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This (treat Specific Cure*
[ Removes nil trace* of Mercury from the system,
t Cure* Scrofula, Old tiara. Jlfteumnllm, ?escma,
Catarrh ?>r nny Jllood Dixatt,
Mai.vkrs, A inc., Mk>* 2, last.
1 We have owe* lu our towa who llvwd at llot
: Hurlilir* mill \vi.ri? tlnalM' Clirt'll Wl'll 8. H. S.
^ m km i'm IS, TknjC, May 13,1881.
Wo have aold 1,'-HJ?i)4)ttlcp ot t$. ri. d. m n year. It
\ has Riven nnlvenml MtWnellon, 1'nlr minded
Idmldanu now recommend It u# u poMllvo upeeltlc.
ri. ma.nmfii:i.div co.
Dknveii. Coi.., May 2,1881.
Kvery pnrehnserMieHki In iliu hiBhe?t terms of
h. H, H, li. MKIMbTKK.
1.0U1SVII.LK, Kv., Way 13,1881.
H. S. H lmi } |veil letter *ullMiieiion tluin any med*
iefne t havo ever mjM. J. A. Vlkxnku,
Richmond. Va.. May 11.1831.
Voti ran refer anybody to n? in regard to the merit*
of t*. i\ S. 1'oLK MtLUlt & CO.
Have never known h, ?. .s. to full to cure a awe ot
Byphllls, whun properly tuken. II. L. Dbnnahd,
Km W a nit**,
' IVrry, l?a.
The above signers me ircntlemcu of high standing.
a. ii. coi^uiit, Uov. ot On.
If jnu wIMi. wo will tine your case, TO HE l?AIl>
FOR U'l/K.V ('VUHD. Write lor partlcnlHW. nntl
copy of the lllllo bonk "Memiyo to the Unfortu*
mi lo."
SUM ItJIH'AH!) trill J?p |?M to any who
will find, on nuul?h of 10U bottlcN of 8, B. s., one
imrtli'loof Mnicury. Iodine. Fobuslmn.or any inlnoral
xubhinniv. s a I IT SI'KOI 1'IC?:o.,
I'rop It'torx, Atlanta, Ga.
Sold by PruvwWtKeverywhere.
iM"t'rlco 0/ hint- or u ^uUr tlzo rtulncci1 to SI 75
1 pur bottle, and Mnnll fclzo holding half the quantity
l?ri''U 81. apfi-'i
^ e>V
Mie (5,000,000 Children
< in the United States
W'/ju Nii/far I'nJn,
' Who Fret ntxl Ciy,
Who II?vo I'ale f'ucofl,
Wlio Jlavo Hud itreuth,
Should Use Iiiiuglilin's Worm Syrup
b The Chili! Whose Moep i? Disturbed,
(: s Tho Child Who Witkcji In Terror,
f The Child Wliofio Appetite In Voracious,
The L'hilit Whoso Appetite Varies,
The Child who Does Not-Thrlvft,
h The Child Who 1h Kmaclatcd,
I The Child With Internal IrrlUtloa,
|; t The Child With Sallow Complexion,
L Slmnlil Use Iiiwglilfii'ihWorm Sj rnp
' i jCo Disease Bo Damjcrou* As Worms,
r Kit Child Jm Free from Them.
They Cause Dlsea.se Themselves.
j They Aggravate Other Complaints.
[ '('he Child's Cure When Teething:
i* Kovtkxh tiik (Iujik; "Aj.j.ayh J'aix; ItKimcsa
itcrtaifmatitix; Cn.vTiioi.s vuk JIowku*,
CriHNu sfmm ?:it Cost i'I.aint.Dvrkntkuy,
Vol hers will find ItYery* valuable: the child will
h? ir?rveil,i!'-f '/?/<> npniflr flrrji.inul tniAr ii)> rhter/ill,
Titijiii't, itiul frrllttu cumfortabU. Wi' guarantee
each hoille,and will refund the price of every one
cot dulus ua reprvKautctl. &ol<I by uii druggist*.
I'elco l!5c. per Jinlt.Ir. ..
i'aUGHUN BROS. fi. CO., Propriefoi
wiieeunc, w va.
a v5? ^
weiws ecTjEctkic medicine
JsHpoMtlvc and eiA'ctnid remedy for nil Nervous
. Dipease* in every sinae of life?young or old. male
or female: such as Impnteucy, Prostmtion, Loss of
Streuuth, Loss of vitality, Defective Memory, Impnircd
Brain I'owr. and diseases from which an
unnatural waste of life Rprings, all of which cannot
fall to undermine the whole system. Every orjjnn
is weakened, every power nrrstrated, and many
forms of dlrfeascare generated wl icfi, if notchecked
pave the way to an early death, ft rejuvinates at;e
I :aud rcinvignmtcs youth Each package contain*
f ttmfticlenl for two weeks' treatment. Write for pant*
[ jplilet, which will he scut free, with full particulars,
r Sold by all Drupgists nt 50 cents a package, or
' t*vive packages for & 00. Will b? sent/rceby mail
r on receipt of money, by addressing
i, > A cure puanmtccd. Huff/do, N. V,
&V LOGAN A CO., Wholesale and lie tail A cents,
Whoplhar Tvyw-ln'.?7
i druggtsts. ~
^ .^jtajipis siaxs,. i
Syonges, Turkish Towels,
Fine Soaps, Parson's Cologne.
tor sale r.v
1U10 3tniu Street.
' myr>
('all and see tho Beautiful Patterns at innr"volously
low prices.
npr25 1005 Main .street.
IVlfdJln, Soeratcs Instructing, Cornelias' Reply,
Pilgrim Hxile*, Uutnrnof the May l-'lower, Midnight
Challenge, Tolling 1U?U. Spare tho Weeds, boor
Puss, Jersey, Village Klvi#, Tnsso at thoComtof
Fcmtm.-lmUeapciue llofiHO Jiltzdljcth. anil many
other desirable .'mbioots. Call and fee them.
Jf, L. MCoM,. Agent.
nivl Mor.nvp Pnnvc Art "tntf
cl K?Aurn & CO..
(ttuottsfior to U. Jiclwmlltfich & Co.,)
Wta and Liquors, Grandy,
tunniAui Am if oninnuu],
IVo. 1133 Mar)?et Sti oot,
N&*. WKEKLIXfl. W. VA.
>? U:isiier &I)inn er,
*? ivncirrrmtKUa OK
Hayes' Pateni Metallic Skylights
(17ml<?r lik'criNo)
Tho only Skylights that aro
Fire, Stonii, CoiiiloiiMtion mid
Weather Proof.
oa-NKNii fok i'iuciiuii.-ni
"N.o. Third Avemie
S^^RES nTS.^^t
Curr.t my little ulrl of nt*. fclio wan ulto dcnf nnd
auinli. but It cmiix'U Jut. 8Iik cun now tnlk mill lifnr us
Well luuiiyfoody. l'KTKIt Uoiv Knrltiuwatur. Wit.
8 A.11AI( ITA VI!It VIM:
Hat liccn thu mean* of curlnn my wife of rliotuniitlnm.
J. I). 1'i,kiculii. Furl Collins, Col.
Made a sure euro of n cn?o of fin for my mm.
K. II. Ualls. llliiiiavllle, Kan.
Cured mcof vertigo. ii'mimIkIh anil slek hendacho.
Mu?. Wm. Hknmin. Aurora, 111.
Was tho means of curing my wife of (pasim.
JIkv, A, J>oiK, Itwiycr. Tju
Cured mo of asthma. niter ttpeiulimr o\tp ?3 with
otherdoi'turn. 8. 11. ilouxos, Xett Allmay, l?d.
Ktlectually cured me ot (twins.
MISS .fK.V.VtK U'Annc?f,
*40 Went Vim Huron St. Chicago, III.
Cured our child of fit* afior Riven up ii? 'lie by our
lumlly phynloluH. It havlmcovor :t?i In 31 hour.'.
Husky Iv.skk. Vcivllla, Warren Co., Tcnn.
Cured mis of icrofula After MilTnrlnK for eight year*.
Alukut SlMI'so.V, I'eorfa. 111.
Cured mysonof UK nftor spending I.VHM with other
doctors. ,J. W, Tiiokntoh. Ulalboru, MIsj.
Cured mo permanently of epileptic At* nf a stubborn
character, l'.cv. Wit. MAitri.\',Mechnnlc?town,Md.
Cured my son of flt?, after having had 2, MX) In eighteen
months. .Mui. K. Funks. West1'otsdam, N. V,
Cured mc of cpllrniyof nine yearn' Handing.
Mis* Ojit-k.va .M a b.'Jm i.r..
u numy. ->cwtouco.. Mo.
Ha* permauauly caml me of epilepsy of many years
duration. Jacob sutku. St. Joseph, mo.
Cured UK' of bronchitis, itsthun ami genernl dehtllty.
Ouivku Mrmis. Ironton, Ohio.
Fin? cured me of ajicfini u itfxo serofuln of tnanjr years
standing. Jsaao Jk\vkm? Covltnuou, Ky.
Cared me of fits. 1law heen w(?n far over four rear*.
Cuaui.ks K. Cuims. Osakl*. Douulass Co..Minn.
Cured a friend of mlim who hid dyspepsia vrry badly.
MtciUKt.O'Connor. Ultljrway, Pa.
Has permanently aim! iw.ot vpllepttr fiti
ft.vvio TuKMiu.v, Ilea Moines, Iowa.
Cured my vrlfc of i-pl) p?y of .17 yea r* *tninlltK.
Htxav Clark Falrflelii, Mich.
Cured my wJfe of a nervoii* (JJjiea?e of {>;< h?--id.
k. Gkaiiam. North Hope. Pa.
Cured my son ot His, JJt; Jjn h m>r hod ? ill tor about
four years. John Davis.
Woodburn Macouuln Co., 111.
Or may be had direct from tin. For further Jnlormatlon
IneloHi; stamp for our llhutntted Journal giving
evidences of eurrs. Addrena
DIE. S. A. lUCnMOXT) Ai CO.,
"World's Epileptic Institute.
I'or Fill" l?v I.?im?hlln Tt ? .t- f',? W 1mi1iwh1? Drue
ptMH Miitn siM'vt. Wheeling, W. Vn.
' >?YRUP0E><(1!,pril
4hvi?g to a popular Idea thut a remedy snid to
cure it variety or maludh-s should lit* treated with
j caution, If not suspicion, the Inventor hesitated
wane tline in plnemgit before the hut from
the gratify hip assurance by n j^reat number of the
nre vitalizing and health-renewing properties of
| his preparation of Hypopho?phltes. tinder a variety
l of circumstances, he Is equally satisfied that these
I cilcets are tccuted by its use. that its i-cion in peculiar
to his preparation, and that CONSUMPTION
S not only CuKAhLK, but, up to a certain stage, is
an easily controlled namostother organic divans.
While it is* the aim of the inventor to convey I?i
i'ormailon to meh as require hid Hypo phosphites, it
is his llttn belief that its ute will be valuable to nil
whodetire a Jong li/u or who are struggling for
With a faith based upon the experience of twelve
years. ho iron Id not despair of roMojJntf a patient
sutlering from the ahoveU-dbcBs-o, even tho ph rednri'd
to it verv <?iv statu and not coinulicutcd by
actual organic Joss.
1'i.int, M n:tr., Sfjxy 10th, 1880.
Don Sin:?AHwwo to say that I rstcom your
"Uyponhoyphltcs" jnoit highly, and for those enpayed
in pioftwions whlni ilnnv largely on the
utrvous svstein It i? inviihinhlo. I have used it my*
teW wjth'the most wtisfuctory results H?d have Introduced
it to n large number of my pirojiK
Kkv. K. W. lUlUK.
w sr. M{i-linol'< TnfhoHo rhnrfli
Cures Rheumatism, Lumbago,
Lame Bud:, Epwjgsand i
Bruises, Asthma, Catarrh,
Couchs, Colds, flora Throat,
Diphtheria, Bums, Frost
Bites, Too Bar, and Beadachc,
and allpains andaches. |
The l*?t intfm.it ami external remedy In tl??
vroclt!. livery Utile cuanntccd. SoMhy meOJcme
I'rfce 50 ccct? and
UUFl'f.U), .V. V., U. S. A.
I | "For : IcTc ciomncitj br.'l tr.tli?. einklcffl
Wrvlh ?a-l iT.Jr.ilat luii, vclyvr'to'.ly o:? l'i> J-4
j :t: , . yjS5a| I
M' "j iirci ill U:2f.-.:y," iVrc^-js'.r.tir.l cr co::i-?r>
5i12 T-[ Jl7:-f:J1 f.
,| L i.l l bw^p'frfo! Is*!? Vr-iV::A.v** F
;] '.?:cv;:y V;j r's'U.r.rC r.:..lV ;t tVi.Vf : yl it'll
J..H .\ -vi' v ;> iTiHAflJ
'^jTr^.iiorcuroir^a^l'V .-. o.o. "L.JZZS;0j
i a I.;u'.:cc, ir^on v!:'i end a S
tr;.15 I'rrr.'.b, ilicr../ l'~?j :<! rciyM
C..V~r -- > >. ..TSrifrrj
_{j ??r> t'vV:"rnt';7"rjj? ft?nl^WoO
. yf J
''jl " -u-.fi
1 Sold by nil drnRglsts and dwijers in medicint
Make New Rich Blood, and will completely chtuij
the blood In the onliro eyjsteni in ibtoo month
Any person who will tako ouo pill each nJaht fro
oun to twelve weeks tony l>o restored tosound healt
U Micb k thine bo possible.
Beat by mail (or eight letter sumps.
Boston, Mass., formerly BAugor, Mo.
fb MAlt?mv.
rin: xaiioxai, immun.
Tholtllllo Conic lT|i TimIIII)' Tor (lit* I'.x
tension of lIulrCliiirli'iN-Uliuiirii Sub
Wasminutos', Muy 8.?'The special ordei
for to-morrow (Tuesday) is theconaidera
Hon of thu Crnpo bill to extend the clmr
tern of tlie national banks. At thepvopei
time Mr, Bhuid will olTur am a substitute
his bill to retire the circulation of national
banks and Jo continue them as banks oJ
discount and deposit. Sections 1,2 and I
of the Cinfio bill, relative to the continuance
of the banks, are retained in the sub
stitute, To Bcctiou 1 of the coinuiitten bill
is mined, However, the proviso Unit "said
associations urn hereby prohibited from
issuing circulating notes, and hereafter 11c
national banking association ahull increase
its circulation or be organized with
authority to issue notes to circulate at*
money." Sections 0 of the bill ami sub*
Htitute arc identical. The remainder oi
the Jilaud bill is nsfollows:
Sue. <*?. That national banking asanciations
that may bo continued by this act,
and these whose corporate existence Khali
expire, shall bo required to comply with
the provisions of sections 5.221 and ">.222 of
(he He vised .Statute:* in the same manner
as if the shareholders had "voted (o an into
liquidation as provided in section o,220 of
the Keviscd Statute.*; and the provision of
section o,22l not Inconsistent herewith
shall also be applicable to such associations.
to. 7. That all ^lie moneys deposited in
(he treasury oi (he United Stales for (he
purpose of*redeeming the circulation of
national banking associations shall be
deemed surplus revenues, and used in the
payment of tha current expenditures oi the
government, and in the extinguishment of
the interest-bearing debt of the United
Stales, in the ?une manner as other snniliM
revenues nro authorized to bo expended.
,Si:c. S. Thai, (or the purpose of retiring
and canceling tlicj notes of national banking
associations surrendering their eireulation,
the secretary of the treasury shall
eause to be printed and engraved treasury
notes of the United .States, the denominations
ot $!>. $10, $U0, $oO,$lQO and $1,000,
bearing such inscriptions and devices us
he may approve, to be exchanged for the
bank notes above described on presentation
of the same at the treasury; and the
secretary of the treasury shall cause to be
issued said treasury notes in lieu of sue)J
bank i otes asshull become the property of
the government in payment of taxes or
otherwise, and that the bank notes for
which treasury notes shall be substituted
shall be destroyed.
Si:c.!). That the treasury notes issued in
pursuance of this act shall be receivable
and payable for all dues and demands for
which national bank notes nre now by law
receivable and payable, and shall be exchangeable
for legal-tender notes when
presented in sums of $100 or more, for
that purpose, at the treasury of the United
States, but when no exchanged shall bv
paid out of the treasury again as other current
funds; and that said treasury notes
shall bo redeemable at the pleasure of the
United .States, in lewd-tender notes or
coin, at the option of the government.
Six'. lO. That the Secretary of the Treasury
shall make such rules and regulations
as may be necessary to carry any of the
provisions of this act into effect.
The Tariir Com info:* Sou Hill.
As has been announecd, the Tariff Commission
bill passed the House (having pre.'
viously pesscd the Senate) on Saturday
.last. In dosing the long debate 011 Saturday
on the bill, Mr. Kasson said:
If a man is for free trade, M him vote
against the commission. It" he is for a taril?
for revenue only, lei him vote against
this inquiry; but If, on [1)0 contrary, ho be-1
IJoVi'S that protection is necessary to any
extent, incidental or great, let him vote for
this bill and get the information which
would enable Congress to place {.bo duties 1
intelligently, j
All three of the 'West Virginia re pre-j
sentatives voted for it. The bill, ns pnssed,
reads ;is follows:
Be it enacted. &c., that a committee is
hereby created, to be culled the "Tariff
Commission," to consist oi nine members.
Section* That the President of the
united shall, by and with the advice ami
consent of the .Senate, appoint nine commissioners
fronj civil life, one of whom, the
first named, shall be the president of the
commission. The commissioners shall receive
as compensation for their services
cach at the rate of $10 per day when engaged
in active duty, and Actual travelling
and other necessary expenses. The comconunissiori
shall have power to employ a
stenograper and a messenger; and the foregoing
compensation and expenses to be
audited and paid by the Secretary of the
Treasury out of any moneys in the Treasury
not otliorwise appropriated.
Sec, 5} That it shall be the duty of said
commission to hj'je jnto consideration and
to thoroughly investigate all the yaj-ious
questions relating to the agricultural^ cpjn
wercuu, uiurcunuie, lnanuincturinjr, mining
and industrial interests of the United Suites,
so far as the same may bji necessary to the
establishment of a judicious tariii'or ;> re-'
vicjojj of the ..existing tariii'upon a senile of
justice io all interests, and for the purpose
of. fully examining tho natter which may
come before it, said commission, in tb?
prosecution of ita inquiries, is empowered!
to visit &fc}i (liflerentportions and sections
of tiie country as it may ijeein advisable.
SjiC. 4. That the commission shall jfliike.
to Congress Jimil report of tiie results of its
investigation and t|)e testimony taken in
the course of the same, not later than the I
first ilondny of December, 18Sii, and it
shall cause tlie testimony to he printed
fro.m time to time and distribute to membejs
of popae&s bv the public printer, and
shall also cause to be.printeii for the use of
Oongre?? 2,000 copies of the iinai report,
together with t!u? testimony.
This bill is not in the interest of one side
or the other. It proposes to ascertain the
fjuitp by the most exhaustive and intelligent
research, and submit them to Congress
jit the opening of the next session.
The nine commissioners arc to be selected
by tho President, and con finned by the
Senate, and it is expected that they will be
very carefully c)}Q$$u with a view of prePentium
the facts with the greatest integrity
ami nnparuiUrty. -Among those uajneti as
likely to be on tiio commission,' is Mr..
John .Tarrett, president of the amalgamated
association ot iron autl steel: workers.
There will also ho tyyo or &re(J prominent
reprwentctivea ot the agricultural intents
ot the country. "Nearly till -the votes .cast
against tho bill wero cast by .Democrat^
there being only seven Republicans among
thoeigbty-tijree who yoiw} no.
jjkvxmi tiri ivi; n.oons.
ftjwl HoporlH from I tie Itcd UlvcrlU'uioij
pf tlfV ~ i -J
Winnij'kg, May 7.?Water in the $ed
Affsiuaboino rivers continue to rise
and a large area of the city and suburbs is
l uiiltmnrfiiiil Hiimliwla nf fnntiliiu nvn
(luring hardships from being so long forced
I to llivo in the upper portion's of dwelling?';
many haye takeivto tents. The grist and
saw mills are ail .idle. The losses, though
jiot fully kno^n, iii'nst iu'the apgregjite be
serious." Considerable anxiety is entertained
in regard to railway traffic. 'Hit
iron bridgonnd the bridge oyer tiio Assinai
boine are in danger. (The wjiter ia iiearlj
,3 up to the roadway. Both waters arts now
- about two (eet higher tlijin fltthe iee freshei
two weeks ago.
S HvIIfi io be Avohlwl.
? Overheating is in one senso as productive o
in eyil as intemperance in drinking. Avon
h. both, and keep the body purilied with Bur
dock lUqod Bitters, and you will bo rewardei
with robust health and uu invigorated _s>y<
(em. Vrice$l00.
Or the (.'ondittou of the 3larkotH nt the I-tiadln
Traile C?uter? or the Country?The Uulluf
rice* Tor the principal Staplei-Klniincittl
ujjiJ Commercial AJTolm,
I'lSAM'lAl* AXI) comimiviih.
Sciv Yorlt Money iiml .Stocks.
I New Yohic, Majr R?Motioy 3at i?cr cent. i'rlm
merciuitlle puiicr -liift per oont. Bt*;rMiiir Kxc-hunv
f bills Miwly nt i 1 8",l4; dctnuud 81W.
i (lovEiiSMr.nt#? IrrejjuUr.
U. H. ft?, oxtended....lOiliiLohigh A Wllkcu U<?
U..H.M,extended"..tom tit. P.itH.C. first* HO
U. H. 4}V<?eou|i?)tU...llM'j|U. P. bonds, ilret* 117!
L'. H. i*. coupon* 1 /I*41 (!. 1'. l.atm <jrautN...ip,?
| Pacilio <?" of 'y,v !? _' I/. I'.hiuklng f(irid....L'0
, Comiul Pacific llrfU..llt?% Texas pan lund ui?... G5J
I lirie M-coml* 0t/Vl'lu.lllo Grando div... to!)
; HAiuiOAbiicNDH-Stemly.
( Statk .SiX'L'niTiiw-Ueuerully lower,
Louisiana eonsoU-. tu (Virginia Gs 35
Missouri I'H U2W. Virginia consol*. ex*
Bt, Joseph IWiJi tro mat. coupons.. G5
1 TciuHWt'O G#.?,, f>0;J VliginJa deferred jy)
l Tennessee 6s, new GO | 0 U He red.
BToeKH-Shnro "Peculation opened Irrcfftilnr. bn
hi cite irmin wcutk. price# xfjotving a decline trun
' Saturday's quut!ition nl |H?r cent., tlio lnttc
New Jenwy Cen.ral, l)elawaie, bickawaua it West
em awl Orego.? inww^oMtinonwJ. iiowove r ad vanct
Yx per eeut. The market curly nolil up to pe
cent. Canada Southern, MUrhi^nti ? eutral, \u*?l
> ern Union and New York t'enlml being conspJcu
oiiH hi the upward movement. Thin wan follows
t?V u decline of per cent., in which Wit hud
. preferred and common Mlehii:.in Cental and Mi*
wmrl Pad tie were most prominent. During the ?(
terucon prices still continued to decline, with tie
eiiKionally uliufit recoveries At lite closo prices de
elliied lAn\l/H per cent.. Michigan Central, Toxin
Pacltlc, Wabash ami Mis-ourlPaclllubeing inon'
eoiiNplcitouH. Tito closing i>rtco? huow from tlx
opeulog a deehnaof per cent., tiiu latter Wa
baath preferred. Now Jer>ey Centiai, Keudlng
Mlchijjan Central and Wabash common were prom
Incut in thc? dec'itie
Transactions ^5.600 shares.
Adams Express llOj^iNorthem radile 40*:
Alton AT. I[ VS do. preferred 70}-,
do. preferred G;i Northivrntorn .....1UU
American Express... 04 do.preferred
li.. 0, II it N 70 .Vow York Central...!*;;-;
Canada Southern 51 Ohio Central....- l.S
e? 0. fi 1.0 n-2'; oidoit MIMS x\u
Central Pacific 00):f do. preferred 10
Chesapeake ?t 0'iio.. 22 Out. Ai Western........
do. 1st pieforred JtiU, Pacific Mall 4'.! ;(
do. fll preferred '2r.\ Panama l?0j
Chicago a Alton P.. D. ii E a-J^
do. preferred IrtO Ciove.it Pitt* U7'-3
P., 11 ?t Q 132M Heading 67
C? St. b. & N. 0 74 lloek Island 120
IS., 8. AC M it. I.. AS. V M
C., (/'., a & I 7;5'y do. preferred '>!
Del. it liud?on lOWi do. 1st preferred...
Del. iJick. it W PJlk St. Paul .......U'Jk
Denver A it. (5 G'2!* do. preferred.....;...llilya
Krie HO St. I'., M. ?t M 120
do. preferred 7-'% St. Paul A Cumlm lsuViJ
Fort Wayne tail do. preferred lO.'j-i
Uun. & bt. Jtwcpb?. 90 IVxiutPacific 41
do. preferred M Union Puoiflc 11.1^
Ilarlem l!C?r? United States Kx
Houston ik Texas 74 \V? St. L. A p 120
Illinois Central l!lfi^ do. preferred 51 Vi
Ind., U. & \V 12% Wells. Fargo lix PJ'?
Kunvas Pitcliic 0H41 Western Union hl'-i
I^tke iirlcit ?V 31M4 Bust Tennessee 1\%
IdikeShore 1UJ-; J do. preferred i!i
Louisviiic it NBfiii.,.. 7fi-/'4|Caribon \'JA
h. N. A. ?t; 1? GO ICentral Arlvmia */.
M. & C. 1st pref'd -<j! Kxcclfeior. '2%
do. 2d tiref'd <i Homelike ... is
Mein.it Uuist'u 52 Little Pittsburgh 1 "/?
Michigan ? entral Hi Ontario 35
.Missouri Pacific 'JJ.'i QuIcktiUvur .. 11%
Mobile A Ohio 24 do. preferred K!?j
Morris ?fc Kvex 121 silver ClilV. l:u
NjuIj. ? Cm:: fd] Standard J
New Jersey Cent 7?>>SSiUro ; %
N. ?fc w. preferred M Itoblnsou.'. '
oyflcreil. South Pacific. U
Sr.* Yokx, Mny ,s,-Flour <1 nil: rceelots ia.000
b.-iriels: shipments I.SCU b.irrejs; sunerlluu wester
ii and State Sutiktl 20; <wanion togoai St 70a
SO; good u> choice So Wat) 00: while wheat extia
>7 2oil'J 00: ex I in Ohlfl S-') ICa8 50: St. I .on In $.'? 10
a!) 00: MJn?()?o'a I'JUeut process? 50a9 'St. Whoat
ln2c lower, heavy and unsettled; icc? ipts 70,000
bushels; exports 105.000 bushRlu; No, 'I Kpritu:
51 JO; choice ungraded spring SI 43: ungraded r.d
Sl'iiuMS: No. 4, SiNo 2 rod Mav, sale# 120000
bushels at 81 WKitl 10'Jh, doslnie at SI T>X;
June, sa'oi 4;?f>,0<>0 iitisheU, at ?1 li'Kal -1G, cliquy
m gl 45; Jul v.wlea 560,000 bushels at Bi 29%ai :t ?{,
closingat Si ;U); August, subs 210,000 busnels u
SI 22! -jal IV/., closing ut SI 21%. Oats unx.*u|ed;
receipts 75,000 biisljyTs: western mixed f*7*^?v*/2c:
white westem COAfiSe. Com opened ;Kh1}4c lower,
afterwards liriner midmost of the decline recovered:
closcd dull wild heavy; recclots 21 J,COO bushels;
exports Cii'i bushels: ungraded 7'MH.Y;
No, 2M!j'aS2c: ^1'Valor 81?4?S2)i: Ko. 2 May hl';'n
SiW; flo>ltjg ut fc'bj, Juno'hOS'BW: closim: utso^:
July MiinHiVt. dosing ht 6<>k; August KI^iukh;
clo.dng at si}',. Ihy ijulotanu (Inuat70a75, i,\.f.
fee In fair demand: steady; held. Sugar quiet an?!
linn; Mr to good refining 7;V'7)^e. Mo'n?se?llrni:
N. 0.56a72e; fancy 78. Kice tinner; Pal<rmo6; rangoon'
c:*both duty p;dd. Petroleum quiet but firm;
United 7-l')i: crmte 0 re lined T^c. TidloW.
quiet and Heady: } line city, SM. Ilositi dull and
lower at ?2.1'}. rnrpeotine unsettled and lower at
54a.V>. lfrgs, western fresh dull and weak nt jsc.
l-orl: stronger; n"w mesa 5l87oal'J 00. Beef tl'rinly
h?J.J? Cut meats ?uj??t and nominal: Ion* clear
S10*s?I'j: short olear^l 175. L ird steady; prime steam
SU.57^aii ci>. butter qniat and sjeudv at lOaitOc.
Cheese dull and unsettled nt S&rie.
1 ?jv^' Youk, may 8.?Dry Goods?'Trade In way
order foifi'ijoiii", Jif-jml to Monday, bus been very
I jno/k'jiife a'i,ii ilie general Inquiry very light. Giug|
hums iue slow in jobbing hands, tjiit foU every?
filing. th? weather is much Against itic active d|s*
tiibnijoi) of R'H-ojiublu Ltbrit.% Gray lurk /Jix>
gingham*. nil styles, jjuve l^ceti reduced to12)4',
unci iolct freely.
Chicago, May S.-Flour dull nn<l unclnuij.'etl
wjjcMt unsettled, lower and irregular at SI -la
I '.'o'-j wuh; 51 24 Mnv; Si '2!r}? June; 51 July:
SI K Aujin.q;?! <*)*{ y?-nr: No. 3,?J 14.11 tf; rejected
fv,iiy5c Com unsouiod and ceuernllv lower ul
cash and May; ~[J/in7\yj'. June: ?2}-ia72')?j July;
Hyp August; Sue year. <>ms inactive mid lower at
iJn cash; {?'$?; May; r>l;);e .bine: ir>%nl'}?c July;
37^0 August; SftKe yap. r.je dull and lower "t
7Hit. Barley dull an<1 iiomjriKj. {'orj: M'derHtely
active nud higher nt SIS -tnnlrtW) ouh; {t8i5 May;
SIS -iT^alS Til) June; ?:S 07}^alS 70 July; S18 H7^a
13 Pi) August; Sli) 07}.; September: SI? Ir?~.l7 20 year
I.nrd active, firm and higher at Stl JMj^all 115 eush
and M'JV; SU Wall 37)4 Juno; 511 ! '6ill*l0 July:
SU i.tMll hj'h Aj;?i;st, ?Jl 70all September,
r.ulk menu* quiet and "uu'eiimiacd; thcilldeft 0';
short ribs $10 GV, short clear $11 05 Butter'dull;
ordinary to tine cttnimery'.!2a2fie: fair to line d?iry
12s22c. E??? quiet and wenkgat lts^c. Whisky
Steady at Si is. l'r.'ights. com to Uufl'aln >Vtc.
Call?Wheat ijuspuk-tl nnd generally lower;Si 245S
Mil- : Si Z'ry; Jimi:; $i aafc July; $t i:i% AiiRust.
Corn active but lower: 72c May: June; 71% July:
j 71% Au?u:-t; "DKvSopteinber. Oats inlrly active and
shade higher; Jui>: 77>'^ August.' 1'ork active,
Una and higher: 5IH tnar^) Mnv; SIS f>2*>? June:
I SIS 7thi7'j?^ July; Sis s'tisis S7V4 August: Sl'Jal'J 10
. Sc-pfr-ttiij'-j-; cut (tj octo'jer. hard frrcgnlnr hut actI
ive; $U 20a 11 M!'-, May; till Wall 37'/, June: $11 50
,511 July: SH fin August: Sll rtugll Tiy.Sept'iruber;
Sll 7lVi Oetobwr.
the Droves'* Journal. Liverpool, cable cattle
| s'.eady at Hnl7c: fiheep hrm2lc.
[ I'msnuiifiif. May 6.~J,etro]onm active; Uni'cd
oortillcatci llrm, closed ut 7?^c; refined 7' for
I'hiliuielpiilu delivery.
! CKiC.voo, Mny ?S.?'l'ho Drover'a Journal reports:
Ho^iJeceiPtJ* 1,500 head: shipment* 1 ,'.100 fiend;
J raund poult mikI ticljvt! at 5c advance;
common togou! mixed SO y0u7 ftO; heavy pHcUiny
nnd shipping 5" 50a7 70; light SO S3u7 50; skips nnu
culls S."> O0:l0 70.
(tottk1?Kucelpls-l.COflhpad: shipments 5.500 head;
uvvrkettdov bt{tstpady fur host; exports 87 '2.'>n7 75;
Kood to choice Snipping S? 75*" 10; common to
Ulc Ifle lower, ?"? 7<iit<><W: mixed jitite.hca' weaker AC
$2 50it5 40: stockcrh' np'i feeders' steady at S'J 7oa
fj receipts 'JO cars, the heaviest of the'^euson, ut
lOi&Hi lower.
rilieep?Ui'c.'iotn iiM lioud; MlipmptiU? hoad:
market dull amtlifelcss:ltifetior to prime SlioOao71.:
medium u> good J i ,Wa5 <r>y.
baxtimokb. j'.nv Flour quiet and easy.
Wheat, wwterti firmer and dull; No. '2 western
winter red spot 51 4-%nl 4Q& May 81 40J4 bid;
June SI 40ul 40^; Jijiy 81 tMtyil 25; Anyust
$1 -ti'A bid. Com, western lower and dull; inucil
hpfit S|^'ons!cCfi; May Ko'.Jikso^j; June SIMhSI^*:;
July BOfraM'/ffi. Quffl di)\f aik] easier to sell;
ein white UlaOeitt mixed tlOarile; 1'cnuHylvanla H n
6'JC. Kye quiet at t'k'aSl. Hay dtiii at lfiu!7c.
provisions higher and Arm; mesa poik SiS^al'J 75;
bulk meats, shouldersand clear rib nide?, packed,
ttolle: tyt?;o?. shoulders Mfe: clear rib shies
h?ms ir?)jO. Utd. reliucil. IVA". Mutter linn;
western packed l&iolk; roll l&a'^e. Ktty?, prime l"o.
J'etrolwuui dull; rellnwl 7J?e. CoJIee f{ijj?t ?ij<l
p?ui{>F ut Sugar quiet; A HoftO/oC. \Vhisny
firm iit fl aJ, K}:e{s)}|squje|,
CiKt tNK.nI, O.. ifay o?Cotton firmer ut I
Hour qulf t; family So MaG 2>); fancy $f> 50i?7 *5.
WhetU dull nnd lower, No. 2 redwinterSl Utiil
fcjiOi; lbl/f July. irn heavy and lower; No. 't
mixed 77J^e opot; 7?^s bid May; 77%c Jutie; 71V.
AUKU?t. outs easier; "No. - mixed 't(r?:?e. K>'t:
dull ftt ??< - Ilrtrlm' tU'Atra nni) ?>ni)j]>uil of SJ 10
I'ori; fjfjjKTat Sr.) OlilOlaril .strong mul held
at * l no. Till* i:;eats jtrrtUuer: alionl\!e^ $7 75:
I clear rliw Sio Gft. Jmi'oh p>ou dowawl and firm;
shoulders $X HO; ek-nr rihs?l 1 r.0: ckur$l2 0*). WhlVkv
Irregular and- lower ut 81 l.?il 1G; combination
aiics Jinlsned k<xm!s 71 barrels on ai>asJ$;o(
si lu. Hutfcr MrdewHnd: cjir.ice WeMorn Uesfc vc
^c^choke Cemml QUq '20c.' jdmueif oil miiel at
' : ' ' ' '
rmj.AMLrhu. Mnyi.?Flour <lulli western nnd
l'cnnsvlvaniii PxtrnSt Tuft CO; .Minnesota extra S7 Ot
rt'iinyvlvdnirtCA-tra familyjjo/hJs}Siir>; Ohio,
new; j?roccw S7 Tu; Minnesota patent proms Si t>0a
iKH); winti-r t?itojits. f.ilr $SO0 Rye Hour, quiet,
i'iuvjc}onj Ijnn: mewbcif Str? 50; mess j>ork S.'J Otiu
I'JoO; nnoKi'|l'liftiuii fl< ?0, L^rd, kcttlcSlUiO;
stcMinSllfiityUl"ft. Uutterqulct Hulihiojjjy cft'tun'
erics i&jtfllc: Now York nud Kradford county,
cs trass 'JTad'c; do firsts 'A"m-7c: dairy 23n'.J7c. Enp
tlrju at 17! /iKHo. CMicesc qniet and steady nt V-JiH
, I!c;rol(;tjji? t?jotniy lit 7J',c. Whisky firm at
Toi.kuo, May S.?Wheat dull: No. 2 red fpol
i?i ;r,-K?i Zi'/i', May 51 37>? bid: June 51 &% July
31 U.>?: August }L I'JJi; yciir SI 12)4. Cum, i?>
act{ve;.hli;h mixed TSl-^c: No. *2 >pot. /5c; May ?5t
ankcd: June T.sj^c: July "Jflic: vo.?r 5S}?c. Outs, ut
wles. Closed? Wheat, little doing: No. 2 red t-w]
SI 37al 87 W: May 11 3&5?al U7; June 51 }M; J(il>
, St. 16J? August held at SI 13>^. Corn, a flhadt
easier;/high mixed 77c bid; No. i spot 74} ?c: Mr)
"l^aTt^c; June focld 73J4; July 73J?e; year bSK0!
N'r.w OUJ.kans, May 8.?Cojl'ee unlet ?nd steady
. Ulo carrot's ordinary to prime JjalOJic. Sug*:
, steady and good .demand: common to good com1
xnon 7a7Jicr fair to fully fair 7l$a7Kc; prltno t<
' choice SKjaSK; yc)lo\y clarified M^ahjjc. jiola??o:
aetivcliutiinn; Icotumuu, retolk-u -iSa-frc; fair ro
bo j lea 5M&2c; prime Kjaltfe. ,
Has* LtBKMv, Pa.. May 8.?Cattle-Kcccipt,
lS5:i head. Market fair at alHmt last week's prlei.",
llogi? Kcccipu 4,G 0 head. Market firm; l'hiln
f delphiftf $7 70ii7 ttf: Yorkers S5 2Sa7 4">.'i
i Sheer" Rewdpts G.vax) head. Market Cull; price
10a20o olT from list week. ,
\ Titusvii.lt;; P.v., may 8.?Oil oppued at \fyL<i
1 highest ?!7te .lowest 7Jc: closed at 1\y.c Shlj
i- ments C7.4y'J barrels: chaitera 79,642 barrel#: run
11,750 barrel?, ' '
? -v?"
Biiaiikohd. I'Ai, Muv A.?Oil ntIII Improving; opei
e<l nt ittMe; hijjhuit 7 W/S lowest 7H)*e, closing i
7IJ?e. butes lwirfoh:4tolnl shipments bn
tmlny nud Sunduy 72,552 Vidrols. ClmrtCti 79.7<
S Cincinnati, Mny s.-I.ivb' hoi* cnMer; comuie
nud llitht 8*> r>0fi7 M>: packing mid butehois S7 1(
b uo. lUc.lpt* j ,100 hciulj anlpmenU CW head.
Onk uuijdukd uoi.muh reward foru bettt
remedy. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment I
astiro cure for i'ilea. davf
Thirty IIiijh I'rlul.
AY? will send l>r. ljye's eelebrulod Kloctr<
Voltaic Bolts and other clectric upplitmw
on trial for thirty duya to youiinjnon an
older penjona who arc alllictcd with norvur<
debility, Jofft vitality, etc., Kiiarituteelu
:0 speedy relief und complete restoration x
' vi?or und manhood. Also for.rheumntlsu
neurnluyia, puralysis, liver and kidney diH
cullies, rnpttm.a and many other disease!
lllusfrrt.'cd pamphlet suit free., AtJdre^
i Voltaic licit Co., ^famliull, Mich, ttrkaw
4 . ?
. t'laln 'I'nlit from Dr. Nwu.vno.
1 To Whom it May Concurs.?Itching pile
4 is ono of tho most annoying compluinl
known to physicians. Every ono wu? t?|
whuthcr lie is thus allileted by observing th
following symptoms: Intense Itching, poi
ticularly after getting wurm. It t>cems us 'I
^ pin worms wore crawling in or about th
rectum, Small lum|w sometimes form. Tl?.
t private purls are often ntlVctod. The mori
? you scratch the worse tho itching. Knowinj
r that my Ointment is superior*to anvarticli
j iu tho market, I guarantee it to cure thowom
r case of itching piles In existence.
[Signed] II Swaynk, M. 1).
J>r. Swupw's Ointment is also a pleasan
1 ami effective cure for tetter, itch, salt rheum
! erysipehw, barber's itch, pimples, ami al
. scaly, crusty, itchy skin eruptions. Sohl hi
all prominent druggists, or will bo.sontfo:
CO cents fin 3 cent- stamps), if boxes, $1 'Si
' Address, Dr. Swayno k Son, Philadelphia
. Pa. rriifc.tw
lVtmt MnkcM Vun HInk?
A tooth is missing amom: the inctsoW, am
you cannot help hissing, up und get one pttl
, in, and then use Bozodoht to keep the btnt'fo
1 right. Von should have done this years ago,
' but it is better now than never. rnv.-w
> A Cough, Cold or Sore Throat should be
stopped. Neglect frequently results, in an
1 incurable Lung disease or Consumption.
; Brown's Bronchial Troches do not disorder
t the stomach like cough syrups and balsams,
but acts directly pu the inUaincd.parts, allay.
' ing irritation, gives relief in A#thiiw,' lirpnchitk
Coughs, Catarrh, and the Throat troubles
which singers and public speakers a'fe
subjcctto. For thirty years Brown's Hryuchitil
'i'rociies have been recommended..by
, physicians, and have always given pgr feet
r satis/action. 1 laving been tested b.v wivle au'd
constant* use for nearly an entire generation
they liuve attained well-merited rank among
the tew staple remedies of the age, Sold at
25 cents a box everywhere. ii'Lhaw ,
"A Km! or Coituti,"",
Dry, parched, sore throat, pneumonia,
bronchial and asthmatic attacks, weakened
and debilitated state of the system, all these
dangerous symptoms arc cured by pa.
Swaynk'h Compound Svitur ok Win)iCiiEaa>\"
The first dose gives relief, and the worst cold
and sore J ting* yield to its healing properties.
An occasional dose of "Swaynb'h Pii.lb"
should be taken to keen the bowels free. They
lire excellent for torpid liver and'bitiouV complain
A Frankfort (Ky.) physician writes: Some
months :igo the daughter pC one q( our prominent
citizens was pronounced hopelessly consumptive.
She was Very much reduced in
Mesh, terrible cough, her life gradually wasting
nwav. 1 recommended lier to uscj "I)a.
Swaynks Compound SyP.up of Wild Cjiup.uy,"
which she did. In a short time she was, free
from all cough and other symptoms, and is
now rosy and healthy. .
Price, "5 cents and $1 a bottle, or six bottles
for ?5. The large size Is the most>cononiicnl.
Prepared only by Drf Swayne & Son, Philadelphia.
Sold by {irntifiials. raiKAW,'
ilia I
T)lt?r?n ?fcfo. make h tipcdfxl ifeiilmo of FuinJay
N-liool Song Uookh, nml can safely commend-Alio,
threu new ones whtoh they tmblMi tins season.
Thoir compllta nro pr?ctienV workers \h'
theSuuihiy School, unrt M'fh previous p^h IoaUohs
have ()c<-n'eAUbicctyMtcTL-..sim. Tiie.ucw uookstuc:'
itj J. II. IU.M.I luiur.. a. uoFfMAN. ;
A collection of new hrajasftiiil tuncn,,c&rcluUy-sci
l?>i'.t(!(l lrou> u lurjjo 'inutility oi muimtci^pts. ii(
\yhjch four oiJt of evl'rytiye\yt:re ri'jcot?;d. q;?lH|ui
very ue.si bting U'liilnp*!. rni:C'?.u (:oJi|^. '.1 ' '
Jiy. R. M. MclSTObn.
This now hoolc if quite coinpri-hHit-iri', providing
in iiwuj)] sjj?vf unfile material fopi)'W?.
greif. variety of new liyiu'iiy, us,welt ns*ume'
older ones which arc always in request.* Pricks
XJfiunur oi' Victory,
By A.J. JJiisv. .. .
This is the latest of the three new' 'tonka,' 'nn<M?
sure to meet with good success. ltcontuins all the
viirioty nadtrcf-hiifss wjih-li couW .well l>u.du>^red.
inouialnu nuny bcatUimyvlivcs tsvwlitny-ftiiiuiteU
for prayei and jj^ise nipct|i;?S.""riic^il7i't^it1fru.
OLIVER DlTSi^ A: CO., Hoiiioin . \
C. II. DITTOS' <SiCO., .glijlrouilwuy, New York.
iMvg-T.ty . . ;
$1000 REWARD
. v/.v,
Cun be found in
. ''vr
I :n< I
ASK.FOK . ' !t
! . : 1.: . .1.?K /
i Mto's Aurora Coffee.
? WHOLESALE Di-:rOT..AT,.. - > {
> - " r
i , ..
Silver Lake Flour House.
S nib28 '* .
8 Passage tickets. to Hi it from Europe by t^ct
:: steamship lines, qt lowest rates, for,'sale. i{t .y
aprll 2^17 and 2210 Markot Street
l-Xr* '
; iv tfax J O
i H
-i < v<^jyfM X'Wvhii
, ||, . , i . "
| t J
P , ..... .. ., m/|*i;? .' ?. ? Cures
J)yniefjt<i(t, Scr<i(uln, Fever and Ague
tlio LSver una Jvi(lno>'8.' it /?i? Suial More I.
' other MalicjiicA. .{Tbtjolil ludiunH bnlicvu tluit t
will Uuvo no siclttH'H*. d'Oli SAiLK 11V ALL
hi * t>* n.w ')!
V;' 3.->^XlTIrJriOI
Valuable Goal Yard
,! . **-, hi m ' : !> i' i
. f, r ,i. .li'.i'i'iii" ...
: ;nj
. cinsrciisr:
hi t, atli ttU ,fi v *- ? v.if?
Oil Saturday, Se 18th Day of i
'' ' '' '
Tlie ShfcrifV of IIumlKon/'ounty will .soil at Pi
hv-BroUANAN' k CQ., and now by Sol,. I',
about '2)$'acrod, fronting over.-100'foot ou .the 0
tends b^qk to Water st reet, u'flijstunco of about
Tins if^ (he lines'*, piece of Wharf Property ofi
is no'likelihood,of .another siioh piece (icing o:
heart,of. the-Manufacturing District; ami by ni
all the Kai 1 roai).i.e liter itur the C'itv. and olVera 11
premi&cs for Coal \'arU, Klevator or Manufactu
The sale is ordered by the Superior Court o;
30,248,'Cohoitoi StiiL'v. lVrinct al., and the pre
TKjpf.S OF SALK?Ohe-tliiul cash,, batancc
cent.,|becufe'd by inor^a^uon the .premiss.
' Sale positive; tifle j?erl*eet,j/ree irom dower.
See Otticiul Advertisement in the Cincinnati
For further information, call oil or address,
mm m?
$ rET^
Foi* CorigliSj'Coltll;,' Solo Throni. IJroneliif is
, all Diseases of t !iu 'lliro
diwiasesOfth* TH UOAT, CH KST tmtl LUNGS,
pouiulod as in the celebrated 'J'OLU, ROCK-antl
properties, it affords n diffusive siiniulunt and t
Inas been relleypd;e>7f ;r?i ?o
PAI1TIHM 1 Don't be deceived "by unprincipled
uHUi.luii Mmd Uyftln ofir'TOljU, RO(
,article made?the Ketiulmt bearing the nignatur
,etarj* GaveriiQieut.iStinop ^n eiu/h'bottle. ; ;
. LAWlirNCJ: A 1 VoprJ^l ->r>, Chk'flgf
V. 1VMJJY <t,2XilO.,.\yholQ?a)c! .teento, who vii
.LOTTERIES;* < '!,
.. - ??" |
nunmnnwraMN ?MW?.rnw>umi
Popular!Dlontlily T>i'awliig of tlio J
. *. , s.',( iij jhe.C'lty.of LouLsviilf, an,
Weducs(iay;-5Lny 81,18S2.
TJifpVtVpwingg.occur monthly l(Su\i<1ayi exceptedJ.undet.Uic.j.jovi^iQiiHoI.an
A?t,,ot the Uisuura)
AiscinMy of.Jvi-njilt^y.' , ,
'The UnlKSn state* circuit" Otmrt on March SIM
rendered' tho follrmlm; notions:'
lat?Tlwtth* Commonwealth. blutrlbtitlon Com'
pauy ta.legu), v.t 1 > . . . , ij
2tt?lItsirp lair., ,.., . > . ...
St, UM wow ON IMlia,A uw
Riwre Fmid. R6hd larvlUlly the list of nrizorflu)
the ' > < -
MAY' lHtAIYIKtf*- i
.1 1'rVzeM <100 ce^h.f !0,00C
1 l'rbc,?i,.. 10,WC|2W l*rliH^?oO?id?, 19,000
1 Prize, 5,Hi0.uW l'r\zo* 520.inch. 12,000
10 1'r b.esS1,000 each, 10, WO 11,0C0 Prlzfcs 810 wwili,10,000
20 l'rlrt's 500eneh,10,06o|
J PriwxAjjpmlwfttlon Prize*,..;.. fc?:oo ;
9 Prfeo* SlGO vach, ;' , > < .i j^oo '
9 Prize* &10G,UU&,\ . *. ....., . w*
1.0C0 Prizes. ' 1 - ' fll2,-jnf ,
Whole Tickets $2f* Hulf Tickets, $1. 27 ,
Tickets, #50. < 55 Tickets, $10(V<?..
Remit Money or Jtuik Tmift in Letter,-or'Mud hj
Express. JJhuH Ktul by KejUurcd U'tcur or PokV
oflfce Order. Ordypv'^ mjkI, m?ynrd& by, Jixprehs,
win toe sent et our OxiicnsiL Adurvs* nil orders to
n. M. KOaRDMAK,, Cthirl'T Jm;mnl Pnildln?,
ioniSVUle, K-y.,rtrR.IM. UOARlUMN, 309 Urottdwnv.
S'.-u- York -lur.'HTT'.m'!WHAIIcial?'
1 _,
Wk.' A. iarrr ~...Frcddcut;
vf*. 13. Smi<^,.~M..?v.r??.?.~~.......yicc-Prc8iclcnl
Doc? a General Banking Busing.
. . BMWNMto ? ?.
.WiruiA.LteU,, (i,.y?. E-Stopsou, ,
A. Milter,. , , 1 . Joiia K. Botslora,
A:M:*Adnics, 1 J ' victorKusonljurs.
Henry Spo/cf. ? ' '-M
' 'inftfa 1 ' ' *: -" ' ^'' ^ JbPriOy ,i Oiu-hlex.
Exchangebank. v "
(T'JIM!:! <.rJmLJ.: V. .:
CAPITAI^:...^..1. ? . ?2(?.C0C
J. N. Yanck-.m.--.,;.., ?President
Si uaaLx ppuut yice-i,?aJde?l
-li \? 'I'snuwroM;1'-1 ."
J,N.Vftnee, 'B, iroritlifjoipr,
? i Laughlln, *r~ W, EUlngtuus.
U a. bclaplaln, A. W. Kolly.
John Frew,
. f<4 JUHN J. J0NK8, Cashltr.
. Ililioiif-ncM, Conciliation ami all <)lnonscs ofi
n'(f ami Made Marc JWmannit Curt.* limn nil
lie blond h the life. Keep that pure and you
DIil7GG WTS. iny(to\*H
:rty for sale.
> .SAX/E O l'1
and Wharf Property
Bay, 1882, at 2 O'clock P. HI,,
iblic Auction the premises formerly occupied ,
KIN ICON, us a Coal \ nrd. Tlic lot contains
hin Itivir next west of Smith street, and ex- <
400 fee?.
[erini for many years in Cincinnati, and Uicre
tiered for m my yenrs to conic. It is in the ;
eansof iho Front street track, convenient to
i.rare opportunity tor persons desiring such {
ring purples. ,
f Cincinnati, in Partition Proceedings No. ,
itnises will be sold. Appraised at $72,300.01). (
in one and two years, with inten-Mat six per j
Crtwuwrr'ml on Tuesdays.
Sheriff of Hamilton County.
J AS. K. (JlIAI.LKN, t
1). TIIEW. WltlGHT, I
IMaiuiill's Attorneys. '
cixciy3NA.rn, o. ,
\S jj I
V Asilmirt, I'npiimoiiiji, Consumption, and I
uty Chest ami Lungs.
vaysbecn one of the most importantVeapons I
by the MEDICAL FACULTY acainst the .,
n its incipient and advanced.stages, and all
but it has never been so advantageously comi
RYE. In addition to its soothing 'Balsamic ^
onio, to build up the system sfter the'cough {
dealoi"3 who to1" to pul in ofT upon yon Rock c
and. HYE, whivh is the only Medicated
e, LAWRENCE &, MARTIN, on tho I'ropri- s
>, HI., hui] So. G H-Witiy Mrcct, N*e;r York. a
! find DEALERS Everywhere. 1
!I supply the trade fit MHtiufrtCttiring prices. t
, : (i
mc,r.vrihili laiUUttO*
G. Hess & Sons,;
1 K:>ve now in Stock a Full Line of
Paacy and StapIeW oolens;
both foki:h;n and domestic, 5
Which we olfer at I
Prices that Defy Competition, j
Other Woolens ?t lowest prices. We curry ]
the largest line of goods in the city, and our ]
Get lips are First Claw in every respect. ]
Person^ firing anything in our line will
find it to their interest to examine our niock
before purchasing.fcltewlieve. , .
O. Hess <tV Ssoum,
nih9 Corj'Miun anil Fourteenth 8h.
New Designs v,-?ll bo opened
J. 'G. X>ir.ljpjpfe,.;
1223 MAKKBT'krBB^?#)
I'riecs Yci'j' LoM', -
. IH80HAH0B.
If ItlieJMdlcntlo Inraro property which m?j
bo rwtoml, U It not wlMlom to burnt! life, which
wimul bo ttntotoJ ? Comiairo the HATCH ol ihu
Mutual Life Insurance Go,,
Aud lUcMh assets of over 191.000,000, with tbowoi
K?y other mutual Conij'ttiiy iu the World.
1 I 1 1 a?
S >3 ? = ?
-.j ,S iS " ?h
. =. T. ?
W 4, ? ?
< ? if, H, yj
26 1(1.01 MS# 19.80 111,43 Hi M)
3(1 111.30 22.70 22.70 22.40 22 40
35 22.42 2ll.M 20.60 ' 20.22 "0 (X)
40 20.01 31.30 31.50 31.25 30.S4
46 82.a; 37.117 3S.00 38.08 37,42
60 40.10 47.1,S 4M.20 47.22 411.511
)"" W. P. I'CTKKKUN. Ac,'III.
Fire Insurance Company,
Office?No. 01 Twelfth St., under Washington Hull.
Capital, - - - #100,000.
A. W. r?uff. If. K. IVtuffetou, 0. K. Tingle,
1 John J. Jones, (leorKO Hook. CJeo. K. Silfel,
I Kobt. Simpson, Alex. J. Twit, ltobt.t'rangle.
Hour. < WANGLE, Preafdunt.
W. K. PENDLETON, Vleo President.
J. C. ALDKKSQN. Secretary?"
JOB. KMSlLhlMKH, Ageut.
Insures all kind* of property at icasonablo rates.
*Ij& -I??.
Time table for Kiwi and Went corrected to J ANU
AUY T2, iM2.
Trains leave Panhandle Depot, foot of Eleventh
treet. near Public Landing, dully, except EutuluvH,
as foUowh: , } ( .
I'KUU EJtaU thfil Inc. | AIV
WhceUng Tlmo. Exp's Exp'x Exp's Kxp's c'm'n
Leave? a. m. p. m. i p. m. a. m. p. m.
Wheeling 1:W 4:17 8:'J7 5:43
Wellsbnra 7:0.*. 1:56 4:M- 9:001 7:18
BUmbenvillc 7::i5 ?30 5::?' 9:25 6:10
PitUbUlgh ... 10.00 i.'.KX 7:0& ....
p. m, a. w.
Harrisbtug- 11:1,'.
Baltimore 7:tt
v. M. I
Washington 9:0*
PhlladvlphU 2..V, 7:2f
New York 0.1! I0:vd
P. v.l |
Breton 1 | I &00| 1.
?;oim< *? NT.
huu Gin. Wot Ar I Acl?xp'?
ExpV Mull c'm't, c'm'n
Leave? a.m. p.m. a.m. r. m. p.m.
Wheeling fc:'-'7 4:17 6ft! P.ffl 5:43
3teulrt?uvillo 9:2!- 5:20 7:3i 'iSO 8:10
Tadlz..;...v. 11:1b 7:55
Deniilwo 11 :r?? S:H MO
p. m. a. m.
Seward ?:5 2:11 10:06 ...
Tohimbiu, ..... 8:t> 3:4! il/.ft.
Leave? a. m. a. m.
Columbus..., 3:2< 3:5! ......... 12:01 10:10
Arrive? P. m.
Dayton 6:3' G:3? 1:40
- ?.-!?. fl.ir o;w 8:Ui>
indiauapolis lu:!> ll:*i 0:00
i. m. p. u. r. vt.
!t. Louis .. 7:3' 6:i< ....... Kit
'Mwgo 7:S* K:D 8:1
puiiunr uxprtbH' leaves WhvefinghTbi^ a. m:, atIves
Wellsburg 'J:00 m., SU'Ubonville D.25 a.
nuking close connection for western jxiintK
Trains leaving Columbus at S:'io p. sj. nnd 3:65 a.
run daily. Through Chicago Espies* leaves
Jotumbus daily, except Sunday, at fcQu p. m., with
looping ear attached, arrivlug in Chicago at 7:80
lext morning. Berths eun be secured in aivRuce at
?nion Depot Ticket Oflice, Columbus.
Pullman's Palace Drawing Kooro Sleeping Car<
h rough without change from Steubcnvlllo Ebt to
'hilad-lphla mid New York. West to ColnmbUH,
Jincinnati, Louisville, ludionajioUfl and St. Louis.
For through tickew, baggage check*, sleeping car
iccommodaiions, and any further Information. np*
ily to JOS. M. BELLEVILLE, Ticket Agent, at ran*
mndle Depot, foot of Kleventh street, or at City
Ticket Oflice, under SfcLure House, Wheeling.
Gcn'l SianRgor. lMttsburyb, Pa.
Gcn'l lVy. and Ticket Agent. IMtuburgh. Pa.
Ou and after November'_it, passenger trains
fill run as follows?WheelingTime:
,niuT |f<0. y.l No. jI??- -.1 h..
- Puily Daily Ditliy #
Leave? p. m. a. m. a. m. r.??.
Wheeling 2:K? 8:50 6:55 5:3 ft
lelliiire 9:00 10;00 6:20
Arrives at?
p.m. p.y. a.w. r.M.
iralton 7:15 1:0U 11:80 9:?5
r. M. A.M.
'umbcrlanil 4:47 4:S2| 2:SO
tetliingtou City. 9:50.. 7:?0
laltlmoro 10:50 8:15
hilfliJolnhlA. 8:08 7:15
lew York 6:K> 4:CQ
to^ton 4:9tt 1 6:?fl
"Unity except Sunday.
No. 7 mul Xo. 9 Btoi> Hi all Station.*.
Le?V0? P. M. A. M. I P. M. ( P. M.
Vlieeling S:50 9:30', 1:S0 11:16
Iclliilru 4:45 10:10 2:10 11:50
Arrive at?
r. M, A. M.
ianeavillc .. 8:10 1:00 4:45 S:17
lewark 2:00, 5H0 4:M
kriumbiiH 8:3C 7:'.5 6:10
Jiucimintl.:.:... S:00 100 12:10
andusky 7:00 9:25
P. M. P. Ji.
ndiaimpoliu .. 11:00 12:35 12:51
t. Lnulli "7'KK ,"<,n
",,u A:srip.m.fc'cago
6:00 8:00 7:30
rnnsrtg City 8:80 8:80) 0:00
K. it O. l'alitce, Drawing Keom anil Bleeping
>n all night trains.
(Jlose cdimeutlon}! are made for oil points Bouth
nd Honthwe.st, North and Northwest, making tliii
desirable route (or colonist* and persons moving
o tho great West, and to whom particular attention
3 given.
x?vo Wheeling 6:43 a. m.. 1:10 r. m., 4:50 p. k,
No trulnH run on this Division on Sunday.
Tii'kqu to ull principal pointa on Bale at Depot.
flicOopQM tit uJI hour* (luring the day.
Information to the traveling public cliccrfully
lv??. W. M. C'l.EMKNTS, M. of T.
R.'T. D IS V HIES. Ccu'} Agent, Wheeling.
tfludenM-Jl iinhi Table o7""jIVt?engifr Vrujus/cur*
ccted to February 1H. 1 .SS2.
j Accum. j Mail, j Kxprets. | Accom.
tollrtiro 5:50 a.m. 10:80 a.m. 2:00 r. m -HQ t. y
Srid^itort G:00 " 10;I0 " 2:10 ' 4-&S
ilttruF'v... C:07 " 10.47 " V':17 " Bins
iteubonMc. 7:05 " nu-i siis " cor, "
???>??? 7:21 " l&Mr.x. a:S2 " G"?j " :
*olUvfIIc.. 7:53 " VAXl " 4:20 " 7-00 "
r- Uver'l... 8:38 " I'JiM " ami
leaver 9:05 " l::t0 " c-11 *
*odi<w?fcr.. it:10 " ?;. ? " ft(?2 "
UkKlieny. 10:10 " 2:30 " 7:tv>
'Huburgn !0:'JC " " 7-15
lanUbuni Ma.m/ZZZZ
fciUlmoio -.(jq .1
ftuhlng'u s'--j ?
JblJadw'a... S:?fi
York g-25* ?
V*!?? " /.],)M
?? T'/L'l I 1 '
Kit fill Wir-f. "
| Mail. Kxprta* Kx|i:?r^ I Auom./.Oiive?
j ' ~
f'iltMjuiKlii 7:20 A. x. '.'-.no r. * 3:60 ?. y.
Allct.bei.y 7:-*0 " ilQ " coo
Ronhtf.ler. 8:W " 3:01 " 4-M> "
[tonver { :;# s:os 4.M " Z\ZZ"''\
K. Uver'Li 9:im " x.Z7 " />;tl " Uuve?
ttelUvlUe. ?.IM " 3 17 41 I Kb " mja.-j
foronio... 9:i7 " 4:115 " r>:M> 7:io " '
Sleiibun'?.. Jftl7 " 4:41 " I C:5? " 7-35 "
Mar's FyJlhiG " f. -t'J " j 7;.'-0 k-?6 *
BrldXf|K/ii(ll:^ ' .V.48 " j 7;K " H:42 "
lU-ilnln- jJJjJtfi V '"'.iCO " j {fl ' u
? UbuXTu A.t ukanTTU
Triilnn ICiivolUtyurdnt Ll.bu *. n.oiid MO v.
nrrlvo Mhicrvn 12 00 v, w. and 5.^0 j?. *? nrrltv Dover
1.03 r. m. find 7,55 r. \j.. New PMliuitlp! lit 1.V0
! . M. iiMl7.au y. si. U? tun?ln?.UiHV? New 1'liiindolphin
",U? a u- ?n?lr. y%. I over 7.20 a. >*. i??'l
2Ai> V*' Mluorvr. 'J/ft a. y. uiulS.'.U l'.ii>urd
15.10 a. v.?t??n.'A)r. ii.
NOTK?Train* liftTtuc IMh lir ?j h 'j) a. jt. n?d
2.00 p. M. cosuti't t a; Yellow Cioik for Uevulnisd.
AH train* dally <xccoi *undi?v.
V. A ro It P.
(loncm! l'i!?x iijjct mid Ti. I'in Ap'nt.
I>. W. CALDWKLh. Gent-ntl Miliar.Hutj.n-frt).
! p. : ^
And oun^cum! in from 10
U? w 1ny??no ray UU cured. Ksthbllhiini io
yi'iirn, i.oo cured. TWc-r topatlonu In km purw
ol ihf country. l>r. I'. K. MuinU, Quincy, MI?U.

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