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Reliable Makes at Reasonable Trices.
lUiU-k Sumhs,
Hl*tk HdtltlH,
HI at < Si tin l>c Lyons.
Il'tttk Ilroc?<lw
KfKclaltlcs In Cucheialre-AIczamk-r Celebrated
Ti<* Iteatrtce.
Thy Marie.
Tho Ounellitt,
The Josephine,
Are winning golden opinions every where in Fatln
De Lynn, [irxihisciy iltftorutn! with Spanish Loco
nti'l with Uvi?h orncment?of P?n<emvo trie and Jit.
Very'ireat llincaitu in i.iiht Cloth VNrutis and
Tight Fitting Jacket*.
ftlTR CrifT nCDiRTMCNf
vun uuu uui nni muMij
IIm been further increased the nut work, ami have
now one ot the Ffne'C I.Uicsot Gltinh&tu and While
tiului to 1m! foun;l In the city.
Uo.l Main Street.
,J\ "V. PoAvdorly,
Of ikrunton, Grand Master Workman of thu Knight*
of Labor, and
A. O. KunUin,
M t>t*r Workmin of I). A.,No. :5, of I'ittfibarRli, will
ad J res* tiie cltUeuM ol Wheel! tig and vfduity at the
Academy of Music,
Monday Evening, May Sth, 1SS2.
Ixrt the Worklntmca of all trade* and claue*
turn out to hear the RnrHi nuuitloii of AMAL.UA>
myG* AdmksSon Free.
IIi MdlgMm;
so*.3.1 ?ti?i i?7 toiirmentn strict.
Aim AdwrUHvinvuts.
Stifel it Co of Local.
'Hie Great Indian Remedy?Third Page.
Silverware?I. 0. Dillon?Fourth Page.
Santineii Injection.
(J rand Excursion.
Icc Cream?Thos. F. llcytuati.
List of Letters.
t It Is Miserable Economy? lAgnn ?fc Co.
Workingmen, Attention?Head of Local.
Furnished llousc For llvtil.
LaBeile Building Association.
Wanted?Any Dressmaker.
Building Site For Sale.
White .Mountain Frewcera?Xesbitt ?t Bro.
For .Sale?G. 0. Smith.
Wail I'aj>er?John Friedel.
Decorated China?John Friedel.
Opera House?Patience.
Insect Powder?Kdmund Booking.
SISK) Piano?Lucas* Music Store.
For Sale, llent, Loan?Alexander Bone.
THE usual merchants' lunch at the >'ov
McLirc House Sample Rooms daily,
Thernioiuctcr Ilacont,
The following shows the range of the thermometer,
as observed at Schnepfs drugstore,
Opera House corner yesterday:
1881 1S82
7 X. 12 U. 3 l'. X. 7 P M | 7 A. M. 12 M. 3 P. M. 7 K W
&l 00 </.' CJ I CO &l 62 ?
Washington, I). C., May 0, 1 a. m.? For
Tennessee and Ohio Valley, cloudy weather
with local rains, variable winds, stationary
or lower temperature and higher pressure.
.V. .linn nimi-viiiMiiui I 111Jo.nl
Matinkk this ufternoon.
Kioiit in the lockup at Midnight.
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" this evening.
Oni: marriage license was issued yesterday.
iJtsjNEss was lively in police circles last
J!r? excursion to Pittsburgh on the Petviky
Tins is the anniversary of the battle of the
Nai-owcon IIonai'abtk died sixty-one years
ago yesterday.
Tin: "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Company comes
irom jiumesvuie.
Tiik Philadelphia Church Choir Opera
Company will give "Patience" here next
Are you going to the Cincinnati May Muclcal
Festival'.' is the question in society
Neat colored posters advertising the June
meeting of the Suite Fair Association are displayed.
Ciiaulie Bickmkyeu, a iiulicr at the i.aHello,
took to himself a wife last Thursday
The -Supreme Court will meet at 10 a. m.
to-dav, and this will be the last hitting of the
special session.
lUnum's show paused through this city
this morning, en route from Little Washington
to Uelluire.
A ii\si> of gypsies have been in the Eighth
ward for the pant two days, going from door
to door begging.
P.vyiuy at the Pottery and the Top, Riverside
?mi Rclmont mills, also the South
Wheeling GIhmi Works.
A stock exchange in to he established next"
week in the rooms formerly occupied by the
S?iui<ty Uarfrr, on Twelfth street.
Tiib olllco of the North Wheeling Glass Co.
is in the building formerly occupied by the
Superior Machine Co. Telephone connection.
'Squire Swhrnky yesterday dismissed the
i?eaee warrant cases against Samuel Kindle*
berger and Will Davis, each party to pay hU
own costs.
SiiKiurr Uuow.v has sold ten of his twelve
Mhiirn* of slnnlf in 1!??? Vwtr AntrnMntlnu
lo P. L. Khubcrly. $'20 per share was tin*
j?rico paid.
Tuk IScciea Investigation Committee failed
to secure a ijuorum last night, some of the
members apparently being disgusted with
the farce. Chairman Hildreth, nud Mciisrs,
Clark.and Hall were present, and adjourned
10 next Thursday evening.
Tnx condition of Main street in front of
tbe old street car stable* is awful. The attcntion
of the Street Comml/sloner has been
called to it.
Tub graduating class of the Wheeling b\male
College are passing their Senior exami
' ivot .<y wv an-liming Ol IUC
highest litcrurv honors.
VttTtno.ir mottling It waa found (hat the
tending furnace In the new Riverside factory
had gone out. Asa result twenty-two machines
were off during the day.
John W, Samjum, of IJellaire, was venter-1
day appointed executor of the estate of James
W. Hurgfaon. deceased, and gave bond in
$10,(KM, with 1>. C. Mat. jr., and P. M. llhodes
as sureties.
No one would ever imagine there was a'
Committee on Ileal Estate connected with i
the City Council, after looking at thn shame* I
fill condition the ollice of the Chief of |
Police is in.
At Sweeney's Foundry the force Is busy :rt,
work lllling the order from the new Mingo
nail mill for beventy nail machines. Nothing
special was cast during the week; back
orders are being tilled.
'Sguijit I'llii.iin lost evening issued a warrant
for lletsey May. on commalnt of Mn (!
J. Nealis, who charged Det>ey#with having
'threatened to kill the complainant's child. I
The case will b? heard to-day.
Wiikn the the new building being erected'
by the Schmulhncb Urewing Company is
finished, the conccrn will be one of the most!
complete in the country, and with a capacity
\>er year of 35,000 barrels of beer.
At tho I-. Uelle, eleven *elMew)eraare now J
at work, and to this number will be added |
four mora a* bona as the machines now bnild-;
ij>K, art- in |W5iuoii, x iveipl, U0U1U on?l i
Field patent feeders are n.?d at ihU miJJ. All,
departments ure running full and making1
good time.
The case of J. A. Hutcher vs. Simon liner.
Son?, a {<(*.'* led Irotnll.J, Felber, Justice of \
the 1'eace, wai yesterday heard in Judge
Uoyd'a Court, with the fv/Iowim; jury: W'm.,
Schockey, Frank Hidlourc, Kd. Jerkin, 1).
K. Irwin, Frank Woeber mid Joseph Jlydinger.
The case was not concluded last even-1
S?ur. scoundrels are living in this city who
should be made tn suiter the severe*t fx?n?l-1
tics of the law. They have been cutting the
plate glass window* of the Hess Hlock, on:
Market street, just below the Market ;house
in the Second ward. Several other windows
have been cut. It is apparently done with a
diamond. 3ir. lless oll'urs a reward.
At the meeting of the Helmont Huilding
AiJo:iation, held fast night, the old'Hoard of
Directors was re-elected with one exception,
Mr. S. W. Heck taking the place of J'. \\\
r.iiwll. The Hoard is as follows: Tho*.
O'Hrfen, I'. L Kimberly. Jas. McAdams,
Jnoob Hull. W'm. Mvles. Jno. E. Clator. W.
6. FOOse, W. II. 1 fuller, .V. W. Heck.
At the meeting of the State Fair director*
yesterday morning, the question of summer
night open air concerts was discussed,and Hi*
very probable that an opportunity will be
afforded Wheeling people to patronize such
a movement. President iieymatin is a lover
of music and is strongly in favor uf open air
concerts.} life is sensible and n3are all others
who side with him.
Iast evening about dark a man named
Thompson went into Shellbase?t Son's grocery,
on the corner of Market and Kieventh
street.", and nufaba-ed a nickel's worth of
pickles. While these were being put up,
rhomi?!>on nicked un a box of honcv and at
tempted to conceal it. Old Mr. Shelihase
fftw him, ami knocked him down, took the
honey ami ordered him out. He went.
The Boston Ideal Company gave a line rendition
of the over popular "Uncle Torfi'a
Cabin," at the Town Hall, on Saturday night.
The inclemency of the evening interfered
Homcwhat with the attendance, still the hall
was well llllfd and the performance was lirst
clusa. Thin troupe is one of the best in the
business, and deserves the patronage of all
who enjoy a good play well played.?Uuily
Oi. I'.isman has purchased a new stallion at
which he is very proud, it will arrive in the
city next Thursday from Zanesvilie, whe-e
Kisman purchased it of George M. Jewett.
The animal is known as "Albambra Chief,"
is a bay without a white spot. 5 years old and
sixteen hands high. Kisman has his pedigree,
which is a wonderful one, showing
eleven crosses ofuImp. Messenger" blood. A
record of 2:30 is claimed.
Miss Aiu Gray made her debut last night.
The audience wm large and fashionable.
Miss Gray met with an enthusiastic reception.
She is ea?y and graceful in her movements,
possessing a tine figure and a good voice. Her
acting was splendid, and in hcveral of the
impassioned scenes she displayed Ulenta
which will develop into the "bright particular
star."?tit. Jjouu Republican. Miss Gray
plays "Kust Lynna" at the Opera ffouse here
on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Reserved
seats will be placed on sale at $ o'clock this i
morning at Wilson it Haunter's music store,
.Market street..
A meeting of the Board of Directors of the
State Fair Association was held on the grounds I
yesterday. About the only business of importance
transacted was the appointment of j
J.UUUJUIIM WW 11. aihkh: u.1 .1 wtmr
niiUec to attend the races at Maysville anil
Cincinnati, prior to the June meeting here,
and try to induce owners of fast horses to
brinj; their animals to this meeting. The
price of season tickets for hicyclc practice on
the track was reduced from fi to $2 50. The
lake was ordered floored with grave! and
cloy. About thirty hones urc now stabled
on the grounds.
Tub Academy of Mujso last evening held
one of the largest crowds over seen on its
lloor. The occasion wan the second ball given
by Uilij' Slayer's orchestra, and a very successful
and pleasant one it was. All seemed
glad to" be able to compliment the musicians
who have so ably assisted them on inuumera
file occasions with their music. There was
not a thing occurred that was unpleasant.
The orchestra was increased for the occasion
and the music wmn ull that could ho desired.
Dancing wiih continued until a lute hour and
all departed delighted with tin?evening enjoyment.
The orchestra deserved the?ucce*s.
Last night the linal money was put up at
Walter's for the trot to take place to-day between
Iluer's "I.udv Warren" and Itoso's
"Gov. Jackson." The ruin .of yesterday
tended to damson the anticipations of our
sjwrting men. The race, however, will probably
take place, if it don't rain; if the sun
comes out ?t will take place sure. The track
is a verv dry one and quickly shedfl. The
racc will take place at ftUO; it is for $109 a
side, best three in live mile heats. In addi
lion, Andy Mellon will drive "Swectzor Girl,"
formerly "Hoosier Girl," to show her gait
and sne*d. There will also b? n rare between
the three year olds or Hose and McFarland,
best two in three half-mile beau These
three attractions will doubtlett cull to the
State Fair Grounds a large crowd.
Some days ago a woman named Addic
Shears complained to Squire Phi lips that she
had been robbed uf $1 7'?. The justice investigated
the ease, and finding there was
nothing in it refused to issue a warrant.
Yesterday the same woman appeared before
the Squire and desired to make an allidavit
charging live young men whoso names she
did not know with having outraged her
under the most revolting circumstances. The
justice, assisted by two other ofliciale, inquired
cartfully intfl the matter, and discovered
that there was not only nothing in
the case, but that the woman was demented.
After an informal inquest fie committed her
to jail. She claims to have relatives at
Bonaire, Bridgeport and Marietta, and
these were written to in the hope that they
would come and take charge of her. Otherwise
there will be an effort made to secure
her admission to the State Hospital for the
Insane at Weston.
Talk Willi a 91 murrain Mineral.
Mr* C. II. Candy,sheriffof Mineral county,
W. Va, and John \V. Arnold, one of his
dcputic#, are at the St. James hotel, on their
way home from Monndsvllle, where thev
landed iu the penitentiary j* desperate charactor,
went up for two years, for robbing t!ic
express office and railroad depot at Jfevser.
Sheriff Caudv glvem favorable report of
the crops in Mineral county. There is over
an average of winter wheat, and it is in prime
condition. Corn planting is backward, but
the acreage will far exceed that of last year.
On Wednesday morning tyst the weather was
unusually cold; ico \y?s formed fo ifre thickness
of half an inch, and the plowed ground
fas frozen to a har.i crust. The fruit trees
were badly damaged; the peach buds >ycre
almost entirely destroyed, as were also jnost
of the apple buds.
r? ?t,,. r.*(fc n.m. . . ?.
.........uiaiui'i, fjucriu
Caudy ?> ?, everything is progressing favorably
ami harmoniously. The doily out-put
of coal U SOO Ions. All the miners are hard
at work and I here is no danger of any disagreement
between the bosses and the men.
Across the river, on (ieorg/j's creek, 3faryland,
the miners have beet) on a strjfcc since
tho 18th of' Jfsrc/i llouw and ujen ur^>,
alike, stubborn, and there is no indication of
any compromise in tho immediate future.
lame#.' how, children*' hose; u full tfesort
iiii-ui umi uucii)>. UEQ. U, JujTlt.
Fon all urinary and female complaints
lake Mannhn.
Action of thv Lorn I Mi|?rrvl*or? la the
MocfuintvtVomt CoIUhIoii.
Below we give the fall text of the decision
of Local Inspectors Wilson and Young In the
matter ol the collision between lbp Katie
Htockdale and 1J. 1). Wood recently, neat
I'ike Is:, id:
Orrici: or U. e>. Local Inspectors or ")
Wuuuxo, W. V.K., May 2, lsS2 )
Jvhti FthreuUitch, SuitrrvitliKj Intitfttor ol
.<lrum I null, Hctenth District, Cmcnnuili,
KirTlio j?ivsa?fHj;crMteatnor "Katie Stockdale,"
pivinKbetween Pittsburgh und Cincinnati,
widle descending on the morning of the
"tli day of February lost, between the
hours of three und four o'clock, i-ainein
contact with the disabled towing steamei
"Kvaii Williams" about one one inileabov*
Pike Island. The Williams was in tow ol
the towing steamer II I). Wood upward
bound, and on the port side about two-third;
her length ahead of the tow of the "Wood"
with u coal flat between or on the starboard
Of the Williams. 'I'll!' force i,1 t).u i>..1ll?inn
was such as lo disable the Stockdale, badly
crushing her bow, broko oil'her >tem,cau?lnji
her to take water freely. The Williams wu:
Momi jritively uninjured. A landing wai
eifected as soon as possible and after nine 01
ten hours detention, she was with the aid ol
the Wood, put iri condition to proceed with
safety to Cincinnati, where she was
docked and the dam see repaired
ut u cost of nearly three thousand
dollar.", exclusive of forty (10) days
lost time, ami freight damaged ll> Me valut
ol two hundred {{20000} dollar*. Atthepolnl
of the occurrence the river i< straight, there
was good water ami the weather was not adverse
to safu navigation. Under condition:
n> favorable it isditllciilt to see how disaster:
of this nature can occur without violating
the rules and regulations adopted for theii
avoidance. Since the exemption from
collision depends cldclly nj>on their ob
hervaucp, u is iiwiormnt to Know whether 01
not they were <x*:uj?He?l with in this instance,
The principals, Louis U. Zoles, of Alleghen\
City, l\i., and Win. 1*. Ilalloway, of Uaili]>?>
lis, Ohio, art' both iirV.-cla.vs pilots*, of several
years standing. The former was on watch or
the J5. i>. Wood, while the latter was at tin
wheel of the Katie Htoekdale. Pilot Zoic:
Mated the Wood was ascending on tlx
Ohio side of the channel, when he noticed tin
Stockdale descending in the middle of tin
river, and having approached, as near as lu
could judge, within MX hundred yards with
out signalling, thought it his duty to do so
wjutn ue uiu, w mi i.vu masts oi the whistle
anil was answered as lie thought with twe
sounds. Contrary to Ins signals, slu: scemeo
to he coming towards him, when he repeated
the signals and was answered with one. lit
immediately stopped and commenced hack'
fog. Mr. Ilalloway says when he first oh
served the Wood he was in the channel, am!
at the proper distance gave one signal,
which was promptly and corres
pondingly answered by the Wood, when, tc
his surprise,the toon after assumed a quarter
Jill* oo-ition hv Tuilltim? tnwitril fhii ftlnVi
shore. They were now moving in the .name di
rection. lie again gave one signal and was
answered with two; he now stopned and
backed, hut too late to'avoid a collision. The
headway of the Wood we are satisfied was
fully checked, as It required hue four or five
backing revolutions to do so, making as she
had bten not over Jive miles per hour. As U
the headway of the Stockdale, the testimony
of John .V. McCurd}', engineer on watch, i;
the most conelusive. Suspecting liability tr.
accident from the apparent contimon ot
Kounds.he held himself in readiness for instani
d uty. J n answer to the DelIs, which were rapid
ly pulled, the engines were stopped, reversee!
and backed as quickly as they ronld be
bandied. When after but three or four revolutions
he heard the cradi, to u?e his own
language the shock almost knocked him
ilmvu- is nf tlx* rinininn t-..ntlr-l.. i.?.
would under the circumstances require nol
1m? than sixteen hacking revolutions. Con
dieting 03 were the signal*, a no less diversity
exists as to ihe distance both were from tin
Ohio shore as well as their i?os:tions at the
time of colliding, l'ilot Ilalloway maintain!
tiio Stoekdale was struck on the larboard side
of her stem and shows by diagram the position
of both boats at the moment of contact to be
in u quartering position pointing to the Ohit
side, with the W ood directly up the channel.
Mr. Zoles asserts with equal jnwiti veil ess she
was struck on the opposite or Htarboard side,
and in like manner locates them straight
with the current or nearly so and much
closer to .shore. Which of the showing arc
correct, tinea it in not material to a finding
in the case, we ahull not attempt to decidt
further than to say that of .Mr. 7/jIch' does
not warrant tlio belief that the Stoekdalo was
struck on the aide indicated hy him. That
J'ilot Hailowuy did at or near the required
distance signify his purpose to pass on the
right or larboard of the Wood by giving tht
proper signal we have no doubt; that it was
not heard by Mr. Zalcs can be accounted for
only upon the assumption it was given simultaneously
with the first of the two first
given by him, while the second signal was
naturally enough accepted by Mr. Ualloway
an the proper answer to his, and hegoverncd
himself accordingly. This unlawful signaling
by Mr. ZolesJed lo confusion and consequent
uisasier. it is a nouccawe tact, Hint of the
six witnesses in behalf of the V/oj<), whoso
testimony we have carefully examined, not
one heard IheStockdale's two signals referred
to by Mr. Zole.?, who, as before suited, only
thought lie heard them, Thia uncertainty
on his part leads us to conclude he was certainly
mistaken For lint signuHnj.', it will
be observed, Pilot Zoles seeks justification
under the plea that the Stockdale had approached
within an unlawful distance without
doinjr bo. The rule mentions s00 yards
a*j a safe distance for their observance. While
|R birici compliance with tins i* not at all
| times to be expected, an approximation as
| near us pos-dhlo thereto is demanded. If
the pilots themselves are to determine, that
| they are likely *o disagree the present case is
proof. Mr. Zolcs places the distance at (XX)
yard-, Mr. Hallo way at 800, while the mute
it the '/. J). Wood fixes it at between 800 and
WO yards. It is of this first importance that
the rules and regulations for the government
I of pilots be strictly adhered to. A departure
therefrom, us in this instance, is alwavs
i fraught with danger. In no ease is the boat
not authorized by law to first signal justified
i in doingso. Let her. iu the absence of the
legal signal, keep on her course, stoppingaud
backing only when necessary to avoid collision.
It has been shown that Mr. Hallo way did,
at a urovcr Oi.itsmcc. mmnlv with th,> ml*
by giving the signal, and ilul, as soon as lie
discovered the tnio&iiuniion, htopand buck:
that mi should have done so soont'r is not so
easy to detcriuino. ]\'c incline to believe he
was directed by his best Judgment. It lius
also been shown that Mr. tbeaicending
pilot, did,withoutheariog the legal signal,tirat
give the same in violation uf law, fur which
we do hereby suspend his license as a first
class pilot of stoma v&fcfls for thirty days
from the date hereof.
-Kespcctfully submitted,
JI1U.11A!) \j. >? lUU.t,
Local Inspectors.
Saw ISooni Ciniijmnic*.
The Secretary of State yesterday issued
certificates of incor|>oration to two new boom
companies. Tho ei?t Fork Doom Company,
formed for constructing and operating a
boom or booms on the West Fork river and
its tributaries, in Lewis county, near Weston,
ha# an authorized capital stock of $100,000,
of which sum $1,000 has been subscribed and
$100 paid in. The corporators all live at
Weston, and ara Messrs. A. A. Lewis, W. II.
Williams, 0. 1\ Moore, S. J. Moore and J. 14.
The other organization is called the "Mill
Creek Uoom and Lumber Company," arid dcsigns
to construct booms or daim in Iti^ Mill
Creek at or near its mouth, and between that
point and Ihc village of Oottagcville, in Jackson
county. The NrijicinaJ he.id/jimpUta <if
the corporation will be ai that village, ami
tho fiuin of $1,500 has been subscribed to the
capital slock and $150 paid in. The privilege
is reserved of increasing Jbo capital
stock to 000. The corporators arc John
11. Jfiley, Jackson. C'onrt House; Charh-n T.
McCoy, Cottaipivilh", liiram Douglass, Cyrus
M. Hruwn, ynji JJ J}. poujjlajn, of Kipley
liiindlnir, and Jlenry U. Vlciffcf, ui Jackson
Court House.
The bootu business seems to'Tie enjoying a
TrnustVr* lU'vonlnl.
Clark Hook yesterday admitted to record
one deed g? frust and the following deeds in
V^nntl tiiniln I Oi>n Iff
...u ...?uu 1, log J, UJ qegrgp v?. j,qus
to jonn II. IHelil, in consideration of $10, for
all the interest of sqid Colts in lot 20. in
Junk s addition.
Deed made May l, 18S2, by John II. Diohl
to George W. Cotts, in consideration of $10,
[oral1 the interestofsaid Dicht in lot 11), in
I'HtJc a addition.
I)eed inndo May 0,1831, by Taylor Foreman
llr*, ! . Itoktod, in cofisiderafion of
smQ, for ft lot iti Kim Grovo, l?ciii>? lot 12.
JX'i'd inodeirarch 10, IsS'J, by Frank Fisher
and wife to \\ illiam and John Dickinson, in
consideration of $r,oo, for'lota 0,10 and J J, in
Thomas Owscn'a addition to Wheeling.
Just received a beautiful lino of ladies'
and childrcns hosiery. CJju U. Jtorif,
tin; iii ji im: socnrrv.
1 Ll?il of I lie Utllccm. ??ul Member* f?o I'ar A H
That our readers may appreciate thegrowth . A
i and influence of the Humane Society recent- last
i Jy organized in Wheeling, we publish a list Cou
- of the otlicers and membership to date. New of tl
........It, .1*11.. ?^.J 1.
material this society will do much good. ltig,
vrriCKM asu mtjtbeiu or tub onto couSty Ma]
lll'maxe soc1cty roll thk 1'uevkxtion ok
f cul'elty to children a.nu aximalb. ^
l'rfaJdtnl?JuiJceCrannjer. ?
Vice President*?\\Vl\ Wllloy, Ksq., I)r. 01 *
' John K. Smith, & J\ Jiildreth, Ki?j. ex-*
Secretary?Col. HunhSterllng,r. M. thel
1 Treasurer?I. IJ, Williams, ?*j, Wi1
Hoard of MttnuKtrs?Mcs-ira. Crungle. John
1 C. SllL-A. W. S. Illltrhilif. 1 Wnrr.Mi lt..v 1 *?>
G. Lyle; MesdamesJ. 8. Trimble,\V. S. liutcU- lud
ins and Miss Amanda List. Wav
Agent?Squire TbotuaJi8wc?ncy. ^
Mr. K. 0, Cracraft, Mr. Gutinun. uiot
" A. W. Campbell, " John J. Jones, rain
i " J. Mendel, " Kdiuuud Booking, by t
" 0. Dilmati, " Win. Hustings, the
" Hobert Luke, " J. 8. Trimble, woi
i Dr. G. Halnl, " W. A. Wilson, Old
i Mr. t. G. IHllon, " Jacob Grubb, uiot
J 'rot, K. A. Weber, 41 J. It. Greer, Jr. met
f Mr. John Frew, Rev. J. T. McClure, the
i " A. G. Windier, Mr. Win. Wilkinson Noa
" J. 0. Payne, " T. K. Lewis, win
| J'eler Krb, " T. C. l'Mllif*, ?|>e<
. " i'hilo. Kimberly, " Theodore Molter, of
' Dr. Honcber, Col. Win. Kxlev, volt
, Mr.J.M. Dillon XI r t r>
i J Jr. J. K. Smith. l)r. K. A. HiJdretl), con.
! Mr. Daniel I'eck, Maj. Alderson. W.
. Mr. Joseph Grave?, Mr. Ale*. Bone, 1'ru
! " Win. McCafkey, " 11.0. Sliriver, Boa
i u M. L. Oil, " John Doddridge, sub
: " John Knote, " Thus. Mcl.aln, lion
" John McLaln, " llobert McLain, tint
i " (?. W. Atkinson, " John Wogncr,. * aftc
" J. K. Hughes, " Allen Howell. ?lso
W. T. Zink, " J. >!. Fouler. met
. Dr. Bates, " llobert C'rangle, exj>
- Mr.J.Snyder, Dr. Jepson, j;en
Maj. J. V. I. Rogers, Mr. George I'aull, Hoi
I Mr. J. N, C'harnock " Arthur Little. Can
i Mr. I,. Woodiuansee. L*u
; Mrs.Dr.RA. Ifildreth, Mrs. Jacob Snyder,
' Miss Mary Hohson, " James Dalzell, ?rri
" Juliet McLnre, " D.K.Dobbins, -j;
Mrs. Ilobt. Granule, " S. 0..Peterson, jn f
; " D. K. Brook*. Miss Lizzie List, cnt(
" Walt ere, Mrs. A.'Luke, nov
' " K. JIandlan, " George Johnson, S|1U,
' Miss Mattio Stout, Miss A.M. Doddridge, "un
, Mrs. Allen Howell, Mm. A. 0. Robinson. Tfic
" Dr. Ulrich " Daniel l'eck, ,.)8>
[ " George l'aull, " John itodley, (rac
[ " M. G. Gauley, " F. Swaba-jker.
" " II. Hornbrook, " John Wagner,
[ Miss Sadie Stout, Miss Sue Cmmbacker,
; Mrs. John McLure, Miss Lena Walton, B.
" F. S. l'ark, Mrs. L. M. llachruan,
" J. J). ICwing, " W, F, Duller, j*
14 A.J Worls. " Isaiah Warren, p
i Mrs. Catherine McCoy. j/
PULPIT 1* A It A ft It A1*11 S. of a
> Church Announcement* nutlGeuerul lieitems.
| St. Luke's l\ K. Church, services at 10-30 a. liar
; m. and 7:30 ! . m., by the rector, Rev. U. C. gavi
I _ no
?icinauuji in ui? unru rresoyierian . t
, Church Sabbath morning nail evening as * ,
, usual. Sabbath School at 2 p. m. in
There will be preaching at the Disci pics pk?'
< Church to.niorrow morning and evening by the
the pastor, W. U. Thomson. Sunday Sehool cou
1 at ju a. m.
The usual gospel temperance meeting vrili ^llst
' be h? ld at Parker's Ilall to-morrow afternoon 'lnc'
at Mr. Davis, from Wuiej, wiii deliver 'J?e
. an. address. ?lrAt
the Wesley M. E. Chapel Rev. J. W. JS
1 Griflltts, pastor, will preach at 10:30 a. m. j0jj
. and 7:30 v. m. to-morrow. Sunday School at
. 2 i?. m., John Waltord, Superintendent. j^e
: Regular services at the United Presbyter- Mel
s ian Churcn to-morrow at 10:30 .v. m. At* 7:30 ary.
s i'. m. Rev. \V. S. Thompson will occupy the und
i pulpit and use the illustrated Riblc charts. this
: All are invited. He
' "Fallen from Grace" will be the title of the j'im
morning sermon at the Chapline Street Meth- >ng
odist Episcopal Church, Rev. George PI I lite.
pastor. "The Future Life" will be"the theme
of the evening seruion. c'ev
| ronrth Street M. K. Church services: Gen;
era! clasi meeting Sunday at'J a. si ; preach- .
j ing 10::}0 a. si. by I lev. A. 11. Chapman, and v- ..
J 7:30 v. m. by Kev. J. li. Keyes. Srnuiay School ;
at 2 i'. m. Young People's meeting on MonJay
at 7:20 p.m. j?}*
The Sunday School Tencbers' meeting for jjgi
i this week will he held at the Fourth Street j[0i
. M. K. Church this afternoon at -1 o'clock, Mec
conducted f>3* J Jo v. J. U. Mulford. The meet- that
ing next week will be held at the United thoi
Presbyterian Church. writ
In the English Lutheran Church to-mor- that
row tiicre will be services at 10:30 a. m., and him
7:oO r. M., conducted by the pastor, Kev. IS. Jl. the
ilorn baser. Subject of the evening discourse: testi
Christ's Admonition to the Church at Ephe- Mci
sua. Strangers are welcome. All teats are not
free. Sunday School at 2 i\ m. Sunday pick
School lesson": Sufferera brought to Christ.-- M
Mark 7; 24-87. cvid
The Third Presbyterian Sabbath School !]?a^
was the first in the city to accept the liberal ,m
oiler of Mr. John "U'atinaniaker. of PhNadiW
phia, Pa., (I'resbyterian) who has agreed to
furnish flower seeds to any Sabbath School, ^yu<
the samu to be distributed among the children,
who arc to be instructed and encouraged
in their cultivation, and hold a competitive ^
exhibition in midsummer, awarding prizes neiS
to those who have been most auccesstul in Mi
their cultivation. They will also furnish Phia
llowers every Sabbath to the sick ones. This is in
school now has an enrollment of 300scholars \*i
and is abreast of the times in every respect, conn
Prof. Gvvynn, of the Eighth ward public for t
school, has been elected Superintendent, and ^
from his success in that position elsewhere t(J.
what may we not expect from the school in
the future? ^ io Jr
Grand ????! ret It Jurors, Mi
The following ore the petit Jurors sum- delci
moned for nest Monday for Part 2 of the Cir- "?'pl
cuit Court (Judge Boyu): 01 ^
Washington District?E. Ball, J. W. Grubb. Mi
Madison?Alex. Forgey, Cbas. Wheeler. Xieli
Clay?P. W. Uosley, Samuel Harrison. True
Union?J. W. Armstrong, S. A. Kem:c? is an
Centre?G. G, Both, F. C. Binjroll. * on ^
Webster?Ttiomas Dixon (colored), Ed. <gf
Schafer. with
UichLan.l?A. J. Wffann A T1 .Vlu
Ritchie?John iiecker, Adam Krot/..
Triudelplu'tt?H. W. Tyler, A. I?. Patterson. ..est(
1 liberty?John JJunkle, Geo. P. McCoy. 'wou,
The special grand Juror* to aet on the boy ^rnu,
incendiaries'case, also aummoned for Mon* 0fn<
day morning, are: ...
Washington district?"W. S. Goshorn, Jacob ,1
Wise. anli
Madison?J, B. Sliomlmrcl, M. 1,. Olt.
C'luy?Samuel baughlin, Joietdi Graves. ,, ,
Union?0. J. Crawford, ar., John Uodlcy. ,
Centre?John iSutter/ield, Win. Zink. * , u,
Webster?John C. Miller, Stephen. Clark, ?J,
A C. F. libeling. ,1L!
Kitchie?Henry Sehader, John II. lIobb3. t0
Triadelphia?Lucien JJogc,
Sow Church on fho J .viand. Th
.Tho congregation of St. Luke's Protestant
Episcopal Church, who are now worshipping
in a smad frame building on South llroad- J
way, are about to erect a neat and attractive cro.w
I church htiildinc on tho lot nfc tho fttnni
corner of South l'onn ami Oliio streets, oh vu,i,
the Island, which lot was given to the church ?n.
Just your by Capt. John McLnre. S. M. How- 10
aril, the architect, has already completed the pC.n
plans and drawing, and is now at work on
the specifications. As soon na these are com- ,ucnJ
pleted the work will he placed in the hands ;
of the contractor, and the building pushed to Is "
completion as rapidly a3 may be. The church P?r,
will Ije a frame uathfp structure, fronting on
I'enn street, ami will havo a spire one hun- , .
drcd feet in height. The size will be about
10x80 feet, giving an audience room .??0xGG
feet. The plan is a convenient and modern . * t
one, ami the drawings represent a buildiiig (
which will be an ornament to the Island and , ?
a credit to the congregation. c)n1a4l
tt< oium
<>iHllltu?ortlio XlfAt Market, gioo
"ileal Ss dourer to-day than at any time ^.eu'
since the war," said a Wheeling butcher to *.>60
an Intei.uoescf.!'. reporter, yesterday, "and ?" '
everything points to an advance next week. .ije
It is very diflicultfor us to purchase pood (i_:vt
cattle on the hoof. Best steaks are now rc- .
tailed at 2Ua25 cents; round steaks at 18a20
cents; rump steaks at 12J?al5 cents and boiling
piecesut {(jail cents. The adyancp, ne?t
week, if it is njaue, will wotk harder oj) the
laboring chiss thai} on those people who pur- ustu
chaae um choicer steaks, 1 loj^a are scarce, J V ii
high and In very poor condition?there is Jllfl'i
very little lard to the average hog now-a-days. o
We have to pay 3 cents grow; fully 2yt cents ^ &?,
uiguer limn at iuis nmu a year ago. Choice h'Iliir
pork steaks now retail at 1'2}{ cento?two K Itot
pounds for a quarter." J JJ M
'jtousll (iii rlllh.** ^|',y
Clears oat rats, mice, roaches, /l-'es, ants, JPM
betl-bii^s, fikljnks. chipmunks, goiters; l^c. iff.ty
Druggists. W'R
m.i.va 1.1s regulates the bowels ajul )iver. Jf J J
M I All
KAlLItO.il> M Kirn NCI.
ub?crl|itluu ol $.20,000 uiiiiiu I'.tri uf
Ch?* t'mintj-.
good number of prominent citlrjn* intt on
night in the rooms of the First Branch of
ndl, to take steps looking to the raising HI
>e $iiO,OOQ a*?igued to this county on
. ih
mi u? mo ngut ?ji war aiuug me m aem- ^
I'arkersburg ? Charleston' railroad. jn
or Loring was callcd to the chair and 1!. ea
Pelerton appointed secretary. The aitua*
i of atMnj In connection with the right
ray was presented by W. F. Peterson nnd wj
Moruey Ucu. White. The substance of up
r remarks was that $10,000 of money ui;
needed to purchase remaining rights of
over forty miles of free right of way j,{(
been donated. As soon as a free right of
was procured the road would be luime- i?
ely let to contract. It was hoped to let ^
contract*fn June, ami as early hi that
itli ns i**ulble. Wobd county would t0
e $15,WX). Already $h\U0U had hfcti paid
iitizetm of that county to the expenses of 1
work accomplished, and $L~>,00<) more m,
ild be raised. Tfce amount asked from
0 county was very reasonable. On ..
;ion, it was resoved as the sense of the
rtingthat the counly should subscribe
$'JO,UOO required, and the president of the co
rd of Commissioner*, Mr. J. 8. Speidel,
) was present, was reouested to call a or
. Jal meeting of the Board for the purpose
submitting the question to u popular
?. This Mr. Speidel agreed lo do w.
next Monday. A snecial com mitten
listing ofjJJuior Luring, Cupf. McLure, .
r. rctfttsjn, J. It. McCourtney nmi John j)U
vv, was appointed to appear be/ore the "?
rd at the meeting and memorialize it to
mit the proposition for a $',10,000 subscrip- '
i to the voterjof tiie county within lite tci
e proscribed by law, which is thirty days an
r the meeting of the Iloatd, The meeting tal
i appointed as a committee to meet the
libers of the railroad syndicate, who aro str
ee.ed here next Tuesday, the following tj
tlemcn: Mayor Kgerter, J. S. Speidel, \\
i. C. 1). Hubbard, W. L. ilearne, A. W. ,
ipbell, I)r. Baird, Lewis Baker, Samuel ni
ighlin, Isai;di Warren, W. 1\ Peterson,
t. McLure, John (J. IlolVniann and John >
terllng. They will hold a meeting, on V"
iday evening, at tiie McLure House, to \
mgo for the conference.
lie sentiment of the meetim: was warmly Wl
avor of the subscription. No doubts are "li
rtained that the long desired railroad is I'11
? assuming a very close and practical i(!l
pe. AH that is needed is tiie $10,<00 and '
that is asked of Ohio county is $'20,000. Th
n follows the work of the picks and shov- It.,
No money is to be paid until the con- vc:
:t.? are let. m:
ltdf .VII OVI.lt TO COUKT. tin
V, MiOlrrliru on ? cimrgr of .
Klcnliu;; it I'rotnlvtory Xotc. ,
fie preliminary hearitig.in the case of ]J.
McMechen, charged by Ell McKennqn,
with feloniously obtaining possession
promissory note of the value of .>175, was
i by Squire \V. II. Caldweli yesterday,
prominence of the parties ami the pecucircujn.slnnces
connected with the case
b it unusual interest, and while there was
positive proof offered of the theft, the
ice held that the note having been found
Mr. McMeeben's possession, and no exjalion
of how it came there being made,
presumption of guilt was the only one he (
Id entertain, and he thought this at least *
itied his requiring bond for the appear- \
e oi me accuseu in uoun x tie bail was (
i! in $1,000, which wan promi)iJy given, fix
S. A. McMechen becoming surety for his ]
iher. Prosecuting Attorney. Jordan con- <
tod the examination for ^"he State, and (
n 0. Pendleton represented the defendant. ]
number of witnesses were examined, ami <
testimony showed that the note was in <
Cennon's possession on the 11th of Janu- (
lie testified that on that night he was ,]r,
erthe inilueneeof liquor, and while in ]
condition in some w*v lost the note. %};
remembered that McMechen was with .\j2
.. Will Uiehardson also testified to seethe
tv,*o together on that occasion. John
ell. who drew the note, testified that Mo- n
hen had told him a tew days after the to
enth, that McKennon had lost the note. for
,e time after this McKennon accused Mc- su,
hen of having it; when he declared he
not know it was lost Cant. Devries and \
. Satterfield test' tied that a letter addressed ,..r
McMechen and i'or?elI jointly had been ,in.
on r desk at the 1J. it U. oflice. and had u n
their ten days or two weeks, until Jint r
ltfuot. the eolored porter at the McLure .)d,
ifo, hud brought an order for it from Mc- L
lien. The Captain thought the letter and 0[
order were written by the same person, .
igh there was an attempt to disguise the 1
incitithe former. H. l?. Dovcner said j
McMechen had brought the letter to
sealed, end he had opened it and found rec,
missing note enclosed. Jim Lightfoot a u
fied to being sent for the letter by .Mr.
lechen. Ttie sicnature to the letter is >
decivherable, but the writer ssrs he
ed the note up near the McLure House,
r. McMechen claims to have materia!
ence which he will be able to offer ut the c;r
trial, which will completely exonerate
from the charge of thelt. " g
? Co.
I'OIMS AllOL'T l'KOPJ.K. tmi
srcabontN of WhcvlliiuitoM ami other a'- )
IntrrcMtln^ (iosslp. J1.
r. T. K. Laird is at Charleston on busi- *
r. Hobert Grau, business manager of the sllil
dolphin Church Choir Opera Company,
the city. * F
ce I'rchidait JJJ. lioKers, of A. A., and Ma
mittee leave to-day for Beaver, toarrange *
he Association picnic. ^
ss Sue Allen, who has been visiting her nisi
r, Mm. George Hamilton, on the Island, ut
r. G. II. Marshal has been elected as a .
;ate to the High Tent of P.echabites as Jt,s
/ate trow Junior Tent No. 9, of the I. 0.
of this city. *
:a. L. C. Heed has on exhibition in ^5.'
oil's art store a portrait of Manager i}_
y, of the Western union. The painting tK
excellent one and lctlucts great credit i,
Irs. Heed. pe,!
Hiiro 1'hiHns was yesterday presented casl
nn admirable painting of his lamented
i-amMan dog 4,llayes.1 It is the work
rs. William liandlan, and all who saw it r
;rday in NichoH's, were struck with the
ierliil likeness. The 'Squire was almost t
iported with delight and would talk P
jthing else.
e always note with pleasure the advance
success of a "Wheeling boy. The latest Kijt
is that of Mr. Al: Glass, who has been
cd and has accepted the position of
' salesman for the Jefferson Ironworks, ,T
benville, recently made vacant by the s"a!
inil of Mr. Ifurrv Ifiu-ilftn <ic 1'
allelic Mill, of this city. Mr. Ghiss is hou
congratulated. f0gt
The IMrjcle Club. ft
e "Wheeling Wheelmen" were lost in enn
ration last night over the arrival of a T
:le, through llogc it Uro., for Mr. Charlie vu\,
i number of the club. The store was n' v
ded with the envying members who ex- *
cd every part of the machine, and cave 11
to their praises. Mr. Ott was as proud 1,101
iappy as a lord, and well lie had a right ?aP
, tor his new bicycle is the finest ever froll
in these parts. It is callcd the "Expert T1
inbia," and combines everv imnrnvt- moi
.known. The firm commenced the man- nnti
ure of this style this spring. The wheel mat
[fty inch, tli? spokes ure screwed in and Ci
ecurcd with nipples, both wheels arc by
bearing And there is comparatively no ]ie
on. 'lho mnchino is entirely nickel- Sun
d and shines like silver. The cost was rpi
ssrs. Coon, Hoge and Jfazlett have or- y'r,(
1 like machines, which are expectedj'n a nol
days. With four of these glittering ma- n
z* in line, the club will present a dizzy
, Mr. Frank Stanmi hasrpceived a new
I*, it is a "Standard Columbia1' and cost t,iut
The club now numbers fifteen and is cvei
organized. The reduction from $5 to "tie
by the Slate Fair Directors as the price Am
ise of the grounds was well received by of c:i
members. The objection that some P?P
:rs raise to the use of the bycicle, the A
bere intend answering in a short time, the
u<nr.i, Au?a VAL.x. l?j>
Iter, !|?pi<QU co ! 'CuHcr, B A U It 11 .}!vi,
civcy, Cow lluii, 0 Uin# Ucrvt-y, city ? "
illn, tttonbcMvllJo J J' .VyrodJih, Cmnbrlduc X
VriRbt, tttllxbun: Mint Hull. Wellaburg Tim
iinxnotiH. city \V Hurt, Frostbunr, xd ?
ljomtt.".Kn>?tV?,iI?l HmniicI Duvi>. city C.i
was. Aiu-Kiwjy wi Mtuoiiw., VtiihyGrovo inir.
KTLi, I'liuotrxh irrhlsilc, Stsitnti iha
cCuy. SL-tcfvlile A Ci Kuticr, lUlilmoro ,
ttisuii, Jnckion. O \v vV Mi CliilJU'J city n'*d
rovrnwell, t'hUu Ikn r: Hurt, Mnnnincton Pi
k'ilNin. letrolctim \V 1'Man,?, Denver. Co* ?i?JScwYork
>frf.Saif.rjt/' ' 5 Voni
bcljtur ' .vk Merkci. Cincinnati St
iiHiiy, Kcjmj? ! W Arnold, KejSer Unti
IW ?*n/-*TlIte S r. JlKn^ rmnlcrlniHl ,
llnck, city J M McOiHiiull,?IcvcUiiii I"*'1
!|ce. <!'/ 3 ? Vwtcl*,' Xeimb htch
liMl, JIA1 U,iOO-.
NEUllltlUKllOOl) StHH
A child of Iwac Potts, on Gravel Hill, diet
. u .'mil" iv*vr.
Mrs. Tliotna* Dickens is lying daMgeroualj
at nor home on Qutrnwy street.
James H. D.irrnh. uf the clerical force a
e It. A 0. J I. It. cilice, met with o pslnfu
uident on Friday morning. He was assist
g in moving a wife, when It ftlii'ped am
me down on Ids foot; bruising It badly.
Tin. V '/ P!p..I? ../ *. .1
.... >? vnVill, t/J *HI!? Vlir, Wl'JIl Oil III!
Idav evening train to Woodsfield. Then
re about twenty-four In the crowd. TJjim
II bo the guest* of 3iiss Ida Hmlth. /
ecial train brought tbcnj back in tbi
Deputy Sheriff Sedcwlck, 1'robafo Judg
tchran, Auditor Collland, Stewart Adam*
jbert M. Wilkins, Juwej Frailer and job)
icbury, nil of the "permanent *eat." wer
town on Friday. Auditor Collland was ei
utc from Woodsfifld, where lie bus beei
dating in appraising the 1), 'L A (J. ]?, Jl
r taxation.
Minus's runny.
The Kxcelsior band have obtained the!
iw instruments
A cow was killed oti the railroad at lUu
lgtou, yesterday.
Those who attended the circus from her
ndctnti it us n fraud.
Exlev's planing mill has been idle for u dai
two, owing to boiler repairs.
Work upon the foundations for the'tie?
jve foundry will bo commenced to day
atlier permitting.
HrickJovers are busily engaged on the bij
tiding on Hanover utreet, but whether tin
tel plan will be adopted has not yet trans
There does not appear to be anything of in
est to communicate on political affairs. Vi
j not quite ready to plunge into polltica
u you
L Ackermann, I he well known Secom
vet butcher, celebrated his 37th birthdin
itirsday uight, ft number of friend* froti
heeling coming over to (UFmIsL
Hie Cons benefit festival started oiT I as
jht with n fair attendance. Thecontes
iwecn the rival ntvatnbontu for the set Oi
Iom is becoming warm, and this alone wil
ing in a largo sum.
rhe rain o( Thursday night ami yesterday
II have a tendency tocheai?en butter, stlni
xtn vegetation, bring plenty of llower?, tint
t the hturdy granger in humor with him
f and everybody else.
rhe funeral of Thos. Cot trill took pluce ot
ittrsday afternoon, Thoburn I'ost, G. A,
, having charge of the ceremonies, it win
ry largely attended, and the old soldier
ide u very creditable display. The de
ised wan buried with the honors of war
- burial ceremony being very impressive
Prom rheumatism I have been a great suf
i lime iiavo been con lined to my bed. The
t attack kepuue in Wed for 'seven lonji
>nths, in which lime I employed the best
?di?al skill without securing relief. 1 was
luced to try St. Jacobs Oil, which liemedj
s entirely cured me. My hutuls have heme
straight and enn bo used as well as
sr. I lmeimiuced others attlicted with
eutuatism to tj??j it, and the}' have expertced
the same happy result. I wish it was
my power to tell suffering humanity of
s curative powers of St. Jacobs Oil.
Ki?wai:o jijfokicm.wf, Scran ton, Pa.
.tnd Still i'iivy Come!
iood striped carpets at 20c.
iood ingrain carpets at 25e.
Iood superfine at :>0c, 40u and 50c.
food l-l flcK>r oil cloths at 25c,
)il c'oth window blinds, with fringe und
tares ready to hang, for 00?.
Larje stock oi wall "paper at Sc ur.d 10c.
Jooil calicoes at 5c and He.
jreat variety of ilros goods at 5 to 12%c.
[Jest 5-ply carpet chain at 25c.
.rood black and fancy silks at 50c.
3ood black und colored c&hmerug at 25c.
Jne hundred do*en ladies, gents' and chilli's
hoso from be to 10c.
'xolusively for cash. Call foon if von
<b to save money, a: No?. -01!) and l'0-l
lin street. " John Uoemuil
Ico C'r??u:n Cake (l>eIIelon*).
Pake the whites of twelve egg?. heat litem
a atifl* freth 011 a largo platter with a silver
k; heat in also one teacupful granulated
car ami one tnblespoonful extract vanilla;
r gently into this one teacupful sifted Hour
ih one measure "Ba.nxku" Jkiking Powder
xcd Jborough Jy through the dry Jlour;
l't grease your pan; bake forty minutes in
loilerate oven which must not be opened
fifteen minutes. When cold remove from
i by loosing the edges with a ease knife,
ead over with an icing made of the whites
two eggs beaten still", and tine teacupful
vdered sugar.
l medicine of real merit, prescribed by
tiy leading physicians, and universally
ommended by those who have used it, as
ue tonic is, Brown's Iron Bitters. Diw
i iiEAUTiKCL line of ladies' muslin underir
just received and for sale very cheap.
Geo. G. Roth.
nu<i Excursion in rittslniruh Nattir*
tiny May (fin.
aturday May 0th the I'. C. it St. L. Ji. II.
, .......... - ?vui?uii i?j iHisuur^ii on
ins leaving \V heeling ut (5:32 a. m. ami 1:22
' i ^'ck^t-s befjood for return passage
il Monday, May 8th, inclusive. Round
>only $1.50.
>o not forget we sell the hot unlaundried
rt in the city for$l 00. Geo. G. Roth.
'on kidney and pelvic dillicultica take
l mi: selection of Square and Upright Pies,
but little used; equal to new in every
[>ect; fully guaranteed; at great bargains,
Lucas' Music Stouk,
1112 Main atreet
l i..Mt'iK line of ladies' muslin underwear
t received. Gr.u. 0. Both.
ou can buy the celebrated cog-geared
rclty Clothes Wringer of Boyd, Market
taw, for cash. Just one-half the price
rged by peddlers for third class wringers
f you want to buy dry goods, notions, carS
on cloths, window shades at the lowest
Prices call at Qko. q. Both's.
Forty years' trial La pro veil "GLACKDRAUGHT"
the best liver meJicinc in
he world.
or sale by Logan it Co.
wliit; Wlu'r? SlonmorK Arc ami Wimt
They Aro Ditin^.
lie Diurnal re-entered its trade in uood
l?e yesterday morning.
ho Scotia will pass down at a very oarlv
r tins morning unless detained by the
he Sail City went up the river yesterday
>tics "iiytnan passed down witn
lie Welcome is running in the Sicken.
?trade (luriiiB the retirement of t!ie Abnir
nil to the I'ittsburg ways.
tie Pittsburgh will |,e i? port on Sunday
? Vittibnri;li for SI l.oui
jilt for b.r. "no of
ho St. Lawrence arrived in port vestorilav
;n ng, and takes Her departure fur CilSnm'
^st is in comI'lriif
I.'fj' ioolicaagain ycstcrdav.
...... ?.o c> viwiig in aiming a depth of
ftt'.hncbcs. linainess was rather livoly,
withstanding the drizzling rain that /ell
5th the Martin's Ferry packets announce
they will run to Martin's Kerry this
ling to accommodate those desiring to
nd the Com benelit fair, where the Little
ta and Maud 8. are contestants for a set
alora and to determine which is tho most
Itcntion of steambot\l:n$n Is directed to
report ofth* ' lofts) inspectors at thi*
iti\t\ tJ\e'poUUVou that occurred about
months a;jo at Pike Maud between the
ioStockdnle aud 11. 1). Wood. The in*
:tors have been una Mo to report before
ij; to the illness of some witnesses.
KRitvtu.K. May 5.?River fulling; 5 feet
cites on the guace.
?tuo. ]?.u, May fl.?It'vcr 5>2 feet and fall.
Weather cloudy sisd warm.
NCtSNATt, May 5.?Hiver^ feet Q Inches
rising. ?'
tiuu ldcneaot.
i Scrofulous, Itching ami Scaly Htimors
ol' tin' Skin, .Sculp
mid lilood Cured.
1 I trill now fate tbtft J mado n mlrnculoutvuro o!
one of the worst cares of tkln dl**n>?> kuownV The
,, Uatn?n of tony veal* ol<t; hm| Miflervd
hftccuyears. Ill# vyv*. M'alp and marly liU ? hole
hudjr j.rcn'nted a fdsiilful ajijitaruhee. Had lincl
i the attention ol iwirv illffvrvnt I'bytlriin*. wbo
\! |<tcM.tlbcd ilio best rwtncdln known 10 the i>rofe?
i klon. ?uch h.1 foitdo potaolum, untcntc. rortonlvc
, Mihllmnte, MiiMi)?riIlu. etc. Had |MfU JXO fur medteal
trentint-til with but little retlpf. 1 iwYalled
* Upon liltri to UK-the i.tttkurn IU-mo J veal (blood j>u*
mler) Internally, and the Cutlcnm and Cutlcura
N>sj> exlerxmll)*. He did no. and wo* completely
cured The ?kin on hi* head, face and many other
r part* of Ida body, which prex-ntcd a uioM loath*
Mime appearance, It ho* ?/ *oft mid mtx/ih ns an
InUni'd, with no M-ar or trace of thedlwnMJ left be
mini nuiuu now oecu cuicu iweivo niouiuo. uci-ortctl
? K. II. imonvk. K?o., Barnwell, S.C.
kivenwg. it. If. Kami, < imrfoton. s.
Uev. I?r." In <k'Ulllni? hii exj*rU>nce with
.. the tUiticnra Jlenuvlle#, ?ai<l that through Plvlno
rrovlilviicconeof hit j>ari?hioner* wa* eurc<l of a
? NTofuIoui horn, which slowly ilmlnlttK away
hi# life, hy the Cutieura i<i*oivont (blood purifier)
u internally, ami Outicurn ami i.'utlcnra 4n?iji oxter*
na))f. The /x>J*ou jb?t Juul it <1 the disease was
L completely driven out.
' miui.i
Sixteen month# fince an eruption hroico out on
p my le? anil forth feet, which turned out to he Kcrej
ma. niiil cuuscd me grvat pain ami annoyance. I
K'rcrai wined Us with no pool re>u]t*. until 1
Uuil the Cutleuia Uexibcnt (blood purifier) inter1
nailr. and Cutleura and Cuticum Soap cxtenially,
. which entirely eurwl me. no that my akin i? us
' >mooui ami natural h? ever.
' i.?y. n. kkait.r.v. r.iscut}} ft., nuumorv.
t Kvory ?lay we have some new >kln curb (?ocallcd)
f which 1* warranted (?) to euro ever)'thine, but
j which Is fowud oti nnnlyMs to he Ihu uur.oold pols
on*. Fowler's rotation <?f arsenic for internal umj,
and solution of corri>*ivepttblItn<itc,(bc*Jl/Kfft?oi?ofi)
; f .r external use. \\ hen t'ro'i of such deadly |*?U.
nn.?, try the Cutleum Kemedlej, wnich are of puroj
ly vegetahlo origin.
The Cutleum treatment for the cum of Skin.
i pcalpund blond diseaR*, e*insista in ttie interim!
, use of the Cutlcura Rcj-olvcnt. the now blood purls
tier, uml the externa) u>otil Cutleum and Cubcum
Soap. the nient tklit cun*.
5 Price of Cutlcura. small lmxc*. f>Co.; lanre Imxes,
SI. Cuticuru Resolvent, it j*r tiottle, Cutleum
, S<?ap '!'* . Cutleum Shaving Soap 15c. Sold by nil
Denot.'WEKKS IfJTTKR, Rmtoii. Maw.
- yt
M.v LITTf.K GRANf? DAU?HTEi: hns been deftf
for two awl a hnlf year*, caused by eaurrh. Her
' JiltJe )? ?(] wjw JUJed with or/upuon, which de.stmytvl
her roaile lierrouj-h ami luive a
vcryunwholoonie breath, fc'he ho# been cured of
1 rfcafness and everv other .??viaiitnin of Catarrh. unit
is now n fine, healthy 'bild, thiusk* to h'utiford'*
Cure /or Owrrh ?Testimonial.
Fur rough r.mi prowy skin: ('uticum Soap.
r?fYl 1 Moro continuous ami power'' O
ful electrical action is obtainVflLTAIC
,r"m '^WnV VoJnUo >Jffmiw.
g^tuGii&9(r|U j.IltMer8 lhHU aijy $ > brtl
pf a ctPRS tcrv made. They arc a speedy
*?*?*> I and certain core for I'nin and
^oakntMtof U?c Lungs, l.iver. Kidneys and Urinary
(ithcuraail?m, Nciitralgla, Hysteria, Female
Weakness, Nervous I'ains ami * entries**. llcutiin
ami Fever and Auguu. I'rice 25 ? ? !?t?. sold
tv.Trw !) ':?>. aptffiu s.tw
\r^s\S\y\y%S\s 5
A Blood Food for t !
*I\ELTCATE "W'oxr.jT, Kelts ncn XroTTmts.i
J 1J Sickly Cnn-DW.-v, run Aoed, Cosvaixs-I
jj ce.vr, Ovi:ur,'<>r.K::u, C.Kncv/oiUi, Emaciated, J
5 IxfcltVOUS AM) HlZtrhZti. \
J CO Tines s"tk SunrKhlne tliwi mt Hn'.l I.t jnor, ulitta j
| (red from It* Uvjuiiuu* pro|*rlk?. |
Steamer St. Lawrcncc will leave Wheeling SATURDAY,
MAY 13, at3 I'. M., arriving ut Cincinnati
Monday noon. Returning, will Icivo Cincinnati
Weilnetdavat mldnfght. giving wceussionists three
days ami nights in the city.
KRAMER'S ORCHESTRA will accompany the
Tickets can be hud byapplying onboard boat or
by mail or telegraph. Fare for the round trip, including
board at Cincinnati,.Ten Dollars.
('nj>t. Chas. Muhlcman, !-T. F. Noll, Clerk will
? *>? ott-ni>Jon t;ij. 10 the CijicJujiiiJi May Kesl\al,
lcaviiic \\ hotlluK, TL'fcSlUY. May 10th, ut n
arrivlm; nt Uncinnatl Tlmr>day noon and
tfi,,rty nl |"j?tnight. Uiur giving exenri
. v? \c 0 ut,t0II<l follr Concerts. Kcmember
<> tjitlr.K 11)0 Andes ymj can nticnd wore ooueerts
^' n b>, taking nny other btoamer. The Wbecllnc
Opera Ilonse Ori-hestra mid Jir*M Hand will furnish
eirlyv" g lhe p* Bcsuro^engage room*
thetrit/l>eiO?r0"n^ U,p' l"ol'"1I?Sbo"ri *vhi!eln
New Designs will 1)0 opened
I. Gr. I>IJ^3L,OIV'S,
J^ees Very Low.
Airvri ,'i 'S. " 1KTK">IEI)I.\TK UgSfetS
Sc?mM OmnnKKliom
. in i *?].rr, Clerk
nklvc 011 *a "uay, MAY n. ut
Por fttl&t or pram op.ly ?? l^ir.1 or In :
-Hi C. H. llOUTll.!, BOX .\CC?1?. .
IIKKM.VG Attn KAN'awua I
KiVfclt I'ACKhT. The lino **2S&bri=si I
P^"scrstnwcr, ;v. a, CliANCKrj.oij
*- I. Chancellor, Cupi. Jru 11 lIuntliiKtun, Cl'k.
J-cavcK l'ittsburpJj TJinml'jyftt4 I'.jt.
i ^ " JWflHiK l'ridny at 7 A. M.
w'iu,!f'011 Mondays til 7 a. m.
ceding, up, Wednesday nt 1 a. it*. f
T?c& ^ U,1 with Cincinnati
for M3h! SSr* mC"'M
-""fl 'Ml. BOOTH .1-any
> 0 hcad-atliu or lurk-:icho fur Iadifcl
Tito drink Or CAIiDUI."
For sala by Lr>tnn ,fc Co.
Cfitir.nJuEothosewIiini skirls vvc sell ?t '
' . li'irn.
" DlAOK-Dii.'.UGHT" unto, J
anu Icvr i;?|K>i.>iblc. c
l*'or sal ft by Lo^juj ,t (;u< y
chlno rro,k In ? pl.nl,1? mm.',,,,, 1Km ?1 El,
. .- _ ^_^JI
fori RENT.
WOB b?nT-THAT~VEI!V ln-vti
. . I5r-E, t'oitnt'r liwidonw ?n ,i , v"'i.
Ilotid, Uiely occupIM t,y \v,!j ,1 :i,
for teniunprly lu JOHN KKID '
TJ>01t KENT. < I
Store-room So. JWJ3 Main Krwt v
when completed will l? one huu.lV..1 9
sixty Beveii Ivet with u0 { 1 M
roomi, each rixty-seven feet deep :
KnquJre ot
JAS I.. H.\Wl.Ky I
A meeting of the SfKlthoMc * nf ,k .... ,
Cincinnati Cmnp&tijr for the <1"niA I
adoption of liy lJiw* ?n?l ?u-t '' '?vfn/?
may bo latin jr brought befort th?m ? I
al the Commen'Ul U?nk 11.1 .-ATi. v.\? vv v,". v.''"1 I
1M2, ?t Itf o'clock A. H. ttf or!': i.| th't *
< "U^.UATOKj I
Notice Uherebr given tlmut r> .jV* , |.fl
of the Htcckholuin. ot tin* Uru?h i V'W KH
company of WbiMinj;, !?? ;<! ifi,-'-.,1, ftj^l
April, a. D.lS-vj, lt woiu.l t?lrti u? ,v '/ VM
ot the Mi-1 cot|?oratloti be intIt,i;< ,1 1.'' **
lifter Mid ^tUio. ^ S;<* t? o!<!? r*. >111 m
ll?l? Kxcbftll*0 JUnli o:f winrl/j',1.'!1" lf IH
T? coyT1:'iC1'oi{-'
The B r?l i,l KiJtirallojj 0! DrM.t i.,-< fl,, ml
receive bl.U lor buil(lli1K a l.rf.k L? V? Sfl
oi two roomy, nml :i hrlrk vlKmi N K^l
iooin>; also for futllitR lu-axi?,K 'r'17,,!> U
largobuilding, until noon June I. |"i V"4 HH
miut furaMj, jvJtb hi, hi,} ,4vtJ J^klfc
foi tnnnec of his rout met. The IW1V ^ M
right to rejcct nnjr or r.li tiW*. \\ m -* Rfl
V"1 .(!?{ Jhy l5tl''nl ,ll?'"I l: j i ?? IS
.Jcr, JWitecfort. oh!.,. The w,j< tKtj.i iK-i;v:" [fl
jjio 0 l',cU<**d or M<>n
^ .? 13T>\ k>,^H
jpop. saxe oiTiiixi '
n . M wUh aitarhf.l'? 1 H
iur?t Uclrl... |Kirt?f the Flmah ^ ! '
minute, U'tlk ?t l.a IMle Mill J'oi;. rr ( i ^ IH
?i?l hrv*ery, whoio ihoiiwui.U iVwJi'n.;,! H
employment. ^ ^ J 1?$*
(j-VI'Ti.K .1X1) lion mi/'"'-- 13
For Sale Cheap. El
Wlieeliiij; l.'rajic Sugar nml II
Is - C. EOBtTH!, 11
1'loVi.M II.? li II ..I ' ifD
WW v,.. ...v n,?ITeUlVtL
II. FOlillKS, Whwlin*
RprVl & C"ilo;"1Iotlxe- ^'e^tnek |
jpon SALE. ~ ^ H
Lot 12, east siiie Chaplin* iirwt. b?'? H
Twenty-fourth stroet. ' * B
TennSTee68Timber Lan(i iu PtrrJccuttr, ^B
100 acres two and one-hal f miles from M H
ton, Marshall county, W. Va W E
? ?, "\V. V.liOGE.tCEO, B
- ' M:inr? >T,yt^ I
Under mid In pui>umice cf cf i'> v.
utclpal (wlltl of Whwllw.,,,^ "5,?;
of AMtl, IMS!, In n Hilt (or turniion H
tS"l?"J'|loUiei??? l'Wl.lil!., an-i Willi? B HI
MiJJera?(Jfni?i>lralor n:ni eihtrs ct ihlecdiis
the tmdcnigm'4 special comnii-innv:.*, sill (m
commotions m ihu hour of 10 7 * v*. HH
front your of the court Iioiim; of (Wo jvaut I
sell. ni jiuWic auction. tlie f:u; dc*iiUMr?i! HH
wuteiu the city uf wheeling. to an: aw*,?"v Bfl
numbered 11, JnKjimn'iujjjjLf.-to: Kii:,'tun<h H
w?*t M.le of Market street. LrUuvt. n/urK fll
Mrvct nmlHxli-tjixh Hrect, LcKluciiicat* i<cini<e Hi
k W r i,'e of i'.Mkt:i rtrci-t. which the unit*HH
the division wall between the two brivk i!wt!IiiD HH
now on *fli<l ]oi would sirilic 1/ iL<w ^H
tH.nhwanlly with Market streii .tj (m, eh? H n
H'm.to the Hue or P. V. un: ihe ct:u;r d HH
milt I lot; ll.etice extending \u.tw?:,Uv ihefu P,1
width of.32 feet to the biick subk> in tfierartf
said Jut. liiHl iht-iicveattudiHi' luck m ,> ??,e- Ega
brace nil the ground between aid K/ck> |;at k-1 R$1
ttie centie . f the division wait in th-mlfctofc V-'-M
ni.'cy it. the rear of ?*id l..t: :hv Uu f
jropy owned uml occupied l,y the late Wiilic
TtUMjfopSAl.Et-Ono.thinli.ftSicpurtbwBW. Is
or a? muchwore osthe [.uri l-iwr iLity e'.?tHH
... ...Ill w.t iramic ill iu<M<i|iu aciiUlU
Mallincnt*. with intcrot from ?Uv <.f mle.tte w
th;iserioKlrohis iwu* ilun for.'nHh f MB
cunty to s?o apprnvcd hy the amiuiMurtf, JHH
the title to be letuiucd uislll iwiiuttithifullcJiii |^H
I'UrehOie money. MB
1. r. ,'O.VES.
r. mxiy.
Serial iVpt:.in-!.M
npttusmrs sau-: or iTiuimr
ay virtue of a <>eed <./ frti>t tr.r.'k U Uzrl
Shunley unrt Annie, Ills wife, to nit-asWA^i
April ID, li>73, and ol record In
Clerk of the County Court of Ohio orr^.*'*
Mtglnln, in Deed ol Tns.-t lovk So. ?. jet V-\
t'o/nmendng at 10 o'clock a. .v.. hi the Iml &ctJ HI
the Court House t.f Ohio county. nil at j.iitlic ? BW
tion til ttl?> lilnht-.f I'll 1 I. .! ?hi. H
described pj(ijn;rty (or ii> uiutii thwf ?> i>W". Is
*'iry to satisfy exj.e:ise? of Nile ami the nmouKu |1
toe debt unpaid and k ctiral by vii! dwd kIUj'- |fl
thut is to say: A cert'dn trxot or imnvl o/IamlW Efl
ltiK part* of-Mib-dit'iMoi:?i'a:i<l I' i.i the frhcilW 9
euate, n plat of vvaUU' is ou :wm\ In die Ui'th U
ollleeof tlic County t'. urt ?>i Ohio county. I'fl
itt 1 eed hook So. Uu:
cd anddescribed us follow)., viz; Ikuiuuiic ?i < I fl
stake vomer to Usury Hervey, u K. W&M I -
look's to a MjiJce oorner to KJemmitiR: diMw ?2 I M
the litio of Fienniilntf N.h. 17 ss 1'0 wi'.tftuj IS
stake: thcn?- with said line X. \?? ' -vV'":,a
poles to h Make: tlietuv with mid line S. ' ;* f mm
i:j Cl 100 jh>1o to tfcc Ihlstead line; tin-are IS
filiil lino S. irljj K. 'IS pclesto iv Make (na>! - |1
McDonald: ttitiuc S. ;-.^4 \v. i>oles to * R.fl
thence with lU n< i 't UneS S", w, p> w J1.*' El
to the place of beginum;:, ootitHhiinx nun tr'.
two roods and twelve j?e:ches of >? the ?? M
more or less, except Ingouly the reservation'> ui?? M
in tiie deed hereinafter referred to. Uiw: ?* Ifl
property conveyed tosuM ik rutin! m
II. tetorurnud wife and otliir*, I?v dco! datol
1st, 1873, and of reeord in mid Ik-rn'* ollkc 1" ''*
It*.ok No. Co, pn>jc oT'J. . MUM
Title believed perfeot, but sellirs ? Trti'ti?
shttU convcy oniy fciich titletu ii vei?d iu rj
sii.1 deed of trust. MB
Tkhms ok Sa1.K?Two Immlied dollars cl mb
Chowj money, and us ir.ueh nioreuf the tuny*
may elect, cash in hand: the residue It" tlmtM', ? H9
Installments lit six. twelve < r;-l < Iclihtii
notes for rieferml rnyme:it> vr. uic?l l>y * H
trust on the ,>rc.|"ty. ^ B
V.-. ir. ifAi.t.nft, T;ww H
Aurtionccr. j |1
Set of Teelli on Gob! !;.JH
Set of Host (iiira Teeth ? ,,< H
He.st <4i>]i) J-JlJJjjp ? >
Silver Fillings -
Extwtliij; '
Gas given. All work waminiv'. . . t H
^ Hit. 8. It.
J)KS. bukgisox & sosi
dentist- I
No. 1113 IfArkct street. V.'hivlio?, H
A)] operation* wurrfJiini. H
Queen Iff loil
I'liEI) TOKJT, I'roprl.Or. I
i. E. Cor. Sixth and Race Sffesiv
European Plan, Lodging B"
er Day.
. eCrV.'c have added a new Ihhim. ftli
Hotel, ami renovated j
ml arc now in lirst-chua trim.
ouiiuotluU; the traveling jmbli'"
encral to hotter advantage than M<jr'. j
N. U.-Tiii.H h the must cciitr.-i! j
ny in the city, right among tl?' Iil!>;!urj' & I
.musemcnl portion. ami Htrai I
oin in front, or vritmit nt?'H,,:m A.-,;,!
) any part of tlio city; It if the
) Kxpoaition and Music JIuil.*.

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