ?t Chat 61 Sutra - %
few Jersey Cent...... 71H Robinson 2
f. ?t W. preferred-... 52 South Pacific. - J<
forthern Pacific 40;il ?hx-dividend.
New Yoax, May 5.?Cotton 'jafet at I2/^a!2/'<c:
utures steady. Flour dull: recciptn 13.000 barrels;
exports 7,0W) barrel*; supt-rrtne Western and State
t i o?f. 35: common to good SI 70o5So; good to
liofce 55 Jvw9 (.*>; white wheat extra 57 25aK 0U;
xtraOhloft 25o8 50; S'. Louis So 25a9 00; Mlnneota
patent proecss 87 .'019 2?. Wheat opened
ower and heavy, subsequently stronger. and recov
red !h<? decline, closing weak: rec ipfs
3,000 bushels: exports 30,000 bushels; >'o. 2 spring
I 43: ungraded rvd SI Ifiajl 4?; No. 4 red Si 2:1; No.
SI ll'v?l 42J4*. steamer No. 3 Si 21: No. 2 red SI 4i
I No 2 red Var. sales 9t.<tOQ bushels at St
i -is. closing at ji 47JC: Jime. ki'.es Iir2,000 bu.ihefiC
t SI 14-S. clusing rtt SI 47)\\ July. ales (116.000
tushels ut SI :t2)?al .Tl, ctoshig at Si 32* j; August,
'JJl.WO bustieIs at fl '.'mi '21 closing at Si
lorn opened 5?al?c lower, afterward recovered from
he decline and advanced KaVjC. cb?iug weak;
eceipt* 15x5,(0 > bushels; exports G5.62U bushels:
tn?rxded "(MtSJc; So. 3 S->iiS3c So. fhite
soV^K'Jle: So. '2 May
losing at S2%c: Juno K2>^aS2^c, closing at
2}{c; August S4^S3'4c. cloflni; nt Oats ka
{c lower and fairly active: ret efpw :?.0>"i0 bushefs;
xjxirts noue; v\s era mixed 5SaG2c; white western
catw^c. Hay quiet at Coh'Oc. coffee dull and
loininal. Suear quiet aud unchanged. Mo'a??w
!ull aid unchanged. Ri<-?* quiet hut tirrn. Petwf?um
quiet but steady; L"nited Ttyic. crude 6VJa
i{c; rellne<l 7^e. Tallow quirt nndstrounly held;
rime ciiy.S'ic. Ro?in dull aud unenanged. Tur outine
dull and lower at 57c. Eggs, western fresh
rra at lfulSj>~e. Pork firm: new mess 5lS37^alo50.
Secf sternly and strongly held. < ut meats
iomlnnlly unchiuiK?>d. l aid unsettled: prime
team 5II "?2Jv butter in fair demand at lOiUllc.
'heese dull and unsettled at8al2o.
nniCA??o. May 5.?Flour quiet and unchanged
Vhesit dull and prices a shade lower; So. 1'L'biiuw
pringsl^i cash aud May; S' June; SI vsn
'Hi-* July; si ltjj^ August; 51 07}{ year; No. 3 SI 15
l 17; rejected ;l <?>. Corn unsettled and Generally
ii?;her at 7l%a74*?c cash: 7Jj ;'c May; 7.>}?c June;
le July; 7llv: August; ftD^c y?tr; rejected 7254c.
?:its dull anil lower at cash; .VA^c May;
,'e June; 45}ic July: SSj^c Amrust; XAu- vm? 1
>7,CiVc, , ,nCr *** K<rleyiiuU ami norait
vi VH1.. ^ 'ax strong ami higher:
HTchanUbl^* JMO. I\>rk un.*ettled and generally
,SIS 33aI!i 40 ****>: S:i Zhcnx May: ?18 tfk
5 JunL'j 9iS ?\2J?i]s f? July; SU &
'Ugpt. I-HPl unsettled aiul generally biuher at
tl^O csAhandMay: SU a?>$ill as June: 511 47?<a
j *V ' L August. Bulk meat*. demand fair
? e, {2?,Vl J'??. . ulciidy and unchanged
\ v Z,'.y -51'?? heit dull ami lower at 5l aw*
!Ry:S12>:ral'.-j June: 51 'JT^al 27;i July; 51 16*.
"suit: Si 10 September. Corn easier and declined
?<?wc. Oab M>ler fur rome option*, others Ktatd v.
ork cosier aud declined -j'ic. Lard easier and
Chicago, May 5 ?The Drorcr't Journal reports:
Receipts IS.uuj head: shipments 9,500
.. 5lu,rke,1 ^ lowrer; common
^yjndied S-j spa.3.1; heavy picking and fehlp1
7M<5 Sj1' 15 054 56 80,17 skip* ttnd CUlls
Cattle?KeCGlDta4'i53h*<u1? khlnmcn.nvnl,..,)
larket quiet but weaker, except for first qualities;
xporta ST 40a7 00; goo? 1 to choice shipping JO 'J0a
10: common to f ?ir So75afi 65: low grades shiplug
and butchers Si 50; taxed butchers" |2.'0a52f>;
ro.KS Texans weak: common to fair St 25a4 75;
ledium to good {. > O0aj 2?; choi'e S3 60a3 So: stock-.
i>' aii'J ftirJrrs' fairly active at ?.t 00a5 00.
Sheen?Receipts 2.000 head: shipments SOO head:
enerai demand weak a: wmewhat demoralized
rices al T.V-aS! 00 below the recent hieh rates; poor
> fair fj 7m.'i 25; medium to ?wd So 50afl 50; choice
j extra So 50a7 25.
IUI.TIUORE, May 5.?Wheat, western a shade off
nd closing steadv; Mo. 2 winter red spot SI
WVC. May *1 4!?<at 42; June SI 41^al 42J& July
I 2tial 26*4; August SI 2t}<al 22, September SI 23
sk(d. Cum, western dull and easier. mixed spot
2c bid; May n2a82>?c; June bid: July 03c bid:
,ugust ?'?-;*S3"?c. Oats Arm; western white 62aG3c:
lixeii COtuiJK Pennsylvania GOft&tc. Rye quiet. Hay
nlct ami unchanged. Provisions Arm: mess pork
18 SOaI'J 50; bulk meat*, .shoulders and clear rib
ides packed C'Ji^alt 50: bacon shoulders S3 50;
lear rib side* Sl'iS ; hams Si t 50.U5 50. Lanl. rened,
S12 75. Butter tirm; western j?acked 1So35c
oil lSa26c. l^sps firm at ICc. Petroleum ealen
ell nod ",x/ji"x/A. Coffee dull. Sugar firm; A soft S;?c.
k'huky Arm at SI 23.
C1NCISSA7T, O., Mar 3.?Cotton i:i f?lr demand
t 21K<". Flour steady and unchanged. Wheat
ull at SI 35al 39 spot: 5116 bid July. Corn strong
n.thi-hn- V/? o'^I 1 ?
i i i ' V. V 'pui: nc Jiay: (!r;.c
ilil June: ,j v July. Oris racier; No. '2 mixed Mo.
typ /jufet at'JOc. fttrloj-Fcan-eand Ann at $1 Id.
ork in fair demand at 31'JOfi. Lud in fair deaaml
ftt S I ITII Ilk menu strong: shoulder,
? ?j; ch*nr ril> 5lC&> Rtcon in f*ir demand;
Itauldcr s.l 2>: clear ribSlOSO: clcar$l20u. Whhky
ni!(l ,*?'"> at 81 IS: combination sales of
inlshed goods barrels on a basis of J1 IS. Butter
ie4vy and unchanged.
New York, May 5.?DryGoons-Outside cf ringlaras,
which eniptRtd general attention, the market
,vcr,v?ulc'1- A?'*stylcs "l KiiRham-s ar*
cducul to lOyje and Lurlston singhaiui to 9)Cr.
Kentucky Jeans were in continued Inquiry but nr>
isns (jf imcortjncean* reported. Cottons, aud, in
lift, nil other elapses of fabric*, have been in Mich
'emand a.i current requirements have compelled,
' it** the volume of new business light.
1 niLADlxruiA, May 5.?'Wool, nlightly improved
leuiaud und tinner Ohio, Pennsylvania and West
Inrlnla .\.\ /ujd above 4lnV2]-Ur X4r*t?>4? m...
Hum -t-JiUOc: coarse SiaTA-; York. Nfichlgan.
ndlanaand Western SNaiOc: medium 4lat5c: coar*c
.MiSij*:: washel, combing and delaine lOuSOc; uura^bi-d
do 'JSa32c.
New Ohi.kanr, May s.?Sutttr quiet; common
in cood common TaTJ.c /air to fiillv fair VM
prlmo to choice t>^aS%: yellow clarified ?/*
.MoIa'?c? fn ulr demand: common reboiled
-uitTc: fair re bailed Ma.'fic; prime S^a&Sc. Coflee
iu'l and unchanged; Kio canjyw. ordinary to prime
Tulkdo, May 5.?Wheat quiet and steady: Ko. 1
til spot May 51 39>$: June Si 'tyl; July SI is;
Vucust SI 11; year Si 12%e. Corn, dull: hllfh
nixed T5*<c: spot 76c: Jfay ' <; Jane 74%c?July
"4-Ji: year held fiUc. Oats. quiet: No. 2,55c. Market
:loie<i dull and nominally unchanged.
ltosTOjf, May 5.?Wool?Steady: Ohio and Pennsylvania
X 40;?a4:J}jc; Michigan X 4l>fi41)*c; combitsjS
deklne 4'Jatec; tine and medium unwashed
fleece*".!4*32o; pullet} 45aiic fjr choiceeastern and
Ci.^cixKjITI. Mar 5.?Live hoes sleody; common
and lhtht S*?7ou7o0: packing and butchers S7 10a
7'J3. Itcceipta l.MQ head; shipments 'JiO head.
PiTTsnt'EGit, May 5.?Petroleum active: United '
certificates unsettled, closed at retinsd
for Philadelphia delivery.
IMain TnlIt from I>r. Swnyne.
To Whom it May Coscern.?Itching piles
U one of the most annoying complaints |
known to physicians. Every one can tell
whether ha :a thus afflicted by observing the i
following symptoms: Interne itching, particularly
after getting warm. It seems as if
pin worms were crawling in or about the
rectum. Small lumps sometimes form. Tht
private parts are often ajTecte<L The more
you scratch the worse the itching. Knowing
that my Ointment is superior to hny article
in the market, I guarantee it to cure tLe worst
case of itching pilos in existence.
[Signed] H. Swayxe, jf. D.
Dr. Swayne's Ointment is also a pleasant
ami effective cure for tetter, itch, salt rheum,
erysipelas, barber's iccti, pimples, ami all
scaly, crusty, itchy skin eruptions. Sold by
all prominent druggists, or will be sent for
50 cents {in 3 cent starara), 3 boie?, $1 25.
Address, pr. Swyna if. San, Philadelphia,
Pa. rrcsiw
Tiut Cough and Cold of yours may bring
on Consumption. If it is not attended to.
Dr. Wiggins' Lungwort Compound is a positive
cure. We guarantee it. For sale by
^ojjan it Co. and all druggists.
Ors ncrocm solum reward for a better
rewtdy. Williams' Indian Vile Ointment ia
a sure cure for Piles. daw
44A Untl Cold or Ulitrculug Cough."
Dry, parched, sore throat, pneumonia, .
bronchial and asthmatic attacks, weakened
and debllitutt-d state of the system, all these
dangerous symptoms are cured by "Da.
Swayxe's Compound syblt or Wild Cherry."
The llrst dose gives relief, and the worst cold
and sore lung* yield to Its healing properties.
An occasional dose of "Hwayxk's Pills"
should be taken to keen the bowels free. They
are excellent for torpiu liver and bilious com*
A Frankfort (Ky.) physician writes: Soino
months ago the daughter of oneof our prominent
citizens was pronounced hopelessly consumptive.
She was very much reduced in
flesh, terrible cough, her life gradutlly wasting
awav. I recommended her to u?o ''Dr.
which she did. In a short lime aho was free
from all cough ayd other symptoms, and la
now rosy and healthy.
Trice, 25 con W and $1 a bottJc.orsIx bottles
1 for $5. Tho large sins is the most economical.
, Prepared only by I)r. Swayne <k Son, I'hilaI
delphia. Sold by druggists, riiiMW ?
KvIIk to ht A%(?1iI(hI.
I Over-eating is in one sense as productive of
evil as intemperance in drinking. Avoid
both, and keep the body purified with Burdock
Blood Bitters, and you will be rewarded
with robust health and an invigorated system.
l'rice $1 00.
WellOlerllrtf taiccrM.
A gentleman once asked a distinguished
dispensing druggist to explain the secret of
the almost universal demand for l)r. IUchmond's
Samaratan .Yervine. lie said that it
was in fact a genuine medicine?such a compound
as every good physician would prescribe
for the diseases which it was advertised
to cure. Of course it cost less tluiu any druggist
would charge for tho same article supplied
on u physician's prescription, and besides,
there was a saving of the doctor's fee tl
in auuiuon. Alureover, by buying the drugs oi
in ?uch enormous quantitta, una bavin# a ?
perfect apparrtus fur compounding the mix- =
ture, |ie was not only euabled to get better
articles in the ilrst place, but also to present the
medicine in better form and at less price i
than the same preparation could be iKMuibly 1
obtained from any other source. Dr. Itich- <
mond has devoted oJl his energies lo the I
alleviationjof human suffering. With tldsend
in view,and with his whole heart in ins great 1
labor for the benetit of the nlllictod, he has .
achieved marked and merited success. There >
can be no real success without true merit, j
* I3C> luenci'u oy Hie jact t
tout (us reputation as a man and physician ?
dots not deteriorate, and the fact that there ^
is a steadily increasing demand for his Sa- ~
nmratan Nervine proves that it isno nostrum,
but a reliable remedy. He has repeatedly in- ?
formed the public that it is uo patent medt- ?
cine, and ?o patent has ever been a.sked for \
or obtained. Neither does he advertise it as s
a cure-all. There are hundreds of diseases !
that he acknowledges it will not cure, it may _j
be urged that some of these diseases are so ('
widely different that It seems absurd to pre- ^
scribe the same remedy. They may differ in ?
svaiptoms. yet in character be precisely siin- ^
ilar; and then we must take into considera- ?
lion the fact that remedies niQV riirt. r
uus properties. Thus, some medicines are J
both tonic and alterative; others may be ?
tonic and laxative, the properties differing r
according to the quantity administered and
the time and circumstances which demand
its employment.
In the manufacture of any pharmaceutical P
peparation tlie purity ana strength of the L
materials used, and the requisite machinery ^
to be employed, are among the chief essen- ^
tials. Tlie first is insured by purchasing the jj
ingredients in large quantities, whereby the ^
exercise of greater care in sel-cting the ma- p,
terials can be afforded; and the second can fj,
only be accomplished where the business is p
sufllciently extensive to warrant a large out- u
lay of capital in procuring chemical appara- ar
tus. These facts apply with especial force to et
the manufacture of our medicines, their
quality having been vastly improved since the
demand lus become so great as to reuuire
their manufacture in very large quantities.
These ideas are not mere speculative remarks
to mislead the reader, or to imbue him ,
with false views of the superiority of our r:
medicine. While inspecting Dr. Richmond's
establishment yon would be surprised to see ?
the admirable facilities, both chtmical and _
mechanical, which he employs in tbe prose- R
cution of his business. Everything is arranged ij
in the most perfectly systematic order, and I
while to the general observer there seems to
be no room for improvement, yet new apparatus
and mcchanical appliance are constant- *
ly being procured for the establishment, d.vw I
M JinlJlMkMYoii Ilfw? 3
A tooth is missing amone the incisors, aud >
you cannot help hissing. Go and get one put
in, and then use Sozodont to keep the others
right. You should have done this years ago,
but it is better now than never. rrstw
A Corcv, Cold or Sore Throat should be
stopped. Xeglect frequently results in an
incurable^ Lung disease or Consumption.
iirown s Bronchial Troches do not disorder r
the stomach like cough syrups and balsams, H
but acts directly on the inilamed parts, allay- 1
ing irritation, gives relief in Asthma. Bronchitis.
Coughs, Catarrh, and the Throat troubles
which singers and public speakers are
subject to. Fur thirty years Brown's Bronchia^
Troches have been recommended by
physicians, and have always given perfect
satisfaction. Having been tested by wide and ^
constant u>e for nearly an entire generation U
they have attained well-merited rank among '
the few staple remedies oi the age. Sold at
25 cents a box everywhere. nhsAW
It- I1..I \v...... tl]
Orpha M. Hodge, ltattle'Creek, Mich., G'
wntes; "I npset a tea-kettle of boiling hot
water on n\y band. I at onceapplied Thomas'
hclectric Oil, and the effect was to inmiediately
allay the pain. 1 was cured in three |i
days." U
Bar.vum's Baby Elephant shouldn't he ex.
10 Co'^ weather till after taking Dr.
\\iggin's Lungwort Compound, It prevents
all throat and lung diseases. Sold by Logan
x Co. and all drurgisrs.
The greatest cleanser and purifier of the ^
bloo<l. Peruna, should be taken every few
months to prevent malarious diseases, and to
cure them when prevention was neglected. ?
tritj win Y?3 _
Allow a cold to advance In your system and
thus encourage more serious maladies, such ?
as Pneumonia, Hemorrages and Lung
troubles when an immediate relief can be so V
readily attained? Uoschee'h Geiima* Svrcp i*
ha? gained the largest sale in the world for the T
cure of Cougte, Colds and the severest Lung m
Diseases. It is Dr. Boachee's famous German ,
presciption, and is prepared with the greatest '
care, and na /ear need be entertained in ad- ?
ministering it to the youngest child, as per 2
directions. The sale of this medicine is un- '*
preccdented. Since first introduced there has S
been a constant increasing demand and with- 7
out a single report of failure to do its work in
any case. Ask your Druggist as to the truth
of these remarks. Large sizes 75 cents. Try *
itrtnd be couvinroJ. rrhs*w " C
Go to your druggist for Mrs. FreenuinKcio ^
National Lhjes. For brichtnessand durability "
of onlnr. rirn O \ *
pounds. Directions in English znd German. ?
Price, 15 cents. "
0:.naud young?male and female?take S. 'Z
5. S. for any IjIikkI impurity. *
livened from I>cnlli. C
William J. Coughlin, of Somerville, Mass +
says: In the fall of 1S7G 1 was taken with *
bleeding of the lungs, followed by a severe [j
cough. I lost my appetite and flesh, and was
contined to my bed. In 1S77 I was admitted ?
to the Hospital. The doctors said I had a hole
in my lungs as big as a half dollar. At one
time a report went around that I was dead. I
pave up hone, but a friend told me of Dr.
j William Hall'* Balsam for the Lungs. I got
! a bottle, when to my surprise. I commenced
to feel better, and to-uay I feel better than for
three years pest.
"I write this hoping cverv one afflicted with
Diseased Lungs will take l)r. William Hall's
Balsam, and be convinced that consumption
can be cured. I can positively say it has done
more good than all the other medicines I have
taken since my sickness.
"ti.jj.A.A \jusu neiuuvt;* eraaicaie corns.
Beware of ha.se imitations. Get the genuine,
25c. All druggists.
i? 13.x:
Mrr?7>rragi&gaj<??evd^?^s: - >
HTnrrr? * Pr lanwon'tf t
AI iWi iu y U. A.iiliil ail J i
Best for TOILET. BATH "
BILL HEA US. lltveK UISAJJS, 4c.- *
For beat Bill Heiul?, Letter n?tul*. Note Head*.
C%rds, 4c, to to thalAlly Iaw-lliaeaccx Job ?cr
Cures Pysne^ia, Scrofula. Fever and Ague,
le Liver una Kidneys, It has toned More Lit
'her Medicintt. The old Indians believe tlmt th
ill have no sicklier. FOR SALK UV A Mi !
orConglis, Colds, Sore Throat, Uroncliitis
all Diseases of tJio TJiroj
OVER 1,000,000 B0HLES
seases of the THROAT, CHEST and LUNGS, I
landed as in the celebrated TOUT, ROCK and
roperties, it affords ad illusive stimulant and t<
is been relieved.
AIITinW f Don't be deceived by unprincipled
HUI lUll i an(j Rye in place of our l'OLU, ROC
tide made?the genuine bearing the signature
ary Government Stamp on each bottle.
LAWftEXCE A 51 ARTIX, Proprietors, Chicago
C. WKLTY A BRO^Wbolesate.ltfeuW, wJjowII
I Hess k Sons, I
Have now in Stock a Full Line of ^
I 1 W I "I TTT *
ancyanastapiewooiens =
Which vvc offer at
rices that Defy Competition.
Other Woolens at lowest prices. We carry
ie largest line of Roods in the city, and our ]
et Upa are First Clas* in every resect. ;
( 11
Persons desiring anything in our line will P
ad it to their interest to examine our stock a
ifore purchasing elsewhere. 0
13. Hess & Sjoiis, o
who Cor. Main an?l Fonrtfonth Sta. 0
? CI
J f 5
J!!ADt fs ~y, ?W f',r-r1
1 with x ?* ?
WIT,i **?&&.. pc- a
MSIIS1 iBSt' 1
| tL-CTM".
I hcouru:^ V-fc*r"\,.,
|?rtj |* e J /' ' -; .A- i
, _ 12T6 Market ?trc?l, !
W Opposite McLun? Home
Bllioufnos, Constipation on J all ilwawaof
jfddt More l'criiuineiit Cures than all
j*f tf? Keep that pure and vou
DUl MMST.S, inyliTiH
, Asthma, rneutiionia, Consumption, am!
it, Cliwt ami Lit nip.
'nyabwfu nne of [hennmiijiporfantVeat'Ons
I by the JIEDIC.U. FACULTY a^inst the
lite jucjpicnt and adranm] stages, and all
never ')Cen *0 advantageously cornh\
h. In addition to its soothing Balsamic
inic, to build UI) the avstum tlo
' * ",B """6"
dealers whoJry to palm off upon von Rock
ra.'!M.r!"r)J".?n'hil'h 5s thy on,.v Medicated
f, LAW KhM?L A M AliTIK, on the PropriTLES
. 111., and No. f. Barclay street, New York.
sind DKALKliS K very where.
I supply thtf trade at xasnufacturing prices.
I*nr(fcnlar .\u(ice.
All the drawlnn will h*r?af?Ar v.. ?v'_
S^VX^:$ri0U ^,d. .cwn.tro1 ot GEXHXU 0. T.
Louisiana State Lottery Company.
Jj.CW.OjO?lo which e rtutrve fund of
xACW fau *ince b*en aided.
.. ^"?0V*rwhel?lnr P?Pul?r voto. JU lr*nckk4
lonlSiy*"1 DU3lUir l?wlnp ?1U trie pl?K
LMk" <* <*' ? "
w ii i 0F PRIZES:
1 Capital Prlro mwfl
i Ccpiui priM ?lffi
1 Capiul Prl/? W5
2 Prfrn of TAMO IcS
S ItUO< Of 1,000. r'SJ
CO prizes of UXJ. ~ io'SS
ItO I'riztt of ICQ. om
*W Prill* of M . io CM
*0 Pnrw of 30 ZZZZ ZZ 7 Ko
300 Prizes of f JO II**"*, ]0 iXC
.irrRoxjMnjo.i riizu.
0 Approxiraftka Prk-? of |3uo _ tirno
9 Approximation i?rizcs of 2>J_ "j .yfl
J> Approximation J'rf?< of IOC ... aoo
Prize*, tmoutitljig to iTlMOC
curre?>..nilinj is?n? wanted at'all
olnu. to wuotn a liberal compensation will paid,
for further Ir.foiro&t ion, write clearly, givinr fu i
aarr#a. tfend order* by ext. it* or registered lotter.
r money order by mill, mltirfcoed oiur to
U. A. DA (IPffl>",
E ii. A. DAUPHIN, X'V O"" - *
rJl. a. da era,r u ,eE,n*1' a"cw',11>tor
Seventh street, Washington. D. C.
v. o* e,* 7":t of'Sco is removed to Chicago.
J. B.?Or?.etia<M res>c<l to .s%w Orleans will revive
prompt attention.
77* particular attention of V* PvbUc U eatol to Ihi
f*' ?< ?*/" ? number ef Uit iicitli fvreac\ IfonLhb,
iraurxnju toll, niu{ coiW'ruently all ihturiza in tad
rctnngare to'A cntl riraifn nruiyxii'V. aorl2-VMw
PopiilaiOloiitlily Drawing of the
' lit the City offLoiiljviUe, on
Wednesday, May 31,1SS2.
Thcr? I>mni!]s>oc? ur ninthly (Sunday* c-xcept>
a)nndirthei'rovWon?o? an Act of the Gemral
uVKimoiy cf Kentucky.
TheJJnital Stales circuit Court on March 31*!
BndfcrtJd chc follow lus JccIMotu:
1st?'That the Cotaiionwealth LUtributlon Con any
Ik Ii-mI. s
W?!u Drawing arc Fair.
B.-TT-e Company ha* now on hand n lanre
^serve Fund. head carefully the Hat of prirea for
1 Fnze ?SSO.COO'.lOi FrliwiSlOOnwh ?inr
j Trlze, IG.OQOjSsX) Prlzca SM3 each, 20*000
\ ? 5,00Q|tXX) Prizes tJOfeacii, 12!OCO
0 Pn/^!,KOetch,I0,tv; 2,000 Prizes JlOeAch. 10000
i) Pilzi* .^veiu:h,J0,0(?-|
9 Prists SttMeach. Approximation Prizes-.., 12.700
3 Przu b'^j each, """ ,'1,7
3 I'riitJ J1CO each,
>' 0 Prit**. Ujoiffl
Vhelc Tickets 91!. Half Tickets 81. 27
Ticket?, $o0. 5o Tlckcts, *100.
. '"fait Money or iUnk I>r?(t In tetter, or K-nd by
.xprts1. Dantwml by lUti-Htored tetter or Post
ace uraer. orders ftf {Ti auA nmntnli br ExpreM.
?r*w*. Addns? ail order*to
" M. HOARDMAS, Courier Journal Building,
-nuiMille.ky., 0r k. M. HOARDS AN, 800 Broad!
.v. v?- Vo>y nlrSJ-TTH**
And Morphine IIfcblt (^^? rrr.m 50
^ JP6?, KetAbltuhwJ 10
Zimmerman Fruit Dryer
Itaw and Ccr Term*. Addma
tlMMCBMaafBUH QRYEB CO., C[ndnmii.O.
s gy inhabit?
THOUSANDS cfrtferencst (rnn prvmi rum}, V0
p?j uutll O^rtd. l>r. J. BTEl'ltLMH, ukmn, tfc
P,ivnr?A Hi-lref* in r.,-,.,. r., i...
itcamsliip line*, at lowest rates, (or sale at
if. P. BEHREXS*,
Hl>r11 2217 and 2219 Market Street.
RCATTY^ i??G^3,27 V0/*'10 ** rtoia,oalt
SL.AI II 0 fyo. l-lzzc* i\2L up. Haw Holldtj
wJ.SWf11, ** 0r 0111 nu 2EATTV,
W*U1QJ(X0D, N. 1^ n0]()
I ~i882-SPJtLN? AlKfcTLMJ.
West Virginia Exposition
T-Toir Hf:i? rn i
O.T.JL A X. V2 JL I'iK'Ii*
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday w.d
JUMsr.w, o una la.
Purses, *3,000.00.
Entrlci close May 27th.
Fii>t Da.v?'Wetl?ii?s*<liiv. Juha ??i?.
1. Turn', 1100, S 00 rl<x?. First, $2.0. wound, |10J;
third. HA); fourth f to.
2. Pune. S'jOO. '?'?SicUv?. First, ?ocoml, 8125;
third, 173; fourth, S"iO.
Sccoml Day?Thursday, June SUi.
3. Pur-e. 8W0. clavs. First, 5J50; second, 1125;
thrill, 575; fourth, ISO.
i Pumj. f wo. asJchuaPurer*. Flnt,f;o:;iccond,
$100: third, <40; fourth. 8t0.
6. Pun-e.f.uO. KutitiliiR, tulle heat*. In X Fln>t,
$10.'; wcond, 850; third, 8?; fourth, 8.D.
Third Hay?Krfduj, Juue Otli.
0. Purse, )iCO. J:35 First, 83 0; second, JW);
third, |W>, fourth. 8t0.
7. Purse, 81CU. .Hortwou ned In OMo county, and
never havlm* trotted for money. First, 8,If,
K*oond, SAV, third, $15; fourth, S10.
Fourth Pay?Saturday, June I Oil).
8. Purse. fJU) UunnltiK. mile hent?, 2 In X First,
S100; second, 850; third. 8 0: fourth. 5'JO.
9. Purmi. $VM Kree for nil. First, 8.50; second,
$125; third. 175; fourth. f-V/.
10. Purw,j84w). ?i -I">cliw, l"ir>t. S.XjO: w>mn<i ??'?
tniru, sc*); fourth, 840.
CONDITIONS.?The above rnrcs to be ml'.e heiu.
3in5, Ir "larneM, excepting No*. 6 ami a. lobe
Kovcrtied by the ruh* and regulation* of the N .
tlonal Trotting .uaoclatlon, n? amended Vebtuary,
hnttU* cIon.1 May '.'7th, nt 11 o'elick i\ m? nt
the riccretary'* othce. f ntrunce few, lu jn-r cent of
purte. Fonr entries required to All and thrve to
i>tart. A lior?e dl>tan?liig tne fleM, cr any pan
thereof, will rvcclve but one money. Addrrs* all
communications to the Secretary.
A. KKYMANN, Trident.
GEO. R. TINGLE. Seeretaryp
18 8 2.
Fall Meeting SUte Fair and Exposition SEITEM*
iBEttll, 12.13,14,15 and 1C.
iVntennM l>*y. S vi UKDAY, SKlTF.ilUHP. ICIh,
iwsjpewhcs by dldlngulihed Orator* on Saiurday.lCth.
m> 1
Monday and Tuesday, .11 ay S and 9.
Of the Distinguished Emotional and
TruRlc Actress,
Mi.ss Ada Gi-aj-!
Chas, A, Watkins' 5tfi Ay. Combination.
An Evening of alternate Laughter and Tr?r*. a Vein
of Comcoy ami tt?tho,?, ,i lasilmj Mirmon to
When, Jlotfu-rs ?nd D*uiU>?er*: kii eutbcly
New V?rslou adapted from Mr*. Wood's
Famou* Mory l? f? Arts, by ,MLv? I >ray,
and perfyruM^l by her over "J,t>W
n?v uuiivu Clans, r-IMUH U
Olt, T11E ELOI'EJlliJiT.
In wUi-:h character she has no Living Peer.
Popularpriwaofadtn{.?*ioti, 50cand75c Reserved
$1.00 Kcj-erved in-uls can U* n-cured atWilson
Burner's Mu?ic Store ou and alter Saturday, May
0th. m>:'."
Sntur<luy, May GtH,
And firun.l T.xnTPM'anrf rtrir nr?pv.=
XJoors open at 1 o'clock.
The O/Jgloal Boston Ideal,
Giving the finest rendition of Harriet Bcecher
etow^'g great immortal work ever witnessed
on any stage of Unclc Tom's Cabin.
2TOPSY'ri. ft
With all i'.s magnificent scenic effects, and a cast
including .V iss BLANCHK SLADEK in her great
imjiersonatloti of "Topsy," introducing Song*,
biiuces and Banjo Solos. LITTLE WN.SY, il>?
smallest, youneext and best child actress on the
stage, as "Eva." Supported by tne 30? Boston lde-1
Company?30. The pit** will be presented with
all tne-acctwories which ehMisrterlzciis ix>pulariiy
throughout the country- including a hick of Alanimoth
Bloodhounds and the celebrated Nashville
University Students.
Admission '?> and f-0 cents: RwwredSiatf 75 ets.
Seats on sale at Wilson A: Bantncr'H music store.
Sale to commence Wednesday. liuy 3d. Matinee
Prici*?Parquet and Dress Circle, Sac; Family Circle.
25c; Children. 2o.'- tuny'.
Messrs. Knoke <fc llaiiie have removed to 'he
saloon formerly occupied by Chas. Koch. No. 3.'i'21
Jacob st?eet, and will entertain their friends and
the public on SATO Kt>A Y EVKN1SU with a Grand
'oneert by Jlayer'J full Orchestra. Everything
kept in a tirst clasn jalooncan always be found at
Uwtr nlwrtMif huiincj*. You are invited, iny-t"
If It la expedient to In-mro property which may
be restored, is It not wisdom to Insure* life, whlcn
cannot be restored? Compare the KATES of th<j
Mutual Life Insurance Co,,
And Itscayh nsHitso 1 over S91.000.000. with thofcol
any other mutual Company in the World.
"? Js *1 s S
3 h5 5 5 g
15 ? --3 ^ ? ?-5
_ 5 ^ .
S c= %A
& =55 . I IS ?5 Jo
< <?; Y* ?5 P* KJ
25116.01 19.80 19.S0 19.43 19.60
SO 19.80 22.70 22.70 22.40 22.40
35 22.42 26.38 26.50 26.22 26.00
40 26.61 31.30 31.50 31.25 30.S4
45 82.27 37.97 33.00 3S.0S 37.42
50140.10 47.18 49.20 47.22 46.50
jail w. r. PETERSON. Agent
Fire Insurance Company,
OClco?No. 51 Twelfth St., under Washington Hall.
Capital, - - - $100,000.
A. W. Panll. W. K. l'cndlctoa, G. II. Tingle.
John J. Jonen. Gcorsre Hoolc. Ron v_
Robt. Simpson, Alex. J. Cecil. Robt. Granule!
KOBT. ORAKGl.E, I'roidcui.
W. K. PENDLE1UN, Vice President.
J. C. ALDKRSOK. Secretary.
JOS. KMSHfclMKR, Agent.
Insure# all klndx of properly at re?-?on^lilo mtts.
Five pieces Standard Music for 10 .rents, at
my-t WILSON .t DAUMEIl'a.
7% octave Hrs?-nrry>l (Jrarnl Upright P-.
no.iu UH*?)iK nfhort inn-, very thorn to h m>h
buyer SHEJBS MUSICSTOiili W TuWth it$
Hjuhinyton Hull
barwnln.4 ?t uholcsitfc nn?l icuil \\ ?i 11
Sn?Hi.M Twelfth Wtuhf.n,.,. tun
r\ A UFO UN IA ~~~
Appricotts, UartMt lVars,
Egg Plums, Orctn (.Sages, &c.
Fifty cases of tl:6 above jest received ana
for sale low.
jtT. SGHUL2,
m,1Market Street,

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